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Lena's Homeless Sacrifice

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As the story goes, Kara Danvers is a Kryptonian, and she was sent to Earth when she was only 13 years old, when her home planet was dying, and exploded. Kara was tasked with looking after, and raising, her baby cousin, Kal-El. But of course, Kara’s pod got knocked off course and sucked into the phantom zone, which she didn’t return out of for 24 years. This ultimately resulted in Kara landing on Earth, still as a 13-year-old girl, who from her perspective, Krypton had only exploded moments ago. But on earth she was found by a then 24-year-old Kal-El. This meant that the whole situation was reversed. Kal-El had to be the one to look after Kara as he was the adult, and Kara the child. But Kal-El was not equipped to take care of his cousin, and knew the best thing for her would be to find her a loving family, so she could at least try and get back some of the childhood which had been taken away from her by the death of Krypton. This ultimately led to Kal-El giving Kara to the Danvers family, with her adoptive parents becoming Eliza and Jerimiah Danvers. Kal-El, or Clark on Earth, trusted the Danvers couple, as they had previously helped him years ago when he was a teenager and just getting to grips with his powers. So, Clark trusted them implicitly. Then at the same time Clark knew that Eliza and Jermiah had a daughter, Alex, who he thought would be good for Kara. Clark felt that Kara would enjoy having a sister, it would be like she actually gained something by coming to Earth, instead of it all being taken away. Although Clark knew this would be small comfort for his cousin.

Growing up it took Kara a while to adjust to life on Earth, and everything that entailed, as things were and still are a lot different on the new planet she now calls home. It took Kara a long time, several months, to finally come out of herself, and make some sort of peace with her grief. As during the first few months Kara spent a lot of time crying, and alone by herself, not wanting to get attached to anyone new. Kara felt like if she did, it would be like a betrayal to her parents. This meant that as Kara kept mostly to herself, her home and school life were not good. At school she was the shy awkward kid that couldn’t make any friends, and because of this was a total embarrassment to her new sister Alex. Then when Kara was not at school, and at home instead, she spent most of her time just sitting outside, night and day, looking out into the sky thinking of the planet she lost. Thankfully enough, it was actually Alex that helped bring Kara out of herself. It happened one day at school. Kara was minding her own business at her locker, but then one of the school’s female bullies came up to her and grabbed all her stuff and threw it onto the floor, out of her hands and out of her locker. The bully screamed at Kara, telling her she was a freak and that her parents died because of her and it was all Kara’s fault. Of course, Kara knew she had powers, and she could have easily used them to attack the bully, but she was far too emotionally tormented by the bully yelling at her, and bringing up her worst thoughts and fears. Instead Kara began crying and allowed the bully to push her up against the lockers. Kara then fell to the floor and tried to curl into a ball and cry, thinking of her parents and everyone she knew on Krypton being dead. The bully just laughed and laughed and laughed at Kara, continuing to taunt her. But that is when Alex came running down the school hallway screaming “Get away from my sister!”. It was the first time that Alex referred to her as her sister. Once Alex got to the bully, she was relentless. She attacked the girl, punching her all over her body and face, giving her a bloody nose and black eye. The bully was utterly helpless, and when Alex was done with her she was the one curled up into a ball crying. Alex didn’t hurt her that much, the bully just cried because in reality like most bullies, she was a coward, and the first time she had been challenged she became her true self and just wheeped. Alex then went to her sister and hugged her, telling her she would be okay. Of course, Alex got into a lot of trouble after that, and was suspended from school for a month. When Eliza and Jerimiah found out why Alex was suspended, they couldn’t really find it in themselves to punish Alex for it. They were just glad that Alex finally was acting like the sister they had told her to be. That night Alex talked to Kara and held her tight in a hug, telling her she loved her and that she would never let anything bad happen to her every again, promising to always protect her, not matter what. From that moment on, Alex and Kara became true sisters, and their bond was forged, something that could never be broken.


Over the years Alex and Kara’s sisterhood continued to grow, even through trying times such as Jerimiah’s death, but the sisters remained together and strong. For Kara’s school life, she really excelled in almost every subject. This wasn’t because Krypton was more advanced than Earth, even though it was. But this was simply because Kara just found Earth’s subjects very easy to learn, most likely thanks to her high intelligence due to her Kryptonian upbringing. Obviously there were technologies that Krypton had that Earth didn’t and still doesn’t, but science and other subjects are taught much differently on Earth, so Kara had to learn everything over again. That said, obviously there were some inventions and technologies from Krypton that Kara knew she could just adapt to work with Earth’s laws of science and physics. All this meant that Kara really excelled at school in all subjects, and she didn’t have to hide her intelligence as long as she demonstrated things through Earth’s scientific means and not Krypton’s. This led to Kara graduating high school a year early, the same year as Alex, and being top of her class, with several honors. Over the next four years Kara attended a few different universities, while Alex went to study at National City University. This was the first time that the sisters had been apart since Kara came to Earth, so it was very difficult for the two of them. Kara first attended MIT for a few years, easily managing to complete 2 PHDs in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and computer science. After this Kara could have just started her life working, but instead she pursued more degrees, attending Harvard where she got a degree in chemistry and Yale where she got a PHD in biology. Kara then attended National City University, reuniting with her sister, where she got a degree in medicine while her sister completed her doctorate.


By this point Kara was 23 years old and she became one of the most sort after young women in most scientific fields. Kara literally got to pick and choose as to where she wanted to work. Her sister Alex had been recruited by a government agency to work in National City, so Kara decided to accept an offer with Lord Technologies to work as a mechanical and electrical engineer in the same city. Alex obviously couldn’t tell Kara the name of the agency that she had been recruited to work at, but Kara was smart, she knew it was the DEO.


Kara spent a year working at Lord Technologies before she decided to quit, hating working under Maxwell Lord who was always trying to take credit for her achievements. Once Kara quit Maxwell Lord was outraged and he made it very clear that any company that hired Kara in National City would be challenged by Lord Technologies on any project they worked on. Maxwell Lord knew very well that Kara wanted to stay in National city and remain close to her sister. So after that Kara had one of two options, she could leave National City and find a new job in another city, away from her sister, or she could start her own company and be her own boss. Of course it was an easy choice for Kara. She obviously found the idea of being a CEO daunting, but the idea of being away from her sister was an even worse one, so this is how El-Corp was created.


Over the next few years El-Corp grew exponentially, creating several scientific breakthroughs in technology and medicine, allowing Kara to grow El-Corp into one of the biggest scientific companies in the entire world. In turn Kara became a multi billionaire, with her company being valued at over a several hundred billion dollars. Kara began to enjoy her new found wealth after this, buying fancy cars, an expensive penthouse and always wearing designer clothes. Kara quickly became a very typical rich CEO, with anyone who worked with her knowing she could be ruthless in the board room. But Kara also shared her wealth, giving money to charities and funding several hospitals which had her name put on it in response. Kara then also shared her wealth with her friends, enjoying giving them amazing gifts for their birthdays and on holidays. But of course, Kara’s friends didn’t expect anything from her, they were not her friends because she had money.


Eventually one day Kara’s life changed again when her sister told her that it looked like the DEO was going to be shut down due to a lack of funding by the United States government. By this point the sisters were long passed Alex hiding the real name and nature of the government agency, and Kara for her part knew very well what the DEO did. On several occasions Kara had successfully hacked into the DEO, checking up on her sister, and making sure that they were not abusing aliens, and instead were stopping bad aliens while also protecting the good ones from bad humans. So Kara was well aware of everything the DEO did, and she knew that the agency shutting down would be a big loss for the alien community. So as a result of this Kara approached the US government and made a deal to buy the entirety of the DEO. The deal was that Kara would be in charge of the DEOs management and the official owner, and in turn the DEO still had full authority in all alien related matters and would receive some funding from the US government while other funding would be made up via Kara from El-Corp. Kara isn’t an idiot and this was still a business decision after all, so Kara used the purchase of the DEO as an opportunity to create further technologies to both help aliens’ lives on Earth, keep criminal aliens contained, find cures and treatments for alien aliments, and provide humans with the knowledge about the various types of aliens that exist. This ended up being very profitable for Kara and El-Corp, actually resulting in the DEO making a profit instead of just being a financial money sink for Kara. Of course, to create all these technologies Kara never experimented on any alien prisoners. All technologies were created thanks to the DEO agent’s knowledge, or with consent from alien prisoners, the less violent ones that is.


As a result of Kara buying the DEO, Kara technically became Alex’s boss, although not directly. J’onn J’onzz was the director of the DEO and the person that directly reported to Kara, although mostly Kara left J’onn to his own devices, only intervening in regards to technologies Kara and the DEO would create. As Alex technically worked under Kara after the purchase of the DEO, Kara, with permission from J’onn, had Alex work as the lead member on her security team for all her companies, while also allowing Alex to continue to work at the DEO part of the time too. Obviously, Kara doesn’t actually need protection or security, but her companies and her employees certainly do. Then at the same time Kara couldn’t just not have security, as for a billionaire CEO that would be very weird, so she had a basic security team follow her from time to time. At this point as Kara was able to learn more about the DEO, one of her biggest concerns was just how ill equipped the human DEO agents were to deal with certain aliens. Kara knew that she could create certain technologies to help make the DEO agents jobs easier and their lives safer, but even so, there are some aliens that are just too powerful for humans to handle. This therefore resulted in Kara making the decision to follow in her cousin’s footsteps and create her own super suit, which put her cousins’ suit to shame. This began Kara’s journey as Supergirl. At first J’onn was not happy about Kara’s decision to do this, thinking she was getting far too involved as the DEO owner, but after seeing Kara’s commitment to train and learn how to properly fight and use her powers, J’onn embraced her as part of the team. This meant that Kara spent most of her time working at El-Corp, and then when needed she would go out and save the day as Supergirl, luckily always being able to make an excuse as the CEO of El-Corp that she had an urgent matter to attend to, conveniently allowing her to quickly escape any meetings when she was called out.


Kara for her part absolutely hated that Cat Grant decided to name her Supergirl, but there was nothing she could do about it in all reality. She did briefly consider buying CatCo and forcing them to rename her something else, but she thought that would be a silly way to spend her money and raise far too many eyebrows. So all in all, despite being called Supergirl, Kara’s life was great. She is a rich CEO with great friends and family, and one of the brightest minds alive. Then at the same time when she isn’t in CEO mode, she is out saving the day as Supergirl. Kara can literally do everything. Kara literally has everything, well, apart from that special someone to love with all her heart.


Currently Kara is 27 years old, she has been the owner of the DEO for just over a year now, and been Supergirl for very close to a year. Everything is going smoothly for Kara. She continues to make regular technology breakthroughs which earn her company more money and praise. Although at this point Kara mostly cares about how her scientific breakthroughs will help people, than anything else. Kara doesn’t care a lick about her money, she has far much more than she will ever use. In fact, she hates the fact that she knows that in a year she makes more money in interest than most people will make in decades. But Kara tries to balance the scales by donating millions to charities, helping out as Supergirl, and creating all these scientific breakthroughs.


Tonight, it is the annual winter El-Corp ball, an event that Kara truly detests. Kara likes a party as much as the next person. But at these business events Kara can’t enjoy herself, she has to be in CEO mode the entire night, going from person to person, schmoozing all the other business men and women, just to help her companies relationships for any potential future projects. Then at the same time, a lot of men use these events to attempt to court Kara, with several of the rich bachelors asking Kara to dance, which she has to begrudgingly agree to. Then over men are much more forward and just boldly ask Kara to consider a partnership between them. Kara has found that all of these men try and encourage her by explaining how the two of them coming together could do wonders for both of their work lives and companies, never anything romantic. At every attempt made by various men, Kara has politely declined, even though on a few occasions she did not want to be polite. See firstly, Kara obviously doesn’t want to start a relationship with anyone based on how they could benefit one another from a work stand point. Kara wants to start a relationship to find true love. But then secondly, Kara simply does not like men, she never has. Kara only has eyes for women, but she knows that it is precarious for her to broadcast this aspect of her sexuality to the world, as she knows some people will use it against her. While Kara doesn’t actively hide it, she doesn’t shout it from the roof tops either, hence why men continue to approach her, not that if she publicly came out as being gay, that would get them to stop. But as Kara is a constantly busy woman, she doesn’t have time to begin relationships in attempts to find love. In fact, since becoming a CEO Kara has only dated two women, Veronica Sinclair for a few months and Lucy Lane for just over a year. Neither of the relationships worked out, mostly due to Kara’s busy schedule, although admittedly it may have just been because neither of the two women allured Kara enough for her to put their relationships over her work. So as a result of Kara not having time to date, to fill her sexual appetite she often frequents various clubs where she picks up various different women, mostly of her choosing. Kara is well aware of how attractive she is, so she knows she can pick whoever she likes to take home with her for a night of fun. Sometimes Kara will find a cute woman who has eyes for her, and alure her into her presence throughout the night. But then other times Kara will leave the clubs with multiple women on her arms, and then enjoy a night of passionate love making with multiple partners. Then other times Kara will just find women who she pays for the satisfaction. The women Kara pays she actually enjoys the most, but not because they happen to be more skilled in bed or anything. Kara enjoys the paid escorts simply because they know where they stand with her, they are with her just for something purely sexual, nothing else. On several occasions Kara has found that some of the women she has taken home for one-night stands want to stick around, seeking something more with Kara. Sometimes Kara is aware that these women seek something more after seeing how wealthy she is, but then other times she is aware it’s because they have fallen for her. Every time Kara quickly crushes these women’s hopes, making it clear she’s not looking for a relationship.


It is late in the afternoon and Kara is currently working in her office at one of the top floors of El-Corp. Downstairs everything is being set up to host the El-Corp Winter ball later this evening. Alex is on sight, doing security checks for the event, making sure that no unsavoury characters are able to attend or crash the party. Alex will of course be working the entire event out of uniform, just making sure everything runs smoothly for her sister, even though Kara has told her sister to take the evening off, to either just enjoy the ball, or go home and have some real fun. But Alex, still being the protective big sister, refused.


Kara’s intercom buzzes as she is working in her office, her assistant Jess attempting to speak to her.


“Yes, Jess?” Kara answers, pressing the button on the intercom.


“Sorry to disturb you Miss Danvers, but your sister, Agent Danvers, wishes for your attention about some security measures at the El-Corp entrance for the ball this evening.” Jess explains.

Kara sighs. Kara trusts Alex to do whatever she wants with the security, but she knows her sister will want her approval.

“Okay Jess, thank you. I’ll head down to see her right now.” Kara replies.

“I’ll let her know you are on your way.” Jess says.


Kara stands up from her desk after finishing typing a few more things into the document that she is working on. Kara then heads out of her office and into the elevator, walking passed Jess’ desk, making her way to the lobby to meet her sister. When the elevator doors open, Alex is standing by them, ready to meet her sister.

“Hi Al, do you really need my attention for this?” Kara asks, walking with her sister in her high heels.


“Yes Kara. I know how important the entrance is to these events for aesthetics, so I want your approval on any changes we make for security purposes.” Alex explains.


Kara sighs, rubbing her temple.


“Fine. Let’s get to it.” Kara replies.


Alex and Kara head outside of the building and Alex begins to walk them about, explaining to Kara everything she wants to do. Kara listens along and carefully adds her opinions about what she will allow Alex to do, and what she won’t. Kara knows very well if her sister got her way the entrance to the event would require everyone to have a bull body scan and a pat down, not exactly something that is very welcoming.


“Okay, well I think that’s everything.” Alex says, after several minutes.

“Alright then.” Kara smiles.

The two sisters begin to walk back towards the entrance to El-Corp when Alex notices a homeless woman and her dog huddled up against the building, covered in blankets.

Alex sighs.

“I’ll deal with this.” Alex says to her sister, as she walks over to the homeless woman.


Kara just follows Alex.

“You can’t stay here. You need to leave.” Alex says, firmly, to the homeless woman.


The homeless woman makes no attempt to respond or even look at Alex, her blanket entirely covering her face. However, the homeless woman’s dog does look at Alex with a bit of interest.

“I said, you can’t be here. You need to leave. Don’t make me call the…” Alex begins, and steps forward, and then the dog growls at her.

Alex stops and sighs.

“I guess we’ll have to call the cops then.” Alex says to Kara, loudly, so the homeless woman can hear.

“No, hang on, let me.” Kara says to her sister.

“Kara!” Alex tries.

Kara shoots her sister a look, letting her know this is not up for debate. Kara then steps forward and puts out a hand towards the dog, trying to let the animal know she doesn’t intend to hurt it, or its owner. The dog growls at Kara too at first, but Kara continues forward and eventually is able to stroke the top of the dog’s head. The dog then seems to accept Kara’s touch and allow her to come closer. Kara then crouches down and strokes the dog, up and down.

“I will never understand how you’re able to do that.” Alex mutters.

Kara smiles back at her sister before turning to look in the direction of the homeless women once more.

“Excuse me. I’m sorry, but I really need you to move. If you’d like I can have my driver drive you to one of the nicer homeless shelters for the evening. It’s too cold for you to stay outside tonight.” Kara explains.

Kara’s voice actually gets the homeless woman’s attention, causing her to remove the blanket from her face. This is when Kara sees a blonde-haired woman, with emerald green eyes. Kara can tell that the women’s hair has been dyed blonde as the routes are brunette. Kara thinks it’s strange for a homeless woman to have her hair dyed, she’d have thought that the woman would spend her limited money on other things. Kara can tell that the women isn’t recently homeless either, as her clothes are dirty and tattered.

“No, please. I’ll move. I can’t go to the shelter.” The woman says, looking at Kara.


“Alright, be on your way then.” Alex says.


The woman then gets up, packing up her things.

“Hang on a second. If you can’t go to the shelter, how about you come upstairs to my office. I have a nice comfy couch and you and your dog can lay on it and get some rest and I’ll have some food and water brought up to you, along with some fresh clothes. How does that sound?” Kara suggests.

“I uhh… no… that’s too much.” The woman says, shyly.

Kara can tell the women wants to accept her help, but it too polite to do so.


“Kara!” Alex says.

Kara ignores her sister.

“I insist.” Kara affirms.


“Kara, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Alex says.

“Shush Alex.” Kara says, glaring at her sister.

“Come on. Let’s get you in the warm.” Kara smiles at the homeless woman, holding out her hand.

The woman looks down at Kara’s hand for a moment, almost as if she is expecting Kara to quickly take it away and laugh at her for thinking she was being serious. But after a few moments the woman takes Kara’s hand and allows herself to be led into the building.

Kara and the homeless woman and her dog head into El-Corp, with several people inside shooting them stares, Kara ignores them though. Kara, the homeless woman and the dog all walk over to the elevators, followed by Alex.

“I’ll come up with you.” Alex says to her sister.

“No, Alex. You have work to do down here. We’ll be fine.” Kara replies.

Alex shoots Kara a worried and questioning look but Kara ignores it.


Kara then steps into the elevator with the woman and her dog, and they then make their way up to Kara’s office. Once they arrive on her floor they are greeted by a surprised looking Jess.


“Jess, could you please get some food and water for this lady and her dog, as well as a change of clothing for her?” Kara asks.


Jess is silent for a moment before she smiles at Kara and nods. Jess is well aware that Kara is a very kind person and helps just about everyone, so she isn’t surprised by this action.

“Of course, Miss Danvers.” Jess smiles.


Kara then leads the homeless woman and her companion inside her office, heading over to the couch.

“Here, please take a seat.” Kara smiles.


The homeless woman looks around Kara’s office in awe.


“This is your office?” The homeless woman asks, surprised.


“Yes, I’m the CEO of this company.” Kara smiles.


“Oh… wow.” The homeless woman replies.

“I know you must be tired and cold, and a whole bunch of other things. So, if you don’t want to go to the homeless shelter, you can stay up here for a while. I have a ball I have to attend downstairs. Once it is over you can either check into a hotel which I’ll pay for, or you can come back to my place.” Kara suggests.


“I….. thank you…. you’re too kind.” The woman says.

“Not at all.” Kara smiles back, “Now, I have a bathroom through there, and it has its own shower and a bath. If you’d like you can take a nice shower and Jess will soon return with some fresh clothes for you to wear, along with some food for the both of you.”

The homeless woman looks at Kara, surprised by her continued kindness.

“I… thank you…. a shower would be nice…” The homeless woman says.

“Okay. You can bring this guy in there with you, if you’d like, or I can watch him for you in here while I do some work at my desk.” Kara smiles.

The homeless woman looks at her dog who is looking at Kara, who has started to stroke him, and is wagging his tale. The homeless woman finds it strange as her dog is usually very protective, and never lets stranger touch him, but not Kara.

“He likes you.” The homeless woman says.

“Well, what’s not to like?” Kara smirks.


This elicits a chuckle from the homeless woman which honestly makes Kara’s day.


“Well, if it’s okay with you, he can stay with you while I have a shower?” The homeless woman asks, still hesitant.


“Of course.” Kara smiles.

The homeless woman gives Kara a slight smile as she stands up and begins to walk to the bathroom with the shower in it.


“Uhh by the way. Do you have a name?” Kara asks.


The homeless woman freezes.

“Uhh… Keiran…. Keiran… McDorey.” The homeless woman replies.


“Well, Keiran.” Kara smiles, “My name is Kara Danvers. It’s nice to meet you, and I hope you have a lovely shower.”


Keiran looks back at Kara and shoots her a forced smile.

“Thank you.” Keiran nods.

Keiran then walks into the bathroom and closes the door behind her. Keiran hates that she has just had to lie to the only person who has shown her any real kindness in the last few years of her being homeless. But Keiran knows that she can’t trust anyone. Her family is still actively trying to find her, and she would rather die in the cold than be found by them. So Keiran can’t let anyone know that her real name and identity is Lena Luthor, sister to the famous Lex Luthor, the CEO of Luthor Corp based in Metropolis.


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After Keiran walks into the shower Kara plays with her dog for a moment, happily stroking it. The dog looks to be a white Labrador Retriever, with a yellow collar around its neck. As Kara continues to stroke the dog, she inspects it further, and she can tell that the dog must only be a few years old, no more than 3 years of age. Then at the same time the dog is in very good shape, it doesn’t have any flees or anything of that sort, while also looking relatively clean. Kara thinks that is a bit strange for the dog of a homeless person to be in this clean a state, as usually the dogs are pretty dirty and flea ridden. But Kara is also aware that most homeless people would sooner starve than make their dog suffer. The last thing that Kara notices about the dog is that it is clearly a male, although it has obviously been neutered, which is again strange for a homeless person’s dog. But Kara doesn’t think anything further of it, she just assumes that maybe the dog got neutered before Keiran got it, or perhaps Keiran had it neutered by someone at some point.


“You’re a pretty boy, aren’t you?” Kara smiles at the dog, as she continues to stroke it.


The dog just continues to pant and wag his tail as Kara strokes him on his head. Eventually however Kara stops, as she knows that she has to get on with a bit more work before she has to prepare for the El-Corp ball.

Kara stands up from patting the dog and smiles down at him.


“You stay there, I’m just going to go over to my desk to do some more work, okay boy?” Kara smiles.


The dog just pants happily at Kara, wagging its tail still, but seems to get the message as he makes himself comfortable by laying down by the couch.

Kara walks over to her desk, but before she does, she stops over at her bar and pours herself a nice glass of her own specially made alien whiskey. Obviously normal alcohol does not affect Kara at all, which was no fun growing up, and in college. It wasn’t until Kara moved to National City, for her final year of studying, that she discovered alien bars where she could actually feel some sort of buzz from alcohol for the first time ever. Then once Kara created El-Corp, one of her first personal side projects was to create her own range of alcohols for herself to drink, just so she can take the edge off from time to time. Of course, being the business woman Kara is, she used her experience creating her own alcohol to produce a line of human and alien alcohols that El-Corp sold, earning El-Corp hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue.


Once Kara has drunk the alien whiskey, feeling it burn down her throat, leaving a nice tingly feeling, she walks over to her desk and continues to work. Kara gets another 10 minutes of work done before Jess interrupts her by entering her office with a change of clothes for Keiran, and some food for the homeless woman and her dog. Kara smiles at Jess and thanks her for her assistance.


After Jess leaves Kara’s office Kara gets back up and gives some chicken to the dog who happily eats away at it, on a plate. Kara then grabs the clothes Jess brought her and heads over to the bathroom door, and then knocks.

“Keiran?” Kara calls out, hearing the shower running.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be out soon!” Kara hears Keiran call back, sounding very nervous.


“No, take as long as you need. I just wanted to say I have some spare clean clothes for you to wear here. My assistant has got you a selection to choose from.” Kara informs Keiran.

“Oh, thank you!” Keiran calls back.


“I just wanted to ask, is it okay if I step inside just to put the clothes by the door for you to choose from? I promise I won’t look at you!” Kara asks.


There is a moments silence and for a few seconds Kara thinks that she may not get a reply.


“Yeah…. okay…” Keiran replies, nervously.


Kara then opens up the door and then quickly places the clothes on the sink, which is right next to the door. Kara then just as quickly leaves the bathroom, making sure to not look in the shower’s direction. Although even if Kara did look, she wouldn’t see anything because her shower glass door is completely opaque.

“Okay Keiran, the clothes are by the sink! Take your time!” Kara calls out once she shuts the door behind her.


“Thank you.” Keiran replies, sounding very relieved.


Kara then returns to doing some more work for the next 30 minutes until she is finally interrupted by Keiran coming out of the bathroom. Keiran is now wearing a pair of jeans, a shirt and a nice cardigan. Kara notices that Keiran has tied her hair up on the top of her head. In fact, Kara thinks that this woman is absolutely gorgeous. But Kara quickly shakes those thoughts from her head. This woman is homeless, and the last thing she needs is for Kara to be drooling over her.

“Did you have a nice shower?” Kara smiles.

Keiran looks at Kara as if she is surprised that Kara is still waiting for her.


“Uhhh… yes…. thank you….. and…. thank you for the clothes….. I’ll give them back to you before I leave..” Keiran says, nervously.

Kara frowns at Keiran.

“Don’t be ridiculous. The clothes are yours. Keep them. You can even keep the other ones that you decided not to wear too.” Kara smiles.


“No, I couldn’t do that.” Keiran says, nervous once more.


“I insist. They will be more good with you than where Jess got them from.” Kara smiles.

Keiran looks at Kara in silence for a moment. She is giving Kara a look as if she is trying to decide something.

“O.. okay… thank you.” Keiran nods, still hesitant.


“You’re very welcome. Now, my assistant brought up some food, if you’d like to have some?” Kara asks.


Keiran looks at the food and her eyes go wide. Kara can tell from the women’s expression that she is clearly looking at the food in hunger.

“Thank you.” Keiran nods and quickly sits down and begins to eat the food.


Kara smiles at Keiran.

“I hope you don’t mind, but while you were in the shower, I gave your dog some chicken on a plate.” Kara says.


Keiran smiles at Kara for the very first time.

“Thank you. I’m sure he enjoyed that.” Keiran replies.


Kara stands up from her desk and moves closer to Keiran and her dog.

“No need to thank me, he is such a good boy.” Kara smiles as she approaches the dog who wags his tail once more.

Keiran just nods as she continues to eat her food.

“Does he have a name?” Kara asks.

Keiran stops eating for a moment and then looks back up at Kara, studying her face for a second.

“Uhh… yes….. his name is Krypto.” Lena says, sheepishly.

“Krypto?” Kara says, with a surprised look on her face. “You mean like Krypton, the planet Superman and Supergirl are from?”


“Yeah…. I just… I like the name.” Keiran lies, knowing that isn’t the reason at all as to where her dog is called Krypto, it was Lex that gave the dog that name.


Kara smiles widely at Keiran, thinking it is pretty ironic that this homeless woman she is helping just so happens to have a dog named after her home planet.


“Well I like the name too.” Kara smiles.

There is then a knock at Kara’s office door which startles Lena.


“It’s okay.” Kara says to Lena, reassuringly, “It’s probably just my assistant Jess.”

“Miss Danvers, I have your dress here for you to change into for the ball.” Jess calls out.

“Oh, thank you Jess.” Kara replies, and heads towards the door.


Kara then opens the door and takes the dress from her assistant.

“Miss Danvers, you have about 15 minutes to get dressed before the makeup artist gets here to do your hair and makeup.” Jess informs Kara.


“Alright, thank you Jess. Could you have the makeup artist set up in one of the private rooms downstairs?” Kara asks.


“Of course Miss Danvers. Is there anything else I can help you with?” Jess asks.


“No, that is all for now.” Kara nods.


Jess nods back and quickly turns to leave. Kara then closes the door to her office once more, giving herself and Keiran privacy again. Kara holds the dress out on a hanger, inspecting it. The dress is a black dress with a plunging neckline that will really show off Kara’s breasts. Kara knows the advantages of these types of dresses, as throughout the night most of the businessmen that Kara will talk to will end up just staring at her breasts, rather than making any comprehensible conversation, making it that much easier for Kara to squeak out any information she may need from these drooling fools. The dress will come down a few inches below Kara’s knees, and she will complete the look with her black high heels, which she is currently wearing.


“If you don’t mind, I’m just going to change in the bathroom.” Kara smiles at Keiran.


“Okay..” Keiran replies, shyly. Kara notices that Keiran is giving her a funny look, but she decides not to read too much into it.


Kara then heads into the bathroom and freshens up, removing the clothes she has been wearing all day before slipping into the black dress. The dress of course looks incredible on Kara. It hugs her body in all the right places, and even under the right light, gives off a hint of some of her abs. The only issue with the dress is because it is so tight around the leg area, walking will be quite restrictive. Although Kara is well aware that she has to put on a certain composure, and walk in a certain way during these events. Therefore, it’s not like she could even walk more naturally and normally, even if the dress allowed her to.


About 10 minutes later Kara has finished inspecting herself. She then tries to reach around with her hand to zip up the dress, but she can’t quite reach. Kara thinks that it is kind of funny, she is a rich billionaire CEO and a superhero, but she has been defeated by a zip. After a few moments of struggling Kara decides she’ll just have to ask Keiran for help. Or if the homeless woman is uncomfortable with helping her, she will just ask Jess to zip her up.


Kara steps back out into her office only to find it empty, Keiran and her dog are gone, along with everything that Keiran brought into the building with her. Kara is confused for a moment so she decides to head out of her office and towards Jess to ask her if she saw Keiran leaving.


“Jess?” Kara asks, as she steps out of her office and approaches her assistant’s desk.

“Yes Miss Danvers?” Jess smiles.


“Where did my guests go?” Kara asks, confused.


“She left about 5 minutes ago. She told me that you knew she was leaving.” Jess replies.

“No, she didn’t tell me.” Kara replies, a bit upset that the homeless woman who she helped decided to just up and leave without even a goodbye.


“I’m sorry Miss Danvers, I will have security check their footage to make sure that she actually left the building and isn’t lurking about.” Jess says.

“Uh, just ask at the front desk if they saw a woman and a dog walk out a few minutes ago.” Kara suggests.

“Right, good idea Miss Danvers.” Jess nods and then dials her phone downstairs. “Yes, hello, Earl? Yes, Miss Danvers just wanted to know, did you see a woman and her dog walk back out of the building just now?... uhuh, okay, thank you.”


Jess then turns to Kara and gives her a nod.

“Earl saw her leave a few minutes ago, along with her dog.” Jess explains.


Kara gets an even more confused look on her face; she doesn’t understand why Keiran would just leave when she was offering her shelter for the night, seeing as the woman plain out refused to go to a homeless shelter.


“Okay, well maybe I can go after her, and find her. It’s too cold for her to sleep on the streets tonight.” Kara says, nervously.

“Miss Danvers. I know that you are a caring soul, but you need to go to hair and make up for the ball. The woman clearly didn’t want to stay here, and you can’t force her to. She made her decision Miss Danvers, now you have more pressing matters to attend to.” Jess says.

Kara sighs while regathering her nerves. Kara just hates that Keiran ran away, but she knows she can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

“Okay.” Kara says with a sigh, “Now could you zip me up please?”.

“Of course Miss Danvers.” Jess nods.

“Thank you Jess.” Kara smiles, slightly.


About an hour later Kara has finished having her hair and makeup attended to. Ultimately the makeup artist decided on having Kara’s hair straightened and slicked back, and the result had her looking absolutely stunning. Kara’s makeup was then complete with foundation caked over her face to hide any beauty marks or ‘flaws’ for anyone else to spot, not that she has many, her Kryptonian DNA seeing to that. The biggest ‘flaw’ she has is the small scar on her forehead which she got by running into a wall when she was a child, still living on Krypton. Kara’s look was completed by killer red lipstick being marked across her lips. Kara doesn’t have to wear any glasses with her look because when she was creating her Supergirl suit and the idea of a secret identity was needed, Kara equipped her suit with a device that used an imagine inducer to alter her face to anyone that would look at her. Supergirl still looked like a blonde woman with blue eyes, but compared to Kara, her nose and cheek bones are different. This therefore allows Kara to not have to rely on something such as a pair of glasses to hide her secret identity in everyday life, although Kara still does wear glasses on occasion, but only when it is either a fashion choice, or to help her dull her senses when she gets overwhelmed, usually due to stress.


Once Kara’s look is complete, she takes one last look at herself before stepping through the doors and entering the large ballroom where the El-Corp Winter ball is being held. As soon as Kara enters most people’s eyes turn to her. Kara is well aware that most people in attendance at the ball have only come in hopes of getting a moment of her time, for some matter or other.

Kara makes her way to the stage at the front of the ballroom, preparing herself to give a speech to officially kick the night off.


“Hello everyone. Thank you all for coming to the El-Corp Winter ball this evening. I hope you all enjoy the food and drinks we have provided. However, although we are here this evening to celebrate the end of the year and the holiday season, we should all think about those less fortunate than us.” Kara begins, with her thoughts drifting to Keiran from earlier, “All of us here are in a well off enough position to be able to have a warm home over our heads every night, and not sleep out in the cold or go hungry. But unfortunately, there are others who sometimes through no fault of their own, have no home, and go hungry living on the streets, not only in National City, but across the country, and across the world. That is why this evening I encourage those of you who can afford to, to make a generous donation to the El-Corp foundation, where the donations will go to various different charities, including ones for the homeless. With that in mind, I hope you all enjoy your evening.”

As Kara finishes her speech it is met with polite applause while Kara steps off of the stage. As Kara walks off the stage, she catches her sister’s eye who gives her a knowing look. Alex is well aware that the speech that Kara just gave was not the one that she had prepared earlier and rehearsed in front of her. So Alex is well aware that Kara must have been thinking of Keiran while she gave the speech. But Alex is unable to go over to her sister and offer her some kind words, as Alex knows that if the sisters interact at an event like this, Kara will be eaten alive for it, and Alex’s attempts to blend in for security reasons will go out of the window. So instead, Alex just offers her sister a kind nod, which Kara acknowledges by nodding back ever so slightly.


Kara’s night then goes just as she suspected, having to go from businessmen to businessmen/businesswomen, making sure to schmooze them all for her own gain, all the while most of them would rather stare at her breasts than look her in the eyes. It is a very typical night for these events, not that Kara enjoys it that is. Eventually however Kara has the unfortunate pleasure of crossing paths with Maxwell Lord. Of course, Kara would love to ban Maxwell Lord from attending these events for what he tried to do to her while she worked for him and after she left, but Kara can’t afford to look petty or start a feud like that, all it would do is draw attention to them and feed Lord’s ego.

“Kara dear, how nice to see you.” Maxwell smirks.

“Lord, enjoying the night I see?” Kara asks, as she nods to the alcohol in his hand.


“Yes, well the booze is free after all.” Maxwell smirks.


“Hmm” Kara replies, hoping that will end their conversation.


“Please, may I have this dance?” Maxwell smirks, holding out his hand, making sure to say it loudly so that Kara has to accept, or decline and cause drama.


“Of course.” Kara replies, with a forced smile, almost immediately.


Kara then takes Maxwell’s hand and allows him to lead her to the dance floor. They walk pass one of the waitresses who is holding out a tray, and Lord unceremoniously places his empty glass on the tray, causing the waitress to almost drop everything on it. Eventually Kara and Maxwell make it to the dance floor and Maxwell places one of his hands on Kara’s hip, and they then begin to dance.


“You know, I have been thinking, it would do our companies both a great benefit if we joined forces.” Maxwell smirks.


“I fail to see how that benefits El-Corp. Last time I checked our revenues for the last fiscal year were ten times those of Lord Technologies.” Kara smirks.

Lord huffs.

“Perhaps, but we all know that if we joined forces we would be unstoppable. Me as the new CEO of our combined company, and you as the head of research, working under me, like you should be.” Maxwell says, clearly purposely trying to get under Kara’s skin.


Kara shoots Lord a glare.

“Unfortunately, I will have to decline. After all, I don’t intend to work for an incompetent CEO, and I certainly will never work under someone ever again.” Kara glares.

Lord chuckles.


“That’s right.” Lord says then places his hand on Kara’s ass. “You’d much rather be on your knees, pleasing me. I have heard the rumours about your sexual escapades. Why don’t you show me what your lips can do?”

Anger begins to boil up in Kara and she is only moments away from punching Lord in the face, but luckily for her, she is interrupted.


“Excuse me Maxwell, may I cut in?” A female voice asks.

Kara turns her attention to the female voice and sees it is her ex-ex-girlfriend Veronica Sinclair.


“Ah…. but of course…. Think on my offer Kara dear.” Maxwell smirks and then allows Veronica to cut in, before leaving with a shit eating grin on his face.


Kara just glares at Lord walking away before she looks at Veronica who is dancing with her.


“Veronica? What are you doing here?” Kara asks.

“What? No thank you? I should have figured; you never did think much of me.” Veronica replies.

“No…. I….” Kara says and then sighs, “Thank you, truly. I am just surprised that you are here. The last I heard you moved to Metropolis.”


“Hmm well, I did think you were only a few seconds away from punching Lord in the face, and as enjoyable as that would have been to see, it probably wouldn’t have been that great for you. But anyway, I moved here to National City a few months ago, I’m starting a new business adventure.” Veronica says.

“Oh, care to share any details?” Kara asks.

“No. Our relationship was full of just business. I’d rather not talk business now.” Veronica says.


“Very well, I understand. It is nice seeing you Veronica.” Kara smiles.

“It is nice seeing you too Kara, and I go by Roulette now.” Veronica explains.


Kara shoots Veronica a confused look.

“Here, this is my card. I’m hosting a little private event later this week which you may be intrigued by. Come by if you have a moment.” Veronica says, and then places a kiss on Kara’s cheek.


Kara looks down at the card and sees a location and details of the event. She decides to just put it in her concealed pocket in her dress, and think about it later.


“I’ll consider it.” Kara replies with a slight smile.

“Good. Now, I’m sure you have other people you have to talk to.” Veronica replies, ending their dance before walking away, seemingly blending back into the crowd of people.


Kara then returns to going about the event, continuing to conduct her business with all the people in attendance. Eventually as the hours tick by, Kara finally sees an opportunity for her to leave, which she does.


Kara has her driver drive her home to her penthouse where when she arrives she pours herself a nice glass of alien whiskey, about 3 fingers deep. Kara enjoys how it burns down her throat as she drinks it, washing away the horrible night from her mind. Kara then heads to bed, taking off her dress. As Kara does, she feels the card from Veronica in her pocket and decides to place it on her nightstand for now, she knows she’ll make a decision about whether to go to the event her ex is holding sometime later. But for now, Kara conducts her nightly beauty routine and then gets into bed and quickly falls asleep. Just as Kara is falling asleep, her mind drifts to Keiran and her dog Krypto again.


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Chapter Text

It is now Friday evening and Kara has had a pretty trying week both at El-Corp and as Supergirl, ever since the Winter ball on Monday. It has all just been one thing after another going wrong ever since the ball ended. Kara has had to deal with several issues at work with various projects that have failed, some thanks to incompetence of members of El-Corp’s science research and development division. Then Kara has also had to deal with several Supergirl problems throughout the week that have had her up and awake even earlier than she usually would like to be up, cutting into her all-important limited sleep schedule. Then to top everything off, Kara found out late on Wednesday evening that one of the members in the company’s finance department had been embezzling money and stealing from El-Corp, primarily through funds that were supposed to go to charities. This resulted in Kara obviously contacting the police and having the person arrested, but then she also had the unpleasant task of having to spend her time to actually personally look into the finances to see how the finance department didn’t catch it for so long. Obviously Kara could have just had the finance department open up an investigation, but she knew that it was very unlikely that they would give her an honest account of their own failings, as they would be essentially investigating themselves. So, Kara decided that she couldn’t trust anyone else to do the job, and gave up much of her sleep on Wednesday night, and into Thursday morning, just to come to the conclusion that several members in El-Corp’s financial department should have caught onto it much sooner, and either were incompetent in their jobs and didn’t catch it, or potentially just looked the other way. Kara for her part couldn’t find any hard proof that these employees actively knew and helped the person embezzle the money, so she just had to fire them all for incompetence, as well as inform the police about the potential that they may also have been taking money under the table. This of course all led into another headache when the news was all over her and El-Corp, particularly about the fact that the money stolen was money the company was supposed to give to charity. It didn’t matter to most of the news organisations that Kara said that she would personally make up all the money that was stolen, using her own finances to make up for it, they still attacked her and El-Corp anyway.


It is now Friday evening, close to 7PM and because of everything Kara has had a very, very long week. Kara knows that all she wants to do is relax. The only positive about this week is that Kara’s assistant is a literal godsend, without her Kara thinks that she may have had several break downs already, from all the stress. But Jess has been there for Kara throughout it all, making sure she eats, and even helping look into the financial investigation, despite Kara not asking for her help. Frankly, Jess is just about the only person with the intellectual know how, that Kara trusted to help her look into the finances.

Kara is currently packing away her things for the day, putting all her stuff into her designer bag, preparing to head home. Kara thinks that she just needs a good rest before the next issue comes up, be that Supergirl or El-Corp related. Once Kara finishes packing her things, she puts her designer coat on and then walks over to her bar and has a drink of a few fingers deep pour of her alien whiskey. Kara then texts her driver that she will be down soon for him to take her home.

As Kara is walking out of her office, she gets a text from her sister.

Alex (to Kara): Hey sis. I know you have had a stressful week. You up for a game night?

Kara (to Alex): No sorry. I just want to relax tonight, and I don’t think I’m really in the mood for a game night.


Kara: But you guys all have fun.


Alex: Are you sure?

Alex: I could come over if you want, and we could watch a movie? We can just have a quiet sister’s night instead?


Kara: No, I’m good. I think I’m just going to get an early night and head to bed.


Alex: Okay.

Alex: Love you xx


Kara: Love you too xxx


Kara sighs and puts her phone away and heads downstairs to her driver’s awaiting car.


It is now around 7:30PM and Kara has recently arrived home and is taking her business clothes off for the day, preparing just to go to bed. As Kara gets undressed, she can feel all the stress coursing through her body, she knows she could really do with something just to relieve all this stress.


Kara heads into her bedroom from her bathroom and is about to put her pyjamas on, but that is when she sees Veronica’s business card on her bedside table, still there from Monday night. Kara thinks about how Veronica spoke to her and suggested that Kara would enjoy whatever Veronica is planning to host tonight.

Kara is lost in thought for a few minutes before she eventually decides that she might as well go see what Veronica is actually up to. Kara thinks that the worst possibility is that she spends an evening with her ex in a club and maybe she can either hook up with Veronica, or find some other women to satisfy her. Either way, Kara knows that for her, sex is an excellent stress relief, and even though Veronica and her broke up, Kara can’t deny that Veronica is the best lover she has ever had. Although of course Kara would never give Veronica the satisfaction of telling her that. For Kara particularly, sex is just a means to an end, with her having no inclinations to begin up a relationship with anyone, Kara has been there and done that, and it hasn’t worked out so far. Kara just thinks that she has far too much baggage, not only with her being in the public eye due to her being a CEO, but also because of the fact she is an alien from another planet. For anyone to be with Kara, it would be a lot for her partner to deal with, and it would take a lot of trust on Kara’s part to reveal all those parts of herself. Kara has only really been in two other relationships as an adult, with a girl she met while she was studying at Yale called Andrea Rojas, which only lasted a few months, and then there was Veronica.


Kara actually met Veronica several years before she began dating her. At the time Kara was at Harvard, studying for yet another degree, having just transferred from MIT. Veronica was not a student, nor did she have the smarts to actually even get into any of the top universities in the country. Instead, Veronica had gone to the Harvard campus, and presumably others, to make connections with the students there, obviously with hopes that some of them would go on to be successful and maybe do business with her in the future, even though at the time Veronica had no such business. This is where Veronica met Kara. Kara enjoyed Veronica’s company as she was a breath of fresh air from everyone else at Harvard, and for a week or so the two spent a lot of time together while Veronica was in the city, but nothing beyond that happened. A few years then went by and Kara progressed in her life, completely forgetting about Veronica, not even keeping in touch with her, but then she ran into her again at a business event she was attending for El-Corp. Kara found out that Veronica successfully ran several high-end clubs, among other things, and had made quiet the name for herself, with rich CEOs (like Kara) being some of her top clientele.


After Kara and Veronica’s meeting at the business event the two kept in touch, with Veronica explaining that for the foreseeable future she would be staying in National City. This eventually led to Kara taking a break one evening with Veronica, and going out clubbing with her to just relax and wind down from the stress of El-Corp. Kara found it all very refreshing, as, as much as she loves spending time with her sister and her other friends and family, they are all very different to Veronica. Veronica just has a certain way about her, and she certainly has fun in a lot of other ways which Kara’s sister would certainly not approve of.


This all began a pattern of Kara going out once a week with Veronica to some club or another. Sometimes it was a club that Veronica owned, while other times it was just to check out the competition. The two would spend time in the clubs relaxing and drinking, chatting with each other and just seeing if anybody would catch their eye. Of course the two of them were both very attractive young women, so a lot of both men and women were interested in them, and admittedly both Kara and Veronica did enjoy some good fucks as a result of this, although for Kara it was only from the women. Eventually things changed one particularly evening when the two got very drunk, and as a result Veronica got very bold. After that everything was kind of a blur, there were hands going about places, kisses, tongues going in mouths, laughing, drunken stumbles to Kara’s driver’s car, kissing in the car, fumbling to open Kara’s penthouse door, and then moans, and incredible amounts of pleasure. By this point Kara had been with a lot of different people, both men and women, and Veronica was by far the best.


After Kara and Veronica’s first escapade the two then regularly began sleeping together just casually, before they eventually began dating. When Kara told Alex about Veronica, her sister certainly did not approve, she thought that Veronica was bad news, and perhaps she was right, but Kara didn’t care; Kara just enjoyed how different she felt around Veronica.


Kara and Veronica then dated for about 14 months, and during that period their relationship got strained. Kara was constantly working, much to Veronica’s annoyance. Veronica knew the importance of El-Corp to Kara, and knew directly how hands on a CEO needs to be, but she also knew that Kara could have taken more time away to spend with her, but she didn’t. This resulted in many fights about Kara’s long hours, until eventually Veronica ended things, explaining she was moving to Metropolis. The worst thing of it all for Kara was she thought that as she’d been with Veronica for 14 months by that point that she would have been devastated by the break up, but she didn’t care at all, she just shrugged it off and was fine the next day. It wasn’t until later that Kara thought that while her relationship with Veronica was fun and different, it was never emotionally intimate or anything. In fact, Kara had never even told Veronica about the fact she was an alien, she just didn’t trust her with that secret.


Back in the present, Kara texts her driver again to let him know that she plans to go out for the evening, and that she will meet him downstairs in about half an hour. Kara then goes back into her bathroom and has a quick shower to freshen up, and then does her make up to perfection. Kara knows that tonight for her is about one thing only, stress relief, so she wants to be as sexy and alluring as possible. After Kara has done her makeup and hair, which she has pinned up, she decides upon a dark purple dress that ends just above her knees. Kara thinks about not wearing any underwear, as for her tonight is just about finding a good fuck to relieve her stress, but after a moment’s thought she thinks better of it, as she doesn’t want to come across too slutty, she still has an image to uphold after all.

Once Kara is confident in her look, and decides that she looks sexy as hell, she makes her way downstairs and gives her driver the address to the location of the place that Veronica has provided her with.


Kara arrives at the location which looks to be in a sleezy part of town, at around 8:20PM. Kara thanks her driver and then walks into the entrance of the place. She can see that there is a queue of people lining up to get inside, with a bouncer at the front. Kara assumes that this is some sort of new club that Veronica is running.


Kara heads to the front of the queue, ignoring a few shouts from people in the queue about her trying to cut in line. After all Kara is Kara Danvers, she isn’t going to wait in line, and she was invited here, so that should get her inside quickly. Kara then meets the bouncer at the front.

“The queue starts back there.” The bouncer says, barely looking up at her.


“I know. I was invited by Veronica Sinclair. She is expecting me. My name is Kara Danvers.” Kara informs the bouncer.

The bouncer looks up at her and gives her a questioning look before her then pulls out a walkie talkie.

“Hey Steve, I have a Kara Danvers here who claims the boss has personally invited her. Could you check for me?” The bouncer asks.


“Sure.” The reply comes through the walkie talkie.


Kara and the bouncer then wait for a few minutes in silence, the bouncer not making any attempt to talk to Kara or start a conversation. In fact, the bouncer has a complete look of disgust on his face. It isn’t directed at Kara or anything. But Kara thinks that the bouncer clearly really doesn’t want to be here.

“Miss Sinclair said you can send her through.” The reply comes through, after about 3 minutes.


The bouncer then looks at Kara and opens the velvet rope.

“In you go. The boss will be waiting for you. Just head up the stairs on the right once you get inside.” The bouncer explains.

Kara nods and takes some cash out her clutch purse she is holding, and then hands the bouncer two $100 bills. As soon as the bouncer receives this money his expression entirely changes.

“Uhhh… thank you.” The bouncer says, shocked, almost cracking a smile.


Kara just nods, and then heads into the club.


As Kara walks inside, she confirms to herself that this is in fact a club, but it soon becomes very clear that this is not just any club, it’s a sex club. Kara hears the loud music playing and sees the lights flashing, but then also as she walks further inside, she sees a few men and women stripping on various stages, with some men and women dancing inside cages, all completely naked. Then the big thing that tips Kara off that this is in fact a sex club, instead of just being a strip club, is the fact that she notices a few guys sitting in booths to the side of the club, with women on their knees preforming oral.


As Kara walks further inside, she finally makes it to the stair case which is cornered off with another velvet rope. Kara can see that the stairs lead to a balcony area which overlooks the entire rest of the club, with a bunch comfy looking seating and a small bar behind it. Kara sees Veronica looking down on the club, smirking as she takes a sip of her drink.


“You’re Kara Danvers?” Another bouncer asks, who is guarding the stairs.

Kara nods.

“Good. Miss Sinclair is waiting for you. Go on up.” The bouncer says, and then lifts the rope.


Kara then heads upstairs to the second floor and she is met by Veronica Sinclair who has a massive smile on her face.

“Kara, dear. I’m so glad that you decided to come.” Veronica smiles, as she walks over to Kara and places a kiss on both of her cheeks, “Please, take a seat.”

Kara nods and sits down on the couch which is opposite of where Veronica was originally sitting when she walked up the stairs. Veronica however decides to just sit right next to Kara.


“Can I get you a drink. Scotch?” Veronica smirks.

“Uhhh sure.” Kara nods, knowing full well that the scotch won’t affect her, but Veronica doesn’t know that.


Veronica turns to one of the staff who is standing by the bar and orders for him to make Kara a scotch, neat.

“So, Kara, I suspect you are here tonight as I hear you have had a rather stressful week at El-Corp.” Veronica says, alluringly, moving even closer to Kara.

Kara sighs.

“Yeah, you can say that.” Kara hums.


The bar member then approaches the two women and hands Kara her drink.


“Thank you.” Kara nods, as Veronica waves the man away.


“So, what do you think of my little business?” Veronica smirks.

Kara is silent for a moment as she looks down at all the people below, scanning the environment. Kara knows that she would never own a business as crass as this. But she is well aware that she is kind of a hypocrite, as it’s not like this is the first sex club she has gone to. In fact, Kara has been to several when she just wants to find a nice warm female body to pleasure her at night.


“It’s very…… you. I presume this is a sex club?” Kara says.

Veronica chuckles.

“Yes, it is. We offer a range of services. There are the more mundane things, that a boring strip club offers, like the strip dances you can see, or clothed lap dances, and private unclothed lap dances. Then we also offer services of a more sexual nature. We have private rooms where clients can enjoy themselves, thoroughly.” Veronica explains.


“Hmm, yeah. I saw some people…. enjoying themselves when I walked in.” Kara nods.

Veronica laughs.


“Yes dear. But don’t worry, all my guys and girls are very well compensated for their work and of course tips are welcomed.” Veronica says.


“Hmm.” Kara nods, not having much else to say.


The two women remain silent for a moment as Kara just continues to watch everything that is going on down below.


“So, I know that you must be interested in partaking in some pleasures tonight.” Veronica smirks, “For your form of ….. stress relief.”


Kara turns and looks at Veronica, noticing that she is very close to her and is looking wickedly sexy.


“Yes, perhaps.” Kara nods, after a few moments silence.

“Good. I have just the girl in mind for you.” Veronica smirks.


Kara shoots Veronica a confused look. Kara just assumed that as Veronica had been getting so close to her, and frankly getting a bit handsy, that she was trying to initiate something between them. A few moments later, a brunette woman walks up the stairs completly topless. Kara admits that the woman is devilishly sexy.

“How can I be of service, mistress Roulette?” The brunette asks.

Veronica smirks, widely.

“This here is a friend of mine. She is here looking for a good time, as some stress relief. I want you to show her a good time for me. Can you do that?” Veronica asks.

“Of course mistress.” The brunette nods.

“Mistress?” Kara asks Veronica, confused.

Veronica just uses her hand to wave off the question.

“Oh, it is nothing, just a name I insist they call me.” Veronica says.

Kara thinks that is kind of weird, but she also knows it is a very Veronica thing to do, so she doesn’t think anything more of it.


“Now Kara, why don’t you go with uhh….. hmm what’s your name again?” Veronica asks, looking at the topless brunette.


“Stacy, mistress.” The brunette says.

“Yes… right… Stacy…. Kara, why don’t you go with Stacy…. and have some fun in a private room? This one is on me of course.” Veronica suggests with a wicked grin.

Kara looks at Stacy and smiles, and sees Stacy smile back at her. Kara thinks that this is an ideal opportunity for her. This way Kara can just have some stress relief sex without the hassle of having to go back to someone else’s apartment, or bring someone back to her penthouse. Then as a result she doesn’t have to deal with the whole thing of making an exit from the other person’s place, or basically kicking the person she has decided to sleep with out of her penthouse.


“Sure, that sounds like fun.” Kara smiles.


“Come with me then.” Stacy smiles, holding out her hand for Kara.


Kara stands up and grabs Stacy’s hand, and the brunette then begins to lead Kara away.

“Have fun!” Veronica calls out.


Kara is then lead by Stacy through a few doorways and then into a private room with a red heart shaped bed inside and velvet padded walls, clearly to sort of soundproof the room.

Kara looks around the room for a moment, just taking it all in. Kara just thinks that this is so very much Veronica, and it must be her dream to own this club. Once Kara is finished looking around the room, she looks back at Stacy who is sitting on the bed looking at Kara.


Kara smiles at Stacy and then approaches her, planning to take her in for a kiss and begin this session of sex stress relief. However, as soon as Kara is a few inches from Stacy she can see a certain look in the woman’s face. It is a very slight look, and Kara knows that most people would miss it, but this woman looks scared. Stacy looks like she really doesn’t want to be doing this, but is just trying to put on a façade. Of course, being a successful billionaire CEO herself, Kara is very familiar with putting on facades, so she can easily spot them.

“Is there something wrong?” Stacy asks, concern in her voice as Kara has just stopped to look at her with a confused look on her face.


“Is…. is everything okay?” Kara asks.

Stacy now gets a confused look.

“Of course, it is.” Stacy replies, quickly, putting on a smile, a bit too wide of a smile.


Kara continues to study Stacy, clearly realising the smile is completely fake. There is obviously something bothering this woman.

“You are clearly uncomfortable with this. So, I will just leave you be.” Kara says, and then turns to leave.

“No!! Please don’t!!” Stacy calls out panicked, grabbing Kara’s hand to try and stop her from leaving. “I’ll be good! I’ll let you do anything you want to me! Please…. just please don’t leave and tell Veronica.”


Kara turns back around to look at Stacy and she now sees that this woman is very panicked.

“What is going on? Has Veronica done something to you?” Kara asks.


Stacy hesitates for a second.

“Of course not.” Stacy obviously lies.

“Stacy, you can tell me, I promise, you can trust me. Whatever you say to me will stay between us, and I won’t tell Veronica.” Kara says, trying to sound sincere.


Stacy just looks at Kara for a moment.

“I….. I’m forced to work here…. I…. I don’t want to… but…. I….  I got into a lot of debt….. I had a lot of college bills…. and then….. my mom…. she needed help paying her medical bills…. and the banks wouldn’t let me take out a loan because of my college debts… so….. I found someone who would give me a loan…. I just… I wanted the money to help my mom…. But….. the loan shark…. they sold my debt to Veronica… and…. now she forces me to work here.” Stacy explains.

“What?!” Kara says, angrily. Kara always knew that Veronica was into dodgy stuff, but she never suspected this of her. “How many of the people that work here are like this?”

“Most of us.” Stacy admits.

Kara growls, annoyed. Stacy for her part looks even more scared now that Kara is annoyed.

“Please!! You can’t say anything to Veronica. I…. she scares me... There… there have been some girls that have not done as she told them….. and I haven’t seen them since.” Stacy says.

Kara looks at Stacy with a look of such sympathy.


“How much do you owe Veronica?” Kara asks.

“$200,000.” Stacy says. “It was 270,000, but…. Veronica has reduced it due to my…. good work over the last six months….”


Kara looks at Stacy for a moment and sighs.

“I can pay your debt off. Come on, let’s leave.” Kara says.

“What? You…. you can’t be serious?” Stacy says, shocked.

“Yes, I am. Look, put this on.” Kara says, grabbing a coat in the room and wrapping it around Stacy’s body. “Let’s go.”

“R…really? You…. you… are not just toying with me?” Stacy asks, completely shocked.

“No. I am not. Come on.” Kara says.


Stacy then nods at Kara and follows her out of the room. The two women then work their way back through a few corridors until they arrive back at Veronica’s balcony. Veronica notices them and has a confused look on her face.

“Hmm… did someone disappoint you?” Veronica asks, an angry look directed at Stacy who is basically hiding behind Kara.


“Yes, you did. I can’t believe you are forcing these women to work here by buying out loans from loan sharks.” Kara says, angrily.

“Hmm… someone has been a naughty girl. You will be punished for that.” Veronica says to Stacy and then clicks her fingers, directing her guards to grab Stacy.

“Hands off!” Kara growls.


Veronica scoffs.

“You have no say here. This woman is in debt to me, and she signed a contract.” Veronica says.

“A contract I am sure you gave her no choice but to sign. Anyway, I will pay off her debt.” Kara says.


Veronica laughs.

“No, you won’t. She is far too valuable an asset to me.” Veronica smirks, and once more clicks her fingers for her guards to grab Stacy.

The guards move closer to Stacy, and Kara blocks them from getting to her.

“Get out of the way.” One of the guards says, placing a hand on Kara.

Kara grabs the guard’s hand and twists it, causing him to yelp out in pain and fall to his knees. Another guard then attempts to rush Kara, and Kara uses her feet to kick his own legs out from under him, causing him to slam to the ground. A third and final guard then comes for Kara, attempting to swing his fist at her. Kara just dodges the first punch before kneeing him in the balls, sending him falling to the ground as well. The result is three full grown big men rolling on the floor in pain, all having been taken out by Kara.

Veronica just shakes her head in disgust at her guards.

“Typical. You can never find good help these days.” Veronica mutters.

Kara then takes a step closer to Veronica, but Veronica stops her by raising her hand.

“Fine, you can go. You have made your point.” Veronica says.


“Where should I transfer the money?” Kara asks.


“Don’t bother. Let’s just call this a….. friends and family discount.” Veronica smirks.


Kara does want to argue and just say they are not friends, not anymore, and certainly not family, but at the same time she just wants to get Stacy, who is looking more and more freaked out, out of this club as soon as possible.

“Alright, we will leave then.” Kara says.

“Hmm.” Veronica hums.

Kara then turns round and looks at Stacy.

“Let’s go.” Kara says.


Stacy nods and follows Kara as they make their way out of the club. Kara for her part pulls out her phone and texts her driver to come pick them both up. Thankfully, her driver wasn’t far and they only have to walk about a block to meet him, with them both getting into the car.


“Where to?” The driver asks.

Kara looks at Stacy.

“Uhh… my place is on Silverstone street.” Stacy says. Kara knows that isn’t a good neighbourhood of National City. In fact, Kara has had to deal with a lot of criminals as Supergirl in and around that area.

The driver nods and begins driving.

“Are you okay?” Kara asks Stacy, after a few moments.

“Hmm.. yes… I just…. I don’t know what I am going to do now…” Stacy replies.

“You can do whatever you like. What was your university degree in?” Kara asks.

“Business finance.” Stacy replies.

“Really?” Kara chuckles.

“Yeah, why? You have a funny look.” Stacy says, looking at Kara confused.

“Well, I run my own company, and I just happened to have recently fired a large portion of my finance department. So, there are several openings available, if you would like one?” Kara asks.

“What… really? You can’t be serious? You have already done so much for me!” Stacy says, shocked one more by Kara’s kindness.

“Well, the job isn’t guaranteed to be yours. I don’t currently have a head of finance anymore, so I will be doing all the interviews personally. So, you will have to interview, and I’ll have to check your credentials and everything, but I can put a good word in for you with the interviewer.” Kara says with a teasing wink.

Stacy chuckles.

“Yes, that…. that would be amazing.” Stacy says, completely shocked, tears coming to her eyes. “I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”


Kara smiles at Stacy.

“Just don’t steal money from El-Corp like previous members of my finance department did.” Kara says with a smile.

Stacy laughs and nods her head.


“Good, well, on Monday you can phone my office and arrange an interview. I’m Kara Danvers, and like I said my company is El-Corp. I’ll let my assistant know I am expecting a call from you, and she will set up an interview for some time next week.” Kara smiles, handing a card with her office number to Stacy.

“Thank you. This means so much to me.” Stacy smiles.

“Of course. I’m just glad I got you away from Veronica. I just hope I can do something else about the other girls there.” Kara says.


Kara and Stacy just sit in silence for a moment and Kara notices that they are actually about to drive past El-Corp.


“Garry, can you pull over? I think I’ll get out here and make my own way home, while you take Stacy home.” Kara says.

“Yes, of course Miss Danvers.” Kara’s driver says.

Kara’s driver then pulls over in front of El-Corp, and Kara turns to Stacy.

“Well, I hope to be hearing from you soon.” Kara smiles.

“Yes... thank you again for tonight…. It means the world to me… really.” Stacy smiles.

“Of course.” Kara smiles back.


Kara then gets out of the car and after a few seconds the car drives away. Once the car does drive away Kara gets out her phone and dials a number.

“Hello, J’onn?” Kara says. “I need you to look into Veronica Sinclair. She is running a sex club here in National City and is buying loans woman have taken out from loan sharks, and then forcing them to be escorts.”

“This isn’t what the DEO does, Kara.” J’onn says, sounding a bit annoyed.

Kara sighs in frustration.

“I don’t care J’onn. You may be in charge of the DEO, but I am your boss. This club has several innocent girls who are being taken advantage of, and forced to do horrible things. So, I don’t care if this doesn’t fall under what the DEO usually does, just get it done.” Kara says, sternly, before then ending the call, not waiting for a response.


