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Knot my throne

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Jimin exhales slowly, trying to calm down his restless Alpha. 

He can hear the murmur of countless werewolves coming from outside the tent. Jimin’s heart has been growing anxious with each passing minute. With less than an hour to go for the ritual to begin, reality starts crashing in his mind. Anger and hopelessness start simmering in his blood now that Jimin realizes, more than ever, what’s about to happen to him.

From every scenario, every possible outcome he has ever imagined for his life, Jimin would have never thought he’d end up in this position.

There’s a big golden mirror situated at his right. Jimin has yet to look at his reflection today. He’s been scared that what he’ll see will make him lose the last bit of his sanity. But now, with the ritual so close to starting, it feels like trying to run away from destiny. It’s simply unavoidable.

As much as werewolves are comfortable with nudity, Jimin can't help but wince at the sight that welcomes him in the mirror. 

His tanned skin has been lathered with essential oils, making it shiny and soft. Jimin hates it. Alphas take pride in the roughness of their skin, hardened by long periods of hunting and fighting enemies. Covered in oils, he looks like a servant whore ready to be gifted and used.

He’ll be given no clothes for the ritual, as per tradition. The only resemblance of clothing that Jimin has been given to wear is a harness of fine golden chains that braid around his body. It frames him in the most humiliating of ways, the chains crisscrossing around his cock and nipples and digging uncomfortably on his skin.

Jimin doesn’t doubt for a second that Jeongguk picked the design himself--it leaves Jimin chained and vulnerable, exactly how the youngest Jeon wants him.

As much as it enrages him, this is werewolf tradition. Jimin knows he would've done much worse to Jeongguk had he been in his place. 

When werewolf packs declare war on each other, everyone acknowledges that losing comes with an unspeakable punishment: the loser’s pack leader becomes a war prize for the winner pack, and they have to go through a public ritual of submission to show everyone that they accept surrender. Sexual submission. 

Jimin will never forget the first time he attended a ritual similar to the one he's about to go through. 

He was barely sixteen at the time but already behaved like a prideful  Alpha, his head filled with great ambitions. Jimin's father, the Alpha leader of their pack at the time, had thought it was vital that his son attended a submission ritual and understood even from a young age what being a leader meant. 

"Your pride as an Alpha must be everything to you," Jimin's father had whispered in his ear that day. "Look closely, son. Feel the second-hand embarrassment as if it was you in their place. And never find yourself in this situation, you hear me?" 

Jimin took his father’s words to heart. He watched as Kim's Alpha leader back then, a twenty-year-old woman called Heejin, had walked to the rival Alpha’s throne completely naked. Sitting there was an Alpha werewolf much older than her, Moon Kwan. The old, fat man was naked as well, his smile so diabolical Jimin still remembers with shame that he had nightmares about it for weeks. 

The ritual went on as established. Heejin had sex with Kwan in front of all the members of the merging packs until he knotted her.

The biggest humiliation conceivable for an Alpha. 

It had been mortifying to watch and yet still try to keep a composed face in front of his father, who stared at Jimin trying to find any sign of fear in his eyes. When the ritual ended and his father gave him the approval to go mingle with the others, Jimin bolted out of there. He ran to the lake, wanting to get rid of his nausea and trying to calm his agitated Alpha.

That was also the moment fate chose to make Jimin and Jeongguk’s paths intertwined.

While Jimin had been sitting by the shore of the lake, another werewolf came out of the woods, probably looking for somewhere to be alone, too. It was a scrawny-looking boy, with big doe-eyes and dark hair. His face looked pale and a bit yellowish, as if he had been just as shocked by the ritual as Jimin.

Thinking back on it, Jimin realizes Jeongguk had been fourteen at the time. Still an unpresented pup, with no rank nor distinguishable scent. To this day, Jimin doesn’t know what crossed his mind at the time--for an Alpha like him to pick on a pup, it was immature of him. But that day his werewolf was agitated after watching the ritual, and he just wanted to get rid of the feeling.

