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Dodgeball is a Battlefield

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The day started like any other ordinary day for gym owner Rey Johnson. Rey woke up at 7 am and got ready for the day ahead. She brushed her teeth and took a quick shower. Her clothing for the day could only be described as practical. A simple dark blue sports bra and black workout leggings for the workout she’ll do at the gym. She had a change of clothes to wear after her workout was done and she’ll take another shower at the gym. A set of white bra and panties to go with a black t-shirt and blue jeans. She made scrambled eggs and butter toast, an easy to make and quick breakfast. Rey left her small one-story house and opened the door to her crappy car. She thanked all the gods every time the ancient car roared to life and today would not be the day it finally gave out.

It was a short drive and Rey parked the car at her usual spot. Her gym was called Jakku Rebels and the word to describe it was dilapidated. The building was old looking compared to the other gyms in the town of Mos Eisley. Most of the gym equipment was from the 1980s. Rey would have bought gym equipment from the current century, but she could not afford that kind of investment and Rey was a believer in not getting rid of anything when it was still functional. The gym was her baby, Rey did not care her gym made no money. Rey always wanted to own a gym and she became a gym owner at the age of only 19. Rey was now 23 years old and Jakku Rebels celebrated 4 years in business recently. Good fortune found Rey 4 years ago when she acquired a small inheritance from a grandfather she never knew and used some of the money to purchase the old gym from the previous owner. Her current predicament was owning a business cost money and the inheritance money was almost gone. The gym only had a few members and those members consisted of friends. Her friends from high school and they would bring other friends to the gym to just hang out or workout together. Rey needed to think of a solution to save the gym, but brainstorming would have to wait for now. Rey opened the gym for business and the first task of the day was her workout.

Rey spent around an hour working out then took her second shower of the day. She changed into her spare clothes and the phone lock screen told her it was now 9:45 am. All her friends should have arrived by now and sure enough, she spots them all chatting.

Her oldest friend was named Finn, she first met him when they were both freshmen in high school. Finn and a few curious onlookers were the only souls to witness her opening the gym after becoming the new owner. The next friend was a guy named Poe. He was also a friend from high school and became the second person to sign up for a membership after Finn was her first member. Finn and Poe gave off a certain vibe lately, Rey suspected they may be secretly dating. Finn and Poe were both bisexual, Poe was a legend in high school for all the boys and girls that wanted to date him. Rey would have asked if something was going on between them, but she did not want to make things awkward if she was mistaken and they were not actually dating. If Finn and Poe wanted to tell her they were dating then they would do it when they felt comfortable sharing the news with other people.

Rose was the first woman to become a member at the gym. She was one of Finn’s friends and he encouraged her to join. Rey and Rose connected immediately when they first met, they were now really good friends. Rey was grateful to have a girl friend to hang out with and a workout buddy. The next woman to join was named Amilyn Holdo and she was Poe’s friend. Holdo and Poe were an item back in the day. Holdo was the one member who was more of an acquaintance than a friend. Rey was thankful to have Holdo as a gym member and Rey would leave the door open for a possible friendship between the two women. The last gym member was Paige, Rose’s older sister. Rey was friends with Rose so naturally Paige was a friend too. There were other gym members, but they never stayed for long and Rey could honestly not blame them. Finn and Poe were gym members from the very beginning, the Tico sisters have been members for 2 years, and Holdo became a member 6 months ago.

“Good morning peanut.” Finn used a friendship nickname to greet her. They both used the term over the years of friendship from high school to present day. No one knows the origin of the nickname and both forgot who invented the term.

“Morning peanut, I already did my workout.” She smiled seeing this group of people having a good time. More gym members would have been beneficially for the gym, but long-term success was never a priority for Rey. The gym had a chill atmosphere and Rey was concerned having a successful gym would lead to a less fun atmosphere. Rey wanted her gym to be a place where people could workout and hang out, perhaps make a new friend while working up a sweat.

Rey said hi to everyone else and the gym room soon became lively with conversation and sounds of laughter. The mood suddenly changed when everyone turns their attention to a door opening and a ginger man entered the gym room. He was tall and pale skin; he gave off an air of arrogance. He approached her group and cleared his throat before opening his mouth. “My name is Hux and I was told to find a Miss Rey, owner of Jakku Rebels. I need to get back before my boss has another of his tantrums so I would appreciate you peasants to not waste my time and tell me where I can find this Rey.”