Once the call ends Kara just sighs in frustration again. Kara then takes a moment to look around, looking up at El-Corp. A part of Kara just considers going back inside and getting some work done, but at the same time Kara really is tired, and she would much rather just go to bed, she is still pretty stressed from not getting any stress relief after all. So, after a few minutes Kara decides to go home, beginning to walk in the direction of her penthouse, knowing the walk is only about 10 minutes away. Of course, Kara wouldn’t suggest that most woman walk alone at night in any city this late, but she is Supergirl after all, it’s not like anything bad will happen to her.


Kara walks home, away from El-Corp, heading back to her penthouse just wanting to get into her bed as soon as possible. After about 5 minutes of walking, Kara feels someone quickly rushing towards her from behind. Kara just thinks this is just her luck, some dumb mugger is about to attempt to rob her, and quickly find out they shouldn’t have. Then as a result Kara is going to have to call the cops and wait for them to arrive, meaning it’s going to be even longer before she gets home and into her own bed.


Kara sighs and then turns around, but that is when she realises it is not a human that is coming rushing towards her from behind, but a dog, a familiar dog.

“Krypto?” Kara asks, confused.


Krypto runs to Kara and barks at her wagging his tail.


“What’s the matter boy? Where’s Keiran?” Kara asks, kind of shocked the dog obviously recognises her, and even more shocked that she ran into the dog again. Ever since Keiran and Krypto just disappeared from Kara’s office without saying a word, Kara has kind of felt bad, and wanted to try and find the homeless woman again. Kara has been keeping an eye out around El-Corp, but she just hasn’t seen her.


Krypto barks again at Kara and then turns around, beginning to walk away before then stopping and looking back at Kara. The dog clearly wants Kara to follow him.

“You want me to follow you boy?” Kara asks.

Krypto barks again, and Kara just takes that as a yes.

Kara then nods her head and quickly follows the dog. Krypto goes off running, and to keep up Kara actually has to use a small amount of her super speed, she is just glad that no one else is around to see her and reveal her secret identity to the world. Kara honestly is just kind of surprised by how fast this dog is, but she just puts it down to the fact that Krypto is a rather healthy-looking dog, and dogs are pretty fast after all.

Krypto leads Kara through a few streets before he eventually stops at a dark alley between two buildings, and then barks again. Krypto then looks into the direction of the dark alley. Kara just looks at Krypto confused.

“What is it boy?” Kara asks, confused.

Krypto barks again.

In response Kara decides to just use her x-ray vision to have a look down the dark alley, and that is when, to her shock, she notices that in the dark someone is lying on the ground, their heartbeat rather slow.


Kara quickly takes off down the alley, running about 15 feet before she reaches the person. Kara then crouches down, and sees that this person is Keiran, and she has been stabbed.

“Keiran?” Kara asks, concerned, the woman still wearing the clothes she gave her at the beginning of the week.


Keiran doesn’t respond, and Kara can see that there is a lot of blood, and Keiran is very cold, much too cold.

“Oh Rao.” Kara says.


Kara then looks around for a few second, noticing Krypto beside her.


“Okay….. you stay right her boy, okay?” Kara says.


Krypto barks at Kara and sits on the ground. Kara then gives the dog a nod and quickly picks Lena up into her arms before taking off into the air, heading towards her penthouse. Kara does consider going to the DEO or a hospital, but she thinks that Keiran obviously didn’t want to go to a homeless shelter for a reason, and she is also dying her hair, so she may be hiding from someone. It is just a good thing that Kara is trained in medicine and should easily be able to treat Keiran with the equipment she has had home, as long as the stab wound hasn’t damaged any internal organs that is.


Kara arrives at her apartment after only a minute, flying inside and making her way into her private lab, before placing Keiran down on the bed.

“I’ll be right back Keiran. I am just going to get your dog.” Kara says to the unconscious woman.

Kara then quickly flies out of her apartment and back to the alley, but Krypto is gone.


“Oh Rao.” Kara says, feeling very bad that she may have just lost Keiran’s dog, who she is sure this woman loves so very much.


Kara flies back up into the air and quickly looks around and uses her super hearing and x-ray vision to check for the dog, but he is nowhere to be found. Kara just sighs and flies back towards her penthouse.

Just as Kara is a few blocks away from her penthouse, to her absolute shock, she sees Krypto running down one of the streets below, clearly heading in the direction of Kara’s penthouse. Kara is absolutely shocked, she has no idea how the dog was able to run there that fast, while also being able to find the location. Kara just makes a note in her mind that she should try and find more out about Earth dogs, as she has never really researched them much, she just knows her knowledge from TV kind of. Kara thinks that maybe certain dogs can just run really fast and have really good noses to track their owners.

Kara lands back down on the street, right in front of Krypto. Krypto sees Kara and wags his tail and barks at her.

“I don’t know how you got here, but come on, let’s take you to Keiran.” Kara says.

Krypto barks again, still wagging his tail.


Kara smiles at the dog and then picks him up, placing him over her shoulders and then flies back up into the air and into her penthouse.


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Chapter Text

Kara lands back in her penthouse, quickly placing Krypto on the ground, and then she goes rushing into her lab, with Krypto closely following behind her. As soon as Kara enters the lab, she sees that Keiran is still unconscious, still laying on the medical bed. Kara then quickly gets to work, taking off her coat and tying up her hair, not wanting anything to get in the way.


After a few more moments, Kara moves closer to Keiran and carefully moves her body off the table so she can remove the coat she has on. Kara can tell from just feeling the coat, that the coat is very worn, and clearly isn’t good enough to protect Keiran from the cold nights living on the streets. Kara thinks that Keiran must have either had this coat for a long time, or been given it at a homeless shelter or something. Once Kara has Keiran’s coat off, she gently places the woman back on the bed. Kara knows that she needs to warm Keiran up, but first she needs to see to her wound, while also attaching some devices, just to check Keiran vitals. Kara looks at Keiran’s shirt that she has on, and she can tell that because of the blood soaked into it, the shirt must be sticking to Keiran’s body, so it will be far more trouble than it’s worth to just take it off. As a result of this, Kara uses scissors to cut open the shirt. Kara of course does feel bad about having to destroy this shirt, as she is aware that as Keiran is homeless, she surely most not have many shirts, but it does help that Kara is aware the shirt is probably already ruined, due to the blood, and once this is all over she can give Keiran all the clothes she needs.


Once Keiran’s shirt is off, Kara once more uses her x-ray vision to just make sure that the blade that stabbed Keiran didn’t damage any organs, and cause any internal bleeding, while also checking to make sure there is nothing inside the wound. Thankfully, after a few moments, Kara is happy that there is no internal injuries beyond the stab wound itself, and that there is nothing inside of it, no shards of metal from a blade or anything. Kara then gets some gauze and antiseptic solution and begins to clean Keiran’s wound, wanting to make sure that she does a thorough job before stitching the wound together. As Kara goes about doing this, she thinks that while she does have a lot of medical experience her sister has a lot more, and it would be very helpful if Alex was here, both to assist Kara, and just for Keiran’s safety in general. Kara doesn’t want to accidentally miss anything, which ultimately may cause something bad to happen to the homeless woman. As Kara is not taking Keiran to a hospital, she just needs to make sure that she gives her the best care possible, and that nothing goes wrong.


“Hope, call Alex.” Kara calls out to the virtual assistant in her lab.

“Calling, Alex Danvers.” Hope replies.


Kara then waits a few seconds, hearing the ring tone of the phone calling her sister, all while she continues to clean Keiran’s wound.


“Hmmm… yeahhh?? Kara?” Alex answers, sounding like Kara has woken her up.

“Alex! I need your help!” Kara says.

“Wh… what?!” Alex says, clearly being quickly shaken out of her tired state by her sister’s tone. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just need you to come to my penthouse, like right now.” Kara says.

“What? Why?” Alex asks, confused.

Kara thinks about giving her sister the full story, but decides she just wants to give Alex the quick version so she gets here as soon as possible.

“I was walking home from El-Corp, and I found the homeless woman from before, freezing cold, and she had been stabbed! I’m in my lab at home, cleaning her wound right now.” Kara informs her sister.

“Kara, why didn’t you take her to a hospital?” Alex asks, sounding annoyed.

“Alex, I’ll tell you later. Just please…. can you come over and help me?” Kara asks, sounding desperate.

Alex sighs.

“Of course I will help Kara. I’ll be there soon.” Alex says.


“Thank you.” Kara calls out and the call then ends.


Kara breathes a sigh of relief, happy now that she knows she will at least have some help in around 15 minutes time.


About a minute later, Kara is happy that she has cleaned Keiran’s wound and the surrounding area enough. Kara then moves over in her lab, grabbing a sewing kit and a needle to begin stitching Keiran’s stab wound closed. As Kara is about to thread the needle through Keiran’s wound, she realises that she hasn’t actually done this since she was at university, and even then, it was practicing on pig’s flesh, not on an alive human, this will be her first time actually stitching closed a human’s wound. Kara does consider waiting for Alex, so that she can stitch the wound closed for her, but at the same time, Kara doesn’t like the idea of just leaving the wound open for longer than it needs to, as it could get infected, or several other things could go wrong.


Kara takes a deep breath, before then deciding to sit down on a seat next to Keiran’s bed, rather than stand, and then she moves a light in her lab to shine over Keiran’s body, giving her a lot of light to see what she is doing. Kara then slowly, and carefully, threads the needle through Keiran’s skin, and skilfully begins to stich closed the stab wound.


It takes Kara about 10 minutes to complete her stitch work, with her wanting to be as precise and careful with the stitches as possible. Kara just wanted to make sure that as this is the first time that she is doing stitches, she didn’t want to just botch it completely, and stitch Keiran up quickly, with some ugly awful looking stitches which would make the stab wound scar even worse, and maybe not even heal properly. Kara just wanted to be as precise as possible, and do as close to a perfect job as she can, which of course she does, Kara excels at just about everything after all.

Once the stitches are done, Kara sighs in relief, inspecting her good work for a moment. Kara’s attention is then moved away from Keiran when she hears Krypto, who Kara has just noticed has been sitting on the floor by her side, and now has let out a curious sound. Kara looks at Krypto for a moment before she notices the dog is looking in the direction of the door to her lab, clearly signalling that he has heard something. Kara, for her part, then refocuses her hearing, to check what the noise is, and she is glad to find that Krypto just picked up upon Alex entering her penthouse.

“Alex!! We’re in here!!” Kara calls out, before getting up and preparing to attach the machines to Keiran, to monitor her vitals. Kara knows she probably should have done it earlier, but with her super hearing, she easily would be able to hear an issues with Keiran, maybe even before the vital checkers would.


Alex steps into Kara’s lab a few moments later.

“Kara, I think that…” Alex begins, and then looks and sees Keiran and her dog in the lab with Kara. “You got her dog too?”


“Yeah… look, I’ll explain it all to you in detail, later. For now, can you just help me check Keiran. I found her and she was stabbed, and very cold. I have closed up the wound and cleaned it. I presume now we need to just get her warm?” Kara asks.

Alex steps over to inspect Kara’s stitch work, and just look at the homeless woman in general. Krypto for his part has just been looking up at Alex unsure. Alex then moves her hand onto Keiran’s body, near the stitches, just to get a better look. In response to this Krypto growls at Alex.


“It’s okay boy, this is my sister, she’s going to help me make your mom better.” Kara says to the dog.


Krypto looks at Kara, tilting his head to the side as she speaks, before then looking back at Alex and watching her carefully, no longer growling.

“You did good work with these stitches sis. The scaring from the stitches should be minimal. The scaring from this wound, is another matter though.” Alex says.

“Yeah. I know… thanks.” Kara says, as she attaches the vital monitors to Keiran’s chest. Alex and Kara then watch the information about Keiran’s vitals appear on a screen nearby. “I was thinking that I could give her some of the anti-scarring cream we have been working on at El-Corp.”


Alex nods her head and carefully looks at the vitals.

“Her heart rate and blood pressure are good, but her temperature is still a bit low. Luckily, the cold probably stopped her from losing a lot of blood. We should cover her up with some blankets. But before doing that, as she is homeless, she probably doesn’t get enough nutrients and vitamins, so we should put her on a drip first.” Alex says.

“Yes, I have a what we need right here.” Kara says, opening a draw in her lab and pulling out a IVC drip bag.

“That will do. You hook that up and I’ll insert the catheter into uhhh… what’s her name again?” Alex asks.

“Keiran.” Kara says, firmly.

“Right.” Alex nods, “I’ll insert the catheter into Keiran’s arm.”


Kara nods at her sister and then gets a stand to hook the IV to, while Alex attaches the catheter into Keiran’s vein. Kara then connects the tube from the bag and hands it to Alex who inserts the tube into the catheter, before then twisting the nob that allows for the drip to begin flowing into Keiran’s arm.

“There we go.” Alex smiles, happy with the work they have both done. “We should wrap her up in some blankets now, to keep her warm.”


“Yes, here.” Kara nods, handing Alex some blankets.


Kara and Alex then work in coordination to wrap Keiran up, making sure that she is kept warm, but while also making sure she isn’t wrapped too tightly.


“Okay. I think that is all we can do until she wakes up, and then we will have to check for anything else. But for now, you owe me an explanation as to how you came across… Keiran again.” Alex says to her sisters.

“Okay, but let’s talk outside.” Kara says to her sister, motioning her hand for Alex to follow her out of the room.


Alex nods her head and follows Kara. Krypto for his part just looks at his owner for a moment, looking as if he is studying her, before he then follows Kara and Alex out of the room too. Kara and Alex walk into Kara’s open plan living room/kitchen area, far enough way so they can talk without the risk of Keiran hearing them and being woken up. Kara does have sound proofing in her walls, but for that to work the sisters would have had to shut the door to the lab, which they certainly weren’t going to do, just in case they hear Keiran’s vitals spike for some reason.

“Alright, talk.” Alex says, taking a seat on one of the tall wooden chairs by Kara’s kitchen island.


Kara stands the other side of the island, facing Alex and sighs.


“I was walking home from El-Corp…. as I had my driver…. drive someone else home… but that is another story… Anyway…. I was about half way home… and then suddenly I felt someone running behind me…. I thought that it was someone who was rushing me to mug me or something, but when I turned around, I saw Krypto.” Kara says, looking at the dog who has taken a seat in the living room area, behind Alex.

Alex moves her head to look at the dog as well, before then returning to look back at her sister.

“Okay, continue.” Alex nods, sounding a bit confused.


“Krypto clearly recognised me from Monday, and I thought it was a bit weird that I couldn’t see Keiran anywhere in site. I then realised Krypto wanted me to follow him, so I did. We ran a few blocks until Krypto led me to a dark alley, and that is where I found Keiran, unconscious and stabbed. After that I quickly picked Keiran up and flew her here, before then going back for Krypto. But…. that was where it got weird Alex.. Krypto… he wasn’t in the alley anymore.” Kara says.

Alex shoots her sister a confused look.

“Okay… but you obviously found him… I presume he just ran away from the alley when you flew away with Keiran.” Alex says.

“That’s what I thought…. But I couldn’t find him….. I was very upset with myself, as I thought I’d lost Keiran’s dog…. But I knew I couldn’t stay long because I had Keiran back here like this….. so I flew back home…. But then…. just as I was within a few blocks of my penthouse…. I saw Krypto running on the street below…. It’s as if he knew where Keiran was…. and…. Alex…. I don’t know much about dogs on Earth…. But there is no way he could have ran that far that quickly, right?” Kara says.


Alex goes wide-eyed.

“No… that’s….. that’s not possible Kara… Are you sure it’s the same dog?” Alex asks, looking at Krypto, very confused herself.

“Yes, I am sure Alex.” Kara says, firmly.

“Then I….. I don’t know Kara… I…. I don’t know..” Alex says, very confused.

“Yeah… me neither…. But anyway, after I found Krypto, I just grabbed him and flew him here then phoned you, and that’s it.” Kara says.


Alex is silent for a moment as she looks at her sister.

“Kara… I…. I still don’t understand why this woman is so important to you…. You could have just called an ambulance… not brought her back here… for you to personally take care of her…” Alex says, “Not to mention the risk you put yourself in by flying her here, and her dog. People could have seen you Kara!”

“Alex, people wouldn’t have seen me. It was far too dark… But as for Keiran… I didn’t call an ambulance because…. I think she’s in trouble Alex…. it just…. it feels like she might be hiding from someone…. Did you see how her hair is dyed blonde? What homeless person does that? You’d think they’d spend money on other more important things.” Kara says.

Alex just looks at her sister in silence for a moment and sighs.

“Kara, you have a really kind heart. But it is not your duty to solve everyone’s problems. I know sometimes you feel guilty for having all your money, while homeless people exist, and you just want to help everyone, but you can’t. It just isn’t possible, and someday, you might help the wrong person, and it will blow up in your face.” Alex says.

“Alex, I know you have always wanted to protect me, and I realise the irony of this statement, because I literally employ you to do just that, but I don’t always need your protection. I understand you are my big sister, and that is what you do, but I can make my own decisions and choices, and if something bad happens, then I’ll deal with it.” Kara says.


Alex sighs again.

“Okay, okay. I just really hope this time it doesn’t blow up in your face.” Alex says.


Kara just nods her head.


Alex is asleep in one of Kara’s guest bedrooms now, with the older Danvers sister insisting on staying, just to make sure the patient is okay, even though Kara told her sister she could handle it from here. In reality Kara did kind of want Alex to go home, because from her first interaction with Keiran, Kara knows that Keiran is obviously a bit jittery, and spooks easily, if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have ran away from Kara while she was getting changed in her bathroom without saying goodbye. Kara just thinks that Keiran must be in some sort of trouble, or hiding from someone, so the last thing she wants is for there to be more people that Keiran has to deal with when she wakes up. But Kara has never been good at refusing her sister anything. Even after Kara made her first million, Alex made a comment about how if she was as rich as Kara, she would love to buy a specific bike that she had been dreaming about buying for years, but was far too much for her to afford. Alex of course didn’t expect Kara to buy the bike for her, but a few days later, Alex found the fancy new bike and a note, sitting right outside her apartment, with the keys having been slipped under her apartment door.


Even though it is now rather late at night, just after midnight, and Kara has had a tiring and exhausting day, the Kryptonian is far too concerned about Keiran’s condition to fall asleep. Instead, Kara just moves into her living room area, taking a seat on her couch and watching some quiet TV that she isn’t really paying attention to. Kara is really just looking at the TV, while her hearing is fixed on Keiran, wanting to be aware as soon as the homeless woman begins to wake up. After all, Kara knows that Keiran is likely going to be very confused when she wakes, so she wants her to see a friendly face as soon as possible, and not be completely freaked out while she wonders where she is. After a few moments of Kara sitting on the couch, Krypto joins her in the living room, just looking up at Kara.

“You want to come sit up here with me boy?” Kara asks, smiling at the dog.

The dog wags his tail and quickly jumps up on the couch, making himself comfortable next to Kara, resting his head in her lap. Kara does think it’s kind of weird that she feels that this dog sort of understands her, and they have some sort of connection, but she just puts it down to the fact that she has never owned a dog. In all honesty, Kara loves how Krypto is reacting to her. Kara thinks that maybe when her life is a bit less chaotic, she should look into getting her a dog companion, as it seems very unlikely she will ever have a human one, other than her sister of course, but that’s not the same thing. For now, Kara just continues to watch TV, still keeping her hearing fixed on Keiran, while she strokes Krypto, who closes his eyes and falls asleep. As hard as Kara tries, she falls asleep a few moments later too.


A few hours later, at about 3 in the morning, Keiran begins to wake from unconsciousness. As Kara has fallen asleep, she unfortunately does not hear Keiran wake, and is unable to quickly zoom over to her side, to make sure that she is okay.


Keiran opens her eyes and immediately sees that she is in a weird looking lab, with a catheter in her arm. This freaks Keiran out completely, with her heart beating so fast. Keiran just thinks she has to escape as soon as possible, as if she is where she thinks she is, then unspeakable things will happen to her, and may have already happened to her, and Krypto. Upon thinking of Krypto, this is when Keiran realises that her dog is nowhere to be found, he is not near her or by her side, and this absolutely crushes her. Once more, Keiran knows that if she is where she thinks she is, then Krypto will have been taken from her, and made sure to have been placed completely out of her reach, with no hope of her ever getting him back. Keiran thinks for her, that is a worse thing than death itself. Over the last few years, Krypto has been her only friend, and her baby that she has just wanted to protect, and who has also protected her. But if they are both where Keiran thinks they are, then Krypto is going to be horribly experimented on, which will likely result in a long drawn-out painful death.


Keiran takes a moment to look around. Keiran knows that to escape from here she is going to have to find something to fight with. Keiran knows that this may be it for her, her life might end here, right now, and if that is the case, then she is going to go out fighting, and take down as many people who are helping keep her here as possible. Keiran knows that at least that way, she will die with the satisfaction that she took as many evil people out of the world as possible, even if she can’t save her love, Krypto.

Keiran makes a move to sit up, and right away she feels the pain in her abdomen, this is when she remembers that she was mugged and stabbed by some guy. Keiran knows that usually Krypto would have been a good dog and stopped any person from even thinking about approaching her, but she had sent Krypto off to allow him to find some food for himself, as she hadn’t been able to feed him since she left El-Corp at the beginning of the week. It is just lucky that Krypto can survive without eating as often as she should. Keiran thinks that if Krypto was a normal dog, he would have died within the first few weeks of living on the streets with her. In fact, Keiran thinks that if Krypto were a normal dog, then she probably would have died or been capture within the first few weeks too. Over the last few years, the two of them have looked out for one another, and kept each other safe.


Keiran moves the blankets off her body and looks down and sees that the stab wound has been stitched closed. Keiran thinks that at least this means that she isn’t going to die because of an untreated wound, like she thought she was going to when she blacked out. Keiran just assumed that the person who stabbed her had been sent by the people who are holding her now. Fortunately, the people who Keiran thinks are holding her, were stupid enough to treat her wound, and she is going to make them pay for that.

Keiran looks to her arm and rips out the catheter, causing blood to begin flowing from where it was, causing Keiran some pain. Keiran ignores the pain and the blood, and just gets to her feet, looking around the lab to try and find something to use as a weapon. This is when Keiran spots a scalpel, just laying on a tray, unused, on a table. Keiran thinks that this must be a trap of some sort, as surely the people who have captured her wouldn’t be as stupid as to leave a scalpel just out in the open for her to use, but none the less, Keiran just takes this as an opportunity and grabs the scalpel in her hand, holding it tight, ready to defend herself.


Kara’s eyes suddenly snap open, she has been woken up by the sound of Keiran’s rapidly beating heart. The rate at which Keiran’s heartbeat is racing is not good, Kara knows that must mean that something is wrong. Kara looks down at her lap and sees that Krypto has woken up with her too, titling his head to the side as if to ask her a question about what she hears. Kara just shoots Krypto a smile before quickly zooming off in the direction of her lab.


Kara uses her speed to zoom all the way until she is just outside the lab door, with her thinking that she probably shouldn’t expose Keiran to her secret identity. Kara may have saved Keiran, and may think that she won’t do her any harm, but even she knows that she can’t just trust her with her identity like this. Then at the same time, Keiran’s heartbeat is already beating fast enough, Kara doesn’t want to push it over the edge by frightening Keiran with her super speed. Kara then takes a moment to compose herself, before she then walks through the lab door, at a human pace.

“AGHHHHH!!” Keiran screams, running towards Kara, looking deranged, with a scalpel in her hand, only wearing her trousers and a bra.

Kara looks at Keiran in shock, surprised by this hostility. Keiran then lunges for Kara, attempting to stab her with the scalpel. Luckily, Kara is able to dodge out of the way, with the scalpel blade only ripping some of her clothes. Kara knows that if she were human, the scalpel would have probably made a deep cut in one of her arms. Kara then quickly grabs Keiran from behind, and holds her tight, holding her arms in place so she can’t continue to make attempts to stab with the scalpel. Kara has realised that Keiran must just be very confused, waking up in a strange lab like this. So of course the homeless woman jumped to the worst thought and decided that she needed to defend herself from people who are potentially experimenting on her.

“Keiran!! Stop, it’s okay!! It’s me!!” Kara says, while Keiran continues to struggle, attempting to stab Kara and free herself from the billionaire’s grip.


“LET ME GO!!! I’LL KILL YOU!! I’LL KILL YOU!!” Keiran roars.


Kara just sighs and quickly turns Keiran around, surprising the homeless woman. Kara then expertly grabs Keiran’s hand, causing her to drop the scalpel on the floor, out of harm’s way.

“Keiran, it is me, Kara, from earlier this week. You are okay. You are in my lab, in my penthouse.” Kara says.

Keiran continues to struggle for a few more moments, before she then takes in what is being said to her, before then looking up at Kara, recognising the blonde-haired woman from Monday.

“K… Kara?” Keiran asks, confused, as she stops struggling.

Kara in response lets go of Keiran, just wanting to make it clear she isn’t trying to hold her here or anything.

“Yeah. Hi.” Kara smiles, “I was walking home from El-Corp, and I found you. You had been stabbed, so I took you to my home and patched you up.”


Keiran is silent for a moment just taking everything in, processing what is happening.

“O…oh..” Keiran eventually says.


“I had to treat you for the stab wound, and my sister helped me by giving you a vitamin drip, and then we wrapped you in blankets, as you were very cold.” Kara continues to explain.


Keiran is once more silent for a few moments until she realises that she doesn’t know where Krypto is. Keiran thinks that Krypto must still be out on the streets, now all by himself, as the dog certainly would never leave her side if he was here with her.

“Krypto!” Keiran says, panicked.

“He’s here. I brought him here. He was just laying with me on my couch.” Kara says, with a caring smile.

Keiran gives Kara a confused look. Krypto has never been very good with strangers or new people in general. Keiran just thinks that Kara must be lying, as there is no way her dog would leave her side and lay with Kara. But Keiran then sees Krypto walk into the lab.

“Krypto!” Keiran says, relived, rushing towards her dog. Keiran realises very quickly that it was a mistake to rush to Krypto, as she feels a shooting pain in her abdomen from where she was stabbed, and begins to fall to the floor before she can even reach Krypto.

Kara notices Keiran begin to fall, and as Keiran’s back is turned, she uses her super speed to catch her from behind, stopping her fall.

“Be careful. You might have just burst some of your stitches.” Kara says, as she holds Keiran.


Keiran’s face flinches in pain.


“Come on, let’s get you back on the bed and I’ll have a look at those stitches.” Kara says.

Keiran doesn’t reply verbally, but she does allow Kara to carefully walk her to the bed, before then sitting on the side of the bed herself. Kara then turns on the light above the bed and begins inspecting Keiran’s stitches.

After a few moments Kara sighs in relief.

“Okay, you didn’t bust any of them, luckily. But you need to take care of yourself.” Kara says.

Kara then gravitates her eyes to Keiran’s arm, where she sees it is still bleeding from where Keiran pulled out the catheter.

“We need to wrap that up, quickly, otherwise you might lose a lot of blood.” Kara says, pointing to Keiran’s arm.

Keiran looks at her arms and seems surprised by the blood pouring out of it. Clearly Keiran didn’t notice the extent as to which she had harmed herself by yanking out the catheter. A few moments later Kara begins to wrap Keiran’s arm in some bandages, being gentle as she does.

“There, how does that feel, okay? Not too tight?” Kara asks, after finishing wrapping Keiran’s arm.


Keiran looks up at Kara and nods her head with a smile. Kara then walks over to the other side of the room and grabs a spare sweater and hands it to Keiran, and helps her to put it on.

“Thank you.” Keiran says, smiling slightly.

“You’re welcome. Now, as you have woken up, I would like to run some more tests, just to make sure you are okay, but that can wait until morning. For now, I can show you to one of my guest bedrooms where you can stay.” Kara smiles.

Keiran goes wide-eyed, with a scared look reappearing on her face as she realises where she is, and that people know she is here.


“No… I… I need to go… I have to leave…” Keiran says, nervously, as she tries to stand up on her feet.


“Whoa!” Kara says, grabbing Keiran, and stopping the homeless woman from falling to the ground. “Keiran, it is okay, you are safe here. I… I don’t know why you left my office the other day without saying goodbye or anything…. But… I think you are in some trouble…. I think that you are hiding from someone or something… and… you don’t have to explain it to me…. But…. the only people that know you are here are me, you, Krypto and my sister Alex, who is sleeping in one of my guest bedrooms.”


Keiran doesn’t look at Kara, and just plays with her hands, nervously, thinking about what her next step should be.

“Keiran, listen. I understand that you might be frightened, and by me saying, ‘you can trust me’, that doesn’t automatically buy you my trust. But, you can’t go back out on the streets while you are injured like you are, you will either pull one of your stitches, or get hypothermia.” Kara says, “So, how about, you just stay here with me, until you are healed up, or however long you want?”


Keiran stops fiddling with her hands as soon as she hears Kara’s offer, and then looks up at the billionaire. Keiran just studies Kara’s face, trying to figure out if she can really trust the billionaire, as after everything that has happened to her over the last few years, Keiran isn’t sure if she is willing to trust anyone anymore.


As Keiran looks at Kara, Kara gives her a caring smile, and for some reason this sort of reassures her. It does also help that she notices Krypto by Kara’s feet, sitting on the ground, looking up at them both, wagging his tail.

“O… okay…. I’ll stay…. But only until I can move again without the risk of tearing my stitches.” Keiran says.


“Great!” Kara smiles, happy she was able to convince Keiran to stay. “Now, how about I lead you to a guest bedroom and you can get a good night’s rest?”

“Yeah… that… that would be nice..” Keira nods.

Kara smiles at Keiran and holds out her arm for Keiran to take, offering to help guide the homeless woman to the room. Keiran takes Kara’s arm, knowing she might not be too steady on her feet, and then the two begin walking. As they are walking, Keiran just really hopes that she can trust Kara, as she knows that she can’t trust her own family, they are the ones that caused her to be in this situation after all.


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Chapter Text

Just over three years ago….


At the time Lena had just graduated from MIT, having completed two doctorates in mechanical engineering and chemical & biological engineering, having achieved all this in only four years. Lena was excited to have finished her education, as she knew that she could move forward in her life, and go forth and seek to change the world by creating technologies and breakthroughs in medicines. After having graduated from university, Lena didn’t need to go find a job to work her way up the career ladder like most other graduates would. Lena was in a very fortunate position to have several million dollars at her disposal, due to the inheritance her father left her, in her trust fund. Lena’s original plan therefore was to create her own company, and be her own boss, where she could personally make the things she wanted, without there being someone to tell her no, or to get in her way. However a few hours after Lena graduated from university, she received a call from her brother, Lex.

“Hello, Lex?” Lena answered, with a smile.

At the time Lena and Lex were close siblings, and Lena considered Lex to be a great brother. Throughout Lena’s years living with the Luthors, Lex had always been the one that made her feel the most comfortable and loved. At times when Lillian was abusive to her, while Lex wouldn’t get in the middle of it and stop it, he would go find Lena afterwards and lovingly reassure her, making Lena believe that she wasn’t alone in the world. In fact, Lex really did claim to want to come to Lena’s graduation to support her, but he informed her that to do so he would have to cancel several meetings, but he claimed he was more than happy to do it. Lena for her part told Lex that he shouldn’t cancel his meetings for her, as it was only a graduation, and the only purpose of him coming would be to physically be there to support her. Lena just told Lex that she knew that he supported her anyway, so she didn’t need him there, and definitely didn’t want him to cancel some of his work because of her. Lex did put up a bit of a fight about it, but he ultimately gave in to Lena’s request. It wasn’t until later, after everything happened, that Lena realised that Lex had purposely manipulated her, to get her to tell him not to come to her graduation, and make it seem like he actually wanted to, even though he didn’t.


“Lena, how was your graduation?” Lex replied.


“Good Lex. There are a lot of pictures, so I am sure that you can look at them, as you couldn’t be here.” Lena replied.


“Yes, I’ll look forward to giving them a look.” Lex said, “So do you have any plans for tonight? Are you going to a party or something to celebrate?”

“Yeah…. Jack and I are going out for a nice dinner, and then we are going to go to a party for the graduate students.” Lena replied.

“Ah, yes. I still don’t understand what you see in him, you deserve someone so much better than Jack Spheer.” Lex said.


Lena chuckled, knowing Lex was only being protective.

“You have said that about everyone that I have dated Lex. I think I could end up bringing home the most perfect guy or girl possible, and you would still say there is something wrong with them.” Lena replied.

“Hmm perhaps… I am your big brother after all. It is kind of my job.” Lex replied.

Lena smiled happily into the phone, thinking that Lex is such a great big brother, and so protective of her. But, once more, little did Lena know, it was just another manipulation to soften her up for his upcoming request.


“Anyway, now that you have graduated university, I know that you plan to start up your own company, creating technologies and certain medicines, but I would like to offer you a job at Luthor Corp.” Lex said.

“Lex…. you know…. I would love to work with you…. but….. I’m not sure I want to work for you…. it could get…. complicated if we disagree…. And then there is the problem of Lillian…. A big reason I went to MIT instead of Metropolis University, was so I could get away from her Lex. Coming back to Metropolis, and working at Luthor Corp, would just put me right back in her firing line.” Lena explained.


“I understand your concerns, Lena. And I wish I could offer you some assurances that our dear mother won’t go anywhere near you. But we both know that mother has never been one to do as she is told, even if it comes from the CEO.” Lex said, “However, see this as an opportunity Lena. I’m not asking you to join Luthor Corp forever, just for a short period of time, about two years. In that period I can teach you some things about running your own business, and you can build up some contacts of people you may want to work with when you do eventually launch your own company, in the future.”


“Lex…. I don’t know..” Lena replied, really not wanting to be put right back in Lillian’s grasp, as much as she wanted to work with her brother.

Lex sighed on the phone.

“Listen Lena, I didn’t want to have to say this, as I wanted you to want to work here, not out of some loyalty to me or anything, but I need your help. I have… invested a large amount of money into a certain biological project… and we have hit some holes that none of our scientists can work passed. I have read your PHD papers Lena, and you would be perfect for this. I need you on this Lena. I’m afraid…. if this project isn’t a success… then Luthor Corp could be in serious trouble… I just… I don’t want to let our father’s legacy down like that.” Lex said, a master of manipulation as usual.


Lena remained silent for a moment, just thinking.

“Fine, but only for a year.” Lena agreed.

“18 months.” Lex countered.

“Lex, a year.” Lena said, much more sternly.

Lex chuckled.


“Very well, you drive a hard bargain, a year.” Lex agreed.

“Okay.” Lena said.

“When can you start then?” Lex asked.

“Uhhh…. Monday next week?” Lena suggested.

“Excellent, I will see you then.” Lex replied, “I really look forward to working with you sis.”

“Yeah… me too..” Lena said, a bit sadly. Lena would have much preferred to just start up her own company now, but as Lex has said he needs her help, and that Luthor Corp might be in trouble, then of course she is going to help her brother.

“Alright, you have a good evening out, to celebrate your graduation. The hard work begins after.” Lex said, “I would love to stay and chat some more, but my next meeting just walked into my office.”

“Okay, bye Lex. I will see you on Monday.” Lena said.

“Bye, Lena.” Lex said, hanging up the phone.


As soon as the call ended, Lena sighed. Lena knew that this meant that she would have to break up with Jack. The two of them had planned to stay in Boston, and start up their own company together there, but that was off the table at this point. Lena just didn’t say anything to Lex about it, because in her mind she thought that Lex would just tell her to stay in Boston and start her own company. But Lena knew that if she did that, and then something happened to Luthor Corp because she wasn’t there to help, she would never forgive herself.


Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Lex ended the phone call with a big smile on his face.

“So, did she agree to come work here?” Lillian asked Lex, who had just walked into her son’s office.

“Yes, of course she did. Lena can’t deny a request from her beloved brother.” Lex smiled, sinisterly.

“Excellent.” Lillian nodded, “What are you going to say to her when she gets here? We both know that she doesn’t have what it takes to actually do what is necessary for this project.”

Lex nodded his head in agreement.


“Yes, I know that mother. I will keep her in the dark as much as possible. I will have her work on the DNA structure to combine the two DNAs.” Lex explained.

“Good. It obviously would be much easier if she were to know what she will be working on, but she isn’t like us. Your sister is not a real Luthor, she is too soft.” Lillian said.


“I agree with you mother. That is why we will have to play this situation carefully. I need you on your best behaviour. We need Lena to work on this, with her knowledge and expertise. So, I don’t want you driving her away, and acting like you usually do.” Lex said.

Lillian hummed in annoyance.

“I understand dear. I will try to….. keep my comments to myself.” Lillian replied, after a moments silence.

“Good.” Lex said, nodding his head. “Now, have you acquired the mutts?”

“Yes. However, until your sister has made some progress on her work, we do not know which breed will be best suited for this.” Lillian said.

Lex waved his hand in a motion to say that he doesn’t care.

“That does not matter mother. We can just go through all the breeds. If it doesn’t work out with a subject, they will be easily disposable, with new subjects very easy to acquire.” Lex replied.

“Yes, very good.” Lillian said in agreement.


On the Monday, Lena arrives at the entrance to Luthor Corp, ready to begin her year of working for Lex, and just hoping she will be able to avoid her mother as much as possible. Over the last few days, Lena has considered turning down Lex’s offer, as things got very difficult when she told Jack that she had accepted an offer to join Luthor Corp. Jack was very disappointed, and upset. Jack effectively begged Lena to stay in Boston with him, for them to work on their nano tech project together, and a part of Lena really wanted to agree with Jack and stay. But Lena didn’t stay, the words of her brother basically begging her to join Luthor Corp, ringing through her mind. So, Lena had to do what she needed to do, and she told Jack that she would be moving to Metropolis, and that meant that they were over, as much as she didn’t want them to be. Lena just told Jack she needed to do this for Lex, to repay him for his kindness he has offered her through all her life, since she was four years old. Jack for his part, didn’t agree, nor did he really understand, but after Lena explained it to him, and there were tears from them both, he let her go.


“Hello, I’m here to meet Lex Luthor? He was supposed to meet me in the lobby?” Lena asks at the front desk of the building.

The man working the front desk looks up at Lena, in confusion, obviously not recognising her, and just chuckles.

“I don’t know what you think you are going to achieve here miss. But Mr Luthor is a very busy man, and none of you girls who he spends the nights with, will be able to take advantage of that for your own financial benefit.” The man at the front desk says.

Lena looks at the man, disgusted, and confused.

“I am not…. My name is Lena Luthor, I am Lex’s half-sister.” Lena explains.

The man at the front desk suddenly gets wide-eyed.

“Oh…. my…. my apologies… Miss Luthor…. I….. I didn’t recognise you…. I…. I’m very sorry….. Mr…. Luthor said for you to meet him in his office……” The man says, nervously.


Lena nods her head.

“How do I get there? I haven’t been in this building since Lex had it refurbished.” Lena asks.

“Go over to the elevators. Mr Luthor’s office is on the 21st floor. Once you step out you should be greeted by his receptionist, a Miss Tessmacher. She will be able to help you from there.” The man explains.

“Okay, thank you.” Lena nods, and walks over to the elevators.


Lena enters the elevator and presses the button for the 21st floor. There are a few other people in the elevator who all give her curious looks upon noticing the floor she is heading to. Lena however pays them no mind, she doesn’t really care about other people’s opinions as she will only be working at Luthor Corp for a year, and anyway, soon enough they will know she is Lex’s sister, and suddenly stop looking at her funny, just like the man at the front desk.


A few moments later, the elevator doors open up on the 21st floor, and Lena steps out, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves about her first day. Lex wasn’t very forthcoming with the details as to what the project is that he needs her expertise to work on, so Lena has absolutely no idea what she will be doing. In fact, this is one of the reasons Lena wants to be her own boss, so she will have control as to what she works on.


“Excuse me. I am here to see Lex.” Lena says, stepping up to the receptionist’s desk.

The blonde woman looks up at Lena with a scowl.


“That is Mr. Luthor to you. I would suggest you refer to him in a correct manner if you wish to continue working here.” The assistant says.


Lena gets a bit of annoyance flash through her upon hearing the receptionist’s tone.

“Oh, that won’t be a problem. Lex was the one who asked me to come work here after all. What was I to do, turn my brother down?” Lena says, ending her sentence with a big smirk.


The assistant goes wide-eyed upon realising who she is talking to, just like the man at the front desk.


“Miss…. Miss Luthor…. I… I am sorry…. I…. I didn’t think you were meeting until later…” The assistant stammers.

“Hmmm…. Now can I go in to see my brother now?” Lena asks, not accepting the apology.


“Uhhh…. Your brother is currently meeting with your mother…. I’m not sure if….” The assistant says, but is stopped by Lex’s office door opening and Lillian Luthor walking out.

“Lena dear.” Lillian smiles, approaching her adoptive daughter.

“Mother.” Lena nods.


“I once again am so sorry I couldn’t attend your graduation last week. I just simply couldn’t get a flight out.” Lillian says.

Lena knows that Lillian is lying, as after all, the family has a private jet. Lillian clearly just wants Lena to challenge her on it, or start an argument or something.


“That’s okay mother. I don’t think you would have liked the parties I went to. I know how much you detest gay bars after all.” Lena smirks.

Lillian flinches upon hearing those words out of Lena’s mouth. Lillian has always been very homophobic when it has come to Lena’s bisexual sexuality. Lena takes this reaction from Lillian as a small victory.

“Hmmm… well if you will excuse me… I have some very important work to do…. Things I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.” Lillian smirks, beginning to walk away.

“Really? As from what Lex has told me, you obviously haven’t been able to figure out this project of his, and therefore he has asked me to come here. I guess it must be you that doesn’t understand then, mother?” Lena smirks.


Lillian turns back around to look at Lena, her face turning red with anger. Thankfully, just as Lillian is about to speak, Lex pokes his head out of his office door.

“Ahh, Lena, I thought I heard you out here. Why don’t you come inside, and we can have a chat?” Lex smiles.

“Of course Lex.” Lena smiles back, following Lex into his office, not looking back at Lillian.

Once Lena’s back is turned, Lex shoots Lillian a gaze and waves his hand, telling her to make herself scarce. Lillian just shakes her head in disgust and anger, but does as Lex says and turns to walk away.


“Please Lena, make yourself comfortable.” Lex smiles, closing the door to his office behind him and pointing to the chair the other side of his desk.

“Thank you for the save Lex.” Lena smiles, knowing her brother likely saved her from Lillian’s anger.

“You’re welcome. Now, would you like anything to drink. Scotch?” Lex asks, walking over to his mini bar at the side of his office.

“Uhh… isn’t it a bit early for that Lex?” Lena questions.

“Well, it’s 1 o’clock somewhere.” Lex says, shrugging his shoulders and getting himself a drink.


“I’ll be fine.” Lena says.

“Very well.” Lex smiles and carries his scotch over to his desk, before taking a seat.


“So, Lex, what am I actually going to be working on exactly? You basically refused to give me much information over the last few days, about the exact nature of what I will be doing, and working on.” Lena asks.


“Hmm.” Lex hums, taking a long sip of his scotch, “Ahh.. that’s good, are you sure you don’t want some?”


“Lex!” Lena says, firmly.

Lex chuckles.

“Alright, alright.” Lex smiles, knowing he has Lena in the palm of his hand, playing the aloof older brother. “You will be working in the Luthor Corps labs, in the bio-chemistry department, where you will be leading a team who are attempting to combine two different sets of DNA.”


Lena gives Lex a confused look.

“Combine two sets of DNA? You mean like from a male and female of the same species?” Lena asks.

“No. The DNA is from two separate species.” Lex explains, not giving much information.

“Lex, I need more than that.” Lena says, frustrated.

Lex sighs again.

“Look, I think the best approach for you, is for you to go in not knowing the species that the DNA is from, as that might offer you a different perspective to others, as you won’t have a bias about how you know certain DNAs from species already work.” Lex says, “What I can tell you is that, let’s call them, species X, and species Y. Species X will be the DNA that I want you to combine its best qualities with species Y. To be clear, I don’t want you creating some kind of hybrid species or anything. What I want, is for the strongest features of species X to be inserted into species Y.”

Lena still looks at Lex confused, knowing this project will be difficult, as even now Lex isn’t giving her too much to go on.


“Okay, so am I going to be working with the same DNA from the same individual in each species, or different ones?” Lena asks.

“Good question.” Lex smirks, “Species X is the prime DNA, and there is not much of it, so it will not change. As for species Y, I will provide you with several different variants, just to see if some work, while others of the species don’t. Even if you achieve a result where you believe you have successfully combined the DNAs of species X and one of species Y, I will still want you to see if you can continue to achieve it with other members of species Y.”


Lena sighs, rubbing her head.


“Lex, it would really be helpful if I actually knew what I was going to be working on. I understand you want me to have a clear head and everything, but not knowing means there is more likely to be failures with every attempt.” Lena says.

“That is fine, Lena. Do not worry. We have more than enough DNA for species Y, and as for species X, I have already discovered you will only need to combine a very small amount of its DNA to achieve any results. So, the current DNA from species X that we have should be enough. But if not, we can always get more.” Lex explains.

“Lex, I really don’t like this. This is one of the reasons I don’t want to work here. I want to actually know what I am working on, and not have some boss obscuring information from me.” Lena says, with a sigh.

“I understand sis, but let me frame it to you this way, the quicker you are able to complete this project, the sooner you can leave. If you are actually able to do what I ask, I will also offer you a large bonus, which should help you start up your company without needing to dip into your trust fund money, AND I promise to keep Luthor Corp away from competing on your first 3 projects your company works on.” Lex says.


Lena just looks at Lex for a moment and sighs.

“Fine. You are not going to make this easy, but I’ll try.” Lena agrees.

“Excellent.” Lex smiles. “Now, my assistant Eve can escort you to the lab you will be working in, and provide you with all the authorisation that you will need. I’d love to go down with you myself, but I have another meeting soon.”


Lena sighs once more.

“That’s okay Lex. I’d actually rather my big brother didn’t come down and embarrass me in front of the people I’m going to work with.” Lena says.

Lex chuckles.

“Fair enough.” Lex nods.


Lena then gets up and leaves Lex’s office, after saying her goodbyes to her brother, all while Lex has a big smile on his face. However, as soon as Lena is gone, Lex grows a scowl on his face.

“You better be able to do this dear sister. I need a weapon to fight that disgusting Kryptonian.” Lex mutters. “The man of tomorrow they call him. I will show the world who the real man of tomorrow is.”


Four months later…..


Over the last four months Lena has been working tirelessly in the Luthor Corp labs, trying to crack the DNA sequencing that Lex has asked of her. The task hasn’t been easy for Lena, and it hasn’t been helped by Lex continuing to obscure the information as to what DNA she is exactly working on. However, this does not mean that Lena hasn’t had success, she has. Lena has had several successful results where she believes she has correctly sequenced the two DNAs together in a manner that Lex has asked of her. Each time Lena has done this, Lex has been incredibly happy, and in turn showered Lena with praise and gifts of her favourite bottle of scotch. But also, each time Lex has denied Lena’s requests to actually finally know what she is working on. Lex has just told her that she will find out eventually, and for now, he will personally use her data to take the project to the next stage, while she continues to attempt to combine other DNAs. The whole process is incredibly frustrating for Lena, and she is honestly just counting down the days until her year is up and she can leave Luthor Corp behind once and for all. Lena knows that Lex said that she could finish when she has finished the project, but Lena has begun to think that the project will be never ending at this point, as Lex will always find new DNAs for her to use.


Presently, it is late in the evening, and Lena has been working late into the night just to try and crack yet another set of DNAs. Lena is the type of person that can’t go home when she can see the end of a stage of a project, but isn’t just there yet. If Lena did go home, she knows she wouldn’t be able to relax, as her mind would just be thinking about how she will end the project. So due to Lena staying late, she is the only one left in the lab, having sent all her team home a few hours ago.


Lena currently is just waiting for a DNA combination sequence to finish running on the computer in front of her. The results will let her know if she has successfully combined two more DNAs, or if she has to go back to the drawing board, or just move onto another set entirely. While Lena waits, she tilts her head side to side, trying to remove the stiffness from her neck. Admittedly, working in a lab all day, mostly hunched over either a computer or lab equipment, isn’t exactly good for Lena’s posture.

The computer eventually makes a noise, signalling the sequence has finished running. Lena then quickly moves her chair closer to the computer, all while nervously anticipating the results she will find. Lena then reads through the results and a massive smile appears on her face; she has successfully combined yet another set of DNA together, at least theoretically. In the last 4 months this is her 10th successful DNA combination.


Lena is so pleased with herself that she knows that she needs to tell Lex right away, as he will be so happy with her, and Lena hopes that maybe he will actually be able to spend some time with her to celebrate. Over the last four months Lex has claimed that he has been really busy, and has been unable to spend time with Lena whenever she has asked him. Lena accepted this to be the truth, but in reality, while Lex was busy, he didn’t want to spend time with his sister, as he knew that he is the only person Lena has a personal life with, so if he wasn’t interacting with her, then Lena would just fully focus on the project. Lex simply knows how to play his sister like a fiddle, he has been doing it for almost two decades after all.


Lena reaches for the landline phone in the lab and calls up to Lex’s receptionist, knowing that Eve will still be in the building if Lex is still here, which is also likely.


“Hello?” Eve answers.

“Eve, it’s Lena!” Lena smiles down the phone.

“Oh, hello Miss Luthor. Is there something I can do for you?” Eve asks.


“Yes, I have just finished a part of my project. Is Lex available?” Lena asks.


“He is actually currently working in his personal lab, and has been for the last few hours. I can give him a call to let him know you wish to speak with him, if you like?” Eve says.

“Oh no, that is fine Eve. I’m already down in the labs anyway. I’ll just go over and tell Lex in person.” Lena explains.

“Okay, then Miss Luthor.” Eve says and ends the call.


Lena ignores Eve’s rude end to the call, as nothing can currently sour her mood at the moment. Lena then gets up, and heads in the direction of Lex’s lab. Lena hasn’t actually been into Lex’s private lab since joining Luthor Corp, and Lex has just told her that he allows no one other than himself inside. Lena doesn’t question it however, as she knows that her brother enjoys his private space.


Lex’s lab is located in the west wing of the lab facility, a floor below where Lena works with her team. Lena knows where Lex’s lab is, and even though she does not have access to the lab, she does have access to all other doors and facilities, so she can easily make her way to Lex, and just press the intercom outside his lab, to get her brother’s attention.


A few minutes later, Lena is about half a corridor away from Lex’s lab, when the lab door opens. Lena has a big smile on her face, thinking that she is about to come face to face with her brother, but then she hears a voice that removes that smile very quickly.


“I think we are almost there Lex dear. I hate to admit it, but your sister’s work has been very beneficial.” Lillian says, as Lena ducks into another lab in the corridor, in an attempt to avoid Lillian.


“Yes. I feel we are close too, but we are still not there yet. I want perfection if we are to have this weapon in our hands.” Lex says.


Lena gets a confused look on her face. She has no idea what Lex means by a weapon, as she certainly hasn’t been working on anything that could be used in such a manner. Then at the same time, Lena is very confused as to why Lex is working with Lillian, and why Lillian is in Lex’s private lab.


“Yes, but for now, we will just have to wait for Lena to complete the sequence of our next subject.” Lillian says.

“Hmmm. It won’t be long now. If she hasn’t cracked it in the next day or so, I’ll dispose of the subject and have her move onto the next one.” Lex replies.

“Very good. Anyway, darling, I must get some rest.” Lillian says.

“Of course, let me escort you out.” Lex replies.


Lena then listens as Lex and Lillian walk passed the lab she is hiding in, still talking to one another, and then into another corridor leading to the elevators to exit the lab floor.

Once Lex and Lillian are gone, Lena steps back out into the hallway, very confused. Lena does not like the sound of what Lex and Lillian were talking about, as if she is working on something harmful, she wants to know. Lena trusts her brother, but she does not, and never will, trust Lillian. Lena just has a very very bad feeling about everything all of a sudden.


Lena takes a deep breath and walks towards Lex’s lab door, knowing she needs to get inside to have a look for herself. Lena sees that the only way to enter the lab is to swipe a card and type in a specific code. Of course, Lena tries to use her ID card, as why not, but it does not work.

Lena sighs and just thinks for a moment. After a few moments Lena gets an idea. She has read that you can actually bypass the ID card swipe readers by placing a piece of thin metal inside the reader with your card, as this will just malfunction the reader itself. Lena reaches into her pocket and luckily pulls out a paper click which she bends into a straight shape. Lena then carefully places the metal in the card reader, not wanting it to fall out, or for her to accidentally trigger any alarms, or for the reader to think the metal is something attempting to be swiped. Lena is able to bend the tips of the paper clip to hold the metal in place inside the reader. Then Lena swipes her card through the reader, and thankfully it accepts her access.

Lena sighs in relief, but she now looks at the key pad and realises she needs to put in a 6-digit code. Lena takes a moment to think, she knows that Lex wouldn’t be as obvious, or as stupid, for it to be a birthday, or a significant date in his own life. Lena knows that the code will be something completely obscure, while it having some meaning to Lex.

“Of course.” Lena says, after a few moments.

Lena inputs the code 27 – 01 – 56, Mozart’s birthday, which the door accepts and opens. Lena smiles at her success and carefully removes the metal paper clip from the card reader.


Lena carefully, and hesitantly, walks inside the lab, just checking to make sure that no one else is inside. Lena knows that if Lillian was allowed to be inside, then there is the distinct possibility that other people are allowed too. Lena takes a few moments to look around, taking in the lab. The lab itself is shades of dark gray, unlike her own lab, and the other Luthor Corp labs, which are all pristine white. As Lena walks further into the lab, she is comfortable that she is alone, and she begins to take a more focused look around. Lena sees a few technologies and devices that Lex has obviously been working on, including a weird looking suit of armour. Lena thinks nothing of it, as Lex has always been interested in that sort of stuff.

After a few minutes of looking through Lex’s lab, Lena doesn’t see anything of concern, until she makes her way to the north-eastern corner of the lab, where she sees a door. Lena thinks it is weird for there to be a door within Lex’s lab, but she thinks that maybe it is a toilet or something. As Lena approaches the door, she notices a large stack of small metal drawers that go from the floor to about ¾ up the wall. Each of the metal drawers is labelled with a number. Lena sees that the numbers currently go from #1 all the way up to #223. Lena then opens one drawer at random, and that is when she sees ashes inside.


“Oh my god.” Lena says, in horror.

Lena has no idea whose ashes they are, but she knows it isn’t a good thing. The only thing Lena can be certain of is that the ashes are not from a large animal or a human, as there is far too little of them for that purpose.

Lena then quickly begins to look through the other numbered drawers, and to her continued horror, she sees more and more ashes in every drawer. Lena’s heart beat begins to race at a mile a minute, frightened by what her brother and Lillian are doing. Lena now thinks that whatever she is researching is somehow leading to the deaths of whoever these ashes are from.


Lena is then shaken from her thoughts of horror when she hears a noise, much like a whine, coming from behind the door. Lena just looks at the door for a few moments, before she takes a deep breath and approaches it, before then opening it.


Once Lena opens the door, it reveals a small room with two cages inside. In one cage, is the dead body of a Golden Retriever which simply makes Lena sick and tear up. Then Lena looks to the other cage and she sees a white Labrador Retriever, who has now begun to wag his tail upon seeing Lena. The white dog has a collar around his neck which signifies him as subject #225. This is the first time Lena meets subject #225, who she would later name Krypto.


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Chapter Text

“Oh my god.” Lena says in shock, upon seeing the site in front of her. “Are you okay boy?”


Lena approaches the dog cage for subject #225, but all the dog does is growl at her, moving away from her, back further into the cage. Upon hearing the growl Lena feels even worse than she already does, as she knows this means that the dog has obviously been abused by Lex, and Lillian. Lena’s view of her brother is just completely shattered. Lena has always thought that her brother was a good person, nothing like her mother. In fact, Lena has no evidence, other than this, that has ever suggested her brother is capable of such evil. Lex has always been a good brother to Lena, supporting her, being her rock, while Lillian abused her. Lena just doesn’t understand any of this.


Lena stands there in the room with subject #224 and subject #225, just lost in thought, thinking about her brother. However, as Lena continues to think, she just feels worse and worse. Things finally start to become clear to her. Lena thinks that if this is who her brother truly is, then that means he’s been putting on a facade in front of her, for who knows how long, maybe even for forever. Lena continues to think, and things get even worse, and her heart aches further, making her want to just burst into tears. Eventually, Lena finally comes to the conclusion that Lex has been manipulating her. Lena realises that whatever Lex has been doing with these dogs and the DNA combining, he didn’t have any success at all before Lena arrived, and he was well aware that he needed her skills and knowledge to further his work. So, Lena realises what Lex did is manipulate her, by playing on her loyalty to him, claiming that he needed her to work on the project, as otherwise the company would be in jeopardy. It’s just a horrible thought for Lena, and what is even worse, is that if Lex manipulated her in regards to this, then how else has he been manipulating her?


Eventually Lena is shaken from her thoughts by subject #225 moving closer to her, nearer to the side of the cage where Lena is, almost as if the dog has been able to sense Lena’s inner turmoil and devastation. The dog looks at Lena, with its big puppy dog eyes, looking like it is pleading with her, pleading for help. The dog can’t even be more than 6 months old, if that, and she has no idea what horrors this dog has faced already in its short life with Lex and Lillian, and even before then, as whoever was willing to sell this amount of dogs to Lex clearly wasn’t a good person. All Lena knows is that she has to save this dog, she can’t let him die like all the other subjects; Lena just doesn’t know how she will do it.


Lena takes a deep breath and approaches the cage door again. Thankfully this time subject #225 doesn’t growl at her, he just gives Lena a curious look. Lena crouches down to the ground, getting a better look at the lock on the cage door. As Lena inspects the lock, subject #225 comes even closer to the brunette, poking his nose on her hand, as if he is thanking her for trying to set him free. For now, Lena ignores the gesture from the dog, just wanting to focus on seeing if she can break the lock, but it doesn’t look too promising. The lock is large and bulky, and Lena doesn’t think there is anything that she has noticed inside the lab that would be able to break or cut the lock, so the only other alternative is to attempt to pick the lock open. As a result of this realisation, Lena takes the paper clip from her pocket, which she used to open the lab door, and bends it, before then inserting it into the lock, trying to pick it. The big problem with all this, is that Lena has absolutely zero clue how to pick a lock, as it’s just not something that she has ever needed to learn, or even be interested in. However, in this moment Lena really wishes, with all her might, that she’d picked up that skill, as it could be the difference between life and death for this dog.


Lena spends about 5 minutes attempting to pick the lock, with no success. Lena would have attempted to pick the lock for much longer, but she is stopped by the sound of Lex’s lab door opening, signalling that Lex has returned.


Lena freaks out, not knowing what to do. All Lena knows is at this point she has no idea what her brother is capable of, so she can’t let him find her in here. Lena thinks that if Lex does find her, then he might just kill subject #225 to cover up his tracks, and/or fix the ability for Lena to get back into his lab.


Lena quickly looks around the small room, evaluating her options. After a few moments Lena decides that her best bet is to hide in this small room until Lex leaves, even if that takes hours. Lena then stands up and silently closes the door to the room, shutting herself inside, not wanting Lex to be suspicious by the door being open. However, as soon as Lena shuts the door, subject #225 makes a whining noise.

“Shh… you need to be quiet boy.” Lena hush whispers.


As soon as Lena says that to the dog that will eventually be known as Krypto, the dog stop whining, as if he completely understands Lena. Lena doesn’t know why, but she already feels so attached, so in sync with this dog. Lena finds it strange because growing up, as much as she wanted to, she never had the opportunity to own a pet. Lillian always told her whenever she asked, that pets would just be a distraction from her studies, and they were far too big of a responsibility for Lena to handle. Lena could have got a pet as soon as she moved out of the Luthor manor and went off to college, but it just wasn’t something that was in the plans, she was far too busy with her studies, and eventually with Jack. There were times when she and Jack did however talk about one day getting a puppy that they could raise together after they had graduated, but that all seems like a different lifetime now. Since then, Lena’s world has been completely turned upside down, and all thanks to Lex.


Suddenly, Lena’s heart rate begins to sky rocket when she hears Lex coming towards the door. There is literally not anywhere to hide in the room, so Lena knows that if Lex opens the door, he will likely see her. Lena panics and panics, her heart beating faster and faster as she hears Lex walk closer and closer. Lena then looks towards the door and quickly presses herself up against the wall, putting herself in a situation so that if Lex opens the door, the door will hopefully obscure her from sight, as it opens inwards. Lena then waits a few more moments, hearing Lex mutter something just outside the door, her heart beating so fast that Lena honestly thinks she might pass out. There is then a few moments of silence, and Lena’s heart rate begins to slow back down again, believing that Lex is not going to open the door and she is safe from being spotted. However, just as Lena is about to step away from pressing herself up against the wall, the door opens.


Lex steps a pace inside the room, with the door luckily completely obscuring Lena from view. Lena however is just completely frozen, frightened to death of being caught, both for her sake, and for subject #225’s. Lena even places a hand silently over her own mouth, muffling her breathing, to reduce the chance of Lex hearing her. Lex for his part just looks around the room, first looking at the cage with the deceased dog, named subject #224, and he scoffs.


“What a disappointment you were.” Lex mutters.


Upon Lex speak, subject #225 growls at him, causing Lex to shoot the dog a glare.

“Shut up you mutt. You are next. You have been nothing but trouble. I have half a mind to put you down right now; but that might be a mercy to you. Some of these other mutts, when they have been…. sequenced with the DNA my dear sister has provided me with, have really suffered, yelping in pain. It is…. unfortunate… for me…. as none of the experiments have worked. But alas, I will keep trying, and if the experiment doesn’t work on you, I will just move onto a new subject.” Lex says, looking at subject #225.


As Lena listens to Lex’s speech about all the experiments he has been doing to these dogs, her heart breaks, for so many reasons. Of course, Lena’s heart firstly breaks because up until this point she didn’t have concrete evidence that linked Lex to all this, and just proved that he was the one conducting these experiments. Previously, in Lena’s mind, there was some small hope that this was all Lillian’s doing, and maybe Lex was either reluctantly helping her, or being coerced into all this somehow. But hearing Lex speak, it is clear that he is totally in control, this is his experiment, and he is the one responsible for all this, confirming to Lena that the brother she thought she knew, was a lie. Lena’s heart then secondly breaks upon hearing Lex talk, because it gives Lena the realisation that she has played a hand in the deaths of all of these dogs, even if unknowingly. Lena thinks that even if she were not helping Lex, and working at Luthor Corp, that Lex and Lillian probably would have continued with the experiments anyway, resulting in the deaths of all of these dogs, but that doesn’t help to ease her guilt. Lena can only imagine the pain, as Lex described, that the dogs have been in, as they were dying, and that pain wasn’t caused by what Lex and Lillian did to them, not really. That pain, and eventual death, was caused by Lena’s failure. Lena’s failure to actually successfully combine the two DNAs to a point where it would not just work, but the subject wouldn’t die either. Lena is just absolutely devastated, tears running down her face, trying with all her might not to sob and give away her location.


Subject #225 continues to growl at Lex, almost as if he understands everything that Lex has been saying to him.

“Oh shut it, you mutt!” Lex says, swinging his leg forward to hit the change door, causing subject #225 to bark at Lex. “hmmm… dumb dog.”


Lex then glares at subject #225 for a few more moments, before he then turns back around, exiting the room, closing the door behind him, thankfully not seeing Lena throughout the entire process. As soon as the dog shuts, Lena slides her back down the wall, falling to the ground, head in her hands, crying in devastation. Lena feels so awful, as she feels that all these dogs that have died, and been in pain, are all on her own conscious, even if she didn’t know all this was happening. Lena is just a person like that, even if she has been taken advantage of, and the things she has been working on has been used for ill, Lena would always feel guilty, like it was her fault, if anyone were to get hurt as a result of it.


