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The Unnatural Story of SVT Pack

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Omega’s were a rare breed, they were not as many as Beta’s nor Alpha’s if there were 80 Beta’s then there would most likely be 15 Alpha’s and 5 Omegas. Omegas aren’t just born Omegas either some were grown to be Omegas because werewolf society needed the heirarchy for Omegas.

If there was no natural omega around then one of the twin alphas in a pack becomes an omega, or if there was no twins around then one of the two strongest brother alpha becomes an omega. A beta cannot become an omega because they were in essence just that a beta. A pack cannot survive without an omega, but contrary to popular belief omegas can live without a pack, most lone wolves were former alphas turned omega.

This was not common knowledge either, but Wonwoo had been curious ever since Mingyu had become an alpha and Minghao and Seokmin became beta. He had an odd feeling that there was no natural Omega among the pack, sure Seungkwan might be but he highly doubt the rumbustious kid would let anyone outside their pack knot him, and even among the pact he suspect he would only let himself be knotted by Vernon.

An omega was a trophy or a show of power for a pack, the stronger the omega was the stronger the concept of the pack was. Because that would entail that the Alpha and the betas were stronger than the strong omega. This did not always ring true though, Dino had just matured and he was a beta, not the omega that all of them had thought him to be. They already had three alpha among the thirteen of them (they were a pretty big pack) and there was no more space for another alpha, so if Dino was to become an alpha he would automatically become an omega but for him to become a beta meant that he was just that; a beta.

Among the three Alpha: Seungcheol was responsible for offense and the fact he already made a pseudo-bond with two of the betas in their pack meant he could no longer become an omega.

Mingyu was responsible for defense maintaining everyones state of equilibrium, making sure that there was no outside force trying to invade into their pack without his knowledge, he was also a very popular individual outside of their pack, in school there were a lot of people vying for his attention especially among betas.

Wonwoo was responsible for increasing the size of their pack but their non confrontational nature made it hard. The fact that when Mingyu became an alpha the younger would sulk whenever anyone approached the older made it harder for him to do his job.

It was no shock to him then when he had felt his first slick and release of pheromones, luckily no one was around in their home when it happened and he had quickly ran to the nearest clinic to figure out his pheromone cycle. Which coincidentally was the same as his rut cycle when he was still an alpha. Since he was originally an alpha he could hide his omega musk with his own alpha musk, as long as he didn’t completely lose focus he was gonna be fine. As for his heat he probably still had a year before it came. He wasn’t a born omega so his heat didn’t start as soon as the first moon came.




“I’m sorry...” Dino said one day at the dinner table, tears was rolling down his eyes as he looked at his hands. It’s been close to a month since he presented as a beta and they just waited for him to open it himself rather than shoving him.

“It’s okay Dino-yah” Jeonghan said lightly as he patted his head. “You’re our baby anyway it would be weird if Mingyu or Wonwoo bonded with you.”

“But isn’t it weird that our pack doesn’t have an omega?” Dino mumbled.

“Don’t worry about it... for now... would it be alright if you act as our omega Dino-yah?” Seungcheol said delicately, which earned him a mean look from Jeonghan and Joshua. “I mean only at school, I didn’t mean by being our uhmmm... omega...” He added on quickly.

“Yes, yes of course hyung” Dino said with a quick approval, he would do anything so their pack won’t become an outcast, especially a 13 person pack with no omega spelled trouble.

Seungcheol gave him a sweet smile. “Uhmmm, the problem is with your scent.”

“Oh, uhmmm... I could just use a pherofume... and uhmmm have one of you scent me.” Dino said as he looked expectantly at Seungcheol.

Wonwoo was no idiot, he knew that look and finally understood why Dino was a beta. Seungcheol was one of those alpha’s that only took on betas as a possible bond-mate. It wasn’t as unnatural as it sounds, yes Alphas are attracted to the omegas heat and pheromones but that didn’t mean they don’t have preferences. Seungcheol preferred the neutral scent of betas. Mingyu preferred the strong scent of alpha’s but was more attuned to an omegas smell. Wonwoo preferred the... honestly speaking he haven’t found his preferred scent yet.

“I’ll do it” Wonwoo said finally. Seungcheol was an oblivious alpha, even when he was obviously in love with Jeonghan and Joshua he had not pursued past pseudo-bonding simply because he thought they deserve better. He can’t let their maknae be in a one sided affair simply because the eldest still sees him as a baby. The very least Wonwoo can do is give Dino some space to grow himself until Seungcheol gets a brain.

“Why you?” Mingyu asked with a thin smile.

“You’re in the basketball team and that club is full of Alpha’s, same for Seungcheol in his workplace. If the alpha’s of your teams becomes interested in Dino it would be more problematic, you know how some alpha’s don’t consider omegas as... people”

“It’s only pherofumes”

“Which is still plenty strong, just because you’re more sensitive to omega scent doesn’t mean all alphas are, Seungcheol can’t even even distinguish one omega from another much less pherofumes.”

“Hey, I can” he answered indignantly but Wonwoo tuned him out.

“There’s a lot of alpha who surrounds you too hyung, haven’t you noticed the library being full of stupid alpha’s these days, as if they... You’re not safe either”

“I can take care of myself Mingyu, I’m not the topic here.”

“Hey I have a nose”

“Yes hyung you do and if I need a nose to differentiate five different betas then I’d go to you.” Wonwoo finally answers the pouting Seungcheol.

“Oh so he has five different beta’s does he...” Wonwoo heard Joshua mumble somewhere to his right, he decided not to dwell on it, that was not his problem.

“I think Wonwoo is right Mingyu, besides Wonwoo’s alpha scent has become much more relaxing as of late. It would be more helpful for Dino to have an alphas relaxing scent around him” Hoshi said stopping their squabble.

“Wouldn’t it better to ask Chan himself? I mean Dino” Vernon said seriously. The people around the table looked at him then at Dino.

Wonwoo sees Dino looking at Seungcheol for a split second then at him. Wonwoo gave him a comforting smile. Dino knew that Wonwoo was aware of his one sided crush to the eldest, he must’ve figured out this was a way for the older to help him out.

“I’ll go with Wonwoo-hyung.”

“Then the matter is settled. Dino isn’t a child anymore, he can decide for himself.” Vernon said then continued eating.




“Hyung, I’m sorry I’m not an omega”

“It’s not your fault Chanie” Wonwoo answered as the younger snuggled closer to him. Wonwoo was enveloping him with both his Alpha scent and Omega scent.

“Hyung you know right? Why I’m a beta and not an omega” the younger asked with a slight crack in his voice.

“Hmmmm” Wonwoo hummed to indicate that yes he did know why.

“I’m sorry hyung.” Wonwoo felt guilty.

“You wanna know a secret”

“Hmm... yea?”

“... I’m an omega”

A scoff “yeah right hyung”

“It was the day after you became a beta, instead of having my rut i was releasing pheromones.”

The younger sat up quickly and looked at him, his eyes were wide as if he was willing Wonwoo to tell him he was pulling his leg.

“Hyu...hyung...” tears was pooling in the youngers eyes and he was about to cry “I’m sorry... sorry... it’s my fault...”

“Hey, it’s not your fault... I already had my suspicions anyways..”

“But..but..” Dino looked at the older his tears still streaming down his eyes. “You’re an alpha..”

“But I had never been able to fulfill my duty as an alpha.”

Dino pouted at that. “You’re a great alpha you always comforted us in your own way, just like how a mother would... oh...”

Wonwoo laughed as Dino face fell into understanding.

“But.. I’m not ready to become an omega yet Chanie... In all my 23 years of existence I have always wanted to be an alpha and these last three years... I can’t let go of it yet.”

“Hyung... Mingyu-hyung will still love you even though you’re not an alpha anymore you know.”

“Haha, it has nothing to do with Mingyu” Wonwoo chuckled as he patted the youngers head. Dino was looking at him as if he was giving him a lie. Truth be told it was 30% about Mingyu. “Dino-yah can you imagine what people would think if a former alpha became an omega overnight?”

Dino’s face finally tells him the younger understood.

“Internal disputes would be the kindest people would give the meaning to. Worst rape or...”


“I didn’t know you knew that word” wonwoo said with a laugh.

“I’m not a child anymore hyung.”

“They would treat me as the lowest omega ever to walk the earth, an alpha who let himself be beaten to submission and...” Wonwoo couldn’t make himself finish his sentence.

“Hyung... it’s my fault...”

“No, it’s not and besides I don’t really mind being an omega if it can help our pack... it’s just I’m not ready yet” Wonwoo looked at Dino “I should be the one saying sorry to you Dino-yah for... making you act like our omega.”

“Hyung... it’s the least I can do for you...” Dino smiled and hugged Wonwoo. Wonwoo decided to let go of his reign and let his alpha and omega scent permeate from both of them.




The next morning Mingyu smelled a new smell at home. Like a sweet mint and sandalwood, like a sweet version of Wonwoo’s alpha smell or should he say an omega version of it. He was not the only one who noticed it because even Jun and Seungcheol wrinkled their nose as if there was a new smell at home.

It came from Dino’s room and since Wonwoo slept with Dino last night that could only mean a combination of their smell a hint of alpha and omega scent. If Mingyu was being honest it smelled like a genuine omega and not just pherofumes but since both smells were Wonwoo’s and nothing elses; the sweetness was just a natural omega scent not a distinct omega smell, that meant that it must just be pherofumes.

“It’s weird but it smells like a real omega scent, but I can only smell Wonwoo” Jun said as he went to the fridge to take out a carton of milk.

“You talk like an alpha.”

“He is supposed to be an alpha, if his family didn’t fall into ruin that is” Minghao said as he took the carton from juns hand and poured himself a glass.

“I still smell Chan though, it’s very light... but are we sure Chan isn’t an omega?” Seungcheol asked as he sniffed the air some more.

“I don’t smell Chan” Mingyu said as he sniffed.

“Probably because you’re too aware of Wonwoo’s smell. Besides they do have somewhat the same scent.”

The door to Dino’s room opened spilling out the maknae in a white shirt and blue shorts with mussed hair and Wonwoo in the same look. Wonwoo gave out a loud yawn as he went to the kitchen and looked begrudgingly at the empty table.

He smelled like he usually does a smell of sandalwood and a bit of mint, it wasn’t sweet but not overpowering either it was more like just relaxing.

Dino smelled sweeter though the scent that Mingyu picked out since awhile ago was emanating from Dino and he looked at Seungcheol who had the same puzzled expression that he probably did. Jun just shrugged as he and Minghao trudged back into their room.

“Where is my breakfast?” Wonwoo asked pointedly at Mingyu, who had not yet moved from his position in the kitchen counter.

