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Runeterran Private Club

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You walked in the bar and your eyes adjusted to the dim lights. It was an average night club, with some DJ from Piltover playing music in the back of the salon, a bar staffed by some bartenders who by their faces were already tired of enduring the drunken attitude of the patrons all night. There were some booths near the entrance, all occupied by groups of friends and couples.

     You left your coat in the entrance where a young man approached you to store it. You reached into your pocket and pulled out the red card that led you here. Being a famous mercenary captain with victories under Noxus, Demacia, Shurima and Ionia, you were not surprised when the Grand General himself appeared in your unit camp. He appreciated the loyalty of you and your men, which was high praise coming from the Noxian high command to a mercenary band. You knew how all nations handled mercenaries: Noxus had them in good standing, as they could just pay them to perform tasks that the army could not, for political reasons and all. Demacians didn’t like it, but could not deny the effectiveness of paid armies for their army could not cover all the skirmishes. Shurima and Ionia were more fragile, and being able to pay to deal with invaders was a normal thing.

“Think of this as an additional reward for your services”, the Grand General had told.

     Swain had given you the red card and directed you to go to this night club and show the card to the manager. You had no idea who it was until you saw an older man approaching the boy who took your coat and speaking to him. The man wore more refined clothing and had an air of authority. You approached him and asked:

“Excuse me sir, are you the manager of the establishment?”

“Yes sir, is there a problem in your experience here?”

“No, I was just told to find the manager and show him this.”, you said as you showed him the card.

“Oh I see. Please follow me sir.”, and made a gesture pointing to the back of the bar. You both walked through a door of what you supposed was the kitchen, before realizing that you saw no food in the salon. WHat you found was a staircase leading upwards, which was weird since no second floor was visible from the outside or the inside.

     Reaching the top of the staircase you saw a whole different ambient. It was more calm, and you could barely hear the music from downstairs. There was a bar filled with high end liquor that you couldn’t even pronounce the names. But the most unusual thing were the patrons. You saw Darius and Garen sitting on one table and talking as if they were friends, when you knew they were bitter rivals on the battlefield. Gragas was behind the bar making drinks, and Sett and Tryndamere were armwrestling as Olaf played the judge. Even Trundle was there, sharing a bottle of something with Gangplank. There was no way this was normal, all different figures from wholly different backgrounds sitting together as if they were colleagues. 

“This sir, is the Private Runeterran Nightclub. Only the most distinctive individuals are invited, and by entering you agree with the following rules: secrecy above all else, previous disputes are left at the door, and keep a civilized environment.”, the manager explained.

You saw that the side of the room opened to a round salon, where Xin Zhao and Jax were smoking narguile together. There were many different doors, each labeled after a region. Demacia, Noxus, Shurima, Ionia, Bilgewater, etc. More distant were doors labeled after things like “Exotic tastes” and “Shadow Isle”. You began wondering what all this was before the manager started speaking again.

“Behind these doors is the main attraction of the club. I assure you, everything and everyone behind this is the real deal. Don’t ask how, but know it is. I recommend trying the nearest ones before going to the back, for they can be quite overwhelming.”

Still a little confused, you looked at the door and wondered what could be behind them. Then you handed him the card and moved to the door labeled Demacia.

     You were greeted by the sight of a lavishly decorated room. All the motifs remembered Demacia, from the white stones that looked like petricite to the armors hanging from the walls. But your sight was focused on something else. In big round sofas that could fit about 5 people each you saw the prides of Demacia. Lux, FIora, Quinn, Shyvana, Vayne and Sona were sprayed in the couches, each wearing a mock up of their normal attires, covering little of their bodies. They all looked at the door as you walked in.

“Oh look, a new face.”, said Fiora in her strong accent.

You marveled at these women, all important demancian figures dressed like whores in front of you. 

“So, which one is gonna be?”, Vayne asked, smiling at you.

Still a little stunned, you approached Luxanna and she smiled.

“Well it looks like I got the first one.”, she said standing up and waving goodbye at the other women. She held your hand and led you through a curtain that opened into a corridor with lined up doors. She opened one and dragged you inside, locking the door.

     Before you could react she was pushing into the bed and kissing you while reaching for your cock. She was putting effort on it, her mouth invading yours as she got your cock out of your pants. She then broke the kiss and began sucking the head of your cock, really working it and covering your rod with saliva. Although still surprised, you wouldn’t complain having the Crownguard heiress blowing you. She sucked for some minutes before sliding your entire penis out of her mouth and lightly slapping it against her face, making her make-up smear and covering her with spit and precum.  Lux was Demacian high nobility, her family guarding the royalty for generations. Lux herself you only saw in pamphlets handed out in the streets, telling the news of the demacian royal family. Her figure was petite, with blonde hair in her shoulder lenght and bright blue eyes. And now you were seeing her almost naked, sucking on your cock like a cheap whore. Her breasts were small and perky, with pink nipples that just begged to be sucked. Her ass was nice, round and you could see she shivered when you gave it a slap. When she was done rubbing her face and her breasts on your cock, she asked.

“So sir, how would you like to take me?” she asked with your cock on her face. Still a little stunned, you hesitated a second before answering.

“Uh….. how do you like it?” 

“So I’ve gotten myself a gentleman”, she said, giggling. “I am quite partial to be taken from behind, if you so wish to indulge me.”

     You got up and positioned yourself behind the mage and had a good look at her pussy. It was a light  pink, with small outer lips and just a strip of blonde pubic hair. You could no ressit and buried your nose on the crotch for a second, smelling her scent.  Positioning your manhood on her pink outer lips, you saw she turned around and looked at you with a sultry smile. As you inserted your cock into the demacian girl, she began moaning and gasping. You still could not believe that you were actually fucking Luxanna Crownguard, but here was she, in the flesh, taking you dick from behinf like a bitch in heat. You were slow in the start before she said turned her head towards you and said between moans:

“There -uh- is no need to hold back sir. You can give me all you got.”

You honored her request by fucking her mercilessly, you cock ramming into her pussy with force. She began yelling and you grabbed her hair and pushed her head on the bed. By the way she clenched her walls around your penis, you could sense she had cummed.      Your thrusts were becoming more erratic as you mercilessly pounded the Crownguard heiress, and you felt your limit approaching. With one final deep thrust you shoved your cock inside her cunt and cummed inside her, hot seed splashing in the blonde mage’s insides. You felt she quiver again, cumming for sure.

     When you pulled your cock from her cunt, she turned around and began blowing you again, cleaning your penis and trying to suck out the last drops of cum. She then got up and headed to a door in the side  of the room, but not before turning to you and saying:

“Goodbye sir, hope to see you again.”, she spoke, blowing a kiss and waving her hand in goodbye.

You left the room still stunned from what just happened. THe only certainty is that you would  definitely  be returning to the club.

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The last weeks had been rough. The shurimans had hired you and you men to deal with packs of raiders on their south areas. What initially would be a simple job, just finding and killing the raiders, proved to be much more difficult. Their crocodilian mounts gave them unmatched speed on the dunes, easily outracing you horses and basilisks. A few of you men knew how to ride the massive reptiles, so the strategy would be to lure the criminals into a trap.It worked flawlessly, the raiders crashing into the nets placed on the canyon. After that killing them was easy, and you collected the payment from shuriman authorities. And after so much time in the desert, you definitely knew where to relieve stress.

     Entering the club, you noticed it was mostly empty, save for Talon and Gragas drinking in the bar counter. You approached the obese bartender and asked for some shuriman liquor you had tried on the last job. It burned your throat going down, like drinking the sunscorched dunes themselves. It tasted good, with notes of plums and saffron. Gragas was cleaning the glasses and Talon looked like he didn’t want to be bothered, so you finished your drink and headed for the rooms.

     Eyeing all the named doors, you thought for a while. Your last visit had been in the Demacian room with Lux so the logical choice would be to change things and go to a different region. In the end Noxus was your choice, and you opened the wooden door to find a room filled with war memorabilia. Axes, maces, armors, it looked like you could arm an entire battalion with the decoration. The most dangerous things in the room were not the weapons though. In large sofas like the ones you saw the demancian room, you saw four women. Katarina, the noxian assassin laid there, laying there with a jacket many numbers smaller than her size and lingerie, with her knife belts trying to cover her pussy. Next to her was LeBlanc, wearing skimpy lingerie that didn’t leave much to the imagination, and you couldn’t really tell if you were seeing one or two of her. Then was Samira, smoking a cigar and wearing just her thigh high boots. They all raised their heads when you walked in, but none spoke directly to you. Gathering confidence, you walked up to where Samira was sitting. The woman blew her cigar and looked up to you.

“Wanna go with me? Think you got what it takes boy?”

There was a 5 second staring contest before she laughed and got up.

“Fine you can try me.”, the gunslinger said as she walked to a corridor blocked by curtains. You followed her and saw her entering a room, and motioning you to follow her. Doing so, you found the noxian agent laying on the bed, her legs open and her brown tanned pussy on display, with a patch of pubic hair above it. She made a come and get it motion to you before saying:

“Don’t expect me to fuck you easily as those demacian sluts. If you want this pussy, get that mouth to work first.”

You smiled before walking to her and burying your face into her crotch. Her smell was musky, like that of spices and sweat. You began licking her clit, and began hearing the light moans coming from her. Still working her pink pearl, you slowly pushed one finger inside her cunt, then another, curling the upwards so you could press into her. Her moans became louder and in an act of teasing, you bit her clit lightly. She yelled as she came hard and grabbed your hair, pushing your face even more against her crotch. You looked up and saw her panting and biting her lip and looking down at you.

“Ok, give me that dick, but I’m in charge”, she said.

“Well, no.” was your answer as you picked her up and pinned her to a wall, her dripping cunt in the same level as your cock. She was going to object but you shut her mouth with your tongue, and she melted in your embrace. Her arms around you, holding her as you undid your pants, free your already hard cock. You bit her nipple causing her to moan, and then lined your cock to her entrance.

“Shove it inside me.”, she whispered in your ear, and so you did it. The noxian daredevil, shuriman born mercenary who took on the most dangerous missions the empire had to offer, not only surviving but flawlessly completing them, was now a moaning slut, begging you to stuff her full of cock. Her legs locked around in an effort to push you even deeper inside her, and her arms scratched you back as she came again. You fucked her hard for a couple minutes, holding the noxian and burying your penis in her. But soon you felt your climax approaching, and with one final thrust you shoved yourself inside her pumping her cunt full of cum. She orgames again as she felt the hot ropes of jizz and yelled. You were both panting, and you let her stand up, although her legs were weak.

“That was a good fuck kid, I’ll give you that.”

But you weren’t done with her. Weeks in the desert without sex made you pent up as you felt you cock harden again.

“Oh but we’re not done”, you said as you picked her up and threw her into the bed, her ass standing up. You mounted her, you cock resting on her asscheeks. 

“Now, you noxian whore, I’m gonna ruin that asshole of yours.”

She smiled sultrily and bit her lip as one hand spread an asscheek giving you a view of her tanned hole.

     You positioned your cock in her ass entrance and began pushing your member inside her. Her pussy was tight but nowhere near as her ass, as you slowly pushed yourself into her as she moaned. She got up on all fours as you finished putting all your length in her, so you grabbed her hair and used it as a handle as you suddenly began ramming into her. She would have collapsed were you not grabbing her hair, moaning loudly and uncontrollably. She came another time from the assfucking, and you knew you could not keep going as long as when you fucked her against the wall. A violent thrust was the final one as you came and removed your penis from inside her, shooting cum over her ass and back. SHe just laid there, smiling with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out. You got dressed and left her in the room, wondering if the noxian daredevil would still be able to perform her acrobatics with her asshole stretched like that.

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Another week, another night. Your pay for the last job in Shurima bought you and the men some time off. All these years in the mercenary business taught you to enjoy these moments, as the next job might send you into a frozen tundra or a scorching desert. You and the boys were out for a night out, one of the best ways to build camaraderie was getting drunk together, second only to surviving a ruthless battle.

     It was late when you and your band left the bar, some of them passed out and relying on the less drunk to carry them home. Not you though, after all these years you learned how to handle your drink. And unfortunately they couldn’t accompany you to your next destination. You made your way up to the club, and reaching the top of the staircase you noticed the place was unusually crowded. You saw Braum and Pantheon bonding over drinks (although Braum appeared to be drinking milk?) Draven playing cards against Twisted Fate and appearing to be losing, and many others. Reaching the bar counter, you ordered a freljordian vodka, much finer than what you had been drinking with your men. Next to your side was a man with a full beard smoking a cigar, with a glass of whiskey in front of him.

“Hey, you’re new here?”, he asked.

“Yeah, got my invitation some time ago”, you answered, slightly turning towards him.

“Name is Graves. Malcolm Graves.” he extended his hand to you. “So what did you do to get invited here?” You shook his hand and began spoking. 

“I do mercenary work all over the world. A couple ones were really beneficial for Noxus, so the Grand General gave me the invitation as a bonus payment.”

“Oh so Jericho is being nice now? How the old chump? It’s been a while since he showed up here.” You were surprised by his answer but managed to hide it.

“So the Grand General comes here?”, you asked back.

“Yeah, he has a habit of visiting the room of the place he plans to invade next to get ready. You should have seen here before the ionian invasion, the guy barricaded himself into the ionian room for a week, only Ahri coming out to get food and drinks”, he laughed. Your mind was still processing all this when he grabbed your shoulder and inquired:

“So, have you taken the Three yet?”

“Taking the what?”

“The Three. It's like an initiation ceremony.” He turned to Gragas “Hey fattie, you didn’t tell him to take the Three?”

“Not that I recall”, the bartender answered.

“All that booze is making you dumb, fat fuck” Graves then rose up and yelled “Hey Trundle, this man is new and hasn’t taken the Three, show him the way will ya?”

     A large blue figure stood up in the room and you could recognize Trundle, king of the trolls and one of the banes of any mercenary work in Freljord. He gave a thumbs up and walked towards you. Before you could protest he grabbed you and threw you over his shoulder, and shouting “TAKING THE THREE”. The chant began resonating in the room, as more and more people shouted along Trundle. He brought you to the front of the Freljord room, opened the door and shoved you in before telling you “Tell’em you be taking the Three” and shutting the door.

     The inside of the room was chilling, and you felt wind cutting you to the bone. There was ice covering the entry and you saw axes, hides and shields, but not like the noxian room. These were more crude, barbaric even. There was a firepit in the middle where some pieces of meat were being roasted. In a triangle disposition from the fire pit, you saw three round beds. One was regal, all in white and light blue hues and silk bed sheets. There sat Ashe, Queen of the Avarosians, wearing only her cape, boots and a luxurious lingerie, with garter belt and stockings, all in blue tones. She looked like a queen should, regal, composed, but you could see something more in her eyes. . The other bed was a platform with hides thrown on top of it. There you saw Sejuani, Warmother of the Winter Claw, wearing a leather top and panties, looking exactly the opposite of Ashe’s intricate lingerie. You saw Sejuani’s athletic body, her toned abs and thighs almost distracting you from her large breasts and bosom. She gave you a stare and rolled her eyes . The last bed was not much of a bed, just a flat ice surface. In it you could see reflected the blue ass of Lissandra, Frost Witch of the Praeglacius. She kept her headpiece but didn’t wear much else, just a bikini that barely covered anything, in great contrast to the cold of the room. 

There they stood, the three queens of Freljord laying almost naked in front of you. You recalled that Ashe was married to Tryndamere, but it was more of a political marriage (and besides, you saw him chanting for you in the club just a few moments ago.

“Well……… I’m here to take the Three?” , you said, still a little confused.

“Oh a new one?”, Lissandra said “Well let’s give him a proper welcome”. She got up and went to you, rubbing your arms. Ashe soon followed and grabbed your other arm, looking sultrily in your eyes. Sejuani then got up and headed to a corridor obscured by a curtain.

“Fine let’s just get this over with. Maybe this one will endure more than the last.”

     The Winter Clan chieftain led the way and you followed with the frost archer and the frost witch at your side. You followed Sejuani into a room that had a fire pit, making the temperature much more comfortable. There was no bed, instead many furs laid on the ground with pillows on top of it. The queens at your arms let go and Sejuani pushed you into the ground. You fell on top of the pillows and saw the three women looking at you. You couldn’t see Lissandra’s eyes, but she smiled mischievously. Ashe was more shy, but you saw the lust in her eyes. Sejuani was the exception, looking at you snidely. Lissandra and Ashe were the first to move, caressing your abs and going down until Lissandra moved her hand to your hardening crotch. She felt cold, but it was a stimulant, helping you grow harder as she stroked your cock. Sejuani knelt by your side and shoved her tongue down your throat, much more dominant than her sisters.

     Your view obscured by the warrior sister rough making out session, you did not see, only feel your cock being freed from your pants. Then, a warm and wet feeling enveloped your member’s head, followed soon by a cold one. Sejuani let go of you and you were able to see Lissandra and Ashe taking turns blowing you, and occasionally making out with your cock in the middle of their lips. Ashe's warm soft embrace contrasted with Lissandra’s wet and cold feeling. It felt incredible having two queens worshipping your cock, but you looked to the side and saw Sejuani there, masturbating and playing with her nipples under her bra. You pulled her to your arms and lifted her bra, moving to suck her nipples.The hardened warrior grabbed your hair and began moaning, and as bit one nipple you felt her jolt and pull your hair hard.

     This endeavor went on for some time before all three stood up and began undoing their undergarments. Ashe was the only one keeping some form of modesty, with her stocking and garter belt still on. All three looked at you again, as you got out of your clothes.

“So, who goes first?”, Sejuani asked.

You analysed all three of them. Lissandra looked like the more open, slutty one. Sejuani was tougher, and would probably be a fun one to fuck into submission. But your gaze fell on Ashe. The avarosan queen’s cheeks were red, and she still looked kinda shy. Her wet pussy was laid bare, with a carefully groomed strip of hair. Your eyes met and she moved to you as you moved the pillows so your upper torso was upright. Ashe sat on your lap and began kissing you, shyly at first but growing lewder. She then aligned your cock to her cunt and began lowering herself on your rod. When she was about half way through you shoved the rest into her welcoming hole, and she moaned loudly before smiling at you. Ashe began rocking her hips, impaling herself into you and you felt her spasm and cum. She didn’t stop though, and only began moving faster. You felt a cold sensation crawling and your legs and felt Ashe gasp and cum again, and moving your head you saw Lissandra spreading Ashe’s ass cheeks and eating her ass. It was a pleasant addition as Ashe grew even wilder and you felt your climax approach. The frost archer could feel it and whispered into your ear.

“Claim me. Fuck me. Breed me.”

That was enough to drive you over the edge, filling the avarosan with hot cum. She came again and laid on top of you, your cock still inside her and cum leaking from her cunt. You then felt a cold tongue licking your cock and saw Lissandra licking your cock and Ashe’s cunt, collecting all the cum oozing from the archer’s cunt. Ashe then rolled to your side and laid in the furs, recovering from the exercise. You felt exhausted and before you could do anything you felt an icy cold finger try to enter your anus. You saw Lissandra touching the rim of your hole and as you got up to proteste Sejuani pinned you down.

“You said you wanted to take the Tree? Then you have to cum inside all three of us, or Lissandra’s gonna finger you, and she won’t stop with one”. You finally realized why this was an initiation ritual. Feeling the danger you were in, you switched the situation and pinned Sejuani down, her ass raised and you positioned behind her. You saw that her pussy was more unkempt than Ashe, pubic hair growing more wild, a reflection of her warrior life.

“All three then? Ok so the next is you, Winter Claw bitch.”, you said, aligning your cock to her folds.

“Gimme all you got then, bitch boy. Bet you can’t even make me cum after spending all your stamina on Ashe.”, she taunted you.

“Let’s see then”, you said as you entered her. She suppressed a moan and you began moving into her. It wasn’t like Ashe, which was tender at first and then growing faster. With Sejuani, you pounded into her hard from the beginning. You saw her bite her lip and try to keep her cool, but the moans were escaping her.

“Is that -uh- all you got -uh- ?”, she said between moans and gasps.

“No” was your answer as you thrust deep inside her and slapped her ass. She came and let and her tongue laid out of her mouth, drooling and moaning.

“Beg for it.”, you said. She gathered her breath and steeled herself before going.

“Fuck me master. Make this bitch your and use me as you see fit.” You smiled seeing the warmother of the Winter Claw begging to be fucked. You kept pumping into her and saw Lissandra move Ashe in front of Sejuani. She began making out with the white-haired queen as she spread her legs and grabbed Sejuani’s hair, shoving her into Ashe’s still cum-filled vagina. Sejuani instantly began licking Ashe’s cunt, slurping into her nethers and cleaning the still leaking cum from the other queen’’s cunt.

     The sight was enough to make you cum,  pumping another freljordian queen full of your cum. You let go of Sejuani, letting the warrior collapse on the furs with her gaping pussy leaking cum. Looking to the other side, you saw Lissandra take her place in all four in front of you. Not wanting to lose any time, you positioned your cock on her shaved blue pussy and entered her. She felt much wetter than the two before her, and also cold. But a stimulating cold, not one that would make your cock grow soft. You pushed inside her with ease and began pounding the frost witch’s pussy.

“Don’t grow soft on me. After the thorugh fucking they got, i might get jealous if I don’t get the same”, she said sultrily.

You took this as a challenge and grabbed the two horn-like structures on her head piece, using the them as handles that allowed you to fuck her with more force. She appeared to enjoy it, moaning more and more.

“Yeah, treat you slutty frostborn bitch like she deserves.” You then spanked her ass like you did with Sejuani, but it made Lissandra bite her lip and look back at you.

“Harder master”

You rammed into her, making her moan and gasp like a cheap Bilgewater whore. The Praeglacius leader pussy began shivering as she came again and again, much faster than the others.

     During the fucking, you couldn’t help to stare at her tigh blue asshole. The challenge said you had to cum inside them, not that it had to be in their cunts. In one swift motion you pulled out of her vagina and rammed into her asshole. Lissandra screamed in pleasure, her asshole offering much less resistance than you expected. She looked back at you, biting her lower lip.

“Oh so master is feeling adventurous today? Good, fuck this little slut’s asshole. Ram it in me”

You saw that Lissandra was indeed the biggest slut of the three and indulged her, ramming your cock forcefully inside her. She came from the assfucking again and again, and when you felt your last climax approaching. you pulled her headpiece so hard her body twisted in backwards towards you. When you let her go, she collapsed on the furs as well. Feeling mighty tired, you got dressed and left the room with the three freljordian queens thoroughly fucked and filled with your cum. When you returned to the salon, Trundle was waiting for you at the door.

“So, ya got a finger up the bum or were able to creampie all of them” he asked.

“All of them”, you said, exhausted and almost fainting. The troll raised your hand and yelled “HE DID IT” and a cheer was heard.

“Now someone get this man a hard liquor, guy is about to pass out from exhaustion.”

Chapter Text

Pain. Soreness. That’s what you felt in every muscle of your body. The last job, taking a border outpost on the demacian side of the border for Noxus went terribly wrong. Perhaps you’ve been careless or their reckon was really that good, but they were prepared for your band’s arrival. Instead of finding some soldiers who would probably abandon their posts once the attack started, you found members of the Dauntless Vanguard. You troops were no match for Demacia’s elite, and some men were lost during the retreat. Recruits, all of them. You more experienced warriors left unscarred, a small solace in the fiasco that was that job.

     You walked in the club, not looking for carnal entertainment, just a hard liquor that you wouldn’t have to pay for. The place had just a few patrons, but you were too tired to pay any attention to their faces. Sitting on the bar counter, you asked Gragas for a strong bilgewater brandy and started drinking in silence. Soon, however, you felt pain as someone put a hand on your shoulder.

“Matey, ya looked like something a kraken ate and threw up on the shore.”

It was Gangplank, the infamous pirate captain of Bilgewater.

“Job gone wrong, got me and my crew and ass whooping from the Dauntless Vanguard.” you answered.

“Ouch, that must have hurt like a cannonball to the chest.”

“Yeah.”, you said before downing your glass and asking Gragas to refill it for ya.

“Have you tried seeing Akali on it?”

“I’m in no shape to fuck anyone right now.”, you answered.

“That’s not what I'm talking about matey. She does acupuncture, works wonders for your muscles after a beat up.”

You raised your eyebrows slightly showing a hint of interest. The pirate noticed and yelled across the room.


The shadow ninja just raised a thumbs up, not looking away from hsi game of cards.

“Just go to the ionian room and ask her for the needle treatment.”, the pirate said.

You thought for a second before downing another cup and thanking the captain, making your way to the ionian room.

     The door to the room was wooden, with two eastern dragons carved upon it. Opening it, you were greeted by a stunning sight. Resembling Ionia, you saw arches like those of temples, mat floors and a small rock fountain in the center. It was peaceful, an environment that brought you calmness. Looking around, you realized this was the most packed room that you’ve seen so far. You saw, Xayah the vastayan rebel who Noxus had put a sizable reward on, sit in a bed, sharpening her feather before throwing the at a target on the wall opposite to her, recalling the feather, and doing it again. She was wearing a red corset that almost pushed her breasts out, and her crotch was covered by a lace underwear of the same color. Karma was sitting in a meditating position, her legs crossed and eyes closed. You could see she was wearing a replica of her normal attire, but with much more cleavage and much shorter. Irelia, the blade dancer, one of the leaders of the ionian resistance, was laying on a round bed like the others wearing a strapless bra and thong. Her blades danced around her, in perfect synchrony that you almost forgot they were a lethal weapon. Syndra, the dark sovereign, was performing tricks with her spheres, probably in an effort to entertain herself until her next client arrived. She wore thigh high boots and an intricately set of lingerie, all in tones of black and purple, and the only thing missing was her headpiece. Ahri was one of the most seductive women you saw yet. She hid before her many tails before moving and appearing for you, wearing a strapless bra and an ionian sash around her crotch. She eyed you lustfully and should your muscles not be in the terrible state they were, you would probably have taken her right there. Your, however, averted your gaze and walked to where akali was sitting. The ninja was performing a throwing routine much like Xayah, but was using kunai and hitting five different targets at the same time, all in the dead center. She wore fishnet socks and sleeves, with a strapless bra (you began to think this was probably ionian standart) and a small sash, much like Ahri’s. Her most distinguishing feature was her mask, which she still kept on. You approached her and she eyed you.

     “! was told to ask for the needle treatment”, you told the ninja.

“Oh I see, please follow me.”. She got up and led you to yet another corridor and into a room. But  you saw a mat floor with many pillows on it.

“Please disrobe and lay down sir.”, she asked pointing to a spot in the middle of the room. You disrobed with some difficulty, your muscles still sore. She eyed you the whole time, but the mask covering her lower face made it difficult for you to see any reaction she might have. You laid down and saw her pickup a small box with incense and some incense and light it on a lantern nearby.

“This will help you relax.”, she said. And it did, the aroma of jasmine filled the room, and you could feel your breath grow slower and calmer, the tension beginning to leave your body.

“Now I will start placing the needles.” She opened another box, this one filled with tiny needles that you doubted could pierce skin. Akali began placing them all over your body and you felt little stings of pain as the first ones were introduced. However, you could soon feel as if the soreness and the pain were melting away. The skilled shinobi knew the points in which your body was most tense and hurt, and focused her needles on it. You closed your eyes and relaxed for some time before you felt her removing the needles and telling you “Now we are doing the other side”. You got and laid face down and she began the same process on your backside.

     You actually fell asleep when she was doing you back, and woken when she tapped you on the shoulder and said “Sir, we are finished”. You got up still naked and stretched your arms. The pain and soreness were gone, and you felt like you just had exited one of Ionia’s hot springs. The acupuncture really did wonders for your body. 

“Anything else sir?”, Akali asked. The ninja was sitting on her feet, looking up to you. You looked at her, the fishnets, the mask, the toned abs and ample bosom. Without saying anything, you approached her, your hardening cock on the level of her face.

“Oh I see.”, she said, grabbing your cock with her hands. He began jerking you off to get you fully hardened before lifting her mask, putting the tip in her mouth. She licked it thoroughly before taking the entirety in her mouth, deepthroating your manhood. Her tongue was as skilled as her hands, dancing around your cock as her mouth enveloped you whole. After blowing you for some time, she pulled out your cock and said.

“Sir, your body is still recovering, so may I suggest you lay down and let me do all the work?”You agreed and laid down on  where she had treated you. Akali got on top of you, you hard cock resting in her thighs. She removed her sash and you could see her smooth crotch. She lifted herself up and aligned you to the entrance of her wet cunt. She slid the tip in easily, and slowly lowered herself on your cock. She rested her hands on her knees and began bouncing, and you could feel her wet count swallong your manhood in. Akali kept going and you grabbed her bra and pulled it down, revealing a pair of pierced nipples. Pulling her towards your body, you began sucking on one nipple and she moaned harder. The taste of metal and sweat on your mouth was intoxicating, and you felt her come as her walls tighten around you. Playing with her nipples, you began licking her neck when she looked down and in one swift motion tore her mask of. She was beautiful, and you could appreciate her face before she began lewdly kissing you and enveloping you in her embrace.  

You both stayed this way, the sounds of sex filling the otherwise calm room, until your orgasrm came and you filled her cunt with your seed, shooting rope after rope of hot cum inside her. Akali shivered as she came too, still making out with you. You were both panting, she on top of you, as she began collecting your semen with her finger and licking it off her fingers.

“Delightful sir”, she said.

You got up feeling renewed and gave her ass a slap before leaving.

Chapter Text

After the needle treatment and subsequent fucking with Akali you returned to the saloon, feeling much better then when you came in. Returning to the bar, Gangplank was still there, now talking to Sylas over some drinks. You sat on the same stoll you were before, and he turned to you.

