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Four mafia leaders. Kings of the streets battled for complete supremacy. Humans were no longer the dominant race. Volterra was a battle ground, being pulled in four ways. The Teletubbies used to be hunted but this all stopped once the four generals took over the street gangs and organized. Slaughtering any who betrayed them.
The largest of the leaders, Tinky Winky was notorious for leading with an iron fist and cutthroat demeanor. His race was large but he stood taller than the rest, 10 feet of royal purple and power. His associates shivered at the thought of facing up to the man, all but one. Aro, a man who had to strain his neck to meet the eyes of Twinky Winky, but he stood tall and without a morsel of fear.

A man with little importance to the mafia itself yet if he had his way he was going to make it to the top. So fear had no place in his plan. He stood there, deep eye contact with the most fearless gang leader in Volterra and in that moment Aro’s thoughts were not of his plan to get to the top. But instead of Tinky Winky’s chocolate brown eyes. He was sure he looked like a dumb struck fool as Tinky adjusted himself in his large chair, reminiscent of a throne.

“And tell me, human. Why shouldn’t I kill you?” He grunted, his Slavic origins lilted on his deep voice. Aro cleared his throat and pointed at his red eyes, a pout evident on his face. “I’m a vampire.”

“And?” The purple giant almost looked bored.

Aro wasn’t going to let him get under his skin. “Sir. I have information that would help you. Information on an attack Poe is planning.” Aro took a step towards the teletubby who leaned forward some in interest. “Poe? She wouldn’t dare.” The weakest and smallest of their kind wouldn’t dare make a strike against Tinky Winky.

The brunette vampire huffed and opened his arms in a shrug. “She obviously would, because I have the information.” Aro’s brazenness was endearing to Tinky although he would never admit it. But unfortunately he had to think tactfully. He had to stop looking at the thin waist that was tucked behind what looked to be a military costume from the 1500’s. A little flamboyant for Tinky’s refined taste. He was a suit man himself.

“And what do you want in return?” He mused watching as Aro’s pout turned into an excited look. “A position of power sir. Even just leading a few men. I’ll prove myself an asset.” The vampire insisted. Sounded very much like a plant from one of the other leaders but today Tinky Winky was willing to play a little.

He waved his hand lazily, as if dismissing the option. “Fine. But We’ll make a deal. There’s a good possibility you could be a spy from one of the others. So I will take your information. If it’s good, you’ll get a low position in my crew where you can work up the ladder, providing you prove yourself. On the other hand if the information is incorrect…” The purple giant trailed off and leaned forward even further, hooking a finger under Aro’s collar and tugging him close. His small head dwarfed by Tinky Winky’s which was easily two times larger than his own. The heat from Tinky Winky mixed with Aro’s causing the man to shiver.

“If it’s incorrect?” Aro pressed, his own red eyes never leaving Tinky’s brown orbs. “If incorrect, you give yourself to me. I own you. A little. Vampire. Pet.” Amusement was evident in Tinky’s voice as Aro’s face was one of shock. If the man could blush he would.

This was the chance of a lifetime and he was so very sure his information was correct. He gave a firm nod, his wispy brown locks framing his pale face. “You have a deal.” Aro jutted his hand forward and Tinky Winky matched him, encasing Aro’s hand in his own. “Deal it is then.”
Nothing could go wrong, Aro thought.


Well he was most absolutely, purely and unadulteratedly fucked. Aro was so sure that information was correct. He had heard it from Poe’s mouth herself but yet here he was. Hogtied and tossed on the largest bed he had ever seen. By the size of everything in the room Aro was quick to assume it was Tinky Winky’s personal quarters. His Adam's apple bobbed in his throat as he tried to swallow. He heard the thudding of heavy footsteps, no doubt his captor, nearing the room. A voice, Tinky Winky’s boomed out in the hallway. “No one is to bother me tonight.”


Aro was starting to feel the fear he refused to acknowledge when he faced the purple creature a few days ago. He was going to snap his neck, or worse pop off every limb like a demented child with his sister’s barbie dolls.


He’d live through that too. As a vampire he’d have to be dismembered and burned fully to be put out of his misery. Fantastic.

The door opened and the hulking teletubby walked in, a red briefcase in one hand. Despite being absolutely terrified Aro had to admit the tailoring on Tinky Winky’s suit certainly showed off how large and rather beefed up he was. If Aro was about to die slowly at least it was by this beefcake.

Tinky set down the briefcase on his nightstand and stood over Aro who could only stare weakly back up at him, unable to move. He started to undo the buttons of his pinstriped suit, opening up to reveal a button down shirt and matching tie to his expensive looking pocket square.

“You know. I was rather hoping your information would be incorrect.” He mused, his Slavic accent almost more prevalent in private. “S-so you can kill me? Sicko.” Aro spat, trying to keep a brave face.

Tinky Winky took a deep breath in, barely holding back the urge to burst into laughter. “Oh little bat, is that what you think I’m going to do to you?” He pushed off his jacket and took off his tie, unbuttoning the top few buttons of his suit shirt.