Lena continues to cry in silence, for what feels like a long time, her heart shattered for so many reasons, the guilt overwhelming her. Lena isn’t pulled out of her sobbing until subject #225 whines, looking in her direction. As a result, Lena brushes away her tears from her face, and looks up at the white dog, noticing that it is looking directly at her, with his big puppy dog eyes. It almost seems like the dog is attempting to soothe Lena, telling her that it isn’t her fault, and that everything will be okay, no matter what happens, even without touching her. Lena just looks at #subject #225 and feels some sense of calm as she looks at the puppy, and in response, the dog begins to slightly wag his tail.


As Lena watches the dog’s tail wag, she just thinks that this dog must truly be special, and not for anything that Lex has done to it. This dog has gone through, god knows how much abuse and trauma, and is now stuck inside a cage, inside a dimly lit small room, right next to another cage with a dead dog inside, that subject #225 probably witnessed the slow demise of. However, despite all that this dog still finds a way to be happy, wagging his tail slightly as he looks at Lena. It is in this moment, as Lena just looks at subject #225 in the eyes, before then glancing over at the dead dog, that Lena knows that she will truly do anything to save this dog, and stop all this abuse, even if it results in the demise of Lex and Lillian. Of course, Lena isn’t actually thinking about killing her family members, even if the thought crossed Lena’s mind that, that is what they deserve for all this. Lena is just thinking that she needs to report this horrific abuse and crimes, to the authorities, as that would mean that they would have no choice but to step in, and that might be the best way to save subject #225. Lena may be a genius, but she knows that even if she were able to pick the lock to subject #225’s cage open, it is highly doubtful that she would be able to get the dog out of Luthor Corp unnoticed. Then on top of that, saving subject #225 is only a fix for the issue in the present, not a long term one. To stop the continued abuse and horrors that these dogs are suffering, Lena needs to expose Lex and Lillian, and everything that they are doing. Then after that, hopefully there would be no police officer in their right mind that could idly stand by and allow these abuses to continue to happen, and maybe, just maybe, Superman would get involved as well.


After a few more moments, Lena gathers herself, wiping away the remains of the tears from her face, forming a plan in her mind as to what she needs to do. Lena knows that the first step, for her plan, is to make sure that she is once again alone in Lex’s lab, as she needs to use her phone to take detailed pictures of everything she has witnessed in here. Lena actually thinks that she should probably take videos too, so there can be no excuses about the authenticity of the evidence she will present the Metropolis Police department. Then finally, Lena thinks that she should find some container to get a sample of the ashes, just so that the police can confirm that it is ashes of a dog, if for some reason they need some further confirmation.


Lena carefully stands up from her spot, where she was still resting her back against the wall. Lena then silently opens the door, peaking her head out of the room to see if Lex is still in his lab. Throughout Lena’s tears, Lena completely lost all ability to listen to the world around her, so she knows that Lex could have left his lab during this time. Frankly, Lena is very lucky that Lex didn’t come back in the room during her sobs, as she surely would not have heard him, while the door probably would have bounced off of her.


Lena pokes her head out of the room, carefully moving her gaze over the entire lab, checking for Lex’s presence. Thankfully, after a few moments, Lena confirms that Lex has in fact left. Lena then pulls out her phone, checking the time, and sees that it is just after midnight, signalling to her that Lex has very likely gone home. However, as Lena looks at her phone, her heart begins to race when she realises she got a text from Lex, about 4ish minutes ago, in the middle of when she was crying, which is why she didn’t notice.

Lex: Lena, my assistant mentioned that you wanted to see me?

Lex: I am coming to your lab now.


Lena is just about to type out a response to Lex, but she then gets yet another text from her brother.

Lex: I see you are not there. I presume you went home?


Lena gathers her nerves, thinking about what to say, and then begins typing the response.

Lena: I couldn’t find you. Your assistant said you were in your private lab, but I pressed the intercom, but you obviously weren’t there. I couldn’t be bothered to try anything else to find you, so I went home. I’m tired Lex. It can wait until tomorrow.

Lex: Of course sis. You should really get some rest. I don’t want you working yourself to death. I actually am going to head home myself now too. I shall see you in the morning.

Lena: Okay


Lena’s heart hurts even more upon reading the last text from her brother, now knowing that his concern for her is all a lie. It just hurts Lena so much knowing that her brother is purposely manipulating her, and pretending to be someone that he is not.


After a few moments, Lena takes a deep breath and begins to take photographic evidence of everything that has been going on in this lab, in regards to the dogs. Lena begins with the ashes, making sure to take pictures of several of the drawers, a few videos, and getting a few small samples, which she places in a some small plastic bags that she finds lying around in the lab. Once Lena has done this, she continues to record again, before then walking back into the room, showing subject #224 and #225, making sure that it is clear that the former is dead. Finally, to complete her evidence gathering, Lena takes many photos of the dogs within the small room.


After a couple of minutes, Lena decides that she surely has enough evidence to present to the police, and they will then have to do something. The only thing Lena now does not like about it all, is that she will have to leave subject #225 behind, as she has been unable to get him out of the cage, having no luck picking the lock. Lena knows that she just has to show this evidence to the police, for the good of subject #225 in the long run, and any potential future dogs who could be subjected to the same treatment. Lena knows that it is the right thing to do, to leave subject #225 in his cage, just for a bit longer, while she shows the evidence to the MPD, but that doesn’t mean she likes it, or is even okay with it.


Lena looks back over at subject #225, who is just looking at her still, with his big puppy dog eyes, slightly wagging his tail. The dog’s reaction to Lena just looking at him causes Lena to let a small smile grow on her face, despite the situation. Subject #225 just has that effect on her. However, after a few moments, Lena’s smile drops when she turns her gaze to the cage with the dead dog, inside. Lena then slowly approaches the cage, before then crouching down and reaching her hand inside to stroke the deceased dog’s head.


“I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Lena says, tears running down her face, “You deserved a much better life than this. No dog should have to be experimented on, and die. My only hope is that you are in a better place now, where you are treated better, even if I don’t believe in heaven myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t hope that it could be real. But what I can say, is I promise you that no other dogs will have to die because of my brother. I promise that I will put a stop to all of this.”


After Lena finishes speaking, she just takes a few more moments to compose herself, all while she continues to gently stroke the dead dog. Lena actually isn’t pulled out of this moment until she notices subject #225 pressing his head up against the bars at the side of his own cage, sticking one of his paws into the other cage, seemingly attempting to paw Lena’s arm. It is almost as if subject #225 has noticed that Lena is in distress, and sees that she is saying sorry to the dead dog, and apologising to it, soothing it’s body by stroking it, and that is what subject #225 is attempting to do to Lena.


Lena looks finally stops stroking subject #224, pulling her hand out of the cage, before she then turns to look at subject #225 once more.


“I need to go now.” Lena begins, carefully putting her hand between the bars and beginning to stroke the white dog, “But I promise I will be back for you. I can’t save you on my own, I need help. I will try and get the help as soon as possible. You won’t have to suffer like this puppy did, I promise you.”


As soon as Lena finishes saying those words, subject #225 moves his head, which results in Lena’s hand no longer stroking the top of the dog’s head, but instead, the dog has placed his wet nostril in Lena’s palm, and has begun licking her. Lena can’t help but slightly smile at the action. Lena thinks, once more, that this dog is truly special, even though he obviously hasn’t undergone any experiments or anything. Lena just allows the dog to lick her palm for a few more moments, all while she gathers her will to stand up and leave.


“Okay.” Lena says standing up, reaching into the cage and stroking the dogs head again. “I promise I will be back as soon as possible with help. You just hang in there, okay?”


Subject #225 just looks at Lena and slightly wags his tail, as if to say okay. Lena then takes a deep breath and pulls her hand out of the cage, before then turning around and leaving the room, not looking back at the dog. Lena already finds leaving the poor dog difficult, even if she has a plan, and knows in the long run it is the right thing to do. That said, Lena can’t find it in herself to turn around and look at subject #225, as she knows if she does, she may never leave the dog’s side, and just spend all night trying, and most likely failing, to free the dog from his cage.


Once Lena is out of the room, she takes a deep breath, gathering her nerves, before then closing the door behind her, making sure that Lex isn’t tipped off by anything if he happens to come back into his lab before Lena comes back with the MPD. After Lena does this, she makes sure that all the drawers containing the ashes are closed, and checks again around the lab, making sure she has left no trace of her presence. Once Lena is satisfied, she leaves.


About 30 minutes later, Lena is currently sitting in a private room, waiting to continue to talk to a police office. After Lena left Luthor Corp, she made her way straight to the nearest police station. Once she arrived, she told the female officer at the front desk that she needed to report a large scale crime of animal abuse, and illegal experimentation by Lex Luthor, and that she had proof of it. The woman at the front desk nodded her head, and then rang another officer for her to speak to.


Lena waited, anxiously, for the officer to arrive, all the time thinking about how subject #225 is on his own now, and the dangers of the possibility that Lex could come back into his lab while Lena is gone, and then do something to the poor dog. Eventually, the office arrived, and Lena then gave a quick run down of everything that she found, explaining it all in detail, telling the officer she has evidence, showing him the ashes she has also.

“These are some really…. troubling… accusations…. Please, let’s talk somewhere else in private.” The male officer suggested to Lena.

“Of course.” Lena said, nodding her head.

Lena then followed the officer, deeper into the police building, eventually being guided into the room where she is currently sitting right now.


“Would you mind giving me your phone and those ashes? So I can have our tech team put the video and photo evidence onto our systems, and our lab examine the ashes.” The officer asked.

“Yes, okay.” Lena said, nodding her head, relieved, not even realising that the officer hasn’t even seen the photo/video evidence yet, and also doesn’t know her passcode.


“Okay, please, take a seat. I will only be a few moments.” The officer said, smiling at Lena.


Lena nodded her head at the officer, nervously taking a seat. The officer then stepped outside, closing the door behind him, before then pulling out his own phone, dialling a number.

“Hello, Mr Luthor? I believe we have an issue that needs to be resolved.” The officer said, with a smirk on his face.


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Chapter Text

Lena sits in the room in the police station by herself for about 10 minutes. As the time passes by Lena begins to wonder what is going on, why is the police officer taking so long? Lena just gets the feeling, with a tingle on the back of her neck, that something is wrong. However, Lena really doesn’t know what to do, as she knows that there is still the distinct possibility that maybe they are just taking a while to process the evidence or something. Lena’s worst case scenario in her mind is that the police now believe that she is somehow involved in the illegal activities that Lex and Lillian are doing to the dogs, and they are taking so long to prepare to arrest her or something. But even as Lena’s thoughts drift to some bad scenarios, Lena has no thought of leaving, as she knows that if she does leave, then subject #225 will suffer for it, as then she won’t be able to save him with the MPD’s help.


More time ticks by, and the 10 minutes that pass soon become 20, and Lena is just getting more and more nervous and anxious. However, just as the 20 minutes that have past turns to 21 minutes, the door to the room opens, with two police officers stepping in. Lena recognises one of the police officers as the one who she gave the evidence to, but she does not recognise the other. The fact that two officers have come back into the room does concern Lena a bit, but they both have smiles on their faces, so this does ease some of Lena’s nerves.


“Okay Miss Luthor. We have just examined your evidence, and if you don’t mind, we have a few more questions to ask you.” The first officer says to her.

“Uhhh…. Sure…” Lena replies, nervously, looking at the second officer that is standing there.

“Oh… I’m sorry…. I should introduce you…. this is my colleague… Office Otis Graves.” The first officer explains, “He is just here because when an accusation of crimes of this nature are reported, it is station policy for two officers to be present when we are asking further questions of the ‘whistle-blower’.”

“Ohh… okay…” Lena says, nodding her head in understanding.


“It is nice to meet you, Miss Luthor.” Officer Otis Graves smiles.


“You too… Now…. can we…. please get on with this…. I don’t like the fact that the longer we are here… the longer that the dog in my brother’s lab remains trapped, and at risk of death.” Lena says, anxiously as she thinks of subject #225.


“Of course.” The first officer nods, taking a seat opposite Lena.


Officer Otis Graves however does not take a seat, instead he just casually walks around behind Lena, and leans his back against the wall, crossing his arms.


“Okay, so first I need to know, how long have you been aware of what your brother has been, allegedly, doing?” The officer asks.


As the officer asks this question, Lena just thinks that her original thought while she was waiting was right, they are now questioning her because they suspect her of being involved too. But Lena does not mind, she has nothing to hide, and she is more than happy to prove her innocence.


“I only found out about it all today. I was working on a project in Luthor Corp, to combine two DNAs together in a certain manner. It is a project that my brother basically begged me to come to Luthor Corp to work on, right out of university, as he knew that I had the skills and knowledge to help him.” Lena explains, “Lex however wasn’t very forthcoming about what the project was actually for. He just told me that the less I knew, the more clear-headed I could be, without thinking about the other aspects of the project. He did not even tell me where the two sets of DNA were from. I very much didn’t like that, but Lex said that Luthor Corp would be at risk if the project failed, and he promised me some things to help me start my own company once I am finished at Luthor Corp, so I agreed. Anyway, it wasn’t until this evening, when I had just finished a part of my project that I wanted to inform Lex. I first called his assistant, and she told me he was in his private lab. I then went over to Lex’s private lab, and that is when I saw Lex and my mother walking out of it. The two of them were talking about some project, and I did not like the sound of it. I just knew that, if what they were talking about was true, then they were both doing something truly awful. So, I made sure to keep out of sight of the two of them, and then once they were gone, I broke into Lex’s lab and found all this.”


“Hmmm… right…” The officer says, nodding his head. “And other than the evidence you have given us, did you make any more copies, or tell anyone?”


“No. I came right here. I thought that the MPD would be the best chance to help me free the remaining alive dog, and stop my brother and mother from killing more of these dogs for their sick and twisted experiments.” Lena says.


“That’s good.” The officer smiles, before then nodding his head. Lena does not realise the officer is nodding his head to Otis Graves behind her.

“What?” Lena asks, confused, not understanding why her not making other copies of the evidence or telling anyone else is a good thing.


Lena then suddenly feels Otis’ presence right behind her, causing Lena to turn around and look at him. As Lena turns around, Otis puts a cloth over her mouth which is soaked in chloroform. Lena yells out and struggles, trying to get free, but Otis Graves has a good hold of her, and the other officer has quickly grabbed her hands so she can’t fight either of them off. As a result of this, Lena’s struggles get slower and slower as she fades into unconsciousness.


Lena wakes up and her head is pounding, her vision blurry as she opens her eyes. It takes Lena a few moments, but the last thing she remembers is being at the police station, and the police officers placing the chloroform rag over her face, knocking her unconscious. As soon as Lena remembers this, she quickly jolts in panic, trying to move her body, however she soon notices that her arms and legs are tied to a chair. Once Lena realises that she can’t move from the chair, she tries to look around the room she is now in. All Lena can tell is that it’s dark, as there isn’t much light, making it very difficult to figure out where she is. However, Lena is pretty sure that she is no longer in the same room she was at the police station. This thought does not bring Lena comfort, as if she is no longer in the police station, then she could be in real danger. Lena knows that of course she was in danger at the police station, as she was chloroformed, but she knows that it would have been very unlikely for the officers to kill her inside there, but now that she is pretty sure she isn’t in the station any longer, her life is very much at risk.


Lena continues to try and struggle with her bonds for a few minutes, just attempting to free herself, however it is of no use. Lena realises that all she can do is sit and wait for whoever is keeping her here to reveal themselves. As Lena waits, she just gets more and more nervous, and anxious, at the situation, her thoughts even drift to subject #225, and how she failed him.


After a few minutes, the lights flicker on, completely blinding Lena as her pupils readjust from the darkness. It takes Lena a few seconds to refocus her vision, and realise where she is, and when she does, she sees that she is tied to a chair in Lex’s lab. This makes Lena feel even worse than she did already, as now she knows that her brother obviously has some ties to the police, who he probably pays off, and he has had her brought here, and is now holding her against her will. As Lena looks around the lab, she sees that she is faced in the direction of the drawers containing the ashes of the dogs, and the door to the room that subject #225 is hopefully still being held in. Then at the same time, as Lena is facing in this direction, her back is facing the direction of the door entrance to Lex’s lab, meaning she is unable to see anyone if they were to walk inside.


Another few minute pass, and eventually Lena hears two people walk in from Lex’s lab’s entrance. Lena is unable to turn her head around enough to get a look as to who they are, but from the sound of their shoes, she can tell that one of them is wearing heels. As soon as Lena is able to attain this information, she makes a pretty good guess as to who the two people are. Lena knows that it is very unlikely that Lex lets anyone in his lab other than himself, and their mother, meaning the people walking closer and closer to Lena, are Lillian and Lex Luthor. A few more moments later, Lena’s suspicions are confirmed to be true, when Lex and Lillian step in front of her.


“Oh, dear sister.” Lex sighs, “You just had to go and stick your nose in my business.”


“Of course she did. She doesn’t know how to behave like a real Luthor.” Lillian says, a disappointed and disgusted look written on her face.


“So what? Now I have found out about what you have been doing, you are going to keep me here? Or what, kill me? Like you have done to all those poor dogs.” Lena says, angrily.


Lex and Lillian both laugh.


“Lena, you are a true disappointment. These creatures are not humans, they are just mutts. They are beneath us. Their lives are finally being put to good use, being used for a greater purpose.” Lillian says.


“NO THEY ARE NOT!” Lena yells.

Lillian quickly moves and smacks Lena across the face, hard, drawing blood from her nose.


“DON’T YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!” Lillian yells back.


“Mother… we still need her in one piece.” Lex says.


Lillian turns her head around to look back at Lex and then lets out a huff, before then taking a step back.


“Thank you.” Lex says to Lillian, before then stepping closer to Lena. “But as for your question’s dear sister, no, we are not going to kill you. You are very too useful to kill; I do still need you to work on this project after all. However, it is…. disappointing… that you decided to break into my lab, and as mother said, ‘stick your nose into my business’, hence the measures I have had to take.”


“You won’t get away with this, either of you! You may have been able to pay off those police officers, but eventually you’re going to have to let me out of here, and I will expose all this to the world!” Lena says.

Lillian now grows a smug look on her face, while Lex laughs. Lena does not like these responses, as it’s like there is a joke that she is not in on, and in this situation, what she said is the joke.

“Oh Lena… you don’t think I’d be so foolish as to allow that to happen, do you?” Lex smirks, “I am currently paying a third of the Metropolis Police force to work for me, and they have certainly been very useful. In fact, they have helped me to make sure that you are going to be unable to ever expose all of this. See, dear sister, you are now currently under investigation for many many absolutely horrible animal abuse charges, and as a result of this, all of your assets have been frozen. For now, there is no warrant out for your arrest, but if you get any bright ideas, I will tell my friends in the police force to issue that warrant, and all of this, will land on you.”


“No! You… you can’t do this…” Lena says, continuing to understand just how bad a person her brother truly is.


“Oh, I can, and I will.” Lex says, “This is not my fault Lena, this is your fault! I would have happily allowed you to just think in your delusional world that you were helping me, and once you were finished, you could have been on your way to go fail and make your own little company. But you had to get involved. You couldn’t leave alone what was inside my lab. So, this is ALL ON YOU!!”


Lena flinches upon hearing her brother’s final words as he yells at her. Lex however notices Lena flinching, and then takes a few moments to compose himself.


“Why…. why are you doing all this Lex?…. This... isn’t….. I thought this wasn’t you.” Lena says, in a sad tone, looking down at the ground.


“I’ll tell you why Lena. It is because of that Kryptonian! Ever since Superman came out to the world, everyone idolises him as a god, as a hero, a man of tomorrow. But he is not a god, he is made of flesh and blood just like you and me. AND I WILL NOT LET HIM TAKE MY PLACE AS THE MAN OF THE FUTURE!!” Lex yells, and then pauses, recomposing himself again. “See Lena….. unlike everyone who praises Superman…. I see the truth about him…. He possesses all these powers… and if he wanted… he could easily wipe us all out…. We would be unable to stop him… he is too powerful… So…. we need to put an end to him…. before things come to that….. and that is what I am doing here. The DNA you have been working on…. one set of DNA is from Superman… provided by the Metropolis Police Department…. and the other DNAs, as I am sure you have now worked out…. are from these dogs….”


Lena is silent for a moment as she processes everything that Lex has said to her.

“But…. but why dogs?… I…. I don’t understand.” Lena says, still not understanding why Lex has to do these experiments on dogs. Lena knows that usually these types of experiments are first done on rats, before moving onto another animal.


“Because, you see…. while I may never understand people’s attachment to these mutts… I do recognise that they have a connection with humans…. Dogs… they look…. innocent to many…. So… if I were to weaponize a dog…. make it as powerful as Superman…. Superman wouldn’t dare to suspect that a dog could have the power to stop him… and rip his throat out… Dogs are the perfect disguise for a weapon.” Lex explains, “Of course… I could attempt these same experiments on humans…. as a human with the same powers as the Kryptonian would be much more useful, but those experiments would take even longer than this one, and be far more complicated. Then if I do not trust Superman with those powers, do you really think I would trust any other human? The only human who should have those powers is me, and I certainly am not going to experiment on myself.”


“You’re…. you’re a monster…. And I won’t help you.” Lena says, “You can let them arrest me… I’ll happily go to prison knowing that without me… you won’t be able to achieve anything.”

“No… I am not a monster…. I just see things clearly…..” Lex says, “But as for you claiming you will not work for me…. well…. I have a solution for that too.”


Lex then turns around and walks over to one of his lab’s tables, before then grabbing a device which looks like a bracelet. Lex then walks back over to Lena, before then attaching the bracelet to Lena’s arm, locking it in. The bracelet is tight enough so that Lena won’t be able to simply slip it off her wrist, but not too tight so that it is hurting her.

“See… this bracelet I have been working on…. was a failsafe… just in case you happened to become…. noncompliant… The bracelet tracks your location at all times… and if you disobey me… well then…” Lex then trails off and suddenly Lena feels incredible pain shoot through her body, electricity emitting from the bracelet.


“ARHHGHH” Lena screams in pain.


Lex turns around to look at his mother and nods his head. Lillian then walks back towards the door leading to the room holding subject #225. Lex then crouches down in front of Lena.

“I do not wish to hurt you Lena… despite what you think of me…. But you need to do this… or you will be punished until you give in… which you eventually will.” Lex says.

Lena steadies her breathing, which is heavy from the electric shocks, before then looking at Lex and spitting in his face.

“You bitch!” Lex says angrily, striking Lena on the face and electrocuting her more, causing Lena to scream again.

Lillian then steps forward, subject #225 attached to a lead she is holding, a muzzle now on his face.


“I told you, dear. She will not break that easily. She is far too stubborn when she thinks she is right.” Lillian says.


Lex sighs as the electrocution of Lena ceases.

“Very well… I guess… until she is compliant…. we will have to proceed without her.” Lex says.

“Yes… at least she did finish one final DNA combination for this mutt here… I have taken the liberty to synthesise the dosage to be injected into him.” Lillian says.

“Yes, let’s do it.” Lex says, before then walking over to his lab table again and picking up an injection device containing some liquid.


As Lena recovers, she watches Lex, holding the device, walking closer and closer to subject #225. Lena knows that whatever is in the injection, is part of her work, and is what Lillian and Lex are using to try and make these dogs have powers like a Kryptonian. Therefore, Lena also knows that the injection device is the thing that will likely kill subject #225.

“NO!!! WAIT!!” Lena yells.


Lex freezes in place, looking at Lena confused.


“I’ll….. I’ll work for you… just…. just leave the dog alone…. Let me…. let me work on all this…. so he doesn’t die…” Lena says.


Lillian chuckles.

“I should have known she would have already formed a sentimental attachment to the mutt.” Lillian scoffs.


Lex gives Lena a curious look before then stepping closer to her.


“If you are lying, not only will you pay, but I will make sure this mutt suffers a very painful death.” Lex says.

“I’m not…. Just… please… let me…. make this drug safe…. so he doesn’t die.” Lena basically begs.


Lex continues to look at Lena for a few moments, before then breaking out into a big smile.

“Very well.” Lex says. “But you should know, that from now on, you are going to be under my watch 24/7. Or by my watch, I mean my assistant Eve’s. She will be keeping an eye on you at all times, just to make sure you don’t do something stupid like try and escape, or tell someone about what is going on. Eve will decide when you eat, when you sleep, when you shower, and everything else. The only control you will have from now on, is on these experiments. And you better not disappointment sister, for your sake, and this dog’s.”


It is now a month later, and for the last month, Lena’s life has been a living hell. This is all because Lex stuck to his word and has had Lena under complete 24-hour surveillance, with his little helper Eve Tescmacher basically having complete control over Lena’s existence. Eve has been basically keeping a constant eye on Lena, with the only time that she is basically out of her sight being when she is in Lex’s lab at Luthor Corp, working on the DNA combination. Just like Lex said, Eve tells Lena when she can eat, when she can sleep, when she can shower, when she can go to the bathroom, and a bunch of other things, all while monitoring her closely. In fact, Eve has currently moved into Lena’s apartment, and has set things up so that the two of them have to share a bed, and even when Lena complains about it, Eve does not care. Then what is even worse, is even when Lena showers, Eve has to sit in the bathroom, watching Lena closely, claiming it is so that she doesn’t get any ideas of trying to figure out some way to escape, or call for help or something, while pretending to be in the shower. It is all just extremely authoritarian, and it gives Lena absolutely no life. Currently Lena’s entire existence is focused on working on Lex’s project. The only thing that is actually keeping Lena going is because she knows that this is all about making sure that, if Lex is going to do these experiments on subject #225, then she wants to be there to make sure the dog is safe, and doesn’t die a horrible death like all the previous ‘subjects’.


Over the last month Lena has realised that everything that Lex has been putting her through is just supposed to drain her of any will to resist, but Lena plans to stay firm. Lena knows that when she spots her first opportunity, she is going to escape. In fact, there have been a few times where Eve has messed up while watching her, and has taken her eye off of her, even if it is only for a few minutes. See through basically living with Eve, Lena has been able to learn that the blonde is not doing this just simply because she is Lex’s assistant. Eve is doing all this, because she is utterly and completely in love with Lex, and apparently Lex has told her that one day, when all the experiments are complete, they will be together and get married. As Lena is coming to learn the true person that her brother actually is, she does think that this is clearly a manipulation on Lex’s part. However, Lena knows that she doesn’t need to try and tell Eve that, as even if she did, Lena is sure that Eve is so completely blind to how Lex is manipulating her, that she would just brush Lena off, and probably punish her. So instead, what Lena has been doing, is playing into Eve’s love for Lex. Over the last month, Lena has begun to share various stories about Lex, which Eve happily listens to. At first Eve pretended to ignore the stories, but the more Lena would tell them, the more she could tell that Eve was getting very interested in them, learning more about the man she loves. This eventually gave Lena the opportunity to mention that one of Lex’s favourite operas is currently playing in Metropolis, which Lena was able to remember from before she was being held captive. In turn, this news made Eve react in the way Lena hoped she would, causing the blonde to take her eye off of Lena to make some phone calls to attempt to book tickets for Lex. During this period, Lena was quickly able to gather some of her things, including some money and clothes, and hide them in a bag in the back of her closet, ready for when she will escape at some point.


Lena was also again made aware of just how much power and influence Lex has, after she found out that they were running low on supply of Superman’s DNA. Lex did not seem troubled about it at all, which made Lena very nervous. Lena soon found out that Lex was not nervous because he was successfully able to set up a situation where he had bombs placed in a school, and hired an alien mercenary to attack Superman on arrival. As a result, Superman was able to disarm all the bombs, but the alien mercenary attacked him, and was able to draw blood, but ultimately Superman was able to apprehend the alien, and take him into custody. It was then in the clean-up of the battle, that the corrupt police officers, that Lex employs, were able to collect Superman’s blood, and pass it on to Lex. When Lena found out this, she was absolutely horrified. Lena does now know that her brother is a bad person, but she never in her wildest dreams thought that Lex would do something as horrific as having bombs placed in a school full of children.


Presently, Lena is working in Lex’s lab, preparing to inject subject #225 with yet another dose of the DNA combination drug that she has now been working on. So far, subject #225 has undergone 2 injections, with no success, at least in Lex’s view. For Lena, she takes it as a success that subject #225 didn’t die like all the previous dogs, as every time Lena injects the poor dog, she gets incredibly nervous and horrified at the potential that the pup could die from it. The only good thing that comes from this, is that after Lena gives the dog the injection, Lex locks Lena in his lab telling her to watch over the dog, which of course Lena is happy to do. In these moments alone, Lena has really been able to bond with subject #225, with the dog being allowed out of his cage and resting his head on Lena’s lap, just trying to comfort her, even though the experiments are happening to him.


“Is the dosage ready Lena?” Lex asks, as he walks into his lab, along with his mother.

“Ye.. yes…” Lena says, nervously.


“Good. Give it to him.” Lex orders.


Lena nods her head and nervously walks over to subject #225 who is sitting by Lena’s feet. The only reason that the white dog has been allowed out of his cage is because Lena has convinced Lex that, they potentially are not getting the desired results because the dog needs exercise, to get his blood flowing.

“It’s okay boy.” Lena says, as she crouches down with the needle in hand, noticing him looking curiously at the injection device.


“Get on with it.” Lillian snarls.


Lena ignores Lillian and just carefully, and as gentle as possible, inserts the needle into the back of subject #225’s neck, hoping with all her might that this isn’t the time that this DNA combination drug kills the pup. Lena then watches as the liquid in the injection device disappears as it enters subject #225’s blood stream. Once Lena finishes, she moves the injection device away, and then carefully watches subject #225 for any signs of harm. Thankfully, as Lena watches the dog, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, the subject is even attempting to lick Lena’s hand.


“Well?” Lex asks, sounding annoyed.


“Nothing so far.” Lena replies.


As a result of this, Lex lets out an audible scoff of annoyance and anger.

“Let me see!” Lex says, approaching Lena and forcefully pushing her out of the way, causing Lena to have to catch herself to stop her face from hitting the ground, with her hands.


Subject #225 growls at Lex.

“Shut up you mutt!” Lex shouts, striking subject #225 on the nose.


Subject #225 lets out a small yelp as a result of this.


“GET OFF HIM!!” Lena yells, going running towards her brother to strike him. However, before Lena can reach Lex, electricity goes shooting through her body, causing Lena to fall to the ground in pain.


“You truly are pathetic, caring about this mangy mutt.” Lillian says, stepping forward to tower over Lena’s body, holding the remote that activates the electricity in Lena’s bracelet, in her hands.


Subject #225 growls again, now at both Lex and Lillian. As a result of this, Lex grabs the dog by the scruff of his neck and begins dragging him off, back towards his cage, all while subject #225 yelps out in pain. Through this, Lena remains on the floor, in so much pain, crying. But Lena is not crying because of the pain she is in, she’s crying because she doesn’t want subject #225 to be in any pain, which she can hear he is from the yelps he has been making.


“You are such a disappointment.” Lillian says, kicking Lena hard in the side.


Lena lets out another moan of pain.


A few moments later, Lex comes back out of the room where he has put subject #225 in his cage, marching back towards Lena. As Lena looks at Lex marching towards her, looking angry, she can see through the doorway into the room where subject #225 is in his cage, now barking, trying to claw at the cage to get out.


Lex eventually reaches Lena and forcefully pulls her up from the ground, before then shoving her down into a chair. The only reprieve for Lena is that the electrocutions have now stopped.

“I’m starting to think you are playing me Lena! That you are not even trying to inject this dog with the correct DNA.” Lex snarls.


“Of course she isn’t. It’s typical of her. She thinks she can rebel.” Lillian says.

“I’m not…” Lena begins, but she is then cut off by Lex hitting her in the face, hard.



Lex hits Lena again, meanwhile Lillian smirks on, almost as if she is proud of her son for beating Lena. In the background Lena can hear subject #225 barking loudly, trying to get out of his cage still.


“YOU ARE MAKING ME DO THIS!!! WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST DO AS YOU WERE TOLD!?!” Lex continues to roar as he hits Lena, drawing blood, causing pain to shoot through Lena’s face.


Lena lets out a groan of pain again, as subject #225’s barks get louder and louder.


“I think we need to teach her a lesson dear.” Lillian says. “She has grown far too attached to the mutt. It is time we showed her that disobeying us has consequences.”


“You are right. It is time we moved on from the mutt away. Time to put it down.” Lex says.

“NOOOOOO!!!” Lena roars, attempting to throw herself at Lex, but once more Lena is stopped by the electricity quickly shooting through her body, sending her falling to the ground.


Lex turns back around and begins to kick Lena on the ground.



Subject #225’s barks get louder and louder, and the clawing at the cage gets more desperate. Meanwhile Lillian continues to watch on, smiling, proudly.


Lena moans in pain on the floor. Lena doesn’t think she can last much longer, with the electrocution, and Lex kicking her so hardly. Thankfully, Lex then stops kicking Lena, giving her some reprieve from the pain.


“Actually, I think you need to learn a lesson as well.” Lex smirks.


Lena groans on the floor as Lex crouches down to her, before then grabbing her arm. Lex then pulls at her arm in two different directions.

“AGHGHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Lena screams in pain, before there is then a distinct snapping sound, of Lena’s arm breaking.


Suddenly, as Lena arm breaks, there is a noise of metal hitting the ground. Before Lex or Lillian can even figure out where the noise is coming from, subject #225 is on Lex, viciously mauling him.

“ARGHHHHH!!” Lex yells, in pain.


“Lex!” Lillian screams, worried for her son’s health.


Lillian then runs towards Lex and attempts to grab subject #225, but the dog is quick to react and charges head first a Lillian, knocking her feet out from under her, sending her flying several feet against the wall, knocking her unconscious.

While subject #225 was focused on Lillian, Lex was able to get back to his feet, and is now looking at the dog, a gun in his hand.

“What a disappointment.” Lex smirks, before he then pulls the trigger, shooting subject #225.

“NOOO!!!” Lena screams.


The sound of a shot rings out, but to both Lex and Lena’s surprise, the bullet just bounces off the dog, causing Lex to go wide-eyed. The dog then slowly begins to walk closer and closer to Lex, intimidatingly. Lex panics and tries to shoot the dog several more times, but still to no effect. Eventually subject #225 is able to back Lex up against a wall, and that is when he strikes again, this time shooting laser vision from his eyes and aiming for Lex’s hand with the gun. Lex lets out a scream of pain as the laser vision burns his hand, causing him to drop the gun to the ground. Subject #225 then jumps on Lex and begins mauling him again, biting at his torso, ripping his clothes, while Lex continues to yell in pain.


It isn’t until a few minutes later, when Lena has been able to gain some composure, that the brunette looks over and sees the dog mauling Lex who has gone quiet. This worries Lena, but not for her brother’s sake. Lena just doesn’t want this wonderful dog, who just saved her, to be a murderer.

“Stop.” Lena says, weakly, to the dog who is till mauling Lex.

Subject #225 very quickly stops and turns to look at Lena, before then slowly walking over to her. As the dog does this, Lena smiles at him.

“Good boy.” Lena says, stroking the top of subject #225’s head, while the dog wags his tail, slightly.


Lena then carefully gets to her feet, using her one good arm to push herself off the ground, still in a lot of pain. Lena then carefully walks over to Lex, before crouching down to check his pulse, which confirms Lex is still alive, which admittedly gives Lena some conflicted feelings. Lena then turns back around and looks at subject #225.

“Okay… we need to get out of her boy. This is our chance.” Lena says, knowing they need to get out of here and escape Lillian and Lex, and Metropolis’ corruption.


Lena then looks down at her bracelet, knowing that it could be a problem, as Lex told her it tracks her movements as well, and Lena can’t have that. Lena then looks at subject #225 again and remember that he has heat vision. Lena thinks that she has always felt like the dog has understood her, so maybe he can help now.


Lena slowly walks closer to subject #225, before crouching down and stroking the top of his head again.


“Boy…. I need your help…. I need you to… use your laser vision…. on this bracelet here…” Lena says, showing the bracelet to the dog. “I need it to come off.”


Subject #225 looks at Lena in the eyes for a moment, curiously, before he then looks down at the bracelet. A few moments later, to Lena’s utter shock, subject #225 begins doing just as she asked of him, using his laser vision to break the bracelet off her wrist.

“Thank you.” Lena smiles, in awe of this dog.


Lena then gets back up to her feet and looks around the lab. Lena can still feel the pain in her broken arm, and she knows that she needs to use something as a splint, as otherwise it will really become a problem. Eventually, Lena notices a piece of wood that Lex has lying on a table. Lena walks over to the table and has the dog laser the wood in half, making it a perfect size to be used as a splint. Lena then places the wood on her arm, and uses some zip ties to keep it in place. Once it is done, Lena thinks it is the best job she can do right now, all she needs is to make some sort of sling, which she decides she will do later. For now, Lena just holds her arm up with her other hand.


“Okay let’s go.” Lena says to the dog, who wags his tail in response.

As Lena and subject #225 begin walking towards the door, Lena hears a groan coming from Lex, causing her to look at him.


“Wherever you go…. we will find you… nowhere… will be safe…. I will find you… and that Kryptonian mutt.” Lex mutters, before then falling back into unconsciousness.


Lena looks down at the dog, thinking on Lex’s words. Subject #225 just looks up at Lena happily, still wagging his tail.

“Kryptonian mutt, hmm?” Lena says, “I think I’m going to call you Krypto then.”


Krypto continues to wag his tail, looking up at Lena.

“Come on Krypto, let’s get out of here.” Lena smiles.

Krypto and Lena then make it out of Lex’s lab, with Lena ordering Krypto to use laser vision on the key card reader, causing the lab door to go into lockdown, sealing Lex and Lillian inside, at least for now. After that, Lena and Krypto are able to make their way out of Luthor Corp unseen, but not because they are good at being stealthy or anything. The only reason that the two manage to get out of Luthor Corp, without anyone seeing them, is because as soon as they saw another employee, Lena grabbed Krypto, gently holding him in place, trying to stop him walking out so the other people would see him. However, as soon as Lena touched Krypto, Krypto suddenly used his new found super speed, and the next thing Lena knew, they were both outside the building.


Lena didn’t have much time to think after that, they just quickly made their way back to Lena’s apartment, grabbing the bag of things Lena prepared, with her limited amount of cash, that should last her a week or two. Lena and Krypto then made their way out of the apartment, and got on the first bus they could find that allowed dogs, going out of the city. This was the very first day that Lena became homeless.


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Chapter Text

Kara wakes up early on the Saturday morning, just after 7AM. As Kara wakes, and gets her barring’s on the world again, she recalls the events of the previous night, how she started off the evening in Veronica’s club, before then saving the woman who was her ‘slave’, Stacy. Then after that, Kara remembers, of course, walking home and finding Krypto, and then the dog leading her to the injured Keiran, and how she flew her home and desperately called Alex for help. It wasn’t a very pleasant evening to say the least. But Kara is just glad that Keiran is okay, and under her roof, where no harm can currently come to her. Kara just really hopes that she will be able to convince Keiran to stay longer, and not have her disappear again, like the last time when she brought her up to her office. Kara knows that it is likely that Keiran is in some trouble, as it is all very odd to her that Keiran has dyed her hair blonde, which isn’t something homeless people usually see as a priority, unless they are hiding from someone. Of course, the thought does cross Kara’s mind that maybe Keiran is hiding from the law or something, and is a criminal, but Kara quickly dismisses that. Kara may not have known Keiran long, or had many interactions with her, but she highly doubts that the woman is a criminal, trying to hide from law enforcement. Admittedly, Kara thinks that it would be pretty ironic if Keiran was hiding from the law, seeing as she basically fell right into Supergirl’s lap.


Kara takes a few more moments to wake up, grabbing her phone and checking her emails. Even though it is a Saturday, work never stops for the CEO, and it is another reason why Kara is waking up so early, despite having a late night. The early morning situation is just brought on by the fact that Kara has trained her body clock to wake up early, so she can get a handle on some of her work for El-Corp. This of course, usually means that Kara at the very least does some work, seven days a week, much like most other CEOs. However, Kara has the privilege of being a CEO and owner of a company who has super powers. So, this means that Kara needs far less sleep than humans require, while at the same time, she can user her powers to read documents quickly and speed type things, making her life much, much easier. Kara actually thinks that if she didn’t have her powers, she would be so busy with work that she really wouldn’t have a personal life, much like most other CEOs. So, Kara is very thankful that she has her powers, as it allows her to spend time with her friends, or her sister, a few times a week.


After about half an hour, Kara puts her phone back down on her bedside table, having responded to several emails already, and then decides to get up. Kara walks over to her door, and considers grabbing her very expensive silk dressing gown, and then putting it on. However, as Kara is aware that she is not alone in her penthouse, she decides that it may be for the best if she wears something a bit less revealing. So instead, Kara just decides to get dressed into a pair of comfy jeans, and a baggy sweater, before then leaving her bedroom. As the Kryptonian walks down the corridor, that contains several guest bedrooms along it, she peaks her head inside both of the rooms which Alex and Keiran decided to sleep in the previous night. Thankfully, much to Kara’s delight, Keiran is still fast asleep, with Krypto lying next to her on the bed, but the same can’t be said for Alex. When Kara looks inside the room where Alex was sleeping, she can see that her sister is already gone, which Kara is kind of conflicted about. Kara’s only conflicted about it because she would have preferred if her sister said goodbye to her, or sent her a text telling her she was leaving, but at the same time, Kara is glad that Alex has left, because that means that it is only her, Keiran and Krypto in the penthouse now. Kara just knows that her sister can be very intimating, and ask a lot of questions, even when people are uncomfortable and don’t want to answer them, and Kara doesn’t want to put Keiran through that. In fact, Keiran already got that side of Alex at the beginning of the week, when they found her resting outside of El-Corp.


Kara continues to walk down the corridor, heading for the stairs, but she then hears a noise behind her, causing her to quickly turn around, thinking that Keiran may have gotten up. However, when Kara turns around, she sees that Krypto has woken up, and is now following her, wagging his tail.


“Hello boy.” Kara smiles.


Krypto approaches Kara, still wagging his tail, looking very happy. As soon as the dog reaches her, Kara makes sure to pat him on the head, giving Krypto a good morning stroke.


“How are you today, boy?” Kara smirks.

Krypto just continues to wag his tail, seeming to be happy with the attention that Kara is giving him.

“Well, I was going to go and make breakfast. But I suppose you might want to go out; would you like that boy?” Kara asks.


Upon Kara saying those words, Krypto seems to get more excited, excitedly tapping the balls of his feet on the ground, as if he is doing a little dance, while then licking Kara’s hand.


Kara chuckles.


“I’m going to take that as a yes then, let’s go.” Kara smiles, before then turning around and heading down the stairs.

Krypto closely follows Kara, down the stairs and through the corridor leading to Kara’s kitchen/living room open plan area, which is right by her front door. However, as Kara is walking through the corridor, she hears someone moving in the kitchen. Kara is a bit confused by the noise, so she then uses her super hearing. This is when she realises, to her joy, that Alex didn’t leave without saying goodbye, or sending her a text, she is just in the kitchen, having some breakfast.


Kara quickly makes her way into the kitchen, a smile now plastered on her face. As soon as Kara enters, she sees that Alex is sitting at the kitchen island, having some cereal, while drinking a coffee.


“Alex.” Kara smiles, at her sister.

“Hey Kar.” Alex smiles, looking up at her sister, before then letting out a chuckle, “I see you have a friend.”


Kara turns around and sees Krypto, still wagging his tail looking happy.

“Yeah.” Kara smiles, “I was actually just about to take him out, so he could go to the bathroom.”


“Oh right. That’s probably a good idea.” Alex nods.

“Yeah… So could you just stay here while I take him. I don’t want Keiran waking up alone, and not knowing where Krypto is.” Kara says.

“Krypto?!” Alex asks, wide-eyed, sounding shocked.


Kara lets out a laugh.

“Oh yeah…. when Keiran was in my office at the beginning of the week, she told me his name is Krypto…. She said she named him after… my home planet… But obviously she didn’t say that… she said Supergirl and Superman’s home planet… as she of course doesn’t know that I am Supergirl.” Kara nervously rambles.

It is now Alex’s turn to laugh.

“Kara, relax.” Alex chuckles, “It’s kind of weird you happen to find a homeless woman with a dog named after the planet you are from.”

“Yeah…” Kara says, a bit of nervousness in her voice. “Sooo…. can you just stay for a bit? While I take Krypto out?”


“Oh…. uhhh yeah… but please don’t be long…. I don’t mind staying… but I actually have a shift at the DEO today… So, I can probably only stay for another 10-15 minutes.” Alex says.

“Alex.” Kara says, “You realise I am technically your boss. You don’t have to work on the weekends, or at these awful morning hours. You already do so much, splitting your time as head of my security at El-Corp, and working at the DEO.”


Alex shakes her head.

“Technically, you are my bosses’ boss.” Alex replies.

“Alex.” Kara says, sounding frustrated.

“Kara, it’s fine. I’ve told you before. I am happy working for/with you, but I was working at the DEO before you bought the place. I don’t need my sister, the owner, to give me any benefits that the other agents don’t get.” Alex says.

“They wouldn’t be benefits because you are my sister. They would be benefits because you basically work full time at the DEO and part time as my head of security.” Kara says, “So I would just be giving you some DESEREVED, time off.”


“I’m fine Kara, honestly.” Alex says.


“You wouldn’t say that if you had a social life.” Kara mutters.

“Hey!! I do have a social life!” Alex protests.

“Oh really?” Kara smirks, eyebrow raised. “So, tell me, when was the last time you went on a date?”


“I uhhmm….. I just… I’m not interested in dating right now.” Alex says, sounding slightly flustered.

“Of course you’re not.” Kara smirks.

“You’re no better! You don’t have a social life either, or go on any dates!” Alex counters.

“I do have a social life. I make sure to spend time with you a few times a week, then I spend time with our friends occasionally each week too. That is on top of me being a busy CEO.” Kara counters, with a smirk on her face.

“You still don’t date.” Alex says back.


“You know that I just don’t think me dating anyone would be a good idea, Alex. There’s just…. too many differences…. I just… if I need to relieve some stress… I’ll find someone to share a bed with.” Kara says.


Alex scrunches up her face upon hearing Kara mention her sexual escapaids.

“Gross.” Alex groans, “Don’t you have to take Krypto out? The poor dog has been sitting by your feet patiently waiting for the last few minutes.”

“Oh… I totally forgot.” Kara says, looking down at Krypto and noticing him, as Alex said, sitting right by her feet, looking up at her. “Okay, come on boy, let’s go out.”


Kara and Krypto then begin to walk to the front door of Kara’s penthouse, with Kara slipping on her shoes.

“Kara, don’t you have a lead or something for him?” Alex asks.

“Uhhh…. Keiran didn’t have one.” Kara says, “But…. he’s smart… I’m sure he won’t run off… and if he does… it’s not like he can get away from me.”


“Didn’t you literally lose him last night?” Alex asks.

Kara blushes.

“That’s not the same thing!” Kara protests.


Alex chuckles.

“Sure, it’s not.” Alex smirks, “Anyway, I have only got 12 minutes now, so be quick.”

“Okay.” Kara nods, before then quickly exiting out her front door, Krypto following her closely behind.

A few minutes later, Kara is outside with Krypto, and decides to walk the dog over to the nearest grass area, only about a block away. Krypto for his part, is just following Kara closely. Kara really thinks that there is something special about this dog, it is like he is completely in sync with her, and knows what she is saying, and maybe thinking.


Meanwhile, back in Kara’s penthouse, Alex has been waiting for Kara to come back for the last 10 minutes. Alex is in the unfortunate position that even if Kara doesn’t come back within the next few minutes, she knows she won’t be able to leave, even if she wants to, for the sake of getting to the DEO on time, and not being late. Alex understands Kara’s perspective of not wanting Keiran to wake up and freak out if she finds herself alone in the penthouse. Alex knows that the homeless woman has obviously been through a lot, not only recently, with being stabbed and everything, but over the last few years, by the looks of things. Admittedly, it does cross Alex’s mind to try and find out more information about this woman, to see if she is someone that they should be worried about, and she could do that by using the DEO’s database. But Alex knows that if she does that, it will get back to Kara, and Kara will certainly not be happy with her for it. So, Alex decides that she has just got to hope that this homeless woman isn’t dangerous, or a risk to Kara, and that she and her dog will be out of Kara’s life as soon as possible.


A few more minutes pass by, and Alex hears a noise upstairs, and she thinks nothing of it for a moment. However, a few moments later, Alex hears another noise, like a loud bang, and Alex realises that it could be Keiran.

“Shit.” Alex mutters, really wishing Kara had come back.

Alex quickly makes her way upstairs, and then walks in the direction of where she heard the noise coming from, leading her to the guest bedroom where Keiran is staying. Once Alex arrives, she pokes her head inside, and she sees that Keiran is gone.

“Shit.” Alex says again, before then stepping inside the bedroom. “Hello? Keiran?”


Alex gets no answer, which causes her to worry. Alex is not only worried for the safety of the homeless woman, but because she knows that Kara will be pissed when she comes back and she has to tell her sister she somehow lost the homeless woman. Not to mention, Alex doesn’t think it would be good for her role as Kara’s head of security, if she somehow managed to lose a homeless woman from Kara’s penthouse.

Alex walks further into the room, and that is when she notices that a lamp, which was on a night stand, is smashed on the floor, by the side of the bed. Alex then looks around the room and sees the bathroom door is closed, and another noise is coming from inside.

“Hello? Keiran?” Alex asks, walking closer to the door.


Alex gets no response again.


After a few moments, Alex is about to open her mouth to speak, but the bathroom door then suddenly comes open, and Keiran has a metal shower head in her hand, holding it like a weapon. Keiran charges into Alex, knocking the unexpecting Danvers sister to the ground, and sending herself falling on top of her.

“AHHH!!” Keiran yells.

Alex goes wide-eyed, and then watches as Keiran raises the shower head high above her head, preparing to use it to hit Alex, hard. Alex reacts quickly, by grabbing Keiran’s arms with her hands, stopping the homeless woman from hitting her.

“Keiran!! I’m Kara’s sister!” Alex says, attempting to calm the homeless woman down.


“Lies!!! You’re here to bring me back!!! I won’t go back!! I won’t go back!!” Keiran yells.


“Keiran, I’m not going to hurt you.” Alex attempts.


“Then let go of my arms.” Keiran replies.

Alex thinks for a moment, really thinking that she doesn’t trust the woman, but at the end of the day, what else can she do? So, Alex lets go of Keiran arms. As a result of this, Keiran gets a confused look on her face for a moment, before it then turns into a smirk.

“I guess they are sending amateurs after me now.” Keiran smirks, before then swinging back to hit Alex over the head with the shower head.

Alex once more, goes wide-eyed, realising that she has screwed up in letting go of the homeless woman’s arms. Alex closes her eyes, preparing to be hit hard over the head, just waiting for the pain, or to hopefully fall into unconsciousness.

“Keiran stop!!” Kara suddenly yells, appearing at the door to Keiran’s bedroom, Krypto right behind her.

Keiran freezes in place, before looking over in the direction of Kara and Krypto. Krypto then slowly walks over to Keiran, slightly wagging his tail, before he meets her and then licks her hand. Keiran then lets out a gasp, dropping the shower head to the ground, harmlessly to the side of Alex, and then taking Krypto in for a hug.


“Krypto…. I thought I lost you…” Keiran sobs, holding Krypto tight.


Kara slowly walks over to Keiran, who is still on top of her sister. Alex for her part is just looking annoyed right now.

“Can you get off me?” Alex asks, sounding annoyed.

“Oh… I…. I’m sorry.” Keiran says, getting off of Alex as she speaks, wiping away her tears.


Once Keiran is off Alex, Kara reaches out her hand for Alex to grab, before then helping to pull her sister off the floor, and back onto her feet. After this, Kara takes a step closer to Keiran, who is still crouched down, stroking Krypto.

“I’m sorry you panicked if you thought Krypto wasn’t here.” Kara says, feeling bad that she caused this panic. “When I woke up, I looked into your room and saw you were still asleep. I then walked downstairs but Krypto followed me. I then thought that I should take him to go do his business.. So that is why he wasn’t here.”


“Oh…” Keiran says, “I…. I…. I’m sorry… I just….. he never usually leaves my side…. Not with anyone…. And never while I am asleep.”


Kara nods her head in understanding.


“What I want to know, is why do you have a shower head as a weapon?” Alex asks.

“Uhhh..” Keiran says, nervously, getting to her feet. “I…. I panicked…. And I wanted to arm myself…. I thought the bathroom would have something sharp…. but it didn’t so…. I broke the shower head off…. I…. I am sorry Miss Danvers…. I will find some way to pay you back.”

Kara smiles, caringly, at Keiran.

“Don’t worry about it Keiran. I can have it fixed. Your money is far more valuable to you, than mine is to me. I can easily pay for the repairs.” Kara smiles.

“No… I… I can’t let you do that… it’s…. it’s not right…. I broke it…. I should fix it..” Keiran says, awkwardly.


Kara sighs.

“How about we talk about it later. For now, you should probably get some more rest.” Kara smiles.

“Actually, we should probably check your stitches. You may have burst them by attacking me.” Alex says.

Keiran bites her lip, nervously, as she looks at Alex.

“I… I am so sorry.” Keiran says, innocently, looking down at the ground.


Alex for her part, really feels for this homeless woman now. Alex did have her reservations earlier, but now, she doesn’t think that someone so scared, and so loving of this dog, could really be dangerous to anyone.

Alex sighs.

“It’s okay. But if you are going to attack someone next time, we should probably work on your form.” Alex says, with a smirk.


Keiran looks up at Alex, shyly, before meeting her gaze, and seeing the red head’s smile, before then matching it and nodding her head.


“Okay, can I have a look at your stitches then, Keiran?” Kara asks.

“Uhhh… okay…” Keiran nods, nervously once more.

“Why don’t you sit on the bed, and just ride your shirt up so I can see the stitches?” Kara asks.

“Sure.” Keiran nods, before walking over to the bed and taking a seat, and then lifting up her shirt.

Both Kara and Alex have some close looks at the stitches, and thankfully, none of them are busted; Keiran was very lucky.


“Okay, it all looks fine. You were very lucky.” Alex says, “My sister must have done a very good job with the stitches if they didn’t break after you did that.”

Kara smiles at Alex.

“Thank you, Alex.” Kara smiles.


Alex’s phone buzzes, causing her to pull it out of her pocket.

“Well crap… now I really am going to be late.” Alex says, “I’m really sorry, but I have to go.”

“Okay.” Kara says, nodding her head. “I will see you later.”


“Okay. Bye Kara.” Alex smiles, “Bye Keiran.”

“Bye.” Keiran says, shyly, once more.


Once Alex leaves, Kara, Keiran and Krypto are left in the bedroom, alone, with the two women just looking at each other.


“Soooo…” Kara says, ending the slightly awkward silence, “I obviously want to ask you a few questions…. but I get you might not be comfortable with them…. or even trust me…. Sooo….. I’m not going to ask them.”


“What, really?” Keiran asks, wide-eyed, surprised.

“Yeah…. If you want to tell me what happened…. or more about you… then you can… and I will happily listen…. and then help you…. But it is up to you, IF, you want to do that. For now, I hope I can earn your trust.” Kara smiles.

“I…. I… uhhh…. Thank you..” Keiran says, astonished this woman who found her stabbed doesn’t want to know anything more about her, or at least, she isn’t insistent that she tell her more about her.


Kara nods her head.

“Anyway, like I said last night, you can stay as long as you like. I am happy to have you.” Kara smiles, “But for now, you should get some more rest.”

“I uhh… yeah… okay..” Keiran nods, feeling the pain in her side now. Keiran wasn’t feeling it before because she had adrenaline running through her in the middle of her panic, but now that panic has gone, so has the adrenaline, and therefore the pain has come back in full force.

Kara notices Keiran clutch her side.


“Ohh… are you in pain?” Kara asks.

Keiran thinks about lying, and denying it, as that would be her first instinct, but she doesn’t really see a point in doing that.

“Yeah..” Keiran replies, breathlessly, due to the pain.

“Okay… I will get you some pain killers, but you should probably eat something before you take them. So, would you like something to eat for breakfast?” Kara asks.

“Oh I… I don’t want to be any trouble.” Keiran replies, awkwardly.

“You won’t be trouble at all. I could either cook us some bacon, sausages and eggs, or some pancakes for breakfast?” Kara suggests, “What do you think?”

“Oh… they…. both sound nice…. I don’t mind either…. Whatever you prefer.” Keiran replies, awkwardly still.

“No, no, you are my guest, and I honestly can’t decide myself, I was hoping you’d choose for me.” Kara smiles, licking her lips.

Keiran is silent for a moment thinking, hoping this isn’t some kind of trick.


“Pancakes?” Keiran suggests, as if it is a question, just waiting for Kara to now berate her for making the wrong choice.

Kara, however, just smiles widely at Keiran upon hearing her choice of food.

“Great! I will get started on them right away!” Kara smiles, “You go lie back down in bed, and once I have cooked the pancakes, I will come back up and give them to you.”

“O… okay…. thank you.” Keiran replies, still a bit nervous.


Kara just smiles at Keiran and then walks towards the bedroom door, before then stopping and looking back behind her again.

“Oh, by the way.” Kara says, getting Keiran’s attention once more. “I’m going to order a few things to be delivered today. I was thinking as I don’t have any dog food, I would get some for Krypto, and then I’m also going to get a few other things. Is there anything you would like? Or you need?”


Keiran looks at Kara, nervously for a moment. A big part of Keiran wants to tell Kara not to get Krypto any food, because she feels bad about the CEO spending her money on her, even if she is a billionaire. However, Keiran wants Krypto to have the world, and everything he wants or needs, and over the last few years, she certainly hasn’t been able to provide him with that, so she is not going to argue with Kara when she is making this offer.

“Uhh… no… thank you..” Keiran replies.


Kara smiles at Keiran again, before then nodding her head and leaving the bedroom. Once Kara leaves, Keiran rests back down on the bed, with Krypto jumping up on the bed next to her, laying by her side.

“Hey boy.” Keiran smiles, stroking her dog. “Don’t worry, when I am healed enough, we will get out of here.”


Upon Keiran saying this, Krypto looks up at Keiran with his big puppy dog eyes and whines. Keiran for her part gets a confused look on her face, not understanding why Krypto is whining.

“What?” Keiran asks, confused, “Do you not want to leave?”


Krypto then wags his tail and licks Keiran’s hand, clearly giving her an answer. Keiran is very surprised at this. For all the years that she has had Krypto now, and been on the streets, Krypto has always been very protective over her. In fact, Krypto has protected her far more times than she has protected Krypto. However, as a result of Krypto’s protectiveness, he has always been very hesitant around other people, even Jack when he met him, briefly. But now, with Kara, Krypto really seems to like her, and he looks to be comfortable enough that he wants to stay here, at least for now.

“Hmm… well…. I’m not sure we can stay long…. but my wound should take a while to heal.” Keiran says.


In response to this, Krypto lets out a little happy bark.


Kara comes back upstairs, with the promised pain killers, and a tray full of pancakes on a few plates, as well as all sorts of different toppings. Kara didn’t ask Keiran if she wanted any toppings on her pancakes, so Kara just decided to go all out and bring them all up to Keiran for her to choose. Kara currently has maple syrup, raspberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream and plain old sugar.


Kara enters Keiran’s room and sees that the woman is, thankfully, laying back down on the bed, with Krypto at her side, nervously fiddling with her hands.


“Hey.” Kara smiles.

“Hi.” Keiran replies, nervous once more, still fiddling with her hands.

Kara shoots Keiran a confused look, and she then notices Keiran glance towards the ground, looking at the smashed lamp on the floor.


“Don’t worry about it.” Kara says.


“What?” Keiran asks, confused.

“The lamp, I can tell you are worried that you broke it, but don’t worry about it, I can buy a new one.” Kara smiles.

“But it…. it looks expensive…. And…. I don’t think I can afford…. to pay you back…” Keiran says, nervously once more.


Kara sighs, before then taking a seat on Keiran’s bed, by the woman’s feet.


“Keiran, listen. I understand you clearly feel like you have to pay me back for the things you’ve broken, and I really understand that feeling, but I promise you don’t. All I want, is for you to be okay. I don’t need you to give me money, or anything.” Kara smiles, trying to reassure the homeless woman.


Keiran is silent for a moment, while she looks at Kara, just studying her, as she really can’t figure her out. Keiran has been homeless for almost three years now, and she has never come across someone as kind as Kara, and as willing to help her out, so she just really doesn’t understand what Kara’s angle could be, as surely no one can be this kind.


“Anyway…” Kara says, with a cough, ending the silence, “I made you these, and got you a selection of toppings to choose from.”


Keiran looks at the tray of pancakes, with two towers, and her eye’s go wide. Keiran honestly hasn’t seen that much food in a while, it makes her stomach grumble. Even though Keiran knows she is very hungry, she knows she won’t eat everything here, it will be far too much for her.

“Is this all for me?” Keiran asks.


“Uhh… well… I’m just gonna steal a few on a separate plate, and go eat in my room.” Kara explains.


“Oh..” Keiran replies.


There is another silence between the two women, just while Keiran thinks. After a few moments, the silence is interrupted by Krypto pawing at Keiran’s leg. Keiran looks at Krypto, and thinks she can tell what her dog is saying, making her decision easy now.


“Uhhmmm… you could…. eat here with me…. if you like?” Keiran suggests, nervously.

Kara breaks out into a wide smile.

“I’d like that very much.” Kara replies.

“Good.” Keiran replies back, nodding her head, thinking for now it’s best to keep Kara close, just so she can’t secretly call someone to get in contact with her brother or something, as for now, Keiran still does not trust Kara, not yet.


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Chapter Text

Kara and Keiran happily sitting on the bed, eating their pancakes, which they are sharing between them. Kara is actually trying, very hard, not to just stuff her face like usual, and eat all the pancakes. Kara wants to specifically make sure that Keiran gets her fair share, as she is sure that Keiran likely hasn’t had a good meal in a long time, not that this is a good meal. Kara just really hopes that over the next few days, while Keiran hopefully stays with her, she can feed her some nice good and healthy meals, three times a day, as well as feeding Krypto too. Kara is pretty sure that the two don’t eat anywhere near as much as they should, seeing as they live on the streets, and likely don’t have much money to buy food.


“You can have more if you like.” Kara says, noticing Keiran has only had 3 pancakes, and has now stopped, even though she is still looking at the rest of the food with hunger written on her face.


“Are… are you sure?” Keiran asks, nervously.

“Of course I am. I made these for you Keiran, you can eat whatever you like, and however much you like.” Kara smiles.


“O…okay.” Keiran replies, nervously.


Keiran then grabs some more pancakes and tops them with some raspberries and whipped cream. While the two continue to eat, Krypto has just laid himself on the bed by the two women’s feet.


“Krypto.” Keiran says.

Krypto moves his head off the bed and looks up at Keiran.

“Here.” Keiran says, holding out a palm full of raspberries for Krypto to eat.


Krypto quickly stands up and very gently walks up the side of Keiran’s body, and then once more, gently, eats the fruit from Keiran’s palm.


“Good boy.” Keiran smiles once he has taken all the food from her palm, rubbing him behind his ears. “Did you like that?”


Krypto just wags his tail, happily, as he continues to chew on the raspberries.


“I’ve ordered him some food. So, he will be able to get a good proper healthy dog meal later today. I didn’t know what you usually feed him, so I just got the top rated natural healthy dog food.” Kara says.

“That… should be fine…. I…. I don’t usually give him the best food for a dog…. He usually only gets whatever he can scavage on the streets…. Or when we share some food, when I do come across some money.” Keiran says, sadly.


Kara gives Keiran a very sad look.


“Okay. I’m going to make sure that you both eat to your heart’s contents while you are here.” Kara says, “If you are ever hungry, or want anything, absolutely anything, you just let me know and I will get it for you.”


Keiran looks at Kara again, confusion on her face. Keiran really can’t understand why Kara is being so seemingly kind and supportive of her, she can’t figure the CEO out, and it is both worrying and infuriating.