“So mate, feeling better?”

“Well yeah, a lot. Had no idea there was any service here besides fucking and drinks”, you answered.

“There are a couple. Soraka in the Targon room is requested half the time for healing instead of fucking”. Sylas then joined the conversation and turned to you.

“Hey new guy, nobody gave you the rundown of this place?”

“The manager from  downstairs told me the three basic rules and that the further rooms were recommended for more experienced guests.”

“That’s just the basics”, the demacian outlaw said. “There are a few more protocols, let’s say. The more common rooms, aka mostly humans and well known are the closest. Noxus, Demacia, Ionia, etc. If you put your hand on the door but not open it it will show the name and title of the available girls, as well as a picture, so you know the less famous ones. The girls are here on their own will, so no forcing anything or you will get beaten down to a pulp before your cock gets out of your pants. Threesomes, foursomes, anything goes as long as they agree. You can also bring some friends from the club if you feel like gangbanging any of them. Irelia has a thing for it after Sawin, Darius, Draven and Talon ran a train on her, calling it The Noxian Invasion.” The mage and Gangplank chuckled, and you pictured the captain of the ionian resistance being used as noxian fuck meat.

     “Also, no mixing rooms. Keep them separated, so no threesomes with Katarina and Fiora or anything like that.”

“What about the further rooms?”, you inquired.

“Oh yes, those ones. Well the girls in the Targon room are…….. complicated. Very powerful, much more than the other. So you could leave bruised, with some broken bones, blind or anything. A really good fuck if you can handle them. The Shadow Isles girls can be kinda creepy, but if that’s your vibe maybe you’ll like it. The Exotics tastes is where the most unusual girls hangout, the ones who don’t quite fit into their own regions. If you have an open mind, give it a try sometime. We also had a Bandle City room, but it only worked when Lulu casted Wild Growth on the yordles, so it was shut down. She does come over from time to time though.” The part on the Exotic Tastes intrigued you, making you wonder how exotic would these girls really would be.

“Oh and we also have a couple events where the girls leave their rooms and perform on the center of the main hall; Mostly themed, like when Kai’sa, Ahri, Evelynn,Akali and Seraphine perform in a band that gets fucked by their audience after a show, or the star guardians were they play ‘protectors of runeterra defeated and fucked by evil minions’. It 's fun. And you can also ask for recommendations to Gragas, he knows what girls can fulfill any particular requests you have. And he also runs the wheel of fortune.”

“Wheel of fortune? What 's that?”, you asked.

“It’s just a gimmick we have. You say which rooms you want and roll the wheel, then fuck the girl it land’s on. Good if you’re having trouble picking one.

     You were puzzled by the idea and turned to the bartender. “Hey Gragas, can you run the wheel for me?”

“Sure new guy.” Gragas then pulled a medium roulette from under the bar. It had many moving parts, making the space where the needle would land smaller or bigger.

“So, which rooms do you wanna put kid?”

“All of them”, you said, boldly. Gragas looked at you and said. “You know it is  really  frowned upon if you don’t take the result right? It's kind of an unwritten rule here. Nobody will hit you or anything, but the judgemental looks will be constant.”

“Hey, a pussy is a pussy, a blowjob is a blowjob. I can take it.” Gragas smiled at your confidence and rolled the wheel.

     The needle spined on the counter, with you, Gangplank, Sylas and Gragas watching to see where it would land. You saw tiny pictures of many women, some which you had fucked before in the club, but many were unknown to you. For some seconds, you all forgot your drinks and watched as it began to slow down, taking longer to pass each woman's picture. It almost stopped on Katarina, then Kayle, then LeBlanc, barely passed leona and stopped on Lillia. The three men opened their eyes widely and looked at you. Gangplank suppressed a laugh and told you “Remember, no take backs”. You looked at the small picture of this Lillia and wondered why they reacted that way.

“She is not hard on the eyes.”, you retorted.

“The top part of her is not.”, Sylas answered back.

“Ah fuck it, how hard can it be. Gragas, where is this one?”

“Exotic tastes room kid.”

     You downed Gangplanks glass and gave him a tap on the back before getting up and heading to the room as you heard “Good luck mate” coming from the captain behind you. Walking to the furthest part of the hall, you opened the Exotic Tastes room, and found a corridor behind it. It was a spacious one, with more doors on it. You passed along them and began reading the names on the doors. Cassiopeia, Elise, Zyra. You never heard of these women before. Finally there was a door named Lillia. You opened it and seemed like you walked into a clearing in the woods of Ionia. There was grass on the floor, and you could see butterflies flying and sky above you. Before you could begin to rationalize how a room on the second floor of a building could lead to an environment like this, you heard a voice from behind a larger tree calling to you.

“Uh, hello…….”. You looked to where the voice came and saw a woman with blue and purple hair, long ears that looked more like those of and elk. She had fair skin and her petite breasts were covered by a bra made of leaves. She had her lower body still behind the tree and was clutching some kind of staff.

“Hello…..?” You greeted her back, hesitantly.

“You, you are here to visit me, right?”

“I am. I mean, if you are fine with it. Your name is Lillia right?”

“It is. I am sorry mister, it’s just been some time since I had a visit here. I-I think you should see me before we do anything” She walked from behind the tree and you could see what the guys at the bar meant. Her lower body was of a small deer, brown with white spots, thin legs in the end of them. A fluffy tail perked from the back of her body. 

“It is okay if you wanna turn back now. I know I am different and many men prefer more usual girls”. Her tone was sad, and honestly felt bad for the girl. You would not turn back now, not even for the wheel, but just to lift the deer girls self esteem.

“No Lillia, I think you are beautiful. And I would like to spend some time with you, if you agree with that.”

The dryad’s face lighted up and she opened a huge smile and pranced towards you.

“Oh thank you thank you thank you mister. I will try my best to make you happy!”. She hugged you tightly and you embraced her too.

“Please come with me”, she said as she grabbed your hand and led you under the big tree where she hid herself. Reaching the spot, she shyly approached you.

“We-we begin with kissing usually…”, she said. Confidently, you walked up to her and placed your hands on the small of her back, pulling her closer. When your lips touched, you felt her shyness beginning to fade as her tongue slightly entered your mouth. You made out with her slowly at first, letting the dryad get accustomed to you. Your hands wandered the human part  of her body, touching her hair and her ears. When you thought she was comfortable enough, you slid a hand into her bra and began playing with one of her breasts. You heard a small “Yip!” escape her mouth but she touched your hand, encouraging you to continue. You then slowly pulled her bra down, letting her petite breasts free. They were normal, with the exception that her nipples were a deep purple. 

     Breaking from the kiss, you lowered your mouth to her breasts and began sucking and licking one while playing with the other with your hands. She gasps and let out another “Yip!” escape, but began playing with your hair and pushing your face deep into her chest. Switching nipples, you kept like this until you felt her grip on your hair tighten and a louder moan leave her mouth, signs she had come. Lillia then lifted your face and kissed you again, before kneeling her deer legs and opening your pants.

“Now let me return the favor, mister.”, she said, growing less shy at your intimacy. The dryad freed you already hardening manhood from your pants and gasped looking at it.

“It’s been so long I forgot they could be this size. It is almost like a tree trunk!”, she exclaimed. Grabbing your cock with one hand, she began jerking you slowly as her other hand played with your balls. The sensation was pleasant, and she saw your reactions and began pumping you more rapidly. Suddenly, you felt her warm mouth envelop you manhood, and looking you saw the deer girl blowing you, covering your cock with saliva. You grabbed her ears and began guiding her with them, while also giving her a massage. She seemed to enjoy that, as she did her best to deepthroat your entire penis.

     After some time blowing you, Lillia removed your cock from her mouth and looked up to you.

“Mister, hun, if you want, you could use my, my”, she covered her face with both hands” my………. pussy .” She closed her eyes and looked to the side, not wanting to look at you before your answer.

“It is okay if you wanna finish in my mouth, most people do.”. You still saw a point of sadness in her voice, and decided to go all the way, thinking maybe it could help her self esteem.

“I would very much like to use you, Lillia. But, well how may I put it, how would that work? Where is it?”, you told the dryad.

“REALLY MISTER?! Oh thank you so much, she hugged you tight.

“Well my hole”, she still looked to the side while saying it “is in the end of my lower torso, so you could get behind me and grab my hinder legs.”

“Ok I got it. Do you wanna do it here or is there anywhere you wanna go?”

“No mister, here is just fine”, the deer girl said as she got up and aligned the back of her deer parts to you. Looking at her “ass”, you saw that under her tail there was a small hole, dripping fluids. You pushed a finger into it and Lillia gasped, before saying.

“Yes mister, there it is”.

You played with her cunt, pushing two fingers inside and watching her reactions. You then removed your finger and as Lillia was waiting for a cock, what touched her cunt was your tongue.She was shocked and gasped loudly, looking back at you.

“You - uhn- don’t have to do that mister”

“But I want to. You taste wonderful Lillia, and it would be a sin to see such a pretty pink pussy and not licking it.”

“Oh stop”, she blushed and hid her face with her hands as you went down on her. You tasted her pussy, and felt her tail brush against the top of your head. Her hind legs folded and you felt her tighten, as she came again.

     “Ready Lillia?”you asked as you got up and placed your cock in her outer lips.

“Yes mister, please use me”, she said looking back at you blushing. You entered her cunt slowly, and she moaned as you stretched her pussy. She was tight, more than any girl you fucked yet. She was gasping hard and you pushed your entire cock in her, hitting a bump just as you hit a bump inside her.

“Wow, it’s so big”, Lillia said smiling and looking back at you. Feeling she was confortable, you began fucking her slowly, but increasing in speed. You grabbed her furry backside and began pulling it towards you, slamming her cunt into your cock. You saw her legs folding a little as she gasped and moaned. Suddenly you grabbed her tail and she tightened around you.

Please pull it harder …..” She whispered, and you yanked it a little as she let out a louder moan. You kept fucking her and grabbing her tail until you felt your climax approaching. Slamming inside her deep one more time, you cummed inside her and felt as her walls spasmed as she came with you. Your cum filled her cunt and you stayed inside her for a couple seconds before removing yourself and watching you white seed drip out of her pussy. She turned back to you with an after sex glow,  smiling profusely.

“Thank you so much for choosing me mister.”

“You’ve been wonderful Lillia.”

“Can I request you something? Could you tell the barman to send people to me more often? It gets lonely here and I really want to do it more”, she asked you, with puppy eyes.

“Sure, I will put on a word with Gragas, try to get you more company.”

“Oh thank you thank you thank you mister”, she said, hugging you tightly.

     You left the room and came back to the bar, where Gragas, Gangplank and Sylas were still in the same spots. Gangplank saw you coming and turned towards you.

“So mate, how did it go?”, he asked as the other two looked at you and waited for an answer.

“Surprisingly well. The girl is lonely so she gave 110% of herself. And deer pussy was tight as fuck.”

The three smiled at you and chuckled a little, respecting you for abiding to the wheel rule.

“Also Gragas, she asked me to tell you to send more people to her. She was eager to serve more people”. The bartender pondered for a second before answering you.

“Sure new kid, I’ll send more people to her. But if she is as tight as you say, soon her pussy will be filled with more dicks than you can count.”

Chapter Text

There you were again, going up the stairs to the club. Last contract was quick, so there was no pent up stress. The demacians hired you and your people to deal with some incidents near  a distant city, as the Dauntless Vanguard and most of the army were busy with mage skirmishes near the northern border. You were cautious as there were rumors that some kind of supernatural entity haunted the city, but in the end were just some bandits with the help of a shadow mage that conjured up illusions and shadows so that people were terrified and they were left free to do as they please. Once the farce was uncovered, was just a matter of finding their hideout and putting them to the sword. The demacians paid extra for the discretion, so you gave the band some days off before the next job appeared.

     Entering the club, you saw the usual regulars. Gangplank and Jayce were at the counter along with Gragas behind the bar. Jarvan and Garen had a table near the center, with a bottle of Ionian spirit between them as they laughed together. Near the hall where the girls rooms were located you saw some other patrons gathered near a lower table which looked ionian. Approaching the bar you ordered demacian brandy and Gangplank greeted you.

“Hey mate”

“Hi GP, everything good?”

“Kinda meh, not so much booty at the sea right now.”

“So you came here to get said booty?”, you joked, smirking. Gragas shaked his head at your terrible attempt at a joke. Gangplank however laughed honestly.

“Really mate, that one was terrible.”

“I know”, you said before sipping more of your brandy.

“Hey, why are people gathered at that table?”, you said pointing at the ionian style one.

“Oh that’s Zed and Shen, They are playing some ionian chess. Weird rules, but they are the best players here so whenever they play against each other it gathers a crowd.” Gragas answered.

“Really, the best players?”

“Well, technically the very best in the club are Irelia and Karma, but they are not here to play that kind of game”, he said, chuckling to himself.

“That I can see”

     Finishing your drink, you got up and went to see the match. Shen and Zed were sitting with their legs crossed staring at a board with white and black stones. Shen moved the white ones and Zed the blacks. You watched as they stared intensely at the board before moving each stone, sometimes over and opened one and removing it from the board. It seemed simple at first, but soon the movements became different, stones got back on the board and some stones switched sides. You watched for some minutes before deciding you had no idea what was going on, before heading to the ionian room to play a game you were more familiar with.

     Entering the room , you saw it was less occupied than the last time you went in. Ahri and Syndra and Xayah were absent, leaving Akali Irelia and Karma to present themselves to their next clients. Akali was in the same clothing you saw her last time, skimpy ninja clothing, mask and fishnets. Irelia was wearing the same strapless bra and thong and Karma had the skimpy version of her normal dress, with a sash barely covering her crotch and her breasts almost popping off the sides of her tight dress. You went to Irelia first and she looked at you. More accustomed to the club’s customs, you slapped her ass and she perked up.

“Get Karma too and follow me”, you told her.

“Is it just you?”, she asked. You remembered how the guys told you she was a slut for gangbangs after the noxians ran a train on her.

“Today yes, but maybe I’ll get some guys to ruin your every hole at the same time one day”

She smiled mischievously at your proposition and stood up and walked to Karma. The priestess was meditating with her legs crossed and eyes closed. You didn’t know if she really didn’t see Irelia coming up to her or just pretended, but the captain approached Karma and began kissing her. The priestess kept her eyes closed and when Irelia broke the kiss and pinched one of her nipples under the dress. She then whispered something in Karma’s ear and she stood up and walked to a corridor, side by side grabbing each other's ass.

     You followed then to a room identical to the one where you fucked Akali. Mat floorboards, pillows and a rug on the floor and motifs of ionian inspiration on the walls. You sat down amidst the pillow and they both looked at you, waiting for orders.

“Wrap those nice tits around my cock.”

They smiled and Irelia pulled down her strapless bra, while Karma removed her dress, leaving only her boots on. They began rubbing their tits on your already hard cock, while looking sultrily into your eyes. You grabbed their head and pushed them  together and they began sloppily making out, their tongues dancing above your cock while their tits massaged it. They kept at it until you pulled Karma up to you and began making out with the priestess. She kissed and dragged her hands through your body and rubbed her already cunt against you. While she did it, the ionian resistance captain began blowing your penis. She worked the head first, licking around it and placing kisses before taking the entire thing into her mouth at once. You felt the back of her throat as your entire members entered her mouth and she didn’t gag once, showing her experience on the endeavor. When you felt your climax building up, you removed Irelia from your cock and moved Karma on top of you. She understood the lead and aligned her wet pussy folds to your cock. Irelia also removed her thongs and threw it at you, and you moved it to your face, feeling her womanly scents on the undergarments. Just when you were about to enter Karma’s pussy, you heard a knock on the door. Puzzled, you looked at the door and heard a womanly voice behind it.

     “May I come in?” the voice said in a slow and teasingly tone. Knowing it was a woman, you decided to risk it and.

“If you’re naked and wet, please do”, you answered. You heard a giggle before the door was opened and Syndra entered the room wearing only her headpiece and a purple garterbelt. You heard stories about the Dark Sovereign, a powerful mage that lived in a temple on the remote island of Fae’lor, sealed away by the spirits but freed when Noxus invaded. However you now saw her almost naked and definitely wet as she watched your cock brushing the tip of Karma’s lower lips.

“Oh don’t stop on my account, I just wanna join the party”, she said, approaching the three of you. You grabbed Karma's ass and slammed your cock into her as you watched her surprised face. Her wetness allowed your cock to slide in easily, and you soon found yourself completely buried into her pussy. She soon took the initiative herself, bouncing on your cock as she moaned. Irelia began trailing kisses down her neck before reaching her breasts and began sucking on one of her tits.

     Suddenly, you felt a different sensation in your dick as you fucked Karma, as if your cock was hitting bumps inside her. Peeking your head behind the tanned and curvy body of the priestess you saw Syndra grabbing her ass with one hand. She looked at you and smiled before making a pulling motion that made Karma moan harder. Then you realized Syndra had produced a cord of dark sphere and had been pushing then one by one into Karma’s ass. You gave her an approving nod and kep fucking Karma as rhe anal beads were inserted in her. All the peace and calm had completely left her, as she bounced on your cock, slamming her wet cunt into your crotch. She moaned and gasped and you even saw her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a bitch in heat. That was enough for you to go over the edge and fill her vunt with hot cum. She slowed down and laid on top of you with your cock still inside her.

     You then saw Irelia grab Karma and lay her to the side. Her firm and toned body climbed on top of you as she went “My turn now”. Instead of letting her ride you however, you pulled her in for a kiss before laying her on the mat with her ass up. She looked back at you biting her lip and you grabbed the back of her neck, pushing her down as you entered her pussy from behind. You gave her no time to adjust, as you thought her toned body should endure it, and began hammering at her. She took it well, as this slut was used to noxian gangbang, so she could handle a single cock easily. What you saw then was Syndra moving near Irelia face. The sovereign spread her legs and guided Irelia's tongue into her crotch. The ionian captain wasted no time and began eating her out, circling her clit with her tongue and lightly biting it. Syndra began to lightly moan and grabbed Irelia hair, guiding her where to lick. Syndra looked at you and you saw her wave her hand, the anal beads leaving Karma’s ass and going to her, before merging and forming two dark dildos with purple glow. She took one and inserted into her own ass, gasping as it stretched her rim. The other she floated into your hands and pointed to Irelia, while placing a finger on her lips to tell you to be quiet about it.

     You understood what she and as you fucked Irelia while she licked Syndra cunt, you began inserting the dildo into her ass. Irelia was shocked and when she went to turn her head to look at you, you pushed her down.

“Just take it like the horny bitch you are, ok?”, you told her;

She seemed to calm down and began slapping against you harder, and by the sound of Syndra’s moans she was also licking her harder. You kept this motion until you heard both women orgasm, and then you released yourself inside Irelia. She just laid down and you removed your still hard penis from her cunt. Suddenly an idea crossed your mind and you grabbed Irelia’s her and guided her to your balls.

“And you, clean up.”, you ordered Syndra. 

Syndra looked at you and crawled to your cock and sucked on it, placing her hair behind her ear to better suck on your cock. The cleaning actually got you hard again and Syndra kept sucking. Feeling the last load of cum in your balls coming you told the three to gather around your manhood. They did and when you came it sprayed on their tits and their faces, as they tried  to catch it with their tongues too. A pretty sight you thought to yourself, some of the most powerful women in Ionia drenched in your cum.

Chapter Text

Going back to town with your band, you were pretty satisfied with the situation. You were hired by the Piltovian Academy to escort some scholars to an expedition near Icathia, the lost city in the outskirts of shuriman territory to retrieve some relics. The place was thought to be dangerous, tales of monstrous creatures lurking in every corner. You used this to severely overcharge the academy, and they obliged, paying you enough to keep the band fed and supplied for three whole months. The trip, however, was a tranquil one. You walked the shuriman desert for days before reaching Icathia. There, the scholars grabbed the relics, scrolls and records quickly and left quickly, as you could not shake the feel that something was lurking near. Nothing happened however, and one week later you returned to Piltover to collect a handsome payment.

     You decided to reward yourself by paying a little visit to the club, and entering the bar you saw a normal day. Gragas behind the bar and some patrons drinking at the tables and some by the counter. Approaching the counter, Gragas gave you a not and asked.

“Hey new guy, what’s gonna be today?”

“Give me something top shelf, celebrating a job gone pretty well.” He scratched his chin thinking before using a claw to reach a bottle on the high shelf.

“Solari sun scorched cognac. Brewed by the solari, aged under continuous sunlight for one year before being bottled. Almost burns your tongue at first, but you almost feel the heat of the sun spreading through your body.” He poured it on one shot and you saw the yellow liquid shining a little on the glass. You held it for a while, watching the liquid in your glass before downing it. It felt as if you burned your tongue with fire at first, but when it went down you felt a warming sensation spreading through your veins.

“Woah, this shit is outstanding.”, you told Gragas.

“It is. We had to go through some trouble to get it, but now there is a supply of it.”

     One of the side effects of the drink, you observed, was that your cock was rising on its own. But there is no better place than the club to deal with the situation.

“Hey Gragas, I’m needing some lively and enthusiastic girl, who can you recommend?”

“Lively you say? You aware of the robberies and explosions on Piltover some time ago?”

“Yeah, great mess, heard they never caught the culprit.”

“They didn’t. It was a girl, she’s in the Piltover & Zaun room. Blue hair, name Jinxs. One of the most lively in the club.”

“Thanks man.”, you said, leaving the glass and heading to the room.”

     Entering the room you found it filled with many decorations machine-themed, giving a more futuristic tone. There were 6 round beds, but only 2 were occupied. One Janna, the wind mage who saved Zaun. The curious thing is that she was wearing her normal outfit, which showed a lot of skin so there was no need to put on a skimpy version of it. On the other bed however, you saw a pale girl with two blue braids, a pink stocking on one leg and a short about the same size as a panty. She had her back turned to you, playing on some kind of handheld device. Suddenly she turned to you and you saw her face, completely excited.

“HEY PICK ME! ME HERE, I’M HERE PICK ME”, she yelled and waved her hand at you. You never saw this reaction in the club before. You approached her, her smile widening.

“So, let 's go?”, you asked.

“YES YES YES YES”, she yelled, jumping to her feet and grabbing your arm and leading you behind a metal door that opens when you get close.

     Entering you saw a room with all metal furniture, a spacious bed and some night stands on the side. You had no time to observe it before Jinxs pushed you on the bed and began undoing your pants. She freed your cock and began sucking on it, deepthroating you already. People always said to never stick your dick in crazy, but since you are here, why not? She continued blowing on it, undoing her bra and letting her petite tits out. They were small and pale, and begging to be sucked on. She blew you hungrily, shoving your dick inside her throat hard. You began getting up and she stopped blowing you and got on all four, already out of her shorts and you saw her pussy and ass. Her cunt was pale with pink outer pink lips and a small strip of pubes the same color of her hair. When you got behind her and aligned your cock to her pussy she looked at you.

“Nooooo, do it in my ass!”, she said. Obliging her, you poked at her asshole with your cockhead and began penetrating her. She was tight was began moaning and laughing as you began fucking her ass. You started fucking her and grabbed her braids and pulled.

“Yesssss, do it harder daddy”. You were a little weirded by the daddy, but brushed it off and kept fucking her. Suddenly, you saw her produce a rather large dildo covered with little plastic bumps all over it. She turned it on and looked at you.

“Could you shove it in my pussy daddy?”. Why not, you though as you penetrated her vagina with the dildo. She moaned her and you felt the dildo’s vibrations on your dick as you fucked her ass. 

     She began panting spasmed, her walls tightening against you. That also sent you over the edge and came inside her filling her asshole with white hot cum. You laid back on the bed over some pillows and removed your cock from her. She took the dildo out of her pussy and looked at you with a maniacal look on her face.

“So can we do it again?”

“Woman stop. Calm down.”, you said in a commanding tone. She seemed to slow down a little, and you grabbed her and pulled her face close.

“You wanna go again? Ok we can go, but slowly and I set the pace. Ok?”, you said, grabbing her neck near your face.

“Ok daddy, anything you say”, she said, biting her lip.

“Good, now come here”, you told her, as you pulled her face close and started making out with her.

She began kissing you slowly, her tongue dancing with your as your mouths connected. This was slow, calm, so you could properly enjoy the petite nympho that you got today. You grabbed her ass and broke the kiss and began sucking on her small tits, and she moaned but differently from before. This was less energetic but more lewd, more sultry. You kept sucking her and she began jerking you off slowly, giving proper attention to the head. She moved her neck to your neck and licked it, before whispering in your ear.

“Put it inside daddy, give your little minxs the cock she wants”

     You slid into her, her cunt still wet from the previous fucking and now from the foreplay you had. She gave one slow gasp and you began fucking her slowly, in a more rythimic pace than the hard and fast fucking you had before. her hips moved along with yours and she began sucking face, making out as you penetrated her. This kept until you felt her moans in your mouth and you gave one final thrust into her cunt, filling her other hole with cum. She gave you a long kiss with a lot of tongue before getting up and letting your cock out of her pussy. You got up and got dressed, as she eyed you sultrily. Before leaving, you pulled her close and gave one final kiss and slap on the ass. She bit her lip and smiled.

“Cum over whenever you like, daddy.”

Chapter Text

     You had just returned to town after another job from the Piltover Academy. Apparently your work with the expedition to Icathia was highly appreciated, so they you and your crew for another expedition, but now to the ixtalian jungles, where some scientists from the biology department wanted to get some samples and data from the local flora and fauna. It paid way less than the icathian one, but the pay was still nice, as the academy’s pockets ran deep. So you took the job and headed for the jungle.

     This expedition was hell. The ixtali jungle seemed to take upon itself to flush you out. Constant rain prevented you from building proper camp and getting a good night of sleep. Constant mosquitoes, plants that caused rashes and a couple animal attacks made everyone involved miserable. After 5 days in this hell, you were able to leave and return home. You collected the pay and after sharing with the group, gave them some well earned days off. You then headed to the club for some needed relief.

     Entering the bar, you saw the usual clientele, Gangplank, Sylas, Trundle, etc. What caught your attention was Jarvan IV and Swain, Grand General sitting together, sharing a bottle of something. This would be unthinkable in any other situation besides this. Swain gave you a nod as your eyes met, and you thought it would be better to leave him to his own devices.Heading to the bar, you saw Gragas in his usual spot.

“What’s gonna be today, new guy?”, he asked.

“Just give me something strong.” He picked up a bottle with a skull and crossbones and poured some of its contents in a glass.

“Bilgewater grog. Strong as hell, and they also use it to clean the cannons.”

“Great”, you said before downing it on one gulp. It kicked the hell out of you, but you didn’t show any change in your visage.

“You’re looking roughed up mate.”

“Job in Ixtal. 5 days in that goddamned jungle with a bunch of scientists.”

“Yeah that explains it.”

“Never going down there again”, you said, cracking your fingers and neck.

“Ixtal has some good things tho”, he added.

“Yeah, like what?”, you asked, not believing him much.

“Go to the Ixtal room and see for yourself.” he grinned. Taking him up on his offer, you thanked the bartender and headed for the Ixtali room. The names Nidalee and Qiyana lit up when you touched the door.

     You opened it and seemed lke you were back in that fucking jungle. Tall plants everywhere, bright flowers and the sound of a stream nearby. Moving the enormous leaves aside, you saw two beds.One was sumptuous, worthy of a queen or an empress. With the corner of your eye you saw Graves heading to a corridor on the side with a girl with wide hips by his side. On your right there was a tree with a plaque saying “Next available session: 87 days”. You didn’t have time to dwell on it as you saw the bed to your left. It was a large tree stump, big enough to fit 4 people, covered in the hide of some stripped animal. A woman was laying there, brown skin with some white stripes (?). She wore a fur bra to cover her breasts and a sash of the same material to cover her crotch. Her long hair was fashioned in a high ponytail, and she eyed you like a predator staring at its next meal. You didn’t flinch and approached her.

“Nidalee, I assume?"

“You would be correct”

“Wanna go?”, you asked her, being direct. She eyed you for a second before getting up.

“Sure, city boy.”, she began walking to a corridor on the side and made a gesture for you to get in. You didn’t have time to look at the room since she pounced at you as soon as you got in, landing your back on some soft material. 

     She began rubbing herself on you like a cat would rub on a scratching pole while removing your shirt. She removed her bra swiftly, and sat on top of your, admiring your abdomen. She passed her hands on it for a second before putting her head on your neck and purring as you grabbed her ass. She began making out with you and your pants came off as did her sash. Suddenly she sat on your abs again and rubbed her wet pussy on you, before moving her hips up and sitting on your face. You smelled her cunt and began licking her clit. She moaned hard, a sign you were doing it right, and you couldn’t help but notice she had way more pubic hair than the other girls you fucked before in the club, Not that you would complain, and kept licking her sweet spot as she grabbed her hair. Suddenly you felt something coil around your dick. It was like a furry snake, and it began pumping you. The texture was different but pleasant, but you couldn't wrap around your head on what it was. Nidalee soon spasmed and came on your on off it, allowing you to see what was happening. A furry tail  was jerking you off slowly, and you saw it was emerging from Nidalee backside. Looking at her, you noticed she had changed too, a pair of cat-like ears protrude from her head, and her fingernails had grown longer and sharper, like those of a wild cat. She noticed your surprise and moved her face close to yours.

“Afraid of a jungle cat?”, she was purring.

“Never” was your answer, as you grabbed her ass and began grinding her pussy on your cock. You did it for a few seconds before she whispered “Come on and breed me” on your ears.

