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How to spice up your relationship! or: How Bai Yu found a post on lofters and finally got what he wanted

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Once again Bai Yu was left all alone in their flat. Zhu Yilong had left last week for a new project several hours away. Due to comfortability he got a hotel room close to the filming location, which ultimately resulted in Bai Yu having to be all alone and bored at home. He didn’t have any new shows or ads to film any time soon.

Bored to such an extent he had written to Zhu Yilong several times, had sent him some naughty pictures with several emojis - he wanted to keep it as uncompromising and private as possible - but Zhu Yilong hasn’t answered to any of them yet. Although there had been some true gems in between them. Bai Yu in extremely tight shorts - hiding nothing- , Bai Yu flaunting off the flexibility of his spine and Bai Yu completely naked but in a tasteful, almost artistic posture. His head cut off and only his torso and the lower and curvy portion visible.

Bai Yu sighed and opened lofters for the tenth time today. He was really bored. Bai Yu might've not known about lofters before but after having some fans ask him about it, he had to look up the aforementioned platform. At the memory of the day alone a smile crept on his face. He had waited for Zhu Yilong on another platform watching as his Long-Ge had been surrounded by fans and had clearly difficulties to walk through the mass. It was really a view to behold. But even better was the feeling that made him feel at home in his stomach as soon as Zhu Yilong was closer to him and smiled at him softly. They had tried to keep the relationship as secret as they could this time but anyone with eyes could clearly see how much they had fallen for each other. All the small glances and quick touches had been anything but subtle unlike how they wanted them to be. But then, in the end, Bai Yu is glad that they went official with their relationship. It made things so much easier, not only just personally.

While finding himself scrolling away mindlessly through on lofters once again, Bai Yu stumbled upon a post about spicing up a long-distance relationship. Even though Bai Yu wouldn’t exactly call their relationship long-distance, he was interested in the contents of the post anyways. Since the post was tagged NSFW it was necessary to be logged in to view the post, which wasn’t a problem to him anyways since he had an account anyways. Besides some pretty boring stuff - Bai Yu was here to learn some new and interesting stuff, not the mediocre ones - the post had some kinky and interesting ideas as well. But one particular bullet point caught Bai Yu’s attention.

“Instead of sending pictures, call them. Let them know what exactly they are missing.”, Bai Yu mumbled, his eyes already glued closely to the screen. This article seemed promising after all. Later down the user explained how one should play and tease their significant other when they are away. Just to keep the anticipation up. But instead of sending a picture, one should edge themselves to a chasing orgasm. Before chasing after it, one should call their partner and wait till they pick up. Everything else is up to you but apparently they have a say that they find “letting them hear your orgasm” and then hanging up, pretty much the most erotic way to start a play.

Since Zhu Yilong hasn't even bothered calling or answering him the last two days, Bai Yu decided Zhu Yilong deserved this little treat or better yet, this punishment. Bai Yu loved the idea of teasing Zhu Yilong in situations tougher than just in interviews. After all, nothing was better than teasing behaviour in sex life. And Bai Yu already knew exactly how he wanted to tease his Long-Ge.

Since Bai Yu needed to take a shower anyway, he decided to merge both tasks into one. He undressed himself fast - there was no one he could to tease with slow stripping anyway - and took his phone with himself into the bathroom. Pants and shirt lost on his way into the room, letting them drop on his path as if he wouldn’t stumble over them afterwards. But Bai Yu didn’t care, he had an important task in hand. A rather steamy task.

With the phone close to the shower, Bai Yu walked into the cabine and closed the glass door. The whole cabine gave a sense of privacy with a design painted on the glass walls and door. Not that they would care if the other would see them but the shower was pre-installed that way. So they didn’t have any say to it anyway.

When Bai Yu stepped into the shower the water had been warm and the warm droplets of water caressed his chest and his slender body. Savouring the warmth, Bai Yu tilted his head from left to right, stretching his thin neck in the procedure. He slowly roamed his chest and neck, spreading the warm water more evenly over his skin and caressing his body. To get himself into the mood, Bai Yu tried to think about fantasies he wished to ride with Zhu Yilong or has already done. Normally they wouldn't go without atleast one fuck a week but since Zhu Yilong was gone for two weeks already had Bai Yu starving like a ravenous creature. He was longing after the big Dragon of his boyfriend, having him in his mouth and swallowing on it to embrace it fully in his mouth. He loved the way Zhu Yilong moans when Bai Yu swallowed him whole and kept his dick in the wet warmth for a few seconds. The low growl and moan was a pleasure on its own and Bai Yu loved hearing it.

