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Johnson and Raydor in Blue Skies

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Blue skies
By Irving Berlin

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you're in love, my how they fly

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Blue days
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on
Grey skies


Chapter One: New at the bureau

The sky had been in a greyish tint for weeks on end, or so it seemed, aptly mirroring the mood of Special Agent Brenda Leigh Johnson. She had been riding the desk, figuratively speaking, ever since she had been disciplined for having sensitivity issues towards the suspects. The one person in question, from whom Brenda had nicely asked for certain information, had turned uncooperative and, well, things had kind of gotten out of hand there, resulting for Brenda to use language her mother would not have been proud of and leaving the suspect in tears. And unluckily for the agent, only later to be filing a complaint against the savvy agent.

"Agent Johnson!" The Director was calling Brenda, who had been deep in thought, but rousing from the haze as she finally managed to look up after the second call of her name.

"Director!" Brenda rose to her feet rather quickly, not that she was saluting her boss, but she had been sitting down for a longest while and her feet were starting to fall asleep, so it was time to do something other than sit on her ass all day long for a change. “What can I do for you, Ma’am?” She asked respectfully as she really had a soft spot for the Director, who was always looking after her, no matter what situations the agent got herself into, always.

Director Jones looked at her subordinate. She liked the feisty blond agent, despite being quite the handful, never really following any rules or regulations, always using the excuse of the end justifying the means. But she got the needed results, and in the Director's book, that was what counted after all. Unfortunately the Bureau for UFO Investigations, or BFUI as it was fondly called, had gotten a bad reputation, not that the whole existence of the bureau itself was something of a laughing stock among the more reputable branches, but they had proven many a Doubting Thomases wrong. Of course there were also plenty of hoaxes out there, and the agents tasks were to investigate all the reported incidents with a fine tooth comb, gather what evidence they could find and not to make any assumptions until the complete end results pointed them to the correct conclusions. It wasn’t always so easy and straight forward, but they had managed to resolve quite a few of them during the existence of the bureau.

"Agent Johnson, meet Special Agent Sharon Raydor." The Director stepped aside and behind her a woman of tall stature and tailored looks appeared. "She is moving in here from our International Crime Unit." the Director added much to the surprise and total annoyance of Agent Johnson.

"Agent Raydor, this is Special Agent Johnson," The Director continued the introductions casually, seeing the look of surprise on Agent Johnson's face, but not commenting on it. After all, she had already warned her before of the possibility, which obviously was now forgotten. ”Brenda Leigh, meet your new partner!" The Director let out a small smile just then, after using the first name of the agent. After all, they were sort of friends too, despite her being the boss.

Brenda could not believe what she had heard. How could this be happening and now of all times. Had she missed a memo or something, she wondered as she looked at the other agent in front of her. Where the hell was this coming from anyway? She did not need a partner after all. Then, something popped up from her blurry memory, a comment the Director had made of something Brenda had done on an earlier case, and getting to her usual trouble then too. Something about if she did not change, she would be assigned with a partner. But, why now? Then she was once again reminded that she was sitting at a desk for the duration due to a reprimand, so there was that.

"Partner?" She half shouted, "I don't need a partner, I work alone." She told her boss straight out, trying to defend her case even if she knew there was no use to argue.

"I know you are, um, unaccustomed to work with anyone." The Director was looking for a polite way to say it, since the only reason Brenda was working alone was, that she was considered difficult, reckless, insensitive, rude even, oh yes, and there was that word again, which neither woman redeemed good, bitch. Which had been used by one of her former male partners after Brenda had gone behind his back and solved the case as said partner would not go along with Brenda's plan at the time. She had gone through more partners than any other agent in the place. That was why Brenda was going solo both professionally and personally, but that was a whole other pandoras box not to be opened.

The Director knew very well when to loose or win an argument with the Agent and she decided to use the one single ace she had in her sleeve for these situations. Usually, it did work, usually.

"It's the new rule of the bureau, no agent will work solo from now one. It comes from the top."

Director Jones made a tiny white lie there. It was not exactly a lie, nor the truth. It was a new recommendation, but the Director decided to modify it in this case. After all, she was lucky to get Agent Raydor to her fold, her reputation as a deal maker, and following the law was undisputed. And maybe partnering her with Agent Johnson would be a good thing. Or it could backfire horribly. In any case, the decision had been made and the new agent was present and counted for.

Brenda took one look at the suave figure standing there, calmly even, but with a piercing gaze and the head, which seemed to have no hair out of place at all. She quickly made an inventory of her supposed partner and decided, she did not like her, no not one bit. She did not need anyone shining on her parade, or peeing on either it for that matter. Not now, as the desk duty was about to end soon enough and then, she was able to go out there, hunting, gathering, probing, searching looking for the unknown. Brenda squinted her eyes to look as ominous as possible, or at least she hoped that to be the effect and stared at the other woman. Feeling a headache coming on, she quickly stopped and turned her gaze elsewhere.

Agent Sharon Raydor was holding her stance, her hands held neatly behind her back, while clearly, being scrutinised by the agent in front of her. She had heard rumours, stories, tales of horror even, about this, this woman now standing live in front of her. In person, she did not look as tall or even evil, or threatening for that matter, as the pictures painted by the tall tales others had been weaving around the water cooler. She looked a little naive even, in her dress filled with silly flowers. She looked more like a sales rep for a department store than a heavy duty agent of any kind in Sharon's opinion.

Being part of this elite squad of agents, was the only reason Sharon had agreed to work with Brenda, when the Director had approached her with an offer to join them team. This had been the catch to get here, despite Sharon's excellent duty record and long list of achievements. The Director had made a sales pitch of it really, telling Sharon, that she would be a great influence on the other wise rogue agent and later, she would be rewarded. And, if Sharon managed to steer Brenda on the right track, then she would be given another partner in the process. It was a major challenge, Sharon admitted as much, but she was up to the task. At least, she thought she had been, but now, it seemed she may have jumped the gun.

"Agent Johnson.” Sharon offered her hand in greeting.

Brenda stared at the offered hand and reluctantly took it and shook it briefly. Seeing this as a good sign the Director decided to take her leave.

"Well, I will leave you two to get acquainted then." The Director stated, not wanting to remain any longer than necessary there, suspecting there would be some sort of worldly fight about to start soon enough. After all, the tell tale sings were all there, seeing how the two women had been staring at each other, clearly assessing the other ones weaknesses, like the opponents in a boxing match, bearing their teeth and ready to pounce at any moment.

Chapter Two: Getting situated

Sharon remained standing, while Brenda seated herself. She heard a clearing of the throat behind of her as she had her back turned to the new arrival and realised she really was being quite rude.

"Sorry, where are my manners!" She then stated. "You can take that desk." Brenda pointed to the empty desk opposite of hers on the right from her.

"Thank you." Sharon replied rather curtly and started moving towards the table, which had a monitor and a laptop in place already. Sharon seated herself and looked at the devices.

"You did get the login details already didn't you?" Brenda asked her, not knowing of what tasks or processes Sharon had already been familiarised with before coming over to the office area.

"Yes, I have them. I attended a two weeks course of introduction for everything related to this bureau." Sharon stated proudly.

"Of course you did." Brenda looked at her, rolling her eyes after replying, but then concentrated on the papers in front of her, not paying any attention to her new partner, what so ever. After all, she was still irked that she even had gotten one.

Sharon did not open the computer, but remained seated by the desk, her hands on top of the desk with fingers crossed. She was staring at Brenda, and Brenda could feel the deep probing gaze emanating from the other woman. It was totally getting to her, even if she tried to avoid it.

"Yes?" Brenda finally asked, looking side ways at Sharon.

"I was hoping you could catch me up, on your current cases I mean." Sharon looked hopefully at her new partner, ready bite into what ever cases were thrown her way.

"Well, to put it simply, I have nothing open currently." Brenda stated matter of factually, as she had been at a desk job, mostly picking her thumbs for the past two weeks.

It was Sharon's turn to react with her eyes, and widen they did, quite much so, not really sure if this was the truth or something the other agent did simply not want to share with her out of spite as she sensed the dislike emanating from the agent, directed at her.

"No cases?" She asked confused, "But I was…”She paused rethinking her situation and the discussion she had previously with her new boss. "The Director told me you were investigating some very interesting cases at the moment and..."

Sharon was rudely interrupted by Brenda.

"I have been riding my desk for the past two weeks. Didn't she tell you that?" Brenda was getting angry now, both at the Director and the new agent. ”God, first they deprive me of my job and now this, what's next?"