     You then slammed your cock into her, and began fucking her pussy. She kept purring and grinding her crotch into yours. She pulled herself close to you and you felt her claws dig into your back. It hurts so you decide to give her payback, grabbing and twisting her right nipple hard. It had the opposite effect, as she orgasmed and tightened around you. As you felt she was still recovering from the orgasm, you grabbed her and spinned, making it so that she was on all four in front of you. When her mind came back she looked back at you smiling.

“Wanna try to tame this wild pussy?”, she asked.

Your answer was a hard thrust into her cunt, making her moan hard and focus again on being filled with cock. You kept going at her, her tail wagging from side to side, so you had an idea. You grabbed her tail, causing you to turn back to you wide eyed.

“NO, DON’T-”. Her plea was cut as you yanked her tail and she screamed in pleasure. She collapsed on the ground, eyes half opened and tongue sticking out of her mouth. You stopped fucking her and asked.

“Are you okay?”

“Yessssssh”, she said slowly “Just breeeeeed me, fuck meeee”.

Apparently her tail is a massive erogenous zone, making her orgasm so hard that she body just stops working. Since she was okay, you saw no reason not to oblige her, and pumped her until you came, filling her with cum. You heard her orgams once more, but much less intense than the one before. You looked at her before getting dressed, and decided to place your cock on her mouth. She began cleaning you slowly, gulping down all the cum still on your rod. You got dressed and left satisfied knowing at least one piece of the ixtali jungle you had subdued.

Chapter Text

You woke up much earlier than usual today. Grabbing some of the payment from the last two jobs, you decided to renew the armors and weapons of the group, as well as getting some things that couldn’t be replaced fixed. The best armor and weaponsmiths are highly requested, so you had to go to the earliest as possible. Thankfully, you were the first customer, and managed to get some good new armors, as well as new axes and crossbows. You had breakfast at a small bakery in the market and not wanting to go back to camp this early, you had the idea to check if the club was open.

     You arrived at the nightclub from where the club is accessed. It seemed close but the door was open. You entered and saw the place empty, but since no one was stopping you, you went up the stairs and entered the club. The place was empty as the chairs were on top of the tables. You thought the place empty before a familiar voice called to you.

“Hey new guy. Pretty early don’t you think?” Gragas was in his usual spot, cleaning a glass with a rag and with a glass of black liquid near him.

“Hey man, just thought to see if the place was open”, you answered.

“Well technically yes, but the girls haven’t arrived yet. Sorry to disappoint. I can get you some coffee if you want.”

“I’ll take that, thank you”. You saw Gragas producing a thermal bottle from beneath the counter and pouring you some coffee. You tasted it and it was good coffee, which you didn’t expect from a place that seemed to serve exclusively alcohol.

     As you drank, you heard steps coming up the stairs. A small purple creature emerged, with a staff in hand and a comically large hat, A small sprite? pixie? accompanied her and she made her way to the counter.

“Hey Lulu, long time no see”, Gragas greeted her.

Hey Graggy.Get me the usual, and for Pix too.” You saw the bartender produce two smaller shot glasses, filling one with a purple drink and the other with demacian brandy. He gave the small woman the purple one and placed the brandy on the counter, and the spirit began swimming on it.

“Things are good?”, Gragas asked her.

“Meh, same as usual, some magic here and there, not much different”. She then turned to you “And who is this handsome stud friend of yours?”

“Oh this is new guy, I didn’t bother to learn his name and everyone calls him that. He’s a merc that got invited by Swain himself.

“Oh from the old crow himself?” she raised her eyebrows at you “He must be really good if Swain gave him an invitation”

“Well I’d like to think I am Lulu”

“Oh and humble too. I like that”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you”. Gragas and Lulu laughed together as you made a confused expression.

“I am a yordle hunk, we stay this size all our lives. Actually if you count the time I spent in the woods I am about 135 years old.”

“So now that we got that covered, how about you let me take you for a ride?”, she asked you with a mischievous smile.

“I’m sorry Lulu, but your body is too……….. how do I put it……. young for humans. And I’m not sure I would even fit.

“Oh that is the problem? Say no more.”

     The mage then twisted her staff a couple times and a tornado of leaves enveloped her. Gragas pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“Gonna have people clean that up later.”

Lulu then appeared, and she was very much different. She was about  5 feet tall, her purple skin and hat remaining. Her clothes now were a top that seemed it would burst at any time containing a large pair of breasts. She also wore a short that had the same problem as her bra, trying to contain the thiccest pair of thighs you’ever seen.

“Like the spell new guy? Called Wild Growth.” You eyed her up and down before answering.

“Very much so.”

“So what about my proposition now?”

“I’ll be taking that up”

"Wonderful. Graggy, do you still have the key to my old room?”, she asked Gragas.

“Sure, it’s the same as you left.”, he said, tossing her a key.

“Thank you. Pix, keep him company for an hour”

“Or two”, you said.

“I’ll hold you up to that.” she spoke as she grabbed your arm and led you to a room named Bandle CIty.

     You entered it and there were only two beds, and the room was randomly decorated.

Lulu laid down on the bed that seemed to replicate a clearing in the woods. She looked at you sultrily, kicking off her boots and placing her hat on the side of the bed.

“Hey handsome, what are you waiting for?”

Wasting no time you started to kiss her, making out slowly at first, wanting to savour the moment. She removed your shirt and gazed at your abs, running her through your six pack. You returned the favor and undid her bra, her large purple tits popping out. Her nipples were a darker shade of purple, and you began sucking on them. Lulu let out small gasps and moans as you sucked her nipples and fondled her breasts, and her hands passed through your hair as you did it. You began trailing kisses down her chest and she removed her shorts, giving you access to her puffy purple pussy. You started licking her slowly at first, teasing her before giving her clit a long lick that made her close her thighs around your head. To be pressed against such thicc thighs was heaven, so you continued licking her, making her legs press harder on your head. Her breath became more erratic and she grabbed your hair and pulled you into her cunt, having her first orgasm. You kissed her lower lips before rising and staring at her face.

“I hope we aren’t done yet.”, she said, catching her breath.

“Not by a mile. Now, turn over.”, you told her. She spun and now her massive ass was facing up. You grabbed her cheeks and she laughed, clutching a pillow below her head. She looked at you wantingly, so you lowered your head and bit her asscheek. She let out a little scream, and worried you looked at her face.

“You’re not into it?”

“..........Do it again. Harder, but licked it after so I don’t get sore tomorrow.”

“Oh you will be sore tomorrow, I can assure that”

     And so you bit her pillowy ass again, and she let out little screams of pleasure every time you did. You licked the places your teeth marked, and she ran her finger through your hair, her way of telling you you were doing it right. Eventually you grew tired of it and pulled your cock you, placing it between her thighs. She felt you hard cock between her legs and your muscular body on top of her.

“Oh my, what will this poor little yordle do with a stud on top of her and a massive cock between her tights?”, she spoke, with a seductive voice.

“You’re about to find out” you shot back.

Moving your hips, you began fucking her thighs, your cock brushing past her lips, adding your precum to her juices. Her juicy ass absorbed your thrusts, so you could put full strength on them. You kept fucking her thigh and getting lubricated before she turned her head back at you with a lusty look in her eyes.

“So stud, gonna keep teasing a girl with that mighty rod or are you gonna stick it in and fuck me like you wanna put a baby in me?”

You gave her an answer by kissing her deeply as you pushed your cock inside her tight warm cunt. She felt amazing, warm, tight and so soft on the inside that velvet was the only comparison you could make. Her legs pulled you in further, and you felt as if your dick was fully engulfed by her cunt. She was moaning as you pounded her and shoved your tongue down her throat, with your hands tugging her nipples. However you could not keep the pace very long, and soon both of you orgasmed together. You filled her up to the womb with hot cum, just collapsing on top of her. You both stood there for a few seconds, catching your breaths.

     “I hope you have energy for a couple more rounds, it is not polite to leave a lady unsatisfied”, she said, eying your cock.

“Oh we’re not nearly done yet”, you told her as you rubbed your cock back to full hardness.

“That is what I like to see. What perverted acts do you have in mind now?”

“Well”, you said as you placed your cock between her asscheeks, “I wanna take this slutty yordles ass for a ride”.

“Oh my how devious of you. I guess there is nothing I can do to stop you from shoving that huge cock inside my poor purple asshole and ruining it”, she said mischievous as she spread her cheeks, giving your a better view of her puckered hole.

You place your cockhead into her hole and start to push it inside. It was easier since both your cock and her crotch were soaked in each other's fluids. When started pushing your length inside her, she gasped and moaned sharply, until you were fully inside her asshole.

“Now, ruin it”, she told you. You wasted no time and began pumping inside her, at which point she was no longer moaning, but screaming in pleasure. You pounded the yordle mage’s tight asshole, but could not last much since you had just come inside her pussy. “Spray it on my -hun- back” she asked you. You pulled out your cock and shot your cum over her back and ass, then laying down beside her.

     When she caught her breath, she scooped some cum out of her back and licked it.

“Tastes like purple”, she said. You had no time to ask her what it meant as she grabbed her staff and produced a small amount of pink powder in her hand. She snorted it and took a deep breath and noticed you staring.

“This is just some pixie powder, a little something to help the body relax. You want some?”

“Sure, might as well try it” you told her and she produced about the same quantity in your hand. You snorted it and felt more relaxed, except for a part of you. Your cock was at full hardness, like you didn’t just cummed twice.

“Oh I forgot to tell you”, she whispered in your ear, “about that side effect”. Her smile gave it all away, and as you jumped on top of her to fuck Lulu again, you began to think just two hours wouldn’t be enough.

Chapter Text

Another day, another job. You just returned from Piltover, but thankfully it wasn’t another expedition for the Academy. This time, the law department sent a liaison to hire you to deal with a gang of chempunk thugs who managed to evade the law, so the police department decided to use more “unofficial” means of dealing with them. You and a few members of the band followed the bandits' trail to an abandoned warehouse and made short work of them. The pay was nice, since they added a bonus for your discretion in handling the matter. Soon you were back in town and decided to pay the club a little visit.

     You climbed up the stairs and made your way to the bar, greeting Gragas when you arrived. You have formed a friendship with the bartender, him being the only person you always knew would be there.

“Hey new guy”, he greeted you. Your friendship still didn’t mean he would bother to learn or remember your name.

“So what’s the news on the arms for hire business?”, he asked.

“Nothing new. Last job was just hunting some chempunks in Piltover, no big deal.”

“Well I guess that’s a break from that job in Ixtal that you complained so much about”, he said chuckling. “So, what you drinking today?”

“I don’t know. GIve some from Piltover, to keep the theme.”

Gragas then picked up a bottle that shone a bright blue light. You never saw anything like it before, as the drink kept shining as he poured it into the glass.

“Bracken crystal distilled gin. They use their weird science to infuse the gin with the crystals, so it has a distinct flavor and light.”

You moved the glass a little bit, seeing the liquid dance inside it before gulping it down. It felt electric, like you had bit down on a battery. Taste was great though.

“This some serious gourmet shit”, you told the bartender.

“I know,, trust the old man here with liquor recommendations”. You asked him to refill your glass and gulped it down in one go again.

“Hey, is piltover pussy as good as their gin?”

“From what the guys say it is. If you get the premium experience get the Cait and Vi duo or the new singer girl, Seraphine. Although I believe Trundle booked her for the night, so she might be a little worn out when he’s done.”

“All right, Cait and Vi. Thanks man”

“Anytime man”

     You made your way to the Piltover room and entering it, you saw a more refined and organized version of the Zaun room. It was filled with machines, but they were more modern and well designed. There was even a coffee machine in one of the walls. But your interests were the women. A stern looking woman was sitting on an armchair, not a bed, reading a book you weren’t familiar with. She had a skin tight bodysuit that made her breasts look bigger, but the most distinguishing feature was her legs. They seemed to end in blades, although they were enveloped in finely crafted leather scabbards, presumably to avoid cutting any clients she might have. There were two beds joined with one another were sheriff Caitlyn and Enforcer Vi. You saw them in newspapers you read while on stakeouts on the last job. They were both wearing skimpy versions of police uniforms, with “shorts” that looked more like panties and only the upper parts of their torso uniforms, leaving their tits out, covered by a revealing bikini bra.

     They were lying on their side, facing each other and talking. As you were approaching them, you saw Vi approach Caitlyn’s face and give her a small peck on the lips. They then turned towards you and Caitlyn eyed up up and down.

“Hey there hotshot, what you looking for?”, she asked.

“I’m looking for some hot piltover women to have as company, and I believe I found them.”

Your cockiness incited a laugh from Vi, and the two women looked at each other and raised their eyebrows before getting up.

“Let’s see what you can do then”, Vi said this time. They grabbed your arms and led you into a room completed with a large bed, tv monitor, and of course, a coffee machine.

     You sat down and they both eyed you and began taking their clothes off.

“No”, you said, “keep them on for now. And how about giving me a show?”

They understood what you meant and began making out. It seemed a little shy at first but Vi grabbed her ass and began massaging them, making the sheriff grow more comfortable and more lewd. They kept sucking face and their hands roamed to their breasts, and Vi shoved two fingers into Cait’s shorts making her moan. You freed your cock and began jerking before telling them:

“Enough, I have something else you both can make out with.”

They crawled on all fours on the bed to your cock, and kept making out, but with you dick between the silky lips. They covered your cock in spit, adding it to your precum. They stopped licking your cock and turned to your face, and soon you were triple kissing the piltover officers. They grabbed your arms and raised them while kissing and suddenly you heard locking sounds. They both stood up and looked down on you, while you turned your head upwards and saw you were cuffed to the bed frame with pink handcuffs.

“I brought the fuzzy cuffs this time.”, Cait said.

“Now, you dangerous criminal, do you want the good cop?

“Or the bad cop?”, VI completed the question.

“Due to my extensive criminal record, I believe only both of Piltover’s finest would be enough for me.

“They began removing all their clothes while Cait said “Good choice.

     Cait fingered her cunt a couple times before lowering herself into your hard manhood reverse cowgirl position. She moaned as you entered her wet hole while Vi sucked on her tits. When she eveloped you whole, Vi held her face and kissed her lover's mouth.

“It is good Cait?”

“Amazing” was the sheriff's answer.

Cait began bouncing up and down on your cock, moaning as she did. While Cait was riding you, Vi stood up and shoved her cunt into your face, as being cuffed sitting down left you on the perfect height for her to do it.

“Now you get to work.”, she said.

You began vigorously licking Vi’s pussy, licking the outer lips, circling her clit and lightly biting on it. Her breathing grew more ecstatic and she soon clamped you with her thighs, as she orgasmed. You were getting close too, but when the signs showed you would soon fill Cait’s cunt with your cum, she got off your cock and sucked on it, making you shoot your load inside her mouth. Vi saw it and with a finger on Cait’s chin made her rise to her feet, and began making out with her as she still held you cum in her mouth. They made a show of it, swapping your semen in their mouths and letting it fall on their tits before they swallowed it.

“Delicious”, Vi said. She then stradled you so your cock rested on her crotch.

“But now I want it inside me”

     Vi began riding you, and you could see her face as you shove your cock inside her pussy. Cait made out with her before lowering herself and licking VI’s clit and your cock at the same time. It made the pink haired enforcer scream with pleasure, and not wanting to leave Cait out, you told her to get on top of you, with her crotch in your face. She obliged and you began licking her cunt the same way you did to Vi. This hard three way fucking kept going for some minutes before you couldn’t hold it in anymore and filled Vi’s pussy with hot cum. She came again and so did Cait when you gave her clit a final bite. You then saw that the mischievous sluts had hid a key inside Cait’s ass. As they both gathered their breaths you fished it out with your mouth and were able to free yourself from the cuffs. You looked at them before grabbing Cait’s long balck hair and placing her mouth on Vi’s cunt.

“Now eat it off her”

Cait needed no further incentive as she began lapping at her lover’s pussy, eating your cum and scooping some to feed it to Vi. You saw that they began to have a “session” for themselves, so you got dressed and left the elite of Piltover police force making out and eating your cum.

Chapter Text

Your next contract was an unexpected one. Some demacian noble family whose name you couldn’t bother to remember hired you and your men to escort some mage seekers and priests into an abandoned mansion they owned near the coast. There were rumors of a black mist engulfing the estate, so they sent a team to purify it, but they would need protection. You only believed in what you could see and only feared what your sword couldn’t cut, so you took the job without thinking much. 

     You travelled with the priests and mage seekers for a couple days, the only danger being some thugs who quickly abandoned any thought of trying to rob you when they saw your weapons. Arriving at the estate, you had to agree that a sinister aura surrounded it. By day a fog covered it, and the nights were dark and starless. Fear gripped some of your men, but you lectured them into shape. The priests were also afraid, making their rites in accelerated speed. The mage seekers searched the mansion thoroughly, finding no evidence of magic. By the time the last rites were completed, you could feel the air became lighter, the dark aura dissipated from the property. Everyone seemed relieved, so you marched back to Demacia to collect your payment

     But you still could not completely shake off the feel from the back of your head. A visit to the club might be the thing you needed, so you made your way in there. Headed to the bar where you saw Jayce, Sylas and Twisted Fate sitting. You sat beside them and Gragas came to you, noticing something was off.

“New guy, you good?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just some uneasy feeling from my last job. Get me piltover gin please.”

Gragas filled your glass with the bright liquid and you downed it, tapping the table for a refill.

“What job was that that got you so down?”Gragas asked.

“Just escorting some demacian priests and mage hunters to purify an estate. Nothing happened, but there was this fog, mist that seemed to loom over the place. Can’t shake the feeling off after I left that place.”

Gragas looked at you a little worried, and then called TF over.

“Take a look at this guy, think he’s got the mist”

The gambler held your head with his hands and forced your eyes open, staring inside them like he was searching for something. After a couple seconds he let you go and turned to Gragas.

“Yeah he’s got it”

“I got what?”, you asked, not having a clue of what was happening.

“The Black Mist. It’s a curse from the Shadow Isles. You probably ran into it in this last job you took, so now it’s gotta hold on you.”

“And does it do?”

“At first nothing, but eventually you will grow colder, start turning paranoid and then die or turn into a ghoul”, TF told you like he was describing the symptoms of a common cold. You on the other hand were terrified.

“Is there a way to remove it, or cure me or whatever?”, you asked, seriously worried.

“Sure, we can do it here in the club.” He began to try to calm you down.

“So how is it done?”

“Just go to the Shadow Isles room and tell Senna you got Black Mist, she’ll do the rest.”

“It is that simple?”

“Yep”, they answered at the same time.

“Ok guys, thank you”, you said, getting up and heading to the Shadow Isles room.

     You opened the door and it seemed like you had just been transported to a haunted house. The furniture was dark, with lamps hanging from the ceiling, spider webs all around and the whole room was painted in black. The furniture seemed old and matched the aesthetic of the rest of the room, along with the two coffin shaped beds. In one was a woman shining in blue low light. She looked like a spirit and wore a plate leotard and had her hair in a high ponytail. She stared at you menacingly and you were thankful she was not the woman they described to you. The bed had a beautiful black woman laying there, with skin tight short shorts and a top. Her hair was braided into thick dreadlocks, but among all of this the thing that most caught your attention were her eyes. They shone with green light in a mesmerizing way. You walked up to her and asked:

“Hello, are you Senna?”

“Yep, that’s my name.”

“Twisted Fate told me to talk to you, I have come in contact with the mist.” She perked up when you said that, so she asked you to tell her the whole story. You did and she looked at you worried.

“That’s no good, if it’s been that long you came in contact with it, we need to remove it right now”, she said, grabbing your hand and leading you to another room. The room was dark, had a huge bed with dark red velvet blankets over it, a fireplace that looked straight out of a piltover terror novel and lamps shining green light for illumination.

“Sit down on the back of the bed.”, she ordered you. You obeyed and she crawled to your position on all fours. You were confused when she took your dick out and began pumping it to harness.

“Weren’t we going to remove the mist from me?”, you asked, confused.

“That is what I’m doing. The quickest way for me to remove it is to sucking out of you. Now get hard please.”

She didn’t have to ask, as the sight of her pumping your dick was enough to raise you to full mast.

     Senna then began to suck your cock, just the tip at first but swallowing more and more of your cock each time she lowered her mouth on it. She blew you hard, and you instinctively put your hand on her head, as if to guide her when she was the one setting the pace. Her blowjob technique was amazing and soon you felt your climax approaching.

“Senna, I’m gonna-”, your warning was cut short when she deepthroated you full and you came down her throat and filled her mouth as she removed your cock from her. You gulped down a part of the load and then swished the other part in her mouth, letting a small drop of cum escape her mouth and drip down, the white cum contrasting against her dark skin.

“Not, not all of it”, she said, taking out her top and beginning to move out of her shorts.

“What do you mean with not all of it?”

“There is still some mist left inside you, if we don’t remove it completely it is gonna come back. Now fuck my pussy, it is the most effective way to get it all out.”

“Then why didn’t we start with it?”, you asked, removing your clothes.

“Because I like sucking dick.” was her answer.

     She laid on her back and opened her legs, presenting her hole to you. It’s dark outer lips hide a pink inside, and you got down and licked her clit, making her moan.

“You -hun- don’t have to lick me, you know?”

“Yeah but I wanna make sure you are properly lubricated, to better get the mist all out”

“Good thinking”, she said, grabbing your hair and pulling into her crotch again. You licked all of her cunt, giving her clit special attention as she clamped and gasped everytime you brushed your tongue past it. When you felt her breathing become more erratic, you vigorously licked her clit, making her orgasm and clamp her thighs on your head.

“Ok -hun- now for the main part of the procedure.”

You were going to do it in missionary, judging for her position. You rubbed your cock against her opening a few times before inserting it in her cunt. She gasped at first but took the whole rod like a pro, and you began fucking her. Without further ado, you began slamming to her, shoving your dick entirely inside her wet warm and welcoming pussy. You also began kissing her, taking her delicious moans and gasps inside your mouth as her cunt was filled by your raging manhood.

     While fucking and kissing the light guardian you saw with the corner of your eye green lights flashing around her. You ignored it at first since you had more important matters at hand, but it grew more frequent, so you rose up your torso while still fucking her, but now getting a good view of her. As you put her legs on your shoulders, you saw what looked like a spectral arm appear out of Senna’s arm before retreating to it. You looked at her face and she was biting her finger while moaning, and suddenly a spectral figure shot out of Senna’s body and jumped into you. You had no reaction time as the figure began making out with you. You could see through her but she was solid, and you then focused on her face. She didn’t look like Senna, the ghost was a pale woman with a crown and expensive lingerie. It made out with you as you fucked the guardian, and you soon felt your climax approaching. You shot your load inside her, but observed as a black mist rose from where her womb would be, entering the ghost before vanishing inside it. The ethereal figure laid down into Senna’s body. You removed your cock from inside her and stared at her with widened eyes, awaiting for an explanation.

“Oh, that was Isolde. She was a mist spectre before she was bound to me, now she helps me with the mist problems.”

“But why did she leave your body to make out with me?”

“I guess she was tired of backseat driving and wanted some for herself too.”

“Okay, I guess. Well thank you both ladies”, you said as you began to get dressed again.

“Wait, she told me she wanna taste your dick with cum in it”, Senna objected, grabbing your cock.

“Is it really her or is just you being a slut for blowjobs?”

“You will never know”, she said before swallowing your cock again, this time covered in cum.

If this was the way to remove the mist, you thought, maybe Demacia wouldn’t have so much trouble finding recruits to their expeditions there. Senna licked your cock clean while also getting you hard again.

“Say Senna, I think I’m gonna need another session, I think there is still a bit of mist inside me”

“Oh I can’t let that happen otherwise I would be a poor excuse for a guardian”, she said, getting on all fours. You then saw Isolde appear again, looking at you seductively and spreading Senna’s asscheeks giving you acess to her tight asshole.

As you entered her asshole with Isolde licking both your cock and her hole, you started to think maybe the whole haunted mansion thing was a blessing in disguise

Chapter Text

You spent the night banging Senna in every position imaginable, and ended up sleeping in the room with her. Waking up late, almost 5 o'clock, you had a quickie with her before leaving and heading to the bar.

“Hey new guy, got rid of the mist?”, he asked you.

“I did.”

“I’d hope so, with the time you spent with Senna”

You chuckled, not believing such a place could exist, and even more that you were invited in.

“So, what doesn’t this place have? Acupuncture, healing, black mist removing. I mean all these amazing women here, just waiting to be fucked, and the booze is great and also free?”

“The booze ain’t free, I’ve been writing it all on your tab”. Your chin fell as you would imagine how much debt you would have racked up by now. Gragas laughed at your face.

“Just messing with ya, it is free. And about the women and stuff, don’t bother asking questions, just enjoy it.”

You drank and accepted what he said, just enjoying it was good enough.

“If I can ask, who are the most unbelievable or wierd gals you have here?”. Gragas scratched his chin, thinking for a second.

“The most unbelievable would be Kayle and Morgana, the targonian aspects. But they are here often, since very few people can keep up with them. You should try them once, if you not turned of by the idea of bruises, cuts and maybe a few broken ribs.”

You raised an eyebrow at him, a bit scared of what those women would look like.

“And weirdest, I think anyone in the Exotic Tastes room would fit that criteria.”

“Who’s in that room by the way?”

“You’ve already met Lilia, but there is also Cassiopeia, Elise, Nami, Orianna, Evelynn, Kai’sa and Zyra.”

“And why are they there?” you asked.

“Isn’t finding that out half of the fun?, he said, smiling.

“All right big guy, roll me a wheel of fortune for the Exotic Tastes room”

“You are a bold one, I respect that”, he said, bringing out the wheel and setting it for the desired room.

     You spin the wheel and it begins rolling fast, before slowing down, almost falling on Orianna, but just barely passed to the next section, labeled Cassipeia.

“Oh boy”, Gragas said, looking at you.

“Anything I should be aware of before going?”

“Not much, she is different like all the girls there, but she is also Katarina’s sister.”

“A Du Coteau….. in there? What happened to her?”

“Go find out.”

You got up and headed to the Exotic Tastes room, which was more of a corridor since all the girls stayed in private rooms. You searched for the room with Cassiopeia’s name on it, and once you found it, you took a deep breath and walked in.

     The room was decorated in lavish shuriman fashion, with cloths hanging from the ceiling, tall statues and a large round bed in the center by a fountain, with a bowl of fresh fruits near it. seemed to be alone however, since no woman was on sight as you  walked over to the bed.

“Huh, hello? I came to visit Cassiopeia.” You spoke out loud. Suddenly, you noticed with the corner of your eye a form moving close to the ground behind one of the statues. You turned to where you saw it before it moved again in the opposite direction. You turned again, but while you searched for it you felt something coil around both your legs, immobilizing you. Looking down you saw green scales and a snake's tail, while the rest of the animal was coiling up. You began panicking before a woman's torso appeared in front of you. She was gorgeous, her red hair contrasting against her tanned skin. She wore a simple cloth bra over her breasts, in shuriman fashion. It was, however, inlaid with intricate jewels, like the golden bracelets she wore. But you looked down and saw that where her legs would be, a snake’s body began.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m not gonna eat you like that…….. unless you ask nicely.

Calming down, you looked at her, still a little surprised.


“In the flesh and scale.”, she said, letting you free as she uncoiled around you, and giving you a noble bow.

You were able to look at her entirely, and her beautiful human body had the lower parts of a green snake, her tail extending for couple meters long.

     She slithered to the bed, lying on her side and eating a grape from the bowl.

“So, are you man enough to come here or are you gonna turn around like a silly little boy?” she asked, looking you up and down. Not being one to back down from a challenge, you took off your shirt and approached her.

“Marvelous”, she said, passing her hand on your abdomen. You then climbed to the bed and  began kissing her, realizing she had two fangs and a serpentine togue. You broke the kiss and asked her:

“Is there any……..danger with those fangs?”

“Oh silly boy, I only produce venom when I desire”, she said, showing you her fangs retracting in her jaw. You were comfortable enough with it, and began making out with her again. Her forked tongue was different from anything you experienced before, as she seemed to have full control of the organ, using it to explore your mouth. You lowered her bra and played with her nipples, making her let out a satisfied slither. Breaking the kiss, you began sucking on her large tits. She began massaging your hair as you sucked.

“Yesssss, good boy”, she said. 

You kept sucking her nipples before she told you:

“As wonderful as it has been, I believe I must get you ready for the main course.”

     You rose up and she removed your pants, seeing your already hard cock.

“Oh my”, she said as she began pumping you a few times before putting her mouth on it. She sucked your cock mastefully, her tongue coiling around you manhood and touching it in a way no human tongue would be able to. It felt amazing, and you were afraid you were going to cum in her mouth. Seeing your reaction, Cassiopeia removed your cock from her mouth and laid on her back.

“Now my boy, come here”, she said as she opened up a slit where her cunt would be, showing you a pink hole that you knew you had to fill. You laid on top of her and inserted your cock in her vagina (?), as it was the only position you could fuck her. It was warm and wet, but it had a different texture than any woman you had fucked before. You began to also make out with her as you fucked her snake cunt. You started slowly, much to her satisfaction.

“There is no need to rush, let’s savor the moment”, the lamia told you

You fucked her slowly, deeply and increased your speed gradually making her moan and gasp in her slithery voice, Her tail was also coiling around you again, pulling you to her and helping you fuck her deeper and harder. While it coiled, you saw the point of her tail moving rapidly near your abdomen, so you grabbed it and, breaking the kiss, began to suck on it. Cassipeia seemed to melt when you did it, biting on one finger and playing with her nipples with the other hand. The scene was so hot, so erotic you had no choice but to release your focus and fill her pussy with cum. She came as you did, and you kept sucking on her tail as she had mini orgams as you made sure you pumped her full of cum.

