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Harry Potter And The Summer Of '95

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Harry was back with the Dursleys for over a month now. He avoided the word home on purpose. It wasn’t his home, Hogwarts was.

A year passed since Sirius had offered Harry to live with him once his name got cleared. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, but he got to meet Sirius secretly in Hogsmeade every month and this was more than he could have ever asked for.

Harry spent most of his summer in his room, trying to see the Dursleys as little as possible. The boredom was so unbearable he had already done all his homework for the next school year. Sometimes he wrote letters to Ron and Hermione but it wasn’t the same as actually spending time with them.

Harry missed his friends dearly, the only company he got at Privet Drive was Dudley, and he would have rather died alone in his room from boredom than spend time with his cousin.

Harry picked up stargazing as a habit when he came back from Hogwarts after his first year, always searching for constellations and naming every single one of their stars. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky always had a special place in his heart, as it was the first one’s name Ron had taught him back in first year. Since he met his godfather, the star meant him so much more than before. Every time he looked at it, he wished Sirius was just as free as the star up in the dark sky.

This night wasn’t any different, Harry was sitting on the windowsill, looking up at the sky and let the whole universe open right in front of him. He was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t saw an owl approaching him. In his surprise, Harry let out a yelp and fell off the windowsill, right on the carpet.

If birds could look mockingly at someone, Harry was sure this owl was doing just that.

„Oww, don’t need to be so rude!” he threw a glance at the animal and furrowed his brows in confusion „Who are you anyway, I’ve never seen you before”

Harry stood up and took the letter from the bird, who nuzzled its head to his hand affectionately.

„You were mocking me just a minute ago, do you really expect me to pet you?” he whispered to the bird in fake annoyance but began stroking it anyway. He carefully opened the letter, curious of who sent it.

It was Sirius’ handwriting, but why wasn’t he using his own owl?


My dear Harry,

I missed you a lot since the last time I saw you, how are you? Asteria is already out, doing some honourable duty, so I had to use Moony’s owl, I hope he could find you in Surrey in time.

Remus and I were doing some thinking in the past few days about you, and how you could spend the rest of the summer with us, here, in Wales. Since we found nothing against the idea, we thought we would pick you up on the 27th. What do you say, Harry, spending the rest of the holiday with your favourite godfather and the most brilliant professor on earth? Don’t worry about the Dursleys, we have everything under control. We really would like to have you for the summer, I hope you would like to come as well. Please write back as quickly as possible so Moony and I can figure out the tiniest bit of details in our (already perfect) plan.

We are looking forward to seeing you!



Ps: Can you please feed Falkor before sending him back? Wales is quite a big journey, even for a strong boy like him.


Harry couldn’t believe what he had just read. Back in June, in their last Hogsmeade weekend, Sirius promised him he could visit him during the summer. Harry wasn’t dumb, he knew Sirius was risking enough to see him every month, he couldn’t expect him to have his godson for the whole summer. But a boy could always dream. He tried to keep his excitement in control to avoid disappointment later, but the what if was always lurking in the back of his mind.

He quickly wrote his reply that yes, he would like to spend the rest of the summer with them.  Who in their right mind would like to spend time with the Dursleys anyway? 

After feeding Falkor with some dry crakers that were left out on his desk, he sent off the owl with his letter into the middle of the night.

With this much adrenaline in his body, Harry thought he would be up all night. But exhaustion overtook him quite quickly and fell asleep with a smile on his face for the first time since he returned from Hogwarts.

Two days, two days and I can escape this hell.




The next two days felt like an eternity, but it was finally the morning of the 27th. Harry had already packed his trunk the day he got the letter, now all he had to do was wait for Remus, who would pick him up alone since it wasn’t safe for Sirius to leave the house, not even in his animagus form.

