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There was a man in the lowest dungeon of Malfoy Manor, the Malfoy butler wearing a black suit named Severus was in the middle of brewing for his family when he felt a pain in his right hand which he was using to stir the cauldron.

He flicked his left hand at the stir stick wandlessly charming it to continue stirring before he removed one of his white gloves on his right hand revealing an intricate blood red pentagram that was now glowing.

'Harry?? I thought Dumbledore had him safe?' The realization that his promise to Lilly was glowing was enough to draw him from his thoughts as he realized his childhood friend's child was in trouble. Snape refastened his wand back into it's holster on his left forearm.

The man in a black suit raised his glowing hand over himself as he swathed himself in shadow tendrils causing his tall figure to disappear before reappearing in a residential yard as his shadows unfurled themselves from his body.

The first thing Severus noticed was how the air smelled deliciously of blood. Then he glanced over and saw a small boy, couldn't be no more than eight years old on the grass of the lawn, was a dark haired boy who was on the ground laying on his back.

Using his vampire speed he rushed next to the boy who appeared to have an ax lodged into the boy's eye socket blood pooled around the boy nearly making the un-dead butler hurl if he were able to.

'Fucking muggles . . . . back to important matters before play.' The man thought to himself as his pentacle glowed a brighter blood red color he than stood up before putting his right hand palm down, directly in front of him and over the boy's body.

He started muttering the words to a dark necromancy ritual "hoc enim sanguis pentagramis." The boy's blood started to swirl around the boy as it slowly formed an intricate Celtic styled blood pentagram around the boy.

The dark haired pale man in a suit backed up a few steps to the outskirts of the pentacle as he continued muttering the spell for the ritual the blood beginning to glow an ethereal red.

"Fluitans torrentis atraque voragine sanguinem pentaclis" The man continued to chant as the glowing blood pentacle, the boy both started to levitate a couple of feet. "Placere mors est Deus producant anima pueri huius vis et non deduces canitiem eius" muttered as he continued the ritual the glowing blood pentacle began to rotate around the boy faster and faster. 

The ax that was inside the boy's left eye burst into flames after a few moments as the man continued chanting the ashes of the ax were absorbed by the boy's eye socket creating an orb of ash as the ritual slowly lowered Harry's body back onto the ground laying his body on the blood stained grass. 

Severus knew the ritual was almost complete and death had blessed him to be able complete the ritual. He pushed on muttering the incantation as the blood pentacle that was spinning above the boy began to separate before it formed a steam of blood that arched upward into the sky before the glowing stream of blood rapidly started fall towards the almost dead boy.

The blood forced itself into the boy's ashen orb within his eye socket as all of the boy's spilled blood from the pentacle began to pour itself into the ashen orb causing it to glow an ethereal red.

" Tibi gratias ago pro Benedictio Domini mors et vita in eo halitus meus sollemne." The man muttered as the bright blood red orb in the boy's head began to dim in brightness as a white pentacle formed in his newly made eye ball.

Severus felt an unfamiliar cold presence appear behind him as he continued focusing all of his energy into the ritual trying his best to ignore the feeling as a dark hooded robed figure walked into his eye sight. 

Snape would of shit himself, had he been able too. He was so distracted he almost stopped the ritual, which would of killed the boy instantly, this was Lord Death himself in his presence. 

Lord Death pointed a long, white bony finger at the man before he spoke using a raspy voice in the language of the dead "You will not let my future master die or you will suffer!"

This caused the Vampire to pale even further than the pasty white he was already as he pressed more of his energy into the ritual "I WILL NOT FAIL DEATH'S REQUEST!!!" Snape shouted as he put the last bit of energy required for the ritual into the boy causing the boy to arch his back while coughing up heavily as he desperately gasped his first breaths again.

"Good you will take guardianship of the boy and ensure no harm happens of my future master" The cloaked figure added speaking in the language of the dead before his form dissipated into a mist.

'Now the boy has been revived time to take care of the muggles who did this . . . maybe I should set up a ward to keep the boy in place while I deal with this.' He flicked his left hand causing his wand to slide into his hand effortlessly "ut illa quae interius" the man cast as he drew a figurative box around the boy catching his breath before he flicked his wand once more before muttering "silencio." 'There now the boy will be held in place by the ward and I don't have to worry about any noises he makes while I go pick up some fast food.'