     When you removed yourself from her, she almost instantly regained her composure, and picked up a grape, dipped it into her cum filled cunt and ate it.

“A delicacy, to be sure.”

You got dressed and gave her one sloppy kiss before heading to the door.

“Come back anytime, I could always use a beefcake like you”, she said, in a sultry tone with her slithery voice. In the corridor, you realized “Exotic tastes” could be relabeled as “Experiences you wouldn’t have anywhere else.

Chapter Text

You returned  to town pissed. Confused, but mostly pissed. You and the band were searching for your next job when an emissary from the Grand General himself appeared. It handed you a letter, hiring you for a specific job. You were to stand by, fully armed and on alert near a bridge on the border of noxian territory. It paid the standard rate, so you accepted it and marched with the boys to the specified location. And you waited. And waited. And waited. For two weeks you and the band stood there, waiting for an enemy that wouldn’t show, an ambush that didn’t come. You began to doubt the plans of the Grand General when the same emissary appeared in your camp and gave you another letter. It thanked you for your services and that the job was done, and the emissary also delivered a large bag of gold at your feet. You cursed at it and told the band to pack up and go back to town, they as frustrated and confused as you.

     Arriving back in town, you told the gang they had a couple days off before you went on a real job. They agreed and each went their own way, and you headed to the club. Entering the saloon you saw the usual crowd, Graves, Trundle, Shen and a couple others. You went straight past them and sat on a stool in the bar. Gragas turned to you, noticing you were stressed and nervous.

“What you want today?

“Demacian brandy”. The bartender grabbed a bottle and filled up a glass, handing it to you.

“Couple of tough weeks, aye?”, he asked.

“In fact, the opposite. Fucking Swain hired us to stay at a bridge doing nothing for two fucking weeks.”

“Just don’t think too much about the General’s war plans. If he hired you there, he had a reason too. It may not be clear now, but maybe in a year or more it’ll make sense.”

“Still, it was still annoying to stay on guard for two weeks for nothing”, you saud gulping down the glass and tapping the counter for a refill. 

“You know what man, you need a girl to pamper your stressed ass for a while”, he added. You sighed, agreeing with him.

“Yeah I need it. Who do you recommend?”

“The best we have at it: go to Ahri, the kitsune at the ionian room”. You remembered seeing her before, when you fucked Akali or the foursome with Syndra Irelia and Karma.

“Thanks man, I’ll go there”, you told Gragas before heading to meet Ahri.

     You returned to the ionian room and already felt a little calmer just by the music and ambient. You noticed Karma, Akali Syndra and Xayah missing, leaving only Irelia and Ahri in the room. Irelia looked at you and didn’t hide her disappointment that you came alone. You walked past her and went to the bed where you saw Ahri, seeing her body obstructed by her tails. You couldn’t see her face so you called to her:


“Yes?”, the fox says slowly with a silky and sultry tone, moving her tails so you could see her. She wore a white sash with red details and a cloth bra. While revealing like the other outfits you had seen in the club, she had an air of grace that was unique to her. Her white skin looked soft, but not as the nine white tails moving on her back. Gazing at her face, you saw her yellow eyes looking deep into you. She had two dog ears protruding from her black hair, and 3 lines on each cheek, denoting her vastayan blood. But there was something else about her, an aura that made her the most beautiful woman you saw in the club. No, not just the club, she was the most beautiful woman you saw in your entire life. You were at a loss of words, enthralled by the gorgeous kitsune in front of you. She giggled seeing your state and broke the trance speaking to you.

“Do you have anything to ask of me, dear?”, she asked, in the same hypnotizing silky tone. You still couldn’t from a sentence, struggling to get your mind together.

“Would you like to share my company in a private room?”, she asked, and you managed to shake your head up and down, telling her yes.

“Then let’s go, shall we?”, standing up and giving you a peck on the cheek, before holding your arm and leading you a corridor and then into a room.

     You entered an ionian themed room, like one you had been in previous visits. Ahri led you to the mat surrounded by pillows and sat you down. She snapped her finger in front of you and some of you regained some of your senses.

“How may I serve?”, she asked, laying by your side.

“Could I just,.......look at you?”

She giggled and got up.

“I am familiar with my effect on men. But if you want something to look at, very well”

The fox started dancing slowly, her movements fluid like the streams of water in her homeland of Ionia. Her tails danced on their own, but not in conflict with her body, complementing it instead. Having put your mind together, you admired the spectacle in front of you. Suddenly, in one of her movements, her tails passed in front of her body and soon you saw that her bra was missing. You stared at her large breasts that now moved graciously along the rest of her body. You kept watching and with another movement her tails passed in front of her again, but now her sash was missing. You could now see her exposed pussy, with delicate pink lips and a neatly trimmed patch of hair. You started to undress as she danced, your manhood already hard from her movements. She then stopped dancing and laid by your side again.

     “Now that you are ready, how may I serve?”, she said, grabbing your cock and slowly stroking it. 

“Keep going”, you told her, and the kitsune kept stroking your cock, slowly and calmly. You felt relaxed, Ahri was different from other experiences you had. She was like a slow stream when the others were raging storms. You slid down a bit and brought your mouth to one of her delicious pink nipples. She made an approving sound and you two kept at it for minutes, you sucking on her tit and she jerking you off. You could feel the stress if these last two weeks being washed away. Eventually, she stopped jerking you and gave you a peck on the cheek, before moving her body so that her face was on your cock and her pussy was in front of your face. 

“Now you get to work too”, she told you as you felt her warm breath in your cock before she enveloped it with her mouth, pushing her hair behind her ear as she began sucking you off, beginning by slowly licking the head before moving to deepthroat you. You felt the pleasurable sensation but turned your attention to her cunt in front of you. It was truly the prettiest pussy you’ve ever seen. Pink, with it’s lips opening to you like a blooming flower. You began licking her with great care, taking time to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for her. Her breath started getting deeper, and you felt her tails brushing against your face, like you were being caressed by fur coats. When you gave slow licks on her clit, she came and sprayed your face with her nectar. Removing your cock from her mouth, she stood up and sat down on your hips, your dick resting against her stomach.

     Without speaking another word, she rose up and lowered herself into your cock. Her velvety pussy swallowed you slowly, letting you savor every inch of her. You began kissing her, and she wrapped her arms around you as you thrust your hips upwards into her. She gasped every time your cock hit her cervix and that only made you want her more. You both began to speed up little by little, orgasms approaching. Then her tails wrapped around you both as you came simultaneously, the shivers of her cunt making you shoot hot cum inside her vastayan womb. You both stood there in each other’s embrace, drenched in sweat and love fluids.

“Hey, I’m having a performance tomorrow with the girls. You should come.”, she told you as she rose up.

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything”

“Marvelous, but I warn you that this lovey dovey slow act is just one-on-one, not a group act like tomorrow.”, she said, her tone changing immediately. You got dressed as you watched her taste a little of your cum from her cunt and walked to what appeared to be a hot spring behind a second door. You then got dressed and walked back to the bar, looking forward to the day to come.

Chapter Text

The next day was a lazy day for you and the band. They were eager for some time into town after the two weeks of sitting around that was your last contract, and frankly, so were you. You gave them all a couple days off to drink and chase some whores, or whatever they pleased. You would also be doing that, although in a higher degree. You got a hearty, although late, lunch and headed straight to the club. Climbing up the stairs you saw that it was quite packed for a weekday, as you could spot Jarvan IV, Garen, Darius, Graves and many others. The tables were occupied with conversation, drinks and games, so you headed to the counter where Gragas stood in his usual place and Sylas sat on one of the stools.

     Gragas saw you approach and filled a shot glass with piltover gin, handing it to you as you sat down. You greeted them both and sat down.

“So, looking forward to today's event?”, the bartender asked you.

“Yeah, and by the number of people here I am not alone.”

“True, the KDA event is one of our most popular. And there is a new girl debuting today too, which always increases attendance.”


“Seraphine, the singer from Piltover. She is KDA’s newest member.”

“By the way, who is in KDA?”, you inquired from Gragas, but it was Sylas who answered.

“Ahri, Akali, Kai’sa, Evelynn and now Seraphine”

“Are they different  from the normal days?”

“Yeah, take a look.” said Gragas, reaching for a small screen and tapping his finger on it a few times before handing it to you. You saw four of the girls, two which you recognized. Ahri was wearing a black leotard with a white top and high heels with black thigh high socks. Her hair was also blonde, very different from the black you saw when you visited her as where her tails, light blonde too now.. Akali was wearing what appeared to be designer street clothes, with a jacket, a small withe top, sneakers, thigh high socks but one stopped at her knee and a cap with the KDA logo. The two girls you didn’t know. One had purple hair and wore skin tight pants, high heeled boots and a small golden top with black straps. You were most intrigued by the last one, who had dark pink hair and wore a small black skirt and top, high heels and some kind of scarf around her arms. She had an innate seductress look, similar to Ahri but different in a way you could not pin down. You touched the screen and saw the names appearing above all their heads, with the first unknown being Kai’sa and the seductress one Evelynn.

“Shit they do look amazing”, you exclaimed to the bartender and the ex-prisoner near you.

“Told ya. We just don’t have Seraphine’s look as today is her debut, but I’m sure it will be just as good”, Gragas said.

     “So how does the event work?”, you asked them.

“Well, everyone leaves the saloon and a stage is set. Then they sing ,and the music is good actually, before coming down the stage and servicing everyone who came.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that.”

“You will be joining too, Gragas?”

“Nah, never liked gangbangs that much.”

“You ever fucked anyone here?”, you asked him.

“Some yes, before the club was formed. But that is a story for another time new guy.”

“Fair enough”, you said, thinking it was best not to pry further.

     Just as you downed your next gin glass you saw all the people in the club leaving the large room that led to the regional rooms and gathering at the bar. A curtain then fell and some people asked for drinks as the stage was being set. It took about ten minutes before the curtains opened again, but the lights were out. Everybody started walking towards where the stage should be, and you hurried to be on the front row. Suddenly the lights were on and you saw the four women from before along with a new one, Seraphine you assumed. She had light pink hair and was wearing a short blue dress and a small jacket on top of it, along with white high heels. They made a small presentation and began singing, and you had to admit they sang very well. The crowd, however, was not very much excited, as no doubt they all were more interested in what would come after the show. It didn’t take very long, about three songs, for it to be finished.

     The girls then walked to the edge of the stage and took a step of it, being grabbed by multiple men at once. You were between Ahri and Evelynn and saw as they were lowered that they started getting groped by a multitude of hands, their clothes lifted, removed or outright torn in order to give access to their crotches. You got behind Ahri and started fondling her as you freed your cock from your pants, as many had already done with their. You heard a loud voice exclamation “Wait slow downnnnn ah” and turned your head to where the sound came from, and saw that Seraphine was already buried in a mountain of man meat, only being recognisable by her leg and high heel sticking out of the pile of men she was in. But you returned your attention to the kitsune diva in front of you and began pushing your dick into her asshole. She looked behind her and saw you, greeting you with a “Oh it’s you, nice to see you could  be here today” before her head was pushed down into someone’s cock. You began pumping into her ass and suddenly felt a strange sensation, like you felt something else move inside her. You moved your head and saw Sett, the vastayan pit fighter fucking her pussy. You thought that to be honest you didn’t care much, since this was a gangbang it was bound to happen. You continued to fuck Ahri’s asshole as she got her cunt pounded and gave blowjobs and handjobs. The confident popstar posture was still there even as she serviced numerous cocks, and increasing speed you soon found yourself at your limit, cumming inside her tight asshole. You took a step back and your place was immediately filled when Jarvan started fucking her asshole.

     The number of men dwindled, as you imagined some just wanted to fuck one particular girl or weren’t very fond of the gangbang idea. You were soon called to action by the girl to your other side.

“Hey, care to get that cock over here to fill a girl’s mouth?”. You turned your head and saw Evelynn vigorously riding three cocks, one in her asshole and two in her pussy, while jerking another man while two more jerked off on her tits. You were stunned not just by the sheer amount of pouding she was taking simultaneously, but by how she was more energetic and eager than all the men fucking her. You moved near her, your cock still drenched in semen from cumming in Ahri’s asshole, and she began blowing you without a second thought. She gave truly one of the best blowjobs you’ve experienced, all while still riding three cocks at a time. People came inside her and were quickly replaced, just as the ones that came on her breasts and her face. You couldn’t last much longer and soon came on her mouth, as she made sure she caught it all before swallowing it. You removed your cock from her mouth and she yelled at someone else to give her something to suck on.

     You gave your cock a few pumps and realized you still had the fuel for another go. Looking around you saw Akali lying on top of someone, her holes being filled all at once. Seraphine was the one the worst stage, lying on the floor completely drenched in cum from head to toe, her face in pure bliss as she continued to cum as a lonely Trundle pounded her cunt. Kai’sa was being double teamed as Rakan fucked her mouth and Shen her pussy while she gave handjobs, her ass back and hair covered in semen. Shen soon came and sprayed his seed on her back, so you stepped in and began fucking her cunt. Her ass was nice and round, so you fucked her mercilessly as said ass absorbed the impact. You felt her tighten around you as she came again, and soon you followed, shooting your cum over her ass, covering her with more hot ropes of cum.

     You knew when you were spent, so you placed your cock inside your pants and began leaving the area. You saw Seraphine even more covered in cum, and soon someone placed Akali on top of her. The two idols started making out and eating the semen of each other, as a few men still jerked off on top of her. You left and headed to the bar, where Gragas gave you a glass as you sat on a stool.

“Enjoyed it?”, he asked.

“It was a pleasant experience”, you said before taking a sip of the glass. It popped in your mouth, with a strong fermented but artificial flavor.

“What is this stuff?”

“It’s called viergek, it's a zaunite concoction, energetic and alcoholic at the same time. A nice drink after exercising, it’s the standard to be served at events like this.”

“It’s weird, but good enough.”, you stated before looking back at the stage. Kai’sa was placed with Akali and Seraphine, having their own threesome, but slowly as all three were exhausted from being filled to the brim with cocks. Ahri was still going, but showed signs of fatigue. Evelynn, however, was still going strong and gave no signal of stopping, still riding three cocks at a time.

“Shit for how long can that slut go on?”

“The record was four hours and twenty seven minutes, but she only stopped because there was no one left in shape to fuck her.”

“Wow.”, you said, in total surprise.

“Evelynn is the most  enthusiastic  girl in the club, that’s for sure.”

“I think I might just go back there in a while if she’s still going.”

“Just be careful not to dehydrate”, Gragas warned you. You downed your second energetic drink and looking back, it appears that there was a spot free on her pussy, so since an orgy with a band of idols didn’t happen everyday, you decided to enjoy the opportunity while it lasted.

Chapter Text

A few weeks in Shurima and now you are back home. One of Azir’s advisors reached out to you and hired your company to help the Shuriman army to take over a rebellious city. While the newly formed shuriman military would face the enemy on the front, you and your man had the less glorious task of staying behind the enemy, capturing or killing those who fled. It was a fairly simple job, as few tried to escape and you were able to capture all, so you had no casualties on your side. The advisor appreciated it and paid you a nice bonus, which you split evenly among the men.

     You returned home by boat, getting some needed sleep on the way. Leaving the port, you left the men on their own, as they had the usual days off after each contract. You went home and after a shower and a quick meal, you headed to the club. It was early, yes, but even if the girls haven’t arrived yet, you could still drink top shelf drinks for free. You walked upstairs and saw the usual clientele: Darius, Garen, TF, Shen and Gangplank. They were all on the counter along with your lovable fat bartender Gragas. You approached the bar and everyone greeted you. You all engaged in friendly conversation, drinking and telling war stories when Gragas picked up the small screen under the counter after it made a small noise.

“Well guys, it appears we have a new face here today.”, he said.

“Oooh new meat? Who is she?” Darius asked.

“Name’s Gwen, and apparently she is from the Shadow Isles. Here take a look.”, he said as he turned the screen towards all of you. You saw a pretty girl with blue hair and pale skin wearing an extremely intricate set of lacy lingerie that looked as if it would take ten seamstresses a week to sew. Everyone’s eyes widened at her before Darius began moving.

“Well men it’s been wonderful but I have an appointment to the Shadow Isles room”. Garen grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“And should you be the first?”, the captain of the Dauntless Vanguard asked. You could feel the tension rising in the room when Gangplank stepped in.

“Why don’t we settle this over cards, aye? The winner gets the first visit.”. You all looked at each other and agreed, and as everyone saw TF pull out a deck of his sleeve with a mischievous grin a resounding “You’re out TF” was said by all present.

     You played about an hour of poker and were down to the last two players, you and Darius. He was on a winning streak and you had very few chips left, so you went all in. He got cocky and went all in too. You both showed your hands with Darius showing a full house and laughing. You smiled as you showed him your four, making all the other guys laugh and him pinch the bridge of his nose and slam the table. You got up and tapped his shoulder.

“Well guys it’s been great, but I got a little visit to the Shadow Isles scheduled, so goodbye.” As you began walking to the room where Gwen was, you heard behind you Darius talking to the other guys.

“So, you wanna go gangbang Irellia?”. 

“Aye” was their answer.

     You entered the gothic themed room and didn’t see neither Senna nor the spectral woman there. Instead you saw a new bed, one that resembled a needle pin. In it laid Gwen, and you could see her fully now. Her blue hair fashioned in curly twin tails, her fancy lacy lingerie and the smile she put on when she saw you walking through the door.

“You’re Gwen, the new girl?”, you confirmed with her.

“Yes sir, that’s me!”, she answered joyfully.

“Do you know how this works….?”, you asked as you could not be sure on how familiar she was with the club.

“Oh very much sir, I am to keep the members of the club company.”

“And you know what that means?”

“Absolutely. I am looking forward to learning about this part of the human experience.” You brushed aside this part about “human experience” and just signaled her to follow you into the corridor and to a private room.

     Getting inside the probably same room where you fucked Senna, you saw Gwen just standing there like a doll. You approached her and grabbed her ass and she reacted, looking enthusiastic at you. You began kissing her and although she stayed still at first, soon her dancing was dancing with yours and she pulled you close as you grabbed her ass. You then grabbed her hand and shoved it down your pants, after which she grabbed your cock. She broke the kiss and you saw her with a surprised look on her face.

“It’s so hot and big. I must see it!”, she said before standing on her knees and lowering her pants. Your hardened manhood sprung up and she covered her hand in surprise.

“Incredible…..”, she said while inspecting your cock like it was a relic. You began to see it was not only her first time at the club, it was her first time ever. She began slowly jerking you off while still gazing upon every inch of your cock.

“Gwen..”, you said, making her look up to you.

“Put it in your mouth”. She happily obliged and began blowing you. The girl had absolutely no technique, and scraped her teeth against the head of your cock on some occasions. You had to guide her and thankfully she was a quick learner, soon sucking your cock with a decent technique. You grabbed her twin tails and pulled her towards you and she also grabbed your thighs to better deepthroat you, something that came naturally to her, surprisingly.You had enough of her blowjob and removed your cock from her mouth.

     “Gwen, lay down and spread your legs”

“Right away sir! Should I disrobe too?”.

“No, keep the lingerie on, just remove your bra and move the panties aside.” She got on the bed and did as you commanded and you could now see her shaved pussy and petite breasts. You got on top of her and positioned your cock on her outer lips.

“I’m gonna put it inside now ok?”, you asked her, being careful on the girl’s first time.

“Yes please go on!”, she said enthusiastically. You penetrated her slowly and kept going until your whole cock was sheathed inside her.

“How does it feel?”

“It…..feels…..AMAZING!”, she exclaimed.


You were happy to indulge her and began hammering her pussy, and she began moaning and gasping, all while urging you to keep going. It seemed she went from virgin to nymphomaniac in about half a second, as you fondled her tits and kissed you could feel her having multiple mini orgasms one after another. Her face was pure bliss as you pounded her mercilessly. But soon you felt your orgasm approaching and paid no mind, releasing it all inside her. She came hard when the hot cum filled her cunt and collapsed on the bed. However she rose up immediately as soon as you exited your cock from her.

“THAT WAS AMAZING SIR THANK YOU! Oh but I have so many questions. I have another hole, can we use that for sex too? And multiple people can do it together too? Are the sizes of manhood different from men to men?”. you looked at her puzzled before answering.

“Well, if you want me and some guys outside could help you figure out”.

“TRULY?! Oh thank you very much sir. Could you invite them in?”

“Ok just to be sure: you are positively sure you want more guys to come here and fuck you simultaneously?”

“Yes sir very much. The experience with you was wonderful and I can only imagine having more people fucking should be even better!”. You chuckled as you left the room and went into the hall before screaming from the Shadow Isles door:


Only Garen, Shen and TF were there, so you assumed Darius and Gangplank were still double teaming Irelia. The three men rushed towards the door, and you just thought that if Gwen wanted cock, she would have her fill of it as you closed the door and returned to the blue haired nymphomaniac room.

Chapter Text

You were never a man of the sea. The feeling of soil beneath your feet was always taken for granted until now. A Noxian cargo ship was heading to one of the coastal cities the empire had claimed, but the route passed near Bilgewater so the noxian hired you and your band to escort it. Sure, you had a ship for these naval jobs and they paid considerably more than normal ones, but you still weren’t comfortable at sea. Some of you men got seasick, vomiting in regular intervals during the whole trip.

     The most tense moment was when you spotted the Dreadway, Gangplank’s own ship. The crew of the cargo ship freaked out, and your men were also afraid for none but the noxian capital ship or the biggest freljordian war galley could stand toe to toe against it. You took your chances and grabbed a spyglass and headed to the front of the ship, trying to spot the famous pirate captain. When you found him, you started waving your arms at him, hoping he would recognize you from the club. The Dreadway came closer and closer, the tension brewing before you saw his face change through the spyglass and he gave the order to leave. Both your crew and the cargo ship had no idea what happened, but were thankful that he decided to leave you alone. After that, the rest of the trip was calm, and reaching the destination you collected your payment and split it between the men. After that you began your 3 day trip back home.

     Arriving, your first thought was to head to the club to try to find Gangplank there and thank him. You climbed up the stairs and saw the club’s usual patrons, and the pirate captain on the counter discussing something with Gragas. You approached them and tapped the captain's back before sitting beside him and greeting them both.

“Hey GP, thank you a lot for sparing the ships back that day.”

“Aye mate, twas not a problem. They say you can’t bring grudges from outside in here, but there is no rule about friendships forged here leaving the club.”

“And I am so relieved by that.”

“You should be, based on the state of those tubs, it would take about two cannon barrages to send you both to the bottom of the ocean.”

“Is there anything I can do to repay you?”

“Nah, just leave it as a favor. Although you should be careful when you sail, for being spared by me may put you on the sights of someone else.”, he told you.


“Sarah Fortune. Goes by Miss Fortune, she is the greatest contestant for my control over Bilgewater. She’s in the Bilgewater room, but I wouldn’t dare to try to fuck, she hates me over something but I never cared to find out.” He scratched his chin a bit before smiling and turning to you.

“Actually, there is something you can do for me. Fuck her and when you’re leaving the room say I send her my regards.” You smiled and raised a glass Gragas poured to you to toast him.

“Well who am I to deny a friend's request?” You said as you got up and headed to the Bilgewater room.

     You walked into the room and saw it decorated in a maritime theme, evoking the feel of being aboard a well furnished pirate ship. Anchors, small cannons and treasure chests were spread across the room, and even the smell was similar to that of the sea. But your eyes immediately focused on the redhead beauty laying on the round bed to your left. She had big breasts, luscious lips and an ample bottom. She wore a pirate hat and a revealing lingerie completed with a garter belt. You began walking over to her, enthralled by the prospect of fucking suck a fine woman. You were so entranced that you didn’t notice the large figure walking behind you until she grabbed your shoulders and spun you around. What you saw was an enormous woman, easily over 7 feet tall. Her abs were chiseled and she was way more muscular than you, even though you worked out, trained and fought since a young age. Her skin was a tanned brown and her hair was wavy and reached the middle of her back. She wore a large sash on her waist and a tight bra around her large breasts that on any other woman would be huge, but on her they seemed quite small.

     You were surprised when she spun you, and there were two seconds of silence as she appraised you.

“Worthy.”, she said as she grabbed you as if you were a sack of grains and carried you over her shoulder to a corridor.

“Uh, hello, could you put me-”

“Hush pup”, she cut any objections you had short. You realized it was better to play along as she could easily snap you in half. You then remembered when Gragas told you the girls in the Bilgewater room. If Miss Fortune was the redhead, this one should be Illaoi, the kraken priestess. You were surprised that a priestess would be this strong and muscular. She opened the door and threw you to the bed like you weighed nothing. WIth a snap of her fingers four tentacles appeared on the sides of the bed and coiled around your arms and legs, pinning you in place. Illaoi then walked over to you and removed her sash and knelt near your head so that the pussy was directly above your face.

“Get to work, pup”, she commanded. Since you were here, there was no reason not to play along, and decided to lick the priestess outer lips. She tasted of salt water mixed with a breeze, nothing like any cunt you’ve tasted before. She started moving her hips and grinding her crotch against your face. You licked her for minutes, hearing her moans as she used you like a toy. When you felt her orgasm approaching her muscular thighs began clamping down on your head, and you seriously feared for your health. There was a joke among your men of wanting a girl to crush your head with her thighs, but right now that was a serious concern. Her pleasure was building up and soon she clamped on you hard, and you began slapping on her ass and legs, trying to tell her you couldn’t breathe. She noticed your pleas and got off your face, allowing you to catch air.

     You then saw her position herself near your cock. Her bra had been removed and you saw her breasts glistening with sweat. She rose and aligned her pussy above your cock, her outer lips already wet from your spit and her juices.

“Now let’s see if you’re up to the main challenge.”, she said as she lowered herself into your hard manhood. She slammed her cunt into you, and you felt a bit of pain as she pounded on you. She was incredibly tight, but not in the way other women you’ve fuck before. It was as if every muscle of her body was jacked, and you felt her walls milk you on their own. The sensation was incredible, although diminished by the pain your hips felt when she slammed into you. You hoped she would cum soon, because you could not keep this on for long. You felt your own climax approaching and when she lowered herself on time with less force, you sprayed your cum inside her. Her pussy milked you fully as she looked down at you.

“Good enough, better than most men actually”. That didn’t mean she would stop though, and kept fucking you at her own pace, using you almost like a dildo. After some painful minutes she came and slowed down before removing your penis from inside her. You looked down and all your crotch area was bruised and when you moved the pain stung. It was as if you took a beatdown completely focused on your hips.

Illaoi saw you couldn’t move and carried you like a sack to the door again. She opened it and put you down before giving your ass a slap and going back in. You stumbled your way to the counter and Gangplank looked at you.

“Illaoi got you?”, he asked.

“Yeah.”, you said struggling to sit on one of the bar stools.

“Tis fine, happens to the best of us.”

Chapter Text

You sat on the stool defeated, thoroughly wrecked after your encounter with the kraken priestess.  Gragas took pity on you and gave you a targonian drink infused with gemstones to help you recover your stamina. It wasn’t alcoholic and you were thankful for it, along with the simple meal he told someone to grab you back in town. You then walked into one of the couches and just sat there for an hour. Eventually Twisted Fate approached you, probably out of pity.

“Illaoi got you right?”

“Yeah”, you answered, still recovering.

“Look pal, you’re gonna be laying there for some time before you’re back on your feet. Go see Soraka, I’ve been on your spot and she helped a lot. Come, I’ll help you get there.”

You accepted his offer, passing your arm around his shoulders and slowly walking to the Targon room.

     He opened the door and you were taken aback by the place. It was way more grandiose than any room you visited before, the sun and moon shining on the ceiling as if they were the real ones. The architecture was different from anything you’ve seen, white marble made into temple-like arches and statues. You saw two empty beds in opposite sides, one yellow bright like the sun and the other in a silvery tone of moonlight.

“Hey Raka, I’ve got one for you”, you heard TF call out. Moving your gaze to where he shouted, you saw an unusual woman. Her skin was a tone of light purple, her hair was white and long and her eyes were a deep yellow. The unusual features were her goatlike feet, completed with hooves, and the single horn protruding from her forehead. She wore an orange strapless dress that ended just above her thigh.

“Oh dear!”, she exclaimed as she rushed over to you, her hooves clacking against the stone floor.

“What happened to him?”, she asked the gambler.


“Oh heavens, you must tell her to be more gentle, otherwise more and more people are gonna end up like this.”

“We try, but she is a little stubborn. Give him the full treatment, the guy is also a mercenary so probably he’s got some untreated wounds.”

“Will sure do”, she told him as she helped you enter one of the rooms on a corridor to the left.

     You entered a room that was decorated in the same fashion as the one before, but in this one you could see a starry sky in the ceiling. She helped you undress and laid you down in a large round bed and knelt beside you.

“I am going to feel if there are any wounds in your body besides the one that brute priestess inflicted upon you, so close your eyes and relax” she told you. You did as told and slowed your breathing, relaxing as you felt her hands wander your body in a caring way. She did it for a few minutes before gently tapping your forehead to get you to open your eyes.

“It appears that in addition to the Illaoi ones, you have some small fractures on your hands, very common in mercenaries, and one ill healed wound on the back of your left knee.”

“Yes, I took one ugly slash there in my younger days as a merc. Though it was fine though, it never hurt before.”

“It doesn’t hurt now but some years from now it will be a problem, may even make it difficult to walk.”. That scared you and you promptly asked her.

“Can you fix it?”. She giggled and answered.

“Of course silly, I am not called the Star Child for nothing. Now come here, head on my lap.”

