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Calling Card

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"What are they doing? Shouldn't they be in class?" Bella hears the girl, Jessica Stanley, ask out loud when three boys suddenly show up out of nowhere at the entrance to the classroom, where they seem to be sniffing the air before their gazes finally land on Bella Swan, whose curiosity got the better off her when she notes the golden gleam in their eyes.

"Boys? Jasper?! What's wrong?!" the History teacher says in shock when he finally notices the three boys hanging by the door.

Jasper, the boy with curly blonde hair, seems to have gone mad because he tries to enter the classroom but the other two boys stop him in time. A brief scuffle ensues. There is a loud bangining and crunching sound as the doorway is destroyed. It is soon followed by feral growls as the figures try to stop each other from entering the classroom.

Bella can see wood shavings and dust raining down, but the movements of the three are a complete blur. She can't properly understand what is going on.

However, before anyone or even the teacher can say anything else, the three boys suddenly vanish all together, leaving the classroom full of students to gape after them and the destruction they left behind.

"What the hell?!" Mike Newton remarks with the same shock expression as everyone else's in the room.

Meanwhile, Bella is left to wonder why the three strange boys were staring at her. History class was just the second class she attended and Bella is left with a mind-boggling mystery that even her classmates are unable to answer when they soon find out that the three boys - the Cullens - left without warning or prior notice to their teachers. Or explanation to their destructive capability.

The two Cullen girls - Alice and Rosalie (she soon learns) - seem to have left the school as well.

Overall, the day was just getting weirder and weirder as far as the Cullens are concencered. Perhaps she should have paid attention to what was occurring around her because it will certainly have forewarn her beforehand for what is about to happen next.

After her first day of school, Bella just goes back home with nothing odd happening along the way.

Yet it is on that very night when she has a brush with death because someone decides to pay her a visit it seems.

That someone happens to be a handsome man in a Doctor's uniform.

Doctor Carlisle Cullen, in fact.