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New Beginnings(On Hiatus)

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Fate, how can one word change the life of thousands? This one word changed the lives of three girls. For better? Or for worse? Only time will tell.

Ashlynn Brieno didn’t think this would ever happen, she thought maybe she would just leave when she got older. Yet here she is, sitting in the UA administration about being transferred to the UA campus in Japan. Sonya, Ash’s mother, seems to be listening though Ash thinks her mom is just putting on an act just so she can refuse in the end. 

“So you think my daughter will do much better there?” Sonya asks, she seems to be very interested in the exchange program.

“Yes Ms. Brieno, because she’s doing so well academically, we believe that she will do so much better in Japan. We believe that learning a new curriculum and a foreign language is just the challenge Ashlynn needs. We will provide her housing, food, and anything else she might need.” 

“Where do I sign?” Sonya asks as she can’t wait to get her daughter out of her care and she can do as she pleases.

Ash can’t believe it, she isn’t sure what to say or think. She simply goes to her room to pack her things as she was told by the counselors. Ash takes her favorite clothes, shoes, and her teddy bear and stuffed lamb. Ash isn’t happy that she’s leaving her family, but at the same time she’s happy that she has the opportunity to face new challenges. Ash just hopes that the people she will live with are nice.

Ash gets into the car and watches her house get smaller and smaller until it completely disappears. As Ash sees her hometown fade into the distance, she can’t help but bawl her eyes out. One of the heroes does their best to comfort her, telling her that she is safe and that she will be okay. Ash didn’t even know why she was crying.




Magnolia Titanrove is in a similar situation, talking to her councilors about a possible exchange. Her parents aren’t very happy about the situation, but seeing as that she’d essentially be getting free housing and food, it was a hard offer to refuse. Their daughter essentially guilt tripping and blackmailing them both didn’t exactly make saying no an option. Willow sighed, knowing that she wouldn’t like this at all but would end up shipping her daughter off anyways.

“Where’s the paperwork?”

Lee glared at his wife, unhappy, “Maggie, do you have to do this?” 

Maggie hugged her father, putting on her sweetest face, “I promise I’ll come home if I need to dad, I’ll be alright. You want me to succeed don’t you?”

Lee groaned, “Give me the damn pen.”

Maggie was practically bouncing, an opportunity to live outside of her parents grasp and away from her tormentors and school was a dream come true. While not typically one to be optimistic, she still hoped, perhaps foolishly, that going halfway across the world would make things better. Papers were hesitantly signed, making the teenage girl a ward of the school indefinitely. 

Maggie had packed almost a week ago, everything that she didn’t need for school had been boxed up. She’s beyond ready to leave, hopeful that her parents wouldn’t put up too much of a fight. She puts her boxes into the car, and hugs her parents before plopping down in the car seat.




Madeline Carter could only wish she had parents in this situation. Maddie from the age of five had been raised in the circus, after her mother sold her for a quick paycheck. “Raised” being a kind way of putting it. She endured harsh treatment and horrible living conditions for years before a passing hero happened to come to a show, where they saw her handlers whip her for not using her quirk. Which leads to her current situation, Maddie was currently sitting in a hero agency, waiting for her handlers to hand over custody.

“Why should we hand over our star attraction!?”

The hero just shook his head as they read from a clipboard, “ Well to start off, child abuse, neglect, malnutrition, child slavery, and so many other charges.” They read off. “Now you can either hand over custody and I’ll tell prosecution you cooperated or you don’t and the deal is off.”

The conversation was pretty one sided after that and an half hour later Maddie watched her handlers walk away in handcuffs. Maddie, having not heard the conversation in the other room, was very confused. After the agency explained what happened to Maddie, paperwork to transfer her to UA in Japan started after the agency received word of their current exchange program.

Maddie watched from the car window as the agency got smaller in the distance, before turning around and acknowledging the heroes in the car. Maddie for the past ten years has only seen the bars of cages and the brightness of spotlights. Now here she is in a “car” as the heroes called it, and is seeing all kinds of new things, which was just more confusing for the poor girl as she didn’t know what most of them were. 

“Where are we going?” Maddie asked, timidly. 

The heroes looked over at the girl, “You’re going somewhere you can be safe and happy.” That didn’t really answer her question.

As the drive continued Maddie became more confused and aware of how behind the times she was. The heroes at one point tried asking her questions, only she could only answer about a tenth of them. After getting nowhere with the questioning the car returned to silence, Maddie just stared out the window at her new world for the remainder of the ride. 

As they arrive at the airport Maddie shoots up and stares out the window at the giant “machines”  as she’s told they’re called.

“I have to get on one of those? How will it fly? It's made of metal.” Maddie asked, the whole walk to the boarding gate was world changing for the poor girl.

Maggie confusedly bumbles through the airport, having never flown before. A nervous stirring in her stomach as she stares at the plane. She meets up with the hero escorting them and then notices the other girl with them. 

“Hey.” She awkwardly waves and says. She knew that others would be going with her but that doesn’t mean she knows how to interact with them. Maddie turns around at the girl’s voice and sees a girl around her height and age with almost pale white skin, hazel eyes and dark espresso hair down to her shoulders.

“Oh my lord! A girl my age! Hi I’m Madeline! What’s your name?” Maddie exclaimed, practically shaking with excitement. The poor girl never learned social queues or skills and didn’t notice the overwhelmed look Maggie was giving her.

Soon after Ash arrives and hides behind the hero that brought her to the airport when she caught sight of Maddie and her unkept appearance. Her dark brown hair with a blonde ombre looks like it hadn’t been washed or brushed in months, her clothes looked like that of a acrobat, and the grime on her face made her icy blue eyes brighter. She was also way taller than Ash’s 4’6 self and looked like she could crush her in her arms.

Ash sees Maggie, feeling a little better as she's a familiar face. “So I guess she’s going to Japan with us?” Ash asks, whispering to Maggie. Ash is not trying to be rude to the new girl, she’s just surprised by her appearance. Maggie took a deep breath, relieved her tiny friend would be coming along as well.

“Yeah, she’s a bit excitable…” She mumbled back to Ash, chuckling as she noticed Ash only came up to her shoulder. Ash was a tiny girl with a peachy skin tone, waist-long chocolate brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She tucked some of her friend’s dark hair behind her ear before turning back to Maddie, who was patiently waiting.

“I’m Magnolia, but you can call me Maggie.” She angled Ash in front of her, “And this is Ashlynn, it’s nice to meet you Madeline.”

Maddie smiled brighter. “Nice to meet you too!” She exclaimed, before turning back around and taking in more of her surroundings. Soon the three girls and their escort boarded the plane, even if one of them was more excited than the others.

“Wow! So this is an ar-i-plane cool!” Maddie exclaimed, the others looking at her like she grew a second head.

Ash smiles and nods, “it sure is cool buddy.” She says sarcastically, as she takes her seat in the middle. Maddie is sitting by the window, it was best to keep her distracted while they fly to their destination. Ash sits in her seat and tries her best to calm her nerves, she feels like she's going to puke her guts out from anxiety. Maggie, sitting in the aisle seat, pulls out a book, planning to ignore everyone until they land. She lightly pats Ash on the head, seeing how nervous she is and hands her a barf bag.

“Puke in here please.” She says, never taking her eyes off her book. While Maggie and Ash talk, Maddie is pressing against the glass, watching as the plane ascends and goes above the clouds. “Wow.” She whispers, eyes wide. In all the years she spent behind those bars, she never thought she would be here, in a flying metal machine or ar-i-plane as it's called.

Once the plane lands, the girls minus Maddie and their escort take a moment to grab their luggage and look around for their new guardian. “I think they said to look for someone with long black hair and a silver scarf.” Ash says as she looks around for the person they were told to look for.

Maddie looks around, spotting a man in black baggy clothes and a scarf with tired eyes and long black hair, “I think that’s him…?”

Maggie looks over at where the others were looking and sees the man. She looks at the tired man with a hesitant optimism, she'd done a little research about the program before agreeing, actually having been the one to seek out her councilor (for once) about the opportunity. There weren't many pictures of "Eraserhead" out there. "I’m Magnolia, should I call you Aizawa or Eraserhead?"

Aizawa just looks at the three girls slowly before answering, "You can just call me Mr. Aizawa."

Maddie just smiles, "It's nice to meet you!"

Aizawa looks at Madeline for a whole one second before saying, "I heard about your quirk, so I'm going to need you to transform into a small animal or whatever and get in here." He said, holding up a pet carrier.

Ash is a bit nervous but she does her best to hide her nerves. She just follows Maggie as she's the only one she knows. "I'm nervous." Ash whispers to Maggie, gripping her hand.

Maggie gives Ash's hand a reassuring squeeze, looking at her new guardian with a raised brow. She's sure he must have a reason for telling Madeline to get in a pet carrier, though it seems a bit demeaning. “Don’t be. It’s fine.” She whispers back, “It could be worse.”

Maddie just looks at the carrier for a second before transforming into a cat and laying in the carrier. "It's comfy in here."

Aizawa sees the other two giving him a weird look and explains, "I thought it would be easier than explaining why she looks like a feral child." Ash isn't sure how that makes it better but she doesn't say anything and puts her suitcase in the trunk. She isn't sure about all of this, but if Maggie says they're fine then they must be okay right?

Maggie follows Aizawa, peeking into the carrier. Madeline made a cute cat, she'll give the weirdo that. She opens the car door and motions for Ash to get in first, "Come on, in you go." She coaxes, just wanting to get to her new home and get introductions over with. Her ears still hadn't popped from the plane and she was not a happy camper. The two girls awkwardly waved to their escort and got in the car with Aizawa and Madeline.

Maddie, not seeing anything else to do, took a literal cat nap. Aizawa kept quiet most of the trip, going a little over the speed limit so he could get home and sleep. It was too early for this. Ash looks out the window and is amazed. She had travelled to a few places in the Caribbean, and while they were beautiful, Japan just seems to have a special something that makes her heart race. Maggie smiles, she'd never been out of the country before so this? A completely foreign experience in every way one could think of. She fiddled with her sleeves, watching people and cars pass her by. She glances up at Aizawa, he looks even more tired in the car. Seems neither of them were morning people.

Soon they all pulled up to an apartment complex, and lugged their luggage up the stairs. Before entering, Aizawa turns to the girl's, "I'm sorry for whatever happens next." He says vaguely, before carrying Madeline's carrier inside.

A tall, VERY loud, blonde man pops out and gasps over the two girls. "AWWWW! THEY'RE ADORABLE! WELCOME HOME GIRLS!" Mic shouts as he herds them inside, before pausing and turning to Aizawa. “Wasn’t there a third girl coming?”  Ash hides behind Maggie as she wasn't prepared for this.

Maggie gives Mic a nod, lightly petting Ash in an attempt to comfort her, "That’s Present Mic, he's literally called "The Voice Hero" so he's fucking loud. But hopefully he means well..." She whispers reassuringly, it was a lot easier to get information on him than Mr. Aizawa. These two were quite a pair. She trails behind Mic further inside the apartment, she's led to the kitchen where a purple haired boy their age was sitting eating breakfast and chugging coffee. She gives him a small nod as a hello, he does the same. He didn't seem like much of a talker either. "You guy's son?" She questions the boisterous blond, he seemed to be the mouthpiece of this family. She attempted to direct his babbling off of her and her companions and onto their new living situation.

“Yeah,” The boy answers, “I am.”

Aizawa just puts Maddie's carrier on the ground and opens the gate. Maddie crawled out, wide eyed in her cat form. "So this is where we're staying?" She asks.

Aizawa, instead of answering, picks up Madeline by her scruff and carries her to the bathroom. "Before anything you're getting a bath."

The girl looked so confused, "What's a bath?"

Hitoshi whips around, taking a second to come to terms that his father put his new housemate in a cage, "Yeah, no that checks out." He mumbles to himself, a tiny smile appearing.

Maggie blinks, stunned for a moment that her new roommate didn't know what a fucking BATH was.

"Oh my God it talked!!" Mic shouts. "That's the third girl? Why did you put her in a cage?!" Mic asks, almost as if he's scolding Aizawa. Calming down, he turns back to the girls, "Anyway, let me show you girls to your room. You three can decide who takes the bunk beds and who gets the twin bed." Mic says as he shows them the room. It's a fairly big yet simple room, enough space for three teenage girls. There are two dressers, a large closet and a TV in the corner next to a small desk.

Maggie looks around, not a bad living arrangement. Not much privacy, but she wasn't really expecting much. Looks like she's going to be getting to know these two a lot better than she wants. She plops her luggage down on the twin bed, deciding to let Ash and Madeline duke it out over the bunks. She sits on the bed, testing it. Bouncing slightly, her ears finally pop causing her to wince as they start ringing. She hissed in pain, "Shit!"

After escorting the girls to their room, Mic storms over to the bathroom, “SHOTA-”

"Hizashi I had to put her in the cage, it was much better than trying to explain why she looks like some wild creature." Aizawa explains while placing Madeline in the sink and starts washing her. Mic just shook his head disappointedly, while Hitoshi chuckled at his dad's reasoning. Maddie was just enjoying the bubbles forming from the soap, her cat instincts coming out.

Ash looks under the bottom bunk before going underneath it, inspecting the small space before deeming it suitable for a hidey-hole. "I hope Madeline takes the top bunk, I need the hidey-hole." Ash says as she hopes Madeline doesn't take much longer. Ash soon begins to look around the apartment, wanting to get a good look at her new environment.

Mic goes to check on Maggie and Ash only to see the smaller girl is exploring. "Need help?" Mic asks very loudly, causing Ash to turn and scurry back to her room.

Hitoshi goes to introduce himself properly, only to see Ash wildly scramble into the room. He turns to Maggie who just sighs and shakes her head. "She's skittish." She explains as Ash covers herself with her blanket.

Hitoshi watches, somewhat concerned, "Is she always like this?"

Maggie shrugs, "She's in a new place and your dad is very loud. Didn't get your name by the way."

Hitoshi nods, understanding that Mic can be... well Mic. "Shinso Hitoshi."

"Magnolia Titanrove, but you can call me Maggie. The one hiding under the blanket is Ashlynn, but she goes by Ash." She lifts the girl blanket, peering beneath it, "Ash? Ya gonna come out and say hi? It's only polite..." She attempts to appeal to the girls' need to please and be proper to get her out of hiding.

As they talk, Aizawa walks in carrying Madeline in a towel, before placing her down. She then transformed back wearing her clothes from earlier. ”And I'm Madeline Carter, but you can call me Maddie, it's nice to meet you." She says before noticing the bunk beds. "OH I call the top bunk!" She exclaims, before turning into a parrot and flying to the top buck.

Ash peeks her head out from under the blanket, "Ashlynn Brieno, it's a pleasure to meet you." Ash says shyly.

"I'm sorry if I scared you. I just wanted to help." Mic says, his voice still pretty loud.

It's fine. “I'm sorry if I came off as rude." Ash replies softly.

Maggie wants to smack her head against the floor and scream. Theirs too many people, too much stimuli, everything about the situation just screams too much. Instead, she just pets her friends head, closes her eyes, and takes some deep breaths. "You all have been lovely, but I think it would be easier for everyone if the three of us had some time alone to unpack our essentials and take a nap. Plane rides aren't exactly fun, and we're all a bit tightly strung."

Hitoshi happily took that as his dismissal, nodding to the parrot on the top bunk and exiting the room silently, shooting Mic a ‘please come with me before you embarrass us all further’ look.

After Hitoshi dragged his dads out of the room and shut the door, Maddie transformed back and looked down at the two girls. "Soo how long do these "exchange" things last ‘cause my handlers don't like it when I'm gone for too long." She asked innocently.

Ash glances at Maggie before turning to address Maddie, "What do you mean by handlers? Don't you mean your parents?"

Maggie shrugs, "This ones at least two years... But I'm with Ash, what do you mean by 'handler?'" She was deeply concerned by Maddie's behavior. First she doesn't know what a bath was, now she says she had a 'handler'? Neither sounded good.

Maddie looks confused, "My mother sold me to my handlers at the circus when I was five." She answered nonchalantly. Was it not normal to not have parents? It wasn't any new to Maddie; she stopped questioning things long ago.

Ash gives Maggie another worried look, "Well I'm sure whoever brought you here did it to get you away from the circus for good." She says going to give Maddie some head pats, careful not to scare her.

Maggie nods, "Yeah, I don't think they're gonna send you back there. That's no way to live. Looks like your stuck with us for a while." She jokes, trying to lighten the mood.

Maddie froze, "I-I- I don't have to go back? I can stay here?" She asked, tears in her eyes. 

The hero agency had explained it to her but it hadn’t really hit her until now. She didn't have to go back. She never had to go back to the cage, or get whipped for messing up, or get stared at like an animal. She starts crying tears of joy.

Maggie pops up, petting both of their heads, "You're safe here, no ones gonna hurt you. I promise. There's no reason to cry..." She didn't know this girl, but her heart ached for her. Clearly something was very very wrong with how she had grown up. She had been SOLD, and that's... That's not... It's just not okay.

"Thanks and don't worry these are happy tears." Maddie never thought she would see the day she could leave and never have to go back.


Meanwhile in the kitchen…


"What's with them? I thought they'd be stoked about this! They don't seem like they're excited to be here!" Mic says he's very confused. We're the girls brought here against their will or is he missing something?

"I'm sure they're excited, suddenly arriving at a new place and having a lot of people in their face could be overwhelming." Aizawa reasons, trying to reassure Hizashi. Hizashi still feels like something's off, but he listens to Shota for once and leaves the girls be. He has some things to do anyway. Hitoshi gave his father a look, knowing damn good and well that hiding under a blanket like a child and willingly riding around in a cat carrier was not normal behavior. It's also like his Dad to withhold information for one reason or another, but if Pops wasn't going to push it, neither would he.

Some time passes and the girls have already put their clothes, shoes, and other things away and are just relaxing in their beds. Enjoying the breeze coming from the open window and the peace and quiet. That is until Hizashi decides it's time they come out their room and spend time with the family. "Girls! Please come to the living room! It's family time!" Hizashi shouts, his voice echoing through the apartment.

Maggie sighs, hopping up. "Come on you two, we aren't getting out of this." Creeping out of the room, she peeks into the living room. A tired Aizawa is sitting on the couch beside his son, both watching his husband shake a stack of boxes, most likely board games from what she could see. "It looks like it's game night..."

Maddie, who never had any entertainment or "game night" before was a mix of confusion and excitement. "What's a game night? It sounds fun" she asked. This had Aizawa raising an eyebrow, surely that was a joke, even if her family doesn't do it, she would have heard of it. This raises more red flags at the girl's behavior, and a whole lot more questions.

Ash just sits by Maggie and prepares herself. Mic decides that they should play Jenga, the game is simple and you can have as many players as you want. "Everyone know how to play?” Mic asks, setting the box on the coffee table. “If not I don't mind explaining." Ash nods, still struggling to use her words.

Maggie nods too, grabbing her friend's hand. "I'm pretty sure Maddie doesn't." She glances up at the girl in question, poor thing didn't know what a bath was she definitely didn't know Jenga. But the trauma she's been through wasn't her story to tell, "Do you Maddie?"

Hitoshi watches with concealed interest, these girls were... strange,

Maddie just nodded, "After coming here it's become apparent I don't know what most, um, basic necessities and things are." She confessed, using her free hand to rub the back of her head. This just made the three males in the room concerned, if one of the girls was this behind and not to mention her state she was in when she arrived, what about the other girls?

"Well the rules are simple. Each person grabs one block and places it on the top of the tower. The goal is to make sure the tower doesn't fall when to place your piece on top. The four of us will go first so you can see how it's done." Hizashi says, trying to hide his growing concern for these three children. "Ash why don't you go first?" He suggests as he looks at the smallest child. Ash takes a moment to look over the tower before grabbing a piece and placing it on top. She is glad that they're playing Jenga, it's one of her favorites and there's less of a chance of someone cheating.

Hitoshi goes next, picking at random. His eyes flit between his parents and the girls, he wasn't sure how to react to the cryptic yet extremely telling information he'd received today. Maggie went next, catching Hitoshi's concerned gaze. Placing her block on top, she shot him a smile that looked more like a grimace and a small shrug. She was just as concerned as he was. Aizawa moved his piece as Maddie watched in wonder. So this was a "game" as Mic called it. This looks like fun, carefully Maddie copies what she saw and reaches for a piece and puts it on top. 'This is fun,' she thought as she sent the two adults a smile.

Hizashi smiles, at least Maddie seems to like the game. He moves his piece before speaking up. "So do you girls like Japan so far?"

Ash nods as she grabs a block and puts it at the top. "It's different, but I'm sure I'll like it." She answers awkwardly, looking at Mic and Aizawa.

Maggie shrugged taking her turn while contemplating what to say. Now that these two seemed to be getting comfortable, she began to revert back into her own shell. Her protective nature faded away, leaving an awkwardly anti-social girl in its wake. "I haven't really been here long enough to form an opinion." 'Nor have I gotten an opinion on you,' she thought, observing the small family.

Maddie just shrugged, "Well I've spent most of it in a portable cage so~ but as far as living conditions this is way more nicer than my old ones." Aizawa listens as the girls talk, trying to put two and two together, trying to answer the questions surrounding them.

Hizashi is surprised by what he hears coming from Maddie's mouth. He actually has nothing to say for once and just takes his turn without saying a word. He looks at Shota as if to tell him he was worried for these three girls. Ash takes her turn as well, not saying much if anything at all. She seems to be calm as occasionally she would giggle or smile.

Maggie stays silent, not sure what to say. She takes her turn, listening to the awkward small talk that somehow kept getting darker and darker. In a way, she pitied the men. They clearly had no idea what they were getting into by taking them in.

The night went on, the girl "slowly" started warming up to the family, even if said family's concern was growing as well. Soon the girls stomachs started growling. "Sorry." Maddie said, blushing. When was the last time she ate? Last week or was it that time she stole her handler's sandwich? She couldn't remember.

Hizashi chuckles, both out of amusement and a fair amount of concern, "No need to apologize, if you'd like I can order us some pizza. You three like pizza right?" He asks as he reaches for his phone.

Ash nods, "Thank you." She says in her usual shy voice.

Maggie rolls her shoulders, leveling her tone as she addresses Mic with a strained smile, "Pizza would be lovely."

Maddie looked around awkwardly before answering, "Could you explain what pizza is?" Maddie asked in a small voice. This made the three guys go quiet, and Aizawa finally had enough.

"Is everything ok girls? Because this behavior and the questions are alarming to say the least." Aizawa asked, very concerned.

Ash froze, internally screaming. Hizashi puts the phone down and goes to sit by the three girls. "It's okay, you three are safe. You can tell us anything, we promise we won't judge you." He says, for once actually speaking in a soft voice.

Maggie sighs, wrapping her friend up in a tight hug and looking at Maddie. "Maddie, you wanna tell them what you told us earlier." She hoped to turn attention away from herself and Ash long enough to calm the shaking girl down. And some more details on what EXACTLY happened to her new friend wouldn't exactly hurt either.

Maddie sighed, now that she was finally free from her old situation, talking about it was awkward, but whatever. "Okay, when I was five my mom sold me to the local circus for a quick buck. After that I was forced for ten years to endure living in a cage, live off scraps when they decided to feed me, and..." Maddie paused, gathering courage to continue. "T-they would whip me when I didn't or couldn't use my quirk. I'm only here because a hero happened to witness a whipping." Maddie went quiet after she finished, a dark cloud over the once smiling child.

Hizashi is in shock and disbelief, who could EVER do that to a child?! A CHILD!! He goes to hug Maddie, she deserves all the hugs in the world and even that's not enough! "Maddie... I... I'm so sorry that happened to you. But I promise you that you're safe here and that we will never let ANYONE hurt you again." He and Shota have seen their share of kids being in bad homes but have never thought that anyone would ever dare sell their own child. Hitoshi's jaw drops as he stares at the ground, unable to look at the girl as he processes the information.

Maggie watches, not sure if Maddie's comfortable enough to be touched. She raises an eyebrow, silently asking the girl if she needs to step in. She keeps a tight grip on Ash. She didn't want to tell her own story, nor did she want to speak for Ash. But she was unsure the girl would even begin to delve into her story, upset or not. Her eyes flit around the room, catching Aizawa's pensive expression. She averts her eyes, biting the inside of her cheek and choosing to stay silent as Mic comforts Maddie.

Maddie just hugs Mic as a few tears escape, for once she felt safe and no longer had to endure. "Thank you." She whimpered. Aizawa and the others could only imagine how much it took for her to keep smiling in her situation.

Everyone is silent for a while before Mic lets go and looks at Ash. "Are you okay? Did something happen at home before you came here?" He asks.

Ash taking a deep breath before looking at the heroes. "My mom hasn't always treated me right. Most of the time I had to fend for myself because she wasn't around. She would leave me home alone for days just because she wanted a break from 'taking care of me'. I had to learn to cook and clean for myself ever since I was young.”

Maggie glares, getting a headache. Reaching over, she pats Maddie's head. Both these girls had been through hell, it honestly made her feel a little silly thinking about her own grievances about her home life. Sighing, she brings both girls in for a group hug. They all clearly needed one. She shoots the small family a pained smile. "Not exactly what ya signed up for, huh?" She jokes, bitterly.

Hizashi can't help but feel even more protective of the girls even if he doesn't show it much. He could never do ANY of that to Hitoshi, even the thought of it made him wanna punch himself in the gut. Hitoshi is in fucking shambles, looking between his dads in a vague panic. The foster homes were hell, but nothing like THIS. Maddie had been WHIPPED. He'd never been good at comforting, and neither was his dad, and right now he felt hopeless. Aizawa was speechless after hearing two of the girls' stories, how could something like this happen to them. They look like nice girls, but the world has not been kind to them. With all the things he'd seen in the underground, he really shouldn't of been surprised.

Maddie felt a little bad for the family, at first they just thought they were three normal girls and now that they know their pasts, they don't know what to say

Hizashi looks at Shota and Hitoshi, he's not sure what to do or say. All he knows is that he will protect these girls. He just hopes that soon these girls will let him take care of them. "Why don't we just try and relax? Maybe once we get some food in your stomach and a chance to just breathe, you'll feel much better." He says as she once again grabs the phone to place his order.

Maggie nods, squeezing both the girls, "Can we go to our room now? Please?"

Aizawa just nods and goes to the kitchen with Hizashi and leaves the four teens alone. The silence was more awkward than comforting.  "Well let's go to our room till the food is here." Maddie spoke breaking the silence 

Once in their shared room, Ash grabs her teddy bear and lamb before going under the bed. She needs a moment away from her friends and from the world in general. Maggie flops on her bed, groaning. This was going about how she expected, not the WAY she had expected, but the vibe was the same. Awkward and sad. Maddie just climbed up onto her bed before turning into a cat and laying down. The atmosphere very dark compared to before.

Hitoshi leaves the living room, the air still feeling thick with tension, and stands in the doorway of the kitchen to talk to his fathers. Watching as his Pops sets the phone on the counter and takes a deep breath, "Did you know about any of this?! Why didn't you tell me anything?!" he shouts at Shota knowing that he sometimes keeps information away from him. But he never thought he'd keep THIS kind of information from him.

Hitoshi leans against the doorframe, wondering the same thing. Not that he'd be mad, it's none of his business, but a warning would have been nice. Shota shook his head, "There were suspicions around Ashlynn and Magnolia and I heard about the open case for Madeline but I never heard the details until now." He answered, "I'm surprised their school didn't do anything before."

"Again, why didn't you tell me?! It would've been nice to know that these girls came for another reason other than just good grades! We have a girl with the mindset and knowledge of a toddler, another who’s been neglected, and the last is holding us at arms length so we don't even know what she's been through!" Hizashi shouts, trying not to cry.

Hitoshi stayed quiet, feeling bad for literally everyone involved. Shota just hugged Hizashi as he cried, "I didn't want to say anything and it be nothing and worry you." He knew that wasn't a good excuse but he had hoped it was nothing but now...

Hizashi sighs, he knows his husband does what he must to keep him from worrying, but that doesn't mean it hurts him less. "Let's just try and give the girls a calm day. They clearly need one." He knows that the next few days might be tough with the girls settling in before they actually start teaching them. Maddie especially as he and Shota will have to get her through so many years worth of education she never got. This will be a challenge but it's one he and his family are sure they can handle.

Hitoshi answers the door for the pizza man while his parents talk, setting the boxes on the table. "You want me to go get them?" Shota nodded as he continued to hold Hizashi. Hitoshi knocks, shifting his weight from one foot to the other while waiting for the okay to come in.

Maggie chuckles, "How polite, let me guess dinner's here?"

Hitoshi opens the door stepping inside, "How insightful. Yes dinners here."

Maggie groans, forcing herself up only to drop to her knees and shuffle across the room.

"What are you-?" Hitoshi was silenced by the girl pointing under the bed.

"Ash..." She coos, peeking underneath the bed and giving her a little shake, in an attempt to wake her, "Ashlynn, pizza's here..."

Ash groans as she slowly wakes up, slowly crawling out as she rubs her tired eyes. "What year is it? Where am I?" Ash asks, the small thing has sleep marks on her squishy cheeks. Seems she was sleeping well.

Maggie laughs at Ash, "We're in Japan, and it’s time for dinner. Now get up." She stands, brushing dirt off her pants

Hitoshi takes a couple of steps up the ladder of the bed, not seeing Maddie at first. Only for a small smile to appear at the sight of a tiny black kitten curled up into a little ball and making the cutest little snoring sounds. Chuckling he pets her, trying to softly wake her up. Maddie wakes up surprised at first from the pets before leaning into them, purring softly. She’s not used to people petting her as no one has ever taken the time to in the past, but she absolutely loved it. 

Hitoshi grinned, still petting her while talking quietly so he didn't startle her, “It's time for dinner…”

Maddie nodded before stretching, still in cat form jumped down before transforming back. She gave a small smile to Hitoshi. "Is your dad ok, I couldn't hear what they were saying but I heard yelling?"

“Yeah, he'll be fine. He yells a lot, most of the time on accident."

Maddie just smiles brighter, relieved. Soon everyone was back in the dining room eating. The atmosphere was a little tense but not as bad as before. Maddie though was not playing attention as she ate her pizza, it was so good! How had she lived until now without this. Stupid handlers keeping this from her!

Mic does his best not to ask any triggering questions, "So Ash, Maggie, what kind of hobbies do you two have?" He asks. Mic wants to get to know the girls and he figures asking them about their interests is the best route to take.

"Well I liked being in choir, does that count?" Ash questions.

Maggie shrugs, talking about herself was not a strong suit. Talking in general was not something she enjoyed much. Hard to enjoy talking when no one listens to what you have to say anyways. "Reading, writing, but I mostly just work on my quirk. Self improvement, yada yada yada."  She flaps her hand, cutting herself off as she realizes she had begun rambling. Deciding to just stuff her face with pizza and hope that Ash and Maddie could carry the conversation.

Maddie, having finished her pizza, picked up on the conversation. "What are your quirks by the way?" She asked curiously. She has only seen the quirks of her fellow performers though most were mutation type.

"You stole the words out of my mouth Maddie, I was about to ask the same thing." Mic adds as she looks at Ash and Maggie. He sees Maggie shuffling in her seat a little, he worries that maybe this was triggering somehow.

"Mine is Sun, kinda ironic as every time I'm in sunlight for too long I become a burnt lobster." Ash laughs lightly.

"Keep pushing yourself like you do and you'll end up with skin cancer." Maggie snarks.

"I would laugh if I find out I'm immune to getting skin cancer simply because of my quirk." Ash replies, it really would be a shock if that SOMEHOW ended up being the case.

"Mines literally called Witchcraft. I'm sure you can picture the type of reputation that gave me." Maggie curls into herself slightly, logically she knew that these were adults that literally devoted their lives to helping people but adults always only gave her one option. Become a hero and prove your worth. And kids? Kids were just downright cruel.

Shinso cringed sympathetically, "I think I can. Mines Brainwashing." He admitted.

"Yikes." Maggie laughed bitterly, "Doubt you're invited to many parties."

"No." He laughed, not expecting such a candid reaction. "No I am not."

Maddie reached over and patted Maggie, Ash and Shinso's backs, giving a small smile. 

"Well I think your quirks sound awesome!" She said, encouragingly, "You've already seen mine but I believe the name of it was animal mimicry, I can transform into any known creature plus their abilities!"

Maggie smiles slightly, Maddie and Shinso had made her feel a bit better. It was honestly a weight off her shoulders. "Thanks, Maddie."

Hitoshi felt similarly, at least the three of them wouldn't be afraid of him on top of all the shit they're already going through.

After that, the four started talking more, the dark atmosphere cleared up and the two adults breathed a breath of relief, happy the girls were joking and smiling. Soon dinner finished up and the first night came to a close. The girls, having found acceptance, were looking forward to  what else awaited them in Japan.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi was as excited as he was nervous, he'd been looking forward to this since the beginning of the school year. He and dad knew from the beginning that he was no match for the robots at the entrance exam, they hadn't been training long enough to build up that kind of strength or speed. So this? The UA sports festival? That's what he'd been training for instead. He was eager to show what he'd learned to the heros watching, his schoolmates, and his family. He'd already completed the race, but he'd yet to see any of his strange little family. He knew where his dad's were, up in the announcer's booth. The girls however were nowhere to be seen. And now it was time for the Cavalry battle, an event where he had to team up with others and what he was most nervous about. He quickly “found” a team however, and just in time he was able to spot the three girls cheering for him near obnoxiously from the stands.

The girls had managed to sneak away from their dads’ sides in order to get a closer seat to watch Hitoshi. The race had just ended as they found their seats and the calvary battle was about to start. "Do you see him?" Maddie asked, using her eagle eyes ability. Soon her eyes found him and she pointed him out. "Found him! Over there! Toshi-nii-chan good luck!"

"Go Nii-Chan!!" Ash screams, excited for their older brother. "Hopefully he proves himself worthy of a spot in the school!" Ash adds as she continues cheering for Hitoshi.

Maggie laughs, "Kick some ass, Toshi!" Leaning over, she ruffles both the girls hair, "He'll do great!" She placates before dropping her head and muttering to herself bitterly," Unfortunately what matters is if other people choose to acknowledge it or not."

Hitoshi face palms, hiding his smile with false annoyance.

Ojiro raises an eyebrow, helping Shinso up onto his perch on top of his team members both of which seem to be in a daze but he figures they're just focused on how this will go. "Are they... yelling at you???"

Hitoshi nods, "Yes, is that a problem?"


And with that the battle began.

The girls were on the edge of their seats as they watched their brother stealthily steal headbands, one after the other. Maddie was starstruck by her brother, but was distracted by a loud shout from the loud explosion boy. "Is that boy okay? He seems to be shouting the loudest and looks this close to murdering someone. " She asked, squinting her fingers close together

Ash laughs, the blonde boy does look like he's very close to snapping someone's neck. She continues cheering for Hitoshi, her usually soft quiet voice is now loud and booming.

"I'm pretty sure that one is Bakugo, the one with the explosion quirk and a bad attitude that Aizawa always talks about." Maggie watches the entire arena with interest, teams involving Class 1A especially so. She wanted to put names to faces before going to school next week. It helped that those teams seemed to be in the middle of the action anyways. "I know for a fact that the red and white haired one is Endeavor's son, and the boy with green hair that won the last round is Midoriya, the kid that literally broke both his legs at the entrance exam. I have no idea about the rest."

Hitoshi was beginning to get a little bit of a headache, thankfully that's when the competition ended. He had his team put him down before releasing his hold on them and showing them the headbands he had collected. They were rightfully confused, but too dazed to really confront him at the moment.

Maggie listened to Present Mic reveal the top four teams, grinning when she heard Hitoshi’s being third, "Well, I'll be damned."

The girls cheered for Hitoshi getting third, even if his teammates didn't look pleased. After calming down, Maddie turned to the others, "Do you think they would let us down to the locker room where Toshi is? I want to congratulate him in person."

"We can ask Aizawa and Mic. C'mon! Let's try and find them!" Ash exclaims.

Maggie giggles, preparing her best puppy dog face. They snuck their way into the booth where Mic and Aizawa were.

Hitoshi watched them go, knowing what they were planning. He skittered off to get his lunch, hoping to avoid anyone confronting him about what he had done. Opening it he couldn't help but laugh at the addition that he hadn't packed. Apparently dad had found the time to sneak in one of his nutrient pouches when he wasn't paying attention. He snorts.

The girls quietly entered the booth where Mic and Aizawa were eating. Maddie being the one to ask, "Can we go to the lock rooms and have lunch with Toshi, please?" She begged with puppy dog eyes.

Aizawa, wrapped in bandages, just gave a blank stare. Normally he wouldn't mind but with the sports festival going on he couldn't prevent anything from anything happening.

"Please! We promise we'll behave!" Ash adds, looking at Mic as he usually caves to her begging.

"I'm not sure girls, why don't you three stay with us for now?" Mic says. It's not that he doesn't want the girls to roam around but at the same time he doesn't need the girls getting lost or into any unintentional trouble.

Maggie pouts, putting on the same face she'd make when she was a little girl who wanted her parents to buy her something, "Don't you trust us? We'll be going to school in a couple of days anyways."

Maddie put her hands together and bowed her head, "Please! I promise we'll stay out of and stay by Toshi's side the whole time and we'll come right back here when lunch is over." She begged.

Aizawa looked at each of his daughters before sighing, they were just like him, stubborn to the end. Finally he caved and nodded.

Ash smiles, bowing to Aizawa. "We promise we'll behave and be back before the second half starts!" Ash says. She grabs Maddie's hand and drags her to go see where Nii-Chan was having lunch.

"Let's hope they don't get into any trouble. Hopefully they don't freeze up if they meet their future classmates." Hizashi says as he gives Shota a worried look.

Maggie eagerly follows the other two, "Don't stray far, we gotta stick together." She chuckles, only half joking. If it was just her she would have stuck to Aizawa and Mic like glue, not exactly being the exploring type. "We don't want to get lost or run into anyone weird." As they entered the tunnels, she got a weird feeling. She immediately closed the gap between her and her friends, not liking the vibes the closed off space was giving off.


Mineta seemed to have a sixth sense for girls. Whenever one he hadn't met was around, he knew. So when he saw three girls he'd never seen before turning down one of the gen-ed tunnels? He fucking booked it over. Tiny legs moving at a speed no one had ever seen. The rest of the class watched as he went, confused and concerned.

Ash led the way, pulling Maddie by the arm into one of the ged-ed locker rooms, with Maggie close behind. "Toshi-nii-chan! Good job!" Maddie exclaimed, hugging him. She knew he didn't like public affection but she was too proud to care.

Ash also hugs Toshi tightly, "You did great! We can't wait to see you in the second half!" She exclaims.

Maggie also comes in for a hug, not nearly as bone crushing as the other two’s, there was time for that later. She could feel eyes on them, making her shutter. "Yeah, you did great! You wanna go sit so you can eat your lunch, maybe fill us in on your strategy for next round?" Her eyes flit around not sure who was giving her the creeps.

Hitoshi did his best to fight down his blush, and put on a smug smirk instead. Praise often got him flustered, "Thanks. Yeah, lets eat-"

The brainwasher was cut off by seeing a 3ft tall ball headed kid come out of nowhere and grab not one but two of his sisters’' asses. Mineta Minoru was squeezing Maddie's and Ash's ass cheeks like stress balls while drooling and mumbling perverse things that no 15 year old should ever hear.
Maddie let go of Toshi and whipped around so fast she was a blur, before grabbing Mineta by the shirt and lifting him to eye level. "What the fuck. Do you think? You're doing?" She emphasized each section with fury in her eyes. she was used to weird looks considering her past life but for him to touch her and Ash? HELL NO!

Ash gasps and jumps when she feels his hands on her butt. She turns and sees Maddie holding the pervert.

Hitoshi is equally angry, but doesnt want the girls to get in trouble before even properly enrolling, so he grabs them both and yanks them back. Maggie knocks the creep out of Maddie’s hands but grabs the crying baby by the back of his shirt, holding him at arms length, "WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS THING BELONG TO???" She screams shaking him violently, the air around her crackling from her rage and pent up energy.

Meanwhile Hitoshi is doing his best to calm and comfort the two, but it's a bit difficult when he's clearly enraged. If there hadn't been so many witnesses, the freak would probably be dead.

Maddie is shaking in Hitoshi’s arms, “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT PERV???” She screamed, against Hitoshi’s chest. All she wanted was to have lunch with her family, not get molested by a child.

Some of class 1A hesitate to step forward out of sheer fear of the three girls.

"We're so sorry! Please don't hurt him!" Deku shouts. He knows that what Mineta did was wrong but that doesn't mean that he should be killed for it.

"Just let him get punched Deku! Maybe this time he'll finally learn!" Bakugo exclaims. He never cared for Mineta since day one, now the pervert has taken it too far groping the two visitors,

Maggie shakes the little fucker harder, "Someone needs to come take this fucker away from me. He is the size of a roach and I will squish him like one, but I'm not putting this fucker on the ground and letting him skitter away like one. I’m going to hand him to someone reliable, so if someone reliable does not come and take this creature away from me before I lose my temper he is going to fucking die."

At that, Tenya hesitantly approaches stomach churning as he gets closer. The air around the girl was thick with something, making it hard to breathe. He holds out his hands to take Mineta, "I'm the class president." He chokes out hesitantly, freezing at her glare, "I'll be sure to inform our teacher of this incident."

At that Maggie growls, throwing Mineta at Ingenium jr. head first. The small boy sticking to his chest by his hair, "Be sure to do that. I'll know if you don’t."

Maddie finally called down before sighing. "Man, and I promised dad we wouldn't get into trouble." She whined. "Now him and papa are sure to never let us out of their sight.

Maggie's comment confused the students, "Um sorry how will you know?" Asked Denki

Maggie looks at Denki, unamused, "None of your damn business Sparky."

"She has ways." Ash says ominously, still hugging Maddie for comfort, trying to fight off the icky feeling of being groped by hugging someone she loves.

"Again we're very sorry for Mineta's behavior. We promise we'll get the teachers involved. Midoriya says as she wants to make sure the girls know that the pervert won't get away with this without punishment.

"Let's just get lunch and go find our parents. I don't wanna be near the pervert." Ash whines. This was supposed to be a fun day but now it is ruined.

The hand that Maggie had used to hold Mineta felt disgusting, "Let's go eat, but first where the hell is the bathroom? I need to literally wash my hands of that sticky fuck."

Hitoshi, not really giving a fuck about his reputation at the moment, doesn't hesitate to comfort the two girls while leading them away. Glaring harshly at the whole of 1A. His dad was never going to hear the end of this from him, that's for sure. He only hoped that he'd have a chance at Mineta before his father got to him first. "Come on Maggie, It's on the way." All this did was give the boy more reason to excel in the next round of competition seeing as the majority of competitors were 1A students.

Maddie let Toshi lead her away but not before flipping Mineta off once more. Soon all four of them were by the food stands before stopping. She turned to Toshi, "I'm sorry I caused a scene." She apologized, suddenly embarrassed.

Ash felt bad too, they promised Aizawa and Mic that they wouldn't cause a scene and yet they did. "We're never gonna hear the end of this." She sighs as they stop to wash their hands in the bathroom.

Hitoshi drinks his juice pouch, holding their food while waiting outside the door. "You guys didn't cause a scene, you were sexually assaulted!" He shouted, clearly not happy, "By a guy in Dad's class none-the-less!" He threw his empty juice pouch, startling a nearby student.

Maggie groans, rubbing her hands raw under the scalding hot water. She knew they were clean but they didn't FEEL clean. "No fucking kidding, neither of you did anything wrong and you shouldn’t act like you did. If anyone has a problem then they can shove it." They left the restroom, taking their food from Hitoshi. "Lets just go eat with Aizawa and Yamada. It will be fine."

By the time the four returned to the booth, Aizawa was standing there, arms crossed.
"So I heard you had an encounter with my class." He said in a deadpan voice.

Maddie just cringed, fingers tightening around her food, great they were gonna get yelled at for causing a scene, even after they promised to avoid trouble.

Ash shrinks a little, she hates making either one of her dads angry, even if they just give her a stern lecture. She still hated it, more so when Aizawa was the one lecturing/punishing them.

"We didn't want to cause a scene! But we couldn't just let that groper get away with touching us like that!" Ash shouts, her voice sounding angry and defensive but her face shows nothing but fright.

Maggie rolls her eyes, not really intimidated at the moment because she knows that she's in the right and that Aizawa is a reasonable person who would be able to see that. Afterall, the fucker didn't have a scratch on him. "I wouldn't call a double sexual assault a 'run in,'" she made air quotes, biting the inside of her cheek as just thinking about it made her angry, "But I guess if that's what you want to call it, it works. And I'll have you know, for what it's worth I personally think we handled ourselves very well considering the circumstances."

Hitoshi nodded, eyes narrow. He had half a mind to go back and beat the little perv to a pulp, but he'd rather not face his fathers wrath. "I agree, we didn't even hurt him! Dont get me wrong, if we did he would have deserved it, but we showed restraint! It's not their fault that you've got a perverted creep in your class!"

Aizawa waited until they got all of their shouts and pent up anger out before answering,
"Are you done, okay. First I wasn't going to lecture you. I was gonna ask if you were ok. Second I was going to tell you we plan on pressing charges, he has done this too many times and me and Nezu believe enough is enough. Lastly no one touches my kids like that!" He said that last part seriously.

Ash is stunned, they were not gonna get yelled at and Aizawa was pressing charges. Ash can't help but give the tired man a hug. “Thank you.”

Hizashi leads the four kids into the pro hero booth, showing his worry for the kids a bit more than his husband was. He is doing his best to hide how furious he was that a student from Shota's class dared to lay their hands on his girls inappropriately.

"You are eating here and you three are not leaving this room anymore." Hizashi says sternly. He wished that his children didn't have to go through that mess but at least now they can punish Mineta accordingly for his actions.

"I figured that was the case. However it's always best to assume the worst, especially with cases like this, considering I’m sure you're aware how often things like this get swept under the rug.." Maggie said, Her faith in humanity was not very high.

Hitoshi focused on comforting Maddie and Ash by rubbing their backs and just being with them, content that his father would handle the situation properly. "Let's have lunch. I've gotta eat quickly considering that I've gotta go back down and participate in the tournament."

"Speaking of which, things really got out of hand down there, but you did really well. Did you brainwash your entire team, Toshi?" Maggie asked, questioning whether botching his already shoddy reputation was a good idea.

"I don't intend to make friends."

Maggie rolled her eyes at that, snorting.

Maddie just ate her lunch, leaning on Hitoshi, happy to just be with her family, "You say that but just watch. It'll happen, Nii-chan."

Ash isn't so sure about making friends, while it does sound very nice. For now, she's content with Maddie, Maggie and Nii-chan.

Hizashi carefully watches over his children whenever anyone gets up or makes a sudden move still very much on edge after what happened with Mineta.

The four teens speak among themselves the entire time they're together, they seem to have built a rather solid bond over the year they have been living together. It was rather adorable to see the usually reclusive and quiet children interact with each other. They really seem like they're true siblings instead of foster/exchange students.

Hitoshi finishes his lunch, sighing, "I gotta go..."

Maggie headbutts his shoulder affectionately, "Kick some ass out there alright?"

Hitoshi chuckles, "That's the plan."

Maddie nodded, "We'll be cheering for you, win or lose but hopefully win." She said cheerfully, giving him a quick hug.

Shota just nods his head quietly at his son, silently wishing him luck. Hizashi ruffles Hitoshi’s hair affectionately as he walks past.

"Good luck Hitoshi!" Ash says as she waves goodbye to her older brother. The three girls watch as the second half of the festival begins, none of them could hide their excitement.

Shinso watched as two of his teammates from the cavalry battle dropped out of the competition because they couldn't remember it, fools. He'd honestly done him a favor, they'd have been a lot less coordinated if he hasn't used his quirk on them. He rolled his eyes, and looked at the modified line up, he was going against Midoriya Izuku of all people. Shit.

Maggie winced, if Midoriya knew about Hitoshi's quirk he was screwed.

Maddie cringed, this was either gonna go really good or horrible. Hopefully the former because she doesn't really want to watch her brother get beaten by who she's heard called "All Might Jr."

Ash watches with worry and excitement, she hopes that Hitoshi will beat Midoriya. The three of them are practically gripping their seats so hard they're close to crushing them as they watch the two boys fight in the ring.

Maggie cringes watching Hitoshi get flipped out of the ring, confused how Midorya broke out of Hitoshi brainwashing him, "I definitely got to compliment him on that punch later, he rocked broccoli boys shit with that even if he lost."

Shinso is stunned, lying on the ground for a few moments as he thinks about the shit that led him to here before standing and dusting himself off. Trying to shake off his defeat.

Maddie leaned on the glass as she watched Hitoshi walk off the platform, his head down. He was so close, how did he break out?? Noone had ever been able to. "Poor nii-chan"

Ash wants to run to Nii-chan and give him a hug but neither Mic nor Aizawa would let them leave the room. She looks at Hitoshi helplessly, he worked so hard for this, she can tell it really hurt him.

"The fact that Midoryia was able to break out of Hitoshi's brainwashing is freaky as hell, don't you think? What's up with that kid?" Maggie said, biting her inner cheek while trying to distract herself from Toshi's sad face.

Hitoshi retreated to grab his things and cool off before returning to the booth, he was mildly freaked out. He did his best to shake it off and sneak to the booth, not wanting to be confronted by literally anyone. He managed just that, shooting a small smile at the girls, "Hey."

Maddie just quietly walked over and hugged him without saying anything, sensing he didn't want to talk about it. Ash tries petting Hitoshi’s hair to relax him and show that she feels bad for him, doing her best to comfort her older brother. Maggie joins the hug, giving him a big squeeze. She pokes him in the cheek with a cookie she didn't eat from her lunch, food made things better.

Hitoshi chuckled, taking the cookie, "Thanks." The affection they were providing was making him feel a lot better, despite his wounded pride. Aizawa just watched questions running through his mind, how did the problem child do that? He's seen Hitoshi use his quirk and no one has been able to get out of it before. So what's going on?

Maddie just hugged him tight, "listen even if you lost your still awesome ok? Win or lose you deserve to be transferred." She said quietly.

"Let's just hope they do let you transfer." Ash says as she continues petting him, lightly playing with his poofy hair. All three of the girls pray that Hitoshi is allowed to move to Class 1A despite not winning the last fight.

Maggie chuckles, "Considering you destroyed the first couple competitions, I’m sure you'll get in. And I'm the most pessimistic bitch in this room." She pinches his cheek, pulling it upwards to make him half smile, "Now smile, you did great. Of everyone in the tournament All Might jr. being the kid you lost to is nothing to be ashamed of."

Hitoshi gave a little smile at that, "You three are great." He pulled his sisters into a group hug, honestly feeling a bit emotional at the support and faith they had in him.

The four just stayed in their small cuddle pile as the festival went on and soon came to a close with Bakugo coming first. "Wow, for someone who won he doesn't seem happy." Maddie said, but froze as she saw them put a muzzle and chains on him. "T-that's not cool." Shaking slightly while frowning she looked away, bad memories resurfacing.

Aizawa frowned at this, sure Bakugo was loud and reckless sometimes but this was too much. Mic didn't like this either, but there's not much that he can do, Nezu was in charge and they have to follow orders.

Ash pulls Maddie into a tight hug, humming to her to help her handle the bad memories. She hates seeing Maddie get upset like this. Maggie was horrified, what was wrong with this school? What sort of hero chains a teenage boy to a post and says, 'yeah that's fine.' She felt sick to her stomach, maybe coming here was a mistake after all. First the perv and now THIS. Some of the students are LAUGHING. She grabs onto the three not feeling safe. Her and Shinso especially popped to mind. If this is what they did to the winner of the sports festival, what on earth would they do to kids with 'villain quirks' if they even slightly stepped out of line? "What the fuck..." She breathed out, barely a whisper.

Hitoshi was on a similar train of thought, holding the girls in a death grip. Bakugo Katsuki was abrasive for sure, but he knew what it was like to be muzzled like a wild animal and it made him sick to his stomach to see the explosive boy in such a state, "He almost... looks scared. I didn't think that was possible..."

Maddie just hid her face in Hitoshi's back and had his shirt in a death grip. For someone to go through what she went through was not only cruel but haunting. If he didn't want it, don't force him. Just give it to the second place winner. They didn't need to go to such extremes and in front of everyone. It disgusted her that some people were laughing, didn't they see his face. "Is it over yet?" Maddie whispered to Hitoshi.

Ash covers her eyes as she's overwhelmed by what she sees. Ash just wants the festival to be over so they can go home and forget about this.

Hitoshi sighs in relief as the ceremony ends, "It's over. It's alright guys, it's going to be okay. I promise."

Maggie shivers, but tries to comfort the girls despite her own discomfort, "Its over, we can go home soon and just rest. We'll be alright and so will he.”

Hitoshi shoots his dads pleading look, they need to go asap. He bit his lower lip, almost making himself bleed. They needed to be somewhere they felt safe and right now that was anywhere but here. He understood they were both teachers and therefore had duties to attend to, but he hoped they could make it quick.

Thankfully the four's parents got excused and led their kids out of the stadium and far away from the horrible scene. When they got back to the apartment Maddie all but threw herself on her bed with the covers over her head

Ash dives onto the bunk bed, she puts on her head phones and does her best to forget the world exists.

Maggie flops on her bed, wanting the day to be over but knowing that her head wont let her sleep. Especially after what she witnessed today, and the fact they'd be dealing with kids she'd already made a bad impression on when Monday morning comes? She'd be up with thoughts of doom and gloom swirling in her head all night. "Fuck." She hoped that at least her loved ones would get some rest. All of them had a rough day.

Hitoshi, while shaken by the day's events, was actually dead tired for once and is essentially sleep walking to his bedroom. Exhaustion, both physical and mental, managed to actually win out over his insomnia for once. He was out like a light the second his head hit the pillow.

Despite the stressful afternoon, the anxiety of the coming Monday weighed on them more as the sun set and night stretches on.

Chapter Text

Soon the girls first day came, and they were a mix of emotions. They already made an impression on class 1A but they didn't know they would be their future classmates then. On the bright side the family had gotten word that since Mineta was being expelled for obvious reasons, Hitoshi qualified to be transferred to the hero course. The girls took comfort that their big brother would be there on their first day.

"Nii-chan, you've been around them, what are they like?" Maddie asked, fixing her hair.

Hitoshi thinks for a moment, not wanting to spook Maddie on her first day of school with his answer. The problem was that just about every experience he'd had with his fathers class was negative, which was partially his fault, sure, but telling her that wouldn't help, "They're all here for the same reason, to be heros." He answered cryptically, not wanting to lie. "That is hopefully a good thing."

"Hopefully they're nothing like that pervert was. Maybe they forgot that even happened." Ash says as she makes her her uniform is spotless. She was nervously holding Maggie's hand as they approached the school's entrance.

Maggie pulls at her uniform, not at all used to the fabrics it was made of or dressing so formally, "I doubt their memory is that shitty unfortunately."

Maddie just nods, being optimistic about it. Today was her first day of school ever and she wanted it to be perfect, well as perfect as it can be considering the class she's gonna be in.

"What's school like?" Maddie asked, walking backwards to face the three.

Entering the school building, Hitoshi leads their way, the only one that knows where the fuck they're going, "School is... It's different for everyone. I'm sure you'll be fine."

Maggie takes this opportunity to distract herself, her feet feeling like lead at every step, "School is like what Mic and Aizawa have been doing with us everyday, teaching you things, but there are just a lot of other people here to learn too instead of just us."

Maddie just nodded and turned back around, following behind the group holding Toshi's hand. The whole walk there Maddie was in constant wonder as she took in everything inside the school, even the little stuff the others didn't care for. This was the first school she's ever been in before and she was excited. When the Dads asked if she wanted to be in the hero class or simply be a gen-ed student, she thought staying with her family was more comfortable than a room full of what toshi called "jealous strangers"

As they walked towards the classroom they tried to ignore the whispers, stares, and finger pointing of the other students. They soon enter the classroom and begin to look at their new classmates, and of course they're all highly confused as to how the three girls ended up in the hero class.

Hitoshi walks in, still linked to Maddie, the other two girls close behind.

Midoryia broke the awkward silence, "Shinso-san? Do you need something?"

Keeping his head held high and expression neutral, Hitoshi's eyes flit over to his father unsure if he's going to do anything or if he's going to be forced to explain himself.

Aizawa simply unzipped his sleeping bag before standing and addressing the class. "I would like to introduce your new classmates, Shinso Hitoshi, Ashlynn Brieno, Magnolia Titanrove, and last Madeline Carter. The girls are with an exchange program with our sister school in America. Try to get along with them." He introduced, with his usual deadpan expression and voice.

Maddie just stayed silent, peeking out from behind Toshi.

The class greets them kindly, they seem to be nice, "Welcome! We're happy to have you here! Kero." Exclaims Froppy as she waves to them with a kind smile.

"HOW THE FUCK DID THESE EXTRAS GET INTO THE CLASS?!" Bakugo screams as he can't believe that these four got into the class without even taking the entrance exam or anything like he did. Ash just wants to sit down and start class, she covers her ears to muffle Bakugo's screaming. And she thought DJ Dad was loud.

Hitoshi rolls his eyes, seriously? Already? "General education students can move into the hero course if they do well in the sports festival, remember?" He sassed. He was here to learn, not deal with Bakugo's bullshit.

Maggie sighs, trying to release the tension she'd been feeling. Is she still nervous as fuck? Of course. Is she going to pretend that she isn't and that she's a bad bitch instead? Absolutely. Because honestly, fuck this guy, "And we're transfer students from what essentially is a second UA campus in America." She answered, glaring and equally as sassy. "We literally did the exact same shit that you did, dumbass." Okay, that was a partial lie. Her and Ash did. Maddie hadn't. But he didn't need to know that.

The class just waits on a bated breath ‘cause no one has ever talked back to Bakugo like that before.

Maddie just watches this go down before pulling on Toshi's uniform to get his attention. "Is that the one you warned us about, the "loud and obnoxious explosion boy"?" Maddie asked, innocently.

"WHAT THE HELL DID SHE SAY?!" Bakugo screeches as he jumps to his feet, ready to attack Maddie.

Hitoshi glares, staring down the other boy. "Yes, Maddie. Yes he is."

Maggie takes up a defensive stance, annoyed and frustrated, "First the god damn pervert, now this jerk! What is WRONG with this class???"

The class went silent at Maggie's question before a boy shot up in shock. "I thought I recognized you, you're the girls that threatened Mineta at the sports festival!" Denki screamed.

Maddie just hides fully behind Toshi after that, blushing red, so much for first impressions.

"Whatever!! Doesn't matter anyway, as long as they stay out of my way we'll be fine!" Bakugo says as he relaxes back into his seat.

Iida is kinda losing it, he distinctly remembers the incident and not fondly. Now these girls were in his class, where he is president, and he is somewhat intimidated and confused. He clears his throat and straightens his tie, "I never got to properly apologize for my classmates behavior, and-"

Hitoshi interrupted the loud bluette, "Former"

"Excuse me?"

"Former classmate." He corrected, "You don't see him anywhere do you?"

Aizawa answered for him, "Mineta is currently no longer a student here and facing charges." He said blankly. "Now no more questions, you can ask them on your own time.”

Ash looks at Aizawa, her eyes begging him to just start class. She already didn't like that so many eyes are on her but now they remember them from the festival. "Uh Sensei, where do we sit?" She asks, thinking there's assigned seating for everyone.

“You four can pick between the four empty seats I don't care." Aizawa answered with the same blank tone, before crawling back into his sleeping bag.

The four seats were all towards the back of the room, one behind Midoriya, another behind a brown haired girl, a large brown haired boy, then the last behind a duel haired boy.

Hitoshi goes to sit down in Mineta's old seat. He could tell it was his by the shitily drawn pornographic doodles on the table. He'd have to ask his Dad for a clorox wipe or something before they left today.

Ash took the one in the corner, behind the brown haired girl, as she was the only one she could see over the top due to her short height. Maggie took the seat beside her, sitting in the back had its benefits, though she’d probably just be making photo copies of Ash’s notes anyways. Hopefully none of her teachers would speak too softly either, though she knew that wouldn’t be a problem with at least ONE of them. Maddie just silently walked to the one behind the multi colored boy, laying her head on her arms, while facing forward. Having never been in school before except the tutoring by her Dads she was a little overwhelmed as the day went on. So when lunch came around, she went to the Toshi for comfort.

"I know that Dad and Papa said we don't go from one class to another but I didn't believe them." Ash says. She liked the school okay but it was still overwhelming for her, she just wants to get through the rest of the day so they can get home and relax.

Bakugo can't take his eyes off the new girls and Shinso. He just can't stop watching them out of anger.

Maggie sighs nodding, and leaning on Hitoshi's desk for stability "Not having a class change is really fucking weird. My leg fell asleep sitting down so long." She shakes out said leg as the tingles recede, standing straight she notices her classmates seemingly chomping at the bit to talk to them but being held back either from nerves or their more mature students, noticeably the guy with the engine quirk and the tall black haired girl. "Let's get the hell outta here and go to lunch, yeah?"

Hitoshi popped out of his seat, glaring at some of the more excitable students, "Lets go."

Maddie agreed, grabbing Toshi's hand and following Ash and Maggie out of the classroom. Although they are no longer at threat of getting swarmed by their class, when they got to the cafeteria, which blew Maddie's mind by the way, they were swarmed by other students. Apparently word had gotten out about Hitoshi's transfer and the three new girls from America and the four had just sat down when they ran up to them.

Ash fiddles with her fluff ball in her pocket so she can settle her nerves, she does her best to be polite to everyone without freaking out. The girls of their class begin to ask them all kinds of questions about US fashion among other things.

Bakugo can't get past the swarm of students around them. "Hey move! GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU DAMN EXTRAS!" Bakugo shouts as he tries to push his way through.

Mina seemingly is at the front of the storm, literally shouldering her way onto the bench between Shinso and Madeline, earning her a glare from Shinso and Magnolia that she pointedly ignored. "You have no idea how great it feels to have some more girls in our class, it's a major boys club! And you guys managed to boot Mineta? We've been trying to do that since day one! We've got to do something together as a group! Maybe a sleepover to get to know each other?"

Hagakure seemed to be jumping up and down in excitement from the way her clothes were moving, "Yes! Yes! Yes! That's such a good idea Mina!"

Maggie cringed, it was NOT a good idea. At this point she didn't even want to eat. She wanted to leave. Maddie made a point to deliberately move over a spot while avoiding eye contact and continued to eat her lunch quietly. This is more uncomfortable than her first night at the circus and she was sleeping in a cage! A cage of all places. Even after finishing her lunch, Mina was still trying to plan out stuff, having enough Maddie transformed into a mouse and ran to Toshi's jacket pocket for safety and for the sake of her sanity. Ash however is stuck not just physically but mentally as well.

Mina whips around, seeing Madeline seemingly disappear into thin air, "What..."

Hitoshi puts his hand in the pocket where Maddie is hiding, lightly petting her to try and make her feel more secure.

Seeing the way Maddie fled and the far off look in Ash's eyes was the final straw for Maggie. Standing, she violently takes her tray and bangs it against the table top forcefully garnering the attention of the mob. "For fucks sake! Can't you people tell you're making us uncomfortable?! Do you have no social awareness at all!? We're just here, trying to eat our lunch in peace, and you idiots are overwhelming us by all talking at once and just being in our personal space! We're all going to be here for at least a year, you have time so please give us some fucking space and some time to settle in!"

After Maggie's outburst the students all dispersed, either out of guilt or fear. The four didn't care which. Having heard the crowd leave, Maddie crawled out of Hitoshi's pocket and jumped to the floor before transforming back. "If this is what school is like all the time, I’d rather be home schooled because Fuck. That." Maddie exclaimed, cursing for the first time.

Ash sees the students leave and she rests her head in her hands. "I wanna go home!" Exclaims the small girl, drowning her emotions with food so she can try and distract herself again.

Maggie sits back down, clearly irate, "I’m beginning to seriously question my decision to come here. At least back home I had developed enough of a reputation that most people left me the fuck alone. I'm not sure that the pro of getting away from my living situation is worth the cons of whatever the fuck is going on at this school." She admitted, angrily eating her lunch.

Hitoshi blinks, turning his head to look at Maddie, “Maddie, don't say that.” He wasn't sure what to say or do outside of his initial reaction to his baby sister, quite frankly he was overwhelmed by the sudden attention himself. He'd expected 1A and maybe some people in 1C to freak out, but nothing like this. It seemed like the entire school had them under a microscope. "I've had shitty days at school, but nothing like this."

Maddie just stood there with her arms crossed as if daring someone to come over. "I just want to eat with my family and decompress for a few minutes but no! This school is crazy!" She said, growling like an actual tiger. "When Dad warned us I thought it was just him being overprotective, but now-." She just started ranting and pacing, needing some way to get her frustrations out.

Ash simply plays with her fluff ball and daydreams a little to help herself decompress. She didn't think the school would be this overwhelming, but she does her best to suck it up and get through the day.

"I feel kinda bad. Kero." Asui says as she hangs her head. They all meant well but they didn't think they were smothering the newbies.

"Maybe we should just give them a few days to get adjusted. It's probably hard being in a new country and new school at the same time." Uraraka says.

"They're just being too sensitive. They need to learn to grow some fucking balls." Bakugo grumbles as he chugs some water.

The second lunch was over, it was time for hero lessions with All Might and dear lord Maggie wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. On one hand she and her loved ones needed to let out some steam, on the other she was not ready to fight these people. She WAS but she also wasn't. She was already drained and she'd only been here half a day.

Hitoshi was also feeling conflicted, this is what he'd been training for truthfully. But the day he's had? Not starting out strong.

Maddie was looking forward to hero lessons, if it was anything like Dad's training, she was ready. Dad had trained her to control her different forms, along with how they can be useful, like when a partial or full form is needed. She needed to blow off some steam. Maddie and her siblings didn't have "costumes" so they changed into gym clothes and followed the group to the training facility, where All Might is. "That's All Might!" Maddie asked, as she looked at the several foot tall man. "Jesus."

Ash can't help but hide behind Maggie, fuck this man is tall and extremely loud, giving DJ Dad a run for his money. "I feel like he's going to crush me just trying to shake my hand." Ash whispers. Ash, standing near All Might, made her seem like a teacup chihuahua.

"Jesus fucking Christ, bitch same." Maggie said, words falling out of her mouth like a waterfall. "Holy hell, I knew that he would freak me out a bit because I’ve seen him and questioned how the fuck someone smiled like that during a fight but fuck I’m much more intimidated than I expected."

Hitoshi nodded, standing in front of his sisters, subconsciously trying to protect them from the behemoth of a man in front of them, "I understand that, but he won't hurt you." He purposely left, 'outside of a training exercise' out of his sentence not wanting to frighten them.

"Jesus fuck I hope not, he'd crush me like a bug." Maggie shivered, almost visibly recoiling as said man approached.

All Might strode over to meet his new students, wanting to get a handle on them before class began, "Hello, children!" He boomed, laughing. "Welcome to class! As you probably know, I'm All Might your teacher!" He held out his hand for a hand shake, starting with the one NOT shaking like a leaf. Shinso. They'd met briefly, considering he was already a student and was the son of two teachers here, not that he knew that.

"Shinso Hitoshi," he shook his hand, introducing himself, "Quirk: Brainwashing." He said simply wanting to get this over with.

All Might laughed, shaking the kids hand with carefully controlled enthusiasm, "It's a pleasure to be your instructor, Young Shinso."

Maggie took a deep breath, steeling her nerves and extending her hand. Deciding to follow Hitoshi's lead, she made it quick, "Magnolia Titanrove, quirk: Witchcraft. I typically go by Maggie."

All Might took her hand the same, shaking it in the same controlled manner, "Welcome to UA, Maggie." He turned his attention to the other two girls, noticing how one of them hid he had to stop himself from frowning. He was supposed to make people feel safe, not scared. "And you two are?"

Ash shakes All Might's hand very nervously, her hand looks like a toddlers in his. "Ashlynn Brieno. Quirk: Sun. You can just call me Ash." She replies, her voice breaking a little bit. All Might felt horrible that the tiny girl seemed to fear him, but refused to let it show. Treating her the same as he had the other two.

Maddie looked up at the giant, before extending her hand and shaking his hand, "Madeline Carter, quirk: Animal Mimicry. You can call me Madeline or Maddie." She answered, giving a small tense smile.

"All right! Seeing that you have yet to receive your hero costumes puts you at a major disadvantage to your classmates, to prevent any accidents, I'm going to give you four a choice. Thankfully, the plan for today is to spar. It is up to you whether you want to sit this entire class out and observe from the sidelines or if you'd like to be paired with one another." All Might said with his signature grin.

Maddie just nodded before grabbing Ash's hand and leading her to a sparring area, waiting for the others to get ready. She could feel her classmates stares, full of curiosity at the four's abilities.

Ash feels a bit better as Maddie holds her hand, she does feel a bit awkward not having a costume or anything. She honestly didn't think she'd get this far so she never thought of coming up with a name or anything. She can't help but stare at some of the other students' costumes, they're all really awesome and even inspiring.

"Seems like Maddie and Ash want to get this shit over with." Maggie commented, chuckling.

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow, "Sparing with me or sitting out?"

"I'm gonna kick your ass.” Maggie stated, smiling and shoving him lightly.

All Might was vaguely surprised, he'd genuinely assumed that they would choose to sit out, he laid the ground rules quickly. Similar to those at the sports festival, go outside the specified area and you lose.

Maddie just got into position and waited for the signal. Her and Ash were up first then Maggie and Toshi. At the sound of the bell, Maddie transformed into a hawk and flew up to circle around Ash, waiting for her move.

Ash makes a bo staff, she doesn't want to hurt Maddie too bad so this was her best choice weapon. Ash jumps up to attack Maddie, missing completely as she lands on the ground again.

Maggie chuckles, watching these two was always a treat. "Gotta love the fact that off all the ways she could try and get her down, her short ass jumps." She jokes good naturedly, she was allowed to make fun of her siblings. It was fine.

Hitoshi rolls his eyes, covering up his chuckle with a cough. Watching his sister bunny hop like a fool was unsurprising, but still hilarious

The rest of the class is watching, stunned and sweat dropping. What on earth is she doing?

All Might monitored the fight wearily, sweat dropping at the tiny one’s course of action. Looking for ways that he could help her improve like a good teacher.

Maddie just hovers in the air above Ash, looking at her like she’s crazy.

Ash kept jumping, trying to wack Maddie out the air. Pouting and huffing as she stares up at her hopelessly.

Maggie and Hitoshi kept choking down their laughter as All Might’s eyes continued to widen in disbelief. Maggie managed to push her laughter down far enough to get out a few words, “Ash! Come on! What the hell are you doing?!”

Ash’s face reddened in anger and embarrassment, “WELL WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!” Her foot stomping in frustration.

Maddie, seeing an opening as Ash argues with her siblings, suddenly transforms midair. Her lower body that of an elephant, dropping like a rock, creating a crater. The force of impact sending a surprised Ash back a few feet.

Ash, too startled to catch herself, loses her balance and falls to the ground. Cheeks puffing out as she shakes her head, scrambling back to her feet. Clearly unhappy at being caught off guard. She holds her staff in front of her defensively, not realizing how ridiculous she looked.

The class is too focused on the horrible fight in front of them to notice the other two new classmates clinging to each other with tears welling up in their eyes from barely contained laughter.

"Damn it almost had you." Maddie said good naturally, before transforming her legs back and her hands into tiger like claws and charging at Ash.

Ash dodges, still keeping her staff to close to her chest.

Maddie closes in on Ash and swipes her paws, clawing at her weapon. It glows brightly before dissipating.

Ash’s eyes widen as she glances down, face paleing in shock. She stumbles backwards, trying to put some distance between them.

Maddie, seeing Ash is near the edge of the ring, transforms her lower half into a kangaroo. She jumps up high in an arch and kicks Ash in the torso, forcing her out of the ring.

All Might calls the unsurprising victory, “Madeline wins, congratulations.”

Hitoshi smiles, and goes to help Ash up. She didn't get hurt but he wanted to make sure. He tended to be a bit... overprotective. Turning to his baby sister his smile widens, “Good job, Maddie. You killed it.” He compliments, ruffling her hair affectionately.

Maggie rolled her eyes at him. "You also did really well." She gave Ash some head pats before shooing her away as it was her and Hitoshi's turn. She shook her head and waited for him, doing her best to ignore the staring. It made her extremely nervous.

Maddie accepts Toshi's affection, transforming her lower body back. Smiling, she walks over to Ash, affectionately rubbing her head. "Good effort Ash, better luck next time." Maddie said, before turning and watching her other siblings match.

The two sit side by side on the sidelines, resting and eagerly waiting for their elder siblings match. Ignoring the chatter of their classmates, some of which were not so nice, thankfully in their own little world.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi and Maggie sparred often, it was nice bonding time. Most of the time Maggie was able to keep her mouth shut meaning that Hitoshi had to be more physical, but he got her occasionally by pissing her off with his taunting. Sure, depending on the rules they set forth prior one could have an upper hand on the other easily, but they tended to keep it fair. It wasn't about winning, it was about improving and they both understood that.

Hitoshi smirked, clearly smug and with a plan. He always had a plan when he sparred with his family. He probably had come up with it last night knowing this would happen, the jerk.

Maggie wondered what her dear Toshi-Nii had up his sleeve this time. He was smart and good at pushing her buttons, she'd give him that. The fact that she didn't have any of her old gear and as a result a lot of the spells that were currently available to her were verbal and could be considered a "response" if not careful made fighting him extra difficult right now. Before All Might rang the bell, she managed to get out a quick warning, "If you say something to embarrass me infront of all these people in an attempt to get me to respond, I will bust your kneecaps."

"I wasn't planning on it but I'll keep that in mind."

And with that, the bell was rung. Hitoshi dashed forward, not yet attempting to use his quirk in an attempt to surprise her.

Maggie sidestepped, essentially twirling out of the way and behind him, attempting to sweep his legs out from under him. He jumped, cartwheeling out of the way, it was obvious exactly who trained him from his agility. Maggie flipped her wrist forward while whispering, "Binding Chains" a ball of energy shot out of her hand and flew towards him. He dodged, thankfully not realizing what she said.

"Is that the best you've got?" Hitoshi taunted, trying to get her angry. Her anger while sparring was his best friend.

Maggie simply side stepped once more, ignoring his words and circling around. Positioning herself so that the energy that was swiftly taking the form of literal chains and her own body made a straight line with Toshi inbetween. She simply flicked her wrist back towards her, barely breathing out, "Return."

The chains shot towards her, wrapping themselves tightly around the first thing they came into contact with. Which just so happened to be an unsuspecting Hitoshi, but they didnt stop. Forcing him forward and into Maggie's arms, too stunned to even struggle. She simply dragged him to the edge and pushed him over. Winning the match.

Maddie was in awe, but she was always in awe when it came to her siblings. Maddie just clapped loudly, congratulating the two as they walked over. "Nice job! You really surprised him with that move! But you did well too Toshi!" Maddie exclaimed, patting them both on the back.

As they talked some of their classmates came up behind them.

They heard someone clear their throat and when they turned around, it was the boy with red spikey hair. "Hey! Your matches were awesome! You have some manly quirks guys!" He said, holding out his hand. "My name's Kirishima Eijiro! I hope we get along."

Ash turns around, looking up at him and is frozen for a bit when she hears Kirishima compliment her quirk before shaking his hand. "Th-Thanks. I never thought my quirk was "manly"." Ash replies, shyly looking at the tall boy.

Bakugo grumbles, "I could beat them easily. They got nothing on me!" His screams went ignored.

Hitoshi and Maggie share a look, "Am I mistranslating my Japanese or???"

"He said what he said." Hitoshi answered, "Can you unchain me now please?"

"Oh shit." Maggie laughed, "Sorry. This is going to be a bitch, actually..." She turned to where Ash was losing her cool with the excited boy, "Hey, Kirishima? I remember from the sports festival you have some sort of hardening quirk yeah? You think you could break these?"

Kirishima looks over at the chains and smiles widely, "Sure no problem!" He says, before hardening one of his arms and slices through the chains. "Is that better?"

Before they could answer Maddie did. "Your quirk is so cool! I can just transform, but yours is like a shield!” She exclaimed.

"Thanks, that’s the goal! Maddie right? Let's train hard together." He said, hardening both his arms before smashing them together.

Ash is equally amazed, she can't believe what she's seeing. She’s mildly uncomfortable by his presence, the only ones she’s comfortable around are the members of her strange little family.
"You guys, done drooling over these nerds? We have some REAL sparring to do!" Bakugo sneers, wanting to start beating up Deku and his stupid bunny costume.

Maggie helps Hitoshi stand, watching the interaction from the corner of her eye. Kirishima seemed nice, but Maddie was like a toddler.

Hitoshi, being the tsundere big brother he is, was actually thankful for once at Bakugo for drawing attention away from them. He herded the girls away, passing them their water bottles and sitting so they could watch they're classmates.

"YOU'RE DEAD DEKU!!" Bakugo screeches as he is punched in the mouth by broccoli boi.

Drinking her water, Maddie tried to focus on the explosion boy and bone-breaker boy's fight, when she saw out of the corner of her eye someone staring. When she looked over, the multi haired boy looked away, which made her curious. "Nii-chan who's that boy?" She asked, motioning in the boy's direction.

Shouto just kept staring, not really registering that it could be seen as weird or rude, or that his stoic stare might be taken the wrong way. Which is exactly what happened, Maggie looked his way and raised an eyebrow.

Hitoshi just sighed. glancing over briefly, before "Dont worry about it, that's Todoroki Shouto, from what I understand he's literally always like that."

Maddie just nodded before looking back over and catching Todoroki's eyes, giving him a small innocent wave.

"Bakubro! Remember it's just training!" Kirishima yelled before turning back to Ash. "Sorry about him, he's really competitive, especially when it comes to Midobro."

"Hehehe yeah I've uh noticed." Ash says, smiling a bit awkwardly. "So....uh....." Ash stumbles over her words for a few seconds before finally thinking of something to talk about. "Your costume is pretty cool, what gave you the inspiration for it?"

Unfortunately for Bakugo, Midoriya gets in a good punch and manages to get him out of the ring. "Oh my god! Are you okay Kachaan?!"

"FUCK YOU DEKU!" Bakugo says as he goes to sit on the bench.

Maggie chuckled, not at Bakugo's defeat, but at the interaction surrounding it. She noticed at the next pair that All Might seemed to be pairing by strength, which she was thankful for. It seemed the man had an okay grasp of what he was doing, she'd worried that the "Number 1 Hero" would be a shit teacher due to his priorities being different. She was also glad that Todoroki was next and would stop staring at them.

Kirishima got up to follow Todoroki but turned around to Ash, "Hold that thought, I have to go but when I get back we can talk more ok?" He told Ash before turning back around to run after Todoroki.

Maddie watched Todoroki enter the ring, with mild interest, as she didn’t pay attention to any fights after Hitoshi’s at the sports festival.

Ash watched Kirishima walk away, joining her siblings on the ground.

"So how are you doing? Kero." Asks Asui, slowly sitting next to her.

"Oh uh it's..... interesting to say the least." Ash replies, slowly coming around to some of the other girls.

Shouto shook his head of his thoughts as All Might rang the bell, hurling ice at Kirishima, glad that he didn't have to be quite as careful about hurting him as he did the others.

Kirishima activated his quirk and dodged the ice before charging, trying to get as close as he could.

"Got to do better than that Todobro!" He yelled.

Maddie watched intensely as all the new quirks around her fascinated her.

While this was all going on Electric boy decided to make an appearance. "Hey new kids~ welcome to class 1A, I'm Kaminari Denki~ Nice to officially meet you~."

Ash smiles at him, "Nice to meet you Kaminari." Ash says as she looks up at him and shakes his hand, only to get shocked. "Aye puta madre!" Ash screams, it wasn't painful at all but it did make her arm tingle.

Shouto jumped a bit at the screaming, but continued fighting. Using his ice to force Kirishima out of the ring.

Kirishima grunted before sighing and turned off his quirk, "Man I almost had you Todobro!"
Shouto nodded at Kirishima, retreating to the sidelines where he began staring at the little group again. Like a creep.

Maggie and Toshi both jumped at Ash's scream. Hitoshi glared at the electric hazard that is Kaminari, that better have been a fucking accident.

Maggie looked over her friend, breathing a sigh of relief seeing she was okay. "Kaminari? What the hell was that?"

Maddie jumped at the scream before looking over and seeing it was Ash but she was fine. Calming down she turned her attention to the new addition to the group. "Can you not control your quirk or something?" She asked

"Yeah sorry about that, when I'm excited it sometimes activates." He answered, scratching the back of his head.

"It's okay I'm fine. It just scared me." Ash says, showing her siblings that she's okay. "See I'm okay, just a bit of electric shock. I'm fine." Ash hopes now everyone's a bit calm, especially since they're all staring at her.

"Be more careful Denki, ya can't be hurting cuties like that." Tape boy chuckles as he stands by Ash. “Hey I’m Sero Hanta, pleasure to meet you.”

Hitoshi relaxed a bit, believing Kaminari was just an easily excitable idiot with poor control of his quirk and in fact not a malicious person. He decided to let it go, if he wasn't a threat then it didn't matter. He simply nodded in greeting. Maggie shook her head, chuckling. Oh how this day is going.

Denki smiled before continuing, "So Shinso I saw your match against Midoriya and wondered if you've always been good at close combat or...?" He asked.

Hitoshi looks at Kaminari weirdly, he was hoping that people would leave him alone, "I don't think anyone's good at fighting without being taught properly."

Denki just awkwardly laughed, "Yeah I guess that's true, it's just you make it look so easy, I thought you were a natural or something."

Hitoshi nods, kinda pitying Kaminari because he knew he wasn't exactly the friendliest person. "I have a very good teacher. That's all." 'So do you' He wanted to add, but well, being snarky and being known as the teacher's kid would not bode well for him at the moment.

Denki just smiled, feeling like he made some progress with Shinso. Maddie watched the interaction in amusement, before feeling a familiar stare and turned and saw Todoroki staring again. Curious she got up and walked over to him. "Um hi, you're Todoroki right?" She asked.

Todoroki's eyes widened minutely, "Yes. I am." He said, stilted, not quite a conversationalist.

Maddie then tilted her in confusion, "Ok then I have a question, have I offended you in some way or is there something on my face?" She asked, "’Cause everytime I look up you're staring."

Todoroki didn't know how to respond to that, not expecting to be confronted. "No. You have not offended me, nor do you have anything on your face." He answered honestly, not quite sure why he was staring so hard in the first place.

Maddie, being the curious person she was, was just more confused. "Oh well did you need something?" She asked, with literal puppy eyes.

Kirishima walked back over to ash to see her talking to Sero, "I see you've met Serobro and Kamibro!"

"Yeah, they seem nice. You did great out there by the way." Ash says as she's used to always giving her siblings compliments after they spar against each other.

"I think we're gonna get along great!" Sero exclaims as he puts an arm around Ash and pulls her close to him for a few moments before letting her go, obviously very excited to have a new friend.

Ash laughs lightly, "Let's hope so." She replies as she does her best to stay calm while being surrounded by people. So far she is doing okay, but she still plays with the fluff ball in her pocket just so she feels extra calm.

Kirishima smiled brightly, glad his classmates were getting along. "That's great Serobro! Glad you guys are getting along.”

Maggie watched her little family in awe, this was far more interesting than her classmates fighting, that's for sure.

"Looks like class is almost over, you guys doing anything after school?" Sero asks.

"Uh, I’ll probably just go home and do homework." Ash says she knows that it will most likely be just her and her siblings hanging out at the apartment while Dadzawa and DJ Dad work.

Kirishima nodded, "Well, why don't you guys come hang out with us for a bit? We'd love to get to know you and the others more." He asked, encouragingly.

Ash's eyes go wide, no one aside from Maggie has ever wanted to hangout with her outside of school. "I uh....I mean uh..." Ash stammers uncontrollably, poor thing is trying not to shut down. Ash wants to say yes but she doesn't know if she should go with him or not.

Maggie watched the poor girl stutter, standing and putting a hand on Ash's shoulder before hesitantly interrupting, "We'd have to talk to our guardians about that. Can we get back to you later?"

Shouto felt his heart clench at the way Madeline was looking at him, not at all understanding why he shrugged it off, "No. I-"

Hitoshi absolutely did not want to hang out with these people, but also wasn't going to let his sisters flounder by themselves. To be fair, he too wasn't used to people inviting him places, or really even talking to him. Seeing a way out of this awkward ass conversation, he took it. Heading to where Maddie was talking to Todoroki, interrupting the boy, "Maddie, we need to talk. We may have plans later."

Maddie nodded at her brother, before turning back to Todoroki, "Well, I have to go. I'll see you in class Todoroki-kun." She said, walking back to her siblings.

Shouto's blank face turned into a tiny frown instead, barely noticeable unless you spent an ungodly amount of time staring at the guy's face.

"Oh sure, that's fine no rush!" Kirishima said, reassuringly. He then dragged his friends away to give the group some space.

Kirishima and the rest of the class glanced over as they left, "Well hopefully they can come, it would be nice to have more friends." He said.

Denki agreed, "Yeah especially when they're three cute girls, and Shinso seems pretty cool."

Ash begins to ramble, overthinking, "What if I say yes and I end up embarrassing myself?!"

Maggie sighed, wrapping an arm around her panicked friend comfortingly, "That's not going to happen. And if it does, the only one who will even care will probably be you. You’re freaking out over nothing."

Hitoshi pats her head, "We don't even have to go if you don't want to. We can just say that Dad said no, and they won't think twice about it."

Maddie just shrugged, “It's up to you entirely, but my instincts didn't sense any malicious intent, so I don't think they're bad people." She said, reassuringly.

Ash thinks for a while, "Maybe next time I'll hang out. Right now I just wanna get through the rest of the day." She does wanna get to know people but she's already very overstimulated so it was probably best she goes home.

Maggie let out a sigh of relief, rolling out the tension in her shoulders, "That works for me." The thought of being around people longer than absolutely necessary had definitely put her on edge.

Hitoshi nods, agreeing, "Yeah, not exactly feeling up for it either."

Maddie stretched, her joints popping, "I'm ready for a nap." She said, being the child of the group, "Besides we have plenty of time to make friends."

Ash smiles, glad that her siblings are supporting her decision. "Thanks guys. C'mon, we can't be late for our last class, our Dads will kill us." Ash jokes as they head back into the main building to change their uniforms. Rushing to change, being a bit behind the rest of the class, the four met back up in the hall.

Maggie checks the clock and chuckles, "Late on the first day? Way to make an impression, eh?" She said, the four speed walking to class, thankfully making it in time.

Hitoshi rolls his eyes, entering the classroom giving all three girls a quick head pat before going to his seat. Exhausted. Thankfully their last class isn't too hard

The school day finally comes to a close, Maggie packs away her things in her bag as quickly as possible. Shoving them inside with vigor and brute force when things refuse to go inside like she wants. She's shaky and wants to go home, but she takes a few deep breaths before standing and taking a couple more, not wanting to make a fool of herself by literally dashing out of the classroom like a crazy person. And she knew if she didn't calm down before approaching Toshi's desk that's exactly what she would do. She bounced her leg absentmindedly while standing.

Hitoshi waits at his desk, sluggishly putting away his things. He was exhausted and had a major headache, it was best to linger a bit so the halls cleared anyways.

Maddie stood up and stretched, putting her things away. She then transformed into a kitten and jumped on Hitoshi's back and laid in his hair. She was too exhausted and drained to walk home, plus Toshi looked like he needed cat cuddles.

Ash patiently waits for everyone, "You guys ready?" She asks as she puts her heavy backpack.

Maggie manages to compose herself enough to join her siblings at a normal walking pace, watching as Hitoshi sluggishly stands, forcing him to pause mid way so she could pet Maddie, before stepping back so he can leave his desk. "You sure you're gonna make it home alright?"

Hitoshi yawned, "I'll be fine." Leaning down to grab Maddie’s backpack.

Maddie purring at the pets, before yawning widely, "Ready when you are." She responded sleepily. It wasn't long after that she fell asleep, her nii-chan's hair very comfy.

