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Full weekends off for both Daisuke and himself are quite rare, regardless of whether they're in Japan or abroad (with both hectic schedules and altering time zones contributing to the fact), but Chief Kiyomizu had granted them the days off after they'd just finished a huge case.

Thankfully, no other Adollium related cases have come up, and while Haru never really minds the erratic pace in which everything moves whenever they get a call, the particular case they'd just finished had rendered him more exhausted than usual.

It started off as a suspected illegal Adollium distribution at a high end kaiseki restaurant downtown Ginza.  The tight security had been a pain in the ass, and while paying an employee to take several days off and buying his silence had been easy, the task at hand hadn't been.

While both Daisuke and he often went undercover, it was near impossible for Daisuke to be able to do so at the restaurant. Neither he nor anyone from the First Division Investigation unit felt confident enough in their kitchen duties, food preparation and food service abilities to not be able to blow their cover. Not to mention, too many employees suddenly switching out would have been extremely suspicious in the first place.

Working the employee's regular hours alone had been taxing, but doing it while simultaneously keeping alert for prospects of Adollium dealings or anything similarly suspicious had consumed double his energy.  Not to mention, he'd been constantly volunteering for extra shifts to be able to extend his stay at the restaurant and keep his eyes and ears out for any clues.

Daisuke had visited him once, posing as a customer, and Haru recalls having been extremely concerned at his demeanor. He had absolutely refused to look Haru straight in the eye, making their usual unspoken communication during missions nearly impossible even as Haru tried his best to be the one to wait his table during the entire duration of his stay. Despite the mission, Haru could tell that focusing on gathering data about the place hadn't been the only reason he'd been pointedly avoiding Haru's gaze. After all, it doesn't even seem to add up in the first place.

At the time, he had settled for asking Daisuke about it when his shift was over, but they'd gotten extremely busy because it had been the same night they had finally sniffed out a lead (thanks to Daisuke's keen observation on a suspicious pair of individuals and Haru going up to wait their table for a chance to eavesdrop) which opened up to not only the suspected Adollium distribution, but as well as money laundering activity happening inside of the restaurant. 

Needless to say, confronting Daisuke had been on the last thing on his mind, and he'd been way too tired from the entire case to bother bringing it up again even after they'd been dismissed and granted several days off.

What he hadn't expected was for the reason to make itself known on it's own.

They aren't doing anything special on their days off, and Haru can tell Daisuke is perfectly fine lounging at Haru's apartment  (which Daisuke had hired a cleaner to tidy up right before they arrived in Japan). In fact, Haru is absolutely sure Daisuke doesn't want to be anywhere else at the moment, if the way he's gripping onto Haru's hoodie sleeve and pressing his body up against him is anything to go by.

They're sitting on the floor, with Haru leaned back against the side of his bed and Daisuke perched on his lap. He doesn't know how long they've been making out, with his hands lazily sliding up and down Daisuke's back and sides, fingers mapping out his soft skin, but he doesn't really care to know. For once, there's nothing on his mind but Daisuke, the warmth from his body, and the feeling of his plush lips pressing against his own over and over.

He doesn't think any of their make out sessions have ever lasted this long, what with them always being too busy with just enough time for a quick reliever, or perhaps too pent up to bother with any foreplay longer than necessary. Their sex had always been somewhat frantic, shedding clothes almost immediately after they start kissing, movements hurried and desperate.

To have Daisuke's body relaxed and pliant against him, even as their lips pull away from one another over and over just to meet again is both exhilarating and suffocating. On one hand, Haru's fingers are almost itching to pull Daisuke up and throw him onto the bed, to relieve the tension that has accumulated in his body over the course of the case, but the unfamiliar tingling sensation of being so turned on by such gentle and unhurried movements leave him holding onto the edge.

