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I'm Still Here

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"Heya there plumber boy, miss me?"


Those words caught Mario's attention as he turned to see who had addressed him, only to get the surprise of his life as he found an unparalleled beauty sashaying her way towards him. The woman had hot fire red hair that splayed around her shoulders, accenting her beautiful olive skin. Her most striking feature, however, had to be the fierce look in her blood red eyes that sent an electrifying shiver running down his spine.


Something about this woman had him enraptured, and he found himself unable to even utter a single syllable as she stopped a couple of feet in front of him, simply leaning his neck back so he could continue gazing at her. After a few moments of silence a smirk made its way onto her face, making Mario's breath catch in his throat before his heart skipped a beat upon hearing her melodious laughter.


"What's wrong? Chain chomp got your tongue?"


Mario, incapable of answering, simply nodded his affirmation, sending the mysterious beauty into another round of euphonious laughter.


"My, Mario, who knew you were such a charmer?" She questioned, smirking playfully at him.


"W-Who are-a you?" Mario finally managed to choke out.


"Aw, come now, don't you recognize me?"


Mario was only able to shake his head dumbly, certain that he’d never met anyone like her in his entire life. This only appeared to amuse her, however, as her grin widened upon his affirmation.

“Why, it’s me, Bowser! Though to be honest I prefer ‘Bowsette’.”


And just like that Mario felt his heart drop.

“B-Bowser?” He repeated, unable to keep the shock from lacing his tone.


“Yep!” She confirmed, popping the ‘p’.


“What-a are you doing-a here?”


Mario had no time to react as she moved, covering what little distance was between them, stopping in front of him. Slowly she reached down and trailed her finger under his chin, inadvertently sending a jolt of electricity racing down his spine.

“I thought that would be obvious,” She answered, “I’m here for you .”


“What-a are you trying-a to say Bowser?”


“Come now,” She purred, “Surely you’re not that dense. I love you Mario, I always have. It was never about Peach, I just needed a reason to get you to come running to me.”


Mario swallowed, finding his throat unbearably dry all of a sudden.


“I could never bring myself to admit it, after all I was the big bad evil koopa king and you were the valiant hero, always putting yourself in harms way to save the princess.” She continued, “But I don’t have to worry about that anymore! You see I just happened to *ahem* ‘stumble’ upon this super crown. Once I learned what it did I immediately ordered Kamek to look into reverse engineering it, and this is the result! Now we can finally be together!”


Without further forewarning Bowsette took his face in her hands and passionately pressed their lips together. Upon feeling the warmth of her lips on his own Mario’s brain shut down and he felt himself automatically leaning forwards to deepen the kiss before his brain rebooted and he realized what he was doing.


Beginning to panic Mario took the first option that came to mind, he pushed Bowsette away from himself, turned, and ran as fast as he could.




It had been almost a whole month since the incident with Bowsette, and there hadn’t been a peep of hair nor hide from her the entire time. It was quite strange for things to be calm for so long, Bowser usually bounced back rather fast, and it left Mario with a strange sense of guilt in his gut.

“Do you think he’s plotting something?” Peach had asked him after the first couple of weeks, only serving to further his feelings of unease for he knew the real cause of Bowser’s seemingly random self-isolation.


Perhaps he should pay a visit to his arch-nemesis.