The vampire swathed himself in shadows to allow him to shadow travel into the boy's residence. Severus walked around the house as he sniffed out his first victim. He first entered the master bedroom before he made it towards the bed 'ahhh gross it's fat food but I can't be picky I need a pick me up and these muggles are going to suffer.

He waved his wand in his left hand over a thin frail woman first "Petrificus Totalus e silencios." The butler muttered before focusing his attention onto the whale in front of him. 'The woman now won't disturb my fun, I could probably use the muggle's fat for potion ingredients when I'm done, mhm . . . guess I'll figure that out when things are done.' "Silencio." he whispered once more waving his right hand over the fat man.

Severus than grabbed the man forcefully by the collar of his pajamas, holding the fat man off the ground, waking the pudgy man, tried to shout but was unable to.

The vampire grinned sadistically as he examined his prey who was now flailing about beating the man's arms and trying to kick the man off him only to fail at his desired goal of escape. The man pissed himself out of fear.

Snape than used his left hand to call the shadows to him, the shadows eagerly obeyed as they circled the base of the man's feet. "Such a shame really." The man said while forcing the man to gaze into the vampire's eyes before the man continued, "a man so scared of something he doesn't understand so he leaves it in the back yard with an ax lodged in." 

The fat man tried blubbering something but was muted and Severus assumed the man was probably begging for his life at this point which he was not going to do. The vampire brought the crying man closer to his face with his fangs bared.

He used his left hand to grab the side of the man's head tilting it to the side as he opened his mouth. Snape than took a large bite out of the man before slowly draining the bloated muggle's blood from the man as he continued to flail and swing at the vampire each swing was a little less impactful each time until the man eventually stopped flailing about.

Snape than pulled his fangs from the man and he held the flabby husk of of a man in front of him to admire. 'Mhm . . . this man's fleshy husk would be big enough to make a lovely human wingsuit. I'll keep the organs for other dark potion ingredients . . . . I should do this in front of my childhood friend it's only fair she sees what happened to her husband before she dies.' He thought deviously.

The vampire flicked the wand in his left hand at his old friend silently casting a levitation spell at the thin woman who heard the events of what happened as she was frozen in place. She started to float off the bed before he He motioned his wand closely to him. The woman floated into a vertical position the sheet falling off of her showing her bare skin before her naked form started to float towards the man so he could show her, her husband personally. 

"Hello Tuni, remember me? Who thought you'd be so stupid as to cross me again, foolish girl." the vampire cackled sinisterly before he continued his monologue because well why not he had some time to spare. "Did you forget let me refresh your memory my dear. It is I Severus Snape the boy who was friends with your sister who happened to be a witch. Ahh hell this isn't any fun you not being able to respond back so I'll unfreeze you so you can better react to the last moments of your life and I wouldn't try to run away. Finate incantem e silencios." the vampire said as he waved his right hand over her as his hand glowed red once more.

Petunia Dursley fell onto the floor able to move once more and began to silently sob in rage while trying to say something that came out mutely but it didn't matter to the butler.

"So Tell me do you remember me now? Shake your head yes or no to answer as you will be unable to make noise during this part of the show." the sadistic butler said.

The emotionally distraught woman just shook her head 'no' while trying to continue to yell to no avail. 

"Let me tell you a story." The man said as he threw the fat man's husk in front of the distraught woman with his right hand. "Lilly Evans was your sister. She and I were childhood friends who would play together when we didn't go to school together. You were jealous of your sister for having magic and you came up with a brilliant plan that almost worked. When we were seventeen you thought it was a wonderful idea to sell us to a local vampire who ended up attempting to kidnap us one day when I came to visit." He said as he paced back and forth around her as he swirled his left hand holding his wand commanding the shadows to begin to swirl around the two Dursleys.

"We barely managed to escape after the vampire bit me leaving me immobilized and your sister bravely fought off the vampire and finally managed to kill it before burning it alive. She than instead of killing me like most other witches would she took me to a loving vampire coven who showed me how to handle the change. Ring any bells yet?" The man asked sarcastically it hardly mattered at this point but he was going to make her suffer.