“Huh?” Mingyu asked puzzled.

“My Breakfast.” Wonwoo pouted which Dino to his right imitated. “I’m hungry”

“I’m hungry too appa” Dino pouted.

“I’m not your dad”

“Wonwoo-eomma, i need a new appa” Dino said cheekily at Wonwoo

“Ok, let’s look for a new one.”

Mingyu bit his lips trying to both not smile and berate them. He took some ingredients from the fridge to start cooking a simple breakfast. He knew it was not normal for him to feel heat whenever Chan called them appa and eomma but he couldn’t help feel just a bit heated. Thinking of Jeon Wonwoo as the mother of his future kid wasn’t a bad thought but two Alphas won’t end up with a kid unless at least one of them is female.

“How about that guy that always hang out with you in the library?”


“What was it, uhmmm... Shownu?”

Mingyu bit his lip, he knew the guy, tall, broad and one of the strongest and kindest alpha around. Didn’t mean he liked it.

“Ah Yeah, Shownu’s a good guy” Wonwoo answered thoughtfully. Mingyu dropped the food in front of the two guys.

“Then you should ask him to make you breakfast next time” Mingyu answered with a huff and stormed out the kitchen.

“Wow, you two seem to have gotten closer in one night” Seungcheol said at his seat in the table. Watching the whole comedy in front of him with a laugh.

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In the next few weeks their home had smelled like Wonwoo everywhere; it was almost overpowering everyone else’s scent, especially the betas. Minus their personal rooms, most of the communal areas were of Wonwoo’s smell. The beta’s didn’t really mind it and seemed to make them relax more to the smell. Except for three members of the pack.

The first to change was Mingyu; if you asked him, he didn’t notice any change but the others did. He was being antsy and sometimes outright angry whenever Wonwoo came home with a different alpha’s smell, an alpha that wasn’t a member of their pack. Wonwoo was working in the library while in law school and as Mingyu said before, more and more alpha has been hanging out in the library. Not to mention that Wonwoo’s classmates in pre-requisite classes were mainly Alpha’s or an equivalent of an alpha.

Sangyeon from another large pack TBZ was a Pack Alpha, their pack had a damphir with them which was weird but not uncommon. Cross family packs was getting common nowadays. Jennie a female alpha from BP, a small pack with two alphas and two omega, which is pretty weird that a pack had no beta but that wasn’t a problem for outsiders. Jinjin the Pack Alpha from the Fairy Troupe Astro, they were well known simply because fairies usually don’t mingle with other supernatural creatures. Rowoon another alpha from the Giant Pack SF9, there was a half among them but everyone turned a blind eye to that. The alpha Daniel, it was well known in school that the 96 line was the line with most alpha’s in class.

Mingyu pursed his lips the first time he smelled a different Alpha smell mingled in Wonwoo’s scent. It wasn’t from anyone of the alpha’s he knew. He had been in a foul mood all night clattering and making loud noises while cooking dinner.

“Did you hang out with Yeo One today?” Jun asked as he sniffed the air around Wonwoo.

“Hm..” Wonwoo sniffed himself, his nose scrunching and he shrugged. “How’d you know?”

“You smell like Hongseok, and Yeo always smells like him.”

“That’s because he’s his alpha”

“I was asking because you don’t smell like Yeo...” Jun answered with a questioning look. Jun knew for a fact that usually Alpha smell sticks to Omega and Omega smell sticks to Alpha... so why did the alpha Hongseoks smell stick to him instead of Yeo’s omega smell.

“Oh... uhh.. because I waited with Hongseok for Yeo today, that’s probably why.” Wonwoo answered quickly.

“Who’s Hongseok?” Mingyu asked with a low growl to his voice which made Wonwoo flinch a little.

“Pentagons pack alpha, his smell always linger around Yeo and Yanan. You should know Shinwon right? It’s his alpha.”

Mingyu thought back to his classmate and his smell there was some similarity alright.. but he didn’t know why it didn’t make him okay though. If anything it made him feel a bit jealous that Wonwoo had Hongseoks alpha smell. Mingyu frowned, Wonwoo was an alpha he shouldn’t let another alpha do that to him.

“I thought Hui was their pack alpha?”

“Hui is their leader yes... but uhmmm.. he’s an omega.”

“Why are you so concerned anyway, it’s not like alpha smells will stick to Wonwoo for long, if he takes a bath it will all be gone.” Jun said with a twinkle in his eye.

“I’m not concerned.” Mingyu scowled as he accidentally slammed the pan down which earned him a small laugh from Jun.

“Okay sure...”


The second time Mingyu smelled another unknown alpha on Wonwoo was much worse. They were alone at home which was pretty rare. The unknown alpha’s smell was strong and smelled challenging. It was two alpha smells that seem to be fighting for dominance.

“Where have you been wonwoo-hyung?” Mingyu scowled as he asked with a low growl, he didn’t really call wonwoo ‘hyung’ when they were alone opting to just call him wonie, but he wasn’t in a good mood today. He had came home with the house smelling like Wonwoo’s relaxing alpha scent then just a few minutes later he felt two differing alpha scent on Wonwoo... He was angry why Wonwoo would let himself smell like another alpha so easily these past weeks, it irked him a lot. He was close to marking him himself if truth be told.

“I was with a friend he was having a rough time.” Wonwoo said as he slumped beside Mingyu on the couch. The smell of the two conflicting alphas invading his nose more potently and he had to physically stop himself from pouncing on Wonwoo and scenting him just to drown the smell.

“Who?” Mingyu tried to keep his voice even.

“Hanbin, you know him right?”

“Ikon’s pack alpha..”

“He isn’t an al... anyway yeah two of his pack-mates JuNe and Bobby had been getting really possessive of him and he doesn’t know what to do.

“Why would two alpha’s be possessive over another alpha” Mingyu asked with pursed lips.

“I dunno, Mingyu-yah maybe because we are ourselves first before our role...” Wonwoo said as he leaned his head on Mingyu’s shoulder. It was a natural movement something they have done a lot of times before but Mingyu quickly jumped up out of Wonwoo’s reach and Wonwoo was left on the couch his head hitting the pillow Mingyu was sitting on.

“Wha?” Wonwoo huffed as he looked at Mingyu, the younger was pale and seemed shocked at the touch. He looked at Wonwoo then quickly turned around and ran to his room leaving a curious Wonwoo.

Mingyu was behind his door trying his best to keep his breathing steady. What was that, when Wonwoo’ head touched his skin he felt hot and angry. The smell of the two confronting alpha mingled in Wonwoo’s scent made him want to rage out and break everything. Not to mention the part where their skin touched burned him like fire, it felt good and hot yet the scent was disgusting and weird.

Since that incident Mingyu had unconsciously tried to keep away from Wonwoo’s touch and for someone who was so clingy everyone took notice of it.


The second to have an apparent change was Seungcheol. He was the pack alpha, theoretically his smell should be the one clinging to their communal area but it was Wonwoo’s instead. However, instead of being threatened by it, he seemed okay with it, which made Jeonghan and Joshua look at him weirdly. However, he seemed okay with it did not mean he was okay with it.

He felt a heat in his gut that was not there before. He was not attracted to Wonwoo, that was sure but his scent was making him feel weird. He was attracted to the scent and he was sure Jeonghan and Joshua noticed it too. The others always say Wonwoo’s scent was relaxing and it was true it was. But the smell clinging in the house was arousing rather than relaxing.

The only time he felt genuinely relaxed at home was when the maknae was gone for a week saying he was hanging out with the fairy troupe. The smell at home has lessened sweetness and that was probably what made him relax more. It must be that pherofumes Dino has been using that made him uncomfortable.

“You know it’s nice that we don’t have an omega.” Seokmin said.

“Why?” Joshua asked as he snuggled on Seokmin’s lap, his fingers playing on seokmin’s thigh as his eyes were glued on the tv. Cheol didn’t know why he found the scene cute when he should be growling with intimidation.

“It’s the full moon and if Chan was an omega it would be his first heat”

“You don’t think he ran away from home because he’s in heat is he?” Seungkwan asked with a laugh which earned him a slap from Vernon. “I was joking solie”

Seungcheol pulled his lip on a thin line. He stood up and Vernon looked at him while the others just continued watching tv. He could still feel Vernon’s eyes on him as he left the room. When he was out of earshot he pulled out his phone and dialed a number.


“Hey, Jinie is Dino there?”

“Hey, Cheol-hyung he’s here want to talk to him.”

Seungcheol heard Chans voice in the background laughing with probably sanha.

“Is... is anybody else there?”

“Hmm, Aside from Rocky and Sanha, there’s Chani and Eric... they’ve been playing around in the living room for awhile... is something wrong?”

“No, uhhh, there... there’s no other alpha there is there?”

“Uhmm no, just me”

“Okay... okay please take care of him”

“Uhhh, sure Cheol-Hyung”

“Bye” Seungcheol didn’t know why he was being weird, of course Chan wasn’t an omega and he was just playing around with the other youngest like sanha chani and eric. Jinjin was an alpha but he was of the fairy troupe they were not dictated by their sub gender.

Seungcheol felt like he was becoming less and less like a pack alpha. First he had a pack with no Omega, that just shows that he was weak, how humiliating for a pack alpha to have no omega. Second Wonwoo overshadows his smell in their own den, and he was okay with being overshadowed like that. Third he was okay with having Jisoo snuggle Seokmin when Jisoo should be his, he should feel threatened and assert his dominance instead he founds the two cuddling as cute. What the hell was wrong with him.

He was losing confidence in being a pack alpha, that he was considering talking to Wonwoo about his problems. He mentally slapped himself what was the point of being a pack alpha if he had to rely on Wonwoo to gain confidence.

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The third change was Jun. He was almost always distracted and he has been avoiding Minghao which made the younger raise his brows more times than can be counted. Instead Jun gravitated towards Wonwoo.

Jun wasn’t as conflicted as Seungcheol though so it was easier for him to talk with Wonwoo.

“Wonwoo, you’re my closest friend right?”

“Uhmm... isn’t that Minghao?”

“I love Minghao but you’re just a friend” Jun rolled his eyes.

“Ouch, I don’t know why you just friend zoned me out of the blue but okay”

“I’m being serious here”

“That’s new”


“Fine what is it?”

“You know Minghao said that I’d be an alpha if my family didn’t fall to ruin?”

