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Don't let me down

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T: Wyd

B: None of your fucking business

T: If I asked it’s because I care

Todoroki waited a few minutes for an answer that never came. He didn’t give up.

T: I’m bored

B: Did I ask?

T: What?

B: I don’t care if you’re bored
   Go bust someone else’s balls
   Trying to fucking sleep here

T: On Instagram?

B: Are you fucking stalking me now

T: No but you’ve read my message just now

B: Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t answered it too

T: Yep

B: And didn’t it come to your mind that if I haven’t it’s because I don’t wanna talk to you?

T: Yes I’ve thought about it but then you’ve immediately answered me here

B: Yeah to tell you to shut the fuck up

T: You’re still here tho

B: Go fuck yourself

T: That’s exactly what I'm doing

The message was followed by a long pause. Three dots appeared on the screen, meaning Bakugou was trying to find a plausible answer to that affirmation, but it took him a while to actually respond. 

B: What

T: My ass what else

B: For fuck’s sake, that’s not what I meant
    do you even have any decency?

T: Why should I feel ashamed?
    you’ve already seen me doing it

Bakugou did not respond. Shouto knew how to tease him but he wanted to be sure he had all his attention. His straightforwardness made him uncomfortable sometimes, and he definitely was aware of it. 

B: Are you fucking serious?!?!

T: What do you think

B: You’re sick

T: Next time think twice before posting certain things on Instagram

B: God, you’re a fucking pervert

T: And you’re a shiwopp
    Sry it’s hard to write with just one hand

B: You really make me sick

T: Don’t pretend you haven’t just put a hand down your pants

B: You wish

T: Actually yes

And it was true. At that moment Shouto needed to know that Bakugou was touching himself, that his words had the desired effect on him. He wished it with all his heart. Again, the silence amplified that desire: it had always been difficult to convince Bakugou to say certain things; he didn’t seem to have any problem insulting and humiliating whoever crossed his path at any given moment, but when it came to sex, he was stiffer and more uptight. It was just a facade and Shouto was aware of it: it was probably a matter of pride, but after pressing the right buttons he returned to be the usual pretentious and dismissive Bakugou.
Shouto understood him pretty well: he considered himself quite a proud person but once he got acquainted with someone, he would lose every kind of filter and that’s what happened with Bakugou.

B: What if I did?

T: Nothing I’d probably ask you to send me a pic

B: Picture my ass

T: Already doing it

B: God, are you stupid or what?
    hope you’re doing this on purpose, you dumb fuck
    Like hell, I'm not sending you shit

T: Like it’s something I've never seen before

B: I'm not sending you any fucking picture

T: I've sent you several

B: No one asked you 

T: You didn’t seem upset to receive them, tho
    I bet you still have them


Shouto shuddered when he felt his phone buzzing in his own hand. His excitement vanished rapidly when he got the real content of the picture Bakugou had just sent him on Instagram.

T: Very funny

B: Ask me for another photo and you'll get another middle finger

T: Do you always have to be an asshole?

B: Yes
    How many fingers

T: Two

The change of subject did not surprise him at all. He had him wrapped around his finger, he was sure of it: he would have managed to get that picture  - not that of Bakugou's middle finger - no matter what. He just had to play his cards very well.

B: Are you having fun touching yourself?

T: Yeah, but you’d do it better

B: Damn sure I would

T: I bet you’re hard

B: I'm picturing you on the bed, legs spread open with two fingers up your ass
   What do you think?

T: Pretty hard then

B: You and your stupid mouth, always talking shit
    it’s your goddamn fault

T: You know what I’d do at this moment with my stupid mouth right

B: Yeah I know how much you like to suck it

T: It’d be easier for me to tell you what I’d do with your cock if I had that photo

B: You’ve seen it plenty of times, you don’t need any fucking photo
    Use your imagination

T: Fine I get it
    I’ll finish by myself
    As always
    Goodnight Bakugou

B: What do you mean as always you little piece of shit?!?