They were having breakfast in the dining hall, terrible, just like every day. It was only terrible to Harry, of course. He’s been eating the same awful porridge since he got off of baby food, while the Dursleys were having a full British breakfast, always prepared by Harry. When Vernon started talking about muggle politics and how it was a pity someone named Margaret Thatcher wasn’t the prime minister of the UK anymore, the doorbell rang, saving him from planning how to drown himself in his plate of porridge.

„Are we expecting someone?” asked Petunia in a high-pitched voice and then stood up, making her way to the door.  Ohh yes, we are very much expecting someone.

„No, maybe it’s just the post, you know what they are like” shouted Vernon after her.

„Good morning Petunia, how are you on this beautiful day?” it was Remus. Even though Harry couldn’t see him, he could perfectly hear the sarcasm behind his voice.  They really came for me!

„What are you doing at my house, freaks like you aren’t welcomed here!”

„Ohh, I see you’re just as kind as you were 14 years ago”  They had met before?

Vernon stood up and walked to the door and Harry followed „Go away, we don’t like your kind here!” he raised his voice.

He never got to know what Remus would have answered to these insults (probably something witty) because his eyes found Harry behind Vernon.

„Hello Harry, it’s good to see you, did you pack your stuff?” he smiled.

„Yes, I’ll just bring it right here” and with that, he bolted up the stairs and brought his trunk to the doorway in record time.

„So you just want the freak then? Good, you don’t even need to bring him back” said Vernon and walked back to the dining hall. Petunia lingered for a moment but followed her husband.

Anger shot across Remus’ face but it was gone as soon his gaze found Harry again „Are you all ready to go?”

„I’ve never been more ready” Harry grinned at him.

They began walking down the streets, chatting lightly about things like school and what Wales was like. After 10 minutes of walking, still no sight of a car, Harry was confused.

„We aren’t going to walk all the way to Wales, right? he couldn’t help but ask as his curiosity took over him.

Remus chuckled „Of course not, we are just looking for a safe place to apparate”

„Ohh, right, I didn’t think of that” he said awkwardly.

Instead of mocking him, as the Dursleys would have done in a similar situation, Remus just smiled at him gently „Have you ever apparated before?”

„No, never”

„I’m not going to lie, it will be a bit unpleasant for the first time. It’s like using the floo, but more intense” he explained.

After another 10 minutes of searching, they finally found an abandoned alley, perfect for apparition.

„Hold on my arm as tight as you can and don’t release it till I say, alright?

„Alright” said Harry a bit hesitantly, trying hard to hide his fear. What a great Gryffindor am, he thought but he didn’t want to be the (possibly) first wizard to die in apparition. As if Remus could have read his thoughts, he smiled at him reassuringly „Don’t worry, you will be alright, just hold on tight and nothing terrible should happen” Harry was happy to see Remus was just as caring as he was at Hogwarts.

„Now I count back from three and we apparate at one, ready?” Harry nodded, not trusting his voice.




And with a pop, they were gone.




They landed near a forest and Harry almost fell if Remus didn’t catch him.

„Are you okay?” he asked.

„Yeah, just a little bit dizzy” answered Harry.

„That’s normal for the first apparition, you’ll get used to it. Can you walk? The house is not far away, five minutes at most”

„Yes” he said and they started walking „But why didn’t we apparate to the house?”

„Anti-apparition wards, we can’t apparate there or anywhere near it”

Their walk was very pleasant. Wales was just as beautiful as it was described in books. So much greener than Surrey or even the grassy hills of Scotland.

A few minutes later they reached an old-looking cottage, where a big black dog was wiggling his tail in excitement.

„Padfoot, what did I tell you about leaving the house?” tried to ask Remus in a stern tone but he immediately broke down in a smile as the dog started licking his face.

„Okay, okay, apology accepted, now let's go inside”

Inside the house, Sirius now in his human form was waiting for him, arms wide open.

„Sirius!” Harry ran into his embrace „I’ve missed you! How are you?”