“Yeah, But you’re a beta, even if your family didn’t fall into ruin you’d still be a beta. It’s how it works”

“You’re forgetting I’m not actually a werewolf like you guys”

“Yeah you’re a Hui Jun”

“Hahaha, what? That’s my name you just turned it around”

“That’s what Minghao said, anyway isn’t it the same? It’s just a sub species from China”

“First of all that sounded racist, second Hui Jun is a handsome young man with great charisma and nice body and should be loved by everybody. Third it’s Huli Jing”

“It’s not racist! Kumiho, Kitsune and Hui Jun... second I think Hui Jun should be cancelled”

Jun gawked. “I feel betrayed”

“You friend zoned me for nothing”



“So what about you being a Hui Jun”

“Huli Jing and no I’m a Fei Huang... Minghao is a Huli Jing”

“Close enough, so what does that have anything to do with you being an ass to Minghao all week”

Jun bit his lip.

“Spit it out”

“Fei Huang’s are one of the exceptions when it’s about alpha things”

Wonwoo raised an eyebrow.

“We don’t... we don’t have the concept of an Alpha Beta Omega, for us the next Family Head becomes an Alpha no matter what his or her sub gender is, our species overrides our sub gender... even if the next family head presented as a beta or omega... He will become an Alpha when he becomes the family head.”

“Okay... but your family is already in ruins right?”

“That... that may not be true”


Jun had moved in with them since he was 13 and Minghao was 12, from Minghao’s story Jun was from a ruined family, he no longer had a pack and had ended up with the Xu’s. So when they had decided as a group to form a pack later on Jun had not asked permission from anyone because he didn’t have anyone. If it was true that Jun still had a pack or family, his situation becomes a bit troublesome, he needed permission to leave his pack.

“Okay... so are you... going back to China?”

“I might not have to”

“Oh... does Minghao know?”

“No, and if he did I don’t think he’d want me to stay here”

Wonwoo frowned.

“It’s complicated...”

“Then explain it, because I don’t think Minghao is just gonna kick you out like that”

Jun sighed and closed his eyes, a pair of fox ears popped out of his head and whiskers came out of his cheeks then a horn from the back of his head came up majestically up his hair just in between his fox ears. It was just a partial transformation but there was one distinct feature that was not on Jun when he transformed before.

“What’s that?” Wonwoo asked looking pointedly at the horn in the middle of his head.

“I’m an alpha now”

“Oh... what?” Wonwoo loudly asked, this was so unfair, he became an omega and someone else from the pack became an Alpha! This was so UNFAIR! Wait he has enough time to rant about it later but he has to deal with Jun first, if he became an alpha then that means. “You... you’re the new family head of your family?”

“Yeah, seems like it... Fei Huangs... our species is close to extinction, there’s probably just a handful of us left and I genuinely thought our family was the last there is.” Jun breathed out a sigh and continued. “The Xu family is the retainers of the Fei Huangs... Minghao will insist to find the other Fei Huangs... His duty will force him to find the Fei Huangs and have me lead them.”

“You can’t be sure about that...”

“I am, and even so I don’t want to take the risk”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you’re one of our Alpha’s”

“Why not Cheol-Hyung or Gyu”

“You’re the most calming and as I said you’re my closest friend.”

“You could have just hidden this from me, why tell me?”

“Because there are now 4 alpha’s in our pack and no Omega, this is a recipe for a disaster don’t you think? Usually if there’s 4 alpha’s there should at least be two Omega’s. It was weird enough to have 3 alpha’s with no Omega, even just having one omega is unusual.”

“Jun, our pack is fine”

“Maybe or maybe not.”

“What are you talking about our pack is fine.”

“Vernon and Joshua are right, you can be dense sometimes.”


“Vernon thinks Chan might be hiding him being an omega.”

“He told you that?”

“No I overheard him confronting Chan about it, but Chan denied it”

“Of course he would because he isn’t an omega”

Jun looked at Wonwoo suspiciously.

“Vernon has also been saying someone’s making a move on Hoshi”

“Pffft... he’s Hoshi...”

“It’s someone from Day6”


A silence enveloped the two, Hoshi was a certified simp for the Day6 pack who were also a band. Wonwoo cleared his throat.

“What did Jisoo say?”

“He... he think Cheol is losing his confidence”

“His confidence is what makes him an alpha, so I don’t think that’s right”

“Oh please Wonwoo you should notice that Cheol-Hyung’s scent has become thinner as of late like a wet dog or something.”

Wonwoo looked thoughtful for a second, it was true Cheol’s scent has become a bit thinner but he haven’t noticed as much because Mingyu’s smell has become harsher and overwhelming.

“Mingyu isn’t helping either with how much alpha pheromones he has been pumping out.”

“Ah that I did notice, what is with him”

“He’s angry and jealous, duh”

“Why? Did something happen?” Wonwoo narrowed his eyes. “Is someone threatening us?”

Jun rolled his eyes and Wonwoo thinks what could be the problem.

“You can really be an airhead sometimes”

“Uh? Why are you attacking me all of a sudden.

Jun stood up and rolled his eyes but as he opened the door he looked back at Wonwoo gently. “He’s jealous and angry because of you... you should talk to him.”

Chapter Text

Hoshi was waiting in line to get into the venue where Day6 was going to perform. Brian was waving at him from the side door of the venue ushering him into the backstage.

"Jae's talking with the opening band, did you wait long?"

"No, not at all"

"Cool, wait a bit I have to bring some of these to Dowoon, he's been on suppressants for too long his body temperature is out of whack" Brian said as he took some heat packs from a table they passed by in.

"he takes suppressants?"

"yeah, we uh... had a fight and the busy schedule isn't helping either" the alpha said with a small smile.

"But the two of you are the definition of a perfect couple"

"Thanks... but I'm not really sure I'm the one he wants now..."

Hoshi kept silent as the older looked a bit glum even though he was still giving his trademark smile. Even if the older said that they had a fight the fact that he was concerned for their maknae's well being was proof that the alpha cared more than he let on.

He followed the older into Day6's dressing room. Sungjin and Wonpil was in front of the dressing room mirror having a conversation. They both gave him a wave that he reciprocated.

Dowoon was on the edge of the long couch brooding and just gave him a weak smile as he took a seat on the other side of the couch.

"Do you feel cold? or hot? woonie?" Brian asked as he tried to check on the youngers temperature with the back of his hand but was slapped away.

"I feel fine Younghyun-hyung"

"Don't give me that, just tell me... I bought some heat packs just in case."

The youngers face lighten a bit as he took the offered packs. He muttered a small thank you and ignored the concerned look the older gave him.

"How's class Hoshi?" Wonpil asked as he noticed the awkward silence that enveloped the room.

"it's great, we're getting ready for a dance performance next week and other classes isn't really much of a problem"

"How's Younghyun-hyung at school?" Dowoon asked silently. His low voice coupled with the low tone seemed like he was murmuring. Hoshi was a bit startled that the youngest talked to him.

He had met Brian a year ago in one of the pre-requisite for business management class. Kang Younghyun though he goes by the name of Brian was a member of the Day6 band a pretty popular band. He was also an alpha with a very alluring smell so he had been surrounded by admirers ever since he enrolled into their university. Because of luck, effort and a bit of fanboying Hoshi had become friends with the older. He had met the other members at different times throughout the year. Jaehyung had become his favorite, while Dowoon wasn't really keen on talking to him a lot. It still startles him whenever the youngest talks to him, Dowoon was shy by nature though it wasn't obvious if one only sees his interaction with the other members but offstage and in daily setting he was definitely an introvert.

Dowoon was the only omega in the band and it was apparent in the first few times he met the group that though Sungjin was the pack alpha, Brian was his alpha. There had been a lot of rumors going around that Brian and Dowoon was a thing ever since they released their trilogy music video. Brian had let it slipped once that he indeed was in love with their maknae when Hoshi said 'you're so whipped for Dowoonie'

Hoshi haven't found out yet why Dowoon was against Brian going to Uni again and taking Business classes but it seemed their relation/friend ship? became strained because of his decision.

Hoshi being a reminder that Brian was in Uni seemed to spark some slight animosity from the youngest. He was still cordial and friendly though, not really ostracizing Hoshi but Hoshi could feel Dowoon trying not to actively talk about Brian's university life. So he was 1. startled that Dowoon asked and 2. That he asked about Brian's uni life.

"He's doing really well on the subjects we have together..."

"that's good" Dowoon said with a slight smile as his eyes looked out of focus then mumbled "yeah.. that's good"

Sungjin and Wonpil looked concerned at how the maknae was acting but tried their best not to show it. Brian however was obvious with his pining looking at the younger like he was going to break any second.

"though he does sleep in morning classes a lot" Hoshi continued with a laugh trying to lighten the mood.

"Really?" Dowoon asked looking at Hoshi directly. Hoshi was startled again with how direct the youngest was with him. He felt like this was the first time the youngest had directly acknowledged him.

"ye.. yes... you know he says his schedule is really hectic and he hardly gets any sleep" Brian tried pinching him though he didn't know if it was to make him shut up or for something else.

"I see" Dowoon gave him a soft smile.

"My schedule is just fine" Brian grumbled giving Hoshi a dirty look but Hoshi had always been honest. He was also quite relieved that Dowoon didn't dislike him as much as he thought.

"oh please you always complain how your Coffee bomb taste like shit but you have to take it anyway so you can go through your schedule."

"he does?" Dowoon asked his eyes looking far more interested than he ever did.

"yes he does, everytime..."

"No, I don't!" Brian denied looking at Sungjin and wonpil with wide eyes as if asking for help and at the same time trying to pinch Hoshi but Hoshi had placed himself farther so he couldn't reach him unless he wanted Dowoon to see him pinching him.

"I did hear you complaining about it" Wonpil shrugged and Brian looked at him with betrayal which only earned him a chuckle from the keyboardist.

"You know he has a coffee bomb?" Dowoon asked the older.

"Yes he drinks it every morning"

"oh... hey hyung" Dowoon had a thoughtful smile as he looked at Brian. Brian's face was unreadable as he looked at the youngest.

"yes dowoonie?"

"Do you want me to tutor you in your business classes?" the younger said with a smile

"you don't have to do that woonie" Dowoon's face fell as Brian denied him. "you really don't have to"

"But I want to! I don't get to spend any time with you anymore" the youngest pouted. Brian gave a signal to the other people in the room but Sungjin outright ignored him and Wonpil just chuckled like a child. Hoshi didn't know what Brian was signaling for... this was a chance to get closer to his omega so Hoshi using his GREAT DEDUCTIVE REASONING in mafia games thought of the most appropriate thing.

Brian seemed to not want Dowoon to tutor him, that means that maybe because he doesn't want the younger to think he was stupid. Or maybe because the younger isn't that good so he needs another smart person on board, unfortunately Hoshi wasn't that smart but Wonwoo was! So the appropriate answer to help his beloved Day6 was:

"You could join us on our tutoring session this thursday?" Hoshi said.