Jimin thought mocking someone for being scared would make him strong, would make his own fear disappear.

"Feeling dizzy after the ritual, pup? Moon goddess, you look as if you’re about to faint,” Jimin taunted, standing up and giving Jeongguk a mocking once-over. “What was a pup like you doing, watching a submission ceremony, huh? Your parents told you to stay at home but you decided to come and prove to everyone you're a big bad wolf?"

Jimin had watched as a myriad of emotions crossed through the younger's eyes. Surprise. Confusion. Shame.


"I'm not a pup,” the boy defended himself, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance. His fangs barely peeked through his lips, signaling his youth. Jimin had to hold back a laugh. “I’m Jeon Jeongguk, son of Jeon Jaehyun, and the next leader in line for my pack.”

"Jeon's next leader? I didn’t even know that old Jeon had two sons. My dad never mentioned you to me. Are you sure it’s wise lying to me?”

“I’m telling the truth,” Jeongguk insisted, sounding far more collected than Jimin would have expected for such a young kid. “Why would I even lie to a stranger? And what matters if your dad has heard of me or not? Who is he?”

Jimin smirked, enjoying the display of bravery from the younger. He felt a bit annoyed that Jeongguk hadn’t recognized him, but it was going to be all the more enjoyable to watch his confidence turn to fear when Jimin told him who he was.

Knowing that Jeongguk was part of the Jeon’s, a rival werewolf pack, only made Jimin want to be more vicious, crueler. Instead of controlling his emotions and taming the beast inside of him, Jimin gave it free rein.

In the blink of an eye, Jimin walked towards Jeongguk and cornered him against the nearest tree, letting out an intimidating scent.

“I'm Park Jimin, son of Park Pilwoo, and the next leader in line for my pack," Jimin said using Jeongguk’s same introduction, a big smirk playing at his lips. “If you consider yourself smart, you’ll do well in remembering my face. After all, who’s to say we won’t find ourselves in a ritual like the one from today in the future, hmm? I bet you wouldn’t look so damn cocky then, having to submit to me like a docile Omega.”

Instead of getting the desired reaction, Jimin was shocked to watch Jeongguk’s eyes flash a vicious red. Such a young kid couldn’t display signs of an awakened wolf, yet somehow Jimin saw it clearly. It made the smirk from his lips wipe right off.

Jeongguk was shorter and had a smaller frame, but Jimin still remembers how his piercing cold eyes had made him take a small step backward, something he’d later feel extremely humiliated about.

Jimin also could never forget the words Jeongguk told him that day.

“Mark my words, Park Jimin. One day, I will make you submit to me. I’ll have you in front of everyone, I’ll make you mine .”

Attacking a member of a rival pack was enough to declare war, much more if said member was the leader’s son. That didn’t stop Jimin from lounging himself towards Jeongguk, scratching his face with his claws and leaving a nasty, bloody gash on the younger that would scar for life.

That moment in life would change both werewolves’ fates forever.  Expectedly, the Jeon’s took the attack as a declaration of war. Their enmity lasted for many years, both Jimin and Jeongguk growing up into adulthood with a deep hatred for each other.

They met on multiple occasions, most of them on the battlefield.

Sometimes, Jimin would win. Sometimes, Jeongguk would. But their thirst to hurt the other never seemed to be quenched, no matter the years that would pass by. Nothing seemed to make the two werewolves forget the incident that happened between them as kids, nothing seemed to make them reach a truce. No common enemies, no mutual interests.

At some point, it became clear that only effectively defeating the other and forcing him to submit the traditional way would make the bloodbath stop, once and for all. But it had never crossed Jimin’s mind that he would be the one to accept defeat.

The sound of people entering the tent makes Jimin's wandering mind come back to the present.