Brenda was cursing under her breath, fowler words than Sharon had ever heard, or at least, not coming from a woman like the agent was and she was mumbling too, something about the unfairness of it all and everyone should just go and fuck themselves or something similar. Sharon could not really make out the rest, but she could guess as what the other agent meant. Sharon stared at Brenda. There was nothing she could say or do but to wait for her new partner to let out the steam built up inside of her after the few weeks of frustration there and what ever rant she had going on to end.

After Brenda's temper tantrum had subsided, Sharon decided it was time to have a little chat with her new partner. Sharon gave one more glance towards Brenda, who was seemingly staring at her own shoes at this point, but looked at least a little calmer than a few minutes ago. She then rose from the chair and walked to the other agents desk, remaining standing right in front of Brenda waiting for her attention.

After her mini melt down, Brenda was staring at her feet, apparently finding them much more fascinating than anything else in the room, or so it might have looked from the outside. But in truth, she had only seen the many issues in the whole predicament she was in. And then she had internally cursed the Director for pushing a partner onto her and then on top of that, Brenda had cursed the other woman, who had dared to enter her sanctum, dared to ask if she could look in to her cases, dared to... Brenda was rudely interrupted from her inner rant by the eerie feeling of being stared at and from very close proximity.

"Oh that woman!" Brenda screamed in her head.

Brenda looked up, and was in direct eye contact with Sharon. She could see the green eyes staring back at her. "Very gorgeous green eyes." Brenda heard in her mind. "What the fuck?" she asked internally again. This was the enemy, not a friend, and certainly not the place to make such observations. But alas, Brenda's mind was playing further tricks on the owner and had decided to go a different path altogether, than which Brenda wanted to choose herself. She tried to control the irritant brain, sitting up right, trying to act all cool, when that blasted inner voice taunted her again. “Quite the nice figure too, and great assets to top that." Brenda heard and also, what? Laughter? No, more precisely, giggling. Brenda cursed again internally, her inner voice and she would have to have a good talk later on. Outside, she held her facade of a calm and expressionless face.

"Look, I know you are," Sharon was looking for the right word, but since none was available, she decided the go with the most obvious one, "busy." Sharon could clearly see Brenda was doing absolutely nothing for the moment at least, her desk clear and empty, but did not want to anger the already fuming agent further. "Would it be possible for you to walk me through a few of your latest cases? Just for me to get an understanding on what you have worked on and how you handled them?” Sharon was trying to be as polite as she possibly could, but she too, was getting annoyed by this, this supposedly great agent, with whom she was supposed to be working and learning from. "I would love to hear how you managed to solve them all." Sharon was forcing a smile out. "I have heard how good you are at solving even the impossible cases." Solving yes, but at what cost she thought internally.

The Director had been quite frank with Sharon after first selling her the idea of this, supposedly great mystery solving agent and what a great opportunity it would be for her to work alongside the famous agent. But after Sharon had accepted the offer, the other footwear, had fallen. The shortcuts, the harassment suits and now, the desk duty. The Director had told Sharon straight up, that she wished for some of Sharon's good traits would rub off on Brenda, but she had also warned her, that it would be a rocky road ahead for her. After hearing all that, Sharon had started to second guess the choice she had made as she had been eager to get a position in the BFUI. But, she had been never known for backing off and she had nearly convinced herself, that this was the utmost challenge, nearly. Now, standing here, trying to get something out of her new partner, all Sharon wanted to do, was to run outside and go get drunk in whatever dive bar she could find. Yes, it was that bad. Really.

Brenda heard the obvious words from the other agent, as an attempt of trying to butter her up, most likely not sincere at all, but, she felt tired and mostly bored. So, maybe going through her past cases would cheer her up a little. Just, maybe.

"Alright." Brenda told Sharon surprising the other agent. "Follow me."

She then got up and started walking towards the corridor leading to the office. Sharon looked at her a tad suspiciously, but decided to follow anyway. Brenda walked to the corridor, not stopping or waiting for Sharon, continuing until she reached the very end of the hallway, where a solemn door existed. She opened the door and held it open. Sharon had been right on her tail, but stopped a little before reaching the other agent.

Brenda looked at Sharon questioningly.

"Well?" she asked.

Sharon looked at the open door and then decided to take the leap. She walked past Brenda and right into the room. Brenda followed her and closed the door behind them. Whatever was going to happen between the two of them, was as good as guess as any.

Chapter Three: Browsing

Brenda switched on the lights, revealing a large storage room filled with filing cabinets of all sizes. In the middle of the room, a large table sat, which was overrun by folders and papers awaiting to be filed away. Brenda walked past Sharon, who was still standing in the doorway, looking at the abundance of cases adorning the room.

"Welcome to my domain!" Brenda raised her hands and span around room, as if claiming it to herself.

"These are all your cases?" Sharon was in a bit of an awe.

"Most of them yes, some, I inherited some of them from retired agents, but mostly, they are mine. Most of them solved too." Brenda grinned widely.

"Impressive." Sharon let out. “So,” She stepped closer to the table and picked up one of the files. “I see you like to do things the old school way.”

“How do you mean?” Brenda asked not completely understanding the question.

“Well, what I mean is, that most agencies have their files in digital format. That’s all.” Sharon said glancing over the paperwork at hand.

“Oh, well, they are, most of them anyway.” Brenda said. “But I love the feel of paper rather than glaring at that blasted computer screen all day long.” She admitted as much, as she and the tech really did not mesh, at all.

Sharon usually was not one to show too much emotion, but this work amount was spectacular in her book and deserved the awe in her. She walked around the room and started reading the labels on the filing cabinets. Some of the cases she were familiar with, since she had been following the Bureau for UFO investigations cases for a long, long time. That was one of the reason she had jumped at the offer to work here immediately.

Brenda was leaning against the table, looking at her new partner checking her own handy work out and she liked how impressed Sharon really seemed to be. Maybe there was hope for their partnership yet. And, as Brenda was standing there, watching the eager Agent Raydor going through her files, she had a great view of the backside form of Sharon. A front seat to really check out those long legs of hers and that perfectly rounded derrière too. Indeed, this was a show worth paying for, but she was getting it for free now, letting her dirty and dormant mind dwell where it usually did not go, as Brenda, was all about the job, well, mostly.

A large smile emerged onto Brenda's face. Not that she was proud of this type of behaviour for herself, but sometimes, well most of the times, her dark mind took control from the more job centred one, especially in the presence of a gorgeous woman such as Sharon and started painting all kinds of dirty scenarios there for her to see. This was also another thing Brenda needed to discuss in private with her brain, but for now, there was little if nothing she could do, except to simply ride along and enjoy the scenery. At least until such time that Sharon would turn around and catch her doing so.

And enjoy Brenda did. Brenda could feel the somewhat forgotten sensations all over her body, the tingling sensations, the heat as her body was warming up all over and something else too. Brenda shifted nervously. She crossed her legs, worrying the gathering wetness between her legs was going to start spilling over. Yep, she was truly in trouble with this one. “OK, enough of this”, Brenda decided and told her mind to stop and start giving her sad thoughts, maybe a few death scenarios or something similar to cool her body down. Soon enough, the requested images appeared and all thoughts of pushing her new partner against the wall and ravishing her right then and there, in the filing room, vanished, like the flick of a light switch. Yes, it was that simple to her as she had learnt to compartmentalise early on while starting her career.

Sharon had been browsing the names of the case files, walking along, feeling the familiarity of those she had read about before. She had a keen memory, and all things she read, heard and even saw, remained inside her brain like stored on some hard drive. It was a pro most of the times, but sometimes, late at night especially, a con, when she was all alone by herself. But, that was not something she dwelled on much, especially when on the job. She paused at one of the cabinets and touched it lightly. This case in particular was one of her favourites. She opened the top drawer and touched the files lightly with her finger tips. She then picked up one of the manila folders and opened it up, browsing through the pictures she found in there. She looked at the images and smiled happily, like a giddy fan girl. Or at least, it looked like that to the outsider. But, Sharon knew better as to what it was, and this one, had never been solved. One of the rare few ones it was.

Sharon had been deep in the files, when she suddenly felt a warmth running through her body. First she thought it was because of the files, but she quickly realised it was something else. Then the tingling sensations started and she could tell, she was clearly being watched. Sharon had a sixth sense about these things and she could feel her new partner was eyeing her, all over. Sharon was not sure, whether it was just to assess Sharon in general or something else, but it felt so good having the other woman checking her out, no matter the reason.