The woman clutched the corpse of her husband sobbing into the fat folds before she lifted up her face. Her eyes widened in horror at the realization of who the man was she tried in vain to beg for mercy or something.

"Now at that time I was generous." The man admitted "on your sister's behalf I did not just end your miserable life so I did not do so at the time as I had promised her I would not outright kill you. I also promised her I would protect her child by any means necessary. Yet what do I find in your back yard Tuni? Was it the lovely manicured garden you ask, or maybe the plain boring house you live in? Nope none of those things are what I noticed it was your loving nephew you so lovingly thought to leave in the back yard with an ax in his eye without even bothering to get any sort of medical attention." The man then pointed his wand at the woman.

"I wonder what else you've done to the boy over the years and have let slide" he than flicked his wand at the woman saying "Legilimens." He was in her mind for only a few moments but that was a few moments to many he quickly ended the spell thankful he couldn't really throw up so to speak.

"YOU!!!" he roared "I have a much better punishment for you TUNI and it certainly won't be death but you will wish you were truly dead by the time we are done with tonight but it will never happen as long as I am alive." the man spat venomously.  

He flicked his wand at the floor and the shadows obeyed his silent commands as they swirled around him the woman and the corpse until the shadows enveloped them before depositing them in Dudley's bedroom.

"You are going to regret everything you've ever done Petunia." The man stated his fangs bared at her he flicked his wand at her once more "Legilimens." The man's consciousness melded with hers. He browsed her memories until he found the one of what was currently going on.

He poked a finger at the memory infusing his own wishes changing her memory of Vernon Dursley's Death. Severus shaped the memory so when she recalled the events surrounding her husband's death that instead of her being paralyzed in bed while he drank his husk.




She'd instead remember Snape kidnapping the couple and depositing them in Dudley's bedroom using his shadows. Then of him going through his melodramatic speech before the vampire imperioused her husband and forced him to rape their precious Dudders in front of her as she had allowed him to do to Harry. When Vernon finished and had cum in their precious child like he had their nephew all these years with no remorse.




He then made it so she'd witness and remember every vivid detail of how he drained her husband to the husk that he currently was before the vampire chucked the body in front of her sobbing begging silent form. Severus than altered the woman's mind to ensure to give her consciousness a two minute delay so her body could not only process the new information but so he could cast the required spells on Dudley.

Severus than sighed deeply before he left her consciousness with a feeling of being impressed with his handy work while being disgusted by the brutal rape scene he had created in her mind with the sole purpose of tormenting the wretched woman.

When he returned to his mind unmelding their minds he flicked his left hand holding his wand at Dudley no longer bothering to be quiet "Silencio" the spell hitting the snoring pudgy boy. "Rise and shine piggy!! CRUSIO!!!!" He shouted at the boy a red electric arch leaving his wand striking the boy awake as the boy flailed and contorted in every direction while silently screaming. He continued the violent curse for a while as it didn't particularly matter to him it only made the blood sweeter.

A few moments later Petunia's mind came to consciousness of her new reality as the new memories overtook the old ones that were now completely erased. She pounded her hands onto the ground silently crying knowing that this would be the end that there would be nothing she could do but watch as this monster tortured her and her family.

"Such a pity Tuni. If this were my child I would of done something by now." The man dressed as a butler said as he released the curse on the boy before addressing the boy. "Good to know your awake boy let's catch you up. You put an ax in the wrong child's eye. It's your fault your father is going to be turned into a lovely human skin wingsuit and you and your family are going to die painfully. All caught up?" The man said as he addressed the silent crying boy not really expecting an answer as he walked up towards the boy.

The man rapidly swung his right arm as he allowed his claws to extend as he reached behind the boy's back grabbing the boy by his spinal cord. He brought the now dead boy up to his blood covered face as the boy's blood covered all of the room before he bit the side of his neck, as the boy's head rolled over to the side, then he drained the boy dry of what blood remained in him as his mother was left helpless to watch in horror.

