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Hey Batter Batter Swing!

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It was a simple video that stoked the internet and caused multiple people to either have a gay awakening or become very afraid of a five feet and two inch powerhouse of a human. 


Gary had taken it. Too used to Ash’s shenanigans to spin absolutely weird shit throughout their entire childhood. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to see Ash playing baseball of all things with his more bipedal Pokémon. 


Though he had to try his best and not cackle like a mad man when bulbasaur came trotting out with a referee cap on its bulba and colored cards usually used for soccer instead. 


Ash didn’t correct the ‘Mon and neither did Gary and the rest. Letting the grass starter have its moments. At least it understood the game a bit better then Gary did so he didn’t have any room to complain if there was even something to complain about. 


The bases were loaded. Greninja, Servine, and Pikachu were on the bases and were ready for the absolute monster ball that was coming. They were all edging off the white pads and kept their eyes out on the other ‘Mons that littered the field. 


Swimzel snipped Greninja and the shuriken Pokémon immediately backed off. Stepping more onto the base. 


Lucario was on the pitcher's mound. Winding his arm and tossing the ball up. The one rule of the game was that all aura soaked baseballs must go to Ash, if Lucario wanted to make some anyways. It was a good practice for the human and most bipedal Pokémon, besides Pikachu, can’t really handle that much pinpointed strength in one object just yet. 


Charizard weirdly opted out of the game. Watching everyone alongside Gary and a few of his own Pokémon. The fire lizard was covered in the recent batch of baby Pokémon Gary had brought over from Gramps place. 


Gary’s Blastoise oddly was coaching the younger players. Muttering to Dewott and some younger eevee’s who stood on wood logs nearby and out of the way as little cheerleaders. 


Even some wild Pokémon were coming out of the nearby forest to watch. 


Gary was already pulling out his phone to record Ash. The Raven haired adult always had a mean swing on him, a byproduct of helping Gramps with smaller Pokémon along with defending himself from bullies and then launching himself at Gods. Though they don’t personally speak about the last one. 


“Show’em how it’s done, Ashy boy!” The brunette crows out. A sly smile spread across his face as Aah tucked the baseball bat between his thighs and pointed at Gary with a mocked angry look. 


A smile played on the raven’s lips as he faced his Lucario. “This is the last round, then we’re heading back in for dinner!” 


That got multiple groans of disappointment from the gathering Pokemon, both wild and caught. It’s been a good long game since it started mid afternoon after an early lunch. Gary was supposed to be back at Gramps but Pokemon baseball was more important. 


He’s trying to keep his eyes at a respectful height everytime Ash bent down or did a squat to talk to one of his ‘Mons. Gary doesn’t need to be on the receiving end of more of Pikachus shock glares, thank you very much. 


“Make it count, Lucario!” Ash called before grabbing the bat and spun it into the air. Catching it easily like it was just as natural as breathing and spun it around his entire body. Stretching out his wrists and arms with the little stunts he did. 


Then Ash hit the edge of the bat onto the ground and watched it rebuff back and spin in the air for a few seconds before catching it and easily sliding into a swing ready stance. 


Lucario barked before winding his pitching arm back. Everyone around them tensing and getting ready to run if Lucario ends up giving Ash a soft ball or a home runner. Depends on how much Aura he’ll let soak into the ball. 


Because Lucario is using aura. It’s easy to tell with the blue glow against the right leather and red stitching. 


It happened in milliseconds, and Gary is so glad he caught it on camera, because Lucario launched the ball at breakneck speed and Ash actually made contact with the ball. 


A loud crack! echoed across the field and the ball launched into the air. Into the fucking universe as it was quickly out of sight before anyone could do anything about it. 


And Gary caught it on motherfucking video. 


“Oops.” Ash chuckled weakly before flinching when Greninja slid into home base. Barking something at Ash and watching as his trainer bolted to the first pad. 


It was definitely a home runner and the surrounding crowd of Pokemon cheered. Even Lucario and Infernape clapped happily instead of being the normal spoil sports. Pikachu just made it off home base when Ash let himself do a victory slide. Getting his shirt and pants dirty with red dirt. 


Gary ended the video and got up and stretched after ending the video on Ash’s happy face as his ‘team’ glomped him into a hug. Moving to help pick up his chair and whatever seats they brought out for the corresponding ‘Mon’s. 


It wasn’t until during dinner out on the back Padua of Ash’s fucking castle, and don’t ever let him convince you it was just a house because Gary will break necks, that Gary looks back on the video. 


It was easily just a minute long. The brunette's favorite part was the cracking sound when the ball hit the back, which left a sizable dent in the said metal bat. Gary posted it to TikTok, Insta, and a few other social media sights. An easy caption of Bestie, Bestie, Bestie stop being so athletic please. In a joking manner of course. 


Gary could beat Ash’s ass in tennis any day of the week at any time and the scientist fucking prides himself on that tidbit of knowledge. 


It wasn’t until he was back at Gramps the next day. Sitting on the couch with Umbreon halfway out of his lap next to Daisy while Gramps sat on his comfy rocking chair. That Gary was faced with what he cursed the world with. 


Gary didn’t even check his phone yet but the video he took played on the National Kanto Morning News. They played it multiple times before stopping it and showing three frames of Ash. 


They had professional baseball players on to get their opinions about the video but Gary couldn’t care less for them. He was more interested in the stills. 


One was of Ash starting his swing. His face should look ridiculous but somehow he looked calm and collected instead of the usual scrunched face most baseball players make during a swing. The blue light, not the baseball but the blue light, was almost a pinprick in the front of the still. Going too fast to really make out what it is. 


The second still was of Ash making contact with the ball. A few sparks were caught by Gary’s phone and he was very impressed with the very stoic and hot picture it made. Ash s face was so what covered but the rest was mostly blurred out from the movement. 


The last still was the follow through. One of Ash’s hands had let go of the bag but it was arched over his chest. He was facing the fash disappearing baseball as it shot back up into the damn atmosphere. A bright blur of blue in the dark orange sky. 


“I can literally physically feel fanclubs forming already.” Daisy grumbled loudly. She would have yelled but it was still eight in the morning. 


“Leon’s going to have a heady competition soon.” Was Grampa's ready response. 


Gary just tried to not joke on his second cup of coffee and not get a boner for his childhood best friend in front of his family.