“Why are you being like this? Is this some kind of trick or something?” Keiran asks.

Kara goes wide-eyed, not expecting that from Keiran.

“No… no… of course it isn’t…. You…. you are just…. not in a good place…. And…. I don’t know…. I just…. I feel some sort of connection between the three of us….. I already have a feeling of a connection with Krypto…. just because of how he interacted with me last night…. almost as if he knows what I am saying, and sometimes what I am thinking….. But as for you…. I don’t know…. it just… I feel like there is something special about you…..” Kara rambles, “Don’t get me wrong….. I have come across other homeless people…. and I certainly haven’t invited them into my office… or into my home…. like I have with you…. I just…. I don’t know…. it is hard to explain…. I just feel like there is something here….”


Keiran’s features soften upon hearing Kara ramble, deciding that no one can pretend to ramble like that, if they were being dishonest and just trying to trick her. However, a thought does cross Keiran’s mind that as Kara is doing all this, then there may be another motive that doesn’t involve her brother. A motive that a few people have had over the last few years of her being homeless, and it has never turned out well.


“You feel something?” Keiran asks, “You mean…. you are attracted to me?”

“No!” Kara quickly says, wide-eyed again. “That’s not what I was trying to say at all. I just…. oh Ra…. God…. I really am not good at this type of stuff…. My sister says I always find a way to put my foot in my mouth….. It’s just…. I don’t know…. I feel a connection… and I don’t mean in a romantic sense, or a I am attracted to you sense… that is not my intentions at all. I just…. I don’t know… I’m just going to shut up now.”


Keiran just studies Kara’s expressions on her face for a moment after hearing the second ramble. She begins to think that maybe Kara is actually being honest with her.


“So, you are not doing this because you find me attractive and want some form of sexual relationship with me, as a sort of payment?” Keiran asks, directly, just wanting to be sure, and see the answer that Kara gives.

“No!” Kara says, quickly, “I mean…. yes… I am attracted to you…. you are absolutely stunning…. But I am not doing this because of that. Nor do I intend to make any attempts to have a ‘sexual relationship’ with you.”


Keiran studies Kara once more, before then nodding her head.

“Okay… but… if you…. need something…. in exchange for… all this…. I could…. uhmm… please you…” Keiran says nervously, even though she really doesn’t want to have to do this. The unfortunate situation is that Keiran has learned over the last few years that to survive, and keep Krypto alive, she has had to use everything at her disposal, including her intelligence, her time, and her body.


“No!” Kara says, quickly, and nervously, once more. “I don’t want, or need, anything in exchange for this. That is not why I am doing this, and you owe me nothing, absolutely nothing.”

Keiran looks at Kara once again, before then sighing.

“Okay… I…. I’m sorry…. I…. I think you are being genuine…. I really hope you are at least.” Keiran says, “It’s just…. I haven’t had the best experience with people helping us… over the last few years.”


Kara gives Keiran a sad look, thinking it is truly awful that in however long Keiran and Krypto have been homeless, that the two of them haven’t had someone come along and help them, with no strings attached, like she is doing right now.


“Yeah…. I get it…. But…. I hope you will see I am not like that.” Kara replies, nodding her head.

Keiran just nods her head in response, and then gets back to eating the pancakes. Kara also continues to eat the pancakes, but as she does, she feels that the silence is a bit awkward. Kara really doesn’t know how to move the conversation on from that. In fact, Kara doesn’t even know what to have a conversation about with Keiran, as it is pretty clear that the homeless woman isn’t comfortable talking about her life, and why she is homeless, as least not yet, so Kara really doesn’t feel like she even has a starting point for a conversation. It’s not as if Kara can just ask her some basic conversation starter like, ‘Did you see x TV show or film last night?’, as Keiran is homeless, she obviously didn’t.

“Do you… want to watch some TV?” Kara asks, awkwardly, wanting to end the silence, pointing her head in the direction of the TV mounted to the wall.

“Uhhh….. yeah… okay.” Keiran nods.


“Great.” Kara smiles, getting up off the bed to grab the remote on the other side of the room. “What do you want to watch? A TV show, a movie, or something else?”


“Uhh… I don’t really know… can… we watch the news for a bit?” Keiran asks, nervously, thinking it might be best for her to get an update on what is going on in the world.

“Of course.” Kara smiles, before then turning the TV on and switching it to the news channel. “There we go.”

“Thank you.” Keiran replies.


“Well, are you finished with your breakfast now?” Kara asks, with a smile, stepping closer to Keiran on the bed.

“Uhhmmm…. Yeah…. thank you… it was…. very nice…” Keiran says, shyly.

“You’re very welcome. Now, is there anything specific you’d like for dinner? For lunch I was thinking we’d have something light, like a salad. But I’m not sure what you’d like to eat later this evening.” Kara asks.


“Oh… uhh… you don’t have to worry about me…. I’ll be fine.” Keiran says, once more just instinctively rejecting the offer of people giving her something, it is just a reflex with her at this point.

“Keiran,” Kara says, sincerely, “you don’t have to feel bad about me buying you food or anything. You have clearly had a tough time of things in recent…. well… however long you have been uhh….”


“Homeless.” Keiran says, finishing Kara’s sentence for her, recognising that the CEO doesn’t know what to call her situation by.


“Yeah…” Kara nods, “So as things have been difficult for you, just let me spoil you, and treat you like a wonderful human being, at least while you are staying with me. It doesn’t have to be permanent, if you decide you want to leave when you are better and move on…. that’s fine. But…. I’d really like to help you…. in whatever form you need me to…. But I know I will have to earn your trust… so for now… just let me get you whatever food you want.”


Keiran looks at Kara nervously, biting her lip as she does.


“I uhh… could…. we….. have carbonara pasta? If…. If that is okay with you? I…. I haven’t had it in…….. since before….. everything.” Keiran asks, nervously, once more expecting Kara to say no and chastise her for asking. Keiran however doesn’t feel this way because she gets that impression from Kara. Keiran feels this way because of the experiences she has had from other people over the last few years.


“Yes, of course we can.” Kara smiles, “I’m pretty sure I already have all the ingredients to make that anyway.”


“O… okay… but…. only if you are okay with it?” Keiran asks, still nervous, biting her lip.


“Keiran, I am more than okay with it. I’m actually looking forward to having it tonight, now.” Kara smiles.


“Oh…. that’s good.” Keiran nods, still a bit unsure.

Kara shoots Keiran another wide smile.

“Anyway, why don’t I take this stuff downstairs, and clear it away, while you just rest. I’ll come back up when I’m done.” Kara says.

“Okay.” Keiran nods, still a tad shy.

“Is there anything you’d like me to bring you?” Kara asks.

“Oh uhh…. Could I… if it’s not too much trouble…. have some water… to wash down the painkillers with?” Keiran asks.

Kara facepalms in disbelief that she forgot to bring them water with their breakfast.

“Oh R… god… I’m so sorry Keiran…. I was so excited to show you the arrangement of food I made for us…. that I totally forgot to actually get us something to wash it down with.” Kara says.

“That’s… that’s okay.” Keiran replies, nervously.


Kara nods her head.

“Are you sure you just want water? I have orange juice and apple juice as well, if you’d like?” Kara suggests.

“Uhhmmm for now could I just have some water, please?” Keiran asks.


“Of course you can.” Kara smiles, picking up the tray of remaining food and plates from the bed, “Let me just put this away, and I’ll be back with your water in a bit.”

Keiran nods her head and grabs the two painkiller tablets from the tray, keeping them in her hand. Kara then gives Keiran one more nod of her head, before then turning and leaving the bedroom, leaving Keiran and Krypto alone. As Kara exits the bedroom, and is out of sight of Keiran, she uses her powers to zoom downstairs, wanting to be as reasonably quick as possible.


Once Kara leaves the bedroom, Keiran focuses her attention on the news. Keiran watches as the various news reporters discuss the local weather, the geo-political climate across the world, what various celebrities are up to, Supergirl’s latest exploits, and even some news about Kara’s company El-Corp. Keiran actually watches on in fascination at the news about El-Corp, with the report being about how the company is undertaking a new project to make sure the hospitals across National City are actually equipped to treat aliens, as well as their doctors having the knowledge to treat aliens. Kerian can’t help but smile at the news, which clearly shows that Kara is a wonderful person, and just wants to help all sort of people in general, not just her, some homeless woman and her dog that she has found on the street. It honestly gives Keiran a lot of comfort, as it makes it seem less likely that Kara is helping her because she has an ulterior motive, or works for/with her brother, like so many other people over the last few years have, who have ‘helped’ her.


Keiran happily watches the news for a few more minutes, before suddenly the report changes to one about Lex Luthor and Luthor Corp. The report discusses how the ‘beloved’ Lex Luthor is currently working on a project that is reported to mean the end of all future conflicts. It of course sounds like a nice thing, but now that Keiran knows her brother for who he truly is, she knows that it will be something horrific and vile. Frankly, at this point Keiran wouldn’t be surprised if Lex developed some sort of weapon to be used in wars, and then he would happily sell it to the US and the US’s enemies, just so he could make even more money. Seeing reports on her brother just causes Keiran to begin to panic, as she thinks more about how her brother and mother are still hunting her to this day. Keiran begins to feel like she can’t breathe, and that the walls closing in on her.


Meanwhile, Kara is downstairs, and she has finished clearing away all the plates and food, using her superpowers to do it all very quickly. Kara is just now filling up a glass with some fresh water for Keiran, when suddenly her super hearing picks up that Keiran’s heartrate has suddenly gone very erratic. Kara, almost immediately, uses her powers to fly upstairs towards Kerian’s room. Kara of course does think about just flying in, wanting to be there to help Kerian as quickly as possible, but she ultimately doesn’t think that is a good idea. Kara thinks that firstly, if she were to just zoom in, it would give away her secret identity, or at least give Keiran some questions, and then even if Keiran didn’t notice her quickly entering the room, she might still have questions about how Kara realised something was wrong. Then secondly, and more importantly to Kara, Kara doesn’t think that zooming into the bedroom would be a good idea, because it might scare Keiran, and maybe do more damage than whatever is currently happening. So, Kara ultimately just stops right outside the doorway to the bedroom, and then walks inside, with water in hand.


As soon as Kara walks inside the bedroom, she sees that Keiran is clutching her chest, gasping for breath, eyes-wide. Krypto for his part is just licking Keiran’s hands, obviously trying to comfort her.


“Keiran!” Kara says, panicked, running over to the woman.


Kara watches how Keiran doesn’t even seem to recognise that Kara is there by her side, or that Krypto is licking her hands. Of course, Kara’s first instinct is to worry that maybe when she and Alex were working on Keiran last night they missed that the stab wound damaged her lungs or something. So, Kara does a quick x-ray of Keiran’s body, but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.


“Keiran… what.. is wrong?” Kara asks, very worried.

This time, upon Kara asking this, Keiran looks in the direction of Kara, but she doesn’t seem to even look at her. Kara feels it is almost as if Keiran is looking right through her, as if she is disconnected from the world. That is when it hits Kara, Keiran is having a panic attack.


Kara places the glass of water down on the bedside table, before then taking a seat next to Keiran on the edge of the bed, taking Keiran’s hands in her own.


“Keiran…. If you can hear me…. I want you to tell me something you can feel.” Kara asks.


Keiran tongues to breathe heavily for a few more moments, and Kara eventually gives Keiran’s hands a little gentle, caring, squeeze.

“H… h… hands….” Keiran eventually says.


“Good.” Kara nods, “Now, tell me something you can hear.”


Keiran hesitates for a moment, still breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath.

“T… V…” Keiran says, after a few more moments.

“Excellent, you are doing really well.” Kara smiles, “Now, something you can smell.”


“You…” Keiran replies, this time more quickly, her breathing beginning to settle a bit.

Kara wants to blush upon hearing Keiran say that, but she thinks that if Keiran sees her blush it would probably be the absolute opposite of helpful.


“Okay.” Kara smiles, nodding her head, “Now finally, something you can see.”

Keiran takes a few more moments, before her gaze then looks at Krypto, who is looking up at his owner, clearly worried.

“Krypto…. I …. I can see Krypto..” Keiran says.


“That’s amazing.” Kara smiles.


Kara then sits with Keiran, still holding her hands, for a few more moments. Keiran’s breathing slowly begins to level out, before then returning to somewhat of a normal rate, after about 3 more minutes. Kara then checks Keiran’s heartbeat, and is happy that, while it is still beating fast, it is beating at a much slower rate than a few minutes prior. The two women then sit there in silence for a few more minutes, with Kara just wanting to give Keiran all the time she needs to recover. However, eventually, Keiran burst into tears.

“I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry.” Keiran sobs.


“Oh Keiran… please don’t cry.” Kara says, caringly, her own heart hurting seeing Keiran’s tears.


“It’s my fault… this is my fault…” Keiran sobs.


Kara of course wants to ask Keiran ‘What is your fault?’, but she has promised she won’t be like that. So, Kara realises the only real thing she can do to help Keiran right now, is be here for her, and maybe give her a hug, to give her some connection with someone. However, as Kara knows that Keiran just had a panic attack, she doesn’t think it would be a good idea to hug Keiran without asking first.


“Keiran, can I hug you?” Kara asks.


“Yes.” Keiran says, quickly, sound as if she desperately wants a hug.


Kara quickly wraps her arms around Keiran, holding her tight, and Keiran does the same to Kara, burying her face into the CEO’s shoulder.


“Please…. don’t let them find me…. I need to…. keep Krypto safe….” Keiran sobs.


Kara clearly recognises that Kerian is obviously still not in her right mind, all this obviously is an emotional fallout from her panic attack.


“Shh… it’s okay… you are safe here…. you are safe with me…. I promise… no one is going to hurt you… or Krypto while you are with me…. you are both safe.” Kara says, soothingly.


Keiran continues to whimper and cry for a few more minutes, before her cries at quieter and quieter, all while she continues to hold Kara tightly. Kara does think that maybe Keiran has cried herself out, and is now feeling better, but she then feels Keiran go a bit limp in her arms, signalling to Kara that the homeless woman has fallen asleep.


Kara then slowly, carefully, and gently, places Keiran back down on the bed, putting her into a laying position. Kara then grabs the TV remote which is on the bed, and turns of the TV, just wanting Keiran to sleep for now. After that, Kara returns her gaze to Keiran, and she looks on at her, feeling so bad for the homeless woman. Clearly Keiran has really been through something dramatic, horrific, and terrifying, and no one as nice as her deserves that. All of this just affirms in Kara’s mind that no matter what, she is going to help Keiran. Of course, Kara isn’t going to force Keiran to stay with her, if she doesn’t want to, so the first step is going to be for Kara to convince Keiran that she should stay with her, and that she is safe here. Kara just wants to protect both Keiran and Krypto from whatever dangers they are facing, as no one is going to hurt either of them on her watch.


After a few more minutes, Kara makes a move to get up off the bed, deciding that, for now, she is just going to leave Keiran to rest, and get some needed sleep. However, as soon as Kara stands up, she feels Keiran grab hold of one of her wrists.


“Don’t go.” Keiran says, clearly half asleep.


Kara looks at Keiran once more, feeling so bad for the woman.


“Okay.” Kara says, before then moving onto the other side of the bed next to Keiran, where she was sitting previously while they ate their breakfast.

Once Kara lays down on the bed, next to Keiran, Keiran reaches out and grabs Kara’s hand, holding it tightly. Kara just let’s Keiran do this, feeling touched that Keiran hopefully feels some sort of comfort holding her hand.

“You go to sleep… I won’t leave your side… you are safe with me.” Kara says, gently.

“Hmm… kay..” Keiran sleepily hums.


Kara then watches Keiran, all while still holding her hand, and listening to her heartbeat at the same time. This time, it only takes Keiran about 10 seconds for her to fall asleep, Kara recognising this from the woman’s slowing heartrate. Now that Keiran is asleep, Kara decides that seeing as there is no way in hell that she is going to leave Keiran’s side, and she doesn’t have her phone or laptop with her, she has nothing to do, so she might as well take a nap as well. So, Kara closes her eyes, all while still holding Keiran’s hand, and she soon falls asleep too.


Later on in the day, once Keiran woke up from her nap, she awkwardly smiled still seeing Kara next to her, apologising for what happened earlier, and obviously feeling awkward about everything. Kara for her part told Keiran not to worry about it, and she was more than happy to comfort her, and just be there for the woman. Keiran then just hesitantly nodded her head, and after a moments silence, the two began to talk. The two didn’t talk about anything in regards to Keiran’s personal life, instead, they just talked about Kara’s work at El-Corp, with Keiran asking questions about what she saw on the news. Kara, just happy to have something to talk to Keiran about, eagerly began discussing the project, and then a bunch of various other projects that she is currently working on. As Kara explained things, Keiran asked her a few questions here and there, will also making comments with some very intelligent insight. Upon hearing these comments and questions, Kara realised that Keiran is obviously a very smart, and very well-educated, woman. Finding this out just made Kara worry even more for Keiran, as someone as intelligent as her should not be homeless, unless they were in danger. But Kara once more keeps to her word, not wanting to press Keiran further until the woman is ready to open up to her.


The two women then continued about their days after that conversation came to an end, with Kara clearing up the broken lamp in Keiran’s room from earlier, with Keiran once more apologising. After this, Kara and Keiran then had a light salad for lunch, with Kara putting on a film on the TV in Keiran’s room as they ate. Even after the two finished eating, they just watched the film, and then another, together, with Keiran clearly no longer being awkward about Kara’s presence.

Once dinner time arrived, Kara asked Keiran for permission to take Krypto out, so he could do his business, which Keiran agreed to. Kara then quickly, took Krypto out to the nearest park, not wanting to leave the homeless woman alone for long, just in case another panic attack or something was triggered. Once Kara returned, she was happy to see that Keiran was still laying on her bed, watching something on TV once more.


After this, Kara began preparing their pasta carbonara for dinner, with her then asking if Keiran would like her to carry her downstairs, so they could move out of the bedroom, and eat in Kara’s living room downstairs. At first Keiran was reluctant to agree, claiming she could walk downstairs on her own, but Kara was very insistent, so she ultimately gave in. The two then went downstairs and had a nice dinner, which Keiran very much enjoyed, not having eaten the dish in years, savouring every single bite.


Presently, Kara is clearing away the dishes, all while Keiran remains seated in the living room area, and there is then a buzz on Kara’s penthouse intercom, coming from the front desk downstairs. As soon as the buzzing noise goes off, Kara notices Keiran flinch, clearly worried.

“Don’t worry.” Kara smiles, caringly, “It is just the front desk downstairs, alerting me that they want to speak to me. My delivery from earlier is probably here.”


“Oh…” Keiran replies, her heartrate getting back under control upon hearing the explanation.


Kara then walks over to the intercom and speaks to the front desk, with them confirming that a delivery person is here, which Kara tells them to send up. Kara then waits a couple of minutes for the delivery person to arrive, and once he does, Kara thanks the man, tipping him with a $100 bill, which he thanks Kara for, profusely.


Once Kara closes the door behind her, with the parcel in her hand, she walks over to Keiran, a smile on her face, taking a seat on the couch next to the homeless woman.


“So, I actually got you and Krypto a few things.” Kara smiles, as she begins to open up the package, tearing it with her hands instead of getting a pair of scissors.


“Oh…. you didn’t have to.” Keiran replies, awkwardly.

“I know, but I wanted to.” Kara smiles.

Keiran nods her head hesitantly, and then watches Kara tear open the package, kind of amazed by the blonde shear strength with her hands.

“Wow…. you have…. strong hands…” Keiran comments, kind of in awe.


“Oh… uhhh thanks….” Kara replies, chastising herself internally for not thinking that most normal humans can’t tear parcels open so easily like this. Kara makes a note in her brain to grab her red sun lamp bracelet in her private lab upstairs later, so she can wear it, and stop herself from accidently using her powers and revealing herself to Keiran. Of course, Kara doesn’t really know Keiran, so she doesn’t want to reveal to her she is Supergirl, but the bigger reason is, Kara knows that Keiran is skittish, so she doesn’t want to scare her away if she just accidently stumbles upon Kara using her powers and is then frightened by them, or her.


Kara finishes opening the parcel, before then pulling out some of the contents.

“Okay.” Kara smiles, “So I got a few things. Firstly, like I said earlier, I got the best rated healthy dog food for Krypto. Then I also got you a phone, which I have pre-paid for.”

“Oh… you…. you didn’t have to do that.” Keiran replies.

“I know… but…. I want you to have a phone…. so you can contact me… if you need to…. not only if you do decide to….. go back on the streets…. which I don’t want by the way…. but also if we are separated when I have to go to work or something.” Kara explains.

“I uhh….” Keiran replies, unsure.


“Don’t worry, the phone is in my name, and it is untraceable. No one other than me will know the number.” Kara says, hoping to alleviate any worries Keiran may have.

“Okay… thank you.” Keiran nods, taking the phone from Kara.

“You’re welcome.” Kara smiles, “But that is not all I got. I also got Krypto a lead, which you can attach to his collar, so we don’t have to worry about him running off.”


“Oh… yeah… I just…. I never have been able to get him one…. But… he has always generally been good…. and stayed by my side…” Keiran replies.


“Yeah… he has been good when I have taken him outside today as well…. But it can’t hurt.” Kara smiles.

“Yeah..” Keiran nods.


“Then lastly, I can tell that you dye your hair blonde, as I can see your roots, so I got you some blonde hair dye, which I can help you with later, or tomorrow, if you would like.” Kara explains, smiling.

“Oh…” Keiran says, a wave of emotions hitting her at how thoughtful Kara is. Keiran just feels that Kara really cares for her, having notices all these little things about her, but still not pushing her to explain them. Keiran thinks she can trust Kara.


“I hope I got the right shade. If I didn’t, I can always order another one.” Kara smiles again.

“I….. I… thank you..” Keiran nods, overwhelmed.

“You’re welcome.” Kara smiles.


Keiran is silent for a moment, just as she looks at Kara.


“I… I’m homeless….. to protect Krypto…” Keiran explains, now finally trusting Kara enough to at least give the CEO some explanation, even if she doesn’t tell her everything, or reveal her true name. Keiran just thinks she can at least trust Kara this much.


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Chapter Text

“What?!” Kara asks, looking at Keiran, surprised.


“I’m homeless…. to protect Krypto… the… the people who I took him from…. they… they are very powerful…. and…. they have been looking for me ever since…..” Keiran explains.

“So you….. you stole their dog?” Kara asks, confused.

Keiran goes wide-eyed, realising she hasn’t explained the full context of the situation, as right now she has come off as someone who just stole a powerful person’s dog.

“No! I saved him.” Keiran quickly clarifies, “The people…. they…. they were doing experiments on him….. they… they’d already killed over 200 other dogs….. I just…. I had to save him.”


Kara looks at Keiran for a moment, just looking at the homeless woman to see if she can figure out if she is lying or not. Ultimately, Kara sees nothing in Keiran’s face, or any signs from her heartbeat, to suggest she is lying, so she decides she believes her.


“Okay…” Kara nods, “So…. what… what do you plan to do? You can’t just keep living on the streets forever, for both you, and Krypto’s sake.”

Upon hearing these words from Kara, Keiran gets a sad look on her face. Throughout Keiran and Krypto’s homelessness over the last few years, she has never actually considered the possibility that being homeless is not good for Krypto. Keiran’s thought has just always been to keep Krypto safe, and do whatever she can to protect him, by keeping him away from her brother and mother. Frankly, Keiran has never had any options other than to remain homeless with Krypto, doing anything else is dangerous, the last few years proved that.


Flashback to two and a half years ago.


Lena and Krypto have now made their way out of Metropolis and have taken several busses to arrive in Boston. Lena purposely didn’t get a bus directly to Boston, as she knew that her brother and mother could have people following her, or somehow tracking her movements, so the best way to throw them off the trail was to get several different buses. Ultimately, this strategy meant that a usual 4-hour bus ride from Metropolis to Boston, lead to 60 hours on busses, with Lena and Krypto going all the way down to Washington DC, before then getting another bus to Pittsburgh, then one to Buffalo, before then finally getting one to Boston. This was already on top of the fact that Lena and Krypto couldn’t just hop on any buss they wanted which was going to their destination, as not all of them allowed dogs onboard.


Lena and Krypto have now arrived in Boston however, and Lena is absolutely exhausted. Honestly, Lena has been so panicked over the last 2 and a half days that she hasn’t even had a chance to form any sort of plan as to what she will do next, for both her and Krypto. All Lena knows is that currently she has a total of $345 to her name, to keep her and Krypto alive. While Lena was in DC, she attempted to access a few of her debit cards, but the accounts had all been either drained, or her access was denied. Lena knew that her brother and mother were the reason for it, trying to cut off her resources. All Lena knows thus far, is she has come to Boston because the only other person she can trust right now is Jack, and she needs his help, to get Krypto’s powers under control.


As Lena and Krypto make their way across the city, towards Jack’s small house, Lena really doesn’t know the reception she will get from him. The last time Lena saw Jack was several months ago, just after graduation where she told him she was moving to Metropolis to help her brother with a project at Luthor Corp. This conversation of course resulted in their break up, and Lena hasn’t talked to Jack since. Lena does kind of find it a bit funny, as Jack was right. Jack told her that she shouldn’t go back to her family’s business, as she would experience nothing but heartache, and he was so right on that count. Although admittedly, Lena also knows that Jack was wrong, because even though he was right about the heartache, Lena doesn’t regret going back to her family, and working at Luthor Corp, as it led to her meeting Krypto, and now hopefully saving him. Lena rescuing Krypto just makes everything that she has gone through over the last few months worth it.


About 30 minutes after the bus arrived in Boston, Lena and Krypto are at Jack’s front door to his home. The house itself isn’t too big, it has a small garage and 2 bedrooms, and a tiny little back yard. In fact, Jack was only able to buy the house during their time in college due to a grant he was given, allowing him to get a mortgage for the property. It was sold for cheap because it was very run down when he first got it, but Jack spent the next few years working on the house in his free time, and making it into a real home, living in his apartment as he did. Jack even mentioned to Lena how he wanted the house to be their home in the future, the one where they would have their first kid together, before they finally needed to get a bigger place. It makes Lena sad thinking about what could have been, but she can’t dwell on those possibilities now. Lena’s primary object in life right now is to protect Krypto no matter what, she just really hopes Jack will help her.


Lena takes a deep breath before then ringing the doorbell. After she does this, Lena nervously waits, fiddling with her hands anxiously. Krypto for his part obviously notices Lena’s demeanour, as he quickly moves closer to her and begins brushing himself against her legs, as if he is trying to soothe her. As a result of this, Lena looks down at the dog and smiles. The door then opens.


“Hello I….. Le… Lena?” Jack asks, surprised.


Lena looks up at Jack, a nervous look on her face.

“Hello Jack… I…. I need your help.” Lena says, nervously, waiting for Jack to say ‘no’ and slam the door in her face, as he would have every right to do.


Jack, for his part, just looks at Lena for a moment, studying her face, before he then looks at Krypto.

“Come in.” Jack says, opening the door wider, allowing Lena and Krypto to enter his home.


Lena nods her head and gestures for Krypto to follow her inside, which he does. Once the two are inside, Jack gestures for them to follow him towards his living room area.


“Please, sit down.” Jack says, politely.


“Thank you… Jack.” Lena replies, nervously.


“Can I get you or… uhhh…” Jack trails off.

“Krypto.” Lena says.

“Krypto? Hmmm interesting name.” Jack smirks, “Anyway, can I get you or Krypto anything?”


“Uhh… could you get Krypto a bowl of water please…. and any food you have… he hasn’t eaten much over the last few days….” Lena says.

“And what about you?” Jack asks.


“I’m fine.” Lena replies, lying.


Jack looks at Lena and shakes his head a little, knowing his ex-girlfriend far too well.

“Lena, I know you are lying. I’m guessing if Krypto here hasn’t eaten much in the last few days, then neither have you, as I know you’d certainly give him food to eat before eating yourself. You are caring like that.” Jack smiles.


“I uhh….” Lena stammers.


Jack raises his hand, gesturing for Lena to stop talking.


“I’ll cook us both a nice meal. I was going to have chicken risotto for dinner, and there is certainly enough for two people. We’ll just have dinner a little earlier than I planned.” Jack smiles.

“Jack I…” Lena says, not sure what to say to her ex-boyfriend’s kindness.


“You don’t have to say anything, Lena.” Jack says, cutting Lena off. “I can tell that something is wrong. I doubt you would have come to me, with a dog, and looking…. like how you do….. if you were not in trouble, or had other options. You can tell me all about it later. But for now, let me feed the two of you.”


“O…okay.” Lena nods, hesitantly.

“Excellent.” Jack smiles, before then looking at Krypto. “Hello, Krypto, my name is Jack Spheer, I am a friend of Lena’s. Would you like to come with me and have some food? I believe I have some leftover cooked chicken from last night, that you will certainly find delicious.”


Krypto looks at Jack, and watches him approach and come closer as he speaks, and then growls. This causes Jack to flinch and move a few paces back.

“I’m sorry.” Lena says to Jack, “He is nervous around new people, especially people who come close to him.”

“Oh no, I should apologise.” Jack says, “I should have realised that approaching him like that was not a good idea.”


Lena turns to look at Krypto, and gently begins stroking him, trying to soothe him and make him more comfortable.

“Krypto, this is Jack, he was my… is my……” Lena begins, and then sighs in frustration at not being able to figure out what to refer to Jack as, “You can trust him, I do. So, why don’t you go with him and have some food and water. I’ll stay right here.”


Krypto looks at Lena, as if he can actually tell exactly what she is saying, and then licks her hand, wagging his tail. After this, Krypto turns to look at Jack, and approaches him, before then walking past him, heading in the direction of the kitchen, clearly Krypto can already smell the food.

“Wow… that was…. almost as if he understood you… completely…” Jack says, amazed.

“He’s a special dog…. even before….” Lena says, trailing off, “I’ll explain later.”


“Right.” Jack nods, “You just rest there for now. I’ll feed Krypto and make us all some dinner. It’ll be ready in about 45 minutes, so until then, you just relax.”


“Okay.” Lena says, nodding her head.

Jack smiles at Lena, before then turning around and heading towards his kitchen. Once Jack is gone, Lena lies back on the couch, closing her eyes, and deciding to get a few moments of sleep before dinner, as she is utterly exhausted, both physically, and emotionally.

About an hour later, Lena is woken up from her nap by Jack, and they then both eat the dinner that Jack has prepared for them both. Lena for her part quickly eats down the meal, enjoying the taste, and savouring every bite. As Lena really hasn’t eaten much over the last few days, she is very pleased at the result of actually getting to eat something nice and filling.


Jack and Lena continue to eat their dinner, not really having a conversation, as honestly, they don’t really know what to talk about, without talking about the obvious. However, both Lena and Jack have made a silent agreement that they will talk about the situation that Lena is in after dinner, so for now, Lena can just enjoy her meal. During the meal, Krypto has just laid himself down by Lena’s feet, clearly looking a bit happier now that Jack has given him some chicken, not that he didn’t look happy before, even in the middle of the experiments being done on him, Krypto is amazing in that regard, always looking happy.


Eventually, the time passes and Lena and Jack finish their dinner, with Jack then insisting he can clean up on his own, allowing Lena to sit down on Jack’s couch once more, and nervously await Jack to come back into the room so they can talk. Krypto obviously notices Lena’s nervousness, so he jumps onto the couch and rests his head on Lena’s lap. The gesture from Krypto actually is pretty effective on Lena, as in response she just smiles down at the dog and begins stroking him, her worries about the upcoming talk with Jack falling to the back of her mind.

“Okay. I’m done.” Jack says with a smile, as he enters the living room once more, taking a seat in a chair across from Lena.


“Right.” Lena nods, her nerves now returning.


Upon seeing Lena’s nervous look, Jack gives Lena a reassuring smile.


“Lena, you can talk to me, let me help you. I know that with everything that happened between us…. how things ended…. things may be a little uncomfortable for you…. but I still care about you Lena…. even if we are not together anymore.” Jack says.


Lena looks at Jack for a moment, just trying to get her nerves under control. She then takes a deep breath, before then releasing it out of her nose.

“Okay… but…. please…. don’t stop me… and ask me questions…. wait until I am finished…. please.” Lena says, knowing that if Jack stops her to ask questions in the middle of her explanation of events, she may lose her nerve and not tell Jack everything, or just miss something out from her story.


“Of course, go ahead.” Jack nods, with a caring smile.

“Right.” Lena says, and then pauses for a moment, “So…. after I left Boston…. I went to Metropolis like you know, to work for my brother at Luthor Corp. Lex didn’t really tell me what I would be working on before I arrived, he just told me that it was a big project that was very important for the future of the company, and if it failed, then Luthor Corp would be in financial trouble.”


Jack nods his head, already knowing most of this from when Lena broke up with him.


“Anyway, when I arrived in Metropolis, I met Lex in his office and he explained to me that I would be working on part of his project where I would be using my bio-engineering knowledge to attempt to combine two sets of DNA together. However, the purpose of the experiment wasn’t to just mix the DNA together to create whatever hybrid DNA the mixture produced. The experiment’s goal was to mix the two DNAs together by taking all the ‘strong’ aspects from one DNA and putting it into the other DNA. This was of course a very complicated process, and I had many questions about it, which Lex was not very forthcoming on. Even when I asked what the two DNAs were, he refused to say, just claiming that I would work better without having to concern myself with the genetic knowledge of the two DNAs. I hated this. I hated not knowing, but Lex had made promises that after I had completed the project, or worked at Luthor Corp for the agreed upon amount of time, that he would give me several benefits which would then help me to go on and create my own company.” Lena explains.


Jack nods his head, still listening. Jack has never said anything to Lena, but he has always got a bad feeling about Lex, whenever he has met him, he has felt tingles at the back of his neck. But of course, Jack never said anything to Lena, because Jack just wanted to be a good boyfriend, and he knew how much Lena admired Lex.


“Anyway, I worked on the project, and I complete a few successful combinations over the months I worked there. This all went on until a few months ago, when I was working in my lab, and I had successfully completed yet another DNA sequence. I was very excited, so I went to tell Lex, finding out that he was still in his own private lab, which I had never been in at this point. I then worked my way over to Lex’s private lab, but as I approached, I saw Lex and Lillian walk out of the lab, which I thought was weird, seeing as Lex had previously told me he doesn’t allow anyone other than himself inside. So, I ducked into a room to avoid Lex and Lillian seeing me, as I just didn’t want to be in Lillian’s presence. But then, as they walked past me, I heard them talking, and what they were discussing didn’t sound good, and it had me very worried, and concerned. So, I waited until my brother and mother were gone, and then I went to Lex’s lab and broke in, wanting to see what was inside. I explored the lab, and there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, until I reached the back of the lab. At the very back of the lab I find these small drawer filing cabinets, and when I opened them, I saw they were filled with ashes. I was absolutely horrified, and I began checking all of the drawers, finding out that over 200 of them were filled with ashes.” Lena says.

“Oh my.” Jack says, shocked.


“This was then made worse when I heard a whimper. I figured out that it was coming from a door just to the left of the ashes in those drawers. I opened the door, and that is when I was horrified even more, and finally put everything together. Inside that small room, I saw two cages, both with dogs in. One of the dogs was dead, while the other, was Krypto. This is when I realised that the experiments Lex had been doing, had been trying to put other DNA into dogs, which had been killing them, and that is where the ashes came from. I felt sick realising this, as I knew I was a part of it, even if only unknowingly. I was absolutely devastated for what had happened, and what was going on, and the news that my brother is not the man I thought he was. But after I calmed down, I just knew that the least I could do is save Krypto. So, I came up with a plan. I couldn’t break the lock of the cage Krypto was in, and I knew that even if I did, everyone in Luthor Corp would notice me walking out with a dog, which would obviously get back to Lex. So, I decided I would gather evidence, taking photos and videos, while also collecting some samples of the ashes and taking it to the police. My plan was that they would see all the evidence and then have to do something, resulting in Krypto being saved, although at the time Krypto was just referred to as subject #225.” Lena says, and then pauses.

“Okay, what happened next.” Jack asks, a very bad feeling in his gut.


“Next… I… I went to the police station…. and…. I presented my evidence to an office… who took me into a private room…. He then took all my evidence… and my phone…. claiming he was going to process it….. A while later he came back into the room… and asked me a few more questions…. along with another officer…. But then…. after I had answered some questions…. they chloroformed me.” Lena says, “When I woke up, I was in Lex’s lab, and Lillian and Lex were both standing there. Lex then completely changed his demeanour towards me. He explained how he had the police in his pocket, and he had now set me up so I would take the fall for his experiment’s crimes. He went on to explain that the whole purpose of the experiments was to combine Superman’s Kryptonian DNA into a dog, so Lex could use an unsuspecting dog as a weapon on Superman, to kill him. Lex claims that Superman is a threat to our planet, and he needs to be taken out. I plain out refused to continue to work for Lex on this experiment, even if it meant me going to jail, but Lex and Lillian then went to inject Krypto with the DNA combination that I had made, and this is when I gave in. I told them I would work for them, as long as they let me work on a better way to do this, so more dogs don’t have to die. This satisfied Lex, so he agreed. After this, my life was a living misery for the next month or so. I was under 24/7 surveillance by Lex’s assistant, Eve Teschmacher, who literally always kept an eye me while we were not at Luthor Corp, even going as far as to sleep in the same bed as me, and watch me in the shower, just to make sure I didn’t try and do anything. However, just under a week ago, I was in Lex’s lab, and I injected Krypto with another DNA sequence which I had worked on, hoping not to kill him, and thankfully it didn’t. However, the injection also didn’t seem to give Krypto powers, which made Lex very angry. Lex took his anger out on me, beating me, along with Lillian. As Lex was doing this, Krypto was barking in his cage the whole time, barking more and more as Lex beat me, and even broke my arm. Eventually, Krypto got free, and the next thing I know, he is on Lex, mauling him. Lillian then tried to get Krypto off, but he quickly turned to her, and flung her across the room, knocking her unconscious. By this point Lex had regained his compose and grabbed a gun and fired at Krypto, but nothing happened, the bullets just bounced off of him. Krypto then went over to Lex and mauled him again. I eventually had to stop Krypto, and I made sure that Lex was still alive, not wanting Krypto to be a killer. After that, I knew that was my opportunity to escape, so I made a makeshift splint, and prepared to leave the lab. As I was leaving, Lex threatened to hunt us down, before then falling unconscious again. This is when I gave Krypto his name, and we escaped from Luthor Corp, thanks mostly to Krypto’s powers… like Superman.. After that… we went back to my apartment, and got a few things, and some limited money, and then got on several buses, ending up here in Boston.”


Jack just looks at Lena stunned, taking in the story that Lena has just told him.

“I know it’s a lot.” Lena says, noticing Jack’s shocked look.


“It is… it’s…. wow….” Jack says, and then pauses, “I am so sorry Lena. I am so sorry this happened to you…. and to all of those dogs.”


“Th… thank you.” Lena nods, not knowing what else to say.


“But you are here now…. We can… we can work something out…. I can protect you… from Lex and Lillian…. and… we can expose them… to the world.” Jack says, gaining more confidence.

“No!” Lena quickly says.

“No?” Jack replies, confused.

“We can’t do that…. Lex and Lillian…. they have bought off soo many police officers already…. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same to officers here in Boston… just simply for when I lived here while at university.” Lena explains, “And…. I can’t put you in danger like that Jack… I just… I need your help…. making something…. to dampen Krypto’s powers…. A collar maybe…. I can’t have him just randomly using his powers while I have him.”

“Lena…” Jack says, in a certain tone.


“Jack, please, just do this for me… If you can’t… we will go…. right now…” Lena says, nervously.

Jack sighs.

“Okay, I’ll help you, but not tonight. For now, you and Krypto should get some rest. We can begin to work on the collar in the morning.” Jack says.

“Yeah… okay.” Lena nods, relieved Jack has agreed to help her without putting up too much of an argument for her to stay longer.


Over the next couple of days, Jack and Lena work in Jack’s garage, attempting to find out a way create some sort of collar for Krypto that will dampen his powers without hurting him. Obviously both Lena and Jack are aware that one way to take away Superman’s powers is to use Kryptonite, but they also know that hurts him, and therefore would likely hurt Krypto, so that is off the table. Frankly, with their limited resources and finances, it is unlikely they could even get their hands on kryptonite anyway. So, Lena and Jack then move on, attempting other methods, with no success. However, eventually the duo has a breakthrough when they realise that the reason Superman gets his powers, is from the sun, with Superman having publicly said that, to his knowledge, people from Krypto did not have powers like him, as their sun was red. This then gave Lena and Jack the idea to make some sort of collar with a built-in red sun lamp, which could be turned on and off with a remote to dampen Krypto’s powers.


Lena and Jack worked in tandem, tirelessly, on the collar for the next few days, and finally finished it. They successfully created a yellow collar, which could be placed around Krypto’s neck, and removed his powers, or at the very least, suppressed them. They had also created a remote so that Lena could turn the red sun lamps inside the collar on and off. Lena thought this was a good idea, because if Lex and Lillian, or their minions, ever came across them, Lena could activate the collar and order Krypto to just use his powers to get out of there, not that she thinks he would abandon her.


The evening after Jack and Lena created the collar, they both celebrated, happy with their achievement, drinking a bit of alcohol, both getting tipsy. This ultimately resulted in Lena and Jack making out, with them soon moving to Jack’s bedroom and having sex. However, the two were having sex for entirely different reasons. Jack was having sex with Lena because he was still in love with her, while Lena was having sex with Jack, to say goodbye. Lena had already worked out that she wouldn’t be able to leave Jack in the middle of the day, with some teary goodbyes, as she knows that Jack might beg her to stay, and she might just accept. But Lena knows she can’t put Jack in danger like that, as she is sure that Lex and Lillian will soon have their people check to see if she is with Jack. So, Lena and Jack just have passionate sex, with them both falling asleep in each other’s arms, satisfied.


A few hours go by, and at about 5 in the morning, Lena quietly removes herself from Jack’s arms, and gets up out of bed, not wanting to wake her ex-boyfriend. Lena gathers her things, putting her clothes back on, and heads downstairs. The brunette finds Krypto laying asleep on the couch and gently wakes him.


“Come on, we need to leave.” Lena says, quietly.


Krypto looks up at Lena, studying her face for a moment, before then hopping off the couch, and following her towards the front door. However, just as Lena is about to open the front door and leave, she hears a voice.

“So, you are just going to leave, without a goodbye?” Jack asks, looking sad, standing on the stairs.

“Jack I….” Lena says, turning to her ex, not knowing what to say.


Jack just looks at Lena for a moment and sighs, before then walking down the stairs and grabbing his car keys, before then handing them to Lena.

“Take my car.” Jack says.


“No… I… I can’t do that.” Lena says, shocked.


Jack sighs again.

“Lena, I know you. I know you are only leaving now because you don’t think you will find it in yourself to do it in the middle of the day and say goodbye. I know you are leaving because you think you are protecting me. But even if I say I am willing to take that risk, I know you won’t agree. So, I may not agree with your decision, but I still want to protect you, so let me do this for you. Take my car. I was planning on getting a new one anyway, it’s quite old, but it should serve you good enough.” Jack says.

“Jack…” Lena says, sadly.

Jack gives Lena a sad smile.

“Go, Lena.” Jack says, “I just really hope you figure something out, one day.”


Lena nods her head, tears in her eyes, before then approaching her ex and placing a tender kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you.” Lena says, sadly.

Jack nods his head, and then Lena enters the garage, getting in the car with Krypto, and then drives off from Jack’s home, not looking back, even though a part of her wants to stay. However, Lena knows her need to protect both Jack and Krypto is greater than the part of her that wants to stay.


Unfortunately, a few days later, news broke about an alleged ‘botched robbery’ of Jack Spheer’s home, resulting in his murder, with the suspects not being found. Lena did not find this out, because she did not have the luxury of reading the news at the time, and Jack wasn’t exactly famous for it to be plastered everywhere. So, by the time Lena did catch up on the news again, she entirely missed the story of her ex-boyfriend’s death, never having found out about it to this very day.


Back in the present, in Kara’s living room.


“I know we can’t keep living on the streets forever. But…. the people who are after us… they are too dangerous…. And… they are willing to kill…. to get what they want…. and not just me and Krypto.” Keiran explains.

Kara’s eyes go wide, now truly realising just how much trouble Keiran is in. 

“You should go to the police!” Kara says, firmly.

“I can’t! I tried that before. They have paid off people…. I don’t know who I can trust.” Keiran replies.


“You… you can trust me.” Kara says.


Keiran turns to look at Kara, looking the CEO in the eyes.


“Yeah… hopefully.” Keiran replies.

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Chapter Text

It is now Sunday for Kara and Keiran, and since Keiran’s revelations the previous night to Kara, things have been a bit quiet between the two women. That’s not to say things are quiet because there is any awkwardness or anything, there is not. The problem is that Kara recognises that Keiran clearly has a lot of trust issues with people, and from the sounds of things, rightfully so. So, due to this, Kara really doesn’t want to push the homeless woman, and ask her any more questions, or force her into any further conversations which she is uncomfortable having. As for Keiran, she has just wanted to keep to herself a bit, after her conversation with Kara the previous day, accessing her current situation and working through things, trying to figure out if she can truly trust Kara completely. Keiran is aware that Kara does seem different than a lot of the other people she has trusted over the last few years, who have gone on to betray her. In fact, Krypto seems to absolutely love Kara, and she takes that as a good sign, as with all the other people he has always been hesitant with them, but with Kara, he liked her basically right away. So, Keiran has just kept to herself a bit, not really knowing what to talk to Kara about anymore, without having to open up further to the CEO, which she currently isn’t comfortable with.


It is currently now about 11AM on the Sunday, and Kara and Keiran have spent their mornings still in this quietness with one another. There is no awkwardness or tension from the quietness however, both women are happy with the current situation, and are okay to sit in silence with each other, like they are long time friends who are comfortable just being in each other’s presence, not needing to talk. Throughout the morning, Kara, at Keiran’s approval, has once more taken Krypto out to do his business, and even took him for a nice long walk, testing out his new lead. Admittedly, Kara was a bit nervous to leave Keiran alone in her penthouse, scared that the homeless woman could perhaps leave while she was out. But at the same time, Kara knew that Keiran would not do this now, as she now has some idea as to just how much Krypto means to her, so she knows that she would never leave him. As for Keiran, during this morning she just spent her time relaxing, and continuing to try and recover from being stabbed. In fact, while Keiran was alone, she took the time to have a look at her own wound, just to make sure for herself that Kara really did a good job stitching her up, and admittedly she was happy with the work done on her. After that, Keiran spent the rest of the morning in her bed, watching some TV, and setting up her new phone that Kara got for her. Krypto did eventually join her when Kara returned from with him, laying on the bed with her.


Once Kara returned from the walk, after checking in on Keiran, and asking the woman if she needed anything, which the homeless woman of course responded that she didn’t, Kara then decided to do some work in her home office, letting Keiran know where she would be. Kara doesn’t usually work on Sundays, as even though she is a busy CEO, she does recognise that she needs some days off, and that usually means she keeps Sundays free no matter what. However, Kara didn’t get any work done on Saturday, so because of that, she has decided she should do some work today. Kara never really does any heavy work on the weekends, as it’s not like she can make business calls, or get in contact with her assistant or anything, as most of those people are not working over the weekend. So, working on the weekends usually just contains Kara doing some research for future or current El-Corp projects, working in her own private lab, doing some financial reports, working on boring spread sheets, or reading over extremely boring department reviews. Out of all those prospects, working in her home lab is the most entertaining thing that Kara does on the weekend, in regards to work, but she is not doing that today, as she doesn’t think it would be a good idea to start working in her lab when Keiran may call out to her for something. So, this means that Kara has decided to just do her most boring work, which is also the work that can most easily be stopped at a moment’s notice, and that is going over department reviews. Even though Kara has superspeed, and can read at an incredibly fast rate, she still finds the department reviews boring. Even though Kara has told her heads of department to be concise on several occasions, they always feel the need to stretch out the reviews, as if they need to meet a word count. This ultimately just makes Kara feel like she wastes her time reading these reviews, with some of them not even making much grammatical sense, and repeating words and phrases multiple times throughout. Then also, Kara does not like going over these department reviews, as usually it leads to her needing to fire someone. Kara usually finds that her heads of department are reluctant to fire anyone in their own department, and just leave it up to the CEO to make the decision. Sometimes this is simply because the heads of department don’t see the wider picture, and don’t understand how some things that the people under them have done are a fireable offence. But other times, Kara just knows that they are purposely avoiding firing the person, to avoid the whole awkwardness of having to fire someone, therefore making Kara do it, and frankly, Kara may be a ruthless CEO, but she does not enjoy firing people either.


Kara spent a few hours going through the department reviews, making notes in regards to things she has to do on Monday. Thankfully, Kara won’t actually have to fire anyone this time, so that’s a positive. Once Kara finishes, she then switches over to some dull spreadsheets for the next half an hour.


Kara keeps working all the way until just after 11AM, when she hears Keiran get up from her bed and begin walking in the direction of her office where she currently is. Of course, Kara wants to get up and go to Keiran, but if she does then that will give away the fact that she somehow heard Keiran get up from her bed. Then also, at the same time, Kara knows she shouldn’t assume that Keiran is coming to see her, she could just be going downstairs to the kitchen to get some water, or food, or something. So, Kara just decides that she will just keep working for the next few moments, and wait and see if Keiran actually comes into her office.


A few moments later, Keiran is standing at the precipice of Kara’s office. Kara for her part keeps her head down, going over the documents, just waiting for Keiran to take the first step and make her presence known.


“Kara?” Keiran says, sounding a bit nervous.


Kara looks up at Keiran and puts on a surprised face, pretending she didn’t notice Keiran’s presence.


“Keiran.” Kara smiles, “Do you need something?”


“No I… uhhh…. never mind.” Keiran says, and then makes a move to turn around and leave Kara’s office.


“Keiran, wait.” Kara says, getting up from her chair and walking over to the homeless woman.


Keiran stops on the spot and turns back around to look at Kara.


“You obviously came in here to ask me something, so please do. You can ask me anything Keiran. I promise.” Kara says, with a smile, placing a caring hand on one of Keiran’s arms.


Keiran just looks at Kara in the eyes for a moment, gathering her own nerves.


“It’s just… I…. I don’t have much other…. human interaction…. So… laying on my bed…. with Krypto…. while you were in here…. I just…. felt lonely.” Keiran explains.


Kara gives Keiran a sympathetic look.


“But it’s stupid, and not your concern. I can see you are clearly busy, and by now I should be used to being on my own.” Keiran says, and then makes a move to walk away again.

“Keiran.” Kara says, grabbing the homeless woman’s arm, stopping her from leaving, however, Keiran does not turn back around to look at Kara. “It’s not silly, or stupid, not at all. Your feelings are valid, and if you are feeling lonely, that is totally a valid feeling.”


Keiran turns to look at Kara, and is once more surprised by the CEO. Keiran was so sure that Kara would just brush her off, and not really say anything to her admission. But Keiran thinks that by now she should really know that Kara doesn’t seem to be like anyone else she has ever met, even before she was homeless, so maybe she shouldn’t expect such low standards from Kara.


“Actually, I should apologise to you.” Kara says.

“Apologise to me?” Keiran asks, confused, “What… why? You have done nothing wrong.”


“I have.” Kara nods, “Ever since you opened up to me last night, about Krypto, and some of the things you have been through, there has been this sort of…. quietness between us. Honestly, I just didn’t really know what else to say or talk to you about. I obviously have a bunch of questions, about what you have been going through, and would love to listen to anything you offer me about yourself, but I don’t want to pry. I understand that clearly since you have been homeless, you find it hard to trust people, and by the sounds of things, for good reason. So, I don’t know…. I just decided that I’d let the silence between us sit…. But now… we are here… and you are feeling lonely…. and I realise I should have found a way to talk to you…. even if it was about something stupid…. Or I should have just spent time in your presence…. I shouldn’t have just left you alone, in your silence, to do some work. So, I’m sorry Keiran.”


Keiran just stares at Kara, shocked, not sure what to say. Obviously Keiran does not think that Kara has anything to apologise for, but even so, it is really unexpected for someone to care so much about her, and how she is feeling. Keiran is simply stunned into silence.


“And… now I have just made you feel awkward…. urhhhh.” Kara says, groaning at what she presumes was the mistake of her opening her mouth and spilling what she is thinking currently.


“No…” Keiran replies, quietly, “You…. you don’t need to apologise….. I…. I understand…. and…. it’s not like I was trying to talk to you either…. I just…. I’m nervous around people…. I don’t really trust anyone…. But… I…. I think…….. I DO trust you.”


Kara breaks out into a big smile as she looks at Keiran, happy that they have made a breakthrough and the homeless woman has said she trusts her. Kara knows this must be an absolutely massive step for Keiran, and she certainly is not going to take it for granted.


“That’s good.” Kara smiles.


“Yeah…” Keiran replies, biting her lip nervously.


“You know what.” Kara says, turning back around to look at her desk briefly, “I think I have done enough work for today. So, how about we spend the rest of the day together?”

“Oh… you…. you don’t have to do that…. I totally get it if you need too…” Keiran begins.

“No, I want to spend more time with you.” Kara smiles, interrupting Keiran.


“Oh uhhhh…. okay…” Keiran nods, still nervous.


“So, what do you want to do?” Kara asks.


Keiran goes wide-eyed, not really liking being put on the spot like this, as she has absolutely no idea what she would like to do, or what Kara would want to do. A part of Keiran wants to run away, and just say she isn’t feeling well anymore, and just hide away in her room, to stop herself having to make such a decision. But Keiran now has made the decision that she can trust Kara, and that means she needs to be a bit more open with her, even if at times it makes her feel a bit uncomfortable. At the end of the day, Keiran feeling uncomfortable isn’t Kara’s fault, so she knows she shouldn’t react negatively to Kara because of these feelings.


“I uhhh…. I don’t really know…. sorry.” Keiran says, nervously once more.

“Don’t apologise, that’s okay.” Kara smiles.


Kara is then silent for a moment, just thinking on all the possible things that they could do today. Kara does have some ideas, but she is aware that she needs to find out how comfortable Keiran is doing certain things, not only because she is nervous, but also because she is still recovering from being stabbed.


“Well, I have a few ideas actually. But it all really depends on how you are feeling, and if you are okay leaving the penthouse for a bit.” Kara says.


“Uhhh….” Keiran says, now very nervous, not liking the idea of going to a crowded area with a lot of people. This isn’t because Keiran doesn’t like spaces with a lot of people in it, but because she knows that the more people that she comes across, and the more people that come across her, the higher the probability that someone who works for her mother or Lex will recognise her and track her down.


“I promise we won’t go anywhere crazy busy or anything.” Kara says, realising what Keiran may be worried about. “I was just thinking that we could go shopping. I could get you some new clothes and things.”


“Oh uhhh… you…. you don’t have to do that.” Keiran replies, nervously.


“I want to Keiran. I told you the other day, I want to spoil you. You have clearly had a hard time of things recently, just please let me do something nice for you.” Kara says, with a caring smile.


Keiran gulps, still nervous.

“O…. okay.” Keiran replies.

“Great!” Kara smiles, “I would say we can get my driver to drive us, but I don’t like calling him on the weekends, so I’ll drive.”


“Yeah… okay..” Keiran nods.


“But first,” Kara says, looking at Keiran’s hair, which hasn’t been recoloured yet, still showing some of the homeless woman’s natural brunette hair coming through her roots, “How about we spend the next hour or so dying your hair, and then having some lunch while we wait. I know you obviously dye your hair to make yourself less noticeable, so if we are going to go out in public, we can dye your hair first.”

Keiran is once more surprised by Kara’s thoughtfulness. Keiran honestly has never come across someone who thinks of her, or other people in general, in such a thoughtful manner. Keiran does realise that it would have been very easy for Kara to just not pick up on the reason that she dyes her hair, but of course she did. It honestly makes Keiran feel nice that there’s someone, other than Krypto, taking such a detailed interest in her, and doesn’t have an ulterior motive.


“Yes… that would be…. good.” Keiran replies, nodding her head.

“Great!” Kara smiles.


Kara and Keiran then make their way into the bathroom attached to Keiran’s room, with Krypto following them both closely behind, clearly interested in what they are doing. Kara then grabs the hair dye, while Keira ties up her hair, making it easier for it to be dyed, taking a seat on the closed toilet.


“Okay then, let’s get started.” Kara smiles.


Keiran looks at Kara, confused.


“You…. you want to dye my hair for me?” Keiran asks.

“Yeah… if that is okay….” Kara replies.


“It is…. I just….. I thought that I was going to dye my hair…. like I normally do…. I didn’t expect you to help me.” Keiran explains.


“Oh, well, if you want, I’m happy to help you dye your hair. I know it must be really difficult to dye your dark brunette hair all on your own.” Kara says.

“Yeah…. but…. as long as I regularly dye it…. and only have to touch up the roots, it is a lot easier.” Keiran replies.


Kara nods her head and prepares the mixture.


“I’m sure it is.” Kara says, “You know it’s a real shame that you have to dye your hair because of everything. I think you would be really beautiful with dark brunette hair.”


“Thanks.” Keiran says, in a dry tone.

Kara’s eye’s go wide, realising she may have offended Keiran.


“That’s not to say you don’t look beautiful with blonde hair…. You do…. It’s just…. I think you would look better with brunette hair…. Wait no… I didn’t mean it like that… I just… I uhmmm.” Kara says, nervously flustered.

Keiran chuckles, feeling a lot more comfortable now.


“Kara, I was only teasing. I think I look better with my natural hair too.” Keiran replies.

“Oh…” Kara says.


There is once more a silence between the two women as Kara prepares the hair dye, all the while she tries to recover from Keiran’s teasing, which made her heart beat at a mile a minute in worry.


“So, have you done this before?” Keiran asks, “I can tell you are obviously a natural blonde, so it’s not like you dye your hair currently.”


“Uh, no I don’t.” Kara replies, “But when my sister Alex and I were teenagers, I helped her dye her hair red, as well as a few other colours, including blonde. The first time we did it, it was a disaster, and Eliza had to take Alex to a proper hair salon to get it fixed. But the next few times we did it, I began to get really good at it, so you don’t have to worry.”


“That’s good then. I would hate for my hair to turn orange or something.” Keiran teases.

Kara chuckles lightly.


“No, it won’t.” Kara says.


Kara then begins applying the hair dye, carefully going over the routes with a brush.


“If you don’t mind me asking, who is Eliza? I assume she’s not your mom, as otherwise you would have referred to her as mom, unless you just call her by her first name or something…” Keiran asks.


“Oh,” Kara says, understanding why Keiran might be confused, “Eliza is my adoptive mom. My parents… they….. died when I was 12. After that, I went to go live with the Danvers, and was later adopted by them.”

“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.” Keiran replies.

“It’s okay.” Kara says, still applying the dye to Keiran’s hair, moving the hair to the side on the areas which she has already done.


“I’m adopted too, by the way.” Keiran says, deciding to share a bit more of herself with Kara.


“Really?” Kara says, surprised.

“Yeah…. my mom…. she died when I was about 4 years old…. And after that I was adopted too…” Keiran explains.

“What about your father, was he not around?” Kara asks.


“Uhh… no…. it was just me and my mom.” Keiran explains, not wanting to say to Kara that technically it was her real birth father that took her in, as that might give a big clue as to who she is, and Keiran isn’t ready to reveal that to Kara yet.


“Oh…. well, I’m sorry too.” Kara says.


“Thank you.” Keiran nods.


Kara continues to dye Keiran’s hair for the next five minutes, making sure to get all of the roots, not wanting to leave any brown hair that she hasn’t touched up. Eventually Kara finishes, happy with her work.


“Alright, we now should leave it for like 40 minutes, and then we can wash it out.” Kara smiles.

“Right.” Keiran nods.


Kara and Keiran just smile at each other for a moment, as Kara packs away the hair dye.


“So, have you ever dyed your own hair? Maybe during some rebellious teenage years or something?” Keiran asks.

Kara chuckles.

“No, that was my sister during the teenage years. But I did actually dye my hair just after I started El-Corp.” Kara explains.

“Really?” Keiran replies.

“Yeah.” Kara says, nodding her head, “When I first started up El-Corp, I was getting advice from a lot of people, and I was so desperate to make El-Corp a success that I was listening to most of them, even if it wasn’t always good advice. Anyway, the head of the El-Corp PR team, who I hired, told me that she had looked at a lot of data, and it had shown that women with brunette hair will be taken more seriously than blondes. She recommended I dye my hair so the business men I was dealing with wouldn’t think even less of me, because not only would I be a woman, but a blonde one at that.”


“Wow, that’s horribly sexist.” Keiran says.


“Yeah, I know.” Kara agrees, “But the thing is, my PR member wasn’t wrong. As soon as I dyed my hair dark brown, I noticed a distinct change in how men I was doing business with were treating me. It was incredibly annoying, and I absolutely hated my hair being brown.”


“So, what did you do? Clearly you are not dying it anymore.” Keiran says.

“After a couple of months I decided I had enough of a foothold with people for them to know who I was, and realise that the color of my hair doesn’t matter. I knew that if they were going to think less of me because I am blonde, then that is their problem, and they can choose to lose good business over it, if they really want to be stupid.” Kara says.

Keiran looks at Kara, happy that the CEO took a stand for herself in this regard. Keiran really can’t imagine Kara with brown hair, as her blonde hair is truly beautiful, and Keiran doesn’t think brunette hair would really suit Kara. Keiran just knows that too many female CEOs feel the need to give into pressure from their male counterparts who they work with, so Keiran is glad that Kara eventually didn’t.


After Kara finished dying Keiran’s hair, the two talked for a while more, discussing mundane things, all while sitting in the bathroom, but eventually, Kara’s stomach rumbled, so the Kryptonian offered to make them some lunch while they waited. Kara then was able to put together a few sandwiches, which they both ate in the bathroom, sitting on the tiled floor crossed legged, like they were teenagers. Both women really found it all very amusing, with them both enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, after Keiran and Kara ate, the time came to rinse the dye out of Keiran’s hair, and reveal just how good or bad a job Kara had done. Kara then helped Keiran wash her hair over the bath, using an extendable shower head, and once all the dye was washed out, and Keiran’s hair was dried, the final resulted showed that Kara had done an excellent job. Keiran thanked Kara, taking her in for a hug, just feeling happy in the moment, with everything, and with her interactions with Kara.


Once Kara and Keiran finished dying Keiran’s hair, the two women quickly got ready to go shopping, telling Krypto that they would be back soon.


“Wow, this is your car?” Keiran asks, looking on at the gorgeous Ferrari, after the two women make their way down to Kara’s private garage in her building.

Kara chuckles.

“Yeah, one of them.” Kara smiles, “I own a few different ones, but the others are in storage elsewhere.”


“Oh, cool.” Keiran nods, “So, what’s the horsepower on this thing?”

“Uhhhh..” Kara replies, not knowing the answer.

“Well, what model is it?” Keiran asks, realising Kara might not know the horsepower.

“Uhh… I don’t know.” Kara admits, blushing.

Keiran laughs.


“How do you own a car like this and not know the details about it?” Keiran asks.


“I don’t know…. it’s pretty… that’s why I bought it.” Kara admits.

Keiran laughs again.


“Of course you did.” Keiran smirks, getting into the car with Kara.


Kara and Keiran then spend the next couple of hours shopping for all sorts of different clothes, both for Keiran, and for Kara. Kara made sure to get Keiran a bunch of comfortable warm clothes, as well as a nice fancy suit which she noticed Keiran staring at. Of course, Keiran did put up a fight, as the suit was a lot more money than the other clothes, but Kara was able to convince her. Eventually, Keiran’s guilt at Kara buying her things began to fade away, or at least she was able to accept it more easily, and she was happier to pick out things she’d like to try on and buy. Keiran even went as far as to pick out some clothes she thought Kara would look good in, which Kara readily agreed to try on and then buy too. It’s not like Kara was going to deny Keiran anything, even if it meant her buying clothes for herself.


