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Breaking Things

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"Ow! Fuck!" Rodney shook his hand. "Fuck that hurts!"

The Ancient console had been semi-fragile when they started working and a large piece broke off as it was being worked on.

Unfortunately, Rodney was underneath it when it broke and the chunk landed on his hand.

"Are you all right?" Radek asked, peering into the console.

Rodney had his hand in his mouth, trying to sooth the hurt. "I'll be fine. I think we can finish this first and then I'll get it looked at."

"You are sure?" Radek asked. "That sounded pretty painful."

"We're almost done and I'd rather not have to leave it," Rodney sighed. "I'll be fine."

"If you say so."

"I do. Now, I think I need a green crystal under here to initialize the system," Rodney directed.

Radek handed him the crystal and Rodney awkwardly reached up with his other hand to slide the crystal in place. Using the opposite hand meant using an almost unnecessary force and Rodney had to stop for a second to make sure he didn't break the new crystal. "Almost there... okay, got it!"

"Ano. Then you should get out from underneath before we turn anything on," Radek reminded Rodney.

"Okay, give me a minute," Rodney replied, pushing the broken piece out of the way and trying not to use his right hand too much. Radek grabbed the piece when he saw Rodney struggling and hovered as Rodney got up.

"Just my hand," Rodney said, holding it close to his chest.

"I hope you plan to go to the infirmary," Radek said. "The Colonel will not be happy with you if you do not."

"Yes, yes, yes." Rodney rolled his eyes. "Colonel Stoic has to be dying before he'll go to the infirmary but he drags me there if I get so much as a paper cut."

"Your hand is already turning black and blue and, from your reluctance to use it, I suspect it hurts," Radek pointed out, face serious. "More than a paper cut."

Rodney sighed. "We're almost done. Let's run the initialization sequence and see what we find out."

"I will run sequence," Radek said firmly. "You watch only."

Rodney took a step back so that he wasn't tempted to start the system up himself. He knew perfectly well that Radek could do it, his need to be in charge pushed him to do more than he should. Sometimes. Okay, often.

Radek announced what he was doing and then the entire room lit up.

"Excellent!" Rodney said. "We can come back another day and see about replacing that console."

Radek buttoned up the open consoles and picked up their tool kits. "I carry. You go directly to the infirmary."

"Yes, mom!" Rodney teased.

Twenty minutes later, Rodney found himself sitting on a gurney as Carson tutted at him. "You should be more careful!" Carson scolded him.

"The console wasn't supposed to break! It just snapped in my hand as I grabbed it." Rodney protested. "It's not like I did it on purpose."

"Did what?" John asked from over Carson's shoulder.

"Radek and I were working on replacing some crystals in the control room for the tower we want to open," Rodney said. "Piece of the console broke off and dropped on my hand." He held up his hand that was now spectacularly black and blue.

"That looks like it hurts," John said.

"Carson's already given me a shot that's taken the edge off of the pain," Rodney admitted.

"And, if you'll excuse us, I need to take some x-rays," Carson said. "You can go away for an hour or so, Colonel."

"Will you keep him overnight?" John asked.

"Right here!" Rodney protested.

"He should be able to go back to his room, if we don't find anything major in the examination," Carson said with a grin.

"I'll be back in a bit, then," John said. He leaned in for a quick kiss. "Be good for Carson!"

Rodney rolled his eyes. "I'll be fine!"

Carson had Marie take him to the x-ray area and Rodney was patient as the images were taken. Back in the bed, Rodney realized how much his hand hurt. It was throbbing by the time Carson came back to talk to him.

"Are you in pain?" Carson asked.

Rodney nodded. "Getting pretty bad," he admitted.

"Okay, you have a couple of small fractures. The metacarpal that leads to the thumb is broken and the next metacarpal has a hairline fracture. Nothing needs to be set and, given time, should heal with no problems. Also, obviously, you have some deep soft tissue bruising," Carson said. "I'm going to put a removable cast on your wrist and hand, so you don't try to use it. And just because you can take the cast off doesn't mean you can do that."


"But nothing," Carson said firmly. "You need at least a week of rest so that you can heal."

Rodney sighed.

"I'll have Marie give you a pain shot and two days worth of pain meds. I want to see you here the day after tomorrow so I can check on how you are doing," Carson went on.

"How's the patient?" John came strolling in.

"Two broken bones in his hand," Carson replied. "He's broken the metacarpal of the thumb and then has a hairline fracture of the next metacarpal. We'll give him a pain shot before he leaves --" he shot Rodney a glance -- "in a wheelchair, and pain meds for two days, since I want to see him back here the day after tomorrow. No work until I see him again."

"Carson!" Rodney protested.

"Rodney, the pain meds will make you sleepy," Carson said patiently. "Would you let anyone else work in your labs that way?"

"No," Rodney admitted reluctantly.

"There you go!" Carson said.

"Can he eat?" John asked.

Carson shrugged. "Once the pain shot kicks in, he probably won't want to eat. Have something light available and he should drink plenty of water."

John nodded. "Figured that's what you'd say, so already prepared for that! Got some fruit and muffins for the room while I was gone."

Marie came up with a syringe on a tray. "Ready?" she asked.

Rodney nodded.

She quickly injected the pain medication and whisked the tray away.

"Now get out of here!" Carson said. "Don't want to see you until day after tomorrow!"

Marie had one of the other nurses bring a wheelchair and Rodney could feel himself getting woozy from the shot. John hovered as he moved from the bed to the chair.

Rodney didn't really remember the trip back to their room but John's warm hands helped him undress and get ready for bed.

"You need to use the bathroom?" John asked.

Rodney considered. "Probably should," he admitted.

John made Rodney get back into the wheel chair and pushed him into the bathroom.

"You need help?" John asked.

Rodney looked at the cast on his hand. "I think I can manage?"

"I'll be right here," John said.

Rodney awkwardly lowered the sweatpants John had put him in for sleeping so he could piss. John ended up pulling them up for him, just to make it easier.

Back in bed Rodney lay back, unsure of how to sleep with the cast on his hand. "Damn, I normally sleep on that side."

"Try the other side for now," John said leaning over for a kiss. "I'll stay until you fall asleep."

"That would be good!"

John changed for bed and climbed in. Rodney wriggled around and then let John wrap himself around him.

"Thanks," Rodney said softly.

"Any time," John replied. "Now sleep."

Giving in to the pain meds, Rodney closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being taken care of.