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Bella stared at Alice as if she were the most beautiful thing on this Earth, her eyes never dropped from the gaze they held together, as Bella believed she honestly couldn't, as she had lost herself in the golden whirlpools that were the eyes of her girlfriend.

"You know, we really should be watching this film Bell." Alice whispered, eyes still locked with Bella.

"I would watch the film; but there are much better things to watch, and anyway, you're not watching it either." Bella winked.

"Like you said, there are much better things to watch." Alice said, returning the wink Bella had directed at her.

"How about we do something else," Bella suggested, moving along the couch they were both sat on - so she was closer to Alice - before leaning in towards her, lips parted.

"Maybe we could do something else, under one condition:" Alice said, as her hand spun out in front of Bella, stopping her from moving any further, "You let me take you shopping." Alice continued, a large grin on her face that she knew drove Bella wild.

Bella froze.

"I know you say yes already, you're going to love it!"

"Ok then." Bella sighed.

"I love you so much, Bells."

"I love you even more, Alice."