"we have a tutoring session?" Brian asked dumbfounded.

"Yes! With Wonwoo don't you remember?" Hoshi said winking at the dumbfounded guy. Wonpil was outright laughing now and Sungjin smacked his head trying to keep a straight face.

"Ok! I'll go!" Dowoon said with a huge smile then pointed at Brian. "Hyung! I'm going to teach you everything about business!"

After that Day6 was called on the stage and Hoshi had the time of his life listening to them up close backstage. When they were leaving Dowoon had eagerly told him "let's talk again sometime" Wonpil's "This will at least make things interesting" Sungjin's "Thanks for coming" and Brian's "I hope I won't slip up!"

"Come on I'll take you home" Jaehyung said as he waited for Hoshi to climb into his car.

"thanks jaehyung" Hoshi said with a smile as he sat comfortably and belt in his seatbelt.

"So I heard you're bringing Dowoon along to tutoring?"

"Yup, it's to help brian"

"I don't think that will help him" Jaehyung laughed.

"eh? why?"

"first reason: Kang-bra would be too distracted to learn anything with Dowoon around" Jae said laughing "and second do you know why Brians taking business classes?"

"uhmm... no not really..."

"It's complicated but short version he needs a business diploma and inherit a business empire to marry Yoon Dowoon without Dowoon knowing anything"


Jae gave a sidelong glance to hoshi then let out a sigh "Have you heard of a Yoon Electronics?"

"yeah Chan's friend Sanha is an heir to that company"



"is that all you know?" Jae asked skeptically.


"I see... well the company actually has more than one heir and all of them are groomed to take over. It's a family driven company so only a Yoon can take over a position in the board"

"So your saying Dowoon is one of them?"


"But if only a Yoon can take over then what does that have to do with Brian?"

"Dowoon is an only child and he doesn't know about him being an heir to Yoon Electronics, his mother confronted Brian about it and so Brian decided; when the time comes, he would take Dowoon's last name instead. Dowoon... well he really loves music... and Brian loves music too and he is talented with it, but he loves Dowoon more so..."

"Is that why they're fighting?" Hoshi said his eyes large.

"Dowoon doesn't know anything but Brian's already determined to take on the responsibility of being a Yoon, if they get married then He'll take on Dowoon's last name if they don't he'll get himself adopted to the Yoons... either way the money will still be on Dowoon's back account"

"How?" Hoshi frowned.

"As I said it's complicated but Brian will basically be doing the job but the money will be all Dowoon's or the Yoon's."

"That's kind of fucked up..." Hoshi said as Jae stopped on the side of the road looking up at Seventeen's home.

Hoshi went out of the car saying goodbye. He was about to close the door when Jae stopped him.

"I know this isn't my place to say it but... Yoon Jeonghan... isn't he a Yoon?"

"Haha no way! Yeah he's a Yoon but no way he's part of that, he swindles us for food!!!" Hoshi barked out a laugh.

"Yeah maybe you're right" Jae gave him a smile as he closed the door.

Chapter Text

Dino arrived home from his weekend out tired, and had went directly to his room to sleep. It was already afternoon when he finally had the strength to stand up and drag himself to the silent kitchen.

Vernon is the only one in the kitchen fiddling with his laptop and a mug of hot chocolate. Dino waved a hand to the older as he trudged towards the hot water to make himself a mug of hot chocolate as well. Vernon was still looking at the younger with a questioning look.

“You... you smell different”

“What hyung?” Dino asked tiredly as he dragged himself towards the table where Vernon was, holding his hot drink.

“You smell different”

Chan smelled himself and shrugged. “I don’t smell anything”

“Are you sure you’re not hiding anything chan?”

“I told you hyung, I’m not an Omega”

“You’re not just saying that because of Seungcheol-hyung are you?”

“Hyung... I’m not...” Dino said in between drinking his hot choco.

“I’m just saying Chan... Cheol-hyung is made to be a casanova... I won’t be surprised if he ends up with five mates” Vernon said as he ended the conversation by putting on his headset. “It would do him good right now to bone someone”

Dino blushed at the innuendo and just sighed loudly.



Wonwoo looked at Mingyu sleeping in the couch, his right leg and arm splayed on the floor. His head lolled in his chest as he slept. He was too big for the aforementioned furniture, left leg was lifted up the arm rest and his left arm was around his abdomen.

Wonwoo crouched beside the sleeping boy and he could see the younger ones nose twitch as he got closer. Wonwoo couldn’t stop himself from chuckling at the cute twitch.

“Is something on my face hyung” Mingyu grumbled still not waking up.

“Yeah, there is”

“What? Ugliness”

“Hahaha no, Handsome”

“Hyuuung~~~” Mingyu mumbled as he shoved his face away from wonwoo, hiding it from view. His ears however was a shade of red.

“Gyu... If something is bothering you... you can talk to me okay?”

Mingyu didn’t answer him and Wonwoo stood up. Mingyu may act as extrovert as they come but the boy rarely shows true weakness around anyone else. He understood that and it was one of the things he loved about him, he had a strong character. Wonwoo left Mingyu in the sofa as he went back to his room.

A silent moment passed.

“Are you really not gonna talk to him gyu?”

“... what about you hao? Aren’t you gonna talk to him.”

“I will, I’m not a scared big baby like you”

A shuffle as Mingyu positioned himself to look at his friend, there was an ugly pout in his face.

“Seriously why does Wonwoo-hyung say your handsome when you look like a bulldog.”

“I am not, I’m his retriever”

“Still a dog Mingyu, you’re still a dog”

An ugly pout from the overgrown dog.

“You should do that face in front of him”

“What do you want hao”

“... I... we might have some problems..”


“Sara’s pack are moving”

“I thought Cheol-Hyung dealt with them” Mingyu frowned.

“Cheol-Hyung... you noticed his scent right?”

Mingyu tried to remember his pack leaders scent these past few days but came up blank. It must have shown in his face, Minghao looked at him sympathetically.

“Figured as much... he’s losing his Alpha strength”

“This is Seungcheol-hyung we are talking about, he’ll get through it.”

Minghao looked at Mingyu with an unreadable expression.

“What is it?”

“Hyujin is marking Wonwoo”

An unbidden soft growl rumbled from Mingyu’s throat.

“He has always been interested with wonwoo-hyung... wonwoo-hyung won’t bother with him, hyung is an alpha”


“What?” A low growl unconsciously accompanied the question.

“Control your temper... we really need a stable alpha right now. Seungcheol-hyung is... not himself... You’re too angry and volatile these past few days and Wonwoo-hyung is...” Minghao can’t think of the proper word to use, as to not have Mingyu’s temper flare up. He might have thought too long because Mingyu noticed his silence.

“What about Wonwoo-hyung?”

“Wonwoo-hyung is being too... mild”

Mingyu looked confused at Minghao’s choice of words.

“Hyujin has always been known to target Alpha’s, it’s kind of his fetish... and Wonwoo-hyung has always been his target that’s why we’re always in conflict with their pack.”

“I know that Hao and we always drove them off... we can drive them off again”

“Are you really gonna keep it a secret from Wonwoo-hyung?”

“We talked about this Hao, we keep that a secret, hyung doesn’t need to know!”

“...... ok”


“Hey Wonwoo”

Wonwoo looked up as Hyujin waved a hand and took a seat in front of him in the courtyard, plopping his books in the table.

“Have you read the Johnson’s case files? I’m still stuck on why they retrieved all of their products on the market”

“Oh that huh... wait” Wonwoo took out a sterling notebook from his backpack and flipped through some pages looking for his notes on the file.

“Hey Wonwoo”


“You seem more relaxed now...”

“I get that a lot, but I haven’t really noticed” Wonwoo answered as he found the page he was looking for. “Here, I wrote some information about it there, from my understanding they did that for their customer relations.”

“Thanks Wonwoo!” Hyujin answered as he took the offered notebook and look through it. “This’ll help me a lot... Basketball practice has been taking up my time.”

“How is basketball practice”

“Same I’m still the Ace player”

“Pffft, don’t let Mingyu hear you say that”

“Fine we are still the ace player, happy?” Hyujin said with a laugh, making his handsome face glow brighter.

Wonwoo unconsciously smiled along with him. Hyujin reminded him of Mingyu, tanned handsome face with a great smile, tall and good at sports. Though Mingyu was more laid back and comfortable Hyujin can be a bit intense sometimes. Though recently Mingyu is the intense one and Hyujin more laid back.

“Let me treat you to lunch as a thank you for helping me out in this case file”

“You don’t have to”

“Come on Wonwoo, you know I won’t accept no as an answer... You really helped me out, Johnson’s course of action really stumped me and after reading this (pointing at wonwoo’s notebook) I seriously feel stupid.”

“Hahaha.. fine” Wonwoo laughed and agreed then in an imitation of their professor “I seriously think you should pick a different course if that made you feel stupid, Mr. Yoon"

“Ouch, your words hurts my fragile heart.”

“Now that’s just outright bullshit”

“Guilty!” Hyujin laughed good-naturedly as he slung his bag over his shoulder waiting for Wonwoo to finish up gathering his stuff. The two walked leisurely towards the closest school cafeteria. Wonwoo still being in a state of transition not noticing their mingling scent.

Chapter Text

The first thing Mingyu noticed when he got home from school was the scent. He froze as he took a whiff of the scent at home, an invasive smell of copper and citrus. He entered the living room and saw Minghao, his arms crossed in his chest and looked accusingly at Mingyu. Mingyu had no idea why he was being stared at and he frowned as the smell got stronger, he knew this smell.

“Hey gyu, you’re home” A voice somewhere in the house.

“Hello... hyung” Mingyu frowned.

Mingyu followed the voice and reached their joined room. Wonwoo was on his study table flipping through some pages of his, most likely, schoolwork. The youngers frown deepened as he got into the room. The intermingling of Wonwoo’s scent and the smell of copper and citrus was heating his head and gut. ‘Disgusting’ it was the first time his head registered Wonwoo’s mint and sandalwood smell as disgusting. Mingyu loves Mint Chocolate simply because Wonwoo smelled like mint and he smelled like chocolate. No, it wasn’t wonwoo’s mint and sandalwood that was disgusting it was the copper and citrus and there was a sweet tinge smell of vanilla which was, against all odds he was aroused to. Wonwoo was a cacophony of smells. Mint and sandalwood is his hyungs smell though it’s a bit sweeter than normal, it was not out of the ordinary. The mute fragrance of vanilla smell was something that had appeared since helping out with Dino, it was sweet and very arousing for Mingyu. Copper and citrus was not wonwoo’s and he only knew one person who has a scent of copper.

