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This was is the year that Kyungsoo decided to start journaling his everyday life. He wants to collect his thoughts and feelings for he is not the kind of person who sits down with a friend to vent it out.


Working at the office, Kyungsoo only got one rest day and he always spends it alone in his apartment, watching movies while eating the food he made.


If a co-worker would define him, he’s nothing but a well-mannered man who will smile for everyone. Probably one would say he’s unproblematic, but the word ‘boring’ will be on the list too. Or people do not know Kyungsoo enough.


The bullet journal on top of his kitchen counter got all of his attention. He smiles as he recalls what happened yesterday while listening to an indie song, like the main character would do.


And if there is something that will ruin the plain day of him, it would be the knock from his main door.


He puts down the pen and heads toward the door. Kyungsoo is not expecting someone and the continuous knocks are quite bothering.


He peaks into the peephole and sees a black-haired man looking down and an impatient hand knocking. As Kyungsoo opened it, he is immediately greeted with a big smile, but he frowns in return.


“Happy birthday!”


“Why are you here, Jongin?” He can’t believe he is saying his name again.


“I bought you a gift.”


“My birthday was two months ago.” And it has been four months since he last saw Jongin.


The latter helps himself getting inside, even though Kyungsoo got an obvious distaste about it.


Jongin is welcomed with baby powder blue curtains that is coordinate with the couch throw pillow sheets. Kyungsoo cleans and changes them every month and it is a new color on the eye of Jongin.


But he is not quite sure if Kyungsoo stays the same after months he has not seen him.


“How are you?” Jongin asks and sits comfortably on the couch. Kyungsoo looks away, he is not going to be carried away by those smirks anymore.


“Stop it, Jongin.”


“Why? Am I not allowed to see my favorite person?” Favorite fuck buddybut Kyungsoo is so all over that now.


“I thought you’re with Moonkyu?” He followed how Jongin roams around his living room, checking the new magazines and books he displayed.


“Right,” he grabs the book that Kyungsoo is currently obsessed with.


“I mean, he’s okay.” Kyungsoo knows he is bored with a person yet again.


“I like this book,” Jongin looks at Kyungsoo. “I like how things I like stayed in you.” Its genre is horror and Kyungsoo definitely liked it because of Jongin.


He cannot be blamed for it. He had known Jongin for five years now, being sex partners and the amount of time Kyungsoo tries to deny his feelings for Jongin.


“A friend just recommended it.” Kyungsoo turns his back.


He grabs the paper bag Jongin left on the kitchen countertop across his living room.


“Thank you for this, Jongin.”


Jongin walks long strides to go near him. So near that Kyungsoo looks down to create distance.


“You’re welcome.” He places his hand on Kyungsoo’s left cheek, but the latter is quick to get away from the touch.


“I hope I can repay you next time.”


“Why not today?” Jongin asks, he knows Kyungsoo is completely avoiding him. He clenches his jaw from annoyance. He wonders what made Kyungsoo change from the past four months.


“What do we have here?” The notebook caught the attention of Jongin.


“Please, Jongin. Don’t.” Kyungsoo panics.


“Yesterday, my co-workers invited me for dinner.” Jongin reads what Kyungsoo wrote as he reaches up the journal so Kyungsoo cannot get it.


“How sweet of you having new friends.” Jongin comments, continuing to read.


Kyungsoo clenches his hand on Jongin’s sweater, tugging it for he cannot reach Jongin’s hand.


“I said, stop, Jongin. It’s not funny.”


“Yada, yada, so boring.”


Kyungsoo tiptoes once again, trying to snatch his journal away but his momentary struggle is stopped by Jongin’s other hand, holding his wrist place.


“Wait,” Jongin chuckles, kind of in disbelief at what he read. “Did I read it right?”


“Before I said goodbye, Seonho kissed me.” Jongin looks at him, amused.


Kyungsoo finally freed himself from Jongin’s rough hand.


