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Forever's Not Enough

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One thing Waverly has never lost in her centuries of life is her determination. She tredges the forest outside of her territory in the moonlight, listening for any oncoming foes.

Waverly was born a vampire. She inhabits the Earp castle, out in the middle of nowhere. Vampires with a lineage like hers are expected to stay out of public, sworn to secrecy from human life.

However, in the vampire world, her family runs a whole clan.

It's an isolating experience, but Waverly mostly spends her time reading every fine print her father's castle inhabits.

That's how she knows so much about werewolves.

Her father will rarely answer her questions, with the sensitivity of the previous war between them. She would only get one word answers or flat out ignored, but she feels like she knows everything she needs to know, even if all the books were written by vampires.

The reason why Waverly has taken an interest in them?

Well, the werewolves took Wynonna Earp.

Her sister.

She knows it.

One day she woke up in the beginning of the night and noticed her sister wasn't in her quarters. There was a terrible scratching of a note saying she would be gone for a while, and her whole room was a wreck.

Not to mention the smell of dog.

Her father vehemently denied it, saying Wynonna is on one of her little trysts and will be back eventually.

But Waverly knew better. Waverly knows her sister better than anyone in that castle. Aside from her not-so-lover Rosita.

That's why she snuck out of the castle and into their territory, hoping to attract one.

She is going to demand answers. She is going to find out what they've done to her, no matter what it takes.

If her sister has taught her anything in the centuries she's helped raise her, is that sometimes boldness is the only way.

She deliberately steps on branches, ruffles some leaves, trying to give off the sound that an intruder is afoot. Their hearing is phenomenal, the books say. A werewolf will surely be alerted miles away.

After about a half an hour, Waverly almost fears that the wolves have moved to another area. Some packs of werewolves are travellers. They enjoy roaming the woods and becoming free with nature, not sedentary like vampires. The air is quiet, some wildlife scurries away at her approach, but so far she’s turned up with nothing.

She almost turns back, until she hears it.

A long, deep warning howl about a mile away.

Werewolves use their howls to communicate vast distances. This werewolf is alone, she gathers, and heads her way.


Waverly is also a planner.

In the dense forest she's in, she knows werewolves can't necessarily climb trees. Too heavy to reach the top. She climbs, quick and silent as a cat and waits, the element of surprise is her best bet.

She pulls out her dagger. A steel blade, rather than a silver one.

She may be trying to get answers, but she isn't barbaric. Silver burns the skin of werewolves, and if pierced in the heart, it will kill them.

It's the only thing that can.

Other vampires who have lived as long as her have forgone their mercy, but Waverly isn't like them. She's betting on the threat of physical pain will get the werewolf to talk, not actually inflicting it.

She hears the large paws of the wolf drawing closer. She readies herself. If her heart still worked, it'd be fluttering like a hummingbird.

Waverly normally isn't normally the one that makes such rash decisions, or improvieses, that’s her sister’s thing.

But Waverly’s desperation perches her on top of this tree branch, disobeying her father’s orders to search for her. To interrogate.

Finally, Waverly sees it. It's dark, but Waverlys vampiric vision allows her to see in the dark. The wolf is massive, rushing towards her space on all four paws. The fur is almost an auburn color, and the eyes burn with a yellow glow.

The wolf stops at Waverly’s tree, and circles it. Sniffing around for the intruder. Waverly doesn’t breathe, doesn’t make a sound and waits for the moment that bulk of fur is directly under her branch.

She drops like a whisper.

The furred beast yelps as she uses her strength to flip it over and present the knife in the air. It shines in the moonlight, and the beast's eyes widen. It looks a little silly, with Waverly straddling the wolf's chest, but she doesn't let that distract her. She has the wolf right where she wants it.

The beast snarls and snaps its teeth at her, tries to buck her off, but Waverly dodges every move.

"Tell me where Wynonna is before I bring the pain," Waverly snarls with surprising conviction.

When she was making her plans, she was afraid of sounding too puny or scared. She supposes her desperation is enough to set her jaw tight with a deep growl in her words.

However when she makes her demands, the wolf stops snarling and its fight all together, and cocks its head in confusion.

"Where is she?!" Waverly demands. "I know one of you took her!"

The wolf breathes, it almost looks as if its about to reply until--

Another howl. It's close.

Waverly has maybe a minute for her impromptu interrogation.

Her two seconds of distraction gave the wolf the upper hand. It kicks her off, sending Waverly in the air till her back hits the tree. She loses the grip on the knife, flinging it somewhere in the forest. The wolf rights itself up, and shows all its teeth in rage. It lowers its head, and begins to circle her. Waverly follows, baring her own fangs at the beast, playing a game of slow, tense cat and mouse.

Waverly knows the wolf now has the upper hand. She hasn’t spent a day in combat in her life. Wolves are natural hunters, and Waverly is now it’s prey.