“Obviously!” Aro grunted, not liking that Tinky seemed amused by this situation. “Obviously.” Tinky Winky mocked Aro and chuckled, sitting down next to the hogtied vampire. “I’m not going to kill you. Why would I destroy my new toy?” He asked, brown eyes trailing down Aro’s thin body. The vampire’s eyebrows knitted together, not understanding what he was saying until one large hand encased his thigh.

“Oh.” Aro breathed out.

“Oh is right.” Tinky Winky chuckled.

Aro was speechless as Tinky seemed set upon the task of ripping Aro’s clothes off, leaving him hogtied. Not normally an easy task but Tinky Winky made confetti of his clothing in a moment's notice. Aro attempted to roll over some, trying to preserve some semblance of modesty but Tinky’s hand on his thigh kept him firmly in place.

The vampire grit his teeth, turning his head and breaking eye contact with Tinky Winky. He hated to admit it but the longer that heated stare roamed over his body the more the warmth increased between his legs.

“Mm, unexpected but not unwelcome.” Tinky observed the growing erection Aro toted. He tugged the ropes off Aro’s legs but kept his wrists firmly tied together. “I always enjoy it more when we both enjoy it.” His deep chuckle made Aro’s cock bounce which gave Tinky more incentive to go further. He pulled back for a moment and shed his shirt, displaying his set of purple rock hard abs and a little peach coloration, like his face but this color led from his chest speckled down into his waistband. Much like a happy trail you’d find on a human man.

“ your people even know?” Aro grunted, thinking he should be appalled, disgusted, scared. But instead he was curious, horny and maybe a little bit nervous. Tinky Winky seemed to have a sparkle in those beautiful eyes of his. “Why don’t you tell me?” His voice was getting gravelly and it sent a shock of pleasure through the vampire’s body. He watched as Tinky Winky stood back up and unbuttoned his slacks, shedding them and anything else left on his large body.

Like time stopped, neither moved. Aro seemed encaptured by the view presented to him. The peach color variant led down to something Aro could only describe as monstrous. Even at what looked like half hard the brunette was sure that would not fit inside of him. But despite the worry his body reacted like a bitch in heat. Pre-cum glistened at the tip of his own small cock as his eyes combed over Tinky Winky’s dick. It was somewhat similar to a human, aside from the size. But Aro could see down the back, as it hardened, fleshy ribs trailing up it as well as what looked like a knot at the base.

“I’m uh...assuming I’m not going to be the one inside of you?” Aro’s voice was quiet and eyes wide, still stuck on the monster growing between Tinky Winky’s muscular thighs.
Tinky Winky laughed leaving Aro dismayed. “No little bat.” He cooed as he advanced back onto the bed and tugged Aro upright. He positioned the much smaller vampire (who was a miniscule 5’10”) to straddle him, their cocks pressed together and Aro’s creamy thighs splayed across Tinky’s purple ones.

The vampire’s rosy cock weeped pre-cum and Aro couldn’t help but buck up against the peach cock which was the size of his own forearm. Tinky let out a guttural groan and smirked down at the desperate vamp. “My my, we have no patience today, do we, pet?” He leaned down and even though his round face was larger than Aro’s he captured his lips in his own. His large tongue pried open Aro’s but gave no room for Aro’s to move his own tongue. His mouth was full of Tinky’s tongue which was forcing itself down his throat.
Having his whole mouth invaded and Tinky taking him without even a moment’s hesitation had Aro squirming and rubbing up against the others cock. Tinky’s large hand encapsulated their cocks and he applied pressure, driving Aro crazing and coaxing a few grunts from Tinky. Luckily Aro didn’t have any need to breathe and Tinky seemed to know that as he invaded his mouth, gagging the vampire with his fat tongue.

Before Aro could buck his way into bliss, Tinky pulled back his hand and lifted Aro up and onto his knees, so he was kneeling on the purple thighs. Aro glanced down at the bulbous cock and bit his bottom lip. “It won’t fit.” He stated but Tinky just smirked. He popped a finger of his in his own mouth, wet it down then slid the hand down Aro’s back side.

Aro shivered at the touch and then stiffened as he felt Tinky Winky’s large purple finger at his entrance. Just one finger was the size of an average human’s cock. “Relax, little bat.” Tinky felt him tense up but Aro huffed at him. “Relax?! How can I relax knowing you’re about to rip me in two?!” He exclaimed to which Tinky chuckled. “I told you. Why would I break my toy during our first time playing?” He asked. Just as Aro was about to retort Tinky pushed his finger in, giving no time for Aro to adjust he pupped it passed his knuckle till his whole finger was deep in Aro.