When Sharon had first laid eyes on Special Agent Brenda Leigh Johnson, she had been struck by how powerful the other woman had looked. Her piercing gaze, her pouty lips, her exposed cleavage in that dress of hers, which seemed all wrong, but somehow suited her person. Yes, Sharon had had all kinds of signals running through her body. Never mind the cold greeting she had gotten from this woman, the fact that the other agent clearly did not want her around, made Sharon want her even more. And she was clearly aroused by this, this annoying woman, her new partner at that. Yes, it was a quirk of hers, but angry women turned her on, majorly so.

Sharon did not turn, but decided to continue her browsing, meanwhile revelling on the sweet sensations under the other woman's gaze. Sharon felt her panties getting wetter by each passing moment, and then, realising where she was and whom she was with, she decided it was better to calm down, before she would cause a scene. After all, the thin panties could only hold on to so much liquid. This was something she had found out the hard way as the clothing she loved, was usually never that practical, so that was the cost of having high fashion and delicate underwear in her closet. But, she loved the way she looked and she did look good in her clothing, vanity or not, it was the truth.

Sharon breathed in and then exhaled, before turning around. As she did, she could see her new partner, still leaning against the desk, but her eyes were closed. But she seemed to be breathing unevenly. Sharon was surprised to see this, she had been so sure the other woman had been staring at her, but it seemed like she was doing something else. Annoyed, mostly for being totally wrong with her senses, Sharon closed the cabinet drawer loudly, causing Brenda to flinch and open her eyes and glance in Sharon's direction. The other women looked annoyed for some reason, which seemed odd, since just a few minutes ago, Sharon had seemed almost giddy.

Sharon stepped away from the cabinet and said in a low voice, "Thank you for letting me see this. I am sure there is a lot I can learn from these and you too." She stated matter of factually and then walked past Brenda and out the door.

As she walked past her, Brenda could smell the sweet scent of Sharon's perfume and a whiff of something else. Brenda's mind went a mile a minute as she realised what it was. The smell of arousal, or was it her own she smelled? In any case, Brenda suspected there was something else going on behind the mask of Special Agent Raydor than she let on. Brenda followed her new partner out form the room, switching off the lights before she did and closing the door behind her. As she walked down the corridor, she made a promise to herself to find out what made the new partner agent tick. Yes, maybe this was going to be an interesting partnership after all. And who knew where they might find themselves after all. Well, it could easily be in the fighting ring, but Brenda was hoping for something more, personal and laced with sexy lingerie, some candles and soft music. After all, they needed to get to know each other well, to work well, right?

Chapter Four: Thar be crop circles here!

The next day, when Brenda arrived to the office, Sharon was already there. She was sitting at her desk with a bunch of files in front of her, reading.

"Good morning!" Brenda greeted her cheerfully, which was a surprise even to herself.

"Morning." Sharon replied curtly, not lifting her eyes off the files.

"So, found anything interesting?" Brenda asked, as she was making herself comfortable at her desk, placing the thermos mug with coffee inside, carefully, on to the table.

"Well, I am reading one of your cases here..." Sharon looked up, but before she could continue, Director Jones busted in to their office, seemingly exited about something.

"Just got a call. There is a new incident. Happened last night at Fielder's Farm. Both of you, right now!" She barked her orders curtly. “Get moving, while the tracks are still fresh.”

Both Brenda and Sharon quickly got up, picking up their bags, following their orders, they raced to the garage to get into their vehicles. After all, this was a huge deal, that they had a recent sighting and they would be the first ones there, on site, digging into the dirt, literally.


Brenda and Sharon had arrived to the farmers field after some thirty minutes drive out from the city. It had been a quiet drive, neither of them talking to each other after the small fight they had had in the garage on how to get to the farm. It was as bad as Sharon had said, but it was too late now.


First off, Brenda had insisted on them taking one car and she doing the driving. Secondly, Sharon had demanded they take her car, as she had a four wheeler, while Brenda only had a regular car, as sports one at that, hardly capable to handle any dirt roads they were bound to end up on. As they had debated on which car to take, Brenda had finally threatened to go alone and leave Sharon behind if she did not yield to her choice. And so they had.

"Look, it is a farm, meaning the roads are most likely in a really bad condition. My car will take us all the way there." Sharon had insisted.

"We'll take my car and I will drive. I have used the same car for several years and it has not failed me yet. Get inside or remain here, I don't care. Just don’t follow me if you insist on getting there yourself.” Brenda had half shouted and gotten into her car and put the keys into the ignition starting it, leaving her partner no choice at all.

Sharon was shaking her head, but she did not want to miss this opportunity either to start her new career and managed to grab the door and open it before Brenda exhilarated the engine. Sharon was barely seated when Brenda took off in a squealing noise of the tires. Sharon was fuming as was Brenda and neither of them spoke a word until they reached the farm.

They were driving along a narrow road, and it was bumpy as hell. Brenda was gripping on to the steering wheel, while Sharon was gripping on to her seat. Brenda cursed internally, mainly herself, for deciding to be the boss lady today of all days and not taken upon the offered four wheel ride. Sharon on the other hand was cursing the day she had gotten hooked up on UFOs and such things and her choice of becoming a member of the bureau investigating them.

After the very uncomfortable ride, they could see the farmhouse at the end of the road. Brenda parked the car just outside the perimeter and could see the farmer already waiting for them on the porch. The duo had gotten out of the car and managed to get a stance, after both their legs felt a little shaky after the really bad ride out there.


"Greetings! You must be the two agents sent here to investigate my field then?" The farmer told the two.

"Good day!" Brenda greeted him in kind. "I am Special Agent Johnson, " Brenda flashed her badge, and turned to Sharon, "and this is Special Agent Raydor." Sharon nodded and showed her badge as well.

"Excellent!" The farmer said. ”Please follow me." He added and turned down to look at the two agents footwear. "Oh, you may want to change those." He pointed at their shoes. "I got several pairs of wellingtons right over there." He then pointed at his porch, where said several pairs of footwear stood in a neat row.

Sharon and Brenda saw the tall boots and went to get each a pair, putting them on, still not talking to each other, but figuring out on how to balance on one foot while the other still had a stiletto on and the other was supposed to go to a large size boot. It seemed to be a struggle, but Sharon finally broke down and said to her partner:

"What if I hold you first while you put these on, then you help me, OK?" she asked softly.

Brenda nodded and took the offered help. It did not take too long now, when both of them had appropriate footwear on and followed the farmer to his field. After all, they were a team, and they needed to work together.


"So here is where it landed. Made a terrible noise it did. Scared the living day lights out of dear old Bessie!" The Farmer was showing the place for the two agents, making his own comments and observations heard.

"Bessie is one of your farm animals?" Sharon asked as she was making notes to her little black book, the name sounding something one would give to a dog or a cat maybe.

While Sharon was the detail oriented rule following bureaucrat, Brenda Leigh mostly relied on her memory and adjusted the details where needed. Following rules of any kind, was certainly not her forte, but she managed to mostly go on without breaking too many of them while pushing through a case.

"No, no, Bessie is my wife dear old thing.” The farmer laughed, not offended at all, by the mistake. “She is in the house now, too scared to come out!" The Farmer looked at Sharon like it had been a stupid question of sorts in any case.

"So, you woke up at six am, and it was still dark, but you could see a bright light and a loud noise and that made you run out here?" Brenda was trying to get the details out of him as he had already said as much to the operative taking his call.

"Yes, like I told your officer on the phone. I ran out here, with Arnie and saw that big, thingamajig, or what ever it was, hovering over the field, lights flashing and all, making all sorts of noises."

"Arnie? He is your what son?" Sharon was confused again. So far, they had only seen the Farmer, were the hell were all the others hiding then, in the farm house maybe?

"No, no, I don't have a son. Arnie is my shoot gun." He patted the weapon, hanging on his side real proud like.

Sharon shook her head and jotted down the information again in her little notebook.

Brenda was pacing about. She could not see anything unusual from behind the fence they were standing currently.

"What makes you think it was a UFO and not some kids playing their pranks?" Brenda asked, she was still being skeptic about it all. Mostly, these farm reports turned out to be hoaxes anyway and Brenda was missing her coffee, which she had forgotten in the office in her haste to leave.

"Come with me.” The Farmer told the duo.

The Farmer then motioned for the two of them to follow him. They walked some hundred metres to round the fence and came close to a tower of sorts. The farmer started up the ladder and as neither agent was following him he shouted from half way up.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" And then he continued all the way up himself.