Ash takes Maddie’s backpack from Toshi, she can tell he's tired and she wants to help him. Lucky for them, the apartment complex isn't too far from the school, they'll be there in 20 minutes.

Maggie sighs, she could hear Maddie purring in her sleep from where she stood. The cute noise soothes her a bit. Did she feel wired to the max? Absolutely. But it was something. "Lets get outta here before fate decides to punch us in the face again today."

Hitoshi gave Ash a tiny thankful smile, pinching her cheek affectionately. Maddie’s purring being like a soothing massage on his head, easing his headache and lightening his mood.

As the three, minus kitten Maddie, tried to leave, they were stopped briefly by their new classmates.

"Hey- um I was going to ask if you could hang, but considering your faces it can wait." Kirishima said, stepping out of their way.

"Yeah it's been an...eventful day. Maybe next time?" Ash says the last part with a questionable voice. She doesn't want to be rude to Kirishima, but at the same time she doesn't want to be dragged to something they don't have the energy for.

Maggie nodded, leg beginning to bounce again. Please let this girl go home and knock herself out. Hitoshi put a hand on her shoulder, giving it a squeeze while still keeping Ash close. He got even more protective when sleepy apparently, "We appreci-" He was interrupted by his own yawn, "Appreciate the offer, but as you can see we really need to get home."

Maddie curled slightly into a ball as her siblings talked, getting more comfortable and purring a little louder.

Kirishima understood and didn't want to press the issue and make them uncomfortable. "Hey it cool, have a safe walk home guys."

Ash waves bye to Kirishima. Maggie, seeing that the little conversation was over, eagerly herded the two walking members of their party out of the room and into the hall. Hitoshi was honestly grateful for the push.

"Toshi-Nii, did you sleep at all last night?"


Maddie, woken up by their voices, does a small cat stretch before laying back down. "Are we home yet?" She asked, half asleep. She started half-heartedly playing with Toshi's hair.

"Just a few more minutes Maddie and we'll be home." Ash says as they all walk to the apartment. It's not long before they arrive home and plop on the sofa, all of them exhausted in more ways than one.

Maggie groans, "That was horrible. I actually hated that. Why were they all so nice? I don't understand. People aren't LIKE that."

Hitoshi shrugged, head drooping against the armrest of the couch,"I don't know, and I don't care. I didn't transfer to make friends. I transfered to work."

Maddie jumped down from Hitoshi's head to his lap and just curled up and went back to sleep.

Shota and Hizashi watched from the kitchen in amusement at their kids' reaction to their first day in the hero course.

"I don't think it was all that bad. Overwhelming maybe but it was pretty okay." Ash pipes in, trying to see the brighter side of things.

Maggie pats everyone's heads, forcing herself up. "Imma take a shit ton of benadryl and hope that my racing mind actually lets me take a nap for once." She retreats to the girls room, doing exactly that, her head pounding and her body feeling like static.

Hitoshi hummed, quickly passing out on the couch.

Shota came over and picked Maddie up off Hitoshi and carried her to her bed, before returning and trying to coax his son to his own bed. He smiled remembering when it was Hizashi and their other friends, doing the same to him when they were their age.

Hitoshi sleepily followed his Dad, stumbling along the way and collapsing into bed face first, immediately falling back to sleep. Snoring at that.

Ash was easy as she simply followed her sisters to their shared room. However instead of sleeping, Ash put on her headphones and began working on some homework.

After Dad put Maddie in her bed, she transformed back, and pulled the cover over her. She was absolutely drained from her first first day of school.

Shota just shook his head, reminding himself of some melatonin in Ashlynn's nighttime drink later. He returns to Mic in the kitchen. "All but one is asleep." He says, chuckling.

"I know who's still awake and it doesn't surprise me.” Hizahi shook his head, sighing.

A few hours pass, the adults make dinner (More like Hizashi made dinner while his husband napped in the corner in his sleeping bag. That man really could sleep anywhere.) Ash finished her homework, and the other three woke from their naps to the smell of food.

Hitoshi was clearly still tired, but seemingly content with his nap as he stretched his arms over his head and popped his back, "What's for dinner?"

Maggie however had a grimace on her face, a lot more awake but a lot less happy. While the food smelled great, she wasn't sure she'd be able to eat with the knot in her stomach.

Maddie, however, was like a child waking up as she came into the kitchen. "Whatever it is it smells delicious!" She exclaimed, childlike.

Shota rose and came out of his sleeping bag as he heard his kids' voices.

Mic smiles as the small army of children sit at the table, "Ramen, rice and pork belly. " Mic says.

Maggie smiled softly at that, maybe she could try and eat her feelings. Also the way Mic cared about them always made her feel better. Hitoshi, being the good son he is, helped with the plates while Pops dished out the food.

Maddie, wrinkles her nose at the meat, “Do I have to eat the pork belly?” She asked, being the only vegetarian in the home.

Shota just shook his head, as he got the water pitcher for drinks. His family was something else. “No, you don't have to eat the pork.”

Hizashi chuckled, ruffling the girl’s hair, “Don’t worry, I made a side just for you Maddie. So did you kids have a good day at school?" He asks as he sits by Shota. Even though he knows the answer, he still wants to hear it from his children. He hopes that some of them at least had a somewhat pleasant experience.

Maggie blinks at him, raising her eyebrows in an 'are you serious' fashion, "I nearly lost it in the cafeteria, people were weirdly nice, and at multiple points in the day I got so anxious I nearly vomited. It was delightful."

Hitoshi couldn't help but laugh, earning him a shove from the girl, "Sorry, sorry. It's just the way you said it. It pretty much sums it up. I mean the first thing I saw when I sat at my desk was badly drawn porn so I mean, we all suffered to an extent."

Maddie smiled while eating her dinner. "Well I got to talk to some new people, so I call that a good day."

"I'm just glad I brought my fluff ball with me, if I didn't I probably would've had a panic attack. But at least Sero and Kirishima were nice, even Denki seemed okay even if he accidentally shocked me." Ash replies as she eats some rice.

Hizashi chuckles, he's glad that two of his kids were able to see the good in the day, "I know today was rough but I'm sure by Saturday you four will look back on this day and laugh." He was doing his best to cheer up his kids and give them some hope

Maggie shovels her face with veggies, wanting to just get it over with as soon as possible, "I sure fricken hope so."

"I'm honestly just proud that everyone made it through the day without crying,” Hitoshi admitted.

Maddie shoves her tofu in her mouth, humming delightfully. "Me too, I just hope tomorrow isn't as crazy as today."

Shota looked up, "Good luck with that." He muttered, eating his food.

Ash doesn't care as she's used to not enjoying school. But at least this time the people are nice and her home life is loving. She might even try and live in Japan for the rest of her life.

Hitoshi shakes his head at his Dad, though he was thinking the exact same thing. "Very helpful, thank you father."

Maggie nods along, "Hopefully, they got the message today not to be weird about us being here. I really don't feel like yelling so loud the entire cafeteria can hear me again, hurt my throat." She jokes, trying to lighten the mood some.

Maddie agreed, "I mean it's one thing to come over and talk to us, it's another thing entirely to surround us and look at us like animals at the zoo." She said. " I for one did not like the reminder."

Ash gives Maddie head pats, "It's okay, hopefully now they know to approach us slowly." Ash tells her.

Maggie headbutts Hitoshi's shoulder, "Bap," then Ash's, "Bap." Maddie unfortunately was too far away to receive the affection. Scrunching up her nose, she remembers she intentionally avoided the "Animals" metaphor in her little speech. She hadn't wanted to upset the girl more than she was. She reached across the table and poked her nose instead, "Boop."

Hitoshi just laughed, shaking his head. Ash laughed too. Maddie scrunched up her nose before laughing, "Thanks Mags."

The clock on the wall catches Hizashi’s eye, its swinging tail and shifty eyes encouraging him to check the time, “Oh, I didn't realize it was that late already. Howl’s Moving Castle is coming on soon. Do you kids still want to watch it?”

“Yeah!” Ash shouts, nodding and immediately stealing a place on the couch.

Hitoshi chose to sit himself on the floor, it was closer to the table and he was able to stretch out his legs. Tossing the remote to Ash. He could have found the channel himself, sure, but he was feeling lazy!

Maggie claimed the seat behind him on the couch, next to Ash, sitting criss-cross-applesauce and placing her plate in her lap. She lightly bonked him on the head for throwing shit.

Maddie laughed at the two shenanigans, claiming a seat next to Hitoshi, "You two I swear." She jokes, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Shota and Hizashi claimed the recliners, letting the children have the couch. "Teenagers." He mumbled.

Chapter Text

It had been a few days since the four started the hero course, they've gotten to know their new classmates a little, not a lot but enough to be comfortable with them. What the four thought was another normal day changed the second they got to class and saw files on peoples desks, some thick, others not.

"Um what's all this?" Maddie asks as the four enter the room.

Kirishima turns and answers, "These are all the offers from hero agencies, who were at the sports festival, to intern at them! Usually they only give offers to second and third years."

Kaminari chimes in, "But we were so amazing, they're offering our class as well, pretty awesome right?!" He says, giving off a little electricity from excitement.

Maggie blinks at the thick folder on Bakugo’s desk, proceeds to ignore it, then heads to Hitoshi's. Smiling at the thin file that he clearly hadn't been expecting. "Well look at you, Mr. Popular. Anyone catch your eye."

Hitoshi sat, flipping through the offers of different pros that he'd been noticed by. A small smile on his face. "Not sure yet." He shrugs, "I didn't think I'd get any considering I was in General Education at the time. Aizawa and Mic must have informed them."

Denki walks over to Shinso's desk and looks at his small file. "Hey! You got some too, that's great man!"

Hitoshi continues focusing on the letters, not really registering Kaminari at first, "Oh, yeah. I saw you have quite a few. Congrats" He'd begun to warm up to the human lightning bolt over the week, seeing as the guy was up his and his sisters asses at every opportunity.

Denki smiles at that, "Thanks man, hopefully it'll be a good experience."

Hitoshi can’t help but chuckle at the last letter, of course from Aizawa. He rolls his eyes, "It will be if you actually consider all your options and choose wisely." He tells Kaminari, actually looking at him to get his point across. He wants the idiot to succeed.

Denki agreed, "True, hopefully I got an offer from an electric hero, so I can better control, well.” He pauses, raising his hands and releasing some sparks. “This.”

Shouto stared blankly at the giant, overflowing folder, knowing that he'd unfortunately end up with his father. He wouldn't put any of the other pros in the crossfire of their differences, and Endeavor would absolutely throw a fit if he did.


Distracted by her brother and Kaminari’s conversation, she sits at her desk. She peeks over Todoroki's shoulder and stares in awe at the file on his desk. It's by far the thickest out of all of them. "Damn Todoroki-kun, I guess you're in high demand." Maddie jokes.

"That half cooked hot pocket is just lucky! His file isn't half as big as mine!" Katsuki shouts as he reads through his offers.

Shouto rolls his eyes at Bakugo, nodding at Madeline's observation. "I suppose so, though it doesn't really matter."

Maddie was confused, that was a lot of offers, how could they not matter? "What do you mean?"

Shouto sighs before turning and facing her, "Because I'll be working with my father, it's already been decided."

Maddie couldn't believe what she heard, 'already decided' what kind of bullshit was that, why couldn't he decide where he wanted to go. "Well that's stupid, you should be able to decide for yourself." She said irritated, puffing out her cheeks. "You seem capable enough to make your own decision, screw whoever did that!"

Shouto shrugged, sitting at his desk and biting back a smile at the girl essentially saying 'fuck the number two hero,' "I appreciate the sentiment."


Ash can't help but look at some of the offers Kirishima got. Over the last few days she's slowly warmed up to him, "Some of these offers seem nice, have you decided on what you'll choose Kirishima?" She asks as she continues reading what he's already looked at.


Kirishima pondered for a minute before answering, "Nothing solid yet, but I heard Fourth Kind is an awesome pro hero, maybe him..." He answered.

Ash smiles, she doesn't know who most of the pros are aside from her Dads but either way she was happy for Kirishima and wanted to give him her full support.

Kirishima then paused and looked at the three girls, "but what are you girls gonna do, you weren't enrolled yet when the festival happened?"

"No, we were being tutored privately until the paperwork was fully taken care of for the transfer. I'm sure Aizawa Sensei will tell us who we'll intern under later." Ash says, nearly calling Aizawa Dadzawa as she would at home.

Maggie nods, "Yeah, or we'll just do some more private tutoring in the meantime. Who knows, they’ll find something for us to do." She pats her brother's head before returning to her desk, glancing over at Bakugo’s tossed offers piling up on the floor, "Jesus."

Kirishima nodded, "Well good luck with whatever happens! Let's all work hard!"

Ash laughs, whatever ends up being the case, she'll do her best to work hard. "Well said Kirishima." She says before moving her seat back to her desk.

Maggie chuckles, "Todays gonna be a fun day I can tell." She watches as everyone flips through their options as Aizawa finally joins the world of the waking from under his desk.

Aizawa raises out from under his desk and out of his sleeping bag, giving the class a blank stare. "Settle down, I know you're all excited about your internships but sit down and shut up." He spoke, in a deadpan tone.

Soon everybody quieted down until Midnight barged in. "Hello youthlings, it's time for a new assignment.” She pauses. Everyone waiting for further instruction, “You will be choosing your code names! On the boards I'm passing out, you will write down your chosen name then present it to the class.”

Ash is embarrassed to tell the class her Hero name, she thought it was kinda stupid and not as original as everyone else's. Lucky for her everyone was distracted by Bakugo throwing a fit after Midnight said he can't use his hero name.

"WHY! WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT!?!" Katsuki shouts.

“It's a bit too violent.” Midnight answers honestly, thinking how well that would go over with the public.

As Bakugo goes back to his seat, still grumbling about not having his preferred hero name, Ash nervously walks up. In a small voice, she tells the class her hero name. "The Light Hero: Solar Flare." She says meekly, shrinking when she hears Bakugo laughing his ass off.

Shooting the unruly student a glare, Midnight pat’s her niece’s head, “That's a good one, sweetie.”

Ash calmed under the affection, whispering, “Thanks Auntie.” Before retreating to her seat.

Maggie, going out of her way, snatches Bakugo’s board off his desk and hits him over the head with it as she passes him, "Stop being a fucking dick!" She rolls her eyes, able to pass off her nerves as irritation. She quickly flashes her board, reading, "The Occult Hero: Hex" and returns to her seat as quickly as possible. She hated the attention.

Shaking her head fondly at the girl's behavior, Midnight called to her as she sat down, “Excellent choice.” She snarked, not pleased that the girl had run off, but approving of the name nonetheless.


Shouto follows, Midnight lifting his board in disbelief, "Shouto"

“Your name? Is that ok?” Midnight asked, concerned, wasn't it dangerous to use your real name? Shouto just nodded, going back to his seat.

Hitoshi laughs, it fits the boy well he supposed, "The Persuasion Hero: Mindjack." He said coolly, taking Todoroki’s place at the front.

Midnight nodded, giving a thumbs up, “Very on point.”

Hitoshi gave his aunt a small smile and nod as he returned to his seat to listen to his other classmates.

Maddie, looking like a kid in a candy store, lifted her board. "The Zoo Hero: Beast Queen." She said in an excited voice.

Midnight balled her fists, waving her arms slightly as her whole body swayed, her adoration for her Little Maddie unable to be contained, “That's so cute! Perfect for someone so youthful and sweet!”

“Thanks Miss Midnight!.” She said cutely, partially skipping back to her seat.

Soon it was the end of the day, and before the students left, Aizawa called their attention. "Before you leave a quick announcement, those of you who got offers, you have two days to decide and send them in. Those who didn't, pick from the list offers from surrounding agencies, and work on improving your skills." He announced. "Remember there won't always be second chances like this, so work hard and go plus ultra.....that is all." He said before walking out, leaving awkward silence.

Ash figures she can probably look to see if DJ Dad or Dadzawa had some spots open for an internship. She wouldn't mind being with other teachers but she trusts them more, plus she'll hopefully be with one or two of her siblings if she's lucky enough.

Ash walks over to Toshi’s desk, "Let's just head home before Mina tries to get us to hang out with her." She's a little overstimulated from the day so it's probably best that she gets home.

Hitoshi nods, "Lets get home, we need to talk about internships."


Maggie chuckled, "Someone's excited~"

"Are you excited about your internship Nii-Chan?" Ash asks.

Hitoshi nods at Ash’s question, "How could I not be? I worked hard to get here. To prove to others I belong here. This is another opportunity to work hard and keep proving it."

Maggie grins, "That's the attitude! Now you've just gotta decide who has the most to teach you." Pinching his cheek, she looks over to Maddie’s desk to see the hold up.

Maddie gathers up her stuff and stands up to leave but accidentally walks into Todoroki. "Oh sorry, um can I ask? Why Shouto?" She asked, curious.

Shouto stopped, turning to face her as was polite, "It's my name." He said simply, shrugging his bag over his shoulders "I'm going to be a hero, and that's my name. Why would I need a different one?"

Maddie awkwardly laughed, "True but isn't dangerous you use your real name."

Shouto shrugs, "I was plastered all over during the sports festival anyways. Being a hero is always dangerous."

Maddie gave up, "I see your point I guess, I just figured you would want something else." She said, shrugging. "Well good luck with your 'forced' internship Todoroki-kun." Before walking over to her siblings.

Maggie chuckles, "Oh how nice of our Queen to join us~" She teased Maddie.


Maddie just gave Maggie a playful curtsy before turning to Toshi. "Do you know who you want to intern at nii-chan?"

Hitoshi shrugs, “I'm really not sure. That's why I want to talk to our Dads, I'm sure they'll have a lot of opinions to share. There was one I never heard of before that looks promising based on her quirk, but since I know nothing about her other than that it's iffy, but that can wait till we get home." Hitoshi said, herding them away, "I'm sure you guys want Dads' opinions before you decide."

Maggie sighed, "I'm probably going to go with a teacher, or honestly whoever Dadzawa recommends. I don't like new people, but I trust his judgment."

Maddie just nodded, she didn't know who she should go with, she didn't know alot about pro heroes or if there were any with a quirk like hers.

They arrived home and found their parents had yet to arrive. Leaving the house quiet for once.

Assuming they're on patrol or maybe still at the school, Ash goes to her shared room and works on her homework as usual. It's very rare that they're left home alone, even when their Dads have date night, they're usually back by seven or eight.

Maggie sighs, raising an eyebrow at Ash knowing damn well where she's going, "You know that homework can wait right?! Like at least get a snack first. Some water? Anything but burying yourself in books right after getting yourself out of said books?"

Hitoshi sits at the table, thumbing through the folder once more. He was tempted to just go with the highest ranking one and call it a day like he was sure a lot of his classmates would, but he was smart enough to know that wouldn't necessarily make him have the best experience. He sets them down and stands, making himself some coffee. "Hey! I'm making a pot of coffee! You guys want any?!"

Maddie throws her bag on her bed and removes her jacket before answering. "Me! Can you put sugar in mine?" She asked, before collapsing face first on the couch. Maddie was still a little frustrated over her conversation with Todoroki, first his forced internship and then carelessly using his real name and not getting how dumb that is, but the worst part is she doesn't know why this is bothering her so much. She just groans into the couch.

Ash pouts but goes to be with her siblings, while she'd like to get her homework done, having coffee with her siblings sounds a little more enticing. "Do we have any hazelnut creamer?" She asks as she looks in the fridge for some, without that creamer, she refuses to drink coffee.

Maggie grins, "Look at you, joining the family for a cup of joe~" She pokes Ash's cheek, "Toshi, you already know the answer to that question."

Hitoshi grabs the mugs, rolling his eyes and pouring the coffee to varying heights based on how he knows they'll take their coffee. Pouring sugar in Maddie's and just handing Maggie her cup.

Maggie heads to the living room, chuckling at Maddie and setting her cup on the table while taking a sip of her own. Burning her tongue, "You good?"

Maddie sits up and drinks her coffee, "Fantastic." She answered sarcastically. "So any thoughts on the internships before Dad and Papa get home?"

Ash shrugs, "Knowing our luck, we'll probably end up with one of the teachers." She replies as she takes a sip of her coffee. "At least Nii-Chan got some offers." Ash adds as she feels the coffee begin to flow through her system.

Maggie shrugs, "I'm nervous, not gonna lie."

Hitoshi flicks her forehead, "Of course you are."

Maddie chuckled at Maggie's expense, feeling the coffee rejuvenate her. "I'm kinda nervous too, I don't know any pro heroes personally except Dad, Papa, and Auntie Nem.

Maggie shakes her head, "I feel like whoever I choose it's probably going to make my head spin at least for the first day because you know how I am about people." She was definitely one of the more closed off of the bunch just by nature. Yes, she was nervous and anxious, but even if she wasn't she just doesn't like people much.

Hitoshi rolls his eyes, "You three will be fine." He chugged his coffee, frowning when he had to get another cup. He just decides to bring the pot back with him to the living room. "The worst thing that you'll have to deal with is probably paperwork."

As the four argued back and forth, they stopped when they heard the apartment door open, or more like Dadzawa trying to quiet loud Papa.

"WE'RE HOME KIDS!" Hizashi shouts, making Ash choke on her coffee as he scares the horse piss out of her. He rushes over to pat her back. "I'm sorry baby girl! I didn't mean to scare you!" Sometimes he forgets that his child is easily frightened no matter how many times his sleepy husband reminds him of it.

Maggie nods in greeting, drinking her coffee, "Welcome home. Have a lot of grading to do?"

Hitoshi shakes the pot, "Coffee?"

Shota just shakes his head at his family's shenanigans. Before walking over and grabbing a cup. "Is that even a question? And no, I have already finished, your dad on the other hand...decided to wait till the last second...again." He answered, pouring himself some coffee, wearing a small smile.

"Jeez babe, so what if I like having a bit of fun before I do some work. Not all of us enjoy work as much as you do." Hizashi says, playfully bumps his hips against Shota's.

"Papa can you not flirt with Dad while we're here?" Ash says, only prompting Papa to actually start trying to kiss Dad. "That's it, I'm going to my room!" She exclaims, walking away, coffee still in hand.

Maggie groans, holding her mug up to block her view, "You're terrible, truly."

"Nope. I was going to ask for your advice, but no." Hitoshi promptly retreated to his own bedroom, not feeling like dealing with this shit.

Maddie, being the innocent child she is, spoke, "I don't know what you're doing, but based on their reactions I'm guessing it's bad so on that note..." She transforms into a parrot and follows Ash into their shared room.

Shota just buries his face in his hand, red faced and annoyed.

"Oh stop Shota, you know you like it." Hizashi says as the kids walk to their rooms.

"STOP!" Ash shouts before putting her headphones on, finally getting to her homework.

Hizashi laughs, he loves messing with his children and husband. "Anyway, I suppose I should get started on grading papers. Care to join me~" He asks as he holds Shota’s shoulders.

Shota just sighs, "I'm too tired to deal with you Hizashi I swear."


"You're horrible!" Maggie shouts, shutting the door to the girls bedroom. Rolling her eyes, she sets her coffee on her nightstand and flops on her bed. Following Ash's lead, she yoinks her backpack with her so she could do her homework despite knowing good and well that if she hadn't been living with two teachers she would not be doing said work.

Maddie, having flown to her bed, transformed back and started on her homework as well before asking her question. "So what was Papa doing that was so bad?"

"You don't wanna know. Just know that he was looking to "mate" with Dadzawa." Ash says, it was honestly the best way she could explain it to the child. At least Maddie knew what mating meant.

Maggie groaned, "I actually hate the way you worded that Ash. That made my stomach churn. You could have literally said, 'Macking on your husband in front of your children is gross' but no. You didn't."

Maddie was even more confused now. What is a mate? Is that a new term for husband? Is that what she meant? Maybe she should ask Toshi since he's older and a boy. She gets up and walks to Toshi's room. "Nii-chan what's a mate?"

Ash holds in her laughter as she hears poor Nii-Chan choke on his coffee. "She needs to learn! She's 15!" Ash shouts as she knows Toshi was staring her down through the walls.

Maggie hits her head with her book before throwing it at Ash, "It's not your job to give her the talk!" She screeches, "Especially not with highbrow terminology that she wont understand!"

Hitoshi chokes on his coffee, pounding his chest. At first he hadn't even understood what Maddie was talking about and foolishly took a drink of coffee before it hit him. Mumbling to himself, "What the hell, Ash." He sets his coffee down, massaging his temples, "Ignore her Maddie, she's dumb. Why don't you come in here and do your homework with me instead?"

Maddie was still confused but shrugged it off and went to get her homework, before coming back and working on it on Hitoshi's bed. She was oblivious to the fact that two of her siblings were red in the face and one was dying of laughter.

It wasn't until after dinner did the four sit down with their parents and talk about their internships.

"You kids thought about who you'll choose to intern with?" Hizashi asks as he eats some of the egg fried rice he made.

Maggie shrugged, "Don't know much about many Japanese heros, I'm not sure who would be the best fit." She answered honestly. "I'd really appreciate your input.

"I've thought about it, but haven't made a decision." Hitoshi paused, taking a drink of his water, "Thinking about it has honestly given me a headache."

Maddie shrugged, "I don't really know any heros with a similar quirk to mine." She answered, eating a mouthful.

Shota and Hizashi looked at each other, having a silent conversation. Shota spoke first, "Considering that you girls weren't a part of the sports festival, your dad and I thought you could intern with us." He suggested before turning to Hitoshi. "The offer is available to you too but only if you want to."

Ash looks over at Papa who has a bright smile on his face, practically begging her to intern with him without saying a word. "It would probably be best considering you two know how our quirks work for the most part." Hizashi pulls her into a tight hug, nearly taking all of the breath out of her from how tightly he was holding her.

Hitoshi nods, "I'll think about it." Looking at where Hizashi is suffocating his sister, "Pops, please don't crush Ash."

Maggie shrugs, "It works for me, the less new people I have to deal with the better."

Maddie being the child she is, threw her hands in the air. "Yes I get to work with Dad and Papa!"

Shota quickly helped Ash as she was slowly turning blue. "Sweetheart, I know you're excited but they need to be breathing when we train them." He said sarcastically.

Hizashi lets go, allowing Ash to gasp for air, "Sorry honey, I got a little too excited." He says, ruffling her hair once she returns to her olive skin color.

Hitoshi chuckles at Maddie's behavior, patting her head like a toddler. "This will be eventful."

Maddie smiled brightly at the head pats, before looking over at Ash. Remembering her earlier question she turned to her parents. "Oh yeah! Dad? Papa? What's a Mate?"

Shota just froze and looked at his child like she was asking where babies come from. (Because she essentially did). Hitoshi shakes his head, flopping his head into his hands. Remembering the mortification he'd had when he'd been asked.

Ash glares at Maddie. She mouths, "I will kill you," before explaining what happened to Dad and Papa. Lucky for her the most she got was a talking to about how she should word her sentences properly.

Maggie laughed, looking at Toshi and Aizawa with pity. They're clearly the ones who take the most mental damage from this shit.

Maddie just looked on patiently as if waiting for someone to answer the question. What was the big deal? Was it that bad? Maddie was too innocent to realize just what she was asking.

"We’ll tell when you're a little more mature." Hizashi says as the family tries to have a normal dinner after that. He regains control of the situation by telling the kids about what they'll do for their internship and what to expect.

Chapter Text

It was the day before internships, and also the day that the Aizawa-Yamada kids were forced to go out with friends by one Loud-Blonde-Hero-Dad violently shoving his son into one electrifying teen and screaming something along the lines of, "YOU WORK TOO HARD GO PLAY!"

Maggie hissed under her breath, knowing that this wasn't going to turn in her favor, "Shit."

Hitoshi groaned, he wanted to go home and sleep, but that clearly was not going to happen. It would seem that Pops had put his foot down about his children's anti-social behavior after he had heard that he and Maggie had turned down their classmates' offer to hang out (Without the other two sisters' input, mind you.) once again, "Well Kaminari, it seems that we will be joining you after all."

Maddie just blinked and let the fact that Papa just threw his son at his classmates and basically said ‘have at him.’ Yep this is okay, this is normal, only in our family. "So I guess we're hanging out now." She said, in a deadpan voice.

Kirishima smiled, "Awesome! Glad we get to hang out before the internship!"

Denki, being Denki, looked at Shinso and bluntly asked, "How much do you weigh if Mic can literally yeet you across the classroom?"

Hitoshi shrugged, not understanding why Kaminari would care what he weighs, "About 74 kilograms? Present Mic-sensei is a lot stronger than he looks. Since I've been training I've gained some muscle. Why?"

Denki just shrugged, "Cause Mic looks skinny so I wanted to confirm that he's either really strong and his clothes just hide his muscles or you're just light. I guess it's the former."

Hitoshi shrugs, chuckling lowly because he knows from experience how strong his Pops actually is. "Yeah, get him to take off the leather jacket for once and I'm sure we'd all be shocked." Hitoshi freezes in place momentarily before continuing walking, realizing he's made an electricity pun but hoping that Kaminari wouldn't pick up on it.

Denki watched Shinso rush off before what he said clicked, "Was that a pun I just heard?!" He gasped, rushing after Shinso.

Hitoshi shakes his head in denial, like a liar, "No."

"Awesome! " Sero says, putting an arm around Ash’s shoulder, causing her to flinch momentarily. “Hey, you’re okay. Was just trying to say hi. It's actually nice to see you guys outside of school." He says as he waves to the other three.

Mina bounces over excitedly, "Wait you guys are actually coming with us?! That's awesome!"

Maggie nods in greeting, using Maddie as a human shield between her and the others. Are they nice? Sure. Does that mean she wants to spend time with them? No.

Maddie stood up straighter to hide Maggie better, secretly excited for the outing. “Yeah, it's gonna be fun!” She exclaimed.

"So uh where are we headed?" Ash asks.

"Not sure, we're just kinda walking around until we find something fun to do." Sero replies.

Ash nervously laughs, before turning to Kirishima. "How have you been, Kirishima? Did you figure out who you're gonna be with?"

Kirishima looked back at Ash to answer her question, "I've been great Ash, and I've decided to go with Fourth Kind. He seems like a manly hero."

"Sounds like he's a great choice then." Ash smiles, she doesn't really know who Fourth Kind is, but if he's the best fit for Kirishima then he must be good.

Mina spins around, rolling her eyes when she realizes why it's so quiet despite there being so many people here, "Kirishima? Where's Bakugo?"

Maggie muffled her groan, she hadn't even noticed he was missing and honestly hoped he would STAY missing.

Kirishima looked up at his name, "Oh Bakubro didn't want to come but I just texted him and "convinced" him." He answered, checking his phone.

Within minutes, a very grumpy Katsuki joins the group, "I still don't understand why you want me to hang out with these extras." He grumbles as he looks at the girls and Shinso. "This better be worth my time Shitty Hair." He adds as he walks with them.

Ash takes a step closer to Kirishima, clearly not a fan of Bakugo. Ash tries to stay calm, she's gonna be with the group a majority of the day so she has to stay calm till she and her siblings can go.

Maggie sighs, 'And things were so peaceful without him, she thought. Eyes rolling at his behavior.

Maddie just watches this chaos go down with Maggie still to her back, holding Hitoshi’s hand. She follows along with the group as they walk around the small shopping district, which is where they decided to go.

"Anyway, what are we even doing?" Katsuki asks, Looking at Mina as they walk.

"She hasn't said anything yet, just try and relax Bakugo." Sero replies, he doesn't really know what the plan is, if there is one, he's just happy to be with his friends.

"You know I've heard that Japan has great arcades, why not go there?" Ash suggested, trying to at least figure out what they might do so she can mentally prepare for it.

Mina claps loudly, grinning, "That's a great idea! Lets go!" The bubblegum pink girl leads the way, pep in her step and a smile on her lips.

Maggie eases up her grip on Maddie but hangs close, "How the hell is she so... bubbly?" She mumbles.

Getting to the arcade, Hitoshi does a silent headcount to make sure all his sisters are still here. He doubted they would run off, but it comforted him to make sure.

As they looked at the different games Kirishima turned to Ash, "So see any games you like?"

Ash looks around until she sees a VR "ride", the small girl walks up to watch the people that are currently on the rides. "I love these things! It's like you're really on a rollercoaster without having to deal with heights or anything." Sero comments as he sees the ride.

"Are they really that fun?" Ash asks, not a fan of roller coasters herself as she's afraid of heights. Though, this does peak her interest, and she's never used a VR headset before, it seems like fun.

"Yeah, why don't you try it out?" Kirishima offered as the current group left the VR station. He walked over and started a session, beckoning Ash over.

Ash smiles and gets into the pod, unaware that Sero is picking for them. Being the cheeky bastard he is, chooses a haunted roller coaster walkthrough. Which results in Ash screaming and instinctively grabs onto Kirishima, while Sero is dying of laughter. "What’s the matter Ash?" Sero laughs as the pod moves them a little. “Not having fun?”

“Does it look like I’m having fun?!” Ash yells between screams.

Kirishima tried to keep a straight face as the ride went on but hearing Ash scream ever second was making it hard. "Ash, you ok?" He asked, trying not to laugh.

"I'm go-AH! Pinche payaso!" Ash screams, making Sero laugh harder. The ride soon ends, allowing Ash to practically tear the headset off, flinging her glasses to the floor.

Sero picks them up for her, still chuckling as she pouts. “Don't be so butthurt, you had fun.”

Ash rolls her eyes, pushing her glasses up her nose, “Fine.” She huffs, “You managed to scare me with a video game, you win this one.”

Unable to contain his laughter, Kirishima loses it, releasing all his pint up laughter. "Oh my God Ash!" He exclaimed, holding his stomach.

The remaining siblings hung out and people watched as the group they came with played games very enthusiastically. "They remind me of the kids that used to come see me perform, very easy to entertain and distract." Maddie said, watching Kaminari and Bakugo play a one vs one game.

Hitoshi's eyes were filled with mirth, the rest of his face blank, as he witnessed Kaminari childishly cheer as he surpassed Bakugo’s current score. "They really are easily entertained huh?"

Maggie observed Mina from the corner of her eye. The girl was killing it on dance dance revolution, seemingly beating her own high score as a small crowd watched in awe. "Easily entertained indeed, but that also means easily bored. Who knows where they'll drag us next."

Maddie was suddenly filled with dread as a bad feeling hung over her. Call it animal instincts or whatever but they've never been wrong. "Why do I see this going badly?"

Katsuki screams and cusses Kaminari out as he begins to lose. It's not long before he wins, rubbing it in Pikachu's face. "Eat shit, Dunce Face!!" He sneers, looking for another game to beat his friends at.

After being beaten by Bakugo, Denki looked around for another game to play. He then noticed the small group of three just watching and walked over. "Come on guys! Come pick a game and play with us!" He said eagerly.

"Why would they? I'd easily beat them at anything." Katsuki grins smugly.

Maggie rolled her eyes at Bakugo's attitude, raising an eyebrow with a sigh, "I thought Mr. "I’m gonna be the number one hero" over here wouldn't have time to get good at games." She stated bluntly, crossing her arms.

Hitoshi observed the arcade with a critical eye, if he had to be here he might as we TRY to enjoy it even if the noises and lights were giving him a mild headache. He noticed how Maddie's hackles seemed to be raised, and assuming that she was just upset by all the things happening around her, attempted to distract her, "Maddie, anything interest you?"

She looks around at his question before spotting a game. It was a two person shooter game. "That one looks interesting." She answered, walking over to it. "Hitoshi come play with me."

Hitoshi’s heart melted a bit, his cold face softening slightly as he followed his baby sister over, “Okay, I’ll play with you.”

Hitoshi chuckles, handing Maddie one of the toy guns. He pauses to shoot Maggie a taunting smirk before grabbing his own. Maggie flipped him off, feeling slightly betrayed by the two. She was left standing awkwardly in the middle of the three friends, three very loud friends.

"You think you get how to play? Or should I go easy on you?" Hitoshi teased, poking her shoulder with the toy gun.

Maddie just poked him back with her gun, "Haha I may not know a lot of things but I'm pretty sure I can figure this out." She said, sticking her tongue out at him. "So bring it on!"

Hitoshi laughs, "Alright." He shrugged, starting the game and pointing his gun at the screen, "You asked for it.’

Maddie just smiled before aiming at the screen and shooting at the targets. It was pretty self-explanatory, aiming at targets and shooting. She soon caught up to Hitoshi in points, smirking at the boy.

Hitoshi rolls his eyes, chuckling and nudging his sister lightly to throw off her aim.

Maddie gasps as she tries to keep her aim. Laughing, she jabs him in the side in retaliation, "Hitoshi! You cheater!"

Hitoshi lets out a huff of air, Maddie had hit him right in the ribs, "Ow." He hissed, the game ending. Maddie had surprisingly beaten him by a couple points. "Good job."

Maddie did a little dance in victory, she won her first video game and against her big brother no less. "Thanks, good game.”

Katsuki watches as Shinso and Madeline go to play, leaving Magnolia with him, Mina and Kaminari. Annoyed at her sassy demaneor, it was none of her business how he spent his time.

Mina seemed to acknowledge her awkwardness, grabbing her arm and tugging it away from her chest with a grin, "You know how to dance?"

"Absolutely not." Maggie shook her head, "I can't dance, don't dance, and won't dance. Don't even think about it."

Denki crossed his arms, "Well what game, if you wanted to, would YOU play?" He sassed Maggie.

"What about those racing games over there, and don't blow it up this time Pikachu." Katsuki suggests, not really giving a shit if Magnolia joins or not. Honestly, he still doesn't understand why his friends want to hang out with these nerds.

Maggie shrugs, "That works, I feel like you wont leave me be if I don't play something with you."

Mina nods enthusiastically, "We won't."

Denki just frowned, "You're more likely to blow it up than me, Kacchan." He muttered, walking over to the game.

Katsuki huffs as he follows Dunce Face to the racing games. He is pretty confident he can beat Mina and Kaminari, even Magnolia doesn't stand a chance against him if she chooses to play.

Mina plants Maggie in front of the machine beside her, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Lets play!"

Maggie pops her knuckles, gripping the steering wheel, a small smile on her lips. "Alright."

Denki jumped into his seat and gripped the plastic wheel. "Get ready to eat my pixelated dust!" He shouted as the game started.

Katsuki grins, accepting the challenge, he gets a good start, leaving the other three behind in the dust. That is until Magnolia starts gaining on him and soon passes him completely. He growls, "Eat shit Witch!" He shouts as he tries to get ahead of her but is still in second place.

Maggie keeps a steady lead, not taking things too seriously but doing her best. Snorting at Bakugo's behavior.

Mina crashed into Denki for the third time, laughing, "Come on! It's just a game!"

Denki with his tongue sticking out, bumps Mina back and races to keep up. "Don't blow up the game Kacchan."

Katsuki grits his teeth as he sees that he had gotten second place, Magnolia won first place. "FUCKING WITCH! YOU CHEATED!" He shouts, causing the rest of the group to have to come and make sure that Bakugo doesn't blow anything up.

"C'mon Bakugo, why don't we go walk around the mall? That should help him cool off." Sero suggests as he helps Kirishima drag Bakugo out of the arcade before they get kicked out by the owner.

Ash covers her ears as Bakugo's screaming was hurting her sensitive ears. The group walked to the closest mall that was about a mile away from where they were, giving Bakugo some time to cool off before they went inside.

Mina laughed, shaking off Bakugo's attitude and running after Sero and Kirishima.

"Jesus, no need to flip..." Maggie falls back, keeping the hell away from the raging explosion boy and joining her siblings, "Maddie, Hitoshi, you're the worst."

Hitoshi chuckles, ruffling her hair, "You could have joined us."

Maddie laughs and just side hugged Maggie, as they walked behind the "Bakugo control unit" as she was calling it. "Yeah, you could've followed us."

Soon the group got to the mall, walking around looking at windows. Maddie made sure to keep Maggie a safe distance from Boom Boom Boi.

Maggie pouts, linking her arms with Toshi and Maddie, not wanting to lose them in the crowd, "You abandoned me~ In my time of need~" She cried melodramatically.

Hitoshi laughed, "Over dramatic much?"

Maggie glares, "I nearly got exploded! Over a video game!"

Ash is surprised at how big the mall is, even the mall in Dallas isn't near as big as this one.

"I see someone likes the mall so far." Kirishima says, seeing Ash's eyes sparkle a little. "What store should we go into first?" He asks, they have all afternoon, might as well explore the entire mall and maybe get a few things.

Maddie just laughed, this was a good day so far. She had almost forgotten about her bad feeling earlier when something set Bakugo off...again. That something being Midoriya, who was just walking with Iida and Uraraka.

Kirishima and Denki pull away from their current conversations to hold Bakugo back from leaping into the air at Midoriya, poor boy. "Bakubro chill! It's just Midobro!"

Ash goes to hug Maggie from behind, she wasn't sure what Bakugo would do. Sero goes to try and calm down the angry pomeranian, "Dude chill! You're making a scene!" Sero shouts as they try to calm him down.

Maggie sighs, here we go again. "Can he not go five minutes without blowing up?"

Hitoshi shakes his head, pulling Maddie behind him protectively, "No. He can't. At least it's entertaining."

Mina puts herself in between the two groups, chatting with Occhaco.

Watching the chaotic scene, Maddie just rubs her face in exasperation. She had enough of this in class, but to have it on their last day together before internships was just annoying.

Kirishima finally gets Bakugo to calm down before turning back to the group. "Let's get going before we get kicked out ok guys?"

The group nods and they begin to walk around and look at the many stores. They all try to pick what store they should walk into so they can explore.

Maggie groans, she had nothing against the small group but she knew that Bakugo would be semi-feral the entire time they were here. Muttering quietly to her family, "I want to go home..."

Hitoshi nods, "I'm starting to get a headache..."

The rest of the trip was full of an awkward, tense atmosphere. Eveytime Midoriya spoke, Bakugo would tense up and either Kirishima, Denki, or Sero had to distract him. The four siblings were reaching the end of their ropes for social interaction and just wanted to go home. "Is it time yet? I'm tired." Maddie whined.

"5pm. We can head to the apartment complex and just hang out in the playground for a bit before going home." Ash whispers to her siblings, making sure no one hears them.

"Yes, please." Maggie whispered, "Let's get the fuck outta here."

Hitoshi nods, addressing the group, "Hey, thank you all for inviting us, but we've got to get going."

Mina frowns, "Awww, you sure?"

Maggie nods rapidly, really wanting to fucking leave already. "Yup, dinner."

Denki narrowed his eyes suspiciously, why did they all have to leave? Do they all live near each other?

Soon the group said their goodbyes, they left the mall and headed to the playground just outside their apartment. "Well that was something." Maddie smiles softly, cheering up as Hitoshi pushes her on the swing.

Ash sighs heavily, "Hopefully our Dads don't make us do that again." She adds, though knowing Papa and Dad, they'll make them do it more and more until they do it on their own.

Maggie groans, hanging upside down from the monkey bars, “But they will.” She pouts, not liking that fact at all.

Maddie's smile brightens, kicking her legs to go higher as Toshi pushes her, “I thought they were nice at least, it was nice to finally make friends.”

Hitoshi chuckles, giving her a nice hard shove to get her higher in the air, “I’m glad that you had fun, Maddie.”

Ash giggled, Maddie was too cute, “They were nice, but Bakugo…” She bit her lip, shaking her head, “Yeah, no. He scares me.”

Maggie snorts, “That's the nice way to put it. Let me put it in terms more befitting of such a man.” She grins, the blood beginning to rush to her head, “He’s a massive fucking dick.”

Hitoshi slows Maddie on the swing, covering her ears and glaring at Maggie, “Maggie SHUSH!”

“What?” Maggie smiled, feeling a bit loopy, “It’s true.”

“Don't use that sort of language around Maddie.” Hitoshi demanded sternly.

Ash giggled some more at her older siblings bickering, “You can't keep babying her, Nii-chan.”

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow, “The fuck if I cant. Watch me.”

The three continue arguing back and forth, Maddie sitting on the swing confused and unable to hear as Hitoshi still has not removed his hands to preserve her innocence. Hizashi laughs, listening to them from the apartment's open window. The clock chimes 6 and he throws open the window, shouting down at his children, “Dinners ready! You four can come home now!”

Maggie, extremely disoriented from hanging upside down, falls from the monkey bars straight onto her head, her family looking on in shock and concern. They let out a sigh of relief as she screamed, “SHIT THAT HURT!”

Maddie, having actually been able to hear that as her elder brother had rushed to Maggie's aid, scrunched up her face in confusion, “What does ‘Shit’ mean?”

Chapter Text

Hitoshi groans, filling his mug with coffee and smashing his forehead to the table. "Pops, why?"

Maggie sits at the table in her hero costume, helmet in her lap and boots tapping against the floor, while Mic serves her breakfast. Adjusting the fastening of her cloak so it layed more comfortably over her black bodysuit, she chimed into the nonexistent conversation, "Remind me why me and Toshi are interning during the day today when Aizawa has literally always worked nights and we'd probably have a better interning experience at night?" She questioned, fiddling with the witch’s hat attached to her helmet.

Maddie walks out of her room in her hero costume, hopping in place as she puts on her boots. Her costume looked very similar to a cross of acrobat and ice skater costume. She sat down as Papa served breakfast. "Just be glad Papa got Dad to agree to this at all."

"Lemme tell ya it wasn't easy." Hizashi says as he serves the children some eggs and toast. He can hear Shota mumbling under his breath about how it's too damn early for this.

Ash drinks a bit of coffee to try and wake up, she may be a morning person but it's 5:30 am, that's early even for her.

Maggie pouted, shoveling eggs into her mouth, knowing it's going to be a long ass day, "Well, this is going to be exhausting."

Hitoshi sighed. Head raising his eyes caught on Maddie's, very revealing, costume, "Maddie. What are you wearing?" He asked, spilling coffee on his costume. Hitoshi’s costume designs were very similar to Aizawa’s except it was a shade of dark purple. In addition to a utility belt, and his artificial vocal cords, he also had a capture weapon very similar to his Dad’s. Thankfully the coffee was barely noticeable against the dark fabric.

Maddie looked down at her costume in confusion, not even noticing the plunging neckline down far past her sternum, finally connecting below her navel, “My hero costume, why?” She asked, tilting her head. Rocking back and forth on her flat silver boots, her translucent, knee-length skirt swayed with her, “Do you guys not like it?” She wondered, ponding over what the problem could be. Was it the color? Royal blue was her favorite. Or maybe the fabric?

Hizashi is a bit surprised himself, "It's fine honey, just a little.....revealing is all." He says. If Maddie wanted to have that as her costume that's fine, he just didn't envision her choosing that kind of outfit.

"I mean if that's what you chose? Then work it, Sis." Ash replies. It didn’t look very protective, considering all of her limbs and back were exposed, but maybe she was going for mobility. She compared it to her own red body armor. Maggie and Papa had helped her design it, swirls of fiery orange and yellow trailing down her sides with a matching red mask and black knee high boots.

Maggie raises an eyebrow, giving Maddie some head pats, "Cute."

"Adorable, Maddie." Hitoshi said, drinking his coffee while internally screaming. GREAT, now he has to beat boys off her with a stick. Kaminari better keep his mouth SHUT at school when they get back. Aizawa just looked up at his daughter's costume, sighed deeply and just drank his coffee.

Maddie just confused nodded, was it bad? "This is similar to the costume I wore when I..." she paused, "performed."

Hizashi frowns, "You know you can change and redesign it if you want to. No one says you have to keep it that way." He tells her, hoping that it will help her feel better.

Maggie smiled, giving her more headpats, "I think you look cute, if you're comfortable in it then wear it! I think we're all just surprised that you chose this."

Hitoshi nodded, adding to the head patting train by headpatting both sisters, "Yeah, you look nice."

Maddie smiled at the head pats, appreciating her siblings' support. "Thanks guys."

Aizawa smiled slightly at his family before turning to his kids. "Okay, hurry and eat. We have a long day planned for you four." He said in his usual blank tone.

The four down their breakfast and squeezed into the car. It didn't surprise anyone when Maggie, Hitoshi and Aizawa fell asleep on the way there.

Maggie and Hitoshi and both tried to sleep early the day before in preparation for today, (Thanks Mic) but they were both a bit too wired and ended up crashing at two in the morning. Now they were both curled up in the very back of the car for a quick nap while Mic drove to where they'd be patrolling. Once stopping they were unfortunately booted out of the car by Loud Dad, eyebags abound.

Maddie hovered around her two exhausted siblings, worried they were going to fall over. "Are you guys okay, you look VERY tired." She asked, arms at the ready to catch both if needed.

"Oh they'll be fine." Hizashi says, spitefully getting dirty looks from his children.

"This is gonna be a disaster." Ash mumbles under her breath.

Maggie sighed, she didn't want to be here, Hitoshi didn't want to be there, Aizawa didn't want to be there. She was glad for both her and her families sake that Yamada was only making Aizawa patrol during the day just this once. Otherwise the family might honestly go to shambles.

Hitoshi just felt like they were on a family outing rather than learning anything, Pops was rambling, but it wasn't anything that they didn't already know. "Well, it seems like we're in easy mode for today."

Maggie chuckled, "'Parently."

Shuddering at the thought of what it would be like when they start training for real. "I'm not looking forward to hard mode." Maddie muttered. The group patrolled most of the morning, helping stop some minor villains, but nothing compared to the villains they heard about from Dad at the USJ attack. She shivers at the memory of her Dad in the hospital, all wrapped in bandages. Luckily it seems that the villains from that attack went back into the hole they crawled out of for now. No one in the family wants to remember that, just walking by a hospital makes everyone feel gross.

Maggie chuckled, "I kinda am." She admits, twirling her wand, "It's better to have experiences now when we're all together than later when we're separated."

Hitoshi nods, "I'm just dreading when they take us home and they teach us about paperwork."

"I'm too easily distracted for paperwork." Maddie said before dramatically gasping. "I'm gonna turn into Papa and have a mountain of paperwork!"

"I don't see why you guys are freaking out about it, it's not so bad." Ash chimes in.

Maggie chuckles, hopping over a crack on the sidewalk, "Desk work is better than human interaction." She shrugged, "It's boring and repetitive, sure, but at least you can do it without being bothered."

Hitoshi laughed, "No wonder Pops never does it. Being alone? For more than five minutes? Impossible."

Hizashi frowns, indignant, “I'M RIGHT HERE!”

Shota sighs, shushing his husband, “Mic, we’re on patrol. Surrounded by civilians. Control your volume.”

Maddie stretched as they patrolled, "Pretty calm patrol today, huh?" She says. "Not that I want to get attacked by a villian."

"Eh I guess we can try and enjoy it. We probably won't get many days like this." Ash says as she lightly sprints to keep up with her family. Maggie stays silent, just trailing behind and twirling her wand.

As they walked, the calm atmosphere a nice change from their chaotic classroom, they couldn't help but notice a commotion up ahead. Maddie's animal instincts suddenly kicked in and she pulled her family out of the way. Just in time too as a lighting bolt hit where they were standing a second later. "That was too close."

Denki comes running over, thinking he almost hit a civilian only to see his classmates and teachers glaring at him. "I'm so sorry- oh hey guys..." He awkwardly said, cringing under their glares.

Aizawa just sighed, hand on his face, of all his students. Why was it Kaminari?

"Of course we've run into you, Pikachu." Ash grumbles, she doesn't really mind seeing Kaminari, she just wished that she wasn't almost shocked to death before seeing him.

"Hey, Sparky." Maggie greets, her voice distorted through the helmet.

Hitoshi's eyebrow raised, shaking his head at Kaminari, "Great to see you,” he crossed his arms, sarcastically snarking the boy, “but your villain is about to attack civilians " He gestures with his head to the behemoth of a man looming over a small crowd of frightened people.

Maddie agreed, looking around Kaminarii at the villain. "Still having trouble with aiming Kaminari-kun?" She asked, watching the pros try to take him down.

Ash watches along with Maddie. "So who are you interning with?" She adds, wondering who has Kaminari as their intern.

Denki blushed, rubbing the back of his head, "Yeah sorry I'm still working on focusing the direction of my quirk." He explained. “And I decided on Thunder Strike: The Lightning Hero.”

Maggie ignored her classmate in favor of helping evacuate civilians. Getting people away from the line of fire was far more important than a little bad aim. No one got hurt so it really didn't matter.

Hitoshi, however, was quite curious, he was sure he had mentioned it at some point, but he also knew he wasn't paying attention the majority of the time the blonde babbled away. Still, he shook it off and focused on helping rather than something that he could ask about later.

As the fight went on, Aizawa helped capture the villain by turning off his quirk giving Thunder Strike the opportunity to disoritate him with his signature move the ThunderClap, while Present Mic sent a VERY loud soundwave as well. Finally Eraserhead was able to capture the villain with his capture weapon, ending the fight.

Ash does what she can to help keep nearby citizens safe while the heroes take care of the villain, creating a light shield to protect the crowd from the soundwaves of both Thunder Strike and Present Mic.

Unfortunately the combined soundwaves caused glass to shatter everywhere. Maddie, using her cheetah speed, ran and covered civilians in the crossfire. "Are you okay?" She asked, quickly moving them to safety. “Fuck!” She hissed under her breath when she felt the glass in her back.

Seeing that everyone was safe, Maggie retreated away from the crowd to where her brother was speaking to one of the police officers that had arrived on the scene. Her cloak wrapped tightly around her as she hid behind him, watching the police officer from over his shoulder.

Hitoshi chuckled, feeling her hovering behind him. He quickly finished his statement and stepped aside, clapping her back and lightly shoving her towards the officer, "Your turn~" He teased, running off with a smug smirk barely visible over his artificial vocal cords.

Maddie races over after getting some of the larger shards of glass out of her back. "Nii-chan you just love teasing her don't you." She said her hands on her hips, wincing noticeably. "Well as far as fights go I call this a win."

"Yeah, so far this is a pretty good day. Though I can’t say the same for the surrounding buildings." Ash laughs.

Hitoshi's eyes glittered, full of mirth, as he watched Maggie fumble from the corner of his eye, "Literally one of my favorite pass times." He answered, turning to his other sisters. The smirk on his face dropped immediately, turning to one of mild concern as he looked them over, "Are you two both okay?"

Maggie managed to finish her report without hyperventilating, which is definitely a win in her opinion, and speed walked to her siblings, accidentally shouldering Denki out of her way as she walked past, "Sorry." She spit quietly, before breaking into a light jog. Smacking Hitoshi over the head when she arrived, "Jerk." She hissed, giving the other two a once over and gasping at Maddie's back. "Jesus fucking Christ!" She shouted, “What the hell happened to your back?! Are you okay, Sis?”

Wincing as she could still feel some tiny pieces still in her skin, giving a pained smile, she shook her head. "There's still a couple tiny pieces of glass stuck, but don't worry about it’s fine." Maddie said wincing which only worried her siblings more.

Denki, having just been shoved into Thunder Strike, turns to face Maggie to ask her what the rush was. Seeing Madeline’s back and the words died in his throat.

Thunder Strike winces, “Ouch that must have hurt.” He boomed, “Those four are your classmates, yes? Why don't you go check on them.” He lightly shoves his intern forward, “I’ve got things taken care of.”

Denki awkwardly walked towards his classmates, with the encouragement of his mentor. He reaches the four before nervously speaking. “H-hey guys...” He said, trying not to stare at Madeline’s back.

Ash nods, very obviously staring at Maddie’s back, “Hey Kaminari.”

Hitoshi shakes his head, hackles raised, "They'll just bury themselves further down in your skin as we walk if we don't take them out now." He grabs Maddie's wrist, lightly tugging her towards an ambulance.

Maggie catches his sleeve, "Wait." She grabs a small vial from her belt and places it in the palm of his hand, "Once you get the glass out, rub it over the cuts. They're small so it should work."

Hitoshi nods, pocketing it and heading to the ambulance catching one of the EMT's attention, "Excuse me? Do you have some tweezers? She has some glass in her back that we can't get out, I can get them but I don't have any on me."

The EMT nods, taking a tiny medical kit from a drawer and handing it to him.

Hitoshi thanks him, forcing his sister to sit in the back of the ambulance with her back to him, eyes sharp and hands steady as he carefully removes the nearly microscopic shards of glass, "Were you seriously just going to walk home like this?" He questions in a scolding tone.

Maddie just flinches as Toshi removes the glass. "I'm sorry Toshi-nii-chan, we were on patrol. I thought it could wait till later."

Hitoshi finishes up, checking and double checking to make sure he got them all, "Walking around hurt is stupid. You can get even more hurt, and then what would we do?" He pours some of what Maggie gave him on a cotton pad, lightly patting at the wounds. Tense muscles finally relax as the small scratches begin to disappear. His eyes narrowed at the scars that remained, hating the constant reminder of his baby sister’s past. Just looking at them made him angry and sick to his stomach.

Maddie releases a sigh as the cuts go away before turning around and hugging Toshi. "I don't know, I'm sorry." She answered cutely, talking into his chest.

Hitoshi hugs her back, snapping out of his thoughts, anger dissipating immediately. “It’s alright, just don’t try anything like that again. Okay?”

Maddie just smiles cutely, “I promise.”

Hitoshi can't help but smile back, moving his mask to kiss the top of her head, “Okay, good. Let's go back to the others.” He helps her out of the ambulance, still keeping a close eye on her.

Maggie sighs, seeing her brother seems to have Maddie handled and checks over Ash, "What about you Ash? Anything you're hiding?" Pausing, she glances at Denki, "And you Kaminari?"

Denki just blinked at the scene he’d witnessed, he almost felt like he’d seen something he shouldn't. It took him a moment to realize Maggie was talking to him. “Huh, oh yeah I’m fine. Are you guys ok?”

Maggie nodded, “I’m fine, thank you for asking.” She wrapped her cloak around her tighter, watching the crowds part from the corner of her eye to let the police in.

Ash pats herself down jokingly, smiling shyly at Kaminari, “I’m okay.”

Denki nodded relieved before asking. “That's good, um...quick question.” he says before looking at Madeline and Shinso. “Are they dating or something?”

Ash opens her mouth, and freezes, clearly not anticipating the question. “I- um… Nii- and… Madd-” She stutters, brain malfunctioning.

Maggie felt the extreme need to face palm and punch Kaminari simultaneously, was he fucking serious? “No. Kaminari. They are not.”

Denki just awkwardly laughed, feeling Maggie’s frustration from where he stood. “Right…” He said, giving an awkward thumbs up.


Hitoshi was holding Maddie’s hand and leading her back to their sisters when he saw Kaminari’s mentor and his Pops talking animatedly, his Dad caught in the middle and unable to leave as the villain was still in his care, “What are they doing?”

Maddie looked where Toshi was looking, “Dad looks like he wants to commit a double murder, based on his face.”

Hitoshi nods, an uncharacteristic curiosity filling him, “You want to go see why?”

Maddie nodded, “I also want to meet Thunder Strike! The move he used was so cool! And loud!” She exclaimed, with wide eyes.

A laugh escaped Hitoshi at his sister's adorable expression, “Come on then.” He pinches her cheek lightly before leading her towards their Dads and the other Pro hero.

As they approached their Dads noticed them, Hizashi dropped his current conversation to check Maddie over. ”ARE YOU OKAY?! I SAW THE GLASS HIT YOU AND YOU START BLEEDING!” He screamed, very worried.

Maddie just smiled, a little deaf. “I’M FINE! TOSHI HELPED ME!” She unintentionally yelled.

Hitoshi groaned, his Pops yelling hurting his ears, years of exposure thankfully keeping him from being nearly as affected as his sister, “I got the glass out and Maggie had some healing stuff on her, Maddie’s good as new.”

Thunder Strike turned his attention to the teens, noticing that Maddie’s back was completely fine, “How... ?” He paused, confused. His voice booming, the volume not unlike Present Mic’s, “I saw your back not long ago when I was with my Young Chargebolt. It was completely shredded like swiss cheese.”

Maddie turned to the Pro Hero in awe, eyes full of wonder. “Your Thunderclap was so cool! It was so LOUD! It was like BOOM, CRASH, BAM! I’m your new fan, Mr. Thunder Strike!” She exclaimed, jumping in place.

Thunder Strike blinked rapidly, that hasn't answered his question, but this was far more satisfying anyways. “Why thank you young lady! What's your name?”

Hitoshi chuckled, watching his baby sister interact with the pro, who’s heart was obviously melting, no one could resist her innocent charms. He watched his Dad sneak away, obviously thankful for the distraction. The other two pros are none-the-wiser. He backs away from Maddie and Thunder Strike, choosing to let her starstruck demeanor run its course, he’d just ask about what was going on later.

Maddie just got more excited, clenching her fists, “Beast Queen or just Maddie!” She answered.

Thunder Strike smiled brightly before chuckling at her cuteness. "Young Maddie! What a great name for a brave girl like you, the way you saved those civilians without hesitation was admirable!" He exclaimed, rubbing her head.

Maddie was ecstatic, she just got praised by a top pro hero and got to see him in action, BEST INTERNSHIP EVER! "THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. THUNDER STRIKE!" she screamed. .

Thunder Strike, surprised by Maddie's volume but only a tad, smiled even bigger. "It was my pleasure, but now I must go do my report." He said loudly, before leaning in towards Maddie, "But just between us I would much rather hang out with you young heros. Now why don't you go, your family is waiting." He winked subtly before walking to one of the officers. When Maddie trails after him like a puppy, he doesn’t have the heart to shoo her away properly, thankfully Present Mic came with them too, laughing at Maddie’s behavior.

Maggie giggles, instinctively trying to cover her mouth with her hand but failing like a dumbass because of the massive piece of plastic in her way. Seeing Maddie practically vibrate in excitement made today more than worth it in her opinion. Ash looks over to Maddie, glad that she's feeling much better. She makes a mental note that maybe adding some fabric to Maddie's costume to cover her back will be beneficial for her in the long run.

Maggie observes the bizarre interaction as Hitoshi joins them. She turns to Kaminari, trying to be nice and make conversation considering her sister is fangirling over his mentor, "So, Kaminari." She gestures towards Thunder Strike, the tip of her pointy hat pointing right at him, "First day of internships, with a very well known pro at that. How ya feeling?"

Laughing, Hitoshi adjusts his mask so it fits properly over his face before speaking, "Yeah, he seems... Just like you?"

Denki smiled, "Really? I don't see it, he kind of treats me like a little brother more than an intern really. But he's really been helping me with my quirk. I haven't short circuited once!" He said, proud.

"Aww how cute. He seems nice, very loud but nice." Ash adds, Thunder Strike isn't as loud as Loud Dad but he's kinda close. Maybe it's a common trait that pro heros are loud. "You seem to be having a lot of fun. Our internships so far were a bit slow till we ran into you."

Hitoshi stared blankly at Kaminari, "You don't see it?" He asked incredulously, looking between the pro and his classmate and counting all the similarities he could easily see in his head. "You really don't see it?"

Denki was confused, "Um no? What, did I miss something? I mean we have sort of the same quirk and same color hair but that's it." He answers, tilting his head while scratching it with his index finger.

Maggie rolls her eyes, how is he this dense? Hitoshi gives Kaminari a tired look, "You're both loud. Energetic. Give me headaches with your aggressively friendly demeanors." He chuckled at the last one, his humor dry as ever, "You're the same person."

Mic couldn't help but find the situation adorable, wanting to check on his other girls and introduce them to the other pro, he shouted across at them, “Solar Flare! Hex! Come over here!”

Ash’s head whips around to the source of the yelling, chuckling and shouting back, “On our way!” She goes to grab Maggie’s hand, but the girl steps back and holds up a finger.

“Wait,” Maggie chuckles, casually turning down the dial on the side of her helmet so Mic doesn’t scream her ears off. “NOW we can go.” She takes Ash’s hand, heading to where Mic was standing with Thunder Strike, Maddie, and a very tired looking Aizawa. Leaving Hitoshi and Kaminari behind.

Denki blinked stunned, this was the first time the two of them were alone together. How to proceed from here was the question. “Um I guess that’s true, huh?” He responded, rubbing the back of his head.

Hitoshi noticed how awkward the blond suddenly seemed, was he intimidated by him now that they were alone? Not that it even mattered if he was, “Yeah…” Hitoshi shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets, suddenly feeling a lot more awkward himself.

Denki shifted his weight left and right as he thought of something to say. This never happened before, him being speechless, he didn’t know what to say. “So uh,’s the internship so far?” He asked, trying to break the awkward silence.

Hitoshi shrugged, “I mean, It’s day one. You saw how it’s gone.” He gestures flippantly at the villain being sat down in a police car. He makes a second gesture towards the small group of hero’s and his sisters, “I'm with them, which is fun.”

“Well that's awesome at least, being with people you know.” Denki said, folding his hands behind his head. “ But can I ask? Out of all your requests, why did you pick two of our teachers?”

Hitoshi hadn’t been anticipating him to ask that, at all, “Aizawa-sensei and I have very similar fighting styles because neither of our quirks are particularly offensive.” He fiddles with his capture weapon, “And he’s the only hero I know that can help me with this. Present Mic was a pleasant surprise.”

Denki narrows his eyes slightly, suspicious. Why was he nervous? “And the girls? Just happened to join too.”

Hitoshi’s eyes narrowed, “Yes. What are you implying, Kaminari?”

Denki stands up straight with his arms crossed, eyes still narrowed. “It’s just weird that you arrive and leave school together, and have to be home at the same time and now interning together. It’s suspicious.”

Hitoshi steeled his expression, not that Kaminari could see most of it anyway, and did the best impression of his Dad he could muster, “We’re friends, Kaminari. We walk to school together. We walk home together. Dinner being at a set time isn’t weird, and quite frankly we didn't go straight home after we left yesterday. We went to the park.” He shook his head, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance.

Denki simply raised an eyebrow at his tone but decided to drop it...for now. “Whatever I guess.” He said, slightly turning away, a bit hurt by the fact that they lied about having to go home.

Hitoshi also turned away slightly, and crossed his arms. Watching his family, he felt a bit defensive. I mean, what else was there to say?

Denki huffs, rolling the tension out of his shoulders before turning back to Shinso. “Anyway….Your costume looks good, you didn’t have one for training class, but this one looks cool.” He says, offering a rhetorical olive branch.

Hitoshi nodded, dropping his arms back to his sides, “Thank you, my family helped me design it.” His eyes flashed fondly, still looking over at them. He finally turns back to Kaminari and looks him over, “I never said it, but your jackets’ cool. It suits you.”

Denki smiles, pulling on his jacket. “Thanks, not gonna lie though, you’re lookin hot in that mask of yours.” He said, giving him a wink and a thumbs up.

Hitoshi froze for a moment, thinking he misheard him, “I’m sorry... What?”

“Your mask, it looks good.” Denki emphasized.

Hitoshi blushed, thankfully behind the aforementioned mask, “T-thank you.” He coughed to hide his stutter while looking away, where was a distraction when HE needed one?

As if sensing his frustration, Maddie comes over, finally done talking to Thunder Strike. “Hey Toshi! Oh and hello Kaminari-kun, sorry I didn’t come over to talk to you. Your mentor is just so cool!” She exclaimed.

Hitoshi pats her head, thankful, “Maddie, I’m going to go talk to Present Mic and Eraserhead. Will you be okay here with Kaminari?”

“Yeah I’m fine, right Kaminari-kun?” She asked

Denki just nodded, confused as to why Shinso was leaving so suddenly, was it something he said?

Hitoshi gave a brisk nod, taking long strides away from the two teens. Leaving a confused Kaminari and a blissfully ignorant Maddie in his wake.

Chapter Text

Denki just stared at Shinso’s retreating form blinking slowly, before tuning to Maddie. He suddenly remembered her injury. “Oh yeah! Is your back okay? It looked really bad earlier.”

Maddie smiled, twirling around, her skirt flying. “Yeah! See, it’s all better now.” She answered, cutely.

Denki nods, grinning, “I’m glad! All that glass sticking out of your back looked painful as hell.” He takes a good look, noticing that while the injury from earlier seemed to be completely healed, she had lots of scars. Some seemed old, others more recent, all made by the same thing. And it definitely wasn't the glass. Nervously chuckling, he let out a low whistle, trying to pretend he hadn’t seen them for his own sake and hers, “Shinso really fixed you up good, huh?”

Maddie nodded, “Yeah he used something Maggie gave him and fixed it right up!”

“Yeah, I saw that. What was it?” He asked curiously, “If I hadn’t seen your back earlier I would have never guessed you got hurt.” He tacked on.

Maddie shrugged, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Maggie.”

Denki cringes, “Yeah… I’d rather not…” He remembered Maggie shoving him earlier today, as well as the constant scowl she had, “I don't think she likes me.”

Maddie frowned, she didn’t want her friends to be uncomfortable, “I’m sure that’s not true, if anything I like you!” She exclaimed, hugging him.

Denki’s arms flew out to the sides, a scarlet blush creeping onto his cheeks. He wasn't sure what to do. Should he hug her back? Was this appropriate? What was happening? Could he hear Thunder Strike laughing at him? WHAT SHOULD HE DO??? Finally, he settled for awkwardly patting her on the head, “Thank you…”

Maddie just looked up at him and smiled, “My pleasure.” Before letting go of him. “You're my friend, so even if my friends don’t like you, I’ll hang out with you!”

Denki stumbled backwards, nodding frantically and looking everywhere BUT Maddie. Was this an American thing? Hugging people you barely know? He stuffed a hand in his pocket, the other going to ruffle his hair awkwardly. While he swallowed down the flustered lump in his throat, “Uh- I- um- Tha- Ma-” He stuttered, at a loss for words.


Hitoshi, after leaving Maddie with Kaminari, all but ran to where his sisters and fathers were talking to Thunder Strike. He nearly barrelled into the barrel chested man in the process.

Thunder Strike caught him before he hit his chest, “Oh my! Young man where’s the fire?”

Hitoshi’s blush deepened, “I-”

Maggie interrupted him, “Jesus, Toshi, YOU look like you're on fire.” She takes off a glove, holding the back of her hand to his head to check his temperature. She’d just been watching Mic, Ash and Thunder Strike bounce back and forth among each other until now, but seeing her brother run around like the devil was on his heels was FAR more interesting.

Hitoshi caught her wrist, glaring, “I’m fine.”

Ash pouted in concern, “Toshi-nii, she’s right though. You look really red.”

“You should listen to your sisters, young man!” Thunder Strike chimed in. “Even heroes are allowed sick days.”

Hitoshi felt mortified, “I’m really fine. I promise.” He choked out, rubbing his temples. He was too embarrassed to notice his Pop’s scarily large grin and his Dad's annoyed sigh.

Maggie shrugs, putting her glove back on. “Whatever you say, Nii-chan.”

Ash continued pouting, “Okay, Toshi-nii…”

Thunder Strike suddenly burst out laughing, startling everyone with his thunder like roars. The Family looks between each other confused, completely oblivious to Kaminari and Maddie’s actions. Noticing their reactions he paused, “My apologies! Please excuse me, I must go save my intern from himself.”

Aizawa looked over, sighing deeply, what did Maddie do? And after Mic had begged him to let Thunder Strike patrol with them too…

As Thunder Strike walked over to Kaminari, Hitoshi snapped out of his embarrassed stupor, remembering his words, “Wait a minute! How did he know we are siblings?”

Aizawa observes his husband lazily, “Ask your father.”

Thunder Strike strode over to Denki and Maddie, biting back his laughter, “Young Chargebolt! I have news!”

Denki sighed in relief, happy to see his mentor, “What?”

“We’re patrolling with Eraserhead and Present Mic!” He boomed.

Denki just stared at the Pro for a moment before dropping his head, this was going to be a long day.

Maddie cheered, throwing her hands up in the air, “YAY!”

And with that, the group set off. The three adults lead the way, Aizawa in the middle while the other two excitedly yelled at one another from either side of him, much to his dismay. Behind them, walked the girls. Maddie and Ash chatted happily while Maggie was content in listening to them speak. Finally, the two boys took up the rear. Both were bright red, but for completely different reasons.

Hitoshi took a chance at glancing over at Kaminari and cocked an eyebrow in confusion, “Kaminari…”

Denki just glances over at him, “Yes, Shinso?” He asked, cocking his own eyebrow.

Hitoshi’s blush was beginning to fade, curiosity replacing his embarrassment, “Why are you blushing?”

This just caused Denki to blush harder in remembrance. “Ask Maddie.” He muttered. Glancing over at Shinso, he notices his own blush. Reminded of how they interacted earlier, and how they seemed to go everywhere together, he couldn’t help but wonder… Did he know where those marks he’d seen on the girl's back had come from? He’d had to have seen them, at least when he was helping her earlier. And he didn't seem surprised at them from what he remembered, “Why are you blushing?” He asked, deciding that it wasn’t a good time.

Hitoshi's eyes widened in horror as he realized that in his flustered panic he had left his BABY SISTER with KAMINARI. His head turned as he burned daggers into the smaller boy, “What. Did. You. Do.”

Denki’s eyes widened in pure disbelief, turning his head to face him, “ME!? I didn’t do anything! Maddie’s the one who hugged me suddenly!” He yelled, blush completely gone.

The other members of the party were thankfully too engrossed in their own conversations to pay attention to Kaminari’s indignant yelling. Hitoshi, however, heard him loud and clear. His muscles still taught, he questioned the boy further, “So, she hugged you? Did you hug her back?” He was actually going to kill him if he touched her somewhere he shouldn't.

As if reading his thoughts, “Do I look like Mineta?! No, I didn’t hug her back!” He exclaimed. “I gave her head pats till she let go.”

Hitoshi calmed some, still looking at Kaminari suspiciously, "Alright..." He glanced between his siblings, focusing on Maddie who seemed in a perfectly cheery mood, "I believe you." He stared blankly. "She can be a bit affectionate. Did it startle you?" He observed him from the corner of his eye, just because nothing happened then doesn't mean something won't in the future.

Denki calmed down also, huffing loudly before answering. "Of course it startled me! Here we were just talking and then suddenly I'm getting hugged." He explained. "It was like hugging Momo in her costume, you just can't!"

Thunder Strike, while gushing to Present Mic about Eraserhead much to the dismay of said man was fun, he kept glancing back at his intern talking to his friend in interest. It was cute to watch him get flustered.

Hitoshi nodded, thinking, this was something to look out for in the future. Remind him not to leave them alone together anymore to prevent something like this happening again. “What were you even talking about that made her hug you?”

Denki suddenly wanted to be anywhere but here, it was one thing to talk about this with Madeline but to tell this to Shinso...yeah no. Not happening, he didn’t know him well enough to guess his reaction. “Not anything really, just casual conversation.” He answered, finding the surrounding buildings very interesting all of the sudden.

Hitoshi was very unamused, but decided to let it go for now. He could always just ask his sister later. He shrugged, “Alright, whatever you say." His eyebrows furrow, remembering the comparison Kaminari made earlier, "Wait. You've hugged Yaoyorozu?"

Denki froze, feeling very awkward. "Not really 'hugging' more like I overused my quirk and she had to carry me." He replied, walking a little faster, in hopes to escape this conversation.

Hitoshi snorted, a smirk quirking at the corner of his mouth. That must have been quite a sight to behold. He kept pace but took longer strides, easily matching Kaminari, not that the guy could go far anyways. "That was nice of her." He said, some of his amusement tainting his tone. He personally found Denki's short circuiting a little funny, but he remembered how concerned a classmate or two would get when it happened, Sero specifically. "Does it hurt, by the way?" He could see how it would be a liability in the field as is, considering that it made the guy completely out of commission for a while, but if it actually hurt? Ouch. "When you short circuit yourself, I mean."

Denki was quiet in thought for a moment before answering. "When my quirk first showed, yeah, very much. But now it's more like getting a knockout punch." He tried to explain. "I mean that like it'll hurt for a bit before I go brain fried, but after nothing."

Hitoshi side-eye'd him, concerned, not that anyone who didnt know him well could tell though, "Thats..." Not very pleasant? Not what he was expecting? Must suck? Concerning because your brain goes so fucking stupid you stop feeling pain? "You should be more careful then." He nods, mostly for himself but towards Thunder Strike regardless, "I'm glad you found someone to help you."

Denki's smile softened. "Yeah, me too. You know, before whenever I would short circuit, people would just make fun of me or brush me off as useless." He grimaced before continuing. "But not him, when we first started patrol he told me the reason he offered an internship is because I reminded him of himself when he was our age. That he had the same problem with his quirk as well and it felt nice to have someone to relate to.”

Hitoshi understood what he meant. He definitely understood, before his Dads he was alone, then he was lucky enough to get his sisters. It must have been lonely. "Ah." He hummed non-committedly, "I see. Like I said before, you're the same person." He teased, not really used to Kaminari's serious and sad demeanor,  "So it makes sense he'd have the same problem at some point."

Denki smiled brighter at that, "Yeah that's true. But I could say the same for you too." He said, looking up at him, nodding at the group. "I know you got this whole antisocial aura around you but this seems like a good group to be in."

Hitoshi couldn't help but smile fondly while looking at his family, some extremely cheery, others in various states of mild distress, "They are." He agrees, eyes obviously soft despite himself. "They're great."

A comfortable silence followed as they walked, a polar opposite to their earlier conversation. Soon it was time to part ways from the small group. Denki said goodbye to his classmates and teachers before catching up to Thunder Strike.

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It was another early morning for Mic, Hitoshi, and Ash. When making the plans for the week, it was decided that they would go in pairs and switch off as the days progressed. Today Mic had the pleasure of mentoring his son and his sunshiniest daughter, and their first stop was Fourth Kind’s hero agency. Since Mic was a freelance hero he would occasionally do work for other agencies, today happened to be Fourth Kind’s, and he happened to have some paperwork that needed to be dropped off.

Hitoshi was dead on his feet. This was his second early morning in a row, and once again not having very much sleep, much to his and his Pops’ dismay. Riding the train was a nightmare, considering that so many early risers were on their way to work, there wasn't a single seat in sight for the sleepwalking boy that wasn’t in a precarious and uncomfortable position. So instead, he decided to stand despite his fatigue, much to his sister’s frustration.

“Sit down!” Ash hissed, whisper shouting, not wanting to disturb the other passengers, “You’re falling asleep standing up! You’re going to fall over and hurt yourself!” She hovered close, hoping to catch him if he collapsed.

“Don't worry,” Hitoshi smiled, his voice at least a full octave lower than normal due to his lack of sleep, “I’m fine, Ash.” He stated simply. Ruffling the girl’s hair affectionately, he didn't even notice the fact he was swaying slightly with the train's motions, only scaring her more.

Pouting, she shakes her head disappointedly, “You’re worse than Maggie.” Ash claims. The train came to a stop, unsurprisingly causing Hitoshi to stumble. Thankfully, Ash was just barely able to stop him from face planting into their Papa’s lap.

“This is our stop.” Hizashi chuckled, leading the kids off the train and to a bench. “Stay here.”

“Alright.” Hitoshi yawned, sitting down, eyelids already drooping. Ash nodded, smiling and sitting down next to her stubborn brother, swinging her legs boredly. He wouldn’t be much fun to have a conversation with right now, after all. Hitoshi almost immediately gravitated to her warmth, crowding her side of the bench and resting his head on top of hers, falling asleep. Ash just accepted it, letting him take a quick cat nap before Loud Dad returned and startled him awake.

Hizashi smiled at the cute scene, watching as his boy’s lavender eyes readjusted to the lighting in the train station after his short slumber, not letting him get fully aware before interrupting his thoughts from getting grumping, “I’ve come bearing gifts.” He raises hand to show three large coffees in a drink container.

He hands one to Hitoshi first, who gratefully accepts it, immediately downing some of the hot beverage. “Thanks Pops.” He spoke over the rim of the cup, looking and sounding so much like Aizawa that it made Hizashi’s heart squeeze.

Grinning a genuine grin, not one of his cheesy over the top ‘Present Mic’ ones, he ruffelled the purplette’s hair affectionately, “No problem, kiddo.” He said softly, continuing on, he handed Ash hers.

Ash takes a sip, a lot more careful than Hitoshi, and smiles. He had made sure to get the coffee the exact same way she would make hers at home, almost half of it being nothing but hazelnut creamer, “Thank you, Papa.” Hizashi pinched her cheek lightly, wiggling her face lightly in the process, his kids were just too cute for him to handle. Sitting down next to them on the bench he drinks his own coffee. The three sit in comfortable silence, watching the train take off to its next destination and the station clear despite the time of day. Once finishing their drinks, they departed themselves, as it was time to move on with their day.

Luckily for them, the agency wasn't far from the station, the fresh morning air doing wonders for the family, Hitoshi especially. He couldn't help but look at the building in wonder, a lot more awake from the coffee in his system. He’d been to hero agencies in the past, with his fathers and on school field trips, but this was different. He actually had business here now. He was an UA student in the hero course, on an internship, it was everything he had worked for until now. It was a bit hard to believe.

Noticing that he had fallen behind, Ash turned to see what the problem was only to see him frozen in place, seemingly lost in thought. Mic pulled even further ahead without noticing, too lost in his file. Scampering back to her brother, attempting to wave a hand in front of his face and snap him out of it. When that didn't work, she resorted to elbowing him in his side, “Mindjack~” She cooed, darkly, “Present Mic is leaving~ Snap out of it~” Her face distorted into a grimace, concerned and annoyed.

Grabbing his side, he glares down at her before taking large strides, that he knew her short legs couldn’t keep up with, away from her towards the building. Looking back and watching her scramble to keep up, he took the same sing-song like tone she had used and parotted it back at her using his artificial vocal cords, “Solar Flare~ Hurry up~ Present Mic is leaving~” He cooed back mockingly in her own voice.

Ash huffed, sprinting to where Hitoshi was waiting for her at the door, opening the door for her with the same smug expression, “You’re smirking beneath that thing aren’t you?” She accused, entering the lobby and crossing her arms.

Hitoshi’s smirk only widens beneath the mask, “No~” He taunts, shutting the door behind them.

“Where you hell did you two go?” Mic questioned, hands on his hips, tapping his foot. The receptionist behind him bit back a chuckle as he took on a scolding tone that they had never expected to hear from the hero ‘Present Mic.’ “How did you two manage to get lost three feet from the door?” Hitoshi just pointed down at Ash’s legs silently, his other hand adjusting his voice modulator back to his normal pitch. Ash gasped, offendedly, but deciding not to be a snitch.“Okay, but how does that excuse you?”

“Would you have preferred I left her?” Hitoshi asked, his voice a bit off still. He does another minor adjustment while raising an eyebrow at his father.

“No, but you could have had her walk faster.” He responded, as if it was obvious.

“Okay, I’ll just carry her next time then.”

Ash threw her hands up in the air, exasperatedly, “Don’t I get a say in this?!”

“No.” Both men said in unison.

Ash pouts, crossing her arms. The receptionist coughs into their fist to cover their laughing, “F-Fourth Kind will see you now, sir.”

Present Mic grins taking back his papers, “Thank you.” He said politely, “Now Mindjack, Solar Flare, follow me. Closely please. I don't want you two getting lost again.”

Heading to the elevator, they took it up to the floor of Fourth Kind’s office. On the way up, Ash suddenly remembered something, “Toshi!” She shrilled out, startling him.

“What?!” He yelped, wide eyed and arms up in a defensive position. His father laughing all the while.

“Isn’t Kirishima interning here?” She asked curiously.

“THAT'S what you wanted to say?!” He hissed. “How am I supposed to know?!” Hitoshi doesn’t really pay attention to what the human rock had to say a lot of the time, too many ‘manly’s for him to keep up.

Mic kept laughing, but nodded, “Yes, Kirishima is interning here along with a student from class 1B.”

As Mic calms down, the elevator doors open to their floor. Mic leads the way as Hitoshi takes some calming breaths to cool off from Ash’s little scare. Lets just say, he’s never been more awake than he is now. Ash feels absolutely no remorse, smirking as she skips down the hall. Accidental payback for earlier it seems, karma even.

As they reach the door, Mic knocks. The door swings open almost frantically, revealing bright red hair and dagger sharp teeth, “Hello, Kirishima.”

Blinking, the young man freezes in the doorway for a moment before jumping back, clearly surprised, “AH, Present Mic-sensei?!”

Hitoshi winces covering his ears, groaning, “Why are you so loud?” Who, other than his Pops, has the energy to blow an eardrum this early in the morning? Damn.

Mic nods, unaffected, “Yes, hello. May we come in?”

Kirishima’s eyes widen, “Shin- Mindjack?” He asked, looking him over. Seeing him outside of uniform was… odd.

“Yes.” Hitoshi nodded bluntly, “Can we come in?”

Ash peaked out from behind Mic, waving, “Hey, Red Riot!”

“As- Solar Flare?” Kirishima was even more confused, he stepped back to let the three into the office, “Fourth Kind? Sir? You have visitors?”


Kirishima startles, “Present Mic and his interns, sir!” He rushed out, causing both Hitoshi and Fourth Kind’s other intern to laugh. A loud metallic THONK followed the laugher, as well as some mumbling.

“Present Mic you’re right on time! Come in!” Fourth Kind called out.

Mic and the children eagerly took the invitation, Hitoshi still chuckling quietly behind his mask. Mic decided to get straight to business, pulling the man aside, “I’ve got all that paperwork we needed, but there's a few things we need to discuss…”

As the two pros stepped aside, the other intern approached, one Tetsutetsu of class 1B. Kirishima turned to the other two with a puzzled look on his face, “So… You’re Mic’s interns?”

Ash nodded, “We are!” She bounced a bit, the surgery coffee hitting her system full force. “How’s your internship going?”

Kirishima nodded, thinking of how to word this properly, not noticing his new found friend staring down his brainwashing classmate. To be fair, neither did either of his classmates. “He’s intense. Very Manly, as I expected.”

As he answered, Tetsutetsu finally made his presence known, “Hey. You.”

Hitoshi lazily looked at him, raising an eyebrow and pointing to himself for confirmation that he’s the one being spoken to in such a tone. Receiving a small nod, he stands up straighter, fully prepared for some bullshit, “Yes…?”

“You’re the brainwashing kid from the sports festival!”

Hitoshi nods, giving him a small wave and a shrug. Tetsutetsu didn't exactly intimidate him. Ash however was looking on in horror. Kirishima in pure confusion. “Yeah that's me. What about it?” He questioned, really not caring.

Tetsutetsu walked closer, passing a still very confused Kirishima. Ash took a step back, not liking where this was going. Cracking his knuckles, he continued, “You brainwashed not only ME and MY team to win, but YOUR OWN as well.”

Hitoshi nods, clearly annoyed, “Yes, and? You got a problem?” He waved his hands in an, ‘I dont give a fuck’ type guesture.

“Do you have any idea how villainous that was?”

Hitoshi takes a step forward himself, the two chest to chest, eyes narrowed, “What’s wrong with my quirk, asshole?” He growled, clearly pissed.

Kirishima manages to force himself in between them, facing Tetsutetsu, “Woah! Hey! Not cool bro!”

Ash follows suit, trying to calm down her brother, “Toshi, no. You don’t want to get into a fight in a pro hero’s office.”

Tetsutetsu kept on stroking the fire, his voice getting louder by the second, “How did a kid with a villain's quirk get into the hero course?!”

“At least I got into the BETTER class, you Great Value Aluminum foil.” Hitoshi taunts.

Tetsutetsu tried to jump at Shinso, but Kirishima stopped him, “Calm down, man! You’re being real Quirkist right now bro! Not manly dude!”

“Toshi STOP!” Ash whacked his chest lightly, “You’re not helping!”

“Hiding behind your girl, huh?!” Tetsutetsu eggs him on as he finally acknowledges Ash’s existence.

That momentarily stops Hitoshi in his tracks, his entire body wanting to curl in on himself in disgust, “She’s not ‘My Girl,’ Tin Man!” He spits out, rebooting from the previous freezing he’d experience. Stomach still churning at the thought. Yuck.

Tetsutetsu, talking out his ass and even he knows it, “Well, since she’s not yours can I have her?” He taunts, just wanting to get a rise out of him.

“Bro…” Kirishima looks at him in disbelief, absolutely astonished.

“Absolutely fucking NOT!?” Hitoshi shouted, who the hell does this fucker think he is? “She's a person, not an object! I’d love to see you try!” Ash just stood there frozen, paralyzed really. What the hell is happening? When did this take this turn?