The same three servant Betas that had rubbed oils on him earlier are now back carrying a wood box, a solemn expression on their faces. One of them settles the box next to Jimin and opens it, showing him its content. 

Jimin looks inside of it, already knowing what he’s going to see. But expecting it doesn’t make it any easier to contain the growl that forms in his throat at the sight. 

Inside the box, a small, smooth glass object mocks him. A dildo.  

Since healthy male Alphas like him have never experienced penetrative sex on themselves, it is customary in this type of ritual that he opens himself up beforehand so that he can get straight to business during the act. 

Albeit unimaginably hurting his Alpha ego, Jimin had tried to prepare himself mentally for this moment. Now, taking the dildo in his hands, he feels control slipping away.

It is painfully obvious that Jeongguk gave orders to give him a particularly small dildo, probably so that when they have sex, he'd be tighter and feel the sting of the stretch.

Something ugly starts boiling in Jimin's gut, a wave of white-hot anger that makes his hands shake while he stares at the glass dildo. 

Jimin isn't the first--and he certainly won't be the last--victim of this barbaric tradition, but the fact that it's Jeongguk makes the fire burn his insides. It could have been any other wolf, but it being Jeongguk makes this humiliation surpass any other. 

The Betas make a show of approaching Jimin to help him with the stretching, but one furious snarl leaving Jimin’s mouth has all three of them leaving the tent, fear evident on their earthy scents. For an Alpha, the thought of letting a Beta or an Omega penetrate him is inconceivable and shameful, so he's not about to let some lowlife servants even think of touching him like that. Still, there's nothing that brings an Alpha more dishonor than submitting sexually to a stronger wolf. 

And Jimin's gonna do exactly that, in front of everyone. 

In front of his pack, his friends. In front of his rivals. It's a good thing it's customary for the family to be held in a tent as hostages in case the losing Alpha gets any funny ideas of running away because Jimin thinks he could die if his father and younger brother had to stand through the ritual and watch him get knotted by another Alpha. 

He doesn't waste time opening himself up. With the help of the oils and his fingers, Jimin opens himself in the same way he has opened an endless list of Betas and Omegas that have passed through his sheets before. He does it clinically, without really pausing to try and find the smallest drop of pleasure. 

He has to stretch himself open for the ritual, but he refuses to feel good getting fucked in this way. It offends his Alpha too much. 

Jimin can't even bear to think what kind of life awaits him as Jeongguk's war prize. As he slides the glass toy inside of him, he tries to rid himself from the thought of it.



It's time.

Only one Beta comes to fetch him this time, the older one. She brings in his hand a gold loop to match the harness that decorates Jimin's body. Without any fear of Jimin lashing out at him, the Beta walks closer to him and takes hold of the Alphas cock without asking, slipping the loop on it and adjusting it at the base, right where the knot would usually expand. 

It's a knot ring, and although it doesn’t stop Alphas from getting hard or orgasming, it does stop them from forming a knot. It’s another part of the ritual to make the losing Alpha completely submit by taking away one of the things that essentially make them who they are. 

Without sparing him a single glance, the Beta ushers a commanding 'follow me' that makes Jimin dig his fangs on his tongue trying to control his Alpha, who is going feral inside of him.

Following the Beta's orders, he walks outside the tent where he's immediately welcomed by the reality of the situation.

For a few seconds, he simply stands there, frozen in place, trying to keep his composure and keep his eyes high and prideful. 

Jimin can't recall a single event that has ever amassed as many people as the ones that stand right now before him, all of their eyes fixed on him in complete silence. A hot, heavy wave of shame crashes through his body, making his heartbeat beat wildly inside his chest.

Trying to ignore the public, Jimin walks straight forward in the direction marked by the stones that create a path for him to the throne.

Jimin keeps his eyes fixed right above the throne, too afraid of looking at the person sitting on it and losing his cool.