T: Clearly you’re not in the mood and I'm getting bored again
    I'm tired of your whining

B: The only one who’s whining here is you asshole

T: I have more important things to do

B: Like what

T: Use your imagination


He cracked a smile: the first thing he noticed, was a middle finger popping out of the shot, on the left corner; classic Bakugou.
He was lying on the bed, surrounded by the darkness of his room, and the only source of light was the screen of his laptop leaning beside him. His shirt was lifted and Shouto caught glimpses of his perfect and defined abs: he looked at the blurred shadows on his skin and then, hungry for more, he followed the V line disappearing down his sweatpants, slightly lowered. The centre of his attention was the boner between his legs, though: he knew Bakugou’s cock very well but seeing it like that, so close and yet so far, drove him crazy. He was grabbing it at the base, but his hand did not hide its remarkable size: reddened, swollen and covered by a thin layer of saliva.
He immediately pictured Bakugou spitting in his palm and stroking himself: frustration and excitement bottled up inside and he felt a strange hot sensation rising in his guts. It felt like he could wrap his fingers around it and touch it, but he knew he actually couldn’t reach it. Two digits were not enough anymore: he had to grab his own erection, leaving the phone falling on his stomach. The idea of Bakugou doing the exact same thing was enough to leave him hot and bothered. He slid his fingers out of his opening, drying them on the sheets before answering.

T: God you have no idea how much I want to take you in my mouth rn

B: Happy now? Here’s your stupid picture

T: I’d be happier if you were here in my bed

B: Oh yeah? And what would you do then?

T: Told you I’d lay down between your legs and I’d let you cum in my mouth

B: That’s it?

T: No I'd do much more but texting it’s getting quite difficult

B: I did what you asked
   Your turn now

T: Call me

B: I've just sent you a photo of my dick
    Isn’t it enough already

T: No I wanna hear your voice

B: Couldn’t you tell me before making a fuss?

T: Where’s the fun then

B: Really, you’re a fucking pervert

T: A fucking pervert that wants to tell you perverted things but doesn’t have enough hands to do it
    Call me
    You won’t regret it


B: Don’t let me down

Hearing Bakugou’s voice was somehow overwhelming. For a moment Todoroki doubted he was really able to sustain that kind of conversation: when it came about dirty talking, he for sure felt the most at ease, because he didn’t put too much weight on it. It was normal for him to always say whatever came to his mind and that did not change between the sheets, but they had never done it over the phone. It wasn’t about making some comments on the spot, anymore: he needed to stay focused to avoid making a fool of himself. He took a deep breath and decided he could do it.

T: Would you like to know what I’d do if you were in my bed?

B: A-ha.

T: I’d lay down on you and get closer and closer to your mouth, looking directly into your eyes, but I wouldn’t kiss you. I'd move towards your ear and I’d bite your lobe, I know how much you like it. Then I'd go down on your neck, kissing and licking it ‘cause I love the taste of your skin when you’re excited. I’d leave you with so many marks that tomorrow no one would doubt what you’ve done tonight. Everyone would know you fucked.

B: Mmhh...

T: I’d go down slowly ‘cause I know you’re greedy and you want everything right away. You’d complain for sure but I love to make you wait, you know that. Are you touching your nipples already, Bakugou?

B: Shut the fuck up... go on.

T: Make up your mind, I either go on or shut up.

B: I swear to God, I'll fucking kill you!

T: The nipples you’re probably squeezing between your fingers, I’d spit and suck on them, pinning you down with my hands ‘cause you’ll probably get all worked up. D’you like the idea?

B: No, I'm gettin’ bored

T: Your voice is telling me otherwise. Anyway, I'm not done yet. I’d put my hands on your hips and lick your groin, bottom-up, then I’d bite your inner thigh and hear you moan loudly. You always do that. Want me to go on?

B: I want you to touch yourself the way I tell you.

T: But I was just getting to the good part

B: I don’t care. Get up from that stupid mattress and sit on your desk, I want you to be uncomfortable. Hold your cock and stroke it like you were doing before, at my command I want you to speed up. Don’t you dare do anything else without my permission. Now continue.

Todoroki did what he asked without complaining: he would have fulfilled any request without cheating like they agreed to. He was a man of his word, just like Katsuki.

T: I’d spread your legs and ask you what you’d like me to do. Then you’d probably grab my hair, and you’d push me towards your crotch without a word, ‘cause you’re a fucking animal. I’d take all your length in my mouth ‘cause I know how much you like it when it hits the back of my throat and...

B: Faster. Touch your nipples, I want you to twist ‘em like I would...

