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Kinky Weekend

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Kenta Aimoto exits his car, grabbing his duffel bag full of clothes and at the very bottom two adult diapers and then locks his car with his keys. He walks up to his big brother, Daichi’s house ringing the doorbell. He just got out of work, went home to pack his change of clothes and diapers and came straight here. He’s wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, red tie, black belt with a silver buckle, black dress pants, pink dress socks with black garters and black loafers.
Daichi opens the door with a broad smile on his face. Daichi is wearing a red track jacket with white lining, white polo shirt with red collar, red track pants with white drawstrings and white socks.
“Welcome little brother. Come give me a hug, Ken.”
He walks inside closing the door and locking it then toeing off his shoes by the doorway beside Daichi’s white and light blue sneakers. He hugs Daichi and he groans when he feels Daichi’s strong arms squeezing his ass.
He and Daichi are looking at each other longingly as Daichi leans up to kiss him. He returns the kiss as it gets more heated and passionate, their bodies grinding and rubbing against each other’s. They break their kiss.
“How have you been, Ken?”
“Great. How about you, Dai?”
“Fucking fantastic. I recently got a raise from the Board of Education and Principal Hamada agreed to a date with me next week; I finally worn the sexy old man down.”
Kenta remembers Principal Hamada as he and his brothers all went to the same high school years ago. Daichi is 41 years old and is a P.E. Teacher at their old high school. He’s three years younger than Daichi at 38 years old and a university science professor.
“Go sit on the couch. I’ll grab us some beers!”
“Sure alright. My big little brother.”
He laughs out loud. Daichi looks at him with an annoyed but amusing look.
“I’m only a inch and a half shorter than you are, Ken. Any more short jokes and I’ll pin you down on the floor and fuck you.”
“Okay I’m sorry, Dai.”
He sits on the black leather couch in the living room while Daichi goes to the kitchen to get their beers. The thought of being pinned down and fucked by Daichi on the floor sent a thrill of pleasure down his spine and getting his cock hard. He really wants to tell Daichi and Akira about his new fetish, diaper lover. He’d love to wear a diaper and have his big brothers take care of him like he’s a little boy, change him, spank him and fuck him as he’s wearing a diaper too. He wants to call Daichi and Akira his Daddies. He would like to tell their dad, Daigo too sometime soon when they all go visit him at the retirement home.

“Here you go, Ken.”
Daichi hands him a beer and sits next to him. The case of beer is on the coffee table in front of them. He and Daichi crack open their beers and drink.
“What were you thinking about little brother?”
“Having sex with you and Akira!”
“I’m excited too. We haven’t gotten together for a while because of work schedules. Anyway, any new sex stories you wanna tell me?”
“Well... I had sex while at school with three of my students; they all needed extra help. I was half naked laying on my desk with my legs in the air. One of my students fisted my ass, while I sucked on my other two students one at a time. All three young men fucked me rough and raw. My face, chest and ass was mostly covered with their cum. Then my students took me to the locker room as I kneeled on the tiled shower floor as the three young men pissed on me. I had my mouth open drinking their piss too. I enjoyed the two hours I spent being my fuck toy and dirty man whore.”
“Wow. Ah fuck. That sounds like it was fucking fun, little brother. At least I’m not fucking young men.”
“Hey. You have had sex with Jake and Keiji.”
“Yeah okay. But I love fucking older men like dad.”
Good thing most of the male staff at our old high school are in their 40s and 50s.”
“Tell me about your recent sexual encounters, Dai!”
“I’ll tell you, little brother.”