Once their shopping haul was complete, the two women had many bags filled with all sorts of clothes, with both women very happy with their purchases. Kara and Lena then got back into Kara’s car, filling up the very limited boot space, and then drove back to Kara’s penthouse.


Kara and Keiran are now back at Kara’s penthouse, with Kara having carried most of their shopping bags, insisting that Keiran shouldn’t carry anything as she is still recovering. Of course, Keiran refused, and was eventually able to convince Kara to allow her to carry some very light things. Keiran is honestly just really happy with her day, it has felt nice to actually be able to buy proper clothes for the first time in 3 years. For the first time in a long time, Keiran is beginning to feel some sense of normalcy come back to her life, and that is all thanks to Kara.


Once the two women put away their shopping, moving it into each of their respective rooms, Kara puts a pre-prepared pasta dish in the oven, before then taking Krypto out on his walk. Once Kara comes back, Keiran feeds Krypto his dinner, and then soon after, Keiran and Kara eat their own, chatting happily as they do.


After dinner Kara and Keiran moved up to Keiran’s bedroom, as Kara began to notice that Keiran was beginning to walk a bit funny, clearly feeling a bit of pain from having moved about a lot today. Then once the two women were on Keiran’s bed, they both laid next to each other and watched a movie, with Krypto taking his place by their feet.


“Thank you for today.” Keiran says, once the movie ends.

“You’re very welcome.” Kara smiles, “I actually had a lot of fun.”

“Me too.” Keiran smiles back.


There is a moment of silence between the two women as they both look into each other’s eyes, smiling widely. As Kara looks into Keiran’s eyes, she just thinks about how beautiful the woman is, with some weird feelings beginning to appear in her chest. Kara then finds herself looking at Keiran’s lips, and thinking about leaning in and kissing them. However, Kara quickly gathers her thoughts, realising that those thoughts are totally inappropriate. Kara knows that Keiran is still in a very vulnerable place, and Kara doesn’t want to take advantage of that, or make Keiran feel like she has to respond a certain way. So that all means that Kara has to keep her potential feelings for Keiran in check, and not do anything about them.


“Uhhhhh, anyway,” Kara says, awkwardly, beginning to get off the bed, “It’s late, we should both get some sleep.”


“Yeah… okay.” Keiran nods.


Kara stands up and then looks back at Keiran.

“I don’t know how you will feel about it…. but tomorrow…. I need to go into El-Corp…. and if you are up for it…. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me? We could bring Krypto with us.” Kara says.


“Oh uhh… what… would we be doing?” Keiran asks, surprised by Kara’s offer.


“I would just be doing some work, and maybe going into my lab at some point. As for you, that is entirely up to you. You can just sit in my office with me, or take a tour of El-Corp, or do anything really. But if you are not up for it, I’d be totally happy to let you stay here.” Kara says.


“I uhhhhh….. I’d like to come into work with you.” Keiran says, not liking the idea of being alone. Keiran realises that somehow Kara has made her not want to be alone anymore, which Keiran knows might be a dangerous thing, as surely she can’t stay with Kara for much longer. Keiran knows that she should move on as soon as her wound is completely healed, for both her and Kara and Krypto’s sake.


“Great.” Kara smiles, happily. “I usually get in very early, but we will get in there for 9. So, we’ll leave here at like 8:30, if that is okay with you?”


“Yeah, okay.” Keiran nods.

“Good.” Kara smiles once more, “Anyway, like I said, we should both get some sleep. I will see you in the morning, Keiran.”

“Yes, goodnight Kara.” Keiran smiles.

“Goodnight Keiran.” Kara replies, walking out of Keiran’s bedroom and putting the door to as she leaves.


As Keiran watches Kara leave, she begins to feel guilty that she is still lying to the CEO. Keiran knows that Kara has been so wonderful and patient with her, not pressing her for more information about her life or anything. Then at the same time, Kara basically saved her life, took care of her and Krypto, and has now bought her all these things, so Keiran feels really bad that she hasn’t told Kara her that her real name is Lena Luthor.


As Keiran begins to fall asleep, thinking on her guilt, she makes the decision that tomorrow she will take a big leap of trust in Kara, and reveal to the CEO that she is Lena Luthor. Keiran just really hopes it doesn’t backfire.


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Chapter Text

It is now Monday, and Kara and Keiran are up and about, preparing to go into El-Corp for the day. Kara, being the caring person she is, has asked Keiran if she needs any help getting ready, due to her still recovering from being stabbed, but Keiran said she was fine. Kara then left Keiran to get ready on her own, taking Krypto out for a quick walk, which allowed him to do his morning business, and get a bit of exercise in. Once Kara returned to her penthouse, she then quickly hopped in the shower, and then got dressed.


“Are you ready to go Keiran?” Kara asks, walking in the direction of Keiran’s bedroom, waiting outside the door.


“Yeah, one second.” Keiran replies, from behind the closed bedroom door.


Kara patiently waits outside Keiran’s door, dressed in one of her nice dresses for today. Kara just thought that for today she wanted something a bit more casual, which allows her to not be as restricted in regards to her movements. But of course, Kara is still wearing high heels, as she certainly would cause quite a stir if she, the CEO of El-Corp, was spotted wearing flats, as sexist as that is.


Kara continues to wait for a few more moments, and she hears some quiet muffles coming from inside Keiran’s room, followed by a sigh of frustration.


“Keiran? Are you okay in there?” Kara asks.


Kara hears Keiran sigh once more.


“No.” Keiran replies, sounding sad.


Kara for her part feels a bit anxious upon hearing this from Keiran, worried that the homeless woman has pushed herself too much, and has only been going along with going into work with her because she feels like she has to.


“Keiran, can I come in?” Kara asks, softly.

“Yes.” Keiran says, nodding her head, even though Kara can’t see her.


Kara opens the door, and walks into the bedroom, and she is met with a sight that she certainly didn’t expect to see. Keiran is standing by her bed, dressed in suit trousers from the waist down, with her hair and makeup being done perfectly. However, Keiran has nothing on her torso, other than a bra, which she is holding in place over her breasts.


“Uhhh, Keiran, what’s up?” Kara asks, biting her lip, trying to hide from Keiran just how attractive she finds her right now, all made up, not to mention the fact that the beauty before her is almost half naked.


“I can’t get my bra on.” Keiran huffs, “I just can’t move my arms back to hook my bra, as I then feel the pain from my side.”

“Oh.” Kara replies, eyes going wide. “Well uhh… why don’t you just hook it from the front, and then whirl it around?”


Keiran huffs again.

“I’m still finding moving my arms to be a bit tense on my side, so I was just trying to hook the bra without taking my arms out of the straps, and having to start all over again.” Keiran explains.

“Oh.” Kara replies, feeling bad that Keiran is still in pain. “Have you taken your pain killers today?”


“No, not yet. I was going to take them once I’m dressed.” Keiran says.

“Right.” Kara nods, understanding, “Well, if you uhhh….. are okay with it…… I can…. help you?”


“Yes…. please.” Keiran nods, a look of frustration still on her face.


“Alright then.” Kara nods, taking a step closer to Keiran.

Kara then walks over to Keiran, still very hesitant and nervous about being this close to an almost half naked woman that she finds incredibly attractive, and is trying with all her might to hide her potential feelings for. Once Kara reaches Keiran, she carefully grabs the back of the bra, trying not to touch Keiran’s skin as she does, and then hooks it in place, using the middle hooks.


“There we go. How is that? Too tight? Too loose?” Kara asks, not sure her heart, which has sky rocketed, can take going in and re-hooking Keiran’s bra.


“That’s perfect.” Kerian smiles, turning around to look at Kara.

Kara gulps upon seeing Keiran face, now just in a bra on her torso. Of course, Kara has seen Keiran in less clothes previously, but that was in a situation when Kara was very much in her doctor head space, now, she isn’t acting as a sort of medical doctor, just her normal self, and she finds Keiran to be incredibly attractive, one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen.


“Right uhhh.” Kara says, looking up from Keiran’s body, and into her eyes. “Do you need any more help?”

“Uhhh…. I think it will be quicker if you help me. I don’t want to make you later than I already am.” Keiran replies.

“Right.” Kara nods.


Keiran then goes to the bed and picks up a white long-sleeved shirt, which she hands to Kara. Kara then opens up the shirt, allowing Keiran to slip her arms in, one at a time.


“Do you need help buttoning it up?” Kara asks.

“I can do the lower ones, but the top ones hurt my side a bit, when I move my arms that high.” Keiran explains.

“Uhhh right…. I’ll just do them all then.” Kara replies, nervously, once more.


Kara then moves in front of Keiran and begins to button up the homeless woman’s shirt. As Kara starts, she is able to just get into the moment, and not think about how close she is to Keiran, but that all stops as soon as she reaches the buttons near Keiran’s breast. Kara’s heart rate gets even faster than it already was, with her buttoning up the rest of the buttons as quickly as possible. In the moment Kara just wishes she could use her powers right now, and dress Keiran in the blink of an eye, and not have to deal with this long-drawn-out process, which is making her heart beat so fast. But Kara can’t give away to Keiran that she is Supergirl, and even if she wanted to use her powers, due to the red sunlamp bracelet she has been wearing, to make sure she doesn’t accidently use her powers with Keiran catching her, she can’t.


“Okay. All done.” Kara says, after finishing buttoning Keiran up, leaving the very top button unbuttoned.


“Great. Thank you.” Keiran smiles. “I just need your help to put on the suit jacket now. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m not going to wear the waistcoat, because it might be too tight on my wound.”


Kara looks to the bed, and this is when she realises this is the suit that she picked out for Keiran yesterday. This of course causes Kara’s heart to beat to levels she didn’t think were possible without her having a heart attack.

“Oh uhh…. That’s fine Keiran….. I uhhhh…. yeah…” Kara says, trying and failing to hide how flustered she is.


Keiran just smiles at Kara, and then goes to the bed and picks up the suit jacket, before then handing it to Kara. Kara holds out the suit jacket, just like she did for the shirt, and allows Keiran to slip her arms inside. Kara is glad that this time she doesn’t have to button up the suit jacket for Keiran, as she isn’t sure her heart could take something like that again.


“Okay. I think I am ready now.” Keiran smiles.


“Yes. Right.” Kara nods.


“Do I look okay?” Keiran asks, sounding unsure.


“You…. you look great.” Kara replies, awkwardly.


Keiran shoots Kara a warm smile upon hearing this, while Kara just stares at the homeless woman for a second in silence.

“Kara?” Keiran eventually asks.

“Uhhh, yes, sorry, let’s go.” Kara says, walking towards the bedroom door.


Kara, Keiran and Krypto then leave the penthouse, only briefly stopping in the kitchen for Keiran to take her pain killers. Then after this, the trio get into Kara’s driver’s awaiting car, which is going to take them to El-Corp.


About 20 minutes later, Kara and Lena arrive at El-Corp, having to sit through a lot of traffic on their way to work this morning. The car ride itself was pleasant, even if Krypto got a bit antsy being stuck in the car. Kara and Keiran however just had some nice pleasant conversation, while Keiran looked out the windows for most of the drive, obviously just taking everything in. Keiran honestly doesn’t know the last time she was in a car where she could just relax. Obviously over the last three years Keiran has been in some cars, and other vehicles of transport, that have helped her move from place to place, resulting in her now being on the opposite side of the country to Metropolis. However, during all that time Keiran has never been able to relax, as she has always had to keep an eye out for anyone that could either potentially recognise her, or be following her and Krypto. But being in the private car with Kara, Keiran could just let her walls down. Keiran knows that with Kara she and Krypto are safe, or at least safe for now. So, Keiran has just taken the car ride to relax for once, and not have to be on edge, and check to make sure no one is tailing them or anything.


Once Kara, Keiran and Krypto arrive at El-Corp, Kara is the first one out of the car, holding the door open and offering Keiran a hand to help her out. Keiran gratefully accepts Kara’s hand, and carefully gets out of the car, trying not to bend in a way that might hurt her wound in the process. Keiran honestly just hopes that she can sit in Kara’s office with her for most of the day, as she still isn’t too keen on walking around that much. Although admittedly, since taking the pain killers about 20 minutes ago, the pain when moving has got dramatically better.


“Welcome to El-Corp….. again.” Kara smiles, taking Krypto’s lead and walking into the lobby with Keiran by her side, and Krypto in front.


As the trio walk inside the building, Keiran takes a few moments to just look around, taking in the sight of the building. Previously when Keiran was trying to sleep outside El-Corp, and when she was inside after that, she really didn’t take in the building or anything. Keiran was just far too concerned that Kara may have some links to Lex. However, at the time Keiran knew that she and Krypto needed to get out of the cold and have some food, and Kara was offering just that, so she couldn’t refuse the offer, with her planning from the beginning to leave as soon as possible. But now, Keiran doesn’t plan to make a break for it, and she isn’t as tense as she was about a week ago, so she takes everything in. From the outside the building is very tall, probably the fourth or fifth tallest building in National City. Most people may not think much of the height of the building, but Keiran knows that several CEOs may demand, or make sure, that their company’s building is the tallest one in the city, as some sort of ‘building’ measuring contest, so Keiran is glad that Kara obviously is not like that. Keiran also has a chance to take the lobby in as well. The El-Corp lobby is mostly white and silver metal, with large glass windows covering the entrance. The style of the building’s lobby looks very nice, minimalist and sanitary, but at the same time not cheap. The building’s lobby clearly gives off a sense that this is an expensive company, that makes a lot of money.


Kara, Krypto and Keiran eventually make their way to the elevator, with Kara having told the security to wave them all through, which they did without any hesitation; After all, when the CEO of the company, and your boss, gives you the signal to let her and the people she is with through without doing security checks on all of them, you do it. However, Kara is aware that Alex is probably going to be mad at security for not insisting they check Kara, Kerian and Krypto, although mostly Keiran and Krypto. This isn’t simply because Alex doesn’t know Keiran well, and obviously doesn’t trust her, and would want her checked for any weapons or recording devices or anything, but because Alex has constantly insisted that there could be a possibility of someone trying to disguise themselves as Kara, or some of her friends, so security needs to make sure that all the people who enter El-Corp are who they say they are. Of course, Kara for her part finds that idea absolutely ridiculous, as yes there are aliens that can shape shift, but none of them would convincingly be able to pull of pretending to be her. Then at the same time, as Kara knows it is unlikely anyone would be able to accurately impersonate her, then she should be considered trustworthy, and be able to validate anyone who comes in with her. Obviously Alex does not see it this way, and the two sisters have had many heated discussions about the matter, after all, Alex just wants to keep Kara as safe as possible, even though she is Supergirl.


Kara, Keiran and Krypto enter the elevator, and Kara presses the button which will take them to her office’s floor, directing a smile at Keiran. As soon as the doors close, and the elevator begins moving, Kara lets out a little sigh.


“Sorry.” Kara says, “I hate going through security, as they are always so nervous to see me, like I am going to fire them for looking at me the wrong way or something.”

“Oh…. that’s okay.” Keiran replies, not sure what else to say.


There is a silence for a moment between the two women.


“I like your building.” Keiran eventually says.


“Oh, thanks.” Kara smiles, turning to look at the homeless woman.

“I really like the styling of the lobby.” Keiran says, “I actually got a chance to take it in this time.”


“You didn’t take it in last time?” Kara asks, curiously.


“No.” Keiran replies, “It was too dark, and I was focused on other things the last time I was here.”

“Right.” Kara nods, “Well, I am glad you like it. Although, I can’t actually take ANY credit for the designs of the building. Obviously I didn’t design it or anything, but I didn’t even have a hand in working with the designer. I left that up to my CFO, and just told her I wanted white and silver to be the main colours.”


“Oh, well, she did a good job making the other decisions then.” Keiran smiles.

“Yeah.” Kara agrees, “She’d love to hear you tell her that, but unfortunately she has been on some business for me over the last month in Japan.”


“Ah, okay.” Keiran nods in response.

“But she will be back at the end of this week, and I think you will really like here, if you are up to meeting her that is.” Kara says.


“Uhhhhh…. okay…” Keiran replies, nervously, still unsure about meeting too many people. Keiran does trust Kara now, but that doesn’t mean she trusts everyone that Kara trusts, everyone has blind spots after all.


The elevator doors then open, and Kara motions for Keiran to walk out first, and she then follows the homeless woman with Krypto.

“Miss Danvers?” Jess asks, confused, looking on at Kara, Krypto and Keiran, while sitting at her desk outside Kara’s office.

“Oh, hello Jess.” Kara smiles. “You remember Keiran, and Krypto, don’t you?”


“Uhhh…. Yes, of course..” Jess nods, still confused. “It’s nice to see you again Keiran.”


“Thank you.” Keiran replies, nervously.


Krypto lets out a little bark, causing Kara to chuckle, and Jess to grow a big smile on her face.

“And you too Krypto.” Jess says, which causes Krypto to wag his tail.


Kara then turns to Keiran, with a smile on her face, handing her Krypto’s lead.


“Why don’t you take Krypto into my office, and take a seat on the couch or something, and I will be in in a few moments? I just need to talk to Jess about a few things.” Kara suggests, still smiling.


“Uhhh, okay.” Keiran nods, still nervous.

Kara then walks over to her office door and holds it open for Keiran, not wanting the homeless woman to have to reaggravate her wound by opening a kind of heavy door.

“I’ll be with you in a few minutes.” Kara smiles, watching Keiran walking further into her office, before then closing the door.


Kara then turns and looks at Jess again, who has a confused look on her face, clearly wanting some answers.


“Alright, I know you obviously have questions.” Kara says, “But to be clear, this doesn’t leave you or I.”


“Yes, of course Miss Danvers.” Jess replies.

“Jess.” Kara groans, “It’s just you and me now.”

“Sorry.” Jess says, “I promise I won’t tell anyone…. Kara.”

“Good.” Kara nods.


Kara then takes a deep breath.

“I came across Keiran on Friday, after I was walking on the street, heading back home, and Krypto approached me out of nowhere. I then followed Krypto and he led me to Keiran, who was on the ground in a dark alley, and had been stabbed. I then picked Keiran up and flew her back to my penthouse, knowing I needed to fix her. I then when back for Krypto, and when we got back I called Alex. Alex and I then helped stitch Keiran’s stab wound, and make sure that she was healthy. After that Keiran and I have just been spending the weekend together, with her slowly opening up to me, and trusting me a bit more. I won’t get into it, because it’s not my place to say, but she clearly is in need of someone’s help, even if she won’t ever ask for it. So, I have just been trying to make her more comfortable, and treat her well.” Kara explains.


Jess smiles, caringly, at Kara.


“You are one of the most caring people I know, Kara. In fact, I think you are the most caring. You are a superhero, and you save so many people, and then you also run a massive fortune 500 company, that develops all sorts of things that improve and save people’s lives. Then, even after all of that, you still take time to help a homeless woman, who you barely know, and has previously left your office after you helped her, without saying goodbye. A lot of other people would have passed her off to someone else, or worse, done nothing.” Jess smiles, proud to work for Kara.


“Thank you Jess.” Kara smiles, relieved that she has an assistant she trusts, and that knows everything about her, including that she is Supergirl.


“So, what are you going to do?” Jess asks.

“I don’t know.” Kara sighs, “I’m just trying to get her to open up more to me. But, it’s really up to Keiran. I just hope I can convince her to stick around, so I can help her, and Krypto, in whatever way they need me to.”


Jess nods.

“You know…. it is weird that…. her dog is named Krypto…. and you are from Krypton.” Jess comments.

“Yes, I know.” Kara replies, rolling her eyes, “Alex mentioned as much.”


Jess chuckles.

“Okay. Well, if you need any help, let me know.” Jess smiles.

“Thank you Jess.” Kara smiles back.


“Anyway, moving onto business for today, you have a few meetings you need to attend, unfortunately. Your first one is at 1, and that should last an hour, before you then have to go straight into another meeting which will last until 4.” Jess explains.

Kara groans.


Kara absolutely hates meetings, as they are so inefficient, time consuming, and time wasting. Kara knows that she could be spending her time she spends in meetings doing so many more time worthy and beneficial things.


“I know you don’t like meetings Kara, but when Sam comes back at the end of the week, she will be able to attend all the financial ones in your place.” Jess says.

“Yeah. That’ll be good.” Kara smiles, “Do you know when she is getting back exactly?”

“Uhhh, not off the top of my head. But I think she arrives in National City sometime on Thursday afternoon, and plans to come in on Friday.” Jess replies.

“Right, well, she can have Friday off to get readjusted. As I’m sure she would prefer to spend time with Ruby, getting their body clocks back on the right time zone.” Kara says.


“I thought you’d suggest that.” Jess smiles.


“Anyway, while I am at those meetings later, would you mind keeping an eye on Keiran, and making sure she has everything she needs?” Kara asks.

“Of course Kara.” Jess smiles.

“In fact, maybe the three, or four, if you count Krypto, of us can have lunch in my office, so Keiran can get more comfortable with you, if she agrees to it? As long as you don’t have existing plans of course.” Kara suggests.

“No, I am free.” Jess smiles.

“Good.” Kara nods, “We’ll take our lunch from 12 – 1, and you can join Keiran and I. I’ll let you know before then if she agrees, and what we will order.”


“That sounds like a plan.” Jess nods.

“Alright then. I don’t want to keep Keiran wating for me too long. I’ll see you later Jess.” Kara smiles.

“Okay then.” Jess smiles.


Kara then walks over to her office doors, while Jess takes a seat at her desk. A few moments later, Kara enters her office and sees that Keiran has taken a seat on the couch, with Krypto lying next to her.


“Hey, are you all good?” Kara asks, with a smile.


“Yeah, thank you.” Keiran replies.


“Good.” Kara says back, “Anyway, I just spoke to Jess about my schedule for today, and I have a few meetings I need to attend from 1 – 4, and I obviously can’t bring you or Krypto with me. So, I was wondering if you would be okay with just hanging here with Jess while I’m gone?”

“Oh uhh.” Keiran replies, nervously, not liking the idea of spending too much time with someone she doesn’t really know.


Kara notices Keiran’s hesitation.


“I promise you can trust Jess. And, if it is okay with you, I was thinking that over lunch she could come and eat with us?” Kara suggests, “That way you can get to know her a bit, and hopefully feel more comfortable with her.”

“Oh…. yeah…. okay.” Keiran agrees, even if she is still a bit nervous about it all.


“Great.” Kara smiles, “Now, I can give you a laptop to entertain yourself with, as I need to get to work.”


“Okay, thank you.” Keiran smiles.

Kara then grabs a spare laptop from beside her desk and hands it to Keiran, helping her turn it on and log in. Once Kara is satisfied that everything is in place for Keiran, she then returns to her desk and begins her days work. Kara just really hopes that over the next few hours Keiran finds something to keep her interest on the laptop. Kara is well aware of just how boring it can be, sitting in an office, without anything to do, and without being able to get up and walk around. So, Kara hopes Keiran finds something to keep her interests, so that the homeless woman doesn’t end up regretting coming into work with Kara today, and then tomorrow just suggesting she stays in Kara’s penthouse throughout the day. Obviously Kara has no problem with that idea, but she would much prefer Keiran to remain by her side, as she is still kind of scared that Keiran could run off without a moments notice if she looks away for too long.


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Chapter Text

Lunch time eventually arrives, and Kara, Keiran and Jess all eat some Big Belly Burger. Kara did ask Keiran what she wanted to eat for lunch, but the homeless woman wasn’t really sure, and didn’t feel too comfortable picking what the three of them would be eating for lunch, so Kara eventually made the decision for them. Thankfully, the decision seemed to be a good one, as Keiran was very happy with her burger, telling Kara just how nice it was, while Jess also enjoyed her burger too. Then to top it off, ordering Big Belly Burger was a success because they sold some dog treat cookies which Kara ordered and gave to Krypto for a snack over lunchtime, which he enjoyed very much.


While Kara, Keiran and Jess eat their lunch, the trio have talked about a few light topics, and during it all Keiran has got more and more comfortable with Jess. Keiran very much has begun to understand that Jess might be one of the sweetest people that she has ever met, as she always gave Keiran her complete attention while she was talking, and engaged with her in discussions about the topics she talked about.


Eventually, 1PM draws near and the three ladies finish their lunch, with Kara asking Jess to take their rubbish and throw it away in the trash outside of her office. In reality Kara’s reasoning for asking Jess to do that was so she could talk to Keiran and ask her if she is comfortable spending the next few hours with Jess, and not having to ask the question in front of Jess and make Keiran uncomfortable, and like she has to say yes.


“Hey.” Kara smiles at Keiran, once Jess leaves the office.


“Hi.” Keiran smiles back.


“So, will you be okay spending time with Jess over the next few hours?” Kara asks.


“Uhhh, yeah.” Keiran replies, nodding her head, “She seems very nice.”

“Oh she is.” Kara agrees, “I don’t think I would survive being a CEO without her.”


Keiran chuckles.

“I’m sure you’d find some way to manage.” Keiran replies, with a smile.


“Thank you.” Kara says.


Kara and Keiran then remain in their moment until Kara looks at the time on her phone and realises she has to leave for her meeting.


“Well, I have to leave for my meeting now. I’ll be back just after 4. If you need anything, please, just ask Jess for it, no matter what.” Kara says.


“Okay.” Keiran nods, “Thank you Kara.”


“You’re welcome.” Kara smiles as she stands up from the couch. “Actually, maybe Jess can take you on a tour of El-Corp while I’m gone. You can leave Krypto in my office while you do, and lock the door. The only people who have access to the key to my office are Alex, Jess and I, so he will be safe.”

“Yeah….. okay….. I think I’d like that.” Keiran smiles, politely.

“Good.” Kara smiles back and then checks the time again. “Now I really have to get going or I’m going to be late. I’ll see you in a bit Keiran.”

“Okay, bye Kara. Have fun at your meetings.” Keiran says.


“I’ll try to.” Kara replies.


Kara then leaves her office, even though she really doesn’t want to, and not only because she very much dislikes meetings. Kara just really doesn’t want to leave Keiran’s side for too long, but she knows she has to, she just hopes nothing happens while she is gone that might scare the homeless woman off or something.


Over the next hour, after Kara leaves her office, Keiran spends time in Kara’s office, still on the laptop that the CEO had provided her with, looking up a few things to keep her entertained. At the same time, Keiran strokes Krypto, who has once more taken a position on the couch next to Keiran. Over the hour Jess pops into the office on a few occasions, just asking Keiran if she needs anything, which she politely responds by saying she doesn’t.


Keiran does take a break from sitting in the office by briefly going outside to take Krypto for a quick walk, allowing him to stretch his legs, and do his business. Keiran and Krypto did not stray too far from El-Corp however, as frankly Keiran felt very vulnerable being outside. Keiran thinks it is likely because she has got used to the safety and comfort of being inside, and not being seen by the public, so to suddenly go outside with Krypto, it was very scary. But Keiran’s tensions were eased a bit, because Jess very much insisted that one of El-Corp’s security guards would go with her, just to make sure she is okay, and the two of them do not run into any trouble. Keiran did worry at first, once Jess offered to give her the security guard to keep her safe, because she didn’t want to feel like she was being crowded, or in close proximity to someone she didn’t know. However, Jess told Keiran that she would specifically assign her and Krypto the nicest security guard, and he would keep a respectable distance, explaining that Alex has trained all of security to guard at a distance, seeing as Kara doesn’t like being crowded either.


Keiran comes back from her brief time outside with Krypto about 20 minutes after leaving Kara’s office, giving Jess a little wave and smile as she walks back into the office, passed the assistant’s desk. Keiran then settles back down on the couch in the office and continues to use the laptop, just browsing through various things, while Krypto now lays by her feet.


Eventually, once almost 2 hours are up, since Kara left, Keiran is starting to get a bit restless, as she doesn’t really know what else she should look up on the computer. She has spent the past couple of hours googling information about her mother and Lex, just getting to know all the things that they and Luthor Corp are up to. Then after that, Keiran spent the rest of her time looking up new scientific journals and discoveries on topics that she is interested and knowledgeable in. Keiran of course did consider googling more about Kara and El-Corp, but she thought better of it. Keiran recognises that Kara has been so nice and kind to her, that it would feel like an invasion of Kara’s privacy, and the sort of trust they have built if she looks up the CEO online. So, Keiran decides that she can wait for Kara to tell her more about herself, and El-Corp. After today Keiran certainly has a lot of questions about things that El-Corp does, that hopefully Kara will be willing to answer once they get back to the CEOs penthouse, if she is not too tired that is.


Keiran taps her fingers on the trackpad in boredom, thinking of what she can google next to keep herself entertained. After a few more minutes she gets an idea, and then googles Jack Spheer. As soon as Keiran googles Jack Spheer her heart feels heavy, because the first result that pops up is his obituary. Keiran is absolutely shocked, as over the last 3 years she has had no idea that Jack died, someone she used to love, and care about so much, someone who she may have ended up marrying if things were different. As Keiran reads through the obituary tears begin to fall down her face, mourning for the person she used to care so much for. However, the tears soon stop and are replace with a feeling of horror as soon as Keiran reads the information about Jack’s death. Keiran reads how Jack died a few days after she last saw him in an alleged botched home robbery. This news absolutely terrifies Keiran, and she is overcome with a large sense of guilt, because it is clear to her that Jack wasn’t murdered as part of a botched robbery, but her mother and brother had him killed, as they obviously found out that he helped her, the date of his death was too coincidental otherwise.


“Oh Jack.” Keiran sobs, “I am so, so sorry. I should have never come to you, and put you in danger like that. This is all my fault.”


Keiran then quickly heads into Kara’s private bathroom to just continuing crying for a few more minutes and to try and get herself together, as she doesn’t want Jess to see her crying, or notice that she has been crying, as then she will ask her about it. So, Keiran spends a couple more minutes crying, before then splashing some water on her face and forcing herself not to cry, gathering her emotions.

After Keiran gathers her thoughts, this gives her some time to think, all while she is still overcome with a massive sense of guilt. Previously Keiran knew that her brother and mother were dangerous, but she never thought they would have someone other than her murdered. However, now Keiran knows differently, and realises that anyone that she interacts with her, and anyone that is found to have helped her, is in danger, including Kara. For Keiran, she can’t allow that. Kara has been the most kind and caring person towards her since she has become homeless, and she can’t let her reward be her life being put in danger, so, she knows she has to leave, before Lex and Lillian find out about Kara’s help. The only question on the matter is how she will go about it.


A few minutes later, Keiran gathers her thoughts and makes the decision that she needs to get away from Kara. Keiran then returns into Kara’s office and immediately walks over to Krypto and takes him in for a big hug. Keiran absolutely hates that this is her life now, as it isn’t fair to Krypto. Krypto deserves to have some stability and be cared for by someone who can afford to feed him on a regular basis, and someone who doesn’t mean that he has to live on the streets. Lena absolutely hates Lillian and Lex for putting her in this position, and she knows she can’t continue going on like this, nor can Krypto. This isn’t the life Keiran wants to live, as this isn’t a life at all.

“I love you so much Krypto.” Keiran says, still hugging her dog, “I know our lives haven’t been easy. But rescuing you, it was all worth it for me…. I just….. hate that it meant Jack had to lose his life.”


Keiran continues to hug Krypto for a few more minutes before Keiran eventually backs away. Keiran just looks at his owner confused, clearly noticing that she is distressed and upset, so the dog just moves closer to Keiran, who is still crouched down, and begins licking her across the face. Keiran can’t help but feel a wave of affection coming off Krypto, that is being directed at her, and it makes her smile a bit, despite the circumstance.


After a few more minutes, Keiran stands up again and sighs, just trying to supress her emotions again.

“Krypto, I promise that I will get us out of this. This needs to end. We don’t deserve to keep going on like this, and Lillian and Lex need to be stopped.” Keiran says.


Krypto tilts his head in confusion, and Keiran just rubs Krypto on his head, before then taking a seat on the couch once more. Keiran then picks up the laptop again, and this time she knows what she wants to search, as she now has a goal, and that goal is to bring down Lex and Lillian, whatever it takes, no matter the risk to her own life, just as long as Krypto is safe. Keiran knows that she currently can barely live with the fact that someone, Jack, has been murdered because of her, but she knows she certainly won’t be able to live with it if someone else is murdered because of her, especially if it is Kara.


Keiran has now been doing research on Lex and Lillian, and a few other related topics over the last 15 minutes, all in the hopes of finding some way to bring them down, and she has the beginnings of a plan in mind. However, Keiran is then disturbed from her research by a knock at the office door, followed by Jess entering, with a smile on her face.

“Keiran.” Jess smiles.

“Hello, Jess.” Keiran replies, hoping that she remembers all her Luthor skills as to how to hide her emotions, as she doesn’t want Jess to pick up on her current distress.


“I have just finished some of my work, and I have some free time now. So, I was wondering if you would like to go on that tour of El-Corp now, as Kara will be back in about 40 minutes.” Jess says.


“Oh.” Keiran says, and then thinks for a moment. Keiran thinks that maybe if Jess takes her on a tour she may find something useful, perhaps in one of the labs that Kara has said she can visit, that can help her put an end to Lex and Lillian. “Yes, I would like that.”


“Great!” Jess smiles, happily. “We will have to leave Krypto here though I am afraid. I think most of the scientists in the labs would freak out at bringing a dog inside.”

“Yes, okay, that’s fine.” Keiran nods.

“He will be safe here though.” Jess explains, “I am sure Kara has told you, but we can lock Krypto in the office, and only three people have the key, so he will be very safe.”


“Yes, that is good.” Keiran nods, “But I don’t want to be gone for too long, in case he gets worried.”


“Of course. I will make it a quick tour, as I am sure you probably won’t want to be on your feet, with your injury, for too long either.” Jess says.

“Yeah…” Keiran nods, “Thank you Jess.”


Keiran and Jess then leave Kara’s office, with Jess locking the door, making sure that Krypto is secure, and no one other than the 2 other people who have the keys can get inside. Jess is even amazing enough to hand Lena the key, which the homeless woman appreciates a lot. After that, Jess begins the tour of El-Corp, showing Keiran the boring business floors first. Obviously the business floors were not much to look at, but Jess explained she wanted to show them to Keiran, because at the very least they had some nice views, which Keiran agrees they do.


Once Keiran and Jess were done with the business floors, Jess took Keiran downstairs, and showed her around the ground floor, pointing out the entrance, which Keiran already knows, and showing her a large room with many seats and a stage. Jess explains that that specific room is usually used for when Kara has to address all of the El-Corp employees here in National City as a whole, as she usually does her press conferences either outside, or on another site, as Kara does not like the idea of the press having access to the insides of El-Corp.


Eventually, Keiran and Jess made it down into the underground areas of El-Corp, which contains the labs. On the way to the labs, the two women stopped in a room which contained some El-Corp merchandise and clothing. Jess, wanting to be nice, gave Keiran a bag containing some clothes, key chains, and other random things. Keiran didn’t really want any of the stuff, but she thought the bag might be useful if she finds something in one of the labs she can steal, that can help her with her goals.


“So, this is the labs. You need to level security clearance to get down here.” Jess explains to Keiran. “There are 7 different labs down here, all working on a variety of different projects, and only the people who are working on the projects in each lab are allowed in them. Alex Danvers put that in place to reduce security threats, and any potential employees leaking information that they are not working on. There is then an 8th lab, but that is Kara’s personal lab, and the only people that have access are Kara and Alex, so unfortunately, I won’t be showing you inside there today.”


“Oh, that’s fine.” Keiran nods, even though she is curious as to what Kara could be working on in her lab, as she already knows she has one in her penthouse.


Jess then guides Keiran into a few of the labs, showing her around, explaining that she is one of the few people that has access in all of the labs, due to her being Kara’s assistant. As the duo walk through the labs, Keiran sees nothing of note, that could help her, that is until they come across a weapons testing lab.

“This is our weapons lab.” Jess explains.


“Weapons? I though El-Corp doesn’t make weapons?” Keiran asks, confused.

“No. We don’t, at least not really.” Jess replies, “These weapons are strictly for DEO use, which is a subdivision of El-Corp. In this lab they are working on the best non-lethal weapons, as well as clothing to protect DEO agents from alien attacks.”


“Oh.” Keiran nods.

The two women then walk further into the lab for a few moments, and that is when Keiran spots a gun looking device lying on a table.


“What is this?” Keiran asks, curiously.


“Oh, this is our special Stun-gun, for lack of a better name.” Jess says, picking up the device. “It is a completely non-lethal gun, which shoots out an electrical charge which incapacitates humans for about 30 – 40 minutes. However, the device is still being developed, as it currently only works on humans, and Kara wants it to work on aliens, so the DEO agents can have these, instead of guns with bullets, that can kill.”


“Ah, okay.” Keiran says, thinking this is exactly what she needs.


Jess then places the gun back down on the table where it originally was.

“Anyway, moving on.” Jess smiles, taking a step away from the device.

“Oh, Miss Hoang?” One of the scientists says, noticing Jess.

“Uhhh, yes? Can I help you?” Jess replies.

“Do you have a moment to discuss some things you can pass along to Miss Danvers?” The scientist asks.

“Uhhhh…. Sure, but only briefly, I am giving a tour right now.” Jess replies.

“Right.” The scientist nods.


Jess then walks a few feet over to the scientist and begins a conversation with him. Keiran for her part just watches Jess carefully, while also looking around the room to make sure no one else is watching her, and she then quickly grabs the gun and pockets it in the bag Jess gave her for the merchandise.


A few minutes later, Jess turns back around to look at Keiran, and Keiran’s heart rate spikes, hoping that Jess doesn’t notice the missing stun gun.

“Shall we go?” Jess smiles.

“Yeah.” Keiran nods.

Jess then walks out of the lab, not noticing the missing gun, much to Keiran’s relief.

The two women then soon wrap up their tour and return to Kara’s office, where they greet a happy Krypto. After that, Keiran took her place on the couch again, and nervously waited for Kara, knowing that she will be able to put her plan in motion when she returns to Kara’s penthouse this evening.


It is now around 7:30PM, and after their day at El-Corp, Kara and Keiran returned to Kara’s penthouse at around 6PM, and then had a nice dinner that Kara cooked for them. Throughout the hours since Keiran found out about Jack’s death almost 3 years ago, she has just tried to hold it together, not wanting to break down in front of Kara and give anything away. All Keiran knows is that her brother and mother killed someone who helped her, and she can’t let that happen to Kara, not after all she has done for her. Therefore, because of this, Keiran believes she needs to leave, but she is also aware that Kara won’t let her leave that easily, which means she is going to have to do something to Kara that she would rather not do.


After Kara and Keiran finish their dinner, Keiran spends some time in the living room, stroking Krypto and thinking about how she is going to go about everything, and what her next steps, once she leaves, will be. After about 30 minutes, Keiran excuses herself to her room, letting Kara know that she is going to the bathroom for a bit. Inside the bathroom, Keiran brings the bag she got at El-Corp that has the prototype stun gun, that she stole, inside. Keiran removes the gun from the bag and inspect it for a while, trying to figure out how she can use this, as she knows she will only get one shot at it, so to speak. After a couple of minutes, Keiran is satisfied that she has a pretty good idea of how the gun works, and places it down by the sink. Keiran then decides that she might as well have a shower now, as it may well be her last proper shower that she will have for a while. Keiran enters the shower and lets the water pour over her body, releasing the tension from all her sore muscles, and she sobs. Keiran cries because she hates what she has to do, because before she found out the news about Jack, she thought that maybe, just maybe, she had finally found a place in the world for her and Krypto, where they would be safe. While Keiran also was beginning to believe that she had finally found someone she could trust. But, while Keiran does think she can trust Kara, she now knows that nowhere will be safe from her family, as eventually they will find her, and if they had Jack killed, they certainly would attempt it again if they found out Kara is helping her, and Keiran can’t have that. Keiran has to keep Kara safe, just like she has spent the last 3 years needing to keep Krypto safe.


About 10 minutes later, Keiran gets out of the shower, drying her body with a towel, and gathering more control over her emotions to stop herself from crying. Keiran knows that if Kara notices that she has been crying, she will know that something is up, and that could ruin the plans that she now has. Once Keiran has dried her body, she wraps the towel around herself, before then splashing some water on her face, and then leaving the bathroom. Keiran then spends the next few minutes getting dressed, before then going back into the bathroom to grab the stun gun and hold it behind her back, and then walk back into her bedroom.


Keiran looks at the stun gun one last time, trying to think if there is some other way to go about this, but she doesn’t think that there is. Keiran’s prime objective is to keep Krypto, and now Kara, safe, and she sees no other way to do it than to go through with the plan she has now formed.


Keiran takes a deep breath, gathering her nerves, closing her eyes, and then opening them as she breathes out.


“Kara?! Could you come in here please?!” Keiran calls out, loudly.


“Okay!” Kara yells back from downstairs.


As Keiran waits in the bedroom that Kara has provided for her, she gets more and more nervous. Keiran hates that she has to do this, and she knows that she will never forgive herself. Keiran just hopes that Kara will forgive her one day, even if they never see each other again, as Keiran now plans. Keiran just doesn’t want her actions to change Kara, and stop her from being the kind, helpful and caring person she is.


“Hey, is everything alright?” Kara asks with a concerned smile, as she walks into the bedroom, approaching Keiran.

Keiran takes another deep breath.

“No.” Keiran says, sadly, on the verge of tears again.


Kara gets a confused look on her face.


“I’m sorry.” Keiran says, pulling out the stun gun from behind her back and pointing it at Kara.

Kara’s eyes go wide.

“Keiran, wai…” Kara begins, but she doesn’t get to finish speaking, as Keiran pulls the trigger, shooting Kara, causing the CEO to fly back against the wall, and then fall to the ground unconscious.


Keiran drops the gun to the ground, and then quickly runs over to Kara, before then crouching down and checking the CEOs pulse. Thankfully, Kara is still alive, and just unconscious, which is what Keiran was hoping for. Of course, Keiran knew that the gun wouldn’t do too much harm, because it didn’t have a bullet after all, but Keiran still needed to make sure Kara is okay.


Once Keiran finishes checking Kara over, she stands up, and knows, from what Jess told her earlier, that Kara should be unconscious for about 30 – 40 minutes, meaning Keiran needs to leave Kara’s penthouse within the next 10 minutes to make sure the CEO doesn’t wake up and catch up to her. Keiran then spends the next few minutes packing away a few clothes into a bag, that she is going to take with her. Once Keiran has done that, she spends the next few minutes writing a letter, which she will leave for Kara to find. In the letter Keiran is being honest, as she feels that Kara deserves that at least, while she also apologises for what she has done, and tells Kara not to come after her, for her own safety. After Keiran completes the letter, she leaves it folded up in front of Kara, and then leaves the bedroom.


Keiran walks downstairs into the living room area, where she finds Krypto, who is happily laying on the couch, clearly not having heard the noise upstairs. Keiran realises that Krypto obviously didn’t hear because she has made sure that his collar has been activated over the last few days, blocking his powers, not wanting Kara to witness them and have many many questions.


Keiran walks over to Krypto, with a sad look on her face.

“Hey boy.” Keiran says.

Krypto looks up at her, a confused look on his face.

“I…. I’m going to be back soon…. okay….” Keiran lies, beginning to cry, “You….. you look after Kara….. and be a good boy for her….. I…… I love you soo much….”


Krypto still looks at Keiran confused, and the homeless woman then bends down and takes Krypto in for one final hug, holding him tight. After a few minutes, Keiran ends the hug, tears now falling down her face at a high rate. Keiran then lets out a sad breath.


“You be good.” Keiran says, through her tears, trying to smile.


Keiran then walks to the kitchen counter and picks up the keys to Kara’s Ferrari, and in their place, she leaves behind the remote to Krypto’s collar. Keiran has explained everything about Krypto in her letter to Kara, and she knows Kara will take good care of him, and has the resources and knowledge to do that. Keiran just hopes that this way, her mother and brother will continue to come after her, but they will be none the wiser to the fact that she has left Krypto in the care of someone else, where they will never find him.

Keiran then turns around and takes one last look at Krypto.


“Goodbye Krypto.” LENA says, before then leaving Kara’s penthouse, and driving off out of National City, in Kara’s stolen Ferrari, a few minutes later. As Lena does this, she cries her eyes out, her heart hurting so much. Right now, Lena knows one thing for certain, she HATES her Lex and Lillian, and she is going to find some way to make them pay, even if she has to kill them.


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Chapter Text

Kara is roused from her unconsciousness, still laying on the ground in the room Lena stayed in, by Krypto licking her face and whining. Kara opens her eyes and lets out a groan, her head is absolutely killing her.

“Keiran?” Kara says, confused.


Kara’s head continues to hurt for a minute, and because of that her thoughts are a bit cloudy. Eventually, after a few moments, Kara gathers enough of her wits to look down at her bracelet that she was using to hide her powers, just so Keiran didn’t find out she is Supergirl, by Kara instinctively using her powers in front of her. Kara then grabs the bracelets and throws it off her wrist, hoping that that will help her recover faster.


Kara once more continues to lay on the ground, soaking in the light of the room, allowing it to recharge her cells. Right now there is no sunlight pouring into the room, it is dark outside, as the sun has already set for the day. So, all Kara can get right now, is the limited yellow lights coming from the overhead lights in the bedroom. After a few minutes, Kara begins to start to feel physically better, with the pain in her head subsiding, and the aches in her body, due to hitting the wall, reducing dramatically. Kara knows that she will probably have to head into her lab in a minute, just so she can sit under some proper yellow sun lamps and recharge her cells, but right now she needs to try and figure out what happened. As Kara’s head clears, she sits up, no longer laying on the floor, and sees that Krypto is now sitting next to her, with a sad look on his face.

“It’s okay boy.” Kara says, reaching out to stroke the dog.

Krypto just lets out a sad moan as Kara strokes him. Kara knows that means that something is obviously wrong.


Once Kara finishes stroking Krypto, she looks around the room, just trying to get her memories back in place as to what happened, that is when she sees the prototype El-Corp stun gun on the ground. Suddenly, all the memories of what happened just over half an hour ago, come flooding back to Kara. Kara remembers Keiran calling her into the room, and then pointing the stun gun at her. Kara remembers being shocked, and somewhat heartbroken seeing Keiran, the homeless woman she took in and trusted, point the gun at her, and betray her like that. Kara also remembers considering ripping off her bracelet, so the stun gun would be ineffective, and telling Keiran to wait, just to buy herself some time. But Kara then remembers a blast coming towards her, before she could even finish talking to Keiran, and then being flung back against the wall, and everything going black.


As Kara continues to remember, her heart truly begins to break. Kara really thought that maybe she was starting to form a special bond with Keiran. That maybe she could help Keiran get through whatever trouble she and Krypto were in, and then after that, they could form some sort of friendship. But Kara now knows that will never happen, Keiran betrayed her, and has now hurt her physically and emotionally. In fact, Kara wishes that she didn’t get her memories of Keiran shooting her back, as all she can do now is replay the moment in her head, and it is truly devastating. Keiran is literally one of the first people, in a long time, that Kara felt like she had a true connection with. It is hard for Kara, now that she is a rich and famous CEO, to make new friends, and meet people that are not interested in her for her money, or some sort of other financial/career gain. Kara can’t count the multiple occasions early on in her El-Corp success where she was out at a bar or something, and she started talking to other people, thinking that maybe she could make a new friend, only to later find out that they knew exactly who she was, and were angling for something. Kara just thought, as Keiran was homeless, and didn’t know too much of who she was, she didn’t want to use Kara like that. But Kara now knows she was sorely mistaken.


Tears begins to roll down Kara’s face as her heart continues to hurt from Keiran’s betrayal. Krypto for his part notices, and moves over to Kara, rubbing his body against hers to try and comfort her. Admittedly, it really helps.

“You are a good boy Krypto.” Kara says, stroking the dog.


Kara continues to stroke Krypto for a few more moments, before she then freezes. Kara realises that Krypto is still here, but Keiran is not, and that completely confuses her. Kara thought that Keiran had betrayed her to steal from her, or do something else nefarious. But that does not make sense now, with Krypto still being here. Kara knows that even if Keiran was manipulating her the whole time, she did not lie about how much she cares and loves her dog. So, it makes no sense in Kara’s mind as to why the homeless woman would leave her dog behind. Kara knows that Keiran would likely never abandon him. This just causes so many questions to pop up in Kara’s mind.

For a few more minutes Kara continues to think of possibilities as to why Keiran did what she did and left Krypto here with her, but none of them make any sense. Kara then gets to her feet, still feeling some aches in her body from where it hit the wall. Kara decides that she can continue thinking while she recharges under some of her yellow sun lamps in her lab. However, just as Kara makes a step to walk out of the bedroom, with Krypto beginning to follow her, she sees that Krypto was sitting on a folded-up piece of paper, with the word Kara written on it. Kara then quickly grabs the piece of paper and unfolds it, revealing a message left behind by Keiran. Kara falls back down to the ground, her heart hurting again, as she begins reading the letter.


Dear Kara,


I am so sorry for what I did to you, and I will always regret it. But I couldn’t stay with you any longer, as I need to keep you safe now, and I knew that if I explained everything to you in person, you would insist on helping, and wouldn’t let me leave, and I can’t have that. See, today I found out that a former boyfriend of mine was murdered by the people who are after me and Krypto. They murdered him just because he helped me three years ago. So, knowing that, I can’t let all your help you have given me be rewarded by putting your life in danger. Therefore, I have to leave now.

I am sure you have many questions, and I will try and give you as many answers as possible. I want to be truthful now, so hopefully you see why I had to leave, and do what I did to you, and maybe one day you can forgive me. Firstly, you should know that my name is not Keiran, my real name is Lena Luthor. I am the half-sister of Lex Luthor, and the adopted daughter of Lillian Luthor. For the past 3 years I have been on the run from my family, hiding Krypto from them. See, you may have noticed, but Krypto is not an ordinary dog, and I don’t just mean that because I think he is amazing and incredible. Krypto was subjected to horrible tests by my brother and mother, which I was forced to help with.


How this happened was I was just graduating from university, and I had planned to begin my own company, and continue to live in Boston with my boyfriend Jack. However, hours after my graduation I got a call from my brother, with him essentially begging me to work for him at Luthor Corp, on a secret project he wouldn’t tell me much about. I didn’t want to work there, because even though at the time I thought my brother was a good person, I have always known Lillian is not, as she was abusive to me throughout my childhood. But Lex was able to convince me to work for him at Luthor Corp, essentially guilt tripping me by suggesting that the company our father built would be in peril if I did not help him on this project. So, a week after I graduated, I moved back to Metropolis and began working at Luthor Corp. At Luthor Corp, even when I began working on the project, I was still kept mostly in the dark. Lex claimed this was for my own benefit, so I wouldn’t have any pre-conceived notions of the things I was working on. I was tasked with combing two sets of different DNA with the other, with Lex wanting key attributes of one of the DNAs to be inserted into the other DNA. Like I said, I had no idea the species that the DNA belonged to, but I continued to do my work, just wanting to stick out working at Luthor Corp for the agreed upon year, before I would then make my own company.


Eventually, several months into me working at Luthor Corp, I had many successful DNA combinations, but all I was told by Lex was to keep working, as they didn’t achieve the results he wanted. Anyway, one day I had just combined a new set of DNA, and I went to tell my brother. I made my way to his private lab, and I saw Lillian and Lex walking out of it, talking about something that set alarm bells off in my brain. So, after Lex and Lillian were gone, I broke into my brother’s private lab. At first nothing seemed to be out of order. But as I made my way into the lab, I found a metal filling cabinet with over 200 small drawers against one of the walls. I looked inside and I found ashes. I was both shocked and confused. After this I heard a noise coming from a small room inside the lab, and when I opened it, I saw two dogs in cages, one was Krypto, who had no name at the time, and the other was a dead dog.


I was completely shocked and horrified by this. I knew in that moment that my brother was doing something terrible, and Lillian was helping him. So, I gathered evidence and took it all to the local Metropolis police. However, I quickly found out that Lex has the police in his pocket, and they destroyed my evidence and knocked me unconscious. After that, Lex revealed everything to me, telling me that he wanted to create a Kryptonian hybrid dog, as a weapon to kill Superman, who he claims is a threat to all of humanity. I plain out refused to continue to help him, even after he threaten to frame me for all the dogs he had murdered by his horrible experiments. But eventually Lex attempted to inject Krypto with my new DNA combination, and I gave in. I said I would work for him to try and make a better process so that Krypto wouldn’t die. I just couldn’t let him suffer like all the other dogs, or let any more dogs die. So, over the next few months I lived in horrible conditions, having a watchful eye on me the whole time, trying to make a better way that wouldn’t get Krypto killed.


One day, a few months later, Lex didn’t like how unsuccessful I was being, and he and Lillian were very abusive to me. Lex even got so angry as to break my arm as a form of punishment, and threaten to kill Krypto. However, after he broke my arm, somehow Krypto broke free of his cage and attacked Lex, and then Lillian when she tried to get him off. Lex then got a gun and shot Krypto, but the bullets bounced off of him, and Krypto attacked my brother again. It was clear by that point that I was successful, and Krypto had powers. Anyway, after a few minutes, Lex and Lillian were unconscious and I made my way out of the lab with Krypto, with Lex threatening to find me and Krypto, no matter what it took, before falling unconscious again. That is the moment I named Krypto, Krypto, seeing as he had Kryptonian powers. After that, we escaped to my apartment, to get some limited money and clothes, and then took several bus trips, to throw Lex and Lillian off my trail, eventually making our way to Boston.


In Boston I made my way to my ex-boyfriend’s home, and begged him to help us. I told him everything that happened, and he agreed to help me make some sort of collar for Krypto, to supress his powers. We spent several days making it, and once it was complete, I left Jack behind, even though he asked me to stay. I just knew eventually Lillian and Lex would look there, and I didn’t want them to find either me or Krypto. So, after that, I went on the run, and began my homeless life, all to protect Krypto.


But today, while I was in your office on your laptop, I had the first opportunity in three years to look up Jack Spheer, my ex-boyfriend. That is when I found out that he is dead, allegedly being killed 3 years ago in a botched robbery, but I know it was Lex and Lillian who had him killed for helping me. So, because of that, I knew I couldn’t let you fall the same fate, just because you helped me, so I left. I knew, just like Jack, you would ask me to stay, but I couldn’t put you in any more danger. I know now that it is my problem to solve, as I can’t live like this forever. So, I have left to try and find some solution to deal with Lex and Lillian, even if it is permanent, and puts my own life in jeopardy. However, I know that no matter what, I cannot put Krypto’s life in danger.


I have left Krypto in your care. I know you will take good care of him, while you also have the resources to make sure he is healthy, and safe. I have noticed the bond you have with him; it is unlike how I have seen him act with any of the other limited people he has interreacted with over the last 3 years. I just hope that this way, Lex and Lillian will continue to look for me, and even if they eventually do, they will never find Krypto. So please, even if you hate me, please take care of my baby. I love Krypto so much, and he truly means the world to me, and I do not regret leaving him with you to keep him safe.


I am so sorry that I lied to you through all this. My experience over the last 3 years has shown me that trust is hard to come by, and I could never be too careful. Like I said earlier, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me one day. But more importantly, I hope my betrayal doesn’t change the loving caring person that you are. I have never met anyone like you Kara Danvers, and I doubt I ever will again, you are incredible.


Anyway, I need to go now. I will leave you the remote to Krypto’s collar downstairs in your kitchen. Once more, please take care of my baby, and give him all my love. I will miss him dearly.



Lena Luthor


P.S. Sorry again, but I am stealing your Ferrari. I would steal one of your cheaper cars, but I don’t know where they are.


As Kara finishes reading the letter from Lena, she has even more tears in her eyes now. Kara is truly heartbroken after reading about everything that Lena and Krypto have been through, or at least everything in regards to her family. Kara knows that no one deserves to have a family like that, and it is truly horrible. Kara just thinks that Lena must truly be an incredible person to sacrifice three years of her life to keep Krypto safe, even in the face of so much danger, to her life and her health, by living on the streets. Then the fact that Lena has left Krypto behind, trusting Kara to look after him, means so much to Kara, and is so heart-breaking at the same time.


In all honesty, Kara just wishes that she had told Lena that she is Supergirl for some reason. Obviously, Kara knows that it’s not her fault that she hasn’t, because she doesn’t go around telling people that she knows very little about, and has only just met, that she is the blonde Kryptonian super, living in National City. But Kara thinks that if she had told Lena about her Kryptonian heritage, then perhaps the homeless woman wouldn’t have left, as she would know that she is truly safe with her, as not only does Kara have all her financial resources to stop Lex and Lillian, but her powers to protect herself, and others as well.

Kara continues to sit there, on the floor in the bedroom that Lena used to occupy, and she just cries. Kara cries for Lena, and everything she has been through, and all the horrors she has experienced. She cries for the fact that Lena thought she had to protect her from Lillian and Lex. Kara cries because her faith in Lena is restored, as she truly is an amazing person, not someone who had completely manipulated and betrayed her. Then finally, Kara cries because the letter makes her miss Lena so so much. Kara thinks now, that if they truly got to know one another, they could have had something very special, maybe an incredible friendship, but perhaps even more than that. All Kara knows, is that Lena didn’t give them a chance to allow that to happen, but she won’t hold it against her.


“Krypto, come here boy.” Kara says, after a few moments, drying her eyes with one of her hands.

Krypto walks closer to Kara, still looking a bit sad. As soon as Krypto gets there, Kara begins stroking him on the top of his head.

“It’s okay boy. I promise I am going to take good care of you.” Kara says, “Your mom may have decided to leave, to protect us, but I won’t stop until I find her.”


Krypto still looks at Kara a bit timidly, but just allows the Kryptonian to continue to pat him, and give him all the affection that Kara can offer at the moment, despite her current emotional state. Eventually, after a couple more minutes, Kara gathers herself enough to stand up from the ground once more, with Krypto looking up at her curiously. As Kara watches Krypto, and thinks about the letter Lena left, explaining that Krypto has powers like her, Kara makes a decision.

“Look at this boy.” Kara says.


Kara then uses the limited powers she currently has to float a few feet off the ground, hoping to show to Krypto that she is just like him, with her powers and everything, as perhaps that way they will form even more of a connection.


“I’m like you.” Kara says.


Krypto watches Kara, and begins wagging his tail happily as he sees her float off the ground, before then letting out a happy little bark. It causes Kara to smile sadly down at Krypto, at least she has made Krypto happy and excited. Kara just thinks that Krypto is truly a clever and special dog, not only for having powers, but for being able to notice things like this, which most other dogs would probably just look confused at, or not make a fuss of at all.


A few moments later, Kara touches down to the ground, feeling very drained now. Kara wants to go out, and fly into the air and use her super hearing to search for Lena, but she knows she doesn’t have enough powers to do that at the moment. Then even if Kara did have all her powers, she knows it is very unlikely that she would be able to find Lena, because she hasn’t mapped the woman’s heartbeat to her mind, like she has for Eliza and Alex, so it would essentially be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Of course, Kara could try and locate the Ferrari that Lena has stolen from her, both by using her super hearing, and by accessing traffic cameras, thanks to her resources at the DEO. But Kara doesn’t think it would be ethical for her to assign some DEO staff to search through traffic cameras just to find her stolen car. Then as for her super hearing, Kara doubts she would be able to distinguish the models of cars by the noise their engines are making. Kara may like cars, and very much enjoy driving her Ferrari, and her fancy other cars, but she has no clue about them beyond their looks, and couldn’t distinguish the sound of a V8 twin turbo engine from a V6 engine, even if her life depended on it.


Kara sighs, and slowly makes her way out of Lena’s former room, and walks to her lab, knowing that at least for now she needs to sit under her yellow sun lamps to recharge her cells.

“Hope, call Alex, please.” Kara says to her AI assistant, as soon as she enters her lab.

“Calling Alex Danvers.” Hope replies.


While Kara waits for the call to connect, she turns on the yellow sun lamps and takes a seat on one of the beds in her lab.

“Hello? Kara?” Alex answers.


“Alex, I need your help.” Kara says, sadly.

“My help? Kara…. what’s going on?” Alex asks, confused, noticing her sister’s tone.

“It’s Keiran…. she’s gone.” Kara says.


“Oh…. well…. Maybe that’s for the best…” Alex replies.

“No! You don’t understand! Keiran, her real name is Lena Luthor, and she is in danger! Her family are hunting her, because she saved Krypto from Lex and Lillian Luthor doing experiments on him. Experiments that have given him powers like mine!” Kara exclaims.

“WHAT?!” Alex replies, shocked.


“Alex, can you just please come over, so we can talk.” Kara asks, desperately needing her sister right now for some emotional support.

“Wouldn’t it be quicker to fly over to me?” Alex asks.

“I can’t.” Kara replies, “I’ve been wearing my red sun bracelet, so I wouldn’t accidentally use my powers in front of Ke…. Lena….. and…… Lena….. she……. she stole a prototype stun gun from El-Corp, and shot me with it…… knocking me unconscious…. And now…. I feel kind of drained.”

“SHE DID WHAT?!” Alex now exclaims, angrily.

“Alex….. please…. just….. can you come over?” Kara asks, in a very sad and desperate tone.


Alex is silent for a moment and then sighs. Alex doesn’t sigh because she feels it is inconvenient for her to go over to Kara’s. Alex is just sighing because of the situation they are in now. Alex knows that it is never simple with her sister, and her life, not only because she is a super hero alien, but also because she is a rich and famous CEO.

“Okay, I’ll be there in 10.” Alex replies.

“Thank you.” Kara says back, “I’ll be in my lab, recharging under some yellow sun lamps.”


“Alright, see you soon.” Alex says.

“Bye.” Kara calls out.


The call then ends, and Kara is left in her lab, recharging under the yellow sun rays. Kara however is not alone, as Krypto has worked his way into the room and is laying down on the ground by the door, just watching Kara.


After a few moments, Kara decides she might as well lay down completely while she waits for Alex, just to rest her body a bit more. Then once she does, Kara can’t help but think back to the last time she was in her lab, which is when she was saving Lena from her stab wound. Thinking back on Lena makes tears appear in Kara’s eyes once more. Kara just really hopes that this isn’t the last time that she will see Lena, and she will somehow find her so she can help her. Kara fears that if Lena is going to do what she thinks she is going to do, then she is going to be in a lot of danger, and could face life in prison as a result, and Kara does not want that for her, not after everything she has been through. Then at the same time, Kara knows, if everything Lena has said about Lex and Lillian are true, then the homeless woman’s life could really be in danger from her own family. Kara doesn’t even dare to imagine what Lena’s family may do to her if they find her, and don’t find Krypto. Kara just hopes it doesn’t come to that.


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Chapter Text

“Kara!?! Are you still up there?!” Alex calls out as soon as she enters Kara’s penthouse.


“Yes, Alex! I’m still under the yellow sun lamps!” Kara yells back from her lab, still laying on the bed.


Kara then waits nervously for the next for moments, while she waits for Alex to make her way upstairs and into her lab. Kara knows what Alex’s response to everything is going to be. She is probably going to say bad things about Lena, and say that Kara is better off without her, and shouldn’t have brought her in to her home in the first place. But Kara understands that Alex will only be saying that because she is her big sister, and wants to protect her, both from the emotional hurt Lena leaving has now caused, and the physical hurt from Lena shooting her.


Alex walks into Kara’s lab, an assertive look on her face. However, Alex then notices Krypto lying in the lab on the floor by the door, and then grows a confused look on her face.


“I thought you said Keiran left?” Alex asks, confused.

“Lena, did leave.” Kara says, correcting Alex with the right name.

“Then why…. why is Krypto here?” Alex asks, still confused.

“Because she left him behind, to keep him safe with me.” Kara explains.

“Safe from what?” Alex asks.

“Her family.” Kara replies.

“Her… what?” Alex asks, confused.