Tetsutetsu, not one to back down from a challenge, does exactly that. Opening his mouth, he begins gaping like a fish and stuttering the second he looks at her, turning beat red as the realization hit him of what the fuck he just SAID.

Kirishima’s aghast disgust at his friend's behavior swiftly turned into concern as it seemed he lost his voice, “Dude, are you okay?” Ash was in a similar boat, extremely angry at the boy for treating her brother like that, but confused and concerned at his sudden shift in behavior.

Hitoshi however, was smug as smug can be, “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue, Tin man?”

“”SHUT UP!” Tetsutetsu managed to yell through his embarrassment, anger clouding his judgement once more.

“What happened?” Hitoshi taunted, “You said you wanted ‘My Girl’.” He said with air quotes, shaking his head, “Come on, take- SHIT.”

Ash interrupted his rant by stomping on his foot with all of her might, “Toshi quit!” She demanded, cheeks puffed out in anger and embarrassment. She tried to shove him back, to the door out of the office, but was unsuccessful.

With Shinso distracted, Kirishima managed to force Tetsutetsu backwards. Hardening his arms, he pushed against his chest, making him go further into the room away from his classmates, “Bro, you need to cool off!”

Seemingly with perfect timing, Present Mic returned, Fourth Kind nowhere to be found. “Alright!” He boomed out, seemingly not noticing the tension in the room, “Time to go, Little Listeners!” He grins at the stunned teenagers, giving Kirishima and Tetsutetsu a nod as he places a hand on the back of each of his children, guiding them to the door, “Have a good time with Fourth Kind, Krishima!” Looking at Tetsutetsu, his grin seemingly turned almost sinister, his glasses reflecting the light and hiding his eyes from view, “You as well, Tetsutetsu. I expect to hear only good things about you both when the reports come in.” With that, the three visitors left the room, slamming the door behind them with a certain finality that you could feel.

Kirishima turned to his friend, frowning as a chill went through his bones, “What was that about, man? Not cool.” He shook his head, relaxing, “Not manly behavior at all, Tetsutetsu.” He crossed his arms, scolding him.

As the family left, Hitoshi gave his father a questioning look, “So…” He starts as they exited the building into the streets, “Did you hear any of that or…”

“Oh, I heard all of it.” Mic said with a shrug, keeping a nonchalant air about him, “Who do you think was distracting Fourth Kind?”

Ash looked at him wide-eyed, “How? Why?”

“I talk very loudly,” He put on his trademarked ‘Present Mic’ persona, his voice raising, “for a living!” He shouted, doing finger guns at his kids and a couple civilians they passed. Earning some giggles and eye rolls. Toning down a bit, “As for why? Either it was you kids who put him in his place, or I would.” Getting even quieter, he bends to split the difference of the two’s heights, wrapping his arms around them for a quick side hug, “No one gets to call my kids villains.” He laughs loudly, popping back to his full height and ruffling their hair.

Patrol was comparatively uneventful, so far anyways, it was almost midday already and nothing had happened. Hitoshi, while surprised to get a phone call, was honestly thankful, he was getting a bit sleepy again. Checking the ID he chuckled, answering the phone, “Hey, Maddie…”

“Toshiiiiii…” The girl whined over the phone, “I’m bored…”

Ash looked over questioningly, “Why are you on the phone?” She pouts, crossing her arms, a bit jealous.

Hitoshi gives her a blank stare, waving his arms towards the near-empty street, calm as can be, “I think you’ve got this covered, Ash.” He said, deadpan, before returning to his conversation, “Why aren’t you sleeping? You have to go out for internships later.”

“I already slept, I'm not tired, and now I'm bored.” Maddie sighed over the phone, continuing to pace lazily around the apartment. “Maggie and Dad are sleeping and I’ve got no one to talk to.”

Hitoshi bit back a laugh at his sister’s childish behavior, half listening to his father babbling away about something or another, “Why don’t you watch tv or something?”

“There's nothing onnnnnnn…” She whined, flopping face first onto the couch, “I even went through Ash’s study guides! I'm that bored!”

He blinks, glancing over at a still pouting Ash, the image of Maddie flipping through a stack of papers as tall as the small girl making him take pause, “Why on earth would you do that to yourself, Madeline?”

“It was either that or Maggie’s spell books.” She answered, face smushed against the couch, slurring her speech. She pops up, snarking at him, “Would you rather I turn into a parrot and fly in circles, squawking at nothing until you get home?”

Hitoshi shook his head, rolling his eyes, “No, but I’m interning with Pops. I can’t exactly entertain you right now.”

“Oh yeah!” She exclaimed, suddenly remembering why she was so bored in the first place, “Soooooo~ How’s your day been~”

Hitoshi scoffs, pinching the bridge of his nose, “Well, where to start?” Ash glances over, knowing where this was going, glaring at Papa’s back and crossing her arms. She wished she was part of the conversation, she had quite a bit to say. Hitoshi’s eyes were drawn to the motion, earning the girl a pat on the head, “I nearly got into a fight.”

“WHAT!?” Maddie shouted, forcing Hitoshi to pull the phone away from his ear with a wince. Why is everyone trying to make him go deaf today? She continued on, “What do you meannnnnn? Who tried to fight you?”

“Tetsutetsu from 1B,” He answered, pausing to think of a way to describe him to jog her memory, “Tin foil man.”

Maddie’s nose scrunched up, the mention of him causing her to be reminded of the metallic smell she was forced to deal with in the halls, “Why?”

“The sports festival,” He answered, dropping his free hand to his pocket as he walked, “During the cavalry battle, I used my quirk on him. He was still mad about it apparently.” He rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“Why is he still mad? You won fair and square!” She sits cross legged, a pillow in her lap She lightly smacks the couch, making a softly audible ‘thunk’ be heard over the phone.

“I know.” He says exhaustedly, not feeling even a bit of remorse towards his actions towards the other hero in training. The members of his team that day may have been a tiny bit different story, but only a little, “He even had the nerve to look me in the eye and call me a villain.” There’s a long pause, for a moment Hitoshi thought that the connection had dropped. Suddenly there’s a series of loud bangging and curse words that he REALLY needs to discuss with Maggie and Dad. They’ve got to stop saying this shit in front of her. “Madeli-”

He’s interrupted by more screaming, one clearly his other sister, just woken from her sleep. “WHAT THE FUCK MADDIE?!”

Another from Maddie herself, “HE CALLED TOSHI A VILLAIN!!!!!”

“WHO?!” Maggie shouts back. Hitoshi just stares at the phone, their yelling so loud even Ash can hear it from where she stood beside him.



The screaming gets softer, as if moving to a different room, when finally the extremely tired voice of his Dad comes through the speaker. Hitoshi returned the phone to his ear so he could hear, “Son, will you please give the phone to your father?” He manages just barely audible, voice hoarse, clearly having been woken up by the comotion.

“Yes, Dad.” Hitoshi passes the phone off to Mic, who had long since stopped walking and was staring patiently.

Hizashi takes the phone, grinning bashfully ear to ear, already anticipating what's to come, “Hello, Shota.”

Let's just say, Mic got a lecture that day.

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After the trio got home and helped clean the apartment, Aizawa took Maddie and Maggie out for patrol. While the two girls thought it would be a normal patrol near home, they were sorely mistaken. Aizawa took them out of the city by train.

Maggie couldn’t help but look on the map following the route that her Dad had told her they were taking. Squinting at the paper, she shook her head in realization, looking up at him disapprovingly, “Are you taking us to Hosu?”

“Yes.” He said bluntly, “You should experience what it's like to have known threats in the area.”

Maggie sighs, looking at him incredulously, “Known threats like the hero killer?” She asked, was he serious right now? She wanted to whack him with her map.

“Yes.” He had no plans to use baby gloves with his children, and while he was doubtful they’d find Stain, they needed as many people in Hosu as possible to canvas the area. Maddie was just staring out the window, watching the night lights go by against the backdrop of the setting sun, completely oblivious to the conversation. Still a little miffed about what happened earlier, if she was being honest.

The train ride was quick and before they knew it they were walking down a busy street despite the time. Aizawa kept a close eye on the alleyways, instructing the girls to do the same. As they walk, Maddie perks up.

She covered her nose after taking in a whiff of air, “Why do I smell burning trash?” She asked.

Not long after asking, the trio noticed a bright light up ahead, only to see it was coming from the fire surrounding Endeavor’s body. Shota just sighed deeply, there goes his peaceful evening. Following close behind but at a distance was a familiar multi-colored haired boy, with a look of “I’d rather be anywhere but here” on his face.

Maddie brightens at the sight of Todoroki, “Hey, Todoroki-kun!” She yelled, running over despite her family hanging back. Shouto turns at his name being called only to see Madeline, to say he was surprised was an understatement.

Maggie smacked the palm of her hand to the faceplate of her helmet tiredly, she could tell by Aizawa’s expression that this would be GREAT, sarcasm fully intended. Maddie separating from them definitely wasn't concerning either, noooooo.

As she got closer Maddie noticed something different about Todoroki, “Oh, did you get a new costume?” She asked as she stopped in front of him, completely oblivious to the look Endeavor was giving her.

Shouto nods, still a bit confused, “Yes, I did.” He answered, awkwardly.

Before Maddie could get another question in, Endeavor chimed in, ”Shouto, who is this child?”

Shouto completely ignores his father, pointing at Maddie with a blank expression, “That’s new.” He states, referring to her own costume.

Maddie, completely oblivious to the tension between Endeavor and Todoroki, gives her classmate a bright smile and does a little twirl to show off her costume, “Yeah! It’s my new costume! Do ya like it?” She clasps her hands in front of her and does a little calf raise, completely clueless to the fact her scars are on full display.

Shouto’s eyes widened minutely in surprise, catching the sight of her scars on her back and legs as she spun. He goes to say something only to be interrupted by his father.

“Shouto, I am talking to you!” Endeavor said sternly. Shouto just rolls his eyes, looking at the man irritatedly.

Shota decided to step in, Maggie following him close behind, not unlike a baby duckling following its mother, “She’s my intern and student,” He answered the walking fire hazard, “One of your son's classmates.” He said, arms crossed, staring down the fellow pro.

Maddie has a moment of realization, “That's your dad?” She tilts her head, putting her finger to her chin, looking up at him innocently. Thinking back to their conversation, she remembered the situation he was in, “How is your ‘forced’ internship going?”

Shouto glances over at his father and teacher, “Yes, and I’d rather not discuss it.” He notices the black mass lingering behind Aizawa and points blankly, “Another intern?”

Maddie follows his gaze, “Oh!” She skips over to her sister, grabbing her arm and dragging the stunned girl back over to Todoroki, “It’s Maggie!”

“Yes,” Maggie sputters out, confused, “It’s me, what?” She blurts out, brow furrowed as she regains her footing.

“Todoroki-kun wanted to know who you were.” Maddie explained.

“Oh.” Maggie nods, turning to look at Todoroki with a small nod and awkward wave, “Hello.” She said stiltedly.

Shouto nods back, mimicking her subconsciously, “Hello.”

Enji interrupts his own conversation with Eraserhead, cutting him off mid-sentence to cut into the kids awkward talk, “Shouto, we don't have time for you to socialize.” He grunted, glaring at the two girls skeptically, “We have to train your fire side now that you’ve given up your stubborn refusal of your destiny. And Stain is out there, preparing himself for his next move. You can't allow those below you to distract you from your goals so easily.” His eyes flitted to Eraserhead and his interns, a transparently blatant insult to his son's teacher and classmates.

Maddie freezes, her smile forgotten. Staring up at the man who had the guts to insult her family to their faces, “Excuse me?” She asked, thinking she must have heard him wrong, “What did you just say, sir?” Shota puts his hand to his capture weapon, foreseeing how quickly this could turn badly, considering his children's’ tempers. Though the only thing keeping him calm was years of building up a tolerance for bullshit in addition to the professionalism he was forced to maintain as a hero.

“Shouto is my masterpiece,” Enji said as if it was obvious, talking down to the child before him as if she was nothing more than dirt under his heel. “He doesn’t have time to waste on people like you.”

Maggie glares daggers at the man, fisting her cloak in anger but staying silent. Maddie however did not have that form of restraint. Turning to her classmate, she gives him a tight smile, “Todoroki-kun, you didn’t tell me your father was a dick.”

Everyone freezes. Shouto looked at her in awe. He’d never seen anyone outside of himself and Natsuo have the courage to talk to his father in that manner before. It was a sight to behold. “Oh, yeah. Sorry.”

“How dare you call ME,” He emphasized, towering threateningly over the teenager (a TEENAGER mind you) in an attempt to intimidate her, “the number two hero, such profanity.”

Maddie glared up at him, unfazed. Putting her hands on her hips, she retaliated, defending herself, “I’M pretty sure that the ‘number two hero’ shouldn't be calling my friend, his SON, a masterpiece as if he’s an object!” Shota, noticing his youngest daughter’s hand twitching, activated his quirk to prevent any ‘incidents’. “Then again, clearly you’re a flaming pile of shit!”

Maggie grabs the back of Todoroki’s collar, walking backwards to remove them both from the situation. She didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire, and her classmate seemed too amazed to move on his own accord. “Come on, Pretty Boy.” She said tiredly, watching her sister get more angry by the second from the sidelines.

Maddie steps forward, unperturbed still, far too angry to care about much else, “I heard he was forced into this, was that you?” She asked, her voice slowly turning mocking. Sounding not unlike her brother in tone, she continued on, “Are you lonely? Do you need your son’s company that badly~?”

Shouto cracks a small smile. Seeing his fathers face contort angrily bringing him a slightly vindictive feeling of glee.

Maggie stood by his side worriedly, while seeing Maddie sass a pro hero was definitely amusing, she didn't want her getting in trouble, “Maddie no.” She hissed, not wanting this to go any further. Hoping to calm her sister down and bring her back to her senses, she continued, “Maddie, you need to stop.” She took a hesitant step, reaching out a hand to grab her despite the distance she had INTENTIONALLY put between them that Maddie had only increased by squaring up to Endeavor.

Enji turns to Eraserhead, flames blazing, “This is your intern, isn’t it?”

Shota grips his scarf tightly, anger flaring at the mans tone, knowing he’s about to say something stupid, “Yes, she is.”

“Control it.” He demanded, as if he had some sense of authority over him.

Shota’s hair whipped around his head more violently, the loose edges of his scarf following suit, “I am.”

“It doesn’t look like it.” Enji stated, looking the pair up and down, “Put a muzzle on the child or something. She shouldn’t be speaking to her superiors this way.”

“I’M NOT AN ANIMAL, ASSHOLE!” She shrieks, lunging forward. Shota catches her with his scarf, restraining her and pulling her to him. Holding her shoulders, he releases the grip, returning it to his neck with a sigh.

Glaring at Endeavor, he squeezes his daughters shoulders in a silent show of support, “Apologize, now.” He demands darkly.

“Thank you, Eraser-”

“Not her.” He cut him off, “You. Now.”

Shouto couldn’t help but stare, eyes following the conversation, bouncing back and forth between the pros. His jaw went slack in disbelief. Maggie hugs herself almost protectively, leg bouncing aggressively as she sees red. Jaw clenching and unclenching, she glances over at Todoroki. Seeing his expression, a pang of sympathy hit her, empathizing with her classmate's situation.

Enji was shocked, was he serious? “Excuse you? I’m-”

Shota’s eyes narrow further, “The number two hero. I know. I don’t care.”

As Endeavor stands there in shock, Maddie pipes up, “Number two hero my ass.” She grouches, crossing her arms, “More like number one bully.”

As Aizawa continues to throw proverbial punches at Endeavor’s ego with Maddie putting her two cents in, Shouto can’t seem to process. “I don’t understand…” He said numbly, voice devoid of any emotion.

Maggie nods understandingly, going to pat his back but hovering for a moment before thinking better of it. Dropping her hand back to her side with a sigh, she shifts her weight side to side, trying to think of something to say. “...What don’t you understand?”

“How… Why did she defend me?” He asked, continuing to stare. “Why is Aizawa-sensei defending her?”

“Why wouldn’t she?” Maggie’s face scrunches up, thinking, “Why wouldn’t he?” Shaking her head, a sad half smile hidden under her helmet. She understood his confusion on some level, but the answer seemed so obvious to her. “They care.” She finally answered.

Shouto finally turns away, looking at her, “Why?” A certain child-like sadness in his eyes made Maggie’s heart ache. Her fingers twitched as she kneaded her cloak with her hands to stop herself from reaching out to hold him.

“She’s your friend.” She said breathlessly, resisting the urge to curl into herself from the emotional sympathy pains she felt for the poor boy. This really hit too close to home, “And Aizawa’s our teacher, and a hero. They're supposed to care.”

“She's my friend?” He questioned, the question another gut punch.

“She’s trying to be, yeah.” Fighting tears, she couldn’t help but stare at the scar on his face. His behavior was beyond concerning, and every good fiber of her being hurt for him. “If you let her, she’d be a good one…”

Shouto nods, looking at Maddie, thinking about what Maggie was saying. ”Ah”

Maggie looked back at the scene, “Forced…” She mumbled absentmindedly, “Maddie said you were forced, what did she mean?”

Shouto answered despondently, “My father is the number two hero. I was pressured into this position. I could have chosen someone else,” He answered honestly, “but it wouldn’t have gone over well.”

Maggie nodded, that had pretty much been what she expected. A sticky situation. “You had a choice that wasn’t really a choice.” She stated, really just talking to herself to solidify the fact in her brain. “I understand.” And she did in a sense. The illusion of choice could hurt worse than being told upfront that you didn’t have any. “I’m sorry.” Biting her lip, she finds the courage to rest her hand on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze before pulling away clumsily. Staring at her hands, she picked at her gloves and played with her fingers, “I’m really sorry…”

Endeavor stormed over, taking Shouto by the arm, clearly irate, “Come, Shouto.” He demanded, scowling back at Aizawa and Maddie. “We have work to do.”

Shouto ripped his arm away, glaring at his father, but following anyway. Giving Maggie a curt nod as a goodbye, he turned to his ‘friend’ and teacher and did the same. The side of his mouth twitched into a half smile before quickly steeling itself back into an angry neutral as he’s forced to trail after Endeavor.

Maddie, still revved up at the encounter, broke free of her dad’s hold and ran full speed at the duo, much to the horror of her family. Endeavor, thinking she was sneak attacking him, got in an attack stance only for her to latch on to Shouto and pull him in a tight hug. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, squeezing tightly, all the while sticking her tongue out at Endeavor. Shouto is confused and shocked, literally frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

Maggie snorted, meandered over to Aizawa, amused. Shaking her head at the girl's antics. She made her jump, that's for sure. Shota rubs his face, relieved that he wouldn't have to expel his child today, “Beast Queen, please let go of the boy and come back here.” He called, his head pounding. “You kids will be the death of me.” He muttered to himself.

Maddie turned back real back to her dad, “Coming!” She called back. Before turning back and lowering her voice so only Todoroki could hear, “Good luck with the rest of your ‘internship’ Todoroki-kun. See you at school.” She whispered before giving him a small squeeze, releasing him and running back to her family.

Shouto blinked, watching as she ran off, before being dragged away by Endeavor. He continued to stare until she was out of sight, much to the chagrin of his father, “I swear…”

“Well,” Maggie started, now that the family was reunited, “That was a fucking nightmare.”

“Agreed.” Shota responded, rubbing his throbbing temples.

“He didn’t even apologize, did he?” Maggie asked, already knowing the answer.

“No, no he didn’t” Maddie answered, pouting.

Maggie closed her eyes, unsurprised but annoyed none-the-less, “Son of a fucking bitch.”

Shota nods, sighing deeply. And with that, they continued on with their night. While typically Aizawa blended into the shadows, running on rooftops and creeping around dark alleys unseen, tonight civilians parted to make way for the three. The annoyance and anger palpable, a dark cloud seemingly surrounding them.

Shota keeps his voice down, teaching them about reading body language and how to spot suspicious people in dark alleys or lingering in crowds. Soon enough, they once again hear a familiar voice. One that just so happened to belong to their class president.

“Great.” Maggie grumbling, falling behind Aizawa, once again using the man as a sort of human shield against human interaction, “Just fucking great.”

Shota glances back at her, “We really need to work on your language.” He glances at the roof tops, wondering if it was too late to avoid his overzealous student, “And work on a way you can safely navigate roof tops so this stops happening.”

Maggie nods, biting her cheeks, “Yeahhh…” She sighs, “Looks like I'll be going over broom designs with Hatsume after all.” She snaps her fingers, crossing her arms in defeat while hissing, “Shit.”

As they get closer, they watch Iida round the corner with his mentor Manual. They try to look busy, looking everywhere but the pair, but they can't ignore Iida’s odd behavior. Especially considering they had literally just been in the middle of a lesson about body language. He seemed jittery, as if he had been surviving on nothing but a coffee binge for his entire internship. His hands quaked as the two talked, Manual seemingly purposely ignoring the strange behavior as he led him around town. Even his walk was more stilted than normal, robotic even.

Sighing, Maggie paused, “Okay, we can’t ignore that. Can we?” She looked at Aizawa hopefully, even though she already knew the answer.

Shota shook his head, approaching his student, “Tenya.” He called out, earning a groan from Maggie as she followed. “Manual.” He greeted with a nod.

Maddie whined, following after Maggie, “I’m tired of pro heroes already…”

Maggie couldn’t help but chuckle at that, “Me too.” She whispered, “Me fucking too.”

Manual greeted the group with a smile, “Eraserhead! A pleasant surprise!” Hearing Maddie’s griping, he leaned to his side to peer around the man. Spotting the two he smiled and waved, “Your interns? Are they alright?”

“We had the pleasure of running into Endeavor.” He said sarcastically. Observing his student with a critical eye as he spoke, he continued on, “He was lovely.”

Manual nodded sympathetically, understanding the erasure hero’s plight, “Understood.”

Tenya continued to shift shadily, eyes flickering around almost nervously. Essentially ignoring his classmates all the while, another thing that was completely out of character.

Maddie swerves around Manual, b-lining to Iida, “Hey, Pres.”

Acknowledging her for the first time, he makes eye contact, bug eyed and alert, “Hello, Madeline.”

Maddie tilts her head, concerned, “Are you okay?” She asks, sniffing the air. She could smell his agitation. Anxiety and anger. It burned her nose. “You look like you’ve had more caffeine than Maggie, Hitoshi, and Aizawa COMBINED.”

Maggie watched the two with interest, her shoulder quite literally to Aizawa’s back as he ‘talked shop’ with Manual. Iida looked like he was on crack, eyes bloodshot and paranoid looking. “I’m alright.” Tenya claimed, “You just focus on your internship, and upholding UA’s good name. It shouldn’t be hard with Aizawa-sensei as your mentor.” He glanced over to where Aizawa was staring him down, flinching.

“Are you sure you're okay?” Maddie asked innocently, “You look sick.”

Tenya shook his head, “I'm not sick.” He reiterated quickly, denial almost guilty like. “I can assure you I am in perfect health, Madeline.”

Aizawa cuts in, surprising Manual with his harsh glare, “Iida.” He said with authority, “Lying isn’t your strong suit.” He turns back to Manual, continuing the conversation as if he had never interjected in the first place.

Tenya just looks down, seemingly in shame, but refuses to speak a peep against his teacher's observation. What was there to say? Call his teacher a liar? Claim that he himself wasn’t? Both would be an insult to the hero’s character.

Maddie leans forward on her toes, standing almost nose to nose, looking at Iida’s reddened sclera, “You look like you haven’t slept in days.”

Tenya stumbled backwards, sputtering, he dropped his helmet, “I-” He struggled to come up with a response, “Please don’t do that! It’s highly inappropriate!” He shouted, karate chopping the air as he deflects from her accurate observation.

“Do what?” Maddie tilted her head innocently, “What did I do?”

Tenya was stunned, should he further reprimand her? She seemed genuinely confused. Maggie decided that, while watching him flounder was fun, it wasn’t getting any useful information from him. She spoke up, addressing Maddie evenly, but continued to stare Iida down from behind her face plate, “Having your face so close to his made him uncomfortable.”

Maddie stands there for a moment, letting the words sink in, “Oh!” She said, smiling childishly. She scoops his helmet off the ground, holding it out for him to take, “I’m sorry.”

Tenya takes the helmet, putting it on to cover his face as he regains his composure, “You’re forgiven, just refrain from doing it in the future.” He glances over, taking note of his other classmate upon recognizing her voice, “And my apologies for not greeting you earlier, Magnolia.” He said awkwardly.

Maggie gave him a little nod, picking some lint from the back of Aizawa’s costume, not really wanting to continue the conversation any further, “It’s fine.” She stated dismissively.

They talked for a short while longer, mostly Maddie driving the conversation forward with boundless enthusiasm, before Aizawa finally had enough that it was time to go. “Alright. Thank you for your time, Manual.” He gave Iida another once over from the corner of his eye before calling out for Maddie, “Beast Queen, say goodbye to your friend. It’s time to continue patrolling.”

Maddie nods at her dad before addressing Iida, “Goodbye, Iida-kun. Try and get some sleep and take care of yourself. Okay, Class Pres?”

“Okay,” Tenya nods, serious as always, “I will. Please do the same.”

Maddie nods happily, dashing over to Dad and Maggie, “Okay, I’m ready.” She waves at Iida and Manual, “Bye Iida-kun! Bye Manual!”

Shota sighs, resigning himself to the fact that there's nothing he can do about his student’s suspicious behavior. “I will see you on Monday, Tenya.” He said with a glare, “Don’t do anything you’ll regret until then.”

Tenya nods, too stuck in his own thoughts to register his mentor’s nervous smile. Manual chuckled awkwardly, “Goodbye, Eraserhead.” He said, beginning to speed walk away. Catching his intern by the arm, he tugged Iida in the opposite direction of where they had originally been heading, “Is he always like that?”

Tenya easily matched Manual’s rapid pace, confused, “What do you mean?”

Manual was clearly a bit uneasy, “Eraserhead. Is he always so…. Scary?”

Tenya nods, shivering as he remembers his teacher's glare, “Usually, yes.” The two continued to talk as they walked down the street, Manual clueless to the stares of the trio. Tenya however pointedly ignored them, not wanting to consider the implications of their gazes.

Chapter Text

The sun is just peeking over the horizon as Denki and his father get into their car. The day before had been a lot of quirk centered training, which Denki had been beyond grateful for, but the day had ended oddly. Thunder Strike had insisted that Denki come to his house the next morning instead of meeting him at his agency.

Thankfully, his father had been willing to give him a ride, “Is there any particular reason that your mentor wanted you to come to his home, son?” Mr. Kaminari asked. It wasn’t the strangest request, especially considering Ikazuchi Souta of all people had made it, but he couldn’t help but be curious.

Denki shook his head tiredly, quickly finishing the breakfast burrito his father had lovingly made for him, “I have no idea what goes on in Thunder Strike’s head, Dad.” He said, yawning, already dreading what the man had in store.

His father shook his head knowingly, flipping on the radio. Seeing his son didn’t want to talk to him right now, he just let him relax until they arrived at their destination. A small but beautiful house in a peaceful neighborhood. Getting out of the car, he looks at the house skeptically, making sure they were in the right place. It was a bit… more normal than he was expecting. “Thanks for driving me, Dad.” He shut the door, giving himself a once over to make sure he had what he needed.

His father handed his water bottle to him through the open window, seeing he had left it inside, “Be safe and have fun.”

“Always.” Denki gives a little salute, adding a bit of pep in his step to try and lighten his mood in preparation for whatever his mentor had planned for him today. His father couldn’t help but be reminded of his wife as he watched his son get greeted at the door by his mentor.

Watching him get safely inside, he left, “Just like her.” He mumbled to himself, smiling, “Exactly like her.” He corrected himself.

Denki follows Thunder Strike inside, looking at the modest home in mild interest, “Sooo…” He starts, rolling his water bottle between his hands, “What are we doing here?”

“Well!” Thunder Strike exclaimed far too cheerily for the early hour, “I wanted to show you the importance of a morning routine! The stress of being a hero can be overwhelming without a sense of order!”

“Okay-” Thunder Strike interrupts him by seemingly pulling a puppy out of thin air, “Wha-”

“And I also wanted to show you one of the best ways to manage that stress!” He held the small golden retriever puppy in Denki’s face. An adorable little girl with bright blue eyes and a red bow for a collar. She licked his nose in greeting.

Denki blinked dumbly in response, “A puppy?” He takes the puppy from his mentor, letting it continue to eagerly lick at his face, tail wagging away.

“A companion!” The man boomed, “Someone that loves you unconditionally to come home to every day!”

Denki was stupefied by the situation he was in, not understanding what his mentor was saying at all, “Did you…? Did you just want to show off your puppy?”

“No.” Souta denied, “I genuinely think this will be a good lesson on patience and responsibility.”

Denki just sighed, “Just say you want to walk your puppy.” He notices that Thunder Strike is still in his pajamas, “Why aren’t you dressed?!” He asked incredulously, gesturing to the half naked man before him.

“I figured you wouldn’t show up.”

“Why wouldn’t I show up!?” Denki exclaimed, startling the puppy and his mentor.

“I thought you would sleep in, Young Chargebolt.” Thunder Strike answered, taking the puppy back. Scratching under her chin, “It is early and you are a teenager.”

Denki glared, rubbing his face, “This coming from the guy who actually slept in.”

“Ignoring your brash attitude,” He placed the puppy on his shoulder, resting his hands on his hips in a power stance, “After I’m done getting ready, we will head out for the day!”

Dropping his head into his hands, Denki groans defeatedly. Souta laughed, going to get dressed.


Denki had the most unimpressed look on his face. Trailing behind Thunder Strike as he babbled away, he was forced to scoop the puppy off the ground as they entered more heavily trafficked streets so she wouldn’t get crushed, “What does this,” He wiggled the puppy in irritation, “have to do with hero work?” Not that hanging out with Thunder Strike wasn't fun, but the thought of Aizawa-sensei seeing he hadn’t improved much over the week haunted him.

“Publicity, Young Chargebolt!” He pointed his index finger into the air, saying it as if it was obvious, “A hero must show they care! Little Bolt here is a perfect example!”

Bolt barked, squirming around in Denki’s grasp at her name, making the poor boy a little less exasperated at her owner. Still, he puffs his cheeks before blowing a piece of hair from his face. Continuing their walk, he cradles Bolt in his arms, placing her so she can look over his shoulder. Reaching a busy plaza, he can’t help but be drawn to the sound of shouting. Confused, he looked around, not recognizing the voice until he got closer. Mumbling to himself, he tries to peer over the small crowd gathering, “Sounds like Bakugo, but that hair... “ He watches a teen yell at small children, Best Jeanist trying to suavely intervene. The teen whips around to yell that the pro, showing off it is, in fact, Bakugo. Denki choked on a laugh, “It IS Bakugo! OH! YEAH!” He pulls out his phone, rapidly taking photo after photo, “Kirishima is NOT going to believe this!”

“Oh, that's the student that won the sports festival, isn’t it? One of your classmates?” Thunder Strike asked, preparing to push through the crowd.

“Don’t mention the sports festival. He’ll blow up.” He pockets his phone, doing a little hand motion to imitate an explosion, “Phrew! Literally.”

Souta nodded, “Alright. Noted.” He placed a hand on Denki’s upper back, “Come now, Chargebolt!”

“Wait, what?” Denki shook his head, “No. Nononononono.” He said vehemently, as he is continued to be led through the crowd, “Why?!”

“Publicity, Young Chargebolt!”

“Say that one more time…” He grumbled.

“Your friend is scaring the children!” Thunder Strike elaborated, “What sort of heros would we be if we didn’t come to their aid?”

“I have nothing to say to that.” Denki sighed, giving Bolt some pats of comfort seeing as they were approaching a literal demon.

Breaking through the remaining citizens, they reached the pair as well as the tearful kids, “Best Jeanist!” Thunder Strike greeted, forcing attention onto him.

Best Jeanist clasped Bakugo on the shoulder, turning to face the fellow pro, honestly a bit embarrassed at his interns behavior, “Ah, hello Thunder Strike and...”

Denki piped in, “Chargebolt, sir!” Bolt barks, trying to twist around in his arms. Denki holds her up at eye level, “And Bolt!” He turns to face a still feral looking Bakugo, trying to avoid being killed by not laughing at the trademarked ‘Best Jeanist’ hairstyle his friend was sporting, “Really Kaachan?” He snarked, “Scaring children?”

“Shut up, Dunceface!” Katsuki growled, hands popping in warning. Bolt whined, trying to get closer to Denki, and away from Bakugo. Noticing, he squints at the thrashing golden girl in Denki’s arms, “Why do you have a dog?”

“It’s Thunder Strike’s.” He said tiredly, “But not the point! You shouldn't be scaring children, Bakugo!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, grunting, “Whatever.”

As Bakugo and Denki go back and forth, Present Mic makes his presence known. The man stride’s over, already giving a small child a piggy back ride to cheer them up, “Hello hello hello, Little Listeners!” He whooped, using his almost goofy persona to get the kids all riled up again, Maggie and Maddie trailing behind him.

“Oh no.” Denki said, putting both the puppy and Bakugo in between himself and the girls.

Katsuki looks at him, confusedly glaring. Before he could ask, they heard a loud, “Kaminari-kun!” From Maddie. It really answered all his questions.

Maddie skipped over, smiling brightly. Maggie stalked close behind, trying to make herself as small as possible, staring at the ground. Denki jumped backwards as Maddie just about lunged at him. “Wait wait wait.” Denki put his hand up, still cradling Bolt to his chest firmly with the other, “Hold on! Beast Queen! I might need to catch you up on Japanese customs!”

Maddie deflates a little, “What do you mean?” She asked, clueless as to what she did wrong.

“It may be okay in America, but in Japan, surprise hugs are a no-go.” Denki explained, feeling a little bad at her disappointed face. “Especially guys and girls. It’s awkward.”

Maddie just stands there nodding for a bit, committing that to memory. Her eyes widened in horror as she remembered yesterday, turning to her sister, “Maggie! I did something horrible!”

Maggie raises her head from where it was trained on the ground, concerned, having not been paying attention to the conversation, “What could you have possibly done in the last minute that is so bad?” Denki and Katsuki both watched, confused.

“Yesterday I hugged Todoroki!” Maddie said, mortified, “Apparently that's not okay!” Denki was beyond confused, how had that happened?!

Maggie nods in understanding. She had been trying to figure out a way to explain to her that she should probably stop ambushing people with affection, but it seems Denki beat her to it. “Oh, yeah. It’s not that bad.” She said, hugging her, “He’s not mad at you or anything. He honestly looked like he needed one.” That further confused the two boys currently witnessing this interaction.

“But what if he thinks I'm weird now?!” Maddie whined, pouting.

“I doubt that.” Maggie shot back immediately. Remembering both yesterday, as well as their first day of school where he had stared Maddie down for an entire class, like a creep. “If anything, I think you impressed him.”

Katsuki finally had enough, unable to keep himself quiet any longer, “What the fuck happened yesterday?!”

Maggie whipped her head towards him, not even realizing he was there until now due to being stuck in her own head. Glaring for a second, fully ready to retort, she froze. She took in his hair, glancing between him and his mentor as she mentally processed what she was seeing. Finally she took a step forward, then another, until they were face to helmet, before bursting out in hysterical laughter.

Now that Denki had justification, and a more human shield, he burst out laughing as well, “Best Jeanist’s best work, right?” He choked out, letting Maddie take Bolt as he doubled over in laughter.

Maggie was literally crying beneath her helmet, “Oh it's beautiful!” She clapped not unlike a trained seal, still cackling, “A masterpiece!”

Katsuki was enraged, he didn’t even WANT the stupid hair cut! “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU BOTH! DIE!” He kept shouting, despite the two being seemingly unaffected by the threats.

Bolt, however, was not. Quivering in fear, she tried to hide in Maddie’s arms. Maddie watched in confusion, trying to comfort the poor girl, “It’s just a haircut…” She murmurs to herself, “I don’t get it…”

As the teens, minus a very confused Maddie, continued to squabble they didn't notice their mentors approach. Hearing someone loudly clearing their throat, they were interrupted by three unamused pros.

“Really?” Hizashi said lowly, scolding the kids in a very ‘Un-Present Mic’ way, “In front of the civilians?”

Maggie dropped her head, embarrassed. Curling into herself shyly, she nervously chuckled, “Sorry Mic.”

“Bakugo.” Best Jeanist started, “This,” He waved around to the crowd in a twirl before striking his favorite pose, “was exactly what I was trying to avoid.”

Bakugo huffed, fully ready to get into another useless argument with his mentor. Opening his mouth to give Best Jeanist an even bigger migraine, a hand was smacked over it. Maddie silenced him, not wanting to upset her Papa or the other pros further, “Boom Boom Boi, please do us all a favor and be quiet.” She said innocently, as if Bakugo wasn’t literally exploding as she spoke.

Thunder Strike wasn’t really upset, but exaggerated his faux scolding to match his fellow pros, “Young Chargebolt, that wasn’t very nice!” He wagged his finger, biting back a smile.

“What’s not nice,” Denki sassed back, taking Bolt from Maddie and holding her in her owner's face, “is getting me up at dawn to walk your dog.”

Thunder Strike had to bite back a chuckle, patting both Bolt and Denki affectionately, “I’ll let this behavior go this once.”

Denki rolled his eyes, watching his classmate’s interact with their mentors. Mic quickly regained his typical demeanor, shouting in a cheerful voice, “THIS!” The man threw his arms around with vigor, doing an excited-like hop, “Is why we’re here! We’re working on public image and communicating with civilians today!”

Maggie went completely still, eyes widening unseen but definitely felt by the hyper man. Snapping out of it, she vehemently shakes her head, “No. Absolutely not.” She said firmly, a bit of panic lacing her tone.

Hizashi acted as if he had no pity for his anxious child, this lesson was specifically for her in the end. “Little Listener! You think you have an option! Which is hilarious!”

Maggie groans, stomach twisting. She knew he’d do this eventually, but that doesn’t make it any easier, “You’re the worst, Mic. The. Worse.”

Maddie patted her sister’s back sympathetically, “There, there.”

Maggie sighs, accepting her fate, she convinces Mic to let her calm down a bit before he throws her to the wolves. She walks over to a very tired and annoyed looking Kaminari, awkwardly poking him on the shoulder, “Hey… Uh…” She plays with her hands, unable to look at her classmate for an extended period of time, “Can I hold the dog?”

“Uhhhh… sure?” He replied, confused. He gingerly handed her Bolt, looking at her skeptically as she began to cuddle her.

Thunder Strike points, “See!” He boomed, startling the girl just as she had begun to calm down, “She gets it!”

Denki gave him a blank look, “Her wanting to hold a cute puppy means nothing.”

Maggie looked back and forth between the two, not exactly used to Kaminari’s demeanor. Their relationship dynamic honestly reminded her a bit of the one she had with Mic. With that thought, as if he was summoned, Mic bounded up, “Alright Little Listener!” He clasped his hands on Maggie’s shoulders, “Enough stalling!” He twirled his daughter towards a member of the small audience they had, not even letting her give the dog back. He began introducing her as his intern to the rando before taking a step back, still closely monitoring the ‘conversation.’

Thunder Strike grinned, pushing Denki towards them lightly, “Go on!”

Denki huffs, sticking his hands in his pockets, “Fine.” He saunters over, growing concerned as he witnesses the conversation go on. Maggie seemed like she was struggling to speak, holding Bolt like a teddy bear. “Are you okay?”

Maggie nods, like a liar, “I’m fine.” She stated, her mouth feeling like it was full of cotton. She hated feeling like this, nervous, jittery.

Denki wasn’t believing it, “Sure…” He said sarcastically. Lightly grabbing her arm, he pulls her away, giving a quick goodbye to the equally concerned civilian. “Come on.” He said, shooting her a small smile as he led her to the group of children. Grabbing their attention easily, he started showing them his quirk. Focusing the electricity to his hands, little sparks flying between them, to the little ones’ excitement.

Maggie tilts her head in confusion, absentmindedly petting the dog as she watches the little light show Kaminari was putting on. Already, she felt a lot better. “Why-” She shakes her head, unsure what to say, “What was that about?” She asked, her tone a little unintentionally abrasive, not unlike every other time she spoke.

“You might be mildly intimidating,” Denki said, not looking away from his hands and the children, not wanting to shock anyone, “but I could tell you needed help.” He said simply, shrugging. He wasn’t just going to leave her there, struggling.

“I-” Maggie was stunned, left sputtering, “Thank you?”

“No prob,” He said with a shrug, smiling. “It’s what friends do!”

Maddie pops up out of nowhere, having witnessed the entire situation in cat form while a kid cuddled her aggressively, “Thanks for helping Maggie, Kaminari-kun!” She shouted, nearly getting shocked by the boy in question out of reflex. Turning to her sister, she brightly grinned, “And look at you making friends!”

Denki puts a hand over his heart, “Maddie don’t do that!”

Maddie just brushes it off, giving him a half hearted smile of apology. Turning back to Maggie, she bounces excitedly, “Come on Maggie! Show em some magic!”

“Beast Queen, code names.” She stated bluntly, “Remember?” Maggie pinched her cheek before hesitating, glancing at the children and sighing, “Alright…” She sat on the ground, putting the puppy in her lap and patting the ground for the children to come closer. If she hung out with the kids, then Mic would probably leave her alone and not force her to talk to any of the gathered adults.

“What? The Witch is going to talk to strangers without stuttering?” Katsuki mocked, finally having been released by an exhausted Best Jeanist.

“At least she didn’t threaten to blow up literal children.” Denki sassed back, earning a couple of laughs.

“What you say, Pikachu?!”

“Oh sorry, I'll repeat myself.” Denki said, unbothered. “She’s not scarring the children!” He said slowly, drawing it out. Normally Denki wouldn't act the way he's been today, but given the morning he's had. Let's just say his patience is near non-existent at the moment.

Before Bakugo had a chance to respond, Maggie butted in, “Okay.” She said, gazing up at Kaminari confused, “Now I’ve gotta ask, are YOU okay?”

“Oh I'm fine,” Denki deadpanned, arms crossed, “Terrific really.” He was everything but fine.

Maddie watched worriedly, “You don’t sound it. You look annoyed.” A gust of wind blew, causing her to sniff the air, “And you smell irritable.”

“I’m just tired.” He sighed, unable to get snippy at her. It’s not her fault that his mentor seemed to think he was a dog walker. “I just had a rough morning.” He smiled softly at her.

“You’re this tired over one shitty morning?” Katsuki grumbled, “Pathetic.”

“Hold on, wait a minute.” Maggie interjected, “Fuck you, buddy. Not everyone gets up at five in the morning every morning. At least he got to keep his hair.”

Katsuki turned multiple shades of red, steam practically coming from his ears. Denki was surprised, but also dying of laughter. That had made his day. “Okay, okay, as much as I’d like to keep doing this all day!” Denki chuckled, “We really need to do what we’re supposed to be doing before our mentors get involved. Again." He said, eyeing the three pros from the corner of his eye.

The children that had gathered were starting to get a bit restless anyways, so Maggie called for their attention, “You kids wanna see some magic?” She asked in a cheery voice, twiddling her fingers as little sparkles came out, seemingly falling from the tips of her gloved hands but disappearing before hitting the ground. Pre-school children were easily impressed, and many of them were very eager, and loud. She cringed a little, but continued on, putting on a little show of things she knew she would have liked at that age. Many of the spells actually originating from that time, a desperate bid to make friends, then when it didn’t work, entertain herself. She let bubbles float from her palms, smiling when a couple of particularly hyper children actually began chasing them. Bolt following suit.

While Denki watched, he didn’t notice one of the kids coming up to him. Feeling a light tug on his jacket, he looked down at a little girl, standing on her tippy toes. Her eyes were widened adorably in awe. He couldn't help but smile brightly, “Hi there!” He cooed, patting her head.

“You’re so tall…” She said almost in disbelief.

Denki grinned brighter, laughing, “Thank you! I’m glad someone thinks so!” He carefully picked her up, “You want to feel tall for a bit too?”

The little girl shrieked, excitedly clapping her hands and nodding eagerly, “Yes, please!”

“Alright!” He swung her so she was on his back, giving her a piggyback ride and making her giggle gleefully. “Hang on! The Chargebolt express is leaving the station!”

As the interns entertained the children, to varying degrees of success, their mentors watched while chatting amongst themselves about their progress. Thunder Strike watched the little scene, his voice booming so everyone in the vicinity could hear him gush over how cute he found it. “Young Chargebolt is such a joy to have around! Look at him!” He points to his intern, much to Denki’s horror. The poor boy was red in the face as he continued to run around with a child on his back. Trying his best to ignore the pro as he encouraged the little girl to pop the bubbles as he ran. “Fantastic personality! Improving on his quirk everyday! I couldn’t have gotten a better hero in training to work with!” Every word that Thunder Strike said, Denki’s face got darker. And darker. And darker still. Finally, his face was so red, his hair was neon in comparison.

As Kaminari reached dangerous levels of embarrassment, Present Mic interrupted Thunder Strikes eager ramblings with his own, “I agree! You two fit well together!” The voice hero said, “But look at my Little Listeners!” He practically threw his entire body forward, gesturing to the girls with a scarily large grin. “You’ve met Hex, see how well she's doing!” He waved his arms towards where his eldest daughter was surrounded by small children, seemingly fine but a little stilted. She immediately froze, not at all appreciating the extra attention that Mic was sending her way. He was so getting chewed out on the way home.

“And Beast Queen!” Hizashi shouted, even louder than before. He directed his attention to where she was putting on a show. Being admired by children and adults alike as she showed off a couple of her many forms. “Why, everyone loves her! How could you not!” Maddie payed her Papa no mind, used to the attention and his antics. She just continued on, unbothered, as if she hadn’t even heard him in the first place.

“My intern is like ripped jeans.” Best Jeanist eyebrows furrowed, two days and he hadn’t had a mental break. But he wasn’t giving up! “And not of the stylish sort. A boy ripped on the inseam, with no proper needle to repair them in sight.” He wearily sighed, watching as Bakugo continued to unnerve children and adults alike with his unruly behavior.

“I’m sure Young Bakugo has his strengths!” Thunder Strike said, patting the jean clad hero on the back.

Present Mic however felt for the man, being Bakugo’s teacher put enough strain on himself and his husband. He couldn’t pity the man too much, considering he had known what he was signing up for. “Straightening out a human firework a bit more tedious than you’d expected, Jeanist ol’ pal?” He asked, his kitschy tone taking an almost mocking quality. He peered over his glasses, wild eyes glinting in humor.

“I will weave these tattered threads of a child into a beautifully stylish denim jacket if it’s the last thing I do, Mic.” Best Jeanist claimed with conviction, raising his fist in front of his face and looking to the sky. Fully meaning what he said. Bakugo Katsuki would not hear the last from him until he understood the importance of a hero’s public image, or he was not the recipient of the Best Jeanist award eight years and running.

“Good luck with that!” Mic laughed, disbelieving. He’d pay to see his student not act like an ass for more than five seconds. As if to prove Mic right, the boy immediately began shouting causing a few of the children to cry. Best Jeanist just sighed, head pounding.

Having just gotten back to a normal shade, Denki gave Bakugo the most appalled look he could manage, “Dude...” He felt the little girl bury her face into his neck. Her arms tightening to an almost choking degree from fear.

Maddie surprises her classmates and other onlookers, backflipping over Bakugo and shouldering him out of her way and away from the crying kids. “There! I made the scary Boom Boom Boi go away!” She shoves him again, a bit harsher, before bending at the waist. Hands resting against her legs, clasped together gingerly as she made herself seem as friendly as possible, “No reason to cry!”

“Ha!” Maggie clapped, finding great joy in her sister’s actions. Serves him right.

Denki also couldn’t help but laugh, swinging the little girl to the floor after comforting her, letting her run back to her friends. “I think Beast Queen came to the rescue to fix your mess, Bakugo.”
“Isn’t she just the greatest~” Maggie cooed, rocking side to side with her hands clutched over her heart. Praising her sister and taunting Bakugo at the same time? A dream come true really.

Bakugo growled, hands popping in warning, “Hah?! The greatest?! No one is greater than me!”

Denki raised an eyebrow, but Maggie was the one to speak up. Calling out to Maddie, who was comforting the children still, “Hey, Beast Queen? How do you feel putting on a little show for the kids? I’m sure they’d love it.”

“Want me to put on a show?” Maddie asked the preschoolers with faux enthusiasm, her many years of performance experience coming in handy.

A chorus of excited shouts came from the kids, beyond excited. They hadn’t exactly expected such an adventure on their little field trip. Denki watched in amusement, honestly a bit excited himself. He hadn’t seen much of what she could do, but what he had seen was impressive. And surrounded by the children, she seemed completely in her element, oddly enough.

Maddie thinks to herself, tapping her chin with a thoughtful pout. She’d always had props in the circus, so she was a bit at a loss. She looked around, having a light bulb moment at seeing Kaminari’s smiling face. “Ah!” She puts her fisted hands on her hips, nodding to herself with a large grin. “Chargebolt!” She called, spinning to face him properly. “Front and center!” She demanded good-naturedly. She pointed to the ground beside her, adorably accentuating her order.

“Huh?” Denki said, surprised. It took him a second, but he cautiously walked over. Unsure what she wanted him to do, he just stood there awkwardly for a moment. He looked at her confusedly while rubbing the back of his neck, “Uh…”

“How strong are you?” Maddie asked bluntly.

Denki was even more confused, “Pretty strong I guess?”

“Oh I like where this is going.” Maggie giggled to herself, frightening the poor boy.

“Why?” Denki asked, his voice pitching up a bit. What the hell was Maddie going to do to him?!

Maddie just smiled innocently, not at all picking up on Kaminari’s nerves, “I need you to throw me.”

“Oh, okay…” Denki nodded absentmindedly, that wasn’t so bad. Then it hit him. “Wait what?!”

“Up.” She pointed skyward, “As far as you can.”

“I’m not sure-” Denki started only to get interrupted by a bunch of preschoolers cheering.

“Throw her! Throw her! Throw her!”

Denki sighed tiredly, dropping his head. Was he seriously being peer pressured into throwing his classmate by an army of 3 and 4 year olds? “I don’t feel right about this.” He rubbed his face, “But OKAY I guess!” He threw his arms up in defeat.

“Yay!” Maddie shouted, also throwing her arms up but for a completely different reason. Skipping over, she stood directly in front of him while facing away. Keeping her arm up, she looked back with a smile, ``Ready when you are!”

Denki was bug eyed, exasperated. Looking at the girl, he made a small noise of distress. How the hell was he going to do this? Where was he supposed to grab?! “Uh…” He looked to Maggie and Bakugo for help, as if saying, ‘How do I avoid being a creep?’

Bakugo was no help, an evil grin contorting his face into a near demonic image. His eyes screaming, ‘suffer’ as they glinted in the morning light.

Maggie was smirking beneath her mask. The more she saw Kaminari the more he was growing on her. Seeing how he was trying to be respectful, she decided to throw him a bone, even if his mild panic was pretty funny. She moved her cloak back to reveal her midsection and grabbed at the space of her waist and hips. She knew it was the most effective, seeing as cheerleaders were thrown and caught the same way. Moving her arms in front of her, she mimed the motion straight up, as if she was throwing her sister instead.

“Uhhhh, okay…” Denki said, grabbing her as he was instructed. He kept repeating a silent mantra in his head. He continued insisting it was just a form of training and not just haphazardly throwing his friend into the air like some sort of monster. He psyched himself up, “1, 2, 3!” He threw her as hard as he could. He stepped back and looked up, a bit worried. He wasn’t sure whether or not he was supposed to catch her, she hadn’t exactly specified.

The children immediately got excited, watching as she got higher and higher. Reaching her highest point, she seemed to hover for a moment. She transformed into a chimpanzee, backflipping through the air as she dropped. Closer and closer she got to the ground, only to transform into a beautiful scarlet macaw at the last second. She glided just above the pavement for a moment in front of the shrieking children before ascending back into the sky. Twisting and turning gracefully, she did a form of aerial dance. She flipped between different colorful birds of roughly the same size with seemingly relative ease. She never once stalled her routine, mesmerizing all who saw it. Diving, she startled poor Kaminari by heading towards his face at a neck breaking speed only to slow to an expert landing on the top of his head. She spread her wings as an end to her act.

Denki let out a breath he hadn’t even known he had been holding. Staying as still as he could, he couldn’t help but laugh as the kids cheered and adults clapped. He could vaguely make out his teacher shouting above the rest, but didn’t have it in him to pay him any mind. He raised his arm while still chuckling, offering her a better perch to hop off than his head, “That was really cool.”

She takes him up on his offer. Maddie swiftly bounded off his arm and twirled in the air as she transformed back. She easily stuck the landing, doing a bow, “Thank you.”

Everyone couldn’t help but be in awe over how adorable she was. Even Bakugo was mildly impressed, though he would never admit it. Maggie stood from her seat on the ground while clapping, “You did great.” She felt the intense urge to pinch her cheeks, but restrained herself.

Denki tilted his head, looking at Maddie with an inquisitive expression on his face, “How many animals can you transform into, anyways?” He thought through the ones he witnessed. It was hard not to notice how quickly they were adding up. ‘She must have crazy control over her quirk,’ he thought.

“All of them? I guess?” Maddie shrugged, she didn’t exactly have an encyclopedic knowledge of every animal that exists of course. “Wait until I can do the ones that don’t exist anymore though!”

Denki’s eyes widened, “Wait!” He said, holding out a hand, “Does that mean you could turn into a dinosaur?!” He asked, totally stoked by the possibility.

“I mean, sure? If I learned how it worked.” Maddie shrugged, she hadn’t exactly tried. Maybe she should? What even IS a dinosaur?

Denki’s mind was blown, and he wasn’t exactly hiding the fact. Maggie couldn’t help but chuckle at his astonishment. Bakugo just continues glaring. He scoffs, rolling his eyes at all the meaningless admiration that the girl was getting, “Present Mic teach you that shit, Bleach-job?”

“No?” Maddie said, not picking up on the passive aggressive tone at all, “I knew it before moving here. Why?”

Maggie couldn’t fault Bakugo for the assumption. She would have thought the same if she didn't know better, considering Mic’s over-the-top persona. But what she could fault him for was his shitty fucking attitude towards her loved ones. “Hey! Don't fucking talk to her that way, you dick!”

“Yeah, not cool.” Denki said, shaking his head. Bakugo really needed to learn to be nice.

As the three continue to argue. Again. Maddie looks over to their mentors, seeing her Papa, Best Jeanist, and Thunder Strike watching. Best Jeanist looked so tired and disappointed, not unlike Dad every time Deku broke his bones. Papa wore the same expression as when Dad pulled out his very used yellow sleeping bag to take a nap in public. It was a soft grimace. Meanwhile Thunder Strike was wearing the expression Toshi made when Dad did the same thing. A fond smirk, one someone might give watching their sibling win a fight

Seeing their looks, she jumps into the center of the argument, “Stop being childish!” She goes around in a circle, cutting each of them off, “Hex lets not start another fight! Mic really will throw you to the dogs!”

Maggie looks up, about to retort only to see the look on her face. Glancing over to Mic who wore a similar expression, she decided to shut up immediately. She did not need this today. “Okay…”

Maddie bounces over to Kaminari, pausing and looking down. Little Bolt was snoring, cutely nuzzled up against Kaminari’s boot. She gently picks her up, not wanting to wake her, and holds her out for him to take, “Take care of Bolt! Not antagonize our friends!”

Denki takes the snoozing pup, cradling her like a baby, “Fine. Only because you asked nicely.” He joked.

Maddie turns to Bakugo next, “I don’t know what the problem was, but let's calm down now Boom Boom Boi.” She nods resolutely, feeling the situation was handled.

Katsuki scowled, continuing to allow his hands to give out loud but tiny pops. “Don’t know what the fucking problem is, stupid?!” He shouted, frustrated at her cluelessness, “You! The problem is you! Do I really have to spell it out?! We’re arguing about YOU!”

“Are you mad because I took the kids away from you?” She asked innocently, her face scrunching up in thought.

Maggie sighed, “We’re fighting because he was being mean to you and insulting Mic too.” She said, her heart endeared by Maddie’s sweet naivety. Her voice got gruffer, continuing to talk at her sister while actually being passive aggressive towards Bakugo, “Despite Present Mic being his teacher as well.” She growled, wanting to throw her little witches hat in his face. “A teacher at UA, the best school, meaning the best teachers.”

“Oh… Wait.” Maddie turned to Bakugo so she stood straight on. She crossed her arms, eyes squinted from how harshly she glared, “You insulted Mic?”

“Yeah, what are you going to do about it? Huh?” Katsuki shouted directly into her face.

“Listen here you loud mouthed little shit.” She hissed, “You’re gonna shut your mouth. You’re not going to insult Mic ever again. And you’re going to do your job like you're supposed to.” Maddie demanded.

Katsuki and Denki were in shock. Denki’s eyes were wide, he cautiously spoke up, “How do you go from being so pure to going for the throat.”

Maggie nodded sympathetic to his plight, and far calmer about Maddie’s outburst than she was yesterday. This was Bakugo, not Endeavor, and Mic instead of Aizawa. She’d be fine. “She’s just like that.” She said to Kaminari, watching Bakugo freeze from surprise for a moment. “She doesn’t like when people mess with the people she cares about. And she cares about just about everyone.”


“I can see that.” He stated, smiling softly, before a thought hit him. Why was she defending a literal pro hero and not herself? “Hey… why is she getting so worked up?”

Maggie stands there for a second, not sure what to say, “What do you mean?” She asked carefully, really not wanting to get cornered by this conversation.

Denki turns to look at her, an eyebrow raised, “He’s a fully grown man. A pro hero. I doubt he needs his student to defend his honor from Bakugo.”

Maggie stares at Maddie and Bakugo, refusing to look at Kaminari, “She really cares about him.”

“I care about him too. He’s my favorite teacher, but you don't see me ready to actually fight one of the strongest people in our class over a comment I didn’t even understand at first.” Denki said, continuing to poke and prod for answers, oblivious to Maggie’s internal struggle. “She almost acts like a daughter.”

“Why do you care?” Maggie said almost desperately. She slumped a bit, her face distraught behind the opaque front of her helmet. Why was he so adamant about this? Why did it matter?

Denki noticed her tone shift, it was almost a whine, not something he expected from her. It seemed he was learning a lot about her today. “Because you four have been suspicious since the sports festival.” Denki states bluntly. “I want to know why. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Maggie felt like tearing out her hair, if it wasn’t for Hitoshi she would have just fessed up already. It didn’t matter to her, but it really mattered to him. It didn’t help that she was pretty sure Kaminari had a big mouth, even accidentally. “You clearly already know.” She whined, not wanting to lie, “Just ask.”

“Fine.” Denki said, not at all understanding what the problem was, “Are Maddie and Mic related?”

“Yes and No.” Maggie answered, even more whiny than before. She drooped even further, this was hell. She was gonna kill Hitoshi later, insecure bastard.

“Doesn't really answer my question…” He paused, narrowing his eyes, “Wait.” Denki looked her straight in the helmet, “Is she adopted?”

“GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!” Maggie shrieked at the top of her lungs, her voice wobbling a bit. She reached her limit tearing up a bit. Thanks Kaminari. You broke her.

Denki jumped backwards, scared out of his skin by the sheer volume. Well, that definitely answered his question.

Chapter Text

***graphic Descriptions of panic attacks***

Ash was already so, so, very tired. The night had just begun, and all of her energy had already been sapped. She couldn’t fault Maggie for what had happened, but she also couldn’t fault Kaminari. He couldn’t have known, after all. But calming everyone had definitely taken its toll. Dadzawa had decided on Yokohama for tonight, though Loud Dad has suggested patrolling near home. He’d immediately been shot down, of course. Dadzawa only patrolled there on nights he couldn’t stray far, it was mostly safe and where many fresh off the chopping block heroes worked before branching out. He refused to run into any of his old students tonight.

The way there was tense. Hitoshi was absolutely fuming. Dad had tried to calm him down, saying that rage would do him no good. That it would just cloud his judgment and make him reckless. He had given up after a while.

Shota was seemingly unaffected by the whole thing, the same amount of tiredness as always. It wasn’t that he didn’t care that his daughter had been upset, but he couldn’t allow that to affect his job. Especially considering that his son was.

Running into Kaminari, however, gave them all a headache. Including Kaminari himself. Denki shot Thunder Strike a harsh glare. He knew this was coming, but that didn’t make it any less upsetting, “You’re the worst.” If looks could kill, his mentor would be long gone.

Thunder Strike paid him no mind, he had to face the music after all. Not like he hadn’t been the entire day, “Lets go, Young Chargebolt!”

“Lets go, Young Chargebolt~” Denki mocked in a purposely poor imitation. He rolled his eyes, which were bloodshot considering he himself had cried not long ago.

Thunder Strike just ignored it. His boy would get over it. “Eraserhead!”

Shota closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why. Are. You. Here?” He mumbled angrily, maybe his husband had been trying to be a lot more helpful than he originally thought. Changing his plans likely would have meant he avoided THIS. Hizashi wouldn’t have told him about the switch. Now he could only hope his son didn’t pick an unnecessary fight. He gave Hitoshi a look, communicating that exact fact.

Hitoshi, of course, was completely ignoring his father’s silently stern warnings. He chose to instead stare down his classmate that could make blood freeze. Denki gave him the exact same stare. Ash? She was caught in the middle, literally. They were glaring at each other from over top of her head. Poor girl could do nothing but nervously giggle, “Hi, Thunder Strike. Hi, Chargebolt.” Thunder Strike pat the girls head in greeting before immediately targeting her Dad.

“Hey…” Denki droned monotonely.

Ash could tell how tired and just plain angry he was, and that Hitoshi was absolutely not helping. She left her brother's side to join her classmate, earning her a furrowed brow from both boys, “Do you wanna… Ya know… Talk about it?”

“No.” Denki gives her an exhausted look. Was she being serious?

“Alright. Understood.” Ash said with a small nod, “Won’t mention it again. Water under the bridge.”

Denki doesn’t respond. He put his hands in his pockets, looking anywhere but his classmates as they walked. He was at least acting like he was watching out and listening to Aizawa, Thunder Strike too busy fanboying to teach him shit. His teacher ignored his mentor, lecturing his students much like he did in class.

Hitoshi was boring holes into Denki’s skin with his gaze alone. Ash was still somehow in the middle. God could her brother stay out of trouble for one day?!

“Kaminari.” Hitoshi was surprisingly the one to break the uncomfortable silence, “I think we have something to discuss.”

Denki’s jaw clenched as he let out a horribly long groan, “Join the fucking club.” Denki said as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. The many lectures he got today mentally overlapped, and he still didn’t even understand what he did wrong! “You’re not the only one with a bone to pick with me today.”

“Mindjack, please don't do this.” Ash begged, looking to her Dad for help only to see that Thunder Strike had ACTUALLY somehow gotten his undivided attention right when they NEEDED him.

“I can’t not talk about this.” Hitoshi growled, fully ready to pummel his classmate into the pavement.

“Yeah, let's NOT talk about this.” Denki said completely seriously. His usual cheer long gone after the day's events. “In fact, let's not talk at all.”

Ash just stared at the ground, knowing all too well there was nothing she could do to stop this. And yet, she pleaded once more, “Please…” She begged, “Don’t fight…”

“So.” Hitoshi said with hostility, “How does it feel making a girl cry?”

Denki’s head snapped to the unnecessarily angry, purple haired, eye bag having asshole, “I thought I said no talking.”

“I don’t care what you have to say unless it’s an answer to my question.” Hitoshi stood his ground. “So. Tell me. Did it make you feel like a man?”

Denki goes stiff as a statue, not following the pros’ pace anymore as he glared, “What the fuck did you just say to me?”

“I said.” Hitoshi snarled, “Did. You. Enjoy. Making. Her. Cry?”

Ash put her head in her hands, watching the two stand nose to nose through the gaps between her fingers. She gasped, watching as Kaminari’s hand began to twitch before he started sparking.

It started at his fingertips, but quickly migrated, slowly covering more and more of him with random bursts of electricity. It was like watching a broken cable move itself around like a snake. “No. I didn’t enjoy making her cry, you massive prick!”

“Hah.” Hitoshi rolled his eyes, still not faltering, “Like I’d believe that.”

“What the fuck did EVER I do to you?” Denki asked genuinely hurt by the accusation, “Where the hell did I go wrong here? Tell me. I'd really like to know what I could have possibly done that was so shitty that you think this low of me! I’ve been nothing but nice to you!” He continued to spark, brighter and more frequently than before.

Ash dashed towards her Dad, yanking on his arm in fear. Her eyes never left where the two stood, “Dad. Dad. Dad.” She hissed panickedly. “Help. Please. I think someone's going to get seriously hurt.”

The pros both turn. They hadn’t realized how far ahead they'd gotten. In fact they’d practically left the kids behind. Shota activated his quirk the second he saw the sparks. Sparks that Denki hadn’t even realized were there. Shota closed the gap between him and the boys as quickly as possible with a faux leisurely pace. Hair whipped around his head, mostly trailing behind him in the wind due to his speed. He forcefully separated them. Hands pressed against their chests as they were shoved to arms length on either side of the man. He chose to look at Kaminari, seeing as his quirk was the one acting up because of his emotions. “What happened?” He said as even as he could but his tone was a bit gruffer than normal.

Denki willingly stepped further away so he wasn't restrained. Continuing to glare daggers at Shinso as he crossed his arms. “Ask the asshole that seems to think I'm some sort of monster.”

Shota closed his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself. Unfortunately, that was exactly what he thought. He took his eye drops from his belt, relieving his dry eyes and giving himself another moment to regulate his own emotions. Sighing, he fisted the back of his son's shirt and dragged him away. Reaching a stunned Thunder Strike, Shota looked at his daughter. Eyes weary and red, he pointed to her then to Denki. “Walk with him. Keep back. Don’t fall too far behind. Understand?”

“I understand.” Ash nodded, immediately returning, only to see Kaminari wipe a tear from his face as subtly as he could. A pang of pity hit her, his red rimmed eyes not unlike her father’s, but far more watery. “Are you… Are you okay, Kaminari-kun?”

Denki nods, shoving his hands deep into his jacket pockets, arms stiff at his sides. He stares up at the sky, “I’m fi-” His voice cracked. He cleared his throat and tried again, deepening his voice artificially, “I’m fine, Ash.”

“Okay…” Ash decided to stay silent for a bit after that, pretending that she didn’t notice the occasional tear or him frequently staring up at the starry night sky to stop them.


Shota continued to grip Hitoshi’s costume with what would have been a painfully tight force if it was any part of his body instead. Bruising even. It’s not like Hitoshi was going to run off or pull any stunts, and Shota knew that. Still, he continued holding his child like a lifeline and Hitoshi followed without incident. The only sound between the three was their feet against the pavement, not even Thunder Strike could fill the space with mindless chatter.

Finally, Shota of all people, was the first to speak. Keeping his head straight, he resisted the urge to glance back at Kaminari and Ash, already knowing what he would see. “Discipline.”

Thunder Strike stared at him, how could he just jump back into the previous conversation like that? Not that it really was a conversation, just Thunder Strike relaying what had happened. “Huh?”

“Discipline, without it, things like this happen.” Shota said blankly, “Too much of it,” His eyes flickered to Thunder Strike disapprovingly. “Look back, subtly, don't let him see you.”

Thunder Strike did as told, he respected and admired the hero, he wanted to learn. He saw what Aizawa knew was there, almost getting caught in the process, stealth wasn’t his strong suit. “He's-”

“Too much ‘discipline,’” He cut him off, “And you get that.” Shota watched Thunder Strike carefully, receiving an almost bashful nod before continuing, “There's a fine line. You can’t control the actions of others, and his family,” He glared at his son, a silent ‘and my fucking kid’ included, “are variables you have to account for in your teaching. They probably didn’t realize they were all telling him the same thing. You did.”

Thunder Strike understood, feeling terribly guilty. Wait… “Oh shit.”


Ash couldn't stand this, damn it Toshi. She wracked her brain for a way to distract him. Finally she did what she did best, awkward shows of support. She bumped her shoulder against his arm.

Denki stumbled, caught off guard, but easily caught his balance. Ash giggled. Denki looked at her, brow furrowed, “What was that for?”

“Affection!” Ash cheered, falsely grinning. “To make you feel better…” She laughed nervously at his continued staring.

“You’re and my definitions of affection are very different.” Denki deadpanned.

“Yeah…” She sighed looking at the ground. Well, this was awkward.

Denki just walked faster while shaking his head. Thinking to himself how weird that was.

“Hey! Wait up!” Ash’s short legs could barely keep up, “I have tiny legs!” Dad told her to comfort him. God, she was failing so bad. He was literally running away from her! What would Dadzawa do… Yeah no, not helpful. Papa? She thought for a second… definitely not. Hitoshi? No, that wouldn’t work. He CAUSED this! Maggie? Maddie? They’d just hug him! He doesn’t exactly look like he wants a hug right now! SHIT! Come on brain… WAIT! Kirishima-kun is his friend! What would he do…?

Denki just kept walking faster, getting further away. Couldn’t he just be left alone? For just a bit? Ash caught up, so that was a no.

Ash grabbed his arm, forcing him to slow down, “Wait a second! Please!”

Denki rolled his eyes but slowed down, “What, Ash?”

Ash pouted, how would Kirishima word this…? “I'm sorry about Toshi… He’s not usually like that…”

“Oh, so he’s not usually a giant prick?” Denki snarked sarcastically, “Only to me then? Great.”

Ash winces. Okay, that clearly was a poor choice of words. “He didn’t mean it…”

Denki gave her the most tired look, “Didn’t mean it? He asked me if I LIKED making her CRY!?”

“He knows you didn’t enjoy making her cry!” Ash said desperately, “He’s just mad! Everyone says stuff they don't mean when they’re mad!”

“That doesn’t make it okay!” Denki wanted to scream. He was starting to tear up again. "I'm not some sort of monster!” He screamed, a couple tears running down his cheeks. There was no way the three ahead of them didn't hear, but he didn’t care.

This was going horribly. This was the exact opposite of what she wanted. Could she have the happy, funny, Kaminari back please? “I know that…''

Denki wasn’t even paying attention. He was far too upset. “It started off a normal conversation! Then SUDDENLY she was screaming and crying! Without even letting me explain myself, I'm getting lectured on all sides!” He was waving his arms around, angry, hurt, and confused. “My mom, my dad, my sister, my MENTOR!” He jumped and threw his hands towards the man in question, not even noticing how he winced. “Even BAKUGO chewed me out! And I don’t even know what I did wrong! I didn’t have a chance to ask!”

Denki paused as he gasped for air. Tears streamed down his face and he didn’t care enough to try and stop them. Ash gaped, trying to comfort him, but was unable to get a single word out before he started again. “Then SHINSO decides to rub salt in my wounds by assuming I’m some sort of monster! Like I don’t already feel like a piece of shit!” His voice cracked.

Now, even Ash wanted to cry. She was just trying to make him feel better! Thank goodness that the streets were empty, otherwise this would be very difficult to explain. Ash was going to kill Hitoshi, that was if Maggie didn't get to him first.

Shota stopped walking for a second, glaring into his son’s very soul as he shook him like a rag doll. The message was clear, ‘Look what you did. Look what you fucking did. Good job. So proud of you son.’ He was tempted to just call it an early night.

Hitoshi, well, he deserved that. He knew he deserved whatever punishment his family threw his way. He went too far.

Thunder Strike was silently sobbing. He felt as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest. He’d been far too inconsiderate of his Young Chargebolt’s feelings, and this was the result. He looked to Eraserhead for help, feeling helpless and in need of saving.


It was quiet for a moment, too quiet, before Ash screamed in terror. The three immediately turned on their heels.

Denki had collapsed to the ground. Ash went to catch him, but only got shocked in the process. “KAMINARI!”

He was sobbing uncontrollably, gasping for air. His chest was tight, he couldn’t breathe. It felt like he was choking on his own mouth, his body withering into itself. Sparks flew from him uncontrollably, each one stronger and going further than the last. He couldn’t stop shaking, it felt like death. He couldn’t think and couldn’t stop thinking, all at once.

“Kaminari! Breathe! You need to breathe!” Ash was forced to stumble back to avoid the electricity, her arms flapping as she freaked out. She couldn’t do anything! Her head whips towards the others as she began to cry, “Help him!”

Shota rushed over, activating his quirk and kneeling to his level, leaving the other two in the dust. “Kaminari, look at me. It’s going to be okay.”

Denki just continued to sob, shaking his head with his eyes clenched shut. He couldn’t. He bent forward, head in his hands till he was almost face down on the ground. Hyperventilating.

Shota was forced to blink, but thankfully didn’t get shocked, “You need to sit up.” He pulled his student back, “If you curl up like that, you won't be able to breathe. Come on, up.” He went a step further, helping the boy off the ground, making him stand straight to open up his lungs. “Breathe, Kaminari. Breathe with me. In for three, out for three. Okay?”

Denki nodded erratically, barely hearing him over the blood rushing in his ears. Focusing in on the sounds of his teacher, he did as he was told. Slowly, he began to calm down. He wasn’t shaking anymore, but he just wanted to go home.

Thunder Strike finally broke free from his horrified paralysis. He too was shaking as he ‘confidently’ strode over. Eraserhead passed Kaminari over to him willingly, giving him a look that he understood to mean ‘I’ll kill you.’ He picked up a crying Denki, who immediately curled into the fetal position in his arms. “Come now, Young Kaminari…” Thunder Strike said softly, “Let’s get you home…”

And they left.


After the two left, Shota called it a night. The three headed home in tense silence. It was only broken when Shota sighed deeply and pulled out his cellphone. He called his husband, pinching the bridge of his nose, “Hizashi, we have a situation.”

“What did Hitoshi do?”

“Let’s just say expect an angry phone call. I’ll explain the rest when we get home.”

Hizashi sighed deeply, “Should I wake the girls?”

“Yes,” Shota glared at his son, “We need to have a family discussion.”

“Okay, I love you. Get home safe.” Hizashi hung up. Throwing his head back, he groaned loud enough to wake the entire apartment building. Cups rattled against the counter, a picture fell of the wall.

Maggie winced at his volume, ears ringing painfully. Barely catching the falling frame, she took a sip of the tea Mic had made for her. “What happened?”

Maddie padded in, rubbing her eyes sleepily, “Papa? What's wrong?”


“Let me guess…” Maggie downed the rest of her tea, already knowing deep down that she was going to have to beat the shit out of her brother tonight, “Hitoshi.”

“He didn’t tell me.” Hizashi said tiredly, massaging his scalp and anxiously running his fingers through his loose hair, “He just said to anticipate an angry phone call.”

Maddie sits at the table, pouting tiredly, “What happened?” She whined.

Mic leaned against the kitchen counter, “Your brother might be in trouble, Sweetie.”

“Why?” Maddie asked innocently.

Maggie pours herself some more tea, “Apparently, Hitoshi doesn’t like Kaminari very much.”

“Why? Kaminari’s so cool!”

Hizashi chuckled, “Hitoshi’s a grumpy pants.” Poor man just wanted to sleep, he should have known better after this morning.

And that was the end of that. The three sat, quietly sipping tea, until the rest of the family got home. Mic called out, hearing his husband's keys, “We’re in the kitchen. I made tea.”

Aizawa was even more tired than usual. Ash’s eyes were puffy. And Hitoshi dragged his feet, not looking up as he sat at the table. That really told everyone what they needed to know. But still, Hizashi asked, “What happened?”

Surprisingly, Ash was the one who spoke up, “Where. Do. I. Even. Start.” She plopped herself down at the table, resisting the urge to slam her head into the table.

“Oh no.” Maggie sighed, just what she thought.

“Hitoshi was mad the entire way to the city. Didn’t say a word! We get there, and Hitoshi is glaring daggers at Kaminari-kun.” Ash said. Loud dad passed her a cup of tea that she gratefully sipped from before continuing on. “Kaminari was glaring back, of course, but wasn’t picking any fights. Really, he just wanted to be left alone. But Hitoshi couldn’t let it go.”

Maddie played with her fingers, “What did he do?” She asked worriedly.

“He starts egging Kaminari on until at one point they're face to face, nose to nose.” Ash said, seemingly still at the beginning of the story, “Still, Hitoshi just wouldn’t stop. Kaminari started sparking! I had to get Dad to break them up.”

“Shinso Hitoshi-” Hizashi said disappointedly. His son still wouldn’t look up at him.

“No. No. No.” Ash interrupted before Papa could continue, “It gets worse.”

“How could it possibly get worse?!” Maggie asked wide eyed.

“After Dad dragged Toshi away, I was put in charge of cheering up Kaminari. It didn’t go so well” Ash put her tea down and rested her elbows on the counter. She put her head in her hands, squishing her own cheeks, “In fact, he was crying.”

“He was crying!?” Maddie glared at Hitoshi, why would he do that!?

“Oh yeah, he was crying. He tried to hide it, but he was crying.” Ash glared at the counter top, “But oh no, don’t get too riled up just yet! It gets worse!”

Maggie smacked her hand against the table, “Hitoshi!” She couldn’t believe he had pulled something like this, and honestly felt like she was partially to blame. Sighing wearily, she clenched her fist around her pants leg and asked, “What happened next, Ashlynn?”

Ash hesitated, her face twisting into a heartbreaking expression, “I tried to make him feel better. Tried to calm him down…” Ash slumped, “But he was so hurt! He started yelling about what happened with Maggie, then how everyone was treating him after. He was so sad, guys!”

Hizashi dropped his head into his hands. Shota, having been there, nodded in agreement to Ash’s recounting of events so far. He was aware his son wasn’t entirely to blame for what happened next, but he played his part.

“Oh no…” Maggie crossed her arms over the table, burying her head there like someone sleeping in class. She honestly didn’t want to hear anymore.

“Then, when he got to the part where he argued with Hitoshi, he started sobbing uncontrollably. He started yelling about how everyone thought he was a monster, our darling brother specifically! And guess what?! We’re not even to the worst part yet!”

Maddie was hugging herself and just letting her tears fall. She didn’t bother to wipe them away. She wanted to hug her friend instead, but he wasn’t here. “There’s more?” She asked in the tiniest voice, voice cracking.

Maggie wasn’t much better off, gripping her own arms hard enough to leave bruises as all the muscles in her body clenched. She felt terrible.

“Then, he went silent.” Ash said, a far away look in her eyes as they watered, “Only to collapse in the middle of the street, hysterically crying and hyperventilating. And there was absolutely nothing to do as his quirk went haywire. He had a panic attack. In the middle of the street. Over this situation.”

Hizashi was in shock. Oh that poor boy. He gripped the counter, heart aching for his student. He couldn’t believe it. Shota rubs his back comfortingly, understanding how upset his husband must be.

“The only reason he didn’t pass out is because Dad was able to calm him down.” Ash said, melancholy wiping her eyes, “And that was the end. Thunder Strike picked him up and carried him off, and we came home.”

Seemingly perfectly timed, the house phone rang. “That must be the phone call you mentioned.” Hizashi said sadly, “Will you get that, Shota?”

Shota nods, answering the phone, “Hello, this is Aizawa Shota. Who am I speaking with?” He sounded even more dead inside than usual. He winces, pulling the phone away from his ear, the rest of the family hearing just how loud their friend's mother was yelling through the phone. “I understand Mrs. Kaminari.” He paused again, letting her rant. “Yes, their parents have already been informed of the incident,” Another pause, more yelling, “Yes ma’am, I assure you that this won't happen again. I understand. Thank you. Have a good night.” He hangs the phone back on the wall, looks at his son, and shakes his head.

“Well?” Hizashi asked.

“Kaminari is home, safely asleep in his bed. He fell asleep on the way there. Thunder Strike informed his parents as to what happened. Mrs. Kaminari had some choice words to say about our disciplinary actions at UA. She also informed me if something like this were to happen again, she would be informing Nezu.” Shota said, eye twitching at the thought of the principal.

Maggie stands from her seat, casually walking to where Hitoshi was staring at his own lap in shame. She takes a deep, calming, breath. Only to swiftly hit him in the back of his head full force. “What.” She smacked his arm this time, “Were.” Again. “You.” Yet again. “THINKING?!” She grabs his shoulders, shaking him so hard she almost topped both him and his chair. “Why would you DO that, Toshi!? For what reason?! WHAT MADE YOU THINK THAT WAS OKAY?!”

“He’s so nice to us! Why are you being so mean to him?!” Maddie asked her big brother, just not understanding at all.

“I know I went too far…” Hitoshi tensed, taking whatever hits his sister gave him.

“Too far?!” Maggie shrieked shrilly, “You caused him to have a panic attack in the street! You treated him the same way people have treated us BOTH in the past! You know better, Toshi!” She cried, pulling at her hair. She continued to smack at his arm, but it was nothing compared to the first few. She didn’t have it in her. She knows how bad Kaminari must be hurting, over something that wasn’t even his fault even! The ONE TIME that Hitoshi decides to get overprotective of her!

Hitoshi nods, he knew. An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind and all that. “I know. I’m sorry.” He still couldn’t look at their sad and disappointed faces. He’d done worse than Kaminari and made ALL THREE of his sisters cry. Great.

Maggie and Maddie continued to cry, Ash joining them once again. It was hard not too. Hizashi pushed himself off the counter with an exhausted grunt. “Alright, I think that's enough for tonight girls.” He massaged his temples, “Off to bed, me and your Dad will handle this. It will all be okay when you wake up in the morning.” He promised them, herding them into their bedroom while Hitoshi and Shota stayed in the kitchen. “Try to get some sleep, especially you two.” He pointed between Ash and Maggie, “We’ve got an early day tomorrow!” He smiled, trying to ignore the pounding headache to send his kids off to dream land with a happy face.

Ash yawns, crawling into bed. As upset as she was, she was equally tired. The second her head hit the pillow, she was out cold. Maddie stomps up the latter, mad at her brother and worried about her friend. She huffs, flipping the blanket over her completely and curling into a little ball. She clenched her eyes shut, and ‘tried to sleep’ like a toddler not wanting to take their nap. Maggie flops face first into her bed and screams into her pillow. Yeah, no. Not getting any sleep any time soon. Sleepy time tea be damned. Anxiety, insomnia, anger, and her quirk would always win out. “You’re the worst, Mic.” She turns her head just to look at him as she talks.

Hizashi simply pats her head, pushing some of her hair out of her face, “I love you too, Maggie.” He walks out, pausing at the doorway, “Good night girls. Sweet dreams.” He said while smiling softly before shutting the door. His smile dropped as he turned. His voice stern, “Shinso Hitoshi.”

Chapter Text

Denki groans, squinting his eyes at the light hitting his face. The sun was high in the sky, his curtains were wide open, the window of course in the direct path of the morning sun. Beaming directly into his squinted eyes. He turns to face the wall, feeling stiff. His head hurt, thoughts like cotton. He was warm, wiggling, he noticed he was still in his jacket. Rubbing his face, eyes still squinted, he flipped the blanket over his head and looked at himself. “What the…” He was still in his hero costume, the only thing missing was his boots.

Memories of the night before hit him like a truck, making his head pound even worse. He’d lost it, and Aizawa-sensei helped him. But it was fuzzy after that. He remembered the way it sounded like you were underwater, muffled. Then nothing. How had he even gotten home? Oh he did not want to get out of bed.

He flinched when he heard the door creak open and lightly bounced against the wall. It was too loud in the deafening silence. “Denki?” A voice called quietly. It was his sister, weird.


Sakura padded further into the room, “You’re awake! Hi! How are you?” She plops onto the edge of his bed. She softly rubs his arm from over the blanket while rapidly firing questions at the exhausted boy with obvious concern.

“Sis. Sis. Sis.” Denki groans in English, taking his pillow and covering his head to muffle her, “Onee-chan stooooop.”

She pauses, feeling guilty, “Sorry, it's just…” She pouts, taking the pillow to run her hands through his hair comfortingly, “I was worried when you got home last night. We all were! Even Thunder Strike!”

“Oh no…” Denki props himself up on his forearms, looking at his sister with the most pathetic face. Dried tears and drool were still visible. ”Why me…” He whined.

“There there…” Sakura said while rubbing his back, “It’s okay. Thunder Strike is actually downstairs talking with Mom and Dad now.”

“Why me?!” He flops back down, absolutely giving up. He starts cussing into his mattress, every curse he knows in both English and Japanese.

Sakura scratches her cheek, giggling awkwardly, “Yeah, okay. Not the right thing to say apparently.”

“Ughhhhhhh…” Denki popped back up, crawling out of bed. “Let me go to the bathroom before I have to go down and face this mess.”

Sakura nodded, retreating back to the ground floor where the half awake and sleep deprived ‘Denki Support Group’ was having a meeting.  “Well he’s awake.”

Denki washed his face and was brushing his teeth when it hit him, “Wait, Mom’s home?” He asked the empty bathroom, getting toothpaste on the mirror. He runs out, not bothering to put down the toothbrush. He storms down the stairs, seeing his family and Thunder Strike standing around the kitchen. That just so happened to include his mother. Who was supposed to be in America. “MOM?!”

“My baby!” His mother hops over the counter and rushes to him. She pulls him into a bone crushing hug. Smushing him into her chest, she begins running her hand through his hair soothingly, “You’re awake!”

“Mom...” He drops his chin onto her shoulder. Falling into her soothing affection he hugs her back firmly. Eyes fluttering closed, “When did you get home?” He asked softly, “You weren’t supposed to have a break from missions for another few weeks…”

“Things got slow and I was only doing a lot of paperwork. So I was able to come early to see how your internships were going. It was supposed to be a surprise.” She cooed.  “I’m so sorry…” Her heart ached, she hadn’t slept a wink from worry. She’d been too hard on him. They all had. He’d never hurt anyone on purpose, she’d raised him better. The jet lag had clouded her brain and her baby had paid the price.  “My poor baby boy…”

Denki nuzzled his head into her neck. He needed this, “It’s okay, Mom.” He glanced up, only to lock eyes with Thunder Strike. He blushed and tried to pull away from her, but the woman wasn’t budging. “Mooooom, my mentor…” He whined quietly with obvious embarrassment in his tone.

Mrs. Kaminari rolled her eyes at her son. What was Ikazuchi-san gonna do anyways? Still she let him go. She didn’t want to be the ‘Embarrassing Mom.’ “Fine.” She pouted, squishing his cheeks affectionately before returning to where she sat her drink on the island. She did a little hop to sit on the kitchen counter that was against the wall and drank her coffee. 

Denki cleared his throat, blushing, “Uhh… Good morning?” He waved at Thunder Strike. Who was, ya know, in his house? At… He checked the clock. 9am. Shit! He was supposed to be up and ready to go an hour ago. Thunder Strike put his mug on the table, next to his very empty plate, before going to give Denki a hug. “Uhhhhhhhh....” Denki tensed up. He was very confused, and a little scared. Why was he getting hugged? How did he even get home last night?

“Are you okay, Chargebolt?” Thunder Strike asked. He honestly looked like a kicked puppy. “Last night was very worrying.”

Denki groaned and wiggled out of the behemoth man's grasp, “I’m fine!” He pouts. “I'm totally okay! Can we stop this now?”

His father squinted but just handed him a plate. Sakura and his mother opened their mouths to say something but were cut short by his dad’s stern look. Thunder Strike just sighed and pat his back, “Alright.” He said. He did not look happy about this, but honestly didn’t know how to go about this either, “Eat your breakfast. We have training to do…”

Denki sat at the table, starting to eat while everyone just stared at it. He paused mid bite to look at his mentor, pointedly ignoring his family’s staring, “What type of training…” He asked seriously. He already didn’t like where this was going. He knew his mentor too well at that point.

“We’re going to a training facility. To train.” Thunder Strike said bluntly. He had a feeling he’d caught on already.

“Okay…” Denki observed him, shoveling food in his mouth. What was the catch here?

“With Mic’s interns.”

There it is! “Why?” Denki asked pitifully, staring up at the man.

“It was already pre-planned, before…” Thunder Strike waved his hand in a circle, feeling a bit like a child being scolded. “Ya know…”

Denki dropped his fork onto the plate with a clatter. He looked up at the ceiling and just let out the most tired and annoyed groan, “And you couldn’t have just canceled it?” Sakura ran her fingers through her brother's hair to try and calm him down.