Both women looked at each other and Brenda started her ascent first, followed by Sharon, who got a nice view up Brenda's skirt, all the way to her panties. Sharon was cursing the venue, but could not keep her eyes off the muscular yet delicate legs and the black lace underwear. Indeed, it was a great sight to be viewed on this otherwise dreary morning.

"God, Sharon," She berated herself internally after realising what she was doing again, "focus on the job and don’t let your pussy lead you again!"

Both of them reached the top in no time and landed on a platform, clearly made up to monitor the farm for any fires or runaway cattle and such things, but from up there they could also see the whole field.

The Farmer was looking down and motioned for the two agents to join him on the other side. He motioned for them to look at where he was looking at.

"You see!" He exclaimed triumphantly.

Both Brenda and Sharon stared at the field, which looked pretty ordinary, except, that in the middle of it, was a quite large and very precise circle, with symbols carved into it. It looked like nothing man made due to its geometry so precise and clean cut. Sharon picked up her mobile phone from her pocket and started snapping pictures. Neither of the agents said a word for a moment.

"Well, Mister Fielding, it looks like you have some unusual activity on your farm going on!" Brenda told the Farmer.

The Farmer nodded in agreement, while Sharon just looked at the awesome sight in front of them. This was the first time she had seen anything like this while on the job as even in her previous work, she had sometimes stumbled into some unexplained and out of the ordinary happenings. And she was totally fascinated by what she saw. It wasn’t a surprise to her, how some people found these kinds of things a sign of extraterrestrial life, as it was quite beautiful and completely captivating to say the least. And whom ever had produced, well, it was like a mathematical masterpiece to say the least.

Chapter Five: A gut feeling I have

"I always go with my gut feeling.” Brenda said. ”And I am telling you there is something fishy going on out here or there, on the farm I mean.” She sounded a tad rant-ish too apparently.

"I see, and was that the reason you were riding a desk for the past well, several weeks?” Sharon asked sarcastically.

"That, was not, my fault." Brenda replied, punctuating the words. “And it was two weeks.” She clarified.

"Fine." Sharon yielded. ”But what makes you think the Fielding Farm crop circles are a hoax?" Sharon asked, trying to understand the other agents gut feeling about the case and assuming that was what she had meant by her comment of something fishy going on out in the farm.

"I dunno, it just is like that, I guess. In my gut, the feeling.” Brenda said still rambling.

The women were in the car driving back to the city. After checking up with the Farmers wife, Bessie, who seemed to confirm her husbands story, the duo had surveilled the area a little further, taking pictures and then, decided it was time to get back. Usually, after the preliminary contact by agents in these cases, the next step would be to call in the tech team to take samples and make thorough scans of the whole area. This happened only, if the agent was satisfied it was not a hoax, since they did not want to waste manpower for trivial cases.

"So you don't think we should send in a tech team to make a through sweep of the area then?" Sharon asked, being quite familiar with the process of how the cases were handled after a full training regimen provided to her before stepping into the actual field, despite her being already a full fledged operative. But, each bureau had their own investigative techniques and methods and Sharon wanted to learn the way of the land before jumping into the fire.

"What do you think?" Brenda heard herself say. She was surprised, since usually her gut feeling was her law, but now, she had a partner, who seemed to have a different view point to the incident.

"Well, I thought it looked genuine enough." Sharon replied honestly, even if she wasn’t really the expert here, not yet anyway.

Brenda did not reply immediately, rather was thinking. It had looked real enough, at least from where they had been looking at it. And the farmer surely did not have any agenda of his own to do this kind of thing, right? So, why was her gut giving her the trouble now of all times? Some bad cuisine maybe? Gas, dared she say? But she rarely farther, as she was a lady; yeah, in a pig's eye!

"OK, let's assess the case once we get back to the office and then make a decision. I want to take a good look at the photos we took." Brenda finally said. “And besides, even if my gut is usually always right, except when it is upset over some exotic foods I might have eaten, as sometimes there are exceptions to the rules, am I right?”

She was trying to make a joke of it, the rule thing, she had heard her partner liked to follow, just a rumour really, from another agent who had previously worked with Sharon, but she put it out there, just the same. And then there was the fart joke of course, the gas thing, she had been thinking of earlier. Never could go wrong with butt jokes, right?

"Sounds like a plan." Sharon replied.

She was totally being happy, that Brenda had been listening to her opinion and completely ignoring the jokes, butt or otherwise. She knew she was anal about the rules and had been often told so. But she was a rule follower and that was that. If her new partner could not handle it, then it was her problem, not Sharon's. And besides, she suspected the Director needed someone like Sharon to shake things up a bit, as the two of them seemed to be polar opposites of each other in oh so many ways.

“Excellent, then we are in an agreement. Finally!” Brenda exclaimed.

Brenda tried to make light of it again, but she got no laughter out of Sharon this time either, rather she was her usual calm and collected self, which Brenda read as kinda boring, but she had other assets, literally, which more than made up for the stiff facade. Many, many, many wonderful assets Brenda sank into her naught corner again, letting herself dwell there for a moment. After all, she deserved it after threading through mud and dirt on the farm for the better half of the day, and without her coffee too. Tea! What the hell was the Farmers wife thinking. Nobody drank tea, right!?

“I am actually looking forward to seeing how the process works, if we get to the point where we agree that this is a genuine case after all.” Sharon then said.

Sharon sounded pretty adamant Brenda could tell, clearly already on the side of green light for this case. But, Brenda decided not to comment rathe let her mind wonder to the dark side of the naughty, hoping her face wasn’t given anything away, as she looked straight ahead, keeping one eye on the traffic and the other, well, that was wandering towards the very sexy woman beside her, also known as her new partner, Special Agent Sharon Raydor. Yes, indeed, Brenda was misbehaving totally and completely.

Chapter Six: Thinking of stuff

The two agents had been back in the bureau offices for some time now. Brenda had placed a call on their way back from the farm, requesting the tech team on site to start a thorough investigation on the sighting as soon as possible. Sharon had called the Farmer then too, informing him that they bureau was taking his case under investigation after all and to expect a team of scientist to survey the area.

Sharon and Brenda walked in to their office, Sharon feeling exited, while Brenda was more anxious than she had been in a while. She usually felt that way only if there was a “real” UFO sighting, which she had believed this was not, despite Sharon being quite adamant about it and making her change her mind about the whole thing during their ride back. It was uncanny, but somehow Sharon had managed to convince Brenda otherwise. Brenda glanced over her shoulder, seeing her new partner seated at the desk, clearly uploading the images they had taken from the site earlier.

Brenda was profoundly confused. Her mind was contradicting her gut feeling, and that was not good, no, not good at all. Usually they played well together, her mind and her gut, even though Brenda's mind teased her with things such as feelings, or even hinting of love, all that nature. But those were thoughts she could usually handle, quite well actually and to push them so deep they would hardly see the light of day anymore. And considering her gut and its feelings, which was almost never wrong and usually lead her to great end results, was betraying her? Brenda was not liking this one bit and berated the two parts of her, hm, anatomy of doing this to her and now of all times. After all, she had a new partner to break in and a case to investigate thanks to said partner.

Brenda was back at her own desk and started typing on her computer with rapid strokes as if looking for something. She was pulling up cases from the past, comparing them to the new one. She looked at images of verified so called real crop circles compared to those they had taken pictures of today as Sharon had already managed to get them into the bureau cloud for everyone working there to see. "That was fast.” Brenda thought to herself. "She really is as efficient as she is hot." Brenda's mind wandered again, floating towards the dark side. Where the hell did that one come again? Why was she thinking of her partners appearance now when she should have been concentrating on the case at hand! This was not working well for her at all.

It seemed that the past two days had gotten the formidable super agent off her game. She, who was undoubtedly the toughest and most successful agent in the whole wide bureau. She, who was never letting personal things bother anything else she did or stand in the way of business in any way or format. She who, well, you get the gist. How come she was now completely and utterly overwhelmed with all things such as feelings and over-compassing thoughts over this, this woman? And feelings, what the hell were those anyway? Brenda certainly never had those before, at least, never serious ones, right? So why the hell was she thinking of such things now? Brenda was getting more and more nervous by the minute. Afraid she was actually loosing her mind or then, someone had put a spell on her of some kind, maybe?