He threw the boy's body onto the floor in front of the mother with a large splat her son's blood landing all over Petunia. 'I should probably go check on the boy I have been at this awhile. I guess I'll just wrap things up real quick for now.' The man looked at Petunia "Don't worry old friend your punishment has hardly begun."

Snape than flicked his wand over himself "Scourgify. My, my I was the messy eater wasn't I." He than inspected his now clean black silk suit jacket, black vest, his black pants and white gloves in case he had missed any spots before he put his wand back in the holster underneath his left sleeve. 

He than reached into his jacket pocket with his right hand pulling out an ancient looking obsidian blade with a bone handle with an emerald jewel embedded into the end of the bone handle while looking at the cowering woman on the ground. 

Snape reached out with his left hand and grabbed the woman gently by the throat and picked her up as he pressed her back and throat into the wall before he stabbed her in the abdomen while muttering "Hoc inmortuarum mutare mulier in creatura est ex mortuis inferi."

The vampire watched in pleasure as the side effects of the ritual changed the woman's skin turning it grey and like leather and her beauty faded as her eyes turned a soft shade of orange similar to the color of hot burning coals in a fire.

Severus than pulled the knife out of the woman's abdomen while releasing the woman's throat. Then the man pulled a magical self cleaning handkerchief from his pocket with his left hand before wiping the blade clean and putting it away with the handkerchief in the pocket on the inside of his black silk suit jacket.

"Now in case you are wondering what happens now. Congratulations you now are practically an immortal magical creature called an Inferi which makes you my slave who only I can kill. So you get the privilege of remembering everything that has happened for as long as I live unless I should decide to pass you on to another necromancer. Fat chance that will be any time soon though love." The man said as he waved his right hand across the floor commanding his shadows to engulf the corpses in darkness allowing them to deposit the corpses in his personal potions lab in a magically chilled chest he had at Malfoy Manor for potions ingredients.

"Now what do you say that we go check in on your nephew. Not that you really have much of a choice." The vampire said sadistically as he swathed himself in shadows allowing himself to disappear. The undead creature named Petunia copied her new master's motions as the shadows swirled around until they engulfed her before she appeared in her back yard a few feet behind her master.

Severus was in front of the child and he had already wandlessly and silently disarmed the silencing spell and the containment wards he had cast upon the boy who was beginning to regain consciousness and his breathing had stabilized as of this point.

Snape being in no mood to explain the complexities of what has happened and changed in the boy's life right now and knowing from looking at the boy he at the very least needs a thorough medical examination, more importantly food and rest. Decided to go with the easier option "Hello sport how are things going?"

The boy slowly sat up groggily looking at the strange dark haired pale man in an expensive three piece suit who was addressing him. "I'm doing ok. Did you save me?" The boy asked calmly and quietly.

The man shocked the boy could even possibly remember anything at all settled on a simple response "Yes, however you need to come with me and your Aunt and rest at my home."

The boy looked over seeing his Aunt behind the man clearly frightened the boy and her new appearance certainly did not help the boy's nerves at all. Severus looked behind him looking at his new pet Inferi and sighed remembering it wouldn't quite be so easy to get the boy to come with as the boy was mortified of Petunia for good reason.

"Harry, it's ok." Snape tried to reassure the boy "She will never hurt you again. Do you want me to prove it to you?" the dark haired man asked the boy.

The young boy looked at the man who knew his name and not the one Dursley's called him either. The boy slowly nodded. The man looked at the boy before saying confidently "If she ever frightens you. You know what you are going to do?" Snape asked.

The boy simply shook his head no.

"You walk on over to your Aunt and you punch her wherever you can." Severus said as he punched her in the face using all of his strength. On a normal human it would of instantly turned her face into mush but since she was an undead creature she could take a beating or two and it would hurt immensely. 

The creature's body flopped every which way like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man, as her feet stayed firmly planted where she was standing. The unnatural way the woman was flailing around after the man punched her caused the boy to laugh as the young dark haired boy giggled before getting up and kicking and punching the monster causing Snape to laugh.

"Alright Harry, my name is Severus Snape and I'll be your new parent." the man introduced himself as he reached his hand out for the boy to grab. Once the boy had reached out and grabbed his finger he flicked his right hand at the house casting a silent fire spell setting the entire house aflame as he called upon the shadows to come closer engulfing him and the boy allowing them to shadow travel away from Privet Drive as the house collapsed in flames.