Thunder Strike had obviously called Mic in advance and talked it out with him, but the older hero had advised him it would be better to get the kids together as soon as possible. “It is necessary to resolve the situation quickly.” He decided to leave out the part about hearing Hex begging Mic not to go in the background of their phone call earlier. He didn’t need to know.


Maggie had been a nervous wreck all morning, and standing in front of the building wasn’t helping any. “Mic. I can’t go in there.” She said, looking at the man with wide, terrified, eyes. She was hugging her helmet to her chest, finding it too hard to breath while wearing it.

“You’ll be fine!” Hizashi waved off her concerns before petting her head, “It’ll be like ripping off a bandaid! You walk in there and go, “Hey Kaminari! Sorry about totally freaking out yesterday! Won’t happen again! We cool?” He said in his exaggerated manner.

“It’s not that easy!” Maggie puffed out her cheeks. She genuinely wanted to throw her helmet at the idiot she called her guardian. “He probably hates me now!” She’d been up all night, working herself up to the point no one could convince her otherwise. And poor Ash had definitely tried, all morning in fact.

“He doesn’t hate you.” Ash said for what felt like the thousandth time. “He just thinks you hate him!”

Mic gave his tiny child the most tired look. Maggie groaned, dropped her head to stare at the sidewalk, “Not helping, Ash!” She croaked as her leg began to bounce nervously.

“Yeah, well!” Mic said, “Ready or not, here we go!” He shoves both the girls inside, much to Maggie’s horror.

As they enter they see Thunder Strike and Kaminari in the middle of a training exercise. Mic pulls the girls to the side to watch. Sitting them down on a little bench, he stands behind them, holding them [Read: Maggie] down on the seat by their shoulders so they couldn’t run off.

Ash gasps as Denki lights up like the night before, “Oh no…”

“Oh no what?!” Maggie asked, even more freaked out now. “What is there to FUCKING oh no about?!” She wheezes.

“Nothing!” Ash waves her hands in front of her, immediately regretting all her life choices, “It’s nothing! It’s fine!”

Maggie just curled in on herself, putting her head between her knees. Mic patted her back, sighing defeatedly. Ash frantically continued to try and back track after putting her foot in her mouth.

The commotion caught Denki’s attention. He paused, looking at the three in front of him, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. The first thing he noticed was Present Mic. This is the first time he'd seen the man with anything but a grin on his face, and right now he bore a frightening resemblance to Aizawa. Tired and straight-laced. Ash was where he had expected Maddie, which only served to confuse him further. He watched her waving her arms about wildly, face red as she seemed to struggle with her words. Then there was Maggie, who was not wearing her helmet and hunched over as if she was in pain. Denki and Thunder Strike shared a concerned look and silently agreed that a break was in order.

Denki cautiously creeped over to where the girls were sitting. He looked at his teacher and gestured to the two on the bench. Mic just shook his head and put his hands up. ‘That’s helpful.’ Denki thought, shaking his head at his teacher. “Uhhhhh… Are you guys okay?”

Maggie’s head snapped up. Her mouth began to gape as her face turned a dangerous shade of red. She wanted to crawl into a hole and die, that was far more preferable than this. Ash just laughed nervously as Maggie dropped her head into her hands, “Hi, Kaminari-kun…Haha...” Ash greeted.

Denki raised an eyebrow. This wasn’t exactly how he expected this morning to go. “Hello…?”

Maggie couldn’t take it anymore. She suddenly jumps off the bench, startling everyone, and tackles Kaminari to the ground.

“Oof.” Denki got the wind knocked out of him. He laid on the floor, absolutely dumbfounded. One second he was talking to his classmates, and the next he’s on the ground.

“I'm so sorry!” Maggie babbled into his shoulder, hugging him tightly. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen!” She was crying. “I so so fucking sorry! This is all my fault…” She continued on and on, rambling.

Denki was paralyzed, head reeling from trying to piece everything together. His normally somewhat scary classmate had just tackled him into a hug and was crying on top of him. He had no idea what to do, what was going on, or how to fix it. He looks around at the two pros and Ash for help, but gets absolutely none. Finally, he just decided to carefully hug her back. Tuning into what she was saying only confused him more. “What are you apologizing for?!” Denki asked, beyond confused. Was this about yesterday? If anything he thought she’d be mad at him!

“All of it!” Maggie sobbed ever so helpfully.

“Okay, yeah!” Mic finally decided to intervene, “I’ve had my fun! Up you go!” He grabs her, pulling her up and off his bewildered student.

Denki just lays there for a moment before sitting up. Maggie had her head in her hands as she continued to sob and Present Mic tried to calm her down. Denki looked at them, Ash, and Thunder Strike in confusion. “Okay. I thought she hated me.” Denki started, head spinning. He was honestly concerned. “But now she’s crying and hugging me and just not making ANY sense. Can someone please explain to me what's going on? Anyone?”

Ash sighed deeply. She was beyond used to explaining Maggie to literally everyone they came across, so she decided to fill him in.

Denki went from concerned to somewhat exasperated. He jumps to his feet, “Okay… First, Magnolia, you need to calm down.” Maggie wipes her face and burrows herself into her cloak. She felt ashamed and embarrassed now that she’d cried it out a bit. “Now look, I know I’m attractive. But you don’t need to throw yourself at me.” Denki joked to try and make her feel better.”

Maggie snorts, the little joke working, “Yeah right.” She quipped back with a small rueful smile, “You wish, Sparky.”

“There she is!” Denki teased, smirking.

Maggie smacked at his arm, “Oh hush.” She shook her head, a bit melancholy, but at least she knew he didn’t hate her.

“Oh, and didn’t I tell you and Maddie yesterday?” Denki said, smirking even bigger, “Surprise hugs between a boy and girl is a weird combination.”

Maggie fucking shoved him, “Shut up!” She whined, starting to laugh.

Denki puts a hand over his heart dramatically, “Oh but now I know you DO care about me! Magnolia Titanrove cares about me! A true honor!” Denki mocked affectionately.

She goes to hit him but he takes off. Maggie ends up chasing him around the room, the misunderstanding long forgotten. The other three just let them for a bit, glad that it was over, before deciding that it was time for them to actually get some training done.

Mic clapped his hands together to get their attention, “Alright!” He shouted, back to his cheery Dj voice and mannerisms, “Lets have you kids do some sparring~!”

Denki does a little fist pump, “That's fine with me!” He cheers before deciding that Maggie had enough teasing. Swinging around to look at Ash, he grins evilly, “I’ll only spar with Ash on the condition she promises not to try and hit me with a stick like she did Maddie the first day they were in class~”

“That was one time!” Ash shouts indignantly. She crosses her arms poutingly and blushes.

Maggie practically collapsed against the wall laughing, “Oh my god!” She claps her hands, giggling like mad. She’d been teasing her about that since it happened, “Kaminari Denki, you have officially earned my respect.” She snorted out, only making Ash more pouty.

Ash stomps her foot like a child, “Stopppp~” She whines.

Denki galloped over jauntally. “Don’t worry, Bunny Hop.” He hopped once, smirking wider and wider every second. “You’ll get there one day.” He ruffled her hair, sticking his tongue out from between his teeth.

“Okay! That’s it!” Ash drags him over to the large sparing matt in the center of the room. He laughed the entire way. Maggie slid to the ground against the wall, still laughing her heart out. This was going to be fun.



“So,” Denki asked, wiping the sweat from his forehead and pushing his bangs back. “Besides the awkwardness of yesterday, how has your week gone so far?” He thinks for a second, “Like, Maggie? What was that about Maddie hugging Todoroki?”

“Oh god,” Maggie groaned and capped her water bottle, “You are not gonna believe what happened on the one day we didn’t run into each other.” Maggie said. She sat on the ground cross legged and patted the floor beside her.

Denki eagerly took her invitation, “What happened?”

“Me, Maddie, and Aizawa were on patrol in the Hosu region.” Maggie starts, “Extra security with the Hero Killer being in that area, and all that.” She waves her hand, taking a drink.

Denki couldn’t help but wonder why they were with Aizawa instead of Mic. He still hadn’t asked about Ash replacing Maddie today, either. He’d have to file those into the ‘suspicious’ category. “Didn’t Midoriya send out a text of a location in Hosu last night?” Denki asked instead, “I saw it this morning.”

“Yeah,” Maggie nodded. Of course she knew what happened because Aizawa had told her this morning, but Kaminari wasn’t exactly supposed to know that. “There was an attack I think. I saw it on the news. Anyways, we ran into Endeavor and Todoroki because they were patrolling there too. And, in case you didn’t know, Endeavor is a flaming pile of dicks.”

“I'm not going to say you’re wrong, but why?” Denki asked, enthralled.

“You’ll see.” Maggie held up a finger, “Maddie was just talking to Todoroki, having a normal conversation. Then his father, the ever so delightful number two hero, came over and interrupted them.” She said, adding particular venom to the word ‘delightful.’ “And when I say, ‘interrupted’” She did air quotes, “I mean, stormed over, called his son a ‘masterpiece’ as if he was an object, then said he didn’t have time for us, ‘distractions’.” Denki just sat there, blinking surprisedly, so Maggie continued. “And let's just say, Maddie didn’t like that very much.

“Yeah, neither would I…” Ash added, “Tell ‘em what happened next.”

“Gladly.” Maggie clapped, “This is where it gets good! Maddie was fully ready to fight Endeavor, Kaminari. You have to understand that. Like, think about that for a second.”

“Okay, I saw how she was with Bakugo yesterday, but Endeavor?” Denki asked, “I’m sorry but I can’t see it.”

“I don’t blame you.” Maggie answered honestly, “It wasn't until he told Aizawa to put a muzzle on her that she switched from just making fun of him to actually wanting to hurt him.”

Denki was in shock. He put a hand over his mouth, his index finger tapping away as he tried to process what he had just been told. “So your telling me the number two hero said to Maddie the most quirkest statement to Maddie possible?” He questioned in absolute disbelief, “You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope.” Maggie just takes a long drink of water, “Aizawa was pissed.”

“Okay okay okay. That still doesn't explain why she hugged Todoroki.” Denki asked, having received far more information than he expected by asking about it.

“Well, after Endeavor refused to apologize, he grabbed Todoroki and dragged him away. Maddie ran after him and hugged him. The poor guy needed it. I mean think about it. That's his DAD.” Maggie answered. “It was a two in one: piss off Endeavor, and hug one of her friends goodbye.”

Denki thought back to the sports festival, “Yeah, I thought he was just overbearingly supportive…”  Then he considered what Maggie had told him, “But no, him being horrible makes more sense.” Denki forced a smile and turned to Ash, “Anyway! How was your week?” His voice cracked a bit, unsure if he wanted to know.

“Well… I saw Kirishima…” Ash said awkwardly, “And Toshi almost got into a fight…” She mumbled.

“I'm sorry, repeat that last part for me?” Denki said, putting a hand to his ear.

“Hitoshi almost got into a fight with Tetsutetsu when we went to Fourth Kind’s hero agency…” Ash sighed, remembering what happened.

Denki had an odd look on his face. He was pissed at Shinso, sure, but he was curious what had happened THIS TIME, “Go on. What happened.”

“He was being quirkist.” Ash grumbled, a bit angry about it still.

That made Denki quirk an eyebrow, “Tetsutetsu? How?”

“He called Hitoshi’s quirk a ‘villan’s quirk’ like everyone else always fucking does.” Maggie answered for her bitterly. She couldn’t help herself.

Denki jumped up, “That's messed up!” He shouted angrily, “I may not be the happiest with Shinso right now, but that's not cool!”

Maggie flopped backwards, laying down on the floor. “Yeah, no kidding.”

Ash finished the rest of the story quickly. She didn’t want the two getting too angry, “Yeah. Me and Kirishima stopped them from fighting, then Mic came back from talking with Fourth Kind, and we left.”

Denki was ranting to himself at this point, upset. “I thought Kirishima had better standards of friends than this!” He pulls his phone out, fully ready to chew him out.

Ash jumps up, snatching his phone, “Kaminari, no!” She whines, holding it behind her back, “Leave Kirishima alone! It’s not his fault!”

Denki went to grab his phone, “Hey-”

“Break time is over!” Thunder Strike announced, “Lets get back to work!”


It was a little while later, and Mic and Thunder Strike had decided to work with each of them individually for a while. Now it was Maggie’s turn, leaving Denki and Ash to their own devices. Denki was quick to capitalize on this opportunity.

“Okay, something has been bugging me,” Denki said, “And now that we’re alone, I've got a couple of questions to ask you.”

“Okay?” Ash shrugs, “What are they?”

“Why are you here instead of Maddie?” Denki asked.

Ash tilted her head, “Uh? Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You were with Aizawa yesterday.” Denki deadpanned. He was not having a round two of 20 questions with Ash this time. “I’m pretty sure you can’t change mentors. You guys keep switching around. Apparently the other day Maddie and Maggie were with Aizawa and you and Shinso were with Mic? Now you're here when I expected Maddie.”

Ash giggled nervously, “I’m not sure how to answer that…”

“It’s really easy! Just give me a straight answer! I already know Maddie is Mic’s kid. Maggie told me yesterday if that's what you're worried about! I just want to know how you fit into this weird thing you guys got going on.” He said honestly. He just wanted to understand what was going on.

“Maggie’s panic attack is suddenly making a lot more sense…” Ash muttered, rolling her water bottle between her hands.

“What makes a lot more sense?” Denki asked confusedly.

“I did not mean to say that outloud.”

“Now I'm even more curious!” Denki waved his arms around in frustration, “What are you all hiding?!”

Ash grimaced, “Kaminari, it's nothing. Please stop.”

Denki just slouches forward, “You know I'm going to figure it out eventually, right?” He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes, “I'm not going to stop until I do.”

Ash is saved from answering by the pros calling for Kaminari to come for his individual training. She sighs in relief but glares at Maggie as she walks towards her.

“What?” Maggie asked, not knowing why Ash was glaring at her.

The second Maggie got close enough, Ash grabbed both her arms and started shaking her, “Why didn’t you tell me he knows about Maddie?” She hisses.

Maggie smacks her arms away, “Why the fuck did you think I had a panic attack, Ash?”

“Because you hate talking to people!”

Maggie promptly smacked her in the side of the head.

After Maggie cooled off from Ash’s stupidity, it sunk in that Kaminari was a bit more persistent than she’d hoped. They soon left with Mic for a short patrol. With a quick goodbye to the two electrified blonds, Maggie and Ash could only hope that Hitoshi would behave himself when he came to the facilities with Maddie and Aizawa later. After all, he was already grounded.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi was busy lacing up his boots when his Pops and sisters walked through the door. Ash and his father went straight to their rooms to change. But Maggie b-lined towards him on the couch and punched his arm instead. He looked up at her and glared, “What was that for?”

Maggie put her hands on her hips, “Don’t be mean to Kaminari.”

“I’m already grounded for being mean to Kaminari,” Hitoshi stated blankly, “Why would I continue to be mean to him, and get in more trouble?”

“Because you have this weird thing with him.” Maggie flapped her hand around, “And you’re in a pissy mood because you're grounded. I’m serious Tosh. He’s actually pretty cool. Be nice. ” She poked his forehead twice for emphasis before plopping down on the couch beside him. She smugly smiled and leaned her weight against him.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes at her, “Yeah, yeah.” He shoved her off of him to continue tying his laces, but she immediately flopped back against his side. “Maggie…” He said warningly.

“Yes~?” She cooed back, saccharinely sweet. Hitoshi gave her an annoyed look and shoved her, not just off of him, but completely off the couch.

Maggie went to retaliate, picking up a throw pillow to smack at him with, when Maddie came skipping into the room, “Toshi-nii~ It’s time too-” She stopped dead in her tracks, her sweet smile dropping into an annoyed frown, “Again, really?”

Hitoshi stood from the couch and stepped over Maggie to get to the door, “She started it.”

“Oh shut up.” Maggie shook her head, “Maddie, make sure he behaves. Kaminari is in a good mood now and I don't want Mr.Grumpy here to ruin it.”

“I will~” Maddie replies upbeat before shooting Hitoshi a playful glare, “If he does I’ll beat him up!” She said childishly.

Hitoshi just pats her head, chuckling, “Sure you will.”

Shota looked around the room blankly, “Lets go. We don’t have time for this.” He said monotonically before essentially dragging his children out the door.



The three entered the training facility, only for their eyes to burn at the insanely bright lights. After walking in from the dark, it was like staring directly into the sun. It wasn’t the annoyingly dull fluorescent bulbs that were the problem, it was the electrified duo in the center of the room. They seemed to be sparing, bright electricity was flying in all directions, and the noise levels in the building weren't much better. Ear bleeding thunder roared, shaking the walls and equipment scattered around the room..

Before any of the trio could get a word in, not that they’d be heard no matter how loudly they screamed they weren't exactly Present Mic, Denki charged at Thunder Strike. He leaped off the ground, sending a fist in his direction, only for Thunder Strike to block him while he was midair and sent Denki back a few feet. Thunder Strike then sends a bolt of lightning at him which Denki narrowly avoids, not that he really needed to considering he would have been just fine. Denki decides to return the favor, shooting out more electricity in all directions only to almost hit his unseen teacher and classmates.

Shota had tried to let it play out despite the noise being unbearable and the lights blinding him and irritating his dry eye. But having to leap out of the way to avoid being electrocuted? No, that was the final straw. Activating his quirk, his shoulders dropped as he raised from his defensive crouch as the electrically dissipated and the thunder stopped. “We’re here.” He announced dully.

Hitoshi stood from where he had fallen on his ass getting out of the way. He huffed in annoyance as he brushed the dirt off his pants. He looked around for Maddie to make sure she hadn’t gotten hit, only to see her more than halfway up the wall. He walks over to stand underneath her, letting out an amused puff of air, “Maddie? Why are you on the wall?”

“It shocked me, Hitoshi.” Maddie said cheekily, her face mimicking that of her Papa when he made a pun.

Hitoshi shook his head, hiding his mild amusement, “Never make a pun again,” He demanded, “And come down.”

“Papa would have found it funny,” She gripes as she climbs back down and transformed her hands back from their sticky gecko-like state.

Papa isn’t here right now.” Hitoshi shot back with a mocking tone. Maddie stuck her tongue out at him.

Denki awkwardly waved at Aizawa while the two bickered, realizing this is the second time this week he’d nearly electrocuted his teacher. Thunder Strike was happy to see Eraserhead as always considering his schoolboy-like admiration, and minor obsession, towards the man. “Hello!”

Shota deactivated his quirk and immediately pulled his eye drops from his belt to relieve his burning eyes. He ignored the greeting until he was done, only to return it with a curt nod. Denki chose to overlook his mentor’s obvious infatuation and his teacher's obvious annoyance. He walked over to his classmates instead, ignoring Shinso and greeting Maddie, “Maddie! I missed you this morning!” He was still clearly mad about last night. Hitoshi bristles but doesn't say anything. He supposed that was fair.

Maddie hugged him, “Are you okay?! I'm sorry about Hitoshi! He’s a big dummy!” She glared at her brother.

Denki had his arms out in a t-pose, “I’m fine.” He said, chuckling. He was getting used to being attacked by hugs at this point, but it didn’t make her hero costume any less awkward, “Maddie, we’ve talked about this. It needs to stop.”

Maddie gives him another quick squeeze before letting him go, “Oops.” She puts her hands up and shrugs, not at all feeling remorseful for her actions.

Denki just laughs. He couldn’t get upset with her, especially not after that shamelessness. Aizawa interrupted them, “Come on, we’re going to the back.” He said before walking away. They obviously followed. He led them to a maze, high ceilings with high walls that didn’t reach the top. All a slate concrete gray. No visible landmarks, “We’re doing navigation training. In the field, you won't always know the area or the layout of a building.” He said as dry as ever, beginning to walk away, “Go inside and try to find the way out.” He called behind him at the children as Thunder Strike trailed behind him, obviously confused.

“Where are you going?” Denki asked Aizawa, only to be ignored. “Where is he going?!” He asked his classmates, whipping his head around to see them both. Shinso didn’t seem fazed. Maddie however gave a bewildered shrug.

“I don’t know,” Maddie said innocently, “This is normal.”

“How?!” Denki questioned as he was even MORE confused. It seemed he had completely forgotten his teacher’s enjoyment of both naps and ‘logical ruses.’

“He just does this sometimes.” Hitoshi said bluntly.

“Okay, let's just go!” Maddie said upon seeing Denki’s expression get sour.

Hitoshi shrugged before starting to lead the way, very suspicious of his Dad’s true intentions with this exercise, but not saying anything. Maddie and Denki fell behind, walking together. Denki slowed his pace to put some distance between them and Shinso before grabbing Maddie’s arm and pulling her into a short dead end.

“What are ya doin’?” Maddie asked, examining her surroundings, “I don't think this is the right way…”

“I have some questions to ask.” Denki said, wanting to sate his curiosity about this whole situation so it wouldn’t continue to eat at him.

“Okay!” Maddie said with an innocent smile.

“Uh, wait yeah?’ Denki asked, she seemed almost eager. It was a very different reaction than he was expecting.

“Yeah!” Maddie said while rocking back and forth, “What’s your question?”

“Alright…” Denki nodded, “Are you really Mic’s child?”

“Yeah, he’s my Papa!” Maddie nods excitedly. She loved her Dads! “Aizawa’s my Dad too!”

Denki blinked dumbly. “Wait what?”

“Yeah, Papa and Dad are married.”

Denki held up a hand to stop her from continuing. He needed a second. “Are you serious?” He asked in disbelief. Present Mic and Eraserhead…?


“I’m going to need to come back to that one later… Next question!” Denki clapped, recentering himself, “Okay! The other three! What’s their story?” He pried.

“What do you mean…?” Maddie tilted her head to the side, continuing to rock back and forth.

“Shinso, Maggie, and Ash. How do they fit into all,” He waved his hands around, “ this. You guys are weirdly close.”

“Oh! They're my siblings!” Maddie said casually, as if she wasn’t again breaking Denki’s brain.

Denki nodded slowly. Biting his lip as he thought. This was sorta what he was expecting, but hearing Maddie say it so normally when everyone else had gotten defensive or dodged his questions was weird. “Yeah, okay. That's what I thought. But could you, you know, explain?” The situation was confusing. Present Mic-sensei and Aizawa-sensei were apparently married with four kids and no one knew about it. The girls were obviously American. There was a lot going on here!

“Well! Me, Maggie, and Ash came here a year ago. Maggie and Ash with the exchange program, and I sorta just tagged along at first then got accepted after. Hitoshi was already their son, and they kinda adopted us.” Maddie said.

“I-” Denki started only to be suddenly flung into the air. He froze, stunned, as he flew over the concrete wall behind him.

Hitoshi stood at the entrance of the dead end walkway. He had his capture weapon in hand, absolutely seething. From his perspective, Kaminari, a known flirt, had pulled his sister behind a corner. Alone . He might have assumed the worst, resulting in him throwing his classmate away from her as hard as he possibly could.

“Toshi! You Baka!” Maddie shrieked, turning into a Hawk to fly after Kaminari as he rapidly hurled over the concrete walls, closer to crashing into one every second. Thankfully she was able to catch him just before he went splat, bouncing off the wall and landing safely on the ground.

Denki was in a daze as he stared up blankly, “What just happened?”

“My idiot brother decided to cut in.” Maddie huffed, “Why does he not like you?” She tried to carefully set him down on his feet

“I don't know…” Denki said, stumbling slightly. He was still a bit disorientated, feeling dizzy from spinning through the air. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was what Uraraka felt when levitating.

“Are you okay?” Maddie asked out of concern as he wobbled unstably.

“Yeah, just… give me a second.”

Thunder Strike and Aizawa rounded the corner. Aizawa had Shinso by the back of the shirt, scowling, reminiscent of the night before. Maddie glared daggers at her brother, continuing to help Kaminari so he wouldn’t fall. Thunder Strike crossed the space between them in a few long strides, taking her place and holding Kaminari by the shoulders.

Denki took a moment to regain his balance, but the second he did, he was gone. He stormed off angrily, not knowing where he was going, but knowing he wasn’t staying here.

“Young Chargebolt!” Thunder Strike chased after him.

“Kaminari! Wait!” Maddie called, going to follow as well but being stopped by her Dad. Maddie glared at Hitoshi again, while he refused to look at either her or his father. He made the conscious decision to scowl at the concrete wall instead. “I’m so telling Maggie when we get home!” Maddie hissed angrily.

Thunder Strike came back, Kaminari nowhere to be seen, “We need to cut the exercise short.” For once, Aizawa was in total agreement.

Chapter Text

After a long morning of training, mostly Maddie and Maggie getting their frustrations out about Hitoshi being an idiot, Hizashi decided they needed a break. They pile into the car silently. Hitoshi opened his mouth to say something, only to receive four scalding glares. He decided it was best to just look out the window.

Ash patted his shoulder sympathetically, “Dad? Papa? Where are we going?”

Shota leaned his head on his arm, staring blankly through the windshield as Hizashi drove, “To the hospital.”

“Why?” Maggie asked, eyes a bit wide.

Hizashi was eager to answer, “We are!” he said in full ‘Present Mic’ persona, “Going to see some idiots!”

“I’m sorry, what?” Maggie asked, stunned.

“Yeah…” Ashe shook her head, smiling. Why did Loud Dad always have to be like this? “Who?”

“Iida, Midoriya, and Todoroki.” Shota said with a tinge of annoyance.

“They’re still there?” Maggie was a bit concerned. Aizawa and Mic told her it wasn’t that bad. Then again their definition of ‘not bad’ was being bandaged from head to toe.

Maddie pops up from where she was slouched, “Why are they still there…? I thought they weren’t hurt bad…”

Hizashi was quick to reassure her, “They’re not. They just wanted to keep Midoriya company.”

“Problem child…” Shota mumbled.

Hizashi chuckled, turning up the radio, he ended the conversation. The rest of the ride was spent with him jamming out to the music to the amusement/annoyance of his family members. They may or may not have gotten quite a few odd looks from pedestrians and other cars. Probably because the car was SHAKING.


They walked down the hall, Hizashi and Shota a little bit ahead. They needed to ‘relieve the heros on duty’ for a while. Maddie kept trying to rush ahead, but kept getting stopped by her siblings. She just wanted to see her friends!

“Slow down.” Maggie laughs, jogging to keep up. She puts a hand on her shoulder to pull her back. Poor Ash was literally running to keep up. Hitoshi easily matched Ash’s pace with long strides, keeping his hands in his pockets. A fond smile on his lips.

Shota glanced back before facing straight again, “Don’t run in a hospital.”

Hizashi spun so he was facing his kids while walking backwards. Grinning he peered over his glasses, “Why don’t you four go ahead? Me and Eraser will catch up.”

That was all the permission Maddie needed. She promptly zoomed down the hallway. Maggie dashed after her, “Maddie no! Stop running!” She grabbed her arm and managed to slow her down a little. “You’re disturbing the patients!”

Ash ran after them, “Guys!” She whined. Hitoshi just slightly picked up his pace, quickly overtaking his shortest sister, only upsetting her further. “You gotta be kidding me!” Hitoshi spun on his heel, raising an eyebrow as he continued backwards down the empty hall. Sighing he stopped to let her catch up. “Thank you!” She huffed, only to shriek when he threw her over his shoulder. “What are you DOING?!”

“I told Pops I'd pick you up next time.” Hitoshi teased with a smirk as he carried her down the hall like a sack of potatoes.

Ash was beet red, “Put me down!”

“No.” Hitoshi smiled wider, “We’ll lose you.”

Ash began struggling, angry and embarrassed,“¡Bájame, putana! ¡Mierda! ¡Te mataré!” Hitoshi did not know what she was saying, but he also didn’t care. So, he just kept walking. Hizashi couldn’t help but burst out laughing, holding his stomach. Shota, however, looked like he was tired enought to murder all four of his children as well as the three problem children who were patients in the hospital.

Maddie halted in place, almost tripping Maggie from how fast she’d stopped, “Uhhhh… Which room was it again?” Maddie asked as she looked around the hall.

Maggie face palmed. Hitoshi quickly caught up, still holding a kicking and screaming Ash. “Why did you stop?” He asked while adjusting his grip on his sister.

Before they could answer, Tenya popped out from a couple rooms back. His arm was in a sling, but the other was doing his copyrighted chopping motion, “Running in the halls is very inappropriate! As is this screaming! If you could-”

“Good to see you too, Iida.” Maggie deadpanned, forcing him to stop his rambling.

“Oh.” Tenya paused, “My apologies! I did not realize it was you four!” He paused again, wheels beginning to turn in his head, “Wait! That’s even worse! This behavior is unbecoming of class 1-A students! Shinso put down Ashlynn! Ashl-”

“Iida-kun!” Maddie rushes over, “You’re back to normal!”


“Last time I saw you, you were all twitchy and paranoid!” Maddie interrupts again. Tenya immediately droops slightly, feeling uncomfortable.

“That’s because he was planning a murder, Maddie.” Maggie deadpanned once more, staring Iida down.

“Magnolia! Please lower your voice!” Tenya shouts before ushering them into the room.

As they walked in they saw a very concerned Midoryia and a very confused Todoroki sitting on their individual beds. Midoryia’s arm and ankle were wrapped, a crutch leaning against the wall. Todoroki looked perfectly normal besides the bandage on his face and the fact he was wearing a hospital gown.

“Oh hello?” Izuku straightened himself up. He was a bit surprised to have visitors. Especially these four. “Um… Why were you guys yelling?”

Hitoshi lightly bounces Ash before putting her down. He felt that was answer enough, but Ash thought differently. She lightly smacked at her brother before turning to Midoryia with an annoyed huff, “This asshole was carrying me down the hall!” Hitoshi just smiled broadly considering he was guilty as charged.

“Okay... “ Izuku’s eyes widened in realization as he looked at his lap, “How did you know we were in the hospital?”

“Everyone knows,” Maggie shrugged as she walked further into the room, “They just don't know why.” She shot all three boys a glare.

“How do you know why we’re here?” Tenya asked, honestly a tad nervous. He wasn’t exactly proud of his actions.

Hitoshi also shouldered his way further into the room to lean on the wall, “Our mentors told us.”

Midoryia nods, it made sense he’d never had a chance to ask who they chose, “Oh!” He smiled, “Who are you interning with?”

“Eraserhead and Present Mic!” Maddie answered cheerfully, a plotting smile on her face.

Izuku’s smile immediately faded. He began to tense up. “Eraserhead? He knows why we’re here?” Tenya wasn’t exactly in any better shape. The two of them were sweating profusely.

“Yep!” Maddie nodded.

Shouto took a drink of his water, “I already knew that.” He said quietly, only getting ignored.

“They’re both right outside, you want me to go get them?” Ash asked. She saw how weird they were acting and wanted to help. Dadzawa and Loud Papa always helped her calm down.

Izuku waved his hand in front of him frantically, “Nononononono. It’s fine!”

As Midoryia was freaking out, Tenya couldn’t help but think back on a question he hadn't asked last they met. He’d been a little… preoccupied at the time. “I never had the chance to ask but, why did you choose two of our teachers?”

“For fucks sake!” Maggie groans, “Why do we keep getting this question? Is it REALLY that strange of a choice?!” She throws her hands out. This was honestly grating on her nerves.

“Magnolia, your langua-” Tenya went to reprimand but was promptly shut up by more vial curse words. Yeah… This was going to go on for a while.

Izuku turned to Todoroki, squinting, “Todoroki-kun? You knew?”

Shouto nods, “Me and Maddie are friends. I saw them a couple of days ago.”

Izuku just sat there for a moment before breaking, “Nani?!” Not that he wasn’t glad Todoroki was making friends! It was just… He glanced between the stoic boy and bubbly girl. An odd choice?

Tenya stopped arguing with Magnolia for a second, startled by Midoriya, “Midoriya, there are other patients in the hospital. Please refrain from shouting!” Maggie gave him the most tired look, she had hearing issues and Iida’s hypocrisy was making her ears ring.

“We are literally shouting. At each other. You fucking idiot.” Maggie said back as calmly as she could, despite the incredulous stare on her face. Hitoshi was covering his laughter with his palm, still leaning against the wall. He’d join her, but he really didn’t have the energy after the night before and training this morning.

Before they could continue, Shouto spoke up, “We are friends. She called my father an asshole then tried to fight him. We bonded.”

Izuki just stared at the boy for a second before staring at Maddie. She was trying to break up Iida and Maggie’s bickering with the kindest smile on her face, “She tried to fight Endeavor?”

“Yes.” Shouto nodded affirmatively, “Though it was only after he told Aizawa to ‘put a muzzle on her,’ I believe.”

Izuku went wide eyed, mouth gaping to say something. He suddenly remembered the sports festival, and everything that his friend had told him, and began muttering to himself. Snapping out of it, he shook his head, “I-”

“I wish Aizawa hadn’t stopped her.” Shouto stated bluntly. The image in Izuku’s head was slowly getting clearer, but no less confusing. Maddie skipped over, having relayed Ash to Maggie duties.

“Hey Midoriya! Hey Todoroki!”

Izuku jumps, thankfully not hurting himself, “Hello!” He squeaked. She had scared him as he was lost in thought. How could this girl have attempted to fight the number 2 hero?

“Hello, Maddie.” Shouto greeted dully. He was happy to see her, but that didn’t suddenly make him the most expressive person you'll ever meet. He also still wasn’t sure exactly how this whole friend thing worked. Whether it was Maddie OR Midoriya.

Maddie went to hug Todoroki, but froze. She remembered Kaminari’s advice and pouted. Fiddling with her hands, she tilted her head, “Can I hug you, Todoroki-kun?” Izuku started even more intensely, mumbling to himself. It wasn’t helping.

Shouto just nodded. Smiling, Maddie wraps her arms around his shoulders tightly, squeezing him for a second, before pulling away. Only to bring her fist down on his head a second later. “You dumbass!” She hissed, glaring daggers at Todoroki.

Shouto was confused as he brought a hand up to hold his head, why was he getting hit and yelled at? He didn’t understand. Izuku was petrified as he watched his classmate punch his friend. The other four had varying reactions. Tenya was in shock like Midoriya. Maggie was also staring in shock, but not at the situation, just the fact that someone beat her to it. Hitoshi was laughing, half proud, half just loving that his little sister just punched someone she considered her friend. Lastly Ash was just tired and completely done with her siblings bullshit.

Shouto just looked up at Maddie with a pitiful expression, almost like a kicked puppy, “What did I do?” He asked, very confused. Why had his friend hug him, then hit him? Was this how friendship worked?

Maddie just looked wide eyed at him, “What did you do? Todoroki, you got a random text from Midoriya that was just a location!” She yelled. “And instead of telling someone, you decided to just go to said location! What if there was a villain? OH WAIT! THERE WAS!” She punches him again, but harder.

Before he could react she turned to Izuku much to his dismay, “Midoriya! You decided to send out a very vague text to the class group chat, hoping one of us would come-.” She paused, grabbing his shoulders tightly, “HELP YOU FIGHT THE HERO KILLER! EVEN THOUGH WE ARE ONLY FIRST YEARS! HOW CAN SOMEONE SO SMART BE SO STUPID!?” She finished, driving her fist into his head. 

While Izuku writhed in pain, she turned to Iida, “AND YOU… TAKING ON THE HERO KILLER BY. YOUR. SELF. ” She screamed, “What were you thinking?! Really! I would love to know why you thought any of this was ok!?”

Tenya stayed silent for a long while before answering the girl, “It was for my brother, the Hero Killer attacked my brother and took everything from him! He was a kind, strong, just hero and had no reason to be attacked and labeled fake and corrupt!” He exclaimed. “I only wanted to avenge him and fulfill his wish for me to carry on his name.”

Maddie had a blank expression on her face as she listened, and after he finished she walked over to him and...slapped him hard in the face. Tenya just stares at her in stock before she speaks.

“Avenge him? Carry on his name? If your brother was here right now and heard what you planned to do he would feel nothing but guilt! He would feel that he drove you to commit murder! Iida Tenya, are you that thick that you didn’t see the real reason he asked you to carry on his name?!” 


Maggie was bent at the waist, choking on her own laughter. She was so proud of Maddie for calling out their bullshit, and seeing the naive innocent baby of the family just made it ten times better. “He obviously wanted you to carry on your family's legacy and become a good hero. That doesn’t exactly include revenge and murder, dumbass.”

Hitoshi was quick to add his two cents, “Trust me when I say I know a couple of things about revenge,” He said, biting back a chuckle, “and this isn’t the way you do it.” He crossed his arms.

“Look what your anger caused,” Ash waved an arm towards him, then to Todoroki and Midoriya on their beds, “Do you really think this is what your brother wanted?” 

Maddie then proceeds to pound her fist into each one of the boys' heads, “So the next time you dumbasses decide to do shit like this, just know you won’t get off easily.”

All three boys took their scolding as it was, “We’re sorry…” Izuku mumbled.

Tenya gave up his grandstanding. He’d already felt remorseful and stupid for what he’d done, but having them drill it into him really killed whatever minuscule amount of fight he’d had left in him. “I understand what I did was wrong…”

Shouto didn’t quite get what the problem was, but if Midoriya said sorry he guessed he should say sorry too. “Sorry.”

“I’m glad you're sorry.” Maddie started with a blank stare. Suddenly she rushed around the room, bonking all three of them on their heads, “Now don't do it again!”

As the three hold their heads in pain, Aizawa and Mic burst through the door. They seemed fully ready to reprimand them but paused to observe the scene. Three of their children were laughing hysterically, the fourth’s fist steaming, and the three patients all holding their heads in pain. Shota sighed deeply, “What happened?”

Chapter Text

Lilian Kaminari paced around her kitchen with a scrunched up nose and jittery demeanor, “It’s been two days, Taro.”

“I know, Lily.” Taro sneakily snatched his wife's mug from the counter and poured her coffee down the sink. The woman hadn’t slept out of worry for their son, but the caffeine wasn’t helping. “But this,” He gestured to the way she was wearing a hole in the floor, “isn’t helping anyone.”

“What are we supposed to do then? He hasn’t come out of his room or spoken to us. I don’t know what happened. Do you?” Lilian questioned harshly, her arms crossed and her face twisted into a scowl.

“No, Lily.” He sighed. He took her by the wrist leading her to sit with him at the table to take a breather. Once she hesitantly sat down, he took her hand and began rubbing his thumb along her knuckles soothingly. “I’m concerned as well, but we can't pressure him to tell us. It will only make things worse.” He tried to reason.

Lilian frowned, crossing an arm under the hand he held and hunching over to rest her chin against her arm. Blowing her bangs out of her face, her eyes narrowed in thought. “I know…” She tapped her foot against the tile anxiously, “You know patience isn't exactly my thing.”

Taro nods with a small fond smile, “Oh, believe me, I know.” He chuckled, earning him a small glare. He simply kissed her knuckles in apology.

She huffed, straightening her back. Her fingers tapped rhythmically against the table as she thought. “You know what?” Lilian slammed her fist on the table and jumped to her feet, “I’m calling Eraserhead. I can’t force it out of Denki but I CAN force it out of him.” She said as determination filled her veins. She grabbed the phone off the wall, the address book already open to the page she needed from last time. She feverishly punched in the numbers and impatiently waited for someone to come over from the other end of the line.

Taro’s lips twitched into an endeared grin before falling back into a neutral calm, not wanting to further agitate Lily when she was clearly upset, “Deep breaths. Try not to get too accusatory, it may not have anything to do with Aizawa.”

“According to Thunder Strike he was there. So he better have a pretty good explanation as to what happened or I'm calling Nezu.”



It was an average Sunday, really the only day that everyone was left to their own devices in the family. Ash was studying. Hitoshi was dead to the world, sore from the intensive training (and punishment) he’d received. Maggie had accidently knocked herself out with one of her spells again and probably wouldn’t be up until it was time to go to school in the morning (if that). And Maddie was playing with the cat, while herself being transformed into a cat.

Hizashi and Shota were spending quality time together, grading in the kitchen over tea and nutrient pouches, occasionally commenting on the students' grades. It was peaceful, domestic, until the shrill ringing of the house phone broke the piece. Shota looked at the phone with the most annoyed and tired look, as if hoping his glare alone would silence the incessant ringing.

Sighing, he put both hands on the countertop and pushed himself to stand with an annoyed groan. He looks at his husband, silently questioning if it was really necessary to answer an ‘unexpected’ call.

“Just answer it, Shota.” Hizashi said with a small smile. He put down his pen and rests his elbows on the table. Propping his chin on his hands, he further encouraged his husband pityingly, “They’ll keep calling if you don’t.”

Shota sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I hate it when you’re right.” He grumbled. Maddie peeked her tiny kitten head into the room curiously. Shota definitely saw, the corner of his mouth twitching in amusement, but ignored her. He grabbed the phone from the wall, but held it at a slight distance from his ear. He really didn’t want a blown eardrum today, “Aizawa-Yamada residence.” He said monotonically.


Yeah, exactly who he’d expected on the other end. He’d made the right call, “Static Shock, what do I owe the pleasure?”

Hizashi snorted, earning him a heatless glare from his husband. Maddie padded further into the room, looking up at her Papa innocently, “Papa, who’s on the phone?” She asked cutely, her voice pitched up several octaves in her tiny form.

Hizashi melted, chuckling. He picked her up and sat her on the table, “Kaminari’s mother.” He whispered to the little black cat that was his daughter.

“My son has been weird for two days now! He won't come out of his room for anything but training! He wont tell me what's wrong! He’s barely eating!”

Shota tired to keep his exasperation out of his tone, even though he always sounded annoyed and disinterested, he really didn’t want to get into an argument with Mrs. and Mr. Kaminari. “... I’m not sure I follow.”

“He’s been like this since he came back from a training exercise with you and Thunder Strike, Eraser. WHAT. HAPPENED?

Shota sighed and turned to scowl at his son’s closed door, “Hitoshi misunderstood a situation and made a stupid desistion based on that misunderstanding. Your son unfortunately got caught in my son’s idiocy.”

Maddie’s little ears were flat against her head, “Papa? Is Kaminari’s mom mad at Dad?”

Hizashi bit his lip, the corners of his eyes crinkling. He felt a bit guilty for finding the expression so cute. “No, sweetie. She’s just worried about Kaminari.” He scratched her head, lightly flicking at her ears with his index finger. “Now stop pinning back your ears, Dad’s fine.”

Maddie curled up on the table, leaning into his pets and purring contently, “Okay…”

“Well, can you fix it?”

Aizawa pulled the phone from his ear and covered the receiver, looking at the piece of plastic incredulously, “Did she really just ask me if I could fix her son ?”

Hizashi snorted, covering his mouth to not be too loud, “I don’t know Shota, did she?”

“Dad, is Kaminari okay?” Maddie asked sleepily, blinking slowly and doing the classic kitten stretch while laying on her back.

“He’ll be fine.” Shota grunted before returning the phone to his ear.

“-Eraser! He needs to apologize! This is the second time your son has done something to mine!” She had been ranting the whole time, “You two should come over to settle this.”

Shota holds the phone to his chest and rubs his hand down his face while letting out a muffled groan. Returning the speaker to his ear he scratched his stubble while answering, “You’re right. What time should we come over?” He managed to grit out through his teeth. It felt like pulling out teeth. Hizashi smacked his hand back over his mouth to quiet his laughter. Maddie squinted at him. Shota gave him a blank look.

“Now, if possible.”

Shota closed his eyes, “Alright.” he grouched defeatedly, “We will be right over.”

“Good you better.” She said, her statement punctuated by the loud click of her hanging up.

Shota hung the phone back on the wall, rubbing his face with both hands. “Hizashi. Please go wake up Hitoshi.” He asked before sitting back in his seat. He affectionately scratched behind Maddie’s ears, earning more content purrs.

“Will do!’ Hizashi grinned, skipping over to Hitoshi’s room and kicking open the door. “Rise and shine, Sleepyhead!” He exclaimed.

Hitoshi covered his head with his pillow, groaning, “Pops, whyyyyy…”

“Because you’re going to the Kaminari’s to apologize for being a brat!” Hizashi yanked his blankets off with a sadistic grin, “Now up!”

Hitoshi propped himself up on his elbows to glare at his father. “I-”

“I don't want to hear it, mister, get dressed.”

“Ughhhhh…” Hitoshi rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he sat up, “Couldn’t this have waited until tomorrow?”

“Nope!” Hizashi said while backtracking out of the room. Grabbing the doorknob, he stopped, “Your father got another angry phone call from Kaminari’s mother. So you’re doing this now. ” He left the room, shutting it behind him and pausing outside.


That's what he had waited for, he chuckled and nodded once to himself before going back to his grading.


Shota and Hitoshi made it to the Kaminari’s far quicker than either had wanted. Both looked tired and annoyed, like they rather be anywhere but at the family’s front door. And it was true, for different reasons. Shota had to deal with his students' parents, fellow pros Neutralizer and Static Shock, because of his son’s actions. Hitoshi knew he was in the wrong on some level, having overreacted and treated Kaminari unfairly, but didn’t quite know how to express that. Nor did he have much time to figure it out.

Shota was never one to waste time, even procrastinating things he didn’t want to do, so he politely but firmly knocked on the door. It swung open not seconds afterwards, Shota’s fist still raised. He dropped it to grab his son’s shoulder.

Lilian crossed her arms as her mouth contorted into a tight lipped smile. “Eraser. I’m guessing this is your son?”

“Yes. This is my son, Hitoshi.” Shota said, squeezing his shoulder.

Hitoshi gave her a small wave, “Hello, Mrs. Kaminari.”

Lilian nodded, looking at him. Her smile dropped as she smacked the purple haired boy in the side of his head. “Fix him.”

“Lily!” Taro shouted, “I asked you not to do that!”

Lilian stepped back into the house and turned to her husband, “He deserved it.”

Taro sighed, shaking his head, “Come in,” He invited them welcomingly, “I’m sorry about my wife’s behavior. Denki’s room is upstairs to the left.”

Hitoshi nods, not saying anything, it didn't exactly hurt. Sticking his hands in his pockets he looks to his father for permission. Shota gave him a little nod, gesturing to the stairs with his head. Hitoshi nods back, his mouth in a straight line as he climbs the stairs. He turns left and raised an eyebrow. The door was decorated with a Pink Floyd poster hung up with cartoony eclectic themed stickers. Hitoshi stood there for a minute, stalling. Finally he knocked.

“Go away.” He heard Kaminari say, muffled greatly. Probably by his pillow if he had to guess. He knocked again. “Mom, I said I’m fine!” He shouted, a lot clearer. Hitoshi bit back a small smile and knocked a third time. He heard a thump and muffled grumbling. The door swung open, “Mo-” Kaminari went wide eyed, hair messy in a black tee shirt and sweatpants. His face dropped from surprised to annoyed, “Shinso. Why are you here?” He leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed.

Hitoshi bit his lip, nodding. “Well.” He fiddled with the inside of his pockets, “Uh… I came to apologize.”

Denki blinks, somewhat in disbelief. “Okay, but first how did you know where I live?”

“You’re mom called?” Hitoshi shrugged tensely, feeling very awkward.

“My mom has your number?” Denki’s eyes narrowed, very confused. He wasn’t really all there right now.

Hitoshi’s entire upper body loosened up as his face dropped into an, ‘are you kidding me’ type expression. He raised an eyebrow, “Yes? It’s on the syllabus?” Hitoshi lowered his head to stare at the ground, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Because Aizawa is my Dad? I know Maddie told you.”

“Oh yeah…” Denki said absently, honestly having needed the reminder. Shinso being in his house had thrown him through a loop.

Hitoshi’s head popped back up. His mouth gaped in astonishment, “Are you kidding me?”

Denki gave him a blank stare, “Oh, I’m sorry.” He said sarcastically, “I must have hit my head when you flung me across a training facility.”

Hitoshi winced, drawing air through his teeth, “Uh, yeah… Can I come in?”

Denki glared but went back inside his room, unblocking the doorway, “Sure.”

Hitoshi lets out a short puff of air, coming inside and looking around. It was very… Kaminari… “So, I came to say I’m sorry…”

Denki closed the door, knowing his Mom was probably eavesdropping on the conversation. “Wait, you were serious?”

Hitoshi raised both eyebrows before tilting his head and crossing his arms, “Yes?!”

“I just assumed you said that because Aizawa was nearby.” Denki shrugged and leaned against his door.

“Wow. No.” Hitoshi shook his head, “I fucked up. I recognize I fucked up. And I’m sorry.”

“For?” Denki raised an eyebrow, “You weren’t exactly sorry the first time you ‘fucked up.’” He did little air quoted before recrossing his arms.

Hitoshi began shifting his weight side to side, clearly uncomfortable. He knew this wasn’t going to be easy. “For overreacting and throwing you for no reason…”

“And?” Denki put his hands on his hips, leaning forward slightly.

“For treating you unfairly after you made Maggie cry.” Hitoshi grumbled, “That wasn’t your fault.”

“Thank you.” Denki nodded and straightened up. “Apology pending.” He said with a cheeky smile.

Hitoshi gave him the most done look he could muster, “Haha.”

“You deserved that.” Denki chuckled, feeling infinitely better. “I honestly thought you hated me for some reason.”

“No?” Hitoshi said. He calmed down a bit, not feeling quite as trapped. “I don’t hate you. Even if I did, what I did wasn’t okay so I'd still owe you an apology. But I don’t hate you. I don’t think anyone hates you.” He furrowed his brows. Yeah, Kaminari was a bit annoying, but he was also so… Nice. “Has anyone ever hated you?”

Denki took a second to think about that, “Monama. But I’m pretty sure he has some sort of undiagnosed mental issue, so I don’t think he counts.”

Hitoshi couldn’t help but laugh, “Yeah. I don't think he counts either.” He smiled, all the tension in his shoulders gone.

Denki paused before grinning in return. The lighting was dim and only shown on half Shinso’s face. His cheekbones accentuated from the smile he wore, and his lavender eye gleamed. His teeth were white as snow and the casual clothing he wore fit him like a glove. He looked stupidly handsome right now and Denki was jealous. He quickly shook it off, “So, are we cool now?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Hitoshi asked, laughing again.

Denki nods, smacking his mouth and refusing to acknowledge how nice he looked when he laughed. He had just gotten an apology, now was not the time for compliments considering how bad that went the first couple times. “Yeah.” Denki agrees, “But still, are we?”

Hitoshi shook his head, smirking, “Yes, Kaminari. We’re good.”

“Call me Denki!” He smiled.

Hitoshi’s smirk dropped as his eyes widened, “Huh?”

“We’re friends now, aren’t we?”

Hitoshi put a hand to his temple, curling up a bit, “I mean… yeah? I guess?”

“Do you not want to be friends?” Denki asked, a bit upset.

“No. It’s not that…” Hitoshi didn’t like that expression on Kaminari’s face. He’d had a couple friends in 1-C but they all called him Shinso. “It’s just that no one outside of my family calls me my given name, so…” He waved his hand noncommittally.

“Oh.” Denki chuckled. That was a relief. “No one really calls me by my given name either. You don't HAVE to, but you have my permission.”

“Alright.” Hitoshi nods, still a bit tense. “I guess you have mine too?”

“Thanks!” Denki gave a closed eye grin. He gave a thumbs up, his head tilted to the side cutely. The light shined on the middle of his face, highlighting his freckles, and fading out into his bed head. His clothes were loose and slightly crumpled from rolling around in bed, but the tiniest bit of definition could be seen in his arms despite this.

Hitoshi tensed even further, looking to the side awkwardly, “Uh… I think you should check in with your mom… She was pretty worried… She kinda smacked me when we came in…” He rambled ‘calmly’ trying to nicely end the conversation.

“Wait what?” Denki’s eyes popped open in surprise, arm dropping to his side.

“Your mom.” Hitoshi picked at a piece of cat hair on his sleeve. “She’s worried about you. When she came to the door she smacked me in the side of the head.” He shrugged, he’d deserved it if the beatings his sisters had given him were any indication.

“Are you okay?” Denki stepped closer and leaned forward, looking for a bruise.

Hitoshi leaned back, eyes like saucers, “I'm fine.” He spit out, taking a small step back. This had gone the opposite of what he’d wanted. Now Kaminari was in his personal space, great.

Denki squinted, still looking, “Are you sure? My Mom’s a hard hitter.”

“I'm sure.” Hitoshi nods, striding across the room to escape. “Let's go downstairs. I’m sure our parents are wondering what’s taking so long.”

“Okay… If you’re sure.” Denki shrugged, “You’re probably right, my Mom does tend to worry.”

Hitoshi let out a relieved puff of air, exiting the suddenly very claustrophobic bedroom and heading downstairs. Denki followed close behind.

Lilian was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, pouting a bit until she saw her son. He was clearly in better spirits, making her grin. She let Hitoshi squeeze past her before pinching Denki’s cheek while he stood on the last step, “Denki! About time you come out of your room! I was worried!”

“Sorry.” Denki shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck. His mother pulled him into a hug while the other three men shared a look. Taro quietly led Aizawa and Hitoshi to the door, the problem solved.

Chapter Text

Eijiro yawned sleepily as he sat at the table. Monday mornings his Moms always went into work a little later than the rest of the week, so he got to have breakfast with them both. He wouldn’t miss it for the world. He wasn’t dressed yet, and his hair was ungeled, a face his Mama quickly took advantage of when he sat down. 

Mayumi ruffled his hair affectionately, “You should wear your hair down more often, Ei.” She commented before sitting down beside him.

“But I look so manly with it up, Mama.” He grinned, leaning sideways for more head pats. This was an advantage for having it down though, more affection. Mayumi eagerly took the opportunity to provide him with said affection, scratching his head with her manicured nails.

“That you do, Ei. That you do.” She chuckled.

Shiko came in, balancing three bowls on her hardened arms, carefully setting them down on the table. “Careful, you two. It’s hot.” She huffed, wiping the table with the end of her oversized shirt where she’d spilt some of the rice porridge.

“Thanks, Mom.” Eijiro smiled, taking a spoonful and lightly blowing on it. He may be impatient sometimes, especially when it came to his Moms’ cooking, but he was smart enough to head her warning. When she said something was hot, it was hot.

Shiko grinned at her boy and pinched his cheek lightly. Her baby was growing up too fast, soon he’d outgrow her. He could already beat her in an arm wrestle. “You’re welcome, My Little Boulder.”

Eijiro grinned, showing off his shark-like teeth before taking a bite. “It’s great like always, Mom.” He said around the spoon.

Mayumi yanked on his ear, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” She scolded.

He swallowed his food and took out the spoon, smiling bashfully, “Sorry Mama.”

Mayumi chuckled and let him go. She couldn’t stay mad at him. “You’re lucky you're cute, Ei. Manners like that and me and Shi will never get grandkids.”

Eijiro, who was in the middle of a bite of porridge, started choking. Shiko pounded on his back, laughing at her wife, “Don’t kill him, dear.”

“Mamaaaa,” He blushed, “I’m only fifteen, don’t say stuff like that.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mayumi waved her hand dismissively, “fifteen, twenty-five. What's the difference?”

“Mama!” Eijiro said embarrassedly, going as red as his hair.

“Now, May,” Shiko chided, “Don’t have him growing up any faster than he already is. He’s already twice your size.”

Mayumi huffed good naturedly. “He’s been bigger than me since he was 10.” Smirking cheekily, she ate her breakfast, “I’m okay with that. You’re the one who’ll be crying when he outgrows you.”

Eijiro just ate his food, hand blocking his eyes from embarrassment, while his moms went back and forth. Soon the two had to finish up getting ready, then go to work. Before walking out the door, they both gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Bye Mom! Bye Mama!”

“Goodbye, Ei.” Mayumi waved, getting into the passenger side of the car.

“Bye, Baby. Have a great day at school!” Shiko shouted from the window of the driver's side.

“I will! Have a nice day at work!” Eijiro waved until they were out of sight like a small child, but to be fair, so did they.


The train ride to school was uneventful but pleasant. As was the walk to school. He got to class a bit early, but most of the students were already there , Aizawa-sensei was not. Unless he was curled up under his desk, Eijiro hadn’t checked. Bakugo, however, was. Feet propped up with a scowl, as per the usual. “Morning, Bakubro!”

“What do you want, Shitty Hair?” Bakugo growled, he seemed in an even worse mood than normal.

“What’s the matter, Bakubro?” Eijiro asked, not letting the hostility affect him

“Nothing, Shitty Hair.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, looking out the window.

Denki strode in with a smile. His face scrunched and he snapped his fingers in a ‘darn’ like fashion, “Bakugo! I see your hair is back to normal. Damn. It was so nice that way!”

Katsuki jumped out of his seat, hands exploding as he glared at the blond, “I’ll blow your head off, Dunce face!”

Eijiro stepped between them, “Bakugo, is that what this is about. Bro.” He laughed, shaking his head. “Cool your hands, Bakubro.”

Katsuki growled, glaring at the off brand Pikachu but sitting back down. He stuffed his hands in his pockets with an eye roll, and thanks to Eijiro AKA the Bakugo whisperer, Kaminari made it out alive.

Shinso, Maddie, Ash, and Maggie came in next, at the same time as always. Aizawa surprisingly followed close behind. The man immediately crawled under his desk, making Eijiro laugh. Maddie, Maggie, and Shinso went straight to the back but lingered together. Ash however came to him. She smiled softly and waved, “Hey, Kirishima…” She giggled awkwardly, “How was the rest of your internship?”

“Other than when you saw me? Pretty basic. We picked up a lot of litter and sorted a lot of papers.”

“Fourth Kind had you pick up litter?” Ash asked with a scrunched up nose.

“Yeah,” Eijiro nodded, laughing. “He said it would make us more chivalrous. I’m totally sorry for Tetsutetsu by the way. He was acting totally unmanly. I talked to him about it and it won't happen again.”

“Thanks!” Ash smiled thankfully, “But don’t feel too bad, Hitoshi was partly to blame too.”

Unseen to the two classmates, Denki snuck past them to the back of the class where Maddie, Maggie, and Hitoshi were chatting. Testing the waters, he cheerfully shoulder checked Hitoshi, “Hey Hitoshi! Hey Maddie! Hey Maggie!”

The entire class froze, some of them just staring in the direction they froze. Others turn on a dime to face the back of the class. Eijiro’s head snapped to them, in awe. Ash just looked at him weirdly then turned to look with a shrug. It wasn’t that big of a deal. She glanced at the rest of the class and saw similar shock. Okay, maybe it was.

Maggie snorted, shaking her head before stiffening at all the staring. Curling into herself a bit, she angled her body so it was shielded by the other three, “Hey, Kaminari.” She said uncomfortably.

Maddie was unfazed, a large peppy grin on her face as she excitedly waved like a puppy wagging its tail, “Hi Kaminari-kun!”

Hitoshi felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end as he made it a point to continue facing the back wall, “Good morning, Denki.” He managed to say semi-civilly despite how foreign it felt in his mouth. Not wanting to glare at the boy or any of his other classmates. He’d just gotten out of the proverbial dog house, no need to jump right back in.

The majority of the class went further into shock. Hearing Denki be Denki was one thing. But to see Shinso indulge him was entirely another. Eijiro raised a hand, a large grin splitting his face in two, “Kamibro! Shinso! When did you guys become such good friends?!”

Hitoshi continued talking straight into the back wall, “Recently.” He deadpanned. He was not turning around until the class stopped staring at him like he’d grown a second head.

Denki, however, quickly spun around. “Alright guys, I get it. I’m handsome! No need to stare!” He made a finger gun and rested his chin in the juncture between his thumb and index finger, shooting the class a sly wink. That broke the ice, many of his classmates losing interest due to his antics. Just as he’d wanted. He spun back to the group with a sheepish smile, “Ha, sorry about that.”

Maggie and Hitoshi quickly relaxed without all the extra eyes. Maggie gave him a curt nod, her lips in a tight line. Hitoshi turned slightly to face him, raising an eyebrow, “Really?” He asked.

Denki laughed awkwardly. He snapped with both his hands, doing little finger guns at Hitoshi’s unamused form. “Haha, yeah!”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, swallowing a laugh, “I can't with you.”

“Oh come o-”

He was interrupted by the door slamming open. A bubblegum pink girl stormed into the room shamelessly, “Kaminari Denki!”

“Ashido that is very inappropriate-” Iida started but was ignored as she ran past him.

Denki stood in a defensive position, having been scared shitless by her entrance. “What?!”

“You were trending on twitter?!” Mina shouted, raising her phone and waving it around. She had screenshots, #ThunderStrikesInternIsHot being number three on the japan's twitter trending page

Denki sweat drops, “So I’ve heard…” He said, taking a step away from the phone two centimeters away from his face. “And you're yelling about this, why?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Denki covered his ears, “I was a bit busy with internships. I didn’t even check twitter.”

Mina glared at him, crossing his arms. She spun back to the class, “Who wants to see Denki with a kid and puppy!? Because I know I did!” She gathered all the girls, excluding Maddie and Maggie who were IN some of the pictures and videos, and played one of the most popular tweets videos. Kaminari was running around giving a little girl a piggyback ride while a ridiculously tiny golden retriever puppy tried to chase after him. It kept tripping over its tiny legs and falling, only making the video even cuter.

“Awwwwww…” Ochaco cooed, “Kaminari-kun! You look like you had so much fun!”

Denki stares at the ground, sighing deeply, “Yes, playing with the children was fun.” He was blushing scarlet. Normally, he’d be bathing in the attention, and in a way he was. But this week was rough, and he just wanted them to stop. He was seriously considering throwing Bakugo under the bus considering he was there.

Sero gave his signature piano toothed grin, eyes flitting to Shinso’s cruel smirking face as he approached, “What's up, Denki? Usually you’d love this type of attention~” He teased, jabbing a knuckle into his friend's side playfully.

Denki’s eyes flicked over to Hitoshi for a second, so fast that if you blinked you would have missed it, before answering the tape boy, “It was a long week is all.”

Sero definitely didn’t miss Denki’s eyes, or the sympathetic twitch at the corner of Shinso’s mouth before it straightened itself out to a resting position, but he chose to ignore it for his friend’s sake, “Okay whatever you say man.” He pats his shoulder firmly.

Maddie slips away from her siblings as they watch Kaminari and Sero interact, as well as half the class scroll through Kaminari’s personal twitter hashtag. She wades through her classmates to Todoroki, who was looking over Midoriya’s shoulder at his phone, “Hey Todoroki!”

Shouto looked up from the phone, “Hello Maddie.”

“You feeling better?” Maddie asked, not at all feeling guilty about hitting him, but still wanting to know how he was holding up.

“I am alright. I was the least injured of the three of us.” Shouto shrugged.

Maddie smiled, "That's good." She let out a sigh of relief, sure what he did was stupid but it doesn't mean she wanted him hurt. "Besides that one idiotic moment, how was your internship?” She asked.


Izuku’s eyes were wide as he whipped around to face Madeline, his phone playing a video of her little show on loop, “Madeline! I just saw this video!” He holds up his phone, practically vibrating in excitement, “You can go from animal to animal without becoming human in between?! How many animals can you even do? How long can you stay transformed for? How-”

Maddie holds her hands up, “Could you please slow down?”

“Midoriya, you’re scaring her.” Shouto said bluntly

“I'm so sorry!” Midoriya raised his hands, waving them in front of him.

“It’s fine.” Maddie smiles, “Just take it down a notch.”

Midoriya unfortunately got none of his questions answered as Aizawa crawled out from under his desk. “Alright everyone. Into your seats.” Everyone quickly scattered, being perfect angels. That man was terrifying.

Chapter Text

School had just ended, some of the students lingering on campus. The four siblings immediately head to the gates, chatting quietly amongst themselves. It had been an average but brutal day, and they were all ready to decompress.

They pause at the gates, mumbling to one another, before splitting up to the confusion of their classmates. They always seemed to go home in the same direction, so seeing the closely knit group of ‘friends’ scatter was a bit… weird.

Hitoshi didn’t notice the odd looks some of his classmates were giving them, putting in his ear buds. Soft rock music played at a low enough volume he could still hear what was going on around him. A safety thing. The sunny day and calming music already had him shifting out of his ‘school mode’ into a more casual and easygoing mindset.

The walk to his favorite bookstore was a bit long coming from UA, but it was worth it. Besides, walking made him feel better anyways. The bell above the door jingled softly when he entered, as it always did. The store was mostly empty, pleasant but unsurprising considering the time, and he was immediately able to order his coffee. “Afternoon, Kimura-san.”

“Black coffee, Shinso-san?” The barista smiled, she’d been working here as long as he’d been coming here. Considering he came here so often, everyone knew him by name at this point, and so did he.

“Yes please.” Hitoshi gave the woman a small smile and nod, passing the money over the counter. She came back barely a minute later. Taking the cup, he gave her another small nod before retreating further into the book store. The coffee smell alone had destroyed the building headache in his temples before it could strike.

Lavender eyes traced the spines of the books on the shelves curiously. He wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just soaking up the atmosphere. He shut off his music, sticking his headphones in his pocket, and let soothing sounds of the book store overtake him instead. Quiet chattering behind the counters, a woman muttering to herself as she read the synopsis of the light novel she held, and the soft elevator-like music they were playing over the speakers to fill the silence.

Deciding his coffee was cool enough not to roast his tongue off, he took a long drink as he grabbed a manga from one of the higher shelves. Reading the back his mouth tweaked up into a half smile. It was a corny shoujo that Ash would love, ironic that she wouldn’t have been able to even see it considering how high up it was. He let out an amused puff at his own inner monologue as he replaced it where it had been.

Hitoshi stepped leisurely down the aisle, a small content smile on his face. He reached the end of this section but continued on straight. There were wooden boxes full of records that he traced a finger across as he walked, a habit he’d picked up when Pops first started bringing him here. He could practically see his twelve year old self staring judgmentally at the man as he twirled a vintage pop album between his hands. He chuckled, shaking his head.

At the end of that lane was a bunch of trinkets, bookmarks mostly. But there were random knick knacks scattered all over the table. A keychain caught the light as he walked past, drawing his attention to it. He plucked it off the table and examined it. It was a golden sun. He tossed it up in the air and caught it easily, a bit tarnished but well made if the weight was anything to go by. He held it up in front of his face, turning it back and forth so it gleamed in the artificial light. He didn’t know why, but looking at it made him feel… something. He hooked the keyring around his ring finger so it dangled from the hand holding his coffee cup and shrugged.

Advancing further towards the back of the store, he got to the more informational part of the store. There was a little nook in the wall for the languages section. Perfectly at his eye level was a bunch of Japanese to English dictionaries. A small cheeky smirk blossomed on his face as he picked one off the shelf. He glanced around as if he was doing something he shouldn't as he contemplated getting one for the express purpose of annoying Maggie. He chuckled into his coffee when he pictured the absolutely done expression she’d have on her face if he handed this to her. Shaking his head, he put it back. “Another time.”

He backtracked out of the small section, somehow finding himself in the fantasy novels. They were displaying a new release right at the front. The cover had a brilliant red dragon, but that isn’t what he focused in on. Standing opposing the dragon, sword in hand, was a drawing of a girl that looked eerily similar to Maddie. Brown and blonde hair whipping in the wind, icy blue eyes shining by the light of the dragon's flame. Hitoshi shook his head, snapping a photo of the uncanny resemblance with his phone to show her later.

Finally, he got to the section he had been checking every week. More new releases. He actually grinned as he saw what he had been waiting for. The next volume of his current favorite manga series had finally gotten in stock here. Eagerly snatching a copy, he went to the checkout line. He sat the two items down along with the money he needed to pay and finished off his coffee before throwing it into the bin.

“Do you need a bag, Shinso-san?” The cashier asked.

Hitoshi shook his head, taking the outstretched items, “No thank you.” He dropped the book into his bag, hanging the little keychain on one of the zippers. “Have a nice day.” He nodded his goodbye.

“Have a nice day.” She chuckled, watching the young boy leave, “Always so polite.”

Maggie immediately headed home. The walk was short, as always. It was just more convenient and ‘logical’ for two teachers to live close to the school where they worked. Unlocking the front door, she yelped when it swung open without her, taking her key with it. Mic stood on the other side with a raised brow.

“Don't DO that!” Maggie squeaked, holding her hand over her chest in a futile attempt to still her racing heart.

“I know you aren’t planning on sneaking into your bedroom!” Hizashi exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger in her face.

“First of all, I wasn’t planning on sneaking. If I was, I would have come through the fire escape like Aizawa does after patrol.” Maggie’s face scrunched up in annoyance. She took his hand and moved his finger out of her personal space, “Second, seriously, DON'T DO THAT! Did you RUN all the way home to beat me here?”

Hizashi crossed his arms and threw his head back in an exaggerated sigh, “I will KEEP doing that until you stop being anti-social! And yes, I did.” He put his hands on his hips, leaning a shoulder against the door frame. “Now go outside and do something! Be part of the community!”

Maggie looked at him like he’d grown a second head. This shit again? Really? “I’ve been ‘part of the community’ all day, Mic.” She groaned.

Hizashi’s face completely dropped into an annoyed and serious expression, one Maggie was beginning to think was made specifically for her, “You have six minutes to get dressed, ditch the backpack, and leave. Or I'm shoving you out the door myself, and you won't be coming back until your siblings do. Got it?” He moved out of the doorway so she could come in, giving her an expectant look.

Maggie groaned, but knew she wasn’t winning this argument. “You really are becoming the bane of my existence, Yamada!” She hissed as she rushed inside to change.

“And you’ve become a pain in my ass, Magnolia!” Hizashi shot back. He shook his head as she unintentionally slammed her door behind her, “Teenagers… It was one thing when Hitoshi was just turning thirteen. But this?” He whistled lowly, waiting for her to be done.

Maggie quickly changed into something more comfortable, stuffing her phone in her pocket. She left without much fuss, but did shoot a glare Mic’s way.

“I love you!” Mic shouted after her cheerfully, grin back in place “Have fun!” He promptly slammed the door.

Maggie rolled her eyes and left the apartment building. She just sorta stood on the front steps for a while, unsure where to go and honestly contemplating just dipping into the alley and waiting it out until dinner time. Finally, deciding Mic wasn’t that stupid, she decided to head to the shopping district to hide in an alley THERE instead.

She kept her head down as she sped walked around people. Thankfully it wasn’t exactly rush hour, but there were still far too many people around for her liking. Getting to the edge of the crowds, she lets out a deep sigh. She slumped over and sweatdropped as she regained her bearings. Ultimately she shook off some of her initial upset and looked around at the shops from where she stood. Unfortunately she couldn’t make out some of the signs from a distance, or simply didn’t understand exactly what they said, quickly souring her mood again. She violently rubbed her eyes, squinting and tilting her head until things came back into focus.

Huffing she continued walking, staying on the edge of the crowd. She decided to just peer in the windows to see what sort of things they had on display and go from there. She raised an eyebrow at one store who clearly had ‘occult’ items and the like on display. She shook her head, the corners of her mouth tilting up just slightly. “Should I really play into this stereotype?” She asked herself, biting her bottom lip. Welp, it wasn’t like she had anything better to do.

The first thing she noticed when she walked through the door was the conflicting incense sticks burning, the smell making her wrinkle her nose. The second was the dim lighting. The third? Tokoyami Fumikage. An occult shop indeed. She shook her head as she rubbed her nose to stop the assault on her nostrils. She observed her classmate with a keen eye, wondering if she should just turn back around and leave. Making brief eye contact unfortunately took that option off the table unless she really wanted to make herself look like a Bakugo level douchebag.

She gave him a stunted nod of acknowledgement before awkwardly puffing her cheeks and walking further into the store. She acted as if she had a purpose for being there other than Mic having kicked her out of the apartment. That usually convinced people to leave her alone. Walking in the opposite direction of Tokoyami, she ended up in front of a large display of gemstones. She chose to just stare intently at the rocks for a while, occasionally picking one up to ‘examine it further.’

After giving her a side glance, Fumikage subtly rounds closer to her. He was understandably curious considering her closed off nature and their seemingly complimentary aesthetics. Even so, he was still a bit intimated. Maggie could practically feel him approaching her as her skin began to crawl.

“Find anything interesting?” He asked kindly.

Maggie winced, setting down the rock she was holding, “Nothing in particular…” She answered honestly. Her voice sounded a bit strained, but she didn’t stutter, so that was an improvement I guess.

There was an awkward pause as they stood side by side staring at a bunch of rocks, occasionally glancing at one another. Fumikage broke the silence, “I can recommend you some stuff… If you want… You don't have too…” He clicked his beak nervously, folding his hands behind his back.

Maggie takes a step back from the table nodding stiffly, “Yeah, sure…” She grips the side of her pants with one hand, gripping her arm with the other. She looked just about everywhere but him, mostly the ceiling.

There was another long pause as both teens contemplated the life choices that led them to this moment. Dark Shadow saw that as a perfect opportunity to make themselves known, “Hi!” They popped out of their host’s chest, waving both their clawed hands in greeting with the happiest expression.

Fumikage was even more mortified by the whole ordeal, crossing his arms and squeezing his eyes shut. He wanted the darkness to swallow him whole.

Maggie couldn’t help but crack a smile, waving back at the sentient quirk, “Hi, Dark Shadow.” She was thankful that it was really only the two (three?) of them and the cashier in the store at the moment. Poor Tokoyami would have been getting quite a few strange looks.

“Dark Shadow,” Fumikage sighed, “What have we discussed about you appearing without warning?”

“Sorry Fumi…” Dark Shadow pouted, wrapping itself around Fumikage.

Fumikage couldn’t be upset with his quirk, just sighing, “It’s alright…”

Unlike her siblings who left the campus to go somewhere, (or be forced somewhere) Ash turned back around and went back inside the school. This really threw her classmates for a loop, so they followed her. Her tiny legs made her easy to track, though it wasn’t exactly like she had noticed the small group tailing her.

Entering the silent school library she sat down at a table and put her bag in the seat next to her. She pulled out her notes, all meticulously organized, and laid them across the table. Smiling, she pulled out her ear buds to listen to music before starting to study.

Mina watched in disbelief as she began making more notes from her already extensive set of notes. “You have gotta be kidding me. What is she doing?”

“Studying.” Tenya said. “Something we should all be doing!” He was promptly shushed by the other students and librarian.

Momo was hesitant, “Should we really be bothering her?”

“Yes we should be bothering her! She’s taking NOTES of her NOTES!” Toru shouted, also promptly getting shushed.

Ash was completely unaware of her classmates as she made an annotated short form version of today’s class notes for Maggie. She was more than happy where she was. She cheerfully bobbed her head to her music without a care in the world.

Kyoka shook her head, “Okay this is just sad.” She stated bluntly. “Let’s just go talk to her. If she tells us to leave her alone then we will.”

Mina happily did just that. She strode over with a pleasant smile, reaching over the table to tap Ash’s shoulder.

Ash looked up and smiled back, taking out her headphones, “Hey Mina. What's up?”

“Please tell me you didn’t come back in here to write notes?” Mina begged.

“Uhh…” Ash sat down her pen, officially giving Mina her full attention for the time being, “I did? Is that a problem?”

Toru chimed in, making the others' presence known to the small girl, “You could be doing something so much more fun!” At this point everyone had given up the shushing.

“I think studying is fun.” Ash shrugged, feeling awkward now that she realized that her classmates had followed her back inside.

“I agree.” Momo nods only to blush profusely at the blank stares she received from the other girls in the class.

Mina shook her head, “We don’t have a single exam this week. Put that stuff away. You have time to prepare THAT much in advance, you have time to hangout instead.”

“Yeah!” Ochaco cheered, “We haven’t gotten to hang out with you since you joined the class! It will be fun!”

“I’d love to get to know you, kero.” Tsu added with a finger pressed to her chin.

Ash’s jaw dropped as she fought to find the words to say, “I- uh-” She stuttered, giggling nervously. She found herself suddenly very out of her comfort zone. “O-okay?” And just like that, Ash’s everyday plans were interrupted. She was pulled along by Mina after barely being able to pack all her things.

“We’re going to have so much fun!” The resident alien queen declared, truly leaving no room for argument among her subjects.

Maddie waved goodbye to her siblings before walking in the direction of her new favorite place in Japan; The local orphanage. She had found out about this place from dad, and despite her busy schedule she volunteers when she has the time, luckily today was one of those days. Putting in her earphones, she blasts Pop music as she skips down the sidewalk, throwing caution to the wind. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her siblings, it was just nice having quiet moments like this to herself every once in a while. They were rare, especially since she had started at UA.

After readjusting her earphones, she finally arrived at the orphanage. Putting on a big smile she walked through the giant doors. The second she walked in she was suddenly jumped by a small crowd of children, all ranging in size and appearance. “Madeline! You’re back!” A small scream originated from the group, followed by a chorus of agreements and questions.

“How is UA?”

“Was your internship fun?”

“Did you learn any new animals?”

“Did you really work with ThunderStrike?”

“Did you-.”

Maddie laughed as the children fired off question after question, very eager to answer them all. “Okay, Okay one at a time. I promise I’ll answer them all.” She set her backpack down and led the children to the dining hall. Sitting at the head of the largest table, she faced the children.

They all sat at the table, pulling up chairs from the others so there was enough to all sit together. One of the smaller children clamored directly into her lap, looking up at her with doe eyes and a thumb in his mouth. Her smile only grew as she gave the boy a small head pat. “UA is great! It’s an amazing school full of wonderful, if not interesting, people.”

One of the girls raises her hand before answering, “Have you made any friends?”

“Yes! They’re two boys in my class, Denki and Todoroki-kun.”

“Are they cute~?” Asked a preteen girl, causing Maddie great confusion.

“Um, I guess they are somewhat attractive.” She answers with a head tilt, her face scrunched up in confusion.

Having had enough love talk, one of the younger boys speaks up, “Enough about that! How was your internship? Did you fight any villains? How was working with ThunderStrike?” He ranted while bouncing in his seat.

“Haru! Don’t interrupt, it's very rude!” One of the older boys scolded. Haru just stuck out his tongue at them, causing Maddie to giggle.

“My internship was...eventful to say the least.” She hesitantly answered, “No, I didn’t fight any villains but ThunderStrike was AMAZING to work with! I even got to see him use one of his special moves.” That set off all the children as they asked more questions, many about the aforementioned hero.

After finally getting them to calm down, one of the younger children tapped Maddie's legs to get her attention, “Can you do another show for us, Madeline?”

Maddie thought for a second before nodding, “Okay, but only a short one.”

The children cheered running for the door that led outside to the back of the building. When they arrived, a small stage made out of milk crates stood in front of them, obviously prearranged. Maddie shook her head as she stood on the makeshift stage, sneaky little rascals. “Are you ready kids?”

The kids cheered as Maddie stretched before backflipping, transforming into a hawk mid-flip. She flew around the small group, loving the feeling of the wind rushing over her feathers. With each flap of her wings, the wind resistance pushed her higher, the gush of air cooling her sides nicely. Gliding made her feel like a kite. The kids squeals of excitement only furthering that light-hearted feeling, reminding her of the kite festival that her family had gone to in the first couple of months of being in Japan. As she reaches her highest peak, she transforms into a capuchin monkey, front flipping the entire way down. The kids watch in anticipation as she falls, only for her to land perfectly on her feet, giving a small bow as her tail wags in the breeze. As she transforms back, the kids cheer, yelling out for more. And who was Maddie to say no to that?

Chapter Text

The girls locker room was lively as ever as they changed for heroics. The 9 female class 1-A students had gotten quite effective at changing into their costumes for the most part, and some of them were already done and just chattering away. Ash reapplied her deodorant at her locker, listening to Mina struggle with her specialty boots. Biting her inner cheek, she reminisced on the girl. Beautiful, friendly, confident, with great control over her quirk. Pulling her costume from her locker, Ash swallowed her slight envy and retreated to a bathroom stall to change.

Ash stared at her costume, rubbing her thumb against the oddly textured fabric. Intrusive thoughts about her self worth plagued her as the other girls laughed and ranted. She wasn’t exactly the most confident, not finding much about herself to be confident about. Today was especially bad, having had a harsh training the night before. This morning she and Maggie had been joking around, and Maggie had said something that struck a chord.  

‘Keep sassing me and I'll tell Hound Dog and our Rat King principal to send you back stateside.’

The words kept echoing in her head. Maggie hadn’t meant them of course. Ash knew she’d never do that. But having woken up on the wrong side of the bed made the playful taunt sting more than it should. Because just like she knew Maggie hadn’t meant it, she also knew that she wouldn’t have made it here without her help. She couldn’t help but compare herself to her, as well as the rest of her family, because of it. And now, she was comparing herself to the girls in her class before she could stop herself.

Ash finally undressed to put on her bodysuit, stepping into it, “Will this help, Mina?” She heard Momo ask. Ash froze in place, almost losing her balance and falling over as she failed to balance on one leg.

“Yeah! This is perfect!” Mina exclaimed. There was a short pause, then a snapping sound. “Thanks!”

“Oh you can keep it.” Ash heard Momo calmly say, making her wince. Momo was gorgeous, smart, apparently got in on recommendation, and the things she made were permanent. Ash sighed, violently pulling up her jumpsuit. Instead of exiting the stall, she stared at her arms. The things she made dissolved into nothingness the second anyone but her touched them. They’d never be real like hers. Her eyes focused on the dark patches of skin without her permission. She’d done them to herself, beginning the second she’d decided she wanted to be a hero, working to improve. The tiny bit of progress she made, just enough for people to pity her enough to help her, was all she had to show for it.

Girls began trickling out to go to class, unnoticed by the self-conscious girl lost in her own thoughts. There was a knock on the stall door, “Ash, you good in there?” It was Maggie.

“Y-yeah!” Ash jumped from having been started out of her thoughts. “I’m fine. Just daydreaming I guess…” She unlocked the stall walking out to see they were the only two girls left.

“Well your day dreaming is going to make you late. Come on.” Maggie chuckled. Ash could practically see her eyeroll through her helmet.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Ash laughed, following her out.

Maddie was waiting just outside. “I thought I told you to go to class.” Maggie snarked.

“No. For two reasons! One, I was waiting for you. Two, I like messing with Toshi-nii.” Maddie smiled, only to visibly recoil after smelling the air. She looked at Ash skeptically while plugging her nose. “Ash you smell.”

Ash grimaced, lifting her arm to sniff, “I put on more deodorant.”

“Not body wise.” Maddie was quick to clarify, waving a hand to try and fan the stench away as they walked. “You smell like Maggie when she has to talk to strangers.”

Maggie sighed but chose to ignore the jab. Ash went pale, knowing she was caught, “I'm sorry, I guess?”

“Why are you so anxious?” Maddie asked bluntly.

“Just heroics.” Ash lied, “I'm really sore from last night and I don't want to get hurt.”

“Hopefully you don't have to go against Boom Boom Boi.” Maddie said understandingly, “I’m pretty sure he won't hold back, even if you are sore.”

“I’m pretty sure if he found out how hard you trained last night, he’d just take it as a green light to pumble you even harder.” Maggie chimed in with a scoff, “One way ticket to Recovery Girl.”

“Just ask Midoriya-kun.” Maddie added.

Ash laughed nervously, happy her lie had been accepted, but suddenly actually very nervous about heroics class. They’d been doing a lot of team exercises recently, but not today. This is gonna suck. Skill training sucks.



Ash panted as she lost control of the light for the fifth time. Her entire body was tingling, feeling like the beginnings of a bad sunburn. It was time for a break. Looking around at her classmates, her eldest sister caught her eye. It was a familiar sight, one she’d seen a thousand times before. Maggie’s spell book had floated out of her hand and was levitating in front of her face as she read from it. The pages turned periodically without Maggie having lifted a finger.

Seemingly getting to the page she wanted, she taped the book with the tip of her wand before taking a step back. She sheathed the wand and cracked her knuckles before holding both her hands together palms up. Roughly half a minute passed before a tiny spiral formed in her hands. It was a tiny tornado, spinning rapidly. It had to be fairly strong, actually yanking at her cloak despite its small size. 

Separating her hands, the tiny weather phenomenon stayed in the palm of her left hand as she moved them further and further apart. Flicking her wrist, Ash watched as the tornado left her hand towards the target roughly 20 feet away, growing in size as it traveled. When it was roughly the size of a person it touched ground, tearing it up as it kept going forward. It hit the target, sweeping it up and tearing it to shreds before dissipating into nothingness. Leaving only the destruction behind as evidence it had existed.

Ash shook her head. That looked like hell. She was not getting into the crossfire of one of those. Actively avoiding even looking at Maggie anymore she turned in the opposite direction and spotted her brother. He was sparring with Ojiro, and from the looks of it they’d been going at it for a while. Both boys were pouring sweat but were seemingly unperturbed as they exchanged blows. Hitoshi wore a cocky smirk, like he typically did when sparring. It threw people off. But to Ojiro’s credit it didn't seem to bother him if his tight lipped focused expression was any indication. They'd talked out their ‘differences’ not long ago, and seemed to be having a good time sparring together now.

A little behind Hitoshi was Maddie. She was in a full transformation of a grizzly bear. She’d been working on it for a while, and it seemed like she’d finally got it down. She stood on her hind legs, swiping at a target. It was shredded, splintering into nothing. She let out a grunt that sounded like a roar in her 300 pound form. Ash was also not dealing with that. Both her sisters were going to give her nightmares tonight at this rate. That is if the inadequacy she felt didn’t eat her alive first.

Ash jumped at the sound of Bakugo’s yelling, spinning towards him with a sigh. He and Kirishima were sparring together. Kirishima seemed to be hardened from head to toe as Bakugo angrily tried to blow him to smithereens. Kirishima was slowly getting backed into a corner by the explosive blond, but he wasn’t backing down. He threw punch after brutal punch at his friend, all with a smile on his face. It wasn’t like he wasn’t taking the match seriously either. His eyes were focused, and his moves calculated to the best of his abilities. His grin wasn’t feral like his friend’s tended to be, nor bizarrely perfect like All Might’s. It was a real, genuinely confident smile. One that grew even larger when he managed to force Bakugo back a couple of feet and himself away from the wall.

Ash’s eyes gleaned in awe. How Kirishima managed to stand his own against Bakugo was impressive enough on its own. But the way he did it? Ash looked to the ground as she thought, ‘nothing like me.’ He stood tall with a smile. He approached everyone with unconditional respect and kindness. ‘I could never be like that.’ She crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. The tingling had stopped. She needed to train.


“AH!” Ash jumped away. It was just Denki, but he was a lot quieter than he should have been. Or Ash was just far too lost in thought to have noticed him coming towards her. She’d have to work on that. “Shit, Denki! You scared me.”

Denki looked at her with a vaguely concerned smile, “I was right in front of you. How did you not see me?”

Ash puffed out her cheeks embarrassedly, “I’ve got a lot on my mind…” She defended herself, even though he had a point.

“Yeah, I noticed. You’ve been standing here a while. Care to share? I’m always listening.” Denki said, shooting her finger guns. He’d come over to check on her. She seemed… sad.

Ash stood there for a minute, just picking at her thumbs, before caving. “I’m just so… behind everyone else.” She sighed melancholy as she plopped down on a nearby bench. She looked up at him, eyes glossy, “Everybody here is just so talented. They’ve got amazing quirks they actually know how to use! Meanwhile I can't even bend light correctly or keep a solid object for more than a minute and I’ve been working so hard my arms are like a patchwork quilt. The only thing I’ve got going for me is my smarts, and even then I can’t use them effectively in battle.”

Denki nods sympathetically as he sits down beside her, “I get it.” He said, and he really did. His grades sucked no matter how hard he worked and he can’t aim. “But everyone here was where you are at some point. You got into UA. That's huge.” He smiled, bumping her shoulder with his, “Not just anyone can get in here, ya know?”

“You’re just saying that because you're my friend and you want to cheer me up.” Ash sighed dejectedly, leaning forward so her elbows dug into her thighs and her head rested into her hands. “I-”

Denki lightly bonked her on the head, “I am not just saying that. How.” Bonk, “Dare.” Bonk, “You.” He double bonked her to make a point. “Look at Kirishima, do you really think he could take on Bakugo in the beginning?”

“Well no-”

“Exactly!” Denki threw up his hands, “Now stop moping and come train!” He pulled her back into the field, “If you have time to mope you have time to train!”

“You sound like Papa.” Ash stated with narrowed eyes, not exactly appreciating getting dragged.