He finishes drinking his can of beer and he unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. He pulls down his pants and kicks them aside with his socked foot. He then loosens his tie and unbuttons his dress shirt revealing his tan chest. Daichi grins at him.
“What’s funny?”
“Still wearing tighty-whities, Ken. I’d have thought you’d be wearing boxers by now.”
“I wear my tighty-whities Monday through Friday for work. I have colored briefs, boxer-briefs and boxers in my underwear drawer at home.”
Daichi laughs and puts an arm around him and pressing a kiss on his forehead. “I know you wear tighty-whities too, Dai!”
“Only when I don’t have any clean jockstraps to wear.”
“C’mon tell me already, Dai. Who did you have sex with?!”
“So eager to get horny, aren’t you?”
Daichi smirks at him and he gets on Daichi’s lap, straddling his thighs. He watches as Daichi places his right on his briefs jerking his cock through the fabric.
“Last week, I had a lengthy conversation with Mr. Jimenez in my office about one of his students ditching P.E. class everyday. I had Mr. Jimenez bend over my desk as I pulled down his pants and boxers, spanking his ass red. I fucked him on my desk till I came in his ass. I then met up with Mr. Satoru in his classroom as he gave me a blowjob tagging a few times on my pierced cock. I cummed down his throat and on his face. I then went to Principal Hamada in his office as I stripped off his clothes wearing just my jockstrap. Principal Hamada was sitting on his desk chair behind his desk wearing leather harness, jockstrap and boots. I got down on my knees as Principal Hamada put puppy paws on my hands, knee pads, dildo tail, red leather collar and leash. He walked me around his spacious office, wagging my tail, barking and growling and humping his leg. Principal Hamada fucked me doggystyle on the carpeted floor. I peed and cummed in a large bowl by his desk and I drank some of it then we kissed each other. Being Principal Hamada’s puppy was exciting and I got to suck on his socked and bare feet before heading home.”

“My story sure got you horny didn’t it, Ken.”
Daichi grins at him.
He’s jerking his cock through his briefs as pre-cum stains the front of his briefs.
“Yes it sure did, Dai.”
“Dai, can I tell you something?”
Daichi smiles at him kindly.
“Sure anything, little brother.”
“I want you and Kira to fuck me at the same time tonight!”
“Oh. You sure you can handle both of your big brothers’ cocks in your ass, Ken.”
“Yeah, I’m sure.”
“We’ll talk to Akira when he comes in about 10 minutes.”
Daichi kisses him then gets up and removes his track jacket, polo shirt, track pants and socks. Daichi sits back down on the couch wearing just a white jockstrap. Daichi is a muscular man with few chest hairs between his pecs. He admires his big brother, Daichi’s body before he gets on his lap again, straddling him as they kiss. They grind their bulges against each other as they moan and groan from the pleasure they are giving each other. The doorbell rings three times. He and Daichi get off the couch and go to the front door. He stands behind Daichi as his big brother opens the door as their older brother, Akira is standing there with a duffel bag on his shoulder and wearing white dress shirt, black dress coat and pants, blue tie, black belt with silver buckle, black dress shoes. Akira is giving them both a small smile as he toes off his shoes.
“Dai. Ken. You two rascals already started without your older brother. My two naughty little brothers.”
Akira smirks at them as he steps inside, closing the door behind him and locks it.
“Hello, big brother, Kira.”

He watches as Daichi hugs Akira and share a passionate kiss before stopping. Akira slaps Daichi’s ass with his hand grinning at him. He steps up to Akira as he hugs him then they kiss passionately. He rubs his briefs that are wet with pre-cum against Akira’s pants. They break their kiss as Daichi puts an arm around them and smiling mischievously.
“Let’s each dinner then we can have some hot, kinky sex, Ken. Kira.”

He and his big brothers order take-out Chinese food. They sit at Daichi’s dining table. Akira is still fully dressed as he places his hand on his older brother’s groin running his hand up and down. He sees Daichi’s foot rubbing against Akira’s black socked feet. Akira moans because of him and Daichi as they grin at Akira.

They finish their dinner as Kenta and his big brothers are all horny as hell. He and Akira follow Daichi to his master bedroom with a king sized bed with a headboard, red bedding, pillows and blankets. A large dresser drawer, the door to his closet is open. Daichi has pairs of track clothes, jockstraps and briefs on the floor around his hamper. A bedside table on the left side of the large bed. Daichi removes his jockstrap and lays on his bed resting on his elbow. Daichi gestures at him and Akira with a grin across his face.
“Come on big brother, little brother. Lay next to me.”
Akira removes his socks and boxer-briefs and lays beside Daichi as they begin kissing each other. Akira smacking his right hand across Daichi’s jockstrap ass. Daichi moaning like a puppy. He also removes his briefs, socks and garters as he climbs on the bed and lays himself in between his big brothers. He remembers when they were kids and even as teenagers when he’ll fall asleep in between Daichi and Akira. He looks over at Daichi then Akira with a smile.
“Kira. Dai and I were talking earlier and I want you both to fuck me at the same time tonight. Is that okay, big brother?”
“Of course it is, Ken. You’re our little brother. Dai and I are supposed to take care of you and your needs. Are you sure you’re ready for double penetration?!”
He nods eagerly at his big brothers as he gives him a kiss on their cheeks.
“Let’s get ready. Dai, grab the lube. Ken, I’m gonna lay on my back and I want on top of me.”
“Okay, big brother.”
Daichi grabs the lube from his bedside table drawer. Akira lays on his back as he lays on top of his older brother. He feels Akira’s 10 inch cock teasing his ass. He sees the seductive smirk on Akira’s face.
He moans as he rests his face against his older brother’s chest. Daichi applies lube on his own cock and he feels the lube on his ass hole. Daichi puts his fingers in his ass, stretching his hole. A few minutes pass before he feels Daichi’s fingers leave his ass.
“Alright, Dai. Put your cock into Ken’s ass!”
“Right, Akira-niichan.”
He feels Daichi’s pierced cock enter his ass, he moans and groans with pleasure. He breathes in and out.
“I’m gonna put my cock inside your ass, Ken. You’re really ready, little brother?!”
“Yes, Kira. I’m ready.”
He feels Akira’s big cock enter his ass, Akira’s cock rubbing against Daichi’s cock. Daichi and Akira both thrust into him at the same time. He moans and groans as his big brothers fuck him. Daichi’s and Akira’s thrusts getting faster as his moaning mix together with his big brothers. The room starts to smell like musky, manly sweat. His big brothers balls slapping against his ass cheeks.