Plus Daisuke usually isn't one to lead, and this rare moment of him seemingly acting upon his own wishes as he licks his way into Haru's mouth, and gently nips at his bottom lip, is something Haru finds himself wanting to see through to the end. Unless Daisuke himself asks Haru to take over, Haru thinks he can absolutely spend all night with Daisuke doing nothing but kissing him into oblivion while rutting gently against him. Nevermind that his dick is starting to throb and practically beg for some sort of release.

Eventually, Daisuke pulls away. They take a few moments to catch their breaths, before Daisuke opens his mouth. "Haru.." he starts, unusually breathy voice shooting straight in between Haru's legs.

Haru shifts and clears his throat once before coaxing him to continue. "Yes?" he asks softly. His hands, which have also paused in their ministrations, begin to move again, with one thumb gently caressing his lover's hipbone. 

"There is something that I would like you to do.." Daisuke tells him. The words themselves make his breath catch in his throat, but it's the tone of his voice that makes Haru shift slightly in his sitting position. It's a strange mixture of shyness and determination, with his gaze trained straight into Haru's despite the quiver in his lip, and light tremors in his body as Haru continues to stroke his supple skin.

"If you're amenable to it.." Daisuke begins again, after a few moments of silence. Haru doesn't once take his eyes off of him, from his pink stained cheeks, half lidded eyes, and spit slicked lips. Unconsciously, he thinks that he doesn't even need to wait for Daisuke's next words, because he knows he'll do absolutely anything his lover asks of him at this very moment.

When Daisuke's silence stretches out to almost a minute, gaze faltering as his eyes dart to the side, Haru takes it upon himself to coax the words out of him. He pulls him into an embrace, wrapping his arms securely around his middle before whispering, "Go on, sweetheart. What is it?"

Daisuke releases a shaky breath, but relaxes in his hold, and finally says, "I would like you to change into the uniform that you wore at the restaurant."

Haru doesn't exactly know what it is that he'd been expecting, but it certainly isn't that. He slowly detaches himself from their embrace, holding Daisuke at arms length to see the expression on his face. It feels as if his brain is still catching up with the situation, unsure what to make of the words. But as soon as he sees the blush on Daisuke's face beginning to darken, and the way his evened out breaths have begun to turn shallow once more, he thinks he finally understands.

Not just about why exactly he wants to see Haru wearing the uniform, but as well as why he'd been acting so strangely the day he had turned up at the restaurant.

The affirmation comes in the form of a silent nod, and he lets go of Daisuke to allow him to crawl off his lap. He lifts himself to his feet and heads towards his closet, sliding it open to pluck a fresh set of the neatly folded yellow samue he has been wearing to work. The restaurant had given him several sets of the uniform to alter between the days he'd be working, having thought he'd stay for an extended period of time due to the previous employee's indefinite leave (and obviously not expecting the business as a whole to be forcibly shut down). He also grabs his restaurant apron, and the long black tasuki fabric he uses to tie his sleeves back. 

He disappears into the bathroom to get changed. It's not a difficult process, being used to the traditional clothing and having worn the same uniform constantly over the past few days, but resisting the urge to touch himself as the fabric of his sweatpants slide off of his hips and down his legs proves to be incredibly difficult.

His discarded clothes are hung messily onto the hooks behind the door, instead of folded neatly the way he usually does whenever he plans on reusing them, as his patience continues to wear thin. There's a short moment of consideration, which ends up in him pulling his boxers off, electing to ditch any undergarments as he pulls the trousers on. Finally, he wraps the thin, flowy apron around his waist, skilled fingers swiftly tying a perfect ribbon over an efficient knot.

He takes a quick once over of his appearance through the mirror, smoothing out the minimal wrinkles on his clothing, before turning to exit the bathroom. 

Daisuke looks up at him as soon as he enters the room, eyes going wide. Haru can feel the gaze on him as he crosses the space to where Daisuke is, feigning nonchalance as his body begins to heat up under the stare. He stops right in front of Daisuke, whose head is now tilted upwards to continue looking at him. 