“I said stop it.” He gets his journal from Jongin’s hand, but the latter retrieves it and throws it on the counter.


“What’s your problem?” His tone never raises, but he sure is angry at the man in front of him.


Jongin grabs Kyungsoo’s narrow shoulder and pushes him in the wall.


“How did he kiss you? Like this?”


Jongin lashes his lips to Kyungsoo’s. It is hard and long that the petite man gasped for air when Jongin parted their lips.


Before I said goodbye, Seonho kissed me. Kyungsoo did not finish writing it yet. He was supposed to write on how gentle the kiss is and how it is different from the ones Jongin gives him.


It felt weird to him for he thought of Jongin when the other man did it.


“Jongin, no, I-“ this time Jongin cup Kyungsoo’s small face and gives him a rough kiss.


His tongue traces the plump lower lip before nibbling it. Kyungsoo’s eyes closed as his lips are being sucked by Jongin.


He lets the taller man takes off his shirt, grabbing his chest and sucking his nipples while rough fingers are rubbing the other.


“Jongin,” Kyungsoo breathy called his name.


“I know, baby.” Jongin whispers before pulling down his jagger pants together with his tight white brief.


Kyungsoo’s hands and flat stomach met the cold countertop when Jongin pinned him, giving his erect cute cock strokes and his left nipple a rub.


“I missed you.” He whispers with a raspy voice, then sucking his earlobe. Kyungsoo bites his lower lip harder.


The latter whimpers when Jongin slaps his ass and pushing Kyungsoo upwards, making him climb up on the counter.


Kyungsoo kneels on top with his ass all faced on the man’s direction. Jongin rests his head on the narrow shoulders, sucking his neck while he inserts a finger in Kyungsoo’s hole.


“Oh, uh” Jongin smirks when he heard Kyungsoo making lewd sounds.


The last person who fuck the hell out of him is Jongin and it has been four months.


“Tight as ever,” Kyungsoo’s hips respond to what Jongin said, rocking it with Jongin’s three fingers inside of him.


His pre-cum trails on Jongin’s hand as he tries to bury himself more.


Jongin rubs his role then through his cock. Kyungsoo bends his back from the sensation, his lower lips will be bruised as he keeps biting it harder when the man kisses his bareback.


Jongin leans and Kyungsoo feels a hard big cock against his ass. The shorter palms the big bulge on the man’s pants.


Jongin pulls his arm towards him and places his hand on Kyungsoo’s pretty neck, he kisses Kyungsoo hard while the latter strokes him.


His other hand fishes into the paper bag he brought and when he feels a satin cloth, he brings it out.


“Wear this, baby.” He orders Kyungsoo. It is a short satin skirt. It’s nothing he can wear outside for it only covers half of his big ass.


Kyungsoo is so overwhelmed by being touched that he forgets the pain he has been through the first month Jongin left him. It was not the first time, but Kyungsoo always takes it personally.


With their swift movements, Jongin is now seated like a king on his throne on Kyungsoo’s single couch in his bedroom while having pretty lips sucking his cock.


Kyungsoo licks the cock up and down, then staying on Jongin’s balls to suck it. The rest of the cock rests on his face, it reaches Kyungsoo’s forehead.


Jongin grunts and holds Kyungsoo’s face with his hand, guiding it to suck his cock again. Kyungsoo tilts his head so the cock can touch the inside of his cheeks.


The moans on his cock feel so good that Jongin grabs Kyungsoo’s hair and bobs his head up and down.


“Fuck, slut.” Jongin stops the latter’s head from moving as he feels the back of Kyungsoo’s throat.


Tears began to form on the sides of Kyungsoo’s beautiful eyes. He can’t properly breathe because of the huge cock dangling in his throat.


Kyungsoo gasps for air when Jongin releases him. But a big hand wraps around his neck, pulling him closer for a kiss. He sits on Jongin’s lap and slides his crack on Jongin’s wet cock.


Jongin holds his cock as Kyungsoo moves upward to fill himself up with it. He throws his head back when the tip enters him.