“Hyung... where have you been?” Mingyu asked trying to keep his voice even.

“Gyu...” Wonwoo flinched as he felt bombarded with the smell of chocolate and tobacco. Usually mingyu’s tobacco smell was comforting and warm but this time it smelled like it was burning and noxious, as if wonwoo was a threat. “Is something wrong?”

“Answer the question hyung?” Mingyu was angry, wonwoo could smell it even if the younger was speaking calmly and his face neutral. The smell was suffocating, when has he become so sensitive to mingyu’s smell.

“I was in class, then the library and came home as always, why?” Wonwoo answered confused with Mingyu’s angry smell.

“You smell like Hyujin”

“Hyujin? We had lunch but that’s it” Wonwoo made an effort to smell himself and found that he didn’t smell what Mingyu smelled. That was lunch time like 5 hours ago, he hadn’t showered yet, opting to finish up his schoolwork first. Mingyu shouldn’t be able to smell something that was 5 hr old on him, especially not someone that isn’t from their pack.

“You’re telling me you smell like that all afternoon in your class and...” Mingyu was livid. ‘What the hell’ running through his head. Was his hyung crazy letting someone like Hyujin scent him all afternoon in his class and the library. Mingyu’s gut was burning with anger and he was jealous. What would the other packs say about their alpha smelling like that bastard. Wonwoo was marked.

“Gyu, I think you’re being sensitive, I don’t smell what you’re smelling”

Angry. Jealous. Jealous. Wonwoo was marked.

“Gyu, hey, I think your Alpha powers are getting stronger, you’re being sensitive to smells”

No, Wonwoo was his. His. His. Someone else was marking what was his. Angry. Angry. The Alpha inside him was Angry. Confused. Horny. Possessive. Territorial.



“Gyu, hey... are you okay?” Wonwoo asked as he saw Mingyu freeze up. He held Mingyu’s arm and pulled back just as quickly, a jolt of electricity and heat surged through him.


Mingyu hated the Alpha inside him. His hyung wasn’t an omega, and he wasn’t his. Wonwoo was his hyung. An Alpha. He wasn’t a thing to be possessed. What was with this crazy possessiveness that he was feeling. He was losing control.

“Gyu!” Wonwoo was flustered, what was he going to do? It seems like his touch had triggered Mingyu’s alpha, it was like when Mingyu first became an alpha all over again. He was always the wild one, the untamed. Unlike Seungcheol’s Prideful and responsible alpha, Mingyu’s was unrestrained, unpredictable and loving, so loving that it sometimes hurt.

“Shut up hyung, shut up shut up shut up” Mingyu said angrily his eyes turning iridescent blue for a second, his forehead scrunched angrily, his lips curling.

Wonwoo tried to speak but couldn’t, he was acutely aware that he was mimicking a fish out of water. Mingyu used his alpha voice. Mingyu rushed out of the room angrily. Wonwoo could vaguely hear Minghao’s and Seungkwan’s voice in the background.

Wonwoo kneeled down struggling to breathe, willing his body to breathe through his nose or through his mouth but both was just gasping unwilling to follow his orders. Tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes as he felt light headed.

“Wonwoo is everything okay?” Jun asked as the door creaked open. The older saw Wonwoo struggling in the floor. “ Fuck Wonwoo, what’s happening with you, hey hey hey”

Jun said as he pulled the younger up and saw Wonwoo’s face contorting, he was trying to transform, his ears migrating up to his head. His eyes, Wonwoo’s eyes wasn’t iridescent blue but gold. Jun gaped at the color and finally collected himself when he saw Wonwoo clawing his throat.

“Breath, breath, Wonwoo breathe” Jun said frantically but it wasn’t working, he didn’t know how to activate his alpha voice, he tried and tried again.

“Breathe!” Jun said forcefully his eyes turning blood red for a split second and to his relief Wonwoo finally breathed.

Wonwoo’s transformation seized as he planted his hands on the floor, he was still gasping for air but it seemed he was able to breath properly now. Wonwoo looked at Jun’s concerned face, he messed up.


“Please don’t tell anyone. Jun, please” Wonwoo gasped looking at his friends eyes imploringly. He could see Jun’s unease and uncertainty, he waited until Jun gave a slight nod.

Wonwoo knew he needed help.

Chapter Text

“Hey Won, rare for you to come see us? Or generally to come out of your den.” Jinwoo said motioning for Wonwoo to sit at the available seat. Three others were seated at the table.

“Wonwoo? That’s... rare” Sangyeon let out as he saw the unexpected person.

“Is this supposed to be a Pack Alpha only meeting?” Wonwoo asked as he took notice of Shownu who had just given him a nod as a greeting and Hongseok who was trying to calculate his carb intake with his phone.

“Not really, you called to meet up asap and we just happened to be hanging out together.”

“Hey Won” Daniel smiled lightly as he slipped into another chair in the table. “Sorry Jisung-hyung is kind of in a pickle and Seungwoo just won’t stop bothering me about helping him through it. So here I am speaking to Jinwoo”

“You say it as if I have the answers to your problem”

“Well you handled Sanha’s problem so I thought you could deal with mine too”

“We aren’t handling it at all, anyway I’m here for Wonwoo and not you”

“Oh come on Jinwoo, don’t you care about Seungwoo”

“Just marry him for all I care, you two have been pining for each other for 3 years now, I’m getting a headache”

“Tha...that’s not what I mean” Daniel blurted out blushing madly. “And that’s not why I came here for!”

“Whatever, so Wons, What’s the problem?” Jinwoo asked then stopped as if he noticed something different. “I think we should get our own table, yea?”

Wonwoo nodded.

“I’ll be back guys”


“You... you’re not an alpha anymore are you?” Jinwoo asked as they left out of earshot from the others.


“I knew something was up when Dongmin and Jungkook kept complaining about Mingyu’s strong scent.”


“You know that omega’s can be a bit sensitive about aggressive alpha smells right?” Jinwoo frowned then continued. “So... what happened anyway?”

“Nothing, I can handle it... but I do need help”

Jinwoo looked skeptical at his answer but kept quiet, urging him to continue.

“I need to learn to overcome alpha voices.” Wonwoo cautiously said. If he was to keep his secret then he needed to learn to break an alpha’s command by himself. Jun was the best candidate but Jun could barely control his own abilities, he was too new to them. The fact he was keeping his ‘alpha’ status a secret added made it harder for Wonwoo to ask help from him. Seungcheol and Mingyu was definitely out of the equation. He would have asked Hyujin but somehow he felt it was wrong to ask him of something like that, he knew Mingyu and Hyujin has a bit of rivalry going and he wasn’t keen on fueling that.

“I won’t ask why, but why not Cheol or Gyu? Cheol is your pack alpha his voice is much stronger than a regular alpha. I also know you like Mingyu so if anything his alpha voice should be doubly effective on you.”

“I can’t...”

Jinwoo contemplated on what he should do, their pack obviously had some problems with Dino and Wonwoo asking for help, not to mention the Yoon Family Meeting was close. He wasn’t completely aware of what their pack was going through, so he kept his tongue from saying anything.

“Wonwoo you know I’m a faerie, I don’t use Alpha voice to fight... and if you’re using it to break from Cheol or Gyu’s you might need more than one pack alpha to help out.” Jinwoo motioned to the four pack alpha in the other side.

Alpha voice is one of the abilities of an alpha, it was the counterpart of an Omega’s scent. It has different effects depending on the alpha using it. Rule of thumb, pack omega’s were the weakest to it, then omega’s then beta’s then alpha’s. The weakness can be trained, but the strength of an alpha’s voice followed a hierarchy. The pack alpha will always be the strongest comparable only to the mated alpha. Followed was an alpha in the same pack, then pack alpha’s of other packs, then elite alphas and finally regular alphas.

“I want to keep it under wraps as much as possible”

“You want me to cast a secrecy spell? Do you really need to go that far?”

“Yes... I still have some unfinished business”




Wonwoo drew a ragged deep breath as he shook off the remnants of the alpha command Hongseok did. It was a simple order of ‘stop’ and it took him close to 15 minutes to break out of it by himself. Usually it would only take him a second or if he was ready for it, he won’t be affected at all.

Hongseok looked worriedly at him. “I think we should take a break”

“No, let’s continue”

“Wonwoo, I don’t know what happened to you but that one word took you 15 minutes to shrug off, that is abnormal even omega’s don’t get bound that long.” Sangyeon piped up. “Eric is my omega and I’m his pack alpha and I can’t even bind him for more than 10 minutes, that’s him being pliant. This might be the longest bound I’ve seen, especially when you aren’t even pack-mates”

“That’s why we should continue”

“No, let’s take a break, I’m sure you’re tired.”

“Please” Wonwoo is determined to get over this. He had left a messaged to his pack that he would be away a few days or weeks. He needed to get his former abilities back within that time frame. He felt bad enough not talking to Mingyu about what happened, however he needed to do this.

“Rest” Hongseok sighed using his alpha voice and Wonwoo crumpled to his seat.

“Have you seen anything like this Jinwoo?”

“No, not really... I’m no expert in alpha voice either, it doesn’t affect us faerie so I’m not knowledgeable about it.”

“I mean Wonwoo is an alpha right? He shouldn’t even be affected by this.”

It might have something to do with Wonwoo originally being an alpha, since he was an alpha his body probably never tried to get any resistance to alpha voice. Now that he was an omega the alpha ability was also gone and his resistance was reduced to its original value of 0, or the negatives with his omega-ness involved. It was the only explanation Jinwoo could think of but decided not to voice it out.



“What’re we gonna tell Mingyu?”

“I don’t know kwan, this is his fault for being unreasonable.” Minghao grumbled as he plucked Wonwoo’s note from the counter.

“We already know how much Mingyu likes Wonwoo-hyung... but this is getting out of hand. Jun-hyung said Mingyu used his alpha voice to subdue Wonwoo-hyung”

“Oh for fucks-sake this is why I told him to just be honest.” Minghao grumbled. “He’s so jealous and in denial with his feelings it’s affecting us.”

“Well... I kind of understand Mingyu, they are both alphas... it won’t look good for an alpha to be submissive.” Seungkwan mumbled fiddling the note in his hand.

“Oh please, he and Seungcheol are push-overs, if we’re talking about aggressive ones shouldn’t Jihoon be our alpha.”

“Hao... ah I keep forgetting that you aren’t technically a wolf...”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Minghao glared at Seungkwan. “I thought we won’t ever bring that up”

“Hao, an alpha acting like an omega is very derogatory.”