     You laid your head on her lap and closed your eyes as she began humming and massaging your abdomen. You felt a warm, caring energy spreading through your body and the pain from the bruises waned, along with the fatigue you felt. The energy began gathering at your hands and your left knee. You were in a state of calmness as she gently put her hands around your penis and began slowly massaging it. You took deep breaths as you enjoyed the care she gave you in contrast to the rough treatment from Illaoi. You then felt her lips touch yours in a small peck and she smiled softly.

“You know, there is one way to better help you heal from these internal wounds.”

“What is it?”, you asked. Her answer was pulling down her dress and freeing her beautiful purple breasts. The nipples were a darker shade than her skin and she placed you near your mouth.

“Suck on it, and then drink”

You began doing as she told and suddenly you felt liquid enter your mouth. It wasn’t milk, it tasted like some fruit, although not one you would recognize. But when you drank it you felt the same energy Soraka was instilling in you, but a hundred times stronger. It felt like it was seeping into your bones and mending every little fracture, every little wound you had in your entire life. It was overwhelming and soon you found yourself orgasming over her hand.

“Looks like I milked you while you milked me”, she said giggling “We are all done now.”

     You rose up and looked deep into her eyes, and without a single exchange of words threw yourself into her embrace. You both fell down on the bed, sloppily making out. You tilted your head to the side a little so that her horn wouldn’t get in the way. Your hands traveled through her body, exploring the light purple curves of the targonian healer. Her lips were soft, and you felt your manhood rub against her when she pulled you closer. You then broke the kiss and saw her move her dress out of the way, giving you access to her delicious purple pussy, with a patch of pubic hair the same color of her hair. You badly wanted to shove your cock inside her, but you moved to lick her cunt. She tasted  like the liquid that you sucked from her breasts, but more concentrated. She gasped when you began working her clit, lightly licking it before sucking on it.

“RIght there dear, right there……”, she said while passing her fingers through your hair. You kept working her pussy with your tongue, but always in a steady and calm rhythm. After a few minutes her breath became deeper and you felt her cum. Even her orgasms were calm, as she just took a deep breath and a small jolt passed through her body. You removed your head from the middle of her legs and moved it up to her face.

“Thank you dear” she said as she gave you a peck on your forehead.

     You aligned your cock to her opening and pushed it inside her, hearing her gasp softly as it entered her. You held her hands as you began rocking your hips, fucking her in a slow pace. She smiled at you and you two kept at this motion for a few minutes, gradually increasing the speed until you let go of her hands and laid your torso on top of her, increasing the speed in which you thrusted inside her. She placed your head beside hers, passing her finger through your hair once more.

“That’s it dear, that’s it, keep going, let it all out inside me”, she whispered in your ear. You picked up the pace and indulged her, shooting your cum inside her welcoming cunt. You felt quivers inside her pussy, signs she had orgasmed again. You both stayed like this for a minute before you rose up and exited your cock from her, and your cum leaked from the healer's purple pussy. She smiled at you and stared at your cock that was growing soft after the loads it shot. She got on her knees, her face on the same level as your cock.

“Allow me to take care of it one more time”, she said as she grabbed your balls and began massaging it. Suddenly you felt energy flow through your dick once again, your cock growing to it’s full length again.

     Soraka wasted no time and began blowing you, her tongue massaging you glans as she swallowed your cock while she massaged your testicles. Her mouth was velvety, and her technique was slow and steady, letting you enjoy the sensations for more time. You grabbed her horn and pushed her to you, and she hummed as she deepthroated you. You began facefucking her before your third orgasm approached and you filled her mouth with hot cum. She sucked on your cock a few more times, getting every drop of semen out of you. Then in one large gulp she swallowed it and cleaned a single drop that fell on her breasts.

“Delicious dear, thank you”, she said. You looked at her again, but now not in a caring way. This time your gaze was filled with lust, and noticing it she bit her lip sutrily while looking back at you. 

     You pushed her down on all fours and she spread her legs and raised her hips. You aligned your cock to her pussy, but her purple asshole looked so inviting you placed your cockhead on it and began pushing in.

“Oh my dear, you’re going to shove that massive cock inside my tight asshole?”, she said. Her tone changed entirely, gone was the motherly caring Soraka, now she was a slutty nympho craving a cock in her asshole. You grabbed her horn and pulled her head back.

“Yes, and you’re going to like and scream in pleasure like the whore you are”, you whispered in her ear.

Yesssssss…….. ” she answered back.

You managed to push your full lenght inside her ass and she moaned hard. You pulled back and started to fuck her ass, giving her asscheeks a slap. She let her head down and you felt hard quivers inside her as she came again. But she soon rose again and looked at you biting her lip. You took that sign to roughen up, and began slamming your cock inside her with full speed and strength. 

“Fuck me. fuck me. fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she began pleading ass her asshole was thorughly ravaged by your cock. You felt your last load approaching, and removed your cock from her ass. You grabbed her horn and placed her in front of your cock as you came on her face and her breasts. She stuck her tongue out and when she was drenched in cum she sucked on your cock again, licking it clean.

     Feeling renewed and satisfied, you began dressing up while Soraka laid there on her side, eyeing your body.

“Come by anytime dear, I’ll help you with any wounds you have, and with other issues too.”, she said, spreading her cunt for you to see you cum leaking out of her.

“Oh I’ll be sure to come back, my line of work is prone to getting hurt, and I wouldn’t mind having a beautiful and dutiful healer to take care of me”.

“I’ll be sure to take very good care of you  everytime

You then exited the room and went back to the bar, feeling better than most days and happy all your health problems were solved by a good session of fucking your healer.

Chapter Text

You decided to stay in town a few more days after Soraka healed you, giving the men some days off and a nice bonus since the last contracts paid well. They all appreciated it and thanked you, not knowing the ulterior reason you had to want to stay in town a few more days. You had spoken to Gragas and he said the next event  in the club should occur soon. You kept yourself busy the next couple of days, resolving logistics issues for the company, but always checking up to see which day it would occur. Three days later you walked into the club and saw a large curtain obstructing the view of the main hall, exactly the same way it had when the KDA event happened. You noticed it was not as crowded as the show, but the number of patrons still surpassed the usual. Garen, Jayce and Graves were on the counter chatting with the bartender.

“Hey new guy, arrive just in time, it should begin soon”, Gragas said as he greeted you and poured a cup of you usual drink.

“Thanks man.”, you grabbed the cup and drank from it. “Which one is gonna be today?”

“Battle academia. It’s a battle school simulation, the girls are divided into schools and battle it out.” Garen answered you.

“Must be quite a performance. Who’s participating?"

“Lux and Katarina on the Durandal side, Caitlyn and Leona on the Labrys one.”

     You were going to ask another question when your voice was cut short as the curtains opened and all eyes turned in that direction. A large arena was placed in the center of the main hall, spotlights above it to give better lighting to the coming show.

“Bye, that’s my cue.” Graves said as he vanished in the middle of the crowd. Soon after you saw him appear in a totally different outfit, much more akin to a university professor than the gunslinger outlaw you knew he was. A stand appeared in the middle of the arena and Graves walked over to it, reaching the microphone and speaking to the crowd.

“Now we begin the tournament between the god-weapon schools. Representing Durandal we have Lux and Katarina, and representing Labrys, Caitlyn and Leona.”

     The spotlights moved and you saw walking up the stairs on opposite sides of the arena the girls Graves called, although in very different ways. Katarina had pink hair and wore a more casual version of school uniform. Boots, thigh high socks, a purple and black short skirt and a white corset beneath a black jacket. She had a bad girl attitude, looking bored and pissed at the same time. Lux had the same happy and giggly attitude, but now her hair was red and was tied in a ponytail. Her uniform was much more proper than Katarina’s, with a buttoned up shirt, orange and black skirt and knee socks. On the Labrys side, Caitlyn walked up the stairs with a look of absolute confidence. Her hair was much longer then the time you saw her, the inside part of it pink instead of black. Her uniform was akin to Lux’s, but Cailtyn wore a finely crafted blazer. Leona meanwhile lacked all the confidence Cait had, walking hesitantly behind her companion. You never saw Leona before, but now she sported blue hair that partially covered on of her eyes and a uniform much like Caitlyn’s.

     The girl's approached the center of the arena and stopped. Graves gave the pairs a look before pressing a button in his stand. Suddenly a weapon appeared in front of each girl. Katarina had a pair of sharp looking daggers, Lux some kind of magical baton, Caitlyn a futuristic looking rifle and Leona a simple set of sword and shield. They all picked up their weapons and moved to the edge of the arena on opposite sides. Graves then moved to a high platform connected to the arena before shouting “BEGIN”.

     The battle was over before you could even comprehend it had begun. Katarina moved like a flash of lightning, appearing behind Cait and Leona and spinning into a torrent of blades that obliterated both of them. Before you could worry about them, both disappeared in a flash of light and returned to the arena unscathed, although Caitlyn had an angry look in her face. Katarina grinned at them, and Cait whispered something in Leona’s ear. Both teams then gave a nod to Graves, who started the next round. This time was different though, as when Katarina tried to do the same move twice Leona stunned her and locked her in place while Caitlyn used a net to distance herself from the assassin and snipe her head in one shot. Lux tried to shield her ally, but Katarina was bursted before the shield reached her. Alone, Lux was no match for the Labrys duo, who quickly eliminated her. The score was now tied, assuming it was a 3x3 event.

     “For the final round, each team will be  allowed to call one classmate to help”, Graves explained. Both duos discussed for a few seconds before Katarina shouted “JAYCE”, which prompted the inventor to leave the crowd and in a minute enter the arena in a uniform. Caitlyn grinned at Lux and Katarina before shouting “GAREN”. The demacian commander also changed clothes, now looking much more like a high school bully. You saw that both Lux and Katarina looked shaken when he positioned himself on the opposite side to them. Both tema positioned themselves and gave Graves the “go” signal.

     This time Katarina did not instantly jump to the enemy’s backline, now waiting for them to move. Lux tried to bind Caitlyn with a light trap, but Leona soaked up the ability, and retaliated by summoning a beam of light directly on top of Jayce. That gave Cait the opportunity to start shooting at the inventor, and when Kat tried to pick off Cait, Garen was quick to grab her and put a stop to her plans. Lux tried to help her teammates, but with Garen’s peel and Leona’s stunlocking potencial, Labrys was able to take the round. The bonus students exited the arena, and Katarina was furious, a sight that made Cait’s smile much more devious. Graves then walked to the center of the arena again.

“With a score of 2x1, Labrys won this event. So now, please assume your respective positions ladies.”. Suddenly, the ground opened in two spots and ornate looking couches arose. Leona shyly got in one while Caitlyn sat confidently and someone handed her a martini. Near the other team two other holes appeared, but from them emerged two stocks. You heard Katarina sight and say “Fine, just get this over with” before removing her panties and taking her place in one of the stocks. Lux followed her more cautiously, but also removed her undergarments and took her position.

“Being the winners, the girls from Labrys are in charge for the day, so if you wish to join them they must allow you. Durandarl, however, is free use for the rest of the day. Enjoy!”, Graves announced before leaving the arena. You followed the other patrons and soon saw that Caitlyn was enjoying teasing the men, giving them flashes of her panties and grinning deviously. Leona was getting more confident and started to remove the outer layers of her uniform.

     But you turned your attention to the Durandal side, where Lux and Katarina were already being pounded mercilessly. Seeing as Leona and Cait would take their time before letting anyone fuck them, you got in line to fuck Lux or Katarina ass or pussy. It didn’t take long for your turn to arrive, as they were used as fuck toys. You decided to have a turn on Katarina’s pussy, and you saw that she was already ruined. Her backside was covered in cum and it also dripped from her cunt. Some customers had come on her face and hair, adding to the whore aesthetic she now had. There was also a sharpie in the stocks that people used to write on her ass. The words “FUCK TOY” and “DU COTEAU WHORE” were written on her backside, so you added your contribution by writing “NOXIAN COCKSLUT” on her right buttock. Pleased with your work, you kept hammering at her as she moaned continuously. But the moans soon stopped when Talon moved in front of her and began facefucking her. You kept going and when you looked to Lux you saw Garen align his cock to her asshole.

“Hi sis”, he said as he shoved his entire penis in her tiny asshole.

“Garen? Oh for fuck’s sake”

“Hey you lost it fair and square”, he answered while plunging himself inside her.

You decided to borrow his idea and switched from fucking Katarina’s pussy to fucking her ass. She shriveled around your shaft when you entered her, and the tightness soon made you shoot your load inside her asshole. When you finished, you removed yourself from her and left, leaving her available for the next patron. When you saw Trundle grabbing her ass and starting to undo his pants, you almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

     You walked over to where Cailtyn and Leona were and saw that the couch had been moved in together, and that Leona was licking Cait’s cunt as she teased all the men around them. Everybody was following the rules, and none moved a muscle to join them. Soon, you saw Cait orgasm over Leona’s mouth. She then lifted the girl’s chin up and began making out with her sloppily. 

“Now let’s get ready for the main course, shall we?”, Caitlyn said as she pushed her panties aside and tore open Leona’s blouse, letting her colleagues tits free. Cailtyn scanned every man around before choosing.

“You fuck her ass and you her pussy. And you will have my ass, and you my pussy. The rest of you lowlives are allowed to shower us with warmth.”

In the end, Darius would take Leona’s ass and Jarvan her pussy. You were chosen for Cait’s pussy, and Kayn for her ass. After figuring out how you would do it, the four of you began pumping in and out of the two women’s holes. Cait was definitely the dominant one, as she would tell the men to slow down, speed up or change pace. Leona was content with being used, letting Caitlyn call the shots. Both women also made out, with the scene being hotter as they share the cum that was shot all over them. They kept rocking their hips and soon the creampies came, with Kayn filling Cait first, followed by the other. Cait and Leona came multiple times, and finally commanded everyone to put their cocks away.

“Now Leona, it’s time we take a shower together, right darling?”, Cait said, licking a string of cum off the other’s face. THey exited the room, arms entwined, and the same thought passed the heads of every man who watched the Labrys show.

“Well Kat and Lux are still available.”, voiced Graves. And quickly the line to ruim the two girls grew, and you thought they would need much time to recover from today.

Chapter Text

The following weeks after the Battle Academia event were monotonous. You thought that it would be like any other time, that soon another conflict somewhere that needed swords for hire would appear. But nope, all peaceful around Runeterra, and you and the men were growing borde, anxious even. You were thankful when an emissary of a demacian noble family contacted you wanting to hire the band. You took the job, theoretically an easy escort and guard duty. But of course it would be  more complicated than that.

     The first complication that arose is that they demanded you and your men wore specially crafted armor and weapons. It got worse when you saw they were big, impractical and hurt the joints and shoulders when worn for long periods. Adding insult to injury, the family you would be escorting were the Laurent, Demacia’s finest fencers, who definitely didn’t need protection. You soon found out they were travelling to a tournament and the “escort” was more of a show of prestige than an actual need. It grew obvious when the lower members of the family looked and talked down on your men as a means of appearing bolder to the other nobles present. Your blood boiled, but the band needed the job and you ordered the men to just deal with it until you got paid. It was hard for them, as the younger members were especially toxic. The three days you stayed with the Laurent felt like a month, and when the tournaent ended more than a few of the men wanted to tell the whole familly to go fuck themselves.

     Going back to town, you paid the band and gave them two days off to unwind, but warned them to save some coin as you were not sure when the next job would show up. You felt your warning fell on many deaf ears, but you are not their mother so whatever. Your plans, however, were free of charge. You headed back to the club and found the usual scene, some patrons on the tables, some on the counter, same as usual. This time you skipped the drink and headed straight to the rooms, the Demacian one specifically. Walking in, you saw the room was not as occupied as when you first went in to fuck Lux. She was missing along with Vayne and Sona, leaving only Quinn and Fiora in the room. You walked to the head of the Laurent family, who wore a fishnet top that showed her breasts, thigh high socks with high heels and panties that didn’t leave much to imagination. You slapped her ass making her jump and told her:

“C’mon, to the room.”

“You cannot speak to a noblewoman like that”, she replied.

“But here you are just a whore, so get going”, you said, slapping her ass again, harder this time. You caught a muffled moan escaping from her lips, but she regained her composure and got up.

She walked into a private room ahead of you and tried to start talking before you pinned her against a wall and began groping her.

“You good for nothing brute!” she contested, but you felt her body getting more aroused, as her nipples stiffened and fulir began flowing down her thighs. Fiora didn’t speak to anyone outside a close circle when you escorted her family, but you could see the same look of contempt in her eyes as the rest of her family. Fucking her into submission would be a fitting payback

     You spinned her so that her ass was towards you, and after unbucling your pants you began fucking her as your hands grabbed her tits. She still kept a semblance of resistance, but you felt the wetness in her crotch grow, so she was enjoying being treated like a cheap whore. Soon she stopped fighting and began panting, suppressing her moans. But instead of just fucking her thighs, you grabbed her and throwed her onto the bed. She landed face first and you quickly moved before her and shved your cock inside her wet cunt. She moaned loudly, not able to suppress the pleasure overwhelming her. She got up a little and you kept fucking her doggystyle, slapping her ass while you did, and feeling her tighten every time you hit her.

“Fucking demacian whore.”, you said while sheating your cock into her snatch.

“You look down on the people serving you, thinking yourself on a pedestal, but now you’re getting fucked by one of them, ironic isn’t it?”. She moaned but ignored you.

“Answer.” you ordered.

“Uhn- yes”, she answered.

“Yeah I thought so. What are you Fiora?”, you asked, hitting her buttocks again.

“I’m a filthy demacian whore who deserves to be fucked mercilessly by any man who wants to use me as a cumdump.”. You were pleased and surprised at how quickly she accepted her role.

     You kept fucking her cunt with full force, with no regard to what she wanted. But looking at her behind, a thought crossed your mind. You yanked her panties, that were pushed to the side to allow access into her, off, exposing her asshole. You removed your cock from her snatch and shoved it inside her asshole in one go, enticing a scream from her. She grabbed the sheets, and you approached her ear.

“You didn’t like it? I thought a slut like you was to be used, so wanted to use this little asshole. Should I not?”

“No please, keep going, shove all that manhood inside me”, she answered amid moans.

“Good whore.”, you said as you went back to fucking her asshole in full force. Reaching your arm forward, you grabbed her neck and started choking her, which made her asshole shiver. That made your limit approach fast, so you pulled yourself from her and manhandled her so that her face was resting on your cock.

“Work for it”, you ordered and she quickly started sucking your cock like she needed your cum to breathe. You were at your limit so it didn’t take long for you to shoot your load inside her mouth. She kept sucking you, milking your cock to the fullest before you shoved her off and saw she had swallowed your cum, the remnants of it now dripping from her mouth.

“I didn’t say you could do that, so now I have to punish you. Stay here.”

     You put your pants on and left to the main room. Opening the door you shouted “Darius. Trundle. Fiora gangbang. Now. You in?” The two men you called looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders

“Sure” was their answer. They followed you into the room where Fiora was recovreing from the rough treatment you gave her. They wasted no time and took their pants off, after which Trundle lifted her up and shoved his troll cock inside her asshole as Darius filled her cunt. Her accent was much sweeter when it was present in the moans when she was being filled with cock. But you didn’t leave her mouth empty for long, as you stood up on the bed so you could make her suck your cock again. 

     You kept going at her, fucking her like she was a piece of meat, a cheap whore that one could find in the lowliest bars. Having already blown a load in her, you shoot another load in her mouth quickly.

“Take good care of that slut”, you told Darius and Trundle before leaving the room while hearing the moans one would expect of a hooker, but came from a “proud” demacian noblewoman.

Chapter Text

And finally things began returning to normal. An emissary from the noxian high command approached you one day. You were always happy to take on contracts from Noxus, as they were standart mercenary contracts and the pay was a little higher than the average rate. This one however, was a little more about subtlety than strength. Apparently the noxian spies were unable to approach Bandle City. The yordles' magic was attuned to them and all noxian forces or infiltrators found themselves lost in the woods, never finding the town. Your job was to grab a small number of forces and try to scout it. No fighting, just scouting it and delivering your findings to the high command.

     You grabbed the band's more subtle members and departed to the region where Bandle City was located. Arriving on the edge of the forest that surrounded it, you had your mage cast an occultation spell and ventured into the woods. In about half an hour you saw the outskirts of the city, proving the spell had worked. Getting closer, you saw that it was an ordinary town, yordle’s walking, selling goods and getting on with their day. You began to wonder why Noxus had an interest in them, but that didn’t matter for your job. You spent about three hours spying on the outskirts of town when one of your men stepped on a mushroom. It exploded into a purple mist. The man began to choke and you instantly recognized what it was: a trap laid by Teemo, a little fucker hated by almost every region on Runeterra. The use of landmines was falling out of use, as even Noxus saw it didn’t provide an honorable victory. But he still used them, paired with biological warfare. You grabbed the man and ran out of the woods until they were behind you, and ordered the mage to take off the injured. A healing spell paired with an air spell to remove the gas from his lungs was enough to prevent him from dying, but he would spend some time in the barracks infirmary.

     Returning to town you left the guy at the infirmary and made sure he got proper medical treatment. You reported to the emissary and he paid you the established amount. Things were going well, but fuck you were stressed. And the best way to relieve it was the club. You entered it and saw a somewhat familiar face there. Lulu was being accompanied by two other yordles, one had short white hair and wore what appeared to be military fatigues, completed by a pair of goggles on her head. The other one wore armor and had her white hair combed into two ponytails on the back of her head. Seeing you arrive, Gragas shouted out to you.

“Hey new guy, there you are. The ladies here have been asking for you.”

As you approached the counter, you saw all of them turn to look at you. Lulu had her usual drink and Pix was swimming in a glass of bourbon. The other two had pints of beer in front of them that looked bigger in comparison to the two yordle’s.

“Hey stud, come here I’ve been waiting for you”, Lulu said to you. You sat on the counter beside her and Gragas grabbed your usual Piltover gin.

“Hey Lulu, ladies”, you said, giving them a head nod. “What do you need from me?”

“So, I've been told that a certain someone has been trying to pay a visit to Bandle City.” You were surprised as besides the accident with the mushroom, your mission went undetected.

“Would that certain someone be in trouble for trying to see such a mysterious place?”

“Not at all dear. But let’s cut the crap: you were detected, but I vouched for you since you were such a great lay, so let bygones be bygones.”

“Thank you Lulu, a lot.”

“Oh but I didn’t say you were free. See, when I told what a good lay you were, some of my friends were  interested  in finding out. Let me introduce you to Tristana and Poppy.”

“Hey there hotshot, I’m Tristana.”, said the one in military fatigues.

“Uhm, and I’m Poppy”, the armored one said a little shyly.

“So, how about you take my lovely friends here for a ride and we call it even. I cast on them the same spell I did when we were together.”

“Works for me. But wouldn't you want to join us?”, you proposed to the purple mage.

“As good as you are hunk, sometimes a girl needs something more  filling . I’ve booked Trundle, Tryndamere and Dr mundo for the night, so unfortunately my agenda is full”

     Lulu and the other Yordles got up from the barstools and you saw the same whirlwind of leaves envelop the three of them. Lulu emerged just like last time, her clothes looking like they were about to burst trying to contain suck thicc thighs and voluptuous breasts. But the other two yordles weren’t behind her, both being stacked. Tristana’s military fatigues were now a small tank top and a short that covered almost nothing. Poppy’s armor became bikini armor, more suited to strip shows than combat.

“Now ladies, keep my hunk friend company, will you?”, Lulu said walking to a table where Mundo and Trundle were staring at her. 

You moved between them and grabbed both their asses. Tristana gave you a mischievous look, biting her lower lip. Poppy was blushing but you could see the lust in her eyes.

“Now ladies, shall we go?”, you asked them. Both gave you a nod and you walked with them to the Bandle City room.  Since the room was empty, you began making out with Tristana while your hands crawled into Poppy’s panties and played with her mound. She began breathing heavily and soon you pulled her close into a triple kiss, you and the yordles tongues dancing with each other.

     You then pushed both yordles onto a bed and began undressing them. Trsitana’s ass almost bursted out of her shorts and Poppy panties were soaked.

“So hotshot, who’s gonna go first?”, Tristana said with her naked huge ass upwards. You climbed on top of her and began hotdogging her ass while looking back at you, biting her lip. Poppy eyed you both intensely and began masturbating.

“Oh girl come here” Tristana said as she pulled the other yordle in for a kiss. They were making out and you slid your hand into Poppy’s pussy, but only to coat your finger into her juices before you began fingering her asshole. She gasped at first before tightening around your finger. With such and erotic sight, you pulled back from hotdogging Tristana and plunged your cock into her depths. She moaned loudly as you filled her, grabbing the sheets on the bed.

“Oh fuck, now I get why Lulu spoke so highly of you.”, she said when you began fucking her slowly at first but quickly changed to slammed into her cunt as her asscheeks absorbed the impact. You looked to the side and saw that Poppy had moved behind you and you felt her tongue work your dick while it entered Tristana and also sucking on your balls. You pounded at Tristana and soon found yourself cumming inside the yordle gunner. She came multiple times while you fucked her, but this last one was much more intense. You removed your cock from her cunt and not letting it soften, moved to Poppy, grabbing her asscheeks. When you were rubbing your cockhead into her wet folds. she protested.

“No not there, fuck my asshole.”, the now not as shy yordle knight said. You obliged and moved to try to penetrate her ass. It was so tight you could not push your cock inside it. Tristana saw the situation and jumped in.

“No dude, you’re never pushing that cock inside her ass like this. Here let me help”. Tristana then began tonguing Poppy’s asshole, which incited a gasp from the knight before she melted into it. Seeing the scene, you rubbed your cock against Tristana’s cunt and hotdogged her again, not letting your erection go away.

     The yordle gunner worked Poppy’s ass for quite some time before removing her tongue and getting on top of Poppy. She then spreaded the other yordle’s asscheeks and gave you a look at Poppy’s blue asshole.

“Ok, try fucking her ass now.”, she said. You pushed your cock inside Poppy’s ass, now able to properly fuck her. You started slowly while she gasped, moaned and came from the initial insertion, but took no time to begin pounding away at her. She screamed in pleasure, and all while Tristana licked her asshole and your cock at the same time. You kept hammering at Poppy’s asshole but when you gave a signal that your orgasm was coming. Tristana pushed you off her friend. 

“No, do it on our faces. It’s a kink of mine.”

You obliged her and when Poppy and Tristana kneeled before your cock, their tongues out to catch your cum, you shot your load on them. It covered their faces, and when it stopped coming Tristana grabbed Poppy’s head and began making out with her, your cum mixing with their saliva and moving from mouth to mouth. They grabbed each other's tits and you watched their make out and fingering session until both came again, finishing with Poppy eating your previous load from Tristana’s cunt.

     “Oh hotshot, if I could get Lulu to cast this spell everyday I might keep you locked up in Bandle city”. Tristana said.

“Yeah it was exhilarating to be sure”, Poppy added.

“Well ladies, glad to be of service. And please come by anytime Lulu is with you. She might even join us.”

“Oh I’m sure she will eventually.” Tristana said scooping cum out of her snatch and eating it. When you were about to leave you turned back to them and said.

“Might I ask a small favor of you?”

“Sure.”, both answered.

“Please tell Teemo to shove the mushrooms up his ass.”

Chapter Text

The same week you were contacted by the Piltover University again. Even though the last contracts from them were not pleasing, you agreed to meet with their envoy. He was a professor of some biosomething, and wanted to book another expedition into Icathia, because apparently the samples from the last one were not enough. You though fuck it, might as well overcharge them. Explaining the nature of the area and the danger it posed, you charged five times the usual rate. And was really surprised when they agreed on the spot, half now and half when the job is done. So you gathered up the men, told then to be armed to the teeth and departed to a shuriman village where you would meet the academics.

     The first days were calm, even though the feeling of unease would not leave. The academics were curious yet terrified, grabbing samples and jumping at the sight of their own shadows. The contract insisted you needed to go deeper into Icathia, as the samples from there would last longer. Soon you saw purple rock emerging from the ground, and little creatures would appear and stalk you. The scientists called them “voidlings” and thought them harmless. This was proved wrong when they swarmed on  one the men, almost tearing him to pieces before you were able to slay them. The scientists were livid as they were able to harvest the corpses, but still insisted to go further into Icathia. You gave them one more day of walking into the ruins, after that you would return. They agreed and on the last day the signs of “the Void”, as the scientist called it became more and more apparent. The voidling grew bigger, the size of a large dog and attacked alone now. They gathered the eggs of some unknown animal when it appeared. A monstrosity sitting easily at 20 meter high, with hooked claws and spikes and a jaw that looked like it could swallow a dragon in one bite. You all hid and the nerds said the legends called it “Cho’gath”, one of the void titans that breached into Icathia. You didn’t care what the name was, only that you needed to leave now.

     You hid until Cho’gath left, and then rushed out of there, even if the voidlings attacked. The 3 days of walking into Icathia became 1 and a half days leaving. Miraculously, you didn’t lose anyone, so you headed back into town proud. The emissary from the university paid the other half, and now you had enough money to maintain the band for an entire year. You gave the men generous bonuses and headed into the club for some needed relief. Climbing up the stairs and reaching the bar, Gragas greeted you.

“Hey new guy. The usual stuff?” he said, grabbing a bottle of Piltover gin.

“Nah, give something top shelf, celebrating a job well done.”

“Special occasion then. What job was it?”

“Science expedition into Icathia, had to escort some nerds to get samples. We ran into some huge void monstrosity but left untouched.”

“So I got just the thing for you.” He grabbed a fancy looking bottle from the top shelf and poured it into a tall glass.

“Icathian wine, one of the few bottles that survived the cataclysm.”

“Is it safe to drink?”, you inquired.