He can feel everyone’s eyes looking at his body up and down, greedily drinking in the sight and taking advantage of the proximity to dissect every single piece that forms him, but that's not what bothers Jimin. He's immensely proud of his strong, athletic body that corresponds to that one of an Alpha, even if he has a smaller frame than others. They all know by first hand or have heard that he is a mighty warrior. 

No, what makes Jimin see red is that everyone is seeing him decorated, all prepped and dolled up like an Omega ready to mate with his Alpha. The harness chains jingle delicately with every step he takes, but the silence that reigns in the ceremony is so deep that Jimin thinks even the person standing the furthest from him can still hear it. Like a bell that you put on cattle. 

Is not until he's relatively close to the throne that he does look to where he knows Jeongguk is sitting. Jimin had tried hard to prepare for it, but the feeling of being kicked straight in the chest still comes upon seeing him, leaving him furious.

Just a few meters from where Jimin stands is Jeongguk. He sits on his throne naked too, but unlike Jimin, he sports his bare skin proudly and without any jewelry that marks him as a prize of war. He has changed so much in all of these years. He’s taller than Jimin now, body rippling with muscles and face matured by war. His left cheek still sports the silver scar that Jimin’s claws left behind.

From this distance, Jimin can see that Jeongguk's eyes are bright red, his pupils dilated and fixed on him indicating that his Alpha is very much awake and ready for the ritual.

With him standing so close to Jeongguk, Jimin can feel the mood of the entire place shift to something dangerous. 

Jimin could defy him. It's unusual, but it has happened. 

Truthfully, it would do Jimin no good. If he jumped Jeongguk this very instant and by chance managed to wound him fatally, it would only save his pride and nothing else. Jimin would be repudiated for breaking tradition, for not accepting defeat. Even his pack, his friends that he has guided and cared for his whole life wouldn't doubt to show him their back if he decided to refuse to submit.

Even as humiliating as it is for his pack that their leader has lost the war, they still have a life to look forward to. The Park's will merge with the Jeon. They'll be treated fairly and with dignity. The only lives lost are the ones that were lost in combat and their leaders.  It's what werewolf tradition demands. 

Jimin stares straight at Jeongguk, the younger staring right back. Jeongguk looks calm like he always does. Unlike Jimin, whose blood runs hot, Jeongguk always looks cold and detached. Even when he’s angry, Jeongguk’s face remains impassive. It drives Jimin to madness.

"Kneel," Jeongguk commands, breaking their staring content. It's a direct order that would be considered as an Alpha command to any other werewolf rank, but being a leader himself, Jimin doesn't immediately submit to it. It takes him a few seconds to move, too unused to obey anyone's orders. 

The position is foreign to Jimin. He's never before been on his knees like this for someone. He's always wanted to have the upper hand, always be the one in control. Now, having his face at the same level as Jeongguk's cock, Jimin wonders how could anyone go through this ritual without going feral.

Paying no mind to Jimin’s internal turmoil, Jeongguk grabs his cock at the base and lifts it, exposing his balls. Alphas possess scent glands right above them, so as soon as Jeongguk displays the area Jimin is hit with a strong wave of pheromones. The scent is extremely spicy, making Jimin's eyes water a bit. Jeongguk stares him down with red, dangerous eyes, a silent command written in them. Jimin hears a few gasps from the audience.

But there's no way.

There's no way Jeongguk is asking what Jimin thinks he is. Licking the scent glands of that specific area is a gesture done exclusively between an Alpha and an Omega. It's meant to be one of the most submissive gestures an Omega wolf can do to its mate. The fact that Jeongguk is publicly demanding for Jimin to do so is equal to publicly stripping him of any dignity he might have left after this ritual. It's stating he is the real Alpha between the two. 

“I think you know what to do,” Jeongguk says patiently, as one would speak to a pup. There’s the softest of smirks on his lips, looking like he’s enjoying this moment to the fullest.

Jimin has to dig his claws on his knees to not jump him right then, just like he did all those years ago.

