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We were a home once

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Katsuki and Izuku dated on and off in high school. Bets were made if they were going to make it to college. Katsuki’s friends were convinced they were in love but when he announced to them that they had broken up at their graduation, they were shocked.

Izuku had broken up with Katsuki. The boy who followed him since they were four. Their combined friend group saw how infatuated the two were with each other. The two refused to talk about the breakup and insisted that it was because they were moving onto college.

“We just didn’t want to hold each other back, okay? Focus on yourself, Shitty Hair.”

Kirishima knew there was more to the story but never pestered for information about the breakup.

The two friends went to the same university. He watched Katsuki forget Izuku’s existence and go through a plethora of girls. If he was mentioned the blonde would shut off.

His friends knew not to mention the high school boyfriend.


“Midoriya, Why did you break up with Bakugo?”

Uraraka was concerned for her best friend. She knew couples broke up because it’s hard to navigate a relationship during university but the two promised to attend the same school.

Was Izuku going to attend the same university as him?

"I want to focus on my education, and I just don't think I can handle my relationship with Kacchan while doing that so I think it'd be best if we took time apart"

She saw through his artificial optimism about education. He loved Katsuki and It was hard to believe he would let go of their relationship so quickly.

“Are you still attending the same university as him?”

“...yeah but transferring out after a semester”

Everyone went off to further their education. A select few decided to work for a year or branch off their creativity instead.


Izuku felt out of place. He paid for the semester so it was impossible to transfer until the next. The week of his first semester, rumors spread that Katsuki was a good lay.

They just ended their four-year relationship and he was off sleeping with every woman who took a breath. It was humiliating when he encountered Kirishima or any of his other friends.

Katsuki didn’t need any time to get over him but instead sought to soothe his libido. He avoided the other as if his life depended on it.

He went to a party with one of his roommates and encountered his ex-boyfriend locking lips with a blonde girl before she dragged him into an empty bedroom. They met each other's eyes before he looked away.

Izuku noticed his eyes were full of regret and sorrow. If his childhood wanted to talk to him, then he would by now. Right?

Fuck this.

Two could play this game.

His roommate started chattering about his long-term girlfriend. Izuku could care less before suggesting to grab drinks for the two. He was insufferable to listen to while his mind was on Katsuki.

“Why do you look so down? What’s up Midobro?”

“Kirishima! I’m just thinking... It’s nothing.”

The two grabbed drinks and went to a corner of the room to talk.

They talked of the redhead’s struggle with his classes and even promised to tutor the other.

Izuku’s mind was clouded with intent to show off that he could move on as fast as Katsuki. He didn’t think that he’d desire to smoke or go out to McDonald's with his ex-boyfriend’s best friend instead.

Kirishima dragged him to his room and opened up a window before passing him a blunt.

“..You’ve never smoked before right? It’s okay! I’ll shotgun you”

“ You’re what? I don-”

“Oh! Don’t worry. I’m just gonna take a hit and exhale into your mouth! I can’t describe it any better..”

He watched Kirishima take a hit and instructed him to open his mouth before exhaling in his.

Izuku sucked the smoke of the marijuana in before coughing it out.

“Ah, Midoriya.. not like that..but do you feel anything?”

He was almost entirely sure he did not shotgun correctly but he has never realized how captivating the athletic was and couldn’t help but take the scent of his shampoo.

It was Katsuki’s shampoo... It smelt like the day they confessed to each other four years ago… and all of their memories.

“Is this too much for you? I’m sorry… You can have an edible instead?”

Should he go for it? If he fell into Kirishima’s arms tonight, would it be so bad? What would he say if he proposed this to the boy? Would he be met with dismay or agreement?

Two intoxicated beings who stared into each other's eye as nobody else existed. Students engaging in conversations that wandered the halls outside of the dorm ceased to exist at the moment. The flickering light in the corner of the room or the ticking of the clock on the wall started to dwindle.

It was just Eijrou Kirishima and Izuku Midoriya in the flesh.

“What if you kissed me... Would I inhale the smoke properly then?”

He suggested making the first move as the other's face started to grow a reddish tint that matched his hair.

“Midoriya... Are you sure? I know you just broke up with Bak-”

He smirked before pushing one of his red strands of hair behind his ear, then vocalized his desire.

“Bakugo.. isn’t here. We aren’t together, and he isn’t an issue anymore. You can finally have me.. Do you want that?”


Kirishima harbored feelings for him. He made it obvious.

When they were in high school, he walked by an empty classroom and heard a table moving. Most of the school’s population was absent after five.

He peaked in to see Izuku propped up on the desk with his hands around Katsuki.

Katsuki pulled away from his lips and latched onto his neck as the blonde looked up at Ejirou with a possessive stare full of lust and love.

Kirishima knew then that his best friend caught onto the fact he liked his boyfriend as well.

He was infatuated with Izuku the moment he was introduced to him at the beginning of high school. Kirishima wanted the boy to look up at him like he was his world.
Katsuki was Izuku’s everything from the start. Kirishima believed he had no chance with him.

That was his reality... Until now.


“Yeah… I want you.”

In the heat of the moment, any thought of realizing it was wrong to give into Izuku’s advances went out of the window.

Kirishima wasn’t sure who leaned in first, but his lips were warm and soft. Was it the alcohol that they consumed? His lips parted slightly as he pressed his body closer to his and placed himself in Kirishima’s lap.

He moved his arms to sit on Izuku’s waist and brought them down above his ass. Kissing Izuku filled him with warmth and made him feel like he was on cloud nine.

Kirishima had kissed plenty of individuals, but this was different. The two mentioned their desire for the other briefly, but as he brought his fingers into Izuku’s green curls to deepen their kiss, it was as if his deep affection became obvious.

Izuku pulled away as he glowed under the dim lighting of the dorm room. He tilted his head to the side as the redhead started to place his lips on the neck of the other. He felt the ends of his bright hair tickle his skin slightly as he placed soft kisses downwards towards his collarbone. He moved his arms to his muscled back that he felt through his shirt.

Kirishima pulled away looking at him suggestively asking for consent.

“Midoriya, Are you sure you wan-”

He pulled the man’s face close enough to feel his breath to whisper ‘yes’ and pulled him into a kiss to express his compliance.