“We wouldn’t serve it here if it wasn’t.”

“Fair enough”, you said before tasting it. It had a nice aged flavor along with something you did not recognize. Then your tongue started burning a little before it went numb.

“What is this?”

“The void infusion.”

“The what?”

“Some of the void energy was absorbed by the wine, so it has the burning and numbness. It’ll pass in a few minutes.” It did, and you breathed a sigh of relief.

“You scared me for a second there”, you joked with the barman.

“I know, just to show you that while almost all void stuff is bad, the wine is an exception. And Kai’sa of course.”

“Kai’sa? The one from KDA?”


“What does she have from the void?”

“She is one of the more exotic girls, and has unique equipment.”

“Just be straight with me: is it a dick?”. Gragas laughed before going back to you.

“It is not unless you want it to be.”

“Fair enough, gonna try this “equipment” for myself”. You got up and headed to the Exotic Tastes room.

     You walked through the corridor and saw someone entering Lillia’s room. You were happy she was receiving more clients. You searched Kai’sa’s room, passing doors named Nami, Orianna And Evelynn. Finally you reached her room, and seeing it was free you entered. It had a shuriman decoration, but somewhat different and decorated with purple crystals. Passing through the purple curtains you saw the Kai’sa laying on a round bed with many pillows. She was wearing a very tight purple bodysuit and was eating a peach. She noticed your presence and turned towards you, allowing you to see her face. She was beautiful, fair skin, shoulder length hair and three stripes on her head, two on her cheeks and one on her forehead.

“Hello sir. I assume you are here for the same reason as everyone else?”, she said, being really upfront about the situation.

“Your assumption would be correct.”, you answered.

“Wonderful. Before we begin, would you like me to change anything?”

“Change what?”

“Tits. Ass. Thighs. Hair. Oh and clothes too.”

“You can…….do that?”

“Sure, lemme show you.”. She then proceeded to increase the size of her tits and the thickness of her thighs, and then reduced into a slim and athletic figure. Her clothes also changed from full bodysuit, to an elegant party dress and to a gym outfit. You were taken aback by her abilities, and had to take a minute before answering her.

“Let’s go with your normal hair, fit build, large tits, perky ass, toned abs and a little thickness on the tights. As for clothes, thigh high boots, a sling bikini and a choker.”

“Very well sir”, Kai’sa said as her body and her clothes shifted into your desired appearance. She was beautiful before, but having your own custom whore was on another level.

“Now let’s begin, would you like me to suck your cock first?”, she asked.

“Sure.”, you answered. She then got on her knees and placed her hair behind her ear and started licking your cock. She gave it full attention, but took a while longer on the head and the area beneath it. When it was covered in spit she took it into her mouth, your cock hitting the back of her throat but she didn’t seem to care, sucking your cock in a calm state of mind.

“Please lay on the bed sir, so I may use my tits.” You did as she asked and finished undressing and laid on the bed. She then resumed her blowjob but now using her tits to massage your cock before it entered her mouth. It felt amazing and you would cum if it continued, so you told her to get off. She exposed her shaved pussy to you, but before fucking you paused for a second and asked:

“Hey this is weird, but do you have like, defined presets?”

“Oh sure sir, let me show you the most popular ones. We got arrogant noble”, she changed into an elegant dress with jewelry and sandals. “Schoolgirl”, as she changed into a skirt and a uniform blouse similar to those used in private schools over Runeterra. “KDA, which I hope you’re familiar with”, she said as she got into the outfit you saw her wearing during the KDA show. “And finally whore”, which you could see as her clothes morphed into fishnet stockings, a really short skirt and a tank top that covered almost nothing.

You thought for a few seconds before deciding to fulfill a fantasy from long ago.


“Wonderful choice sir. How tight would you like me to be?”


“How tight do you want the pussy. I can change from virgin to used up whore.” You though this was fucking amazing, another level of customization.

“Tight as you can be”


     You pushed her in the bed in missionary position and admired her. She wore thigh high socks and simple black shoes. Lifting her plaid skirt you could see her pink panties getting wetter by the moment. You opened up her blouse and let her perky tits out, and began sucking on them. Kai’sa moaned like a virgin schoolgirl as you sucked on her tits and began trailing kisses until you were licking her cunt. She tasted of peaches, and you sank your tongue into her cunt and around her clit, feeling her getting moister. You then rose and rubbed your cock against her cunt before inserting it slowly. She was unbelievably tight, just like a virgin schoolgirl indeed. so you pushed your manhood inside her inch for inch. When she had grew accustomed, you began speeding up and fucking her. Your movements grew faster and in a blast of nostalgia you kissed her like she was your crush from many years ago. She returned it and made out with you as you pumped into her. Soon you shot your semen inside her, filling her tight cunt with a load of cum. When you settled, you got off her and commanded.

“Now on all fours, whore preset, tight ass and act like the whore you are.”

“Oh my sir, happy to comply”, she said sultrily as her clothes changed to that of a whore, fishnets, thigh high latex stilettos, slutty top and even whore makeup. 

“Oh sir, please come and fill my ass with that monster cock of yours.”, she said, completely changing characters.

     You grabbed her ass and rammed your cock into her asshole. She was tight but not as before, so you grabbed her hair and started hammering into her. As you shoved your cock into her you hit her ass, making her perk up.

“What are you?”

“I’m a needy whore that only gets happy when you stuff my ass with dick sir!”

“Good slut.” you said hitting her again. Fucking her in the ass like a whore was different from the schoolgril preset, the speed and roughness of the act being amped up. You could not hold out any longer so you removed your cock from her and came into her face and chest, as she spun and laid down when you removed your cock from her, giving you a full view of her face and chest getting drenched in cum.

     She sucked your cock to clean it, and you got dressed to leave.

“Thank you Kai’sa”

“Anytime sir, if you want to bring friends along, I’m confident I can satisfy all your needs at once.”

“I am sure you can. I’ll come back with some friends soon”

“Wonderful sir”, she bowed as you left, now with the impression the void has its perks.

Chapter Text

After some time in town, you decided to pay Lillia a visit, and she was way more confident and lewd. The new influx of clients helped her develop her technique, and now was tight, wet and wanting. When you left the room and went to grab a beer on the counter Gangplank approached you.

“Aye, just the matey I wanted to see.”, he said, tapping your shoulder.

“Hey GP, whaddya need?”

“Good, gettin just to the point. See, there is a little bet on a treasure hunt in Bilgewater. I don’t care much about the money, but my reputation is at stake. Sarah Fortune, my rival you saw in the Bilgewater room, already grabbed the map.”

“Where do I come in?”you asked, puzzled.

“See, if some of her crew went missing these days and you and your men could get in disguise, steal the map and give it to me, I would be eternally grateful, as well as giving you half the money of the bet.” You thought for a second, and it appeared to be an easy job, as well as a favor for a friend.

“Ok mate, I’m in”, you extended a handshake to him.

“Great matey.”

     Gangplank’s plan worked flawllesly. THe crew were killed in an alley in Bilgewater, so she needed more manpower. You mage cast a disguise spell so she wouldn’t recognize you in the club later. You got in, grabbed the map and were able to escape swimming off the boat. You met GP in a tavern and gave him the map, he told you  to wait a couple days for his return. 3 days later he returned victorious with the treasure, and you could see Miss Fortune looking absolutely pissed on the docks. Gangplank met you a couple hours later and gave you half of the prize while saying “See ya in the club.”

     You returned to town and headed straight to the club, to see if you could meet the pirate captain. You climbed the stairs and saw GP on the counter with Jarvan IV and Sylas. 

“Oy mate”, you shouted at him.

“Oye matey, thanks a lot”, he said, hugging you heartly. He was positively drunk. You walked him to the stool and Gragas gave him just coffee to see if it could make him a little less drunk.

“Hey Gragas, is Illaoi free?”

“Wow, you want seconds?”he asked, surprised.

“No, I just wanna avoid her, I’m heading for Miss Fortune.

“Ok, then you’re in luck. Illaoi grabbed Braum, and when they get it on is a matter of hours before they leave. We also always have to buy a new bed.”. You imagined the level of stamina Braum and Illaoi would bring to the bed.

“So I won’t run into the priestess if I go in?”

“Probably not, but be careful, she may bring you into a thressome.

“I’ll watch out, thanks Gragas.”

     You headed into the Bilgewater room and saw the naval decoration again. Only Miss Fortune was there, laying into a bed that resembled a bed. She wore stockings and garterbelt along with a corset, all in colors of black and white, finishing with black stilettos. Her long red hair flowed down her shoulders, contrasting against her pale skin. You saw her luscious lips painted red when she turned towards you and  blew you a kiss. You approached her and with an eyebrow raised she smiled and grabbed your arm heading into a private room. You gave her ass a slap and she looked a you sultryly.]

“Uhmmm, I hope you got more from where this came from boy.

“Oh you’ll be sure to get more”

“Then let’s see if you make a lady overjoyous.”, she said seductively.

     Entering the room she gave you a peck on the lips before she got down and released your cock from your pants. You were already hardening from the sight of her, but it went full mast when she began blowing you, her red lipstick smearing over the length of your manhood. Her technique was mind blowing, the way she knew exactly the spots to lick and suck to make you shiver with pleasure. Her slutty expression smearing lipstick was also incredible, and you couldn’t hold in it. She noticed it before and pulled your cock out, making you shoot your cum over her face. She licked your cock clean while she pushed her panties aside and fingered herself. When your cock got clean and lubed again, she got on all fours on the bed and looked back at you with her cum colored face.

“So captain, care to come claim this booty?”

     You took no time and shved your cock inside her fucking, feeling her soft walls envelop your dick. You pushed her corset down and began fondling her tits. She moaned loudly, like a whore. Pounded her in this position and started tiring you, so she proposed you lay down and let her bounce on your cock. You happily accepted and she moved to cowgirl position, and gave you one of the best rides of your entire life. She moved position, changed speed and made her cunt milk you to the core, all while you could feel tiny orgasms one after another making her shiver inside. You could not hold out any longer, and came inside her, filling her cunt with cum. You laid down on the bed for a second, catching your breath for a second. She laid down beside you and moved her hand over your abs.

“You darling, up for round two?”, she asked.

“Just give me a minute. Keep sucking meanwhile.”

“Uhm, with pleasure.”, she said before she slid down and began sucking your cock again, but at a slow and steady pace. It felt as good as when she sucked before, but in a different way. You grabbed her hair and relaxed as she worked your cock. It was calm before suddenly the door was kicked open, and the woman you dreaded appeared. Illaoi stood at the door and you could see Braum passed out in the corridor.

“Just what I needed.”, she said and snapped her fingers,and the tentacles you saw before chained you to the bed, but also grabbed Miss Fortune. She wasn’t worried, and looked a little happy. Illaoi approached you with naked with cum dripping out of her vagina.

“Relax, I’m only going to blow you. Soraka and the others bothered the hell out of me for last time.”. You were a little more relieved and then Illaoi grabbed Miss Fortune's head and kissed her before both women began sucking your cock and your blows, changing positions and making out with your dick in the middle of their soft lips. While you admired the sight, you saw 4 tentacles creeped up both women's legs and began prodding at their holes. Illaoi enjoyed it and you noticed Miss Fortune anxious but sank into the feeling. You observed as the tentacles began fucking both of them. It was a little strange sure, but if they were enjoying it and no tentacle was trying to fuck your asshole, so why not continue? The kraken priestess and the pirate captain kept blowing you, Fortunes technique contracted against Illaoi more forceful sucking. They gasped harder from time to time as the tentacles brought the women to various orgasms. You reached your limit soon, and covered both of them in thick hot semen. Illaoi seemed satisfied and pulled the tentacles back, freeing you and Miss Fortune from your restraints.

“It was good you two”, the priestess said as she left the room naked and carrying a passed out Braum.” You got up and looked at Miss Fortune, who was still in post coital bliss.

“You liked this whole unexpected experience?”, you asked her

“Oh darling”, she giggled “more than you expect.”

Chapter Text

After the pay from the Piltover university, although you could maintain the band for over a year, you didn’t tell them for fear of the men growing complacent. A mercenary could not idle for long as the skills would get lazy. So when a shady emissary from Ionia asked you to go there for a job offer, you grabbed the men and sailed there on a noxian trade vessel. Arriving on the shores of the mystic continent, the emissary guided you into hidden paths in the forest, so confusing that even if you wanted you could not report them to the noxian command.

     After a good 3 hours of walking through deep forests, you reached a large encampment. The first thing you noticed were the inhabitants: they were human-like, but had animal parts. Fox ears, lizard tails, and even some were fully covered in fur and had tails, resembling monkeys. You recognized them as vastayas, a race of humanoids with deep connections with natural magic, giving them animal parts and an affinity to control said magic. Apparently they were present in Ionia for millenia, but even before the noxian invasion their lands dwindled, the human cities and settlements advancing upon the wild territories. 

The emissary led you into a bonfire near the center and talked to a woman you figured was the leader of the camp. She had bird-like legs and a coat over her shoulders that upon better inspection you noticed were her feathers. She also had two long ears emerging upwards from the side of her head. She also wore a set of simple leathers, adorned by a bird’s skull on the shoulder not covered by her “cloak” Looking at her, you contained your surprise as you remembered seeing her in the Ionian room back in the club. Xayah, if you remembered correctly. If she recalled you she didn’t let it show. By her side stood another vastaya, and you also recognized him from the club, but as one of the patrons. You were pulled from your reminiscence when she started talking and explained the job to you. She wanted you to disguise the band as vastayans so that the noxian invaders and the ionians believed their numbers were far bigger than they actually were. 

The disguise part pleased you, as the noxians and the ionians wouldn’t recognize you. You were concerned about payment, but Xayah showed you a chest full of jewelry and relics, all obviously stolen from ionian temples. They would fetch a good price in the black market, so although unconventional, it was a fair payment. You agreed and made the men change clothes and got the plan into motion. It was fairly simple, surprise attacks at the same time on noxians outposts and ionian barracks. In about three days it was done and you were brought to the camp alone, where you could receive your payment. They led you into Xayah and Rakan’s tent where the woman stood alone. She kicked the chest to you and gave you a wink before excusing herself to train with her daggers. You returned to your man and told them you would be leaving on the same noxian trade vessel.

Arriving into town, you used your contacts to find a fencer for the relics, and fetched a nice sum. You gave the men their share and headed to the club. You saw Xin Zhao and Draven smoking cigars together, and Garen and Darius drinking like old friends on a table. The absurdity of the friendshsips in the club would never stop to surprise you. You reached the counter where Talon and Lee Sin were drinking. 

“Hey new guy, what’s it gonna be?”Gragas greeted you.

“Just beer today man. Hey I've got a question about the club”, you said.

“Ask away.”

“I’ve done a contract in Ionia and I saw Xayah and Rakan there. They appeared to be together but I know she is here. So how 's that?”

“Simply: it doesn’t count”, he answered as it was the most trivial thing in the world.

“How so?”

“Any previous relationship is put aside when in here. For example, you fucked Ashe right? She is the wife of a barbarian king. If you did it anywhere but here there wouldn’t be anything left of you to bury. But here it doesn’t count. Guys get to cheat, the gals too.”

“I see. Well if that is the case, Imma try this clause. See you later Gragas.”

“Have a good time man.”

     You headed to the ionian room and saw it was a busy day, since only Xayah and Syndra were there, the other girls probably getting stuffed with cock. You walked towards Xayah, now wearing a corset and lace panties, her cloak of feathers layed down below her. She perkep up when you approached, squinting her eyes until she perked up, recognizing who you were.

“Hey I remember you, you are the mercenary captain we hired a few days ago!”, she exclaimed.

“Yep.”, you answered.

“And you are a member of the club? Great, I admit you were looking mighty fine when you undressed to put on the clothes we gave you”, she said.

“Oh is that so? How about you see and  feel  the whole thing now?”

“Oh yes please”, she said sultrily.

     You both walked into a private room, grabbing her ass the whole time. As you entered, she laid down and spread her bird-like legs.

“Just hope you’re not into footjobs”, she said, giggling.

“Nah, not when I have more interesting spots to appreciate. Like here.”, you said as you shoved your hand inside her panties and started teasing her, allowing her to get warmed up and wet. She bit her finger and breathed deeply as you gave her clit the smallest pinch, making her suppress a scream of pleasure. You gave her somewhere else to moan as you kissed her and shoved your tongue down her throat, feeling her muffled moans inside your mouth. She then took the initiative and started rubbing your cock through her pants, getting you hard before she snuck a hand inside and began caressing your cock.

“Yeah, get it nice and hard before you shove into my pussy”, she said, whispering in your ear. You pushed her panties aside and when you were about to lick her, she stopped you.

“No, let me take care of you too.”. She then spun on the bed until you both were on 69 position, and she freed your cock and began licking your shaft. You began licking her clit and her outer lips. You both kept pleasuring each other orally, and seeing how wet she was, you dropped a finger into her juices and inserted the tip into her asshole. She perked up when you did it, removing her lips from your cock.

“That’s, -uhn- unexpected.”, she said.

“You want me to stop?”

“Oh no I didn’t say that.”

     You kept fingering her asshole, as she orgasmed from time to time as you felt her thighs close hard on your face. But she finally gave in, and stopped blowing you before she said.

“Inside, now. I need it”. You saw the opportunity to tear out her panties and brushed your cock against her labia, teasing her even more. She tried to back her cunt into your dick, bur you retreated as well.

“C’mon, what’s a girl gotta do to get filled?”she asked, looking a little annoyed.

“Beg for it”, you said, smirking at her.

“Oh please shove that cock inside your vastayan whore, master. Cum inside me, breed me, use me for your pleasure and make me bear your half-blooded child. There, that enough for ya?”. 

You answered her shoving your cock inside her, which made her scream in pleasure. You began fucking her, and she was so eager she was rocking her hips against your, trying to get more and more of your manhood inside her. You felt it and grabbed the back of her head, using it to make your thrusts more forceful, and her orgasms stronger. Soon you came inside the vastayan pussy, creampieing her to the fullest. 

     As you caught your breath, she  looked over to you and asked:

“So, you got stamina for round two? Cuz teasing my butt like that got me hot and bothered.”

You smiled and gathered up your strength before you inserted your dick inside her asshole. She moaned hard and was no longer on all four, her head now resting in the bed. While hammering her, you noticed she produced a small jeweled stone, cylindrical with a round end, and inserted it into her pussy. She then clicked one of the jewels and it started to vibrate hard enough that you could it in her asshole She answered when it started vibrating, so you kept fucking her tight asshole while feeling the vibrations stimulate your cock. You spun her around when your second orgasm approached and kissed her deeply as your next load was unleashed inside her asshole. She was catching her breath on the bed, and when you got up, you recognized the dildo as one of the relics present in the chest she gave you.

“You seriously paid me with a dildo?”, you questioned her.

“I thought a handsome guy like you would find a lucky woman to use it with. I’m just happy I had my own way to experience the sensation too.”

“You kinky vastayan slut.”, you said, slapping her ass.

“Oh if you think that way, wait for when Neeko, Ahri, Nami and myself get together. It is exhilarating.”

“I’ll be sure to check it out”, you said as you got dressed and left laughing, as this was the first time someone paid you with a sex toy.

Chapter Text

Since the pay from the last jobs made your pockets run heavy, you decided to do some much needed renovations for the barracks. You gave the men two weeks off to get the barracks empty and started doing the renovations. Changing the plumbing system, modernizing the training area, getting the damn coffee machine the men have been pestering you about for weeks. All this work would cost money you simply didn’t have before, but now was possible. You stayed in town to supervise the contractors, since there were many of them and the work was being done all at the same time. Time off was nice, you were staying at a tavern during this period with some of the guys that decided to stay in town too. They did wonder where you would go almost every night, but none dared to ask their captain.

     You were of course heading to the club, the easiest way to get your dick wet, and with some of Ruenterra’s finest women on top of that. This time you headed up relatively early, the club’s only patrons being Jax and Kayn sharing a hookah in the main hall. But when you entered you heard a pleasing and calm melody coming from there. Turning your head you saw a beautiful woman in a quite revealing blue dress. It was a tube top that barely contained her huge breasts and ended on the start of her thighs. Her hair was also blue, fashioned in two twintails that flowed down her back and ended on her ass. Her face was beautiful, and she passed a feeling of calmness along with the music she played. Her instrument was some string one you never seen before, but also never heard music like this before. You walked mesmerized by her and her song that you ended up walking into the counter, almost knocking a mug from which Gragas was drinking

“Woah, hey man watch where you are going.”, he exclaimed.

“Sorry Gragas, I got distracted. Who’s the girl paying in the main hall?”, you asked.

“Oh that 's Sona. She’s a famous musician back in Demacia so in her free time here she likes to give a little show.”

“What is she playing?”

“Some instrument from Ionia, never been able to properly pronounce the name of it.

“So, is she up to a private show?”

“Mate you’ve been here long enough, you know the answer to that. Just a heads up, she is mute, so don’t expect moaning. And wait for her to finish the song before leading her  to the bedroom.”

     You followed the bartender’s advice and waited for her to finish the song. Jax and Kayn applauded her and continued smoking. You approached her and she noticed your presence.

“Hello Sona, I wanted to tell you I loved your performance. Your songs are really something else.”. She appeared pleased by your compliments and smiled at you.

“I was wondering if you would be up to giving me a private show”. She made a laughing motion and smiled sutrily at you, indicating she had gotten the message. She stored her instrument in an intricately looking box and placed it near the small stage she was playing. She then grabbed your hand and walked with you to the demacian room.

     You walked straight through the area where the other girl’s were and headed into a private room. There she stood, a little shy but blushing. You grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer, looking deep into her eyes before kissing her. It was simple at first, but soon she took the initiative and started to roll her tongue along yours, your saliva mixing with hers. You pushed her slightly and you both walked to the bed, laying down. She got on top of you and you kept making out, and she then lowered her hands to your waist and into your pants, playing with your cock. Meanwhile you pulled her tank top down, freeing her ample breasts. You began nibbling at one light pink nipple and she moaned, or at least she would if she wasn’t mute. She freed your cock and spat in her hand before jerking you off slowly, almost like she was playing her instrument. With one last peck on the lips, she stopped making out and lowered her body until her face was near your cock. She then enveloped your dick in her massive tits and began massaging it, giving your cockhead little kisses when it appeared from the middle of her tits. She massaged you masterfully, knowing how to use her attributes to please you, and began taking your cock in her mouth when she could.

     It felt amazing, but you were interested in the main course. You got up and she understood it was time to get on all fours. You lifted her dress up her ass, leaving her ass and cunt exposed. Her pussy was pink, all shaved save for a small strip of blue hair. It was so pretty it would be a shame just fucking it, so you laid down again and gestioned for her to sit on your face. She appeared surprised but quickly got into it, climbing the bed until her hips were above your face. She lowered herself on you and you began to lick that precious pussy while her thighs pressed on the sides of your head. You closed your eyes for a second and explored the folds of her nethers with your tongue, guiding your tongue by the spasms she gave. She then grabbed your hair hard and guided you to her clit and where she wanted you to lick, which you of course did. While doing it you grabbed and fondled her soft ass. She didn’t have one orgasm, but a sequence of small of that you could tell by her spasms and her way she threw her head back and bit her finger. 

     After her orgasms, she took the initiative by herself, letting go of your head and moving her hips to your cock as she undid her dress and threw it aside. She spread her pussy to you before slowly lowering herself on your cock. She was a beautiful sight to behold, the beautiful demacian songstress, her dress throwed to her floor, her completely naked form standing abode your manhood, her massive tits hanging as she began riding you. After she got accustomed to your size, she placed her hands on the back of her head and smiled as she began riding you like it was the only thing that mattered in the world. SHe bit her lip, adding a tone of mischievousness to the act, and you grabbed her ass, pulling her towards you. That didn't stop her and she bounced on your cock, her insides massaging every inch of your cock just as her tits did, but in a much wetter and tighter way. Sthe spun around, giving you a sight of her butt as she rode you in reverse cowgirl. Her movements were different and you could see her pretty asshole when her ass bounced. You grabbed her ass and teased her, putting your thumb on her asshole. She turned her head around and placed a hand in front of her mouth as if she was surprised by the action. But she evidently wasn't as she spun around again and lifted herself, aligngin her asshole to your cockhead. It was much tighter as she had to lubricate your cock with her juices before slowly sitting on it, your cock pushing through the resistance her asshole had before breaking it and sliding inside smoothly. You saw her face as it went in, a mix of bliss and a little pain. She smiled at you and began riding you again while you stared at her beautiful face as you fucked her asshole.

     It was too much for you to bear, and you started cumming inside her ass. She noticed it and got off you so that you still came on her tits and face, painting it with white hot cum. She passed her finger thorugh it and licked it in a most erotic way. You looked at her and slapped her ass before telling her:

“Go get a show and come back here, I’m gonna get us some food and drinks, for I don’t plan on letting you leave for a while.” She made a “oh my” gesture and blew you a kiss as you got dressed and left, as you would surely come back for a musician that could play her instrument as well as she rode cock.

Chapter Text

You spent the next day fucking Sona in every immaginable position, she worshhiping you cock and you fucking and licking her pussy. She would at times excuse herself and come back with different outfits that would delitaly take your time undressing. A rock band one where she wore a black dress adorned with chains and her hair was a dark red instead of her normal blue, and you put the chains to very good use. A DJ outfit that was a bodysuit so tight you just ripped it on her hips and started fucking her. She was a true minxs, a magistral lay beyond being a talented musician.

     One of the times you were just kissing her while she jerked you off, empty food plates and wine bottles on the nightstands by the bed, someone knocked on the door. You thought it might be someone requesting her to go back, as you had stayed locked in with her for more than a day.

“Who is it?”, you said as you got up from the bed and put your pants on.

“Uhn, hi, I work at the club too and wanted to have a word with you”, said a feminine voice on the other side of the door. You looked at Sona and she shrugged her shoulders, signaling she also didn’t know who it was. Curious, you opened the door and saw the piltoverian pop star Seraphine on the other side. She slammed the door open and pointed a finger at Sona.

“AHA, I KNEW IT WAS YOU”, she screamed at the blue haired musician. Sona rolled her eyes and gave Seraphine the middle finger as she laid on the bed again.

“What the fuck is going on?”, you asked.

“That bitch is always saying that her classical music is better than mine, that pop-stars aren’t real musicians and that she is a better lay than I am.”, the pop star said angrily.

“..........How does she say that if she is mute?”

“Oh I just know from her looks and her attitude. But now I’m gonna steal her client from her.”. Seraphine then started undressing, her dress sliding off her body and revealing her perky tits and slim silhouette. Her breasts were much smaller then Sona’s, but had a charm of their own. Her pink hair was apparently her natural color, as her pubic ones were also bright pink and shaved in the form of a heart above her cunt. She was left wearing only her thigh highs, one pink and one shining with multiple colors and her choker. She grabbed your arm and began rubbing herself on it.

“Now mister, don’t you wanna ditch this old cow and come with a  real  pop star?”, she said seductively trying to get you to leave Sona. That prompted the blue-haired songstress to latch onto your other arm, trying to drag you to bed. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, you lowered your hands and groped both of the cunts, making Seraphine let out a gasp, and Sona a smile.

“Well there is no reason to fight girls. In fact, I believe you could make an excellent duet.”, you said as your two fingers dug deeper into Seraphine.

“Don’t you agree Sona?”. She took the opportunity as Seraphine gasped when your finger pressed into her to grab the pop star’s shoulders and kissed her deeply. Seraphine was taken aback by the gesture but soon her protest was silenced as she began to melt into Sona’s embrace. You then moved to Seraphine’s back and placed your cock between her tights and started moving. You and Sona were attacking Seraphine on both sides, Sona’s kissing her andrubbing her massive tit’s at Seraphine’s petite ones while you rubbed your cock between her tights and felt her desire increase as her juices began flowing down your manhood. You also placed your head on the pop star’s shoulder, feeling her sweet perfume as Sona began making out with you as Seraphine remained trapped between the two of you, now free to moan as she was compressed against soft tits and hard cock.

     You eventually pulled back, letting her free. She was sweaty and aroused, as you could see her hand move to her cunt and begin masturbating. 

“Okay, I guess just this time wouldn’t hurt.", she told you. Sona then began making out with her again, leading her into the bed. They reached the bed and rolled around until Sona placed Seraphine on her back, her head hanging from the edge of the bed. She gave the pop star’s throat a light touch and you understood what the devious musician meant. You placed your cock on Seraphine’s face and she understood what she was to do. She opened her mouth and you inserted your cock into her mouth, reaching all the way back to her throat. You began moving and could see the outline of your cock moving up and down her neck. But Sona wouldn’t keep still, and moved to the girl’s nether and began licking her cunt. Seraphine was again assaulted on both ends, but the way she grabbed your hips and urged you to go deeper showed she was eager. You then began throatfucking her harder, seeing the spit drool from her mouth. You did her so rough her choker snapped from the impact of your cock. When Sona emerged from the middle of her thighs, her face wet with Seraphine’s juices, you decided it was time to change positions. You removed your cock from her mouth, prompting her to question.

“Wai, why did you stop?”

“Because we’re going to fuck your brains out now, you pink-haired slut”

You saw her bite her lip and shiver in anticipation. They moved until Sona was on top of Seraphine, both of the legs folded so that you had access to both their cunts. THey were incredibly wet, both women's juices mixing with each other so you couldn’t tell who was the biggest whore. You got on your knees on the bed and inserted your cock between their cunts, so that it stimulated both their clits at the same time. You gave their asses a sap before asking:

“So who needs it first?”

“Please sir choose me. I need to cum so bad now sir, please let me”, Seraphine pleaded.