Kara sighs, already frustrated with this conversation. Kara knows that she could just explain to Alex everything that has happened, and what she has been told from Lena, but she is already emotionally exhausted from it all, so she really doesn’t want to. Kara isn’t sure she can go through that again, as she may just end up breaking into tears, and CEOs do not cry.


“She left me a letter in the room she was staying in. I left it in there. You can go read it. It explains everything.” Kara says, sounding drained and frustrated.


Alex shoots Kara a concerned look, with a sad smile on her face.


“Okay…. but first…” Alex says, stepping forward, closer to Kara on the bed, “How are you feeling?”

“Hmm… I’ll be fine… I just need to recover a bit longer.” Kara replies, only mentioning her physical hurt, not her emotional one. Obviously, Kara knows that her sister cares about her emotional state too, but she doesn’t think Alex will understand how attached she grew to Lena over the last few days. Kara thinks if she told Alex how she feels emotionally, then her sister may just be dismissive of it all, saying she only knew her briefly, and will get over it.


“Okay…. Well…. after I read the letter…. I want to run some tests on you…. just to make sure you’re okay.” Alex says.


“Yeah…. whatever.” Kara replies, almost sighing.


Alex shoots Kara a slightly confused look, but Kara doesn’t say anything back to Alex, so the older Danvers sister just takes that as her cue to leave the lab, and go read the letter.


Alex comes back into the lab, about 10 minutes later, after having read the letter that Lena left behind for Kara. As Alex walks into the lab, she sees that her sister has fallen asleep under the yellow sun rays. Upon seeing this, Alex decides to let Kara sleep for a while longer, and recharge herself, as she is aware that her sister has clearly been emotionally affected by what Lena has done. Of course, Alex, for her part, is angry over everything, because she feels like she has failed at her job, at not only being Kara’s big sister, who protects her, but her head of security as well. Alex thinks that the security she has in place at El-Corp should have never given Lena an opportunity to steal a prototype stun gun so easily. Then also, Alex is annoyed that she herself didn’t somehow recognise that the homeless woman, that Kara has been spending her time with, was none other than Lena Luthor. Although, Alex isn’t really that angry on the last point, because she knows that while Lex Luthor is very well known and famous, thanks to him being the CEO of Luthor Corp, Lena is much less well known. Alex remembers seeing pictures of the Luthors in the past, in the press, and them briefly mentioning Lena whenever she is there with her family, but other than that, not really focusing on her. But either way, Alex wishes she had picked up on that, as she feels she should have, as ridiculous as that expectation may be.


As Alex stands in the lab, looking on at the sleeping Kara, she thinks about what she should do now. Alex considers getting in contact with the local authorities and reporting Kara’s Ferrari as stolen, but she knows her sister will be angry at her doing that. Then at the same time, Alex thinks that if even a little bit of what Lena wrote in the letter is true, in regards to her family, then she can’t put Lena in danger like that. Alex may be angry at Lena, for what she has done to her sister, but she doesn’t think she would be able to live with herself if she reported Lena to the police, and then Lex and Lillian found her, and did horrible things to her.


Alternatively, Alex does consider just leaving Kara’s penthouse for the evening, and continuing her conversation with Kara tomorrow, so she can let her sister rest as much as possible under the yellow sun lamps, while also getting a long good night’s sleep, which is rare for Kara. But Alex knows that if she did this, then Kara would likely just head into El-Corp, early, as usual, without even running any tests on herself, or calling Alex to get her to run them. So, Alex ultimately decides that it would be best if she were just to spend the night at Kara’s, that way in a couple of hours she can wake Kara up, if she isn’t already awake, and then go about doing tests on her sister, just to make sure she is 100% okay.


Now that Alex has made this decision, and made her plan for the evening, she looks at Kara for a few more seconds, with a sad smile on her face. Alex sees that Kara is sleeping, and looking so peaceful. Alex knows this is very rare for Kara, as the few times where she has witnessed her sister sleeping, over the last few years, it has always looked like Kara has a permanent concerned look on her face, most likely due to all the stresses of running El-Corp. Obviously right now, Kara is also under stress, both in regards to El-Corp, and because of Lena. But these stresses are likely not affecting Kara’s sleep right now, because of how emotionally and physically drained the Kryptonian is by everything, meaning she slipped into this sleep from simple exhaustion.


After a few minutes, Alex makes a move to step out of Kara’s lab, and head in the direction of one of the spare bedrooms, however, as soon as Alex makes her first step, she hears a little whine coming from Krypto. Alex then turns are gaze to Krypto, who is laying on the ground, in the middle of the lab, just looking at her. Up until this point, Alex kind of totally forgot about Krypto, as her focus has entirely been on her sister, and worrying about the effects of the stun gun on Kara, while also thinking about the revelations of everything that Lena has been through.


“What’s the matter, Krypto?” Alex asks, sincerely, taking a step closer to the dog.


As soon as Alex takes a step closer, Krypto lets out a little growl at Alex, clearly warning her not to get closer. Once Krypto does this, Alex thinks back to Lena’s letter, and how she said that no one, other than Kara, has been able to get close to Krypto, and bond with him over the last 3 years.


“It’s okay boy. I promise I’m not going to hurt you. Kara’s my sister.” Alex explains, hoping the dog, who has Kryptonian powers, which is still mind blowing to Alex, somehow understands her.


Krypto now looks at Alex confused, tilting his head sideways. Alex takes this as a sort of good sign, and makes another step closer to Krypto, which this time he does not growl at.


“Good boy.” Alex smiles.


Krypto still looks at Alex confused, but as soon as Alex makes yet another step, he growls again, with Alex only about 5 feet from the dog at this point. As a result of this, Alex decides that for now, this is as close as Krypto will probably allow her to get to him, until she can build up the dog’s trust in her. So, Alex sits down on the floor in the lab, shooting Krypto a warm smile.

“Hey boy. I’m just going to sit here okay. I promise I won’t move any closer to you.” Alex says.

Krypto, once more, gives Alex that confused dog head tilt look, but after a few seconds, he seems to relax, and maybe understand, and put his head down on the ground again, with his eyes now focused on Alex. Alex just decides to sit there for a while, and get out her phone, to pass the time. Alex thinks that it probably would be a good idea to google some more stuff about Lena, and especially about what happened to Lena’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Spheer. Alex herself, wants to see if she can find anything suspicious in regards to Jack Spheer’s ‘botched robbery murder’. This is because Alex believes that, at the very least, Lena believes that Jack was murdered by her brother and Lillian, and admittedly the timing of it, if what Lena said is true, is probably enough evidence on its own for Alex to confirm something suspicious happened. However, Alex needs proof for herself, so she wants to find something that gives her an unbiased confirmation that something with Jack Spheer’s murder is fishy. Therefore, Alex thinks she will put all her DEO detective skills to good use, and spend the next while going over all the murder reports, and findings.


An hour later, Alex is still sitting on the floor in Kara’s lab, and her sister is still asleep. Alex has spent the last hour going over everything she could find from Jack Spheer’s murder, including some documents which were not public knowledge, which she was able to get access to, thanks to calling in for a favour at the DEO. Now that Alex has gone over absolutely everything she could find about Jack Spheer’s death, she is absolutely certain that what Lena suspected is true. Of course, there is no evidence that directly links Jack Spheer’s murder to Lex or Lillian Luthor, but there is some pretty blatant evidence which definitely suggests that it wasn’t a ‘botched robbery’, as well as some questionable actions that the Metropolis PD took during the investigation, that suggest something corrupted occured. One of the first things that Alex noticed, was that the report said that no locks to the home were broken, and no windows were smashed, which is highly unusual in a robbery. Usually, if someone is going to rob a home, they want to get in and out very quickly, so they don’t care about making noise of smashing a window, or breaking a lock. But in the police report, it says that the front lock to the home was professional picked, which is very suspicious. Then the next thing that Alex finds suspicious, is that the picture of Jack Spheer’s home makes it strange for his house to be the only one robbed that night, with no incidents prior to that before or after his murder. This is unusual because Jack Spheer’s home was literally one of the smallest, and worst looking homes from that street, while the report also explains that a few neighbours were not at home during the ‘botched robbery’, surely making their homes much better targets, with a higher potential reward. Another thing that is suspicious about the ‘botched robbery’, is that the report says that the robbers only stole an expensive watch, and a personal diary. This is extremely strange, not only because the report explains there were more valuables in the home, but because a personal diary has no value to any potential robbers, who are looking to rob a home for money, being a clear signal that this was something more. However, the Metropolis PD completely gloss over the missing diary, and put the fact that the robbers didn’t steal other valuables down to the fact they were scared and fled the scene after they murdered Jack Spheer.


From Alex simply reading all of these parts of the investigation, that the Metropolis PD have ignored, or jumped to other conclusions, it is already very clear to her that there is more to what happened. However, Alex could be forgiving to the Metropolis PD for this, because she knows it really isn’t 100% proof they were covering something up. Alex is aware that some police departments, like the Metropolis PD, are overworked, and underpaid, so sometimes this leads to incompetence, where the police officers are being lazy, and not dedicating a lot of their time to each investigation, because they have so many to get to. However, even though Alex could put these holes in the reports down to incompetence, what she cannot put down to incompetence is what went on with Jack Spheer’s body. This is because, from what Alex read in the coroner’s report, they found that Jack Spheer suffered head trauma, which resulted in his death, explaining this was likely as a result of a fight that Jack Spheer got into with the robbers. However, the report then goes on to say that the body was then cremated, which is very very unusual. Alex knows that bodies in these circumstances are only cremated if there is something to cover up, or if the findings are 100% obvious, and the family of the victim have given their approval. However, from some research that Alex did do, she found that Jack Spheer’s parents, in London, were outraged that the body of their son was cremated, without their approval, and before they had a chance to see him. So, to Alex, this signals in her mind, without a shadow of a doubt, that something seriously corrupt happened with Jack Spheer’s murder, and it was not just a botched robbery. As cremating a body like that, along with all of the other evidence, signals to a clear-cut cover up. The only problem with that, is there is no way to find who is behind the cover up, as that would require someone involved, who was likely paid off, to whistle blow on whoever paid them, and thereby face repercussions themselves, from the justice system, and from whoever was behind the murder. So ultimately, Alex knows that while all of this does confirm to her, that Jack Spheer was murdered, that is where the investigation ends, as there will be nothing else she or the DEO can do to dig deeper, and get more information, as everyone will be tight lipped.


Now that Alex has found out all this information about Jack Spheer’s death, and realised she won’t be able to dig deeper, she lets out a sigh. As soon as Alex does this, she notices Krypto lift up his head and look in her direction.


“Hey, boy.” Alex smiles, before then glancing up at her sister, and seeing she is still asleep. “I think I’m going to go lay down for a bit.”


In response, Krypto once more lifts his head up and tilts it to the side. Alex this time just chuckles at the dog and stands up. Once Alex is stood up, she takes one last look at her sleeping sister, and then begins walking out of the lab. Alex has a weird feeling seeing Kara like this, so vulnerable, because not only does Alex rarely see her sister like this, because she is a Kryptonian, and one of the most powerful people on the planet. But also, over the last few years, since Kara began El-Corp, Alex has had to witness her sister being a ruthless CEO and business woman. Obviously Alex still gets to see the real Kara from time to time, when they are alone, away from prying, but those occasions have got less and less over the last few years, due to Kara’s incredibly busy schedule.


Once Alex has exited the lab, she decides to head downstairs for a moment, to get herself a glass of water before she lays down on a bed. However, it isn’t until Alex is walking down the wooden stairs, that she hears the pitter patter of Krypto following her. This surprises Alex, because only about an hour ago the dog growled at her when she tried to get close to him, but now he is following her downstairs for some reason.


“You following me boy?” Alex asks, with a smile.


This time, much to Alex’s joy, Krypto wags his tail in response. Alex thinks that maybe she has gained some of Krypto’s trust.


“Alright, come on. I’m just going to get myself a drink, and then lay down for a bit. We’ll wait a while for Kara to wake up.” Alex says, as she continues to walk down the stairs. Obviously Alex thinks that the dog probably doesn’t understand most of what she is saying, but she thinks that at least Krypto will be able to recognise that she is talking to him, and he will hopefully enjoy it.


After Alex reaches the bottom of the stairs, she walks into the kitchen, and gets herself a glass of water. Alex then drinks the water, and that is where she hears scratching. Alex looks over and sees that Krypto is by the front door, and is scratching on it, signalling that he wants to go out. Alex isn’t sure if this means that he wants to go out and try and find Lena, his mom, or if he just needs to go to the toilet. Either way, Alex thinks that it probably would be for the best if she takes Krypto out for a brief walk, and allows him to do his business, as she is sure her sister won’t be happy with her if she doesn’t take Krypto out, and then he pees on her carpet or something.


“You want to go out boy?” Alex asks.

Krypto looks at Alex and wags his tail.


“Alright, let me just get your lead.” Alex says, pointing to the lead by the front door.


Alex then picks up the lead and now realises she is in a bit of a predicament, as she isn’t going to take Krypto for a walk without putting his lead on, as not only would she not do that with a normal dog, but she most definitely won’t do it with one that has alien powers, even if they are being suppressed by his collar right now. The problem with the lead, is that Alex doesn’t think that Krypto will allow her to attach it to his collar, as he wouldn’t even let her get close to him earlier. But either way, Alex knows she at least needs to try. As that way, at least then, if she is unable to put the lead on Krypto, and Krypto ends up peeing on Kara’s carpet, Alex can say to her sister that Krypto didn’t let her put his lead on, and she didn’t want to take him out without it, and risk him running off.


“I need to put your lead on boy.” Alex says, taking a step closer to Krypto.

This time, Krypto does not growl as soon as Alex steps closer to him, instead, he just continues to wag his tail happily, clearly eager to go outside. Alex takes this as another good sign, and proceeds to move closer and closer to Krypto, all the way until he has allowed her to attach the leash to his collar.


“Wow, good boy.” Alex smiles, “Do you like me now then?”

Krypto looks back at Alex and continues to wag his tail happily.


Alex chuckles.


“Alright, let’s go for a walk.” Alex smiles, and then leaves the penthouse with Krypto.


About 15 minutes later, Kara wakes up. At first Kara is confused as to where she is, as it isn’t a usual occurrence for her to wake up in her lab, laying under yellow sun lamps, so it is very disorientating. However, as Kara continues to wake up, and clear the fog from her mind, she remembers why she is laying here, and everything that happened that led to that. Kara can’t help but feel emotional once more, still upset that Lena left like that, with Krypto being all Kara has to remember her by now. Kara does realise that she did only know Lena for a short period of time, so she shouldn’t be this emotional over Lena leaving like she did, but Kara just felt like there was something different with Lena, they had a connection. The sad thing for Kara, is now she thinks that she will never get to find out if Lena felt that connection too.


“Alex!?!” Kara calls out, as she moves to get off the bed in her lab, remembering she had sent her sister to read Lena’s letter, before she fell asleep.


Kara gets no response.


“Alex?!?!” Kara calls out again, slightly louder, as she stands on her feet and begins walking out her lab.


Once more Kara does not get a response. Kara thinks that maybe Alex saw her asleep, and decided to go home for the evening. So, Kara just begins walking through her penthouse, along the corridor upstairs that have her lab, and all the bedrooms attached to it. However, just as Kara reaches her bedroom, she realises she hasn’t seen Krypto.


“Krypto?!” Kara calls out, now beginning to panic.


Obviously, Kara doesn’t get a response, but she thought if she called out to the dog, she may have heard some movement.

“Krypto!!” Kara calls out again, her panic growing, as she begins to look through all the rooms upstairs, to see if Krypto is laying in one of them.


Over the next few minutes, Kara frantically checks all the rooms upstairs, and still doesn’t find Krypto. After that, Kara heads downstairs, now panicking very much. Kara then looks through all her rooms downstairs, and still does not find Krypto. Once Kara confirms that Krypto is not in her penthouse, she breaks into massive tears. Kara thinks that Lena left Krypto to her to protect him, but within literally a few hours, she has already lost him, she has lost her only connection to Lena, it devastates Kara.


Kara continues to cry for a few more minutes, and during this period her thoughts lead to the potential that maybe Lena came back, for Krypto, and then left again. Even if Kara thinks that means that Krypto is okay, the thought doesn’t make her feel any better, as that would mean that Lena came back, and left again, without speaking to her.


Eventually, Kara’s crying is interrupted by her front door opening. Kara looks up at the door, in hopes that it is Lena coming back, but instead she sees Alex with Krypto.

“KRYPTO!!” Kara says, relieved, running to Krypto, and then taking the dog in for a hug.


Krypto just happily wags his tail as Kara strokes and hugs him.


“I thought I’d lost you too.” Kara sobs into Krypto’s side.


“Oh Kara…. I just took him for a walk….” Alex says, now feeling guilty that Krypto not being there when Kara woke up made her sister panic.


Kara continues to sob into Krypto’s side for a few more minutes, and as she does, she once more begins to feel tiredness overtake her, Alex notices this.


“Kara….. why don’t we get you into bed?” Alex suggests, gently.

“Hmmm…. Okay…” Kara says, too tired to put up much of a fight right now.

“Alright, come on. We will talk in the morning.” Alex says.


“Hmmm… kay..” Kara nods, as Alex helps her to her feet.


Alex then holds one of Kara’s arms and then leads her sister upstairs, and then into her bedroom, with Krypto following them the whole way. Alex then helps Kara down onto her bed, and Krypto immediately jumps up, causing Alex to smile at the dog who clearly has grown very attached to Kara.


“You sleep now Kara.” Alex says, helping Kara get under the covers.


“Hmmm…” Kara hums, drifting to sleep immediately.


Once Kara is asleep, Alex looks at her sister and Krypto for a moment, just smiling at the sight. Alex knows now that Kara has really been affected by Lena leaving, as obviously there was something there, that Kara hasn’t told her about, or perhaps doesn’t even know herself. So, Alex makes the decision, that tomorrow, she’s going to talk with Kara, and then help her find Lena.


The next day, Lena is driving in Kara’s stolen Ferrari still, now several hundred miles away from National city. Lena literally has not stopped driving for more than an hour at a time, since yesterday evening, and it is now the following afternoon. The only problem that Lena has had with the Ferrari, is that it is not very fuel efficient, so she had to keep topping it up with more gas, which was difficult, because she only took a small amount of money from Kara. Thankfully however, Lena did come across a pawn shop, and was able to sell off a few expensive items she found in the trunk of the car, which gave her about $500 in cash.


Lena is now very tired, but she is still driving. The sun is setting for the day, making everything all the more dangerous, as the setting sun is making Lena even more sleepy. Eventually, after a few more minutes, Lena closes her eyes, and drifts to sleep. However, Lena is quickly woken when she feels the car begin to swerve out of control. Thankfully, Lena is able to react in time to avoid a crash.


“Shit.” Lena says, holding her heart, as she slows down the car, thinking that was far too close.


Red and blue lights then flash behind Lena, and Lena then looks in her rear-view mirror, and confirms that a police car is now attempting to pull her over, having seen what just occurred.

“Shit.” Lena says, again, now panicking about what being confronted by a police officer could mean.


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Chapter Text

Kara wakes up the next day feeling groggy, and her mind foggy. Kara takes a few moments to rub her eyes, and think about everything that transpired, and that is when she remembers everything that occurred with Lena, and how upsetting, and frankly, heart breaking it was, and still is for her.

Kara lets out a sigh after a few moments, and then swings her legs over the side of the bed, about to get ready for her day at El-Corp. Of course, Kara is still in some emotional turmoil from everything that has happened, but she is the CEO, so she certainly isn’t going to take the day off. In fact, Kara thinks that perhaps working at El-Corp will help her to forget about what transpired, and take her mind off things. However, just as Kara stands up, she sees that Krypto is laying in her room, by the bedroom door. Despite the sadness Krypto’s presence brings, because it reminds her of Lena, Kara still feels happy upon seeing the amazing dog.

“Krypto.” Kara smiles.

Krypto lifts his head off of the ground, and then looks at Kara, and slowly begins to wag his tail as he stands up. Kara then walks over to Krypto, and crouches down to the dog’s level, and begins stroking him.

“Hey boy. I see you slept in my room.” Kara smiles, continuing to stroke the dog.


Krypto happily allows Kara to stroke him, and even goes as far as to rub his body against Kara’s, and then lick her face. In response to that, Kara can’t help but let out a chuckle, despite her mood.


“Oh, you’re such a good boy.” Kara smiles.

Kara continues to stroke Krypto for a few more minutes, before she then decides to put on her expensive silk dressing gown and head downstairs.

“Come on boy. Let’s get some breakfast.” Kara says, with a grin.


Krypto wags his tail once more, and happily follows Kara out of her room. As Kara walks down the hallway, after leaving her room, she hears a heartbeat coming from one of the bedrooms. For a moment Kara gets her hopes up, thinking that maybe, somehow, Lena returned, and got back into her penthouse. However, as soon as Kara looks into the room, she sees that it’s just Alex, who is still asleep in one of her spare guest bedrooms.

Kara sighs in disappointment upon seeing this. Krypto for his part must be able to tell that Kara is upset by this, because as a result, he begins rubbing his body against her legs, immediately cheering the Kryptonian up.


“You’re a good boy.” Kara smiles, looking down at the dog, and then putting the bedroom door too, and then heading downstairs.


Once Kara and Krypto have made their way downstairs, Kara decides she’ll just have some cereal this morning. Usually, if Kara has time, the CEO will cook herself something delicious and tasty, and not healthy at all, like pancakes or a cooked British breakfast or something. However, this morning Kara really isn’t in the mood to do any cooking, nor does she think she has the patience for it. So, Kara grabs herself some cereal from one of her cupboards, and then pours in into a bowl, along with some milk. After Kara does this, she readies her coffee maker, and then grabs Krypto’s dog bowl, that she bought for him the other day, and fills it up with a small amount of food for the dog to eat for breakfast.

Kara places the bowl of dog food down on the ground, and then watches as Krypto happily eats it. As Krypto does this, Kara wonders just as to what Krypto’s true appetite is like if he is like her. From Kara’s own experience, whenever she has had her powers removed, for any reason, she loses the massive appetite she usually has, although it still remains slightly more than a normal female of her size.


Kara watches Krypto eat for a few more moments, lost in thought until eventually she hears her coffee maker ding. Kara then grabs the coffee and sits down on a stall by her kitchen island and begins eating her breakfast, and drinking her coffee. Usually, while Kara is having breakfast, on the rare occasions she actually eats it at home, she will browse through her phone, checking on the news she has missed while being asleep, and then doing some minor work on any of the emails she has got over night. However, right now Kara really just can’t be bothered to do any of that, so she just eats her breakfast in silence, looking around her penthouse kitchen/living room area as she does.


Eventually, a few minutes later, Kara finishes her breakfast, but she can’t be bothered to stand up and then get into starting her day, so she just sits there for a few more moments, continuing to glance around the room. A few minutes later, just as Kara is about to get up from her seat, her gaze lands on a little unfamiliar device sitting on her kitchen island, on the other side from where she is now.

Kara stands up and walks over to the other side of the island, with a confused look on her face. Kara then picks up the device, and sees that it is very small, not even a quarter of the size of a standard smart phone. Then the device itself has two red buttons on it, one says activate, and the other deactivate. Kara looks at the device in her hands for a few more moments, still confused about it. Eventually, after a few more moments, Kara decides to just press the deactivate button, to see what it does. But as soon as Kara presses it, nothing seems to happen.


“Hmm.” Kara hums.


Kara presses the button a few more times, and still nothing happens. Kara finds this annoying, not only because she is already in a bad mood, from everything that happened with Lena, but also because she doesn’t like not knowing what something does. Kara then presses the button a few more times, in complete frustration, but she is then suddenly interrupted by a loud thud coming from above her. Kara looks up, and that is when she sees that Krypto has flown to the ceiling, and hit it at a force which has caused some plaster to come off and fall to the ground.

“Oh shoot.” Kara says, now remembering that Lena said in her letter that she had left the device which activates/deactivates Krypto’s collar.


Kara then floats up to Krypto, moving the dog into her arms, before then activating the device once more, and then flying the dog back to the ground. Kara does this because she didn’t want to deactivate the device, and then for the powerless dog to fall to the ground. As soon as Kara places Krypto on the ground, he just walks into the living room and lays down, as if nothing happened. Kara thinks that Krypto probably did that because it’s not an unusual occurrence for him to do things like that. It makes Kara wonder just how much Lena let Krypto use his powers over the last three years. Kara is sure that there must have been times, during Lena’s homelessness, where she needed Krypto to use his powers to get them out of a situation or something. However, as Kara thinks of Lena again, she once more remembers what happened yesterday, and suddenly feels sad once more.


Kara sighs, deeply, placing the collar remote on the kitchen island again, and then decides she might as well get on with her day. Kara knows at some point she is going to have to do a few tests on Krypto, to just makes sure he is healthy and everything, and to assess the extent at which he has Kryptonian powers, but today, Kara doesn’t want to do that. Kara just wants to wait a while, for her hurt emotions to heal, before she then jumps back into something that reminds her of Lena.


It is now about 15 minutes later, and Kara has had a shower, and is now getting dressed. Today, Kara feels like she needs to feel extra confident and powerful within herself, because her emotions are making her feel vulnerable and upset this morning. So, to accomplish that, Kara has decided to wear a three-piece white power suit, with 6-inch black high heels, and red lipstick on her lips.


“What are you doing?” Alex asks, suddenly walking into Kara’s bedroom, as the CEO finishes putting on her second high heel.


Kara looks over at Alex, with an emotionless expression on her face. Kara has had a few years to practice this expression, it is one she uses in El-Corp when she needs to hide her emotions, and how she feels about things, and it has served her well.


“I’m getting ready for work, Alex.” Kara says, plainly.

“No, you’re not.” Alex replies.

“What are you talking about?” Kara asks, “I have to go to work, I can’t take the day off, I’m the CEO.”

“Yes, you can. In fact, I have already phone Jess, and told her that you will not be coming in today.” Alex says.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Kara shouts, angrily. Right now Kara isn’t really angry that Alex decided to phone her assistant, and cancel her day for her. Kara is more so angry because she was using heading into El-Corp, and focusing on her work, as a way to completely distract herself from how she feels about the whole Lena situation, and now Alex has taken that away from her. “YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!”


“Yes, I did. I’m your sister, and after what happened yesterday, I’m worried about you.” Alex says, calmly.

Kara lets out a huff.

“There is nothing to be worried about. Lena shot me, and then left. I’m over it.” Kara lies.


“Kara…” Alex tries.

“No!” Kara interrupts, angrily once more. “You had no right to cancel my day. You know what, I ought to fire you for this! By rearranging my day, you have screwed up so many meetings I was going to attend. And don’t even get me started on Jess, she is supposed to be my assistant, and listen to me, not you. I should fire her too!”


“HEY!” Alex now says, angrily. “I know you are hurt, and upset, but that doesn’t give you the right to take it out on me, or Jess. We work for you, and you may technically be our boss, but that doesn’t mean you get to throw that around, and threaten to fire us when all we are doing is looking out for you!”


“But..” Kara begins, her anger now cooling off. It is very rare for Kara to experience Alex actually being angry at her, so it is like cold water has been thrown over her.


“NO!” Alex interrupts, still angry. “I’m going to go now and take Krypto for a walk, and when I come back, I expect you to be in a better mood, and apologise, or so help me, I will call up mom and direct her wrath on you. Then after that, once I get back, we will talk about Lena.”

“O…okay.” Kara nods, now losing all her willpower to fight.


“Good.” Alex nods, and then turns around and leaves Kara’s bedroom.

Kara for her part just falls back down to the bed, and sits there. A few moments later, with her super hearing, she hears her front door close, and Alex and Krypto leave her penthouse. After this, Kara puts her head in her hands and cries, letting her emotions out. Kara is so sad over what happened yesterday, and she misses Lena already, so much so. Kara knows it is ridiculous, as she only knew Lena for a short period of time, but she can’t help how she feels, she’s so upset. Kara’s upset that Lena left, but then she thinks she’s even more upset, because she knows that with her super powers, and her resources, she could have helped Lena, but now she will never get the chance.


About 30 minutes later, Alex comes back from her walk with Krypto. Kara has now got changed out of her suit, and into some more comfortable casual clothes, while moving herself to the couch in the living room. Once Alex walks inside, Kara just sits there quietly, watching Alex take Krypto’s leash off, and then walk into the kitchen and get herself some water. After Alex has drank her water, that is when she finally looks at Kara, and then moves over into the living room area, and takes a seat on the other end of the couch from where Kara is sitting.

“I…. I’m sorry.” Kara says, shyly.

Alex nods her head in response.

“Thank you.” Alex replies.

“I just…. I took everything I am feeling out on you….. because…. I’m upset… and angry…. And confused…. And hurt.” Kara explains, “I’m…. I’m not used to feeling all these emotions…..”

Alex sighs as she looks at her sister.


“Kara, you know that I have told you before that you have to deal with your emotions, and you can’t just hide yourself from them, even if it is for the sake of El-Corp, as, as you can already see, it can end badly.” Alex says.

“I… I know…. I’m sorry.” Kara says, apologising again.


“You already apologised; you don’t need to again. But, I need to ask, did something happen between you and Kei…. Lena I mean?” Alex asks.

“What?!” Kara asks, shocked.


“It’s just….. you only knew her for a short period of time…. and last night…. and even now…. you seem to be….. very upset over everything that happened…. and not angry that she shot you… or stole your Ferrari.” Alex says.


Kara sighs.


“I don’t know Alex.” Kara says, “Nothing happened between Lena and I… I mean… we didn’t have sex or anything…. or even do anything like that. Yes, I find…. found her attractive…. But I never did anything on it… or said anything…. even when she offered…. sex…. as a sort of payment for me helping her…”


Alex cringes as soon as she hears Kara mention the sex offer.


“But…. I don’t know…. I felt….. I felt like I had a connection with Lena…. I know it doesn’t make much sense, and seems ridiculous to say of someone who I barely even really know…. But… I liked spending time with Lena…. I feel like she understood me…. in a way that none of our other friends really do….. it was…. nice….” Kara explains.


Alex gives Kara a sad look upon hearing that, feeling very bad for her sister now. Alex is aware that it has been hard for Kara to make friends, not only because she is an alien, but also because she is now a rich and famous CEO. Alex knows, that while her sister will never say it out loud, she has been seeking a true connection with someone for a long time. In fact, Alex is pretty sure that one of the reasons that Kara simply abandoned her love life, and trying to date people, was because she was just tired of trying to find someone real, who she had a connection with. So, Alex knows that if her sister had a connection with Lena, even if it was only one of friendship, then they need to find her, whatever it takes.


“Okay.” Alex says, nodding her head.

“Okay?” Kara asks, confused, not expecting that response from her sister.


“Yeah, okay.” Alex smiles, nodding her head again.


“You’re not going to judge me, or say I’m being stupid for feeling this way about someone who I have barely known for a week, someone who lied to me, shot me, and now left their powered dog with me?” Kara asks.


“No, I’m not. If you feel like you had a connection with Lena, who am I to argue with that? You’re my sister, and I love you. So, the only question is, what do you want to do next?” Alex asks.


“What do you mean, what do I want to do next?” Kara asks, still confused.

Alex sighs, slightly frustrated with the fact Kara isn’t getting what she is alluding to.

“Well, firstly, what do you want to do about Krypto? As he is a powered dog, then you probably should learn more about him, for both his safety, and everyone else’s.” Alex says, “But, then more importantly, what are you going to do about Lena? Are you going to just let that be it?”


Kara now sighs.

“I don’t know Alex.” Kara replies, “I mean…. I could try and find her on my own…. But….. I doubt I could…. She is one person in a country full over 300 million people, and she could be anywhere by now.”


“Okay, but what if you got some help, from elsewhere? You could even report your car as stolen or something?” Alex suggests.

“No!” Kara says, quickly.

Alex’s eyes go wide, surprised by how quickly Kara denied her suggestion.

“If I did that…. then maybe Lena would be arrested…. and if what she said in her letter is true…. about her brother and mother…. then they could have paid off police across the entire country…. Even if it is a 1% chance that Lena could end up getting caught by her family, I can’t take that risk.” Kara explains.


“Hmmm…. okay….” Alex says, “I get it….. but surely…. you can’t just let that be it?”


“I don’t want it to be…. but I don’t know what else to do Alex.” Kara sighs in frustration.


Alex sighs too, not having any more helpful ideas herself.


“Well, how about we put a pin in Lena for now, and just allow our brains to try and come up with some ideas while we focus on Krypto.” Alex suggests.


Kara looks at Krypto, who has now moved into the living room and is laying by her feet. Kara smiles as she looks at the dog.

“Yeah… okay…” Kara nods, with a smile.


“But, before that. I looked up Jack Spheer…. and…. from my research…. I’m very confident that he was murdered…. and it was covered up.” Alex says, in a sad tone.


Kara’s face flinches upon hearing this, as she knows that it means that Lena really is in a lot of danger from her family, as they have already killed one person to try and get to her.


“O… okay.” Kara says, nervously, feeling her heart rate increase.

“Kara?” Alex asks, seeing Kara now grow a concerned look on her face.

“Hmm?” Kara replies.

“Are you okay?” Alex asks.

“I uhmm… uhmm.” Kara says.


Kara can feel the walls closing in around her, and the sounds of Alex’s voice getting more and more muffled, as darkness closes in on the edges of her vision, and her heartrate increases even more than it already has.

“KARA!” Alex yells, noticing her sister getting unsteady on her feet.


Kara feels herself falling to the ground, but she doesn’t feel herself hitting the ground, and that is unusual, even with her powers she can feel when she hits the ground, but not this time. Kara then feels herself becoming light headed, and the rest of her vision getting blurry. The last thing Kara sees, before she loses consciousness, is Alex on her knees looking down at her, with a very concerned look on her face.


Kara wakes up with a start, quickly sitting up in the bed she is laying in. It takes Kara a few moments to get her bearings, and figure out where she is, and what is going on. Kara blinks rapidly, and then slowly looks around the room and realises she is in her bed, in her bedroom. Kara then continues to look around the room, and that is when she sees that Krypto is lying next to her on the bed, his body pressed against hers.


“Krypto?” Kara calls out, softly, after a few moments that it took for her to find her voice.


Krypto immediately looks up at Kara, and lightly begins to wag his tail.


“What… what happened?” Kara asks, confused, not really remembering what happened. All Kara remembers is Alex talking to her about Lena’s ex-boyfriend, and then feeling weird, and passing out.


“Oh god Kara.” Alex says, relieved, walking into the bedroom, quickly moving to her sister and taking her in for a hug. “You scared me.”

Kara lightly hugs Alex back, still confused with what is going on.


“What… what happened Alex?” Kara asks.

“You don’t remember?” Alex replies.

“Not much of it. I remember passing out.” Kara explains.

“Right.” Alex nods, “I think you had a panic attack, and then blacked out because of it.”


“Oh.” Kara says, now everything making sense.

“Yeah.” Alex replies, nodding her head. “Look, I don’t want to cause you any more worry, or panic, but I can see how concerned you are with Lena’s safety… Sooo… seeing as you don’t want me to do anything directly to find Lena, I thought instead I would open an investigation into Lex and Lillian Luthor.”

“Really?” Kara says, kind of surprised at her sister.

“Yes.” Alex nods, “I haven’t had much time to look yet, because I was more concerned with you. But I thought, this way, maybe we can find something on Lex and Lillian, and then protect Lena that way.”


“I….. okay…” Kara says, nodding her head, “Thank you Alex.”


“You’re welcome Kara.” Alex smiles, and then places a kiss on her sister’s cheek. “Now, it is almost lunch time. What would you like to eat?”

“It’s lunch already?!” Kara asks, surprised, “How long was I out for?!”

“Only a couple of hours. Your body must have needed the rest.” Alex replies.

“Oh..” Kara says.


“So, lunch?” Alex asks, wanting to draw her sister away from thinking about her panic attack, and everything associated with it.

“Uhhh yeah….. can we order…. some Big Belly Burger?” Kara asks.


Alex smiles widely at her sister.

“Of course we can.” Alex says, “I’ll make our order right now.”


It is now later on in the afternoon, and after Kara and Alex had their lunch, Alex ran some tests on Kara, to not only check her over from being shot the previous night with the stun gun, but also to check her out from her panic attack. Eventually, after a good hour, Alex was happy that Kara was in fine physical health, it was just the mental health, including the stresses and worries Kara has, that Alex was concerned about.


Once Alex was finished with her checks on Kara, Kara was able to convince Alex to let her help her with looking over Krypto. Now, Kara wasn’t doing this to satisfy her scientific mind, and try and figure out the exact process as to how Krypto has powers like her, and the extent of powers that he has. Kara wanted to do this for the simple fact of making sure that Krypto is healthy and okay. It is pretty obvious to Kara that Krypto has not received any sort of medical check-up on his health, in over 3 years at this point. So, over the next few hours, Alex and Kara did some tests on Krypto. More exactly, they tested some of his fur, and took a few blood samples. Krypto for his part was an excellent boy and didn’t even make a sound when Alex drew the blood from him. Kara of course did try and insist that she drew the blood from Krypto, but Alex didn’t think that would be a good idea, seeing as Kara has already passed out today.


The tests that Alex and Kara carried out were very basic ones, nothing too extreme, as those tests would take much longer, and require equipment from Kara’s private lab at El-Corp, which she just doesn’t have in her home lab. However, what Alex and Kara were able to determine from their tests, was that Krypto certainly does have powers like Kara’s, however they were not exactly the same. While Krypto’s DNA is now similar to Kara’s, and a Kryptonian’s, it still has more similarities to a dog’s than a Kryptonian’s. Kara and Alex were then able to also determine that Krypto is in good health, and has no medical issues that they need to worry about. In fact, from the basic test they did run, the results suggested that Krypto is only 2 years old, which with Lena’s story is just impossible to be true. Kara and Alex were able to draw from that that Krypto ages a lot slower than dogs, more like a human’s speed, assuming that he was less than 1 when Lena first got him. Ultimately, Kara and Alex were just happy that they could find out these basic things, however Kara knew that at some point she would have to do some more advanced tests, requiring some more in-depth scans, to truly figure out what Krypto is capable of. But for now, Kara is just glad that her new dog is healthy, and happy. Kara needs to make sure he is okay, as Krypto is all she has left of Lena right now, and Lena entrusted her with Krypto’s health and safety, so Kara is going to take it very seriously.


Once Kara and Alex completed the tests on Krypto, the sisters took Krypto out on a long walk together, and on their way back grabbed some Chinese food which they shared on the couch, while Krypto ate his own dinner.


“How are you feeling now?” Alex asks, as she sits on the couch with Kara, finishing up her Chinese food.

“Better than this morning.” Kara nods, “But still…. sad.”


Alex nods her head in understanding.

“I get it. But we made progress today, on the Krypto front at least.” Alex replies.

“Yeah… right…” Kara nods, “About your…. investigation into Lex and Lillian…. can you make sure it just stays between us for now?”


“Of course.” Alex agrees.

“Good. Thank you.” Kara says, relieved, thinking it would certainly be a very bad thing if Lena and Lex had spies within the DEO, and then found out they were looking into them.


Lena is now sitting in the Ferrari that she stole from Kara, having pulled over after the police lights lit up, signalling for her to do just that. Lena did consider putting her foot to the floor and trying to outrun the police, but she didn’t think that would be a good idea, as while the Ferrari may be able to outrun a cop car, she’d likely be spotted and picked up by police for miles around, as Ferraris are not exactly a common car.


Lena looks in the mirror of the car as she sits there, waiting for the police officer to get out his car and walk over to her. While Lena waits she nervously taps the wheel with her fingers, while still holding onto it at the same time. Lena then sees a black cop get out of his car and then walk over to her.

“Hello, ma’am.” The officer says.

“Hello, officer. Is there something the matter?” Lena asks.

“Yes.” The officer nods, “I saw you lose control of the car back there, have you been drinking?”


“No sir.” Lena replies, annoyed with herself for dozing off and causing this.

“Hmm.” The officer hums, and then uses his flashlight to look into the car. “I don’t see any alcohol, but I am going to have to ask you to take a breathalyser test.”

“Yes, of course officer.” Lena smiles, politely.

“Right, do you have your license and registration?” The officer asks.

“No, I am sorry officer, I do not have it on me.” Lena replies, knowing now she is screwed.


“And why is that?” The officer asks, clearly not amused by that.


“I’m only taking this car for a day’s test drive.” Lena lies.


“Hmm.” The officer hums, again. “Right, well you stay right there. I’ll be back.”


“Of course, officer.” Lena nods.

Lena then watches as the officer walks back to his car and reaches his body inside. As Lena watches, she feels her anxiety shoot through the roof. Lena can’t help but now think back to Kara. Lena wonders what Kara is doing right now, and how she reacted to her letter after waking up. Lena assumes that Kara hates her now, she just hopes she hasn’t reported her car as stolen yet, and that she is taking good care of her baby Krypto.


“Ma’am.” The officer says, returning to the Ferrari, pulling Lena out of her thoughts, “I’m going to need you to step out of the car.”


Lena now realises that something is wrong, but she doesn’t have an option, the officer has a gun, and she certainly doesn’t want to be shot, or die.

“Okay….” Lena says, nervously, raising her hands in the air.

The officer then opens the door for her and she calmly and slowly steps out.

“What is the problem officer?” Lena asks.

“Up against the car.” The officer orders.


Lena does as the officer says.


“I checked this car’s registration back there; it is registered to a Kara Danvers. I’m aware of who Kara Danvers is, and she certainly does not let people borrow her car for ‘test drives’, meaning you stole it.” The officer explains.

Lena remains silent, not really thinking of anything she can say to get out of this.

“I’m placing you under arrest. You have the right to remain silent….” The officer says, cuffing Lena and reading her Miranda rights.

As Lena is arrested, she just thinks this is typical, she has spent 3 years being homeless, protecting Krypto, and been so careful in that time, to only now be arrested because she was tired and lost control of a car she was driving.


About an hour later, Lena is escorted into a cell at the police station. Once Lena arrived at the police station she was booked, and her finger prints were scanned, revealing her identity as Lena Luthor. Lena found this strange for a minute, as she has never been arrested before, so her fingerprints should not be in the system, but then Lena realised that Lex and Lillian likely had a hand in that.


“Get some rest.” The officer says, as he closes the cell door behind her. “It’s gonna be a few days before you can see a judge. Although I’m sure the DA will try and send you back to Metropolis, to be tried for your crimes there.”


Lena’s heartrate spikes upon hearing that, now knowing for a fact that she is wanted on fabricated charges that Lex and Lillian created after she escaped from them with Krypto. The only good thing that Lena can take from this current situation is the firstly, Krypto is safe and away from her, secondly she is at least in a cell by herself, and then finally, maybe this way she will see Lex and Lillian again, and be close enough to end them once and for all.


Lena lays down on the concrete bed with one pillow in her cell and closes her eyes, knowing there is nothing she can do now but wait for her fate, whatever that may be.


Meanwhile in the front office of the police station, an officer who booked Lena makes a phone call.

“Hello?” The officer says. “Yes, I am calling because we have got her Mr Luthor. Your sister is in holding right now…………..No… there is no dog……. yes…. of course Mr Luthor….. we will see your people tomorrow.”


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Chapter Text

Kara wakes up the following day, and just for a moment, for a very brief one, she forgot about everything that has transpired. Kara forgot about the big hole in her heart now that Lena is gone. But Kara eventually remembers everything, and it hurts, a lot. Kara knows it’s stupid, or at least other people may think it is stupid, because she didn’t get to know much about Keiran, or Lena Luthor as her real name is. But Kara doesn’t care about what other people think, all she knows is what she feels, and felt towards Lena. Kara isn’t sure if it was friendship, or perhaps something more, but unless she does something, she will never find out. All Kara knows, is she feels that those few days that Keiran was with her, everything just felt like it was in place. Kara felt at peace. Kara didn’t feel the need to be constantly working, or worrying about this, that, and the other. Kara was happy, and finally found someone who she could relax and be herself with. If Kara weren’t a scientist, she would have said that maybe she found her soulmate in Lena. A soulmate, another part of you, that when the two parts come together, you feel complete like you have never felt before. Although, Kara thinks that maybe science does have something to do with it, maybe soulmates are not ridiculous after all, as soulmates are two individuals who share a deep natural affinity with each other, on a quantum realm. The theory of quantum entanglement would suggest that two particles, miles, or light-years apart, can be linked by their quantum state. So, Kara likes to think that maybe, she and Lena are those particles for one another, and will be linked together, no matter how far Lena goes from her. But this does not mean things have to be romantic, if soulmates exist, Kara believes that there could be soulmates who are perfect for one another, and complete each other, but not in a romantic sense, in a purely platonic friend way. Kara just really really hopes that one day she will be able to find out which one she and Lena are, if soulmates are even a thing of course.


Kara sighs as she sits up in bed, looking around her room and seeing that Krypto is lying next to her on the bed. If Kara were in a normal headspace, she would not allow Krypto onto the bed while she is sleeping, as she thinks it sets a bad precedent. However, Kara is not in her normal headspace right now, so she needs something to hold on to, a presence that is there with her, as if she doesn’t have that, she thinks she may fall apart. Kara knows that sounds extreme, the idea of her falling apart just because some homeless woman she barely knows left her, after shooting her no less, but once more, Kara can’t help it. Kara has never felt this emotional before, other than about someone’s death, and she really doesn’t understand it. Kara is just glad that she has spent the last few years, since becoming a CEO, controlling and mastering her own emotions, to hide them from people who may potentially take advantage of them, as it will come in handy now. Obviously, that isn’t the healthiest thing to do, as it is like filling up a balloon with all those emotions, and unless you let some out, the balloon will eventually pop.


“Hello, boy.” Kara says, sadly.


Krypto tilts his head up at Kara, and wags his tail slightly. Kara can’t help but grow a smile on her face as a response to this. Kara thinks that dogs are truly magical in this way, being able to cheer people up, even in the worst of times, or perhaps it’s just Krypto.


Kara reaches over and strokes Krypto for a few moments, using it as a form of meditation to relax herself from the stresses of the last few days. Eventually, after a few minutes, Kara gets up from her bed and decides to go straight into the shower. Kara has decided that she is sick and tired of being sad, and not being pro-active. Yesterday she and Alex came up with a plan, a long term one that could help Lena, by finding out as much about Lillian and Lex Luthor as possible, and hopefully finding something that would expose them for who they are, and set Lena free. So, Kara now has a determination to do that, for Lena, as that is the only way to get her back, and to put an end to the threats to her and Krypto’s lives.


Over the next hour, Kara showers, and then gets dressed, preparing herself for the day. Kara then makes a phone call to Jess, telling her that she wants to push any of her work for the next few days, and anything extremely urgent she will be doing at home. Jess of course obliges, and then after that, Kara takes Krypto for his morning walk, so he can relieve himself. Obviously, Kara wants to just get straight to it, but she knows she can’t be a bad owner to Krypto, as Lena left him in her care, while she also promised she wouldn’t start on anything without Alex. So, Kara decides that taking Krypto for a walk wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, as at least that way it will kill some time, and allow her to clear her thoughts. After all, Kara needs a focused mind for what they have to do, Kara needs to be able to use all her intelligence that she has to try and dig up information on Lex and Lillian, because she knows it is not going to be easy, otherwise someone, maybe Lena, would have done it already.


Kara took Krypto for his walk, and on the way back to her penthouse, she bumped into Alex, who was just arriving, along with breakfast in hand. Kara for her part had entirely forgotten about breakfast, but Alex had known that is exactly what her sister would do. The two sisters then went inside Kara’s penthouse, and Alex forced Kara to just take a moment to eat breakfast in peace. Kara obviously wanted to begin working while she ate, but Alex was very insistent that they eat first, and then begin.


Eventually, Kara and Alex finish their breakfast, and begin working on trying to dig up information on Lex and Lillian Luthor, they find a few things here and there, but nothing damning or anything, or at least not to that level. The sisters just find some assault allegations against Lex, with the people seemingly either being paid off, or threaten, and then dropping said allegations, and then some reckless driving allegations against Lillian, which were also seemingly hushed up. Obviously, those allegations don’t look good, but it is nothing that could help Lena, at best it would just make people realise that Lex and Lillian and shitty human beings, but that’s it.


A few hours later, Kara sighs in frustration, with the two sisters not having found anything substantial yet.

“This isn’t getting us anywhere.” Kara sighs, in frustration.


“I know Kara, but we have got to keep at it.” Alex says.


“You know what? What if I just use my powers to break into Luthor Corp. Surely if Lex and Lillian are still doing these experiments, on other dogs, there will be evidence there.” Kara says.

“No!” Alex says, firmly.


“Alex, I have to do it! It could be the only way!” Kara protests.

Alex sighs, understanding that her sister is frustrated.

“Kara, I understand where you are coming from. I know we have been going about this for a few hours, and made no progress whatsoever, and you just want to do something, anything, to try and find something to help Lena, and put a stop to Lex and Lillian.” Alex says, “But you can’t break into Luthor Corp to do so. Doing so would not only put your secret identity at risk, with all the cameras in Luthor Corp, even if you go as Supergirl, but it would also give Lex and Lillian an out, to get away with everything they have done, because the evidence would have been attained illegally.”


Kara closes her eyes tightly, in frustration, knowing her sister is right. Kara just wants to expose Lex and Lillian so bad, because she wants Lena to be safe. Lena made the sacrifice to keep Kara safe, or at least that is what she thought she was doing, by leaving her, to make sure Lex and Lillian do not come after her, like they did with Jack, so Kara needs to do the exact same for Lena.


Alex shoots her sister a look of sympathy, and then walks over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Kara, I know this is hard, and difficult, and very frustrating, but we will find something. We won’t give up until we do.” Alex says, attempting to reassure her sister.


Kara opens her eyes and looks at Alex.

“But what if it’s too late for Lena by then?” Kara says.


Alex opens her mouth to respond, but she doesn’t know what to say to that. Kara in turn just sighs once more.


After a few moments of silence, the sisters are interrupted by Kara’s phone ringing. Kara looks over to it and picks it up.

“Hello?” Kara answers.

“Kara.” A familiar voice says.

“Oh, hey Sam.” Kara replies.


“Alex sent me a text last night, telling me what happened. Although she didn’t give me many details.” Sam says.

Kara glares at Alex slightly. Meanwhile, Alex grows a confused look on her face.

“Who is it?” Alex asks.


Kara just mouths Sam.


“Yeah…. well…. I’d prefer to not talk about it right now…. and definitely not over the phone.” Kara explains.

“Yes okay.” Sam replies, “I’m actually calling to let you know that I am coming home a day early. So, I’m going to be in National City tomorrow, and I am going to come over to your place, and then I want to know everything.”


“Sam…” Kara huffs.

“No, I am not taking no for an answer. My best friend is clearly in destress and needs me. So, I am going to help in any way I can.” Sam says, with determination in her voice.

“What about Ruby?” Kara asks.


“I’m pretty sure Ruby will happily spend the day with her aunt Kara, in her fancy penthouse, she has really missed you while we have been on this trip.” Sam replies.

Kara grows a sad smile on her face.

“I’ve missed you both too.” Kara says back.


“Well, then it’s settled. I’ll be at your place, tomorrow at let’s say 12?” Sam suggests.

Kara huffs again.

“I don’t get a say in this, do I?” Kara asks, rhetorically.

“Nope.” Sam replies, popping the p.

“Fine.” Kara says.

“Great!” Sam says, “I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Alright Sam, thank you for calling.” Kara says.

“You’re welcome. Ruby say ‘Hi’ by the way.” Sam says.


“Tell her I said ‘Hi’ back.” Kara replies.

“Will do.” Sam replies, “Anyway, I got to go now. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, bye, love you.” Kara says.

“Love you too.” Sam replies to her best friend.


Sam then ends the phone call. Once the call ends, Kara looks at Alex once more.

“You told Sam about this?” Kara asks, with a glare.


Alex grows a sort of guilty look on her face.


“Well….. we were texting last night…. and I mentioned it…… she’s your best friend after all….. I thought she deserved to know…. but I didn’t give her many details…. I made sure to be careful….. just in case the line wasn’t secure.” Alex says.

“Line?” Kara asks, “I thought you said you texted her.”

Alex’s eyes widen.

“Uhhh…. we did…. but then she called me…. after the first few texts.” Alex replies, awkwardly.


“Really? And why were you texting Sam in the first place?” Kara questions, with a knowing look on her face.

“Because…. because….. she’s your best friend…. and….. I thought you needed another person in your corner, that we can trust.” Alex replies, still awkwardly.

“Okay, one, she’s one of my best friends. You are my best friend. Then two, I KNOW you and Sam are together.” Kara replies.

“WHAT?!” Alex says, eyes widening.


“I’m not stupid Alex, and also, a few weeks ago I may have flown over to your place, to ask you something, and then heard/seen you and Sam making out.” Kara replies, awkwardly.

“Oh uhhh.” Alex replies, rubbing her neck.


“It does kind of hurt you decided to keep it from me though.” Kara says, tears in her eyes now, as if she is going to break into heavy crying. Usually, Kara wouldn’t be this emotional over Alex hiding a relationship from her, not that Alex has done it before, but Kara is in a very vulnerable and emotional state right now, because of everything that has happened with Lena.

“We….. didn’t tell you…… because well…… it just…. kind of started off as sort of a one-time thing……. We just…… wanted to relieve some tension….. after being stressed out over our jobs….. so we…. just had some fun…. But then…. it kind of kept happening…. and…. I don’t really know….. how it progressed…. But then we like….. talked a bunch….. and texted each other….. and….. I don’t know…. we haven’t said we are dating…. or anything like that…. but it feels like we are…. and aren’t just friends with benefits anymore…..” Alex explains, awkwardly.


“Have you met Ruby?” Kara asks.

“Well, I mean, I’ve met Ruby before, many times.” Alex replies.

“No, I mean, have you spent time with Sam and Ruby, where you and Sam….. didn’t have sex?” Kara says, cringy at the fact she is talking about her sister’s sex life right now.

“Well… yeah… a few times.” Alex nods.

“Then you are dating. Sam would never let just a ‘friends with benefits’ person spend time with her and her daughter if she didn’t want more with you.” Kara explains.

“Oh… wow….” Alex says, surprised.


“Yeah.” Kara nods.

The two sisters are silent for a few moments, and then Alex looks up at her sister again.

“I am really sorry for not telling you.” Alex says.

“It’s okay.” Kara replies.

“No, it’s not. I should have told you, we both should have. We were just worried that maybe we’d stop, and then things would be weird, and you’d have to be concerned with making sure to kind of play middle woman, and not pick sides or anything like that.” Alex explains, “But that was stupid, we should have just told you.”

Kara sighs.

“I get it, and thank you for apologising.” Kara nods.


Alex shoots Kara a solemn smile.

“So, shall we get back to Lex and Lillian then?” Alex suggests.

“Yeah, let’s do it.” Kara nods.


Kara and Alex then once more get back to attempting to get information on Lex and Lillian.


For the last few hours, Lena has still been stuck in her jail cell, and her anxiety and fear has slowly been building and building. Lena is pretty sure that by now, Lex and Lillian somehow know where she is, and are either on their way themselves, or have sent someone to come and get her. Lena knows, that after 3 years of being on the run, and hiding Krypto from them, they are going to be very angry, and going to take it out on her. Then, when they realise that Krypto is not with her, they are going to be even more angry. Lena thinks back to the abuse that Lex and Lillian did to her for those weeks where she was essentially captured by them, and how they physically hurt her, and Lex even broke her arm, an arm that still hurts in the cold, as it probably never healed properly. Lena thinks that this time, without Krypto, and Lex and Lillian knowing that she knows where Krypto is, her mother and brother will likely torture her, and put her through extreme pain to try and get her to reveal the information. But Lena knows that no matter what, no matter how much pain she is in, she will never betray Krypto, and his location. The pain may be one thing, but Lena loves Krypto, and she will never betray someone she loves, no matter what Lex and Lillian do to her. Lex and Lillian though will never understand that, as neither of them know what love is, not really, so they will torture her for a very long time. Lena just hopes that at some point she has an opportunity to put an end to both of them, permanently, even if it means putting an end to her own life as well, whether that be life in prison, or death herself.


Early in the morning, after Lena woke up from her awful night’s sleep, one of the guards told her that she was going to have someone come pick her up soon, as they had made a phone call the previous night, and were told the people would arrive in the morning to get her. Once the guard told her this, Lena knew it was Lex and Lillian, or their people, and it made her so very anxious. It made Lena completely forget about the pain her back was in, due to sleeping on such a horrible bed, that was even worse than some of the streets she has slept on over the last few years.


The day then progressed, and no one arrived to come and get Lena though, and this confused her so much. However, the guard then just told her that the people coming to get her were delayed, due to some sort of vehicle failure or something, but they would be there by the end of the day. Lena for her part didn’t know how to feel about this, as on the one hand, it meant a longer time until she was back in Lex and Lillian’s grasp, but on the other hand it just felt like it was delaying the inevitable, and making her anxiety all the more worse.


A few more hours go by, and it is now mid-afternoon, and Lena’s anxiety is at extreme levels, she just wants it to be over with, and her to be in Lex and Lillian’s grasp again. Lena thinks that the torture may be better than having to have this constant anxious feeling.

“Luthor, you’ve been bailed out. Time to go.” A guard says, opening the cell door for her.

Lena gulps, her anxiety increasing again. Lena’s body just want to freeze in place, and not move, but the youngest Luthor wills herself to move forward, wanting to put on a strong face for whoever of Lex and Lillian’s people is there to greet her.


“Come on, let’s go.” The guard says, grabbing one of Lena’s arms.


Lena remains silent, and allows the guard to hold one of her arms while he guides her through the cells, and then back towards the front of the police station. Meanwhile, Lena’s anxiety keeps getting worse and worse. Eventually, they arrive by the front desk, and Lena has planted her eyes to the ground, wanting to hide the fear on her face.

“Here she is, Lena Luthor.” The guard says, clearly to whoever has come to get her, and bailed her out.


“Good. She can come with me.” A familiar voice says.


Lena hears the familiar voice, and that is when she realises that it is not any of the familiar voices that she expected. So, Lena then quickly looks up, needing to see with her own eyes, to make sure that she isn’t either hallucinating, as maybe she was exposed to drug remanence in that cell, or she just misheard.

“Kara.” Lena says, breathlessly, witnessing with her own eyes, Kara standing there, in a nice suit.


“Hello, Lena.” Kara smiles.


“Here’s her belongings.” The officer at the front desk says, handing Kara a bag of belongings. “And I believe these are your car keys.”


“Yes, thank you.” Kara smiles, taking the car keys from the officer.


“Are you sure you do not wish to press charges?” The officer at the front desk asks.

“No. It’s fine. Thank you.” Kara says, politely.


Lena for her part is stunned, she did not expect Kara to be here. Lena can’t even begin to process the fact that Kara doesn’t want to press charges, meaning that at least she isn’t that angry with her.


“Alright, you’re free to go then Luthor.” The front desk person says.

Lena nods her head, still stunned. Kara then walks over to Lena, with a caring smile on her face.

“Come on, let’s go.” Kara says, softly, taking one of Lena’s hands.

Lena allows Kara to hold her hand, and then begins walking with her, out of the police station.


“Kara…” Lena begins.

“Not here.” Kara says, in a certain tone, that Lena picks up on meaning Kara doesn’t want them to talk where other people can hear them.

Lena nods her head in understanding.


Kara and Lena walk out of the police station, and then one of the officers walks Kara to the confiscated Ferrari, which is still parked in their parking lot. Kara thanks the officer, and the two women then get inside, and Kara begins driving away.


As the two women drive, Kara remains silent for a few moments, collecting her thoughts, trying to figure out what to say. As soon as Kara saw Lena, she felt so much better, and relieved, it confirmed to Kara, 100%, that soulmates do exist, and she and Lena are soulmates, however, she still doesn’t know what kind. Lena, for her part, just remains silent, because she is stunned, and a bit anxious, and doesn’t know what to say. Although, Lena is a lot less anxious than she was when she assumed Lex and Lillian had come for her.

“Kara…” Lena begins.

“Lena.” Kara says, glancing at Lena sideways, with a slight smile on her face.

“I….. I’m sorry….. I’m so sorry.” Lena says, tears now running down her face.

Kara looks at Lena, a sad and sympathetic look on her face.

“It’s okay.” Kara says, “I really want to talk to you. But I think having the emotional talk like that, where we can talk about what happened…. can wait….. we need to get out of here now…”

Lena now suddenly grows a confused look on her face, not understanding why they need to specifically quickly get out of their current location.

“What…. what do you mean?” Lena asks, confused.

Kara sighs.


“Lex and Lillian’s people are close by. We need to get to the airport, so we can go back to National City.” Kara explains.

“What…. I…. I don’t understand….. how….. what…… what is going on? How do you know that? How did you find me?” Lena questions, now very anxious again, and confused.


Flashback to Kara and Alex, earlier in the day.


Kara and Alex are currently still going at it, with trying to find out anything they can about Lex and Lillian Luthor, but they still haven’t found anything to go on, nothing helpful. The amount of effort the two sisters were putting in, without getting any results, was very draining on their willpower, but neither of them intended to give up.


Eventually, at around 3PM, Kara had to go upstairs to take a phone call for El-Corp, leaving Alex downstairs on her own, continuing to do her search for more information on Lex and Lillian Luthor. Kara didn’t want to take the phone call that had something to do with her company, as right now El-Corp doesn’t seem important at all, but Alex encouraged her sister to take it, and that she would keep at it as she does.


About 30 minutes later, Kara comes down stairs again, having finished her phone call with one of the department heads of her company, who was asking about financing for his department, and wanting to get approval for certain things. It honestly felt very much like a waste of time on Kara’s part, as she is pretty sure he could have just sent her an email, which would have been far quicker.


“I think…. I’ve found something….” Alex says to her sister, as soon as Kara approaches her.

“What?!” Kara says, surprised.


Alex puts her hand up to Kara and then holds one of her hands to her left ear. Alex currently has headphones in, which are attached to a laptop, signalling that she is listening to something. Kara, realising this, uses her super hearing to listen in.


“Sorry boss, the car is having some issues, and has delayed us. We had to hire a different one in the last city we passed, but we are about 20 minutes out from the location now.” A man says.


“Well, you better get there quickly. I swear, if my sister is not there when you arrive, you all will pay dearly for your incompetence. She has evaded me for three years! I won’t have it happen again!” The distinct voice of Lex Luthor says.


“Yes, boss.” The first man says, and then the line goes dead.


As soon as the line goes dead, Kara looks at Alex with a surprised look on her face.

“That…. that was Lex…. They were….. they were talking about going to get Lena from somewhere.” Kara says, panicking slightly, thinking that if Lex and his people are closing in on Lena, that means she is in danger.

“Yes, I think so.” Alex nods.


“Where…. where are they going? Where is Lena?” Kara asks Alex, quickly.

“I…. I don’t know…. they didn’t mention that.” Alex replies, regretfully.


“Well…. how did you come across that phone call…. What did you do?” Kara asks.

“I uhhh….. I may have tapped Lex’s phone…” Alex says, with a certain look on her face, as she knows what she did is entirely illegal.

“Alex! That’s illegal!” Kara says.

“I know.” Alex says, standing up frustrated. “But we weren’t getting anywhere, and I can see you have been getting more and more worried. So, I just wanted to do something! And we did get something!”

“Yeah, we know Lena is in imminent danger, but we don’t know WHERE she is.” Kara says, frustrated.

“I uhh….” Alex replies, not knowing what else to say.


Kara sighs in frustration, and then her phone rings again. Kara looks at it, thinking it is another stupid work call, and if it is, she might just throw her phone into the sun or something, but when she looks at the number, she doesn’t recognise it.

“Hello?” Kara says, answering the phone.

“Hello….. is this a….. Miss…. Kara Danvers?” A male voice asks.

“Uhhh yes.” Kara replies.