“I sound like a pro?” Denki asked cheekily, “Thank you!” He put his hands over his heart, earning him a chuckle from the pouty girl. “Now come on, you and me are sparring partners until you stop being so hard on yourself.”



As they walked back to class after Heroics ended, Ash thought about what her friend had said. She felt a little better after her talk with Denki but her doubts still lingered. On some level she knew he was right, but she still couldn’t help but feel inferior to her classmates. As they walked down the hall, they passed 1B and as always Monama had something to say.

“Hey Shinso~.” He cooed with his famous shit-eating grin. Hitoshi just ignored him and kept walking with his sisters. “1A seems a little crowded, why don’t you join the better class?” 

Hitoshi stopped, looking him up and down, wearing an ‘Are you serious?’ look on his face. “Thanks, but I’m happy where I’m at.” He answered in his usual dry tone.

“Why?" Monama asked, "1A already has three extra students. I’m sure our class could offer more than these second-rate wannabes.” Bakugo was already lividly shouting from somewhere behind them. Hitoshi firmly held the back of Maddie and Maggie's shirts, a warning not to do anything stupid and just keep walking. Ash just shook her head, feeling a headache coming on.

“I already said no, now leave me alone.” Hitoshi answered, clearly annoyed.


“He said leave him alone.” Ash suddenly cut him off, surprising herself and her family with her bluntness. Monama just turned and glared at the short girl.

“I wasn’t talking to you pipsqueak, now butt out.” He taunted. Ash practically curled in on herself while her siblings glared daggers at the blond. The three started throwing insults back on her behalf and once again Ash couldn’t help but feel useless. Here she was trying to stand up for her brother, but backed down after one comeback. She couldn’t even stand up for herself, much less anyone else. If she couldn’t even do that now, how could she expect better of herself as a pro hero? Maybe Denki was wrong. Maybe she got in by pure luck alone.

As Ash was drowning in her thoughts, she didn’t notice Kendo break up the argument and drag Monama away. Once again in her own little world, Maggie grabbed her arm and pulled her along, startling her out of it. "What a dick."

"Haha, yeah." Ash nodded, blushing from embarrassment.

"Whatever, fuck him. We've got class." She dragged her into the classroom, through the desks, to the back of the class. Finally letting go when she plopped down in her own seat with a huff.

Ash nodded, taking her seat beside her and pulling out her notebooks and pens. She clicked her pen while biting her bottom lip and staring at her notes, trying to shove down all her worries before class started so she could focus.



At long last the final bell rang, Ash all but dragged her siblings out the door. This has been the worst day ever.

Maggie chuckled, raising an eyebrow as she was dragged down the hall by her wrist, "What's the matter with you? Usually I'm the one in a dead sprint to get the fuck out of here."

Ash groans before answering, “I need a fucking nap.”

Hitoshi released a surprised laugh, not used to his sister bluntly swearing, especially in Japanese. “Bad day?”

Ash just gives a curt nod, continuing to lead the way back home quietly despite her siblings questioning stares. 

Chapter Text

Shouto dove to the side as his father threw a flaming punch at his head, the heat radiating off it really only a minor annoyance. He counterattacked by freezing his feet to the floor and taking the opportunity to throw a solid punch at his father’s nose. The ice rapidly melted as Enji's flames flared. The Pro shot a blast of fire at Shouto, who narrowly dodged. The blast had caught the tip of his right shoulder, only melting the frost that had collected there. Before Shouto could retaliate the timer Enji set went off, signaling the end of training. As it rang Shouto glared at his father while panting softly from his intense training.

Enji straightened up, standing tall as he adjusted his suit, still covered head to toe in fire. Shouto wanted to punch that gaudy fire-caterpillar his father called a mustache off the man's face. "Shouto, you still default to your ice unless we are specifically focusing on working with your fire. It's almost like you forget you have it in the midst of battle." He learned. Shouto had to resist the urge to roll his eyes. "Unfortunately, we don't have any more time this morning. Your sister was supposed to make you breakfast. Eat it quickly and don't be late for school. You are dismissed."

Shouto all but ran out of the training room, wanting to put as much distance between the two of them as possible. He hurried to clean up and get ready before going to the kitchen where his sister was standing over the stove cooking. “Morning Onee-san.”

“Oh good morning, Shouto.” Fuyumi answered, placing a premade plate of food in front of him.

Shouto gave a tired nod in response before eating his breakfast, wincing from pain as he chewed, and cursing Endeavor internally. Fuyumi watched with a sad expression as he continued to eat through the pain. Subconsciously she rubbed her jaw as it throbbed from sympathy pains as she sat to eat her breakfast. The two of them ate in silence, not having a clue what to say to each other.



While breakfast was short, the bus ride and subsequent walk was agonizingly long. Shouto winced as his bag rubbed against a developing bruise on his shoulder. Finally he reached the school gates where Hounddog promptly escorted him to Recovery Girl. The counselor always seemed to know when training left him worse for wear. 

The elderly woman shook her head as she took in the battered teen, “One of these days I’m gonna teach that father of yours a thing or two about restraint.” She complained, waving around her giant syringe. “There’s a fine line between training and flat out abuse, now come here boy so I can get you cleaned up.” 

Shouto just gave a curt nod and let the nurse do as she pleased. The process was quick and near painless as always, but left him feeling more drained than he already had from all the intense training he was experiencing. Quirk training in both class and at home was wearing him down. He gave her a quiet thanks before heading to class where most of his classmates had already gathered. He promptly ignores them and heads to his seat, pulling out his notes and setting them on his desk before sitting down. As he settles in, he crosses his arms over his desk and rests his chin against them tiredly as he stares straight ahead in an almost trance-like state until a cheery voice snaps him back to attention.

“Hi Todoroki-Kun!” Maddie exclaimed, placing her bag down on her desk. “How are you this morning?”

“Good morning, Madeline. I’m fine.” He answered in his normal monotone voice.

“That’s good!” She smiled, completely unaffected by his dry tone. “Oh yeah! Todoroki-kun I have a question for you.”

Shouto turned around in his chair to face her questioningly, “Yes? What is it?”

“Why do you always visit Recovery Girl in the morning?” She asked bluntly. “I see you go to the nurse's office almost every single day.”

“I train with my father in the mornings, as well as anytime he’s off duty in the evenings.” 

Maddie leans her chin forward more, resting it in her hands. Her eyebrows scrunched together in both concern and curiosity, “He trains you so hard to the point you need Recovery Girl?”


“Todoroki-kun! That’s terrible!” She exclaimed, her once cheerful features turning angry. “No parent should ever push their child that hard!”

Shouto just gave a confused head tilt, not at all sure why she was getting worked up. He had gotten used to the intense training his father put him through every single day to the point where it was normal to him. “What do you mean?" He asked. 

Before she can respond, Aizawa walks in to start class, sadly putting an end to the conversation. 



The rest of the day went by pretty normally. They had classes and a surprisingly uneventful Heroics class before the final bell rang. It was boring, but he was thankful for the small break. Shouto had just finished packing up his things when he felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around he was faced with a rare nervous Maddie. "….Um Todoroki-kun? Do you have a minute?" She asked timidly. 

Giving a hesitant nod, "Yes?" He answered, the smallest sign of curiosity shown on his face as he put on his bag. 

Maddie gave a small nod before looking at him straight on, "Would you like to hang out with me this afternoon?" She asked, rocking back and forth almost shyly. 

Shouto froze as he was not expecting her question, "I'm sorry?" 

Maddie physically deflated before shaking out her nerves and looked up at him again, "You are hanging out with me this afternoon. No excuses!" She demanded.

Shouto tilted his head like a lost puppy, "I don't think I can." It's not that he didn't want to hang out with his new friend but his father had already planned a training exercise after school. 

"No excuses! I don't care what you have planned. You're going out with me this afternoon and we're going to go have fun and act like normal teenagers!” She crosses her arms, giving a determined nod.

“But one of my father's sidekicks is picking me up after school. I don't think I can sneak away." He responded in an almost childish tone.

Maddie just gives a small smirk before linking her arm with his, dragging him towards the door. “Leave that to me! I know a shortcut out of here!” 

Shouto gives a small nod. Letting her drag him along, he put his faith in her as he wondered what she had planned. "Okay."

"Great!" Maddie cheered as she led him through the twists and turns of the main UA campus, further and further away from the front gate.

"Where are we going?"

"To the mall!" Maddie grins.

"Okay. But where are we going currently ?"

"Oh." Maddie lightly bonked the side of her head with the heel of her hand, "I know a way out the back. It's where a lot of the teachers come in."

Shouto squinted, suddenly suspicious, "How do you know where the teachers come in?"

"It's where my Dads come in." Maddie said casually. 

Shouto just nodded, accepting her answer without much thought at first. He stopped dead in his tracks as second later, blinking dumbly, "Wh-"

Maddie tugged him harshly, "Come on!"

Before he could even get the question out Maddie had tugged him out the door.



It wasn't long until they arrived at the mall, although it did take awhile as neither one of them had ever been to the mall by themselves before and might have gotten lost on the way. “Finally! We made it.” Maddie exclaimed.

Shouto looked around in wonder, the last time he was at a mall was when his mother had taken him as a child, “So what do we do now?”

“I have no idea. I've never actually hung out at a mall. Well, there was that one but it ended badly.” 

Shouto glanced over at her in curiosity, “Ended badly how?”

“Boom boom boi.”

Shouto nods in understanding, knowing all too well who she meant.

An awkward silence formed between them as neither knew what to say. They normally had someone there to start the conversations but now it was just the two of them.

“So… Um... What do you like to do in your free time?” Maddie asked, attempting to break the silence. Shouto just stares off in the distance, seemingly in thought before turning to her.

“I like to eat soba.” He answered as dryly as ever.

She smiled, “Okay! I can work with that.”

She pulled him to one of the nearby maps, plotting a route to a restaurant.



After finding a suitable restaurant, Maddie led the way with a quiet Shouto in tow. The boy was very confused as he didn’t know where they were even heading. Soon they arrived, it was a small, quaint booth with several tables surrounding it. Maddie sat Shouto down at one of the tables before running off towards the booth, the poor boy couldn’t even get a word in. He just watches her leave before taking in his surroundings, the mall looked similar to the one in his memories but that was a long time ago and his memories are fuzzy. After a few minutes Maddie returned with two bowls, only one was cold.

Curious, he looks up at her, “How did you know I eat my soba cold?” 

Maddie’s cheeks reddened slightly from embarrassment, “I may have noticed you only eat soba at lunch and…” She lowers her voice shamefully, “I asked Midoriya-kun.”

“Ah.” He nodded in understanding before taking his bowl, “Thank you, Madeline.” 

Another silence fell over them as they ate, Maddie racked her brain for possible ice breakers, but came up short. Which was weird because this has never happened before. She has never been stonewalled by someone before.

“So...Todoroki-kun, since we’re friends now, why don't we try to get to know each other.” She asked, awkwardly.

Shouto looks up from his bowl, slurping up the noodles currently hanging from his mouth, “Okay?”

Maddie opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Why was this so frustrating, she wanted to slam her head into the table because of it. “Okay! So…”

“Yes?” He asked, with a confused head tilt.

She racks her brain before blurting out the first one that came to mind, “What were you like before UA?” 

He just blinks before answering, “The same I guess? Maybe shorter.” 

Maddie just gives a forced smile, mentally kicking herself, Shouto totally oblivious to her turmoil.

Eating more of his noodles, Shouto remembers the advice Midoriya gave him about making friends and decides to ask a question in return. “What were you like before UA?” He asked awkwardly, staring at  his noodles.

Maddie’s smile falters for a second before returning to normal, though Shouto notices it. “It was...different, not like most childhoods.”

Shouto's chopsticks freeze midway to his mouth at her response, before looking up at her. “What do you mean?”

Maddie’s smile turns downward slightly, “If I tell you, do you promise not to get upset?” She asked timidly.

Shouto puts his noodles down, a very uncharacteristic move, and gives her his undivided attention. “Okay.” 

Maddie nods before retelling the story of how her mother sold her, the harsh treatments of the circus and how she was saved, “-And then I moved here.” She finished, the entire time Todoroki-kun didn’t say a word.

Shouto couldn’t believe what he had heard, but at the same time he could. His childhood had been terrible, he understood how horrible people could be. The scars that littered her back had told a similar story. But that was… outlandish. “Your scars… That's what they’re from?”

Maddie nods quietly. This was the first time she’d told anyone what she’d been through outside of her family. It was uncomfortable to say the least. She stared down at the table for a moment, tapping it with her finger. Frost creeped over from Todoroki’s side, causing her to glance up, “Uh… Todoroki-kun? You’re frosting the table…”

Shouto released the table from his iron grip immediately. Glancing down, his eyes widened just barely, surprised at what he’d done. “Oh.”

“Are you okay?” Maddie asked worriedly. She watched as he ‘casually’ began shoveling more soba noodles into his mouth. “I didn’t mean to make you upset…”

Shouto bashfully defrosted the table, a strawberry milk blush on his cheeks, “I’m not upset.” He denied while clicking his chopsticks against the rim of his bowl. “When my quirk presented, my father began training me immediately. I was exactly what he had wanted,” Shouto glared darkly into his bowl, “ his perfect masterpiece. ” He spat.

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him.” Maddie grimaced, “What about your mom?”

“My grandparents practically sold my mother to my father for her ice quirk. A quirk marriage.” Shouto continued, “She was a good mother, until my father’s abuse broke her. She’s the one who gave me this.” He stated emptily while pointing at the scar surrounding his eye, as if he’d told the story thousands of times before. “She’d been boiling water for tea when I grabbed her attention. At that moment, I looked too much like my father and she poured scalding hot water on me.”

Maddie hadn’t realised she’d gotten up from her chair until she had her arms wrapped tightly around her friend. It was an awkward position. He was still sitting at the table, staring forward at her now empty seat, while she stood beside his chair. She mushed his head into her sternum and she bent at the waist.

Shouto continued to stare forward, eyes widened in shock. Twitching fingers caused him to drop his chopsticks into his bowl with a dull clank. “Uh…” He said dumbly, unsure what to do.

“I’m so sorry!” She cried, holding back tears. She hugged his head tighter and rests her chin on top of his hair as she sniffled.

Shouto did not know what to say. This was not the reaction he was expecting. He just wants to eat his soba.

After finishing their food, Maddie and Shouto continued to walk around the mall. Both felt horribly out of place, having just had a very emotional talk in the middle of the food court. They kept glancing at one another out of the corner of their eyes. Neither had the slightest clue what to say.

Shouto walked through everything in his head, trying to understand what had happened. ‘Okay. Maddie is my friend. Maggie said that friends care about each other. So.. she keeps hugging me because she cares?’ Shouto nodded to himself. That made sense. Right?

Meanwhile Maddie was facing her own mental turmoil, ‘ I did it again! I did it again?!?’ She stared at her feet as she walked, embarrassed, ‘I hugged him AGAIN. Denki told me that was bad…’ She wanted to scream.

“I'm so sorry…” Maddie mumbled, mortified at her behavior. Her face was the same red as his hair.

Shouto looks at her calmly, tilting his head inquisitively, “Huh?”

“I keep hugging you! I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable…”

“Oh.” Shouto gives her a curt nod, having already processed this. Now he was even more confused. Had he been wrong?

“I was told I’m not supposed to give people surprise hugs…” She whined, continuing on panicky like, “I didn’t mean to surprise you…”

“Oh.” Shouto was still a bit confused, but he guessed that made a little more sense, “It’s alright.” He said stoically as always. He didn’t mind. “You can give me hugs if you want to.”

“Wait what?”

“Don’t friends that care about each other hug each other?” He asked, genuinely wanting to know the answer. He just wanted to know if he misunderstood.

“Well yes… Bu-”


The next day, Maddie came to school with a mission, “Kaminari Denki! I have a bone to pick with you!”

Denki whirled around to face a pouting Maddie as she stomped up to him in the hall, her siblings close behind. Ash’s exasperated look, Maggie’s manic giggling, and Hitoshi’s gleeful smirk only further made him weary of the girl. Raising his hands defensively, he took a small step back, “Woah! What's up? I don't think I did anything yet!”

“You said surprise hugs were bad! But Todoroki-kun told me otherwise!”

Denki gaped in confusion, “What?” He asked, watching over Maddie’s shoulder as Maggie clung to Hitoshi’s arm. She was muffling her laughter in his bicep and leaning against him for balance as she seemingly lost all semblance of composure. Denki shook it off, “Todoroki said what-what?” She had to be misunderstanding here.

Before Maddie could answer, they were interrupted by Midoryia yelping from inside the classroom. “T-t-todoroki-kun?!?!”

The five sprint inside only to see Todoroki hugging a ruby red Midoriya as the rest of the class watched in shock. The room was dead silent except for Midoryia’s stuttering until Maggie and Hitoshi couldn’t take it anymore. The two clung to each other as they cackled, tears welling up in their eyes. The class devolved into screaming afterwards as everyone tried to process what they were seeing.

Bakugo blew up his desk as Midoriya fell silent. “What the fuck are you doing Half and Half?!?”

Todoroki let him go, the poor Broccoli boy stumbling back to a shouting Iida, still blushing like mad, “Don’t friends hug each other?” The class continued to lose their shit, unable to properly respond to that.

Denki’s awestruck expression slowly morphed into a giddy smile as he understood, “So that's what you meant!” He chuckled, reaching around Maddie to where Hitoshi and Maggie clung to each other for stability and patted the purple haired boy’s back.

Ash just looks at her sister tiredly, “What did you teach him?”

“I don’t know!” Maddie whined. Sighing, she shouldered past her family into the room. It was time for class. “Good morning, Todoroki-kun.” She greeted like she would any other day, ignoring the commotion around her.

Shouto pulled her into a hug, “Good morning, Madeline.”

The class further devolved into madness, Mina’s happy shriek standing above the rest.

Chapter Text

*Trigger Warning* *Mentions of PTSD*

The annoying vibrations of Katsuki’s alarm clock woke him with an annoyed groan. Smashing the snooze button with a forceful thwack, he rolled on his side still half asleep. Seemingly on cue, the door slamming open startles him fully awake, “Katsuki! Get up now if you want to go on your run! And Brat if you broke your alarm clock again I’ll-”

“Shut up old hag!” Katsuki yelled back at his screeching mother, “I’m getting up!” He rolled out of bed onto his feet, stretching his back with a yawn.

“So fucking disrespectful.” Mitsuki grouched, dropping the laundry basket in the doorway, “I’m putting your laundry here! Don’t trip over it!”

“Yeah yeah!” He switched on his hearing aids like he did every morning and grabbed his water bottle from his desk. Wincing at the sudden onslaught of noises he couldn’t hear before he took his phone off the charger and grabbed his headphones. Moving the laundry basket further into his bedroom with an eye roll, making a show of it for his mother’s benefit. Going downstairs, he slipped on his shoes and went for his morning run.

By the time he got back, his mother had been kind enough to make him breakfast. But instead of eating, he took a quick shower, he was not winning that argument with his mother. Plodding back down the stairs with all his things, he takes his plate with his typical resting scowl.

“You’re welcome.” Mitsuki scolded sarcastically.

“Tsk.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, mumbling a quiet, “thank you,” under his breath.

Mitsuki smiled, ruffling his hair affectionately before sitting down to eat.



Before he can even pass through UA’s front gates, Kirishima comes barreling down the other end of the sidewalk, “Bakubro!” The red head slings his arm around the blond’s shoulders with a sharp toothed grin.

Katsuki gives him an annoyed look, shrugging him off, “Shitty hair.” He keeps walking. As anticipated, Kirishima followed close behind, “It’s too early for this.”

“It’s 7:45?”

“It’s too early for this.” Katsuki repeated, despite being a chronic morning person.

“Bro, aren't you a morning person?” Kiri asked, wrapping his arm around his friend once more.

Katsuki clicked his tongue but didn’t shake him off this time, “I'm tired.” Kiri nodded understandingly, but kept chatting away. So they walked to class like that. He spotted the suspicious quartet walking with none other than Kaminari fucking Denki. He glared at the backs of their heads until they rounded a corner out of sight. Those four had been grating on his nerves since they joined the class, and now Dunce Face seemed to be the best of friends with the group.

They get to the classroom, and as had been the norm the last few days, IcyHot was standing near his desk pulling Beast Girl into a hug as the rest of the class side eyed the strange pair of friends. Kiri chuckled, it was strange for sure, but he was glad Todobro was making more friends. Katsuki shook his head and stomped over to his desk. Putting his head down for a quick five minute nap before class starts, he’s interrupted by fucking Four Eyes shouting about PDA. Katsuki immediately turned off his hearing aids.

“That is highly inappropriate for the school environment!”

“I’m just hugging my friend.” Shouto said blankly.

Mina pouted, reaching over the rows of desks between them to swat at Iida, “Leave them alone! It’s cute!”

“That's enough.” AIzawa popped out from his sleeping bag, “Get in your seats.” He looked at the sleeping Bakugo enviously, smacking the back of his head with his capture weapon, “Wake up.”

Katsuki groaned, rubbing his forehead and turning on his hearing aids with a glare.



Katsuki restrained himself from falling asleep as Midnight drones on about architectural advancements necessitated by the appearance of quirks in recent history. He would typically be taking notes, but he was exhausted from having stayed up later than usual last night. He was oblivious to the looks his classmates were giving him as he nodded off.

Izuku cautiously poked Kacchan with his pencil, only receiving a half-hearted growl in return. Ejiro nervously eyed Midnight, wondering if maybe she’d accidently released a bit of her quirk directly into his friend's face. This was very out of character. Both boys jumped when Katsuki limply fell forward against his desk, asleep.

As a few of the students began to nervously shift in their seats, Midnight pulled out her whip from Aizawa’s desk and smacked Bakugo full force. Startling him awake with a jolt, and scaring one particular girl in the back of the class half to death.

Maddie dove under her desk in a blind panic. Transforming into a small kitten she scrambled underneath her chair, quivering in fear behind one of the metal legs with a pitiful whimper. Katsuki jumped out of his chair, suddenly wide awake, cursing up a storm. Explosions accompanied his shouts, promising death to his vivacious teacher.

Most of the class was too focused on their bomb of a classmate and teacher to notice the terrified girl in the back, with a few exceptions. Her brother Hitoshi immediately came to her aid, anticipating a negative reaction when their Aunt instinctively went for the whip in his father’s desk. Shouto turned on a dime at feeling the desk behind him rattle. His eyes narrowed at the empty seat. His eyes scanned the room for his friend, or any strange animals that could be his friend. Not seeing her, his frown deepened. He watched his classmate kneel next to Maddie’s desk and followed his eyes, finally spotting the shaking girl. He followed Shinso’s lead, getting closer with a tilted head. “Madeline?”

Momo stayed in her seat, but watched in shock of her normally cheery and well behaved classmate’s behaviour, “Is she alright?” She asked Shinso, seeing as he was the closest. She was ignored, the purple haired boy too focused on cooing softly at his ‘friend’ to notice her speaking to him.

Magnolia jumped out of her seat with a scolding shout at their teacher, “AUNTIE NEM!” She yelled, clearly upset. She threw a hand to her side and drew the attention of the class away from Midnight and Bakugo to the two boys on the floor and the empty seat where Maddie should be. She waved her hand frantically to emphasize the situation.

Nemuri froze in place, eyes widening at her niece’s call. Confused at the outburst for a second, she traced down in the direction the girl was violently shaking, only for realization to hit her like All Might’s Detroit Smash at seeing her Nephew and Todoroki on the floor and Maddie’s seat empty. She immediately threw the whip straight out of the open classroom door so her little budding flower of a niece didn’t have to see it anymore.

Denki turned around at his friend’s yelling only to gape at Maddie’s empty seat. Seeing Hitoshi and Todoroki on the floor next to it, he immediately dropped to his knees as well. Crawling over he sighed in relief at the tiny cat, knowing it had had to be his friend, “Uh? Maddie?” He scooted closer, frowning as he saw her shaking like a leaf, “Are you okay?”

While everyone tried to figure out why Shinso, Todoroki, and Kaminari were suddenly kneeling on the ground surrounding Madeline’s desk, Kirishima, Midoriya, and Bakugo were asking a different question. “Auntie Nem?!” The three said in unison.

Katsuki was more pissed at getting interrupted than anything, hands popping off small explosions. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t be thinking about this later. Midoriya’s brain was going at top speed in an attempt to connect Midnight and Maggie together. Kirishima was just plain confused. He only became more bewildered seeing his friend roll out of his chair and onto his knees, crawling past him, “Kamibro! What are you doing?” He didn't get an answer.

Mina stood on her toes, using her desk to keep balance as she peered over everyone in the class, barely able to see the three guys on the floor. “Why are you three on the floor?”

Hitoshi carefully picked up the shaking girl and cradled her tiny cat body in his arms, cooing reassuring things to her. He completely drowned out the rest of the class and their questions, finding them unimportant at best and annoyingly distracting at worst. Denki crowded a bit closer, ending up underneath her desk in a process and bumping his head. Still he stayed, curling down further to continue looking at his small friend worriedly. Shouto stayed perfectly still so as to not scare her any worse, but he kept his eyes firmly trained on her, his own unique show of concern.

Tremors continued to rack Maddie’s tiny form as she curled into her brother for comfort, which he eagerly provided. Nemuri felt horrible for triggering the poor girl, unsure what to do to fix it. She didn’t want to upset her further in her efforts to comfort her, fearing that her help would be unappreciated considering her… eccentricities. She weared at her bottom lip for a moment, ready to attempt to call the class back to order, only to be saved by the bell. The bell being Shota.

Shota’s tired eyes sweeped the classroom as he sat his coffee on his desk. He’d heard them all the way in the teachers lounge, being woken from his nap, he decided to come see what Midnight had done this time. Nearly tripping over her flogger in the hall, and seeing his son holding his daughter, he quickly put two and two together with a fatigued sigh. “What did we say about the whip?”

Nemuri just looked at the ground in shame.

Shota gave another exhausted sigh, “Shinso, take Madeline outside for a moment to calm her down.”

Hitoshi did exactly that. Leaving the class without a single word.


Lunch came around not long after that. The idiots who had deemed themselves the ‘Bakusquad’ were a buzz with chatter about what had happened in class, much to the titicular Bakugo Katsuki’s annoyance, considering his own involvement. They seemed to be going backwards, first voicing their concerns for Maddie before zeroing in on what had seemingly started the whole situation.

“I can't believe you, of all people, actually fell asleep in class, dude.” Sero piped up, earning himself an irate growl.

“Can it, Soy Sauce Face.” Katsuki said with a glare, violently eating a piece of pork.

Kirishima clapped his shoulder, “Hey now! It happens to the best of us, bro! Didn’t get the best night's sleep last night?”

Katsuki huffed, rolling his eyes. It didn’t matter. His eyes drifted from his table to the next where fucking Deku and his loser friends sat. “Where’s fucking Icyhot?” He muttered to himself seeing he was absent from the table. He continues down the line of tables, finally reaching the very last table near the doors. There he was, slurping up noodles with a blank expression, surrounded by The Brainwashing Fuck, Witch Girl, Shorty, and Beast Girl.

He narrows his eyes and glares at the table as if his eyes could speak for him, mentally going through everything that had happened recently. First, Icyhot had been on a hugging spree. One he’d continued all week. One that had apparently been caused by his ‘New Friend’ Maddie, and has yet to stop. Then, today in class fucking Maggie had shouted ‘Auntie Nem’ out of nowhere at who he could assume was Midnight. He’d turned around and saw not only Icyhot and Eyebags kneeling next to an empty desk, but also Dunce Face scrambling over on his hands and knees like an idiot. He side eyed Kaminari for a moment, tempted to just demand answers, but decided against it for now and continued to glare at the table ignoring everyone's annoying chatter.

“Bakubro? What are you glaring at?” Kirishima asked, trying to follow his line of sight curiously.

Katsuki snapped out of it, directing his glare at Kaminari instead, “Dunce face.” He stared blankly, causing Denki to flinch. “What was that about in class?”

“I'm not sure what you mean…” Denki said strained, he’d been able to dodge other friends' questions with the explanation that he had been worried about Maddie disappearing, but Bakugo was a different animal.

Katsuki glared even more harshly, not exactly a patient man. “Don’t give me that shit, Pikachu! I know you know what was going on in the back of the classroom!”

Denki froze, suddenly feeling the pressure as all his friends stared at him curiously. “Um…” He held up a finger and bit his lip, wracking his brain for an explanation of something he didn’t really understand the full context behind in the first place.

Katsuki decided to spell it out for the idiot, “Easy now, Stupid. First you start hanging out with that group,” He gestures to his classmates on the other end of the cafeteria, “Now Icyhot? What's going on with them?”

Denki’s face scrunched up for a second as he lowered his hand. Tilting his head, he sputtered  uselessly like a hundred year old car before bolting from his seat, “IdunnoIgottaaskHitoshiaquestion, bye!” He dashed across the room to the aforementioned group hiding behind said boy pitifully.

“Come back here Pikachu!” Katsuki watched as he just ducked further behind Shinso.

Hitoshi looked to the screaming human bomb then to his friend that was clinging to his jacket’s sleeve and using him to shield himself from Bakugo’s scowl, “Denki, what did you do?”

“I said nothing, that's what!” Denki said with a resolute nod.

“What does that even mean?” Maggie asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ash put down her spoon, glancing awkwardly at Bakugo before shaking her head at Denki with a fond smile. “Is this about earlier today?”

“Why yes, Ash! It is!” Denki sassed while glowering at the girl, “How’d you know!”

“I just asked!” Ash defended, holding her hands up and leaning back.

“And you!” He hissed at Maggie, “If you hadn't shouted, ‘Auntie Nem’ at the top of your lungs I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Maggie nodded sympathetically, “Blame Hitoshi.”

“How is that my fault?” Hitoshi asked, smirking as he took a sip of his water.

Maddie pursed her lips, “You're the one who made us promise not to tell.”

“Promise what?” Shouto asked Maddie quietly, completely clueless to what was going on.

“I don’t see why you keep this a secret.” Denki shakes his head. “It's not a big deal and it keeps causing problems!”

“Thank you!” Maggie said, relieved, “Someone finally agrees with me!”

Hitoshi groans, having had this conversation many times before, “I already told you…”

He continued on as Shouto asked Maddie more instantly, “What secret?”

“I’ll tell you later.” Maddie whispered back, not at all caring for the dumb secret. Toshi-nii was being ridiculous.

“Yeah, yeah.” Ash interrupted, “We know.”

Denki finally picks himself up off the floor and pulls up a chair, “You know they’re going to find out eventually, right? There are no secrets in this class.”

Hitoshi gave him an expressionless look, “If they’re all as nosey as you? Probably.”

“You enjoy my nosey-ness, it's part of my charm.”

Chapter Text

The class was oddly empty for this time of morning. It was already five minutes into scheduled class time, and Aizawa-sensei was nowhere to be found. A few seats were empty towards the back of the class as well. Iida stood from his desk to check under the teacher’s to see if Aizawa was just taking a nap. He was not. Standing in front of the class he called everyone's attention in a booming voice, “Everyone quiet down. Has anyone heard from Mr.Aizawa?” He asked, chopping his hand.

Denki snapped his head to the front of the room from where he was talking to Jirou and raised an eyebrow at his absent teacher, “Nope. Haven't seen him.” He answered, earning a laugh from Kirishima and an eye roll from Jirou.

In the back of the class, Shouto was pouting, which drew the attention of Momo. “Todoroki-san? Are you alright?”

“Maddie’s not here.” He stated bluntly over the classrooms steadily raising volume.

Denki, of course, heard and whipped his head around to see not only a pouting Todoroki and confused Momo, but four empty desks. The whole family seemed to be gone.

Kirishima turned around to follow Kaminari’s eye, and saw the four empty seats as well, “Huh, looks like Aizawa-sensei isn’t the only one missing.” He frowned, “Do you think they got in trouble and that's what's taking sensei so long?”

Denki shook his head, “No… I don’t think so.” He doubted that was the case, but he was a bit concerned about where his friends were. Did the whole family oversleep?

Momo nodded awkwardly, “Yeah, it seems she's not the only one. I’m sure she’s alright.” She attempted to cheer Todoroki up.

Suddenly the door swung open. In walked Principal Nezu, in all his strange glory. “Good morning, students. Please take your seats.” He said calmly as he climbed onto the desk to be seen. Izuku mumbled to himself confusedly, raising a hand. “Midoriya?”

“Forgive me Principal Nezu, but where is Aizawa-sensei?”

“Ah.” The rat-bear-thing nodded solemnly, “Eraserhead, Present Mic, and some of your classmates had an important assignment to take care of.”

The family walked together quietly, all in black. Shota held a basket of cleaning supplies, among them floral soup, multiple bottles of water, a bucket, and scrubbing brushes. His husband held a picnic basket full of more traditional things, a blanket, food, and the like. Hitoshi led the way as he always did. Maddie held his hand firmly. Maggie had his other. Ash carried a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Getting to his parents headstone was time consuming, having to wade through dozens of others before they got there, but they managed. Hizashi layed out the blanket first before the six of them knelt in front of the grave and got to work. Aizawa handed out the brushes and bottles, pouring some of them in the bucket. Maggie dusted off an incense holder and offered her brother a stick, he waved her off to light it herself. And together the six scrubbed away the year's grime from the head stone while Hizashi hummed shitty working songs and Ash hummed along.

Maddie bobbed her head to her papa’s tunes, earning a small smile from her brother. Hitoshi shook his head as he washed away the last of the dirt from the engraved names. It didn’t take long with twelve hands, it wouldn’t have taken long with two. It wasn’t exactly a large headstone, but it was decently made. As he’d gotten older he’d taken to planting flowers around it, luckily they were always in bloom this time of year.

Hizashi handed his son a plate to offer, on it a meal of rice and steamed vegetables. He carefully places it in front of the headstone. Ash sat a small unpeeled tangerine beside it, Maggie a small vial of liquid, and Maddie a piece of cake. Shota gave a piece of bread, and Hizashi arranged the bouquet of cut flowers inside of the ones growing from the ground.

Sitting on the picnic blanket Hizashi and Shota passed out their own meals. Shota ruffled Hitoshi’s already wild hair, only screwing it up further, and Hizashi did the same only to actually straighten it out some when he was done. Both signs of affection earning his parents a small smile, but did nothing to alleviate the far away look in the young boy's eyes.

Maddie saw this and pat his leg to grab his attention, “Toshi?”

Hitoshi paused mid-bite to look at her, “Yeah?”

“What’s your favorite memory with them?” Maddie asked.

Maggie nodded, straightening up. She saw where this was going, “Yeah, what were they like?” She asked, it would be good for him to talk it out.

Hitoshi thought for a moment, most of his memories of his parents were fuzzy considering how young he was. “Surprisingly,” He chuckled, “The day my quirk manifested.”

“Mama?” Hitoshi said, trying to climb into his high chair so they could eat breakfast together. Huffing he stomped his little foot, “Mama! Papa!”

His father walked in, straightening his tie, and chuckled at his son's cute pout, “What is it, buddy?”

Hitoshi kept trying to scramble into the chair, to no avail, “Help me!” He shouted, kicking his legs as he slid off the chair for the 20th time.

His mother peered over the table, biting back a grin at the cute scene, feeling a little bad for enjoying her son's frustration so much. “Are you sure about that, Toshi? You look like you’re really close to being able to do it by yourself.”

Hitoshi pouted, glaring at his parents angrily, but trying again. And failing again. “Mama! Papa!” He shouted angrily.

“Al-” His father froze in place mid-step to help his son into the chair. His mother’s eyes widened, nearly causing her to drop the plate she was setting on the table. Hitoshi just blinked up at his father confusedly.

His mom broke out into a grin holding her hands over her mouth as she resisted a squeal of excitement. “Hitoshi!” She scooped the confused toddler off the floor and spun him around. She lightly stomped on her husband's foot, snapping the man out of it. “Honey, he got my quirk!” She shouted, squeezing the life out of her son.

His father laughed, hugging his wife and son with a large grin, “I see that.”


“She was ecstatic…” Hitoshi smiled softly at the memory as he continued to eat his food.

“You got your mother’s quirk?” Ash asked as she picked at her food, happy her brother was smiling.

Hitoshi nodded, remembering how his mother would brainwash his father into doing the dishes after dinner and chuckled.

“Which one do you look like?” Maddie asked, glancing over to the protected framed pictures of his parents. She saw them last year, but she couldn’t quite remember what they looked like.

Hitoshi shrugged, picking up the photos, “I guess my mom…” He squinted, “But with my Dad’s hair and eyes.” He said, handing her the frames.

He was right. He looked exactly like his mom, eye bags and all. “She’s very pretty.” She said, setting the frames back where they belonged. She leaned forward and pinched his cheeks to force a smile, “And you’re very handsome.” She said cutely, leaving no room for argument,

Maggie headbutt his shoulder affectionately, “Absolutely right.” She agreed, smiling. Ash nodded, mouth full of food.

Hitoshi laughed, shaking both sisters off, “Quit it you two.”

Shota and Hizashi held hands, watching the storm cloud of today begin to disappear from their son as his sisters cheered him up. Small smiles on both their faces as they continued to talk and poke at each other playfully.

The hours went, as did the food, and the family returned to the apartment in a far better mood then they’d left it. Hitoshi felt a lot lighter after sharing stories about his family with his family. Still they spent the rest of the day together, playing games, talking, eating dinner like they always did. It was a good day.

Then night came, and they went their separate ways. As separate as the small apartment got anyways. His fathers’ has offered to stay in the living room, and his sister offered to stay with him, but he turned them down. His Dad went to work on his okay. His Pops to bed. As did (two) of his sisters.

Hitoshi couldn’t sleep, unsurprisingly. Thoughts ran through his head about his family, both of them. And while he wasn’t a spiritual man, he couldn’t help but want to try to protect this one, even if it was a little silly. So in the early hours of the morning, after the clock went to zero but the world was asleep, he got up from his bed. Creeping through the house, he made a small cup of rice as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake his family.

He quickly cleansed himself before putting the rice at the Kamidana high on the wall. He gave a quick quiet prayer to the Kami, those of his deceased parents at the forefront of his mind, to protect the new family he had been given. And with that, he was able to go to bed for a few short hours before having to get up for school.


Denki couldn’t help but keep glancing at the door the next day, waiting for his friends to enter the classroom. He hadn’t been able to get ahold of any of them yesterday and he was a little worried considering the whole family had disappeared on an “assignment.” He had sent them all a text asking what was up, but hadn’t gotten an answer.

He let out a sigh of relief when the four in question came strolling in like they did every morning. He stood to follow them to the back of the class. He watched as Todoroki stood to give Maddie a hug, like he’d been doing the last couple weeks, still a bit weird. Squeezing past the two hugging teens, he questions the remaining three. “What ‘assignment’ were you on?”

“Huh?” Maggie asked with a raised eyebrow.

Denki crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow back, “Principal Nezu said you were on an assignment. What sorta assignment was it that required your whole…,” He leaned forward conspiratorially and whispered, “family?”

Ash shook her head at his nosy-ness. Hitoshi gave him the most deadpan expression considering he was running on roughly two hours of sleep and three cups of coffee, “We visited my parents grave.”

Denki went pale, before blushing scarlet red, horrified and embarrassed. “I-” He began to stutter, “I’m sorry…” He felt horrible. He dropped his head and muttered under his breath, “Can I just go yeet myself into the sun now or…?”

Hitoshi started laughing at how embarrassed Denki was, “Denki, it's fine. It was 10 years ago.” 

Chapter Text

Ash sat awkwardly on top of the artificial mountain waiting to be rescued. They were doing rescue training at the better secured USJ building, and she and Maggie had been assigned the ‘victims’ for Bakugo and Kirishima’s exercise as they wanted it to be more realistic than using the typical training dummies. And the two girls were bored out of their minds as it had already been a solid fifteen minutes.

It didn’t help that Maggie hadn’t stopped complaining since she’d been assigned to the position, “Of all the people in this class it had to be the fire cracker, and the overly positive himbo. I wouldn’t trust them to save me from a paper cut, let alone a mountain.”

Ash snorts, “Maggie, it’s not that bad.” She told her friend, chuckling at her sister’s negative attitude.

“Yes, it really is.” The girl complained, “Hitoshi and Maddie got Iida and Todoroki. We got a human bomb.”

“Well, what about Kirishima?” Ash asked, thinking of the boy in question’s bright smile and determined eyes.

Maggie raised an eyebrow, a knowing smile on her lips as she sat down facing Ash with her helmet in her lap, “What about Kirishima, Ash?” She said teasingly.

Ash blushed, staring down at her lap to avoid looking at her, “He- he’s pretty reliable. I think we can rely on him.”

Maggie chuckled, leaning forward into Ash’s personal space, “Oh? Is that all?” She asked lightly, suddenly glad to have a moment alone with her long time friend.

“What else would there be?” Ash risked a glance up at Maggie’s sly expression, immediately regretting it as her face grew hotter.

“Oh, maybe your massive crush on him, perhaps?” Maggie taunted.

“Huh?!” Ash’s head snapped up, mouth gaping. “I mean! I admire him, sure!” She defended, “But it’s nothing like that!”

“Oh really?” Maggie said, clearly unconvinced.

“He’s determined and kind! Never gives up and always has a positive attitude.” Ash began listing the reasons she admired him, hoping to convince her friend. “I want to be like him! Have that sort of energy that makes people feel safe and welcome like he does.” She admits, staring at her hands. “I want that sort of confidence.”

Maggie smiles softly, putting a hand on her shoulder, “I knew that already, and you’ll get there.” She assured, “But is that really all there is?”

“Yeah!” Ash nodded, “He’s just really cool, sweet, charming, and…” She sighs wistfully, “he has the sweetest smile… He’s super strong… and buff... His eyes shine like rubies in the light…” She catches Maggie slap a hand over her mouth to hide her grin and muffle her giggles and the realization hits her like a truck, “Oh my god. I have a crush on Kirishima.”

Maggie nods, tearful giggling escaping the usually serious girl, “Way to be the last one to know there sis.” She laughed as Ash stared at the ground in horror.

“Since when do I have a crush on Kirishima?!” Ash asked, covering her beat red face.

“Well,” Maggie calms down a bit, feeling guilty at her friend's embarrassment, “I noticed not long after you met him. He’s definitely your type.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?!” Ash whined, this wasn’t the first time Maggie had realized she had a crush on someone before she did.

Maggie grinned, laughing and shaking her head fondly, “I thought it was obvious.” She answered.

“You know I don’t pick up on this stuff!” Ash shouted, only to freeze at the sound of a loud explosion.


Maggie winced, covering her ears as they began to ring, “About fucking time.” She grumbled, putting her helmet back on and turning the volume down considerably before shouting back at him, “We’re over here!”



The four made it down the mountain without incident, Ash in a state of shock the whole time Bakugo had carried her down. She didn’t even notice how carefully he had set her down in front of their teacher, nor his annoyed grumbling. She only snapped out of it when Bakugo began snapping her fingers in front of her face, “Oi! Shorty?!”

Ash shook her head, eyes widening as she stumbled backwards. “Sorry!” She shouted apologetically.

Bakugo’s brow furrowed further than normal, “Tsh.” He shook his head before storming off.

Maggie rolled her eyes at his behavior. She finished giving Kirishima some constructive criticism on his performance in the exercise, he’d asked her opinion as his ‘victim’ which she was happy to give, before walking up to Ash and wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Come on.” She said authoritatively, “Class is almost over, it’s time to change back into our uniforms.”

They ran into Maddie and Hitoshi outside the locker rooms where Maddie eagerly waved them over, “You should have seen what happened with Toshi-nii! It was funny!”

“It wasn’t that funny.” Hitoshi said bluntly.

“You’re right!” Maddie agreed, nodding enthusiastically, “It wasn’t funny! It was hilarious!”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes at her. Maggie couldn’t help but be curious. “What happened?” She asked before taking off her helmet once more and resting it against her hip. She immediately wrapped her arm back around Ash, leaning on her a bit to gain her attention as she seemed caught in her own head still.

Ash just watched them talk, head still focused on the conversation she and Maggie had had on the top of the mountain.

“Okay! So me and Toshi were getting saved by Iida and Todoroki, right?” Maddie said, bouncing slightly as she spoke.

“Right?” Maggie replied, doing a little hand motion for her to continue.

“So Nii-chan decided to pretend to pass out to make it more authentic!” Maddie continued.

Hitoshi groaned, knowing what happened next. Maggie nodded along, unsure where this was going, “That's not a bad idea.” She commented, “So, what happened?”

“It wasn’t a bad idea, no.” Maddie agreed, grinning wildly, eyes shining in delight, “But Iida didn’t know he was pretending, so he tried to give him mouth to mouth CPR!” She cackled, clapping her hands.

Maggie snorted, leaning on Ash further for more support, “Oh no! That's not even the right way to do CRP!” She laughed, gasping for air and wiping a tear.

“I know.” Hitoshi grumbled.

“That’s not even the best part!” Maddie shouted, “Toshi realized what Iida was about to do and sat up! But Iida was still super close! So they ended up kissing!” She held her stomach, bent over from laughing too hard.

Maggie’s eyes went wide, “I'm sorry?! WHAT?”

Even Ash finally snapped out of her stupor to look at her brother in awe, “No…” She gasped.

Maddie leaned against the wall, slowly slipping down to sit on the floor as her whole body shook in laughter. “It’s true! Ask Todoroki! He saw the whole thing too!”

Hitoshi crossed his arms, a blush coating his cheeks as he looked away with a glare, “I’m going to change.” He said angrily as he opened the locker room door.

“Hopefully Iida’s not in there!” Maddie said breathlessly between giggles.

Maggie smirked, wiping the last couple of tears from her eyes as she calmed down, “Hopefully Denki doesn’t get jealous~” She teased her older brother.

Hitoshi just slammed the door behind him.

Ash just smiled sympathetically, maybe her own problem wasn’t quite as bad as she thought.



The four sit at their regular lunch table, talking amongst themselves quietly. Maddie pouted, poking at Hitoshi’s arm, “You’re not mad at me, are you?” She put on her most sad kitten eyes as she peered up at him.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, “No, Maddie. I’m not mad at you.” He said honestly, because he could never really be mad at her for long, but he still wasn’t happy about the situation.

Maddie grinned, hugging his arm, “Yay!” She cheered childishly.

It wasn’t long after that before Denki joined their table, despite it already being halfway through lunch, “So, Hitoshi~” Denki cooed teasingly, his smile oddly enough not quite reaching his eyes. “I heard you and Iida got a little intimate during training today~”

Hitoshi groaned, horrified. Of course Denki would tease him about this. “No.” He said sternly, wanting to correct any idea’s his crush had brewing in that brain of his, “Nothing like that happened.”

Maggie ate her lunch in silence, watching the interaction with keen interest. Her eyes trained firmly on Denki. She noticed how he seemed to straighten a bit.

“So what did happen?” Denki asked, tilting his head.

“Iida tried to give him CPR.” Maddie answered, feeling a bit bad for teasing Toshi earlier. “It didn’t go well.”

Denki laughed, eyes sparkling as his tense muscles relaxed, “Oh, that makes a lot more sense!” He chuckled, shaking his head.

Maggie smirked as she drank her water, interesting. “Anyways, enough of that.” She said to get everyone's mind off of Hitoshi for a bit, “Guess what happened with me and Ash.”

Ash’s head snapped to stare at Maggie, already feeling betrayed at what's to come, “Maggie!”

“What?” She asked, smirking. Eyes shining in sadistic glee, “They already know anyways.”

“Huh?” Ash said, heart dropping.

Denki perked up, eyes narrowing as he looked between the two, a cheeky smile appearing on his lips, “Did she finally realize she has a crush?” He asked before taking a bite of his food, having observed his friends' extremely obvious feelings for his buddy time and time again.

Ash’s eyes widened, “You knew too?!”

“Everyone does.” Hitoshi backed him up nonchalantly. His sister was the opposite of subtle. The typical shy, jittery, teen you’d see in a shoujo.

“E-everyone?!” She stuttered. “What do you mean, everyone?” She asked seriously.

“Well everyone in the Bakusquad except Kirishima knows, including Jirou.” Denki answered. “Don’t know about anyone else.”

“I’m pretty sure everyone on the ‘Dekusquad’ knows.” Maddie air quoted, “Even Midoriya. We’ve talked about it.”

Maggie nods, “Tokoyami, Shoji, Aoyama, all the girls, and Mic and Aizawa definitely know.” She patted Ash’s back for support. She’s seen how many times all those people had side eyed Ash while she and Kiri talked.

“Ojiro, Koda, and Sato know.” Hitoshi added, he’d had this conversation with Ojiro the last time they sparred.

“So the whole class?!” Ash said incredulously, she honestly wanted to cry from humiliation.

“Well, except Kirishima!” Maddie added positively.

Ash glared at her, “That's so comforting.” She sassed, “Thank you, Maddie.”

Maggie laughed. Hitoshi shook his head, “It's not the end of the world, Ash. And it’s your own fault.”

“How is it my fault?!” Ash asked defensively. She crossed her arms over her stomach, fighting the urge to curl into a ball.

Maggie gave her a tired but sympathetic look, “Ash. You have never been subtle about this stuff. Ever. The only reason that Kiri doesn’t know is because he is a HIMBO.” She emphasized.

Ash saw him look over and blushed harder, “Keep your voice down!” She hissed, smacking at Maggie’s arm.

Denki rolled his eyes, “Why don’t you just ask him out?”

“Are you crazy?!” Ash questioned her friend's sanity.

“It's not hard, all you gotta do is go up to him and say ‘Hey!’” Denki pitched up his voice, doing his best impression of Ash, “Kirishima-kun! You’re hot! You want to go out with me on Saturday after school~?” He waggled his eyebrows and bat his eyelashes cutely.

Hitoshi burst out laughing, holding his stomach as he curled forward, “Yes! That was perfect!” He cackled, causing Denki to grin, feeling validated.

“Hell no!” Ash yelled, throwing a bread roll at Denki. He ducked. The bread flew high and far as the table watched it hit Bakugo in the side of the head. Denki and Ash both turn a ghastly pale shade of white as Bakugo yelled in anger and looked in their direction. Both promptly ran out of the cafeteria while the other three at the table laughed hysterically.

Chapter Text

Denki unlocked the front door excitedly. It was the first time he and Hitoshi were actually hanging out at his house after the whole ‘misunderstanding.’ He swung open the door with a grin, prancing inside he held the door for his friend. His face turned cheeky as he did a little bow, gesturing for his friend to come inside with a sweeping motion of his arm. Peering up at him through his lashes, “Welcome amigo, to my humble abode~” He said jokingly, switching from perfect English to poor Spanish back to Japanese with ease.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes as he stepped inside, “I’m not Ash.” He stated blankly as he shook his head at Denki’s antics.

“I know~ I would have said amiga if you were Ash.” He sassed back, rising back to his full height as he shut the door. Putting his hands on his hips, he stuck out his tongue childishly.

Hitoshi sighed deeply, “You’ve been hanging out with my sister way too much.”

“Hitoshi!” Denki gasped before his tone took a teasing lilt, “Are you jealous?” He wiggled his eyebrows as he lightly bumped shoulders with Hitoshi.

Hitoshi gently shoved him away, fighting a smile as he rolled his eyes again, “You wish. Come on, we have stuff to do.”

“Do you seriously want to do homework that bad?” Denki whined, deflating.

“No.” Hitoshi looked around awkwardly, “I just don't want to stand awkwardly in your doorway.”

Denki immediately perked back up, leaning against the wall he put his hands behind his head, the picture of practiced nonchalance. Closing one eye he makes a show of looking his friend up and down, admiring his physic with a smirk,  “I don't know, I’ve got a nice view.”

Hitoshi paused, biting his inner cheek as he turned his head away. He felt an embarrassing blush rising up his neck, dropping his head he pinched the bridge of his nose, “Let's just go to your room.” Hitoshi said, trying to hide the strain in his voice.

Denki quickly popped back off the wall, “Okay~” He eyed his friend as he began to lead the way, “Whatever you want~”

Hitoshi turned bright red, thankfully for his ego unseen by his electric friend as they climbed the stairs.

Denki brightens even further when he saw his sister’s door was open just a crack, peering in he startled her by swinging it open at top speed, “Hey sis-” He paused seeing she was video chatting someone on her laptop, “Is that the guy you're always talking about?” He asked with a raised brow and evil smirk, knowing exactly what he was doing.

Sakura blushed, throwing her pen at him, “Get out!”

“Fine. Fine.” Denki shook his head, acting as if he was going to leave only to pop his head back into the room, “SHE LIKES YOU BY THE WAY!” He shouted before slamming the door shut to avoid the book hurdling at his head.

He grabbed Hitoshi by the arm as he ran back to his room, giggling like mad. A loud thump was heard as they rushed inside, presumably made by the four pound textbook hitting the door. A frustrated shout of his name followed.

Hitoshi shook his head, chuckling as he sat his bag by the door. “Was that necessary?”

“Yes. Revenge for what she did to me in middle school.”

“What did she do in middle school?” Hitoshi asked, furrowing his brow.

Denki shivered, shaking his head vehemently, “You don't want to know.” He said emptily as he sat his bag next to Hitoshi’s and flopped backwards onto his bed.

Hitoshi licked his lips and shook his head before deciding to let it go, “Alright.” He shrugged observing the room quickly, not much had changed since he’d been here last. “What do you want to do first?” He sat on the edge of the bed, seeing that the desk chair was covered in dirty laundry.

“Ughhhhhh…” Denki flopped an arm over his eyes with a long stretch. His shirt untucked from his pants, showing off some of his toned stomach and distracting Hitoshi without even trying. “...are you even paying attention to me?”

Hitoshi snapped out of it as Denki raised to his elbows with a skeptical look. Clearing his throat, he ran a hand through his hair as he yanked his bag towards him, “Sorry. No. Could you repeat that?”

Denki sat all the way up, confused, “Okay. Could we start with math, considering I suck at it?” He repeated slowly as he observed his friend rummaging through his bag, his face seemingly purposely obscured. Weird.

“Yeah! That's fine!” Hitoshi cleared his throat again, his voice having pitched up unnaturally. “That's fine.” He repeated normally. Regaining his composure.

Denki pursed his lips at his odd behavior, but was stopped from questioning him further when he noticed the little keychain hanging from his bag. “A little sun?” He asked, scooting closer and catching it in his hand to get a better look. It was cute. “Cute. I took you more as a rain cloud kinda guy though.”

Hitoshi kept pulling things out of his bag, unbothered, “What's that supposed to mean?”

Denki half-shrugged, “I just pegged you as a guy who would rather stay inside, pet his cat, maybe take a nap. Not exactly a ‘frolicing out in the sunshine’ type.”

Hitoshi chuckled, nodding, “That's fair.”

“So what's with the sun?” Denki leaned forward, tilting his head to the side curiously. The lamp behind him illuminated his hair like a halo.

Hitoshi’s mouth went dry, “No reason.” Oh he just figured out the reason. Shit.


Denki glared as the letters and numbers continued jumping around the page out of focus. He’d been staring at this question for what felt like a lifetime and was only getting more confused the more he looked at it. Was that supposed to be 27 or 72? “No.” He slammed the textbook shut with a groan, he needed a break.

“You okay?” Hitoshi asked with a tiny amused smile.

“I hate math.” Denki said tiredly as he rubbed his eyes hard enough to leave spots in his vision.

Hitoshi smacked his hands away from his face, “Quit that.” He demanded before taking the textbook from his lap and setting it aside, “Let's take a break before you pop a blood vessel.”

“I wouldn't need to pop a blood vessel if math didn’t suck!” Denki pushed his hair back only for it to immediately flop back into his face. He huffed, “Why did they put letters in math? Why?”

Hitoshi just blinks, “You sound like Maggie right now.”

“Well then she gets my pain!” Denki shouts, popping his knuckles. “By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask this-”

“Oh no. Every time you interrogate one of my family members something goes wrong.” Hitoshi teases dryly in an attempt to cheer him up.

“Hey! The last time was all you!” Denki defended, “Anyways, how did you all get so close? You live together, sure, but you’ve only known each other for a year. You act like you’ve been siblings forever.”

Hitoshi laughed, though it sounded a bit like a scoff, “Oh yeah, we weren’t always close. Especially not in the beginning.” He got a far off, yet fond, look in his eye.

“Even Maddie?” Denki asked with a raised brow and half-lipped smile.

Hitoshi laughed a far heartier laugh, “Especially Maddie.”

Denki looked surprised, but gave him a toothy smile, “Oh she didn't always call you Toshi-Nii-chan~ ?”

Hitoshi shook his head, “Oh no. Oh no no no. She did not.” He bunkered down more comfortably in the bed, knowing he was in for a long story. Still, he checked the time. “You sure we have time for this?” He asked with a raised brow and a smirk.

“Anything is better than math.” Denki leaned against the wall, listening intently to what Hitoshi had to say.

“Alright. You asked.” Hitoshi started, thinking back to even before his Dad had brought his sisters home for the first time.


Hitoshi watched as his Dad debated with his boss about something he hadn’t quite heard. His Pops snickered, green eyes swirling in what could only be sadistic delight watching his husband argue with a three foot tall creature that happened to be the smartest being on the planet.

“What's going on?” Hitoshi asked blankly, slightly suspicious at why his Pops seemed so… happy to watch his Dad suffer.

“Your Father is trying to get out of babysitting.” Hizashi answered cripticly. His grin was as wide as a bus.

“Babysitting?” Hitoshi asked, doubtful that Nezu could even have children.

Shota huffed, relenting and joining his family in a sour mood as Nezu gleefully left. “Nezu wants to try starting an exchange program, me and Hizashi have been tasked with taking care of the student that's coming.”

Hitoshi chuckled, recounting just how glee filled his Pops had seemed in comparison to his Dad.

“Wait, student?” Denki asked, “Don’t you mean students?”

“No,” Hitoshi shook his head, “There was only supposed to be one at first. After they got here I found out that it was supposed to be Maggie. Ash and Maddie got tacked on to the program later.”

Denki furrowed his brow.

Roughly a month later, a few weeks before the day the exchange student was to arrive, Hizashi came in practically skipping. Shota dragged his feet behind him.

“Hitoshi! We’re going shopping for beds today!”

“Why…?” Hitoshi asked, watching his Dad sulk off to change into civilian clothes while his Pops explained.

“Well we have that exchange student coming to live with us,” Hizashi said excitedly. Hitoshi nodded along, okay that made sense. “Well it turns out we're getting two!” The loud man hollered. Hitoshi could barely hear Shota’s groan over top of him.

“We ended up getting a bunk bed.” Hitoshi chuckled.

“So that makes two,” Denki nodded, “Who…?”


“Ah, makes sense!” Denki smiled. “But wait, Maddie…”

“We didn't find out about her until she boarded the plane. We got the third bed the day of.”

Hitoshi was dozing off in the wee hours of the morning, content to sleep the morning away after a sleepless night, until Hizashi kicked the door open with the force only a Pro-hero could exert. “WE NEED ANOTHER BED!”

Hitoshi jolted, rolling out of bed and hitting the floor with a heavy thump, “POPS WHY?!” He yelled back almost as loud, a hand over his heart and the other rubbing the bump on his head.

“You’re serious?” Denki asked, “It was that last minute? Why?”

“You’d have to ask Maddie.” Hitoshi shrugged awkwardly, but broke the tension with a laugh. “She came in the weirdest way too. A cat carrier.”

“She came in a what?”

“A cat carrier. Our cat carrier for Cleo.” Hitoshi laughed, “Dad put her in a cat carrier.” He shook his head, remembering sitting in the kitchen eating cereal when they walked in. Pops was talking their ears off. Ash and Maggie had seemed so awkward and uncomfortable and his Dad just casually put the carrier on the ground and opened the door.

"So this is where we're staying?" He quoted, never forgetting what the tiny black cat that became his sister said. “Oh Pops was so mad that Dad put her in there. It’s not like the car wasn’t big enough…” Hitoshi shook his head, remembering his Dad’s justification that he didn’t want to have to explain how dirty she was. Anti-social at his finest his father was.

Denki was still reeling. “Aizawa-sensei… put Madeline… In a pet carrier. THE FIRST TIME THEY MET?!?!” He put his head in his hands.

Hitoshi pat the blond’s head sympathetically, “Would you expect anything less from him?”

“No, but…” Denki shook his head, “Why?”

“Ask Maddie.” Hitoshi shook his head, mumbling under his breath, “I mean, poor girl didn’t know what a bath was…”

Denki’s head shot up, “Could you-”

“No.” Hitoshi shook his head, “Remember, we’re only at the beginning.”

Denki made a horrified noise. Hitoshi nodded, smug. “We had an awkward introduction. Ash hid under her blankets. Maggie had to fish her out, and she was just as quiet as you’d expect. Maddie turned into a parrot. Then we had a family game night and ordered pizza.” He skipped passed the horrifying parts to respect his sisters’ boundaries.

Maddie stared at the pizza in her hand, holding it up in front of her face with wide eyes. She took an experimental sniff, not even noticing everyone at the table staring at her like she’s an alien, “It smells like cheese, tomatoes, and grease.” She said before scarfing it down, clearly burning her tongue and getting it all over her face, but not caring.

Hitoshi laughed at the bitter sweet memory, she had been so happy. It hurt remembering that she literally had fresh wounds on her back.

Denki just sat there, dumbstruck. This was not the same girl he knew now, and this may have been the most Hitoshi had spoken, ever. “I- uh- what?”

“Yeah, it was her first time eating pizza. She was a bit excited.” Hitoshi clarified.

That didn’t clarify shit for Denki.

“We had some normal getting to know each other stuff, Pops asking a lot of questions mostly.” Hitoshi smiled, one interaction sticking out in his mind.

"What are your quirks by the way?" Maddie asked, doe eyed and innocent. Pizza all over her face, like a toddler.

Hitoshi’s stomach dropped, he’d been dreading that question all day.

"You stole the words out of my mouth Maddie, I was about to ask the same thing." Hizashi said, keen eyes watching the girls closely. Hitoshi knew his concern when he saw it, the way his Pops glanced at him briefly only solidified his thoughts.

"Mine is Sun, kinda ironic as every time I'm in sunlight for too long I become a burnt lobster." The tiny girl said with a laugh, clearly trying to keep things light.

"Keep pushing yourself like you do and you'll end up with skin cancer." Maggie snarked, playfully from what he could tell. They seemed like they had known each other for a while.

"I would laugh if I find out I'm immune to getting skin cancer simply because of my quirk." Ash replied with a small shrug and a smile.

Maggie sighed," Mine’s literally called Witchcraft. I'm sure you can picture the type of reputation that gave me." She curled into herself slightly.

Hitoshi cringed sympathetically, "I think I can. Mine’s Brainwashing." He admitted, honestly feeling a tiny bit better after seeing his new house mate had been in a similar boat.

"Yikes." Maggie laughed, though their was no real joy in it, "Doubt you're invited to many parties."

"No." He laughed, not expecting such a candid reaction. "No I am not."

Maddie reached over and patted Maggie, Ash and his backs, giving a small smile. 

"Well I think your quirks sound awesome!" She said, encouragingly, "you've already seen mine but I believe the name of it was animal mimicry, I can transform into any known creature plus their abilities!"

Maggie smiled slightly. "Thanks, Maddie."

Hitoshi did the same.

Maddie was always so accepting, how couldn't they feel a bit better after that.

“So Maddie was still Maddie.” Denki laughed, “Just not as close yet? And Ash was awkward and Maggie was… even more closed off?”

Hitoshi tilted his hand side to side in a noncommittal motion, “More or less, yeah.”

“So that's how you met, but when did you start getting close?” Denki asked, absorbing the information like a sponge.

“Well… Surprisingly it was actually me and Maggie that started getting along first?” Hitoshi said unsurely, thinking back to the early days.

“You and Maleficent?” Denki squawked, “Maggie?”

Hitoshi laughed.

A week after the girls had moved in, things were still horribly tense for almost everyone involved. Shota was sleeping even less than normal. Hizashi was hovering over the three like if he looked away for even a second they would disappear into thin air. Ash still stuck to Maggie like glue at every opportunity and only spoke when spoken to. Maggie didn’t talk at all. In fact she refused to be alone in a room with anyone unless it was Ash. And Maddie was seemingly clueless to all of this.

Hitoshi had school during the day, so he missed a lot of the early awkwardness, but he was always awake late at night. And so was Maggie. He’d heard rummaging around coming from the girls bedroom, but wasn't sure who it was until Maggie consistently peeked her head out, saw him, then retreated back inside. He’d go back to his room, she’d leave her’s and vice versa.

Finally, one day Maggie actually came out of her room and didn’t flee the moment she saw him. She gave him an awkward nod as she got a glass of water then they just stood there for a while. Maggie shifted her weight back and forth, clearly nervous, until she let out an exasperated sigh and lightly smacked her own cheek, “Hi.” She said sharply with a tightlipped, toothless smile.

“Hello?” He said before bursting out laughing. What the hell was that?

Maggie followed suit and the two cackled hysterically while bent at the waist until their giggling calmed down.

“The first time you talk to me in a week and all you could think of is, ‘Hi’?” Hitoshi asked, still grinning as his laughter tapered down.

Maggie just shook her head and shrugged, wiping unshed tears, “I guess so?” She sighed. The ice was broken after that. And thankfully it stayed broken.

“So.” Denki deadpanned, “When you start getting to know Maggie, she gets a hello. When you talk to me, I get insulted?”

“Yeah pretty much.” Hitoshi said shamelessly.

“I'm wounded.” Denki put a hand over his heart and flopped backwards dramatically, “You hurt me.”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, “Anyways, we were fast friends after that. We have a lot in common and were the only ones awake that late so we talked a lot. She became like a sister to me within the month.”

Denki huffed, sitting back up, “Unfair, it took me having a fucking panic attack.” Hitoshi shoved his chest forcing him back down. Denki bounced back up with a pout, “Rude.”

“Next was Maddie-” Hitoshi started.

“That makes more sense.” Denki interrupted, earning himself a harsh glare.



It was a Sunday, meaning no schooling or homeschooling for anyone in the family, and Hitoshi was taking Maddie out to show her around properly for the first time. By now, he’d already decided that this was a precious child that needed his help and he was excited that he was getting to show her around. Knowing her, she’d be more than excited.

He took her around town, having her learn to read a map and letting her drag him to whatever she saw that she found interesting. Which was almost everything. He didn’t mind, her innocent excitement was worth the slight headache caused by all the questions he was getting.

Deciding to take her to the mall was either the best or worst decision he had ever made. On one hand, she was like an excited puppy. On the other hand, she kept trying to run off in a crowded mall.

“So I see she has always been fearless with no sense of boundaries.” Denki cut in.

Hitoshi nodded, massaging his temples. She was going to give him a heart attack with that shit.

Hitoshi was starving, and so was Maddie. “Stay here.” Hitoshi demanded, sitting her down so he could get them both food. Maddie sat, looking around at all the people and things as he left. He periodically glanced back, almost paranoid. He really didn’t trust her not to run off at this point of their relationship.

It was frankly a good thing considering he had only left her alone for five minutes, and kept his eyes for less, literally only when he was placing their order, when a strange man approached. He watched this guy, who seemed to be in his early twenties, sit down at the table and strike up a conversation. One that innocent Maddie happily engaged in.

Hitoshi grabbed their food and strode back over with a locked jaw. He quickly picked up the pace when he saw the guy grab Maddie’s hand and give it a light tug as if he wanted her to follow him. He angrily slammed their food on the table and gave the man the most terrifying glare he could muster at the ripe young age of 14.

Maddie, completely oblivious to the danger she was in, just tilted her head in confusion at his actions, “Shinso? What's wrong?”

Hitoshi ignored her, far more focused on the potential threat, “Sir, could you please let go of my friend?” He said in a deadly calm voice.

The man immediately backed off, “Woah, sorry kid. I didn’t know she was here with someone.”

Hitoshi’s eye twitched, the only thing keeping this guy alive happened to be the massive crowd and the semi-innocence of Maddie. “Leave.”

He watched the man closely as he scampered away, following him with his eyes until he disappeared into the crowd. Huffing in both anger and relief, he plopped down in the vacant seat.

“What was that?” Maddie asked. “Why’d you tell him to leave?”

“Maddie, that was a bad man.” Hitoshi said as patiently as he could.

“No he wasn’t! He just wanted to show me something!”

Hitoshi wanted to violently bang his head against the table. Instead he stands and holds her shoulders firmly, trying to emphasize his message, “Listen Madeline, you don’t go places with strangers.” He said seriously, “And if a stranger wants to take you somewhere, they are a bad person that wants to hurt you.”

“But you’re here!” Maddie said with a smile, icey blue eyes soft.

“Yes. And I’m in charge of you.” Hitoshi agrees, “so when I tell you to stay where you are, don't go anywhere. Especially not with strange men.”

“So I have to listen to you…” Maddie says slowly, “Like a little sister to a big brother?” She asked, having been learning some family roles recently.

“Yes, exactly like that.” Hitoshi nods firmly before sitting back down.

“So you’re like my Nii-chan?” Maddie questioned, literally having learned the word yesterday during Japanese lessons with Maggie and Ash.

“Yeah?” Hitoshi nodded, opening his food wrapper to start eating, “I guess?”

“Shinso-nii-chan… No…” Maddie mumbled to herself as she collected her own food to eat, “Hitoshi-nii-chan…” Maddie pouts, taking a bite of a veggie dumpling, “No…” She thinks for a second. Hitoshi chuckled into his noodles, as she went silent and stared at her food in deep thought, “Toshi-nii-chan!” She exclaimed, looking him straight in the eyes with the happiest face.

Hitoshi’s heart melted.

“You big teddy bear.” Denki snickered, though he couldn't say he wouldn't have died on the spot himself if he had been in Hitoshi’s place.

Hitoshi shook his head, not caring about the little jab in the slightest, “Like you would have any other reaction.” He sassed back.

“I never said that!” Denki held up a finger, “But coming from you…”

“Is it a crime to love your sister?” Hitoshi asked sarcastically.

“No… But you put out this air of calm collected superiority…” Denki leaned forward, “But you’re really a big softy underneath~ Kinda hot.”

Hitoshi saw that one coming and mentally prepared.

“But you also sorta have that mysterious bad boy personality. Also kinda hot.”

He was not prepared for that one, but he was going to pretend he was. Continuing his expertly cold expression, he purposely ignored that comment, “Are you done?”

Denki winks at him before leaning back against the wall, “Yeah, continue. Tell me about Ash.”

Hitoshi clicks his tongue. This one was painful.

It was a solid two months in before they had a full one on one conversation. Ironically this was the one relationship in Ash in Maggie’s friendship where Maggie was the facilitator of social interaction. They would talk when she was there, but stick to awkward silence when she was not. Thankfully, Ash was with Maggie nearly 24/7 so those awkward moments were few and far between until one day, Maggie was done with Ash being stuck up her ass.

“Go talk to him.” Maggie growled through their bedroom door as Ash pouted on the other side of it. “He doesn’t fucking bite.”

Hitoshi bit back a smirk as he watched the tiny girl whine and paw at the door, “Maggie! Let me in!”

“No, we’ve been here for two months. I need a break from you.”

Ash huffed, “Maddie! Will you please let me in?” She asked sweetly.

“Maggie, can we let her in?” Maddie asked innocently.

“I'll give you pizza if you don’t.” Maggie shot back quick as a lightning bolt. Hitoshi grinned at the blatant bribery.

A loud gasp came from the other side of the door, “Ashlynn! Go fucking talk to Toshi-nii-chan right now!”

The door shook as hysterical laughter came from behind it. Hitoshi snorted, choking back laughter himself, “Maddie language!”

Maddie ignored him, a much quieter, “Give me pizza.” Could barely be heard over Maggie’s laughter.

Ash just stood there stunned. Slowly she turned around, wide eyed.

Hitoshi just gave her a small wave, eyebrows raised, a playful smirk on his lips.

“You’ve been here-”

“I’ve been here the entire time. Yeah.” Hitoshi said with clear amusement as he watched her face turn an unhealthy shade of red, “Also I do not bite.” He gestured to the empty couch cushion beside him invitingly.

“She was locked out of their bedroom for two days.” Hitoshi laughed at the memory. They’d been fine by the end of day but Maggie was truly done with her shit. “It was good bonding time.”

Denki laughed, not at Ash, but at the fact Maddie was so easily bribed with Pizza. “Yeah, I’ve noticed Ash can be a little insecure.”

Hitoshi nods solemnly, “Tell me about it. I know. I love her dearly, but-”

“You want to bang her head against the wall sometimes?”

“Maggie literally has.” Hitoshi nods.

“I believe it.” Denki chuckled.

“Okay, you had your break.” Hitoshi said, handing Denki back his text book, “Now we’ve got to finish these math problems, they’re due tomorrow.”

“Nooooooo~ Why?!” Denki whines, plopping his head against the textbook. Hitoshi just laughed, like a dick.

Chapter Text


“Maggie. Magnolia. Mags. Mag. Maggie!” Denki called, each name getting more and more insistent.

“For the love of Nyx, what the fuck do you need?!” Maggie growled, tempted to stab him with her pen.

“So glad to get your attention!” Denki cooed, he’d stopped fearing her long ago. “Let's hang out.”

Maggie looked at him with the most disbelieving expression, though she really shouldn't have been surprised, “Are you serious?!”

“As death itself.” Denki grinned, bright as the sun.

“I hate you.” Maggie said blankly.

Denki put both his hands to his heart as if he was touched, “You say the nicest things~”

Maggie shook her head, smiling at his dumbassery. “Alright, as long as you promise not to fucking do that for like the next week. At least.”

“I'm pretty sure you’d kill me if I did so~” Denki looped his arm around hers, “Let’s go!”

Maggie rolled her eyes, remembering the night before, where her darling brother had confided in her about the fact he finally realized he had a crush on Denki. Way to pick ‘em Tosh. “Alright alright, stop tugging on me!” She chuckled, letting him drag her along.

Denki just laughed, giving her a light tug to tease and earning himself an equally forceful jab in the rip, “Ouch~ Anyways, since I bugged you into hanging out with me I’ll let you pick where to go.”

“Hmm, okay. I know…”

“Where are we going?” Denki asked in English, seeing that they were heading into a residential area. “Your house? Are Present Mic and Aizawa-sensei going to be there?” He asked as they passed apartment building after apartment building. He hoped that wasn’t the case. His teachers weren’t exactly who he wanted to spend time with after school.

“Yes and no.” Maggie teased, thankful to be speaking in her native tongue again and enjoying watching him sweat  “Would it be a problem if we were?”

“I don’t think Mic would be a problem…” Denki shook his head, “But Aizawa?” He shivered exaggeratedly, “I think he’d kill me if he saw me in his house.”


“Yeah. Okay. That's fair.” Maggie said, chuckling. “Thankfully, we’re not going inside.”

“Okay, but where ARE we going?”

They turned a corner, “There.” Maggie nodded towards a small playground, completely devoid of life, surrounded by apartment buildings.

“Why am I not surprised?” Denki shook his head with a fond smile. Of course she would hang out in a deserted playground for fun.

Maggie rolled her eyes, pinching his cheek, “You let me pick.”

“That I did.” Denki sighed, dropping his head into his hands and shaking it disappointedly, “That I did.”

“Oh hush.” She dragged him the rest of the way down the street before stashing her bookbag in a bush, not that anyone would take it. Literally no one but them were here.

Denki followed suit, though while Maggie was far more careful with her things, he just violently threw the bag into the bush. Maggie gave him the most unamused look, “So Toshi wasn’t lying when he said you really hated your homework.”

“I’ll stop hating it when Math and English stop making babies.” Denki said, completely seriously.

“Babies?” Maggie asked, she got his frustration, but was not following the logic here.

“Algebra. Letters and numbers don't go together.” Denki clarified.

Maggie laughed while nodding in agreement, she knew the pain a bit too well. “Anyways, let's just forget Math exists for a while.”

“Happily.” Denki nodded, jumping feet first onto a swing and catching himself on the chains for balance. “I would love nothing more than to forget the existence of Math.”

Maggie shakes her head, raising an eyebrow at him swinging standing up as he starts rocking back and forth. Sitting in the swing beside him and kicking her feet, she decides to switch the subject, “Any particular reason you wanted to hang out today? Or did you see that the other three were busy and thought it would be easier to get me to agree?”

“And here I thought Ash was the insecure one and you were the anxious one.” Denki joked, “Do I need a reason to hang out with you?”

“I mean, usually, yeah?” Maggie squints up at him from her seat.

“If I could smack you right now, I would.” Unfortunately his hands were preoccupied with him keeping him from falling off the swing. “I don’t need a reason to hang out! I’ll find one!”

Maggie laughed, “You’re a strange one.”

“Thank you!” Denki grinned, knowing that for Maggie, that was a compliment.

“Anyways, you have fun studying with Toshi yesterday?” Maggie asked, genuinely curious. He clearly had to have something happen the day before for the realization to get through his thick skull.

“Yeah,” Denki nodded, swinging higher, “I mean, we,” He shook his head, “ I playfully flirted a bit. We did some homework, which was a nightmare, but we mostly talked about you guys.” His eyes visibly softened thinking about their conversation. Hitoshi had been so… Something.

Maggie’s eyes widened, blinking in surprise for a second, “Us?” She asked, that hadn’t been the answer she was expecting. “Why were you talking about us?”

“Oh, I just wondered how you guys got so close in a year.” Denki clarified, coming back to the present. “He told me about how you guys met, and what it was like when you first got here.”

Maggie smacked her lips, looking at the ground sceptical, Hitoshi hadn’t told her that part of the night. “So what exactly did he tell you?” She asked the blond, little did he know his answer would be the deciding factor of a perspective murder attempt.

“Well,” Denki started, going over all that was said in his head, “It was only supposed to be you and Ash, but Maddie came last minute. Apparently she came in a pet carrier?” He looked down, noticing Maggie start to visibly relax some, “And didn’t know what pizza was? What was all that about?”

“Ask Maddie.” Maggie waved her hand dismissively, “What else?”

“He said that too.” Denki said, annoyed. “He also said you refused to talk to anyone at first, and you locked Ash out of your bedroom for two days.”

“That's all?” Maggie said, feeling a little bad for underestimating her brother.

“Yeah, then we had to do the stupid homework.” Denki huffed.

Maggie straightened her back smiling softly, “No wonder he came home in such a good mood, those days were something else entirely.”

“Oh yeah, I also discovered the origin of Toshi-nii-chan~ ” Denki said in his best imitation of Maddie.

Maggie chuckled, “Oh.” She snorted. “Yeah she started calling him that and it just stuck. So he just gave you the highlights, huh?”

“Yeah-” Denki paused, eyes going wide, “Wait there's more?!”

Maggie’s head popped up, looking him in the eyes, “Denki, we’ve been living together over a year. Of course there's more.”

“Okay~” Denki sassed, “Why don’t you give me your side of things then?”

“Alright, I will.” Maggie shrugged, she didn’t mind. “Where do you want me to start?”

“The beginning?”


Maggie read through the little packet in her hands for the thirtieth time, she’d practically memorized it at this point. They had come and given everyone that had been accepted to Justice Academy a folder full of papers detailing a possible exchange program opportunity to go to Japan and attend their sister school U.A. High School. She’d originally dismissed it until the counselor called her into the office. Apparently, the principal of U.A. had seen all the entrance exams for incoming freshmen and taken a ‘special interest’ in her in particular. The counselor eagerly encouraged her to take the opportunity, and she had a hard time finding a valid reason not to.

She dismissed herself from the room with a promise to discuss it with her parents at the first opportunity, but she’d yet big it up two days later. A part of her really wanted to go, but she didn’t want to leave her parents unsupervised. Sighing, she decided she’d made her decision and gathered her Mom and Dad to tell them.

“That’s it? That’s all it took?” Denki asked, a bit confused.

“Don’t get me wrong. I was terrified and my parents and I argued about it up until I was dropped off at the airport.” Maggie shrugged, chuckling. “But they knew that if I wanted to do something, they really couldn’t stop me.”

“...What?” Denki licked his lips nervously as he peered down at her. “What did you do, you angry pixie?”

Maggie snorted, “First of all, Witch.” Denki rolled his eyes. “Secondly, you don’t wanna know.” More like Maggie didn’t want to get into it. “Anyways, like I said, I was scared shitless-”

“Nothing new there.”

Maggie glared, shaking his swing lightly to get him off balance, “Don’t interrupt me! I was scared shitless so I did all the research I could on Aizawa and Mic, as well as everyone else I knew I would be meeting. I packed my bags a week in advance out of nerves. And I was even able to convince them to let Ash come with me.”

“So you're the reason Aizawa had to buy bunk beds!” Denki exclaimed.

Maggie threw her head back, laughing, “I mean, they could've told me no. That's on Nezu.”

“Okay, but how did you three come together?” Denki asked. I mean, that explained Ash but Maggie had to know something about Maddie. They came together!

“I’ve been friends with Ash since elementary school.” Maggie shrugged, “Story for another time. I met Maddie at the airport.”


Maggie confusedly bumbled through the airport, having never flown before. A nervous stirring was in her stomach as she stares at the planes taking off. She met up with the hero escorting them, having met them before at the many meetings she’d endured in preparation for the exchange program. They were easy to find, but the girl beside them made her almost turn back. She was… Something else… “Hey.” She awkwardly waves, catching the hero and other teen's attention.

“Oh my lord! A girl my age! Hi I’m Madeline! What’s your name?” The girl had shouted in her face, startling her enough to take a step back. The girl looked like she’d been drug through the mud at a monster truck rally and then some, and how eager she seemed to meet her was a bit intimidating despite her kindness.

Ash thankfully arrived then, “So I guess she’s going to Japan with us?” She whispered to Maggie.

“Yeah, she’s a bit excitable…” She mumbled back to Ash, feeling a lot better now that she was here. She tucked some of her friend’s dark hair behind her ear before turning back to Maddie, who was patiently waiting.

“I’m Magnolia, but you can call me Maggie.” She angled Ash in front of her, “And this is Ashlynn, it’s nice to meet you Madeline.”

“What do you mean she looked like she had been at a monster truck rally?!” Denki shouted, alarmed. The more answers he gets, the more questions he has.

“Why did you think Aizawa put her in a pet carrier?” Maggie said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Denki malfunctioned.

“Oh and the flight was worse.”

“What happened on the plane?!” Denki choked out, bewildered.

“Well, the plane itself wasn’t too bad, but the layover was a nightmare.”

“Okay Maddie, lets get some of this dirt off of you before the next flight.” Maggie said as she led the girl to the bathroom. She’d left a stain on the already disgusting airplane seats and a face print of the window. That couldn’t be comfortable.

“Why?” Maddie asked, bright eyed and innocent-like. It physically hurt Maggie’s heart.

Maggie stopped, biting her inner cheek as she thought of a way to answer what seemed like a genuine question, abesentmindingly scrubbing the poor girl's dirty face with a wet paper towel. She looked up to try and get Ash’s help, only to find she was not there. “Ash? Ash? Ashlynn!” She shouted, getting no answer and realizing she was not in the bathroom.

“You guys lost Ash?” Denki asked, jumping off the swing to sit on it properly, listening intensely.

“We lost Ash. She was gone for half an hour. We almost missed our fight.” Maggie clicked her tongue at the stressful memory. Her friend had given her quite the scare.

Denki laughed, “Next time put her in a toddler leash.” He joked. “I mean she’s the same size as one.” He was so bringing this up tomorrow when he saw her.

Maggie chuckled, “I’ll consider it, honestly.”

“What about when you finally got here?”

“I think they said to look for someone with long black hair and a silver scarf.” Ash said as the four looked for Eraserhead.


Maddie pointed off to the side, “I think that’s him…?” 


Maggie nodded, recognizing him as they got closer, "I’m Magnolia, should I call you Aizawa or Eraserhead?" She introduced herself as politely as she could. He didn’t give her much to work with.


Aizawa looked exhausted, his natural state, but even worse and Maggie found out later due to having to put together another bed, "You can just call me Mr. Aizawa." He grouched out.


Maddie just smiled, not seeming to realize how grumpy this man was, "It's nice to meet you!"


Aizawa looked at Madeline for a single second before saying, "I heard about your quirk, so I'm going to need you to transform into a small animal or whatever and get in here." He said, holding up a pet carrier.

“It was not the best introduction.” Maggie said blankly, “I personally thought it was dehumanizing as shit, but Maddie was fine with it. So I wasn’t gonna argue with her about it.”

“A part of me thought Hitoshi was kidding, but you just confirmed my worst fears.” Denki answered, a bit more scared of his teacher than he already was.

“How do you think I felt watching it in real time?” Maggie said seriously, “Knowing I was going to be living with this man for the next two years?”

“Better you than me.” Denki said, patting her shoulder sympathetically.

“Then there was Mic. Oh, Mic.” Maggie sighed, dropping her head into her hands.

"I'm sorry for whatever happens next." Aizawa said vaguely, confirming Maggie’s worst fears.

"AWWWW! THEY'RE ADORABLE! WELCOME HOME GIRLS!" The loud blond Maggie had been dreading meeting was just as loud as she was anticipating. In her research, she’d learned quite a bit about the hero Present Mic. Had even tuned into his radio show despite not understanding a word he was saying. This was a mistake. The hero herded them inside before turning on his husband. “Wasn’t there a third girl coming?”

“So he was just being Mic.”

“Is that not enough?” Maggie asked. She loved the man now, but wow. He’s a lot. “He was so excited and loud and kept asking questions. I tried to distract him by getting him to talk about Hitoshi. But in hindsight I’m pretty sure I just came off as a rude bitch.”

"You guy's son?" She questioned Mic, he seemed to be the mouthpiece of this family. The boy seemed much calmer, and like he wanted to eat his cereal in peace.

“Yeah,” The purple haired boy answered, seeming annoyed at not being asked directly, “I am.”


“Wait, that's seriously how it went?” Denki asked, disbelieving.

“Unfortunately.” Maggie sighed, “And the night just got progressively worse after that. Mic forced us to have a game night to try and get to know us, kept asking awkward questions the whole time, then again through dinner. You know how I am, talking to someone I just met is agony.” She skipped over the conversation in their bedroom, then the one while playing jenga. Really the rest of the night wasn’t something she felt comfortable sharing with Denki, so she glanced over it with a vague complaint. “I'm sure Hitoshi filled you in on most of it.”

“Yeah I remember when I first met you it was like talking to an iceberg.” Denki sighed wistfully before getting a teasing grin, “In fact, I’ve met icebergs with warmer personalities.” Maggie thumped him in the back of the head, pouting. He just laughed, “So, I asked Hitoshi this but when did you get close with your siblings? Well, other than Ash. Apparently you have history.”

Maggie nodded, “Yeah, we really do. I’ll tell you about it sometime.” She thought for a second, “Well, it started with Maddie.”

Denki looked even more confused than ever, “Hitoshi said that you were first-”

“Me and Hitoshi got close before Hitoshi got close to anyone else. But I was attached to Maddie almost instantly.”

Hitoshi dropped off some clothes in their room for Maddie to change into, just a hoodie and some sweatpants. They were taking her clothes shopping today, but she didn’t really have much to wear to go out to get the clothes in the first place so she had to borrow some from the other teens in the house-

“She didn’t have clothes?”

“Stop fucking interrupting me.” Maggie growled, glaring. Denki threw his hands up in defense.

The girls were all changing in their room, nothing abnormal, and Maggie turned to give her new ‘friend’ privacy while trying to plan a way to tie up the girl’s pants so they wouldn’t fall down in the middle of shopping. But she caught sight of the scars on her back from the corner of her eye and winced. Some were fresh.

Maggie stopped, just staring at the ground.

Denki hops off the swing, twirling around to face Maggie head on, eyes wide as saucers, “Oh no no no! You do not get to just stop there!”

Maggie looked up at him, eyes just as wide, surprised at his reaction, “Denki, what the hell?!”

“What happened?!” Denki demanded to know.

Maggie leaned as far back as she could get without falling off the swing, “Ask Maddie!”

Denki huffed, clearly upset. His head throbbing. This family was going to cause him to have a stroke. “Fine.”


“Alright…” Maggie shook her head, still a bit freaked at his actions. “Can you sit down now?”

Denki pouted and sat on the ground in front of her defiantly. “I sat.”

