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A Breath of Life

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Aro, the leader of the Volturi Guard, had had his eyes on the Terror Twins, aka Jane and Alec, for many years whilst they were sill human. He could tell that they had potential talent that was beyond ordinary, and if they became vampires, he just knew that this extraordinary talent could transmute into something else, something… dangerous, and that was exactly what Aro wanted on his Volturi Guard. Something to set them aside from the rest of the vampires, something that screamed ‘power’. Of course, it wasn’t like the twins had any say in this, and and so, for thirteen years, Aro secretly kept a scrutinising watch on them, to stop any harm from coming their way that could damage his new potential. He couldn’t allow anything to happen to them; he needed them. He would sit and daydream of taking over Volterra for good, with his two precious twins- because that’s what they were, he liked to think. His. By the time that Jane and Alec were five, the whole Volturi Guard knew of the talent that would be coming their way in a decade or so. Everyone was excited to see them, because Aro would just go on and on about them all day, bragging about his prized possessions-to-be. If they were good enough to excite Aro of all people, then they must have been worthy of the rest of the Volturi Guard’s attention. However, none of the VG had expected for the twins’ untimely deaths that came shortly after their thirteenth birthdays, resulting in them becoming the youngest vampires ever created that hadn’t been slaughtered for being ‘immortal children’.

But for now, the twins are seven years old and are very much oblivious of what would come in the future years for each other.