The tasuki that he had grabbed from his closet alongside the rest of his clothes is still clutched in his hands.

"Do you want me to wear this?" he inquires. Daisuke glances down to the innocent piece of fabric in his hand, before his gaze returns up to his eyes. Haru watches as his tongue pokes out of his mouth slightly, wetting his lips.

"Yes," he confirms breathlessly, before adding "Please," almost as if an afterthought.

Haru seats himself in a proper Japanese sit in front of his lover. He smoothens the surface of his apron out on his thighs, before unravelling the long piece of black fabric.

Daisuke's eyes haven't left him since he entered the room, save for the split second he had looked down at the fabric in his hands, eyes trained steadily on his practiced movements. His behavior is a stark contrast to how he'd been acting a few days back when they had still been working on the case, but Haru supposes it's because whatever indecent thoughts permeating his head at the moment are being welcomed, as compared to them being a bother while they'd been trying to track down an illegal drug dealer.

Truthfully, Haru knows that he doesn't have to ask. He knows that Daisuke wants to see it, badly, but he feigns cluelessness as he looks up to return his gaze.

He brings the tasuki up to his mouth, biting the side of it with his teeth as his nimble fingers take hold of the fabric's other end. Slowly, he lifts his left arm, wrapping the cloth around his bicep before pulling it back to bunch the sleeve up.

Briefly, his gaze flickers down to Daisuke's lap, the sight of his hands balled into fists and clutching the fabric of his borrowed sweatpants doing wonders to inflate Haru's ego. The thought of Daisuke getting so incredibly aroused by something as mundane as him tying his sleeves up (which he does around nearly everyone inside of the employee's breakroom at the restaurant) makes his own cock twitch in an unexplainable sort of excitement.

Nevertheless, he continues his innocent facade, crossing the tasuki over the back of his neck before looping it around his right arm and pulling the sleeve up in a similar fashion. By the time he's finished tying a knot to secure it in place, Daisuke's wide eyes have lidded once more, pupils blown in arousal and lips parted slightly. 

Haru rests his hands on his lap, watching and waiting as Daisuke's eyes travel down his body. He's fully clothed, yet he feels bare and so, so vulnerable under the absolutely starving gaze. He wouldn't say it's uncomfortable, because he doesn't mind being on display for his lover, but embarrassment still colors his cheek a rosy hue.

After what feels like an eternity, Daisuke begins crawling over to close the small distance between them. Haru waits in bated breath as Daisuke settles right in front of him. His lover's hand lifts to press against his face, caressing his cheek gently before descending down in an agonizingly slow pace.

"You're lovely," Daisuke praises. Haru's cock twitches upon the praise, words innocent yet seemingly laced with a promise of being utterly debauched by the end of the night.

It makes his pulse quicken, and he knows Daisuke can feel it too with the way his hand settles right against the side of his neck. There's a moment of tension, brief yet feeling as long as a decade, before Daisuke leans forward to capture his lips in a kiss.

It's slow and unhurried, just like it had been a few minutes ago before Haru had changed into the uniform, and it nearly makes him whine. Despite his earlier thought of being able to go all night with nothing but kissing Daisuke, he isn't so sure of it anymore. Not when the image of arousal on Daisuke's face plagues his mind, the sultry tone of his voice, and his kiss steadily driving him mad.

Just as he's about to take matters into his own hands, Daisuke's palms plant themselves against his chest, pushing just hard enough to get him lay across the matted floor. A surprised whimper attempts to escape from his lips, but Daisuke swallows it with his lips as he continues crawling over him.

Haru's hands grab at the sleeves of his hoodie, gripping tightly as Daisuke begins to press his tongue insistently against his mouth. His lips part eagerly, and Daisuke licks into his mouth, sucking on his tongue and biting at his lips until they're red and swollen.

