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Happily in the Aftermath

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Twenty-nine hours after the fall of the Gameskeeper, and the reclamation of Rentfree by the DFZ.

Opal woke up in the guest bed with Nik at Dr. Kowalski's. It was most of the way through Sunday, but after two months of hard labour, a week of intense planning, and a grueling fight against the Mortal Spirit of televised bloodlust... she deserved a lazy Sunday. Not to mention her soul felt bruised. So. Most of a day in bed was a very well deserved break.

Nik had earned it too. He was dozing next to her, metal arm curled around her hips as the late afternoon sun streamed golden through dust motes overhead. Opal smiled softly, leaning in to bump her nose against his. Nik stirred softly, pulling her closer to him.

“Do we have to get up already?” he mumbled through closed eyes.

Opal stifled a laugh. “Only if we want to eat dinner. But I don't think Doctor K minds if we commandeer her kitchen in the middle of the night later.”

“Good,” Nik huffed. He opened his eyes just a crack and shifted to give Opal a chaste kiss on the corner of her mouth. “Goddamn, I'm tired.”

“Tell me about it,” Opal groaned. She snuggled closer to his chest, tucking her head under his chin. “I feel like I haven't slept in a year, and that's after already sleeping for what, eighteen, twenty hours in a row?”

“We've all got our debts to pay. Sleep is one of them.” Nik closed his eyes again, breathing in the smell of Opal's hair. “Mm. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Opal replied immediately. “What prompted that?”

“Lots of things. Just wanted to say it.  I dunno.” Nik shifted, a little embarrassed. “Your hair smells nice.”


Opal grinned into his chest. She placed a kiss against the skin of his throat, soft. He smelled clean, warm, a little bit salty still from the thorough disinfecting after the battle. It was so lovely to be next to him, to be with him.

“Hey,” she called up to him.

“Hey yourself.”

“Before I have to actually get up and make us some food, can I try something?” Opal asked, a little mischievous hope in her voice.

“What do you want to try?”

Opal shuffled so that she was half-sitting, letting her messy hair fall into Nik’s face as she bent down to kiss him, open-mouthed. She pulled away only millimeters, whispering against his lips.

“Can I blow you?”

That woke him up.

Nik blinked at her dazedly, his face flushing red in seconds. He stared at Opal. He looked down at himself, trying to rise, winced a little at his own stiffness. Looked back at Opal, helpless. “I-”

“Before you worry about reciprocating,” she interrupted, “Don't. Not yet, at least. We've both been through the wringer and I know for a fact you're way more tired than me. I just want to do something nice for my poor, banged up boyfriend.”

He scrunched his brows in annoyance, then let his head fall back into the pillow. “I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested,” he grumbled. Opal grinned, watching his face. He mouthed the word 'boyfriend' and shook his head, still a little grumpy, but the blush made it cute instead of intimidating.

“So is that a yes?” She could guess by the growing tent in his sweatpants, but it was still good to ask.

“On one condition.” Nik raised a finger on his steel hand.

“I’m listening.”

He smirked up at her, cheeks flushed but a wicked glint in his eyes. “That you ride my face later.”

It was Opal’s turn to blush, but it didn’t dim her smile. “Fair’s fair, I guess. Do you want me to shake on it too, or..?”

Nik snorted. “C’mere, you.”


He pulled her into an open-mouthed kiss, hot but slow, completely unhurried as if he was savouring a meal. Opal hummed into the kiss happily. She let her hand glide over his chest, tracing the planes of his torso with her fingertips until they met the waistband of his pants. With a deliberate motion, she lifted her hand to grope him. There was a hitch in Nik's breath.

Opal couldn't restrain her smile as she pressed another kiss to his lips, then his cheek, then his neck, peppering him with them as she shuffled to straddle his thighs. She rubbed over the clothed bulge of his sweatpants one-handed.

“Feel good?” she asked sweetly. Nik nodded.

Opal leaned over to kiss a trail down his abdomen, humming happily as she coaxed Nik to hardness with a hand. He was making little noises in the back of his throat every time she let her fingertips tease the head through the cloth. He didn’t buck into her hand, but he did get very twitchy, like he was trying to keep himself still enough that she could take the lead. It was terribly endearing. But Opal wasn’t nearly patient enough to try finding out how long she could tease him like this.

“Hips up,” Opal ordered. Nik obliged, letting her slide his pants and boxers down to his thighs in one go. His dick nearly smacked her in the face on the backswing, it had been straining that hard against the fabric, and Opal had to stifle a giggle as she flinched away.