Malfoy Manor

Severus and the boy appeared in his potions room that adjoined his small but cozy sitting room in the lowest dungeons of Malfoy Manor. Some shadows morphed behind them as Snape's pet Inferi shadow traveled behind them.

The butler looked down at the boy realizing that all that the boy just witnessed might be a little hard for him to comprehend being raised without magic. The boy fortunately didn't seem all that bothered but the man decided talk to the boy anyway. "Do you have any questions about what just happened?"

The boy just looked at the man before he hugged the vampire "No, I'm home with freaks like me."

The vampire lowered himself to the child's level getting down on his knees staring intently into the boy's eyes. "You are not a freak Harry. I never want to hear you refer to yourself as that again. Your Aunt, Uncle and their child were the freaks. I will never allow you to be hurt like that again." The man said as he hugged the child close.

"But what about her?" The boy asked pointing to Petunia the Inferi.

"I will explain that another time, but I promise you she won't hurt you. Remember what I said anytime you felt scared of her?" Snape asked the young boy.

"You hit her." The boy said before unwrapping himself from the man then he ran up and kicked the Inferi a few times not really having any effect but it seemed to help the boy relax.

"That's right sport." The man said as he stood up "Now how about you come here I need to check you over for any injuries."

"What's an en-jury?" The young boy asked as he followed Snape.

"Uhh . . ." The man muttered while he tried to think how to explain this to the poor boy. 'I really need to do something about his education the boy has never been to school a day in his life and has been worked worse than a house elf.'

"Well do you remember when Dudley threw the ax at you?" The man asked.

"Yeah." the boy asked as he touched his left eye. "You saved me!" He declared.

"I did. That is an example of an injury Harry and I need to see if you have been hurt anymore." The vampire tried to say simply for the young dark haired boy.

"Lots of times." The boy said sadly.

The vampire turned around quickly accidentally causing the boy to flinch. He put a hand on the boy's shoulder "I will never hurt you if I can help it Harry." The vampire said trying to reassure the boy once more before he picked the boy up slowly and gently in an effort to try and not frighten the boy before he set him up on a table so he could better examine the boy.

Snape walked around grabbing various stone pestles and mortars with various ingredients. He grabbed a small cauldron and mixed the ingredients together in the cauldron before he removed the white glove on his right hand showing a black intricate pentagram sigil on his hand.

"Pretty Star." Harry said as he pointed to the black tattoo.

"It is a pretty pentagram. It is what is known as a sigil which holds a promise and it can allow me to do some useful things. You also have a pretty pentagram Harry." the vampire said tiredly as he waved his hand over the cauldron his tattoo glowing red for a brief moment before returning to it's usual black ink color. He than put his white glove back on his hand.

"I do?" Harry said confused looking at his hands clearly looking for the insignia on his hands.

"It's not on your hands." he said as he opened a cabinet near him pulling out an enchanted mirror before showing the reflective side towards Harry so he could see his face and the changes.

The boy grabbed the mirror and looked in the mirror and touched his eye "I like it." Harry said happily admiring his new left eye.

"Can you cover your right eye for me Harry." the man asked curious if he could see out of his left eye. The boy eagerly covered his right eye with his hand now holding the mirror in his left hand and was still smiling as if nothing was amiss.

"What do you see Harry?" Snape asked.

"Well I see myself in the mirror but things are in black and white now and I see colors floating off of me." the boy said as he looked up at Severus while still covering his right eye "You have dark green and black colors coming off of you and I have blue and black colors."

"Interesting." the vampire said trying not to give any reaction away to the boy "What do you see when you uncover your right eye?"

The boy uncovered his right eye "Everything goes back to normal and I can see regular colors."

"mhm . . . Can you cover your left eye and tell me what you see?" Severus asked.

"Nothing changes." The boy said happy but confused.

"That's good Harry." The man said thinking to himself 'I'll have to some research on eye injuries and side effects of what happens when magic is used. At least he can see out of it for now it seems.' "Ok I need you to be a brave strong boy for me I need to prick your finger to get some blood the man said as be grabbed a clean blade."