“Excellent.” The male voices says, “I am phoning to inform you that last night we caught the perpetrator who stole your Ferrari F8.”

“What?!” Kara says, surprised, and now some hope bubbling up in her chest.

“Yes.” The man says, “Your car is currently parked out front of our station. We are located about 5 miles north west of Jump City.”

“That’s great news!” Kara says, relieved.

“Yes.” The guard replies, “I was phoning to ask how you wanted to come retrieve your car, if you would like it to be sent back to your somehow, or you’d come and get it yourself?”

“I’ll come and get it.” Kara replies, quickly, thinking if she does, she will see Lena.

“Excellent. When will be the best time for you to do so?” The man asks.

“I can be there in a few minutes.” Kara replies.

“Uhhhh….. I thought the car is registered to National City?” The man says, confused.


Kara’s eyes go wide, realising in her need to get to Lena as quickly as possible, she didn’t think about the fact that a normal person can’t just get to a city several hundred miles away within a few minutes.

“Uhhh…. Well, I actually had business in Jump City today…. so, I am there right now.” Kara lies.

“Oh, well, then you can come right now if you like.” The man says.

“Great!” Kara says, happily. “I will be there in a few minutes.”

“Okay, we will see you then.” The man replies.

“Actually, before you go, can I ask you something?” Kara asks.

“Uhhh yes?” The man replies.

“The woman who stole my car, is she still in your custody?” Kara asks.

“Yes, she is.” The man explains.

“Excellent, thank you.” Kara says, smiling.

“Great. I will text you the address of our station.” The man says.

“Okay, bye.” Kara says, and then hangs up the phone call.


Once Kara hangs up the phone call she looks to her sister, now with a relieved smile on her face.


“The police caught and arrested Lena a few miles northwest of Jump City.” Kara explains.

“Oh, wow. That’s lucky.” Alex says.

“Yeah.” Kara nods, “I’m going to fly and get her now, before Lex’s people can get there.”


“Kara, how are you going to do that? You can’t just fly back here with Lena, and expose your secret identity, and leave your car behind.” Alex explains.

Kara sighs, knowing Alex is right, at least about her car.

“Okay, call Jess. Please tell her to arrange a flight for me from Jump City back to National City, like within the next hour, and make sure I can drive my car into the back of the plane.” Kara says, “Jess hopefully will be able to pull through and do that.”

“Alright.” Alex nods, knowing this isn’t exactly the best idea, but she also knows she isn’t going to be able to stop her sister from going and getting Lena now.


Kara then quickly changes into her Supergirl costume, using her image inducer to change her face, as she does while Supergirl, and then takes off from her penthouse, and heads in the direction of Jump City.

End of Flashback.


“After I found out about where you were, after the police phoned me about them finding my car, I got in contact with Supergirl, and she flew me here, to get to you as quick as possible.” Kara lies.


“Oh.” Lena says.


Kara looks to her side, and sees that Lena has a sad look on her face. Obviously, Kara wants to cheer her up, and try and remove the sad look from her face, but for right now she has to focus on driving to the airport. Kara has recently received a text from Jess, explaining that she somehow was able to get everything that she asked for, although it cost close to 3 million dollars to do so. But in reality, that isn’t anything to Kara, and it is worth it, if it keeps her soulmate safe.


“We’ll be on the plane soon, and then we can talk, about everything.” Kara says.

“O…okay.” Lena nods, nervously.


Kara continues to drive for the next 10 minutes, before she then arrives at the airport, and goes to a back gate, as directed by Jess in her text, and is then soon ushered into the airport runway area, and then directed to a large plane in a hanger. Once Kara is in the hanger, she then is directed to drive her car up the back of the plane ramp, and into the cargo hold.


Once the Ferrari is inside the cargo hold, the plane workers go about securing the car down, and Kara and Lena are then directed up a ladder, which takes them to a proper seating area, which very much looks like how a first-class private jet looks. Kara and Lena take seats facing one another, with Lena still having a nervous look on her face, and not saying anything.


A few minutes later, the plane begins to move, and then are about to take off. It is in this moment that Kara finally feels like she can breathe again, as they are out and away from Lex’s people.


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Chapter Text

The plane that Kara and Lena are on slowly begins moving, heading towards the runway of the airport in Jump City. As this happens, Kara becomes more and more relieved that they are now away from any of Lex and Lillian Luthor’s people from finding Lena. Kara realises just how close Lena came to being found by her brother and mother, and then horribly things likely happening to her, seeing as they had already killed someone. Kara now finally feels like she can breathe a bit more easily, as Lena is once more within her grasp, and this time Kara certainly isn’t going to let her go, at least not without a fight.


Kara looks over to Lena and grows a concerned look on her face, noticing that the former homeless woman is gripping onto her seat tightly, as if she is scared.

“Lena?” Kara says, softly, “Are you okay?”

“Hmm?” Lena replies, looking up at Kara.

As Lena looks at Kara, Kara sees pure and utter fear in Lena’s eyes. For a moment Kara thinks that it’s because it has finally hit the youngest Luthor just how close she came to being found by Lex and Lillian. But after a few moments, Kara dismisses that thought. Kara then notices Lena look out the window, and growing more and more anxious as they continue to move. That is when Kara puts two and two together.

“Lena? Are you scared of flying?” Kara asks.

“Hmmhmm…. Yes…” Lena says, breathlessly.


Kara then quickly gets out of her seat and moves next to Lena, crouching down next to her. Kara knows that she can do this while they take off, because she has powers, and can make herself stay in place, whereas human beings wouldn’t be able to. Kara knows that Lena might find it strange, but right now Kara doesn’t care about that, she only cares about making sure Lena is feeling better.


“Lena? Look at me.” Kara says, softly.


Lena slowly turns her head to look at Kara, biting her lip, with a fearful look on her face.

“Can I touch you? Hold your hand?” Kara asks, once more softly.

Lena nods her head, the fear now so bad she is unable to speak.


“Okay.” Kara replies, and then moves her hand over to Lena’s and begins stroking it with her thumb.


Lena for her part grips Kara’s hand, tightly. In fact, Kara thinks that if she were human, Lena would be hurting her hand a lot right now, as she literally has a death grip on it.

“Hey, look at me, not out of the window.” Kara says, noticing Lena looking out of the window, just as the plane begins to build up speed as it takes off.


Lena turns her head, hesitantly, and looks at Kara, with pure fear on her face. Kara feels so bad for Lena right now, that last thing she wanted to happen is for Lena to be scared of something. Kara thought she’d got Lena away from her fear, of being scared that Lex and Lillian would capture her, but instead she just made Lena live another fear by bringing her on this plane, as it is clear Lena has a fear of flying or something. Kara can’t help but feel a bit guilty about it, even if flying back to National City was really the only option they had, as driving back would have taken well over 24 hours.


“It’s okay, Lena. I’ve got you; nothing is going to happen. We are safe, you are safe.” Kara says, attempting to reassure the former homeless woman.


“Hgmghmm.” Lena hums, still not looking convinced, as she stares at Kara, terrified.


Kara shoots Lena another look of sympathy as she sees the woman who she thinks is her soulmate look so scared.


“Hey….. when we get back….. you can see Krypto again…. he’s been missing you.” Kara says, hoping that bringing up Krypto will at least distract Lena as they continue to take off.


In response to Kara mentioning Krypto, Lena’s eyes widen with interest.


“I’ve been taking good care of him, just like you asked, along with my sister, Alex, who you met. I’ve made sure to take him for walks, multiple times a day, and Alex and I ran a few tests on him, just to make sure he is he is healthy, which he is.” Kara says, with a smile.


As Kara continues to talk, Lena’s fear seems to soften a bit on her face, as she gets more and more interested in Krypto, the dog that she loves so much, and she left behind in Kara’s care, because she knew that would be best for him, as he would be safest with Kara, out of Lex and Lillian’s reach.


“Krypto has mostly been staying by my side since you left. He’s been sleeping on my bed every night, and laying right by me while I have worked from home. He’s been very affectionate, and I’ve tried to make sure to give him a lot of affection too.” Kara explains.


Lena now breaks out into a small smile upon hearing that, happy that Kara has been taking such good care of Krypto, just like she asked her to, just like she thought she would. In fact, Lena has now been so distracted by Kara talking about Krypto, she has completely forgot about the plane taking off, and it now begins to level out.


Kara smiles warmly at Lena, as the plane levels out, while Lena looks to her with a warm smile on her face as well. Then, after a few moments, Lena looks out the window again, and is surprised to see they are in the air, and the plane has taken off.


Lena breathes out a sigh of relief.


“Oh…. we’re levelling out…” Lena comments, speaking for the first time in a while.

Upon hearing Lena speak, Kara breathes out an internal breath of relief, glad that Lena is no longer afraid and fearful.


“Yeah.” Kara says, now with a big smile on her face.


Lena turns to look at Kara, smiling back at her for a bit, before she then glances down and sees they are still holding hands. The two women then quickly move their hands away from each other, blushing slightly as they do.


“Sorry.” Lena says, now embarrassed.

“It’s okay.” Kara smiles, and returns to her seat facing Lena. “I should apologise, I didn’t think that maybe you would be afraid of flying.”


Lena chuckles.

“After everything I did, you are apologising to me?” Lena laughs, and then grows a guilty look on her face.

“Let’s not talk about that right now. It can wait. All you need to know is I’m not angry at you for what you did, just maybe a bit upset. Then Krypto is safe in my penthouse right now with Alex, and you are safe here with me, away from Lex and Lillian’s people.” Kara explains.


Lena sighs, rubbing her face in distress at everything that has happened.

“Thank you.” Lena replies, nodding her head.


The two women are then silent for a moment, and Kara really doesn’t know what to say. Kara doesn’t really want to talk in detail about everything that has happened while they are out in public, as she doesn’t want anyone to overhear, even if no other people are currently on the plane with them. So, the two just remain in awkward silence for a few moments.

“Sooooo….” Kara eventually says, clearing her throat, “Do you not like planes…. in general?…. Or is it a trauma thing?”

Lena looks at Kara and bites her lip slightly.


“It’s just a general thing…… I know statistically flying is the safest way of travel…. but…. I don’t know…. something about it just terrifies me, particularly the taking off and landings.” Lena explains.

“Ah, yeah, okay.” Kara nods, understanding that for a lot of people who dislike flying it’s the take offs and landings that are the worst part.


The two fall into another silence again, and Kara is feeling very awkward over it. There are so many things that Kara wants to talk to Lena about, but she doesn’t want to on the plane. So, Kara just waits and hopes that Lena will eventually start a conversation or something. At this point Kara doesn’t care if it’s just about something random, just anything to put an end to the silence.


“I’m…. I’m sorry for stealing your car…… and…. shooting you.” Lena says, with a regretful look on her face.


“Let’s not do this here.” Kara replies.

“No… I need to do it…. please?” Lena says.

Kara sighs, and then nods her head, giving Lena the go ahead. Kara also uses her super hearing to check just to make sure no one is listening in on them or anything. Thankfully all the staff on board are either busy in conversations of their own, or flying the plane.


“I…. I am so grateful… for you…. and what you’ve already done for me…… and…. I hated having to do what I did….. But you now know…. from my letter….. that Lex and Lillian are dangerous people….. and after everything you’ve done for me….. I couldn’t put you in any danger….. not like….. not like what happened to Jack.” Lena says, ending looking very timid and sad.


Kara shoots Lena a sympathetic look.

“Lena, I understand why you did what you did. I know that things have been tough for you over the last 3 years. So, I get you lying to me, and giving me a fake name, I really do. That doesn’t mean it all didn’t hurt, it did. When I woke up…. and you were gone….. I was very upset…. because well….. I…… hmm…. doesn’t matter.” Kara says, shaking her head, deciding she’s not going to unload on Lena about how she thinks she might be her soulmate, and she feels like they have a special connection. Kara doesn’t want to scare Lena off.


Lena gives Kara a confused look.

“What is it?” Lena prompts.

“It’s nothing.” Kara says, not wanting to say it to Lena now.


“Were….. were you going to say you hate me?” Lena asks, with a sad look on her face, fully understanding if Kara does hate her, and is only doing all this because she is such a good person.

“WHAT?! No!” Kara denies, quickly. “I don’t hate you, not at all!”


“Okay.” Lena says, nodding her head in a way that suggests she doesn’t really believe it.

Kara notices Lena nodding her head this way and sighs, realising she has to give Lena something.


“It’s not because I hate you, Lena. I was upset because….. look…. it is hard for me to…. connect with people…… because of who I am…… and….. the amount of people that just want to be friends with me….. because of my money….. or to just gain my favour or something…. But with you….. I just felt…. Like we had a connection….. I don’t know…. it must sound weird and ridiculous and dumb…. and I don’t want to scare you or anything…. But….. it felt….. like for the first time in a long time….. I could relax around someone (who isn’t my sister), and be myself…..” Kara replies, now embarrassed.


Lena remains silent, just blinking several times, taking in what Kara has just said. Kara for her part takes this as a very bad sign, and that she has totally just scared Lena off.


“Like I said…. I know it’s stupid…. because we don’t really know each other….. and we’ve only literally got to know one another over a few days…. So maybe I’m just being dumb…. And it’s cause I don’t interact with many people or something….. You don’t have to say anything….” Kara adds, her face now turning bright red, a shade she didn’t think she was possible of turning, due to being Kryptonian.


Lena is silent for a few moments, but eventually she shakes her head, clearing her thoughts.

“I uhhh….. I feel a connection with you too.” Lena replies, in a soft voice.


“R…really?” Kara replies, now very surprised.

“Yes.” Lena says, nodding her head. “I’ve never really had many friends before…. while….. growing up…. I was isolated….. and….. the few friends I made at boarding schools would only be temporary…. because Lillian would always be changing the ones I went to… every year or so….. The only kind of real friend I made…. was someone in college…. but we had a big fight….. and…. we didn’t speak after…. So, all I really had was Jack…. and… you know how that turned out…”


Kara nods her head in understanding, both happy that Lena feels a connection with her, but also a bit upset that she thinks that maybe Lena only feels a connection with her because she has never had many friends to begin with.


“Okay.” Kara nods.


Lena looks at Kara and notices the slightly disappointed look on Kara’s face, and realises what she has just said could sound like.

“I didn’t mean it to sound like….. I only feel a connection with you…. because I haven’t had many friends…. I….. I don’t know…. When I’m with you…. I just….. I feel like I can be myself….. You don’t know how hard it was for me to lie to you…. There were a few moments when I almost told you….. So…. yes, I feel the connection too….. But that is why when we land, I need to leave again.” Lena says.

“What?!” Kara says, both upset and annoyed at Lena suggesting she needs to leave.

“Kara, I can’t put you are anyone in harm’s way. I told you that Lex and Lillian killed Jack, don’t think for a second they wouldn’t do the same to you if they found out you are helping me! Not to mention, I’m sure the police might forward them my photo, and description, so my blonde hair won’t hide me any longer.” Lena explains.


Kara frowns looking at Lena, feeling so conflicted. On the one hand Kara is angry at Lena for even considering leaving again, going on the run once more, even after all she has done to save her. But then on the other hand Kara totally understands where Lena is coming from. Kara thinks that if she were in Lena’s shoes, she would do the exact same thing to protect Lena, so she gets it. But that doesn’t mean Kara agrees with it, even if that makes her a hypocrite.

“No.” Kara replies, firmly.

“No?” Lena asks, confused.

“No.” Kara says firmly, again.

“What do you mean by, ‘no’?” Lena asks.

“I mean no, that isn’t going to happen. You are not leaving again.” Kara says.


Lena now grows a scared look on her face. Kara sees this and realises how she may have come across.

“I mean…. I don’t mean you can’t leave…. You can….. if you want to….. but…. I don’t think you should…. I can keep you safe…. I promise you I can….. I can protect us both….” Kara says, firmly.


Lena sighs, thinking that this is the reason she left without talking to Kara the last time, as she knew Kara would try and talk her out of it.


“Kara…. even if you could keep me safe…. and protect us both….. Lex and Lillian will eventually find out that you are helping me…. because they will send people out this side of the country…. and look for people with my description…. now that they will have an updated photo of me…. or a better description at least….. and it’s not like I’m going to stay inside and hide forever.” Lena says.


Kara is silent for a moment, thinking. That is when Kara realises she has a solution already.


“Actually….. I can help with that….” Kara replies.

“How?” Lena asks, confused.


“I made a technology… called an image inducer….. It is a device…. that someone can attach to their forehead… and once they turn it on….. they can change their appearance completely. Obviously physically the person will be the same, all it does is change how they look to everyone else. I made it so that the aliens on Earth who want to blend in, who can’t currently, can, if they wish to. Although we don’t plan to put it out for a few more months.” Kara explains.

Lena’s eyes go wide, both from hearing about this amazing technology, and upon the realisation that she could use it to actually hide herself.


“How…. how…. does it work? How…. would I choose what I looked like?” Lena asks, hesitating from being optimistic/hopeful.

“So, there is a computer program that comes with the device…. It will be very basic for public use…. a bit like how some video games let you choose how you look like…. But I have a more advanced version…. and in that you can choose all the details of how you wish to look…. and then upload them to the image inducer…. then you are done….. Once you have the inducer on your forehead…. all you need to do is press the device to activate it, and then press it again to deactivate it. Although I have been currently working to try and make it so that it can be placed somewhere else on your body, like clipped to your shirt or something, I just haven’t had the time to look at that yet.” Kara explains.


“Wow…. that’s….. that’s amazing…” Lena says, astonished by what Kara has invented.

“Thank you.” Kara smiles, and then pauses for a moment. “So…. will you please stay…. and use the device to…. hide your identity in public.”


Lena looks at Kara and is unsure what to say. A part of Lena wants to say ‘yes, of course’, and take Kara in for a big hug of relief, with tears running down her face, to thank her for how amazing and kind she is being, even after everything she has done. But then another part of Lena is hesitant, but not because she doesn’t trust Kara or anything, because she doesn’t want to put Kara at any risk from Lex or Lillian, even a minimal one.

“Please.” Kara basically begs, with big puppy dog eyes.

Lena looks up at Kara, looking her directly in the eyes, and she knows she can’t deny the CEO.

“Okay.” Lena nods, timidly.


Kara breaks out into a big smile, and a wave of relief hits her, knowing that Lena will be safe, and won’t leave again.

“But…. I don’t…. really have anywhere to stay…. or any money or anything.” Lena says.


Kara shoots Lena a look of confusion, because she thought it was obvious that she would be staying with her again.

“Well…. you’d be staying with me of course.” Kara says, with a small smile.

“No…. I can’t possibly do that…. not after what I did to you…. and what you are offering me already.” Lena replies.


“Lena.” Kara says, firmly. “I don’t want this to sound mean, or aggressive or anything, but I know if I gave you the image inducer, and then leave you to your own devices, I will likely never see you again, because you will run off once more, and who knows what will happen to you. I read in your letter what you said you were going to do to Lex and Lillian. So, I can’t let that happen, for your own sake. So, I’d like for you to stay with me.”


Upon Lena hearing what Kara has just said, she feels so many conflicting emotions, as in the same sentence Kara went from sounding assertive, to being sweet and caring, and not many people can pull that off. Then at the same time, Lena realises that even though she has only spent a small amount of time with Kara, the CEO already knows her pretty well, as what she just described is exactly what she was planning to do.


Lena lets out a sigh, knowing that she really doesn’t have any choices right now, although that makes it sound like staying with Kara would be a horrible thing, it wouldn’t, far from it in fact.

“Fine… I’ll stay with you.” Lena says, finally.


“Great!” Kara smiles. “And as for money…. well…. after you left me your letter, I looked up who you are, Lena Luthor, and I found out about your degrees you got at MIT. So, I’d love to set you up as an employee at El-Corp. Of course, we could set up a fake identity or whatever for you, and at least that way you’d feel like you have some independence, and can have your own money, even though I’m happy to get you anything you want or need.”


Lena bites her lip as she considers the job offer. Lena kind of finds it infuriating at just how nice, incredible and amazing Kara is being, even though literally less than 48 hours ago she’d shot her, left her dog behind for Kara to care for, left Kara a note, and then stolen her Ferrari. Kara should be angry at her. Kara should hate her right now, and not want to speak to her ever again. Lena knows that if she were in Kara’s shoes she certainly would be.


“Why are you being so nice to me?” Lena asks, with a scowl on her face. “I betrayed you…. and now….. you rescued me from Lex and Lillian’s grasp….. are offering me a way to hide my identity…… asking me to stay with you….. and now offering me a job… Why? Why?”


Kara now looks at Lena with so much care in her face.

“Because…. like I said…. I…. I feel a connection with you.” Kara says, as if it’s such an obvious answer.

“You mean you want to fuck me?” Lena asks, in a crude and firm tone.

Kara’s eyes go wide.

“No!” Kara replies, quickly. “I mean…. it’s not that I don’t find you attractive…. I do….. and it’s not like I haven’t thought about…….. just not…. like that…. I ughhhh…..”


Lena can’t help but feel her heart rate increasing as Kara gets all flustered about what she just asked. It is clear to Lena that obviously Kara cares for her, and probably finds her attractive. Lena was just scared that maybe Kara was only doing all this because she finds Lena so attractive that she wants to have sexual relations with her as a sort of payment. But Lena can now see that that is not Kara’s intentions here.


Lena remains silent, not sure what else to say right now.


“I’m sorry…. I don’t mean to come off as if I’m trying to have sex with you.” Kara eventually says, “Like I said…. I just…. feel a connection with you…. and I think that maybe….”


Kara huffs, not finishing her thought.


“Maybe what?” Lena asks, now intrigued.


Kara blushes upon Lena asking.

“It doesn’t matter.” Kara replies.

“No, tell me.” Lena says, firmly, getting a tad annoyed now that Kara is so hot and cold with telling her things.


Kara sighs, sensing Lena’s annoyance, she knows she’s going to just have to admit to Lena what she thinks that they might be, and probably scare the woman off for good.


“I think maybe… that…. you’re…. my…. soulmate.” Kara explains.

Lena is stunned into silence, her eyes going wide. Kara notices Lena’s look and quickly begins an explanation to clarify what she means.

“I know it sounds stupid…. and like I keep saying, we have only known each other a short period of time…. and I know you might not even believe in soulmates or anything…. I didn’t think I did either…. until….. I thought about the concept with you…… I just…… I feel a strong connection with you…. I feel like…… I can relax when you are near….. and just be myself….. I feel….. I don’t know how to describe it…. The only other person who I have felt like this with is my sister….. it’s just calming…. Being in your presence makes me relax…. and feel good about myself….. and I know a lot of people talk about soulmates in a romantic sense…. but I don’t think they have to be romantic….. I mean…. that doesn’t mean I…… don’t find you attractive…. and I could maybe like you that way….. but…. I just…… yeah…” Kara says, annoyed with herself knowing she is the one that has put herself in this position.


Lena remains silent for the next few minutes, just processing everything that Kara has said to her.

“Lena, please say something.” Kara basically begs, after several minutes of tense silence.


Lena really doesn’t know what to say. Honestly up until right now Lena has never even considered the concept of soulmates or anything like that. But upon hearing Kara explain everything to her, she can’t help but wonder. Lena knows that she feels better about herself with Kara nearby, but until now she had put that mostly down to her not really experiencing much care for her, both, throughout her life, and particularly over the last 3 years. But now, Lena thinks that maybe there is something more there. Maybe she was always supposed to meet Kara. Lena knows that she trusts Kara with Krypto, and there was a point where she wouldn’t trust him with anyone, but with Kara it just felt so easy to trust her with her beloved dog who means so much to her. Then Lena also has to admit to herself that she does find Kara attractive, incredibly so.


“I… uhhhh… hmmm… I don’t know if….. I believe in soulmates either….. but…. I…… I have never felt….. like this….. with anyone else…. so maybe….. maybe it could…. be true.” Lena says, timidly.

Kara’s eyes now go wide, certainly not expecting Lena to agree with her somewhat, and suggest that they could be soulmates. It makes Kara’s heart begin to beat incredibly fast.


“Oh.” Kara replies, surprised.


“I…. I believe in science….. so….. I don’t know…. if what you said is true or not…. But it could be….. I’m not committing one way or the other…… but…… we can see….. what happens.” Lena says, suddenly feeling just an overwhelming feeling that she wants to stay near Kara, and never let her go ever again.

Lena finds the feeling both weird and overwhelming, and she can’t help but think that Kara is her soulmate, but she isn’t ready to admit that out loud right now.

“Okay.” Kara nods, shyly.


After that Lena and Kara remain silent for the next few minutes, just content to live in their thoughts, and not feel awkward about not talking. Kara can’t help but feel excited at the possibility that Lena thinks that maybe they could be soulmates. Meanwhile, Lena is just trying to figure out if she’s just being stupid for feeling how she does about Kara.


Eventually, after several more minutes, the pilot makes an announcement that they will be landing at National City airport shortly. This announcement causes Lena to tense up again, and grip the two arms of her chair tightly. Kara in turn looks on at Lena with sympathy again, and gets up from her chair once more, and this time decides to sit right by Lena’s feet in front of her.

“Hey, I’m here. It’s going to be okay. I’ve got you.” Kara says, holding Lena’s hand and stroking her thumb over it again.


Lena looks at Kara and bites her lip, nervously, but she can’t help but somewhat relax at Kara’s presence. Lena just feels that with Kara by her, then maybe everything will be okay.


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Chapter Text

After several minutes of Kara reassuring Lena, as their plane lands on the runway at a private airport just north of National City, the two finally are able to go below deck once more, and get back into Kara’s Ferrari. Kara is then carefully escorted off the plane, and then guided off the runway out of the airport. The two women then hit the open road, and Kara is finally able to drive her beloved car care free. Kara doesn’t have to worry about any issues with Lena right now, as she knows she is safe, and away from Lex and Lillian’s grasp. Kara feels like she can finally somewhat relax, and just enjoy the ride.


“You want to listen to some music?” Kara suggests, looking over to Lena, with a smile on her face.

“Uhhh…. sure….” Lena nods.

“Great.” Kara smiles, “So what do you want to listen to? Have anything in mind?”

“No, not really. I haven’t exactly been able to keep up with the latest music trends over the last few years. And it’s not like I kept up to the most recent music before then, when I was at university, either.” Lena replies.


“Well, I guess I’ll have to educate you in all the good recent music then. Unfortunately, NSYNC haven’t got back together though.” Kara says with a sad smile.

“Wait…. you like NSYNC too?” Lena replies, surprised that Kara literally brought up the only boy band she likes.

“YEAH!! I LOVED THEM as a teen! I even had JT’s poster on my bedroom wall, much to my sister’s annoyance.” Kara says.

“Oh, I would have loved to have their poster, but Lillian didn’t allow anything like that at the Luthor manor, and I was kind of afraid to put anything like that up in my room at any of my boarding schools, because I didn’t want to be judged or anything.” Lena explains, sadly.

Kara shoots Lena a sympathetic look.

“Well, when we get back you can decorate your room at my place however you like! You can have as many NSYNC posters as you like!” Kara says with a big smile.

Lena chuckles.

“I think I’m far too old to have NSYNC posters on my bedroom wall. But thank you for saying that.” Lena smiles back.


“Of course.” Kara says, nodding her head.

Kara then flicks on the radio, and just changes it to a station that she knows regularly plays the most recent hits.

“Here we go. This station plays the most popular music.” Kara says, with a smile.

“Then I guess I’ll have to see if I like any of it then.” Lena replies.

“I’m sure you’ll like something.” Kara smiles back.

Kara and Lena then continue driving, all the way into National City. As the duo drive, they both listen to the music happily, making conversation about a few of the songs here and there. On a few occasions Kara totally got lost in her own world and began to sing along to some of the songs. When Kara did this, Lena just looked on at Kara in awe, realising the CEO has an absolutely incredible singing voice. Lena was starting to think that Kara truly is the whole package, she’s kind, she can be funny, she’s sweet, caring, intelligent, absolutely beautiful AND she can sing. Lena thinks that is truly is unfair that Kara is so incredible, as how is someone supposed to compare to that?


Eventually, after about 40 minutes of driving, Kara and Lena pull into Kara’s penthouse’s car parking space. As the two do this, Lena grows some nerves in her stomach, remembering what happened the last time she was here, and what she did to Kara. Kara for her part notices this, with her super hearing.

“Hey, don’t be nervous.” Kara says, with a caring smile. “It’s okay. We are okay. And you get to see Krypto now.”


Lena looks at Kara and smiles back at her, her heart jumping a bit at the mention of Krypto. Lena has only been apart from Krypto for 48 hours, but she already misses him so terribly. Although Lena knows that really isn’t that surprising, seeing as they have barely left each other’s sides for the last 3 years.


“Come on, shall we go up?” Kara asks, with a smile, having walked around the other side of the car and opened Lena’s door for her, offering her hand.


“Yeah.” Lena nods, feeling less nervous as she looks at the caring smile Kara is giving her.

Lena then takes Kara’s hand and gets out of the car. The two women then walk hand in hand out of the car park, and towards Kara’s elevator, which will lead them right into the hallway by the entrance of Kara’s penthouse. Throughout their walk towards the elevator, the two women do not let go of each other’s hands. Kara doesn’t let go because she wants to let Lena choose if she wants to hold her hand or not, and is rather happy and comfortable herself with holding Lena’s hand. Kara almost feels that if she were to let go, then Lena might go running off again. Then as for Lena, she doesn’t let go of Kara’s hand because she is essentially holding on to it, to not only give her courage to continue to be open like she is being now, and taking a big risk in everything, but also because everything just feels better holding Kara’s hand. Lena feels like as long as Kara is by her side, holding her hand, then she is safe, and nothing can get in her way or hurt her.

The two women soon make it inside the elevator, and as they do Kara instinctively tries to move her right hand to press the button on the elevator, however that hand is still holding Lena’s. In response to this, Kara looks at Lena and blushes.

“Sorry.” Kara says, blushing still.

Lena gives Kara a warm smile, realising what Kara is trying to do, and lets go of Kara’s hand.

“That’s okay.” Lena smiles back.

Kara smiles at Lena in response, and presses the button for her penthouse floor, and then inputs the correct code. Kara does think it’s kind of amazing, because even though she and Lena just had a bit of an awkward moment, with them holding hands, it doesn’t really feel that awkward. Kara feels calm and relaxed. It just signals even more so to Kara that there is something special about Lena. The elevator then kicks into motion, and about a minute later, Kara and Lena arrive on Kara’s penthouse floor.

“Welcome, back.” Kara smiles, caringly, at Lena.


Lena smiles back at Kara nervously, with the word ‘back’ recalling in her mind what she did to Kara the last time she was here. Kara however sees that nervousness on Lena’s face.

“It’s okay.” Kara reassures. “I know you are thinking about all the things that happened last time you were here. But that was then, this is now. Let’s replace those bad memories with good ones.”

Lena looks at Kara who is looking at her with a big caring smile on her face, and all Lena can do is to remain biting her lip, slightly.


“What do you say?” Kara says, prompting Lena to do something.

“O..okay.” Lena nods, nervously, stepping out of the elevator.

“Great!” Kara smiles, happily.

Kara feels like getting Lena off that elevator, and into the hallway leading to her penthouse, was like the final hurdle to get Lena back into her life, and into her penthouse, to keep her safe. The two women then walk side by side, heading in the direction of Kara’s front door. Eventually they reach the front door and Kara uses her code and thumbprint to unlock it. Kara and Lena then step inside.

“We’re back!” Kara calls out, not seeing either Krypto or Alex anywhere in sight.


Lena once more bites her lip nervously, anxious to see Krypto again. Lena can already feel the emotions at their reunion bubbling up inside her.


“Krypto!!” Kara and Lena hear Alex shout upstairs.


Kara and Lena then hear the noise of running upstairs, before then hearing the noise run down the stairs, and then towards them. A few moments later, Krypto comes running towards them, looking extremely happy. Krypto then runs straight at Lena jumping on top of her, causing Lena to go falling to the ground, with the dog on top.

“Oh, shoot. Lena are you okay?” Kara asks, concerned.

Meanwhile Krypto begins licking Lena’s face, wagging his tail, the dog so happy.

“Krypto.” Lena sobs, with so many emotions hitting her, hugging on to him.

In response to that, Kara just smiles happily at the moment between Lena and Krypto, with it being evidence enough that Lena isn’t hurt.


“I’m so sorry.” Lena sobs, crying into Krypto’s chest.


Krypto just continues licking Lena’s face, giving her so much affection.

“I love you, so much. I missed you so much.” Lena says, as she continues to sob.


Kara continues to watch the moment between Lena and Krypto and then looks up and sees Alex walking into the room. Kara decides to move over to Alex, to give Lena and Krypto some space to reconnect, even though they have only been apart around 48 hours. However, 48 hours must seem like a lifetime for them, seeing as they have hardly been apart from each other’s sides in 3 years.

“Hey.” Kara smiles, looking at Alex.

“Hi.” Alex says, looking at Lena and Krypto, with a slight smile on her face. “So, everything went well?”

“Hmm… kind of.” Kara replies, “Lex and Lillian’s people were close by when I got there, but luckily I got Lena out just in time.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Alex nods.

“We then had a few little moments. But we talked, and I think we are okay.” Kara says.


Alex nods her head, not wanting to reply either way. Honestly Alex isn’t too sure what to say herself right now, as she doesn’t want to say anything bad about Lena to Kara, even though she is conflicted about the woman. Right now, Alex literally sees the woman who shot her sister, who is currently having a tender loving moment with her beloved dog. So, needless to say, Alex is very conflicted.


“So, what are you going to do now?” Alex asks, as the two women continue to look at Lena and Krypto. Lena has now sat up, and is stroking Krypto, while giving him hugs here and there, as she whispers quietly to him.


“Well, we talked, and at first Lena wanted to leave again. But I put my foot down, and said I didn’t want her to do that. I then told her about the image inducer I have, and said she can use it to change her appearance, so she can go out in public.” Kara says.

“Kara, that’s bleeding edge technology which you have been working on for almost 2 years now. Are you sure you trust her not to just run away with it?” Alex asks, just concerned for her sister. Alex doesn’t want Kara to get so lost in what she might feel for Lena, and just trust her blindly, and have it blow up in her face again, but this time emotionally, and then damage El-Corp’s future financially.

“I do, Alex.” Kara replies, nodding her head.

Alex looks at Kara and sighs, knowing she’s not going to be able to argue with her sister on this one.

“Okay.” Alex replies, “But she can’t go on like that forever.”


“I know.” Kara replies. “That’s why I want us to continue our investigation into Lex and Lillian, and while we do that, I have offered Lena to stay here with me, and take up a job in the El-Corp science division.”


“You are giving her a job in the company she literally stole an advanced tech gun from?” Alex asked, very surprised and unsure about this.

“Yes.” Kara replies, quickly. “Did you not look up what she studied at MIT. I read some of the papers she wrote, they were incredible work. If anyone else had done that work I’d want them at El-Corp alone for that reason.”


“Hmmgmhmm.” Alex huffs, making it clear to Kara that she is not completely for this.


“Just please trust me, Alex.” Kara says, pleadingly.

“Okay.” Alex sighs, “But just…. be careful.”

“I will.” Kara replies, nodding her head.


Kara and Alex continue to watch Lena and Krypto happily get reacquainted with one another. Krypto seems so very happy to see Lena again, and Lena seems to be just as happy. Eventually, after a good five minutes of Lena and Krypto hugging, Lena looks over to Kara and Alex and grows a nervous look on her face, before then standing up.

“Sorry.” Lena says, shyly.

“That’s okay. You both clearly missed each other. It’s only natural you both wanted to spend a little time together, saying hello. It was beautiful.” Kara smiles, caringly.


Lena smiles back, still shyly.

“Isn’t that right, Alex?” Kara says, lightly elbowing Alex’s side.

“Hhmmhm… yeah.” Alex replies, but not convincingly.


Kara looks to Alex and then back at Lena and lets out a sigh.

“We should all probably talk.” Kara says.

“Yes, we should.” Alex says, in a firm tone.

“Alex!” Kara says, chastising her sister’s tone.


“It’s okay Kara. I understand why Alex is angry with me.” Lena says, with a sad smile on her face.


“Yeah, she does.” Alex scoffs, crossing her arms against her chest.

“Alex, enough! I mean it!” Kara says to her sister.


Alex lets out a huff in response.

“Fine.” Alex says.

“Good.” Kara replies, “Now let’s go sit on my couch over there, as we do all need to talk about everything.”

Alex and Lena both nod their heads in agreement, neither of them daring to speak another word, and then they follow Kara over to the living room area. Kara takes a seat on the couch first, and Alex quickly sits next to Kara, forcing Lena to have to sit on another seat. It was a total sort of power move from Alex, and just another small little dig at Lena. Kara however notices what Alex did, and just glares at her.


“Okay.” Kara says, with a huff. “So, Lena….”

“If that is your real name.” Alex grumbles.

“That’s it!” Kara says, sternly, to Alex. “Get out Alex.”


“What?!” Alex says, surprised.

“I have told you to stop, and you even promised to be nice, but you keep going on. So, you’re done for tonight. Please leave.” Kara says.

“Kara you can’t be serious….” Alex says, surprised that her sister is actually kicking her out.


“Yes, I am, Alex. Go.” Kara says firmly, once more.


“It’s okay Kara.” Lena says, “I understand that Alex is your sister, and she is only trying to protect you. I did shoot you after all. I get that she doesn’t trust me, and dislikes me. She can stay.”


Alex grows a surprised look on her face, certainly not expecting Lena to stick up for her.


“Are you sure?” Kara asks, caringly, looking at Lena.


“Yeah.” Lena nods, with a small smile.


Kara sighs again.

“Okay, fine. Alex you can stay, but please behave.” Kara says, now looking at her sister.


Alex sighs herself, thinking that maybe seeing as Lena actually stood up for her, and allowed her to stay, that she should give the woman a chance, even if she did shoot her sister, which she is still angry about.

“Okay.” Alex says, breathlessly, before then turning to look at Lena. “Thank you, Lena.”


Lena just nods her head in response, not knowing what else to do or say.


“Okay then.” Kara says, and then takes a deep breath. “So, Lena, like I told you on the plane, Alex and I have been doing some digging into you, your past, and Lillian and Lex.”


Lena’s eyes widen in worry upon the mention of Lillian and Lex.

“Don’t worry Lena.” Kara says, noticing Lena’s worry. “We are being careful.”


“Yeah.” Alex nods, “We have just kept it between us for now, as we don’t know how many people Lex or Lillian have paid off.”


“Yes.” Kara nods. “But what we should talk to you about is….. Alex did some digging into…. Jack Spheer’s death.”

Lena intakes a breath, in both sadness, and to steady herself.


“Yes.” Alex says, “I wanted to look at the police report, and everything surrounding his death to see if I could find any evidence to suggest that he was murdered by Lex and Lillian, and it wasn’t just a home robbery gone wrong.”


“Okay….” Lena says, hesitantly, and anxiously.

Alex looks at Kara, and Kara just nods her head, encouraging her sister to continue.

“So, I looked at everything, and there are wholes in the detective work. Not only do they jump to conclusions that they really shouldn’t have, that makes them look totally incompetent, or paid off, on its own. But also, Jack’s body…. it was cremated without his parent’s permission, before they could even fly to Boston to see him….” Alex explains.

Lena’s eyes go wide, with tears appearing in her eyes now, as she thinks of Jack’s body. Lena thinks about the man she loved, and how he paid the ultimate price for helping her and Krypto.


“Ohh…” Lena says, barely being able to speak now, overcome with emotions from the pretty obvious evidence that Lex and Lillian killed Jack.

“So…. with everything I read….. I do think…. with like 99% certainty….. that Jack Spheer was murdered by Lex and Lillian Luthor. But, of course, there isn’t any direct evidence that leads back to them.” Alex says.

Lena lets out a croak, as she now begins to sob, bringing her hands to her face. Krypto quickly jumps into action, and begins rubbing his body against Lena’s legs. Kara, seeing Lena, the woman she thinks is her soulmate, like that, quickly gets up from the couch and moves over to sit next to her, placing one of her hands on Lena’s leg.

“It’s okay.” Kara says, tenderly.

Lena just continues to cry, it all now hitting her, not only that Jack is dead, but it is her fault. Lena feels so guilty.


Lena continues to cry for a few more minutes, and Kara just sits there, right next to Lena, continuing to try and soothe her. Eventually, after a few more minutes, Kara looks to her sister and silently nods for her to leave, thinking that it may be for the best that Lena has some privacy now, especially away from Alex, who hasn’t exactly been nice to her.  Alex in turn nods her head, with a sad smile now on her face, and gets up and leaves Kara’s penthouse without a word. Even though Alex is still angry at Lena for shooting her sister, she can’t help but feel sympathy for the girl, who just broke down crying after hearing about the death, and likely murder, of her ex-boyfriend.


Once Kara, Lena and Krypto are alone, Lena continues to sob for a while, with Kara continuing to sit there and attempt to comfort the former homeless woman. Kara feels so bad for Lena, in fact, her heart aches for Lena, as she feels so much sympathy for her. However, Kara knows that she only feels a tiny bit of what Lena is feeling right now. Kara thinks that Lena has finally been hit with the wave of realisation about Jack, as up until now it was likely that she was compartmentalising it all, just so she could do what she has done over the last few days. But now, with Kara and Alex speaking directly about Jack, it has caused all of Lena’s emotions, in regards to Jack, to burst through, with full force.


After about 30 minutes, Lena’s tears die down, and as a result, Lena moves a bit awkwardly on the chair, as if she wanted space. So, Kara gets up, and tells Lena that she will make them a nice dinner, before they then can go to be, promising they can talk more about everything tomorrow, or whenever Lena feels better. But just as Kara walks into the kitchen, Kara notices Krypto jump up on the chair next to Lena, and Lena hug her dog, tightly. Upon seeing that Kara feels conflicting emotions, as she thought the moment was nice and cute, which made her want to smile, but at the same time she felt sad, because she knows it was brought on by the fact that Lena is upset still, even if her crying has stopped.


The evening then progresses from there, and Kara makes them a nice dinner, which they eat in mostly silence. It once more is not an awkward silence, but a heavy one, heavy with emotions and sadness coming from Lena. Kara honestly isn’t really sure what to do or say. So, Kara decides that her best course of action is to just be there for Lena, and support her, and be a shoulder to cry on, if she needs it.


After dinner, Kara takes Krypto out for his walk, which Lena didn’t really even respond to when Kara told her that is what she was doing, which worried Kara all the more. Then once Kara came back to her penthouse, she found that Lena was not in her living room where she left her. As soon as Kara realised that she panicked, thinking Lena had used the opportunity to run away again. However, as soon as Kara used her super hearing, she heard a heartbeat coming from upstairs, which made her realise that Lena just decided to take herself to bed. As a result of realising this, Kara lets out a sigh of relief.

“Thank Rao.” Kara says.


After that Kara just decides that she might as well go to bed herself, with Krypto following her upstairs.


A few hours later, Kara is woken from her sleep by a sound. Kara quickly sits up in her bed, and uses her super hearing to try and figure out what the sound was. That is when she hears Lena, who is sobbing in her bed, muttering about Jack.

“Jack…. I’m so sorry.” Lena sobs. “I’m sorry….. I wish it was me…. It was my fault…”


Kara bites her lip, nervously, upon hearing this. Honestly Kara isn’t sure what to do. Kara instinctively wants to go in to Lena and comfort her. But at the same time Kara isn’t sure if Lena will even want that. However, as Kara sits there and continues to hear Lena cry for the next 10 minutes, she finally decides she can’t just do nothing, and makes the decision to go in and comfort Lena.


Kara gets up from her bed, and walks out of her room, and then gently knocks on Lena’s bedroom door. As soon as she knocks, Kara hears a little surprised gasp coming from Lena. Lena herself is unsure what to say, as she assumes Kara is just coming in because she has disturbed her sleep.

“Lena, can I come in?” Kara asks, caringly.

“Ye…yeah.” Lena says, trying to clear her throat of her tears.

Kara opens the door to the bedroom, and that is when she sees Lena sitting on the bed, with the lamps on in the room, with a pillow curled up to her chest, and tears freely falling down her face.

“I… I’m sorry I woke you….” Lena says, timidly.

“No, that’s not why I came in here.” Kara says, with so much sympathy on her face, moving closer to the bed. “I heard you crying, and I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing. So, I am here.”


Lena looks up at Kara, who is now only a few feet away, and bites her lip, unsure what to say.

“Can I sit down?” Kara asks.

Lena nods her head.


Kara takes a seat on the bed, and moves to sit next to Lena.


“It wasn’t your fault, Lena.” Kara says.

“Yes, it was.” Lena sobs back.


“No, it wasn’t.” Kara replies, firmly. “You didn’t kill Jack, Lex and Lillian did. His death is entirely on them. Your brother and mother want you to blame yourself for Jack’s death. They want you to believe it was your fault, and feel guilty. But Lena, it wasn’t, it isn’t.”

Lena just continues to cry, not sure what to say. Although Lena does feel some comfort by Kara’s words. Lena thinks she needed that. She needed someone to just tell her it’s not her fault, as she knew the guilt would eat her up otherwise.

Kara once more looks at Lena with so much sympathy on her face.

“Come here.” Kara says, opening up her arms, as she moves right next to Lena.


Lena looks at Kara, and hesitates for a second, before she then closes the distances, and allows Kara to envelope her in a big hug. As Kara hugs her, Lena instantly feels a little bit better, even as she now cries into Kara’s chest.

“It’s okay…. it’s okay. I got you Lena.” Kara says, caringly.


Lena continues to sob as Kara hugs her, and the two women remain like this for almost an hour, before Lena goes limp in Kara’s arms, having cried herself to sleep. Kara then carefully lays Lena down, and once she does, she goes to remove her arm, so she can leave and make her way to her own bedroom.

“Noo…. stay.” Lena mumbles.

Kara is surprised to hear Lena saying that, as she honestly isn’t sure if Lena is asleep or awake right now, perhaps somewhere in between. However, Kara certainly won’t deny Lena that. So, Kara lays down next to Lena, allowing the former homeless woman to snuggle closer to her. Kara then falls asleep herself, feeling more relaxed than she ever has, as she drifts off to sleep.


Meanwhile, in Metropolis, three men are entering a shady old run-down warehouse. The group make their way inside, and soon find two individuals inside, standing there, waiting for them, with several armed men behind them. 


“Hello, Mr Luthor.” One of the three men nods.


Lex Luthor steps out from the shadows, revealing himself to the three men, and he does not look happy.

“Well…. what do you have to say for yourselves?….” Lex asks, dryly.


“It was Steve’s fault!” One of the three men says, turning to look at the man who assumedly must be Steve. “He was supposed to service the car, and make sure it didn’t break down!”


“Hey! No.” Steve replies, “You were the one driving! You drove over a massive pot hole which caused the problem, Rodger. If you hadn’t done that, the car would be fine!”


“No it wouldn….” Steve begins



“What the…” Rodger begins.




Rodger and Steve now lay dead on the ground, behind the third man, Lex Luthor has just shot and killed them both. The third man just looks back at his two former colleagues with a look of horror and shock on his face.

“Now…” Lex says, stepping closer to the remaining man. “I don’t care what you have to do….. FIND MY SISTER! Or you will be next.”


The third man gulps, and nods his head.

“Ye… yes Mr Luthor.” The third man says, nervously.


“Good.” Lex smirks, and then turns to look at his own men, standing behind a smirking Lillian, with almost a proud look on her face. “Clean this mess up!”


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Chapter Text

Kara wakes up the following morning, and at first, she doesn’t really know where she is, as she opens her eyes and sees that she is not in her bedroom. However, Kara then feels someone move against her chest, and that is when she looks over and sees that she is in bed with Lena, who has snuggled up to her chest. Everything then comes back to Kara from the previous day, and even though there was some bad stuff in it, including Lena finally breaking down and crying over Jack Spheer’s death, Kara can’t help but smile. Kara feels so happy that she has Lena back, and was able to find and save her. But Kara is even more happy at their current situation, with Lena being so comfortable just being snuggled to her chest as she sleeps. Kara feels so close to Lena, and it makes her heart race thinking about their current situation. Kara knows that it is rare for someone to have this effect on her, so she begins to think that maybe, just maybe, Lena might be her soulmate in a romantic sense after all.


Kara spends the next few minutes just lying there, watching Lena, with a smile on her face. Kara doesn’t want to move because she is scared that if she does, she’ll wake Lena, and not only end this moment, which Kara doesn’t want to end, but cause Lena to come out of some much-needed sleep. Kara knows that Lena has been through a lot over the last few days, and after running away from her didn’t get much sleep, seeing as she was able to drive all the way to close to Jump City in around 24 hours.

“Hgmhmm…” Lena eventually mumbles, waking up.


Kara watches on, now even more unsure what to do. Kara isn’t sure if Lena will be comfortable with her still being here, even though she was the one who asked her to stay last night. Although Kara is unsure if Lena said that while conscious or sleeping. Either way, it has caused Kara to just freeze, and her heart rate to sky rocket. Kara doesn’t want to do anything to scare Lena off, and have the girl retreat in on herself again. Kara’s aware that Lena is definitely a flight risk.


“Hgmhmmm.” “Lena mumbles, again.

“L..ena?” Kara says, softly.


Lena continues to wake up, moving her body about, and basically moving her head further into Kara’s chest. Eventually, Kara feels Lena suddenly flinch, as if she has just woken up and realised that she is snuggled into someone’s chest.

“It’s okay Lena.” Kara says, soothingly.

Lena then slowly, and carefully, backs away from Kara, and looks up at her, a small smile on her face. Kara feels a small amount of hurt as Lena backs away, even if it is understandable.


“Hey.” Kara smiles, “Did you sleep okay?”

“Ye….yeah.” Lena replies, swallowing, “Thank you for….. staying with me…”


“Of course.” Kara smiles, caringly.


Lena nods her head in response, not really knowing what else to say. Lena can feel her own heartbeat beating very fast, having been surprised by waking up snuggled against Kara, although it definitely can’t be considered a bad surprise. Lena just feels bad that she essentially forced Kara to stay with her, just because she was sad and upset. Lena thinks that Kara doesn’t deserve that.


“Hey.” Kara says, noticing Lena getting a look on her face as if she is about to retreat in on herself. “It’s okay. You don’t have to think on any of those bad thoughts. I’m here, and I want to do whatever it takes to make you feel better.”


Lena looks up at Kara again, and sees the CEO just giving her a thousand-watt smile. Lena can literally feel the comfort and care emitting off of Kara.

“Okay.” Lena nods, taking a breath in.

“Good.” Kara smiles, “Now, how about we start off with some breakfast?”


“Sure.” Lena smiles.


Kara and Lena then get up from the bed, and both make their way downstairs, after both of the ladies quickly made a stop in the bathroom to relieve themselves. Once the duo are downstairs, Kara makes them a nice healthy fruit salad for breakfast. Of course, a fruit salad is not something Kara would usually eat for herself, because junk breakfast food tastes better, and Kara doesn’t have to watch her diet because of her alien DNA. However, Kara decided on the fruit salad breakfast because she remembers that Lena likes healthy food, from when Lena was staying with her those last few days, before she ran off.


The two women then begin eating their breakfast on the couch, in Kara’s living room. Kara usually would turn on the TV, but she doesn’t want to put it on and have anything on there that could possibly trigger Lena. The last thing Kara wants is for the news to be put on, and then there to be something about Luthor Corp popping up, which causes Lena to retreat in on herself again, or have a panic attack. So instead of watching the TV, the two women sit there in comfortable silence as they eat their breakfast.


“Soooo…. I was thinking…..” Kara says, after a few minutes of silence, while they eat their food.

“Yes?” Lena replies, eyebrow slightly raised.


“I can have Alex bring over the image inducer from El-Corp today, and we can then get that working, so you can go out and about, and not have to worry about anyone recognising you or anything.” Kara smiles, caringly.


“Oh…. yes…. thank you.” Lena nods, but not sounding that happy about it.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Kara asks, with so much care on her face, and in her voice. “I thought you’d be happier about that?”

“I am. And I’m sorry for not seemingly like I am. I know you are putting a lot of trust in me, that I honestly don’t deserve, by letting me use your device.” Lena replies.

“Then, what’s up?” Kara asks.

Lena sighs.

“It’s just…. I know that I have to hide…. but I’m tired of hiding…. I just…. I want to be me again…. I don’t want to have to continue this way forever.” Lena says, sadly.

Kara shoots Lena a very sympathetic look.

“I know.” Kara nods, “But you won’t have to live like this forever. I promise; I’m going to do everything in my power to help bring Lex and Lillian down, and give you your life back, and more importantly keep you and Krypto safe.”


“I know you say that….. but….. I don’t know what can be done…” Lena replies, sadly.

“Lena, we will find something, I promise. I don’t make promises lightly. I’m not in the habit of many promises that I can’t keep, it’s bad for my CEO reputation.” Kara says, with a goofy smirk on her face.


Lena can’t help but let out a light scoff of laughter upon hearing Kara say that. Afterwards Lena then sighs once more.

“Okay…. I… hope you find something…” Lena replies, not wanting to get her hopes up too much and say that she knows that Kara will find something, as honestly, even though Kara is a rich and famous CEO, with so many resources, she knows that Lex and Lillian are very good at covering their trails.


“I guess I’ll take that.” Kara smiles.

Lena smiles back at Kara, and the two women then continue to eat their breakfast, falling back into their comfortable silence. However, eventually, after a couple more minutes, once Kara has eaten the last of her fruit, the CEO gets a thought, of something that maybe will help Lena, and give her some sense of normalcy.


“Why don’t we remove that blonde dye from your hair today?” Kara suggests, “As hopefully that will give you some normalcy, seeing as you won’t need your blonde hair anymore.”


Lena looks up at Kara, surprised by the CEOs suggestion. As Lena looks at Kara, she just feels an overwhelming amount of nice emotions flood through her. Lena feels so cared for, from the fact that Kara has come up with some way to give her back some normalcy, even if it is just a small way. Lena can’t help but smile at Kara.

“I…. I think I’d like that.” Lena says.

“Great!” Kara smiles back, happily. “Alex should be coming over here later today, and I’ll have her pick up some of the stuff we’ll need to remove the dye from your hair.”


Kara then gets up from the couch, walking over to the kitchen with almost a skip in her step, clearly happy by the prospect of giving Lena something to make her feel better, and more normal again.


“Thank you, Kara.” Lena smiles.

“You’re welcome.” Kara smiles back, “Honestly I’m looking forward to seeing you with your brunette hair. I think you’ll look even more beautiful like that.”


Kara then continues to walk into the kitchen, placing her bowl into the sink, with her comment on Lena’s beauty not even being anything she is thinking about, it was just off the cusp. However, for Lena, her heart made a sudden jump as soon as Kara gave her that compliment. Lena knows that her heart hasn’t done anything like that, in response to a human, for over three years, since Jack.


It is now currently 10:30AM, and Alex has just arrived, having been nice enough to actually buy the stuff needed to remove the blonde dye from Lena’s hair, while also having stopped at El-Corp to pick up the image inducer.


“Okay.” Kara smiles at Alex, greeting her in her living room/kitchen/entrance open plan area. “Lena is currently upstairs, so I’m going to take this to her and help her remove the dye.” 

“Okay.” Alex nods, handing Kara the bag with the stuff she’ll need.


Kara takes the bag and begins to move away, but then stops in her place and looks back at Alex.

“Can you please be nicer to Lena today; she did not have a very good night last night. I think Jack Spheer’s death has only just really hit her.” Kara explains.


“Okay….. I’ll be nice.” Alex replies, after a moments silence. Honestly, after Lena defended her yesterday, Alex has been doing more and more thinking about Lena, and her situation, and Alex even has begun to feel sorry for her. Even though Alex is still mad at Lena for shooting her sister, she has started to feel sympathetic towards her. Although, that may mostly be because of Sam’s influence on a phone call last night.


“Good.” Kara replies, nodding her head, not really sure if Alex is actually going to listen this time. “While Lena and I do this, do you mind taking Krypto out?”


Krypto hears Kara say his name, and jumps off of the couch in the living room, and goes walking over to Kara and Alex, wagging his tail.

Kara chuckles upon seeing that, and Alex break out into a wide smile.


“Sure. Not sure I can say no now anyway.” Alex smiles.

“Thanks Alex.” Kara smiles back, and then begins walking away.

“Kara!” Alex calls out.

“Yeah?” Kara replies, turning her head around.

“Have you remembered that Sam and Ruby are coming over at 12?” Alex asks.

“Oh shoot.” Kara says, her eyes going wide. With all that has gone on with Lena over the last 24 hours, Kara totally forgot about Sam saying she’d be coming back to National City today, and would be dropping by at lunchtime. “I totally forgot about that.”

“Okay…. well, you should probably let Lena know. As you don’t want her to suddenly find people she doesn’t know in your penthouse.” Alex says, remembering Sam telling her to tell Kara that last night.

“Yeah… right.” Kara nods, and then pauses for a moment. “Maybe I should cancel with Sam.”

“No.” Alex says, firmly.

Kara looks at her sister with a confused look on her face.

“I mean….. If we are going to find something on Lex and Lillian, we are going to need all the help we can get, and we both know we can trust Sam. Then we also know that Sam is incredible at finances, and if anyone can find a money trail from Lex and Lillian, it will be Sam. We need her help.” Alex says.

Kara sighs.

“Yeah, okay.” Kara nods, “I’ll warn Lena, and just hope she doesn’t feel too uncomfortable about it.”


“Sure.” Alex nods, “And anyway, apparently Ruby is VERY excited to see her aunt Kara again, and meet Krypto.”


Kara breaks out into a big smile upon hearing that.


“Okay.” Kara nods, “I’ll let Lena know now.”


Kara then walks away from Alex, and heads upstairs to go and find Lena. Kara finds Lena sitting on her bed, not really doing anything, just looking solemn.

“Lena?” Kara asks, softly, as she enters the room.


Lena looks up at Kara, with a sad look on her face.

“Hey.” Kara replies, with sympathy written all over her face. “How are you doing?”

Lena sighs.

“I don’t know….. I just feel…. empty….. and upset….” Lena replies, looking away from Kara, down at the bed.


Kara moves further into the room and sits on the side of the bed by Lena.

“Hey.” Kara says, reaching out and touching one of Lena’s arms, which causes the former homeless woman to look up at Kara. “You know you can talk to me, about anything, right?”

“Yeah.” Lena nods, breathlessly, “Thank you. You being here helps.”


Kara breaks out into a big smile, very happy to hear that.

“That’s good.” Kara replies, “I have the stuff we’ll need to get that blonde dye out of your hair. Alex just came over and gave me this.”


“Oh, I’ll have to thank her.” Lena replies.


“Yes, and she promised she’d be better behaved today. Although I’m not sure how much I believe her.” Kara replies.

“It’s okay.” Lena says, “I know she’s only coming from a place, caring about you.”


“Yeah, that still doesn’t excuse her being mean to you though.” Kara says.

Lena shoots Kara a warm smile. Kara looks at Lena’s smile and gets lost for a moment.

“Anyway….” Kara says, clearing her throat, and ending the moment where she actually was thinking about closing the distance and kissing Lena. But Kara knew that would make her the worst person ever, as she would totally be taking advantage of Lena who is in a very vulnerable and emotional state right now. “I hope you don’t mind…. but my best friend…. and her five-year-old daughter are coming over around 12.”


“Oh uhhh…” Lena says, feeling nervous about meeting other people.


“I promise we can trust her. In fact, she’s my CFO, and Alex and I think she’ll be very helpful at tracking down any financial leads for Lex and Lillian.” Kara explains.


Lena bites her lip, nervously, for a moment, just thinking. A part of Lena doesn’t want to meet any other people, in fear of them being untrustworthy, and either being paid off by Lex and Lillian, or willing to sell her out to her mother and brother. But another part of Lena trusts Kara, and thinks that after everything that Kara has done for her, the least she can do is trust that Kara knows her best friend, and knows she can be trustworthy.

“O..okay.” Lena eventually nods.


“Are you sure?” Kara asks, “We can sort something else out if you don’t want to meet them or anything.”

“No.” Lena replies, “If you trust your best friend, then I trust her, because I trust you.”


Kara breaks out into another big smile, directed at Lena. Lena feels very warm inside looking at Kara’s smile.


“Great!” Kara smiles, “I promise, you’ll love her, and Ruby, her daughter, is the sweetest girl ever! Apparently, she’s very excited to meet Krypto.”

Lena smiles upon hearing that, kind of curious herself how Krypto will respond to a child. Although Lena does know her dog, so she’s pretty sure he’ll love them, and happily play with Ruby.


“I’m sure Krypto will like that.” Lena smiles.

Kara and Lena just smile at one another for a few moments.


“Anyway, shall we get started on removing the dye from your hair?” Kara asks, holding up the bag with the stuff Alex bought her.


“You want to help me?” Lena asks, surprised Kara is offering to help her remove the dye.

“Well uhhh…. if you don’t mind that is….” Kara replies, awkwardly, “I did help you dye your hair after all, it’s only fair that I help remove it... plus…… I want to help you.”

Lena feels her heart beat a bit more rapidly upon hearing Kara’s kindness, and she can’t help but grow a warm smile on her face, despite the emotional turmoil she is feeling inside, due to everything else that has been going on.

“I don’t mind at all.” Lena smiles, “I’m sure a second pair of hands, and pair of eyes, will come in handy.”

“Yeah.” Kara nods, with a smile.


Kara then stands up off the bed and holds out her hand for Lena to take, to help her off the bed. Lena smiles at Kara and takes her hand, allowing Kara to gently pull her off the bed.


“Alright.” Kara smiles, “How about we do it in my bathroom, as I have more combs and everything in there, just in case we need them.”


“Sure, lead the way.” Lena smiles.


Kara then walks out of Lena’s bedroom, with Lena following Kara closely behind. A few moments later, Kara and Lena walk into Kara’s bedroom, and then into the bathroom attached.


“Okay.” Kara says, opening the bag and placing the contents in the sink. “I’m not sure how you want to do this exactly.”


“Oh uhhh…..” Lena says, realising that she is either going to get her clothes wet, or have to be naked in front of Kara, and she isn’t sure if she wants that.


“How about I let you borrow one of my bikinis? So you don’t get all your clothes wet?” Kara suggests.


Lena smiles again at Kara, thankful for the solution the CEO has offered.

“Yes, thank you.” Lena replies, nodding her head.

Kara then nods her head back at Lena, and quickly walks back into her bedroom to retrieve a bikini. A few moments later, Kara comes back inside the bathroom and hands Lena the swim wear.

“I’ll uhhh…. be outside…. Call me when you are…… dressed.” Kara says, awkwardly.


Lena nods her head as she gives Kara a smile, and then the Kryptonian leaves the bathroom, walking into her bedroom again. Lena then begins to undress, and get into the bikini. Meanwhile, as Kara waits, she can’t help but feel her heart begin to beat faster, knowing that a naked Lena is literally only a few feet behind her, it makes Kara feel something that she hasn’t felt in a long time, if ever.

“Uhhh, Kara? Can I have some help?” Lena calls out.

“Sure!” Kara calls back, and then walks into the bathroom.

Once Kara gets inside the bathroom, she sees that Lena is having trouble tying off the bikini around her back. Although Kara thinks that Lena really should be able to do that.


“I uhhh…. can’t tie the bikini at the back.” Lena says, “Can you help me?”

“Of course.” Kara says, and then steps closer to Lena.

“It’s just…. ever since Lex broke my arm…. I haven’t been able to bend it like I used to.” Lena explains.


Kara feels a wave of sympathy flood through her body, feeling so bad that Lena still has some physical side effects from what her awful brother did to her.


“I’m sorry that happened to you Lena.” Kara says, not knowing what else to say, as she begins to tie up the bikini.


“Th… thank you.” Lena replies, not knowing what to say herself too.


Kara then finishes tying the bikini, and steps back, giving Lena some space.

“There.” Kara smiles.