She pressed a kiss to his hip, surveying him with eager eyes. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen him before, but that had been the one time, and to be honest, she hadn’t really been in the surveying mood at the time. There was a lot of scarring around his inner thighs and most of him was covered in armored cyberware, but his sexual equipment was all human. It was a nice dick, too. Not too big, but definitely not small. She ran a hand over his hips to hold him by the base, gently. His skin was hot under her fingers.

“Opal,” he said, softly. Just to say her name.

She ran her hand up, until he was fully in her grip, a good couple inches of shaft peeking out of the top. Nik sighed like he had just taken a sip of something really good.

“That feels nice,” he said, propping himself up on the pillows a little more so he could look at her.

“Yeah?” Opal moved her hand to stroke him in a smooth, lightly twisting motion.

“Y-eah,” Nik replied, voice hitching mid breath. “Shit. How are your hands so soft.”

“Religiously moisturizing, and I wear gloves when I work,” Opal answered. “Helps that neither of my hands are metal.” It felt silly having a conversation while she was feeling him up, but she couldn’t help it. It was so easy to be snarky and playful with Nik.

“Shut up,” he half-heartedly snapped back. Opal did laugh at that.

“Okay, okay. Let me actually give you a blowjob now.”


Nik smiled, watching her as she repositioned herself to get her face closer to his junk. He reached out with his right hand, tucking a loose strand of hair out of her face. Opal dropped her eyes, cheeks flushed. He couldn’t tell if it was because she was shy, or if it was just because she was ogling him like a lockbox and coming up with a plan of attack. Maybe both.

Opal exhaled slowly, warm breath making his skin tingle. With careful movements, she tilted his cock towards her mouth and kissed it softly on the head. Nik’s breath hitched again. Opal kissed the shaft and he gave a little hiss of pleasure. Tilting him this way and that, one hand braced against his thigh to keep her balance, Opal carefully kissed her way all over his dick. She glanced up to see his eyes locked on her face, half-lidded but attentive. Like he didn’t want to miss a moment.

“Ready?” she asked, a breathy whisper that could have been for either of them. Nik didn’t have a chance to reply either way, as she chose that moment to take him into her mouth.

Opal heard him draw in a sharp breath and his thighs tensed as he fought to keep himself still. His cock tasted like his skin, warm and clean and salty, with that little bit of tang that she recognized as the smell of sex. She drew back, letting her tongue explore the shape of him until only the tip was in between her lips. She heard him call her name again, voice low and half-hoarse with desire. It was ridiculously sexy, so she dove back down, shoving even more of him into her mouth. That made him gasp.

“Opal—Fuck.” Opal bobbed her head up and down, trying to find a good rhythm while getting him deeper. “Opal. Opal,” his voice got more frantic as she picked up speed. It was music to her ears, even if it was starting to get uncomfortable forcing more of him into her mouth.

“A-ah! Opal, slow down,” Nik gasped.  She paused, drawing back to look up at him. He was puffing, little beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Something—?” She started, uncertain, before he waved a hand to cut her off.

“Nothing bad, just… slow down.” He heaved a sigh. “You don’t have to try to deepthroat me right off the bat.”

Opal pouted, a little embarrassed. Nik rubbed his right thumb over her cheek soothingly.

“C’mon. You were doing great.” His voice was soft, coaxing. Opal leaned into the touch like a cat, then went back to the little kisses she had started with, using her hand to guide him to her mouth. “That’s it,” he sighed, melting back into the bed. “That’s so good, Opal. You’re doing so good.”

The praise was unexpected. Opal dipped her head back down, cheeks burning from the sound of Nik’s voice as she slowly sucked him into her mouth. He hummed and sighed happily with each gentle caress of her lips. All the while, he kept praising her as she moved, his voice soft and low.

“Don’t go too deep, just use your hand. Yeah, just like that.” Nik practically purred as she stroked his shaft with one hand. “Just suck on the tip while you use your hand. That’s good, that’s perfect, Opal. You’re making me feel so good. Shit. Your mouth is so hot, you feel so good around me.”

Opal squirmed, rubbing her thighs together for a bit of friction. She was way more turned on than she had expected. Sure, Nik was incredibly hot, and she’d wanted to see him worked up over her, but she wasn’t expecting him to be… so vocal.

It wasn’t that he was loud, or anything. In fact, sometimes she had to pause and strain her ears to hear what he was saying, so gentle and rumbling were his words. It’s that he had said more words in a row during the last five minutes alone than she had heard in the month they had been working at a dead run together. He rambled as she sucked him off, alternating between open praise and gentle instructions, swearing when she did something good and immediately praising her for doing it. It was a heady combination that was getting Opal absolutely soaked with arousal.