"Ok." The boy said simply trusting the man giving him his hand while the boy looked the other way.

"3 . . .2 . ." Severus said before he took the edge of the knife and quickly pricked the boy's finger before holding the boy's hand over the cauldron and squeezing lightly to allow the blood to drip into the cauldron."

"You didn't say 1." Harry accused as he stuck his finger in his mouth suckling it until it stopped bleeding.

"It kept your mind off the poke didn't it." The man chuckled at the boys reaction while he kept an eye on the cauldron as it began to smoke and sizzle until the contents shot a plume of smoke out leaving a paper in the base of the cauldron.

Snape picked up the piece of paper and began reading the medical history/creature inheritances form.

Harry James Potter: Age: 7 Blood Status: Halfblood-Creature Blood
Parents: James Potter I and Lilly J. Potter née Evans
Godparents: Sirius Black III, Alive; imprisoned. and Remus Lupin, Alive, Dark Werewolf creature.
Birth: July 31, 1980
Related to the original 28 families has Related to two of the sacred families Black, Selwyn

Immediate family:

Mother: Lilly J. Potter née Evans-- Deceased. Muggle born.
Aunt: Petunia Dursley née Evans--Exists, Undead Enslaved Creature, 
Sire: James Potter I--Creature line carrier of Boggart, Dementor, Dark-elf, Dark-fairy, (recessive DNA magical ability), Deceased. wizard.

Magically bonded related family: Severus Snape: Administered 7 years old, Undead, Vampire:

Blood Adoption and Magical Bonds:

  • Sirius Black III Administered: 3 months old.
    Side effects of Blood Adoption: Increased child’s magical core. Hair turned from Jet Black to a darker black. Increased chance of Metamorphagus ability.


  • Lucretia Prewett née Black  Administered: 3 months old.
    Side effects of Blood Adoption: Increased child’s magical core. Hair turned from a darker Black to an ethereal black so dark that it appears dark blue to most peoples eyes. Side effect for the child manafested the Black family Metamorphagus ability.


  • Severus Snape: Administered: 7 years old
    Side effects of Extremely Dark Magical Bond: Increased child’s magical core. Missing eye turned into a red orb with a pentacle. Child is able to see a variety of things. Ancient Dark Necromancy Ritual Used (The Ritual/Necromancy :ILLEGAL, EXTREMELY DARK) Suggested: Use of stronger ritual to find out more details.


Potions and Seals:

  • Dumbledore Loyalty Potions (From Albus Dumbledore)
  • Weasley Family Loyalty Potions (From Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley
  • Blood altering potions: Used to partially block Boggart Creature Inheritance. (Albus Dumbledore)
  • Boggart creature Seal
  • Boggart creature Blocking potion. (Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore)
  • Magical core block fifty percent.
  • Metamorphagus ability: fully blocked (Albus Dumbledore)
  • Shape shifting ability: Fully blocked (Albus Dumbledore)
  • Soul of Thomas Marvolo Riddle soul fragment sealed in forehead: Type of magic: Horcrux (ILLEGAL, DARK) administered: around a year of age.

Goblin magic Siphoning collar: created by Clawface who sold it to the wizarding black market. Sold to Albus Dumbledore. Placed 15 months after birth.

Creature lines and special abilities:

  • All Creature speak (commonly referred to as allspeak)
  • Boggart creature inheritance: Blocked (Albus Dumbledore)
  • Altered Seer Blood: Able to see creatures otherwise not visible
  • Increased magical core (Blocked by Albus Dumbledore)
  • Wandless and Speechless magic (Blocked by Albus Dumbledore)
  • Shape Shifting ability (Blocked by Albus Dumbledore)
  • Metamorphagus ability (Blocked by Albus Dubmledore)
  • Empathic abilities (Blocked by Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley)
  • Ancient Dark Necromancy Ritual (The Ritual/Necromancy :ILLEGAL, EXTREMELY DARK): Side effect on Patient: Increased Magical Core, is able to see a variety of things. Suggested: Use a more powerful inheritance ritual for more details. Will be unable to see in color outside that eye. 