“It’s not like we’ll care.”

“We won’t but there are a lot of packs out there who likes to attack other packs they see as weak... I’m on Mingyu’s side on this one, he might have went about it all wrong, but he’s trying his best not to put Wonwoo-hyung in a position that he’ll be ridiculed.”

“If you really think like that, then you deal with Mingyu when he finds out Wonwoo won’t be coming home any time soon.” Minghao seethed out as he scowled to leave the younger behind.

Seungkwan blew out a sigh, things are falling to pieces since Chan presented. Seungcheol being withdrawn and Mingyu being aggressive. Jisoo and Seokmin aren’t helping either, instead of shua helping out cheol he has been hanging out more with Seokmin. That was probably one of the reasons Seungcheol is withdrawing. Jeonghan was always pre-occupied with something either staring into space or mumbling to himself. Minghao has become more agitated as Jun kept his distance from him. Soonyoung was always hanging out with Day6 and Jihoon had started to lock himself in his studio. He only comes home if Soonyoung drags him back. Vernon has been getting suspicious of Chan and Chan was acting like Vernon didn’t exist. Everything just felt better when Wonwoo-hyung was around his scent calmed everyone down. Though Seungcheol gets more withdrawn when Chan and Wonwoo are in the house and Mingyu only really gets angry if Wonwoo ‘smells different’.

Seungkwan rubbed his temples as he imagined what the pack would be like without Wonwoo’s relaxing scent.

Chapter Text


Jihoon looked towards his phone taking notice the message notification that came in. It was from Soonyoung telling him he was on the way to force him to go home.

He grumbled as he looked over his work in the computer. There was still a lot of things that he needed to finish, however his creative juices was running dry. Soonyoung always has a weird intuition, whenever Jihoon was at his limit, without even saying anything. Jihoon wondered if Soonyoung knew him that well or it was just dumb luck.

He shuffled as he tiredly turned off his equipments and computer. He packed the clothes cluttered in his studio to his backpack. This last month he spent more time in his studio than at home. He didn’t want to say it, but that was because of a foreign smell he wasn’t used to smelling. Originally Wonwoo smelled of Mint and Sandalwood, but the past few weeks, his and Chans smell seem to blend together to create a new smell... peppermint and Vanilla. It wasn’t that he disliked the smell, contrary he was relaxed by it. However, he had always been uncomfortable with new smells that he has no knowledge about. Contrary to what Mingyu says ,Jihoon was sure something was going on with the pack

He pushed the problem out of his mind. The others didn’t seem to care too much about the new scent because it was both familiar and comfortable. It was just him being paranoid most likely.

He locked the door of his studio and trudged down towards the ground floor exit. His wolf senses was warning him of danger. He looked at his phone and saw a new message from Soonyoung saying he was on the way. He shook off the feeling, it was probably him just being tired from being cooped up in his room.

It was already dark out, the only light came from the moon that was close to being full, the full moon was in two days. The clearing was devoid of people, but Jihoon felt it. He looked around him, there were definitely people here. He thought of going back to his studio but decided against it, Soonyoung was coming he’d be left alone here if Jihoon went back. He sniffed the air trying to pinpoint the presence he was feeling but there was nothing.

Soonyoung was probably pranking him, probably just getting ready to pounce on him. He blew out a sigh of relief, yeah that was probably it. He doubt there were idiots around who would dare to fight it out with him. A cold shiver run up his spine as the cold air blew a muted smell towards him but as he tried to catch it, there was nothing.

He was just being paranoid.


Jihoon quickly jumped out of the way as a person barreled towards him with clawed arms stretched out. The person was wearing all black and the lower part of his face covered by a dark cloth. Now that the person was closer he could smell the muted scent. A beta.

“Are you supposed to be some kind of ninja?” Jihoon mumbled as he put down his back pack carefully. “Don’t you know who you’re fighting against.”

The person kept silent as he lunged towards Jihoon again. Jihoon dodged the punched directed at his face and held the persons, a man, wrist. He tried twisting it but the man quickly jumped back before he could dislocate it. Jihoon didn’t waste time transforming, his ears, face and body growing fur. His fingernails turned into short but sharp claws. He was a small beta in the first place, unlike the others his wolf was compact. Among all the betas in their pack Jihoon was the second most battle oriented, first being Seokmin, but the other was naive which could be detrimental to a fight.

Jihoon crunched his nose as he caught whiff of another smell, dodging to his right as another lunged towards him. The first man followed up and tried to claw out Jihoon’s arm which he blocked. The arm he used to block had a gash, in exchange for that he kicked the man in the gut followed by a knee to his face. The first man staggered back as the second took his place flailing his arms like an amateur. Jihoon sighed as he held an offending arm and twisted it but cried out as he felt a claw ripped through his back.

Jihoon let go as he stepped back wincing at the pain from his back. There were three assailants now, the first had already recovered. The second was an amateur but Jihoon could tell that the third one wasn’t.

Before he could decide to run the amateur lunged forward again and Jihoon kept his stance low as he punched him in the gut. The first man was already ready to shove off the amateur to claw at Jihoon. He kicked the both out of the way as he felt another slash to his shoulder, courtesy of the third guy.

Damnit. The four fought for a few more minutes and though Jihoon was winning he was also getting injured in the process. In terms of fighting prowess the first man had high stamina, the amateur was pretty durable and the third was adept at looking for openings. Jihoon’s concentration was at it’s peak as he and the third man faced off, the first guy was limping and the second guy was holding his bloodied right arm.


‘Fuck’ Jihoon thought as his body involuntarily stopped, only for a second as he broke free from the binding word. That one second was enough for his assailant to slash him in the shoulder almost cleaving it off, he countered with a slash to his chest but quickly jumped out of the way before the other two could get to him.


“You really are something, to think you can break from an Alphas voice in just a second.” Jihoon being one of the best fighters among the betas of their pack was also practically immune to alpha voice, however the order had been abrupt and he was not ready for it. It cost him a second and that was enough to get him into this predicament.

“It really was a great idea to take you out of the equation first”

Jihoon knew he fucked up, he was up against four now and one of them is an alpha. His left arm was useless, dangling to his side. He had multiple wounds on him and though he incapacitated the other three he doubt he had anymore strength to fight against another. He was losing consciousness.

The last thing he saw was the opposite alpha trying to claw at him and a familiar scent enveloping him.

“Ji.. ji” Soonyoung cried out as he saw the shorter crumple in his arms.

“Hmm... seems like we took too much time... retreat” the man who was against Jihoon said as they retreated.

“We need to get him to a hospital” Brian said as he looked back to his friend. The coast was clear, he initially wanted to follow the culprit but leaving behind the two betas seemed ill advised especially when one looked like he was dying.

“I’m gonna kill that guy”

“I know your angry soons but we have to take care of your friend first.” Brian said soothingly as he quickly led Soonyoung to his car. “We don’t know if they have more people hiding.”


“His vital signs show that he’s stable and his natural healing is working, though it’s weak its there.” The doctor said calmly talking to a distraught Soonyoung. “It’s good that you were able to get him here before it was too late.”

“Nothing is good about this.” Soonyoung grumbled.

“Your friend will be fine... Are you from the same pack?”


“It would be good if your pack omega can come over, omegas has a natural ability to promote healing among their pack members” the nurse beside the doctor said checking his clipboard. “it would help him wake up and heal faster.”

“I see, thank you” Soonyoung mumbled. Well that sucked. He had already messaged Seungcheol about what happened and the older had freaked out and had already planned to come over. Brian was still with him, saying he’ll wait for Soonyoungs pack to come before leaving.

Half an hour after Seungcheol, Seokmin and Jisoo was there with him. They decided not to tell the younger ones about what happened and left Mingyu in the dorm just in case another attack happened. When Soonyoung asked about Wonwoo, it seemed he was out by himself and Seungcheol assured him that Wonwoo was fine.

Chapter Text

“Hello Cheol?”

“Yo Jinwoo, what is it?” Seungcheol asked as he massaged his temples to help with his headache. He was outside Jihoon’s hospital room to answer the call.

“Dino said he’ll be coming over tonight, but he hasn’t arrived yet? I don’t want to bother you about it, but his friends are getting worried when they couldn’t contact him.”

Seungcheol’s breath hitched, Chan had already left since noon and hadn’t checked in with them since then.

“Cheol is everything okay?”

“No, fuck... I’ll call you back”

Seungcheol growled lowly as he opened the door to the room. His adrenaline raising through his veins, the full moon was close and his wolf which had been silent this past week is agitated.

“Any of you know where Chan is?”

“He said he had classes and will go directly to Minhyuk’s place?” Joshua said tentatively. “Vernon just messaged everyone’s home except us, Wonwoo and Chan”

“... ok”

“Is everything alright hyung?” Seokmin asked worriedly his beautiful eyes looking large. Even in Seungcheol’s agitated phase he found that cute and endearing. “Should I go look for him?”

“No, stay put Seokmin... they need you here.” Though he said they, he was motioning towards Joshua. Seokmin just nodded following orders. Seungcheol dialed Jinwoo’s number again.

“Hello Cheol?”

“Is he still not there yet?”

“No, did something happen?”

“Maybe, I’ll go look for him now.”

“Do you need help?”

“Are you offering?”

“No...” Jinwoo’s tone was sad. Seungcheol already knew that faeries were prohibited from helping directly. They had great magic but they had a lot of restrictions.

Seungcheol was about to drop the call when Jinwoo continued. “I might have some people who can help.”

“Really? Can I trust them?”

“... They are Wonwoo’s friends, if you can’t trust me then trust Wonwoo.”

Seungcheol’s shoulder sagged, he felt useless.

“Wonwoo came to you?”

“... yes...” silence followed that. “Cheol, stay where you are, your pack needs you there... We’ll do our best to find Dino.”

“Ok thanks...” Seungcheol answered as he slumped down the wall... what has he been doing.


The night after the full moon Chan was back, but he didn’t return to their pack. In the two days he has been gone Shownu and his pack had scoured every place he might have been. They found Chan and traces of magic activity in the area. In the third day Chan went back to school but he was snappish to anyone from the pack that approached him, he didn’t come home either. It’s been four days since Chan disappeared, he had changed from before and Jinwoo stated that it was definitely the work of a magical race.

“So what are we to do?” They were at the hospitals cafeteria. Jihoon was still in the hospital bed and Soonyoung won’t leave his side. There were always at least two members following Chan and two members in the hospital.

“Cheol... I’m not sure what spell was used on him, but you’re his pack alpha... I think the best way to break it is by having you yield control to your wolf when you get him alone.”