“What do you think Sona?”. The musician's response was to smile deviously and spit in Seraphine’s mouth while you shoved your cock inside her.

“Sing for me now Sera.”. She responded by giving into it and moaning hard every time you cock kissed her cervix. Her fans would not believe that the idol had been spat in the mouth and was moaning like bitch in heat as you shoved your cock in the entirety of her cunt.  As she orgasmed the third tome, you decided it was unpolite to leave a lady left out, so you suddnely pulled out of Seraphine and began fucking Sona again. She looked back at you with her seductress smile and began rocking her hips to match your thrust, allowing her soft ass to absorb the impacts. Sona began moaning again and now it was Seraphine who assaulted the other woman’s breasts, sucking on them and sliding a hand down to play with her clit while you fucked her. But you were getting tired and decided it was time for them to work you. You gestured then to move and you laid down on the bed, gesturing then to rub themselves on your cock. They got the message and adjusted so that one at each side, they rubbed their cunts against your cock. This was, however, merely a transition act as you grabbed Seraphine’s petite hips and shoved your cock inside, while telling Sona to sit on your face again. You felt those heavenly thighs envelop your face as you assutled Seraphine’s womb. You felt Sona lean forward and the two women began making out again, their spit falling into your nakde body. You bit the musician’s clit, making her oragams one more time and signaling her to move out of your face.

“Well Sera, since you were so talented in this duet, you should get the award.”, you said as you slammed her cunt into your cock, making her let out a scream of pleasure as you filled her to the brim with cum. She then collapsed over your body and you grabbed her head and started making out with her, her tired face numb with pleasure. Sona then moved to work and began licking your cum of the pop star’s pussy, also cleaning your cock in the process. You could feel Seraphine was spent, fucked to exhaustion. Sona was also giving signs of exhaustion and just laid there on your side as Seraphine laid collapsed on your chest. Soon you heard a knock on the door and for the first time hoped it wasn’t another woman, as you were also spent.

“Hey new guy, c’mon it’s been two days. The girls need to bathe, other people want to have their turns too.” you heard Gragas speak from the other side of the door.

“Just five more minutes” you said, knowing full well no one would really complain if you laid there for a couple hours and fucked them again before leaving.

Chapter Text

Having finished the renovations in the barracks, for which the men were much grateful, you began to search for new contracts. For your luck, Noxus had just posted one. Noxian contracts were your favorites, as they were simple, quick, and paid higher than the average rate. You met their emissary and he briefed you on the mission. The army was gathering in the plains west of the Immortal Bastion, and the absence of many troops on the outskirts of the empire opened the way for trouble to brew. In Basilich, a port city from where much of the ore used by the empire came, a band of bandits attacked the shipments before they could reach the boats, the stationed troops tried to catch them but they fled into the forest before they could be caught. Since the empire could not spare the units specialized on hunting enemy troops, they hired your band to deal with it.

     You took a boat to Basilich and arriving at town began questioning the locals and trying to gather clues on who were and where the bandits hid. After some investigation, you found some traces of weapons that could only come from one place: Ionia. The thing the troops weren’t doing was looking at trees, since the infiltrators of Ionia mainly hid on the high branches to conceal their position. After that, it was easy. You burned the suspicious tree and they attacked you from above, but your experience and numerical advantage proved enough. You stayed in Basilich for a few days to make sure you got all of them, and since it remained calm and the shipments were arriving normally, you returned to town and collected the payment. As usual, you gave the men a couple of days off before taking the next job. Meanwhile, you continued your routine of “destressing” in the club.

     When you climbed up the stairs you noticed today was a busy day. More than twenty patrons were present, drinking, smoking and playing cards. You noticed many were gathered around a pool table, which was a new addition. Heading into the bar, Gragas had already poured a glass of Piltover gin before you sat down.

“Hey new guy. How you doing?”, the bartender asked.

“Good man, finally did some renovations in the barracks, the noxian jib was easy. Overall things are good.”

“Good to hear”. Talon was sitting beside you at the counter and jumped into the conversation. You talked for quite some time before he said.

“It was great talking to you, but I think I’m gonna head into the Noxus room to fuck a slut.”

“You know, I think I’m gonna accompany you. it's been a while since I’ve been there.”

You both walked into the Noxus room and found that only Katarina and LeBlanc were available.

“I call dibs on Kat”, he said quickly, and moved towards her, slapping Katarina’s ass before they walked into a room. That left you with LeBlanc, and you wouldn’t complain. She wore her signature headpiece and she wore skimpy lingerie that covered only her breasts and her nethers. Her hair was short and she had two small lines below her eyes. As you approached her, she spoke first:

“So, the captain who solved the problem in Basilich wants to have a go with me?”. You were puzzled since the emissary told you it was a more secretive job.

“How do you know that?”, you asked.

“Oh dear, I know everything that happens in Noxus. And in some other place too. Shall we go?”, she said as she got up and walked ahead of you to a room.

Entering the room. she began rubbing herself on your body, kissing the nape of your neck, then moving to your ear as she whispered:

“Let me show you how Noxus rewards those who serve it”. She began kissing you, but suddenly you felt someone else rubbing on your back, and one more grabbing your leg. You looked at them and saw they were exact copies of LeBlanc from clothes to hair and face. The first LeBlanc then broke the kiss and all three began leading you to the bed, pushing you to lay down on your back. You did so, and all three of them moved to your cock. You could not tell which one was the real one, but didn’t care much as all three began giving you a blowjob. They all licked your length together, their tongues dancing around your cock and with each other. One LeBlanc then moved and took your cock into her mouth while the other began licking and fondling your balls. The blowjob was great, but the added sensacion of then licking your testicles added something else to it. They all kept looking at you seductively, as if urging you to fill the mouth of the one blowing you with cum. You focused not to blow soon, and eventually they stopped.

     One of the copies then lifted herself above your cock while the other two licked her nipples. She then easily lowered herself on your cock, and you felt the Deceiver's walls embracing every inch of your manhood. One other copy laid beside you and began kissing and licking your neck, which sent a shivering, yet pleasing, sensation down your spine. The other moved behind the LeBlanc who was riding and apparently began tossing her salad as you felt the other’s vaginal canals tighten as she came. You tapped her leg, signaling her to increase the pace, which she did until she slammed into you as if she was riding a noxian war beast. That was too much to handle, and when gave a signal your orgasm was approaching both copies who weren’t being fucked moved to your side and began licking your nipples. It was a strange sensation, but they didn’t stop there. Their hands moved to your neck and started choking you. What you thought could be dangerous only increased the sensation on your cock and this added stimulus was enough to send you over the edge, filling LeBlanc’s cunt with your seed. They let your neck go and the first copy got off your copy, and the two others got on their knees and started eating your cum out of the other’s pussy. You caught your breath just in time to see the two copies fade away, leaving the original LeBlanc in front of you, her cunt still dripping with cum.

“You were a fun ride”, she told you as she gave you a small peck on the lips and opened the backdoor which led to the area where the girls showered and cleaned themselves. You stood there for a second, thinking how three copies of just one woman could be more intense then a foursome of four different sluts.

Chapter Text

Noxus contacted you again, now wanting you to raid a village to the outer edges of their territory. Easy job, you men were more than enough to overpower the cities defenses. Quick, easy and well paid, just the kind of contract you liked. But they forgot to mention the city had a monster problem and that Vayne was there. They also fucking forgot to mention Fiora and Garen were there for a recrutiment event, along with a fucking squad of the Dauntless Vanguard. Needless to say, you lost. They were overpowered 5 to 1 but still managed to kill some of your men before you fled. Going back to town you berated the noxian emissary and grabbed the pay, telling him to get better intel next time. You returned to town, and sent money to the dead men's families. Those who had family at least. You gave the guys some time to mourn and drink to their fallen comrades, and needing to distract yourself, you headed to the club.

     You went straight to the counter and ordered freljordian vodka this time. Gragas saw your mood and didn’t ask, just giving you a drink. You gulped it down and asked for another. And another. When you were finally more relaxed you headed to the demacian room, hoping the 2 sluts were there. Luckily to you, Vayne and Fiora were laying on their beds, with her usual slut attires. You smacked their asses hard and told them to follow you. Both did without losing their arrogant attitude, so when you walked into the private room you shoved them both into the bed.

“Oh wanna play rough little boy? Fine, show me what you got.”, Fiora said. You gave her a hard slap across the face, and after the initial shock she smirked at you. You shoved her into her back and grabbed her neck, choking her as you tried to find her opening with your already hard cock. She was very into it by her expression and began staching your abdomen with her sharp nails as you found her opening and rammed your cock inside her. You fucked her mercilessly and without concern for her, and you felt her walls tighten and she tried to let out a moan from her orgasms, but you hands didn’t let her. Suddenly, she punched you in the ribs, making you let her neck go. She then grabbed you back and pulled you in to bite you neck hard as her nails drew blood on your back. This was the final push before you filled her cunt with cum and you felt her last orgasm come. You let her go and she was utterly ruined, her face red from the choking and with bruises appearing on her nethers.

     You then turned your attention to Vayne, who watched your rough treatment  of Fiora and began masturbating at the sight of it. Just as you were gonna start on her, you heard Fiora behind you. She held a whip and a leashed collar and looked at you mischievously. You grabbed the whip and she moved to Vayne, kissing her as she put the leash around Vayne’s neck. It suited her whore attire, already opened on her cunt. You grabbed the leash and pulled, bringing Vayne to all fours. You spanked her ass as you positioned behind  her.

“What are you?”, you asked.

“A hunter of creatures of the night, defender of-”. You slapped her again and she moaned.

“No, what you really are.”. You saw her turn around and bite her lip before answering.

“I am a demacian whore, a bitch in heat who deserves a fat cock inside her.”.

“Good”. You saw she was already dripping, but you positioned your cock on her asshole and shoved it inside. She screamed in shock, but soon was moaning as you fucked her ass and hit her ass with the whip, leaving bright red marks. You kept going at her, making her drool like a bitch. You then felt Fiora’s hand slither along the hand you held the leash and gave you a small remote with one button. She then moved in front of you and you saw her now wearing a leather harness, BDSM-style with wires clamped into her nipples and inside her asshole. She positioned her semen filled cunt in front of Vayne’s mouth.

“Be a good bitch and lick the cum out of her.”. The hunter did not proteste and she began loudly licking Fiora’s cunt. You then pressed the button and saw the other woman shiver with pleasure. You understood that the remote sent electrical jolts to her sensitive areas, so you began toying with her. Small quick jolts, long ones that made her drool, you tested her to her limit. Soon you also filled Vayne’s asshole with cum. But kept playing with Fiora. But after getting the hate out of your system, you left the two demacian sluts laying on the bed, overwhelmed with pleasure. As one final act, you jammed the remote beneath on foot of the bed, making it constantly send jolts of electricity to Fiora’s nipples and asshole.

“A fitting punishment”, you thought as you got dressed and left them.

Chapter Text

After the last fiasco with the Noxus job, you were intrigued when a different emissary contacted you. They wanted to hire you for another job, and to make amends for the last time, gave you half the pay upfront. You hesitated a little but grabbed the pouch and he gave you the briefing. Apparently the empire was gonna make a double offensive, the majority of the army assaulting the front of a medium kingdom near the border while the other parte would assault the back of the castle. Your company was to fight on the first front, along with the Trifarrian legion and the Hand of Noxus himself. You were surprised by this, but it was a reassurance that it wouldn’t go sideways.

     It went smoothly, you merely had to take the flanking positions so that the Trifarrians assaulted unopposed. Darius himself congratulated when it was over, and you gave each other a nod. You went back into town and headed into the club, the habit you picked up. Climbing up the stairs, you headed to the counter but a voice called you from the main hall.

“HEY NEW GUY, C’MERE”. It was Darius, sitting on a table with his brother Draven and Talon. He signaled you to come to them, which you did and was handed a glass of noxian bourbon.

“Nice work in the last siege, your mercs held the line when most would have abandoned their posts.”, the noxian general said.

“It was easy to be honest, you and the trifarrians overwhelmed the enemy forces in 2 seconds, we only had to hold the fleeing ones.”

“Stil, nice work”, Darius said as he raised up his glass and the four of you drank together. Talon then turned to you.

“Also, I would like to apologize for the problem on that job before that. Intel is LeBlanc’s specialty, and Swain has been punishing her for the last 2 or 3 hours.”

“I’m not gonna say it is fine, but I’ve done a lot of work for the empire and this was the only time this happened. So just make sure it was the last time and we let bygones be bygones.”

“Agreed then.”

     You all stayed drinking together, sharing war stories and trying to stop Draven from making everything about himself. You 4 were nearly finishing the bottle when Darius had an idea.

“Hey new guy, you’re an honorary noxian now. Swain was gonna come with us to run a train on Irelia, but he’s locked up with LeBlanc and her clones for hours. Wanna fill his spot and do the Noxian Invasion on Irelia?”. You stopped for half a second before answering.

“Hell, let’s go”.

“All right, gather up boys.”, Draven said, getting up. You four stood up and entered the ionian room together. Ahri andIrelia were there, with GP moving to a room with Akali. You saw Irelia’s eyes lighting up when she saw you four entering the room together. She changed into a full smile when Darius grabbed her body and threw her over his massive shoulder.

“C’mon slut, you know what time it is.”, he told the ionian captain.

“Oh yes yes yes yes.”, she said, visibly excited. Apparently the tales of her being a gangbang slut were true.

     You four and the ionian entered a room and she quickly got out of her bra and sash. She looked at the four of you with excitement, being way more enthusiastic about the whole ordeal then you might have expected. Darius lifted her so that Draven placed himself beneath her.

“You go on her snatch first, then we switch”, Talon told you. Draven then started entering her asshole while Darius presented his cock to her mouth and she began jerking Talon off. Irelia was doing her best to service the three men at the same time while presenting her pussy in front of you, inviting you to join. You certainly did as you freed your cock and entered Irelia’s wet cunt. You began pumping into her, as her position would not allow her to move. Grabbing her hips, you moved and felt Draven’s cock entering her asshole at the same time. It was a …. strange feeling, but since you weren’t touching it was fine. The gangbang continued, Irelia’s eyes almost rolling on the back of her head from pleasure. But soon you felt Draven spasm beneath her, as he had come inside her asshole. 

“Ok, out”, Darius shouted and his brother pulled his pants up and left the room. 

“Now, move to your right”, the noxian general said as Talon moved to her mouth, he to her cunt and by elimination she would now jerk you off. You all moved and with fewer people fuking her Irelia doubled her attetion to technique, fondling your cock and balls as she moved her hips and deepthroated Talon. Soon the stimulation grew too much for the assassin, who filled her mouth with semen, which she gulped down happily. He also put his pants and left, and now you were sure this a competition.

“Now it is one on one new guy.”, Darius said as he pulled her up into a full nelson position, entering her ass while he did so. Her front was presented to you again, so you entered her pussy, leaving her traped between a mercenary captain fucking her cunt and the Hand of Noxus fucking her ass. She was grabbing you and moaning into your shoulders, and the spasms into her canals showed the gangbang slut was having a series of multiple orgasms. You looked at Darius and you both synced your movements so that one was entering her while the other was exiting her. That drove Irelia wild. and she began screaming at you both.

“FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME, GIVE ME MORE”, she screamed like a madwoman, her insides spasming while she did so. You both raced to the finish line and Darius came into her ass first, but not a second later you filled her pussy with cum. You both let her down on the bed, the woman still recovering from her orgasms, and looked at each other.

“We call it a draw?”, you asked, without breath.

“Draw”, the noxian answered.

     You both got dressed and were about to leave the room when you looked at Irelia still thoroughly fucked on the bed, but asking for more.

“We just leave her here?”

“No, there is a procedure”, Darius said. He returned to the ionian room and called Ahri, who was now there.

“Hey foxy, clean Irelia for us please.”

“Would be delighted to”, she said walking past you. Darius then walked back and following you saw Ahri licking Irelia’s pussy clean. 

“Ahri, how many guys do we send in now?”. Ahri then gave one long lick over the captain's pussy and asshole before answering.

“Twenty, at least. But don’t send everybody at the same time.”

“Ok gotcha”, Darius said as you both left the room.

“What did she mean?”, you asked.

“Oh, that Irelia will need at least twenty men before she goes back to herself, so I’m gonna call the whole club.”. You were taken aback as you imagined her servicing every patron on the same night, but if she was happy, why not?

“You can go back and keep fucking her while the rest of the guys arrive.”, he said. 

“Will Ahri still be there?”

“Sure, she always helps with the gangbangs.”

“So I’m gonna go back. Just tell the guys to come in when they’re ready.

“Sure, man.” Darius then shook your hand and said:

“Like a true noxian soldier.”, and you felt happy you gained the recognition of one of Noxus top generals on the gangbang of an ionian slut.

Chapter Text

Some days had passed when the emissary of the Piltover University reached out to you. You were less than thrilled as the jobs escorting scientists were unusual and often led you to places where the problems were not enemy forces, but animals, void monstrosities and such. However the pay was higher than average, so you couldn’t complain much. This time was no exception, as apparently the departments of zoology, pharmacy and botanics had joined to request help on three different expeditions. The objective of all of them was to grab animal and plant samples from three locations: the slopes of Mount Targon, deep inside the ionian woods and and on a freljord peninsula. By combining the three departments, the pay was much higher than usual, so you couldn’t refuse. 

     The first expedition was into Ionia, and you had to maneuver the magic woods and negotiate with the locals to be allowed to take samples. It was tiring, especially for the men that had to carry the cages containing the wild animals. After a week deep inside Ionia, you returned to town, as you had a few days off following each expedition as the scientists had to ship the samples back to the university. As you didn’t know how long the next trip would take, you decided to destress at the club. Climbing up the stairs as usual, you noticed the average number of patrons were there, Olaf trying to learn a card game from Shen, Sylas and Ryze discussing spells, things like that. You went to the counter and Gragas greeted you.

“Hey new guy, how’s it going?”

“Quite well actually, the university at Piltover hired me to escort scientists again, but now they paid triple. Apparently they need samples of plants and wildlife from Ionian, Targon and Freljord.”

“Well then you are well off, science pockets do run deep. Shame they didn’t ask for plant samples from Ixtal, you could have just grabbed them here.”

“How so?”, you asked, puzzled as to how you would gather plants here of all places.

“There is a girl at the Exquisite Tastes room, Zyra, who deals with plants.”

“Oh is that so? Ok I’m interested. Zyra right?”

“Yeah, I think her room is next to Lilia’s”. 

“Thanks man.”

     You headed to the farthest room and entered the hallway, looking for the room where you fucked Lilia. Apparently TF was entering there and you told him to go easy on her. You looked at the rooms and found one labeled Zyra. You opened it and the first thing you noticed were the plants, looking like the ones in the Ixtal room but much lushier. The second thing you noticed was the smell. The room smelt like a hundred flowers put together: roses, lillies and even some of the flowers you gathered deep inside Ionian. Your head began to feel a little lighter but you brushed it off as you saw Zyra laying on a gigantic leaf. Her hair was red, but not human red, it resembled more that of a rose or another vibrant flower. She had two larger leaves protruding from her shoulders, and her torso was light green down to her hips, where the dark green that covered her legs began, in the same color of her arms. She appeared to have thorns coming out of her arms and legs. She noticed you and smiled, her thorns retracting into her skin.

“Oh hello visitor. Don’t be shy, approach.” Your head was even lighter, but you did as she told you to. She got up from the leaf and circled you, like she was appraising you. 

“A fine specimen.”, she said as she got back on the leaves and spread her legs, the vegetation on her crotch parting and revealing her pussy.

“Now come here and please your mistress.”. You didn’t know what was happening, but there was nothing in the world that you wanted more at the moment than to obey her. You walked over to her and got on your knees and began lightly licking her outer lips. You did so with care, making sure that every inch of her was properly worshipped. 

“Yes, good pet”, she said as she slowly passed her hand through your hair, gently guiding you where she wanted you to lick. She tasted sweet, like licking the pulp of a just harvested fruit. You stayed there you didn’t know for how long, tasting her sweet juices as she let out delicate moans as you brought her to orgasm again and again. Eventually, she pushed you away and climbed on the bed. 

“Now lay down my pet.”. You obeyed her and laid down on the leaf she was before. Zyra climbed on you and undid your pants, leaving your hardened manhood free. She ran a finger underneath the head, where your precum was leaking, catching some and licking it off her finger.

“Such powerful nectar.”, she said before she climbed on your hips and aligned her entrance to your cockhead. You saw her juices dripping from her into your manhood, lubricating it.

“Now my pet, I will ride you until you cum inside me. Several times. I want all your seed so that I may add it to my garden.”. You had no intention of opposing her and felt her tight canals wrap around your penis as she lowered herself into you. She began moving, lowering and lifting herself so that your cock reached deep inside her. The thorns on her hands appeared again and you felt them scratch your skin as she passed her hands through your abdomen. You were absolutely enthralled by her, and she rewarded your devotion by beginning to kiss you while she rode you. Her tongue was like licking a mint leaf and it overpowered you, just as the rest of her had. The increasing speed made you reach your limit, and she saw in your face as you violently filled her cunt with semen. It took about two more thrusts for you to completely empty your balls inside her, and now you felt your cock going soft.

“Oh no my pet, we still have much to do”, she said as a vine approached your face with a blue fruit on it. 

“Eat it, it will replenish your stamina.”, You dutifully obeyed her and with one bite you felt renewed, energy flowing through your veins. Most importantly, your cock had grown to full hardness and your balls were feeling full again.

“Now let’s continue, shall we?”, Zyra said as she turned her ass to you, now intending to ride you reverse cowgirl. You stared at her beautiful green ass as she began riding your cock again. You grabbed her ass cheeks accompanied her movements, making her cum as you could see from her spasms and the way she threw her head back. You also came inside her again, making her cunt ooze from the volume of cum inside it. She got up and a vine positioned itself below her vagina, catching the cum that oozed out of her. The fruit appeared again by your head, and you bit into it. Zyra then got up and got down until your cock was resting on her face.

“Now, for the final touch.”, she said as she began licking your cock up and down, lubricating it with her saliva and catching all the precum. She then slid your cock into her mouth while gently playing with your balls. She wasn’t going easy, trying her best to milk every last drop of cum you still had. She deepthroated you hard, and when you felt your last orgasm approaching she shoved your cock deep inside her throat so that all your cum was shot directly inside her stomach. Even with the fruits you were completely spent, exhausted from all the fucking.

“You were a wonderful pet, but now I’ve got a garden to tend to. Girls, see to it that he leaves.”. Following her command, a bunch of vines coiled around you took to the door, where one opened the door and the other pushed you out. The door was closed behind you and you still the next few minutes wondering what the fuck was in the polen back there that made you act the way you did.

Chapter Text

You only had one day free before the scientists were already packing for the next expedition. This time Targon was the destination, and you had to decide how you were going to get there. The usual path was going through the shuriman desert, since you were not going there on a pilgrimage or trying to climb the mountain, the route by sea was the most convenient. You got on the boat the university provided and sailed away, staying onboard for 5 days before you saw the shores beneath the mountain. Anchoring the boat, you got on the rafts and accompanied the scientists to the shore.

     It went like usual, they searched the place for plants and animals, putting in bags or boxes. It was fairly monotonal, the most problem you had was one small furry animal putting up a fight to not be caught. But you began hearing battle sounds from above, so you grabbed some men and went to check it. Near the slopes of the mountain you saw for afar two groups of people fighting. One had golden armor and bore spears, the other had dark blue clothes and looked more prepared for stealth attacks. When you went back and told them to move, one scientist insisted that you get a picture of what was happening for her colleague in the anthropology department. You figured out you could squeeze a little bonus for this and went back, taking pictures of the combat before leaving before they noticed you. Then you, the band and the scientists boarded the ship and headed back to the city.

     Same situation as before, they needed one full day to categorize the specimens and send them to Piltover, so you had one day off. You headed to the club before giving the men a warning not to get too drunk. You headed to the counter while wathcing the hall, as apparently Kayn was mad Zed wouldn’t let him fuck Akali along with him and Shen. You then sat on a bar stool and Gragas handed you a glass of shiny piltover gin.

“Hey new guy, you were on an expedition from the university again?”, the bartender asked.

“Yeah, they sent me to Targon this time. It was fairly normal, except for some fight that was going on between some guys in golden armor and some in blue armor.”

“Oh the solari and lunari. They’ve been fighting for years over which celestial object you the best.”

“Really?”, you asked.

“Really. They take it very seriously. Shame they can’t get along like Diana and Leona.”


“The solari and lunari girls in the Targon room. They used to date I think, but now do one of the best duo acts here, only rivaled by Cait and Vi.”

“Is that so? I might put them to the test.”

“Hey you do you. I think you got lucky because apparently everybody decided to swarm the ionian room today.”

“Then I’ll take my shot”, you said, finishing your drink and heading to the Targon room.

     You walked into the targonian room and noticed Soraka was absent. The door labeled Kayle and Morgana was shut, but your attention turned to the two women laying on sun and moon themed beds. Leona, you assumed, was the one on the sun bed, leaving DIana on the moon one. Leona was wearing a golden plate bikini, exposing her beautiful tanned skin and her auburn hair that flowed from her head. She was muscular, not as much as Illaoi, but fit. Diana was like her polar opposite: she was less muscular and her skin was pale, almost white. She had her long white hair tied and had also wore deep blue make-up around her eyes. Her outfit was a corset made of deep blue leather and pantis to match, along with thigh high boots.

“Hey ladies, I’ve been to Targon and was wondering if you could show me more of it’s amazing culture.”, you said as you approached them. They looked into each other’s eyes and laughed.

“That was a terrible pickup line, but was enough”, Leona said as both she and Diana got up from the bed and led you to a corridor and then into a private room. You laid down on the many pillows placed on the bed and both women stared at you, expecting your command.

“Just…..give me a show first.”

“Most certainly”, Leona said as she pulled Diana in for a sloppy kiss. They were sucking face as Leona undid the lunari’s corset, freeing her average breasts and pushed into a wall, pinning her on it as she continued kissing and slithered a hand into Diana’s panties. You thought it was time to join and walked behind Leona, pulling her plate panties down and shoving your cock between her thighs.The solari warrior looked at you and smirked before she resumed assaulting Diana’s mouth and nethers. You began moving, sliding your cock between Leona’s thighs, feeling her increasing wetness lubricate your cock. When she broke the kiss, Diana saw the situation and got on her knees, licking and kissing your cockhead as it emerged from the others thighs. You kept going like this, Leona breathing heavily as you rubbed past her outer lips, before you grew tired and laid on the bed. 

“Now, continue making out, but with something more”, you said, and they understood what you meant. Both targonian women laid on the bed so that their heads were near your cock, and they began making out again, but this time with your penis amid their kisses. They kissed sloppily, drooling over your cock and licking it, all while looking sulttily at you. Leona undid her top and Diana threw her panties away, leaving only her thigh highs on. You took this as a sign to head to the main course and slapped their asses, signaling them to stop.

“Leona, wrap those beautiful thighs around my face, and Diana: ride it”.

     They shared one last kiss before assuming their positions. Diana was aligning her entrance to your hard cock as your vision was obscured by Leona’s thighs around your head, giving your tongue access to the lips you rubbed your cock in before. You began licking her clit, and saw she kept a small patch of auburn hair above her cunt. Meanwhile, you felt Diana’s walls envelop your cock as she lowered herself into you. She began moving as Leona also grabbed your hair and not soon after both women were orgasming, her moans silenced by what you were sure was a kiss.You decided to change the pace however.

“Leona, get off and do Diana”. She obeyed your command and moved to her lunari lover and you saw her kissing Diana and groping her breasts as she rode you. She had no mercy, biting her nipples and passing her tongue through Diana’s whole body, making her quiver. The lunari orgasmed again and again and with it she tightened around your cock, making you fill her with hot cum. You pulled your cock from her and Leona immediately lowered her head to eat your cum off Diana. However, by doing so she lifted her hips and gave you access to her tanned asshole. The sight brought you back to full hardness and you grabbed her hips and shoved your cock still lubricated with um and Diana’s juices into Leona’s asshole.

     She was surprised by the insertion but looked at you mischievously, and went back to giving her partner cunninlingus and eating your cum. You started slowly but steadily increased in speed, and began slapping her ass while you did so. She tightened every time you did so, and you overwhelmed her so much that when she came her asshole contracted so much that the tightness made it impossible to hold it, and you filled the solari warrior’s ass with semen. When you pulled back from Leona, she seemed to ignore you and moved to begin kissing and fingering Diana again. You were ready to leave them at it, but as you were pulling your pants up you decided to pump your cock above them, to get the last drops of your semen into them. They didn’t mind that you did so, Diana licking every drop that fell on Leona and vice-versa. Feeling satisfied, you decided to leave the targonian girls alone, now that they’ve had their fair share of cock.

Chapter Text

Final expedition, just one more before your contract with the university ends. But this time you would venture into the icy steppes of freljord, so you told the men to grab their winter gear and boarded the university’s ship again. The journey was calm, but the cold grew as you ventured further north. One week of sailing until you saw the icy water give way to frozen shores of Freljord. You left the boat along with the men and the scientists, and they surprised you as they brought five large cages to shore with them. Apparently they wanted to bring a whole pack of drüvask, a species of freljordian boar. That made things more complicated, as it was you and your men that had to find and capture the animals while the scientists focused on the flora and smaller fauna. It was a pain in the ass, as you had to hike across the permafrost until you found the boars, and it took magic and muscle to put them inside the cages. As you were leaving with the cages, you felt the ground quake, and on the horizon a warband was moving. You recognized the woman leading them atop a much larger drüvask. Sejuani, war mother of the Winter Claw tribe. You decided it was wiser to hurry up out of there before she saw you, as your previous history with her and the tales of the Winter Claw being the most aggressive tribe on Freljord meant they would probably attack you on sight.