Lena turns around to face Kara, testing out the bikini to make sure that it isn’t going to fall off. However, as soon as Lena turns around, Kara can’t help but notice that Lena’s breasts are basically flowing out of the bikini, most likely because the bikini is Kara’s, and she has smaller breasts than Lena. Kara just feels so turned on right now.

“Thanks.” Lena smiles.

Kara quickly shakes her head, stopping herself from staring at Lena.

“It was no trouble.” Kara replies, looking Lena in the eyes.


“Okay, shall we begin then?” Lena suggests.

“Sure.” Kara smiles.


Lena then steps into the shower, and Kara gets out the stuff they need to remove the dye. Kara then walks over to the shower and once more sees Lena’s gorgeous body in that bikini. However, this time Kara’s eyes don’t drift to Lena’s breasts, they drift to one of her arms. Kara then grows a frown on her face.

“What is it?” Lena asks, unsure.

“Can I have a look?” Kara asks, pointing to Lena’s arm.

“Uhhhh….. sure.” Lena replies, nervously.


Kara then gently takes Lena’s arm and begins to examine it. Kara pretends to examine it with her hands, but in reality, Kara is x-raying it to just check to see if it is alright. As soon as Kara uses her x-ray vision, she sees that the bone hasn’t healed properly, which is likely the reason for why Lena can’t bend her arm like she should be able to.

Kara lets out a gasp as she notices this.

“What is it?” Lena asks, now worried.

“Sorry.” Kara says, looking Lena in the eyes, noticing the panic in Lena’s voice. “It’s just, your arm….. it hasn’t healed properly.”

“Oh uhh….. well….. I never had it properly treated…. I couldn’t exactly go to a hospital.” Lena says.

“Yeah… right..” Kara says, nodding her head.

“But it’s okay.” Lena says, “I don’t really feel any pain in it. In fact, it’s kind of numb in places.”

“Lena.” Kara says, firmly, “That’s not good.”

Lena bites her lip nervously, knowing that Kara is right, she was just trying to brush it off, and not make it an issue.

“We should get this seen to.” Kara says.

“By who?” Lena asks, “It’s not like I can walk into a hospital, even if we set me up a fake identity.”


“How about sometimes soon you let Alex and I treat you?” Kara suggests, “Alex is a Dr, and I have a degree in medicine. We should be able to fix your arm. Although we are going to have to break it again to do that. But, that said, El-Corp actually has some special medical treatments which we are about to release, that speed up the bone healing process by 50%, so you’d only have to be in a cast for 3 – 4 weeks, instead of 6 – 8.”

“Oh… wow…. uhhh.” Lena replies, not sure what to say.

“You don’t have to make a decision about it now. But please think about it, okay?” Kara says.

“Yeah, okay.” Lena nods.


“Alright, shall we begin with this then?” Kara asks.

“Yeah.” Lena smiles, nodding her head again.


“Okay, I’m thinking you step into my bath first, so you can use the removable shower head, to wet your hair, and then we can apply the stuff, and wait a bit, then you can wash it all off in the shower. Does that sound good?” Kara says.

“Sounds good.” Lena nods in agreement.


Lena then does exactly as Kara says, and Kara helps Lena apply the dye remover to Lena’s hair. Although admittedly for Kara, she does find the whole process rather intimate, and it makes her heart begin to beat faster again, even though they are not doing anything sexual in the slightest.  Eventually, after chatting for a while, to let the dye remover sit, Lena steps under the shower to wash the remover off, and once she comes out, Kara can see that a lot of Lena’s natural hair is showing, but not all of it. So, Kara and Lena repeat the process, two more times, before Lena’s natural brunette hair is almost completely showing.


“There, I think that’s the best we are going to do.” Kara smiles, proudly, looking at Lena’s beautiful brunette hair, even if there are some blonde streaks here and there. “What do you think?”

Lena steps out of the shower, and stands on a mat facing a mirror, turning her head to inspect her hair.

“It looks great.” Lena smiles, turning around to look at Kara. “I finally feel myself again. Thank you.”

“You’re u…..” Kara begins, but her eyes then go wide as she notices that due to the bikini getting wet, it has now become rather see through, and Kara can totally see Lena’s nipples. Kara quickly turns away, not wanting to be that kind of person who just takes advantage of Lena’s situation. “Your top has become see through.”


“Oh.” Lena says, embarrassingly, using her arm to cover her breasts.

“Let me just….. go get you a towel, and a change of clothes.” Kara says.

“Yes, okay, thank you.” Lena nods, even though Kara totally cannot see her nodding.


Kara then quickly makes her way out of the bathroom and grabs Lena a towel and a new change of clothes, from the clothes that Lena left behind at Kara’s, which Kara bought for Lena over the previous weekend.

“Uhhh here.” Kara says, walking into the bathroom, holding out the towel and the clothes, with her eyes closed.

Lena chuckles, and takes the towel, wrapping it around herself, before then taking the clothes.

“Thank you, Kara.” Lena smiles.


“You’re welcome…. I’ll…. Just be outside.” Kara says, turning around again, her eyes still closed.

“Okay.” Lena replies.

Kara then walks back into her bedroom and sits down on the bed, her heart beating incredibly fast. Kara knows that she won’t be able to get the image of Lena’s see-through bikini top out of her mind for a long long time. It makes Kara wish she could see Lena’s breasts in real life. But no, Kara won’t go there, not while Lena is still vulnerable like she is. Kara doesn’t even know how Lena feels about her in the first place, and if there ever is to be a relationship with Lena, beyond friendship, Kara doesn’t want it to come from Lena doing it because she feels grateful, and doesn’t actually have true feelings for Kara. Kara hasn’t ever truly given her heart away to someone, for many reasons, but she knows if she does with Lena, she needs to be sure that it’s real, for both of them, otherwise it will break her.


Kara sits and waits for Lena for about 5 minutes, before Lena then comes out of the bathroom, with a big smile on her face.

“You look happy.” Kara comments, glad that Lena’s mood has improved just with this simple act of removing the blonde hair dye.

“I am.” Lena nods, “I haven’t seen my hair like this in 3 years. I know it’s silly, but it means a lot to me.”


“No, it’s not silly.” Kara smiles, warmly.


“Thank you.” Lena says, again.

“You don’t have to thank me, Lena.” Kara replies.

“No, I do. I don’t think anyone else would have helped me like you have. It means a lot.” Lena replies.


Kara gets a nervous/bad feeling in her stomach upon hearing those words, because Kara thinks back to what she was just thinking about. Lena’s words just then make Kara believe that she may never be able to have anything more than friendship with Lena, because of Lena feeling grateful to her, and Kara doesn’t like that idea.

“Uhhh…. anyway….” Kara says, awkwardly, wanting to change the topic of conversation. “I think Alex must be back with Krypto by now. Shall we join her?”

“Sure.” Lena nods with a smile.

Lena and Kara then walk downstairs, and just as Kara said, Krypto and Alex are in Kara’s living room. Alex is currently sitting on the couch, stroking Krypto, giving him attention.


“Hey, Alex.” Kara smiles at her sister, “How was your walk?”

“Fine, I…. woah!” Alex says, her eyes going wide noticing Lena with brunette hair.

“What?” Kara asks, confused.

“Nothing…. It’s just….. you look different with your hair like that, Lena.” Alex comments.

“I’m not sure if you are saying that’s a good or bad thing?” Lena replies.

“It’s neither. You look nice either way. I just was not expecting the hair colour to make you look this drastically different.” Alex explains.

“Oh, okay. Thank you.” Lena nods, not sure yet how she feels about Alex actually seeming to be nice to her. But, Lena is just going to take the compliment and run with it. Alex is Kara’s sister after all, and if they were raised in the same home, even if it was just for their teenage years, then surely some of Kara had to rub off on Alex.


“Okay, shall we get to it then?” Kara asks.

“Yeah.” Lena nods, now feeling a bit of anxiousness build up in her stomach, thinking on Lex and Lillian.


“Hey, it’s okay.” Kara says, noticing Lena’s anxiousness.


Lena looks at Kara and immediately feels better upon hearing Kara’s words.

“Okay.” Lena nods her head, gaining some confidence.

“We can play about with the image inducer later tonight.” Kara says, “But for now, I think it’s best we do some research with Alex.”

“Yeah.” Lena replies.


It is now 12PM, and Kara, Lena and Alex have been doing some research on Lex and Lillian for about half an hour now, not really finding much, just as it was for Alex and Kara yesterday. However, they are soon interrupted by an alert on Kara’s security system.

“Oh, that must be Sam, requesting access.” Kara smiles, getting up from the couch and walking over to the security system controls.

“Sam?” Lena asks.

“Yeah, my best friend, the one I mentioned.” Kara replies, looking back at Lena as she grants Sam access to the elevator.

“Right.” Lena replies, nodding her head.


The three ladies wait a few moments, with Lena and Alex continuing to do some research on their laptops, with Krypto laying on the floor between both of their legs. Eventually, after about a minute, Kara opens her front door and walks out, going to greet Sam and Ruby.

“Sam, hey.” Kara smiles, hugging Sam in the hallway.


“Hi, Kara, I’ve missed you.” Sam says, hugging Kara back.

“I missed you too aunt Kara!” The five-year-old Ruby says.

Kara looks down at Ruby as she ends her hug with Sam and shoots her a massive smile.

“Oh, and I missed you very much too!” Kara grins.

Ruby smiles up at Kara, and Kara then crouches down and picks Ruby up into her arms.

“Love you, aunt Kara.” Ruby says, hugging Kara around the neck.

“Love you too kiddo.” Kara smiles.


Sam smiles on at the interaction between her best friend and Kara. Kara then turns to Sam, as she continues to hold Ruby in her arms.


“So, I know Alex told you, but we found Lena again yesterday. She’s kind of a bit skittish, and definitely a flight risk, so be gentle.” Kara says.

“Lena?” Sam asks, confused.

“Yeah. I though Alex mentioned her to you?” Kara says.

“She did, but she didn’t want to say her name over text or on the phone.” Sam explains.

“Oh.” Kara replies.

“Anyway, I’ll be nice.” Sam says, “And Ruby here is very excited to meet her dog.”

“Yes!” Ruby says, excitedly, “I want to see a doggy.”


Kara chuckles.

“Alright then, let’s go meet them both.” Kara smiles.


Kara then walks into her penthouse, still holding Ruby, with Sam following her behind. As soon as the three ladies enter the penthouse, Alex and Lena turn around on the couch to look at, and greet, Sam and Ruby. However, as soon as Lena and Sam look at one another, both of their eyes go wide in shock.

“Lena?!” Sam says, shocked.

“Sam?!” Lena says, at the same time, just as shocked.


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Chapter Text

“Wait! You know each other?” Kara asks, surprised.

“Yeah.” Sam says, shaking the shock from herself. “She was the friend I had at MIT. The one I told you about who I spent a lot of time with the year you went to Harvard, and then the year you were at Yale.”

“Oh… yeah…. I don’t think you ever mentioned her name to me though.” Kara says, thinking it would be really a bad thing if she just didn’t remember Lena’s name coming up.

“No. I didn’t.” Sam replies, “Lena wanted her privacy, because she was from a famous family, and I respected that. So, I just called her ‘my friend’.”

“Yeah, that rings a bell.” Kara nods.


Lena steps forward, finally now clearing herself out of the shock she was in, after seeing her former best friend, who she had a falling out with over 5 years ago, and never spoke to again.

“Sa…. Sam?” Lena says, tears in her eyes.


“Hi, Lena.” Sam smiles back, with big eyes.

Lena and Sam slowly walk towards each other, before then quickly closing the distance, and taking each other in for a big hug. Lena immediately begins crying on Sam’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry.” Lena sobs.

“No, I’m sorry.” Sam says back, now crying too.


Meanwhile, Alex has given her sister a confused look, as the two Danvers sisters just watch this certainly unexpected scene unfold. Although, Kara can’t help but feel a bit jealous right now. Kara feels a connection with Lena, and Lena has said she feels it too, so Kara can’t help but be jealous over the fact Lena also has one with Sam, with much more history. It makes Kara wonder if what she is feeling for Lena is really true. But as soon as Kara thinks of that, she puts a pin in it, deciding to deal with that later, as now is certainly not a good time for it.


Lena and Sam continue to hug, both crying as they do, with Kara and Alex still looking on confused. However, eventually the moment is disturbed by Ruby, who has begun to struggle in Kara’s arms, signalling she wants to be put down, so Kara does.

“Mommy? Why are you crying? Who is she?” Ruby asks, confused.


Lena and Sam part from their hug and booth look at Ruby.

“Oh…” Lena says, “is she….”

“Yeah.” Sam nods.


Kara and Alex both look at one another again, now even more confused by the unspoken words between Lena and Sam. Sam then clears her throat, and steps closer to Ruby.

“Ruby, this is Lena, she is an old friend of mine….. and your other godmother.” Sam says.

“What?!” Lena asks, surprised.


Sam just shoots Lena a caring smile.

“You…. you…. still made me her godmother?” Lena asks, sobbing again.

“Of course I did. I always hoped that you’d come back to me.” Sam says, with a sad caring smile on her face.


“Oh, Sam.” Lena sobs.


Sam then walks over to Lena again, and takes her in for a hug. Meanwhile, Ruby just stands still, looking confused at Lena, not really understanding what is going on. After a few more moments, Sam turns to look at her daughter again.


“Ruby, come here.” Sam says, with a warm smile.

Ruby begins to walk closer.

Sam then turns to look at Lena.

“Would you like to meet your goddaughter?” Sam asks, softly.

“Ye…eah.” Lena replies, voice shaking, and tears in her eyes.


Sam turns to Ruby once more, and holds out her hand for Ruby to take. The five-year-old does, and comes closer.

“Ruby, this is Lena, an old friend of mine, from before you were born.” Sam explains, and then turns to Lena. “Lena, this is Ruby, my daughter.”


Lena smiles at Ruby, and then crouches down on her knees, making herself Ruby’s height.


“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Lena smiles, with tears still in her eyes.

“Hello.” Ruby replies, a bit nervous, not used to strangers.


Lena however doesn’t mind, she just smiles at the beautiful 5-year-old, who is the offspring of her old best friend. Meanwhile, Ruby looks at Lena, but soon something behind Lena catches Ruby’s attention.

“Doggy!” Ruby says, happily, pointing to Krypto.

Lena looks behind her at Krypto, and then chuckles.

“That’s my dog, would you like to meet him?” Lena asks.


“Yes.” Ruby replies, nodding her head eagerly.


“Okay then.” Lena smiles.


Lena then stands up and walks over to Krypto, who also has come closer to them, Ruby follows Lena closely behind, while Sam watches on with a warm smile on her face. Honestly, even though Sam said different, she never expected to see Lena again, so seeing her now is a wonderful and incredible surprise.

“This is Krypto.” Lena says to Ruby. “Krypto, this is Ruby.”


Krypto looks at Ruby and slightly wags his tail. Ruby meanwhile cautiously approaches the dog.

“Can I stroke him?” Ruby asks, sweetly.

“Of course you can.” Lena smiles.

Ruby smiles back at Lena, and then closes the remaining distance between her and Krypto, and begins stroking the dog on the head. Krypto immediately wags his tail even more, enjoying the affection. This causes Ruby to let out a happy little giggle. Meanwhile, the adults all just watch on, with smiles on their faces, even if Kara and Alex still are left in the dark about what the exact situation is between Lena and Sam. Eventually, after a few minutes of Ruby stroking Krypto on the top of his head, the dog lays down, and then rolls over, presenting his belly. Ruby giggles happily again, and falls to her knees, and then begins to give Krypto belly rubs.

Alex clears her throat, getting Lena and Sam’s attention.

“I believe Kara and I are owed some sort of explanation.” Alex says.

“Uhhhh…. yeah…. right…” Sam says, biting her lip, looking at Lena anxiously, not sure if she wants to share the story.

“It’s okay Sam, we can tell them.” Lena says.

“Okay.” Sam nods.

“Why don’t we all take a seat on the couch?” Kara suggests.

“Sure.” Sam nods.


Kara then walks over to the living room area, with Sam, Lena and Alex following her closely behind. Kara is the first one to take a seat, and much to Kara’s joy, Lena sits next to her, with Sam and Alex sitting on a couch of their own.

Kara looks at Lena and gives her a smile. Lena sees Kara’s smile, and smiles back in kind.


“Okay….” Lena says, nodding at Sam.

Flashback to University


It is now 8 years ago, Kara is currently 19 years old, in her third year at MIT, seeing as she began her time at university at only 17 years old, due to graduating high school a year early. Over the last 2 years Kara really has been just focusing on getting her degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as well as in Computer Science. In fact, Kara has actually progressed so fast that this year will be her final year at MIT, and by the end of it hopefully she will have 2 PHDs in her chosen subjects. However, this hasn’t just come about due to Kara’s intelligence, there has been a lot of hard work involved, which has led to Kara not making any friends at all. In Kara’s first year at MIT, she did try and make friends, but she kept running to the problem of people going to 18+ locations, which she couldn’t go into, due to being a year younger. This meant that Kara was left out of creating any bonds or meaningful friendships, and she was far too much of a goody goody two shoes to buy a fake ID. So, throughout Kara’s first year, due to her not making any friends, she decided to just focus on her studies, to make her time at university as short as possible. The only real social interaction Kara had, was with Alex, but that was over the phone, as Alex was studying to be a doctor at NCU, across the other side of the country. It obviously was hard for Kara to make the decision to be this far away from Alex, but she knew it would only be temporary, as the plan is to move to wherever Alex is once she graduates, so the two sisters can live together once more.


Over Kara’s second year in university, it really continued much like her first, with her not having any friends, and just studying instead. Then due to Kara’s studying, this meant that she had progressed so far in her classes that she was doing classes with people a few years older than her, isolating her from a whole new group of people too. But Kara really didn’t mind, she had a goal in mind, and just stuck to it. Whenever Kara felt lonely, she would just think about how it would be one less day until she got to live with Alex again, as it was one day closer to her graduating. However, during Kara’s second year, this is when she actually began to explore her sexuality, as she was finally 18, and could go to all those restricted areas and night clubs that she wasn’t allowed to before. This led to Kara losing her virginity to a guy named Mike, who didn’t actually go to MIT, instead he went to Boston College, and was a scholarship football player. This should have really been a red flag for Kara, but she fell for Mike’s schtick after meeting him at a party. The two then became close, and a few weeks later they had sex. The sex however wasn’t exactly great for Kara, even though Mike said he’d do most of the work, knowing she was a virgin. However, Kara felt a wave of feelings for Mike after having sex with him, and stayed with him. Over the next few months after that, Kara began dating Mike, and was totally blinded to his cocky and awful attitude. In hindsight Kara thought that it was partly because she thought she loved him, but also because she was desperate for human interaction and connection, even though she is an alien. However, towards the end of Kara’s second year, she and Mike had slowly drifted apart, and she then found out he’d cheated on her, and been cheating on her throughout their entire relationship, and even had another girlfriend. Kara, of course, was devastated, and heart broken.


After a summer of misery Kara began her third year. This is when Kara made the plan to just keep her head down, block everyone else out, and focus on her studies, so she could graduate with her two PHDs at the end of the year. However, after a few months, Kara broke, and knew she needed to relax, so she went to a club. Kara didn’t know at the time what she was looking for, but soon she found it, when a woman named Andrea Rojas approached her, and began flirting with her. Kara, not realising she liked woman at the time, felt a bit weird with the flirting, but as the drinks flowed and the night progressed, Kara soon began to love it, and crave it. Kara and Andrea ended up hooking up that night, although from the start Andrea made it clear it was just a hook up, which Kara was totally okay with. The two had sex, and it was absolutely mind blowing for Kara, so much better than sex with Mike. As a result, Kara began to go out once or twice a week, just to get some stress relief, and have casual sex. At first it started off just as testing out if it was just Andrea, or women in general, that sex was amazing with, and Kara soon found it was women. So, Kara would regularly go to clubs, and find some woman to hook up with. During this period, Kara happened to bump into Andrea multiple times, and the two soon became sort of friends. They would go to clubs together, to find people to hook up with, and when they didn’t find anyone they liked, they’d hook up with one another. However, the two women were very careful making sure things didn’t progress from there. Kara and Andrea didn’t even hang out or text much outside of their nights out, allowing them to keep some distance, and stop either of them developing any feelings for the other.


Kara kept this way, going out a few times a week, for about 3 months, letting herself believe it was just for relaxation, although she would very soon find out that she was just using it not to deal with all her shit, and all her emotions she was feeling, not only over Mike cheating on her the entire time they were dating, but the stress of doing her degrees, and the sadness of being so far away from her sister.


At this point, 3 months into the year, a few weeks prior to Christmas break, Kara went out to a club again, seeking her next conquest, with Andrea not being available that evening. By this point Kara had her routine down to a science. Kara would enter the club, sit at the bar, order one drink, and then casually begin prowling the club or bar for women she was interested in. Eventually, if she found someone, she would watch them, by glancing at them a few times, while drinking her first drink. Once Kara was finished with her first drink, she would then order a second, and make her move. On this particular evening, Kara did her usual routine, and that is when she spotted a brunette, who seemed to be talking to a few people, sitting at a both. Kara causally watched the woman as she drank her first drink. Then once Kara finished her drink, she saw that the other people sitting in the booth with the women seemed to have got up and left the club completely. Kara took this as her chance to make her move.


Kara ordered another drink, and then walked over to the booth, and didn’t even bother to introduce herself, and just sat down next to the woman.

“Hey there, I’m Kara.” Kara purrs, sipping her drink, looking the woman in the eyes.

“Uhhhh…. hello.” The woman replied, confused.

“I’ve been watching you, and you are the prettiest person in this place.” Kara said, moving closer to the woman, “May I have the delight of knowing your name?”


“Sam.” The woman replied.

“Well, Sam, how about we get out of here, and spend some alone time, one on one. My apartment is only a few blocks away.” Kara smirked.


Sam looked at Kara and laughed, which caused Kara to grow a confused look on her face.

“Does that actually work on all the girls you hook up with?” Sam asked, still laughing.

“Wha… what?” Kara asked, confused.


Sam continued to laugh for a few more minutes. Eventually, Sam’s laughs died down, while Kara was still very confused.


“I’ve noticed you in this club before. You come here regularly, sometimes with another woman. But every night, you do the same routine. Find some woman, and then leave with her after only talking with her for a few minutes.” Sam explained.


Once the situation had been explained, Kara regained her composure, deciding to change her tactics.

“Well, if you have been watching me, then I can only assume that my interest is reciprocated.” Kara smirked, placing a hand on Sam’s leg.

“No, it’s not.” Sam replied, moving away from Kara. “I have watched you, because you look sad.”

“Sad?” Kara replied, confused.

“Yes, you go home with all these women and you just look sad.” Sam clarified.

Anger shot through Kara as a result of hearing this, annoyed that some stranger is judging her for having fun, and sleeping with a bunch of different women.

“How dare you judge me!” Kara snarled, angrily.

“I wasn’t.” Sam quickly replied, “I wasn’t calling your actions sad. I was saying, that despite you coming to this club regularly, being surrounded by all these people who are having a good time, and you leaving with different women every night, if I look into your eyes, I see sadness. It’s like you are trying to hide your true feelings.”


“I uhhhh.” Kara replied, now stunned, not knowing what to say, as this woman has just hit the nail on the head.


After that, Kara basically broke down in front of Sam, letting everything out that she had just been bottling up, and using sex with random women as a way to ‘destress’. Sam for her part just sat there, and listened to this woman who she didn’t even know, and had tried, and failed, to hit on her. By the time Kara had finished, it was very late, and Sam mentioned how she lived on campus, which wasn’t too close. Kara offered for Sam to just stay the night at her place, saying it would be her way of saying thanks for listening to her. Sam accepted and the two went back to Kara’s.


Sam and Kara’s friendship then grew from there, and the two would regularly talk with one another, and spend evenings together, although not in a romantic way at all. Kara finally felt like she had someone, a friend, that she had been lacking for years at that point, and it just slowly allowed Kara to chip away at all of her emotions, and feelings that she had been bottling up, and deal with them in a healthy manner. As a result of this friendship with Sam, Kara stopped going out at nights regularly, and finding random women to hook up with. Obviously, there were occasions when Kara would still go out, and have casual sex, but those nights were usually the few occasions when she and Sam went out together.


The end of Kara’s third year at MIT finally came, and she had successfully completed her two PHDs, with Sam cheering her on from the audience, sitting next to Eliza. Unfortunately Alex could not attend, because she was still in the thick of her own degree by that point, and couldn’t afford to take a few days off to travel across the country for her sister’s graduation. This obviously upset Kara, but she wasn’t upset at Alex, just at the situation. However, Sam, knowing Kara very well at this point, was her rock, and stayed by her the whole day, and even spent the evening at Kara’s place.


By this point Kara and Sam had become best friends, and Kara had been able to pick up on the fact that Sam didn’t have many other friends either, and was disappointed by the prospect of Kara moving away, after she graduated. So, when Kara informed Sam she would be staying in Boston, and this time studying at Harvard for a Chemistry degree, Sam was overjoyed. Kara too was happy to be staying in the same place as Sam, as she didn’t want to lose her only friend. Kara even offered for Sam to move in with her, into her 2-bedroom apartment in Boston. Sam, at first, wasn’t sure about it, but she saw how much Kara wanted her to live with her, so she accepted.


Throughout Kara and Sam’s friendship at this point, the two had learnt a lot about each other, with Kara being open and telling Sam that she was adopted, although not mentioning that she was an alien. Then in turn Sam told Kara how she was kicked out by her mother the day she turned 18, even though it was the middle of her final year of high school. The two very much bonded over this, and once Kara found out that Sam had nothing to do over the summer, as she had nowhere else to go, and no family, she offered for Sam to spend the summer with her in Midvale, which Sam quickly accepted.

Kara and Sam had a great summer in Midvale together, with the two growing closer and closer, and Kara sharing even more of herself with Sam, including everything about growing up in Midvale. Eventually, Kara felt so close to Sam that one night, she told Sam the truth about where she was actually from. At first Sam didn’t believe her, and thought she was joking around, but once Kara jumped off the balcony of Eliza’s home, scaring the life out of Sam, and then flew, Sam believed her. Sam was absolutely amazed that Kara was an alien, and was very excited by it, asking a bunch of questions. This response from Sam made Kara feel so much relief, because before she revealed herself to Sam, she was scared that her friend would not want to be friends with her anymore after finding out she was an alien, but Sam didn’t feel that way at all. After this Kara felt so happy, as she finally had someone other than Alex, who she could be her true self with, and not have to hide with. Sam was literally Kara’s first true friend since Krypton, and it felt amazing.


Once Sam’s second year at MIT began, Kara began her year at Harvard, and the two women didn’t really see each other much, due to Kara’s busy schedule, and Kara spending a lot of time working on the Harvard campus. The two really only got to spend some evenings together, although they were both tired by this point, so it wasn’t much time. However, neither of the two women felt bad about this. Kara and Sam both knew by this point that their best friendship had progressed to the point where they were comfortable with not always having to spend a lot of time together when things were busy, and didn’t have to worry about the possibility of their friendship being in jeopardy.


About 2 months into Sam’s second year, Sam was walking through the MIT campus, and she rounded a corner inside one of the buildings, and then bumped into another female student, who happened to be carrying hot coffee.

“Ahhhh!” Sam yelled, in pain from the hot coffee spilling over her chest. Even though Sam was wearing clothes, the hot coffee seeped through them and burnt her skin.

“Oh my god!” The woman said, “I’m so sorry.”


Sam continued to groan in pain, instinctively wanting to take her clothes off, but knowing it wouldn’t be appropriate. The woman who spilt the coffee however, quickly looked around and noticed a bathroom a few feet away.

“Quick, come with me.” The woman said.

The woman then grabbed Sam’s hand and dragged her into the bathroom. Once the two were inside, the woman checked to make sure they were alone, and then held the bathroom door closed.


“Take off your shirt.” The woman said.

Sam nodded her head, not even questioning the action, as she really needed the shirt off, even if most of the pain had subsided at this point. Sam then took her shirt off, and after that felt that her bra was all soggy too, so then embarrassingly took that off too.

“Ahhhh.” Sam sighed in relief, once all her clothes were removed.


“Here, take this.” The woman said to Sam, handing her her suit jacket.

“Thanks.” Sam smiled, taking the suit jacket from the woman.

Sam then put on the suit jacket and buttoned it up, making sure that no one could see her bare skin, or breasts. The suit jacket really didn’t go with the jeans she was wearing, but Sam certainly wasn’t concerned about that right now.

“I’m so sorry for spilling coffee over you.” The woman said, once Sam had the jacket on.

“It’s okay, it was an accident.” Sam smiled.

“Yeah, but please, let me make it up to you somehow. I can pay for your clothes dry cleaning.” The woman suggested.

“No, it’s fine. Don’t worry.” Sam smiled.

“Well, at least let me do something?” The woman said.

“How about you buy me a coffee and we’ll call it even?” Sam suggested.

The woman’s eyes went wide, and then she laughed.

“Sure.” The woman chuckled, “I’ll make sure to keep my coffee away from you when I do.”


“Yeah.” Sam smiled.


“I’m Lena by the way.” Lena said.

“I’m Sam.” Sam said, holding out her hand for Lena to shake.

Lena looked at Sam’s hand and then shook it.


Lena and Sam’s friendship began from this point, with Sam growing closer and closer to Lena, mostly due to a result of Kara not being around much. However, Sam wasn’t blaming Kara, or felt any less of a friendship with Kara. Sam knew Kara’s studies were important to her, and the two still got to hang out together a few times a week, and on weekends. But most of the time that Sam did have free, Kara didn’t, and that is when Sam would hang out with Lena.


Lena and Sam grew very close, very quickly, with them finding they had complimentary personalities. Just like Kara, it took Lena a while to open up with Sam, but once she did, Sam felt very close to Lena. Lena told Sam all about the family she came from, and how she wants to start her own company, and get out of her family’s shadow. Lena even was open enough to eventually tell Sam about her birth mother’s death, which wasn’t public knowledge. Needless to say, Sam was very happy with her new friendship. In fact, Sam did try and set up a time for her, Kara and Lena to all hang out together, but things just never worked out, as someone ended up always being busy. Sam didn’t mention Lena’s name to Kara, as from the start Lena had explained how she was a very private person, and hated being recognised for her last name. Sam planned for Lena to be able to introduce herself to Kara when they met, but that just never happened.


Eventually the end of Sam’s second year at MIT came to an end, as well as Lena’s first year, and Kara’s year at Harvard. At this point Sam got the upsetting news from Kara that for the next year she was going to be attending Yale to study Biology, which meant they would no longer be living together. Even though Kara would only be a 2-hour drive away, Sam still didn’t like the news, but she knew Kara was doing this for her career, so she didn’t say anything, and was a good friend and supported Kara, pretending to be happy for her. Sam was happy for her, she just wasn’t happy for herself. Sam felt that Kara was slowly drifting away from her, and it scared her. The irony wasn’t lost on Sam by how at this point she was the complete opposite to how Kara was at the beginning of their friendship. However, before Kara left, she changed the lease of the apartment to Sam’s name, which allowed Sam to remain living there.


Sam of course told Lena about how her best friend and roommate was leaving for Yale, and how she was upset over it. As even though Sam couldn’t, and wouldn’t, tell Kara those things, she knew she could tell Lena, and have a shoulder to cry on. Lena of course comforted Sam, and told her that she would still be there for her, which helped. In fact, that eventually led to the idea of Sam asking Lena to move in with her, seeing as Lena was going to be moving out from campus for her second year. Lena was hesitant at first, but after Sam convinced her, explaining to her how much fun they would have, Lena agreed.


Sam’s third year at MIT came around and she lent on Lena a lot, still being sad that her best friend was over 2 hours away. At the beginning of the year Sam and Kara did plan to meet up in a small town about half way between them, but there really wasn’t anything to do there, so they just sat in Sam’s rented car and chatted for a few hours. It was a nice day, but it just wasn’t the same. After that, Sam and Kara tried to spend time together, with one of them going to see each other for the weekend or something, but it eventually became to tiring for them both, and they just couldn’t fit it into their busy schedules. As a result of this, Sam spent much more time with Lena, allowing their friendship to grow even more.


Towards the end of Sam’s third year at MIT, she was feeling rather low at one point, as Kara was still busy, and 2 hours away, and Lena had started to become busy with her own work, studying Mechanical Engineering as well as Chemical & Biological Engineering. So, due to this, Sam was feeling rather alone, so she turned to the thing that Kara had been using as her emotion crutch a few years prior, casual sex. This led to Sam hooking up with a guy one evening, as she was already a comfortable bisexual woman. However, once the night was over, Sam regretted her actions, as it really didn’t give her the comfort she was seeking, and it wasn’t because the guy was bad at sex or anything, he was great, and gave Sam a few nice orgasms. But after that one night, Sam never sought out casual sex again.


About a month and a half later, it was a few weeks from the end of the university year, and Sam had missed a few periods, so she decided to go to a doctor’s just in case. At the time Sam didn’t even consider for a second that she could have been pregnant, because she’d used a condom, and only had sex with a guy one night, and tried to forget about the evening as much as possible. However, Sam soon was told by the doctor that she was about 6 weeks pregnant, much to her horror.


After Sam found out about her pregnancy she had an absolute freak out, and had no idea what to do. Sam tried to call the guy who she had sex with to tell him, but she couldn’t get through to him, and eventually found out about a week later that he’d died in a car accident. After Sam heard that, she broke down crying in her room, and this is how Lena found her. Lena asked Sam what was wrong, and Sam told Lena everything. Lena sat next to Sam, hugging her, and listening to her. Eventually, once Sam was done, Lena laid out the options for Sam, she told her she could get an abortion, or she could raise the baby. Sam really didn’t know what to do, but Lena told her that no matter what she was going to choose, she would support her 100%.


The next day Sam called Kara and told her the news, and Kara immediately went into supportive mode, and told Sam, just like Lena did, that she would support her. Sam however still didn’t know what decision she would make. After that, about a week went by, and during that week Sam had been feeling rather emotional, and she had happened to look up a few cute things about babies on the internet, and this ultimately lead to Sam deciding to keep the baby. Once Sam made that decision, Lena wasn’t home at the time, so she called Kara.

“Hey, Kara.” Sam said.

“Hey, Sam. How are you doing?” Kara asked.

“Good. I’ve made my decision.” Sam said.

“Okay…. what is it?” Kara asked.

“I’m keeping the baby.” Sam said.


“Okay.” Kara replied, sounding happy.


“But…. I don’t know how I’m going to be pregnant and study, let alone raise him/her.” Sam said, exposing her fears to Kara.

“Yeah…. about that….. I was going to tell you last week when you called me…. but after your news….. I thought it was better to save until later…. But….. next year I’m going to be attending NCU to do a medical degree…. and be closer to Alex that way.” Kara explained.

“Oh.” Sam replied, devastated by this news, feeling abandoned by Kara in her time of need.

“But I was thinking….. NCU has a good business and finance department…… so…. maybe you could transfer and live with me in National City? That way I could be there and help you, and support you through the entire pregnancy.” Kara suggested.

Sam was surprised by this offer from Kara, certainly not expecting it.

“I don’t know Kara…. I don’t think you are going to want to have to deal with me being pregnant, and then deal with a screaming baby.” Sam said.


“No, I do. I want to be there for you Sam. You’ve been there for me, so I’d love to do this for you.” Kara replied.

“Uhhh…. can I think about it?” Sam asked.

“Sure.” Kara replied.


Over the next few days, the last days of the university year, Sam thought about Kara’s offer, and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to do it. Sam thought that Boston wasn’t her ideal place where she wanted to raise a child, as National City offered more open spaces. Then at the same time, Sam knew that in National City she would have Kara’s support, along with Alex if they ever needed her, and she would have a literal alien to protect her child if needed. So, eventually, Sam decided to transfer to NCU, the only issue was telling Lena. That happened the last night of the year.


“Lena?” Sam asked, nervously, knocking on Lena’s bedroom door.

“Yeah?” Lena replied.

Sam opened the door and walked in.

“What’s up?” Lena smiled.

“I need to tell you something.” Sam said, nervously.

“Okay. Is it about the baby?” Lena asked.

“Yes.” Sam nodded.

“Okay, take your time.” Lena said.

“My best friend…… she is transferring to NCU next year, and has asked me to come with her, so she can help me with the baby. I’m going to say yes.” Sam said.

“What? But….what about MIT? What…. what about me? I could help you.” Lena said, tears appearing in her eyes.

“Lena, I know you, you don’t like kids. And you are far too busy to have to deal with a child. But I promise you, no matter what, you are still going to be my baby’s godmother.” Sam said, trying to soften the blow.

“I do like kids…. I just…. I just don’t know how to act around them.” Lena replied.

Sam chuckled.

“Lena, it’s more than that. I’ve seen how you react when there’s a screaming baby on the bus.” Sam replied, with a smile.

Lena however took this very much the wrong way.

“Fine!” Lena said, getting to her feet, feeling hurt by Sam not thinking she could be good around her child. “Go to National City. Whatever.”

“Lena…” Sam said, knowing Lena was hurt.

Lena then began walking out of her room.

“You know what?! You don’t know how to deal with children either! What makes you the judge! The only example you have is your shitty mother who kicked you out!” Lena said, angrily.

“What the hell Lena?! Why would you throw that me in my face!?!” Sam yelled back, now hurt by Lena’s words.


“Fuck you, Sam! Have a good time in National City!” Lena yelled, and then stormed out of the apartment, the door slamming behind her.


After Lena left, Sam laid on Lena’s bed in tears, both from her hormones, and from how Lena hurt her.


The next day, Lena still didn’t return to their apartment, and Sam had already booked her flight to National City, but Sam didn’t want to just leave things like that with Lena. However, Sam couldn’t afford to miss her flight. So, Sam wrote Lena a note and left it on her bed, and then left for National City.

Lena came back to the apartment, the evening Sam left, wanting to apologise to Sam, after having talked things through with her boyfriend, Jack. However, once Lena found the note, she was devastated, and fell to the floor crying. Lena knew she could contact Sam, but she decided it was best to let her go, as she didn’t want to be a distraction from her best friend raising her baby, and dealing with her pregnancy. Lena even went as far as to delete Sam’s number, which she regretted almost instantly.


Over the next two years, Lena continued her time at MIT, spending more and more time with Jack, burying herself in work to forget about Sam. There were occasions when Lena was feeling low when she considered trying to find some way to reach out to Sam, but she never did, always deciding it was best to not reopen old wounds, as Sam had not reached out to her either. So, Lena just continued her time at MIT, until she eventually graduated 2 years after Sam left.


As for Sam, as soon as she got to National City, she found a place with Kara, and the two best friends moved in together. Sam of course was still upset over how she left things with Lena, but she knew she left Lena the note, and decided the ball was in Lena’s court. Sam therefore never attempted to contact Lena, because she knew Lena needed to make the first step, but she never did. Sam’s pregnancy progressed over her first year at NCU, and Kara was such a great help. Eventually, in February, Sam gave birth to her daughter, Ruby. Kara was there with her for the entirety of the birth, and supported her the whole way.


After Ruby was born Kara was very helpful, even though she was completing her medical degree at NCU. Then at the same time, Kara’s sister, Alex, would come over on occasions and help out, which allowed Sam to rest. Meanwhile, Sam was still studying at NCU, which meant there was a lot on her plate. Eventually, at the end of Kara and Sam’s first year at NCU, Kara graduated, again, and decided to begin working, taking a job with Lord Technologies. Sam then continued her degree for one final year at NCU, still living with Kara. Sam graduated, with a master’s in Business and Finance, and right as this happened, Kara created her own company, El-Corp, and employed Sam as her CFO. Sam, of course, was horribly unqualified, as she had no experience, but Kara wouldn’t take no for an answer, so Sam agreed. Kara, Sam and Ruby continued to live together for one more year, until eventually they were both in a good enough position to be able to live apart, with Kara becoming a billionaire.


Back in the present.


“So that’s what happened.” Sam says.


“Yeah.” Lena nods.

“Oh, wow.” Kara says, in awe. “I… I can’t believe we… we almost met.”

“Yeah.” Lena smiles, “It’s like… there’s something that links us together.”


Alex groans upon hearing that.


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Chapter Text

After the explanation from Sam and Lena, in regards to their story, as to how they know one another, and all the history that comes with it, the four women just settle into chatting, completely forgetting about doing research into Lex and Lillian Luthor. Lena and Sam spent the next several hours talking, with Sam explaining everything that has happened to her, and that she has done, since they ‘parted ways’ in university. Lena then also explained what she did during university after Sam left, while leaving out all the stuff that happened over the last 3 years. It’s not that Lena didn’t want to talk about everything that has happened to her, she does, as she feels it will be a good thing, and some sort of therapy. But Lena decides to save that for another day, as today, for one of the few times in the last 3 years, she is very happy. Lena doesn’t want to ruin things by talking about some of the horrific things she went through over the last 3 years, as what Lex and Lillian did to her before she left is only the tip of the iceberg. So instead, Lena and Sam just enjoyed one another’s company, with Kara and Alex adding their own input into stories, asking questions, and even sharing their own stories when appropriate. All while the four adults are doing this, Ruby has decided to sit on the floor and play with Krypto, who seems to be very happy to play with the small child.


Eventually, several hours go by, and dinner time is approaching. The four women have been talking so much that the time has completely flown by. Lena, right in this moment, is very happy, so much so that she can momentarily forget about all of her other problems.


“Mommy, I’m hungry.” Ruby says, standing up from the floor and tugging at Sam’s clothes, interrupting the adult’s conversation.

Sam looks at her watch.


“Oh my, is it really 6PM?!” Sam says, very surprised.

“What?!” Alex exclaims, pulling out her own phone to check. “Yeah, it is.”


“Wow…. well….. Ruby and I really should be off then….. I need to feed her something, even though I’d love to stay and continue chatting.” Sam says.

“Why don’t we order something, and you can stay here a while longer?” Kara suggests.


“Uhmmm….” Sam hums, thinking, “Yeah, okay, we don’t have anything in the fridge anyway.”

“You do. I made sure to buy you some milk and chicken.” Alex says.


“Oh, thank you Alex.” Sam smiles.

“You can still stay though. I’m sure you’d rather not cook now, especially as you haven’t really had any time to relax since coming home from Japan.” Kara says.

“Yeah, we’ll still stay. Ruby will get food quicker this way, anyway, and I won’t have to put up with too much moaning.” Sam explains.

“Great!” Kara smiles, widely. “So, what should we order?”


“I don’t know. I’m not really bothered.” Sam replies.


Alex looks over at Ruby, and smiles at the young girl.

“Hey, Ruby, what would you like to have for dinner?” Alex asks, sweetly.


Ruby looks at Alex and bites her lip.


“Uhmmm….. I don’t know…” Ruby replies.


“Okay.” Alex nods, and pulls out her phone. “How about I give you my phone, and you can look at the food you would like to eat?”


Ruby smiles at Alex upon hearing that.

“Okay.” Ruby nods, and then walks over to Alex, but instead of just taking the phone from Alex’s hand, she climbs up on the couch and sits in Alex’s lap. Alex for her part, doesn’t react in a way that suggests she is surprised by this action from Ruby at all, which makes it come across as if this isn’t the first time Ruby has sat in her lap.


Lena’s eyes go wide upon not only witnessing this interaction between Ruby and Alex, but also hearing how Alex put food and milk in Sam’s fridge.


“Wait…. are you two dating?” Lena asks.


Sam’s eyes now go wide.

“Uhhhh….” Sam says, nervously.


“Yes, they are.” Kara says.


“What? You know?” Sam asks, confused.


Kara chuckles.

“Did Alex not mention to you that I told her the other day that I know you are dating?” Kara says.

“No, she did not.” Sam replies, turning to look at Alex.

“I had other things on my mind.” Alex replies, shrugging her shoulders, before then helping Ruby continue to scroll through her phone.


“Okay…. well…. yes…. we are dating…” Sam replies, now looking at Lena.

Lena smiles at Sam.

“I’m happy for you Sam.” Lena says.

“Thank you Lena.” Sam smiles back.


“How long’s it been?” Lena asks.

“Uhhh….. a couple months…… although we’ve obviously known each other for much longer…… but we’ve only been on like 6 dates, as we both have busy schedules.” Sam explains.


“Oh, yes. I get that.” Lena nods, still smiling.

Sam then nervously turns her attention to Kara.


“Are you okay with…. this… Kara?” Sam asks, nervously.

“Of course I am.” Kara replies, “Why wouldn’t I be?”


“Because….. I don’t know….. I’m your best friend….. and Alex is your sister….. and if we don’t work out….. things could be…. awkward.” Sam replies.

Kara chuckles.


“Yes, but if you do work out, then you’ll officially be my family, which is something you have been for a long time, just not legally.” Kara smiles.


Sam smiles widely back at Kara.


“Okay, I think Ruby has made her choice.” Alex says, with a smile.

“What has she chosen?” Sam asks, with a smile directed at her daughter and Alex. Sam witnessing her young daughter sit so comfortably in Alex’s lap makes her incredibly happy.


“I want Belly Burger!” Ruby exclaims, holding up the phone which is on the Big Belly Burger delivery app.


Sam chuckles and shakes her head, while Kara grows a big smile on her face.

“I swear Kara, this is your doing.” Sam half-heartedly groans at Kara.


Kara now chuckles, while Lena looks at Kara and Sam confused.

“I think I’m missing something.” Lena says.

“Yeah.” Sam nods, with a smile, “Basically, after Ruby was born Kara was essentially my main baby sister, followed by Alex. Whenever I attempted to date, or had to go to business meetings, Kara or Alex would watch Ruby for me, as I certainly couldn’t bring her. Sometimes this would mean Kara watching Ruby in her office, but there were also times, while Kara and I were still living together, that Kara would be the one taking care of Ruby for the evening, or for a few days, and putting her to bed and everything. On those occasions, most of the time Kara would order Big Belly Burger for them to eat. So, Ruby has completely gotten her taste for it from Kara, as I’ve made it a point to try and avoid giving Ruby junk food like that. I knew from the beginning Kara would fill Ruby’s junk food quota.”


“Hey! Alex totally has given Ruby junk food too!” Kara protests.


“No, I haven’t!” Alex says, defending herself.


“That’s a lie!” Kara says back, in a playful sisterly fighting manner. “You have done it many times. Like remember when Ruby was 2 and Sam had to go to London on bussiness, and you came over to help me look after Ruby. You totally let her eat a whole bag of candy!”

“Uhhh…. well….. I didn’t think she’d eat ALL of the candy!” Alex protests.


Sam and Lena chuckle upon hearing that.

“She was 2. I believe that’s what children that age, and ages older than that too!” Kara says.

“Yes, children, and blonde al…….. all eating CEOs.” Sam says, correcting herself from almost saying aliens and giving away Kara’s secret identity. Of course Sam trusts Lena, and thinks that she could be trusted with Kara’s secret, and know she is an alien, but that isn’t her secret to tell, or her decision to make.


“Well, I’m just a hungry person!” Kara protests.

“Me too! I want food!” Ruby interrupts.


Kara, Lena, Alex and Sam all chuckle, loudly, upon Ruby saying that, and interrupting the playful banter between all the women.

“Okay, sweetie, let’s order.” Sam smiles, taking the phone from Alex. “What does everyone want?”


“I want a aunt Kara burger!” Ruby exclaims.


Sam looks at Ruby confused, before then turning to look at Kara, who is now looking at Sam sheepishly.


“Care to explain?” Sam asks, with a smirk on her face.


“2 double bacon cheese burgers on top of one another.” Kara explains, reluctantly.


Sam groans upon hearing that.

“You let Ruby eat 2 burgers?” Sam asks.

“No….” Kara says, not very convincingly. “She had like….. one and a half……. She couldn’t finish it…. so I ate the rest….”


Alex laughs after hearing that.


“In my defence they were kid’s burgers.” Kara adds.


Sam rolls her eyes and sighs, thinking that she should expect nothing less from her best friend.


“Well Ruby, you can have one normal adult’s burger, and some fries.” Sam says, not wanting to give her 5-year-old 2 burgers.


“But I want a aunt Kara burger.” Ruby moans.


Alex then moves Ruby further into her lap, bringing her closer to her body, and moving her face closer to one of Ruby’s ears.

“How about we get you a milkshake too, and if you want some more burger, you can have some of mine?” Alex suggests, knowing full well that Ruby won’t want any more food than what Sam is willing to get her.


“Okay.” Ruby nods, smiling up at Alex.


Sam smiles at Alex and mouths a ‘thank you’ at her girlfriend.


“Okay, that’s Ruby done.” Sam says, tapping away at the phone, “What about everyone else.”


“I’ll have 2 hot dogs and some fries please babe.” Alex says to Sam.

“Sure.” Sam nods, “And I’m going to have a cheeseburger and fries. Kara?”


“Uhhhh, can I have 2 double bacon cheese burgers, with only one portion of fries, and a strawberry milkshake?” Kara requests a bit nervously, simply because while Sam, Ruby and Alex are all used to Kara’s eating habits, with the adults knowing it’s because she is an alien, Lena is not. So, Kara is a bit anxious that Lena may judge her for ordering all that food, as it does make her come across as a bit of a pig.

“Yes, okay.” Sam nods, tapping away at the phone again, before then turning her attention to her other best friend. “What about you Lena?”


“Uhhhhh……. What’s on the menu? I’m not really familiar with Big Belly Burger…..” Lena says.

“Right.” Sam nods, only now remembering that Lena has been homeless for the last 3 years. Sam had been able to forget all that, and just fall back into how things had been between her and Lena in university. “Well, they have all sorts of burgers, you can even make your own, or there are hot dogs, beef or bacon based sandwiches, fries, cheese fries and onion rings as a side, and then milkshakes for drinks, along with the normal standard drinks you find on most menus.”


“Oh… right….” Lena nods, feeling a bit overwhelmed with the choices, and not being sure what she should get. “Uhhhmmmm.”


Kara places a caring hand on Lena’s knee, recognising that the former homeless woman is obviously having a bit of difficulty deciding what to eat, and it being a bit overwhelming for her.


“How about you get a bacon cheese burger with kale?” Kara suggests.

Lena’s eyes go wide, not only from being surprised that Big Belly Burger offers kale in their burgers, but because Kara has remembered that she likes healthy foods, and kale in particularly.


“Yes.” Lena nods, with a smile, “That sounds nice. I’ll have that.”


“Right, okay.” Sam nods, smiling back at Lena as she taps away at her phone, “Any sides?”


“Uhhhhhh…. Just some fries please.” Lena says.


“Okay then…. that’s everything.” Sam smiles.

“What about drinks for the rest of us?” Alex asks, knowing that Kara and Ruby have already requested milkshakes.


“Oh yeah…” Sam nods.


“Actually, I have drinks here. I have coke, lemonade, water, obviously, and then a lot of alcohol, if we want any of that.” Kara says.


“Yeah, okay. We can just have the drinks here then.” Sam says, smiling, and then placing the order. “It says it’ll be here in 30 minutes.”


“How much was it?” Alex asks, remembering they ordered from her phone.


“Oh… uhhh…. $86.92….” Sam says, a bit sheepishly, realising that she just ordered all this food on her girlfriend’s phone without her approval.


Alex groans open hearing that.


“I’m sorry Alex…” Sam begins.

“No… it’s okay.” Alex says back.

Lena sits nervously on the couch, finding it awkward that the conversation has turned to money, seeing as she can’t say she will pay for her own food, because she literally has no money, other than the small amount remaining that she stole from Kara.


“I can pay you the money for Ruby and I….” Sam begins, but then looks down at the phone confused, as a new notification has appeared.


“What is it?” Alex asks, noticing her girlfriend’s confused look at the phone.


Sam then shows the notification to Alex, holding up the phone for her girlfriend to see. It reads “Kara Danvers’s Venomed you $90, ‘for food’”. Alex and Sam then turn to look at Kara, and notice the CEO putting her phone away.

“Kara, you didn’t have to do that. I don’t mind paying. You pay me more than enough money as a salary.” Alex says.

Kara chuckles.

“It’s fine. I am a billionaire after all. I should be the one paying for all the meals we share together.” Kara says, “Plus seeing as we briefly talked about El-Corp, I can totally write this off as a business expense.”


Alex rolls her eyes and shakes her head.


“You really are a typical billionaire.” Alex smirks.


Sam elbows Alex.

“I believe the correct response is ‘thank you Kara’.” Sam says, looking at Alex with a certain look on her face.

Alex looks at Sam for a moment, with the CFO not breaking her gaze from her girlfriend. Eventually Alex sighs and then turns to look at her sister.


“Thank you, Kara.” Alex says.


Kara smiles, and then breaks into a small chuckle.


“You really are whipped.” Kara says.

“HEY!” Alex protests.


“Girls! That’s enough!” Sam says, putting her hands up towards both Kara and Alex, “I don’t want to have to be a mother to the two of you as well.”


Alex sighs again.

“Yeah, yeah, okay.” Alex says.


Kara nods her head.


The evening then proceeds from there, with Kara, Lena, Sam and Alex all continuing to chat, while Ruby returned to playing with Krypto. Eventually, after about 35 minutes, the food arrived at Kara’s penthouse, and the ladies all got stuck into it. Once the food arrived Kara did offer to bring out the booze, however Sam said that she wouldn’t, seeing as she had to drive home, and then in turn this meant that Alex wasn’t going to drink either. Then due to Alex and Sam not drinking, and Kara having a milkshake, Lena didn’t want to be the only one drinking alcohol, so she declined too. So, instead of alcohol, Alex, Sam and Lena all had some carbonated drinks and water, while Kara and Ruby very much enjoyed their milkshakes.


While the group were eating their food, Ruby happily sat on the floor next to Krypto. However, Krypto did not act like most people would expect dogs to act around food, especially with someone eating it sitting next to them on the floor. Krypto, for his part, just didn’t care at all, and simply laid down happily next to Ruby, not even facing his head towards her. Lena, upon seeing this, was very pleased at how behaved her dog is, and so very proud of him. Lena does know there were times over the last 3 years when she wasn’t able to get Krypto food on some occasions, and even some times when she broke out into full on panic attacks that she may never be able to get him food, as she won’t be able to get more money, and Krypto will starve. But even during those times, Krypto never became one of those dogs that would go up to strangers and beg for food, he was so very well behaved, even when hungry.


The ladies all continued to eat their food for the next several minutes, chatting about various things as they do. Eventually, Ruby finished with her food, leaving behind some fries, and some of the bacon and beef from her burger.


“Mommy?” Ruby asks.

“Yes, honey?” Sam replies, with a smile.


“Can I give Krypto my food?” Ruby asks, sweetly.

“Uhh, you’ll have to ask Lena.” Sam says, gesturing to Lena with her head.

Ruby looks over to Lena and then bites her lip nervously, clearly anxious about asking a new stranger a question like that. Lena just smiles widely at the young girl. Lena finds it strange, but even though she has only known Ruby for a few hours, she absolutely adores her. Although that is mostly because Lena adores Sam, and would love and adore any child her best friend has.


Ruby slowly stands up and walks over to Lena.


“Lena?” Ruby asks, nervously.


“Yes, darling?” Lena smiles, warmly.

“Can I give your doggy my food?” Ruby asks, sweetly.


Lena smiles even wider at Ruby.

“Of course you can, honey.” Lena smiles, “What do you have left to give him?”


Ruby turns and looks back at her plate which is on the floor.

“Some of my burger…. and fries.” Ruby explains.


“Okay….” Lena nods, “I’m sure he’ll like that.”


“Okay.” Ruby smiles back, and then turns to walk towards Krypto, but then stops in place, looking nervously at the dog.


“Would you like me to feed him with you?” Lena asks, sweetly, recognising that the young girl might be a bit apprehensive to feed a medium sized dog.


“Please.” Ruby nods, turning to look at Lena.


Lena nods back at Ruby and then stands up from the couch she is on, and walks over towards Krypto and Ruby. Lena then crouches down and stokes Krypto, who then immediately perks up from some affection from his mom.


“Ruby, why don’t you bring your plate here.” Lena suggests, while she continues to stroke Krypto.

“Okay.” Ruby replies, nodding her head again.


Ruby picks up the plate with her food on, while Lena takes a seat on the ground, still stroking Krypto.


“Why don’t we clear this up?” Sam suggests, looking at Kara and Alex.


“Sure.” Alex smiles, grabbing some of the rubbish from their food.

Kara, hesitates for a moment, because she wanted to witness Lena and Ruby feeding Krypto together. However, Kara knows her best friend, and is pretty sure she only suggested they pick up the rubbish to give Lena and Ruby some space, so that they can actually bond.


“Okay.” Kara nods.


“We’ll just be over in the kitchen, honey.” Sam says to her daughter, who has walked back over to Lena with the plate of food, and sat down next to her.

“Okay, mommy.” Ruby nods.


Sam, Alex and Kara then leave the living room area, and head into the kitchen, along with all their rubbish. Lena then turns to Ruby, with a smile still on her face as she strokes her dog.

“Why don’t we give him some of the burger meat first.” Lena suggests.

“O..okay.” Ruby nods, nervously.


“You don’t need to worry; Krypto is very gentle.” Lena says, noticing the five-year-old’s nerves.

Ruby nods her head in response, and then opens up the remaining burger bun and pulls out a chunk of the remaining burger patty.


“Krypto, would you like some food?” Lena asks her dog, with a smile on her face.

Krypto perks up again upon hearing that, and moves himself into more of sitting position, while remaining laying down.


Lena chuckles, and then turns to look at Ruby.

“I think that’s a yes.” Lena smiles, “Go on, you give it to him.”

Ruby nervously nods her head, and then moves her hand closer to Krypto’s mouth, but then stops. Krypto sees the beef, but he is such a good boy, and he doesn’t go and grab it, even though Ruby has left her hand several inches away from his mouth, clearly frightened. Lena notices Ruby’s hesitation.


“Would you like me to feed him with you?” Lena suggests, in a soft tone.


“Ye… yes.” Ruby nods her head again.

“Okay.” Lena smiles.


Lena then takes Ruby’s hand in her own, and then slowly guides it towards Krypto’s mouth. Ruby seems to be much more at ease with Lena doing this with her, and doesn’t make a move to stop or pull back. A few seconds later, Lena and Ruby reach right in front of Krypto’s mouth.

“Here ya go boy.” Lena smiles.


Krypto then, ever so gently, takes the beef from Ruby’s fingers, and then eats it. It only takes Krypto a few seconds to eat the food, and after he does, he licks Ruby’s fingers, most likely for the remaining beef taste on the five-year-old’s fingers, but it could also be to thank her. Ruby giggles at Krypto licking her fingers, with a big smile appearing on her face.


Over the next several minutes, Lena and Ruby continue to give Krypto more of Ruby’s left-over food, with Ruby getting more and more confident in feed the dog, eventually being able to do it herself. Once Lena and Ruby are finished feeding the dog, with no food remaining, Kara, Sam and Alex return to the couches to sit down once more. After that, the ladies, once more, begin chatting again, this time with Lena deciding to remain on the floor, stroking Krypto while she talks with everyone. Ruby sits on the floor with Lena, stroking Krypto with her. As the time passes by, Ruby slowly moves closer and closer to Lena, just to be able to stroke Krypto better. However, about 30 minutes after Lena and Ruby finish feeding Krypto, Lena feels Ruby’s head pressing against her left arm. Lena looks over, and sees that the five-year-old girl has rested her head on her arm, and is clearly drifting off to sleep. The former homeless woman can’t help but feel warmth shooting through her heart as she notices this. Sam also sees this, and she is beyond happy. Sam is so very pleased that her daughter is already comfortable enough with Lena that she is happy to fall asleep next to her, it truly makes her heart swell.


Another 15 minutes go by after Ruby falls asleep, and remains resting on Lena’s side as she does, but eventually, Sam decides to call it an evening. Sam and Lena then have a very big hug goodbye, with the CFO promising to come over and see Lena again tomorrow, so they can actually do more research to help her take control of her life again, and expose Lex and Lillian for who they are. Sam then leaves Kara’s penthouse, with Alex carrying a sleeping Ruby in her arms, clearly suggesting that the couple will be going back to Sam’s together. Kara does find it funny that Sam and Alex have so seamlessly transitioned from hiding their relationship from her, to actively showing it, within the space of a few hours.


After Alex, Sam and Ruby leave, Kara and Lena also decide to call it a night, with them both being tired from the fun day they have had, a day of joy for Lena, where she was reunited with her best friend who she thought she’d lost forever. While now also finding out that her best friend, even after all these years, cares for her enough to have named her her daughter’s other godparent.


Lena then gets ready for bed, while Kara takes Krypto out for the evening, realising that they didn’t set up the image inducer, meaning Lena still can’t take Krypto for a walk, without the risk of being recognised. However, Lena doesn’t mind that they didn’t set up the image inducer today, she’d take the day she just had over that 100% of the time.


Kara is now returning back to her penthouse, about 30 minutes after she left to take Krypto for a nice little late night walk, while also allowing him to do his business. However, as soon as Kara enters her penthouse she can tell that something is wrong, because she can hear that Lena’s heartbeat is really really fast. In response, Kara quickly zooms upstairs and into Lena’s bedroom. Kara finds Lena with her knees pulled up to her chest, her eyes closed, rocking back and forth on the bed. A part of Kara is relieved by this sight, because she realises that Lena is having a panic attack, which while not nice, she puts down to being better than Lena being attacked or something.


“Lena?” Kara says, softly, as she approaches the Luthor.


Lena frightenedly opens her yes and looks at Kara, like scared cat.

“It’s okay, it’s just me.” Kara says, offering a warm smile.


Lena softens upon realising it is just Kara, and noticing the softness of her voice.

“Can I come sit next to you?” Kara asks, gently.


Lena doesn’t answer verbally, but nods her head. Kara then sits next to Lena, and just like previously, goes through the technique with Lena to ground herself from having a panic attack. Eventually, about 15 minutes later, Lena’s breathing eases, and her heart rate falls to a much more acceptable rate.


“Are you okay?” Kara asks, softly.

“I…. I….” Lena says.


“It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to.” Kara says, caringly.


Lena bursts into tears.

“I can’t do this Kara.” Lena sobs.

“Can’t do what?” Kara asks, confused.


Lena continues to cry, with her heart rate beginning to rise again. Kara just gently strokes Lena’s arm with her hand.

“Lena, please, what can’t you do?” Kara asks, with so much care in her voice.


“Be here.” Lena says.

Kara feels her own heart drop upon hearing Lena say that. Kara thought they were past that, and she doesn’t understand why Lena has suddenly changed her mind.


“Why are you saying that, Lena?” Kara asks, softly.


“I….. I can’t put…. you….. Alex….. and now….. Sam and Ruby in danger……” Lena cries, “I know…. if my brother and mother find out you all are helping me….. they won’t care that Ruby is a child, or Sam is a mother…… they will harm them to get to me….. I…. just……. I can’t…… I can’t do that….”


Kara feels a bit better after hearing this, for her own sake, as she realises that this isn’t Lena, once more, just deciding she needs to protect Kara, but thinking about Sam, and Ruby mostly.


“Lena, I’ve told you. You don’t need to worry about that.” Kara says, “I can protect myself, and Alex, AND Sam and Ruby. They are safe.”

“No, you can’t!” Lena snaps, “You don’t know my family! They will lie, cheat, steal, threaten, blackmail and murder. You may be a rich CEO, but you can’t protect them all from that!”


Kara takes in Lena’s words for a moment, just looking at the brunette. Kara thinks for a few moments, before she finally makes a decision and stands up from the bed, and then begins to walk away. As Kara does this, Lena lets out croaked sob, thinking that she has finally driven Kara away, someone who has been nothing but caring towards her, and done so much for her. However, Kara doesn’t walk away, she stops a few feet from the bed, and then turns back around.


“Lena, I can protect you, and Alex, and Sam, and Ruby, and not just because I am a rich CEO. I can protect you because……………….. I’m Supergirl.” Kara says, and then uses her powers to hover a few feet off the ground.


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