But Bai Yu longed more than anything to fill his ass with that cock if not just filling his mouth with it. Zhu Yilong often started soft, way too nervous of hurting Bai Yu in the process of their love making. No matter how often Bai Yu mentioned that he wouldn’t hurt him even if he had gone rough from the start. But he liked how Zhu Yilong would take his time in the beginning, even if he was sure he can't possibly hold that much patience. Especially when he would have a Bai Yu kneeling in front of him, ass up in the air, almost begging for him to fill him up with his big cock. Finally when Zhu Yilong would speed up, Bai Yu would turn into a muddle of pleasure, a literal moaning mess. Somehow they work so well together with each other's body, knowing each other so well that Zhu Yilong as always, is able to pinpoint his weak spots and use them against him. And Bai Yu would definitely know it would be a really good fuck when Zhu Yilong would use his hands to grab his waist right before he starts pounding into him vigorously. Just at the thought alone a small moan escaped Bai Yu’s plump lips and his hand slithers towards his now slightly hardened cock. His warm hand embraced his similarly warm but wet member and started to stroke it in a slow manner. Later, his cock started to harden fully and his breath started shallowing.

Bai Yu stroked his dick in a similar manner Zhu Yilong would do in most of their erotic nights. They both had relatively small hands, even though Bai Yu’s were slightly smaller. But while masturbating it didn’t really make much of a difference. He could still embrace his shaft fully and without putting much pressure on it either. In his slow paced movement Bai Yu brushed close to his glans penis. After another stroke he stopped so he could brush his thumb over his head, making Bai Yu moan low in the process.

With every passing stroke Bai Yu slowly sped up the pace, having it resulted in his movements getting much sloppier even with faster speed. At an especially delightful stroke Bai Yu threw back his head and let a loud moan escape his throat. He soon realized that he was close, almost too close. But he was definitely not done yet with treating himself. Against his first instinct he let go of his hard and throbbing cock. He looked down on the pulsating flesh and smirked at the glorious view. His cock stood hard and steady, a slight curvage to the left gave it his very own special touch. Bai Yu was sure that he would have been able to spot pre-cum leaking out of his tip, if it hadn't been for the water washing everything down before it could even collect itself.

Bai Yu really needed to feel something inside of him. But since he was all too lazy to get one of the toys situated in his nightdesk drawer he decided to use his fingers instead. He sat down on the shower floor, bending his legs in a comfortable way to be able to enter his ass easily.

His wet finger slowly encircled around his tightly shut back hole and, a wave of heat shot through his body at the relishing feeling. When his finger entered, he closed his eyes shut, exhaling a hot wave of air. His whole body was screaming for this touch, almost shivering, for him to push deeper and get closer to his most sensitive point. But instead of following after his irrational thoughts of lust, he decided to take it slow. First getting accompanied by one finger and soon adding more. When he was panting, his whole figure quivering pathetically full of lust, he felt himself getting closer and closer to the orgasm. The hot water of the shower did nothing to cool his burning body down, making him closer much more instead.

With a small whine into the somewhat quiet room Bai Yu extracted his fingers from his now clenching wet hole and dialed Zhu Yilong in the hopes he would be on break now and would be able to pick up his call. Otherwise Bai Yu was fucked in more ways than just one.

Bai Yu’s heartbeat sped up at the sound of the phone being picked up on the other side.

When Zhu Yilong’s soft laugh resonated from the other side of the line, Bai Yu’s heart started swelling to the double of its normal size. He definitely loved the man dearly and just the small glimpse of his voice made Bai Yu’s day better.

"Hi Xiao Bai. I just got a break! I am so glad I’m finally able to talk to you again." But instead of answering, Bai Yu pushed his slender fingers back inside to fill his hole again. Finally rushing towards the orgasm he had denied himself not only once but twice just for this play. To be able to tease Zhu Yilong in the most sexiest way possible. He slightly sped up the movement of his fingers, pounding his fingers into his hole and combined with the water made a beautiful wet skin slapping sound.