Maggie rolled her eyes, kicking some dirt at his legs, “Stop being a brat.” Denki stuck his tongue out at her, which Maggie ignored, “Like I was saying. I saw how beat up she was and sorta just… adopted her into my life as a result?” Maggie shrugged, twisting in her swing slightly so she could move a bit without hitting Denki.

“Well that was something.” Denki said bluntly, “Anyway how did you get close to Hitoshi then? He told me how he saw it. But how did you, in your own witchy way, bond with big brother Toshi~ .”

“Well… It was sorta like this actually.”


Two 14 year olds sat in darkness on a swing set, coffee mugs in hand as it was near sunrise and both had to be up all day. Poor sleepless Hitoshi had to change into his school uniform soon then head off to his middle school by himself while Maggie and the rest were homeschooled in the apartment. They’d been up together all night, either talking or scrolling through their phones in silence.

Denki plopped his hand into his cheek, “I see nothing’s changed. You’re both anti-social insomniacs still.”

Maggie looked at him, annoyed at his constant need to interrupt her when she was fucking talking, but continued on.

Hitoshi, eyebags worse than ever, took a long sip of his coffee before breaking the peaceful silence they’d fallen into after refilling their cups inside the apartment. “How are you adjusting?”

Maggie rocked back and forth on the swing, careful not to spill her coffee on herself, “Fine I guess.” She said, pausing to bring her cup to her lips, “Seeing I only have to deal with y’all and the teachers, it's been a lot more peaceful than what I’m used to.” She admitted, staring deeply into her cup.

“I see you're still having trouble adjusting to Japanese.” Hitoshi teased, smirking tiredly into his cup.

Maggie glared back at him, flipping him off, “You suck.” She said in Japanese, one of few things she had down in the language at that point.

“Arigato~” Hitoshi sassed back playfully.

“We got along easily so it wasn’t hard to let myself get close to him, but it was a slow process to really open up and get as close as we are now. A lot of late night talks about everything from random interests in an attempt to help me with my Japanese to how people treated us growing up because of our quirks. That's really where we found our common ground.” Maggie shrugged, a sad smile on her lips. “It was hard not to relate with him really. And he was always looking out for me and trying to help.”

“You guys are such softies.” Denki tried to lighten the mood. He didn’t want her to be sad.

Maggie couldn’t disagree. “Yeah, I guess we can be a bit sentimental.” She chuckled.

“Just don’t tackle me again when you get emotional.” Denki pleaded playfully to try and get her mind off of it, “I don’t want to break anything.”

Maggie snorted, “Whatever you say Sparky~” She leaned forward, flicking his forehead with a giggle. “I’ll tackle you in training instead, how about that?”

Denki hopped up from the ground, looming over her now as he rattled the chains of her swing, “With those spaghetti arms? In your dreams Miss Vampire~” He mocked playfully.

Maggie narrowed her eyes, smirking slightly at the taunt, “Oh? Is that so, Lightning Boy?” She lifted her chin to look up at him confidently, raising an eyebrow. “Really think I can’t take you?”

“A little cocky there, aren’t we?” Denki continues, grinning.

Maggie bounces up, standing on the swing in one smooth motion, towering over him now, “Fine.” She resigns assuredly, “I’ll show you tomorrow in class.” She grins, a playful fire in her eyes at the challenge.

“Bring it on.”

Chapter Text

It was a peaceful day for Ashlynn, who was currently studying in the library with her family, until one Kaminari Denki burst through the doors. The blond was very sweaty and slightly out of breath, but had the largest grin on his face.

Maggie’s head snapped up at the door banging against the stopper and reeled back in disgust, “Denki, you’re late.” She smacked her lips, squinting, “And why are you so sweaty?”

Denki looked down at himself, then wiped his forehead with the bottom of his shirt, having not realized just how sweaty he actually was until now, “I was on my way here when Kiri asked me if I wanted to work out with him. I lost track of time so I ran here.”

Hitoshi glared daggers into his textbook trying extremely hard not to stare at Denki’s sweaty and exposed abs, nor his unfairly defined biceps. Maggie glanced over and saw his almost pained expression and started snickering. “Well.” She chuckled, “It’s nice of you to finally join us.”

“I’ll be back.” Denki said, dropping off his things at the table before going to the bathroom to clean himself up a little. He came back a lot less sweaty, but with soaked hair sticking to his forehead from where he’d dipped it in the sink to cool down. Hitoshi picked his book off the table to cover his blush. This was unfair. Maggie was internally laughing her ass off.

Ash sighed, eyes closing as she processed things, “Denki, you're going to get in trouble. We’re in a library. Why are you soaking wet?” She asked, astonished.

“I had to cool myself off!” Denki defended himself, “There was only a sink in there. And it's not like I have a towel.”

“At least you smell better.” Maddie commented, nose unscrunching. Sweaty teen boys were not a nice smell.



The group studied for another couple of hours before it was time to pack away their stuff and leave. Chatting quietly among themselves about their plans for the rest of the night, Denki took the opportunity to throw Ash over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“Denki!” Ash squealed. “Put me down!”

Hitoshi laughed, having done the same to the small girl quite a few times before. Maggie just shook her head while chuckling and started packing away the rest of Ash’s things for her. Maddie tilted her head in confusion before shrugging with a smile, “Oh, so we're playing a game!” She exclaimed happily before hopping on her brother's back. Hitoshi easily caught her, used to giving her spontaneous piggyback rides at this point.

Ash pouted, wiggling around frustratedly, “No! This is not a game! What are you doing?”

“We’re going to hang out.” Denki said nonchalantly.

“Yeah, I know that.” Ash huffed as he readjusted his grip on her, “But why are you carrying me?!”

“You walk slow.” Denki chuckled.

Ash whined indignantly, “I do not!”

All four of the other people at the table eagerly corrected her, “Yes you do.”

Ash groaned, “Can I at least have my bag.”

Maggie picked up Ash’s bag along with her own, “I’ve got it, Ash.” She pulled out the girl's wallet and stuck it in her back pocket for safe keeping. “You guys have fun!”

Ash pouted but didn’t complain further as Denki laughed and carried her away. “We will!” He called over his other shoulder as they left.

“So…” Maggie looked up at Hitoshi with an evil smirk once they were gone. “Denki’s pretty strong, huh?”

Hitoshi’s expression was the same blank one as normal, with the exception of his blood red cheeks, “Shut up.”


Denki sat her back on her feet not long after they left the library, not wanting to deal with the weird stares he was getting. Ash swatted at his chest lightly, nose scrunched in annoyance, “Not cool.”

Denki furrowed his brow, playfully looking around, “Is there a bug flying around me?” He asked, grinning at Ash’s expense.

Ash stomped her foot, cheeks puffed, “You’re the worst.”

“Oh, but you love me!” He pulled at her cheeks before setting off in the direction of the coffee shop they’d been planning on seeing. “Now come on, Shorty! We’re losing daylight!”

“You jerk! Wait for me!” Ash shouted, jogging to catch up.

The walk there was full of playful banter and a review of the happenings of the past few days. “Hitoshi told you about Maggie locking me out of our bedroom?” Ash whined while Denki laughed, holding the door to the shop open for her.

“Yes.” Denki nodded as they joined the queue, “It was hilarious.”

Ash sulked, crossing her arms, “It’s not funny! She locked me out for two days!”

“That’s what you get for being anti-social.” Denki chuckled ruffling her hair.

Maggie was the one who locked me out!” Ash said, offended at the hypocrisy. “ Maggie.

“Yes, the anti-social queen. Clearly it was necessary.”

They ordered their drinks and got them quickly, sitting down at one of the small tables in the corner of the shop. Ash sipped at her iced lavender and hibiscus tea while rolling her eyes at her friend's good-natured teasing.

Denki leaned back in his seat with a cheshire grin as he took a long sip of his mocha frappe, “So… how's it going with Kirishima~”

Ash blushed, groaning, “Denki!”

“What? It’s just a question.” Denki said, sitting up straight. “Guessing by your response, nothing?”

Ash covered her face with her hands, “I tried to talk to him yesterday…”


“I chicken out and ran away…” She finished shamefully.

Denki looked at her unamused, taking another long sip of his coffee, “Seriously? I told you to talk to him last week!”

“I know!” Ash put her elbows on the table, peering at him through her fingers.

He clicked his tongue while shaking his head. He sighed deeply. This girl was hopeless, truely. “Seeing as we’re not getting anywhere here,” he glares at her heatlessly, “I have a question.”

“What is it?” Ash dropped her hands and crossed her legs, clasping her hands over her knees.

“Little birdy told me you’ve been friends with Maleficent for how many years now?” Denki asked.

She sighed in relief, relaxing and swirling her tea with her straw. She thought for a second, counting back the years in her head, “Well it was the first grade, so… nine or ten years?”

Denki’s eyes widened, “How are you alive?”

Ash narrowed her eyes in confusion, lips parted slightly, “I’m sorry, what?”

“With how anti-social Ursula is-”


“Yes, I just called her Ursula. Anyways, how has she not killed you?” Denki finished, resting his chin on his fist.

Ash shook her head, “I'm not sure what you mean?”

Denki’s mouth twisted as he thought of a way to reword what he was asking in a way she would understand, “You are a shy but very sweet and social nugget of light. She is a dark, angry, raincloud of spite.” He meant it in the nicest way possible. “Like you both clearly love each other a lot, but I don’t get it.”

Ash shook her head, “She’s not all that spiteful.” She came to her friend's defense.

“I know that, but that's how she comes across.” Denki corrected himself, “But what was you guys' first meeting like? I don't have any friends from that long ago.”


It was Ash’s first day at her new school. The other kids already knew each other and were playing on the playground, playing tag and other school yard games. Laughing and squealing in delight as they had their fun for the day. It was overwhelming. She didn’t have anyone to play with and all the screaming was making her even more nervous. She wanted to hide. So that's exactly what she tried to do.

The playground structure could be crawled under and you could play there, but most of the kids rather play above where there was more space or on the blacktop. Ash crawled under there and sighed in relief, the air was cooler and the screaming was muffled. It was like its own little world. She thought she was alone for a second until she crawled in further and saw another girl sitting on the ground beneath the slide, reading.

She was nervous but stood up and slowly approached. The girl seemed fine reading all alone, so focused on the words of the children's book she hadn’t even noticed she had company. Dark eyebrows furrowed in concentration and her mouth twisted in what was either frustration or dissatisfaction.

“Um... Hello?” Ash muttered shyly.

The dark haired girl's head snapped up, almost hitting the slide in the process. Startled. Her eyes widened for a second before narrowing and snapping her book shut. “Hi?” She said, seeming a bit annoyed.

The girl's expression was not helping her nerves, “Uhhh…”

“Do you need somethin’?” She asked.

“So she’s always been a dark little rain cloud?” Denki deadpanned, having a bit of a disconnect with seeing Maggie as a child. “Not surprised.”

Ash shrugged, “It wasn’t her fault! I was the one interrupting her alone time.” She shook her head, remembering things fondly despite what seemed like hostility at the time, “She was also pretty upset with the book she was reading.”

“What was she reading?” Denki laughed.

“The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” Ash recalled.

Denki laughed harder, “Of course she would read witch books.”

Ash sighed, drinking her tea.

“I-I was just wondering-” Ash stuttered, shifting nervously, tugging at her sleeves. “I- uh- I’m new here and I wanted to see if you’d play with me?”

“Why?” The girl said simply, tilting her head suspiciously.

Ash tugged harder on her sleeves. Did you need a reason to want to play with someone? “‘Cause I wanna play?”

The girl leaned back scooting further underneath the slide, “With me?”

“I- uh- yes?”

The girl sat there for a second, thinking, before setting her book down on the ground and standing up. She dusted off her shorts, looking at Ash strangely. “I- okay?”

Denki just blinked, “That's how it all started?” He asked, a bit confused. “You both became friends because you didn’t have any other friends?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” Ash shrugged, not finding it all that weird. “I was shy and people didn’t like Maggie much, but she was nice to me so we’ve been friends ever since.”

Denki just shook his head, “I guess opposites do attract.” He said underneath his breath.

They two finished their drinks and threw them in the bin before heading out into town. They wandered with no destination in mind as they talked, Ash recalling a few fun anecdotes of her and Maggie’s shared childhood with Denki dropping in a few of his own comments and stories.

“So that's you and Elphaba’s childhood,” Denki paused, throwing his arms behind his head before continuing his slow gait, “How’d you get so close to the other two?”

“Uh…” Ash squinted, “I thought you were already told, you made fun of me for it.”

“Yeah, how you got locked out. He didn’t tell me what happened afterwards.”

“You’ve been here-” Ash said, embarrassed at him having witnessed everything


“I’ve been here the entire time. Yeah.” Hitoshi said with clear amusement, his face splitting into a cheshire grin. “Also I do not bite.” He gestured to the empty couch cushion beside him.


Ash hesitantly took his offer, perching herself on the very edge of the couch tensely, “Um… I- uh…”

“Do I scare you that much?” Hitoshi teased, purple eyes gleaming.

“No no no no!” Ash said, waving her hands frantically and scooting a bit closer on the couch. “No!”

Hitoshi bent over at the waist, laughing, “Ashlynn, I was just teasing you.” He forced out between chuckles.

Ash immediately fisted her hands in her lap, staring at them mortified. “Oh. My bad.”

Hitoshi chuckled, side-eyeing her while shaking his head. He turns to look at her, arms resting on his knees with interlocked fingers, “Are you always like this? Or…”

Ash pouted, cheeks burning hot, “Yeah… Usually.”

Hitoshi nods understandingly, “I get that. It’s okay to be shy, but,” He straightens up, suddenly far more serious, “I’m here if you want to talk. Okay?”

“So, did you talk?” Denki asked cheekily.

Ash rolled her eyes, chuckling, “Yeah. It was awkward at first, but I really needed that push. We’re still not as close as some of the rest are, but we’re a lot closer than we were.” She shakes her head, “He loves teasing me though.” She huffed, thinking about all the jabs he’s made about her height, as well as the many times he’s picked her up out of nowhere.

Denki got a sly expression, smiling brightly as he scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder for the second time today, “Like this~?” He joked, spinning around to make her dizzy.

“Yes! Exactly like this! Stop!” She clung to the back of his shirt, kicking her feet futilely.

Denki laughed but put her down, “Fine. Fine. What about Maddie?”

Ash groaned, “This one!” She said, rubbing her face as she caught her balance. She loved her sister, dearly, but it didn’t mean she liked her a hundred percent of the time. Frustrating little shit.

“That bad?” Denki asked with a raised brow, understanding the two can be a bit combative.

“Oh let me tell you…”

Maddie came back to their room sopping wet after her shower before turning into a large shaggy dog and shaking off, getting water all over her and Ash’s side of the bedroom. Including Ash.

“Maddie, why?” Ash asked, flinching at the water hitting her face.

“What?” Maddie asked, now a slightly less wet dog, “It's how I dried off in the circus.” She continued shaking.

Maggie, who was safely dry behind a wall of protective magic, cackled at her sister's antics.

“The circus? What do you mean ‘the circus?’” Denki asked, unable to truly enjoy the story without getting caught up by yet another odd thing he was hearing about his friend.

Ash winced when she realized she said too much, “Ask Maddie.” She said bashfully.

Denki’s face dropped, “I’m getting really tired of being told to ask Maddie.” He said bluntly. He would definitely be asking Maddie. “Anyways, that doesn’t sound too bad. Continue.”

Ash was just getting a snack from the refrigerator, minding her own business, when a fucking python appeared in front of her face. She let out a startled yelp, and nearly slammed the refrigerator door on its head.

“Can you passss me a ssssnack?” Maddie asked calmly, as if she hadn’t just scared the shit out of her sister.

“Oh. That's where you are!” Hitoshi exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen. “You still need to do your math, Maddie.”

“Mathhhh ssssucksssss…” The snake hissed in annoyance.

Ash groaned, rubbing her face as she handed her sister an orange. She nearly ran when Maddie opened her mouth to take it.

Denki laughed, “She was just chilling as a snake!?” He questioned in disbelief.

“Yes!” Ash groaned, “Apparently it was one of the first animals she learned to transform into! So I shared a room with a snake! On multiple occasions! We have bunk beds! She likes to hang from our bunk beds! Above my head! I have woken up to a snake in my face!” Ash yelled, getting more and more frustrated with every word.

Denki laughed harder, “Wow.” He managed to get out before devolving into more giggles.

“It’s not funny!” Ash whacked at his chest like a toddler in a tantrum.

“It kinda is!”

After Denki calmed down, they noticed it was near dinner time and he offered to walk Ash home. Ash took his offer and the two walked together in comfortable silence for a while before Denki remembered something Maggie had told him, “Hey, what happened at the airport?”

“Huh?” Ash looked up from her phone where she had been texting her siblings to unlock the door for her.

“Maggie said you got lost at the airport for like 30 minutes.” Denki clarified.

Ash sighed, dropping her head, “I did.” She admitted tiredly.

Denki shook his head at her, “How?”

Maggie let go of Ash’s hand to grab Maddie. Ash saw her friend wince at the shear amount of grime covering the other girl, “Okay Maddie, lets get some of this dirt off of you before the next flight.” She said as she started dragging her towards the bathroom.

Ash went to follow, but had difficulties keeping up as they bobbed and weaved through the crowd and soon lost sight of them. Suddenly alone in the crowd, she fought her way out and to the edge of a wall. Looking around, she was completely lost but managed to find an arrow pointing to a bathroom and assumed that was where they had been going.

She followed the signs quite a long way until she found the bathroom and went inside only to see no one there.

“I managed to find the bathroom alright. The wrong bathroom. A bathroom on the complete opposite of the airport.” Ash sighed.

Denki had been trying so hard not to laugh, a hand clenched firmly over his mouth, but he just couldn’t help it, “Ash, I knew you were short…” He choked out as he laughed hysterically, having to stop walking so he wouldn’t trip. “But how?”

Ash puffed out her cheeks, “It’s not my fault!”

“You were caught in a crowd so bad you essentially got swept away!” He cried, holding his stomach from where it ached from laughter, “Like a plastic bag in the wind!”

Ash crossed her arms and stormed off towards the apartment building, “Fuck you, Denki!”

Denki chased after her, still laughing, “Oh come on! It’s not that bad!”

Chapter Text

Maddie and her siblings were walking down the hallway talking about what they would be having for dinner as they left school for the day. They were forced to stop at hearing a commotion behind them.

“Madeline Carter! You stop right there!” Denki pointed, drawing the attention of everyone in the hall. “We need to talk!” He demanded, running towards her the rest of the way before grabbing her arm and dragging her down the hall.

Her siblings stood there in shock for a moment. “Did he just kidnap Maddie?” Hitoshi finally spoke.

Maggie nodded, popping her lips, “I think he did.”

Ash nodded in agreement, remembering the conversation they’d had before, “I think we finally broke him.”

The three continued to stand there as the two got smaller and smaller before turning a corner. “Should we stop them, or…?” Maggie asked, looking to Hitoshi for guidance.

Hitoshi shrugged, contemplating it. “No, I think it will be okay.” He’d grown to trust Denki a lot, and Maddie had learned how to take care of herself well enough.

Denki pulled her along until they got outside the building to the front gates, realizing he hadn’t exactly had a plan for how this would go.

“Denki?” Maddie asked, confused and a bit concerned. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Denki answered reassuringly, feeling a bit bad for stealing her away. But seeing her at school today just reminded him of all the questions he had and it was eating at him. “I just… have a few questions.” He admitted, looking around awkwardly. “Can we go somewhere to talk?”

Maddie could smell his anxiety and got even more worried. She turned to him and grabbed both his hands, “Are you sure you're okay?” She asked with wide eyes. “Are you in trouble?”

“What?” Denki asked, shaking his head, “No!” He chuckled, pulling a hand away to rub the back of his neck. If anything he was worried she had been in some trouble. “Nothing like that. It’s just…” He didn’t know how to word this without flat out asking, and this didn’t feel like a conversation they should be having at school.

Maddie was only more worried, “Are you sure? You’re fidgeting and smell.”

Denki chuckled at her bluntness, “I’m fine. Can we just go somewhere private to talk?”

Maddie nodded.

After stopping by a convenience store to pick up some snacks, they went to a park. While not empty, it was large enough to be private, at least that's what Denki hoped. The two sat on the ground beneath some trees with their snacks.

Denki uncomfortably fiddled with the straw of his juice box, while Maddie stared at him innocently, unsure how to best ask what was probably an uncomfortable question. “Uhhhh…”

“You smell even more anxious!” Maddie said, honestly a bit freaked out. Denki was never like this! “What’s wrong?”

“I-uh… Maddie?” Denki said, finally just deciding to spit it out instead of making her wait. He was the one who had to know after all. “Before you came here, what was it like?” He asked, unsure what else to say.

Maddie coughed, having inhaled a peanut. “Uh…” She readjusted the way she was sitting, honestly beginning to curl into herself a bit, “What do you mean?”

Denki felt like a shit head, he really should have just let this go, but no! Too late now. “Well, I… I’m worried. I’ve heard a lot of stuff recently that have me concerned about you.” He admitted, taking a long sip of his juice box and feeling terrible for prying.

“What kinda stuff?” Maddie asked.

“Well, stuff concerning what may or may not have happened before you got here.” Denki answered, beating around the bush as he wasn’t sure how to explain what he heard.

Maddie’s head dropped, “Oh.” She said quietly, her cheerful demeanor gone as well as her innocent worry as she fiddled with the package of peanuts sadly.

Denki felt like his heart was ripped out of his chest, feeling guilty for making her sad. “I-” Denki shook his head, scratching the back of his neck as he fought the urge to comfort her without even knowing what happened, “Do you wanna… talk about it?”

Maddie just shakes her head silently. Thinking for a moment, she speaks up, “As my friend, you deserve to know… it started when I was only five years old."



It all started on a normal morning, Maddie had just gotten up and went downstairs for breakfast when she noticed her mother waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. "Mama! Good morning!" She exclaimed happily, rushing to hug her mother's waist. "What's for breakfast?"


Her mother didn't answer, only looked down at her with watery bloodshot eyes. Maddie just grew confused at her silence. "Mommy?"


"Go get your shoes on, honey. We're going on a car ride."


"Where are we going?"


Her mother just gave her a sad grin, "It's a surprise."


With the naivety of a five year old, Maddie ran to get her shoes totally oblivious to the heartbroken look her mother was giving her.


Denki’s brow furrowed in confusion, “Bloodshot? Was she crying?”

“My mom was an addict, or at least that’s what my handlers told me.” Maddie answered honestly, taking a drink of her juice while continuing to stare at the ground.

Denki winced, feeling horrible for his friend, but not knowing what to expect next.

After Maddie put her shoes on her mom caringly put her in the backseat before getting in the drivers. She turned up the radio to drown out her daughter's questions. They drove for a while, down mostly empty streets, until they turned onto a dirt road. At the end of the road was a ‘Big Top’ or circus tent. Maddie grinned, bouncing in excitement to see the circus as she stood up in the backseat.

“We’re going to the circus!?” Maddie shouted, clapping her hands as she jumped up and down, nearly hitting her head on the car’s roof.

“Yes, that was the surprise.” Her mother said enthusiastically. Lying through her teeth.

Maddie, completely oblivious to her mothers tone, continued to bounce eagerly in her seat, unaware of what was waiting for her at the end of the road.


It wasn’t hard to find parking and soon they were standing in front of the giant tent. Maddie’s eyes were wide in awe of the circus. It wasn’t long until two men walked over to them with matching grins, giving Maddie a bad feeling. "Is this her?" One of the men asked.


"Yes this is her." Mother answered, displaying a matching grin.


The two men just laughed cheerfully much to Maddie's confusion. Soon after one of the men handed Mama a case, one Maddie just noticed, and she handed Maddie's hand to the man.


"Wait!" Denki exclaimed, holding up a single finger, "wait a second! Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Maddie just stayed silent.


"Your own mother SOLD you!?" He gasped in horror.


"Yes." Maddie answered, meekly.


Denki just looked at her in shock.


Maddie just watched as her mother walked away, she tried to follow but the man held her back. “Where's Mama going? Why is she leaving?” She asked, looking up at the men. Her questions fell on deaf ears as they dragged her through the tent entrance and towards the back where a crowd of people were.


“Welcome to your new home girly.” The man said, before pulling her by the arm and throwing her into a giant cage, "And this is your new bedroom! Get comfy, you're gonna be here for a while."


Maddie just grabbed the bars, eyes filling with tears as she turned and watched her mother disappear in a cloud of dust.


"I waited for days, weeks even for her to come back." Maddie said, monatonely. "But she never did. It wasn’t until I was shown an article in the newspaper saying that she died of an overdose, did I realize that she was never coming back.” 


Denki threw his arms around her, filled with sadness at his friend's expense . "I'm so sorry!"


Maddie just hugged him back, laying her head on his shoulder. "It's fine. I haven't thought of her in years."


Over the next 10 years, Maddie was put through horrible trials and challenges. She was starved, beaten, verbally abused, forced to sleep in a cage, kept isolated from the outside world and…

"Whipped." Maddie finished.

Denki’s eyes watered, suddenly understanding where all the scars on her back came from. How down right protective her family was of her also made sense in the grand scheme of things, and he felt horrible. “Maddie…”

“Don’t cry,” Maddie said softly, wiping his tears away.

Denki hugged her tightly, “Maddie that's horrible…” He didn’t know what else to say. What could you say to someone after hearing that?

“It’s okay!” Maddie said, trying her best to cheer him up, hating seeing him sad. “It’s over now! I’m here! With you guys!” She hugged him back just as tightly.

“How can you be so cheerful?” Denki asked softly. “You’re comforting ME when I’m pretty sure it should be the other way around.”

“I’ve had years to get used to it.” Maddie said bluntly. “You have not.”

Denki was stunned, “That's even worse!”

Maddie takes his face in her hands and squishes his cheeks together, “It’s okay!” She insisted, “I’m okay!” She assured him further with a grin.


“No buts!” Maddie pushed him off before throwing a peanut at him.

“Did you just throw a peanut at me?” Denki asked, confused.

“Yeah?” Maddie stuck her tongue out playfully, “What ya gonna do about it Pikachu?”

Denki sat there, stunned for a moment. Sighing, he decided to let it go. It wasn’t his business in the first place and he shouldn’t have asked. She clearly didn’t want to talk about it. “Maddie. If you’re going to throw peanuts at me, at least make them into my mouth.”

“With how big your mouth is, I don’t think I could miss it.” Maddie teased.

Denki fought a smile to playfully act offended, “Hey!”

Maddie laughed and Denki couldn’t help but smile.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi poured his third cup of coffee for the morning. Maggie pushed her mug towards him tiredly. He chuckled and filled her cup as well before putting the pot back where it belongs.

“Thanks.” Maggie nodded, blowing on her cup.

Hitoshi patted her head affectionately while drinking his coffee. Maddie strolled into the kitchen peppily despite the early hour. Getting a mischievous smile she walks a bit faster before transforming into a kitten and leaping onto his back. She scaled Hitoshi’s shirt onto his shoulder before hopping on his head and nuzzling into his bedhead.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, careful not to spill his coffee as she made her accent. “Really Maddie? This early in the morning?”

“Your bedhead is when your hair’s the softest!” Maddie squeaked out in her tiny kitten voice.

Ash rubbed her eyes sleepily as she sat down at the table, plopping her head against Maggie’s shoulder, “Maddie it's too early for this.”

Maggie chuckled into her cup, “Leave her be, it's cute.” She said tiredly as ever after another sleepless night.

“You’d prefer I’d jump into your bed head, Ash?” Maddie asked, swatting at some of Hitoshi’s purple hair. “It wouldn’t be hard considering how close it is to the ground.”

Ash looked at her blankly but chose not to answer. Hitoshi chuckled.

“Now, now, girls.” Mic waved a spoon at them from the stove, “Get along.” He demanded as he stepped over his sleeping husband on the floor. “Maddie, get off your brother. You know we only let humans at the table.”

Maddie pouted and leaped off his head, freefalling cartwheel style in the air she transformed back into a human, “Fine.” She huffed, sitting in her chair.

“Thank you.” Mic said before nudging Shota with his pink slipper clad foot, “Shota, hunny, breakfast is ready.” He nudged a bit more aggressively, “Get your ass off the floor.”

Shota sat up in his sleeping bag tiredly, totally unfazed by his husband kicking him, and unzipped himself to sit at the table with the rest of his family. “Have you four been studying? There’s finals in a week.”

“Dad, you literally make us study.” Hitoshi shot back just as tiredly.

Maddie plopped her head down on the table, “Much to our dismay.”

“I actually like the studying!” Ash interjected as Mic handed her a plate.

“Of course you do.” Maggie rolled her eyes at her friend, she’d always been like this.

The rest of breakfast continued on as usual for the family. Aizawa and Mic leaving first as always to get to UA early to prepare for class, and the kids following roughly an hour later. Hitoshi had to beat Maggie awake with a pillow after she’d finally fallen asleep on the couch when the sun came up. At least he was kind enough to fill her a thermos with coffee.

The walk was normal enough, as was the school day and soon enough it was time for lunch. “There is one week left until final exams, you are all studying properly right?” Aizawa spoke from the front of the room as he stacked papers in preparation for lunch. “I’m sure you already know but it won't just be a written exam, there is also a practical component. Make sure you train your minds and bodies at the same time. That is all.” He finished before walking out, closing the door behind him in typical Aizawa fashion.

“Same old Dad.” Hitoshi chuckled under his breath, knowing that speech was coming after their conversation at breakfast this morning.

“I didn’t study at all!” Mina exclaimed with a broad grin as if she wasn’t terrified of failing in the slightest.

Denki gets up, slightly terrified despite studying with teachers kids regularly, “Hey Hitoshi, what was your ranking for midterms anyways?” He asked. It had to be high for him to have transferred out of 1-C but he’d never bothered to ask.

“First?” Hitoshi said as if it was obvious.

“First?!” Denki shouted. He had the same ranking as MOMO?!

Hitoshi blinked up at him from his seat, “Why else would they let me transfer, Denki?” He asked slowly.

“I knew it would be high! But damn!” Denki said, throwing his hand up. “Smart and good looking?! How am I supposed to compete?!”

Hitoshi shook his head, “Denki. I’m gay. You know this. Are you competing with me for guys now?”

“I go both ways! You know this! So technically, yes!” Denki continued shouting, gathering the attention of anyone who wasn’t already paying attention.

Hitoshi shook his head, ‘I'm not trying to compete WITH you, you idiot.’ He thought bitterly, ‘If anything I’m competing FOR you.’

Mina was shaken out of conversation about her grade by the admission, “I KNEW IT!” She shouted, pointing at Denki, “YOU FLIRT WAY TOO MUCH TOO MUCH TO BE STRAIGHT!” She said, knowing because she herself occasionally did the same shit.

“I’m only half straight!” Denki shouted back, sticking his tongue out at her.

Hitoshi just propped his chin in his hand and watched the two bicker, “How did we go from grades to sexualities?” He asked. He noticed Midoriya rapidly writing in his journal from the corner of his eye and sweat dropped. “Midoryia, please tell me you’re not writing what I think you're writing?”

Midoriya froze mid word as he realized how insensitive he might be being, “Do you not want me to be writing what I’m writing?”

“I don’t mind.” Hitoshi replied honestly, “But is there an entire sexuality section in your journal?”

Maddie, who had left her seat during the chaos peered over Midoriya’s shoulder, “THERE IS!” She pointed at it, grinning.

“Okay! Okay!” Iida interrupted, shouting above the rest with his patented chopping motion. “Enough of this talk. Thank you both for sharing with us, but we must get back to business before lunch. Finals are fast approaching!”

Midoriya finished what he was writing before slamming the book shut with a sigh of relief.

Maddie leaned over to Hitoshi, “There's a lot of side notes in there… Kinda creepy…” She whispered.

Hitoshi just shook his head. He really needed to ask to see that thing some time.

“It’s pretty hard to fail if you just pay attention in class,” Shoto said coolly as he joined Iida.

“If anyone needs help, I would be happy to assist you all.” Momo said sweetly as she stood from her seat in the back of the class. “I may not be able to help with a practical, however.”

Sero was first to take up her offer, “You mind helping me with my Classical Japanese, Momo?”

Maggie glared jealousy from her seat, at least Sero could fluently speak the damn language without stuttering like an idiot.

Hitoshi laughed, “Awww Maggie! You’re not alone!”

Maggie swiftly focused her glare onto her brother, embarrassed. “Shut it.” She hissed threateningly.

“Oh!” Ochako said, turning to face the girls, “How do these sort of things go in America?”

“Well,” Ash thought, “Our midterms aren’t really like this. We have periodic tests after finishing a couple chapters in the curriculum. Some classes have ‘midterms’ at the end of the semester in highschool but all classes have finals at the end of the year. It really just depends on the school you're going to, every state is different and many schools just don’t handle things the same way.” She eagerly answered her classmate.

“Oh yeah!” Denki said, “My mom told me about that, she hated it.”

“Everyone does.” Maggie nodded. “It’s ridiculous.”

“So you guys don't post rankings?” Toru asked.

“No. We don’t publicly shame our idiots. Grades strictly private.” Maggie answered.

“So you don’t have rankings, but if you had to guess, what would they be?” Ojiro asked curiously.

“Ash is obvious, class grades wise. 1.” Maggie said simply, earning a big grin from her friend. “Quirk wise?” She shook her head, “Bottom of the list.” She said guiltily. “Sorry Ash.”

“No, no, that's valid.” Ash shook her head.

“I’m sure that's not true! Have more confidence, Ash!” Kirishima shouted, coming to her defence. “Magnolia, that wasn’t very nice!”

Maggie flipped him off. She loves Ash, but she was just being honest. She actually made Bakugou laugh though, considering he agreed.

“Yeah, Ash!” Denki agreed, “Confidence! We’ve talked about this!”

Ash buried her head in her arms, blushing scarlet.

Tsu was quick to call Maggie out, unafraid, “Well you shared your opinion on Ash, what about you Maggie? Kero.”

Maggie shrugged, feeling a bit more bashful now that her anxiety was starting to set in, “Average I guess. Middle of the pack in both?” She stated far less confidently.

“Maddie?” Shoto asked stoically, wanting to know her opinions.

“I was mostly homeschooled, so I have no idea.” Maddie lied smoothly.

Shoto nodded, not pushing further. He had his own idea’s where she’d rank anyways.

“You were homeschooled, Madeline?” Tokoyami asked.

“Yeah. My parents weren’t comfortable with me going to school.” Maddie lied through her teeth.

“Anyways!” Denki interrupted to help her out. “I’m still studying you guys, right?” He asked, preparing to get to lunch as the conversation was beginning to really cut into their time to eat.

“Sadly.” Maggie snarked.

“Trust me. I’m not borrowing your notes, Chicken Scratch.” Denki sassed back as Maggie rolled her eyes. “Let's go eat.”

The five walked to the lunch room together, going over study details, but separated once they got their food and went to their respective friend groups they’d begun to tentatively form over time.

Maddie sat with Todoroki and his friends, talking with him while they both half listened to Deku ramble on about finals. The last thing Maddie wanted to think about. Maddie rested her head on Shoto’s shoulder, “I hate tests!” She whined.

Monoma decided that was the perfect moment to make his annoying ass presence known, “Aw is the prestigious Class 1-A’s pet dreading finals?”

“She’s not a pet.” Shoto said coldly.

“Suddenly so chatty,” Monoma shot back sassily, “Meeting the hero killer not garnering enough attention for you, Endeavor Jr.?”

Maddie sat straight up, “Don’t you have a chicken bone to go choke on or something?”

“Madeline!” Midoriya said, wanting to keep the peace.

Maddie didn’t acknowledge him, continuing to stare Monoma down.

“Aw you have your own guard dog now?” Monoma cooed sarcastically.

‘Did he just lowkey call me a bitch?’ She thought, glaring more profusely. 

Shoto put his soba down, unhappy, “Is there a point to you being here?”

“Oh I just came to remind you you’re not all that special.” Monoma said haughtily, “All you do is cause trouble, it would be a pity if something would happen-”

Kendo came out of nowhere and shut him down, “Monoma, quit. It’s not funny.” She said seriously as she dragged him away.

Maddie looked down to where Shoto was gripping her arm, “Todoroki, you can let go of my arm now.”

Shoto let her go with a nod, continuing to eat his soba, now thankfully in peace.

It was the end of the day and they were walking to the Aizawa-Yamada residence to study. Denki was profusely sweating from fear, but it only made sense to study at the literal teachers house in case they needed help. He was also outnumbered.

“Denks, It’s really not that bad.” Hitoshi said tiredly. Though watching his crush squirm was quite amusing.

“Yeah, you say that because you live there. You’re their son.” Denki hissed, “Aizawa hates me.”

“He really doesn’t.” Maggie was quick to speak up, “He would have expelled you if he did.”

“That's so comforting, Maggie.” Denki said sarcastically.

Maddie jumped from Hitoshi’s head to Denki’s in her tiny cat form, “You’ll be fine!”

“Even if Dad did hate you,” Ash said, fighting to keep up with her short legs on the small sidewalk, “Papa loves you.”

Denki shrugged awkwardly. Hitoshi rolled his eyes and grabbed his arm, dragging him down the street, “Come on you big baby.”

“Careful! I’m still on his head!” Maddie yowled.


The group studied for a while and soon enough, it was time for dinner, “Little listeners!” Mic called, popping his head into the living room where they were studying, “Dinners ready.”

Denki looked at the man and blinked. It was a very odd experience to see his English teacher with his hair down, literally. He almost didn’t recognize him without his banana hair, shades, and leather jacket. Still, he joined the family for dinner.

The kids took their seats, Maggie pulling up another chair for Denki beside Hitoshi, but unfortunately across from Aizawa. He wanted to piss himself.

“So kids,” Mic asked as he dished out the food, “How’s studying coming along? How do you feel about finals being next week?”

“Ughhhhhhh…” Maddie groaned, picking at her tofu, “Papaaaaaa, whyyyyyy?”

Mic laughed, patting her head, and Denki surprisingly caught Aizawa smiling into his drink. “I know, dear. I know. You hate tests.”

“I don’t hate tests.” Maddie said bitterly, “I loathe them.”

Maggie snorted, “Doesn’t everyone?”

“Not Ash.” Denki snarked, eating a piece of pork.

Ash stuck out her tongue, “Hush.” She said, blowing on a particularly hot bite of her meal, “Besides Maddie, I don't think anyone expects you to be excited about the test. I think Papa wants to know if you're feeling confident about getting a good score.”

Hitoshi nods, “Yeah.” He chuckles, “I think I've got everything down except History. I can never remember the dates.”

“I’m worried about the practical.” Ash admitted nervously.

“Math and Japanese are the bane of my existence,” Maggie grumbled after burning her tongue, “But you knew that already.”

“Math.” Denki nods solemnly, mouth full of pork he shares a look with the girl.

Maddie nods, face scrunching, “Math is the worst.”

Shota and Hizashi share a look, “After dinner, Ash,” Aizawa said, leaving no room for argument, “We’re going outside.”

Ash regretted all the decisions that led her to this point, “Okay, Dad.” She grimaced at her plate, eating a lot slower.

Aizawa shakes his head, “Eat normally.”

Ash winced, doing as she was told. Denki pitied her.

They continued dinner in relative quiet, the exception being Mic talking their ears off at random intervals when a thought popped into his head. It was surprisingly nice, in Denki’s humble opinion, a lot less awkward than he’d thought it would be.

After everyone was done, Aizawa and Mic quickly cleaned the plates together, talking quietly while the kids filed back into the living room to continue studying while they cleaned. They went over some of the more important sections of history for Hitoshi’s benefit (and Denki’s) while Ash waited for her father to drag her away.

“Ashlynn.” Aizawa said, nodding to the door.

Ash’s face scrunched up, but she went without a fight, and things were peaceful for a few seconds more before Mic popped out of the kitchen, “Alright you three!” He exclaimed, drying his hands with a dish towel, “Lets get working on your math!”

Maddie bolted straight out the front door, “You can't take me alive!”

Mic sighed, chasing after her, he should have seen that one coming, “MADELINE!”

Hitoshi laughed, chasing after them both, “I’m going to go help Pops!” He said before running off, “MADDIE COME BACK IT’S NOT THAT BAD!” He shouted, slamming the door behind him.

Maggie chuckled, shaking her head at their antics and picking up her textbook to move by the window to watch. Denki followed. Aizawa and Ash were already outside in the playground, doing pushups, when less than a minute later Maddie came rushing by at top speed, only to climb the tallest tree in the small area, and stay there. Mic and Hitoshi came out a few minutes later, attempting to coax her out of the tree.

“Is this normal?” Denki asked, watching in awe.

Maggie nodded, smiling fondly, “It happens often enough.” She moves back to the couch, choosing to ignore the commotion that was steadily rising in volume, “Ignore it. They’ll get her down eventually, we need to study.”

“Ughhhh,” Denki groaned, considering going down stairs to try to get Maddie out of the tree instead but deciding against it, “Fine.” He sat beside her on the couch and continued working on the latest chapter that would be on the final.

They worked for a while, sharing notes and frustrations when the numbers just didn’t look right, but kept getting distracted by what was happening outside. Finally they decided to peek outside when the noise got unbearable, only to see Hitoshi climbing the tree that Maddie was in. When he got close, the little shit turned into a bird and flew to a different tree.

Mic’s yelling almost broke the windows.

“Okay, yeah,” Maggie nodded, backing away, “I think it's time for a break. I can't focus with that going on.”

“Same.” Denki shook his head, plopping down on the couch and closing his book. “Should we go help them?”

“No.” Maggie peered back out the window now the glass had stopped shaking, “Absolutely not. I’m not getting involved in that.” She hummed, thinking. Her mind flashed back to Denki and Hitoshi’s conversation this morning, as well as her little theory. Looking at Denki from the corner of her eye, she got an idea. “Wow.” Maggie commented, “Hitoshi’s got fucking buff lately. Look at his fucking back muscles.”

“Huh?” Denki’s head snapped to her, clearly interested.

“He must have been hot,” Maggie said absentmindedly, continuing to watch Denki’s reactions. “He took off his shirt and is sweating like hell.”

Denki looked back down and opened his text book, even though they were taking a break, face beat red. “Oh…”

Maggie chuckled, turning away from the window with a smirk. “So Denki~” She cooed, any doubts in her mind squashed. “What was that whole thing this morning about you competing with my brother for men?” She leaned against the wall beside the window.

Denki aggressively turned a page in his text book, “Nothing.” He said, “Hitoshi’s just really…”

“Attractive?” Maggie cooed knowingly.

“I mean-” Denki shook his head, looking up at her, “What are you implying here, Maggie?”

Maggie chuckled, eyes sparkling, “Oh…” She put a finger to her chin thoughtfully, “Only that you may or may not have a big fat crush on my brother.”

Denki sputtered, “I- You think- I- NO!” He shook his head vehemently. “No no no, we’re just good friends that's all!”

Maggie almost felt bad for him considering how in denial he was, “Denki. You’re a red as Kirishima’s hair.” She said bluntly.

“It’s hot in here!”

“You haven’t flirted with anyone but Hitoshi in weeks.” Maggie said as she crept closer to where he sat.

“S-so?” Denki asked, “Is that so weird?”

“For you? Yeah.” Maggie nodded as she knelt one knee on the couch. “You literally got upset when you thought he and Iida kissed, Denki.” She grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at her.

“I- I just-” Denki put his hands up and leaned away, almost falling off the couch, “I just didn’t want to listen to rumors about my friend you know! I didn’t think he’d like them! I knew they weren’t true!”

Maggie wasn’t believing it, she knew better. “Denki… Honey… Why are you so in denial about this?”

“We’re just friends!”

“Friends huh?” Maggie deadpanned, “Friends who flirt, admit that they find each other hot, who get jealous, who make each other nervous. Friends?” She blinked. Wow. Did he just not want to tell her or did he genuinely not know. “Denki, how would you feel if Hitoshi got a boyfriend or had a crush on someone?” She bluntly asked, feeling like she had to spell it out for him.

Denki thought for a moment, and felt his stomach twist in knots, “Does he?” He asked, his pitch a bit off.

Maggie wanted to slam her head against the wall, “That doesn’t matter right now. How would you feel if he did?”

Denki’s brow furrowed uncomfortably, “G-good for him?” He said unsurely, voice cracking. Fuck he didn’t like that thought at all. His mouth tasted metallic. Oh no.

Maggie sighed, “Denki.” She put her hand on his shoulder, “Do you like him? Yes or no? It’s not that hard and we both already know the answer.”

Denki was close to tears, “I do…” He admits quietly, realizing he had for a while now. “I really do… I like him a lot…” He looks at her tearily.

Maggie’s eyes widened, “Are you about to cry?” She asked, pulling him into a hug, “Why are you crying?!”

Denki cried into her shoulder, hugging her back, “I worked so hard to become his friend…” He sobbed, “And he’s pretty much my best friend now. I don’t want to lose him over a stupid crush.”

Maggie sighed, rubbing his back comfortingly, “That won’t happen, Denki.”

“The first time I flirted with him he practically ran for the hills!” Denki cried, sniffling. “Imagine what he’ll do if I told him I like him!”

Maggie felt bad for forcing this out of him when he clearly wasn’t ready, but glad she at least knew where his head was at, “Denki he was just flustered, that's all.” She reassured him, “He cares about you a lot, he’s not going anywhere I promise.” She said with absolute certainty, though the fact that she knew Hitoshi liked him back helped a lot with that.

“I don’t wanna risk it.” Denki shook his head, wiping the tears on her shirt as he calmed down, “I’d rather just get over it without him knowing instead of ruining the friendship we built.”

Maggie didn’t know what to say to that, she understood where his fear was coming from, but she knew he was wrong. “Nothing would be ruined, Denki.” She let him pull back from the hug and squished his cheeks, wiping away the last of his tears. She bit her lip, trying to think of a way to give him hope without flat out telling him about her brother's crush on him, “I think you should tell him. I won’t push you too hard, but I think you two would make each other happy.” She said honestly, giving him a small smile.

“I’ll think about it.” He gave her a small smile.

Maggie pinched his cheek playfully, “Want some water? You cried a lot.” She joked, wanting to cheer him up.

Denki smacked her hand away from his cheek, smiling, “Shut up.” He chuckled, “But yes please…”

Maggie laughed, “I got ya.” She rolled her eyes, going to get them both some water from the kitchen. Denki opened the textbook back to the page they were working on before their break and looked at the first problem, which suddenly made a lot more sense. Maggie came back to the living room, glasses in hand, “Ready to get back to work?”


The door suddenly swung open with a bang, startling them both. They looked over to see Mic and Hitoshi, drenched in sweat but looking triumphant. Hitoshi had one end of Aizawa’s capture weapon in hand as he drug Maddie’s tied up form behind him. Maddie was pouting profusely, apparently finally worn down enough to be captured, and not at all happy about it.

Maggie chuckled as she set the water down on the table. Denki shook his head, raising an eyebrow at the men, “Finally got her out of the tree, huh?” He asked.

Hitoshi nods, handing the weapon over to his father as he walks further into the house. “Yeah, we-” He froze, noticing Denki’s red puffy eyes. Bending forward, he grabbed Denki’s face and tilted it side to side as he scrutinized the blond skeptically, face stoic. Completely oblivious to the blood rushing in his ears. He looked over to his sister, raising an eyebrow, “Did you make him cry?”

“Okay, wow,” Maggie said, gobsmacked, “Fuck you.” She said, quite frankly offended.

“Okay okay!” Hitoshi put his hands up, stepping back, much to Denki’s relief, “I was just asking.”

Chapter Text

It had already been a strange morning, he’d oddly enough almost been late for school, which never happened considering his family situation and it had thrown him off his rhythm. Time in class moved strangely, and he caught Denki looking at him occasionally from the corner of his eye but every time he turned to look at him, he turned back to face the front of the room. The night before after studying, he’d rushed out of the apartment as soon as they were done with no explanation, which was another weird thing.

He hadn’t spoken to him since last night. Where Denki would typically talk to him briefly between times the teacher switched, he hadn’t today. Either talking to Kirishima and Jiro or keeping his head down in his notes. When Aizawa left the room once again prior to Midnight taking his place, he waited to see if the pattern would continue, looking at Denki expectantly, but he seemingly purposely avoided his gaze. Turning in his seat to face his sisters, he caught Maggie’s attention, “What happened last night?” He hissed.

“I already told you.” She grouched back, “Nothing.”

Hitoshi didn’t believe it, “He’s acting weird.” He insisted, glancing over to his friend worriedly, “What did you say to him?”

“Hitoshi.” Maggie said firmly, “We just did math. He’s probably just stressed with finals coming up.” She lied, feeling horrible for lying to her brother, but knowing that telling him the truth was just as bad.

“That's-” Hitoshi was interrupted by his aunt coming in. He faced the front, trying to focus on her teaching despite the nagging feeling that something was wrong with his friend.

This went on for the rest of the day. The shifty looks. The static silence. Maggie’s insistence that she didn’t know anything. All of it. And it was driving Hitoshi insane. Finally, deciding enough was enough, he attempted to catch him after class to talk. He failed. Miserably. Denki had taken off with Kirishima out of the classroom before he could get a word in edgewise.

Hitoshi blinked, staring at the door for a moment, racking his brain to what he could have done or said to make Denki avoid him, and found nothing. He frowned, packing away his things, a little hurt. If nothing really had happened between him and Maggie, maybe it was him? He thought he’d been nice to him, and was hiding his crush well, but maybe he wasn’t? Or maybe Denki just didn’t want to be his friend anymore for some other arbitrary reason. Either way it hurt.

Maggie felt her heart break, and quite frankly she wanted to break Denki’s nose. “Come on.” She said, saddling up beside him, her sisters in tow. “Let's get home, we have training with Dad.” She said underneath her breath, grabbing his arm, and tugging him out of the classroom.

Hitoshi went along with her, pausing in the doorway, he looked back at Denki’s desk sadly. 

Maggie grimaced, thinking, 'I'm going to break his fucking jaw.'

“Bro what's up with you today?” Kirishima asked as Denki dragged him to the diner they would be studying at with Bakugo.

“What do you mean?” Denki asked innocently, slowing down some now that they were off school grounds.

Kirishima frowned, “Dude, you’ve been avoiding Shinso all day.”

Denki winced, “You noticed, huh?”

“Did I notice that you haven’t talked to him once today when you literally get out of your seat between classes to talk to him pretty much daily, then dragged me out of the classroom in a dead sprint before he could talk to you? Yes.” Kirishima said sharply, confused about what could have happened between the two to get him acting like this. “Not very manly bro.”

Denki groaned, walking into the diner and letting Kirishima lead him to where they’d be sitting, “I know.”

“He looked hurt, Denki.” Kirishima said worriedly, “What happened?”

Denki sighed, putting his head in his hands, “I have a crush on him, Kiri.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Kirishima asked, even more confused. “I mean, great. But what does this have to do with you avoiding him?”

Denki groans, defeated, “I don’t want him to find out. It’ll ruin our friendship.”

“You’re ruining your friendship NOW by avoiding him.” Kiri said, incredulously.

“Dunce Face is doing what now?” Bakugo arrived sitting at the table. “How did you two get here before me anyways?”

“Kaminari here,” Kiri glared at Denki, emphasizing his name, “is avoiding Shinso so he dragged me here, running.”

“Why?” Bakugo asked, raising a brow as he got out his study materials, though he had a hunch he already knew why.

Denki groaned. resting his forehead on the table, but Kiri was quick to answer, “Because you were right, he has a crush.”

“Kirishima!” Denki shouted, head popping up.

“Don’t Kirishima me!” He scolded, “He already knew and you’re being super unmanly.”

“When aren't I right?” Bakugo rolled his eyes.

“Wait, you knew?!” Denki’s head whipped around to face his friend. First Maggie now Bakugo?!

Bakugo scoffed, flipping through pages of his textbook to find the right one, “Of course I did. It’s obvious.”

Denki stared for a second before shrinking into his seat with his hands covering his face, “I didn’t even know until Maggie spelled it out for me…” He whined into his hands, ashamed.

Bakugo froze mid page turn to look at him, “Wait.” He said suspiciously, “Is that why you’re avoiding him?”

Kirishima leaned over the table, not sure what's happening. Denki didn’t answer, but that was answer enough. Kiri looked to Bakugo for help.

“He didn’t realize that he had a crush on Eyebags until Witch Girl called him out on it.” Katsuki said as he pieced things together, “He freaked out and now doesn’t know how to fucking act around him now that he’s aware of his own fucking feelings.” God his friends are idiots.

“What am I supposed to do?!” Denki asked. I mean Bakugo was RIGHT but that wasn’t helping him right now.

“Not avoid him like he has the plague.” Kirishima said bluntly, face deadpan.

Bakugo rolled his eyes, “Tell him. Or don't.” He found the right page, “Either way, stop being a coward.”

Denki pouted, “I already feel guilty, you guys don’t need to make me feel worse…”

“How do you think Shinso feels?” Kiri asked, honestly worried for the loner. “You were his first friend in class other than the girls.”

Bakugo grumbled, “Enough of this shit. We need to study if you two idiots are going to pass the final.”

Some time passed while the three boys studied, Bakugo getting aggressively frustrated on occasion with their ‘stupidity’ and frankly Denki was having a good time despite his friend’s temper. It was a welcome distraction. He took a sip of his soda, watching as Bakugo hit Kiri over the head with a notebook, thankful it wasn’t him this time. Then his phone buzzed in his pocket. Pulling it out, he saw the notification and winced.

Hitoshi: You’re avoiding me. Did I do something wrong?

It was so matter of fact and to the point, like he had no doubts in his reasoning. Clearly he’d been just as obvious as Kiri had said. And the fact that Hitoshi assumed he was at fault? Heart wrenching.

Denki immediately texted him back.

Denki: No
You didn't do anything
I’ll talk to you tomorrow

The response was scary quick, as if he hadn't put down the phone for even a second.

Hitoshi: Okay

Tomorrow was going to be difficult.

Chapter Text

Denki leaned against the wall in the hallway, one foot propped up as he waited for Hitoshi. He scrolled through his phone, not paying attention as he glanced towards the direction he knew he’d be coming down. ‘Okay,’ He thought, forcing his eyes to his phone as he kept scrolling, ‘It’s Hitoshi! He’ll understand! Yeah, you’ve been acting weird but that won’t be hard to explain away. He doesn’t pry much.’ He froze, ‘Unless Maggie already told him…’ He shook his head of the thought, ‘No she wouldn’t do that. Everything is going to be fine. Hitoshi’s your best friend! The best friend you just so happen to have a massive crush on, sure! But he doesn’t have to know that!’

Denki was so caught up in his own head that he didn’t notice Hitoshi and his sisters arriving. Hitoshi squinted skeptically as he approached, standing in front of him unnoticed while Maggie herded the other two inside with her. “Denki?” Hitoshi said, trying to catch his attention, getting a little annoyed at being ignored again. “Denki.” Hitoshi waved a hand in front of his face, only to be ignored again. Hitoshi sighed, “Kaminari.” He said bluntly, flicking his forehead.

Denki recoiled, head popping up, “Oh! Hey, Hitoshi!” He forced a smile, awkwardly pocketing his phone, ‘When did he get here? He doesn’t look happy…’ He decided to try to play it off, “Good morning! How are you?”

Hitoshi was not amused, “Denki,” He deadpanned, “Are you serious?”

“What?” Denki smiled brightly, trying so hard not to crumble under Hitoshi’s glare.

“So you’re going to pretend like yesterday never happened?” Hitoshi asked, still glaring but honestly a little hurt.

Denki sighed, smile dropping, “No…” He said guiltily, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You told me yesterday that you’d explain,” Hitoshi reminded him.

Denki laughed nervously, “Did I?”

Hitoshi crossed his arms, looking completely done with the whole situation. “Are you going to explain?”

Denki fumbled for an answer, “I just had to study with Bakugo and Kirishima after school and didn’t want Bakugo to blow up at us for being late, that’s all!” He spouted a half baked excuse, having not really thought this through.

“Yeah, that explains after school,” Hitoshi gritted his teeth, “I can understand that. What I’m asking you about is you avoiding me the entire school day and rushing out of my apartment like someone was chasing you.”

Denki wilted a bit, “That's um,” he held his chin, biting his knuckle briefly, “That’s a bit more complicated.”

“Yeah,” Hitoshi said, waiting, “I figured.”

“Can we do this later?” Denki asked. “‘Cause I don't really want to talk about it at all, let alone outside our classroom door.”

Hitoshi raised his brows, “No.” He shook his head, grabbing Denki’s arm and pulling him down the hall, “We need to talk about this now.”

Denki tried to pull away, but Hitoshi had a scarily firm grip on his arm, forcing him to go along with him, “Why are you so freakishly strong?” Denki huffed, flustered.

Hitoshi just rolled his eyes and shoved him into a broom closet, shutting the door behind them, “Okay, we’re not in the hallway anymore.” He crossed his arms, blocking the door so Denki couldn’t run. “Now tell me what's going on with you.”

Denki didn’t know what to do. Hitoshi was clearly mad, but also frustratingly hot, and had him cornered in a closet. Denki backed up a few steps to give himself some breathing room. “It’s really not that big a deal,” He defended himself while pointedly staring at the door over Hitoshi’s shoulder instead of his friend. He didn’t think he’d be able to handle it.

Hitoshi took a step forward, clearly frustrated, “Then why won’t you tell me?”

Denki gulped, taking another step back, “Because it's complicated!”

“Do you not trust me or something?” Hitoshi asked seriously. He couldn’t understand why Denki was acting like this all the sudden.

“I do trust you!” Denki was quick to reassure him, meeting his eyes for just a second before staring at the ground. “It’s just… awkward… I don’t see why you care so much.” He admitted, fiddling with his tie nervously.

Hitoshi sighed, taking a step closer to put a hand on Denki’s shoulder, “Denki, you literally pried into me and my sisters’ lives for an entire week to figure out we were siblings. You’re not acting like yourself. At all. You can tell me, even if it’s ‘awkward.’” He said, softening up a bit. “We’re friends, aren’t we?”

Denki tried to back away, but only hit the wall. He honestly might have preferred Hitoshi being angry with him than him being sweet like this. “Yes, we’re friends!” He nodded, blushing as he crossed his arms protectively over his chest, “This could ruin that.” He mumbled, continuing to stare at the ground. “I don’t want that.”

Hitoshi’s brow furrowed as he shook his head. “What are you talking about?” He asked, trying to lift Denki’s head by his chin to look at him, bewildered at what Denki could have done that could ‘ruin their friendship.’ “I doubt whatever's going on is going to do that.”

Denki looked up at him, flustered. Hitoshi had him pinned against the wall in a closet, hovering less than a foot away, forcing his head up to look him in the eye. Was this boy really that clueless? “Keep staring at me like that and you’ll get all my secrets all the way back to first grade.” He said breathlessly, his mouth moving faster than his brain.

Hitoshi chuckled, letting go of Denki’s chin and using his hand to prop himself up against the wall instead. “Really, Denki?” He raised an eyebrow, glad that his friend was at least joking around again. “Joking around? Right now?”

Denki wasn’t sure what to make of that reaction. He couldn’t tell if that was some sort of soft rejection or if Hitoshi was really that clueless. “Are you serious right now?” He couldn’t help but ask

“What?” Hitoshi’s eyebrows pinched together in confusion, still not registering the position they were in.

Denki just blinked up at him. There was no way that Hitoshi was this unable to read a room. He knew that. “Did Maggie tell you?” He finally asked. He had to messing with him. He had to be.

Hitoshi shook his head, “About what happened while you guys were studying together?” He tilted his head in confusion, “No. I thought something had happened from the way you were acting, but she kept insisting that all you two did was study. Did she do something?”

Denki couldn’t believe it. His mouth gaped as he pushed his bangs back. ‘Okay, Hitoshi’s an idiot. I guess I just gotta tell him. I hope Maggie was right.’ He sighed, licking his lips and putting his hands together. “Hitoshi, I like you,” He said simply.

Hitoshi just looked at him for a second, not quite understanding what Denki was trying to say and honestly not trying to get his hopes up if he was being honest with himself, “What?”

Denki was fed up. Considering how close together they already were, it was easy for him to grab Hitoshi’s cheeks and pull him into a kiss. So that’s exactly what he did.

Hitoshi tensed for a second, eyes widening for a moment before drooping shut as he leaned into the kiss. Raising his hand, he cupped Denki’s cheek as the arm propping him up bent until his entire forearm was resting against the wall above Denki’s head. Denki was now fully squished against the wall by Hitoshi’s chest, but he wasn’t complaining.

Hitoshi pulled back to breathe, only leaving a hair's width between them as his mind raced looking for an explanation for what had just happened. The last few minutes played though his mind as he caught his breath, noticing a lot of things he hadn’t before.

“You get the message now?” Denki asked, removing his hands from Hitoshi’s face to rest on his shoulders instead.

Hitoshi blushed, straightening up a bit to give him a little nod, “Yeah. I believe I do.”

“Good,” Denki sighed, “And for the record, that's what me and Maggie were talking about. And why I avoided you yesterday.”

Hitoshi blinked rapidly, “You avoided me because my sister found out you have a crush on me?” He did not see the logic in that at all.

“No.” Denki huffed, looking to the side, embarrassed. “I avoided you because I realized I have a crush on you.”

“That’s a stupid reason.” Hitoshi said bluntly. I mean, he’d known about his own crush on Denki for quite a while now.

“I know that,” Denki said, “but I’ve just had some bad experiences with crushes in the past and we had just gotten close and-”

“You were scared how’d I react?” Hitoshi finished for him, caressing Denki’s cheek with his thumb.

“Yeah…” Denki deflated some, leaning into Hitoshi’s hand with a small smile.

“Why didn’t you just hide it?” Hitoshi asked, a small smile on his lips, “Yeah, Maggie would have still known but that’s just how she is. I’ve been hiding mine from you for like a month.”

“You’ve liked me for a month?!” Denki’s eyes went wide, blush returning to his cheeks. He had no idea.

“Yes, but you didn’t answer my question.” Hitoshi chuckled, shaking his head fondly.

“Well, unlike you, I suck at hiding stuff!” Denki pouted, “Every time I had a crush on someone, they’d always find out right away…” Hitoshi laughed, leaning his forehead against Denki’s. Denki considered pushing him away for a second before deciding against it, “It’s not funny!”

“It’s pretty funny,” Hitoshi pinched Denki’s pouting cheeks, pulling on them playfully, “Cute too.”

Denki’s face was radiating heat as he whined. “Hitoshi-”

Hitoshi cut him off with a kiss. He was simply too cute not to. He felt almost giddy as he kissed him, the reality of the situation really beginning to settle in. Denki wrapped his arms around his neck, forgetting his embarrassment as he got another kiss. Both of them were grinning so big they had to pull away shortly after.



After finally going to class a solid 15 minutes late, the two stuck to each other's side the rest of the day and now it was time to go home. The group exited the school building together and were preparing to part ways when Hitoshi grabbed Denki by his backpack and raised a hand to his sisters, “You three go ahead.” He said simply, “I’ll catch up.”

Maddie’s face scrunched in confusion, “Toshi-”

She was interrupted by Maggie hauling both her and Ash down the street, “Okay! See you later!” She called over her shoulder with a wink as she forced her younger sisters down the street.

“Maggie! Why are we walking so fast?!” Maddie asked as they reached a street corner and turned out of sight. 

Denki could faintly hear Ash complain as they got further and further away, “My legs are too short for this!”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes at his sisters, chuckling but mentally thanking Maggie, “Those three…” He shook his head as he released Denki’s backpack.

Denki chuckled, turning to face him, “If you wanted to get me alone, you could have just asked~” He flirted.

Hitoshi wasn’t fazed, but did crack a small smile, “Joke all you want, but we need to talk.”

Denki held a hand over his heart dramatically, “We’ve only been together a school day and you're already dumping me?” He joked nervously, “I’m wounded.”

Hitoshi nodded, “So we are together?” He clarified teasingly. Denki had really just answered the question he had.

“Well I assumed so,” Denki said, tilting his head and raising a brow, “I don’t exactly go around kissing people, Hitoshi.”

Hitoshi smiled, “That’s all I needed to know.”

Denki gave him an annoyed look, “Seriously.”

Hitoshi laughed, “Seriously,” He smirked, pulling Denki closer by one of his belt loops, “So when do I get to take you out on a real date?”

Denki sputtered helplessly, he wasn’t prepared for him to flirt back, “Uh- Sunday?” He said, wording it more like a question, “Before finals?”

Hitoshi nodded, backing up to give the flustered boy some breathing room, “Okay. See you tomorrow.” He said with a wave as he left.

Denki stood there for a second, stunned at his sudden departure, before turning to run after him, “Hitoshi!” He called after him flustered, “You jerk! At least give me a kiss before you decide to run off!”

Chapter Text

Hitoshi groaned, hitting the snooze on his alarm as he flopped an arm over his face, his arm hitting something surprisingly soft. Peeking open one eye, he jumped when bright blue eyes met his. It was Maddie, in her tiny kitten form, watching him sleep, “Maddie…” He yawned, rubbing his face tiredly, “Why?”

“I wanted to be the first to tell you happy birthday!” Maddie pouted, headbutting his cheek.

Hitoshi chuckled, scratching behind her ears, “Thank you, Maddie.” He sat up, stretching and checked the time. It was a lot later than he was expecting. Squinting, he looked to the tiny cat for answers, “Why is it so late?” He knew he had set his clock the same as he did every day.

“Oh! Papa decided to let you sleep a little later.” Maddie said as she rolled around in his sheets, “So he turned your alarm clock off.”

Hitoshi shook his head, getting out of bed, he purposely threw the sheets on top of her, “Oops.” He said monotonely.

“Toshi-nii!” Maddie pouted, turning back to a human to escape the blankets.

“Get out, I need to get dressed.” He chuckled, running his hands through his tangled hair.

Maddie stuck her tongue out, blowing a raspberry, but left.

Hitoshi chuckled, getting dressed before leaving his bedroom to get breakfast. He was accosted quickly by his Pops, “There he is!” He shouted, holding out his arms towards him, “My baby boy!”

Hitoshi winced at his volume, looking past him to the rest of his family, who were well prepared with noise canceling headphones. He chuckled, “Morning, Pops.”

Mic pulled him into a hug, cradling his head to his chest, “I can’t believe my little boy is already 16!” He exclaimed, thankfully a lot quieter.

Hitoshi accepted the hug, rolling his eyes, “You only adopted me when I was 12.” He stated bluntly, “I don’t think I was all that little.”

Hizashi pulled away with mock offence, “You were little to me!” He said, grabbing him by his shoulders and ushering him into a chair, “We got you your favorite from the diner down the street!”

His family began taking off their headphones, knowing that now that he was sat down the worst of it was over. “Happy birthday, Toshi.” Maggie said, scooting him over a mug of coffee.

“Yeah,” Ash nodded, grinning, “Happy birthday.”

Shota stood, ruffling his hair as he passed him to help his husband with breakfast, placing his plate down in front of him with another head ruffle before returning to his seat.

Hitoshi smiled, taking a sip of coffee, “Thanks guys.” He said, setting it down on the table. They ate together, happily chatting about their plans for the day. It was peaceful, the perfect way to start the day.

Maddie squirmed in her seat, finishing excitedly. She hopped out of her seat and slammed her hands on the table, “Present time!” She shouted before running off.

Shota chuckled, “We were barely able to get her to wait until after breakfast.” He said with fondness leaking into his voice.

“I don’t blame her.” Hizashi said, rushing off to get he and Shota’s gift for Hitoshi.

Ash shook her head, pulling a small wrapped gift from under her chair, “Here, Toshi.” She smiled nervously, hoping he’d like it.

Hitoshi shook the box curiously, hearing it rattle. He undid the ribbon and threw away the wrapping paper, looking inside. It was a set of bookmarks with cheesy cat memes on them. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked through them, “Thank’s, Ash.” He shook his head, picking his favorite out of the box and waving it around, “It’s a very on brand present from you.” He said, bopping her lightly in the head with it before putting it back and setting it aside.

Hizashi crept up behind him and plopped a set of headphones over his ears, startling him. “Tada~” Hitoshi took them off, looking up at his father skeptically before examining them. It was a set of purple and black kitty ear headphones he’d been looking at for a while. “What do ya think, kiddo?”

“They're great.” Hitoshi said honestly, “Thank you both.” He nodded to his Dad, understanding it was from both of them.

Maddie came tearing out of the girls’ room, having finally dug his present out from where she’d hid it, holding it triumphantly above her head, “A hah!” She cheered, skipping into the kitchen, “Ash, why do you keep everything you own underneath the bed?!” She scolded, shaking her head before handing Hitoshi his present, “Here you go~”

Hitoshi’s brow furrowed at the massive book she was handing him, flipping it open he saw it was full of pictures. Each page had something different, him and Dad training, listening to Mic rant about his latest radio show, him and Maggie sipping on coffee in the ‘mornings’, him carrying around Ash as she helplessly flailed, Maddie sleeping on his head in kitten form, family outings, and even a few with Denki. He looked up at Maddie, surprised, “Wha-”

“Well,” Maddie said, tapping her index fingers together, “you don’t exactly have many family photos, but we’re your family now so I thought I’d take some. You like it?”

Hitoshi smiled softly, touched, “Yeah, I love it. Thank you.”

Hizashi leaned down to bury his head in his husband's shoulder, crying. Shota patted his head, trying to bite back his amusement for Hizashi’s benefit. “You don’t need to cry.”

“I'm not crying, it's just dusty.” Hiashi lied, causing the family to laugh. Ash leaned into Maggie, also tearing up.

Hitoshi chuckled, standing to give Maddie a hug, which she eagerly accepted. Pulling back he sat back down, taking a sip from his now cold coffee, when he got a thought. “Maggie,” Hitoshi smirked, “My dear sister, no gift for me?”

Maggie was waiting for that question, being the only person in the family that knew of Maddie’s plans, and having forked over some of the pictures herself, “You’re holding it, Dumbass.” She stated bluntly, “I knew that no one was going to top Maddie, so I gave you mine first thing this morning.”

Hitoshi looked at the mug, just now realizing it wasn’t one of the many they had in the cabinet, instead it was a mug with a panel of his favorite character from the manga he was currently obsessed with printed on the side. He laughed, shaking his head at her trick. “Thank you, Maggie.”



Denki sat at his desk, playing on his phone, his gift for Hitoshi sitting on his desk as he waited for him to get there.

“Kaminari…” Toru said, making him jump as he didn’t see her coming, “Why do you have a giant gift bag?”

“Oh, it's for Hitoshi.” Denki answered nonchalantly, continuing to scroll through his phone.

“Hah?” Katsuki looked over, scowling, “You haven’t even been together for a week yet and you're already getting him gifts?” Fucking pathetic.

Denki tensed, setting his phone on his desk, “First of all, I can give my boyfriend gifts if I want too.” Katsuki scoffed at that, “Second of all, it’s for his birthday, Kacchan.” Denki mocked.

Katsuki growled, rolling his eyes and propping his feet up on his desk.

Midoriya’s head popped up from his notes, wide eyed, “It’s Shinso-kun's birthday?” He asked, flipping through his journal like mad.

Aoyama spun, clasping his hands together as he sparkled, “Oh, what a joyous day this is!”

Mina shoves Aoyama out of her way, pouting, “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have gotten him a gift!”

Denki just shrugs. Ojiro came to his defense, “He probably just didn’t want anyone to make a big deal about it.” He said, reasonably understanding his friend valued his space.

“Agreed,” Tokoyami bobbed his head, not unlike a bird, “He likely wanted this day to pass like a shadow in the night.”

Shoji made a mouth at the end of one of his arms, “Yeah, he’s not exactly as flamboyant as some of us.” He said before returning to his natural state.

Uraraka smiled, “Yeah, but we should still celebrate!”

“True, he is still new to the class.” Sero said, though he wasn’t exactly all that new anymore, there were times where his friend's boyfriend still felt like an outsider despite the friends he’d made, “It could be a good opportunity to make him feel more welcome. I mean we didn’t even know when his birthday was.”

“While that is a nice sentiment,” Momo spoke with poise, “It would be unwise to try and force ourselves on him if he doesn’t wish to celebrate.”

Tsu nodded, “Yeah, kero.” She said insightfully, “Remember the first day they were in class when we all overwhelmed them? We wouldn’t want to do that again, especially not on his birthday. Kero.”

Kirishima chimed in, grinning, “Well, Denki, what do you think?”

Denki just deadpanned, “Ask him.” He said annoyed, it was pretty obvious, “I’m his boyfriend, not his secretary. I already got invited to spend the day with him. I know what I’m doing.”

With perfect timing Hitoshi walked in with Ash, Maddie, and Maggie, like he did every other day. All heads snapped to him, causing him to raise an eyebrow, “What?”

“Happy birthday!” Denki grinned, standing up and rushing to the front of the room with his gift.

Maddie pat her cheeks, looking at her sisters for answers, “Is there something on my face?” She asked, unsure why everyone was staring.

“No,” Maggie shook her head, “They’re just being weird because it's Toshi’s birthday.”

“Oh.” Maddie nods, dropping her hands back to her sides.

Hitoshi took the bag, feeling a bit awkward, “Thanks, Denki. I’ll open it later.”

“Quit staring, you weirdos,” Denki said, hugging Hitoshi’s torso, “You’re making him uncomfortable.”

“Get in your seats,” Aizawa’s voice came from under the desk, his sleeping bag clad form slowly rising from behind it.

It was time for lunch, and Denki and Hitoshi were sitting in a far off corner of the lunchroom for semi-privacy while they had a sorta lunch date. His family had gotten the birthday boy by himself for breakfast after all, it was only fair that Denki got him for lunch. His sisters didn’t fight him on it.

“So, you gonna open your present now?” Denki asked, grinning as his boyfriend had brought the bag with them.

“You looked like you might explode if I waited any longer,” Hitoshi smirked, setting the bag in his lap. Denki watched in anticipation as Hitoshi sat the tissue paper aside and looked at his gift, brow furrowing in confusion at the purple mass inside. Hitoshi picked it up, unfolding it somewhat, and began to laugh, “Is this a cat onesie?”

“Yes!” Denki nodded, grin unfaltering as Hitoshi shook his head and carefully refolded it and put it back in the bag.

“Thank you, Denki.” He said, chuckling at his boyfriend's gift. Amazed at the boy's shamelessness. He’d given him a onesie in front of the entire class.

“Maybe now you’ll actually get some sleep.” Denki said, leaning forward to cup Hitoshi’s cheek, rubbing his thumb along the dark discoloration under his eyes, “Though the eyebags do add to the ‘sexy emo bad boy’ thing you got going on.” He joked, winking.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, pushing Denki’s hand away from his face, stomach filling with butterflies under his disinterested façade. Picking up his chopsticks, he pointed them at Denki, “Eat your food before it gets cold.”

“Okay~” Denki cooed, eating his food like he was told, knowing Hitoshi was just flustered. Getting an idea, he smirked and picked some food off his plate and held it in front of Hitoshi’s face, “Toshi~” He hummed, “Open up~”

Hitoshi blushed, pausing mid bite of his own food to just stare, apathetic mask completely broken. Still, he opens his mouth allowing Denki to feed him.

Denki grins brightly, having got the best possible reaction. He set his elbow on the table, resting his cheek in his palm and observed Hitoshi with a love struck expression as he pulled back his chopsticks. “Cute…” He mumbled. Hitoshi turned away, showing off as even the tips of his ears turned blood red, making him even cuter. Denki was melting. He couldn’t take it anymore, standing up from his seat he leaned across the table to kiss Hitoshi’s burning hot cheek, heart overflowing with affection. “So cute…”

Hitoshi was so flustered he could barely think. “Denki please…” He pleaded, needing a break from his pounding heart. He wasn’t going to survive at this rate.

Denki gave him one more kiss on the cheek before sitting down. “Sorry,” he apologized halfheartedly. “It’s just so hard to resist when you get all shy like that.”

Hitoshi stared down at his plate, grumbling as he continued to eat, still extremely flustered but calming down now that they were once again separated by the table. As the red began to fade from his cheeks and his heart slowed down to a healthy rate, he finally found the words to respond, “You,” He pointed his chopsticks at Denki with a heatless glare, “keep this up and I'll have to retaliate.” He threatened, eyes going back to his plate, still unable to handle the soft look Denki was giving him.

“You make that sound like a bad thing.”

The school day finished out, and the five walked towards the apartment together, planning to celebrate Hitoshi’s birthday over dinner and cake. Before they could enter the building, however, they heard Mic calling for them from the playground outside.

“Kids!” Hizashi shouted, waving his arms above his head like a crazy person.

Hitoshi narrowed his eyes and tilted his head, watching his Pop’s do jumping jacks to call them over. “Well…” He smacked his lips, leading the group into the park. He saw the picnic set up nicely near where Hizashi stood.

“How did you get this all set up before we got here?” Maggie asked, voicing what they all were thinking.

Hizashi grinned proudly, “I had Nemuri cover my last class.” Ash winced, pitying anyone who had to learn English from their aunt. Hizashi noticed, “Don’t worry, I threatened to spill all her dirty little secrets if she taught them anything she shouldn’t.”

“So you blackmailed her?” Denki asked his teacher, impressed and afraid.

“Yes.” Hizashi nodded, not at all ashamed. “Now come! Sit!” He demanded, sitting on one of the blankets he sat out, patting the ground excitedly.

Hitoshi shook his head, too used to his Pops antics to be fazed at this point. He sat down on the blanket next to him, pulling Denki down with him. “You are something else, Pops.”

“Thank you, Hitoshi.” Hizashi grinned, ruffling his purple locks affectionately.

Maddie plopped down between Hitoshi and Hizashi with a grin, folding her legs beneath her uncaringly and earning a laugh from everyone sitting.

Maggie sat across from Denki and Hitoshi, a bit away from Mic, “I don’t think that's supposed to be a compliment, Mic.” She said, joking around.

Hizashi rolled his eyes at the child he’d long ago deemed the trouble maker, once she’d been comfortable enough to make trouble that is, and reached his long arm over to flick her forehead, “Oh no, whatever will I do?” He said sarcastically.

She wrinkled her nose, yanking Ash down to sit between them as a human shield, “Rude.”

Ash huffed, glaring at Maggie for grabbing her like that, but adjusted herself to be more comfortable, “You deserved it.” She grimaced, her butt sore from hitting the ground.

“Shut up.” Maggie said, shouldering her playfully.

Hizashi pulled a stack of board games out from behind the picnic basket, holding them in front of Hitoshi’s face and shaking them lightly. “Pick a game.”

Hitoshi groaned, throwing his head back as he leaned back on his forearms, “Pops, no.” He smiled slightly, raising his head to look at him, “You did not.”

“Oh, but I did!” Hizashi grinned, shaking the games again. “Now pick a game!”

Hitoshi flopped backwards onto his back, arms spread wide in a goofy display of mock defiance. “I should have known.”

Denki was in awe at how carefree Hitoshi was acting as he bickered playfully with Mic. It was a different side of him, but he couldn’t say he didn’t like it.

Hizashi picked the first game off the top of the stack, whacking at his son’s leg with it, “Pick. A. Game.” He demanded, just earning more playful defiance, making him pout, “It’s your birthday, which means games.”

Maggie chuckled as Hitoshi squirmed away, “Just pick a game, Tosh.” She said, finding their antics amusing, “He’s not going to let it go.”

Hitoshi sighed, sitting back up, “Fine.” He relented, looking through the games his Pops had brought down. He smirked as one caught his eye, edging it out of the pile, he raised an eyebrow as he held it up.


Hizashi laughed nervously. Maggie went pale. Maddie just stared at the box. “No,” she said deadly calmly before swiping it out of his hand. “No,” she repeated, shaking her head as she turned into a bird, clutching the box firmly in her talons. “No,” She squawked once more before taking flight high into the sky, taking the cursed game with her. She flew to a tree, the same one she’d climbed days prior to avoid having to study for the math final, and dropped it into the branches before coming back down to earth and turning back. “NO.”

Hitoshi watched her, laughing hysterically the whole time. He hadn’t actually wanted to play, just see their reactions, and this was far better than what he’d hoped for. “Maddie…”

“No.” She said, staring into Hitoshi’s eyes with malice.

Denki looked between the family members, bewildered, “What’s wrong with monopoly.”

Maddie’s head snapped to Denki, “Everything.” She hissed between clenched teeth.

“It wasn’t that bad…” Ash chimed in, nervously playing with a lock of her hair.

“Wasn’t that bad?!” Maddie shrieked, turning her ire to her sister, “Dad broke the table! Papa screamed so loud he shattered the windows! And look at Maggie!” She pointed to the horrified girl, “She was so traumatized that she left and didn’t come back for hours! And don’t forget that Nii-chan literally yeeted you across the room!”

Hitoshi just kept laughing while Denki’s eyes widened in shock. What the hell had happened during a board game that got them to that point? He was honestly a bit scared to ask. Hitoshi wiped his tears, waving a hand to calm his sister, “Okay, okay, calm down Maddie. I was just joking.”

“Good!” Maddie grumbled, “Not that it matters, it belongs to the tree now.”

Hitoshi snorted back a laugh, grabbing the Uno cards, “Will Uno result in us destroying the playground?” He snarked, shaking the box teasingly.

“Anything is better than Monopoly.” Maggie finally broke from her stupor, holding out a hand, “I’ll deal.”

Hitoshi tossed her the pack, which she caught with ease. Maggie took the deck out, shuffling it twice traditionally before repeatedly cutting the deck with practiced precision before shuffling them twice more and dealing out the appropriate amount of cards at lightning speed. Denki pursed his lips. It was a bit obsessive but impressive nonetheless, “Maggie?” He grabbed his cards and started organizing them by color, “What the fuck?”

Maggie choked on a laugh, “What?”

“You are way too good at shuffling cards.” Denki stated, “Especially for Uno. How?”

Maggie just shrugged noncommittally, a small smile on her lips, “Well for one, Uno cards need to be shuffled well.”  She paused, a far off look in her eyes as she shifted the cards in her hand around, “And I just have a lot of practice, I guess.”


They played a couple of rounds when Nemuri ran into the park, dropping to her knees to give Hitoshi a hug from behind, making his cards fly from his hands in surprise, “Happy birthday!” She cooed excitedly after having held back her birthday wishes all day while they were at school.

Hitoshi smiled, leaning back into the hug and patting her arm, “Thank you.”

Nemuri let him go, pinching his cheek before shuffling over to sit on the other side of Hizashi beside Ash. She had already changed out of her hero costume into a surprisingly modest top and jeans. Holding her hand over her heart, she sighed resting her head on Hizashi’s shoulder, “Oh he’s growing too fast.” She lamented, “Soon he will be a man. I don’t know how I’ll handle it!”

Hitoshi ignored her theatrics, taking back the cards that Ash had thoughtfully collected for him, “That’s what growing up is, Auntie.”

“Oh,” Nemuri pouted, “I know. But is it a crime to want you to stay young and youthful forever?” She asked, sitting up straight so Shota could sit beside his husband between them. She sighed wistfully, “I feel like it was just yesterday you were 12, not a hint of hair on your chest. Now you have to shave.”

“Auntie…” Hitoshi scolded, bashfully staring at the cards in his hands though the game had come to a halt at her and Dad's arrival.

She leaned forward, shifting onto her knees to cup his cheeks. She squished them somewhat aggressively, feeling the stubble under her fingertips. “You’re not a baby anymore…” Her eyes flitted to her student beside him, a smirk playing at her lips and replacing the pout from before with ease.

Denki didn’t notice, too busy enjoying Hitoshi’s embarrassment. A grin pulled at his cheeks watching the interaction. It was odd to see Midnight so… subdued compared to her hero persona, but she was obviously the same person. And also just so happened to be a loving yet embarrassing aunt to his new boyfriend, and he was thoroughly enjoying watching him squirm.

Hitoshi grabbed her hands and forced them away from her face. It quickly popped back to a somewhat annoyed expression from the uncomfortable squished face it had been forced into from her affection. “Auntie, I think that's enough.”

Nemuri let up, sitting back down, “Okay. I'm done.” She smirked slyly, “So~” She tilted her head, looking between the two boys in front of her, eyeing Denki in particular, “Why was I the last to know that little Hitoshi finally got a boyfriend?”

Denki chuckled nervously, looking down at his lap and rubbing the back of his neck. Hitoshi tensed beside him. He knew it was coming. It was practically his aunt's job to embarrass him, especially when it came to things like this, but it didn’t mean he had to like it. “Auntie, please…” He blushed, looking at her pleadingly.

She didn’t back down, enjoying this far too much, especially knowing the present she had in store for him. “I’m just a bit curious is all.” Nemuri teased, “After all, if there's anyone you should be talking to about these things, it should be me.” Splaying her fingers and resting her finger tips against her chest, she winked causing Denki to go scarlet.

“Kayama,” Shota said sharply. The situation reminded him of the horrors she put him through when he and Hizashi started dating, and he wanted to protect his son from the same fate.

Nemuri pouted, deflating, “You always ruin my fun, Shota.”

Hitoshi mentally thanked his Dad for reeling her in, knowing she’d only listen to him. Denki officially decided that he owed Aizawa Sensei his life as he hid his face in Hitoshi’s shoulder. He was desperately trying to calm down from what his teacher was implying, mortified. Hitoshi patted his back comfortingly as they both calmed down, Hitoshi far more used to his aunt than was probably healthy.

Maggie was doing her best not to laugh her ass off, feeling bad for laughing at their torment, but finding it hilarious anyways. Ash was almost as embarrassed as Hitoshi and Denki despite not having anything to do with it. Hizashi took it in stride, reminiscing with Nemuri quietly over their younger years. Maddie was confused, not understanding what was going on. And Shota was monitoring Nemuri to make sure his son had a chance to breathe in peace.

Maddie’s face twisted uncomfortably, “What?” She asked innocently.

Maggie just shook her head, tears streaming down her face as she muffled her laughter behind her palms, “D-don’t worry about it…”


They calmed down a bit, and joked around some more, before eating dinner and cutting the cake. It definitely had to be the best birthday Hitoshi had ever had. Spending time with his family, that had grown exponentially, and now his new boyfriend was quite a time. Especially when they were celebrating him. It wasn’t something he was used to, but he definitely enjoyed it.

The sun was getting low in the sky, so Shota and Hizashi started packing up everything to carry back up to the apartment. And Nemuri finally gave Hitoshi her gift. “Here, Pumpkin,” She cooed, handing him a medium sized box and squishing his cheeks with a bizarrely innocent grin.

Hitoshi huffed out his nose at the nickname, opening the top of the box, embarrassed. “Thanks, Auntie.” He said, not yet looking inside as he fished whatever was inside out.

Nemuri’s grin twisted, “Make sure to show it to your little boyfriend~ ” she hummed. “I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it.”

That made Hitoshi take pause, suspicious of what she had gotten him. But he still took it out of the box. Dropping the cardboard to the ground unceremoniously, he looked at his aunt with a raised brow. She gave him a little nod, so Hitoshi shook off his nerves before unwrapping it from the tissue paper it was folded in.

He immediately regretted it. In his hands sat a cat-eared headband, a collar with a bell, a little belt with a tail on it, and a box of condoms. Looking at his aunt in horror, he turned every shade of red imaginable, jaw tensing.

“I would have gotten you the butt plug tail instead, but then your Dad would really kill me.” She smirked. She looked at a fuming Shota from the corner of her eye, preparing to book it out of the park and down the street at a moment's notice.

Denki’s jaw dropped as he froze in place. His face was just as red as Hitoshi’s as he processed what Midnight’s gift was. He didn’t know what he was expecting, but his teacher saying she wanted to give his boyfriend a buttplug for his birthday? That was not it.

Hizashi was struggling to hold his husband back, so Nemuri knew it was time to bounce, “Make sure to be safe!” She said chipperly as she took off, Shota quick on her heels. “Your real presents in your room!” She shouted over her shoulder, squealing girlishly as her friend began catching up.

Hitoshi just sat down, putting everything back in the box and replacing the lid, silently. He stared off in the distance, trying to quell the humiliation he felt. Denki dropped his head into his hands. All while Maggie tried to explain to Maddie what a buttplug was to Maddie without popping a blood vessel. Midnight’s pleas for her life far in the distance was the perfect background noise for the end of the party.