“I think, the spell used on him is kind of enhancing his wolfs dominance. So it has to be his wolf against your wolf. Have you tried using your alpha voice?”

“Yes, but it didn’t work.”

Jinwoo pursed his lips “the spell might also have broken your pack bond”

Seungcheol’s eyes widened “is that possible?”

“It’s not impossible... when the pack bond is strained it can be tampered with, especially on a full moon and a decent magic user. He could also break it by himself...”

“Chan wouldn’t...”

Jinwoo’s face relaxed into a soft smile. “Cheol just let your wolf handle it... It will be rough and probably brutal but I’m sure he can bring Dino back.”


“Yes, it’s a ritual of dominance... so if you’re not ready to have Dino submit to you I don’t think you should do it”

“I won’t let Chan walk around without a pack!”

“Cheol, your wolf might mark Chan as his”

Seungcheol was confused.

“When that happens, he... to mate... else” Jinwoo’s voice whispered making Seungcheol unable to hear most of what he said. He could understand enough though.

“Chan isn’t an... omega”

“Just... think about it okay? The dominance ritual is more... primal, you’d probably feel like shit after what your wolf is going to do but you’ll have to live through that... if you can’t... just let Dino be until you decide fully.” Jinwoo was evading the topic but Seungcheol was too absorbed on how to get Chan back to notice.

“I won’t let Chan be alone... Is there no other way?”

“There is...”

“Which is?”

“Let someone else claim him?”


“I’m pretty sure the spell will break if he gets claimed, it doesn’t have to be from your pack”

Seungcheol felt heat pool in his stomach, it was anger and jealousy but he just thought the idea is nauseating.

“Cheol, I’ll try to have Dongmin see if there is anything else we can do... but Chan will get worse, by the next full moon he’ll probably lose control and let his wolf take over”

“What does that mean?”

“He’ll look to breed not to mate... a lone wolf”

Seungcheol’s mouth hang open “what?”

“He’ll find release with anyone that is available”

“Why would anyone do this to him? What is the point?”

Jinwoo shrugged at that. He knew why of course, a pack omega had historically been a turning point in pack wars. Even in big organizations like the mafia, yakuza and underground gangs, pack omega’s were always targets. If you can make an enemy omega submit to you, that would bolster your own forces, omega’s were more than a symbol. Killing or just defeating them in combat was a waste, and would only help to turn the pack into frenzied berserkers.

It was much more beneficial to subdue them, whoever did this to Dino probably hoped to subdue him. Luckily Shownu and his team were able to break him free before that happened. The spell was most likely a plan B if Dino can’t be subdued or worse tried to kill himself.

“Think about it Cheol.”

“There’s nothing to think about, Chan is mine” he stops abruptly “ours I won’t let anyone else have him.”

Jinwoo smirked, so he wasn’t wrong, Seungcheol can be possessive if he’s angry calling Chan mine before correcting himself.

Chapter Text

Chapter 10


Mingyu was upset, some would say jealous but he won’t. Wonwoo has decided not to come home and he respected that, so instead he just watched from afar. He has been hanging out with a lot of other alpha’s, luckily Hyujin wasn’t one of those.

Mingyu curled his lips as he saw one of the alpha lean towards Wonwoo and laughed at something funny. He knew he shouldn’t have been that angry when he smelled Hyujin on Wonwoo. Wonwoo wasn’t going to let himself be tamed by that shit. It was just, he lost control.

Wonwoo was right, his wolf was getting stronger and more feral. Like it finally had some reason to fight. Mingyu on the other hand had a hard time reeling in the instinct and the temper. The last full moon he had to chain himself and Seungcheol had to stay on guard in case he broke free and got feral. He doubt the other beta members can contain him without injuring themselves.

Mingyu felt bad about that, Jihoon was attacked some nights before and the others were too pre occupied of his tantrum. Jun had also locked himself in his room and Wonwoo was away. There seemed to be too many things happening at once and the alpha’s can’t be trusted to deal with it.

It’s been a week, Seungcheol had already decided he will deal with Chan’s situation. Jihoon was still in the hospital, he was stable but the large wounds were healing slowly. The doctor kept repeating about sending the pack omega to help him heal. They never told him they had none, one more week and he can come home but in bedrest. Jihoon was getting agitated, Soonyoung was by his side most of the time and Brian would be there too. It was a good thing to have a trusted alpha to help them out, at the very least Mingyu has time to make sure that Wonwoo was okay.

Wonwoo was surely safe, he had a lot of alpha’s around him but Mingyu’s wolf was always intense when he was nearby the elder. Mingyu knew he could trust Jinwoo, Shownu, Hongseok or even Daniel but his wolf didn’t seem to get the memo. His wolf felt like a caged animal waiting to claw its way out.

He tried staying away from Wonwoo but his wolf made that almost impossible. It’s always looking for Wonwoo. Ever since Mingyu presented as an alpha, his wolf has always been looking for Wonwoo, but this past month his wolf took it a step higher. Mingyu could control it before, but now it took his complete will to keep the wolf down from going wild.

Two days of not seeing Wonwoo and his wolf had took control and he started shifting in the middle of the road, lucky enough the library was nearby and he zipped through it. The wolf calmed down enough to control when Mingyu saw Wonwoo in the library stairs, the elder was staring at him wide eyed. His nose was twitching, Mingyu was involuntarily releasing his scent. Mingyu remembered the last time he lost control and he had to run away, his wolf didn’t like that.

He talked to Cheol about the incident and the eldest seemed resigned when he told him of his uncontrollable wolf. It felt like Cheol wasn't very happy with the idea of him trailing Wonwoo but had no choice but to agree. He could smell hesitation and exasperation on the leader. So here he was, always on the lookout for Wonwoo when their pack was on high alert. He genuinely felt bad for not being able to help more but with his worsening control and his wolf's obsession there was little he could do.


Wonwoo's training was going fine up until he met Mingyu in the library. His wolf mewled inside of him that he almost felt himself release slick just by the scent of the younger. His wolf's reaction was completely different from the last time when there was fear, this time after not seeing Mingyu for awhile there was a feeling of excitement. He watched as Mingyu turned around and ran away, his knees buckled and luckily Hongseok that was beside him was able to catch his arm. He steadied himself on the railing and the other looked at him concerned.

"You alright?"

Wonwoo nodded but stayed still clinging at the railing and his arm being held by Hongseok. Other library goers were looking at him with concern and others glared at Hongseok as if he was the cause of his weakness. He tuned it all out and steadied his breathing. Just like when he trained, he tried to wrestle control back to himself. Mingyu wasn't deliberately or even tried to command him but his wolf had already showed submission.

"Command me" Wonwoo whispered out. Hongseok blinked at what he said and frowned, he was about to protest when he saw Wonwoo looking at him with glazed eyes.

"Follow me" Hongseok said and held Wonwoo's elbow to walk alongside him.

Wonwoo's body obeyed but he knew Hongseok wasn't happy with having to command him. Using an alpha's voice wasn't free of charge and receiving command isn't without consequence either. Overusing an alpha voice meant giving more control to the wolf and receiving too much command might make his wolf dependent. Hongseok made him sit as he tried to catch his breath, he wasn't used to the flushed and ecstatic feeling that came with his wolfs arousal. He could see that Hongseok was now starting to feel uncomfortable when he finally realized why he had went limp in the stairway. Few moments of silence went by until he was finally able to regain control out of the alpha's voice and his excited wolf.

"You feeling better?" Hongseok asked as he scratched his neck awkwardly.

"Yeah, sorry about that..."

"Uhh.. what triggered it?"

Wonwoo blushed as he looked away from Hongseok's questioning gaze.

"Don't tell me... because of me?" Hongseok gasped.

Wonwoo rolled his eyes exasperatedly that made the other laugh loudly.

"You didn't see?"

"I smelled something before you fell but I didn't see anything."

"... Mingyu... " ///.///

"oh.. oh... ohhhhhh" Hongseok covered his mouth to keep himself from laughing or grinning. Wonwoo glared at him as he looked away. "Wow, it just hit me that your wolf have really gone Omega."

The glare he got was enough to tell him not everything about him had gone omega just yet.


Seungcheol watched Chan warily as he saw the younger hang out with some unruly crowd. Shownu had pointed him to the direction of were Chan was hanging out. In the past few days he had followed the youngest around trying to talk to him but without avail. The full moon was few days away and he had not moved past an inch of Chan's defenses. Luckily, Chan was safe he was staying at the giants dormitory and Chani had promised he'd keep him safe while he was with them.

The first time he tried talking to Chan, the youngest had tried choking him without question. The second time the younger had knee'd him to the balls and kicked his head. Trying to talk to him with his guard down had seemed to become an invitation for the younger to take a stab at him rather than a sign of trust. So the third time he met the younger he was on guard and when the younger tried to punch him, he twisted his arm and the look of pain in the youngers face made him stop. He was kicked in the gut for the trouble. Jeonghan had tried talking to him but the younger just threw whatever was near him to his face. The first time it was a slurpee, the second time a cup of water and the third time sand from the playground. Joshua, Seokmin and Hoshi were in Woozi duty so they were exempted from trying. Wonwoo wasn't around and Cheol was afraid Mingyu's wolf might get ticked off at Chan and pulverize him. Jun had become too busy with whatever he was doing and Minghao seemed to be out of sorts. He didn't want to burden the two guys when they seemed to be having a problem with their own species. That left the two youngest Vernon and Seungkwan, but considering Chan's defensive and violent stance when he saw the two youngest Cheol made them back off. He didn't really want them to fight each other.

Seungcheol breathed out steadily as he took out the enchanted wolf fang Jinwoo gave him. It was some sort of talisman to temporarily empower his wolf and take over. Shownu looked at the talisman and nodded, he was there to make sure that no one was going to interfere with my wolf and Chan. Not really to help but just so there was no outside force to intervene. Jinwoo had warned him that this ritual was primal and he'd feel like he was stuck inside his body, unable to move while his wolf rampaged. He wore the talisman and felt a hard thump in his chest. He staggered back as the thump got stronger and louder. He fell to his knees as he felt his ears ring and eyes waver. Another hard thump and there was silence.

Cheol felt himself stand up and watched as his eyes looked at his hands and felt himself smirk. His eyes looked around and found his prey. Chan was left alone in an alley with his back towards him. He felt himself lick his lips, he tried craning his neck to see if Shownu was still beside him but his body didn't move. He tried to sense what was around him and found that he felt everything his body felt. No one else was around but him and Chan. Shownu must have left to give them privacy and to ensure no one was around.