“Xiao Bai?”, came the worried voice of his lover from the phone. He was clearly confused but it seemed he was way too interested in whatever Bai Yu was doing than to hang up.

Quiet moans escaped Bai Yu’s throat that were almost swallowed by the sound of the flowing warm water in the shower. But with every thrust inside his warm tight hole Bai Yu’s moans got louder. He was close, Bai Yu knew he was. He was noticing the swelling feeling of a building orgasm in his lower body, finally chasing after this one release and the rush of endorphins that would follow it.

It seemed as if Zhu Yilong had finally catched on to what had been happening the whole call. Bai Yu additionally noticed some rustling noises coming from the other side and soon a husky low whisper came from the other side of the line on his phone.

“You are killing me...”

With a loud moan Bai Yu finally came, spraying on to the white ceramic tiles with his cum. With a sort of disappointment, Bai Yu watched as his load got washed away by the water faster than he had painted on. His rapid breathing and loud gasps filled the air, resonating rather harmoniously with the sounds of the water. A smirk resided on his lips when he heard the low gasp and the follow-up of an almost low and inhuman growl from the phone.

"Bai Yu. Don't do that to me.", Zhu Yilong mumbled breathily in a voice even deeper than his normal one. But Bai Yu won't answer, he knew all too well what sort of effect he had on his lover with his charms and how slutty he had sounded. Without having any words spoken, Bai Yu ended the call, leaving Zhu Yilong alone with whatever dirty images roaming around his mind and down his pants.

He knew too well that his Long-Ge was probably lusting too hard right now and if he wasn't already on his way home today, then definitely tomorrow.



Just as Bai Yu predicted, Zhu Yilong drove home from the filming location as fast as he possibly could. The sun had just settled itself when Bai Yu heard the ring of the doorbell, followed by a key turning in the lock and Zhu Yilong almost rushing into the apartment with impatience he wouldn't let one see so easily. Bai Yu only smirked at him while sprawling over the couch in one of Zhu Yilong’s favourite shirts. He had fished it out of the wardrobe after the shower in hopes that Zhu Yilong would see him wearing it after he entered the flat. He knew how much Zhu Yilong loved the view of him in his clothes, especially in his favourite ones. They might have a similar sizing in clothes but shirts that happen to fit so perfectly on his boyfriend still happen to turn out a bit loose on Bai Yu’s lean body.

Just as he had thought, Zhu Yilong almost allowed his jacket to fall to the ground when he noticed Bai Yu laying on the couch in the most sexiest way possible. Since Bai Yu was a decent guy he wore at least some underwear - he might have played with the thought of leaving them off but it would have become too cold for him to bear - even though the ones he had chosen were especially flashy in a beautiful red colour with the words naughty written over on his back view. His hair had already gotten dry, falling in a fluffy and wavy bunch. Falling all the way to his ears. He hadn’t trimed his locks for such a long time which resulted in him having a bird's nest on his head but Bai Yu didn’t really care. And he also knew that Zhu Yilong loved him, no matter the mess on his head.

“Hey sweetheart. How come you're already back from work?”, Bai Yu asked teasingly, a smirk resting on his face with an additional quick movement of rolling his tongue over his plump wet lips. The other male only answered with a growl, his eyes had completely gone dark and lustful. And if Bai Yu hadn't known better he would say that the man in front of him was nothing but a wolf in rut instead of his boyfriend.

“Oh you know exactly what you did, darling.”, Zhu Yilong snarled as he proceeded to walk towards Bai Yu, finally inching closer to the man he had been eyeing like he was some predator looking at his helpless prey he was about to hunt down. Bai Yu only smirked in response, quirking an eyebrow up and spreading his legs wider apart.