After everything was packed away for the day and Hitoshi had thrown Nemuri’s ‘gift’ into the far corner of his closet, he flopped face first into his bed with a groan. Rolling over, he stared at the ceiling, recalling the day's events in his mind. Sighing, he sat back up and noticed what must have been his aunts ‘actual gift.’ It was a small box on his desk, wrapped in red wrapping paper with a little bow on top.

He got up, crossing the room and plucking the box off his desk. It was a bit heavy for its small size, and he didn’t see how this could be any worse than the one she’d given him at the party. So he opened it, sticking the bow to the wall. It was a bottle of cologne with a note, ‘Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” it read, ‘here’s your real present. Just because you're a little man now,’ She had doodled a little picture of her crying at the above the word “man”, ‘ doesn't mean you have to stink like one. I love you, Pumpkin. Happy birthday!’

Hitoshi couldn’t help but crack a smile. He sat the bottle on his nightstand and propped the note up beside it, accidentally kicking Denki’s gift in the process. Picking up the bag, he sat on the bed and pulled the onesie out. It was ridiculously soft to the touch. He thought back to how awkward their goodbyes were after Midnight’s little stunt and cringed.

Hitoshi bit his lip as an idea to lighten things up between them popped in his head. He contemplated it for a moment, rubbing his thumb against the fabric, before deciding it couldn’t hurt. Stripping down, he quickly changed into the pajamas and pulled the hoodie over his head. Flopping back down on his bed, he fished his phone out and snapped a picture and sent it to Denki with a short text.

Hitoshi: I like your cat outfit a lot more than my aunt's

Denki was just changing out of his uniform when his phone pinged. Quickly pulling his shirt over his head, he checked his messages and grinned at the illegally adorable photo Hitoshi had sent him. Saving it to his gallery, he chuckled at the caption, having cooled off a lot on the walk home.

Denki: Idk
I think she might’ve had the right idea :’)

He sent back, deciding to tease him a bit.

I mean
Look at my sexy kitty~ <3

Hitoshi dropped his phone on his face as his cheeks burned. He rolled over and screamed into his pillow like a child. Well, at least it wasn’t awkward anymore.

Chapter Text

Denki excitedly fumbled through his clothes, looking though for the perfect outfit for his date. They hadn’t exactly specified what they would be doing, but he knew it would be casual enough. Likely something they would have done when they were ‘just friends’ even. Still, he didn’t want to dress like a slob on their first date together.

Throwing shirts and pants haphazardly, he tried to piece an outfit together that made him look like he’d put in an effort but hadn’t freaked out, gotten nervous, and tried too hard. Which was exactly what he was doing right now, but that wasn’t the point. Finally he decided on one piece of clothing he liked in his closet, a pair of black ripped jeans, and worked from there.

Laying the jeans out on his bed he went searching through piles of clothes before deciding on a regular white v-neck t-shirt and a black open front duster vest. Setting them on the bed above the pants, he nodded to himself before going to get accessories. That was probably the easiest part. Picking a plain black choker off his nightstand and a cheap silver cross necklace, he tossed both on the bed with his other clothes before digging in his closet for a belt. He debated between a black and white one for a bit before choosing the white.

He quickly changed, looking at himself in the mirror before grinning. Perfect. He snapped his fingers and did finger guns at himself with a wink. He grabbed his wallet and stuffed it in his back pocket before unplugging his phone from the charger to send Hitoshi a text.

Denki: Hey
I’ll be on my way over soon
That cool?

He got a text back almost immediately, making him giddy.

Hitoshi: That's fine

Meanwhile, Hitoshi was getting harassed by his family. Maggie was perched at the head of his bed, and Ash at the foot, Maddie was in cat form between them with Cleo, Hizashi was leaning against the door frame gushing about ‘young love,’ and Shota was taking a well deserved nap on the living room couch.

“Hitoshi,” Maggie said, chuckling at how much unnecessary effort her brother was putting into getting ready for his date, “It’s Denki. I don’t see why you're so freaked out over this.”

Hitoshi glared at her, trying to pick between a button down and a t-shirt, “It’s our first date. I think I’m entitled to a little bit of leeway.”

“But it’s Denki,” Maggie stated, “He was your friend before he was your boyfriend. It’s not like you have to work your ass off to impress him. He’s already impressed by you breathing. ” It was cute seeing him get all worked up like this, sure. But that didn’t mean he should.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes and chose not to respond, but did calm down a bit. She was right afterall, first and foremost Denki was his friend. That's why he liked him so much in the first place. Picking the purple button down, he threw it at his sisters, accidentally hitting Ash in the face.

“What did I do?!” Ash shouted, pouting as she neatly folded it and set it in her lap, safe from where Maddie and Cleo were play fighting on the bed.

“Sorry, Ash.” Hitoshi snorted, looking for a pair of pants to go with it, “It was an accident.”

Ash huffed but forgave him as Hizashi chuckled, “Hitoshi, going on his first date…” He reiterated for what had to be the thousandth time. “Oh I remember-”

“Pops, no.” Hitoshi said sternly, grabbing a pair of dark wash blue jeans out of his closet, as well as the chains that attached to them.

Hizashi held his hands up, “Okay! Okay!” He crossed his arms, leaning back against the door frame, just observing, “but if you want any style tips I'm here.”

“Thanks.” Hitoshi said, tossing the pants at a far more prepared Maggie. He wouldn’t be needing them, but he appreciated the offer. Having the base down, he dug through his drawer picking out accessories to match. A few dark purple, silver, and black bracelets for his wrists, a black band ring and a silver set, a long silver chain with a little spearhead pendant, and a black belt to name a few. “Alright out. I need to change. He’s on his way.”

Maggie saluted him jokingly before scooping up Maddie and Cleo and walking out, forcing Hizashi out with her. Ash sat his shirt to the side and followed, giving him an encouraging smile as she shut the door behind her.


Denki knocked on the apartment door, feeling a bit nervous after the walk over. Aizawa opened it less than a minute later, only halfway out of his sleeping bag. He looked his student up and down skeptically.

Denki waved awkwardly, the man not at all putting him at ease, “Hey, Mr. Aizawa-”

And he shut the door in his face. Denki stared in shock, dropping his hand to his side. Little did he know, Shota eyes were gleaming in amusement on the other side of the door.

“Shota, who is it?” Hizashi asked, curious, “I thought it was Kaminari.”

“It is.” Shota confirmed, in his typical monotone.

“Well let him in!” Hizashi shouted, shaking his head at his husband's dry humor. “Why did you slam the door in his face?”

“He’s a loud blond.” Shota quipped, forcing his face to stay neutral despite the face he wanted to smirk.

Hizashi huffed, crossing his arms and cocking his hips, “I’M a loud blond!”

“I’m aware.” Shota nodded solemnly, letting his hair fall into his face to hide his grin.

Maggie laughed at the little show, “Let the poor kid in. He’s probably sweating bullets.” She pleaded on her friend's behalf.

Ash just stared confused at their Dad’s version of a ‘joke.’

Shota let him stand there for a few seconds more before opening the door. Maggie was right, he looked the perfect mixture of terrified and confused, “Come in.” He demanded before walking to sit on the couch, giving the teen no explanation.

Denki trailed in after a few more stunned moments, relaxing when he saw Maggie and Ash on the couch, “Uh, hey guys.” He said awkwardly as Aizawa continued to glare holes in his head, “Hitoshi ready?”

Hitoshi came out of his room, having heard the conversation prior, “Yeah, let's go.” He pulled Denki out of the apartment by the arm.

“Have fun!” Hizashi called as they left.

Hitoshi peeked his head in before he shut the door behind him, “By the way, not funny Dad.” He scolded Aizawa half-heartedly. It was a little funny.

They made it out of the apartment unscathed, pausing on the front steps to talk. “So,” Hitoshi started, “What do you want to do today?”

“First, I want a kiss.” Denki pouted, “I think I earned it.”

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow, “Why’s that?”

“Why?” Denki put his hands on his hips, “Well first of all,” He made a show of checking him out, “My smoking hot boyfriend is standing in front of me and hasn’t kissed me yet. Which should be a crime!”

Hitoshi chuckled, a lot more relaxed now that they were actually together. “Any other reasons?”

“Your Dad just slammed the door in my face then stared me down the entirety of the thirty seconds I was inside the apartment.” Denki stated, “I’ve definitely earned it. That man is terrifying.”

“You make a strong argument.” Hitoshi concedes, tilting Denki’s chin up to give him a short kiss. “That satisfy you?”

Denki gave him a blank stare, “Are you shy? Do you not want to kiss me?" He asked while exaggeratedly waving around his arms, clearly a bit annoyed at his teasing, “Like I need answers here. You practically make out with me in the closet at school but I ask you for a kiss and I get a peck?!

Hitoshi leaned his forehead against Denki’s as his shoulders shook with laughter. Cupping Denki’s cheek, he pulled him into a kiss that kept getting interrupted by peals of chuckles, “I was just teasing.” He mumbled before pulling away.

Denki crossed his arms, “It’s a good thing you're hot.” He puffed out his cheeks, unable to stay frustrated when Hitoshi laughed like that.

Hitoshi pinched his puffy cheeks affectionately, “Yeah, yeah, it gets me away with a lot.” He snarked sarcastically, “Seriously, where do you want to go?”

Denki grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers together, “Why don't you take me to somewhere you like?” He asked, playing with Hitoshi’s fingers, “Like your favorite spot nearby?” He was curious. They’d hung out before, but it was always studying, or with his sisters, or something he wanted to do. He liked to think he knew a lot about Hitoshi, but what he liked to do when he went out surprisingly wasn’t one of them.

Hitoshi netted his brows in confusion, “I mean, okay?” He said, if that's what he wanted he wasn’t going to fight him about it. He thought for a moment, one place in particular coming to mind, “I have a place.”

“Then let's go!” Denki grinned, motioning down the stairs, “Lead the way!”


“The Lost Chapter?” Denki asked, looking up at the sign plastered across the building.

Hitoshi nods, holding the door open for him to step inside, “Yeah. I’ve been coming here for a couple years now.”

Denki smiles, “Hot, well read, and a gentleman?” He teased, entering the store and spinning to face him, “You really are perfect, huh?” A book store hadn’t been where he’d been expecting to end up today, but he guessed it fit Hitoshi’s calm vibe well. Nor was he complaining about it at all.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, following him into the store, “I wouldn’t go that far.”

The bell above the door rang out, alerting the young woman crouched behind the counter. Popping up, she greeted the teens eagerly upon seeing her favorite customer. “Shinso-san!”

Hitoshi gave Kimura a nod, a half smile on his face, “Hello, Kimura-san.”

“Wow. You really do come here a lot, huh?” Denki said, looking around at the décor. It was homey, cluttered but clean with some sort of organization he’d yet to figure out. “They even know you by name.”

Hitoshi let out an amused huff as they approached the counter, “The usual for me, please.”

“Got you,” Kimura grinned, “You actually brought a friend?” She looked Denki up and down, only now noticing how stylish they both were dressed. Okay, maybe not just friends. “Anything you want…”

“Kaminari.” Denki smiled, if all the workers were so friendly he sees why Shinso would be comfortable here despite his ‘stony’ demeanor. “Uh, I guess I’ll have whatever he’s having?”

Hitoshi glanced over at him and shook his head, biting back a chuckle. “No,” he said with a small smile, “He’ll have an iced macchiato with extra cream and sugar.” He paused thinking for a second, “And two blueberry muffins please.”

Kimura laughed, “Got it.” She gave them a thumbs up before beginning to make their drinks. That was all she needed to tell this was definitely a date, she’d heard about ‘Kaminari Denki’ from him and his sisters before and she’d be asking how things went next time Shinso came in for sure. Like the nosy little barriesta she is. “They’ll be right out!”

Denki watched her walk away before looking at his boyfriend, dumbfounded, “Wha- huh?”

Hitoshi laughed, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he angled towards him, “What? Would you have rather had a black coffee?”

“Well no!” Denki puffed out his cheeks. “But how did you-”

“Babe, we’ve been friends for a while.” Hitoshi deadpanned, “And I had a crush on you for about a month,” he stated even more bluntly. “I know what type of coffee you like.”

Denki blushed beat red, sputtering as he turned away. The counter was suddenly very interesting looking until a coffee cup slid into view.

“Here you two go!” Kimura bit back a laugh, having overheard the entire conversation. She was happy for Shinso. He was really sweet, he deserved this. Hitoshi handed her what they owed, paying for them both. “I slipped a little coupon in the bag with the muffins, seeing as your friend here is a first time customer.” She winked playfully as she handed Hitoshi the bag, only causing Denki to get even more flustered as he fidgeted with his cup.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes fondly, “Thank you, Kimura-san.” He guided Denki away from the counter with an insistent hand on his mid back. They walked further into the store pausing between some shelves. Hitoshi took a long sip of his coffee, observing Denki gnawing on his straw. “Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah,” Denki said, teeth still clamped around his straw. He took a long gulp of the cold drink, hoping to cool his cheeks, “I’m fine.”

Hitoshi nods, opening the bag and pocketing the coupon before offering Denki one of the muffins. “If you say so.”

Denki smiled, “Thanks.” He took a large bite out of the muffin, getting crumbs on his cheek as he glanced at some of the books on the shelves. Hitoshi couldn’t help but brush them off for him absentmindedly. Denki jumped, side eyeing him.

“You had crumbs on your cheek.” Hitoshi shrugged.

“Oh.” Denki sipped his coffee, feeling a little stupid for being so wired up.



After the initial awkwardness died down, the two began roaming between stacks of books, records and knickknacks. Denki was having a field day. “‘100 Ways To Mow Your Lawn’?” Denki picked the book up off the shelf and showed it to Hitoshi. “How is there possibly that many ways to cut grass?” He questioned, thumbing through the pages.

Hitoshi shrugged, a small smile on his lips. “I have no idea.”

Denki shelved the book, only for one on the shelf below to grab his attention, “‘20 Ways to Scramble an Egg’? Seriously?” He shook his head.

“What are you even looking for?” Hitoshi asked, chuckling into his coffee.

“I don’t know!” Denki exclaimed, throwing his hands up, having drunk all his coffee and scarfed down his muffin the second he got it. “I don’t even know what section we’re in! One second I’m reading poorly written romance novels, now I'm here!”

Hitoshi downed the last of his coffee and threw it and Denki’s empty cup in a nearby trash can while shaking his head. He was just happy Denki seemed to be enjoying himself. “Alright,” He grabbed Denki’s arm and led him back out of the dead end he’d wandered into, “Why don’t you try this section?”

It was the clearance section, a surprisingly large one at that. It felt like a miniature version of the store inside the store. Two tables of knickknacks, and three crates of records were all stuffed in the very far corner of the store surrounded by makeshift walls built of book shelves full of discount books of all sorts.

Denki fumbled around with some of the things on the tables, showing Hitoshi some of the kitschy bookmarks with a laugh before moving on to browsing the shelves. One near the top caught his eye, slightly dusty but ornate, and he tried to grab it but had trouble getting a grip on it so he could take it down. Even on his toes, he could reach it, but it was slick with dust and firmly stuck between two other books.

Hitoshi noticed his struggling and came to his aid with a roll of his eyes. He sauntered up behind his boyfriend to help. It took him a bit until he just barely was able to get in down himself. All the while he stood with his chest firmly pressed against Denki’s back while Denki was stuck between him and the bookshelf. Denki bit his lip, resting his forehead against the shelves. His heart thumped loudly as Hitoshi took a step back.

Hitoshi, completely oblivious to his plight, dusted the book off for him and waited confused as to why he was just standing there. “Denki?”

Denki sighed, cheeks red as he looked over his shoulder at Hitoshi’s stupidly handsome face, “What is it with you casually pinning me places?” He croaked out jokingly.

Hitoshi just raised a brow, holding out the book. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Of course you don’t.” Denki shook his head. He turned and took the book, observing it with mild interest. At this point it was more just an excuse to get himself together than genuine curiosity. “This binding is almost as fancy as The Wicked Witch’s spell book.” He joked.

“Making jabs at my sister even when we’re on a date?” Hitoshi chuckled, crossing his arms.

“Can’t help myself.” Denki grinned, opening the cover and reading the synopsis on the inner cover. Apparently it was an anniversary edition of some best selling poetry collection from a long time ago, though it must not have been all that popular considering it was in the clearance section. He flipped to the first poem and read it. It was honestly pretty nice. Maybe it was just originally overpriced due to the ornate detailing? He shut the book and tucked it under his arm. “It’s a lot of fun and you know it.”

Hitoshi scoffed but nodded. “Yeah.” He glances at the book. “So, you’re interested?”

“In what? You?” Denki flirted, sauntering up to him. “Absolutely. I thought we already established that?” He teased, wiggling his eyebrows.

Hitoshi threw his head back with a groan, “The book, Denki. The book.”

Denki laughed while bouncing on his heels, “Oh come on, that was smooth.” He winked and shook it off, “And yes actually, it seems like a good read. I might get it.”

Hitoshi smiled softly, “Still want to look around some more?”

Denki slid past him back out of the little corner they found themselves in, with an actually smooth kiss on the cheek, “Yeah, it's really comfortable here. I like it.”

Hitoshi tensed up, biting his inner cheek as his face flushed before following after him silently. Denki was such a little shit.

The two of them browsed some more, but Denki ended up buying the book after all. They both ordered another coffee on the way out. Exiting the store, they loitered out front for a bit, enjoying the sunshine while Denki curiously read through another poem.

Hitoshi waited until he put the book back into his bag to say anything, not minding the silence in the slightest, finding Denki’s focused expression really cute. “So, we went to one of my favorite places.” He paused, sipping his drink. “You want to take me to one of yours? Or do you want to head home?”

Denki thought for a second, he definitely didn’t want the date to end so soon. It wasn’t even noon yet! “Maybe we can grab lunch then hit the arcade?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Hitoshi smiled.

Denki grabbed his hand and pulled him down the street, “Great! I know just the place!”

The two spent the rest of the day together, eating lunch, destroying one another at arcade games then heading back to Hitoshi’s apartment for a last minute review over the material that would be on their final tomorrow. Overall it was a great day.

Chapter Text

Three days go by filled with seemingly endless hours of the sound of pencils on paper. Until Aizawa finally announced the end to the written tests and it was finally time for the practical exams to begin. The students loaded onto the buses and soon arrived at the USJ. 

Waiting to get off, the four siblings and Denki sat in the back of the bus. Maggie was curled up, sleeping against the window, beside a very nervous Ash who was massaging her hand as a way to calm her growing nerves. Across from them Denki was using Hitoshi's shoulder as a pillow, visibly exhausted from the last three days. Meanwhile Hitoshi was planning his course of action while staring at the ceiling. His quirk didn’t work against the robots they always used for exams, so while he was a little nervous, you could never tell as his face was like a block of ice, cold and unreadable. 

Maddie however was simply bored out of her mind, “Hitoshi! I’m bored! Can we get off yet?!” She complained like a toddler, completely unbothered by the upcoming exam.

Hitoshi spared her a glance from the corner of his eye, head still tilted up at the ceiling, "Please calm down, Maddie. We'll get off whenever Dad lets us get off." He said quietly, mumbling as to not wake up his boyfriend.

“Ugh!” She grunted as she flops her head down on Hitoshi's shoulder in irritation.

Bakugo turns around to tell her to shut up, but before he could, Aizawa appeared to let them off. Maddie practically flew out of the bus, Hitoshi just rolled his eyes before shaking Denki awake, “Babe we’re getting off now.” He whispered softly. Denki sat up and rubbed his eyes, smiling sleepily at him. Ash was frozen in fear as it was time for the only exam she was terrified of, meanwhile Maggie was still dead to the world. 

After stretching Denki left to get off, while Hitoshi just threw his scarf around Maggie and literally dragged her out of the bus. Ash reluctantly followed after them. When they all got off they found their Papa trying to wrangle in a very hyper Maddie. They just sighed heavily at the sight, some things never change.

Maggie, who somehow managed to sleep through getting dragged, finally woke up, stretching lazily as she adjusted her helmet. "That was the best nap I've had in a while." She yawned, actually having some energy for once. She looked at her sister skeptically, it seemed she had some energy too. "What's up with Maddie?"

“She’s bored.” Hitoshi answered monotonously as he’s had to listen to her complaining for the last twenty minutes.

They all made their way to the front of the USJ where most of their teachers stood much to their confusion.

“We will now start the practical exam. If you want to go to summer camp, don’t make any stupid mistakes.” Aizawa addressed the class.

Jirou looked around a bit confused. “There are a lot of teachers here.” She noted.

“I expect that you all have gathered information ahead of time, and have some idea of what you’ll be doing.” Aizawa said.

“We’re fighting robots like we did in the entrance exam, oui~?” Aoyama asks with a flourish, sparkling the entire time.

Hitoshi covered his eyes, “Turn down the brightness, Please~. ” He mocked.

"Fireworks! Curry! Test of courage!" Mina shouted eagerly, doing fistpumps.

"Too bad!" Nezu popped out of Aizawa's scarf, startling all of them. "For various reasons, the exams will be different starting this time.” 

“Principal Nezu!!” Jirou, Ojiro and Sero exclaimed.

“Different?" Momo asked.

“From now on we want to focus on person to person combat and hero work, and stress teaching that that is closer to actual fighting.” He says while climbing down from Aizawa’s shoulder using his capture weapon. “So we will have you in teams of two fighting against one teacher.”

The whole class was shocked, including the siblings who were surprised that their parents were able to keep this a secret. 

“It’s against…..the teachers?!” Ochaco shouted in a very concerned tone.

“In addition the pairs and the teachers that you will be against have already been decided.” Aizawa stated in a deadpan tone. “These were determined at my discretion based on various factors; including fighting styles, grades and interpersonal relationships.” He listed off the pairs quickly, getting near the end of the roster “...And Midoriya and Bakugo will be a team."

Both boys looked at each other, one pissed and the other very scared, “Nani?!?!” They both screeched. Maggie was biting back her laughter the best she could, her body vibrating as she strains to hold it in. She had never loved Aizawa more than she did now. 

Aizawa continued on undisturbed, “and their opponent will be-” 

As if summoned from the heavens above, All Might fell from the sky and landed in a crouching position, “I…..WILL DO IT!”

“ALL MIGHT?!” They scream, both of them looking absolutely mortified.


Both teens glanced at each other nervously. Meanwhile Maggie was slowly dying from holding her laughter in. She really thought it couldn't get any better, but it did.

“Lastly, because we have an odd number of students in the class, we have a group of three.” He glances over at the three girls, “Magnolia, Ashlynn, and Madeline, you three will be going against our very lively eager volunteer Thunder Strike.” Aizawa sighed tiredly.

“NANI?!?!” All the siblings shrieked, including Denki. Thunder Strike comes around the corner, standing next to Midnight, hands on his hips, wearing the biggest shit eating grin he could muster. Denki dove behind Hitoshi, panicked.

Iida stepped forward, hand raised, to confront the elephant in the room. "Not to contradict your decisions Aizawa-sensei, but Thunder Strike is not a member of the teaching staff of this establishment." He said, chopping at the air.

“I’m aware Iida, but considering the abnormally large class size this year due to our new exchange students, we did not have enough teachers to cover the practical exams.” He deadpanned coldly, eye twitching, “So we had to reach out to heroes that participated in the internships. We thankfully got two volunteers, unfortunately our other volunteer Hawks couldn't be here today so Thunder Strike kindly stepped in.”

Tokoyami physically relaxed, while Denki tensed up even further. Thunder Strike spotted Denki hiding behind Hitoshi, “Ah Young Chargebolt! I see you made up with Young Mindjack!” He boomed. Both said teens turned bright red at the sudden attention on them. Denki hesitantly peered out from behind Hitoshi and waved. The class was very understandably confused. When had they fought?

Maddie wore a shit eating grin, “They did more than make up, they're dating now.” She told the behemoth of a man. 

“Ah! That’s wonderful! It only took a whole internship of bickering!” He bellowed, laughing. He then turned to the three girls, “And good luck, Young Beast Queen, Hex and little Solar Flare! I wish you the best today!” 

“T-t-thank you s-s-sir…” Ash squeaked out. She was particularly shaking now that she knew her opponent, the last time she sparred Thunder Strike she got destroyed within seconds, she was screwed.

After the class settled back down, Nezu continued, “The exam is thirty minutes! Your objective is to either put the handcuffs on the teacher or have one of you escape from the stage!

“But it’ll be different from combat training! You’ll be against someone waaaaay better than you!” Mic added with his typical DJ-like flare.

Jirou raised an eyebrow. “Better...than us? I can’t really imagine it?” She pondered.

“Dummy! Hey girl, watch your mouth! You hear?” Mic yelled offended.

They continued on to explain the rest of the exam from what they should do to the teacher's handicaps, with the exception of Thunder Strike since he has three students.



Soon it came time to begin, the first group headed for the arena while the rest of the class either went to watch the first match or scattered to plan their next move. The girls headed to the monitor room to both watch the exams as well as plan.

“Oh! You three are going to watch as well?” Ochacho exclaimed as the three walked in.

Maddie and Maggie both sided-eyed Ash “Something like that.” Maggie spoke bluntly. Both Midoriya and Ochacho gave a knowing nod. Ash just blushed. Their attention is drawn back to the screen when they heard Nezu begin the first exam. 

While Ash was distracted by the match, Maggie pulled Maddie aside knowing that her other sister was going to be out of commission as long as her crush was on the screen. She pulled off her helmet and placed it at her feet so she could be heard more clearly as she spoke quietly to not disturb her other classmates. "Okay, we're going against Thunder Strike. We've seen him in action. I sparred with him during internships. We know how he operates." Maggie whispers, matter-of-factly. 

Maddie crosses her arms, actually listening intently, “Which does give us an advantage, but…” She glances over at Ash who was mumbling to the other two students who were watching the match. “What about Ash? I’m gonna be honest, she’s the weakest out of the three of us.”

Maggie nods, “I’m aware, that's why we…” She points to the two of them, “Have to make sure Ash either gets to the finish line to escape or we have a plan for if she gets incapacitated.”

As the two talked, Recovery Girl spoke, catching their attention, “Before your own turns come around, you should think carefully about your compatibility with the teacher you’ll be fighting.” She explained.

"Okay, You heard Recovery Girl Maddie, we've gotta think about this. Which means we've gotta work together. Which also means you can't just run at him without thinking. He's primarily a long distance fighter, like me, so you'll get hurt if he hits you before you get to him." Maggie whispered, taking her words into account.

Maddie raised an eyebrow, slightly offended, “I’m not stupid! I know when to use my brain."

"I know that," Maggie shook her head, sighing. "You're not stupid, you're far from stupid in fact. You just tend to forget to think once the claws come out." She said gently, "We can't have that this time." Maddie just glared at the floor, tightening her arms and mumbling quietly. 

Soon the first match ended with both teens losing miserably, soon after Ash finally walked over to them sullenly. “Well that was horrible to watch.” She said, “What did I miss?”

“Nothing much.” Maddie admitted.

Maggie just shrugged, "Just trying to think up a plan mostly, but it's not going well." She sighed.

Ash thought for a moment before speaking, “Well we’re going to fight Thunder Strike, so why don’t we go ask Denki for advice, he's been around him the most.” She suggested.

“I was just thinking about that, let’s go find him.” Maggie stated, turning towards the door.

As they were leaving, Maddie turned back to the other two teens in the room, “Good luck on your exam Uraraka-chan!” She yelled before leaving, wanting to send her good wishes if she was not back beforehand. 

As the three searched for Denki they saw their poor Dad get cornered by Thunder Strike, while Papa laughed quietly at the sight. The trio just shook their heads and carried on. They were not getting involved in that. 

They soon come across Hitoshi and Sero, who were on their way to the monitor room. 

“Hitoshi!” Maddie exclaimed, running and hugging him around his waist. Hitoshi just hugged her back like this was an everyday occurrence, which it was, patting her head. 

Sero was both confused and envious. 

Maggie just shakes her head, smiling fondly, “Hey Toshi, have you seen your boyfriend?” She asked.

Hitoshi blushed slightly, “Why? You need to ask him advice about beating Thunder Strike?”  

“Yes, the man’s a menace.” Maggie replied.

“How so?” Sero asked, confused.

“We just passed him harassing Aizawa on the way here.” Ash confessed.

Hitoshi just shook his head before releasing Maddie, “He’s with Mina by the locker rooms.” He sighed, “Come on Sero let’s go save Aizawa-sensei.” He said resigning himself to having to deal with Thunder Strike in his father's stead.

“Why?" Sero asked, as they walked away, “Is it because your Eraserhead’s fanboy or something?”

Maggie just laughs, rolling her helmet between her hands, “Or something is right.” She whispered to her sisters before they continued on their way to Denki





When they arrive at the locker rooms, they found a very panicked Denki and Mina who have spent the last few minutes nervously shouting at one another. “What are we going to do! They were defeated in a few minutes! What are we going to do against Nezu!” Denki exclaimed.

“I don't know!” Mina shouted.

"Are we interrupting something?" Maggie asked with a raised eyebrow.

They whipped around to face them. “Kiri and Sato failed!” Denki yelled, practically shaking.

"Yeah, all they were doing was punching walls. What did they expect to happen? "Maddie sassed.

"Hey I'm sure he tried his hardest!" Ash exclaimed protectively.

Her sisters just gave her a knowing look “Right...anyways.” Maggie said, turning to face them and rolling her eyes.

Ash took offense to this and while the sisters continued to argue Denki and Mina were starting to hyperventilate, “If Kirishima and Sato were defeated that quickly what’s going to happen to us!” Mina screamed.

After listening to the two continue to scream and freak out for a bit, Maddie finally had enough. Storming over to them, she forced them to face her, before slapping both of them across the face. “OH MY GOD! SHUT UP ALREADY!’ She screamed. “HOW IS FREAKING OUT GONNA HELP YOU?!”

Mina held her cheek, while Denki looked at her aghast at having been hit. "Hey! What was that for?" Denki asked, annoyed.

“Well you obviously weren't gonna calm down on your own soo..” Maddie defended, her arms crossed against her chest. “How about instead of focusing on the other exams you focus on yours and try not to follow Kiri’s lead ok?”

Mina rubbed her still stinging cheek with a pout. "You're right but you didn't have to hit us…"

“It was either that or I kick Denki in the nuts,” She shrugged.

Denki winced and shook his head, "Did you guys need something or did you come here just to assault me?"

"Yes actually," Maggie jumped in, "we wanted your input on how to deal with Thunder Strike since you know him best."

"Oh, so you hit me then you expect me to help you?" Denki asked incredulously.

Ash waved her hand awkwardly, butting into the conversation, "To be fair, hitting you wasn't part of the initial plan."

Maddie pulls out her phone, “I’ll send you some cute exclusive pics of Hitoshi if you help us.” She cooed, waving the phone back and forth.

Mina looked between the two, gears turning in her head, but remained silent. Denki sighs, crossing his arms over his chest, but gives in. "Fine, I'll help you. What do you want to know?"

"Well, just some basic stuff. Like have you noticed him relying on certain moves, or any weak points?" Maggie asked, thinking of how to tackle this. "Is he right handed or left? Does he wear a jockstrap? Do-"

Denki was nodding along until she got to that question, where he raised his hand to stop her, "Wait. What?"

Maggie didn't know what he was on about, "What? Does he wear a jockstrap?"

"Why would you need to know that, Maggie?!" Denki asked, bug eyed.

"If all else fails, go for the dick." Maggie shrugged, "that's what my parents taught me growing up."

"Well…" Mina laughed, a grin splitting her face in half, "does he Denki?"

"I don't know!" He shouted looking at both of them like they were crazy. "I was his intern, not his stalker!"

Ash waved her arms around to stop them from bickering, "Okay okay, we're getting a bit off topic. Can you answer the first couple questions for us Denki?" 

Denki pinched the bridge of his nose, "Lets see… he's right handed. Weak points… well not any that will be useful for you unless you can slip him a cappuccino before the fight. They make him sick." He chuckled, rolling his eyes at his mentor and putting a finger to his chin. "He uses the Thunder Clap and Electric Punch most often, but his most dangerous move I've seen has to be the Electric Storm. I only saw him use it once, but it destroyed an entire building."

"He destroyed a building?" Ash squeaked out, once again terrified of facing this man.

Denki nodded nonchalantly, "Well it was already set for demolition so no one got hurt , but yeah."

"Noted." Maggie gave him a curt nod of thanks.

"Awesome…" Maddie grinned, excited.

"Not awesome for us, Maddie." Ash whined. "Anything else?"

"No." Denki shook his head before getting a smirk, "why would I ruin the fun?"

"Thanks, Denki." Maggie said before herding her sisters off to go plan and watch the other exams.

"I expect those pictures, Madeline!" Denki called after them as they left.



The girls got back to the monitor room right at the tail end of Tsuyu and Tokoyami's exam. Leaning against the back wall they whispered quietly to one another as they formed a plan of attack.

"Okay," Maggie whispered as authoritatively as she could. "Here's plan A, we take the offensive. Maddie flies above us as a small bird to give us a literal bird's eye view. I-" she pulled her wand from her belt and pointed it forward, "Attack from a distance as soon as he enters our line of sight to catch him off guard. Maddie swoops down while he's stunned to hit him where it hurts. And Ash, you b-line straight to the exit as fast as you can. Any objections?"

Ash pouts, crossing her arms. "No objections, but…" she couldn't help but be a little hurt, even if she was terrified of fighting him, "are we not even going to try to put the handcuffs on him? I can fight too…"

Maddie looked her dead in the eye, "Ash, I can smell your fear. I’m taking the handcuffs unless you want to fight head on?"

"No no, I'm good." Ash back tracked.

"Okay, now that that's settled, Plan B!" Maggie tapped her wand against her helmet in a little beat, "He gets the jump on us, we dodge and fight until one of us has an opening to slip out and escape. Got it?"

"I like that plan," Maddie smiled, "more fighting."

"Of course you do." Maggie rolled her eyes and slid down the wall, sitting cross legged, she pulled her spell book out from her cloak. "Now I'm going to try and figure out what spells will be most effective against him, you guys can watch the match." She glanced up at the fight, seeing Iida and Ojiro's match ending. "That was quick."

Chapter Text

It wasn't long until the fourth match started, the screen showed as Shouto and Momo entered a fake residential neighborhood for their exam, Aizawa nowhere to be found… For now. 

Maddie lit up upon seeing Shouto's face, "Oh, it's Todoroki-kun's fight now?"

Maggie glanced up from her spell book, "Looks like it. They're gonna have a rough time."

"Yeah, but Dad's a big softie." Maddie commented.

Maggie chuckled, "You think he's going to get so caught up teaching he distracts himself?"

"I doubt that…" Ash muttered, ringing her hands.

Maggie chuckled some more, flipping a page, "It wouldn't be the first time."

"I know Toshi-nii’s got him a ton." Maddie stated, watching as the two snuck through alleyways. Momo had a troubled look on her face while making little Russian nesting dolls. Shouto's hand was frosted over. 

They continued on like this for a while, talking. Before stopping. Maggie glanced up and winced, seeing that Momo's quirk wasn't working but that neither of them seemed to have noticed, " they not realize that he's probably right above them? He wouldn't use his quirk unless he was close."

"Considering they're just standing there talking? No." Maddie shook her head, "Probably not."

"That's a mistake." Maggie chuckled.

Exactly as they predicted, Eraserhead dropped from above and swiftly captured Shouto. He left him hanging from the same powerline he'd used to sneak up on them, dropping caltrops beneath him. As Momo fled, Aizawa stood there for a moment. His kids knew he was definitely lecturing Shouto. Even with her head start, Aizawa caught up to Momo quickly. 

He caught her arm, but wasn’t erasing her quirk, allowing her to use it to escape. She used the opportunity to backtrack towards Shouto.

"Momo definitely noticed his eye strain." Maggie said, having gotten invested in the exam. 

Ash nodded, just as invested, "She's too smart not too."

"They're actually at an advantage considering he keeps getting caught up in Dad mode." Maggie chuckled, what a damn softy. 'I don't get invested in my students, my ass.'

Aizawa fast on her heels, she threw a nesting doll at him, which exploded in a flash of light to their audience, and his, surprise. She was visibly panicked for a moment, but Shouto seemed to calm her with his stoicism as she got him down. 

"That was really fucking smart…" Maggie mumbled as she flipped to a spell in her spell book, reciting it a couple of times to commit it to memory in preparation for their own exam.

"Owwww my eyes…" Maddie whined, rubbing them.

"Imagine what Dad feels…" Ash whispered.

The two students ran, their teacher close behind, but the second that Aizawa blinked, Shouto took the opportunity. Throwing up an ice wall, he forced Eraserhead backwards, giving them a larger lead. Momo created what looked like something akin to Aizawa's capture weapon, two cloaks, a mannequin and a catapult while Shouto awkwardly averted his eyes. 

The two crept from behind the ice behind their cloaks where they confronted their teacher. Aizawa shot out his capture weapon, but caught the mannequin instead of either of his students. Momo attempted to launch the binding cloth with her catapult, but was unable, making Ash wince sympathetically. Aizawa retreats slightly, and Momo managed to shoot. The cloth spread out while Shouto shot fire at Eraser's feet. The cloth essentially shrink wrapped around the man, making him immobile. The two were able to handcuff him, ending the exam. The three talked, and Momo began to cry. Much to poor Shouto's obvious confusion.

"Well at least she got some confidence back?" Maddie said.

Maggie shook her head, "Yeah, but let's be honest, if the two were villains Aizawa wouldn't have made as many mistakes."

"Very true, but she doesn't have to know that." Ash agreed, having a bit more faith in her Dad than that.



Hitoshi and Sero met up with Denki and Mina outside of Ground Gamma while they waited. Ochoco and Aoyama's exam was in full swing and Hitoshi wanted to cool his boyfriend's nerves a bit, despite the fact that he was well aware of what their principal was capable of.

Denki was a bit jittery, but smiled when he saw the two coming. "Hey."

"Hey," Hitoshi greeted softly, feeling bad for him. 

Sero gave Denki a little salute before pulling Mina aside to give the couple a bit of privacy.

Hitoshi nodded his thanks before turning his attention back to his boyfriend. "Relax." He muttered, rubbing Denki's arms soothingly.

"Heh," Denki chuckled nervously, trying his best. "You ready for your exam?" He asked, trying to distract them both from his nerves.

Hitoshi glanced at Sero and Mina and lowered his voice, "Well, it's against my aunt. I'm not going to lie, I'm taking this as a chance at revenge for the birthday present incident."

This caused Denki to let out a genuine laugh, just as Hitoshi had intended, "Yeah, I can definitely understand that."

Hitoshi smiled, letting go of Denki's arms and taking a step back, "Do you have a plan? Or are you and Mina just going to wing it?"

"My plan is to hopefully not electrocute our principal." Denki said honestly. "I mean, he's so small."

Hitoshi bit his lip, smiling while looking down at the floor. 'Oh he's screwed.' He stuffed his hands in his pockets, looking at Denki through his lashes, "I wouldn’t worry too much about that."

"How can't I?"

"Just… Focus on passing." Hitoshi didn't want to make him nervous again, "that sort of stuff is secondary. Recovery Girl is on standby. Don't go easy on him, he won't be going easy on you." He wanted to add, 'because he's a sadist,' but he stopped himself.

Denki went to say something, but was interrupted by the intercom announcing Uraraka and Aoyama's success. "I guess I'm up."

"Looks like it," Hitoshi gave him a quick kiss, "you'll do fine. Good luck."

Mina bounded over, cooing at the cute scene, far more confident than she'd been even at the beginning of the day. Denki was in a similar state. Sero and Hitoshi rushed back to the monitor room to watch, Sero shouting a quick "Good luck!" Over his shoulder as they left.

Once they were far enough away, Hitoshi sighed, "They're going to fail." He said surely.

"What? That’s not a very nice thing to say about your boyfriend." Sero snorted.

"Don't get me wrong, I want him to succeed. And with almost any other teacher, he probably would." Hitoshi said, picking up the pace. He didn't want to miss a second, even though he knew it wouldn't go well. "But Principal Nezu has to be the worst teacher to go up against except All Might himself. That man is… something else."

Sero scoffed, not believing him, "And you know that how?"

"I guess you can call him," Hitoshi thought for a second, "a family friend."

"Huh?" Sero was going to ask him to elaborate, but they got to the monitor room before he could. Hitoshi went straight to his sisters' sides to watch as the match began. And Sero quickly found out what Hitoshi had meant because as soon as the two walked in, a wall started crumbling behind them, forcing them to run for their lives.

Hitoshi was tense as could be, and Maddie turned into a cat to comfort him as they watched wall after wall cave in on the two students. All the while Nezu himself never made an appearance to Denki and Mina, but did appear on the screen sipping tea while laughing maniacally as he drove a crain. The two managed to find somewhere to hide for the time being, but couldn't stay there long because otherwise they'd fail. So they continued on, only for the ceiling to cave in and block their escape path once again.

Mina melted a wall and they ran into the building which Nezu promptly crushed. This continued on until they were so lost they were unable to find the exit or their principal. The full 30 minutes went by and they failed the exam without having seen Nezu even once. Hitoshi ran out of the room the second their loss was announced, forcing Maggie to catch Maddie mid air as he'd forgotten he was holding her. 

"What… Did I just witness?" Sero asked absentmindedly as his eyes flickered between the screen and where Shinso had run off.

Maggie pet Maddie, checking her over quickly. "A sadistic rat." She said matter of factly.



Hitoshi ran, managing to meet the flabbergasted pair at the exit. He winced at how dejected they both were, but honestly he was just glad they weren't hurt from all the fallen debris. He jogged the last stretch before stopping in front of them, looking at the blond pityingly. Sighing, he opened his arms for a hug.

A hug that Denki freefell into with tears in his eyes. "It was never ending. " Denki sobbed into his shoulder, clinging to him tightly. "No matter where we turned, it never stopped. "

"Shhhh…" Hitoshi held him close, running his fingers through his hair to sooth him. "I know."

"It was horrible!" Denki cried, gripping the back of Hitoshi’s shirt with his fists.

Hitoshi's heart hurt seeing him like this, "I know, Denki." He whispered, "it's okay now. It's over."

It took the entirety of the next exam but after a while Denki managed to calm down. They went to the bathroom where Denki washed his face of the tears, then they walked back to the monitor room hand in hand. As they arrived, they saw Maggie and Maddie standing outside the door. Maddie was very clearly shaken up, while Maggie was doing everything she could to comfort her. 

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow, concerned and Maggie just mouthed, "Snipe" and, "PTSD" to him while hugging her tightly.  Hitoshi rubbed his thumb over Denki's knuckles before pulling him over where they both joined the hug. Denki may have been a little confused, but he honestly needed it too so he wasn't going to complain.

Thankfully they managed to get Maddie to stop shaking before Sero came outside to find Hitoshi. They were up next. Sighing, Hitoshi untangled himself from the group hug. "Guess I've got to go."

"G-good luck, T-toshi." Maddie stuttered out, still a bit out of it but much better than before. He didn't want to leave her.

But Maggie lightly shoved him away with a small smile, "Kick Midnight's ass. We'll be cheering for you, Tosh."

"You heard her, we have everything handled here." Denki gave him a quick final squeeze before sending him on his way.

Hitoshi grimaced but went to Sero's side, "Alright. Good luck on your exam you two. Tell Ash."

"We will." Maggie smiled. The intercom announced Hagakure and Shoji's victory, forcing Sero and Hitoshi to run to their exam site. They didn't want to keep Midnight waiting.



Hitoshi and Sero both got to their testing location fairly quickly, though panting.

Stretching some to loosen his tense muscles, Hitoshi addressed Sero seriously, "You remember the plan?"

"Yeah, but is it seriously necessary to tape my helmet shut?" Sero asked skeptically.

"Yes." Hitoshi glared, voice empty as ever. "It's necessary."

Sero rolled his eyes but smiled, shutting his helmet with a resounding click and pulling at his tape. "Okay, whatever you say dude."

"You'll thank me later." Hitoshi said as he began to pad his mask with one end of his capture weapon, weaving it through for extra security. He really hoped it would be a thick enough filter for when his aunt inevitably tried to put him to sleep.

Sero just shrugged, taping his helmet shut like he was told. "Alright, let's do this."

"Shinso and Sero practical exam: start!" Was announced over the intercom loudly.

The two entered fighting stances as they navigated the rocky terrain carefully. Keeping vigilant for Midnight as they made their way towards the potential exit, back to back. Hitoshi didn't see his aunt, but he did see a cloud of her quirk begin to overtake the field. He managed to track where the highest concentration of it seemed to be coming from with his eyes and pointed it out to Sero quietly, "Your 9 o'clock."

Sero stopped dead in his tracks, squinting to where Hitoshi has pointed out, "Is she hiding behind a rock?"

"Yup," Hitoshi sighed, holding his capture weapon tightly in his hand. "It would seem so."

"Uh, so…" Sero took a few steps back from the approaching mist. "Do we stick to the plan? Or do we just walk over to her?"

Hitoshi thought for a second. His aunt either was hoping to knock them unconscious with her quirk by positioning herself against the wind, or the more likely option; she had a trick up her sleeve. He turned the dial on his mask with some difficulties from the extra fabric he'd stuffed it with, mimicking Sero's voice to the best of his abilities. It was slightly muffled and distorted, but staying awake was a bit more important than clarity. Yelling through the scarf loud enough he was sure Midnight could hear, "I'll go right and try and tape her down. You should try and run for the exit Shinso. Your mask has too many holes to be effective in blocking out her quirk."

Sero cringed, whispering to him, "Hearing my own voice is so weird…" he shook himself out of it, "What's the actual plan?"

Hitoshi chuckled, whispering back, "You go hide behind those rocks over there," he nodded towards a rock formation to their left, "I’ll try and surprise her from right, hopefully I'll get her out from behind the rock. You tape her down the second you have a clear shot."

Sero nodded, scrambling behind the rock quietly. Hitoshi nodded back, creeping around the mist as best he could, not trusting his makeshift filter to hold out long enough to pass the exam if he just ran straight into the thick of it. "I don't know what Shinso was freaking out about." He mocked Sero at a moderate volume, not wanting to make things too obvious. "It's just Midnight-sensei. All you have to do is hold your breath." 

The end of Midnight's whip came flying out from the mist. Hitoshi dove to the side, creeping behind another large rock. She was playing smart, not having said a single word. But she was a talker at the end of the day, and he knew all her buttons. His confidence was bolstered further at seeing Sero dashing closer under the cover of her mist and the mountainous terrain.  

He turned the dial of his mask back to his own voice, "Oh come on Auntie, that whip couldn't have been meant for Sero! That was way off! I know you're getting older, but your eyesight can't be going yet, can it?" He didn't get a response, but he could see that she upped her mist production exponentially. "Oh did I hit a nerve? I know you're a bit sensitive about your age now that you're in your thirties. I mean that is why you wear your mask right? To hide your crows feet?"

Hinata was hiding opposite from Shinso, Midnight somewhere in between them, fighting his laughter. His entire body was shaking as he bit his lips shut. Tears streamed down his face underneath his helmet. He'd been a bit confused by his partner’s 'auntie' comment but it was forced from his mind as he'd continued on. Creeping closer, he was barely able to make out Midnight-sensei's form through the thick fog of her quirk due to it dissipating slightly as she walked towards his voice, flicking her whip wildly. She was clearly shaking from anger, but unable to say a word to counter her student's insults due to his quirk, and it nearly broke Sero's resolve. Thankfully he was able to keep quiet as he snuck forward, following her through the fog.

Hitoshi could hear the crack of her whip, but waited until it hit the rock he was shielding himself behind to take action. Taking his scarf in both hands, he threw it around a ledge with one, the other keeping it firmly tucked into his mask, and swung. "You know, Mt. Lady was right saying you're getting older for a hero, which isn't a bad thing. It just means you're good at your job, but don't you think it's time for a rebrand? This obsession with youth and the whole R-rated thing might be getting a bit creepy, Nemuri." He called from over head as he crouched on top of another rock formation, finally able to get a good look at his opponent.

And she was pissed. Midnight's cheeks were bright red as she lashed at where her nephew was perched. Her rage making her blind to the second student right on her heels. While Hitoshi dove out of her path, Sero took the opportunity to shoot his tape out and catch her arm. Pulling back with all his might, the harsh jerk caused her to drop her whip and stumble. Sero grinned and quickly subdued her, by the end of it all she was a completely immobile, but sticky mess on the dirt floor. 

Hitoshi jumped down and pulled the handcuffs from his belt. Kneeling beside her sheepishly, he apologized for what he said. "It was just strategy auntie, I promise I didn't mean it." He mumbled and quickly put the handcuffs on her, feeling drowsy now that the gas had fully permeated the fabric he'd used as a filter.  He backed off out of the cloud and pulled his scarf out of his mask to take some deep breaths, yawning.

Hinata however, was both wide awake and completely remorseless. Going to Shinso's side he wrapped an arm around his stumbling classmate and helped him to the exit, laughing the whole way out. The second they were free, he opened his helmet, showing off his cheeky grin and tear stained cheeks. "That was amazing!" He shouted, slightly out of breath.

Hitoshi just nodded with another yawn, eyes half lidded.

"Shinso and Sero: Pass!"



In the monitor room, the girls had cheered on their brother until he'd gotten the handcuffs onto their aunt, but had to leave right after for their own exam. So, unfortunately, they were unable to congratulate him.

Ash was clawing at the floor as Maddie dragged her along. The small girl was terrified of the exam, but her sister was having none of it. "I'm not ready!"

"You're never ready!" Maddie shouted back at her, "but you've gotta face your fears someday and that day is today!" 

Everyone in the room was sweatdropping at the sight but Maggie just rolled her eyes at them both. She turned to Denki, letting it happen for a bit longer, "Tell Toshi good job for us, alright? And give him a little jolt when he gets here to wake him up. I'm never letting him live it down if he sleeps through our exam."

Denki chuckled at both the younger sisters’ antics and Maggie's 'no-fucks-given' demeanor towards it all. "I will, good luck."

Maggie gave him a joking little salute before separating her sisters and scooping Ash up bridal style, "Lets go you two."

"No no no no nonononono." Ash squealed as she was carried out, only to stop when she realized how much she was embarrassing herself as the rest of the class came to watch. Including the few that hadn't watched Hitoshi and Sero's exam. Kirishima, who'd just woken up, being one of them. She flushed bright red and curled into a ball in Maggie's hold, completely silent.

"At least she’s quiet now." Maddie snarked as they left.

Maggie sighed, shutting the door behind her with her foot. "Ash, you need to calm down. You're acting like a test is a death sentence."

"Well for me it is!" Ash whined helplessly, "you two will be fine but I can't even make a decent light ray!"

"So help me Ash," Maddie growled, "if your insecurities get in the way of us passing this exam I'm going to beat you into next tuesday!"

Maggie shook her head, setting Ash on the floor to walk like a normal person, "Quit it you two. That isn't going to happen. We have a plan. We will stick to that plan. Understood?" 

Maddie huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and sticking her nose in the air haughtily, "Ash started it."

"What?!" Ash pouted, puffing out her cheeks just as childishly.

Maggie wanted to bang her head against a wall until she was out cold. "I literally hate you both." She groaned, rubbing her face. "Please stop this childish shit. We have a job to do."

The three walk in relative silence to their exam sight. Walking in, it was unfortunately the windstorm zone. The rain and harsh winds definitely gave the 'thunder and lightning' hero a great advantage, as if he needed any more.

Maddie and Ash both ducked under Maggie's cloak for cover. "Are you fucking kidding me?" Maddie hissed, exasperated. "I have to fly in this? Seriously? Thanks Dad."

Ash noted the dim atmosphere, rubbing her bare arms. She has some energy stored, but not much, and the lack of light was going to be a serious problem. "Well… um… hopefully my shields hold." She muttered, looking to the ground. She was going to try to stay positive, if only to avoid another lecture from her sisters.

Maggie was the only one relatively unaffected by the rain. She couldn't exactly pull out her spell book in this weather, but she'd memorized the spells she intended to use during the battle while the other exams were happening, making that a minor inconvenience more than anything else. She was more worried about the advantage this sort of situation gave their opponent. "Come on you two. Just keep your heads up and stay on the lookout. He could be anywhere, but he's really hard to miss. Now come on Maddie, you need to transform, the test is about to start."

As if on cue, the intercom pierced through the sound of rain, "Magnolia, Ashlynn, and Madeline practical exam: Start!"

Maddie cried childishly as she transformed, "this sucks."

"Well on the bright side you can be a larger bird, it's a lot harder to see in this rain." Maggie tried to cheer her up.

Maddie lifted her wing, as if flipping her the bird, before flying off.

Ash shivered, but stepped out from underneath her sister's cloak. Sticking to Maggie like glue wouldn't do either of them any good.

"Okay Ash, you know the plan." Maggie said, turning up the volume of her helmet despite the annoyance of the now deafening rain. "Maddie gives the signal and you run like hell."

Ash nodded, squinting up at Maddie's falcon form, unsure if she was going to be able to even keep track of her in the weather. "Got it."

"Good." Maggie nodded. She pulled out her wand while looking around, hoping to see a flash of striking blond against the dreary muted environment. The two girls trailed their youngest sister carefully, one far more nervous than the other.

It was only five minutes in when Maddie swooped down, diving underneath Maggie's cloak and startling the both of them.

"You see something, Maddie?" Maggie asked, scanning her surroundings.

"No." Maddie squacked. "My feathers are soaked, it's making it hard to fly." She admitted before violently shaking to get the water out. Maggie gave her a helping hand, using her textured gloves to essentially squeegee out her sister. Maddie swiftly took back to the skys, a bit lower than before, but still soaring above them at a reasonable height for surveying the area.

It was roughly a minute later when Maddie let out a loud squawk, pointing herself to the east. "Bogey 12 o'clock!"

Maggie turned, backing away while holding her wand in a defensive position. She had her first spell ready on her lips and was just waiting to fire. Ash however froze in place for a moment, unsure what to do. Maggie was quick to correct her. "What are you waiting for? Run!" She shouted, and Ash did just that.

Thunder Strike stood tall on top of one of the taller buildings with a bright grin. He lifted his arms wide above his head and shouted down at them with his booming voice a resounding, "THUNDER CLAP!" as he swung both hands downwards. Meeting in the middle, his hands produced a thunderous soundwave towards the girls.

Maggie was prepared, having already sandwiched herself in an alleyway, all she had to do was crouch down and tumble backwards, allowing herself to be pushed by the blast. But she quickly rebounded to her feet, shouting "Veloce!" while pointing at the man. A bright light grew in size as it traveled from the tip of her wand to the top of the building, making him unable to dodge it and temporarily blinding the man.

Poor Maddie was still mid air, spiralling downwards with the force of the sound. She recovered easily, however, transforming back into a human and avoiding hitting the ground with expertise she's gained as an acrobat in the circus.

Ash was forced sideways, unprepared and vulnerable as she ran. She barreled over, moving with the harsh winds. She hit one of the buildings head first, and was knocked out cold.



Back in the monitor room, the entire class had gathered to watch the girls exam. They all watched in shock and mild horror as Ash's head collided with a concrete wall.

Hitoshi looked like shit. He'd been mildly electrocuted by his boyfriend to help him though the effects of Midnight's somnambulist quirk, but watching his sister's head get rammed into a wall at what had to be at least 30 kph was what shocked him fully awake. One of his hands was nervously running through and yanking at his already horrendously messy lavender hair, the other was currently a victim of him chewing his nails into obscurity. 

Denki was making a valiant effort to calm him down, but seeing his friend in such a state wasn't helping his mental state either.

The class watched as Maggie frantically ran over to Ash and began shaking her, to no avail. She touched her head and when her glove came back, the class struggled to make out whether the wetness was from the rain or blood.

But from Maddie's reaction, where previously she'd just been staring at the unconscious girl with a blank expression, they could only guess it was blood. Maddie's face twisted into a visiage of pure rage and she let out a roar so loud it could be heard from the monitor room. 




Thunder Strike descended from the building the second he got his sight back, no longer smiling. He hadn't expected for his first attack to hurt one of them so easily. He hesitated, and that was a mistake.

Maggie quickly shot off another spell while kneeling next to Ash, holding her cloak to her head in hopes to stop the bleeding. "Back!" She shouted, panic lacing her voice. The spell pushed him backwards, and she refocused on helping Ash.

Maddie however took that opportunity to shift into her latest mastered form, the grizzly bear, and charge forward with an enraged roar. "How dare you!" She graveled, her voice far deeper in this form than naturally.

Thunder Strike recovered his balance just in time to land a well placed electric punch on the bear-formed girl, forcing her back. Her muscles contracted and twitched as if she had been tased, but her anger did not waver, nor did her attempts to rip out this man's throat. She shifted into a wolf, and lunged.

Meanwhile, Maggie was just trying to stop the prefuse bleeding from Ash's head. She stuffed her wand in her boot for the time being, and shakily opened her utility belts pouches to retrieve her healing potions. She dumped both of them on her sister's head and let out a sigh of relief when the wounds began to slowly heal in front of her tear filled eyes. She fished out a third one for good measure and poured it directly into the still bleeding gash.

Whipping back around she saw Thunder Strike throw an electrified wolf through the air and fearfully threw out another spell. "Binding Chains!" She flicked both her wrists forward, balls of energy flying through the air and elongating, molding themselves into heavy metal chains. They flew in separate directions, each set hitting the only other conscious participants of the battle. 



Hitoshi was not acting like himself, the poor boy was practically wearing a hole into the floor. The typically calm and collected student was clearly distraught by the exam taking place, and his classmates easily took notice of his drastic change in demeanor despite the chaos on screen.

Denki tried to calm him down, quietly reassuring him that the girls would be alright, but was interrupted by the class's collective gasping. Denki’s head snapped to the screen, seeing chains wrapped around not just Thunder Strike, but also Maddie. “What the hell is Maleficent doing?”

“What?” Hitoshi asked as his eyes raised from the floor, “Oh no.”

Midoriya was watching intently, finger tapping away, as he tried to decipher what was going on, “That’s a strange strategy, taking out both your ally and your opponent.” His chin dropped to his chest as he began to mutter to himself, “I can see it happening in a few circumstances out in the field to deescalate a situation, perhaps between two civilians in a dispute, but during an exam where it drastically alters your chance at passing it doesn’t make any sense…”

Uraraka recoiled away, “Deku you’re muttering again.”

Midoriya blushed, flailing like a fish, “S-sorry.”

Shouto glared at the screen, “Maddie isn’t smiling.” He observed.

“I wouldn’t be smiling if my friend tied me up.” Sero interjected.

“No.” Shouto shook his head, “She always smiles, even while fighting.” The only time he could remember her not smiling was when his father told Aizawa sensei to put a muzzle on her.

Kirishima noticed Shinso finally stopped pacing. Turning to see what was up with him, he winced, “Uh, Shinso, Bro? You’re looking a little pale. Are you okay?”

Hitoshi looked at him incredulously, “Do I look okay? I'm going to be sick. My sisters are fighting each other, while my other sister is passed out, bleeding from a head wound !” He leaned forward, both hands in his hair as he stared Kirishima down, not realizing what he was saying nor how loud he was being. “During an exam that's clearly going very badly, and I can’t do anything about it!” He didn’t know why Maggie had done what she did, but he was sure she had a good reason for it, which only made him more worried.

“Cats outta the bag…” Denki puffed out his cheeks, honestly glad that it was said.

The normally quiet Shinso’s shouting had caught the attention of the entire class, but his friend Ojiro was the first to speak up, “Time out!” He made a T with his hands. “Sisters?!”

“Everyone heard that, right?!” Mina shouted, bouncing on her heels, “Shinso called our exchange students sisters! That's so cute! I didn’t realize you guys were that close!” She said, feeling a lot lighter at the ‘friends’ apparent closeness, assuming he meant it metaphorically.

“Actually!” Denki raised a finger, pointedly ignoring the screen like much of the rest of the class. “They are siblings. Like, actual siblings. They live together.”

Shouto blinked dully, “I forgot the rest of the class didn't know.” He stated bluntly.

“Todoroki-san you knew?!” Momo asked, surprised.

“Me and Maddie are friends.” Shouto said softly, eyes wandering back to the screen.

Maddie groans as her eyes fluttered open, snapping out of her stupor. She went to stand, but found herself restricted by cold medal. She was confused, but spotted Maggie running up to her and began wagging her tail. “Why am I tied up?’ Maddie struggled some more, only to realize she had another question, “When did I become a wolf?”

Maggie’s steps flattered, her brows furrowing beneath her helmet as she tried to untie the tie around her sister's leg to grab the handcuffs off her while Thunder Strike was still occupied. The man was sparking a lot, and flopping around on the ground, but still tied up tight despite his best efforts. “You don't remember?” She asked, greatly concerned.

“No.” Maddie shook her massive wolf’s head. Still disoriented, she didn’t think to transform into something smaller to free herself. “I saw the blood on your glove then nothing. I must have blacked out.”

Maggie nodded, getting the handcuffs free. That wasn’t good, but they could worry about it after. “Shit. That's… I’ll fill you in later.” She glanced over at her opponent and sighed in relief. She was sure he would have broken out by now. “Can you free yourself? I’m going to try to get these cuffs on Thunder Strike, but I don't want you to be incapacitated while I do if possible.”

“I can turn into a” Maddie began to transform mid sentence, wincing in pain as she did, “ssssnake.” She slithered out from underneath the heavy chains with some help from her sister. “Now what?”

“I’m going to try not to get electrocuted,” Maggie winced, not really wanting to get tazed.

Maddie looked as unamused as a snake could, “Can't you just use magic to put them on him?”

Maggie froze, thinking though the spells she had memorized, “Well fuck. Now I feel stupid.” She held the handcuffs in one hand raising the other above it as she whispered to herself, watching as they began to float. She struggled to levitate the cuffs over to Thunder Strike against the rain, her adrenaline waning and exhaustion beginning to creep up on her.

While Maggie carefully finished off the exam, Maddie slithered over to a still unconscious Ashlynn. Worriedly, she curled around her sister, sticking her forked tongue out to smell for blood, but was unable to in the rain. Still she cuddled into her, seeping her warmth in her cold blooded form.

With much difficulty, Maggie managed to get a handcuff on one of Thunder Strike’s wrists signalling the end of the exam with ten minutes to spare. 

Chapter Text

Hitoshi rushed out once again, leaving his confused classmates in the dust, as he went to go help his sisters get to Recovery Girl. Meeting them at the windy zone, he anxiously waited for the four participants to come trailing out. When they did, they were soaked to the bone. Thunder Strike was surprisingly cheery for both a loser and someone carrying an unconscious teenager. Specifically Maddie who had fallen unconscious the second she’d transformed back into a human. Maggie was nowhere near as chipper as she carried Ash. She was weary and shaking, not from the cold, but from worry and exhaustion.

Maggie slumped forward at seeing her brother, “Hitoshi…” She wheezed out in relief. Even with the helmet covering her expression, everything about her screamed exhausted and unsteady. Despite that, the way she was cradling Ash was firm, protective.

Hitoshi was quick to take Maddie from a protesting Thunder Strike, glaring icly at the man until he gave in, and marching towards Recovery Girl. “What happened?”

“I don't know,” Maggie struggled to keep up as her body turned to lead and her head pounded, tears building up in her eyes. “One second I’m making sure I don’t need to give Ash stitches in the middle of a test, the next Maddie’s trying to kill a man.”

Hitoshi looked down at Maddie, she seemed to be fine, externally at least. “What do you mean?” He asked carefully.

“Maddie completely lost it, if I hadn't stopped her she would have ripped his throat out with her teeth.” Maggie sobbed, “And that wasn’t even the scariest part. She couldn’t remember it.”

“What?” Hitoshi almost fell, tripping over air. “What do you mean ‘can’t remember’ ?”

“She said she blacked out.” Maggie said, sighing in relief as they finally made it to Recovery Girl. “She didn’t even remember turning into a wolf. The first thing she said to me after she snapped out of it was, ‘Why am I tied up? When did I become a wolf?’ ” She sat Ash down on a cot, fidgeting nervously. She took off her helmet and whipped her tears, looking at Hitoshi with fearful eyes.

Hitoshi sat Maddie on the cot right beside Ash’s, pinching the bridge of his nose. “We definitely need to have a talk about that later…” He sighed, pulling Maggie into a much needed hug. “But right now we need Recovery Girl.”

After getting Recovery Girl and helping Maggie get comfortable enough for a well deserved nap Hitoshi was kicked out of her office. So, instead of awkwardly standing at the door with Thunder Strike, the slightly less anxious teen retreated back to the monitor room only to find his boyfriend surrounded by curious classmates.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“How long have you known?”

“How are they siblings?”

“Aren’t they American? How does that work?”

Denki was flustered and frustrated, “Why are you asking me?!” He spotted Hitoshi in the corner of his eye and immediately ran and hid behind him, “Help!”

Hitoshi sighed, eye twitching in annoyance as he glared at his classmates. Now was not the time, didn’t they have anything better to do? And what was taking All Might, Midoriya, and Bakugo’s match so long to start? “Is this seriously what you do in your free time?” He asked, back to his sarcastic self. “Tormenting your classmates with pointless and invasive questions?”

“Non!” Aoyama shouted, “Was it not you who shouted that our elusive exchange students are your sœurs ?”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, regretting the ability to speak at all, quirk be damned, “Well yes-”

“They’ve only been here a month. How does that even work?” Sato asked, just genuinely curious.

“They have actually been in Japan for a year.” Shouto corrected him.

“How do you know that?!” Jirou asked, she was kinda friends with Ash and she didn’t even know that. “Are you stalking them?” She asked, half joking.

“Me and Maddie are friends.” Shouto said, furrowing his brow.

“Todoroki that did not answer her question.” Iida piped in.

“Yes it did.” Shouto shot back. “Me and Maddie are friends.” He repeated as if that single sentence held all the answers in the universe.

While the class interrogated Todoroki over his strangely vast knowledge of a family that was not his own, Hitoshi chuckled at the situation before turning to his boyfriend. “Are you okay? They looked like they were really ganging up on you when I walked in.”

“I tried to follow you to check on everyone,” Denki crossed his arms, pouting, “But they jumped me before I could!”

Hitoshi gave him a semi-sympathetic look as he patted his shoulder, “There there.”

Denki gave him a dry stare, “You spill the beans, and I get jumped, and all I get in return is a ‘there there’ ?” He shook his head, glaring heatlessly directly into Hitoshi’s stupid purple eyes, “I fail my exam, deal with the class’s questions for you while you attend to your sisters, and I get a half assed pat on the shoulder in return…”

Hitoshi, feeling a lot better, gave in and hugged Denki. He held him close, resting his forehead against Denki’s shoulder as he ran his fingers through his blond hair. He honestly might have needed the hug more than Denki did by the way he was acting. “Better?”

Denki huffed, looping his arms tightly around Hitoshi’s waist. “Better.” After enjoying the silence in eachothers arms for a moment, Denki spoke up. “How are you holding up?” He whispered quietly, not that it mattered as everyone else was far more focused on Bakugo and Midoriya’s match starting. (Kiri was recording it for Denki so he could help out his boyfriend, they’d discussed it earlier.)

Hitoshi let out a tired, breathy sigh, “Not too good.” He admitted just as quietly. “You saw what happened to Ash, Maddie fainted from exhaustion, and I found out why Maggie resorted to tying Maddie up. Also, they were so wet that I’m scared that they might catch a cold after all this.”

Denki had to chuckle at that last part, “You sound more like a mom than a big brother right now, I thought that was the Wicked Witch's job?” He teased lightly, wanting to cheer him up.

The day ended after Midoriya and Bakugo finished their exam, everyone going home. Some had higher morals than others. (Poor Mina and Denki) And others ended up going home completely unconscious. (Maddie, Maggie and Ash with help from their adoptive fathers and brother.)

The next morning a horribly sad aura followed four students in particular. Sato, Kirishima, Mina and Denki all were very well aware that they failed their practical exams. A similar nervous energy came from Ash, who was both disappointed in herself for her blunder, and had been kept in the dark by Dad and Papa whether she’d passed or failed. Denki had his head down on his desk, clearly done with his existence on planet earth. Hitoshi borrowed Jirou’s seat next to him to comfortingly rub his back.

“I shouldn’t have underestimated Principal Nezu…” He said, face squished against the desk sadly.

Hitoshi sighed, shaking his head, “I don’t think anyone could have beaten that rat, and they specifically had us go against people who would give us the greatest challenge.”

“I know, but still…” Denki pouted, peeking out over his arm, “I thought me and Mina could have at least found him.”

While Hitoshi reassured Denki, Ash was nervously talking Maggie’s ear off.

“Calm down.” Maggie sighed, eyes drooping sleepily.

“How am I supposed to calm down?” Ash asked, clicking her pen repeatedly, “I don’t even know whether I passed or failed! Everyone else does! You and Maddie definitely passed, but I got knocked out the second we found Mr. Thunder Strike!”

Maggie smirked, glancing over to where Mina, Sato, and most importantly Kirishima stood, fretting about not being able to attend summer camp. “Well… Look on the bright side here, if you passed? Great! If you didn’t? Well you get to spend a whooooleeeee summer with your redheaded, shark toothed, himbo.”

Ash turned bright red, eyes flashing to where Kiri was getting comforted by Midoriya, “S-shut up!” She whisper yelled, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. She glanced at Ururaka in front of her, who wasn’t paying attention, not that it mattered because apparently the entire class knew anyways. “K-keep your voice down! He might hear you…”

Maggie gave her a blank stare, “If he hasn’t figured it out by now, he never will.”

The bell rang and Aizawa threw the door open right on cue, “The bell rang, get to your seats.” He demanded, letting the children skatter before addressing the class again, “Morning. Unfortunately, there are those who did not pass the final exams. As for the training camp in the woods… everyone’s going!”

The students who failed immediately perked up. “We can go too?!” Kiri exclaimed gleefully.

“REALLY!?!” Mina leaned forward, tears of joy in her eyes.

“Yeah,” Shota nodded, “Some failed, but no one failed the written exam.” Though none of them would have had to stay behind if they had, but that was his little secret. “In the practical Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, Sato, and Ashlynn failed.”

Ash winced, she saw that one coming, but that didn’t mean that it hurt any less. Her self esteem was already in the dumpster, now it had been lit on fire. “I knew it…” she murmured.

Maggie reached over and grabbed her hand, squeezing it comfortingly.

Aizawa went on to explain the true point of the exam, as well as the purpose behind the summer camp and why those who failed were the most important attendees. As the failed students, bar Ash, celebrated getting to go to camp, their teacher informed them of the remedial classes they would be taking. Aizawa let them know, honestly for once, that the classes they'd be partaking in would be far more difficult at camp than if they had been taken at the school.

Classes passed fairly quickly after the announcement and soon it was the end of the school day. Ojiro pulled out a UA training camp guide, “Well in any case, I'm glad we can all go together.” He said as he read it over.

Iida pulled out his own guide, “A week of training camp, huh?”

“We’ll have to bring a lot with us…” Midoriya said absentmindedly while reading over Iida's shoulder.

“I don't have a bathing suit or anything…” Denki pressed his lips together as he thought, “I’ll have to buy a lot of stuff.”

Hitoshi furrowed his brow, turning away from the guide to look at his boyfriend instead, “Why?”

“Why what?” Denki was taken out of his thoughts by Hitoshi, confused at what he was asking.

“Why don’t you have a bathing suit?” Hitoshi elaborated, eyebrow raised.

Denki laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck, “I have my reasons.” He answered cryptically.

“Oh then, since we're off tomorrow and we just finished our exams, why don't we all go shopping together?” Hagakure suggested, her tone of voice indicating a large grin.

“Oh that's a good idea.” Ojiro nodded, holding the book to his face.

“Wouldn’t that be the first time we all hung out together?” He asked, though he couldn’t help but think about when the erasermic siblings first transferred and the bakusquad (namely Kiri) invited them out for the afternoon. That had been a disaster.

“Hey Bakugo?” Kiri shouted over to a retreating Bakugo Katsuki, “You’re coming too!”

Katsuki paused only to shout back, “Why would I do something so irritating?”

Midoriya looked up at Todoroki, who had just finished putting his stuff away, “Will you come too, Todoroki?”

“I visit my Mom on my off days.” Shouto replied.

Maddie tilted her head, interjecting herself into the conversation. ”Aww that's sweet!” She exclaimed, holding her hand over her heart, “You definitely go do that. Text me what you need and I’ll grab it for you.”

Shouto nods, “Thank you.” He said with a small smile, patting her head. Midoryia was once again shaken to his very core by this strange pair of friends interacting, while Maddie was happy to receive the affection.


The next day came far sooner than Maggie had wanted, she awkwardly stood with her siblings as Mina excitedly ‘introduced the mall’ oddly enough, and Midoriya muttered away about something related to mutations and clothing options.

“Stop that, you’re scaring the children.” Tokoyami said to Midoriya with a fond smile.

“Arent those UA students?” A shopper asked.

“First years?” Another chimed in.

“I saw them on TV!” A third pointed out.

“Sports festival! Yay!” Another stranger shouted.

“There are still people who remember that?” Uruaka said, surprised.

Everyone began listing off their plans for the day before agreeing to meet back up at three. Then they dispersed. The siblings and Denki headed to the shoe store first so Denki could get some new shoes.

“Consider how much time you ‘spend running’ ' Hitoshi did air quotes, “I’m surprised you don't have any outdoorsy shoes, Denki.” He teased

“Hey!” Denki pointed a boot in his direction, “Running shoes and hiking boots are very different.”

“I know, I know.” Hitoshi held his hands up defensively, “I’m just teasing you.”

“You’re gross.” Maggie snarked. “This is gross, can I go home?” She pleaded, giving the group puppy dog eyes.

“No.” Hitoshi shot back, “Even if you did go home without us, Pops would just lock you out.”

“I can unlock doors…” Maggie pouted.

“Yeah,” Hitoshi rolled his eyes, “But the second you walk in, you seriously think he wouldn’t hesitate in kicking you out with a boot to the face? Especially considering it's his birthday?”

Denki looked between the two siblings, unsure which statement to focus on, Maggie’s apparent lock picking abilities or the fact Present Mic continues to forcibly remove her from the home. “He’d do what now? Wait, it's his birthday?”

“It’s Papa’s way to get Maggie to socialize.” Ash shrugged. “And yes, it’s his birthday.”

Maggie crossed her arms over her chest, “I don’t get his obsession with me making friends anyways.”

“He’s scared you’ll become a hermit.” Maddie said without thinking as she texted Shouto.

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow as Maddie’s blunt sass, “Well she's not wrong.” He glanced at Maddie’s phone, “Who are you texting?’

“Todoroki-kun.” Maddie said as she responded to Shouto’s message, “He asked me to pick something up for him.”

“Oh, what did he ask you to get?” Ash asked as she peered unsuccessfully over Maddie’s shoulder to read what he said. She was unfortunately too small.

“Thermal underwear?” Maddie’s nose scrunched up in confusion, “I don’t know what thermal means but…”

Hitoshi and Denki both stared in shock. “What?” Hitoshi grumbled.

“Yeah? I don’t know what thermal means!” Maddie pouted, thinking that's what they were surprised over.

“No not that!” Denki shook his head as he put the shoes back in their box. “He asked you to buy him underwear?”

Maggie didn’t even bat an eye at them, waving a hand nonchalantly. “It's Todoroki! I doubt he has any hidden motive. Why does he need new underwear though?”

“Yeah?” Hitoshi still looked skeptical, moving from leaning against the shelf to standing pin-rod straight. “What the hell happened to all his underwear?”

“Apparently…” Maddie reread the text, “He burned them all in training?”

Denki’s eyes widened as his gaze dropped to the floor, the gears in his head whirring hopelessly. ‘Does that mean his dick catches on fire?!’ He thought, freezing in place. ‘Wait, does one half catch on fire and the other frost over???’

Hitoshi sighed, “Yeah that makes sense, I guess…” he said before turning to address Denki, immediately noticing his demeanor. Hitoshi knew exactly where his boyfriend’s mind had run off too. “You’re a pervert.” He said bluntly, snapping Denki out of it.

Denki blushed, shaking his head. “Hey! You’re dating said pervert. ” He quipped. “Besides, it's perfectly reasonable to question how all his underwear caught fire.”

Maddie read off the last text he’d sent, having been a bit curious how that had happened herself considering he mostly used his arms when catching fire. “He said that he wasn't the one who burned all of them, his dad burned the other half.”

“Now I have even more questions.” Denki announced.

“Honestly me too, but let's just get your shoes and go buy poor Todoroki some damn underwear.” Maggie said, feeling bad for Todoroki considering his tumultuous home life. It was something she was very familiar with.

They bought Denki’s shoes and finished up the rest of their shopping before heading to the department store inside the mall to get Todoroki’s underwear. They headed straight to the men's section where they found Kirishima, Sero, Shoji, and Koda.

“Hey bros!” Kiri shouted, waving at Hitoshi and Denki before noticing the girls, “And lady-bros!”

"Isn't it a little weird to, you know, bring your sisters to buy underwear?” Sero noted, raising an eyebrow at Hitoshi.

The girls’ eyes widened at that, not knowing that Hitoshi had let it slip the day prior while they were sleeping off the damage from their exam.

“You told them?” Maggie asked.

“Oh yeah!” Denki nodded, a sly grin on his face. “He told the whole class~” He said, elbowing Hitoshi playfully.

“Finally!” Maddie shouted as she threw her hands into the air. “And for once it wasn’t me!”

“Oh thank goodness.” Ash slumped over, sighing. “Keeping it a secret from the girls was hard…”

Maggie dramatically held her hands over her heart, “And here I thought you were ashamed of us~” She teased, uncaring for the audience to her theatrics for once. She was just happy that the stupid secret wouldn't eat at her any more.

“You are so annoying.” Hitoshi grumbled.

Maggie and Ash both clung to each of his arms, Maddie giving him a bone crushing hug around the waist. “You love us!”

Hitoshi smiled fondly at the three before rolling his eyes. “Sadly.” He sighed, trying to shake them off.

Shoji chuckled, noting that Maggie seemed to have come out of her shell some around her family. “It makes your relationship make more sense…” He said through one of his arms. “Anyways, I assume you’re here to get some underwear for the training camp?” He addressed Hitoshi and Denki.

“Oh no…” Denki sighed, glancing at where Maddie was still clinging to Hitoshi, poking at his cheek like the brat she is. “That would make too much sense.”

Kirishima and Sero shared a confused look before Kirishima decided to question his friend further, “What do you mean?”

Hitoshi continued to try and pry Maddie off of him, but answered for Denki anyway, “It’s not for us.” He glared at Maddie. “Now get off!”

Maddie just giggled while the four classmates began to look even more confused. Maggie and Ash were staring at all the different sizes, completely ignoring the conversation.

“Then who’s it for?” Koda signed.

Maddie caught it out of the corner of her eye as she finally let her brother go, though not without booping his nose first, “Todoroki-kun! He asked me to pick some up for him while he's visiting his mom.”

The four boys were a bit weirded out. “Yeah, okay…” Sero said, shaking his head. “I get what you meant about it not making sense, Denki.” He said, sighing. Wow, Todoroki was a strange dude.

Denki nodded, just shrugging.

Ash finally got overwhelmed by the wall of underwear and turned to Maddie for guidance, “Maddie? What size does he need?”

“I don't know!” Maddie said as she pulled her phone out of her pocket. “I’ll ask him.”

The three girls huddled together while Maddie texted Shouto while the boys looked on in bewilderment. Shoji looked to an obviously worn out Hitoshi, “Are you okay with this?”

“No, but I have no say in the matter.” Hitoshi huffed, visibly deflating.

Kiri just smiled and nodded, not really seeing the problem. Sure, it was a little strange, but that's what friends were for right? Sero, however, had a different view, “What do you mean? You're her brother aren't you?”

“I was overruled.” Hitoshi pinched the bridge of his nose, watching his sisters from the corner of his eye.

Koda was… distressed, “What do you mean? Are your parents okay with this?”

“No. They do not know. They will never know.” Hitoshi’s face paled at the very thought. He glanced over at Denki, accusatory.

Denki was offended, “Do you seriously think I could look your Father in the eye and tell him we allowed this to happen?”

“No, not really.” Hitoshi chuckled, “Maybe Pops, but not Dad.”

“Yeah.” Denki glared at him.

Sero still needed answers here, “You have not explained at all.”

“I’m the only boy, and they're American. They apparently don't see a problem with this.” Hitoshi shrugged, not really knowing what was the cause of this little situation.

“Is this really an issue? It’s just underwear.” Kiri said, gesturing to the boxers at his left.

Shoji shrugged, glancing over to where Maddie was holding Ash in the air to reach what he could only assume was Todoroki’s size in boxers, “I’m not sure. Is this an American thing?”

“I can ask my Mom?” Denki said, pulling out his phone to check the time in New York. “It’s only around 23:00.”

“Your mom?” Sero asked.

“She’s American. She’s currently working a case in New York.” Denki said absentmindedly as he pressed the phone to his ear, grinning when she picked up. “Hey mom! Sorry for calling you so late…” He said as he ducked behind a shelf.

The remaining boys looked to Hitoshi for answers. Shoji however left to go help the girls who were still struggling to get the underwear down.

“Case?” Sero repeated, the girls momentarily forgotten.

“You didn’t know his mom’s a pro?” Hitoshi asked, not sure whether to be surprised or disappointed. “He’s a total mama’s boy, I'm sure he had to have mentioned it at some point.”

“He has.” Kiri confirmed. “Her hero name’s Static Shock, right?”

Hitoshi nodded while Sero pouted, “Why am I the last to know?”

“I didn’t know either.” Koda signed, trying to cheer him up.

Denki rounded the corner not long after, pocketing his phone, “Well, according to my Mom, it is an American thing. She would buy her friends underwear if asked.”

“Americans are strange.” Koda signed.

Thankfully, with Shoji’s help, the girls finally got the underwear and came over. “You ready to go?” Maddie asked, holding the underwear like a teddy bear, only further confirming Koda's statement.

“Yeah, let's go.” Hitoshi was happy to leave.

They went to the checkout counter and bought the underwear before the mall was suddenly shut down. They only found out later that Midoriya was accosted by Shigaraki when they went outside and met up with the rest of the class and cops.

When they got home, they were immediately snatched up into a hug by the birthday boy himself. “Are you kids okay?” Hizashi asked, teary eyed as he rocked the children back and forth. “We heard what happened! Are you guys hurt?!” He began checking them over for injuries. Grabbing Ash and Maddie’s chins, he began tilting their faces side to side, looking for any bruises or cuts while Hitoshi and Maggie escaped his grasp.

“Papa, we’re fine…” Ash whined.

“If anything you should be asking Midoriya if he’s okay…” Hitoshi mumbled, feeling bad at how terrified his friend was.

“What?” Shota’s eyes narrowed, concerned for his most trouble prone student.

“Hitoshi!” Maggie scolded, hitting his arm. “Everyone is fine.” She clarified, “Shigaraki just gave Midoriya a good scare, no one got hurt.”

Shota’s eyes narrowed further, but he remained silent. Hizashi made up for it though. “I’m so glad you kids are okay!” He sobbed, pulling the four back into a hug.

“Papa! Don’t cry!” Maddie said, hugging him back tightly. “It’s your birthday!”

“Yeah, come on Mic.” Maggie gave him a squeeze. “Everything’s alright, let's just forget about it for now and celebrate.”

Hitoshi patted his Pops’ back, looking to his Dad for help.

Shota turned to look into the kitchen and sighed, “Babe, the pan is on fire.”

“What?” Hizashi said, having just barely gotten his attention.

“Dinner is on fire.” Shota repeated, just as monotone.

“Oh my god!” Hizashi shouted, immediately running to the kitchen to put it out. There was no fire. His husband is a liar. “Shota you asshole!”

Chapter Text

Denki walked to Hitoshi’s apartment building, passing his sisters on the way. Maddie and Ash were dragging along Maggie, who was honestly putting up a good, if half assed, fight. “What did Maleficent do now?”

“Hey Denki!” Ash waved, “We’re going to the pool with the girls! But um… Maggie doesn’t want to go.”

“And you know damn well why!” Maggie shouted, trying to twist out of Maddie’s arms.

“Well the Wicked Witch did melt.” Denki chuckled, earning himself a glare.

“Fuck you.” Maggie hissed.

“Well! See you later Denki!” Maddie waved as she dragged her sister further down the street before she could kill the human power socket.

Denki just shook his head and continued on to their apartment where he found the door still wide open. He knocked on the door frame before coming inside, “Hey, Mic.”

“Oh hey!” Hizashi turned around and shook his head, “Did they leave the door open again?”

“Yeah, looks like it.” Denki peered at the door.

Hizashi huffed, blowing a loose hair out of his face. “Of course they did. Hitoshi is in his room.”

“Thanks.” Denki nodded, awkwardly shutting the door behind him before heading to Hitoshi’s room. He walked straight in before pausing. Hitoshi was laying on his back in a pair of sweatpants, shirtless, holding his phone above his face as he watched cat videos. “Damn.”

Hitoshi glances at him, raising an eyebrow. He smirked at Denki’s blushing face and sat his phone aside, propping himself up on his forearms. Then he just waited for Denki to put his head back on straight.

“Hot- hi!” Denki sputtered out, internally screaming. Damn that smirk. And that messy, fluffy hair. And those fucking abs.

“Hello.” Hitoshi’s smirk widened. “Are you just going to stand in the doorway and stare or are you going to come in?”

Denki came in, but only stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, unsure if he should sit in the desk chair or on the bed. Hitoshi just laughed sitting up and patting the space next to him. Conundrum solved. Denki sat down, getting comfortable, and leaned his head onto Hitoshi’s bare shoulder with a sigh.

“Denki,” Hitoshi chuckled, pushing his uncombed hair out of his face, “You’ve seen me shirtless before. Many times. We share a locker room.”

Denki pouted, face burning hot, “That's different.”

“How?” Hitoshi asked, skeptical.

“I’m too busy changing to admire the view.”

Hitoshi snorted, looking away to hide his own mild blush. “Okay, sure.” He scoffed.

Denki’s nose crinkled, lips pressing together tightly as he sat up straight. “It's true!”

“Okay!” Hitoshi held his hands up to surrender, laughing to cover his embarrassment, “I believe you!”

After a brief yet very uncomfortable silence, the two relaxed and laid down on the bed. They began to awkwardly shift, unsure how to lay until Denki finally had enough. He turned his back to Hitoshi and grabbed his arm, forcing it to wrap around his waist. Finally he let out a satisfied huff, turning to look back as his boyfriend with a triumphant grin. Hitoshi couldn’t help but laugh, pulling himself closer as he nuzzled his face into Denki’s back.

They just laid there for a bit, finding comfort in this new found past time. Denki grabbed Hitoshi’s hand and began playing with his fingers. “Soooo… What do you want to do today, besides you know, being lazy?”

Hitoshi let out a puff of air, amused, “Being lazy was sort of the plan.”

Denki rolled over, flicking his nose, “Change of plans then.”

Hitoshi groaned, burying his head into Denki’s neck, “Why can't you let me be lazy?”

“I am Kaminari Denki, human energy.” Denki grinned, beginning to untangle some of his boyfriend’s matted hair. “I must do things.”

“Of course,” Hitoshi lifted his head to look him in the eyes, rolling his own, “I forgot I'm dating a literal power generator. I’m never going to get a rest day again in my life.”

“Oh~” Denki’s grin widened as he wiggled his eyebrows, “You’re going to date me the rest of your life?”

Hitoshi blushed, glaring at him, and lightly pinched his side in retaliation. “Is that a problem?”

“No~ Not at all!” Denki pecked his nose, “Anyways! Don’t try to distract me by being cute. Let's go do something.”

“Like what?” Hitoshi asked.

“Well, Midoriya invited all the guys to do endurance training at the pool.” Denki hummed.

“It’s the first day of summer and you want to train ?” Hitoshi’s mouth twisted in disbelief.

“Well, no.” Denki shook his head, absentmindedly tracing patterns on Hitoshi’s chest, “But it’s at the pool?”

Hitoshi snorted, “Yeah, and so are my sisters.”

“What was that about anyways?” Denki asked, remembering what he’d seen outside.