„I missed you too, Prongslet, I’m glad you’re here” he squeezed him one last time before letting go „How do you like Wales?”

„It’s beautiful, so much better than Surrey”

„I’m glad to hear that. Now, what do you say, we bring up your stuff to your room and we prepare lunch together?” 

„My own room?” he asked in disbelief.

„Of course, everyone needs their own place”

Upstairs, Harry looked around the room in awe. It was much bigger than the one at the Dursleys. It was full of books and muggle records, the walls were covered in posters. It was a bit messy but not in a disturbing way, if anything, it just made it even cozier.

„It’s Moony’s old room, I hope you don’t mind his stuff being here. We tried to bring all his belongings to the attic, but there wasn’t enough space.

„No, it’s perfect” he smiled. It was strange to see glimpses of Remus’ childhood, however, it was also very comforting.

„Who are those men on that poster?” he couldn’t help but ask.

„Ohh Harry, you have to learn so much about muggle music, good thing our Moony has a huge record collection. These men on the poster are the most brilliant musicians the world has ever seen. They are called Queen”

„Queen? But why?”

„Dunno Prongslet, but they are the highness of rock music. C’mon, let’s help Moony with that lunch”

In the kitchen, Remus was already preparing the ingredients. The kitchen wasn’t exactly modern, just like the rest of the house, but it was lovely in its own way. Somehow it fitted well with the Welsh landscape.

„We are having Goulash and pancakes if that’s okay with you, Harry” said Remus.

„What’s Goulash?” he asked.

„It’s a delicious Hungarian soup, it has meat and vegetables in it, I’m sure you will like it”

„Moony bought his first international culinary book a few months ago, since then I don’t think I’ve eaten proper British food”

„Ohh, don’t act like you don’t like it Padfoot!”

„That’s true, all the courses are very delicious” he nudged Remus’ arm playfully and started helping to chop the vegetables.

Three hours later they were resting in the living room, their bellies full of food. Remus was right, the soup was indeed very good.

„What would you like to do later, Prongslet?” Harry wasn’t used to being asked for his opinion. At the Dursleys, he was ordered around like a house-elf.

„Uhmm, I don’t know, what can we do here?” he cringed at his question because it felt like, here he could do anything he wanted to.

„We can play quidditch if you want?” Sirius offered.

„I don’t have my broom with me” he answered sadly.

„That’s not a problem, you can use Moony’s”

„But wouldn’t you like to play with us?” he turned to Remus.

„Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of flying”

„He fell off in first year” snickered Sirius „However, he did quidditch commentary”

„You did?” asked Harry in surprise

„Yes, a few times” he admitted.

„Till Minnie forbid him” Sirius grinned at Remus „She didn’t really like his biased opinion on Gryffindor. And his foul mouth of course”

„Me biased? While two of my best friends were playing for Gryffindor? Absolutely not, no, never. I have no idea what you’re talking about Padfoot” he grinned back at him then turned to Harry „Of course you can use my broom, I have some letters to finish writing anyway. Have fun!”




Harry knew Sirius used to be a beater back in the day, but he didn’t expect him to be this good.

„Giving up, are we?” his godfather teased him.

„Never!” he shot back and then took after a snitch. He was only a few centimetres away from catching it when something pulled him back. A branch hit him in the face and he let out a yelp. Harry looked down and found Sirius laughing so hard he had to hold his stomach.

„Sirius, don’t laugh, come and help!”

„S-Sorry, you’re just hanging there and-„ he broke down in another fit of laughing.


„I’m coming, I’m coming” he still laughed but eventually helped Harry down to the ground.

„So that means I won?” he asked with smugness on his face.

„No, you didn’t catch the Snitch!”

„But you got caught up in a tree” he started laughing again.

„But that doesn’t mean you win!” now Harry was laughing too.

„Say whatever you want Prongslet, I won” he ruffled Harry’s hair.




At dinner, the first thing Sirius did was to tell Remus about the tree incident.