“Hm..what are you going to do, big boy?”, Bai Yu moaned after Zhu Yilong had eyed him for a longer amount of time, only inching closer and closer. He was longing for the savouring touches from his lover, he was longing for the touch of his warm hands all over the edges and curves of his body and soft lips on his and wherever they could lay on. But right now, he was more in the mood of teasing his boyfriend to another level So he reached towards his belly with his hands at a rather slow pace and started stroking his own lower belly sensually. Soon letting the hand wander underneath the shirt and to his neck, grabbing it teasingly and then lowering it towards his half-hard cock. He was really enjoying the erotic looks Zhu Yilong sent at him. Standing completely still as he takes in the completely innocent view of Bai Yu. Bai Yu knew exactly what was going on inside of his lover's mind, the man wasn’t exactly good at hiding his desire from him or anyone else really. Bai Yu cocked his eyebrow at him with a smug grin still resting on his face, watching the man silently devour the view unfold in front of him.

Bai Yu, about to make a comment, when a pair of lips smash against his in a rather aggressive manner, stopping him from spewing another word from his illegally filthy muzzle. Impatient as Bai Yu has been, he tried to link their bodies closer but a strong hand rather pushed him down onto the couch cushion instead. Zhu Yilong positioned himself right between the legs Bai Yu had opened for him greedily before. He felt the warmth of the body belonging to his boyfriend adding heat to his own hot temperature. It was hot, way too hot. In a delirium between hot wet kisses and hasty touches, Bai Yu gladly was able to grasp the idea of losing the clothes still hugging their bodies before this ended as a dry humping session. He didn’t have anything against that but he prefered getting the real thing after having to stay away from it for such a long time.

When they both were in the middle of catching some breath, Bai Yu was about to take the shirt he had stolen from Zhu Yilong’s wardrobe off but said man stopped Bai Yu’s hands from performing their aforementioned action instead, watching him with full blown eyes. His usually thin lips were deliciously swollen from the passionate kiss they had been sharing and Bai Yu was caught in the view of the other for a moment before he realized that he had stopped his action before. He looked mesmerizing. With somewhat of a confusion, he threw a questioning look at Zhu Yilong, whose hair had been tousled up in the middle of their mingling before.

“J—just keep it on.”, came the deep and husky voice from the male above him as an answer to Bai Yu’s questioning glance. If Bai Yu had known that Zhu Yilong was this turned on by the sheer imagination of him wearing his shirts, then Bai Yu would have worn them more often. Even though Bai Yu was interested in Zhu Yilong fucking him out rough while he's in his sexy suits, he wasn’t all too keen to have him do him all clothed. The idea of Zhu Yilong being fully naked while he himself remains still half-way clothed on the other hand was a rather hot one. So Bai Yu started smirking and instead started roaming his hands all over Zhu Yilong’s sculpted chest, feeling the tension of the muscles he had built up over the last weeks.

“Then let me take this off at least. I want to see your beautiful skin.” Bai Yu sugar coated his word and started tugging on the black shirt again. But before Zhu Yilong could even form his lips to say no, Bai Yu had already put on his best puppy face, looking up at his Long-Ge with a begging demeanor. A tactic that had helped him persuade his lover more than just once. Resulting in more kinky rides of the night than sweet ones.

With another tug, Zhu Yilong’s shirt landed on the floor and his lips were again on Bai Yu’s plump lips. A small gasp escaped the man's mouth under Zhu Yilong as his hands started moving under the sweatshirt, roaming around the hot and smooth back with his rather cold hands. Their tongues fought as they linked each other's body closer, teeth and lips clashing together over and over again, as the tongues were fighting for domination. A small bite into Bai Yu’s lips, had him let out a breathy moan. His hands started to roam all over the back of Zhu Yilong, grasping at the strong shoulders as he pulled him closer to himself, letting his warm nude chest snuggly rest against Bai Yu’s dressed one.

Both of them had been really hard, the anticipation had been way too out of control, similar with the longing for the other. Normally they both would be holding it together for longer but Bai Yu’s teasing call had kindled the blazing flame in each other's groin. Bai Yu’s stomach had even churned in anticipation the whole evening and he was more than happy to finally get his hands on Zhu Yilong’s hot body. Even though he liked to do this little fantasy play, Bai Yu deemed the original better than any fantasy he could ever muster from his lover. Not only could he feel his warm body on his hands, making his heart flutter in response but Zhu Yilong’s very own fragrance was keeping Bai Yu’s heart making jumps on its own.