So, what the hell was going on? Some conspiracy maybe? Was it possible, her new partner was actually an alien entity, masquerading as a human being, an agent of the Bureau of UFO investigations? Or, maybe she was working for the dark government branch trying to undermine these types of investigations? Was Brenda actually a target now, because of her success to prove alien life really existed? And was she now somehow mind probed and maybe even brainwashed, by this, this imposer? Maybe the aliens working together with the dark government had thought, that sending a seductive temptress would be the easiest way to check her out, find out what she really knew and then, try to change her mind or maybe even capture her?

Brenda secretly watched what Sharon was doing, peaking behind her glasses every so often, looking at what her partner was doing each given moment. Was she secretly sending information back to the hive? While she appeared like she was simply looking at photos on her computer? Brenda noticed Sharon's profile, how perfect it was. Her lips in a tiny upward curl, which looked like she was smiling. No, there was definitely something wrong with her as nobody was that perfect, Brenda then deduced in her delirium. Brenda noticed that Sharon's eyes were focused on the screen quite intently at that. Remembering how beautiful they were, like emeralds from the forest of some fantasy book, when she had gazed on Brenda. She then traced the contours of Sharon's perfectly curvy body in her mind. Stopping a little longer on her breasts, wondering how they would feel if she touched them in real life…

Brenda woke up with a start from her haze, realising where her thoughts had been. Again. Clearly, this was proof, her own mind was under some heavy influence or something. Brenda tried to shake off the feelings and images occupying her mind and gazed back to her own screen, only to realise her gaze was once again starting to turn back towards Sharon. She forced her head back to the screen and decided it was time for some distance from her alluring partner. She picked up her mug and left the room. Without one word or comment she was leaving and then heading for the break room for some much needed coffee. After all, she needed the break, as she was feeling like she was burning deep inside.

Chapter Seven: Coffee break

Brenda was pouring coffee to her extra special large mug. Usually, when she filled the thing, the pot got sucked dry and there was nothing left over for anyone else. But today, Brenda was feeling generous and decided to make a fresh pot right after draining the first one. She was counting the spoonfuls and loosing her count, while struggling with her mind trying to take her thoughts to other places she did not want to go to right at this moment, or ever again if she got to decide on this fact. But clearly, it was a struggle of wills, she against her own bran. Brenda had just completed with the coffee into the filter part and hoped the hell the next person liked strong coffee as after three attempts she had simply given up and just poured the fine grain into the filter holder.

Brenda was just about to leave the coffee area, when the Director walked in.

"This is new!" The Director said out loud.

Brenda looked at her quizzically. "What is?"

"You, making coffee." Director Jones smirked at the agent.

"Well, I am starting a new book in my life." She stated matter of factually but rather chipper sounding much to her own surprise too. But, if the Director wanted change, then maybe this was a good place to start. Making coffee for others that worked in the same place as she did.

"Oh, well, that is… "

Director Jones paused as she was unsure as to what the correct answer was in this case. What ever it was she was going to respond to her best agent was cut short by the fact, that she could hear the agent sounding positive and well, the word change was not really a part of Brenda's vocabulary, especially when it concerned her. But, she was simply grateful that the agent had not raised any further commotion in regards to her new partner, as the Director had never even told Brenda about why she had put her and Sharon together or that they were going to be partners until it had happened. Surely, a cowardly way to do it, but, well, it was what it was. Sometimes, Special Agent Johnson was just too scary.

"Good." She decided was the right word as she finally ended the thought and sentence.

"Yes, well, this is just one of many changes I am implementing.” Brenda told her.

What the hell just happened? Now she was talking all kinds of bullshit even to the Director. What was wrong with her today? The thoughts were just popping up in her mind as she stood there, blabbing away to her boss. Brenda had no idea where this was coming from, but clearly, the Director was as surprised as she was herself of this, revelation of sorts. But this was off, on so many levels, even for her.

"Good to hear, Agent!" The Director reassured her clearly at odds with her underling, but did not let it show, too much anyway. "So, what's going on with your new assignment then? Is it a hoax or an actual sighting?" She asked then asked, returning back to business.

"Well, we are still deciding on that." Brenda told her boss. “Kind of.” She was babbling again as they had already agreed it was with Sharon. She tried to cover her mistake or rather the fact that Sharon had somehow managed to convince her against her own better judgement. ”But it seems quite clear cut, I mean a real sighting." Brenda felt tongue tied, babbling on.

"Come on Brenda, you don't really believe that do you?" She was hearing herself say inside mind, that inner voice taunting her once again.

"That is really excellent news!" The Director said with a wide smile. "I am hoping this will bring us closer to an actual encounter. Something I have been waiting on for years!" the Director revealed.

Still it was no secret, that Director Juliet Jones was a firm believer in UFOs, had been ever since she was a child. There were rumours she herself had once in her childhood witnessed a sighting, a close encounter at that, but she usually only mentioned it in passing and no details were really known of it. But, Brenda had found something in their archives after a somewhat lengthy search and she had read the file. Albeit vague, but it was pretty clear that her boss had meat a live one way back when. It was a known fact also, that the Director was looking forward in meeting them or other aliens, she had made it pretty clear to her agents, that if there was an actual live meeting, she wanted to know, no matter what or where she was.

"OK, then, I will go out there tonight with Agent Raydor, maybe we get lucky and get to see them ourselves?"

Brenda said to her boss, hoping not to have to stay with her any longer. She was worried, about what ever else she was about spill to her, as clearly she was under some kind of odd influence, maybe a truth serum or similar kind of drug. Staring into her coffee, hoping it wasn’t administered through her favourite sustenance after all. The Director nodded in approval and Brenda left the break room. She was on her way back to her office and as she was walking down the corridor, she could see a bright flash kind of light, emanating from the end of the hallway. It seemed to be coming from her office. Brenda started running towards the room in a hurry, wanting to know what it was if possible. She simply hoped she wasn’t too late, as clearly, this was no sunspot or trick of the imagination. No, this reminded her of something from a sci-fi movie, a transporter beam or similar. She knew the technology existed on some level even on Earth, but this seemed like a working one, not some experimental thing of the future.

Chapter Eight: Beam me up Scotty?

Brenda reached the office quickly. As she entered the space, she gazed around, but there was nothing odd or out of place there. Sharon was sitting at her desk, still fully concentrated on the images she had been sorting through before. She looked up from her screen, noticing the bewildered, almost deranged look on Brenda's face, making her wonder what got her partner so rattled again. Then again, this seemed to be the norm for the woman, riled up, rattled, unhappy… the list went on in Sharon's mind, making her feel a tad sorry for Brenda, as truly, there were so many things she should be happy about. Especially her job, which was a dream, or well, a great option as any.

"Agent Johnson, is there something wrong?" Sharon asked from her partner.

"Did you see that?" Brenda asked, she was breathing heavily, as she had strode down the hallway quite fast and well, she was kind of out of shape, despite her great physique, but the past few weeks had gotten her down somewhat and going to the gym had been the farthest from her mind.

"See what?" Sharon asked curiously, as clearly there was something more going on with her today.

"The light, it was a greenish hue, or kind of bright but mostly green. It seemed to be coming from this room." Brenda tried to explain to Sharon what she had just seen.

"I am sorry, Agent Johnson, but I have been so focused on these images, that I have not seen anything unusual, lights or otherwise in here.” Sharon replied blinking her eyes in the process, as clearly, there was something more going on there than just suspicion of her partner seeing things.

Brenda looked at Sharon, her eyes really lingering there, and not the good kind of lingering either, but she could find no evidence in Sharon's eyes, indicating she was lying either. Usually Brenda could detect a liar immediately, but there was nothing there, no sense of anything at all, which in itself was really peculiar.

Brenda looked around the immediate area and shook her head. Sharon must have seen the light, or was her own mind playing tricks on her or was this something or someone causing her to either see things or then, she really was going crazy this time around. She was confused, really, totally and utterly confused. She knew what she had seen, at least, it had been so real, so clear. Cursing herself for not being quicker to enter the office or having her camera ready to snap a picture. Then at least she would have the evidence.

Brenda slowly walked to her desk and sat down. She looked at her screen, staring blindly at it at first, but then, more intently. The image they had taken, or rather Sharon had, was on top of on the windows on her display. Brenda stared at the image, and that is there, where she saw it, clear as day. How come she had not seen this before. She hit print and the printer in the corner of the office started humming, indicating it was starting the print job. Brenda walked to the printer and picked up the stiff photo paper. She looked at it and could still see the detail in there. She looked at Sharon, who had been watching her partners actions curiously, but intently, and then, she walked over to Sharon's desk and placed the print on the desk right in front of her.