 Maybe not surprising, after a lifetime of being ghosted by romantic pursuits and scorned by peers and mentors, she considered. But it wasn’t like blowjobs were her favourite thing about sex. They’d just never turned her on quite as badly as this. Nik was petting her cheek with one hand and quietly moaning her name as she licked him from base to tip, his thighs still tense to keep him from bucking into her mouth. She rubbed him comfortingly over the scars as she kissed the tip of his cock. It was shiny from her spit and flushed nearly red, a little bittersweet trickle of precum welling up from the attention. Opal opened her mouth and gave him a hard suck that made Nik whine, followed by a string of curses as he jerked back.

“Fucking hell, you’re going to make me come before I’m ready if you do that,”  Nik muttered. He gripped her shoulder, holding her at bay before she could try it again. “Opal, please.

“Please what,” Opal said, trying not to be petulant as she shifted to make him pet her hair again. “I want to make you feel good.”

“You are making me feel good,” he pointed out. “Amazingly good, even. Look.” He twitched his cock in her hand, biting back a moan as another bead of precum leaked onto her fingers. “I haven’t been this hard in forever,” he murmured, voice settling back into that sexy purr as he gazed at her. “Your hands feel so good and you’re so hot. I’d Clean every apartment we raided alone just to keep watching you suck me off. I don’t want to ruin that by being too eager to come.”

Opal’s face was so red by that point it felt like she had stuck her head in an oven for twenty minutes. He’d said all that with such a sincere, tender voice, it was hard to process. She hadn’t really met anyone—especially not any guy—before who had this kind of attitude towards sex, let alone something as one-sided as blowjob. Maybe that said something more about her than it did about Nik, though.

“I—yeah, okay,” she conceded. “I’ll keep going slow for you.”

“But?” Nik interjected.

“No but! It’s just-” Opal shuffled her thighs together again, burning when she could feel how wet she was. “I don’t know how long I can hold out against your sultry rambling before I try to jump your bones.”

It was terribly embarrassing, but Nik just gave her a sympathetic smile and ushered her up to kiss her mouth. It was sweet, and infuriatingly hot when he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, tasting himself on her tongue. Opal couldn’t help but whine when he broke the kiss.

“That bad, huh?” Nik chuckled. “Sorry. I guess you’re still sticking with the ‘no reciprocating’ rule you set down earlier.”

Opal nodded vigorously. “I’m not making you hurt yourself more just because I was too horny to deal.”

“Okay, okay,” he put up his hands in concession. “Can I make a suggestion then?”


“Do you want to get yourself off with your hands first? I can take a back seat while you take care of yourself.”

Opal groaned with frustration that was only partly sexual. “No,” she said. “I said I was going to give you a blowjob and you could get me back later. I’m not going to stop halfway through a job when I know I’m almost there.”

Nik frowned in confusion for a moment. He opened his mouth, but couldn’t find the words for a while. “Opal,” He started, uncertain. “I’m not going to be mad if I don’t come-”

“I want to make you come!” Opal nearly cried. “I was all ready to swallow and everything so we wouldn’t need to clean up too much. I’m just stupid horny now because your voice is too sexy,” she finished, really feeling childish by that point.

Nik gave her a look, then shook his head and pulled her back in for another kiss. Opal followed reluctantly, shivering when he ran his fingers over her scalp.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, but he cut her off.

“It’s okay,” he replied, kissing her again. “I didn’t realize you wanted my come that badly. Now that I do, there’s no way I’m denying you that. You turn me on so much, Opal, fuck. I could never say no to you.”

He kissed her, hard, moaning into Opal’s mouth when she delved her tongue into his. He thrust his hips into empty air, his control slipping as she kissed back just as intensely. “God, Opal. Fuck,” Nik groaned, butting his forehead into her shoulder.

“New suggestion. You touch yourself at the same time, and let me know when you’re close, okay?” He asked. “Can you do that for me?”

Opal nodded. The kiss hadn’t helped her cool off at all, and frankly she wasn’t sure if she could even use words at that point. It seemed like a waste of time when all the wanted to do was listen to Nik make those lovely sounds while she had her mouth on him. That, and deal with her own arousal.

“There’s my partner,” Nik sighed happily, pressing a kiss to her neck. “Make yourself comfortable, alright?”

He didn’t have to tell her twice. Opal grabbed the other pillow and settled back down between Nik’s thighs, straddling the pillow so she could use it to brace her hand while she kneeled down to direct Nik’s cock into her mouth with the other. It was a bit awkward to hold her neck comfortably, but the pillow between her legs made it easy to keep her balance while she grinded against the fingers she had shoved down her pants.