When it seems as if Daisuke's patience finally begins to wear thin as well, he begins kissing the corner of his mouth, before descending further. A quiet moan spills from Haru's mouth as wet lips trail down to his jaw. When Daisuke reaches his neck, he tilts his head to the side, exposing as much of his skin as possible even with the samue top wrapped around his body and tightened further by the tasuki.

For some reason, Daisuke doesn't seem to mind. His lips continue to latch onto as much of his bare skin as he can manage, sucking and leaving a scattering of purplish marks and wet patches.

By the time Daisuke pulls away from his neck, Haru is breathless. He opens his eyes to see his lover staring down at him with an unreadable expression, gaze trained on his chest as it rises and falls in attempts to heave in deep breaths. He's about to ask what's wrong, desperately needing Daisuke to continue with whatever it is that he wants to do to him, but the words barely reach his throat before Daisuke is dipping his head once more.

A startled gasp spills from his lips as Daisuke's mouth latches onto one of his nipples through the fabric of the samue top. Haru feels his hips jerk involuntarily, his straining cock rubbing against Daisuke's thigh as he sucks and licks at the nub on his chest.

"Wait— Dai..!" 

The plea falls on deaf ears, and Daisuke continues his ministrations against his chest. He sucks hard on the nub, his spit seeping through the thin fabric of his clothing until it's completely damp. Haru thrashes underneath him, the combination of pent up arousal and the intense foreign feeling of wet fabric rubbing against his nipple as coaxed by his lover's skillful mouth driving him mad.

And as if the sensation isn't already overwhelming, Daisuke lifts his free hand, thumb beginning to rub against his other nipple through the fabric. Haru whines, an arm raising to wrap around him, clinging for dear life, while simultaneously arching his back to push his chest further against his eager mouth and hand.

At some point, Daisuke pulls away, but only to switch sides as he dives back in to give his opposite nipple the same treatment with his mouth, creating another damp patch on his chest. His hand toys with the already wet and swollen one, rolling it between his thumb and index finger.

Haru hears himself sob, arms attempting to cling tighter onto Daisuke but beginning to feel them tremble. He's powerless to stop Daisuke when he pulls away from him, settling his weight on his thighs as his gaze travels up and down his body. Eventually, his hand joins in, venturing from stroking his cheek down to his still clothed chest, damp with his spit.

When Daisuke removes his hand, a small whine reverberates from deep in Haru's throat. He doesn't know why Daisuke has stopped touching him, but he doesn't like it, wanting his hands back on him. He's about to verbalize the thought, but the words die in his throat before they're even formed, instead coming out as a surprised gasp as Daisuke pushes the apron aside and begins palming him through his trousers.

"Hm, what's this?" he asks, a perfectly shaped eyebrow raising in what seems to be feigned curiosity. "Are you not wearing anything underneath?"

Haru feels his face burn in shame, a hand raising to his face in a flimsy attempt to cover the rapidly intensifying blush on his face with the back of it. Daisuke seems displeased with the action, as Haru feels his slender fingers encircle his wrist, tugging it away.

"Answer me," Daisuke says. His voice is even breathier than before, but Haru can hear the underlying command in it that makes him shake his head. Unfortunately, Daisuke doesn't take the gesture as an answer and says, "Use your words."

The embarrassment has him squeezing his eyes shut, but he manages to choke out a verbal "N-no..", stuttering on the single syllable. Daisuke stares down at him for a moment longer, the steady up and down movement of his hand against his length almost unbearable despite the few seconds.

Finally, Daisuke shifts in his position to continue his descent down Haru's body. When he halts, Haru can feel one of his hands taking a hold of his thigh, and his head dipping in between his legs.

The first contact of Daisuke's mouth with his still clothed cock has his hips jerking violently. Somewhere at the back of his mind, he thinks it's absolutely ridiculous how horny he is despite all of Daisuke's touches having remained through his clothes. But when Daisuke gives a particularly hard suck, dampening his trousers the same way he had done to his top, he thinks that perhaps the exhilaration of being able to turn Daisuke on while still being fully clothed is exactly what's getting him so worked up.