Rey glared and confronted the arrogant ginger. “I’m Rey and I must ask you to leave if you continue to insult my gym members.”

Hux gave Rey a once over and chuckled, his examination of her with his eyes made Rey uncomfortable. “You are a lovely creature, now I can see why my boss would be interested in meeting you.”

“Who is your boss and why do they want to meet me?”

“I was told to find you and for you to follow me. You won’t get any answers from me. You can have a chat with the boss and he can answer any question you may have.”

Rey gave Hux a nod and followed him as he turned and walked back to the door he appeared from. Rey’s group was left to their own devices and they all looked at each other wondering what the hell just went down. One of the Tico sisters had a very different reaction compared to the others. Rose watched the ginger leave and her heart was swelling with a desire to know more about this man named Hux. Her sister Paige knew what was happening and rolled her eyes. Her younger sister was the type to fall in love at first sight and it always ended the same way with the boy she liked breaking her heart.

Rey continued to follow Hux and soon they arrived at a gym across the street. The gym was clean and bigger than her average joe gym. The gym was called First Order and the logo gave off a menacing vibe, a color combination of black and red.

Rey entered a different world inside the First Order gym. The atmosphere was too serious, all too quiet except for the sounds of effort being exerted and the gym equipment being used. The gym members were using state of the art equipment and the sight did make Rey feel slightly envious. The lack of money for new gym equipment made her feel small and embarrassed as the owner of a business.

Hux suddenly stopped next to a fancy door and gestured Rey to open the door. “This is where I take my leave. The owner of the top-rated gym in Mos Eisley is waiting inside for you.” Hux left her alone and Rey reached with her hand to open the door.

Rey entered the office and the word to describe the room was cold. The office was devoid of personality and she approached the executive desk. A man was sitting in an expensive office chair and he turned to face her after he must have heard her footsteps. Rey let out a gasp of surprise and she knew she was in trouble.

*Holy shit he is hot* Rey was silent in disbelief and staring like a complete doofus. If someone asked her how to describe the perfect male specimen, this man would fit her vision. His perfectly soft black hair was the first feature she appreciated, she wanted to touch and feel with her fingers. The next feature was obvious for her eyes to see and her whole body flushed with delight. He was massive, he was tall and clearly worked out. He clearly took his role as gym owner seriously. Rey kept herself in shape, but this man was at a different level. She felt the need to place her hands on his chest and when she saw his big hands, she blushed from dirty thoughts. His big hands could easily envelope her small breasts and if he was big everywhere else then the asset hiding in his pants must be big too.

Rey shook her head *stop it bad Rey* she needed to refocus. She doubted the owner commanded Hux bring her here just for a chat. As she waited for this beautiful man to speak, she had no idea how he was also affected by the sight of her.

*Oh my God she is gorgeous* Kylo did not expect this lovely woman to enter his office. Kylo forgot what he wanted to say, he was too busy admiring this beauty with his eyes. Her hair was chestnut brown and she sported an unusual three bun hairstyle. He wanted to run his fingers through her hair and see how she looked without the buns. She had hazel eyes and maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him, but he could’ve sworn she was checking him out. The possibility made his body burn with desire, but he quickly dismissed any inappropriate thoughts before the blood went to his other head. He tried to think of something to say, but he just continued to gawk at this twenty something woman. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt and he wondered if she was wearing a bra underneath the tee. He averted his gaze and felt so stupid.

*What the hell is wrong with me?* He dated other beautiful women in the past, he did not understand why he was losing his composure around this pretty girl. He was acting like a horny teenage boy. He started thinking of the most unappealing sights possible in order to calm himself down… Hux in a speedo, the previous gym owner Snoke shirtless.

Kylo eventually recovered and the silence in the room finally came to an end. “Welcome to my office. I hope it was not an inconvenient time of the day for us to meet.” Kylo was all business now, he needed to tell Rey why she was here and he kept his field of vision focused on her face only.

“Do you know why you are here?” He would allow her a guess before he told her the actual reason.

Her mind was blank, Rey had no clue why this successful business owner and attractive man would bother having a conversation with a nobody like her. “I have no idea, your friend told me to save my questions for you.”