“I have no idea.” Hitoshi said, thinking about how they’d all been acting this morning. “To be honest I don’t think even Maddie wanted to go, I’m not sure how Ash convinced her, let alone got her to help drag Maggie along. And that's the most I’ve seen Maggie fight about going nearly anywhere.”

“Maddie wants to go everywhere, though.” Denki bit his lip, thinking.

“I know.” Hitoshi nodded slowly, “That’s what made it so weird.”

Denki shook his head, “Okay, but do you want to go or not?”

“You are very persistent about this…” Hitoshi’s eyes narrowed, “What are you planning?”

“Nothing!” Denki shouted defensively. It’s totally not that he wanted to see him in a swimsuit dripping with water… “I just thought it would be fun!”

Hitoshi sighed, rolling his eyes, “Fine.” He conceded. “We’ll go.”

“Yes!” Denki hopped up, fist pumping.

Maggie fidgeted nervously with her hoodie sleeves as they stood outside, “I know you guys want to do the whole bonding thing, but if you make me go in there I might be sick.” She admitted.

“I don’t want to be here either,” Maddie pouted, “but suck it up. You can go be in the shade.”

Ash was a bit confused and hurt, “Maggie, you can swim just fine. I don’t get why this is so bad.”

“The water isn’t what I’m afraid of!” Maggie crossed her arms over her chest.

Ash put her hands on her hips, “I get it, you have anxiety, but the girls aren't going to hurt you Maggie! They're nice!”

“Everytime I thought, ‘oh I can trust them, they won't hurt me’ I was very promptly proven wrong! Very wrong!” Maggie shivered, hearing the girls laughing and splashing around inside. “Particularly when water was around.”

Maddie just watched them go back and forth for a while before getting frustrated and dragging them inside, “I can’t even swim!”

After getting changed, Maggie just put her clothes back on over her swimsuit despite the heat, the three headed towards the pool. They were greeted by the other girls, who had gotten there a bit ago and were already in the middle of a game of volleyball. Maggie grabbed her book out of the bag Ash had packed, as well as one of the bottles of sunscreen, before retreating into the shade as far away from the pool as possible.

Ash meanwhile started running over to jump into the pool but was stopped by Maddie, “Put the life jacket on.” She demanded.

“What? No!” Ash crossed her arms over her chest. “I can swim!”

“The water is taller than you.” Maddie pointed out, already wearing a life jacket of her own despite planning to sit at the edge of the water. “Put it on.”

Ash pouted, looking to Maggie for help. Maggie just sighed and yelled from where she was, “JUST PUT ON THE FUCKING LIFE JACKET SHORTY!” Like hell she was going to support her after she dragged her here.

Ash snatched the life jacket out of maddie’s hands angrily, putting it on before jumping in. Bobbing up and down, she found it harder to really get around with it on, annoyingly enough.

“Thank you!” Maddie shouted, sitting on the edge of the pool and dipping her legs in.

Two boys burst through the doors, the rest of the boys following after them.

“AHA I BEAT YOU USELESS DEKU!” Bakugo shrieked.

Midoriya’s face was fakely cheerful, “Oh yeah Kacchan! Good job!” He shouted ‘chipperly’ so that Bakugo could hear him without his hearing aids, his face dropping into blasé annoyance when he turned away before returning to his normal resting face.

“No running at the pool!” Iida proclaimed, chopping at the air.

‘HAH?!” Bakugo glared, “Why is it when Shorty runs its fine, but when I do it it’s a damn crime!”

“I was taught to respect women and not yell at them! She was too far away to hear me without being rude!” Iida defended himself, puffing out his chest.

“Respect women my ass! I don’t care if they’re a man, woman, or fucking dog! Yell at them regardless!” Bakugo fumed, “Fuck it! I’ll do it! SHORT STACK! NO RUNNING AT THE FUCKING POOL!”

Maggie couldn’t fucking breathe. She was crying laughing as she hid behind her book, trying to keep quiet and not draw attention to herself. Oh that made the trauma of today worth it. “He really said ‘equal opportunities, bitch’.” She snickered to herself in English, “Equal opportunities to catch these hands…” This only made cry harder, curling into herself as her stomach started to hurt.

Maddie flopped backwards, full belly laughing and not caring who saw. She only laughed harder when she saw Ash struggling to hide herself in her life jacket, but instead was just helpless bobbing in the water with red cheeks. She started to get light headed, “EQUALITY FOR THE WIN BITCH!”

Bakugo snorted, somewhat proud of himself. This however just set Iida off, while the rest of the class watched. It was only then that Hitoshi and Denki arrived, very confused.

“What the hell did you guys do to my sisters?” Hitoshi asked, seeing Maddie laid out on the ground clutching her stomach and barely spotting Maggie shaking in the shadows.

“Bakubro is a feminist.” Kirishima said, grinning. “Manly…”

“We already kinda knew that…'' Denki said, watching as Ash shyly floated in the pool, “but what's going on?”

“Fifteen minute break!”

Denki felt like dying, “Ughhhh…”

“Regretting coming here?” Hitoshi asked, downing his bottle of water.

“I think I ran out of ‘endurance’ 15 minutes ago…” Denki whined, flopping forward to catch his breath.

“Well yes,” Hitoshi chuckled, “That's what endurance training is for.”

Denki glared at him, looking at how his boyfriend was pointedly not dying of exhaustion, “Oh shut up. You have special training. You’re used to it.”

“You mean the fact I train with the same man that literally everyone else does?” Hitoshi smirked, wiping his brow of sweat.

“You go home and do extra training.” Denki pointed to him. “ I, ” he pointed to himself, “go home and eat chips.”

“You could join us if you’d like.”

“Tempting… Seeing my boyfriend dripping with sweat and being hot… Very tempting…” Denki shook his head. “But not tempting enough.”

Hitoshi laughed, patting his shoulder, “Understandable. I’m sure Ash would be right there with you if she had a choice.”

Denki winced, “He’s going even harder on her since she failed the final, isn’t he?” He asked, worried about his friend.

“Yeah, definitely. I think part of why she was so insistent on coming today despite both Maggie and Maddie protesting was less for socializing and more to avoid Dad.” He whispered. “He’s even been calling it ‘a preview of remedial training camp.’

Denki’s eyes went wide, “Oh I'm fucked.” Camp was going to kill him.

Hitoshi nodded, squeezing Denki’s shoulder, “Don’t feel too bad, I'm pretty sure Nezu would have beaten anyone he was up against. He’s a sadist at heart.”

“That’s even worse.” Denki sighed, “I was deemed ‘needing intense training’ from the start. He’s going to kill me.”

Hitoshi chuckled, biting his bottom lip to keep from being too mushy, “No he won't. Pops already made him promise.”

“That's not comforting.” Denki shook his head, still wide eyed, “that just means he was thinking about it.”

“Fifteen minutes are up!”

“Ughhhhhhh nooooooo…” Denki whined, only getting a swift kiss on the cheek from Hitoshi to cheer him up when no one was looking.

“Come on.”

They only got a few minutes into the next session when Bakugo challenged Midoriya and Todoroki for the second time today. Kirishima was trying to calm him down when Maggie sadistically decided to add fuel to the fire from where she’d hidden herself, “See who can swim the fastest! I mean there's a pool here for a reason!”

Sato looked around surprised, “I didn’t know that Maggie was here…” He admitted, seeing as she hadn’t been in the pool with the rest of the girls when they’d arrived. Quite frankly, he still couldn’t see her.

“Indeed.” Tokoyami said, also looking around for his typically elusive friend. He supposed her not wanting to swim made a bit of sense when he thought about it. “It seems that she’s become one with the shadows, like a spector in the night.”

“She’s literally right there.” Hitoshi pointed her out easily. “She’s been there the entire time.”

Maggie rolls up her sleeve and sticks her hand out in the sun, flipping him off and giving away her position. Two birds with one stone.

“I thought the air felt colder when we were over there. I thought it was the shade but it must have been her charming personality.” Denki said sarcastically.

Maggie threw her book at his head with alarming precision. Denki, having been friends with her for a while now, saw it coming and ducked out of the way. So, it unfortunately hit an unassuming Midoriya instead. She’d thrown so hard it caused him to stumble. “SHIT! SORRY!” She yelled, cupping her hands around her mouth, feeling embarrassed.

After ensuring the Midoriya didn’t get a concussion from a flying book, they decided to do a race after all. The boys, being as competitive as they are, started bringing literally all they had to the table just as Maggie had anticipated when she suggested it. It definitely made for an interesting show. All the boys went, but Midoriya, Shouto and Bakugo’s had to be the closest. Meaning they had a rematch. As the three stood on the diving boards, ready to take off at Momo’s que. The second she blew the whistle, Aizawa-sensei burst into the room, quirk activated. And they all fell into the pool.

“It’s 17:00, get out.” Aizawa commanded. When some of them began grumbling complaints, he stared straight into their souls in the way only he could. “Shinso, Ashlynn, Madeline, and Magnolia. Yes, I see you.” Maggie just waved at him. “Get dressed and meet me back here in five minutes.”

The class froze, pitying the four for whatever they had done to deserve their teachers ire, still unaware of their relation. Maggie just happily skipped away while Maddie and Hitoshi tried to fish Ash out of the pool. “Does anyone have a fishing pole?” Maddie asked, jokingly, “I’m fishing for minnows.” Aizawa sighed, yanking her out of the pool with his capture weapon.

“Thank you.” Ash said, frustratedly undoing her life jacket. “I am never wearing one of these again.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Hitoshi rolled his eyes, throwing her waterlogged form over his shoulder. “Let's get you to the locker room, Shrimpy.” He said as he shoved his wet hair out of his face for the thousandth time today.

The four sat in their living room after Aizawa had driven them home, eating the ice cream that they’d picked up on the way, watching the group chat lose their minds.

The four laughed, letting the group chat go crazy. Aizawa shook his head, knowing what they had done. Hitoshi got a text from Denki.

Chapter Text

Katsuki and Kirishima unboarded the plane with their carry-ons. Katsuki seethed as he waited for his gauntlets to be given back to him. Kirishima couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh come on, Baku-bro! Don’t make that face! We’re gonna have a lot of fun!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, but his shoulders dropped. “I just want my goddamn shit back.” Thankfully, his gauntlets were swiftly returned to him not soon after. He slid them on and they both headed into the direction of the island's hotel.  Unfortunately, they kept getting stopped by teenage girls. Katsuki’s pretty face and fame from the sports festival clearly made the students of I-Island Academy get the wrong idea. “Why are so many extras coming up to me?!?”

“I don’t know Baku-bro, seems you're really popular with the ladies though.” Kirishima grinned, clapping his shoulder.

Katsuki shrugged him off, bearing his teeth like a wild animal, “Shut the fuck up, Shitty hair!”

Kirishima held his hands up defensively, “Alright, alright. I was just making an observation.”

“A poor one, obviously.” Katsuki scoffed, hackles raised. They dropped off their luggage and headed out to see some of the expo.



The girls spotted Bakugo and Kirishima as they left the hotel, before Maddie could go greet them, Maggie pulled her and Ash behind a pillar. “Hey,” Maddie pouted. “What's the problem?”

“Do you seriously want to deal with Bakugo right now?” Maggie hissed, peering around the pillar to watch where they were headed so she could go the exact opposite direction.

“Well, he’s our classmate isn’t he?” Maddie whined, pouting some more. “We’re all friends aren't we?”

“No.” Maggie crossed her arms.

“Why not?” Maddie asked. “I mean I get he’s loud and has a very thinly veiled inferiority complex but can’t we all get along?”

“We are getting along.” Maggie stated, “By staying as far away from each other as physically possible.”

Maddie gave her a blank stare, “I get that for you, you're antisocial, but why did you drag me with you?”

“Because you're my sister and I love you?” Maggie tilted her head, voice raising in pitch a bit. “So I don’t want you to get exploded by an asshole with confidence issues.”

“I told you and Hitoshi I can make my own friendsssssss,” Maddie slumped, whining. “I can take care of myself…”

Ash just watched them go back and forth, applying sunscreen silently so she wouldn’t get burnt. She began putting some on Maggie’s exposed face so she wouldn’t get a tan only from the neck up as she spoke.

Maggie just let her, making a disbelieving face at her youngest sister. “I know you can, just not with the biggest asshole in our class.”

“What's your deal with him anyways?” Maddie straightened up, dusting off her leotard. “It seems like more than just ‘he’s loud and rude.’”

Maggie’s brow furrowed in confusion, that's literally all it was, “Guys like him think they're better than everyone, and when they're proven wrong they lash out. He’s the walking definition of narcissistic injury.”

“That's his inferiority complex!” Maddie threw her hands up in exasperation. “I would know! I can smell it!”

“Why are you defending him? Insecurities or not, it doesn't give you an excuse to treat others like garbage.” Maggie rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

“Because I see the good in people and want to give him a chance! Unlike you who’s barely said a word to him and has already made up your mind.” Maddie puffed out her cheeks angrily.

“That’s called being naive, sweetheart.” Maggie scoffed. Ash winced at that one.

Maddie growled, shaking her head. “Fine. You be all anti-social and bitter in your own little corner. I’m going to go find our friends and have fun! Even if I am being naive!” She stormed off, forcing her sisters to scramble after her.

“Maddie!” Ash called out, dragging a huffing Maggie along as she struggled to keep up with her short legs.



Hitoshi cleaned off a table while Denki wiped glasses. The cafe they’d gotten a job at together was completely empty now while everyone enjoyed the sunlight outside. It’s been pretty empty considering the time.

Denki shelved the glass before turning to Hitoshi, leaning his elbows on the counter. “Thanks for taking this job with me. I know your Dads could have gotten you a ticket.”

Hitoshi shrugged, taking the dishes to the back. “It’s no problem.” He said monotonously. “I planned on getting a summer job anyways, this sort of worked out perfectly.”

“Aizawa would let you get a job?” Denki smirked, wiping down the counter. “Wouldn’t that get in the way of your oh so special training?” He teased.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, grabbing a couple menus as he saw some potential customers linger outside. “He appreciates the work ethic.” He lightly hit Denki’s head with the menus as some people walked inside. “Now how about you help me serve these customers since you love talking so much?” He split the pile in half, handing him some.

Denki grinned, taking them with a wink. “It would be my pleasure.”

It wasn’t too long when to their surprise some of their classmates visited the cafe. The host sat them down and took their drink orders, but Kaminari was happy to deliver them to them.

“Thanks for waiting!” Denki said chipperly to Midoriya as he set down his glass.

“I know that voice…” Midoriya’s head popped up from where he was seemingly sulking. “Kaminari!”

“And Shinso?” Uraraka said as he rounded the corner.

“What are you two doing here?” Jirou asked.

“They needed staff for the exhibition.” Denki gave them a thumbs up, “It was a free trip to the island and a decent pay for part time work.”

Hitoshi shrugged, “Don’t listen to him, he just wanted a free vacation.”

“Hey!” Denki pouted, “You’re no better.”

Hitoshi chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Whatever.” Hitoshi spotted a new face sitting with the girls. “I’m Shinso Hitoshi, this idiot is my boyfriend Kaminari Denki.” He said, approaching the stranger with a small bow. “Who are you, if I may ask?”

“My names Melissa, are you two classmates of Deku as well?” She asked with a friendly smile.

Denki blinked stupidly, not having even realized the girl was there until Hitoshi had started speaking to her, “That's right! We’re basically pros!” Denki said as he bent over the table, resting his chin between his finger and his thumb.

They heard the sound of revving engines as a booming voice came from out of nowhere, “Are you two slacking off?!” Hitoshi yanked Denki out of the way as he flailed in surprise. Iida came to a screeching halt where Denki once stood, rounding on the two to scold them, “You two came here to work and I catch you gossiping with customers?! This is terrible work ethic!”

Hitoshi looked up at Iida through his lashes, clearly annoyed. He opened his mouth to give Iida a verbal lashing for questioning his work ethic, but the engine quirk having teen was saved from his wrath by one Midoriya Izuku. “Iida?!”

“You’re here too?” Uraraka asked.

“I come from a long line of heroes.” Iida declared, puffing out his chest. Hitoshi rolled his eyes so hard it gave him a headache. “It’s to be expected we get an invitation to the Expo. But my family was busy. So it’s just me.” Okay honestly that was a little sad.

“I was wondering if you’d be here.” Momo said with a small smile, placing her hand over her chest. “I was given an invitation because my father's a shareholder in some of the expo’s sponsor companies. It’s so fun to get to go to the preview.”

“Yeah,” Jirou agreed, “And she had a few extra plus ones so we basically gambled for ‘em. So after an impartial game of chance the two of us ended up joining the fun as her guests.” She said as she leaned against Uraraka affectionately.

“Um hm!” Uraraka nodded, “the other girls are here, they just can't visit the preview.”

“Oh are they really?” Midoriya asked.

“Uh huh! We’re planning on looking around together tomorrow when the expo opens to the public.” Momo clarified.

“Here’s a thought.” Melissa said. “Why don’t I show you girls the sights?”

“Are you sure you have time?” Uraraka asked excitedly.

Melissa nodded, happy to show them around. “That's awesome!” The girls cheered.

Before the party could continue, they heard an explosion and decided to follow it to its source. Midoriya led the way to a rocky arena. It was apparently a “Villain attack” game.

“A clearance time of 33 seconds! He’s in 8th place!” The announcer said as the smoke cleared revealing a hardened Kirishima at the top.

“Kirishima!” Midoriya shouted in surprise.

“I’m guessing he’s also from UA?” Melissa asked, looking at the strange red head boy.

“Yeah, he’s in our class” Before Midoriya could continue, the announcer interrupted him.

“Please welcome our next challenger!” Bakugo strutted out, surprising Midoriya.

“K-Kacchan?!?!” Midoriya stuttered out.

“The villain attack course has been reset! Ready? Go!” The announcer shouted.

Katsuki took off, grunting as he made his way around the rock formation, exploding robot after robot without pause. Flying from one to the next with a feral grin. “Die!”

“Die?” Midoriya mummered to himself, his voice strained in fear.

“Only 15 seconds!” Announcer said, surprised.

As Katsuki walked back Kirishima caught his attention, “Hey, isn’t that Midoriya in the stands?”

Katsuki’s head snapped up as Midoriya laughed nervously. “Damn it, what are you doing here Deku?!”

“Oh hey, Kacchan…” Midoriya said awkwardly.

As Bakugo leaped onto the railing, Maddie came in with Maggie and Ash on her heels. “See, Maddie?” Maggie gestured to the downright insane looking teenage boy rocking back and forth on the stadium's wall. “Does that look like friendship material?”

“That's literally how he talks to Deku.” Maddie deadpanned. “That's normal.”

“That just proves my point!”

“That him and Deku need to have a long conversation? Yes.” Maddie shot back. “That he can't be a good friend? No. Shut up, Maggie.”

Ash sighed. “Can you two stop fighting?” She held her hands together, pleading helplessly.

“I will when Maggie gets her head out of her ass.” Maddie huffed. Maggie just rolled her eyes.

Eijiro’s eyes sparkled as he spun around at the sounds of their voices. “You guys are here too?!” He said, elated.

Ash waved shyly, hand freezing mid air as she looked at his bare chest. “H-hi! Kirishima!”

Eijiro jogged over, grinning happily. “You guys got invited too?” he asked, directing his question solely at Ash as Maggie and Maddie continued to bicker. “How come? Some sort of exchange student thing?”

Ash giggled nervously, looking to her sisters for support and finding none, “No, nothing like that. Our Papa got invited but we came instead. Well, except Hitoshi, he’s working at one of the cafes with Denki.”

“Shinso and Kaminari are here too?” Kiri asked, “Cool!”

“Ha ha, yeah…” Ash rubbed her arm, angling them where her sun spots from over using her quirk were hidden. “What about you?”

“I'm Bakugo's plus one.” He pointed back at the blond menace in question. “Since he won the sports festival he got invited to the expo, I’m just tagging along.”

“Well!” Ash swayed side to side, looking everywhere but Kirishima, “It’s great that you’re here, it's gonna be a lot of fun…”

“Fine!” Maddie shouted, interrupting the conversation, “I’ll go first! I need to blow off some steam anyway!”

Maggie just shook her head, walking away. She caught Ash by the arm as they waited for Midoriya to finish so Maddie could start. Ash was both upset and relieved. “Are you two done fighting now?” Ash asked, leaning her head against Maggie’s arm.

“Yeah, but she talked me into playing this game.” Maggie sighed, “Which means you're stuck doing it too for the record.”

Ash whined, leaning all her weight onto her sister. “Why?” She looked up at her, eyes glassy, “There's no point, especially if you and Maddie are going. I saw what you did with the entrance exam robots.”

Maggie gave her an affectionate squeeze. “Trust me, I don't want to do it either. All these people staring at me…” She shivered. “Nope. But think about it this way, it's good target practice for the new technique you’ve been working on with Aizawa. It’ll be just like going to the range back home with Mom.”

Ash groaned, “I didn’t come here to practice…”

“Maddie will literally never let you live it down if you don’t hit at least one.” Maggie said bluntly, ending the complaints.

Very soon, Midoriya’s turn was over at only 16 seconds, and Maddie stepped up.

“We have a new challenger!” The announcer called.

“MADDIE?!” Her classmates shouted, minus Kirishima.

“Well that explains why she refused to join us when we were deciding who would come with me to the expo.” Momo said, putting her finger to her chin. “She was already coming.”

“Looks like it.” Jirou said, watching as Maddie rolled out her shoulders.

Maddie waited for the announcer to call, rolling out her shoulders and quickly stretching out her back before entering a running pose, head tilted forward, she almost was on all fours. At the sound of the buzzer, Maddie took off at cheetah speed with the strength of a rhinoceros. She hit one target after another, destroying them completely, without mercy. She managed to muscle her way into first place at 14 seconds, to her classmates' surprise.

“What animal moves that fast but hits that hard?” Midoriya asked.

Ash chimed in from below, “None.”

“What?” Uraraka peered over the railing and spotted Ash and Maggie below, “Oh! I should have known.”

“Oh hey Ashlynn.” Midoriya waved. “Magnolia…” He shook his head, “Anyways, what did you mean by that?”

“No one animal can both move that fast and hit that hard, at least on land. She used two.” Ash shrugged, like it was obvious.

“She can do that?” Iida asked, watched as Maddie dusted off her tutu.

Maggie awkwardly chimed in, “If they’re partial transformations, sure. As many animals as she needs as long as she has the space for them on her body. But it hurts.”

Midoriya committed that to memory, planning to write it down later.

Meanwhile, Katsuki was throwing a fit at having been beaten by one second. “How the hell did Dye Job beat my score?!?”

“It’s not that big a deal, Bakugo.” Kirishima tried to hold back a laugh.

“Like hell it isn't!”

Katsuki didn’t even notice that Shouto, who had been allowed to pass her and Ash by Maggie, had done the same thing while he was yelling until it was called by the announcer who shouted it over the microphone.

“Wow! It seems we have a tie for first place! Can anyone get under 14 seconds?”

Katsuki was pissed, both Icy Hot and Dye Job come out of nowhere to show him up? Seriously? The worst part, neither of them seemed to care.

“Oh, Todoroki-kun!” Maddie greated happily as she ran over, pulling him into a hug.

“Oh those two are dating?” Melissa asked. “Such a large class of amazing future pro heroes and two romances have already blossomed in the little downtime you have?

Jirou laughed, blowing air between her lips as she held her stomach. “Pfft, no. Them being together would probably make more sense. Maddie’s just very touchy. They do this everytime they see each other.”

“Oh! My mistake, they just seem really close.” Melissa said, blushing from embarrassment.

“Uh huh.” The 1A girls agreed.

“You two! It’s one thing to do this in class! It’s another to be this inappropriate in public! You’re tarnishing UA’s flawless reputation!” Iida shouted, only getting ignored.

“What are you doing here, Todoroki-kun?” Maddie asked as Shouto unfrosted the game for the next players.

“My father was invited. So I'm sadly here to represent him.” Shouto snarked blankly, melting the remainder of the ice.

“I think that's your cue.” Maggie said, shoving Ash forward.

“Seriously?! Can’t you go first?” Ash begged.

“Nope.” Maggie chuckled.

Ash just sighed, shuffling up to the plate awkwardly, mentally cussing her sisters out. Kiri happily cheered for her from the sidelines, seeing she was nervous, “You got this, Ash!”

Ash gave him an awkward thumbs up, blushing. Not helping Kiri, not helping.

“Just hit one and you can call it a victory!” Maddie called out. Maggie elbowed her in the side. “Hey!”

Once again, not helping. Ash felt even worse.

“Ready! GO!”

Ash made a shimmering bow, surprisingly sturdy for what she normally made, but that was all thanks to the beaming sunlight. These sort of conditions were truly perfect for her. She made an arrow, just as sturdy, and shot. When she saw it go off course she let it dissipate and tried again. She continued on, managing to take out all the robots from where she stood within seven minutes. While not nearly as impressive as her classmates' mere second times, it was nothing to scoff at.

Maggie pocketed her phone, which she’d been using to record her sisters’ performances, after she sent the video to her mom. She was proud of her. “That was great, Ash!” She cheered, clapping.

“That was really cool, Ash!” Kirishima was right there with her on the ‘supporting Ashlynn’ train. “I didn’t know you were such a good shot with a bow and arrow.”

Ash rubbed the back of her neck shyly, wincing as she started to feel the early effects of sunburn. “Thanks guys.” She prodded Maggie’s side. “Your turn.”

Maggie puffed up her cheeks but relented after patting Ash on the shoulder, “Fine…” She unclipped her helmet from where it was attached to her belt under her cloak and shoved it over her head before grabbing her wand. “For the record, if I go back to the hotel to take a nap after this you're not allowed to make fun of me Maddie. All this sunlight is making me sleepy.”

“Scouts honor, I won't make fun of you.” Maddie crossed her heart. “Getting you to do this is a miracle on its own.”

Maggie glared at her, though she couldn’t see it, she knew she could feel it. “You were never a scout.”  Maddie gave her a cheeky smile in return. Maggie rolled her eyes and stepped up to the starting line, twirling her wand in her hand as she mentally reminded herself where the robots' starting positions were.

“It seems we have our next challenger of the day! Can she beat the seemingly impossible record of 14 seconds!” The announcer shouted, “Ready! GO!”

With a single wave of her wand a few words, all the robots exploded. At once. Taking some of the rock with them.

The whole stadium was quiet until they heard an offended shout from Maddie, “Maggie! You’ve been holding back on me this whole time!” She stomped her foot like a child, feeling betrayed.

Maggie sighed, turning around, “Maddie, if I don’t hold back I’ll kill someone.” She explained calmly.

The announcer shakily took a step back before announcing, “First place!” She called, her cheery voice suddenly very fake. “A whopping 9 seconds!”

Maggie took pity on her and returned to her sisters’ sides, feeling very awkward. Maddie was aghast. “This whole time! This whole time! You’ve been holding back on me in training!” She said accusingly. “No more!”

Maggie yawned, taking off her helmet and rubbing her eyes once she reached the shade. She was even more tired than she was before, as she had expected to be after that stunt. “Maddie, I go as hard as I can without being lethal. I’m not exactly going easy on you. I don’t exactly like hurting my sister either.”

“You think I can actually go full elephant stomp on someone without breaking their bones like Midoriya on a tuesday?” Maddie asked.

“Huh?!” Midoriya shouted, breaking out of his stupor.

“No!” Maddie pouted, “I'm not hurt that you don't hurt me, I'm hurt that I wasn’t informed you could!”

Katsuki practically flew over the railing to yell at her, offended after seeing what she was actually capable of, “Fight me!”

“What the hell?!” Maggie stumbled backwards, trying to get away from him.

“Fight me, Witch Girl!” Katsuki shouted in her face while she held her helmet up between them as a barrier. “You think I'm weak?! Do you?! I’ll kick your ass!”

Maggie was frozen, looking around for help. She may not like Bakugo much, but she definitely didn’t like fighting him either. He was fucking crazy. Thankfully Todoroki, Iida, Midoriya, and Kirishima came bounding over to hold him back. Maggie quickly fled, dragging her sisters with her.

Melissa couldn’t help but laugh as the remaining girls' sweat dropped. “Sorry,” She apologized, “It’s just that you seem to have a lot of fun at your school.”

“Well, I can say it’s never boring at least.” Momo said, the other two agreeing quietly.

Chapter Text

Denki and Hitoshi sat leaning against the wall of the cafe, their shift finally over. Hitoshi sat with his legs out, one knee bent to where he rested his arm on it casually while Denki leaned his head against his shoulder tiredly.

“That was only the first day, the Expo isn’t even open to the public yet…” Denki muttered, cheek squishing against Hitoshi’s shoulder. “And we were that busy? Sheesh. I wonder what tomorrow’s gonna be like.”

Hitoshi wrapped his arm around Denki’s waist, resting his head against his. “Probably terrible.”

“WOW, Hitoshi you’re so comforting!” Denki snarked sarcastically. “I almost felt better!”

Hitoshi laughed, rolling his eyes. “You're cute.”

“Okay now I actually do feel better.” Denki grinned.

“Aww that's sweet.” Melissa cooed.

Both boys jumped up, not having realized they had company until she said that. It was Melissa, Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida, Momo, and Jirou. So roughly everyone they’d served earlier. It wasn’t until they shifted a bit that Hitoshi saw his three smirking sisters were also there, causing him to blush. He cleared his throat, shaking it off. “Hey guys.”

“How long were you guys standing there?!?” Denki squeaked, hiding behind his boyfriend with a massive blush on his cheeks. He didn’t mind, he just would rather know they were there .

“Long enough to see you flirt.” Jirou raised her brows with a sly smile.

Denki came out from behind Hitoshi and crossed his arms over his chest. “We’re dating! It’s perfectly normal to flirt.”

Maggie let out an amused puff of air through her nose, fully rested and in a good mood after the nap she took while riding on her sister's back in her wolf form, “No one said it wasn’t, Denki.”

Denki’s cheeks puffed out, in annoyance. “Shut up, Maleficent.”

Melissa’s brow furrowed as she whispered to Maggie, “I thought your name was Maggie?”

“It is.” Maggie rolled her eyes. “That’s just one of the many stupid nicknames Denki’s given me.”

“Okay, okay.” Hitoshi interrupted the little squabble. “Moving on, considering the cafe’s closed I’m guessing you came here for a reason? The hotel is in the complete opposite direction.” It made sense for his sisters to come get him to walk back, his classmates not so much. Iida pulled the tickets from his pocket and handed them to Hitoshi. “What are these?” He asked, handing Denki one as he read them over.

“Invitations to the big expo reception later tonight.” Momo answered, happy that her friends would be able to go.

“For us?” Hitoshi asked.

“Where’d you get these?” Denki tilted his head in confusion.

Jirou stared Denki down, smirking, “Melissa took pity on you for some reason.”

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow then turned to a smiling Melissa, “Thanks, but you didn’t have to…”

“It’s no problem!” Melissa waved them off. “I had a few extras. I’d love for you to have them!”

“Sweet!” Denki grinned at her, pocketing the ticket and shooting finger guns at her. “Thanks! We were just planning on going back to my hotel room and watching tv, but this will be a lot more fun!”

“Alright!” Iida chopped at the air. “With that settled, many Pro heroes will be in attendance tonight and it’s imperative we uphold UA’s reputation. Change into your formal clothes and let us attend the party as a group. We’ll meet up at 18:30 in Lobby 7 of the Central tower. Make sure you're on time! I will contact Todoroki and Bakugo and share this information. Thank you, you're dismissed!” He blurted out with no hesitation before running off.

“There he goes!” Midoriya said with a grin, giving him a thumbs up. “Always at full throttle!”

“There he goes,” Maggie parrotted quietly, sarcastically chipper. “Thinking he’s our Dad again.”

Maddie elbowed her in the side. “Be nice,” she hissed.



Back at the hotel, Iida had just told Kirishima and Bakugo about their plans. Katsuki flopped down on the hotel room bed, arms folded behind his head. “Why would I want to go to a party?” He asked, relaxing. “It’ll just be a bunch of old geezers I don't know giving speeches. Sounds like a pretty lame night to me.”

“But we can eat as much gourmet food as we want.” Kiri proposed.

“Well, it's not like I brought any fancy clothes with me anyway.” He said absentmindedly, though his mother had tried to pack some for him.

“Yeah, about that…” Kirishima crossed the room to his bag, pulling out to pre prepared outfits meticulously folded on hangers. “I figured you wouldn't, so I brought some stuff for ya!” He held up the hangers, a proud smile on his face. He mentally thanked Mrs. Bakugo and both his Moms for the help.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Katsuki sat straight up, glaring. “Why the hell are you so prepared?!”

Kirishima shrugged, still grinning wildly. “I read the pamphlet!”

Katsuki facepalmed, huffing in annoyance.



The girls and Hitoshi arrived back at the suite they were staying in with Hizashi, who was video calling Shota to tell him about how his first day’s performance had gone in the pavilion. He was still in his Present Mic get up, arriving not long before the kids did. “Oh look Shota! Our darling little listeners are back!” He swung the laptop around so his husband could see them.

Ash plopped herself beside Hizashi, leaning against him. He chuckled, ruffling her hair affectionately. Ash winced, but leaned further into the affection, skin blood red from getting burned. She’d completely forgotten to apply sunscreen without the constant reminders from Maggie after she had fallen asleep, and was now suffering the consequences. She’d be peeling by the time they got to dinner.

Maddie on the other hand happily skipped over, waving at the camera, “Hi Dad!”

Shota was laying down on the couch in his sleeping bag, the laptop sitting on the coffee table in front of him, still he cracked a small smile. “Hello Maddie.”

“How's the quiet apartment?” Maggie asked, unclipping her belt and helmet from her waist and setting it on the table.

“Yeah, Dad.” Hitoshi loosened his tie, chuckling. “Finally getting some peace without us?”

“It’s quiet.” Shota said noncommittally. “Did you kids have fun exploring? How was work, Hitoshi?”

“It was…” Hitoshi thought for a second about the day. “Eventful.”

“Maggie totally destroyed the top score of this villain attack simulator!” Maddie enthusiastically told their parents. “It was awesome! Bakugo got so mad he tried to fight her!”

Hitoshi, who hadn’t been told, looked at her with a raised brow. “Did he now?”

Maggie looked at her betrayed. “Why would you tell them that?” She muttered, mostly to herself. “Are you trying to get Aizawa to turn me into a pretzel during training when we get home?”

“Please tell me you got it on film.” Hizashi pleaded to his children.

“Well, I couldn’t exactly record myself.” Maggie shrugged, pulling out her phone. “But I recorded Maddie and Ash’s, they both did really well.”

Maddie grinned, pulling out her own phone. “I did~” She sang, doing a little jig. “I’m sending it to you now, Papa.”

Maggie, once again, looked betrayed. They may have argued earlier but her sister really had it out for her today.

Shota looked at the two girls visible on his screen, “Send all those videos to me as well. I want to see them for training purposes.”

Ash winced, not wanting him to see her lack lust performance. Hitoshi chuckled, “I’m reminded that working was the better choice yet again.”

“Sho, just admit you want videos of your kids having fun.” Hizashi said, rolling his eyes at his husband as he adjusted the laptop so they all could fit on screen. “It’s not that hard.”

Shota chose not to deal with that comment, making a show of looking at the clock. “Don’t you all have a reception to attend?”

Maggie huffed, straddling a chair and resting her cheek against its back. “I’d really rather not.”

“Okay,” Hizashi shrugged, shoulder pads clanking against the speaker still situated around his neck. “You don’t have to go, you can hang out here with me.”

Maggie eyed him skeptically, “What's the catch?”

“No catch.” He grinned his wild grin, holding his hands up. “Just bonding time.”

Maggie seriously was weighing her options here. Ash popped up, hissing, “But you have to go! I bought you a dress and everything!” Hitoshi finally couldn’t take it anymore and began digging through Maggie’s luggage to find the sunburn ointment that Maggie had packed for her, knowing that she’d end up suffering the whole vacation without it.

“When the hell did you find the time to buy me a dress?” Maggie asked, stretching out to pop her back. She caught Hitoshi from the corner of her eye, and knew immediately what he was looking for. “It’s in the side pocket, yellow container.”

“It’s when you were sleeping on my back while we were walking around.” Maddie answered while she texted Todoroki about their plans. Poor boy was apparently bored out of his mind by himself.

Hitoshi grabbed the ointment out of her bag and paused, looking at Maggie confused, “You took a nap and made Maddie carry you around?”

“Her wolf form is the same size as my bed and twice as soft,” Maggie retorted. “And we’re allowed to use our quirks here, so it wasn’t all that strange.”

Hitoshi just shook his head, tossing Ash the cream. Ash caught it and immediately began to apply it on her arms and face as she spoke. “Please Maggie~ How often do we get to go to stuff like this?” She pouted, giving her her best puppy dog eyes. “It’ll be fun, I promise.”

“As fun as a heart attack, I bet.” Maggie deadpanned. “Getting dressed up in fancy clothes and piling into a room of people I don't know like were in a can of sardines isn’t exactly my idea of fun. In fact, that might be closer to my own personal hell.” Shota zipped himself fully into his sleeping bag, muffling his chuckles. That was the exact reason he was on their couch and not on vacation with them.

“Oh come on Maggie.” Maddie shook her head at her sister. “Don’t be a wet blanket.”

Hizashi laughed. He wasn’t going because these parties weren’t his style either, unless he was forcing his husband along with him. He preferred a classic rave, but watching this little exchange was fun.

Hitoshi shook his head, pulling a water bottle out of the fridge. “Just come with us. It won't kill you. We both know the real reason you’ll be there.” He took a long drink from the bottle, eyeing Ash.

“Ah yes, the unfortunate duties of a best friend to wingman.” Maggie snarked, resting her elbows on her knees and slumping to bang her forehead against the back of the chair. “Even when the person you're wingmanning for can't even talk to the literal nicest himbo ever without stuttering every other word.”

“Hey!” Ash shouted, her blush covered by her already red skin. “Rude!”

“But not wrong,” Maddie said without ever looking up from her phone.

Hizashi carefully patted Ash’s back. He threw his head back while laughing. “It’s alright, kiddo! You’ll get there eventually!”

Ash pouted, “Are you going or not?!”

Maggie hummed, her leg bouncing as she tried to decide what was worse, hanging out with Mic alone or going to a weird party. “...let me see the dress first.”

“Yes!” Ash fist pumped, grabbing the shopping bag she’d dropped off earlier.



Shouto stepped out of the elevator at the designated meeting spot about 10 minutes early only to find himself the first one there. He looked around to make sure, only to see no one. He'd expected at least Iida to already be there. He sighed, pulling out his phone to text Maddie again.

Shouto: Are you on your way?
Maddie: Still getting ready, see you in a few

Shouto started slowly pacing around the room, trying to entertain himself until someone else got there. Thankfully, Iida showed up only a few minutes later. “Ah, Todoroki! You’re here on time!” Iida greeted. “Good!”

Shouto nodded, stopping his pacing and facing the doors. Kaminari and Shinso came not long after, seemingly unsurprised that no one else was there on time. “I figured my sisters would be late.” Hitoshi shook his head.

“They’re not with you?” Shouto asked, head tilting to the side.

“They’re still getting ready.” Hitoshi shrugged. When he’d left Maggie was busy cutting up pants to wear underneath the dress Ash bought her, Maddie was trying to zip her dress up by herself, too stubborn to accept help, and Ash was reapplying even more sunburn cream. Pops had been laughing his ass off at the entire family.

Shouto nodded, quiet. It was obvious to everyone but Shouto that he was a bit disappointed. Midoriya came running in though, brightening his mood some. “Sorry I’m late, guy-” Midoriya paused, looking around. “Where is everybody?”

“They’re not here yet!” Iida huffed, back straightened almost painfully as he waved his hand robotically. “Does a proper meeting time mean nothing to you people?”

The doors opened again, revealing a sheepish Uraraka. “Heh, sorry I'm late. It took me a while to get ready.” She said as she walked in.

Momo and Jiro followed right after. “Apologies for the tardiness, Jirou is feeling a little shy.” Momo said as Jiro hid behind her.

“This is more fancy than anything I've ever worn before.” Jirou justified. “It feels like a costume.”

“I’m just glad it's not a t-shirt.” Kaminari teased her. 

“Hey!” Jirou jammed him up with an earphone jack to the ear.

“Why would you do that? It was a compliment.” Denki whined, holding his ear.

Hitoshi chuckled, “You look nice. Don’t worry about him, he does Maggie the same way.”

That's a compliment. Thank you, Shinso.” Jirou nodded.

Melissa came jogging in, “Oh good! I thought I was gonna miss you guys! Let's get downstairs to the party.”

Hitoshi looked around, getting concerned, “Hey, Melissa? Thanks again for the tickets but you wouldn’t have happened to see my sisters on the way here, did you?”

“Your sisters?” Melissa asked, brows furrowed in confusion.

“Maddie, Ash, and Maggie.” Hitoshi listed them off quickly, “you were with them earlier.”

“Oh! No, I didn’t see them.” Melissa turned to look out the door. “Well, I see Maddie now actually.”

Maddie came bursting in, holding the skirt of her dress so she didn’t trip over the hem while she ran. “Sorry for being so late! I got tired of waiting for the slow pokes so I ran here by myself.” She dropped the long blue skirt, patting it down before adjusting the sparkly strap that had managed to get twisted back around the right way so it would stop rubbing against her skin. “If we're waiting for them, we shouldn’t.”

“Kirishima and Bakugo aren’t here yet either.” Momo pointed out. “I wonder where they are.”

“I’ll try calling them.” Iida said, dialing away. They waited a moment and Iida got no answer. He tried again, but again, no answer. “It’s no good. Neither of them are picking up their phones. Knowing those two they’re just blowing off the party.”


Bakugo and Kirishima were lost inside the building. “Moron, you're absolutely positive we’re going in the right direction?” Katsuki said as he let Kirishima lead the way.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m pretty sure we are.” Kiri replied, continuing to walk down this ridiculously landmarkless hallway.

“You’re pretty sure?! ” Katsuki growled, irate.

“Well I left my phone in the room so we’re going on instinct here.” Kiri rubbed the back of his neck, feeling apologetic but not letting Bakugo’s anger get to him.

“Last time we trusted your instincts we ended up on the opposite side of town.” Katsuki glared, only earning nervous chuckles in return.

As they turned the corner Kirishima was forced to come to a screeching halt as he ran straight into something. Blinking stupidly, he looked down and grinned. “Ash!”

Ash had been running, not paying attention to where she was going as she was talking to Maggie behind her, and had run straight into Kirishima and nearly tumbled onto the floor in the process. Thankfully Kirishima had caught her without even realizing it. She stuttered dumbly, blushing bright red as she stumbled backwards. “Uh, hey!”

Maggie grabbed Ash’s bare shoulder before she could run into her next, rolling her eyes at her sister. “You’re going the wrong way.” She told the boys bluntly before turning her still bumbling sister around to face her. Maggie fixed the black bow tied around Ash’s waist as it had gotten crushed when she rammed into Kirishima full force. The small girl looked adorable in her yellow knee length flower print dress, but she’d look a lot cuter if she stopped choking on her own words like an idiot.

“I fucking told you!” Katsuki rounded on Kirishima. “I told you we should have turned back 20 minutes ago!”

“Now no need to get your panties in a bunch, Bakubro.” Kirishima held his hands up in surrender as Bakugo went to hit him before turning back to the girls. “You two look great!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, huffing. He turned his attention back to the girls, seeing how Ash was fidgeting awkwardly and giving Kirishima heart eyes, he ignored her and addressed Maggie. “So,” He looked at her dress and the way her normally braided hair was tied up tightly in a bun. “You can clean up nicely.”

Maggie’s brow furrowed as she looked down at herself. Ash had picked out a plain black, sleeveless, tea length dress for her. She’d worn a jacket over and cropped pants beneath, feeling uncomfortable otherwise. “Thanks. I guess...” She shook her head. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Katsuki’s jaw clenched, “Just trying to be civil.”

Maggie nodded, biting her inner cheek. She thought about her and Maddie’s argument from earlier in the day and snorted. “Do me a favor.” She said slowly, “Don’t do that in front of my sister.” She paused, deciding to clarify a bit. “Maddie, I mean.”

“Why?” Katsuki replied, face twisting in confusion. He was genuinely curious.

“It’s a long story.” Maggie shrugged. “You don’t want to know, but to make it short, she’ll want us to be friends.”

He gave her a bewildered look, “Heh?”

“I don't get it either,” She said, rocking back and forth uncomfortably, “She’s just like that.”

“I noticed.” Katsuki scoffed.

Maggie shrugged it off, side stepping anxiously as she watched Ash trying to speak to Kirishima from the corner of her eye. He was waiting patiently, seemingly thinking she was having a bit of trouble with something other than simping over him hard. But the poor girl was just stumbling over her words.. Repeatedly. It was kinda sad. She reached over and flicked her sunburned arm to snap her out of it.

It worked. Ash glared at her, rubbing her arm with a pout. “Thanks Kiri, I picked them out myself. What are you two doing here?” She asked, turning back to face him. “I thought you’d both be at the party by now.”

“Yeah, Kiri , why aren’t we at the party right now?” Katsuki said, bitter.

Kirishima laughed, “Uh, I left my phone and it had the directions. Do you know where we're going?”

“Lobby seven…” Maggie bit her inner cheek, equally as bitter as Bakugo was. “Where is lobby seven, Ashlynn?”

Ash dropped her head. “Not on the 80th floor…” she mumbled.

“We’re on what?” Katsuki growled, glaring holes into the side of Kirishima’s head.



The group watched in confusion as the shutters on the building shut, the announcement blaring overhead. 

Shouto tried to call outside in hopes to get more information as to what was happening, but all he heard was an annoying beep. “I’m not getting any signal, it's like my service is completely blocked.”

“The elevator isn’t working either.” Jirou said, fiddling with the control panel.

Hitoshi typed out a few messages to his missing sisters, face twisting dejectedly when they didn't go through. Denki snatched his phone out of his hands, “Todoroki just said we didn’t have service. Trying to text them anyways won’t do anything.” He said firm, yet sympathetic to his boyfriend's plight. “I’m sure they're fine. Maggie wouldn’t let Ash get hurt. They might even be back at the hotel with your dad still.”

“Well I can say for one thing that this has been a very interesting day.” Maddie said, puffing out her cheeks. “First the expo, now a lockdown.” She said, transforming into a bird she flew up to the shudders and pecked at them. “Yep, totally normal.” She said sarcastically before turning back into a human, much to the horror of her classmates, letting herself drop back to the ground. She was fine.

After shaking off her shock, Melissa pondered their situation. “It’s strange the system would go on high alert. That isn’t the protocol when explosives are discovered.”

“Iida,” Midoriya said, walking over to his friend. “Let's go to that party.”

“For what reason?” Iida asked, arms crossed.

“Because that's where we can find All Might right now.” Midoriya said, oddly calm.

“Of course he knows where All Might is.” Hitoshi muttered under his breath. He cared about his friend, but his relationship with All Might was beyond his comprehension. And also a common topic of discussion in his family.

The rest of his classmates either gasped in shock or let out sighs of relief. “Wait, All Might’s in there?” Uraraka asked, clasping her hands together.

Maddie looked to Todoroki, sharing a knowing look. Midoriya was something else. “Well, what are we waiting for? The cobwebs to grow? Let's go!”

Hitoshi blinks, slowly turning to face her. “You’ve been spending too much time with Magnolia.”

“Ouch! The full name!” Denki put his hand over his chest. Wincing dramatically, “Someone’s getting lectured later.”

“So, Melissa.” Midoriya said, turning towards her. “Do you know of any way we can get down there without the elevator?”

“Yeah, sure! We can use the emergency stairs. That will at least get us close.” Melissa said, nodding. She was happy to help.

“We'll follow your lead, then.” Midoriya said, gesturing for her to lead the way.

Melissa rushed down the emergency stairs, the UA students following behind. They stopped dead in their tracks at seeing all the heroes tied up. Melissa’s eyes widened as she watched her father get led away. The group quickly back tracked back into the stairwell as to not be seen. Maddie caught Todoroki’s sleeve, suddenly nervous at the sight of all the guns. Todoroki glanced at her, but didn’t say anything.

“What do we do?” Momo asked quietly, unsure about how safe the stairwell would be to talk in. “The heroes have all been captured.”

“So what’s the plan?” Denki asked, matching Momo’s volume.

Midoriya thought for a second, “Me and Jirou will try to get All Might's attention and find out what's going on. I’ll signal him and Jirou will use her earphone jacks to listen in.”

Jirou nodded, “Sounds like a plan.”

“Good luck.” Melissa said, wearing at her bottom lip out of concern for both her friends and her father.

Midoriya and Jirou crept over silently, Jirou ducking close to the ground and extending an earphone to the floor while Midoriya began flashing the flashlight on his phone in hopes to catch his mentor's attention. 

Midoriya saw he’d caught his eye and whispered mostly to himself, “You can talk to us, we’re listening.”

He waited while Jirou listened to All Might, continuing to stare down at his hero. Jirou retracted her earphone jack and looked at him, horrified. “Midoriya, this is bad.” She whispered. The two retreated back into the stairwell to tell their friends what he had said. Midoriya sat on the ground as Jirou quoted All Might to the best of her ability.

Iida was the first one to speak up when she was done, “We’ve received All Mights orders loud and clear. He’s our teacher. I suggest we follow his instructions and escape this place, otherwise we’d be going against his will.”

“I’m afraid I have to agree with what Iida is saying,” Momo said with her hands resting against one another as she bowed her head. “We’re still only students. We can’t fight these villains if we don’t have our hero licenses.”

“So we’re just supposed to run like cowards?” Maddie asked, foot tapping against the floor as she leaned against Todoroki’s side. She clenched and unclenched her fist around his sleeve, talking through her teeth. “Just leave the villains be while the heroes are tied up to do who knows what?”

“The entire island is potentially at risk.” Hitoshi said, shaking his head at the two. “We don’t know what it's like outside. Even if we run we could just get captured when we escape.”

“Well then there goes my idea.” Denki interjected, “I was thinking we try and find the heroes outside. There has to be some that just don't know what's going on, right?”

“If they were going to come rescue us, they probably would have come and done it by now.” Shouto commented.

“They probably have no idea there's anything out of the ordinary going on.” Hitoshi thought back to the announcement, then to his father. “They don’t live here, they would think this is the normal procedure for a bomb.”

“It would be extremely difficult to escape the building,” Melissa said, holding her chin with a distraught expression. “The security on the island is the same level as the Tartarus prison.”

“So,” Denki’s nose scrunched in displeasure, “Basically we’re fucked.”

Hitoshi gave him a blank look, “You also have been hanging out with Magnolia way too much. I really need to talk to her about her language.”

“Are we really okay with that?” Jirou asked. “Just waiting here?”

“It sounds like the only choice we have,” Uraraka said, pouting at the floor.

“Shouldn’t we at least try to stop them?” Maddie asked, exasperated.

“Aren't we trying to be pros ourselves?” Shouto was quick to agree. Staring at his hand, he thought of his father.

“Well yes,” Momo said, crossing her arms. “But we’re not allowed to work as heroes without our licenses. You know that”

“Does that make it right to do nothing at all?” Shouto shot back.

“That's what I said!” Maddie threw her hands up with a huff.

“It’s complicated.” Momo said sadly. She didn't like this either.

“Is it?” Hitoshi asked.

“I want to help.” Midoriya uttered, finally speaking up.

Uraraka turned to him, eager to hear what he had to say. “Really, Deku?”

“We just need to find a way to rescue All Might and the other heroes without facing the criminals.” Midoriya said, quickly finding loopholes. “We don’t have to fight the bad guys.”

Denki squinted at Midoriya, deciding to be the voice of reason. “Real big talk there, Midoriya. But you know it won't be that simple, right?”

“I know but I still want to try!” Midoriya defended. “We can still save the day! We just need a plan!”

“What plan can we execute that saves the day without facing the villains head on?” Iida asked, willing to hear him out. “I’m listening.”

Melissa chimed in. Seeing how passionate they all were, she wanted to help, “I know where the security system is. It’s on the top floor of the tower. If we can restart the system while staying under their radar, we should be alright.”

“Then it’s possible.” Midoriya pointed out, despite how unlikely it was an option.

“Well how do we stay under the radar for that long?” Jirou asked.

“We haven’t been found yet,” Hitoshi answered, shrugging.

“The villains most likely don’t know how to work the system well,” Melissa added.

“Avoid the villains and try and get everything back to normal? It could work.” Shouto crossed his arms.

“Not bad,” Denki nodded, clenching his fist and smiling. “What does everyone think?”

“Let's do it.” Jirou said, just as ready.

“But many of our enemies are likely gathered on the top floor.” Momo mused.

“If we’re fast, that won't matter.” Midoriya said, quick to try and conficince everyone. “When the security system goes back to normal, All Might and the others will be released. They’ll immediately jump into action and stop the villains! I know!”

“Let's do this guys!” Uraraka jumped up, surprising Midoriya with her conviction. “I don’t want to sit around here being helpless if there's something we can actually try! What’s important is we’re helping people! Even if we’re not real heroes!”

Maddie jumped up after her with a grin, proud of her friend, “That's the spirit, Uraraka-chan!”

“That’s exactly how I feel about things! Let’s save the island!”

“Yeah!” Uraraka cheered, fist pumping.

“Okay, love birds.” Hitoshi rose to his feet, pulling Denki up with him. “We get it.” He and Denki were dating and they still weren’t acting all flirty in a crisis. Midoriya and Uraraka stuttered helplessly.

“Midoriya,” Shouto said, not paying mind to Shinso’s jab, “I’ll go with you.”

“Me too!” Jirou nodded, eager.

“Count me in.” Denki said, looking at Hitoshi expectantly. “Babe?”

Hitoshi gave him an annoyed, deadpan stare. “I thought it was obvious,” He said, his voice taking a much similar tone of that of his Dad’s, “But I’m in too, if that wasn’t clear.”

“The second thing goes too far, it's over.” Iida said, as if he held any authority here. “If that's something you can agree to, I’ll come too.”

“In that case,” Momo stepped forward, ready to join the cause. “I’ll come too.”

With everyone's agreement, Izuku turned to Melissa with a smile. “You can wait here, Melissa.” He reassured her, not wanting her to feel pressured to come.

“No, I’m coming too.” Melissa insisted.

“B-but without a quirk you’ll be in danger.” Izuku said, worried.

“I don’t suppose any of you know how to change the settings on the island security system.” Melissa snarked, shutting Midoriya down. “I’m a student at the academy, I’ll be useful to you.

Hitoshi and Maddie couldn’t help but snicker, Melissa was proving to be quite fun to hang around the more they did.

“I may get in the way on the trip up, but I want to help! Please.” Melissa added, she was aware of the risks, but she couldn't just stay there if she could be of use.

“Yeah, alright then. Let's do this.” Midoriya nodded, resolutely, “Let’s save everyone!”

Chapter Text

The group of students began climbing up the stairs towards the control room. They ran up tens of floors before pausing at the thirtieth. “Level thirty.” Iida said, looking at the large number on the wall.

“Wait, Melissa,” Izuku turned back, “How high does it go?”

Melissa panted, catching her breath, “200th floor.” She gasped out, not used to this amount of physical exertion.

“The what?!” Denki asked, cringing already. This was going to take a while.

The group continued up, making it to the 55th floor before Melissa began lagging behind. Uraraka paused, not wanting to leave her behind. “Hey, Melissa? Do you want me to use my quirk on you?”

‘I’ll be fine. But thanks anyways.” She huffed out. She took off her heels and threw them behind her, continuing up the stairs. “Save your power for when we need it, I’m right behind you!”

Maddie sighed, tired of running. She transformed into a parrot and began flying up the stairs instead. “On your left!” She squawked, passing her brother up with ease as she glided through the air.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes, jogging unbothered, not even close to out of breath, “Not how you use that term, Maddie.”

“I’ll use it my way! You use it yours!” Maddie called back, catching up to Iida and Midoriya.

“No fair!” Denki shouted, “I wish I had wings!”

Hitoshi just continued dragging him up the stairs, “You’ll be fine.”

Denki pouted, seeing how nonchalant he was about having to run all the way up 200 flights of stairs, “Not everyone jogs for fun, Hitoshi.”

They made it to the 80th landing when they found their path blocked. They caught their breaths and wiped their sweat looking around.

“What do we do now?” Jirou asked, staring at the metal door.

Melissa shook her head, out of breath, “I don’t know. We could try the other emergency staircase, but if they blocked this one they most likely blocked the other as well.”

“So we’re basically stuck?” Denki asked, knocking on the metal.

“Should we blast through it?” Shouto asked.

Maddie turned human, landing next to him and pointing at the door to the 80th floor, “Or we could try the door?”

“No, they’d both set off the alarm.” Melissa shook her head, brow furrowing.

“Well we can't just quit now!” Izuku shouted.

Hitoshi glared at both paths, “We really only have two options here.” He stated bluntly. “We waste our energy breaking open this blockade or cross to the other staircase and hope that the villains were stupid enough to leave that one open.”

“But what about the alarms?” Momo asked, worried. “We’re trying to avoid the villains, that will just give us away.”

“They were bound to find us eventually.” Uraraka said, “Like Deku said, we can’t just give up!”

“I think we’ve reached the point where we are unable to go any further in our mission to help,” Iida sighed, “I think it’s time we listened to All Might’s orders and turn back.”

Before anyone could respond, Maddie yanked the door open, making the decision for them. They all gaped at her. “Madeline Jane Carter!” Hitoshi shouted, his voice sharp.

“Oooooh shit.” Denki winced, not at all envying Maddie for incurring Hitoshi's wrath.

“What?” Maddie asked, “Todoroki-kun was about to bust the other one open!”

They turned to Shouto, seeing a bit of frost covering the metal and wisps of flames dissipating. He didn’t deny it, only looking on quietly. Though, he had a small blush on his cheeks.

“Well, what are we waiting for!” Uraraka shouted, bursting through the door.

They began running down the hall, Hitoshi still angrily scolding Maddie along the way to the other stairwell. “Madeline, we are having a talk when we get out of here!” He hissed.

“I don’t see what the big deal is!” Maddie pouted.

“The big deal is you gave away our position!” Hitoshi glared, the others just listened in. It was… strange to see him talking to her like that. “I’m telling Pops the second we get back to the hotel!”

Maddie gasped, face twisting in annoyance. “Don’t bring Papa into this!” She shouted back. “Snitches end up in ditches, Asshole!” She growled, flipping him off.

“Madeline!” Hitoshi’s face became one of disgusted annoyance as he shook his head, glaring at the ground as they ran. “I swear I’m going to kill Maggie.” He grumbled.

Before the two could continue to argue, and make their friends more uncomfortable, they witnessed the gates in front of them beginning to shut. They stopped, Momo turning around to see the ones behind them shutting as well. “We’re trapped!”

“No we’re not.” Shouto said, as calm as one could be in this situation. He shot out a path of ice, stopping the next gate from closing. Iida leapt through the gap, activating his engines and crashing through a blocked door. He called for them to come through and the rest quickly followed, Midoriya helping Melissa through the opening easily.

“What is this place?” Izuku asked as they ran through the greenery around them.

“It’s a plant factory,” Melissa answered, “We study the effects quirks have on fauna here.”

Jirou threw her arm to the side, stopping the group in their tracks. “Look! The elevators coming up!”

They all jumped into the nearest set of bushes, hoping to hide until the villains passed them up. Hitoshi had his sister in a headlock, a hand over her mouth, to stop her from jumping into action. “Don’t even think about it.” He whispered lowly as Maddie mewled in annoyance. She’d done enough reckless shit today to warrant the slight overreaction.

“The elevator.” Denki whispered, looking to Melissa for answers, “Can we use that once they're gone?”

“No,” Melissa muttered quietly, “Only authorised people can use it unfortunately. It won’t work. It’s built like a bomb shelter so we cant even try.”

The elevator opened and two villains came strolling out, looking around. They paused before shouting, “Hey! We see you, you stupid kids!”

The group froze, breaths caught in their throat before hearing a familiar, angry, voice, “What’d you say, you bastard?” Bakugo asked, drawing their attention.

They saw an annoyed Bakugo, sweat-dropping Kirishima, an equally annoyed Maggie, and a flustered Ashlynn standing across the villains. Hitoshi couldn’t help but let out a quiet sigh of relief. Well, he had found his missing sisters. Kirishima held a hand to Bakugo, waving it placatingly, “Woah, Bakugo, calm down will ya?”

“No,” Maggie shook her head, crossing her arms and glaring at the men, “For once I agree with him.” She grumbled before addressing the men, “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

“Maggie!” Ash hissed, tugging at her dress.

“What are you four doing here?” One of the men asked.

“Going to the bathroom?” Ash squeeked out shyly, staring at the ground in shame.

“We kinda got lost looking for the party,” Kirishima said, rubbing the back of his neck as Bakugo glared holes in his head, “You think you could give us directions?”

“Don’t lie to me!’ The taller man with the oddly shaped beard shouted, “Or you’ll regret it!” He shot out his quirk towards Kirishima before he could blink as the class watched on in horror.

Ash instinctively threw up a shield around them, not knowing what the quirk would do. It smacked into the light shield, dulling it immensely and sending a shock wave through her body as it dropped, but it had served its purpose. “Are you alright?” She asked, concerned.

Kiri nodded, “Thanks, Ash.” He said with a grin, hardening himself in preparation for another assault. Before the man could shoot another blast at them, however, a wall of ice suddenly formed in front of them from their left, encasing both men.

The four turned to see Todoroki crouched down beside it, panting out huffs of cold air. “Todoroki?” Maggie asked only to see the rest of the party goers rise out of the bush they’d been hiding in. He didn’t respond, instead beginning to lift the others up and out of the way with his ice as the massive berg beside him began to rumble. Maggie grabbed Ash and began backing away, her hands beginning to tingle as she drew her power to the surface in preparation for a fight.

“Go on without us.” Shouto said, not paying attention to their complaints. “We’ll catch up when we’re done here.”

Maddie thought for a second before leaping off. Hitoshi scrambled to the side, but was caught by the back of his vest by Denki. “What the hell?!”

“I think I'll be more help here!” Maddie shouted up, joining her sisters in a crouched position. “We’ll be fine! Promise!”

“They’ll be fine, Toshi.” Denki reassured him as he dragged him back to the middle of the ice pillar.

Hitoshi glared before blinking dumbly at him, distracted, “What did you just call me?”

“Toshi?” Denki asked as they began jumping off the ice to the walkway above. “Your family calls you that all the time?”

“That's different.” Hitoshi said, angling away to hide his blush.



As the pillar rose, taking their friends away, Kirishima and Bakugo questioned Todoroki and Maddie on what was going on.

“Long story short: tower under bad guy rule.” Maddie said slowly, making sure they got it.

Shouto looked at the four, astonished, “Did you not hear the broadcast alert?”

“No?” Katsuki said, glaring, “That's what this is all about?”

“Yes! The island is under attack by villians!” Maddie shouted, watching as the ice continued to rumble. She spared her sisters a glance, “How did you guys not hear it?”

“Well,” Maggie’s face dropped from a glare to one of deadpan snark, “It would seem that the bathrooms here are sound proof.”

Shouto just shook his head before addressing the other four, “We’ll explain more later.” He turned as the villains broke through. “We don’t have time.”

“What's with this guy's quirk?” Katsuki grouched, hands sparking.

“Stay on your guard.” Shouto warned, frost covering his left hand.

“Shut up, I know that!” Katsuki dismissed him, irritated. He wasn’t a fucking idiot.

“They’ve got a weird scent to them.” Maddie said, getting even lower to the ground, almost on all fours. “I don’t like it.”

“Of course,” Maggie nods, eyeing both her sisters. “Ash, be ready, whatever that one guy's quirk is, we know that it doesn’t go through yours.”

Ash nodded, determined despite her nerves, “Got it.”

Their attention was drawn back to the men as the smaller, beefier man, transformed into a purple goliath. ‘ A transformation quirk, delightful, self-explanatory,’ Maggie thought, watching as the other dashed to the side avoiding his friend. Seeing as the boys and Maddie immediately lunged towards the purple one, she kept her eyes on the other, he was the unknown variable. She watched with a critical eye as the man repeatedly blasted the ice a few more times, circular chunks dissipating into thin air. “What the fuck is he doing?” Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t good.

The man turned, seeing her watching him, unmoving and shot out another blast of his quirk much like he had at Kirishima. “Shield.” She muttered, holding her hands up in front of her. A transparent dark purple shield formed, one that looked a lot like Ash’s without the bright yellow glow. Unsure if it would block the man’s quirk or not, she still dove out of its path, taking Ash with her.

Block it, it did. In fact, the man's quirk bounced off her own like a trampoline, shooting it right back at him unlike the way it seemingly dissolved her sister’s. She let it drop to conserve energy, watching as the man avoided his own blast. It crashed into the ice where he stood, making another round dent. “Interesting.”

Meanwhile the other four were struggling with the purple man. He was very strong. Shouto’s ice was easily broken. When Katsuki managed to attack him from behind with a large explosion, it had seemingly no effect, instead only drawing his attention to himself.

“He’s like an uglier purple version of the hulk!” Maddie shouted as she flipped backwards out of Bakugo’s path as he rebounded off the man a second time.

Shouto’s brow furrowed, “I don’t know who that is.” He said as he blocked the giants path with another wave of ice.

Maddie smacked her lips, “We have some movies to watch.” She understood her friend, she’d only really gotten to experience movies over the past year or so.

“Can you two focus!?” Katsuki yelled, annoyed at their distraction as he and Kirishima fought the villian up close and personal. Unfortunately while his anger distracted him, the titan advanced. Thankfully for him, Kirishima pushed him out of the way and took the hit. Hardening to lessen the impact, he was still forced backwards at a high speed. He was thrown across the room, through a wall of ice that Todoroki hadn’t remembered making, and into the actual metal wall of the plant nursery.

“Kirishima!” Katsuki shouted.

“Move, Bakugo!” Shouto shouted over him as he sent another wave of ice at the other villain. He had changed his course after seeing Maggie’s quirk could counteract his own, hoping to be more effective against the others.

Maggie shoved Ash towards where a dazed Kirishima was, “Go help Kirishima. We can deal with the villains. If he gets hit by a stray blast, he can't defend himself. He’ll lose his head.” Maggie shoved her a second time before running towards the others to help. “Literally!”

Ash fumbled for a second, but did what she was told. She tried to help him out of the dent his hardened body had made in the wall and watched the fight carefully as he got his bearings. “Are you alright Kirishima?” She asked, tugging to no avail.

“I’m uh,” Kiri wiggled a bit. “Stuck. I guess?”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Ash laughed nervously, still watching to make sure nothing was coming their way.

Meanwhile the four still fighting the villains stood back to back. “He’s not making matter disappear, he’s displacing it.” Shouto said to the others.

“So that's what it is.” Katsuki said off handley as he continued to stare down the huge bastard in front of him.

“Yeah.” Maggie nodded, magic at her finger tips. “I figured that out a bit ago-”

Their conversation was interrupted by an attack by the man Maddie had dubbed ‘The Purple Hulk.’ She shoved them out of the way, forcing the four to separate into separate groups. “We need to focus!” She shouted as she dodged out of the way, bouncing off the hulk’s biceps and flipping through the air backwards with an odd sort of grace, landing easily on her feet. Less graceful was her dodging the blast from the man with the pointy nose, who’d run out of ice from Todoroki to use. While she made it away unscathed, the skirt of her dress did not. Her once long, flowing dress, now had a missing portion all the way up to her knees. “Hey! Rude!”

Katsuki scoffed, “I’ll buy you a new fucking dress, now shut up and help me out here!”

“Fine, enough messing around.” Maddie said, her own feral grin a familiar sight considering his own. Maddie grabbed him by the waist and swung them both around using cheetah speed for momentum and gorilla strength to hold him steady, until finally launching him towards the villain like a shot put ball, “Flaming cannonball!” She shouted joyfully, watching as he flew through the air.

Using his explosions, he propelled himself even faster until he reached his target. Finally he let out the largest explosion her could muster at the time, forcing both the ogre of a man and himself in opposite directions. But he didn’t let up, rebounding with the force of explosions again and again. Maddie wasn’t done either, running over as an elephant, she positioned herself in the area that Bakugo’s next assault would land the villain, tripping him up and hurdling him to the ground where both teens continued their attacks until he lay unconscious.

While those two handled him, Maggie and Shouto dealt with the matter manipulator. Shouto was getting frustrated, every ice attack he threw at him was just absorbed by his quirk, he just kept giving him more ammo. And he was getting a bit cold on top of it.

“Magnolia,” Shouto said, sliding past her on a strip of ice, “Do you have any spells to incapacitate him? Or at least that won’t give him any more matter to use against us?”

Maggie threw up another shield, deflecting the ball of ice the villain had tried to use to crush them both, throwing it back at him. “Yes. That’s what I’ve been trying to do!”

Shouto grabbed her arm and pulled her along his skating path, “Well, why hasn’t it been working?”

Maggie held on tight to his arm, letting herself get pulled along the slippery floor, “Everytime I try, you throw up an ice wall that blocks my spells and makes it so I have to wait until he’s out of ice to use again!” She snapped, just as frustrated as Todoroki if not more. Temper flaring.

Shouto’s head turned slowly, his face devoid of any emotion, “Why didn’t you tell me? Magnolia, you need to talk to me. I’m not a mind reader.” He was aware his friend wasn’t exactly the best at communication, thinking back to both of their final exams he supposed he wasn’t either. He really shouldn’t have been surprised, but with his brain freezing over, he decided to give himself a little leeway.

Maggie puffed up her cheeks, blushing, “You sound like my brother.” And both Aizawa and Mic. And her parents back home. And sometimes her sisters.

“Thank you.” Shouto slid them both out of the way of another attack. “Now that we have that addressed, what's your plan here?

“Okay,” Maggie nods. “I need to freeze as much of the floor as you can, like what we’re sliding on now.” She points to their feet, as they dodge out of the way of another failed blast. “I can counteract his quirk and shoot it back at him so he slips, see that boulder there.” She gestures to one of the large spheres that the villain had formed, rolling around. “I’ll drop that on his head. Got it?”

Shouto thought it over before nodding, “It sounds ridiculous but better than what we’re doing now.”

“I appreciate your faith in me.” Maggie said sarcastically. Shouto just gave her the tiniest of smirks before icing the ground, sliding forward towards the villain. Maggie waited until his next attack before putting up a shield in front of Todoroki, who had been the main target. His quirk bounced off her shield, just as she’d anticipated but to Shouto’s surprise. She watched the man dodge out of the way of his own quirk and began slipping on the frost that Todoroki had coated the ground with. She grinned sadistically as he fell on his ass before focusing all her energy on the closest ice boulder, with all her quirks might she rolled it towards him lifting it off the ground just enough to smash it against his head before falling to the floor herself.

She rested her forehead against the icey floor, tears in her eyes as a migraine began to form and her ears began to ring. Shouto rolled the boulder off the man's head and onto his legs before firmly freezing him to the ground for good measure. Turning back, he saw Maggie on the ground and swiftly slid back to her side. “Magnolia? Are you hurt?”

“I feel like I'm dying.” Maggie mumbled, feeling like shit after using her quirk. Lifting that boulder like that was really what did her in. She needed to work on that. Her limbs felt like jelly. She also hadn’t eaten all day.

Shouto’s eyes widened in concern, “Do you need a hospital?”

“No,” She smooshed her cheek into the floor. “I need a fucking nap.”

Katsuki and Maddie came over, having finished their fight. Katsuki grumbling in annoyance at all the ice and Maddie being unaffected due to her claws. Maddie just blinked down at her sister, “Don’t listen to her, Todoroki-kun. She’s just being dramatic.”

“No but actually,” Maggie raised her arm with a pained giggle, “Can someone help me up?”

Katsuki scoffed, grabbing her arm and yanking her off the ground. He watches as she slipped and slided on the ice, unable to really get her footing, “That’s pathetic.” He said, as if he too wasn’t in danger of falling at any second.

Maddie laughed at them both, “Todoroki-kun? Can you melt the floor?”

Shouto nodded, melting their path until they were in the clear. Still Maggie was on shaky legs, but was thankfully able to walk on her own. Finally they got to Ash and Kirishima, who strangely enough was still stuck in the wall.

“Are you okay?” Katsuki asked, raising an eyebrow at the redhead’s predicament.

“Yeah!” Kiri chuckled, “Just a little stuck. Care to help me out of here?”

“No matter how hard I pull I can't get him out.” Ash whined, pulling on him with all her body weight.

Katsuki’s face dropped, “Are you two stupid?”

“Huh?” Kirishima asked.

“Just deactivate your quirk dumbass.” Katsuki shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Kirishima did just that, chuckling embarrassedly as he removed himself from the wall, “Haha, right. Probably should have thought of that.”

Ash blushed bright red, skittering backwards, laughing nervously. ‘Well, I feel stupid.’ She thought.

Maggie just leaned against the wall for balance as she was swaying, feeling a bit light heading. “Does anyone have a granola bar or something? I haven't eaten all day and that was definitely a mistake.”

Kiri immediately pulled a plastic bag out of his pocket with a bright smile, happy to help, “Here, have some trail mix.”

Ash pulled out an orange out of the pocket of her dress, “Are you gonna be okay, Maggie?”

“That's why you two smelled like that!” Maddie said, happy to have an answer.

“We were going to a dinner…” Katsuki sighed, “Why did you both bring food?”

“Don’t care.” Maggie snapped, mouth full of trail mix. “I’m just happy they did. No food plus strenuous activity equals me feeling like death itself is nipping at my ankles.”

“I don’t recall death ever being a small annoying dog.” Shouto said, looking to the ceiling with a pondering look on his face.

Maddie patted his shoulder, “Todoroki-kun, it’s a metaphor. Like in English class.”


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The next barricade shattered after a large explosion from Katsuki’s quirk, only to reveal another only feet away, “How many of these fucking things are there?!?”

Maggie uncovered her ringing ears, tinnitus acting up after all the explosions. “I have no idea.” She accidentally shouted, not being able to hear how loud she was being. “But they’re a pain in the ass.”

“By the way,” Ash said as she crawled through the hole Bakugo had made, “You guys never did explain exactly what was going on.”

“I still can’t believe you guys didn’t at least hear the announcement.” Maddie flew through the barricade, landing on Todoroki’s shoulder as another blast went off.

“What announcement?” Kiri asked. “We seriously didn’t hear anything.”

“The villains that took over the tower also took over the entirety of the island's security system.” Shouto said bluntly as he stepped through the next barricade. “They locked down the island and are holding everyone hostage. They had the security system announce the reason for the lock down was that explosives were found.”

Maggie pointed to Bakugo who was frustratedly glaring at the next barricade, “You sure they didn’t just mean Bakugo?” She joked, trying to lighten her own mood and avoid worrying about the fact that her brother was likely already off fighting villains elsewhere with the most danger prone person in all of Japan. [Read: Midoriya]

“What’d you say, Witch Girl?!” Katsuki shouted as he blasted the barricade down.

“Shit!” Maggie wined, ducking her head and covering her ears as the ringing intensified, “At least fucking warn me! I’m going to be completely deaf at this rate!” The poor girls hearing already could be shotty. Even though her day to day wasn’t too severely affected by it other than having to ask someone to speak up now and again, it's why she had sound amplifiers and deafening integrated into her helmet in preparation for the field. (Depending on the situation) She’d likely need hearing aids by the time she was fourty but being in close proximity with a human bomb repeatedly going off was not helping extend that date and further back.

“Well excuse me!” Katsuki yelled back, shaking out his arms. He’d long ago turned his hearing aids down to the lowest setting to prevent his explosions from further damaging his own ears. “I’m not the ones putting these fucking barricades up!”

“Now come on you two…” Kirishima chuckled awkwardly, “You were saying, Todoroki?”

Shouto nodded, continuing catching them up. “We saw that the pro’s at the party had been captured, and found out what was actually going on from All Might then decided that instead of just sitting around and letting the villains do whatever they are trying to do that we’d try to reset the security system on the 200th floor so it would release everyone.”

“And that's how you got here.” Ash sighed, patting Maggie’s back in an attempt to sooth her. “Maggie let me get us intentionally lost so she didn’t have to spend too much time at the party, and we met up with Kiri and Bakugo who’d also gotten lost. Bakugo yelled at Kiri for a while and we were going to go to the party but we stopped by the bathroom in the plant nursery.”

“We got distracted by the plants afterwards,” Kiri added, “The bathrooms in there must be sound proofed or something.”

“So you are telling me…” Maddie said, ire in her voice, hand in front of her mouth resting on the bridge of her nose. “That while we,” She gestured to herself and Todoroki, still trying to contain her frustration, “Were running up flights of stairs and trying to avoid armed guards…” She took a deep breath, cheeks puffing out. “You guys were just cosying up to a bunch of plants!?!”

Ash curled into herself, her voice raising in pitch, unsure what to say, “Yes?”

Maddie face palmed.

Katsuki blasted the next barricade and stepped through it before freezing, getting angry at seeing yet another slab of fucking metal. He turned to the rest of the group to say something, but stopped as he saw a metal door on the wall. “Fucking finally!”

“You took the words right out of my mouth!” Maggie yelled, probably twice as excited to see the door than he was.

“Okay, let's get up these stairs before Midoriya-kun does something stupid.” Maddie said as she got flashbacks to internships.

“How much do you guys wanna bet that Denki has already overused his quirk?” Ash asked as Kiri helped her through the last barricade.

“1000 yen.” Shouto said immediately.

“Hey,” Eijiro complained, coming to the defense of his friend, “Have a little faith in him.”

“Kirishima.” Katsuki deadpanned as he opened the door and began climbing the stairs. “Be realistic.”

Kiri sighed, following after him. “I’ll match Todoroki.”

“Triple it.” Maggie chuckled, beginning to jog up the stairs hand in hand with Ash, not wanting her to get left behind as they ran.

Maddie, being a little shit chimed in as she took off from Todoroki’s shoulder and flew above the rest, “I bet Hitoshi’s allowance on it.”

Ash laughed, “And what if we’re all wrong? Do we pay Denki?”

“If he honestly hasn’t gone stupid already? Then yes. He fucking deserves it.” Katsuki called back to her, not breaking his stride.

They ran up the stairs together, Bakugo leading the way. He and Todoroki blew up and froze any stray robots they came across with relative ease. There weren't many until they reached one particular floor.

Katsuki blasted groups of them away, the vein on his forehead feeling like it would burst as more took their place in front of him, shooting out ropes in an effort to catch him. Maddie swooped down, slashing the ropes with her talons before flying back up out of reach with a caw.

Katsuki blasted another one, thankfully actually destroying it, “Die you worthless piece of junk! Kirishima, I’m never letting you take me to a party again! This one is shit!”

“In my defense!” Kiri shouted back as he punched two robots straight through, “I did not invite the robots.”

Shouto froze the circuitry of a group of them, turning back to check on everyone, and once again ask Magnolia for some help. “Magnolia? Aren’t robots easy for you?” He asked.

“Yeah can’t you get rid of these annoying things!?” Katsuki asked as he blasted a few more, remembering earlier in the day when she’d gotten rid of the robots with ease. “Or are you too tired~” He mocked.

Maggie had already incapacitated a few that had surrounded her, but was pacing herself. She shot a glare at him before deactivating another, “Yes, when I'm prepared for them! Destroying robots that are made to be destroyed in a game is not the same thing as an ARMY of ones that are out for fucking blood guys! Give me some time to think!” Her mind was scrambled, the robots she’d gotten rid of were just on sheer instinct to kill anything that gets close . “There’s too many of these things!”

“Hey, come on guys!” Ash squealed as she burned a rope that caught her arm. “Let's not fight each other! Please?”

“Not to interrupt the soap opera going on in front of me,” Maddie screeched over the chaos, “But I just heard what sounded like a herd of elephants a few floors up!”

“That must be the others!” Kirishima smiled but it quickly faded, “But how are we going to get to them with these annoying rust buckets in the way.”

Maddie dropped from the sky beside him, stretching, “I’ve got this!” Maddie said as she transformed into a rhinoceros, “Everybody might want to step back!” She warned as she charged forward.

The other five followed close behind, letting her steamroll a path for them while they picked off the ones on the sides until they reached the floor the noise was coming from. Maddie didn’t stop, busting down the door and continuing running until she was sure they were at least momentarily in the clear.

Hitoshi was jumping from robot to robot, a brain-fried Denki cradled bridal style in his arms as he attempted not to get captured even though both him and his boyfriend were functionally dead weight in this situation. “Go to the party! It’ll be fun!” He mumbled as he leapt out  “Leave your sisters behind to fight villains. That's fine…” He grouched as he made it to the floor and ducked behind Iida to take a breather. An Iida that was stomping on robots far more effectively than he had been. “Let my boyfriend fry his brains so I have to make sure he doesnt get dragged away into oblivion by robots. Perfect. I should have just stayed at the hotel room with Pops. The one time I’ve taken my capture weapon off since I’ve gotten it-”

“Shinso-san, I understand your frustration but do not let this snuff out your spirit!” Tenya encouraged him as he sent another group of robots tumbling with the might of his calves. “You must stay vigilant and focus on the task at hand.”

“Thank you for the vote of confidence Iida, but I'm about as useful right now as a wet blanket on a cold winter's day.” Hitoshi snarked as he dodged a robot the Midoriya had sent flying in his direction. “In fact, I might be an active hindrance to the mission if these robots don't let up.”

“Shinso-san, don't be so hard on yourself! Everybody has weaknesses!” Momo said as she fended off robots with Jirou.

Jirou shocked a robot with her earphone, nodding, “Yours just so happens to be things without brains… Why are you dating Denki again?”

Denki groaned at that, grabbing Hitoshi’s shirt just barely. Hitoshi glared at Jirou, unamused, “He can still hear you, you know.”

Jirou opened her mouth to defend herself but it was then the floor started shaking, this time not caused by any of them.

“Oh no,” Melissa made herself scarce by pressing herself against the wall out of the way, “What do you think they're going to throw at us next?”

Jirou knelt down, putting her jack to the floor and wincing, “Reinforcements.”

The room started shaking so bad that even the robots were beginning to feel the effects. There were three loud bangs, then a panel of the wall came down, crushing a large group of the robots. Galloping through was Maddie as a rhinoceros, Ash on her back holding on for dear life while swinging around a lasso of light. Behind them came bursting in the rest of their friends they’d left behind. Hitoshi couldn’t help but sag his shoulders in relief, at least they were alright.

Maggie huffed, frustrated, tired, and just plain done with today. She grabbed the closest robot to her and just chucked it as hard as she could into the others. “FUCK THIS SHIT!” She screamed, not even noticing the row of robots that toppled like dominos.

Katsuki paused, surprised, eyeing Maggie. It wasn’t often he saw her get physical, and she sure as hell didn’t look like she was strong enough to do that at first glance. If he was being honest with himself, he would say he was a little impressed. “You’re not as weak as I thought you were.”

“Fuck you!”

With the six additional fighters, it wasn’t long until the last of this wave of robots were finished off, the entire group reunited.

“You guys are okay!” Ochoco said, grinning.

“We’re glad to see you.” Iida chimed in with a nod.

“Let's keep going, we have a lot further to go if we want to make it to the 200th floor.” Izuku said, continuing to lead the charge.

Melissa grabbed his arm, “Wait. I have an idea.”

Instead of climbing more stairs, she led them to the outside of the building, where wind turbines spun high into the sky. “If we keep climbing the stairs, more robots will be waiting to ambush us. You all will be exhausted if we make it past them all, and we could get captured, or it could just be too late to save everyone. So I have another idea on getting us up there, do you see that door up there?” She pointed to the very top, where a door could be seen through all the spinning blades. “That's an emergency exit leading right where we need to go.”



They managed to get up to the 200th floor, but seemingly knowing their plans, a large group of villains met them before they got much further inside. Some of them must have been from the control room, others seemingly having rushed up from the party.

“Shit.” Maggie hissed under her breath.

Momo was already panting, leaning against Jirou for support, “I’m already at my limit.” She said softly as the villians continued advancing forward.

Shouto glanced back at her, noticing some of the others in similar states, he threw up a wall of ice hoping to give them some time to figure something out. “What’s the plan?”

Izuku put a hand to his chin, pondering his options. “We need to get to the control room, but after all those robots a lot of us are out of commission. I’m not sure how we can make it there with the state of our group.”

“Speak for yourself, stupid Deku!” Katsuki shouted, already revving for another fight against something that wasn't a stupid piece of metal. “I’m going to blast these assholes into pieces.”

“He’s not worried about you dumbass,” Maggie rolled her eyes, genturing to a stupified Denki, exhausted and weakened Momo, and Iida who was trying futilely to start his engines, not to mention a quirkless Melissa. “He means them. If we let them fight they’ll get hurt, maybe killed.”

“As much as watching you two bicker makes my day,” Hitoshi snarked, readjusting his hold on his drooling boyfriend, “We still need a plan.”

“Easy,” Maddie was quick to jump in, “Punch. Villains.”

“We need a bit more than that, Maddie.” Ash sweat dropped, eyeing the quickly melting wall of ice. “How about this, you guys go with Melissa after we make a path through the villains. The ones who are most capable of keeping these guys busy will stay behind while the rest of you make sure she gets to the control panel safely.”

“That’s not a bad plan,” Iida said as he tried one last time to start his engines, brow pinching in frustration as they clicked like an old car in the cold. “Who will stay behind to distract them?”

“I can!” Ochoco said, balling her fists. She was almost as ready to fight as Bakugo was.

“Me too,” Kiri cheered, smacking his hardened fists together with a feral grin.

“Well I’m not going to leave these two idiots on their own.” Katsuki rolled his shoulders, turning to face the ice in preparation, not really caring what anyone else had to say.

“I think the more important question isn’t who's staying to fight these guys, but who’s going to face whatever comes up after them.” Maggie said, cracking her neck. “Who knows what else they have in store. It makes the most sense for the tired ones to go to avoid getting in the way here, but a few of you need to be able to handle whatever they're trying to keep us from getting to. I mean these guys are obviously grunts, the leader is probably up ahead.”

“I’m going with Melissa,” Izuku said, opening his mouth to elaborate further only to get cut off by Jirou.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious.” Jirou rolled her eyes, continuing to support Yaoyorozu. “I’ll go too.”

Hitoshi sucked his bottom lip between his teeth, unsure where he’d be more useful. Still he handed Denki over to Iida. Maddie clapped him on his shoulder, “Go with them.”

“Why?” He asked, wanting to see her reasoning.

“We don’t know how many more villains will come after these, or how powerful they might be.” Maddie said, shrugging. “Your quirk would be the most effective on any ones still in the control room since it won't destroy the equipment.”

“Maddie’s right, Shinso.” Melissa agreed with an eager nod. “Please come with us.”

Hitoshi nodded back, “Okay. I will.”

Suddenly, the ice wall came down. “It’s time to move!”



Ochoco, Shouto, Maddie, Eijiro, Katsuki, Ashlynn, and Maggie all stayed behind to distract the villains while the rest forged ahead. Passing by a doorway, Melissa stopped dead in her tracks. Inside was her father and his assistant Sam. The group watched in horror as the two talked, revealing themselves to be behind the take over of the island.

She was in disbelief, as were the others. “Do you have any idea how dangerous this was?!” She asked, motioning to the others, “How much danger they put themselves in to get here?”

David shook his head, not quite registering just how tired the kids looked with the information he knew, “But, they were actors. No one was in any actual danger.”

Hitoshi couldn’t help the absolutely done expression he wore, “Sir, you’re a genius.” He had to take a deep breath to keep himself from screaming his voice hoarse in frustration, “Do you seriously believe that actors would be willing to break onto a high security island to hold people including pro heroes hostage at gunpoint? Actors? This act alone makes them villains regardless.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Wolfram said as he sauntered into the room.

David’s face dropped, his grip on his invention faltering slightly as the repercussions of his actions began to hit him, “What is the meaning of this?!”

“It means you were never the one in charge,” Wolframs mouth twisted into a sickenly large grin. “The only act here was us fooling you into thinking we were anything but criminals. You.” He pointed to the professor's assistant, “Bring me the device. Now.”

He yanked the box from David’s hands, rushing down the stairs past the stunned children. David was left in shock