Crawling closer, he hesitantly approaches Jeongguk's balls. The scent is even stronger up close, the pheromones riling up Jimin's wolf. This is it. There’s no going back from this.

Jimin looks up one last time to Jeongguk, staring at him with as much hatred as he can convey through his eyes, a low growl emanating from his throat. Jeongguk doesn’t bother reciprocating the growl and only lifts his soft cock higher, indicating Jimin to get on with it.

Jimin gets closer to Jeongguk’s balls until his nose is pressed right against the sack. Defeated, he darts his tongue out and licks.

It tastes sweet.

That’s the first thought that crosses Jimin's mind upon giving licking the first stripe.

Jimin has never tasted another Alpha's pheromones on his tongue, but he hadn't expected them to taste sweet. He imagined the spicy scent would translate to a pungent flavor, but it's nothing like that. 

Jimin feels his cheeks heat up by his ridiculous train of thought. He closes his eyes and picks up his movements, thoroughly coating the balls with his saliva, licking and even daring to suck them into his mouth. He feels disgusted with himself for being so thorough with it, but it’s almost as if his brain is working on auto-pilot, guiding him through submission without stopping to think about what he’s doing.

His heartbeat gets so strong Jimin can hear it pounding in his ears, his body getting heated up by embarrassment and making him sweaty. 

He doesn't want to look up to Jeongguk again, so he keeps his eyes closed. Unfortunately, that only makes him more perceptive to the sounds. And moon goddess, the sounds are so obscene. Sounds of licking and wet suction, accompanied by the very pleased growl that's coming from Jeongguk, a growl so strong that has Jimin feeling the vibrations on his tongue.

It goes on like that for a few more interminable minutes until Jimin feels a hand roughly grabbing his hair and pulling his head back, neck exposed, and face looking up to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk is grabbing his cock with his free hand and pointing it in the direction of Jimin’s mouth. The dark-haired Alpha rubs the tip of his cock on Jimin's lips, spreading the pre-come on them. He must be feeling too impatient to tease Jimin for long though because he grows tired of it quickly and feeds Jimin his entire length in one go.

Jimin’s angered growl is immediately muffled by Jeongguk's girth pushing inside his throat. The look of self-contempt that Jeongguk has on his face is sinful, looking pleased and proud for having Jimin on his knees, mouth stuffed with his cock and his Alpha slowly submitting to Jeongguk’s.

Jimin forces himself to obediently bob his head up and down Jeongguk's length, knowing he's gonna have to put it inside him soon. Jimin needs it to be as lubricated as possible because he doubts Jeongguk would be so kind to lube himself before knotting him.

Alpha's cocks are biologically bigger than Betas and Omegas, but Jimin has to admit he's never seen someone as well-endowed as Jeongguk. He's seen other Alphas naked when they had to turn back to their human shapes after hunting, but still. He's pretty sure Jeongguk's cock is both longer and thicker than most, and that only irrationally fuels Jimin's immense hatred for the Alpha.

If the sounds earlier were obscene, the ones Jimin is making now are completely shameful. Jeongguk's cock is so big it hits the back of Jimin’s throat every time he bobs down, making him gag and salivate more. It's a concoction of wet slurps and gags that he feels like everyone in the ceremony must be listening to, since werewolf hearing is extremely acute.

Starting to feel an ache in his jaw, Jimin pulls up to the tip, focusing on suckling on the head and digging his tongue on the slit. He's doing way more than simply prepping the cock for the penetration, but maybe it's the mix of pheromones and humiliation that's making Jimin act like this. It has to be that.

Jeongguk chooses that moment to push Jimin down completely on his cock, catching Jimin completely off guard. Jimin has never in his life deep-throated anybody, although he's been on the receiving end plenty of times. The blonde tries to push off, the feeling of something so big and thick so deep in his throat making him gag and choke, desperate for air, but Jeongguk holds him there tightly. Jimin feels tears prickling his eyes and then spilling down his cheeks, skin piping hot from the lack of air.

