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Runeterran Private Club

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You walked in the bar and your eyes adjusted to the dim lights. It was an average night club, with some DJ from Piltover playing music in the back of the salon, a bar staffed by some bartenders who by their faces were already tired of enduring the drunken attitude of the patrons all night. There were some booths near the entrance, all occupied by groups of friends and couples.

     You left your coat in the entrance where a young man approached you to store it. You reached into your pocket and pulled out the red card that led you here. Being a famous mercenary captain with victories under Noxus, Demacia, Shurima and Ionia, you were not surprised when the Grand General himself appeared in your unit camp. He appreciated the loyalty of you and your men, which was high praise coming from the Noxian high command to a mercenary band. You knew how all nations handled mercenaries: Noxus had them in good standing, as they could just pay them to perform tasks that the army could not, for political reasons and all. Demacians didn’t like it, but could not deny the effectiveness of paid armies for their army could not cover all the skirmishes. Shurima and Ionia were more fragile, and being able to pay to deal with invaders was a normal thing.

“Think of this as an additional reward for your services”, the Grand General had told.

     Swain had given you the red card and directed you to go to this night club and show the card to the manager. You had no idea who it was until you saw an older man approaching the boy who took your coat and speaking to him. The man wore more refined clothing and had an air of authority. You approached him and asked:

“Excuse me sir, are you the manager of the establishment?”

“Yes sir, is there a problem in your experience here?”

“No, I was just told to find the manager and show him this.”, you said as you showed him the card.

“Oh I see. Please follow me sir.”, and made a gesture pointing to the back of the bar. You both walked through a door of what you supposed was the kitchen, before realizing that you saw no food in the salon. WHat you found was a staircase leading upwards, which was weird since no second floor was visible from the outside or the inside.

     Reaching the top of the staircase you saw a whole different ambient. It was more calm, and you could barely hear the music from downstairs. There was a bar filled with high end liquor that you couldn’t even pronounce the names. But the most unusual thing were the patrons. You saw Darius and Garen sitting on one table and talking as if they were friends, when you knew they were bitter rivals on the battlefield. Gragas was behind the bar making drinks, and Sett and Tryndamere were armwrestling as Olaf played the judge. Even Trundle was there, sharing a bottle of something with Gangplank. There was no way this was normal, all different figures from wholly different backgrounds sitting together as if they were colleagues. 

“This sir, is the Private Runeterran Nightclub. Only the most distinctive individuals are invited, and by entering you agree with the following rules: secrecy above all else, previous disputes are left at the door, and keep a civilized environment.”, the manager explained.

You saw that the side of the room opened to a round salon, where Xin Zhao and Jax were smoking narguile together. There were many different doors, each labeled after a region. Demacia, Noxus, Shurima, Ionia, Bilgewater, etc. More distant were doors labeled after things like “Exotic tastes” and “Shadow Isle”. You began wondering what all this was before the manager started speaking again.

“Behind these doors is the main attraction of the club. I assure you, everything and everyone behind this is the real deal. Don’t ask how, but know it is. I recommend trying the nearest ones before going to the back, for they can be quite overwhelming.”

Still a little confused, you looked at the door and wondered what could be behind them. Then you handed him the card and moved to the door labeled Demacia.

     You were greeted by the sight of a lavishly decorated room. All the motifs remembered Demacia, from the white stones that looked like petricite to the armors hanging from the walls. But your sight was focused on something else. In big round sofas that could fit about 5 people each you saw the prides of Demacia. Lux, FIora, Quinn, Shyvana, Vayne and Sona were sprayed in the couches, each wearing a mock up of their normal attires, covering little of their bodies. They all looked at the door as you walked in.

“Oh look, a new face.”, said Fiora in her strong accent.

You marveled at these women, all important demancian figures dressed like whores in front of you. 

“So, which one is gonna be?”, Vayne asked, smiling at you.

Still a little stunned, you approached Luxanna and she smiled.

“Well it looks like I got the first one.”, she said standing up and waving goodbye at the other women. She held your hand and led you through a curtain that opened into a corridor with lined up doors. She opened one and dragged you inside, locking the door.

     Before you could react she was pushing into the bed and kissing you while reaching for your cock. She was putting effort on it, her mouth invading yours as she got your cock out of your pants. She then broke the kiss and began sucking the head of your cock, really working it and covering your rod with saliva. Although still surprised, you wouldn’t complain having the Crownguard heiress blowing you. She sucked for some minutes before sliding your entire penis out of her mouth and lightly slapping it against her face, making her make-up smear and covering her with spit and precum.  Lux was Demacian high nobility, her family guarding the royalty for generations. Lux herself you only saw in pamphlets handed out in the streets, telling the news of the demacian royal family. Her figure was petite, with blonde hair in her shoulder lenght and bright blue eyes. And now you were seeing her almost naked, sucking on your cock like a cheap whore. Her breasts were small and perky, with pink nipples that just begged to be sucked. Her ass was nice, round and you could see she shivered when you gave it a slap. When she was done rubbing her face and her breasts on your cock, she asked.

“So sir, how would you like to take me?” she asked with your cock on her face. Still a little stunned, you hesitated a second before answering.

“Uh….. how do you like it?” 

“So I’ve gotten myself a gentleman”, she said, giggling. “I am quite partial to be taken from behind, if you so wish to indulge me.”

     You got up and positioned yourself behind the mage and had a good look at her pussy. It was a light  pink, with small outer lips and just a strip of blonde pubic hair. You could no ressit and buried your nose on the crotch for a second, smelling her scent.  Positioning your manhood on her pink outer lips, you saw she turned around and looked at you with a sultry smile. As you inserted your cock into the demacian girl, she began moaning and gasping. You still could not believe that you were actually fucking Luxanna Crownguard, but here was she, in the flesh, taking you dick from behinf like a bitch in heat. You were slow in the start before she said turned her head towards you and said between moans:

“There -uh- is no need to hold back sir. You can give me all you got.”

You honored her request by fucking her mercilessly, you cock ramming into her pussy with force. She began yelling and you grabbed her hair and pushed her head on the bed. By the way she clenched her walls around your penis, you could sense she had cummed.      Your thrusts were becoming more erratic as you mercilessly pounded the Crownguard heiress, and you felt your limit approaching. With one final deep thrust you shoved your cock inside her cunt and cummed inside her, hot seed splashing in the blonde mage’s insides. You felt she quiver again, cumming for sure.

     When you pulled your cock from her cunt, she turned around and began blowing you again, cleaning your penis and trying to suck out the last drops of cum. She then got up and headed to a door in the side  of the room, but not before turning to you and saying:

“Goodbye sir, hope to see you again.”, she spoke, blowing a kiss and waving her hand in goodbye.

You left the room still stunned from what just happened. THe only certainty is that you would  definitely  be returning to the club.