It didn’t take any longer for them both to take off their pants and finally free their hard members from the damned tightness of a fabric called underwear. Zhu Yilong instantly positioned himself between Bai Yu’s legs again, grabbing both of their cocks in his hand, while his other was placed next to Bai Yu’s head, pushing Zhu Yilong slightly off the other so he would have more room to navigate. With a dimmed smirk he started moving his hand painfully slowly. Bai Yu knew that he wasn’t only getting punished but the man himself as well but it didn't really seem to bother him that much. Bai Yu really admired that. He was very well aware of Zhu Yilong being a very patient man, not only in his line of work but in the bed as well. Bai Yu would love to claim that kind of talent for himself as well but then it would make a very blunt lie. Even though he was really patient in his job and around the others, he wasn’t in bed. So it was no with no doubt that Bai Yu would instantly start rocking his hips to make Zhu Yilong speed up but that bastard only gripped their dick harder, making Bai Yu squirm a little at the harsh hold until Zhu Yilong loosened his grip up a bit.

“Behave.”, Zhu Yilong whispered in a low voice, stopping his movement completely and eyeing Bai Yu now. Just like the pervert Bai Yu is, he was savouring this moment, making sure Zhu Yilong was indeed watching him closely. A busy tongue ran over his lips, wetting them up before he let them smack together, letting out a big pop. A smirk was now gracing Bai Yu’s lips, moving his own hips sensually while Zhu Yilong held his hand still.

“Or else?”, Bai Yu asked provocatively, still savouring and bathing in Zhu Yilong’s lustful gaze and loving every moment of getting his continuous attention. He grabbed both of his legs, which had been angled before and now pulled them around Zhu Yilong’s lower waist. All the time while not breaking eye contact with Zhu Yilong. Bai Yu knew exactly that he was testing his patience and that this was a dangerous game but Bai Yu was loving this danger, especially when it screamed hot fulfilling sex.

Zhu Yilong instantly let go of their cocks and instead hurled Bai Yu on his lap and with that, having them both be in a sitting position. His hands still on Bai Yu’s ass, a teasing finger found its way into his hole. Bai Yu watched every emotion plastered on Zhu Yilong’s face as he finally reached his chrysanthemum.

“You are already so slick down here.”, the man mumbled before it dawned on himself and a smirk was gracing his lips. “Oh, you have been preparing yourself.” Bai Yu only answered with a perverted grin, inching closer to his lover and flinging his arms around Zhu Yilong’s neck. His pleased face sooned changed into the smirk a teenager would wear if they had planned something absolutely - hilariously - dumb.

“I was just too excited to see you again, hubby.”, Bai Yu purred, leaning against the face of his lover and rubbing his own cheek against his. Zhu Yilong’s hands grabbed his ass harder, no longer only as a support but finally playing with the buns that was so finely presented for him. Soon these hands started roaming over his crack and then up to his lower back until finally resting on Bai Yu’s slender waist and hips. Against Bai Yu’s first thought, Zhu Yilong started painting soothing circles over the soft skin that was still covered by the shirt, went clearly down the drain but he didn't mind it. Not a single bit.

Of course Bai Yu didn’t even wait before he started grinding his ass against Zhu Yilong’s hard cock. Ready to tease his Long-Ge for much longer. He wanted to see Zhu Yilong break, unleash the beast slumbering inside him. And he was sure that this won't take any longer. Even though Zhu Yilong tried to stop Bai Yu from misbehaving with his demonstration of strength, Bai Yu didn’t even bother with it. No matter how hot he found getting manhandled by his lover.

Still moving his hips in the most professional way, he fixed his eyes on Zhu Yilong’s face. His face was red with small sweat beads flowing down his forehead. His brown hair was sticking on said forehead and Zhu Yilong’s lips looked especially kissable from Bai Yu’s current position. Following his first instinct he went in for the kiss, planting his on the soft and warm lips of Zhu Yilong. Butterflies were flying wildly in Bai Yu’s stomach just from the kiss alone but when Zhu Yilong escaped a moan, they started raving in his insides.