“The ginger bastard is not my friend; he is a staff member nothing more.” Kylo was actually offended, he only kept Hux employed because the slimy worm did have his moments of usefulness.

“You did not answer the question. Why are you here?”

Rey shrugged “You wanted to discuss a business deal maybe…”

Kylo gave her an amused laugh “Not exactly, but it does involve my business.”

“I’ve wanted to expand my gym for a long time now and a recent opportunity presented itself to me.” He smirked and removed himself from his comfy office chair. He closed the distance between himself and Rey. He only stopped when his face was mere inches from hers. He did consider kissing her, but seeing her eyes widen was all he needed for now.

Rey felt butterflies in her stomach, he was so close then pulled back a little. She saw a look of eagerness in his eyes and she was unsure why he held back. She would not have been opposed to kissing him, but that was crazy, they just met.

“Your gym is an eyesore to Mos Eisley and the location could be used for something more substantial. I discovered you defaulted on the mortgage and that was my opportunity.”

Rey was stunned “Why? My gym is no competition for you.”

Kylo placed his hand on her shoulder “it is nothing personal, just business. I plan to demolish your gym and build a new parking structure for my customers.”

Rey was now fuming *I feel so stupid, I hoped this handsome man would kiss me and turns out he is an asshole.*

Rey glared at Kylo and shoved his hand away “so you just brought me here to gloat?”

“No, I am a sporting person and want to give you a chance to save the gym.”

Rey was skeptical, but decided to see where this conversation would go “I’m listening…”

“You need 50,000 dollars to save the gym.”

Rey felt nauseous hearing the outrageous number “I do not have money and I could never raise that amount of money.”

“I know, but lucky for you an event will be held soon and the cash prize for the winner is 50,000.”

Rey was confused “Why are you telling me this? You could’ve said nothing and the gym would be yours at the end of 30 days.”

“Perhaps I am curious and I want to see your face when you fail.”

This man was infuriating “so this is just a game to you. The gym is all I have and my friends will have to find a new gym.”

“All you have to do is win and your gym will be saved.”

Rey shook her head “I still do not understand why you are telling me all this. There has to be more to this.”

“I was just getting to that; the event is a dodgeball tournament and my gym will be entering the competition.”

*It all makes sense now* Rey knew this was a bad idea. He planned for this day and he was going to make it as difficult as possible to save the gym. “I was right, it is just a game to you.”

“Not true sweetheart, I am giving you a chance to save your precious gym. Just win and I will even add something extra.”

Now Rey was curious herself “and what would that be?”

“I say we make a deal and raise the stakes of the upcoming tournament.”

Rey did not like the sound of that “what kind of deal?”

“If you win then the gym is safe and I’ll provide funding to buy new equipment for Jakku Rebels.”

Rey did like her side of the deal; new gym equipment would be a game changer. “And if you win then what?”

“If I win then all I ask of you is go on a date with me.” Kylo wins no matter the outcome of the competition, it was a win-win situation for him.

Rey did not understand this odd man. The deal made no sense, he could just ask her out like a normal person. The deal confirmed what she suspected earlier; he did want to kiss her. Losing did not sound all bad for her, but she refused to lose the gym just to go on a date with any guy.

“You are a strange man. What is your name? You never told me and you know my name already.”

“My name is Kylo Ren, I’m 33 and 4 years ago I seized ownership of First Order gym.”

“I’m Rey Johnson and I accept your terms.” She offered her hand, waiting for him to shake it and make the deal official.

Kylo reached with his hand and shook her hand to make the deal binding. “Do not disappoint me, do not lose until the final match. I look forward to seeing you on the dodgeball court.”

Kylo removed his hand “you may leave now. The tournament begins in a week.” He left Rey and sat back in his office chair.

Rey turned to leave and put her hand on the door to open it.


She heard him speak and turned back to face him. “What?”

“One more thing, I’ll provide you a lovely dress to wear after I win and we go on our date.”

Rey rolled her eyes “I do not intend to lose. I’ll return to your office after I win and I can help you pick out the new equipment. You seem to be quite successful; I hope you won’t mind me selecting the equipment with the highest price tags. I’m sure you can afford it.”

She gave him a little smile and left his office. She needed to tell her friends everything and discuss a game plan.