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Strangers; Pro Hero Bakugou x Reader

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You had left work thirty minutes early. You didn’t want to hit traffic and you didn’t want to stand in line. You had never been more determined to get anything in your life. It was a sad fact but you weren’t thinking about that right now. You were thinking about getting your hands on the newest volume of your favorite manga. 

It had come out today and you unfortunately couldn’t get the day off. Not for lack of trying, but they needed you. You speed to the bookstore and park in the first spot you find. You quickly walk in and walk to the back corner where the romance section was tucked away. 

You're not sure why it’s laid out like this. Almost like they want to keep the sad single people away from the normal happy people. You get there and your heart stops. The shelf was empty . You were too late. You sighed and closed your eyes. You were not going to scream in a bookstore, right?

“If you’re looking for volume 30, a sales associate is bringing a few more copies out,” a gruff voice says softly. 

You turn around and see a man leaning against the bookshelf. He has on black jeans a black hoodie and a black baseball hat. He is staring at his phone not paying any attention to you at all. You stare at him a little, unsure if those words of hope came from him or not. He is incredibly tall, and even with the hoodie on, he looked built. He has tufts of blond hair sticking out from the bottom of his hat. His eyes are a beautiful crimson red. Bright and wide, almost as if they were on fire. 

“She’ll be back soon,” He says softly. 

“Oh...thank you,” you smile a little and lean against the other shelf. 

He glances up at you, his eyes rolling over your body. “Just get off work too huh?” He smiles a little. 

“Yeah...did you also speed over here like a maniac?” you giggle a little. 

He smirks. “I may have even ran some red lights,” he mumbles. 

“Wow, so devoted,” you chuckle. 

He looks up at you and puts his phone in his pocket. He stares at your face a little too long before glancing away. He rubs the back of his neck and clears his throat. You glance at his left hand and frown when you see it in his pocket. 

“So...are you picking up the newest volume for someone?” You ask softly. 

He smiles a little. “Yeah, myself .” 

Oh ! How long have you been reading the series?” You smile happily. You feel your heart flutter a little. Why did you care if he was single or not? 

“Since it came out. You?” He smiles and stands up straight, clearly you’ve peaked his interest. 

“Same! What’s your favorite volume so far?” You ask, your eyes lighting up. 

“Honestly, I know a lot of people don’t like it but, I like volume 26. Chapter 298 was so important to their relationship and, uh, that coffee date was pretty sweet,” he smiles a little.

“That’s my favorite volume too! I loved that chapter! I don’t know why people think that chapter was lame. It was such a huge call back to the earlier parts in the series,” you sigh.

“Exactly! Like the callback was so perfect! Tch, guess people are too stupid to understand stuff like that,” he shakes his head.

“Except us,” you smile. 

His cheeks flush a pale pink and he smiles at you. “Except us,” he says softly.

“Alright! Here you are! Volume 30 for our favorite customer!” A little old lady with silver hair walks up carrying a few books. She smiles at the man and hands him a book. 

“Thank you so much Micha! Do you think my friend can get a copy too? She missed the rush earlier and she’s a big fan,” He nods to you and your cheeks heat. 

“Of course!” She smiles and hands you another copy. 

“Thank you so much!” You take the book and hold it close to you. 

“I owe you one Micha,” he smiles sweetly at her. 

“Come in and read to the kids and we will call it even.” She smiles and takes the rest of them to another shelf. 

“Thank you...I didn’t know you had an in at the bookstore,” you smile. 

“Old ladies who work in bookstores love me, I guess,” he shrugs and you laugh. 

He smiles a little and you both stand in the aisle. His palms feel sweaty and he feels his heart pound in his chest. He loves your laugh. You both stand there smiling at each other. He doesn’t want to leave. He wants to stay and keep talking about you. He is about to ask for your name when his phone vibrates in his pocket. He growls a little and takes it out. He sees the name flashing across the screen and sighs. “

Anyway...have a great day. Enjoy the volume,” he smiles and quickly walks away, answering his phone. 

You stand there a little shocked. You had just talked to the most handsome man you’ve ever seen, flirted with him over your favorite book and then he disappeared. You felt like you were dreaming. You looked down at the book in your hand and felt your heart thumping in your chest. His crimson eyes were stuck in your head. You walked to the check out and smiled at the lady.

“Micha, was it?” you smile. 

“Yes dear. Ready to check out?” she smiles. 

You nod and set the book down. You take your wallet out and look around the store. “That gentleman, how often does he come in? I’ve never seen him before,” you ask softly. 

“Suki? Oh he’s in here once a week! Sweet boy, always reading those romance novels,” she giggles. 

You smile and hand her cash for the book. You take it and smile at her. “Thank you,” you smile. She nods and glances at your ID, catching your name before you put your wallet away. 

She grabs your hand and leans over the counter. “He’s usually in on Wednesdays and he is as single as they come,” she whispers. 

You giggle and smile at her. “Thank you, Micha,” you say softly. 

“Anytime,” she smiles and closes the register drawer. 

You walk back to your car and get in. You start to drive home excited for your book. Your mind keeps being pulled back to those burning red eyes. They looked so soft. So sweet. His smile felt like a warm hug. You wondered what his hugs felt like. 


Bakugou pulled up to his agency and parked in his spot. He grumbles and carefully puts something under his seat. He gets out and slams the door. 

“There you are! We are gonna be late!” Deku shouts.

“Shut up nerd I was fucking busy!” He growls as he walks up. 

“Why do you look like you are undercover,” Deku laughs a little. 

Bakugou stops walking and sighs. He takes off his hat and his hoodie and walks back to his car. He tosses them in and slams the door again. He walks up to Deku and scowls at him. “Any other demands?!” He snaps. 

“Nah. I’ll let you know if I think of any though,” Deku smirks. 

They walk inside and cameras start to flash. Bakugou grumbles and they walk up the stage. They sit down and Kiri smiles. “Did you make it to the bookstore in time?” He whispers. 

“Shut up, shitty hair,” he snaps. 

Kiri smiles. “That’s a yes. Hey...why is your face all red ?”