"Kato, is this how you go to work?" he mumbles, breath ghosting over the damp patch of fabric now clinging to his cock and heightening his sensitivity nearly tenfold, "Without any underwear on? Have you been undercover, or were you simply seducing your coworkers and customers with this body of yours?"

"N-no..! I don't—" Haru gasps out, but doesn't manage to get anywhere with his words before Daisuke's lips are back on his cock, planting wet, open-mouthed kisses over its length. Haru moans unabashedly, hips spasming at the simultaneously overwhelming yet not nearly enough contact from Daisuke's sinful mouth.

Daisuke laps at the fabric, continuing to soak it through starting from the base and up to the tip. His mouth closes around the clothed head of his cock, while his hands resume their ministrations by stroking the rest of the length. At some point, Haru realizes that Daisuke has stopped moving, instead keeping his mouth open and lax as Haru's hips continue canting upwards in attempts to continue feeling the wet heat around his cock despite the barrier.

"You look obscene," Daisuke says lowly, after he pulls away and settles back into a seated position. The words make Haru whimper, his already straining cock giving another pleased twitch. He's hyper aware of the damp patches Daisuke has left over his body, with his nipples and cock feeling exposed from all the spit and precum that have soaked the fabric through.

Haru doesn't say anything — can't say anything. His throat is already raspy from moaning, and coupled with the sheer embarrassment of his current state, it renders him speechless. 

He watches as Daisuke gets off of him, standing briefly to pull his borrowed sweatpants and his briefs off. He tosses the clothing towards the general direction of the bed, but neither he nor Haru bother to see where it actually landed. Haru's gaze is glued to his lover, nearly salivating at the now exposed expanse of creamy skin on his legs. 

When he returns to his position over Haru, he remains kneeling. This way, Haru can see his face a bit better, but the telltale sound of a bottlecap being popped open still has him scrambling to push himself up by his elbows.

Daisuke's head is thrown back slightly, exposing his tempting neck that's begging to be littered with teeth marks and lovebites. However, Haru's gaze doesn't stay on it for too long, not when Daisuke is pumping two slicked up fingers into his ass. Haru feels his breath catch in his throat, gaze transfixed on the way the digits disappear into his hole over and over. He feels himself gulp, and before he can even register it, his shaky hands go up to tug on Daisuke's sleeve. It manages to do the job of catching his attention as he opens his eyes and meets Haru's gaze.

Wordlessly, Haru continues to tug him forwards, coaxing him to crawl on his knees. When he's close enough, Haru lays back down on the floor. His hands find their places on the sides of Daisuke's thighs, and Haru is able to pinpoint the exact moment Daisuke realizes what Haru wants to do.

The hesitation brought about by confusion is chucked out the window as soon as Daisuke reaches the understanding, and he continues to move forward until his ass is right over Haru's face. Haru's hold on him moves from his thighs to his asscheeks, spreading them apart. His grip tightens just enough to pull him downward, until his mouth comes into contact with Daisuke's waiting hole, dripping with lube.

The groan that spills from Daisuke's lips is music to his ears, spurring bolder actions from him. He laps over the pulsating hole, before tracing the rim with his tongue. Daisuke continues moaning from above him, and Haru can feel his thighs begin to tremble beneath his hold.

Daisuke pulls away suddenly, leaving Haru in a confused daze. He looks up at his lover, but the question remains unspoken as he places a hand on Haru's cheek, thumb coaxing his slick lips to part before shoving itself in. Haru moans around the digit, tongue immediately lapping it up, but Daisuke doesn't let it go on for long. He retracts his thumb and presses Haru's bottom lip down, silently instructing him to keep his mouth open.