Before Seungcheol had noticed he was already behind Chan and had struck the younger in the back of the head. He punched him in the stomach and slammed Chan's face on his knee. Cheol wanted to stop his body but there was no response. He had never been this fast when he was transformed, he didn't even know he could get this fast. Jihoon had always said that he wasn't using his wolf properly and it seemed to be true.

"Tch that the best you can do Chan!" Seungcheol spat at Chan. Seungcheol didn't say that... He finally understood when Jinwoo said the talisman would give his wolf control. It literally meant there was no way for his human self to interfere with this.

Chapter Text

I fell to the ground, the back of someone's hand having struck the back of my head causing my vision to go black for a moment. Before I could recover a second fist slammed into my stomach. I curled over in pain only to get a knee slammed into my face or I think it was a knee.

"Tch that the best you can do Chan!" Seungcheol spat down at me. God I hated this man it seemed like he had spent his whole life looking for someone to beat the shit out of every day and choose me. Every day the cherry lipped prick or his packmates would corner me somewhere, today it was behind the school after my detention, and beat me. Today though something seemed different he was taking his time with me and making sure to give me moments where I would think I was going to beat him this time only to beat me down again.

"Shut up, jerk!" I growled. He smirked down at me his usual 'I better than you' smirk before thrusting his foot up into my chin.

I flew backwards, landing on my back, my head smacking harshly against the cement. Once again black swam across my vision and I felt a hand grip the front of my shirt pulling me up face-to-face with my worst nightmare and secret crush. Yes, crush. Why? I don't know. There was just something about the larger male that drew me to him. Sure he was an attractive bastard that was true but he was a violent, crude, disrespectful, sadistic ass. Who knows why I liked him, maybe I was a masochist and didn't even know it.

"Yer Mine now Chan." He scowled, like hell I was.

"Like hell I a-" My sentence cut off abruptly as something blunt hit the side of my head and I was out like a light.

I woke up, my head throbbing like I had been hit by a truck and with Seungcheol's strength I might as well have. My whole body was sore and I was sure if I could see I would note the bruises that covered my lithe form. Wait! I can't see!

I knew my eyes were open because I could feel myself blink but all I could see was black. I pulled my arm down to try to pull whatever was covering my eyes away but that's all I could do, try, my hands wouldn't move. I tugged again, something pushed up against my wrists and I noted that my arms had been forced behind my back. Don't you hate it when you wake up and it takes you forever to register everything, annoying isn't it.

"Bout' time you woke up Chan." Seungcheol's booming voice sounded from across from me. He used his alpha voice on me, fucking bastard, instead of complying, my wolf rebelled and I pulled harder on the restraints holding my arms behind my back, which served only to make the bastard bark out a harsh laugh. If only I wasn't a, on my knees and b, tied up, I would clock the bastard. "Good luck getting out of those Chan, it ain't happening" He drawled and a foot or something pressed against my back. "I'm gonna have fun with you, I've waited a long time to do this ya know." He chuckled darkly and the blind fold was removed from my eyes.

I blinked a few times letting my eyes adjust to the sudden change in lighting. Once my eyes adjusted I glanced around the room I was in. It was all white and different shades of blue. I was in a small flat from the look of things. The king sized bed sat to my far left against the wall with a bedside table on it's right side and on its left was a dresser and a closet. To my right was the living area and kitchen, I was in the center of the room.

"Let me go Seungcheol, this is taking things too far." I growled. I didn't think Seungcheol was the kind of person to kidnap someone but then again how could you really know something like that for sure? You couldn't.

"Too far? Oh Chan, I'm just getting started." He purred in my ear, making me shiver.

He laughed again and his foot pushed harder against my back forcing my head almost to the floor. A hand ran over my jean clad ass, I squirmed and tried to move away but the hand then slapped my ass making me jolt and squeak. "What the hell asshole!" I growled trying to look over my shoulder at the man.

"You know I don't want to listen to you right now." Seungcheol stated plainly and his foot moved from my back.

"Wha-" My yell was cut off as a ball gag was shoved in my mouth. "Ummm, hump….." I yelled, it only coming out as incoherent sounds and making the asshole behind me laugh.

"What was that? Strip you? Oh sure of course Chan." He drawled evilly, his hands running over my ass once before his fingers slipped under the waistband and pulled the tight fabric over my ass, taking my boxers with it. What was this bastard doing?

I squirmed under his touch, I didn't want him touching me, well my mind didn't want him touching me, my body seemed to be perfectly okay with the idea. My shirt was torn from my back with one powerful tug from Seungcheol.

A shiver racked my body as the cold air in the flat hit my heated skin. A hand struck my ass making me yelp before the same hand rubbed soothing circles on the red flesh. "I've waited a long time for this Chan" Seungcheol's purred, the sound going straight to my dick to my distaste.

I shouldn't be getting hard from this, I know I shouldn't be but…I couldn't help it, I was a masochist and I had a crush on the man standing behind me. To put it simply I didn't stand a chance, I was going to be raped and I was going to like it, end of story.

Something clicked open behind me and he forced my knees apart, the jeans tearing as he did so. It hurt my legs but I didn't have much time to think about that as a finger prodded at my asshole. "Ever since I first saw you I've wanted you Chan." Seungcheol purred into my ear, his finger pushing in up to the first knuckle. I whimpered and tried to pull away from the digit but Seungcheol gripped my hip with his free hand holding me in place.

I wiggled trying to get away but Seungcheol held fast, his finger pushing all the way in. It hurt more than I thought it would but Seungcheol didn't seem to care if it hurt or not because he wasted no time and thrust a second digit into my tight hole. I bit down on the gag to try and stop the scream that wanted to rip from my throat but a muffled sound still managed to find its way out.

Seungcheol chuckled behind me and shoved a third finger into me, this time I did scream. He wasn't taking his time, he wasn't even prepping me really, he just wanted to cause me pain and that's exactly what he was doing. "That's it, keep making those noises for me Chan." He drawled and I felt sick. I couldn't believe he was doing this to me, I never thought he could do something like this.

All of a sudden the fingers were gone and something bigger, much bigger was placed at my entrance. 'No!' He thrust himself in up to the hilt without warning. I screamed at the top of my lungs and he laughed. He didn't even wait for me to adjust; he just started thrusting into me at a ruthless pace.

I screamed in agony through the gag. It hurt, oh god it hurt so bad. It felt like he was tearing me apart from the inside. It hurt so much I couldn't stop screaming but then after a while I started to….to actually…enjoy it. My screams turned into moans of pleasure despite the pain. I felt disgusted with myself. How could I enjoy this? It wasn't right. I continued to moan as tears streamed down my face and blood down my legs.

Seungcheol groaned in pleasure above me, his breathing heavy and both hands gripping my hips, pulling them back to meet his harsh thrusts. "Do you like that, Chan?" He breathed, giving me a particularly hard thrust. I moaned like a freaking whore, loving what Seungcheol was doing to me. I knew I shouldn't be enjoying this and the fact that I was, was disturbing but I couldn't stop it. I liked what Seungcheol was doing and I didn't want it to stop.

"I said. Do you like that, Chan?" He growled his fingers digging into my skin and his hips thrusting in cruelly. His large cock brushed my prostate and I screamed and nodded giving him the answer he wanted. "That's a good boy." He purred and as if to reward me he thrust into that spot again making me scream and release onto his carpet, both slick and cum. My body convulsed as I came, Seungcheol soon joining me in ecstasy with a few more harsh thrusts.

I clasped, my forehead hitting the floor. Seungcheol's laboured breathing sounded in my ear, his weight pressed firmly against my back. "Fuck…" He breathed and pulled out.

Next thing I knew my arms were free and the ball gag had been removed from my mouth. "Get up." Seungcheol ordered from behind me. Not having the strength to argue, I complied without complaint.

I stumbled onto my feet, almost falling over but Seungcheol caught me by the arm and walked me over to the bed. He took a seat on the bed in front of me and pointed to the ground between his legs. He was completely naked and his erection stood tall even after fucking me. "On yer knees." He ordered, I didn't move, just stood there. "On yer knees!" He growled. Still I didn't move. "Now Chan!" I gave in to his alpha voice and got on my knees before him. I wanted this all to stop; this had gone too far, it needed to stop.

"Good boy. Now suck." I stared at him and shook my head. He didn't like that. He glared at me and gripped my hair forcefully. "Suck." He ordered again and I shook my head. This was something I could stop. If he forced me to suck his dick I would bite it, my fight was back and I wasn't giving up.

"Suck!" He boomed and tried to shove himself into my mouth but I locked my jaw. "Yer asking for it Chan." He hissed and I grinned.

"You think I'm just gonna let you have your way with me. Think again asshole cuz' it ain't happening. You can rape me but I'm not going to give into you. I'll never be yours assho-" He slapped me, the force of it ripping my hair from his grasp and sending me flying across the room.

"Watch yer mouth Chan." He warned, standing up and stalking towards me, his eyes a light with a fire I had never seen before.

He stopped in front of me, squatting down and gripping my throat and pinned me to the ground. I clawed at his hand but it was useless. His grip was like steel. He straddled my chest and thrust his cock in my face. "Suck it." He ordered again and still I defied him. His grip tightened and I couldn't draw in a breath. My eyes widened and I tried to tell him to stop, that I couldn't breathe. But with no air I couldn't talk. "You gonna suck it?" I nodded, I needed air and I wasn't going to die because I wouldn't suck a cock. "Good boy." His hand left my throat and again he thrust his cock in my face.

I took a tentative lick at the tip before Seungcheol shoved the whole thing into my mouth. I choked, eyes going wide and turned my head to the side forcing the dick out of my mouth. "Give me a minute, asshole." I growled and he placed his hand on my throat again. Getting the message I took the tip into my mouth and sucked lightly, getting a moan from Seungcheol.

Slowly I took him into my mouth until I reached the hilt. Sucking hard as Seungcheol started to rock his hips into my mouth. I opened my throat and let him fuck my mouth. His hand fisted in my hair and he pulled my head up to meet his thrusts. The tip of his cock hit the back of my throat over and over, it was starting to hurt and I had to force myself to let him continue.

Soon Seungcheol moaned loudly and his hot seed shot down my throat. "Swallow." He ordered and forced his cock further down my throat. I gagged again but forced myself to swallow. "Good boy." He pulled out and got up still gripping my hair, forcing me onto my knees.

He dragged me up to the side of his bed, not letting me get up off my knees. "Up." He pointed to the bed and I deadpanned. What was I, his omega? "Now." I glared at him which got me a slap on the ass. "Move." I continued to glare but got up onto the bed.

He slapped my ass again and hopped onto the bed beside me. His arms wrapped around me and he pulled me to his chest. The last thing I remembered was him biting me behind my ears.