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Slashers at the Amusement Park Would Include

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Bo Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair, and Lester Sinclair - These three tried to go their separate ways but Vincent didn't know anybody else so he stayed with them. Vincent ends up dragging them to ride and game after ride and game and has the absolute time of his life. Bo and Lester mostly just wanted to go to the Arcade and play the hunting games that came with plastic shotguns.

Baby Firefly and Carrie White - Carrie loves going on the carousel and playing all the mini games but can someone please tell her poor soul that those games are rigged and that pink teddy bear key chain she won wasn't worth losing $40 over. Baby flirted with some of the workers and got Carrie a bunch of prizes then took her to try out the bumper cars together.

Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers - They wanted to try the haunted house but ended up not only scaring the actors but also repeatedly got mistaken for actors, Jason was also really confused about why people kept complimenting his "costume" and Michael just wanted to go home. They both brought their signature machete and knife just in case and couldn't understand how nobody could tell that the blades were real. Michael probably ended up killing someone. 

Pennywise and Captain Spaulding - These two were just trying to enjoy the park but kept getting stopped by parents who were forcing their obviously scared children to take photos with the clowns. Pennywise nearly ate a child while Spaulding kept trying to promote his greasy chicken joint/museum and made someone cry. Pennywise did end up wandering off on his own and finding a lost child and- yeah, dinner is served.

Stu Macher and Billy Loomis - These two have a routine. 1, eat as much junk food as possible. 2, go on the swing ride. 3, get off and throw up. 4, repeat. The others just watch him in awe and fear. Other than that the arcade is their best friend and Stu is an absolute master at Dance Dance Revolution.

Brahms Heelshire and Billy Lenz - These two have never had so much deep-fried crap and candy until this very moment. The sugary overload was enough for them to just go completely crazy. They joined Stu and Billy in going on rides and throwing up for a short while but by the end of the night they ended up having a sugar crash and they were found asleep behind one of the game stalls.

Tiffany Valentine and Chucky (Both in doll form) - Tiffany forces Chucky to take cute couple photos with her in the photo booth but they're both too short and you can just see the tops of their heads in the final photo strip. They both ended up stealing food from one of the stalls before sneaking onto the Ferris Wheel (they may or may not have been mistaken for lost toys and ended up getting dumped in the lost n found). 

Bubba Sawyer and Thomas Hewitt - Thomas thought it'd be fun to try out the high striker (test your strength) and ended up breaking the damn thing but it was worth it since Thomas ended up winning two stuffed animals (and yes he gave one to Bubba). They also went into the house of mirrors and Bubba didn't realise how the house worked, so he just kept running into mirrors and angry babbling every time Thomas laughed at him. After that they went to get ice cream as that was Thomas' way of apologising, but it still was funny.