Brenda stared into Sharon's eyes intently, as if she was trying to read her, or at least, convince her of something. And then she finally spoke.

"See, this is the evidence we are looking for."

Brenda kept her gaze and Sharon could see the enthusiasm present in Brenda's eyes. Sharon then looked down and checked the spot Brenda was pointing at. Sharon stared at the image for a moment, and then raised her head to look at her partner. Her face was stern and there was nothing readable there as she glared into her partners eyes and stated matter of factly:

"I see what you mean. This is proof alright.”

“I know, right!” Brenda exclaimed.

The child in her, long since forgotten, waking up, the once open minded, the willing and wanting to see little girl she had been, wanting to know was beyond this so called normal existence. Maybe this was finally it? Her proving point not just to the world but herself as well. The Doubting Thomas inside of her finally going to be buried for good? Brenda was beyond and beside herself, as this was so freaking exiting to her, finally being able to find the long looked for holy grail of ufology, the one she had been seeking for. Despite her own sceptic nature, she too, wanted to know, to see, to feel, to experience the life out there, beyond Earth and now, they were really onto something and she was about to find out what, at least, that was her hope at this very moment as she almost jumped up and down, but still remained on the ground as she glared at the photo evidence in front of them both.

Chapter Nine: Encounters of some kind?

There was a long moment of pause. Really long. Brenda stared at Sharon and Sharon was staring right back at her partner intently, without even blinking. Really, staring, like it was a battle of chicken being played then and there. Finally Brenda broke down and said:

"What do you see Sharon? In this image. Tell me, what you really see." Brenda demanded form her partner.

Sharon was still staring at Brenda and she did not even glance once at the picture.

"What do you see?" Sharon asked coolly, still not budging from her stance, rather staying annoyingly and perfectly calm.

Brenda then gave Sharon even a stronger look. The best she could ever muster. She could not believe, that this woman, this agent, this... argh! Brenda wanted to scream. And she did, but internally.

"You really don't see what I see do you?" Brenda asked again, this time in a more threatening register.

Sharon held her stance and kept her glare, making it equally as strong, if even possible.

"I see what you see. That would suite you best, right?” Sharon threw the question back.

Brenda raised her hands in defeat.

"I give up! You are impossible!" Brenda stated and turned her back to Sharon.

She could not believe how stubborn the other woman was. Or was Sharon just messing with her head, making her see things, believe she was seeing something which wasn’t even there? Brenda had too many questions in her mind at the moment and what she was seeing, did not make sense, no, none at all. Was this some kind of test? And if so, why now, why her? Brenda was getting a really, really pounding headache. She felt like she was between a rock and a hard place, well, crazy place really. She was facing the wall, running on empty… so many clichés and so little time.

Brenda finally decided it was enough already. And, she was not willing to play along any further in this charade. She turned around, walked to Sharon's desk, leaned in and was mere inches away from Sharon's face. Close enough to feel the warm breath coming out of Sharon's mouth, close enough to... kiss. Brenda closed her eyes for a second, pushing away the thoughts which seemed to be a constant companion ever since Sharon had arrived. After all, she was totally pissed at the other woman, not in a kissing mood, at all. Or was she. Anyway. She was mad. That was it.

Opening her eyes again, it seemed Sharon's face was even closer, if that was even possible.

“I. See. You." Brenda finally said.

Sharon did not blink. She did nothing at all. Just sat there. The two women remained in the close proximity, neither making a move, neither speaking, just breathing, staring into each others eyes. Until...

"Yes, you see me." Sharon replied finally.

Before Brenda could react, before she could even register the omission her new partner had just revealed to her, she was even more surprised of what happened next.

Brenda felt the warm lips against her own, pressing softly but demandingly against her lips. Brenda had no time to think other than to react in responding to the invitation and soon enough, she was kissing Sharon back. Really kissing her. What started as an inviting, gentle kiss, soon turned to a mouth gaping, probing, tongue exploring, hot and passionate hunger fest. It would most likely had gone on for some time, but both of them still needed air to breathe and they reluctantly let go of each others flesh, panting heavily in the after effect.

Brenda was dumbstruck. She was feeling the tingling sensations all over her body, just like before, only they were now ten times stronger, at least. She felt the wetness pooling into her panties and found herself staring at Sharon, wanting nothing more than to lock her lips with Sharon's again and never let go. Brenda heard herself breathing heavily, as was Sharon. Finally, it hit Brenda, what had happened and whom it had happened with. She gulped and took one step back. And then, remembering what they had just discussed and what Sharon had replied, realising what it meant.

"If it is really you, then that means..." Brenda started in a low register, almost whispering as if afraid of someone listening in, or stating the truth out loud.

"It means I am an alien, as in not of this planet." Sharon stated coolly again, hoping Brenda would understand and not start screaming bloody murder or what ever her reaction might be to the news.

"I, I, " Brenda simply stuttered.

Brenda felt dizzy. She started to feel she was going to faint. As if reading Brenda's mind, Sharon quickly moved from behind the desk and managed to grab Brenda before she fell on the floor, gently placing her on the nearest chair.

"Sorry, I did not mean to shock you." Sharon said apologetically. ”I had planned to get to know you better, before telling you who I really was." She added.

Brenda was sitting, but looked up at Sharon. She was surprised, totally so, but looking at Sharon now, she did not look menacing at all, but just as she had before, maybe even softer, and definitely even more desirable, if even possible. She was actually hot for an alien chick!

"No, I am the one who is sorry. I should have realised something was wrong." Brenda told her.

Now it was Sharon's turn to be surprised.

“Wrong how?" Sharon asked her.

"Well, I assume you have been influencing my, um... thoughts?" Brenda half asked or hoped as she still felt quite infatuated by the other woman, maybe even more so.

Sharon's eyes widened.

"Look, I may be an alien, but I am not a magician. I am able to emanate, well, certain pheromones, but those only influence the underlying truth. I cannot change anyone's mind or plant anything there, which does not already exist." Sharon stated, wondering what Brenda actually meant by her comment or maybe she was accusing her of something, now that she knew the truth about her.

"Oh, I see." Brenda gulped. Well, there went that theory. If it was true, then it was Brenda's own feelings and desires playing havoc all along. "So, an alien huh?" Brenda tried to lighten the mood rather quickly at that.

"Yes, but I have lived on Earth since this human form was born." Sharon let out a small smile.

"God, she is so damned gorgeous.” Brenda thought, as she was looking at Sharon grinning now.

"Oh, OK. Well, then, wow, this is really, I mean, wow.” Was all she managed to utter out loud. She had seen a lot of strange things in her life, but this, this was really something else.

Sharon was still smiling, but she could feel for her partner, on so many levels.

"Look, Agent Johnson," Sharon started.

"Brenda" Brenda Leigh told her.

“Brenda." Sharon corrected her choice of addressing her partner "Maybe we should have a good long talk about this and then decide, what is the best way to move forward?" Sharon asked.

Brenda looked at her. She was both scared and curious, but mostly horny and fascinated by this person, woman, alien person, her new partner, Sharon, and she wanted definitely to know her better. Much much better. Especially after that kiss. She wanted more of the same and so what if she was an alien. That was most likely even more titillating for Brenda now that she knew this fact. Who knew what tricks Sharon had in her bag, even if she claimed not to be a magician.

"I agree." Brenda smiled a little. "Maybe over dinner and a few drinks?" she added.

"I would like that." Sharon replied and placed her hand on Brenda's shoulder making the woman tingle all over again.

Chapter Ten: Sharon, you got some ‘splainin' to do!

Sharon and Brenda were having dinner at a very renowned restaurant, an establishment, where it was difficult at best to get a reservation, but it seemed Sharon was well connected. They had just walked into to the place after agreeing on a dinner date, well, it wasn't really a date, but a meeting of sorts. Just two co-workers going out to discuss the daily grind and have good food, spend some time together and get to know each other, all in the name of team work and better relations, while meeting each other on the outside and then walking in, so not a date, right? No matter if they had share a most heated and passionate kiss of all time, this wasn’t a date. Period.

Well, that wasn't entirely true now was it, since both women were dressed in their Sunday best, Brenda having a short black number on her, which clung onto all the right places to her curvaceous body. A dress, she had gotten plenty of action in, in the past at least, as lately, there had been no time for that hardly ever. Oh if the dress could only talk! But, back to this occasion at hand. Brenda felt sexy, having her hair back neatly in a bun, but more elegantly styled, and a pair of high heels, so, what could go wrong with that kind of combo? Nothing really, except, when Sharon had arrived, Brenda's jaw had really dropped, almost to the ground, making a loud sound on its way down. Not to mention the puddle of drool in the after wake. Definitely, this was not a date.