T: ...ahn... and then I’ll suck it, the way you like it. Imagine my tongue on the tip of your cock, mmh? Your dick disappearing between my lips...

B: Fuck, yeah... faster.

T: moans when you push yourself inside my mouth, making me gag and drool all over your cock...

B: F-Faster...

T: God, it’s s-so big that... ahn... that...

B: Nngh… stop.

Fucker. For a moment Shouto thought about breaking the promise: he simply couldn’t stop the hand that was making him feel so good and so close to the orgasm. He had to expect it from Bakugou, though. He obeyed.

T: No, Bakugou...

B: I said stop.

T: Fuck, I hate you.

B: Suck your fingers and shove ‘em up your ass, like you did before. God, I want to bang you on that fuckin’ desk.

T: And how’d you like to do it?

B: Bend over and let me fuck you, you dirty bitch.

T: Asshole.

B: Please, don’t pretend you didn’t like it. You always get soaked wet every time I call you that.

T: And you blush like a little girl when I tell you you’re beautiful.

B: Shut that damn mouth, idiot! Cut the crap…

T: It’s true, though. You’re beautiful, Katsuki. Cocky as hell and annoying as fuck, but so damn handsome. I certainly don’t blow you for your attitude...

B: Fuck you. And this time I mean it.

That’s exactly what Shouto was waiting for, so he picked up from where he stopped before: he put a hand between his legs and started fingering himself, dreaming about the sensation of Bakugou’s cock inside of him. It wasn’t the same, not even remotely, but just hearing him moan on the other side of the phone made it all more realistic. He thought he could feel his breath on his neck, his hands grabbing his hips while he pushed himself in and out at increasing speed.

B: You’re quiet, usually I have to shut you up...

T: My dad’s at home...

B: Perfect, I want him to know what you’re doing. Does he know that you like to take it up your ass? Does he know that his precious son jerks off thinking about me?

T: Katsuki...

B: That’s exactly what I want you to say, but you have to shout it a little bit louder if you want your daddy to hear it.

T: Who are you talking about, yourself or Endeavor?

B: You’re really fucked up, y’know that? I can hear you pretty well from here, you horny fucker. I was talking about fucking Endeavor: next time I see him, I want him to look at me knowing what we’ve done tonight... imagine the expression on that douchebag’s face!

T: I think I could come just by hearing you talking shit about my dad.

B: Don’t you dare, I’m having fun...

Bakugou’s voice was breathy and cracked, but it was also the sexiest thing that could have reached Shouto’s ears at that moment. The speakers of the phone made it sound even more deep and metallic.

T: Ah, yes... mmh…

B: D’you like it when I fuck you like that, huh?

 T: I love it... nngh... K-Katsuki...

B: ...fuck... the things I’d do to you...

Bakugou’s words became fuzzy and confused. Shouto’s vision was blurry and suddenly he couldn’t think straight anymore. His moans became more and more uncontainable every time he hit his own sweet spot, revelling in jolts of pleasure and shivering each time Bakugou’s groaned and sighed. He was already far over his limit. He could almost see him: flushed cheeks, sweat running down his temples, messy blond hair, with the t-shirt held up between his teeth. Overwhelmed with pleasure, even Bakugou seemed tamed, almost cute.

B: Ah, God... S-Shouto... I'm gonna...

T: Yes... yes, please. Come inside me...

B: Holy shit... ah... nngh...

Soon after he heard him mutter something incomprehensible followed by the sexiest moan ever.

T: Katsuki! Oh, yes... Ka...tsuki...

Todoroki came hard in his hand, screaming Bakugou’s name. He felt his legs tremble and his hole clenching around his fingers, so he had to focus not to collapse on the floor. Who knows... maybe his father really heard something, maybe everything or maybe nothing. A part of him wanted to bury itself in deep shame just thinking about it, but the other hoped Endeavour was kept awake by his noises. Bakugou was right: seeing his shocked and humiliated face would have been very amusing. They remained silent for a minute, but Shouto could hear Bakugou’s heavy breath from his smartphone. 

B: Fuck... y-you’re crazy...

T: And you’re beautiful.

B: Cut this crap, you know I hate it...

T: That’s why I love to say it

B: You’re lucky you’re good at fucking or you’d be fucking dead by now. Can I sleep now?

T: First you could send me a picture...