After what feels like an eternity, Jeongguk lets him go. Jimin immediately breaks into a fit of coughing and stuttered gasping, trying to heave in as much air as possible. There's a string of saliva that connects his lips to the tip of Jeongguk's cock, which is of an angry red and standing up, shiny with spit. 

Jeongguk hastily pulls Jimin up by grabbing his shoulders, making him stumble. Jeongguk then leans back on his throne and pats his lap once.

“Sit down,” Jeongguk orders, a slight tone of impatience to his voice.

Jimin is seething. Jeongguk is the one who chose to aggravate Jimin's humiliation by making him suck him off in front of all these werewolves and now dares to act impatient. 

With slightly wobbly legs from kneeling, Jimin climbs on top of Jeongguk's lap as best as he can, but he’s stopped midway by a hand on his chest that grabs the harness harshly. Jimin looks up to see Jeongguk staring at him coldly.

“Face the other way.”

 Of course, Jeongguk wants Jimin to face the audience as he gets fucked.

Truth be told, Jimin isn't even sure why Jeongguk’s sadism surprises him anymore. It's clear from his actions that Jeongguk isn't doing this solely because of some old werewolf tradition. He's doing this because he wants it. He is getting off on the fact that he's showing everyone that he owns him. Jimin is his prize. His toy.

Jeongguk can do anything he pleases with Jimin even if it strays from the purpose of the ritual because there's no way to retaliate. The moment Jimin lost that last fight in the woods, and consequently lost the war, he stopped owning himself. He was now Jeongguk's. Forever.

And if Jeongguk wants Jimin to ride his cock facing the public, facing the people he's grown beside and battled with, if that's Jeongguk's desire, then Jimin has no choice but to obey .

Taking a shaky inhale, Jimin sits down backward on Jeongguk's lap. He lifts his legs until he can balance his feet on the other Alpha's thighs, supporting the rest of his weight with his hands grabbing the armrests of the throne. 

As soon as Jimin is somewhat decently placed, he realizes it leaves him completely exposed to the public, his most intimate parts on display thanks to the squatting position that forces him to keep his legs spread. Jimin's heart skips a beat, making brief eye contact with someone in the mass, and immediately averting his eyes, shutting them close and biting his lips in shame. 

Jimin needs to do this fast, knowing the sooner he begins the faster he'll be able to finish this torture. But the knowledge that he's about to fuck himself on Jeongguk's cock until he’s knotted in front of all of these people mortifies him. 

“Need help with it, Jimin?” Jeongguk’s mocking question is whispered against Jimin’s ear. Jimin can feel the other’s calm breath hitting against the sensitive skin of his neck, awakening goosebumps on it. Instead of rewarding Jeongguk with an answer, Jimin simply gets on with it.

Balancing himself as best as he can, Jimin moves one hand to awkwardly try and reach underneath him to grab a hold of Jeongguk's member. He fumbles for a second until he finds it, immediately positioning the big tip right under his stretched hole.  

Jimin tries sinking on it slowly, wanting to adapt to the girth at his own pace. He takes a bit too long though because after a few failed tries at getting the cock deeper inside him, Jeongguk grabs his hips roughly and forces Jimin down to sit in his cock on one go. Jimin gasps and growls at the sting of the stretch.

Jimin's never had a cock inside of him before. The feeling is completely foreign. He feels so, so full, almost as if Jeongguk was splitting him in two. Jimin can feel the cock twitching inside of him, and it makes him squirm a little, weirded out by the feeling. Even though he prides himself in being a strong Alpha, right now he feels like all the strength in his legs has abandoned him, feeling weak and wobbly. Jimin doesn’t want to delay this a second further though, so he slowly rises as far as he can without letting the cock slip out of him and sinks again, the action making a wet slapping sound.