The vampire arched his back and tried to push Tinky Winky away but the mafia leader had bound his hands and even without that he was two times the size of Aro. He wasn’t going anywhere. “Come on little bat. I know you like this. “ He chuckled, confident in himself as he started to move his finger. As he did that he bucked his hips up, his cock tall enough to rub up against Aro’s even while he was on his knees. The friction sparked Aro’s pleasure back up and soon enough he was pushing back against the finger. His eyes were closed as he focused on the friction and the finger pumping in and out of him. Right as he started to adjust to the finger a second joined. He let out a whimper but was shushed by Tinky’s tongue invading his mouth once more. Being touched in so many places was driving him crazy and he seemed to adjust to the second finger easily enough.
Tinky scissored his fingers in and out, making sure Aro was loosened enough not to rip, although he had an inkling that vampires could take a cock like his rather well. Once he deemed it was enough the purple creature released Aro, pulling back his touch and mouth once again, leaving a panting vampire. Strangely Aro wasn’t sure why he was panting, he had no need to breathe but the stimulation was making his mind fogging and once the fingers left him he felt empty.
Aro frowned and tried to move his cock against Tinky’s again, longing for some type of pleasure.

“Mm. Interesting. Who would have guessed underneath that flamboyant exterior was such a little cock slut.” His words brought Aro out of the fog enough so he could frown and turn away, muttering “Shut up…”
“Say it. Tell me you're a little whore who wants sir’s cock.” Tinky stated.

The brunette shook his head, refusing and trying to push him away.

“Come now. Tell me how much you want this fat pink cock? Yeah.” He punctuated his point by grabbing a fist full of Aro’s long brown hair and pulling his head back, leaning in to bite his neck hard enough to leave a mark, even on his marble skin.

Aro moaned loudly, his cock now coated and throbbing for release. He couldn’t help it. He obeyed the commands.

“P-please sir! I’m just a...just a vampire slut who wants sir’s big cock!” He gasped. Why had that slide so easily from his lips? Maybe in another situation he would have been ashamed. But not now. Especially as Tinky cooed encouragement in his ear. “Good little bat.”

Before Aro could realize what was happening Tinky Winky was pushing his swollen cock into Aro’s pale vampire ass. The brunette squirmed and moaned, each rib on Tinky’s cock sent a spark of pleasure through his body. He curled into Tinky’s body as Tinky took full support of his weight, suspending him over his cock as he speared him
“Good boy, take it all.” Tinky groaned as Aro’s tight canal pulsed around him. The vampire was back to panting. He had sheathed half of himself inside of Aro and stopped for a meer moment before pulling out and thrusting back in, stopping right before the knot that swelled on the lower part of his shaft. With each thrust Aro fell deeper and deeper into the sensation. It hurt but god he felt so full and his own cock didn’t seem to mind as it twitched and seeped.

Mouth slack as saliva dripped down his mouth, caught by Tinky’s own tongue which kissed him then turned to lick and kiss his neck and shoulders as he plunged into Aro. Aro was like a fuck doll to the massive man, easily moved around as he destroyed that ass. Aro grunted and moaned as Tinky sped up, his knot trying to push it’s way in but his hole stung with pain and Aro whimpered in between each thrust.

He babbled, a string of useless words that meant nothing, his head in another world as he felt a sensation he had never felt before. His balls tightened in pleasure as the head of Tinky’s fat cock drove directly into his prostate, making the pleasure undeniable. Now Aro moved, like a crazed animal, rutting and looking for release. “Please! G-god please, fuck me more!!” He moaned and Tinky was happy to comply.

A large hand wrapped around Aro’s throat, and although he didn’t need to breathe, the hand cut off any option of doing so and speaking. He let out a garbled moan, the pressure on his neck setting him over the edge. His body convulsed in waves, tightening around Tinky who cursed and used his free hand to push Aro’s hips down and forced his knot inside his ass.

A silent yell as Aro opened his mouth and cum spurted from his abused cock. He twitched on the huge dick, his stomach distended, Tinky able to see a slight outline of his massive member. As Aro came Tinky kept thrusting, now pulling his knot out and shoving it back in. Aro finished cumming but still twitched and trembled like he still was.
A few thrusts in and he plunged himself balls deep inside Aro, cock coating his insides with his seed. He released Aro’s throat and brought him in for a kiss again. Aro was out of it, easily complying with the kiss as his insides were full of this man’s sperm.

Tinky sat like that for a while. Cock sheathed in the tight behind of Aro. He stroked his hair softly and moved from french kissing to a more gentle pecking of lips. Aro made soft noises but sounded like that more of an animal than a man...or vampire. He turned them over so Aro was on the bottom and pulled his cock free. The release of pressure on his insides made Aro gasp and thighs tremble as his cock seeped more cum, unable to fully orgasm again.

The vampire was almost instantly asleep, exhausted from the work he had just put in. Tinky Winky didn't mind though. He knew it would be fun training his new pet.
As he cleaned both of them up and slid into bed, untying the vampire’s hands and pulling him onto his broad chest where the icey vampire curled into him, he knew.
He knew the moment he saw him he had to have him.

And he knew it had been a good choice to bribe Poe to pass on incorrect information.

It may have meant he was forced into a truce, but it was worth it to own the small vampire who now slept soundly on his chest.


((Art By Sigma))