„He was just shooting across the air and then the tree yanked him back like this” Sirius illustrated the story with his hands.

„And you kept laughing at me” joined Harry.

„But it was funny” his godfather started laughing for the 100th time of the day. It was nice to see him being genuinely happy.

„It’s not nice to laugh at other people, Padfoot!” said Remus, trying hard to fight back the smile forming on the corner of his lips.

„I’m the oldest here, you can’t tell me what to do!” he stuck his tongue out at Remus.  Am I really living with two 34-year-old men? 

„With three months!”

„That’s three months' worth of wisdom!” Remus just rolled his eyes at the comment and Harry had to control himself not to start laughing. He didn’t know dinners can be this fun with family. Family!

„Anyway Moony, do you have some Queen records? Prongslet hadn’t heard about them till he saw your old poster in the room, I think it’s time to show him some real music”

„You don’t know Queen?” Harry shook his head „Ohh, we can solve that very easily. What album should we show him first?” he turned to Sirius.

„Something from the 70s. Not A Night At The Opera though”

„What’s your problem with A Night At The Opera?”

„It’s just not as good as everyone says it is”

„For Merlin’s sake, we’ve already discussed the album doesn’t only consist of I’m In Love With My Car!”

Harry watched the two arguing about which album they should first show Harry. At Hogwarts, Ron made him listen to the most popular wizarding bands, but he didn’t like any of them. Hermione probably knew much more about muggle music, but she never talked about it. At the Dursleys they only listened to political radio stations, music was forbidden in the house.

After dinner, Remus began searching through a huge box full of records

„Ahh yes, I found it” he held up a record and gave it to Sirius.

„This” he showed up the album with four men being in a weird shadow on the cover „Is the best thing you will ever hear in your life, Harry”

Music filled up the room and it was already better than what Ron had shown him. His feelings must have been written on his face because Sirius clutched his chest dramatically.

„Ohh look at him Remus, he already loves it!” he just grinned back at his godfather.

Exactly 40 minutes later, Harry was sitting in the armchair, completely speechless.

„Wow, I’ve never thought music can be this good!” now he was deeply regretting not asking Hermione about muggle music.

„And this is just the beginning, Prongslet” laughed Sirius „that box is full of records and I’m sure there’s more in the attic too”

„Can we listen to some more?” he asked enthusiastically.

„Of course, just pick a record you like” said Remus, who was sitting on the ground by the fireplace with Sirius’ head in his lap.

He was looking through all the albums when a bright yellow one caught his eyes. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols.

„Sex Pistols!” Sirius jumped up.

„Oh god, no…” Remus buried his head in his hands „Harry, did you know Sirius had a punk phase in 6th year?”

„Phase? I’m still punk enough, thank you very much” he flipped his hair dramatically.

„Whatever makes you sleep at night, Padfoot” he winked at Harry, who began laughing.

„Don’t laugh at me Harry, join me to dance instead. You too, Moony”

„Now you finally get it back for the tree incident” he laughed but joined him anyway.

They kept listening to music and dancing till late at night. He watched Sirius and Remus singing along to Moonage Daydream by David Bowie and Harry never felt happier in his life before. This is my family now. 

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Harry didn’t sleep this well in Merlin knows how long. It was strange to wake up well-rested. Full of energy, he decided to go downstairs and have breakfast.

In the kitchen, he found Sirius already up, with a cup of tea in his hand.

„Morning Harry, did you sleep well?”

„The best sleep I’ve ever had” he grinned.

„I’m glad to hear that” his godfather smiled back „I was just about to make breakfast, what would you like to eat?”

„Uhmm…” Harry was embarrassed, he still wasn’t used to be asked for his opinion. Sirius was kind enough not to press the issue so he offered to make waffles instead.

„Sirius, I don’t think that’s how you make waffles” said Harry after Sirius poured a little bit too much flour into the bowl.