She’d barely started to touch herself, not even shocked at how incredibly slick and sticky she was, when Nik started up his chatter again in that low, rumbling purr that was beginning to make Opal lose her mind.

“There you go, all good? You must have it really bad if you’re not gonna even take off your pants to touch yourself, huh? Don’t worry about doing anything fancy for me, just hold it in your mouth while you take care of yourself, Opal.” Nik’s hand caressed her face, supporting the weight of her head as Opal bucked into her fingers.

“Yeah, there you go. So good for me, Opal. Just keep my cock in your mouth while you ride your hand, darling. You must be so wet. I can’t wait to taste you again. I’m gonna make you ride my face until you can’t stand up. Fuck, your mouth is so hot. But I’m not going to come until you do, Opal. So you’d better make yourself feel good if you want to swallow me.”

It was entirely too much. Opal moaned around his dick, frantically thrusting her middle and ring fingers into herself so she could grind against the heel of her hand. Nik gave a moan of his own, his breath ragged, but he kept talking, kept praising her as she fingered herself, desperate. All the while she kept his warm, heavy cock in her mouth. Opal drew in sharp, deep breaths through her nose, scrunching her eyes shut as she let the sound of Nik’s voice wash over her, the taste of him throbbing on her tongue. She curled her fingers, hooking them against that spot inside her that drove her wild. It was intense. It wasn’t enough.

Opal squeezed her eyes shut, grinding herself against the pillow between her thighs, chasing after her own orgasm at a sprint. She gulped around the heat of Nik’s cock, breathing harshly through her nose. He was so hot and hard in her mouth. His hand almost cool against her cheek as he held her head. She thought about their first night together, how tenderly he’d touched her while she clung to him, just as desperate as she was now. She thought about the promise he’d made to eat her out. She thought about how badly she wanted to throw caution to the wind, strip herself and ride him bare, right here right now, until neither of them could stand. She wanted him so badly.

With a desperate whine, Opal pushed in a third finger, shuddering as she stretched herself open. She wanted to come, so badly. She wished her fingers were Nik’s. She felt his cock throb in her mouth, salt and warmth against her tongue, Nik swearing to himself as his thighs tensed, holding himself back. A hand closed on the nape of her neck and tugged. A shock rolled down her spine. Opal gasped, letting him fall out of her mouth. The hand held her there, panting against his hip, fingers twisted into her hair, not tight enough to hurt but just enough to sting in a way that made her body shiver around her own fingers. Her pulse was so loud in her own head, but Nik’s voice cut through the din.

“Are you going to come for me, Opal?”

She couldn’t have said ‘yes’ if she wanted to. It happened too fast.

Opal jerked her head up on instinct to look at him, tugging against Nik’s grip on her hair, and this time it was enough to hurt. The sudden pain made her gasp, made her clench, drove her hips down on to her fingers and fuckit felt so good!

Orgasm hit her like a freight train.

Opal crushed her face against his thigh as she curled in on herself, muffling a cry against his scarred skin as the tension in her snapped. Nik’s hand was back in her hair, petting it soothingly as she rode out the waves of the biggest orgasm she’d had in literally months. Her chest was heaving like a bellows by the time she came down enough to lift her head.

“Good?” Nik asked.

“Amazing,” Opal answered. She sat up with a shiver as she extracted her fingers, still sensitive. She wiped her hand as dry as she could on her jeans, only to have to do it again when she realized how much drool was plastered to her face. “Ick.”

Nik let out a surprised chuckle. “Need a minute?”

“No, I’m good. Just sticky.” Opal rolled her neck. She shuffled back into position, already grabbing Nik’s erection in one hand. “Your turn,” she said with a grin that was nearly predatory.

Nik gasped as she dove right back into sucking him, hips jerking out of control. “Fucking hell, Opal,” he wheezed. The rest of his words cut off with a groan, and it was a good thirty seconds after Opal found her rhythm before he found his voice again.

“I’m close,” he hissed. “I’m going to come in your mouth, just like you wanted Opal, I’m gonna come, so hold still and just use your tongue and I’ll come for you, Opal. I’m so close, I’m so fucking close, Opal—ah!

A burst of bitter heat blossomed on her tongue. One hand on his thighs, one wrapped around the base of his cock, she could feel each pulse and twitch of him as Nik came undone. Came for her. Opal swallowed, glowing with pride when he openly moaned. Nik swore and moaned and melted under Opal’s touch until he was spent and soft.