Sharon was dressed in an emerald green dress, skin tight one at that. Highest of heels, red painted lips and a smile that would heat up a solid frozen meal in a heart beat. Her luscious thick hair flowing wild to each and every way as she walked towards her partner in crime. Brenda's heart did skip a beat, several even, as she gawked at her date. No, correction, co-worker, partner at work, an agent working with her at the same work place. Dear god! Brenda was loosing it completely! Alien or not, Sharon Raydor, was really, totally, absolutely freaking sizzling hot! Yup, this was definitely not a date!

"Brenda Leigh." Sharon had greeted her partner with a toothy smile growing even wider if possible.

"Sha, Sharon." Brenda stuttered in response to her greeting and kept on staring even if she tried hard not to do so, after all, it was unbecoming to a professional such as her, right!

"You look exquisite this evening." Sharon had complemented Brenda, completely ignoring the look on her partner's face, not sure what that look was about, if it was a compliment or not as Brenda looked positively dumb struck.

"I, well, thank you." Brenda managed, wondering if she had ever been able to utter words this poorly in her life, she who has the woman of plenty of words after all. "You look, very lovely." She gazed at Sharon, glancing her from head to toe, and back, letting it show more clearly now, that she really, really, really liked what she was seeing at the very moment in time.

Sharon just smiled at the compliment.

"Shall we?" She then asked and motioned at the restaurant door for them to step inside.

"Yes, of course! Please, after you." Brenda bowed, not too low as the hem of her dress was far too short of that and then she motioned for Sharon to step inside first.

There were two reasons for what she was doing. First off, she was a gentle-woman if anything else when on a date (not a date!) every time and secondly, she really enjoyed watching those hips sway, as Sharon walked with a natural swing. A fine vision indeed to look at or rather gawk at, the norm for Brenda for the evening it seemed.

So, here they were having dinner, on a non-date, enjoying the food, drinks, the service even the ambience of the place, not that either of them had had a chance to put much thought to that as mostly, the had emerged into each others company, in this fine restaurant, in a private booth, away from prying eyes, quite romantic, none the less. Even if this was, not a date after all. Just having a comfortable get together among associates and friends to be.

Brenda had been asking all sorts of questions from Sharon, which Sharon had answered as best she could. Especially about the part of her being an alien, which seemed such an odd topic to discuss, but then again, neither of them were ordinary in any way. But for now, it seemed Sharon was just a regular human being, except she possessed some of the knowledge passed down by her alien parents and well, she was quite smart in many aspects and would live a long, long life, longer than any real Human at least. Something which had surprised Brenda too.

"So, what is the crop circle with your face on it about then?" Brenda asked curiously, and took another sip of the lovely wine they were drinking.

"Well, it is very difficult for me to communicate with my parents, since the governments are watching and monitoring the UFO activity as you know. So, they sometimes send messages to me through other visitors passing Earth. The way I know it's for me, is that it has my face on it swell as the message. Well sort of, it's a trick image really. You are actually the first person to recognise it as a face, my face to be exact." Sharon was explaining the mysterious message to Brenda.

"So what is the message then? I mean it's just crop circle right, made of hay?" Brenda was a little confused.

"There is a message there, but it's hidden in code. It can only be revealed in a high resolution photograph and it's in our original language." Sharon revealed as much.

“Oh?" Brenda's eyes widened with curiosity and interest.

"Yes, exactly." Sharon smiled at her partners enthusiasm and optimism too, as she had had no idea Brenda would take this news so, well, well. "It's mostly just about what's going on with them and so on. You know, family stuff. Updates on the events and relatives and so forth.” Sharon explained.

"So, no great secrets of the universe then? No, hi, we're going to invade Earth by the way?" Brenda asked a little disappointed but glad and relived to hear it was just a form of intergalactic texting, that’s all.

"No, nothing like that." Sharon laughed. "You'd be surprised how boring alien life can be, quite similar what we have here actually, part from the highly evolved minds and intergalactic travel and all that jazz, but mostly, regular life. Nine to five jobs and all that too. So, noting mind blowing in that way. And no, contrary to popular belief, most of us, my own and other species too, have no interest in invading Earth, it’s quite primitive to most of them considering what is out there. No, mostly they are curious of how this planet is involving, like why I am here and also, to make sure that the Humans are not doing anything stupid like blowing it up.”

Brenda nodded in agreement, as it sounded good to hear this. “Sounds like you are on a mission then?” She asked.

“Well, just gathering intel, is all.” Sharon smiled at the question.

Then evening went by in a flash, the discussion varying from all sorts of topics after Brenda's initial questioning of the why Sharon was there. But, Brenda enjoyed hearing Sharon talk. Her voice was as mesmerising as her smile was. At this point, Brenda did really not care as to whatever life form Sharon was. Alien or not, Brenda was totally infatuated by this woman, and either it was the setting, the alcohol or simple lure of a gorgeous and sexy woman in front of her, Brenda was totally sold and her earlier thoughts of getting the woman naked, came all gushing back like a bad tsunami. But in a good way, as all doubts of the other woman were a distant memory at this point in time for the fearless agent of the UFO investigating bureau.

Chapter Eleven: Getting hot and naked too?

As the evening progressed, Sharon had told Brenda pretty much her whole life story. Or rather the Human one, as she still would enjoy her life as the original alien she was after this life span. She had been sent to Earth to observe the people and to report back home, that was all. She had been artificially inseminated to the her human mother's womb and had lead a pretty much normal childhood, except that she was really brilliant and could learn things in a fast pace. She had become a member of the government's investigative bureau after university, but also travelled the world extensively. Finally ending up with the UFO investigative unit, which she found was useful in so many ways. Brenda could agree to her reasoning, quite easily.

Sharon also had a secret. What, another one? What secret could top being an alien life form? The secret, which she actually debated on telling her new partner, was the fact, that she had been studying Brenda's work for a very long time. She felt like she was a fan girl actually. But that was not the real secret, rather this one, she was about to reveal just now, was the real doozy.

"Brenda, as I mentioned, I have been admiring your work for several years now. I love your attitude while investigating, the nonchalant approach to each case, neither believing nor dismissing aliens exist." Sharon revealed.

Brenda looked at her intently, waiting for the 'but' part to drop, holding her breath, because she knew there was a 'but' in there somewhere.

"But," Sharon continued, "there is something else,"

Sharon seemed to be blushing for the first time since they had met. Brenda was surprised as she did not know if aliens even did blush. But then again, Sharon was human too, a hybrid of sorts. But still pretty much as flesh and blood as she was, only hotter.

"I have become, well," Sharon was trying to find the right words, which seemed to be a first for her not to find them, "I am somewhat, well, infatuated by you." She stared right into Brenda's eyes as if conveying the truth of her words in the process.

Well, that was not so bad, was it? Nope not bad at all, Brenda thought. Come to think of it, it was the best news Brenda had heard all night. After all, she had similar feelings herself, right? At least, she was totally lusting after the woman and that had been, what, since the first times she had laid eyes on Sharon?

"That is," And there it was again, the stutter was back, why was she doing that? Brenda cleared her throat and then tried again. "I am very glad to hear that, Sharon" Brenda thought it sounded totally lame but those were the words she was able to utter at this very moment.

Brenda extended her hand over the table to prove her own words and put it on top of Sharon's, which had been casually laying on the table. Almost in unison, they switched their hand positions, so that they were gently touching, slightly even caressing each others hands as if by agreement.

"So, if I asked you to come back home with me tonight, you would not mind?" Sharon asked hopefully. “And not only for a simple night cap.” She added to make her suggestion clear enough and boy, was it clear to Brenda.

Brenda was surprised, just a little, but not disappoint to say the least. But, usually that was her line to speak and not the woman she was with. But, it was nice to hear it coming from someone else for a change and she liked being asked, at least when it was Sharon doing the asking.

“No!” Too forceful? “No,” she tried again, “I would not mind at all!" Brenda told her frankly.

Brenda wanted to ask something from Sharon, but she did not know if it was too forward or rude. But decided, she would find out later anyway, she decided to just, go with the flow on this one.

"So, shall we go then?" Sharon asked, still gazing into Brenda's eyes.