„Actually, I have no idea how to make waffles, but it can’t be that hard, right?” said his godfather as the egg he was trying to break slipped from his hands „Or maybe it can be” he let out a defeated sigh. Harry couldn’t help but chuckle at his clumsiness.

„I’ll help. It isn’t completely ruined so there’s still hope left” he said after examining the dough.

„Where did you learn it?”

„What? Cooking?” Sirius nodded „At the Dursleys”

„Ohh, err, right” they rarely talked about what it was like living with the Dursleys. The topic was too upsetting to be brought up at their monthly Hogsmeade meetings, where they both preferred to have a good time, but probably Sirius knew a thing or two about his home life anyway „Maybe you can teach me? Moony’s a really good cook but it would be good not to rely on him all the time, especially not around the full moon” he awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

„Of course, it’s not that hard actually” he smiled. The teaching went surprisingly easy, Sirius was still a bit clumsy, but that would improve with time.

„It’s very delicious, good job Prongslet!” Sirius praised him.

„It was a team effort, you measured the ingredients, remember?”

„Well, then we are both incredibly talented chefs” he laughed but the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. This morning he was strangely quiet, nothing like his usual bubbly self. Harry couldn’t help but wonder what might the problem be.

„Yeah sure” Harry laughed too, deciding not to voice his worry „Where’s Remus by the way?” It was already past ten and they didn’t see Remus all day, he must be out running errands.

„Ohh, our Moony is not an early riser, don’t expect him out of bed before 11”

Sirius was right, it was almost 12 when he stumbled down the stairs sleepily, immediately reaching for coffee.

„Rise and shine Moony!” laughed Sirius as he came beside Remus and placed a hand on his waist.

„Yeah-yeah, good morning to you too” he murmured grumpily and went to curl up on the sofa like he was ready to go back to sleep at any moment. Sirius just looked at Harry with an I told you so face. Swallowing down his laugh, he imagined what his old professor had to go through every single day at Hogwarts, where he had to get up early and interact with people.



In the afternoon the sun shone high up the sky. Harry desperately wanted to go outside and enjoy the nice weather, but his godfather was currently sleeping on the couch as a dog and Remus was nowhere to be found again.

Harry never really admitted to anyone, but he loved reading. In his old muggle primary school, he always used to borrow books from the library so he can read them at night, imagining he’s in a completely different universe. Remembering the pile of books in his new room, he made his way up the stairs and started looking through the mini library, because yes, that could be considered as a miny library.

Remus had every kind of book you can imagine: muggle, wizarding, fantasy, scientifical, historic, poetry… it was quite a big collection and according to Sirius, there was even more in the attic.

„You can keep any of them if you like” Remus stood in the doorway, smiling.

„Ohh-uhh, thank you” said Harry.

„I used to read a lot when I was your age, but I guess you figured it out already”

„Yeah, I did” chuckled Harry „Can you recommend me something to read?” he motioned to the big shelf. Remus began thinking and went over, searching through the books and a minute later, he held up one.

„It’s a Polish muggle book, called the Primeval and Other Times ” he gave it to Harry „My father used to travel a lot to find a cure for my lycanthropy when I was young. Every time he went abroad, he always came back with a new book”

„That was very nice of him”

„Yeah, I guess” he smiled bitterly „I’ve always liked reading international literature, it’s really interesting to see how life can be so different to ours”

„Thanks for the recommendation” smiled Harry.

„Any time! Anyways, do you know how to ride a bike, right?”

„Yeah, why?” he asked in confusion.

„I’ve got to run some errands and I figured you don’t want to sit in the house in this beautiful weather, so you can come with me if you like” he offered.

„Of course, but what about Sirius? Wouldn’t he mind? He seems kinda off today…” he didn’t want to leave him alone when he was clearly in a bad mood.