He feels his own cock rubbing against Akira’s chest as he cums on his big brother’s chest.
“Ken, are you enjoying it?!”
“Yes. Dai. Akira-niichan.”
He feels both of his big brothers cock getting hard and are about to shoot out a geyser of cum.
“Ken, we’re getting close. Ready for our load, little brother.”
He screams out loud, “Cum inside me, D-Daddies. Please, Daddies.”
Daichi and Akira give him an amused look on their faces. He feels their cum shoot out of their cocks inside his ass. He pants heavily, clutching on Akira and Daichi hugs him from behind. Daichi and Akira slide their cocks out of his ass.

Daichi lays on his back and Akira laying on the left side. He gets in the middle laying on his stomach.
“So, you called us Daddies, Ken. Wanna tell me and Dai why?”
“Well, I have a new fetish I wanna tell you about...”
Daichi ruffles his hair.
“Come on, Ken. Tell me and Kira. We won’t judge you, little brother.”
“I-I recently got into diaper play. I like to wear adult diapers on the weekends as I work in my study and Jake caught me and was very encouraging. He acted like my temporary Daddy for the past three months. I wanna wear my adult diaper in front of you two. Spank me and change me when I piss myself. I wanna your good boy and naughty little boy. Dai. Kira. Will you be my Daddies?!”
He sees the expressions on his big brothers faces. He’s getting nervous and worried they won’t agree to be his Daddies.
Daichi and Akira smile warmly down at him. Their right hands ruffling his hair.
“We’ll love to be your Daddies, right Dai!”
“Yeah. You got any diapers in your duffel bag, Ken?”
“Y-Yes Daddy Dai.”
“Good, We take a shower then Akira will put a diaper on you tomorrow morning. How does that sound?.”
He nods happily as he sits on his knees and kisses Daichi then Akira.
Akira looks at him with a stern but heartwarming smile.
“Be a good little boy, Ken and lick off the cum off my chest and our cocks.”
“Yes, Daddy Kira.”
He quickly licks the cum off his older brother’s chest, swallowing it all down his throat. He then sucks on his big brothers cum soaked cocks one after the other. After eight minutes, Ken finishes sucking and swallowing the cum off his big brothers cocks.

Ken, Daichi and Akira get off Daichi’s bed as they go to the bathroom and they shower together. They wash each other’s sweaty and sticky bodies, sharing kisses too. They return to Daichi’s bedroom. Daichi changes the dirty blankets and bedding, putting fresh clean ones. He’s getting dried by Daichi with his towel. They lay on the bed. He’s laying in between his big brothers. Daichi’s and Akira’s arms around him. Daichi and Akira give him a kiss good night.
“Good night. Ken. Our little boy.”
He smiles and kisses Daichi and Akira on their cheeks.
“Night Daddies.”
He falls asleep in his big brothers and Daddies strong, warm arms and bodies. Red blankets covering their naked bodies.

