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My Badass Imprint!

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 Cassandra’s Pov


I just had an amazing day with the pack. I came along with Billy to have lunch with the pack. I helped Emily cook, and I even got Leah to smile. I smiled, thinking of everything that happened. Then out of nowhere, the image of Paul flashed in my head. He had been staring at me the whole time. Every time I’d look back, he’d turn his head and blush red. I felt my face heat up.


“ Paul…” I whispered. 


His charming, yet devilish smirk, his deep gruff voice, the way his biceps flexed when he would cross his arms, his dark eyes that seemed to stare into the very depths of my soul...


I shook my head, snapping myself back to reality. 


I couldn’t be thinking about Paul like this. I had Jacob. My boyfriend. We’ve been dating for 10 months. I love Jacob and he loves me….at least I hope? He has been distant with me...ever since Bella came. He told me he used to like her but fell out of it so I shouldn’t worry…. hopefully. 


I walked to Jacob’s house to drop over the remainder of the food from Emily’s house. Billy told me that Jacob should be in the house and that the house should be open. I had also made a bracelet for him. I wanted to give him something special for our 10 month anniversary. I walked into the small house and laid everything down on the kitchen table. It didn’t sound like anyone was there, so I was about to leave. 


Until I heard some sounds from the door to Jacob’s Bedroom. It was Jacob’s voice. 


I smiled, walking towards his door, his bracelet in my hand. Before I opened the door though, I heard a feminine moan cry out:


“ Jake~” I stopped dead in my tracks, I knew that voice.


In fact, I hated that voice with every fiber of my being. It was from Bella Swan. I felt tears well up in my eyes. 


‘No...No… It can’t be…’ I thought. He promised me...  


I opened the door a bit to peek into the room. When I looked around the room, at first I couldn’t see anything. As soon as I glanced towards the bed, I felt my heart drop and shatter into a million pieces.