Bai Yu was addicted to these sweet sounds of pleasure of his Long-Ge and he wanted nothing more but to let them escape his throat. So he grinded down on Zhu Yilong’s dick essentially hard in the next movement, just to let him exhale another bunch of these sweet sounds. Zhu Yilong’s hands that had been resting on Bai Yu’s hips during all of this, suddenly gripped the flesh harder, pushing Bai Yu down to have his asscheeks rest snuggly around Zhu Yilong’s member. Zhu Yilong’s left hand let go of Bai Yu’s hip and started stroking Bai Yu’s throbbing cock. It felt like it had been unattended for way too long, it felt like years ago.
One fast pump followed after each several painfully slow grips and movements on his cock, making Bai Yu squirm and grind his ass harder against Zhu Yilong’s dragon. Making both of them releasing sounds of pleasure. The hand on Bai Yu’s hip that had been gripping him already, just grabbed harder from the toe curling pleasure. Bai Yu could feel his whole stomach flip at this exhibit of possessiveness and strength alone. Suddenly the hand around his cock disappeared and rested on his ass again, same with the hand that had been grabbing his hip so snuggly. With one swift movement Zhu Yilong stood up, taking Bai Yu with himself.

“Let’s change locations.”, Zhu Yilong said softly with no hint of breathiness, almost as if they hadn't been playing with each other just mere seconds ago. Scared of falling down Bai Yu clenched his legs and arms around Zhu Yilong’s body - better safe than sorry - and hung right above the ground on him like a monkey. A role that was normally only reserved for his favourite mao mao alone. A small giggle escaped his throat at the thought of monkey-ge alone. Somehow he could feel the glare from Zhu Yilong, knowing fully well why the man he was carrying, was giggling.

Not even a minute later Bai Yu was thrown on the bed and timely followed by Zhu Yilong that was once again on top of him. A strand of hair was falling before his eyes and Bai Yu had the uncontrollable need to push that hair behind his ears. Before he realized it, he had already acted upon it, getting greeted by the most expressivable eyes he could ever muster. Once again it dawned Bai Yu how much he was feeling for the man above him, how important he has been for several months and hopefully will be for many more. Kiss. He wanted to kiss. More than anything he wanted to kiss the love of his life. His Long-Ge.

As if Zhu Yilong had read his mind, he combined his lips with Bai Yu’s. A kiss much softer than the other once they had shared this night. One on which many just like this will follow. Bai Yu pulled his Long-Ge closer during the kiss, resting his hands onto his shoulder blades and caressing the smooth and hot skin under his cold fingertips. It was surely a feeling to behold.

With laziness getting the hold of them they parted from each other but Bai Yu’s hands still rested on Zhu Yilong’s shoulder blades as if he needed something to ground himself as Zhu Yilong slowly started to plant kisses next to Bai Yu’s mouth. Moving these kisses to Bai Yu’s sharp jawline and planting soft licks to the kissed areas. It almost seemed as if his Long-Ge had gotten tamed again until Bai Yu felt a stinging pain in his neck as Zhu Yilong had just stabbed his teeth into the hot flesh. A pained moan escapes Bai Yu’s lips at the sudden pain which soon gets soothed by soft kisses and licks.

“What are you? A dog?” Bai Yu asked, feigning his anger as he let one of his hands roam around Zhu Yilong’s back instead.

“Just making sure everyone knows you are mine.”, came the mumbling response of his lover who only started planting kisses on Bai Yu’s neck. Bai Yu was sure that he wouldn't have avoided kissing his whole torso if it hadn't been for the shirt restricting Zhu Yilong the access to the soft skin.

“Everyone already knows I'm yours. You don't have to make it any more clear.”, Bai Yu said with a mischievous spark in his eyes. He may not say it in front of Zhu Yilong but he loved the possessiveness of the other. It made him feel wanted, gave him a feeling no past lover could ever give Bai Yu and he was addicted to that feeling.

Bai Yu could feel the words hit Zhu Yilong’s lusted mind as he felt the hands gripping his waist harder and another that had rested on Bai Yu’s ass now groping it with more passion. But at the same time Zhu Yilong seemed to get less tense, as if the words alone were enough to cool down the flaming anxiety of losing Bai Yu.