Prior Medical History:

Physical Medical History:

  • Twenty-five percent of the Organs are damaged.
  • Total bones broken over currently life time 146 bones.
  • Total bones healed incorrectly eighty-six.
  • Extremely malnourished and behind in growth and childhood development due to excessive starvation since a year and a half of age.
  • Soul of Thomas Marvolo Riddle soul fragment sealed in forehead: Type of magic: Horcrux (ILLEGAL, DARK) administered: around a year of age. Suggested: Goblin Purge to remove.
  • Ancient Dark Necromancy Ritual (The Ritual/Necromancy :ILLEGAL, EXTREMELY DARK): Side effect on Patient: is able to see a variety of things. Suggested: Use a more powerful inheritance ritual for more details. Will be unable to see in color outside that eye. Used to bring patient from the edge of death. Patient was technically not dead, however, his soul was still brought from the underworld.



Mental and Psychological Damage/Disorders/Diagnoses:

  • Unresolved Childhood Trauma result of Physical Abuse, Psychological Abuse, and Sexual Abuse.
  • Undiagnosed Transgender Male to Female diagnosis.

Severus looked over the paperwork in shock at what the results said. He knew he'd have to take the boy to the goblins for a full purge as well at least one healing session and he would need to see a mind healer to work through his mental trauma. On top of having to research the boy's creature inheritance.

"Well you are certainly a strong child but your have been hurt significantly. We will have to go to the Gringotts tomorrow and order you a purge and to have their healers look you over. We will also need to order a mind healer for you so you can work through the trauma you've been through. We will also do some shopping for you tomorrow Harry."

"Shopping?" The boy asked confused he'd always wanted to go before but was always told no.

"Yes do you know what shopping means?" Snape asked the boy.

"Yeah but I've never been allowed to go shopping before." Harry said sadly. "Are you sure you want to take me?" The boy asked quietly.

"Well you will be in for a swell treat tomorrow." The vampire told the young boy. "And of course I want to take you." Severus reassured the young boy. "but for now time for bed and we can discuss this tomorrow morning." The vampire said as he scooped the boy into his arms before he started to walk towards the door that exited his potions lab.

The Vampire exited the potions lab with the Inferi slowly following behind. Severus growing tired of Tuni following his every move at the moment. "Tuni, Stay." The man ordered the Inferi the undead creature stopped where it was walking. The man left the Inferi in the sitting room while he continued on to another door that adjoined the sitting room with his master bedroom with a connecting bathroom.

Snape walked up to the king sized bed before reaching out with an arm and pulling back the purple comforter. He than set the young boy in the bed before pulling the silk sheets and comforter over Harry carefully tucking him in.

"Where are you going to sleep Sevie?" The young boy asked Severus using a nickname causing the vampire to grin 'at least the boy is becoming comfortable with me.' He thought to himself.

"Don't worry, I don't need to sleep young one, however, you do need to." Severus explained to the young boy.

"Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" The boy asked quietly.

The vampire could tell the young boy was a little scared of his new surroundings and the changes that have happened in his life. "Of course I can little one." The vampire reassured the boy as he sat on the bed softly rubbing the boy's calf over the top of the covers.

After a little while the when the boy fell asleep the vampire slowly stood up from the bed making sure not to disturb the sleeping child before he left the master bedroom entering the sitting room where his Inferi stood awaiting it's next orders from it's master.

"Wonderful you are still here." Severus said rhetorically to his new pet. "I have work for you to do while I check on a potion I was working on earlier." Snape said as he left the room for the potions lab the Inferi following him.

"Tuni since you get the privilege of remembering everything that will make your first project that much more fun for me because you won't be able to refuse as you are my slave." Severus said as he walked over to the cauldron he had left earlier the stir stick still spinning within the cauldron of burned contents.

"Wonderful I have to rebrew my potion." The butler said frustrated that he had to redo his work. "Anyway Petunia I need you to reach into that magical chest over there and cut up your son and husband for potion ingredients." The man continued as if it were no biggie to just cut up a loved one's corpse. "The jars are in those cabinets over there and the preservation potions should be right next to it." The man explained.