Trying to mimic what his past partners had done to him, Jimin mixes both up and down movements and slow rotating circles around Jeongguk's length, pulling the most sinful, predatory hums and growls from the dark-haired Alpha’s lips. Although at first the friction inside of him feels weird and uncomfortable, Jimin is disgusted with himself when he feels his dick slowly grow hard. It flaps wildly as he rides Jeongguk, slapping against his tummy every other thrust, making Jimin even more ashamed.

With one particular movement of his hips, Jimin feels Jeongguk's cock hitting something inside of him that makes him let out a small whimper of pleasure. Embarrassed, he stops his motions at once, the electrifying zap he just felt making him feel dizzy. Jeongguk seems to know exactly what just happened because he takes matters into his own hands and grabs Jimin by his hips again, this time using his arm strength to simply lift Jimin up and down his member like a cocksleeve, hitting Jimin's sweet spot every single time.

Jimin can't help the string of curses and small gasps of pleasure that leave his lips with every thrust of Jeongguk against his prostate. He hates that he’s getting a taste of the feeling Omegas and Betas have to go through when they get their brains fucked out by Alphas. Jimin can’t even hear his Alpha anymore, the wolf inside of him now having gone completely silent. It looks like his wolf has simply accepted the fact that another Alpha, a real Alpha has taken the reins from him.

Jimin feels his knot slowly trying to form and struggling to grow due to the knot-ring. He quietly curses it. It's really painful for an Alpha to knot outside of a body, but even more painful to be denied of knotting at all. The pain doesn't take away the pleasure, though. Strangely, it seems to be adding to it, as Jimin feels himself come closer and closer to climax. He’s matching Jeongguk's thrusts now, having started to ride the other Alpha properly again once the initial impression subsided. 

Jimin has never reached an orgasm untouched, which is why it takes him completely by surprise, pulling a strangled cry from his lips. The force of his climax is so strong Jimin doesn’t even comprehend the words that are being whispered in his ear as he keeps getting jostled up and down on Jeongguk’s cock, fucked beyond oversensitivity.

“Told you I would make you mine, Jimin. You look so good coming on my cock like this, makes you look like you were born to be knotted. Are you sure you’re an Alpha at all?”

Jeongguk’s words are vicious and filled with poison, but Jimin’s brain feels muffled. His Alpha has entered a state of submission and he can’t fight back, doesn’t find the strength to retort to the mocking words. Jimin feels powerless for the first time in his entire life.

White ropes of cum spurt out of Jimin’s cock and soil his abdomen and thighs. Jeongguk doesn't stop for a second, chasing his climax with cruel vigor. He keeps forcing thrusting up inside of Jimin at a fast pace that makes the blond whimper in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

It takes Jeongguk a few more minutes of harsh thrusting until he climaxes, his pleasure fueled up by Jimin's cries. 

Jimin feels with fear how Jeongguk's knot starts to form inside of him, stretching him further than he thought possible. The pressure presses right against his sensitive prostate, making his vision go hazy. Jimin doesn't think it will fit inside of him, his body not biologically made to take another Alpha's knot, but Jeongguk makes sure to force it inside despite the tight fit. Almost on the verge of passing out, Jimin feels something hot streaming in spurts inside of him, the feeling weird and ticklish.

Jimin’s body gives up, forcing him to completely lay his weight on Jeongguk. His now puffy rim sends jolts of pain from the knot still stretching it out. With the realization that the ritual is finally over, Jimin closes his eyes, letting the feeling of submission completely take over him and pulling him to a sleepy state. 

Jeongguk’s rough hands grip Jimin’s bruised hips tightly, a silent reminder that the night is far from over, and even if the masses are now starting to disperse and readying themselves for the feast that follows, Jimin's fate hasn't changed at all.

He's still at Jeongguk's mercy. He's still his prize, his possession. And if the spicy pheromones permeating through the air are anything to go by, the Alpha he's knotted to is still very much aroused.

Jeongguk still has many promises to keep tonight, it seems.