Bai Yu only moaned as one of his long fingers entered his rectum, preparing him for the upcoming intercourse even though there was no need to. Soon enough Zhu Yilong accepted Bai Yu’s own preparations as enough and placed his cock against Bai Yu’s entrance. Without another word Zhu Yilong finally followed Bai Yu’s wish of fucking him. But instead of starting with a slow pace like usual Zhu Yilong pushed in Bai Yu fast and hard right away, if it hadn't been for Bai Yu’s eager preparations before this would have been hurtful. But since he had loosened up before and of course had prepared himself with lube more than necessary, Zhu Yilong had an easy entrance.

Bai Yu had been facing Zhu Yilong, looking into his eyes filled with pleasure as the man above him started moving as soon as he realized that Bai Yu was okay. And just like that Zhu Yilong’s face changed from worry to determination right before Bai Yu’s eyes.

When Bai Yu looked at Zhu Yilong every thought was replaced with the word love. He loved the small crease on his forehead. He loved the brown eyes that were looking at him as if he was the most delicious hotpot he had ever seen. He loved the shorter brown hair that was now falling slightly over his eyes, small strings of hair sticking on his sweaty forehead. And oh god he loved the way his dick felt inside of him and was stirring up everything inside him.

Totally lost in his thoughts, Bai Yu doesn’t even notice the hand resting on his waist to finally grip his tender flesh hard. He also doesn't notice how Zhu Yilong leaned down until he was able to kiss his earlobe and nibble on it, coaxing sounds of pleasure out of Bai Yu’s mouth. When Zhu Yilong realized he finally had Bai Yu’s full attention again - as if he didn’t have that one from the start - Zhu Yilong slowed down his movement to tease the man under him just the way he had been teased on the phone earlier the day. Bai Yu escaped a small whimper and his eyes snapped fully open as a result. Chasing after the feeling of getting dicked down, Bai Yu tried to speed up the movement with his own movements but Zhu Yilong had him in full control, grabbing his waist hard enough for Bai Yu to stay still. Soon he realized why exactly Zhu Yilong had slowed down. The first stroke against his prostate has been bitter sweet, letting him exhale sharply.

“God, you look so precious being fucked in my favourite shirt, Xiao Bai.”, Zhu Yilong whispered into Bai Yu’s ear. Bai Yu remembered that the yellow smiley pullover had always been one of Zhu Yilong’s new favourite shirts. And maybe - just maybe - Bai Yu had grabbed the pullover with the thought in mind that it was one of his Long-Ge’s favourites. Warm lips pulled him out of his thoughts as they started kissing his earlobe and then his neck. First the kisses had only started out as small pecks but soon Zhu Yilong began gnarling on his skin like a hungry animal and leaving big love marks.

Usually this kind of body language meant that he would start speeding up his process. But this time Zhu Yilong stayed in the damnably slow pace and even took out his cock completely before pushing it in slowly once again. Bai Yu’s moans became desperately louder with every teasing brush against his prostate. A whimper escaped his dry throat, making him swallow down his spit to wet up his throat again. His next moan escaped with another teasingly slow brush, this time accomplished with a deep and low growl from Bai Yu’s left. Instead of giving them both the clearly needed release Zhu Yilong put on his most cruel face and moved very slowly, teasing Bai Yu with the soft brushes against his prostate. Which made Bai Yu contract his entrance with every stroke against his sweet spot.

“Bastard.”, escaped Bai Yu’s mouth with a moan as the other started hitting his sweet spot perfectly. If he wasn’t seeing stars before he was surely now. The movement was still slow but now Zhu Yilong had started hitting his prostate instead of just lightly brushing against it, making Bai Yu’s legs tremble slightly. The bastard seemed to have fun regarding Bai Yu's look, since Bai Yu could clearly hear him snicker quietly. Bastard.

“Now, whenever I wear this shirt, I’m going to think about how sexy you looked getting fucked in it.”