„He won’t mind, don’t worry. You know, sometimes he needs his own space when things are getting a bit, err, overwhelming”

„Am I overwhelming?” Harry felt like a burden in people’s lives all the time, he didn’t want to make his godfather’s even more difficult.

„Ohh no Harry, of course not. Sorry, I worded this badly” Remus touched his shoulders and looked deeply into his eyes „Sirius spent 12 years in Azkaban, social interactions can be too much for him sometimes. He loves you, Harry, he would never think you’re a burden. He just needs a little bit of time getting used to it’s the three of us now instead of two. He really loves you, Harry, more than anything” he smiled.

„A-alright, it makes sense” he tried to smile but still felt a bit bitter. Remus must have had some special senses to feel people’s emotion because he reassured him again

„We care about you so much. And your friends too. We would never think of you as a burden” he squeezed his shoulders for the last time, leaving no space left for argument or doubt „So, are you up for a bike trip?”




Fifteen minutes later, they were wheeling through the Welsh landscape.

„Have I told you how much I love Wales? And how much I love cycling?” it was similar to flying a broom, but there was something special about this.

„We can do it again in the future if you want. Padfoot can come with us as a dog too. He isn’t really good a cycling anyway”

„What do you mean? There’s no such thing as being bad at cycling!” if Sirius could fly his broomstick that well there was no way he would be bad at riding a bike.

„Trust me that’s what I thought till we tried to teach him after 3rd year” Harry was about to ask him to tell the story, but Remus continued „It was summer, Sirius and I were spending a week at the Potters. James came up with an idea that we should go to the lake on the other side of the town and swim. We wanted to go by bike but Padfoot announced he didn’t know how to. You should have seen the challenge light up in James’ eyes. We brought him outside the streets and sat him on the bike. In the beginning, we were helping of course but when he seemed confident enough we released him. The keyword is seemed. At first, everything went alright but we quickly realised Sirius couldn’t keep the bike in line. James and I tried to take him off the bicycle but it was late, Padfoot was already going down the hill”

„Let me guess: he fell” Harry laughed.

„Ohh yes, and how big that fall was!” Remus joined laughing „Later we all found the story hilarious, but right on the spot, Prongs and I thought Sirius broke all his bones in his body. Fortunately, he only broke his arm, nothing Euphemia, your grandmother, couldn’t fix.

„He hasn’t tried since?”

„We tried to make him, but he claimed dogs aren’t made for cycling”

„Neither a stag and a werewolf” snorted Harry.

„That’s what exactly Prongs said!” Remus smiled widely.

At that moment Harry felt like he always belonged with Remus and Sirius here, in the heart of Wales. It was like he always lived with the two of them, as it should have been.




The town centre was nothing extraordinary, but it looked nice with all its beautiful stone buildings. The main square was covered(not the good phrase) in colourful stands and tents.

„Let’s go to the market first, I need some vegetables” said Remus and they started walking after setting down their bikes.

The market was small, with only a few people being there at this hour. They walked down the aisles which were swimming in the smell of vegetables, fresh sausages and bakery products. They stopped in front of one of a small stall.

„Prynhawn da, Alys! Dwi angen ychydig o domatos ffres, ciwcymbr a letys!” (Good afternoon Alys, I need some fresh tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce!) Remus started talking in Welsh!?

„Prynhawn da i chi hefyd, Remus! Fe ddof â nhw ar hyn o bryd. Oes angen unrhyw beth arall, annywl?” (Good afternoon to you too, Remus. I’ll bring them right now. Do you need anything else, darling?) Harry was looking at Remus and the old lady with wide eyes.

„Dim Diolch” (no thank you) The lady started packing the vegetables as the two continued chatting.