Haru obeys with no question, even as drool begins to pool at the corner of his mouth, dripping obscenely down his cheek. Finally, Daisuke lifts his hips once more, before sinking back down onto Haru's face to fuck himself on his tongue.

The sound of lube squelching fills the room as Daisuke rides him in a quick pace, whining for how he isn't managing to bury Haru's tongue in as deep as he wants. Haru feels his chest rising and falling rapidly as he pants underneath him. His jaw begins to ache, but he relaxes his mouth as much as he can, tongue pressing insistently against Daisuke's hole as he sinks down onto his face over and over. 

One of Haru's hands releases its hold on Daisuke, and moves to prod a finger against his rim. He feels Daisuke keen above him, fingers carding through Haru's messy tufts of hair as he slowly begins inserting the digit in. When Daisuke lets out a choked sob, accompanied by "Fuck, Haru..! More, deeper— please..", he adds a second finger, thrusting in quick and reaching as deep as he possibly can, making Daisuke thrash wildly above him.

When Daisuke pulls away, it's abrupt again. Haru leans his head back against the floor, catching his breath. Daisuke's thighs are spasming, likely threatening to give out, but Haru can feel him scooting backward once more. His breath hitches when he feels Daisuke's fingers hook against the waistband of his trousers, dragging it down just enough for his cock to spring free, but not pulling them off entirely.

He's so hard, his cock being pulled out of the constraints they'd been trapped in is enough to make him moan loudly. Following it is a choked sob, partly of relief and partly of ecstasy. It spills from his mouth as soon as he feels Daisuke's palm finally come into contact with his bare cock. He strokes it once, twice, and thrice, before pulling his hand away again. Haru would have whined to demand the touch back, but he knows that any more of it would end up in him cumming, and he doesn't want to. Not yet.

Daisuke seems to notice how far over the edge he already is as well, so he takes his time pouring lube into his hand. He warms it up between his fingers before wrapping his hand around Haru's pulsing cock once more, stroking just enough to slick the length up.

Daisuke hitches his leg over him once more, leading the tip of the length to press against the rim of his hole. Haru is watching, waiting in bated breath, but instead of sinking down onto his cock, Daisuke begins to rub it against himself, grinding against the tip and making Haru whine in absolute desperation.

He's so goddamn hard, and yet Daisuke is simply staring down at him with a lopsided smirk. 

"Impatient, are we?" he teases, continuing to rub the head against his hole. Haru would yell at him and demand he move things along already, their foreplay already having stretched out for so long, but the look on Daisuke's face makes him hesitate.

Daisuke's staring down at him, dilated pupils darting from Haru's face, to his chest, and down to where he's holding the length in his hand. His lips are pulled up into a small, teasing smirk, but it's obvious he's just as far gone as Haru is, with the way he's making a show of licking his lips and grinding his hips.

"I could do this all night," Daisuke tells him. It's a tease, and he sinks his hips down just a fraction, but enough for the head of Haru's throbbing cock to slip into him. Haru gasps, watching as his lover's expression contorts into one of ecstasy, and he can pinpoint the exact moment where Daisuke's patience snaps. He leans forward slightly, planting his hands against the floor on either side of Haru's head to support himself on his arms as he continues to sink his hips downward until he finally, finally bottoms out.

The heat engulfing Haru's cock is almost unbearable, but he doesn't have the chance to revel in the perfect, blissful feeling of its warmth for too long because Daisuke lifts himself up suddenly, only to slam back down.

They moan in unison, and it takes almost no time for Daisuke to establish a quick, steady momentum as he fucks himself onto Haru's cock. The slow, sweet pace they'd been going at earlier is completely chucked out the window, and Haru definitely isn't complaining.

Like this, he has a perfect view of Daisuke’s face. It’s scrunched up in pleasure, with his brows furrowed and eyes screwed shut, lips parted as moan after moan spills from deep in his throat. Haru raises a shaky hand, cupping his lover’s cheek to stroke the soft, supple skin. It makes him crack an eye open, and Haru watches as his expression shifts into an unreadable one.