Bai Yu felt as if his whole body flushed red because of Zhu Yilong’s words. As if what they were doing wasn’t exactly the dirty thing but Zhu Yilong’s words were instead. The thought alone brought euphoria to him. His Long-ge sitting at a meeting, wearing the shirt and not being able to keep Bai Yu’s moaning face out of his head. Once again Bai Yu realized how much he wanted to be in Zhu Yilong’s thoughts as often as possible. The dirtier the better. He longed for the appreciation and the knowledge that his Long-Ge was thinking about him as often as he himself did. Bai Yu was sure he heard a low moan close to his ear, apparently the man above him had been letting his thoughts run wild as well. Many people would say Bai Yu had corrupted the pure Zhu Yilong but they would be astonished if the facts were exposed to them about how dirty-minded the aloof, shy and always polite 30-year-old man really was.

Zhu Yilong’s movements were still slow and Bai Yu wanted nothing more than to finally get the release which had been so close yet so far.

“Hurry up and fuck me senseless then.”, Bai Yu whined like a brat, especially when Zhu Yilong decided to tease him this much. Upon hearing it, Zhu Yilong slammed down hard into him instantly, hitting his prostate good as a result. A loud moan escaped Bai Yu’s plump lips.

“Like that?”, Zhu Yilong asked teasingly, knowing fully well that this had been exactly what Bai Yu had been asking for. Instead of answering, Bai Yu only moaned louder as Zhu Yilong entered him once again and slammed his cock deep into the hot wet hole. If Bai Yu was able to open his eyes right now, he would have done it just to glare at Zhu Yilong. The man became someone completely different in bed sometimes and it was still a bit difficult to keep in mind that this was in fact his Long-Ge.

Several harsh thrusts hit against his prostate, Zhu Yilong finally gave Bai Yu the release he was chasing after for so long already. It almost seemed as if he had been getting fucked for weeks. Zhu Yilong took Bai Yu’s hard member in his hand and gave it one light stroke, which made Bai Yu shoot out his white liquid almost instantly. This resulted in the yellow shirt getting splattered on with cum. They definitely had to wash it before Zhu Yilong could ever wear it again. If it even was savable at this point.

Still hitting Bai Yu’s sweet spot and pumping his cock, Bai Yu was feeling as if he was getting milked dry. His whole body trembled, spit rolling down his cheek while Zhu Yilong started thrusting relentlessly into Bai Yu’s hole, chasing after his own orgasm. The relentless pounds into his overly sensitive body felt like a sweet pain that made Bai Yu cry over and over again.

Not long after Zhu Yilomng finally came. Bai Yu immediately felt the hot rush of semen in his hole and filled him up completely. He was a bit sad that the passion had ended too soon. But he had been given the familiar pleasurable feeling of warm wetness inside his butt. Bai Yu could even feel how Zhu Yilong’s member started getting limp again and he carefully pulled it from Bai Yu’s hole. Almost instantly the white wetness was running down his butthole. Making Bai Yu even more a mess than he had before.

Both of them stayed in their exact position for a good while, catching their breath after such an extreme exercise. Zhu Yilong was the first to move again. With a grumble Bai Yu pulled Zhu Yilong down next to him, he still wanted to cuddle and feel the warm body against his own. A small chuckle escaped Zhu Yilong’s mouth as he placed a kiss on Bai Yu’s cheek.

“I’m gonna have to get something to clean you up.”, Zhu Yilong said softly, placing another kiss on Bai Yu’s still closed eyelids before he went for another one on his lips. “But you need to let me go first.”

Bai Yu only let out another grunt, finally loosening the grip on Zhu Yilong’s torso. Before he opened his eyes and looked at his Long-Ge standing up from the bed and walking towards the bathroom. When Zhu Yilong finally came back, a lot cleaner and with a warm washcloth in his hand, Bai Yu smiled fondly. He knew what was coming, soft warm hands started cleaning him up, carefully cleaning up all the mess that was made and then they cuddled softly before they would both fall asleep. And just like Bai Yu had predicted, Zhu Yilong took care of everything, throwing all the clothes carelessly into a corner of the room. When he finally lay down, Bai Yu slid close and embraced his lover with a big hug.

“Missed you.”, Bai Yu mumbled against the hot skin of Zhu Yilong, pulling him even closer into the embrace. The older man let him do whatever he pleased, resting warm fingers on Bai Yu’s scalp and caressing it slowly. Bai Yu could hear Zhu Yilong’s heart beat fast against his ribcage and how he exhaled slowly. As he answered his lovers words with a soft smile dancing on his face.

“I missed you too.”