The next morning, Kenta wakes up and gazes lovingly at Daichi then at Akira. He gives them a kiss on the couch. Daichi and Akira wake up a few minutes later.
“Morning, Dai. Kira. I mean Daddies.”
“Morning Ken. Did you have a nice dream?”
“Yeah Daddy Kira. I was having a dream about us three and Dad having sex together. I was cuddling Dad wearing my adult diaper then you two came in and sleep with us.”
“Daddy Dai, I’m hungry.”
“I’ll cook us some sausage, eggs, pancakes and make coffee.”
“Where’s our good morning kiss, Ken?”
He kisses Daichi and Akira. He feels Daichi’s hand rubbing against his flaccid cock and balls; Akira’s hands are squeezing his ass cheeks.
They get out of Daichi’s bed and go to the bathroom as they pee then brush their teeth. Back in Daichi’s bedroom, Daichi puts on his white jockstrap. Akira puts on black boxer-briefs. He puts on red boxers.

Daichi goes to the kitchen, pulls out the ingredients so he can cook breakfast. He sits on the couch with Akira sitting next to him. He leans his head against his older brother’s chest. He moans as he feels Akira ruffling his hair.

He inhales the sweet, delicious smells coming from the kitchen.

“Breakfast’s ready, Kira. Ken.”
He and Akira sit at the dining table next to each other as Daichi puts the pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage into three plates and pours coffee into three mugs. Daichi sits across from them. He and his big brothers/Daddies eat their breakfast and drink their coffee. Hours later, Kenta, Daichi and Akira have lunch together.

Seven Hours Later,
Kenta sits on the couch with Akira on his left side and Daichi on his right side. He turns his head to look at both of them.
“Daddy Dai. Daddy Kira. I want to change into my diaper. Please Daddies.”
Akira looks at him with a warm smile and ruffles his hair.
“So polite asking for your Daddies permission. We have such a good boy, don’t we Daichi?”
“Yeah. Ken’s a good boy.”
He blushes and he kisses his Daddies on the cheek.”
Akira stands up and he gets picked up into his Daddy’s arms. Daichi goes to grab his duffel bag. He gets carried in Akira’s arms as they head to Daichi’s bedroom. Daichi following them. He gets set down gently on the bed by Akira. He lifts up his legs as Akira removes the red boxers he’s wearing.

Daichi enters the room holding the duffel bag over his shoulder. He turns his head and gazes at Daichi with a pleading look.
“Daddy Dai, I want my diaper!”
“Okay, okay. Little Ken.”
He watches as Akira gets on the bed and kneels beside his head. He stares at Akira’s bulge in his black boxer-briefs.
“Can I suck on your cock, Daddy Kira?!”
Akira runs his hand through his black hair as he blushes.
“Good boy, Ken. You wanna suck on Daddy’s cock!”
He nods as Akira pulls down his boxer-briefs revealing his long, thick ten inch cock. He sucks on his Daddy Kira’s cock.
Daichi has an adult diaper and baby powder in his hands. Daichi grins at him.
“You ready to put on your diaper, Ken.”
He nods at Daddy Dai as he sucks on Daddy Kira’s cock.
He feels the baby powder around his cock, balls, under his thighs. He watches Daichi put on his diaper on him. He blushes as Daichi places his hand on his diaper covered crotch. Daichi grinds his jockstrap crotch against his own diapered covered crotch, moaning and groaning.

He continues to suck on his older brother and Daddy Kira’s cock as it slides down his throat. His legs are being held by Daddy Dai hands. His eyes widen as Daddy Dai starts to lick his feet and toes. He moans through a mouth of his Daddy Kira’s cock. He thinks about how lucky and happy to have two amazing big brothers and Daddies. His cock twitches as he moans orgasming. Cum shoots out of his cock wetting his diaper. He then feels warm, creamy cum from Daddy Kira’s big cock shoot down his throat; he swallows it all like a good boy. Daddy Kira’s cock slips out of his mouth as he gazes lovingly at Daddy Kira. Daddy Dai has stopped licking his feet and toes and lays on his left side. Daddy Kira laying next to him on his right side.

He gazes at both of his big brothers and Daddies and he kisses them on the mouth.
“You cummed in your diaper didn’t you, Ken?!”
“Yeah, I did. Sorry Daddy Kira.”
“C’mon Akira. Ken could cum in his diaper if he wants to. And pee too.”
“Yes Daddy Dai.”
“You love the feel of a diaper around your waist and being a good little boy, don’t you Ken?!”
“Yes, Daddy Kira. I love you both, Daddies!”
“We love you too, Ken. Our good boy.”
Kenta moans happily as his big brothers and Daddies cuddle him, as he feels safe and warm in their arms.