The next movements are sudden and quick. Daisuke pushes himself up to lean backwards once more, and Haru is barely able to process what’s happening before he’s being tugged into a sitting position by the tasuki wrapped around his arms.

Daisuke kisses him, ravenous and filthy, and Haru can do nothing but cling to him as he’s devoured whole, sinking into a state of absolute euphoria that numbs his mind. Daisuke’s hands continue to grip at the fabric of his tasuki to keep him upright, while his thumbs reach towards the middle of his chest to rub the damp spot over his nipple.

Haru’s hips stutter in their next upward thrust, the numerous sensations around his body too overwhelming. Daisuke seems to notice, and he pulls his lips away just enough to say, “Don’t move.” The words are punctuated with another hard, downward thrust that makes Haru throw his head back. Almost immediately, Daisuke’s lips latch onto his neck, kissing and sucking at the creamy skin as he mumbles, “Let me do all the work.”

The smell of sweat and sex permeate the room, dizzying Haru even in his already delirious state. He’s feeling too much all at once, with Daisuke clenching around his cock every time he sinks his hips down, the way he laves at Haru’s neck, and toys with his nipples. Even the tightness of the tasuki around his arms and chest, and the fabrics of samue uniform weighing his body down serves to heighten the already immense amount of pleasure. 

In his delirious state, he manages to lift his shaky arms and slip his hands underneath Daisuke’s borrowed hoodie. He absolutely loves the attention he’s being showered with, wants to drown and lose himself in it, but his hands itch to return the favor, always eager to please his lover.

The sensations on his neck and chest disappear, and Daisuke stops the movements of his hips, seated fully on Haru’s cock. Haru very nearly collapses backwards when Daisuke lets go of the tasuki, but he manages to keep himself upright.

When Daisuke comes into his view, he’s utterly debauched, cheeks redder than Haru has ever seen him, and chest heaving as he pants. He grabs at the hem of his hoodie, pulling it upwards and off of himself, baring his entire body for Haru to see. As soon as Daisuke’s last piece of clothing is discarded to the side, he wastes no time in bringing his hands up to pull Haru into another kiss

It’s soft and slow, like the kisses they’d been sharing before Haru had changed into his uniform. Daisuke doesn’t resume moving his hips, simply clenching around Haru’s cock every time Haru swipes his tongue against his lip. If it were any other moment, Haru thinks he would absolutely have been driven to insanity with the way Daisuke had practically halted his steadily building orgasm, but he can’t bring it in himself to complain when Daisuke is kissing him so sweetly.

And honestly, he doesn’t want this moment to end.

“Don’t you want me to take this off..?” Haru asks suddenly, after the belated realization that Daisuke is completely naked, while he is quite literally still fully clothed, (and with an apron no less). At this point, he’s confused about why Daisuke hasn’t pulled the clothing off of him, as he typically is the one always demanding they strip down to absolutely nothing whenever they have sex.

Daisuke shakes his head and kisses him again, “No need. You look good,” he mumbles, right against his lips, and Haru thinks that it's as much of an explanation as he’s going to get, which is why he's surprised to hear him continue speaking.

“I know your body..” his right hand settles against Haru’s chest, right over where his heart is, before beginning to descend lower. “I memorize it,” he tells him, fingers ghosting over the now drying wet patch over his nipple, and moving lower to trace the light contours of his abs through the fabric, “Every single inch of your skin, even without seeing.”

Haru moans, both the touch and his lover’s words driving him absolutely mad. Daisuke leans forward to capture his lips in another kiss, just as he lifts his hips to resume fucking himself on Haru’s still hard cock nestled inside of him.