Petunia's undead face twisted into a look of horror as her body moved autonomously of it's own accord as she began to fulfill her new master's wishes. She opened a nearby chest and pulled out her son's corpse first before she placed the husk of her child onto a nearby counter before she lifted up her hand calling some shadows to her as the shadows morphed into a shadow like blade.

When the shadows solidified into a sort of shadowy blade in her hand her body started dissecting the husk that used to be her child. In an effort to distract herself from the horror that was now her new life she decided to ask her new master some questions.

"Master?" The Inferi asked in a raspy voice.

"What is it Petunia." The butler asked as he flicked his hand over the burned cauldron banishing the item.

"What am I exactly? What's with the shadow stuff?" The undead creature asked trying to make sense of this new life.

"You are simply an enslaved dark creature with all your memories and mind in tact. You are bound to my magic at this time and are able to use shadow magic due to this connection. The magic will allow you to use shadow magic anytime with some limitations such as being unable to harm myself, you are unable to use it to escape, and you are bound to obey me but otherwise you are only limited to you imagination to as far as what you can do." The man explained in a short explaination while he prepared a new cauldron to start remaking his potions.

Petunia and him continued working in silence as she continued to put her sons organs and bones inside of different sized jars and adding preservation potions to each jar as she continued the process.

"Master what should I do with my son's skin?" Petunia asked in a monotone voice completely disgusted and slightly numb to the gore in front of her.

"I will need you to put the skin back into the magical preservation cabinet over there." He said indicating to the cabinet nearby to her before he continued. "Then I will need you to do the same to your husband when you get to that point."

Petunia did as she was ordered and pulled out her husband's corpse out of the magical chest that she had pulled her son out of earlier and began the same long process of dissecting him slowly. In the middle of the process she looked up at the man "Will I sleep master?" the Inferi asked.

"Nope and nor do I so we will be able to get twice the work done." The vampire responded as he finished putting the contents of the potion into the cauldron before he started a fire under it. 

They continued working in silence for a few more hours before Petunia finally finished dissecting her husband and storing the parts for potion ingredients before she put his skin in the cabinet with her son's skin for her master to use another time.

Snape had her assisting him through out the rest of the night into the wee hours of the morning. They had finally finished brewing the last of Malfoy's newest potions batch of untraceable vertruths serum a dark truth potion that is one-hundred percent full proof and would tell even a persons must darkest hidden secrets and truths before they started to bottle the potion in hundreds of vials. 

When they had finished bottling the last of the potions about the time that little Harry opened the door that entered the potions lab. "Mornin' Sevie where is the kitchen I don't know where I am supposed to cook." The boy asked quietly.

"Pipsy." The man called out. A few seconds later a small pop appeared in the potions lab along with a little gremlin type creature.

"Harry this is what is called a house elf named Pipsy. If you say his name and ask him to bring you a specific type of food and drink you would like to eat or drink he will bring you it." The Severus replied.

"EVEN TOAST with my soup!!" the dark haired boy said excitedly.

"Anything your little heart desires." The vampire smiled calmly through his rage. "Just go with Pipsy back into the bedroom and I will be back there momentarily.

"Awesome!" the boy said excitedly running towards the bedroom while the house elf left the room with a loud popping noise 

When the door to the potions lab closed Severus turned around and smacked his inferi knocking it into the brick wall using all of his vampire strength the brick shattering some as her face slammed into the wall. "You forced your charge to cook for you?" The man asked rhetorically already knowing the answer to his question.

The vampire just left the Inferi there while he straightened up his suit ensuring it was free of wrinkles. "There is a long list of chores for you to do while I am gone with the child today." The man said calmly as if he had not forcefully abused the slave.

"Dobby." The man called out. A few seconds later a small pop appeared in the potions lab along with a little gremlin type creature.

"What doeses Dobby do for Butler Snape?" the creature asked.

"You are in charge of my pet Inferi while I am gone. I want you to make sure she kept busy while I am gone and I wrote out a list of minimal stuff I want her to complete before having her only do tasks that are out of sight for now I need to pick up some enchanted jewelry to glamour her appearance before she can work in the main area of the manor. Tuni you are to obey this house elfs every command until I return." The vampire ordered the two before he left the two in the potions lab so he could go check on his newest charge and get him ready for the day that he had planned ahead.