Instead of rearing for a fight, she tries one more time.

“Just tell me where Wynonna Earp is, and I will leave you unharmed.”

The werewolf stops snarling, but this time it’s eyes widen.

Almost in recognition.

Waverly feels a sliver of hope, until that wolf that howled in the distance, slams her into the ground. Four large paws hold her down, she can feel her bones ache with the weight and the grip. Waverly tries to dodge the snapping teeth aiming for her neck, instead the teeth hit home on her shoulder. She panics and cries out, helpless to fight the creature off. She digs into the arms of the wolf, hoping to make it rear back a little but it stays still. It’s smaller than the other wolf, and it’s fur is all black. The eyes are squinted in rage, but Waverly can make out the yellow glow that peers through.

Waverly is really in for it now.

What a shitty way to die, first time trying to get information and she dies in the middle of the forest, after hundreds of years.

“That’s enough Shae,” Waverly hears. A rough, human voice.

The werewolf pauses, and snarls in the humans direction, arguing back. Waverly cranes her neck to see, but the person is behind the gigantic wolf.

The werewolf turns back to her, a new fury in its eyes, exposing its teeth again. Waverly gulps.

"I said that's enough, Shae," the voice warns, this time less gravelly and cracked. More feminine. “She can’t harm us. The blade isn’t even silver.”


Waverly tries to swallow the unsettling feeling in her stomach. This was so not the plan.

However, the wolf on top of her cranes its neck in confusion. Waverly doesn't look at either of them, a mix of embarrassment and fear.

Suddenly, the wolf lets up on her shoulders. It backs up, but hovers over her midsection to remain close and protective.

The stranger with a human voice walks up, and Waverly catches a glimpse for the first time. A person with red hair, a naked one bends down on one knee next to her, twiddling the dagger she carried between two fingers. Waverly has a gut feeling to back up with the unreadable expression on the human’s face, but Waverly is too distracted by the fact that they are naked, gorgeous, and lacking any modesty. Why do they look so familiar--

The stranger looks at her, and Waverly is mesmerized by the deep color that meets her own.

A strange and frightening feeling occurs. As she lays on the ground, with two of the sworn enemies of her kind, all of her sense leaves her. Her mind races with images and feelings of this person and another woman… Together.


She’s had dreams like these before…

This must be some mistake, some odd power that the werewolves have gathered to disarm people. There’s no way--

She tries to crawl backward, gather some distance, but the beast looming over her growls at her, telling her to stay put.

Dread settles in Waverly’s gut. She’s trapped, absolutely mindfucked in a peculiar situation. She looks into those eyes again, and her confusion doubles as the redhead looks just as in a daze as she was. The person shakes their head to clear it, and frowns.

Within seconds, that daze is gone, and the person cools their expression.

“What is your name?” they ask softly.

Waverly remains tight lipped, due to her defiance and residual whiplash of what just happened.

Once they realize Waverly will not respond, the captor speaks again, “You seek a Wynonna Earp, but she is not with my pack.”

“Bullshit!” Waverly seethes, breaking her silence. Both of her captors flinch. “I know you have Wynonna. There is no way she would leave me like this. Her room smelled of your kind, and her room was covered in claw marks!”

Both her captors stiffened, “What?” the redhead asks.

“Don’t play dumb with me, I know you have her!”

The wolf on top of her cranes it’s neck to the redhead, for reasons Waverly doesn’t know, but she won’t find a better opportunity. She kicks her feet up, and launches the werewolf off of her, making it land on a nearby tree, cracking it. The confusion gives Waverly seconds of time, and she takes it. She sprints off into the woods where she knows home is, and never looks back.

Waverly doesn’t hear footsteps or paws chasing after her. She’s thankful for that. She sets off for the castle to come with a new plan before the sun rises. Failed interrogation or not, Waverly will not give up.

Nicole stares at the clearing where the vampire ran off. She stands, bewildered at what she just experienced. A vampire, sneaking around their territory with questions that contain implications of a future war.

But that feeling when their eyes met. The flashes in her mind.

There's no question as to what that was.

The Pull.

Werewolves are only supposed to feel it once in their lives, right when they meet eyes with someone once they are at their most vulnerable state.

Nicole has already felt it before with her mate Shae. The mate who is now checking her body for wounds in her human form. Nicole was so dumbfounded by the whole interaction she didn’t see Shae shift back.

“Did she get you?” Shae nervously asks her, lifting her arm and checking underneath.

“No,” Nicole shakes her head to clear herself of the fog. “She didn’t even cut me.”


“Good,” Shae sighs, satisfied to see no wounds on Nicole’s body. “We’ll need to make the council aware of vampires on our territory.”

“Yeah,” Nicole agrees, “I need to talk to Dolls.”

For more reasons than one, Nicole thinks.