“Shit, Daisuke—” he curses, the sudden action catching him off guard. Daisuke’s pace quickly accelerates, but this time it’s frantic and unsteady. Haru’s hands move to grab at his ass once more, helping him bounce up and down his length.

Daisuke leans back, and Haru realizes it's an unconscious action to try and bury his cock deeper inside, because he nearly topples over. Thankfully, Haru's quick enough to move one of his hands to his back, supporting his body as he grinds his hips desperately.

"You feel so good," Daisuke rasps. Haru is breathless upon the praise. The words are lodged in his throat, and he squeezes the asscheek in his grip as acknowledgement, the action somehow prompting Daisuke's mouth to open again. Filthy praise pours out of his mouth, like water from a dam being set free — "God, you're huge,", "You fill me up so nicely,", "Fuck, just like that, yeah.."

Haru has been overwhelmed all night, body being driven to the edge multiple times by Daisuke's touch, but it's his words that unravel him. He feels himself coming undone, orgasm building up rapidly.

"Oh god— Fuck, Daisuke, I'm gonna cum..!”

He grabs his lover’s hips, maneuvering him to be able to pull out, but Daisuke doesn’t let him, planting his knees firmly on the ground either side of Haru’s thighs. Haru feels Daisuke’s fingers encircle around one of his wrists, tugging them off weakly.

“Haru..! It’s fine, please—” Daisuke pants. The swift, repetitive movement of his hips doesn’t cease for a single moment, as he lets go of Haru’s wrist to wrap his arms around his neck. “Cum inside me,” he whispers, right against Haru’s lips.

It’s his breaking point, the hand still on Daisuke’s waist gripping tight enough for his fingernails to dig into the skin as he cums in large spurts. Daisuke’s arms tighten around his neck as he spills his load deep inside him, the obscene squelching noise of cum being fucked deeper into his hole reverberating within the room. Haru hears him panting, and feels his lips as he places open-mouthed kisses against his skin.

Daisuke continues fucking himself on Haru’s cock, and Haru takes a hold of his, trapped between their bodies and steadily leaking precum. He feels Daisuke clench around him upon the touch, milking more of his cum even after being so spent.

Haru begins thumbing at the head of his cock, spreading the precum around the tip and stroking up and down, while the hand on Daisuke’s waist travels back to his asscheek, squeezing tightly as he continues lifting his hips and dropping abruptly. Without warning, he tightens his hold on Daisuke just as he lifts himself up, and thrusts upward, deep into his gaping hole dripping with cum.

Daisuke’s body spasms, and his back arches as he cums with a loud moan, spilling right onto Haru’s apron and uniform. Haru continues thrusting his hips upwards, letting Daisuke ride his orgasm out until his body falls forward, limply leaning against Haru and his cum-stained clothing.

There’s a long moment of silence, possibly stretching out to several minutes, with their labored breathing being the only sound filling the otherwise silent room. Eventually, Haru begins to feel the ache in his arms and his legs, and he uses his elbow to slowly lay himself back onto the floor, holding Daisuke securely in his arms.

“Four Michelin Stars,” Daisuke mumbles, right against his chest. It makes Haru blink in confusion, and he doesn’t hesitate to voice it with an incredulous sounding “Ha?” 

“Four Michelin Stars for the chef’s presentation,” Daisuke repeats, with a bit more elaboration. It’s still confusing, but eventually Haru remembers what Michelin Stars actually are. The comment makes him snort and raise one of his hands, pinching Daisuke’s cheek lightly to make him lift his face from hiding in his chest.

It does the job, but an irritated “Oy..!” spills from his mouth as he scowls up at Haru. His own hand lifts to soothe the spot on his face that Haru had just pinched. How overdramatic. 

“You’re so cheeky,” Haru says with a shake of his head, “And why not a five, huh?! Were you not fully satisfied after all that?”

Daisuke blinks up at him, a plethora of expressions flitting through his face almost comically.

“Kato. You do know that there are only three Michelin Stars, don’t you?”