"Please!" Brenda told her a little more eagerly than she had meant to, but Sharon just smiled, that gorgeous, sexy, panty wetting smile of hers.

And so, the duo left for Sharon's place, after a very successful dinner date. Yes, yes, it had been a date after all!

Chapter Twelve: Yes, aliens like sex too, Agent Johnson!

Lip locked in a passionate kiss, Sharon and Brenda were pawing at each other, trying to remove the hindering clothing off of each other as quickly as possible, but with all the zippers it was turning out to be quite the challenge even for the quite capable agents. The need to feel naked skin was an urge they both shared at this very moment. After a few days of ogling each others bodies, and fantasising various scenarios of love making in so many places and all kinds of positions, both women were ready for the real deal. After all, fantasy can give one only so much pleasure and never enough compared to the real deal.

Sharon was being pushed against the wall in the foyer of her house, Brenda in charge as per her usual. Pinning the taller woman with her own body, all the while kissing Sharon where ever she found exposed skin at her reach. They were half way undressed already, Sharon having lost her dress and was only in a pari of tiniest of lace panties and a bra, while Brenda had only managed to kick off her shoes, therefore remaining mostly dressed. Sharon was working on the zipper, trying to remove the hindering dress off of her lover, but she had a hard time concentrating due to Brenda's eager and exploring mouth keeping on their most pleasurable assault on her body.

"Bedroom." Sharon managed to utter, feeling completely overwhelmed with the sensations of Brenda's mouth causing to her body and even her brain, something she was happy about as being the alien she was, the mental part heightened the overall experience.

"Which, um, way?" Brenda asked never loosing touch of the delicious skin under her lips.

"Left." Sharon's voice but a whisper.

"Your left or mine?" Brenda was getting really anxious, moving further down south the tall body.

"Um, mine." Sharon managed and let out a whimper as Brenda's tongue landed in her belly button, dipping in there before continuing its voyage.

"OK, guide me." Brenda said, breathing heavily and managed to get up back again as she needed to follow the other woman to the other room.

Sharon started slowly moving towards the bedroom, taking small steps backwards, not wanting to loose the contact between them. But the sex ballet they had started was turning out impossible to continue if they wanted to walk at all and then unanimously deciding to let go off each other for a few torturing moments, the duo practically ran to the bedroom.

Chapter Thirteen: Dirty dancing in the bedroom

The dance of the intertwined bodies continued in the bedroom. Standing beside the large bed, Brenda and Sharon were kissing each other passionately. The rest of the clothing were discarded on to the floor, finally, and the two women were revelling in the heat of each others naked bodies. Caressing and loving the feel of each nook and cranny, the soft curves and ample breasts, they both familiarised themselves with each others bodies before falling onto the soft and awaiting bed.

Sharon was lying on her back, with Brenda on top of her, their bodies matching, limb for limb, breast to breast and pussy to pussy. (Yes, aliens have one too and use that word for it!) Despite their slight height difference, in bed, it seemed they were matched, on so many levels. Brenda was hotly kissing her new alien lover. Yes, it sounded good in her mind to say it too. At this point it did not matter what Sharon's origins was. This was the woman who had filled Brenda's night and daytime fantasies lately and she wanted her badly. And she was actually having her, right now.

Brenda was kissing Sharon on her mouth, lips locked in a fiery kiss, their tongues playing inside one mouth, and then moving to the other in almost a sensual duel. After a long while, Brenda broke off the kiss, and started moving downwards on Sharon's delicious body. Kissing her neck, her collarbone, her breasts, lingering a long while on the perfect examples, but deliberately avoiding the perk peaks on the ample globes. Brenda kissed and licked around the mounds, even under them, hearing Sharon's ragged breathing and small pleads.

Finally, she decided to dive in and with gusto, she sucked in the first hard nipple completely devouring it, while grabbing a hold of its twin with her nimble fingers. Brenda sucked the whole nubbin’ inside her mouth, the sucking noises filling the otherwise silent room, well, part from Sharon's sounds of pleasure of course. Sharon was whimpering, quite loudly now and Brenda pressed on, sucking and licking harder onto the peak, until she let it go and moved over to the second one, mimicking her actions on its sister, with passion and lust. Sharon was letting out all kinds of throaty voices now, making Brenda smirk against Sharon's skin, but never loosing contact. She could feel her own wetness pooling between her legs, wondering what she would find between Sharon's legs after this action alone. After all, she was an alien, but hey, according to Sharon, aliens had sex too!

Deciding it was time to move along, Brenda let go of her two new prices at least for now, hearing Sharon let out a louder whimper in protest. As assuring her partner, Brenda started licking and sucking the skin on Sharon's exposed belly on her way down to where she was looking forward to find even a bigger treasure. And, she was not disappointed in what she found!

Chapter Fourteen: There is sex in the air

Snug between the lean long legs of Sharon, Brenda was eating her way to the centre of that creamy, tasty, delicious treat. Licking, sucking and nipping, sometimes kissing, she was devouring this, this alien-human hybrid pussy like nothing she had eaten before. Be it the alien origin or what, Sharon tasted better than anything Brenda had ever had before, and it had been a lot.

Hearing Sharon's approving moans, Brenda decided it was time to up the ante. She pushed two fingers inside Sharon's hot dripping opening, sliding inside easily, feeling the soft spongy walls sucking her fingers in. She then started pumping the digits in and out in a steady rhythm, keeping her mouth on Sharon's clit suckling on it at the same time.

Brenda was hastening her pace, feeling Sharon getting tense under her touch. Levitating off of the bed must have been a sign, she was getting closer and closer to her peak. Brenda having a hard time holding on, kept her mouth and fingers in place, pumping, licking, sucking, feeling her own pussy firing up from all the pleasure she was giving wondering if she would reach her own orgasm at the same time her partner did. But, she was putting all her effort into Sharon's pleasure, deciding her own could wait the while.

Soon enough, Sharon shouted out. "Oh. My. Goodness. Brenda!" Her body rigid, floating, mid air. Yes, it as a thing she could do, after all, she was an alien. Brenda holding on to her just one hair, well it was more than that but you get the gist. The orgasms ripping through Sharon's body, from head to toe, she was deep in her throes of passion, and almost like a contagion, Brenda felt it catching on. Her own body starting to shake, holding on, was now a mistake.

She let herself go, shaking and letting out a scream, herself trying to redeem. “God! Sharon!" The room around them shaking, all bonds breaking. Truly an encounter of a third, maybe even fourth kind, both women now together inter twined. And then, several moments later, as the orgasmic feelings finally subsided, the room and lovers finding, themselves to be in each others embrace, face to face, kissing softly.

Brenda glared into Sharon's eyes, both of them smiling, widely at that. Both of them sated after literally mind and room blowing orgasmic sex. Lying on the bed, languidly, their bodies still intertwined, softly caressing each others cooling bodies. Sex with an alien, well, noting could really top that, right!?

"Oh my god, Sharon, that was," finding it hard to find the words and hating like sound a cliché, "truly out of this world!” Brenda smirked as it was truly a pun she had made just then.

Sharon laughed out loud. She looked her new lover in the eyes. Knowing she had fallen in love with this, Earthling then and there, or maybe even before this night. Most likely, she had.

"That my dear," She kissed Brenda softly, "is, what you get, for loving the alien." Pun intended, she continued to kiss Brenda, her kisses getting more and more passionate. "Now, my dear, are you ready, for some more outer worldly loving?" She smirked against Brenda's skin.

"Yes, please!" Brenda panted, feeling the sensations taking over again, her body responding to each and every touch Sharon was giving her, as she too, felt like she was, in love.

Epilogue: Nothing but blue skies from now on

The two lovers looked out the window.

"Look the skies are clearing up!" Sharon said dreamily.

"Yes, looks like nothing but blue ahead for as long as the eyes can see!" Brenda replied softly as she was looking at her lover rather than the outside. Yes Brenda Leigh Johnson had finally cleared her grey skies and was looking into the clear blues, in the arms of her alien lover.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, the UFO investigation turned out to be quite real. The evidence clearly revealed, that the sight was actually a regularly used landing sights for UFOs from outer space. Apparently, it was some kind of fuelling station for them, as the farmers field was rich with cow manure. Who knew!

And then again, you knew it already, didn't you, as Sharon got her message from her parents. But that part was kept away from all the files, since Brenda valued her partners privacy or rather her girlfriends privacy, maybe soon to be more, but that is another tall tale in the adventures of Johnson and Raydor.