     You got on the boat quickly and departed silently, as it was known that the Winter Claw possessed massive raiding ships, one that could rival even the Dreawake and the Leviathan. The trip back was less calm, as the boars screeched and headbutted the cages, even almost biting off a hand of the recruit you sent to feed them. But after another week of travel you were back in town. The scientists were labelling their samples while you met their emissary, who paid you the full amount and even added a bonus because of the pictures you took on Targon. You distributed large bonuses to your men, as trust and fair pay is what made you a success in your line of work. You headed to the club as usual, and this time it was crowded, almost all the tables taken and a few people on the counter. You approached the counter and as Gragas grabbed the gin bottle you addressed him.

“Not this time man. Give something top shelf, freljordian preferably.”

“Celebrating something, ya? Ok lemme grab this one for you.”. He reached the top shelf and pulled a bottle that looked like it was made of ice, put on a glove and poured it into a glass. The glass almost froze as the drink filled it.

“Freljordian everclear. Made by the Frostguard, distilled with true ice. The bottle is true ice as well, keeping it as cold as the heart of the tundra.”, he explained to you.

“Is it……. safe to drink?”, you asked.

“Just wait a couple minutes. And in the meantime you can tell me your cause for celebration.”

“FInally finished the university jobs. Last one was on freljord, they wanted some drüvask to study. All went fine, although I almost ran into Sejuani. She would have smashed me to bits if she saw me.”

“Yeah probably, she is an aggressive one. But there is talk that if you have a more soft approach with her she will melt like ice on Shurima.”

“Is that so? Well thank my dear bartender, you just gave me something to test.”. Gragas laughed as you told him.

“Heh, good luck with that one new guy.”

     You headed to the Freljord room and saw that Ashe was occupied, leaving only Sejuani and Lissandra. Lissandra gazed at you like a whore, but you moved to the Winter Claw chieftain. She eyed you a little angry but you extended a hand to her.

“Would the lady like to accompany me?”. She slapped your hand away, but got up nonetheless.

“I’m no lady, I’m the warmother of the Winter Claw. A warrior. But fine, let’s go see if you can hold your own one-on-one instead of a trio.”. She walked to a private room and you followed her. She laid on the bed, her crude leather bra and panties contrasting against her fair skin and white hair. Instead of going at her with lust, you started slowly by kissing her. Not a sloppy kiss, just a normal kiss. She retributed it and you made out for a while before you moved to her neck, trailing kisses on it and slowly going down. To your surprise, she was blushing as she pulled her bra down.

“Just-just suck on it already”, she pleaded.

“Not with that tone. Please ask nicely”, you said.

“Could you…. could you please suck on them?”, she said with a more gentle tone.

“Of course.”. You moved to her nipples and lightly licked them, your tongue circling her left right as you fondled her right breast. You sucked on them and she moaned despite her efforts to hide it. You teased her, working on her breasts before going down again, trailing kisses on her muscular abdomen and her navel before reaching her hips. You grabbed her panties and asked her:

“May I?”

“......You may”, she answered. You then pulled her panties down, and saw the white patch of hair she kept above her cunt. You kept going down until your tongue reached her clit, and you began kissing it slowly, making her let out cute gasps every time you circled her pearl with your tongue. You then inserted your tongue into her opening and looking up you saw she was hiding her eyes with her arm. You kept going and her other hand grabbed the sheets. She orgasmed the first time hard, letting out a loud moan before covering her mouth.

     You got up from her nethers and she pulled in for a kiss again, but this time more passionate. She was sucking face but suddenly she broke the kiss and whispered into your ear:

“Make love to me. Not fucking, love. Treat me like a lady on her bridal bide.”

“Of course my lady”, you said before getting up and aligning your cock into her opening. You then held her both hands as you inserted your cock into her. She was blushing like a virgin, so you entered her slowly. Steadily you increased your pace until soon you were going at her at regular speed.

“Now please, do it rougher”, she said. You obliged and began pumping at her, your manhood filling Sejuani’s cunt. You looked at her face and she was in absolute bliss, proving the stories that she enjoyed a softer approach true. You then let go of her hands and embrace her, kissing as you kept making love to her. She came again and again as you gently held her. When you felt your orgasm approaching, you whispered in her ear.

“Sejuani, I’m gonna-”.

“Inside, do it inside, like you were trying to impregnate me on a honeymoon.”. You pumped her a few more times before unleashing your white seed inside her cunt, making her tighten up as she orgasmed again. You were left both panting, you on top of her as you pulled her in for a kiss. When you broke the kiss and got off her. She got up and headed to the back door.

“Don’t you tell anyone about this”, she said as she threw a pillow at you. You smiled as you decided to keep the truth about the Winter Claw warmother for yourself, that beneath all that rough exterior there was a shy and soft lady.

Chapter Text

Dragons. Everybody hates dragons. The targonians are the exception, with their celestial dragons and stuff. But for the normal people of Runeterra, dragons can only mean trouble. Big, fiery, winged and scaled trouble. You remembered all of it when an emissary from a small kingdom that Noxus hasn’t conquered (yet) came to hire you to deal with a dragon problem in their northern region. The pay was good, but not enough for handling a job of this magnitude, but since you were sitting on cash from the last jobs, why not do a good deed? You took their pay and gathered the men, telling them to pack up for a long job.

     Dragon hunting is a matter of patience before everything. You ordered scouts to search the area, had the mages seek magic signals to determine which kind of dragons and talked to the locals to understand the hunting pattern. After all that, you presumed it was a couple of young adult dragons trying to claim their territory. You laid some dead cattle to attract them and hopefully strike while they fought. It worked, as almost at the same time the two winged beasts landed near the bait and circled themselves before lunging at one another. They fought fiercely, and in the middle of it you and your men striked. Dodging the fire and the sweeping claws, you manage to down both beasts. Going back to town you collected the payment and let the men keep one of the skulls as a trophy in the barracks, as the rest of their bodies would be sold.

     As usual, you headed to the club to reward yourself for a job well done. The usual number of patrons were there, and Olaf and Darius waved at you while you headed to the counter.

“Hey new guy, gin as usual?”, Gragas asked you.

“Nah, give me something more spicy, fiery this time.”. The bartender thought for a second before reaching for a bottle that, not surprisingly, had a dragon on the label.

“Dragon’s blood liquor. Only made after the kill of elemental dragons, it is sure to set you on fire.”, he said, passing you the shot glass. It was a deep red and smoke came out of it. You knew better than to ask if it was safe, so you downed it and immediately felt the heat run through your body, your tongue and throat burning.

“Freljord…….ice…..thing”, you said between coughs as the burning grew insufferable. Gragas poured one shot of the freljordian true ice drink and you downed it. Thankfully, one neutralized the other and you were fine now.

“For fucks sake, it is hot. Another dragon in my week I suppose.”, you said as you passed the glass back to the bartender.

“How so?”

“Last job was to kill some dragons that were causing problems in a kingdom nearby. Just some young adults fighting for territory. Nonetheless, killing dragons is a complicated task.”

“Just as fucking them”, Gragas said, giggling to himself.

“What you said? People fuck them?”you asked, shocked.

“Ok lemme explain. There is a girl in the Exquisite Tastes room, Shyvana. She is half dragon, but we don’t know if her father was a really brave man or if her mother was a serious size queen. EIther way she is there and is a good fuck as far as I’ve been told. The problem is, if you let her grow wild or dominant during the sex, she transforms into a full dragon and you are either crushed by her weigh or your dick is cooked inside her. The only one I know that lets her transform on purpose is Brand, but the guy is literally on fire.”


“You gonna try her right?”, Gragas said, seeing through you.

“Yeah you know me.”, you said getting up, he stopped you however.

“Grab the leash on the door, it works well for keeping her in check. But don’t show her, put it on her as a surprise.”

“Thanks for the tip man”, you said to him before heading to the Exquisite tastes room. 

     Entering the room, you saw it quite packed for the first time. Lee sin and Rakan were entering Lilia’s room, and you were happy for the girl. Talon was heading into Cassiopeia’s room and Zed, Kayn, Shen and Darius where next to a door you couldn’t see the name, just that it started with an E. You walked the corridor until you saw a door labeled ‘Shyvana’, which you entered after grabbing the leash hanging near it. Her room was reminiscent of a demacian training room, with many training dummies, obstacles courses and obstacle courses. You noticed some of the dummies were charred and there were burn marks on the ground. Two steps in and you saw her, hitting a training dummy with her bare hands. Her skin was a light purple and her hair, fashioned into twin braids, was a shade darker, almost grape color. She was wearing a sash on her breasts and small training shorts. You walked towards her and saw she had small spots of what you assumed to be scales on her skin. She noticed you and when she looked at you you saw her eyes were more similar to those of a lizard, and they were fiery.

“Good, I needed an after workout fuck.”, she said before she lunged at you and knocked you down while she grabbed  your shirt and shoved her tongue inside your mouth. Her mouth was hot, and while she assaulted your mouth she took no time before sliding her hands down your pants and rubbing your hardening cock.

“Well, size is good enough. Undress.”, she said, breaking the kiss and pointing to some more soft looking training mats. You obeyed her, making sure to keep the leash hidden. She also got out of the little clothing she wore and you saw her delicious nipples, darker and her skin color. The carpet matched the drapes, as her pubes were nicely trimmed and sported the same tone as her hair.

     Walking over to the mats, you managed to hide the leash beneath them just in time as she lunged at you again, but now shoving her wet cunt into your face.

“C’mon, work it”, she ordered. You began licking her nethers, and they were steaming hot. Your saliva quickly dried and she was only wet because her juices were more resistant to heat. You kept sucing on her clit, passing your tongue through her labia and focusing solely on her pleasure, something you could sense worked as her thighs closed around your head as she orgasmed. When your head perked up she “gently” pushed you back down as to order you to continue. Not wanting to anger her, you ate her out for a good ten minutes before she got up and looked at you and shoved you on your back, aligning her cunt to your cock and began riding you reverse cowgirl. She was going wild, riding your cock in a frenzy as you felt her wet hot cunt embrace you. However, soon the temperature inside her began to rise and you saw her feet began to morph into claws and wings appear on her back. Thinking fast, you grabbed the leash underneath the mat and raised your torso up, putting it into her neck. Her transformation regressed and she looked back at you biting her lip, now much more akin to a needy nympho than the demanding fighter she was. The change was almost instantly, as if the leash made her switch personalities. She got off you and moved to your cock, slapping iti against her face.

“Can I blow it, master?”, she said seductively.

“Go on.”

She took your order to heart and began worshipping your dick, licking it, then blowing you and finally deepthroating you like it was the only thing that mattered to her. You grabbed her braids and pulled on it, and you saw she came as she spasmed and one of her hands was rubbing her clit. You came as well, filling her mouth with cum, which she swallowed in a big gulp. She then got on her knees and spread her cheeks to you.

“That was great, master, thank you. But aren’t you also interested in filling other holes with your seed?”

You took her lead and pulled the leash hard before entering her purple asshole. She gasped heavily as she felt your meat rod enter her tight ass. You then began fucking her as you pulled the leash with one hand and spanked her ass with the other. That overwhelmed her, her tongue now sticking out of her mouth as she screamed of pleasure.

“Who is my little draconic whore?”, you whispered into her ear.


You were pleased by her response and rewarded her by cumming inside her ass, which made her cum again on your cock. She tightened again and along with the heat you emptied your balls fully inside her. You both collapsed, you on top of her still pumping her ass with small thrusts. When you were finally done, you exited her and left her laying with the leash still on. 

“Not just dragonslayer. Dragonlayer too”, you thought to yourself as you left the room.

Chapter Text

Those were strange times in Runeterra. There were rumors of a black mist beginning to spread from where the so-called “Shadow Isles” were located. It was moving slowly, but you felt the sensation. It was the same mist you felt when you took the contract to cleanse a demacian estate before. You called up all your men and ordered them to stay in the barracks as much as possible and maintain watch. The nights seemed darker than usual, and a sense of dread permeated the air. There were tales of mist specters emerging from the mist and attacking anyone near, as if they were searching for something. It was worrying, so you thought maybe some patrons of the club could shed some light on the current events, assuming it wasn’t empty.

The nightclub was deserted, but when you walked up the stairs you found it was working like an usual day. Tryndamere and Olaf arm-wrestling, Gangplank and Graves chain smoking cigars, etc. You were puzzled by this normalcy and went to the counter to ask Gragas about it.

“Hey new guy, the usual?”, he asked you.

“Sure but lemme ask you a question. Aren’t you guys aware of what is going on outside?”, you said, grabbing the glass he passed you.

“What is happening?”

“The whole black mist thing.”. You were surprised he wasn’t aware of that.

“Oh that stuff. Is just the Ruination, Viego assaulting the world in search of his long lost wife.”

“And you say that with absolute casualty.”

“Well, sure. It’s not gonna work, and besides, the Ruined King is right there”. Gragas pointed to a direction and you saw a skinny pale man with long hair. His body was covered with bruises and Zed was giving him something to drink.

“Ruined King? And what happened to that guy?”you asked, puzzled.

“Long story, but basically his wife Isolde died and he fucked up the Blessed Isles, turning them into Shadow Isles. He’s been searching for her ever since. And what happened to him, he tried to take Kayle for a ride and wasn’t ready.”. The Isolde name rang a bell and you recalled your time with Senna.

“Isn’t Isolde like, bound with Senna?”

“Yeah, but don’t tell him. We’re playing a prank.”. You laughed at the absurdity of the situation before everybody left the main hall and the curtains closed.

“Is there an event today?”

“Yeah, Sentinels of Light vs Ruined. Our generous patron thought it was fitting.

“Who is this guy anyway?”. Gragas looked at you sternly before answering.

“I told you, don’t ask too many questions. But the initials we get on the deliveries are TK.”

“Ok sorry, just curious. How is this event gonna work out anyway?”

“According to the instructions. The hall is gonna be divided into 2 sides: sentinels and ruined. They fuck the most guys they can, and in the end who get’s the most wins. SInce there are 3 ruined and 5 sentinels, the ruined girls can service more than one man at a time. Competing for the sentinels we have Diana, Irellia, Vayne, Senna and Riven. For the ruined are Shyvana, Karma and Miss Fortune.”

“Interesting.”, you said before Gragas told you to look behind you as the curtains opened.

     You saw half the hall was bathed in light, and had some whte stone decorations. Diana was standing there, white hair flowing and wearing a skin tight uniform that ended on her tights. Irellia wore a similar uniform, but she had skin tight pants and her arms were more exposed, and there was also a black choker. Riven’s uniform was similar to Irellia’s, but the most different was Vayne. She now had short hair and glasses similar to those of Evelynn in the KDA event. The only one that remained the same was Senna.

     The other side of the room was dark, and it resembled the Shadow Isles room. There you had Shyvana, her normal purple and red color scheme switched to a black one with green mist on the edges. Her hair was now white and she had a green glow in her eyes. Next to her was Miss Fortune, who had gone through the same changes: white hair, green glow, but she kept her revealing top and thigh high heeled boots. Last one was Karma, the ionian priestess. Along with the common changes, her hair was longer and her outfit was more “goth” than the usual serene ionian garb.

     Suddenly you heard a bell ring, and you assumed that was the signal for the orgy to begin. You rushed to claim Vayne first, her new outfit but same cocky attitude really did it for you. She lowered her tight pants to her thighs, giving you access to her pussy and asshole. You pushed her down into the couch she was in and entered her pussy, knowing that in events like this you couldn’t take your time, it was a pump and dump deal. Being that, you rammed Vayne hard, hearing her moan as you ravaged her cunt. You slapped her ass hard and she screamed. You looked behind you and a line had already formed behind you, and you felt a little sorry for her as Trundle was the next. You were thankful you got to fuck her before she was bred to exhaustion by the other patrons,so you gave a few more hard thrusts and came inside her wer cunt.

You looked to the side and saw that Irellia was on duty of cleaning cocks with her mouth before the guys went in to fuck the other girls. In no time the ionian captain was licking and blowing your cock clean as you decided which slut to fuck next. Looking over to the ruined side, you saw Shyvana blowing one guy as she rode another one’s cock, Karma was being spitroasted while also jerking two guys off and Miss Fortune was sandwiched between two men. You decided the half dragon was the most easily accessible, you slipped behind her and penetrated her tight asshole. She tightened up from shock, but soon began rocking her hips in a way that the cock underneath her reached her cervix and you could fit your entire manhood inside her ass. While fucking her, you pulled her hair making her tighten even more. The half dragon was now a goth slut, and you filled her like one. 

Removing your cock from her, you moved over to sandwich Miss Fortune as the patron that fucked her pussy left. You entered her pussy as Zed fucked her ass, and she was biting her lip in pleasure. She tried to kiss you, but you grabbed her neck and began choking her, which by her smile was exactly what she wanted. You and Zed rocked your hips in sync, hitting the goth pirate’s deep inside her holes. You came again inside a ruined bitch, so now it was only fair that the sentinels got some. You looked at Senna and saw she found a loophole in the rules. While Graves was pounding her ass, Isoled emerged from her and was blowing Lucian. You looked around to see if Viego was still there, as you imagined his face to his beloved wife being used as a public whore. You decided to get into the action and after Lucian came inside her mouth, you saw the ghostly queen of Camavor turn her ass towards you. While you could see your cock entering her translucent form, she was as tight as the other women. You began pumping her as she and Senna made out while Graves kept fucking Senna’s asshole. It was your final load, so you shot it deep inside Isolde’s spectral pussy, only to see it vanish inside her.

You were spent and returned to the bar, needing a drink to get some water back in your system. After about one hour, the event ended with the victory of the sentinels. They high fived each other before swapping cum out of their mouths in sloppy kisses, and apparently the ruined now had to service the opponents , giving them cunnilingus and licking the cum out of her cunt. You doubted this counted as punishment for them, but who were you to argue as you just fucked the ruined and the sentinels of light in just one go.

Chapter Text

Gragas was right at the end. A few days later the mist was gone and things were starting to get back to normal. This time was good for you though, as you bonded with your men over the barrels of ale you kept in the barracks and the many battle stories you shared. Getting to know your man and gaining their trust was essential if you’re to be considered a veteran in the sword for hire business. When the mist vanished, you knew it would take time for the contracts to start to appear again, so you ordered the men to stay on guard and in town, but they were free to do what they pleased. You did too, and soon you were sitting in a familiar counter with a fat bartender passing you some demacian brandy.

     The club was mostly empty since you arrived early, only Kayn and Jarvan were sharing a hookah in the hall. You were chatting with Gragas, asking about the whole ruination thing and the Ruined King coming to the club when you heard a feminine voice behind you.

“Hey Graggy, how’s it going?”, the woman said. You saw she had fair skin and short snowy white hair. She wore some kind of combat gear, but some pieces like her single shoulder plate appeared to be completely different from the rest of the set.

“Oh hi Riven. I’m fine, just kept tending to the bar during the ruination thing, things didn’t change much around here.”

“Yeah I imagined, only a cataclysm to close this place. My stuff in the usual place?”


“Okay thank you”, she said, giving Gragas a kiss on the cheek and heading to the door behind the counter.

“Who’s your friend? Never saw women on this side of the club, just the yordles.”, you asked puzzled.

“Oh that’s Riven. She can’t stay in the regular rooms so she comes by from time to time to work as a waitress.”

“Why can’t she stay in the rooms?”

“Long story short, she is a noxian deserter who accidentally killed an ionian elder, so no room would take her. The solution our patron had was to put her on waitress duty, so she comes by whenever she can to repay some debt, but otherwise she is just like any other girl.”

Riven then emerged from the back room with an outfit completely different from her combat attire. She now worre high heels, a pantyhose, a leotard that gave ample view of her large breasts, cufflinks and a tiara that had two bunny ears on it. She would seem more at home in a noxian strip club than anywhere else.

You were about to ask if she performed other services but Gragas anticipated you and by the look on his face you had your answer. She was delivering two mugs of ale to Kayn and Jarvan while you moved from the counter to a nearby table. You raised your hand, catching her attention and she walked over to you.

“How may I serve you sir?”, she asked.

“I can think of many ways, but let’s start with demancian brandy.”. She smiled at your answer and walked to the counter, swinging her hips in an exaggerated fashion. When she arrived at your table you gave her ass a slap, to which she smiled mischievously while biting her lip. She placed the glass in front of you, but you looked at her and said:

“Why a glass if I can drink from these beautiful lips?”. She understood what you meant and straddled you before taking the glass, chugging itso that she held all the liquor in her mouth and then proceeded to kiss you. You felt the drink entering your mouth along with her tongue and saliva as you made out in the almost empty hall. Soon your hands wandered to her thighs and climbed to her ass, fondling it. You swallowed the brandy but kept kissing the noxian deserter as she slid a hand down your pants, grabbing your cock.

“HEY! You two get a room. I mean it.”, you heard Gragas well from the counter. Riven got up from your lap and you held her hand, leading her to the unused Bandle City room.

You entered the room and began kissing her again while pushing her on one of the beds. She pulled down the top part of her leotard, giving you access to her large breasts and pink nipples. You began to suck on them and she moaned as you bit, licked and sucked on them. Her hand entered your pants again and jerked your cock to full hardness.

“Let me-uhn- taste it.”, she said between moans. You got up and lowered your pants, freeing your cock. She took no time and rushed to it, licking you from base to head while lightly massaging your balls. She covered your shaft in spit before teasing just the cockhead, licking it before sucking. She then moved on and took your whole length inside her mouth. She blew you thoroughly, with a technique that made you sure she had to do it many times before. That drove you over the edge and you came inside her mouth, but she kept your cock inside her and you heard large swallowing sounds as she gulped your cum down. 

She then gave your cock one long lick before laying on the bed with her ass up, showing that she had undone the leotard on her crotch, giving you a view of her pussy.

“So, still have energy to pound this slutty bunny’s cunt?”, she asked you seductively with one heeled leg up. You gave her an asnwer by laying on top of her and pinning her down as you slid your cock inside her warm, wet pussy and began fucking her prone bone position. You began slowly, teasing her and sliding your cock in and out.

“There is no need to be gentle, I’m a big girl who can handle big, throbbing cocks.”, she said sultrily. You took this to heart and began pounding away at her cunt, hitting her cervix as you buried your manhood to the hilt inside her. She was moaning hard in a way that made it all more erotic as you calimed her body by shooting white hot cum. SHe came hard as you painted her womb white, and began catching her breath from the rocking orgasm you knew she had by the contractions inside her cunt. Still underneath you, she asked:
“Anything more I can do for you sir?”

“Walk like this over to the bar and get me some gin and whiskey before coming back, for I’m not nearly done with this nympho bunny.”, you said, getting off her and giving her ass another slap.

“Oh my sir, I aim to serve you”, she said before walking out the room with your cum dripping down her thigh and you lamented she was not in the club more often.

Chapter Text

The Ruination had ended, but there were still pockets of mist and ghouls popping up here and there. Usually a well trained group is more than capable of dealing with them, but there were some that posed a bigger threat to their surroundings. It was one of these that had you in the fringes of the Noxian empire. The local commander called your band as an area in the nearby woods was showing signs of the mist. You of course charged more on this kind of service, but they paid nonetheless.

You and the men ventured into the woods, and the mood grew heavier by each step you took. After some time, you saw the ruins of a rundown estate. The walls were crumbling, the gates were bent and the walls and windows were shattered. Moving in the dead garden, you approached the mansion and noticed the webs that hung from the walls. That made your spine shiver, but you kept moving. You ordered one of the bigger mercenaries to open the door, and saw what you dreaded. A thousand small eyes looked at the door, many more legs skittering on the walls and lowering themselves on webs.

“Burn it. All of it”. That was the only order you gave, and by the tone the mages knew that they better obey. Your contingent of mages set fire in the house, burning the eight-legged pests along with the building. You returned to the village and told it wasn’t the black mist, but still some kind of dark magic. 

“It should be fine by now. Just out of curiosity, the estate in the woods, who did it belong to?”, you asked the commander.

“Some noble house, Kythera if I recall. But it has been abandoned for years.”. That satisfied your curiosity, so you gathered the men and returned to town.

You decided you needed a day off, the sight  of so many skittering eyes and legs was unsettling for you. You arrived at night and after leaving your belongings in the barracks, you headed into the club. The usual crowd was there, and this time the card games were the main attraction as a poker table composed of Gangplank, Talon, Sylas, Jayce and Udyr was the main attraction. You headed to the counter as usual, Gragas greeting you with a glass of Piltover gin at hand.

“Hey new guy.”

“Sup Gragas. How thing going?”

“Meh, the same as always. But I think we can all use a little monotony for some time after the whole ruination thing.”

“Ok you’re right on that.”, you said, sipping on your glass.

“And what have you been doing?”

“Took a job to clear some pocket of black mist. Instead, saw a mansion filled to the brim with spiders, some the size of dogs.”

“An unsettling sight to say the least.”, Gragas said, shuddering at the thought.

“Apparently it was an old mansion belonging to a noxian noble family. Kythera, the local leader believed.”. You saw Gragas raise an eyebrow and thought for a second. He then chuckled as he remembered something.

“Oh she’s gonna be so pissed.”

“Who is gonna be pissed?”, you asked.

“It all makes sense now: Kythera, spiders, Noxus. You stumbled upon one of Elise’s lairs”.

“Elise? Never heard of her.”

“She was a noble lady from the House Kythera. Long story short, lured men to their deaths so that she could please her spider god. Now she stays in the Exotic Tastes room as she realized she couldn’t get laid if she killed all men before the fucking.”. You were intrigued by the tale and finished your drink in one large gulp.

“Third door on the left.”

“You know me. Thanks man.” you said as you made your way to the Exotic tastes room.

You walked into the corridor and saw that Lillia and Cassiopeia’s room were occupied, but you went in the opposite direction. You reached the door with Elise’s name on it. You walked in and saw it was dark, very dark. You almost couldn’t see in front of you, but you felt something brush on your arms.

“Oh, a new morsel.”. You heard a voice coming from above you and in the blink of an eye you were wrapped in webs that you could see as the crystals on the walls and the ceiling began to light up. You were bound by webs from your shoulders to your feet, immobilizing your legs and arms.

“Now now, what do we have here?”, you heard a sultry voice from behind you as a hand brushed your cheek as she moved in front of you. She had fair skin, but only on her human parts. Elise was not entirely human, her legs were more akin to a spider, and she had two smaller pairs appearing from her back, her hair was held in place by what appeared to be a black and red headdress. She had a curvy figure, her bountiful hips leading to long slender spider legs, and breasts contained by a small bra that didn’t conceal all of them, and showed her delicious midriff beneath it.You cock began to harden as you saw the stunning woman in front of you, and she shot her glance to the bulge forming beneath her webs.

“Eager, aren’t you?”, she said, running your cock through the webs and your pants. She then ripped both of them with one movement  of her clawed finger.

“Now, let’s see if you are up to the task.”, she said, rubbing your cock to full length before enveloping it with her mouth. She sucked on the head and slithered one hand inside the webs and started massaging your balls. You were totally immobilized from the neck down, but if it was needed to receive a blowjob from such a woman, you didn’t mind. Elise, removed her mouth from your cock and gave your cock slow and wet licks, and planted small kisses on the head. By your moans, she imagined you were building up to orgasm, so the spider mistress stopped. You watched her give your cock one last lick before laying on the webs, suspended in the air. She spread her legs and gave you a view of her pussy. It was black on the outside, much like her spider parts. However, the inside was as pink as any other woman.

“Now, please your mistress.”, she said. With one movement of her hand the webs encasing you moved so that your face was in front of her nethers. You knew what she meant, so you gave her clit a small first lick. She shuddered, and you licked the outer parts of her nethers.

“Do not tease your mistress. Get in there.”. You obeyed and began eating her pussy, licking the whole of her pussy, giving special focus to the small black nub that was her clit. You began to eat her more vigorously, hearing her moans and gasps as she grabbed your head and shoved it into her cunt. Not long after, you felt her shudder and her legs wrapped around your head as she came. She took a minute to catch her breath and regain her composure before addressing you again:

“Very well, my pet. Now let’s get you out of these for the main course, shall we?”. With another movement of her hand, the webs around you loosened and fell. You saw her spread out on the webs, opening her pussy and inviting you in. You got on top of her and kissed her deeply as you pushed your manhood inside her welcoming cunt. You started moving and grabbed her ass to push yourself deep inside her. She was moaning as your balls hit her cunt and your cockhead pounded her cervix. You felt her nails dig into your back along with the other legs that emerged from her back. She broke the kiss and whispered into your ear:

“Good little pet, shove that cock inside and pump me full of cum.”

You picked up the pace and began to mercilessly pound at her, the impact of your thrusts making the webs you were in move. You were at your limit, and with one final deep thrust, filled her with your white seed. You began to catch your breath, but she looked at you with a disappointed look.

“Only that pet? No, we can’t have just that.”, she said before she bit you deep into your shoulder. You felt a burning sensation as she injected venom into your bloodstream. But suddenly, your cock began to harden again.

“Now go on, little pet.”. You smiled and kissed her again as you kept hammering at her, shoving your manhood inside her cunt and pounding her cervix. Her breath grew more ragged and you felt she tighten around your cock as she came again. You, however, were not at your limit so you kept hammering her for a couple more minutes, turning her around and fucking her like she was a bitch in heat. Your second load was shot inside her cunt, and almost collapsed on the webs. Your cock, however, was still at full mast.

“Uhm, mistress, when does the venom effect pass?”

“About four hours, which is just enough time for me to ravage you a couple more times.” she said, smiling seductively. Well, you were not one to complain.