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Runeterran Private Club

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The Ruination had ended, but there were still pockets of mist and ghouls popping up here and there. Usually a well trained group is more than capable of dealing with them, but there were some that posed a bigger threat to their surroundings. It was one of these that had you in the fringes of the Noxian empire. The local commander called your band as an area in the nearby woods was showing signs of the mist. You of course charged more on this kind of service, but they paid nonetheless.

You and the men ventured into the woods, and the mood grew heavier by each step you took. After some time, you saw the ruins of a rundown estate. The walls were crumbling, the gates were bent and the walls and windows were shattered. Moving in the dead garden, you approached the mansion and noticed the webs that hung from the walls. That made your spine shiver, but you kept moving. You ordered one of the bigger mercenaries to open the door, and saw what you dreaded. A thousand small eyes looked at the door, many more legs skittering on the walls and lowering themselves on webs.

“Burn it. All of it”. That was the only order you gave, and by the tone the mages knew that they better obey. Your contingent of mages set fire in the house, burning the eight-legged pests along with the building. You returned to the village and told it wasn’t the black mist, but still some kind of dark magic. 

“It should be fine by now. Just out of curiosity, the estate in the woods, who did it belong to?”, you asked the commander.

“Some noble house, Kythera if I recall. But it has been abandoned for years.”. That satisfied your curiosity, so you gathered the men and returned to town.

You decided you needed a day off, the sight  of so many skittering eyes and legs was unsettling for you. You arrived at night and after leaving your belongings in the barracks, you headed into the club. The usual crowd was there, and this time the card games were the main attraction as a poker table composed of Gangplank, Talon, Sylas, Jayce and Udyr was the main attraction. You headed to the counter as usual, Gragas greeting you with a glass of Piltover gin at hand.

“Hey new guy.”

“Sup Gragas. How thing going?”

“Meh, the same as always. But I think we can all use a little monotony for some time after the whole ruination thing.”

“Ok you’re right on that.”, you said, sipping on your glass.

“And what have you been doing?”

“Took a job to clear some pocket of black mist. Instead, saw a mansion filled to the brim with spiders, some the size of dogs.”

“An unsettling sight to say the least.”, Gragas said, shuddering at the thought.

“Apparently it was an old mansion belonging to a noxian noble family. Kythera, the local leader believed.”. You saw Gragas raise an eyebrow and thought for a second. He then chuckled as he remembered something.

“Oh she’s gonna be so pissed.”

“Who is gonna be pissed?”, you asked.

“It all makes sense now: Kythera, spiders, Noxus. You stumbled upon one of Elise’s lairs”.

“Elise? Never heard of her.”

“She was a noble lady from the House Kythera. Long story short, lured men to their deaths so that she could please her spider god. Now she stays in the Exotic Tastes room as she realized she couldn’t get laid if she killed all men before the fucking.”. You were intrigued by the tale and finished your drink in one large gulp.

“Third door on the left.”

“You know me. Thanks man.” you said as you made your way to the Exotic tastes room.

You walked into the corridor and saw that Lillia and Cassiopeia’s room were occupied, but you went in the opposite direction. You reached the door with Elise’s name on it. You walked in and saw it was dark, very dark. You almost couldn’t see in front of you, but you felt something brush on your arms.

“Oh, a new morsel.”. You heard a voice coming from above you and in the blink of an eye you were wrapped in webs that you could see as the crystals on the walls and the ceiling began to light up. You were bound by webs from your shoulders to your feet, immobilizing your legs and arms.

“Now now, what do we have here?”, you heard a sultry voice from behind you as a hand brushed your cheek as she moved in front of you. She had fair skin, but only on her human parts. Elise was not entirely human, her legs were more akin to a spider, and she had two smaller pairs appearing from her back, her hair was held in place by what appeared to be a black and red headdress. She had a curvy figure, her bountiful hips leading to long slender spider legs, and breasts contained by a small bra that didn’t conceal all of them, and showed her delicious midriff beneath it.You cock began to harden as you saw the stunning woman in front of you, and she shot her glance to the bulge forming beneath her webs.

“Eager, aren’t you?”, she said, running your cock through the webs and your pants. She then ripped both of them with one movement  of her clawed finger.

“Now, let’s see if you are up to the task.”, she said, rubbing your cock to full length before enveloping it with her mouth. She sucked on the head and slithered one hand inside the webs and started massaging your balls. You were totally immobilized from the neck down, but if it was needed to receive a blowjob from such a woman, you didn’t mind. Elise, removed her mouth from your cock and gave your cock slow and wet licks, and planted small kisses on the head. By your moans, she imagined you were building up to orgasm, so the spider mistress stopped. You watched her give your cock one last lick before laying on the webs, suspended in the air. She spread her legs and gave you a view of her pussy. It was black on the outside, much like her spider parts. However, the inside was as pink as any other woman.

“Now, please your mistress.”, she said. With one movement of her hand the webs encasing you moved so that your face was in front of her nethers. You knew what she meant, so you gave her clit a small first lick. She shuddered, and you licked the outer parts of her nethers.

“Do not tease your mistress. Get in there.”. You obeyed and began eating her pussy, licking the whole of her pussy, giving special focus to the small black nub that was her clit. You began to eat her more vigorously, hearing her moans and gasps as she grabbed your head and shoved it into her cunt. Not long after, you felt her shudder and her legs wrapped around your head as she came. She took a minute to catch her breath and regain her composure before addressing you again:

“Very well, my pet. Now let’s get you out of these for the main course, shall we?”. With another movement of her hand, the webs around you loosened and fell. You saw her spread out on the webs, opening her pussy and inviting you in. You got on top of her and kissed her deeply as you pushed your manhood inside her welcoming cunt. You started moving and grabbed her ass to push yourself deep inside her. She was moaning as your balls hit her cunt and your cockhead pounded her cervix. You felt her nails dig into your back along with the other legs that emerged from her back. She broke the kiss and whispered into your ear:

“Good little pet, shove that cock inside and pump me full of cum.”

You picked up the pace and began to mercilessly pound at her, the impact of your thrusts making the webs you were in move. You were at your limit, and with one final deep thrust, filled her with your white seed. You began to catch your breath, but she looked at you with a disappointed look.

“Only that pet? No, we can’t have just that.”, she said before she bit you deep into your shoulder. You felt a burning sensation as she injected venom into your bloodstream. But suddenly, your cock began to harden again.

“Now go on, little pet.”. You smiled and kissed her again as you kept hammering at her, shoving your manhood inside her cunt and pounding her cervix. Her breath grew more ragged and you felt she tighten around your cock as she came again. You, however, were not at your limit so you kept hammering her for a couple more minutes, turning her around and fucking her like she was a bitch in heat. Your second load was shot inside her cunt, and almost collapsed on the webs. Your cock, however, was still at full mast.

“Uhm, mistress, when does the venom effect pass?”

“About four hours, which is just enough time for me to ravage you a couple more times.” she said, smiling seductively. Well, you were not one to complain.