“Hmm, so big.” He mewls, and when everything is buried inside Kyungsoo, he places his hand on the broad shoulders to support himself.


“Seems like you waited for this every night.”


Slowly curvy hips move up and down, but the hands laid onto them make the pace faster.


“Oh, daddy,” the one being stretched blurts out.


“You like that?” Jongin thrusts harder. Kyungsoo stares at him with hooded eyes. He misses this, but he is not certain if he misses Jongin too.


“Yes, daddy.” Jongin smirks and stops his movement, making Kyungsoo’s hips grind in a circular motion. His cheeks are red from the heat matching his bruised lips.


Please.” Kyungsoo rubs Jongin’s shoulder, pleading him to stop teasing.


He moves closer to Kyungsoo who is a mess on his lap, trying to make his bussy gulp the whole cock like how Jongin does when he thrusts.


“What?” The whisper is so hot that Kyungsoo can’t stay sane.


“Your cock, please.”


The man complies, stands up and carries Kyungsoo by his thick thighs. The latter holds himself up tightly on the man’s shoulders.


Jongin thrusts into him while standing and Kyungsoo head spins because this position hits the very sweet wall that only the man carrying him can satisfy.


“Oh, fuck!” This is the only time Jongin can hear Kyungsoo raising his tone.


He felt the soft bed sheets on his bare back as Jongin laid him down, kissing him that trails down his nipples.


The skirt is pulled up, revealing his soaking wet cock. Jongin opens his legs and kisses his inner thighs. Kyungsoo grabs the black locks, making Jongin go closer to him.


Kyungsoo moans when he feels being full by Jongin’s cock once again. His legs are being folded as Jongin thrusts into him.


He watches how Jongin throws his head back. The latter moves closer to give him a kiss.


“Fuck, I’m coming.” He grunts and thrusts even faster.


Kyungsoo came first, his cum spurts onto Jongin’s hard stomach.


His hole pulses when the cock inside him fills him up with hot cum. Kyungsoo closes his eyes, he is so drenched and tired.


Jongin looks at him for a second, smiling from the unbeatable beautiful sight on the bed. Kyungsoo closes his eyes, not sparing any glance at the man.


He lays in the bed more comfortably. His bottoms are all wet and sticky, but he cannot yet move a limb.


The man who tired him out puts on his boxers and pants and headed outside the bedroom to get himself a can of beer.


After a few minutes, Kyungsoo opens his eyes and stands up. He opens his wardrobe to get a new baggy shirt. He wears it and takes off the skirt Jongin bought for him.


He looks at himself in the mirror. Different shades of red are splattered around his body. Kyungsoo looks at the skirt and thinks how Jongin never misses his size.


“I know you will like it.” Jongin sips and crushes the empty can. Kyungsoo throws the skirt in his laundry basket.


“So, are you breaking up with him?” Jongin asks.


“We’re not together.” He looks straight to Jongin’s eyes, “I like Seonho. I really do, Jongin.”


The man who he met made him smile when he’s having trouble thinking why did Jongin leave him again. Kyungsoo felt calm when he is with him.


Seonho was different from the other man Kyungsoo tries to date to stay away from Jongin. He thinks he is someone who he can experience spontaneous love and care with.


“I bet you can’t say that earlier when I’m inside you.” Loving him was never fair.


Kyungsoo says nothing and Jongin smiles.


“I booked us to that new five-star hotel, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”


“You can’t do that again, Jongin.”


“I know,” Jongin gives him the paper bag.


“You always have the choice.” The taller kisses his shoulder and whispers, “but you always choose me.”


Kyungsoo breathes in from the heaviness of those words.


“The other one I bought for you will suit you the best.” Jongin ruffles his hair.


“Make sure to wear it.” And just like that, Jongin left him again.


Kyungsoo thinks Jongin will always ruin things for him.


Or maybe, Jongin does not like seeing Kyungsoo being happy with someone else.