He gestured for her to come close. Opal obliged, happy to indulge in cuddles, when he pulled her into a scorching open-mouthed kiss. The taste of him was still thick in her mouth, but he seemed to relish in it. He kissed her, intense and deliberate, letting his tongue explore her mouth, her lips, until Opal felt like her brain was melting. They gradually wound down together, until Nik’s kisses turned into gentle pecks.

“Kinky,” Opal blurted out as he drew back.

Nik snorted. “What?”

“I did just swallow a mouthful of jizz,” she said.

“Yeah, my own,” Nik retorted. “If you think that’s kinky, what kind of boring guys have you been with?”

Opal laughed, settling into rest her head on his shoulder. “You just seemed really into it.”

“I was. How many times do I have to say it, Opal? I’m into you,” Nik said with a smile.

“I could stand to hear it more,” she replied kissing his shoulder. “Especially if you get like that when you’re turned on. I didn’t expect you to be so….” She waved her hand, searching for the words.


“Chatty.” It wasn’t really the right word for it, but Opal couldn’t find a better one. “You’re normally a pretty stoic guy, Nik.”

It wasn’t until she looked back up at his face that she realized Nik had gone quiet because he was blushing. He averted his gaze for a second when she caught him.

“Was it annoying?” He mumbed.

“Oh my god, no!” Opal sat up with a cry. “It’s so unbelievably hot! And kind of cute, not gonna lie. Your voice goes all rumbly and stuff, and I wasn’t kidding when I said I was about to jump your bones because of it.”

Nik huffed, relaxing into her again. “Yeah, well… You seemed to be having a pretty good time yourself.”

“Extremely good,” Opal agreed, pressing a kiss to his chin. He smiled, and it made her insides feel all fluttery and warm. She settled down to cuddle with a contented sigh.


Growing discomfort from being sticky and half-clothed aside, Opal could think of nowhere better to be and nothing better to do than this. Nik pressed a kiss to the top of her head and she hummed. This was only the second time they’d actually had a chance to share a bed together, but Opal was already doing the mental calculations of how much more she wanted to do with Nik in the future.

The future… What a concept.

It had been so long since Opal had time to even think about an open ended question. Her back had been against the wall for years, and now… The endless possibilities spun in her head, but all she could really think about that she wanted was Nik. She wasn’t lying when she had said his rambling was kind of cute. And that she was surprised at how eager he’d been to taste himself on her. And then there was his request for her to ‘ride his face’ once he recovered…

Opal wondered what else Nik liked during sex. She hadn’t really had a relationship that lasted long enough to ask those sorts of questions before. But now, she had time. They had time.

“Hey,” Nik murmured into her hair. “Can you move? I want to put my pants back on.”

Opal sighed, but obliged. “I should probably wash my hands and see if there’s anything in the way of food for us.”

“I’ll help,” Nik said. He grunted a little but managed to sit up, tucking himself back into his boxers before he stood. “I’m awake now anyway.”


A few minutes and a trip to the bathroom later, the two of them went downstairs to find that Dr. Kowalski had left a pot of borscht on the stove for them with a little note. The soup was good, if a little bland, and Opal only had to do a little bit of persuading to convince Nik that there was nothing suspicious in it. They chatted over soup, Opal laughing when Nik spilled a streak of pink down his chin due to a poorly timed joke. Nik took care of the dishes, despite Opal’s protests. And it was nice. Peacefully domestic.

Opal almost felt like she wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore after sleeping all day, but by the time she settled back into the gap between Nik’s arm and his chest and laid down her head, her eyes were already growing heavy.

“Tomorrow’s Monday,” she murmured.

Nik yawned. “Ahuh. What’s on the agenda?”

“Writing up our new contract with the DFZ as her private treasure hunters. Depending on how it goes, I could be starting the same day, or it might have to wait until the day after.”

“Hope it’s the day after,” Nik said with a grunt. “You’ve been hustling for months.”

“And you’re not just saying that because you want to spend another day cuddling in bed with me?” Opal teased.

Nik huffed a laugh. “Maybe. Maybe I also care about your wellbeing as an ordinary human. The DFZ doesn’t really understand the limitations of human bodies, does she?”

“So romantic.” Opal mock-swooned into his shoulder. “Talking about me like you care.”

“I do care, Opal,” Nik grumbled. He kissed her forehead, loudly. “You can’t embarrass me with something I’ve already admitted.”

Opal flustered inwardly. She wasn’t used to this kind of easy affection. But hell, she wanted to get used to it. She said something along the lines of “yeah, well, you too” and busied herself with trying to smooth out the wrinkles in his t-shirt with her fingers.

They ended up talking quietly about nothing in particular until they both fell asleep, curled up and warm.