„Ai ef yw eich mab? Roeddwn i'n meddwl eich bod chi ynghyd â'r llanc ifanc hyfryd hwnnw” (Is he your son? I thought you were together with that lovely young man)

„Ydym, rydym gyda'n gilydd a na, nid fy mab mohono (Yes, we are together and no, he’s not my son) he smiled at Harry. What were they talking about? „Ef yw ein godson mewn gwirionedd. Mae'n aros gweddill yr haf gyda ni” (He’s our godson actually. He’s spending the rest of the summer with us)

„Mae'n dda eich gweld chi'n hapus, Remus” (It’s good to see you happy, Remus) he turned his head to the lady and his smile softened „Dywedwch wrth y bachgen ifanc hyfryd y dywedais hi” (Tell the lovely young boy I said hi)

„Mi wnaf” (I will) he laughed and took the package of vegetables out of the lady’s hands „Hwyl fawr, Alys!” (Goodbye, Alys!)

„Hwyl fawr!” (Goodbye!) waved the lady as they walked away.

„You never told me you speak Welsh!?” Harry almost yelled, still not quite believing what he had just witnessed.

„I have my hidden talents” he grinned smugly „My mother was Welsh and my father was partially French, I’m fluent in both”

„That’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever heard”

„Thank you” Remus was laughing at his surprised expression „Sirius is fluent in French too. We used to have conversations in French just to annoy your father”

„That’s cruel” said Harry but he was laughing too.

„Just a bit. After a while, he figured out he can make it to his advantage so he asked us to teach him the basics so later he can seduce Lily”

„I guess it didn’t work?” Harry heard a few stories about his father’s unsuccessful seducing techniques from Sirius.

„Oh god, no! You must have heard his pronunciation, it was terrible!” they laughed and continued shopping.




At home Sirius was already waiting for them, in a happier mood when they left „You’re back!” he hugged Harry.

„Alys told me she sends you her greetings” said Remus who was unpacking the shopping bags in the kitchen.

„Ohh Alys, how I love that lady! When is she coming over? I miss our little chit chats!”

„Sirius, you only met twice!”

„And? She’s totally like McGonagall and every woman who’s like Minnie owns my heart, you know that!” said his godfather dramatically „And they love me too, I’m too charming to resist”

„Yes Padfoot, you’re very charming” Remus rolled his eyes, but there was sincerity behind his voice.

„How was shopping?” Sirius turned to his godson.

„It was good. I’ve got to hear Remus speaking in Welsh, it was impressive!”

„I think so too! He always used to swear in Welsh when he was done with our shit”

„Sirius! Dywedwch un gair arall a byddwch chi'n cysgu ar y soffa” (Sirius! Say one more word and you will sleep on the sofa!) shouted Remus from the kitchen.

„You see?” he laughed with Harry „Je t'aime aussi Moony!” (Love you too, Moony) he shouted back.

„Va te faire foutre, Padfoot!” (Fuck off Padfoot!) said Remus as he entered the living room and he slid down next to Sirius on the sofa, shaking his head, but smiling.

„You’re kind as ever, Moony” he smiled too and laid his head on Remus’ shoulder.

„I’m going to go mad with all these languages” said Harry, holding his head in his hands.

„I can teach you French if you want” offered his godfather.

„No, thank you, I’ll probably end up just as terrible as my dad”

„You told him the story?” he turned to Remus who just nodded „It was quite hilarious to witness, poor Lily”

„I think so too, just like the bicycle story” grinned Harry at his godfather.

„Remus! You did not!” yelled Sirius.

„Sorry Padfoot, Harry needed to know why you will never sit on a bike ever again” he replied, not looking up from the book he was currently reading.

„But Remus!”



After Sirius has overcome his emotional outburst he and Harry went out to play fetch. When both were tired enough, they laid down on the grass, staring up at the sky.

„That looks like a Hippogriff” Harry pointed out.

„No, it’s a Dragon, don’t you see its tail right there?”

„There’s no tail, it’s just a simple Hippogriff”

„There is, look!” Sirius pointed up the sky.

„Ohh, you’re right, that’s really a Dragon!” both of them fell into a comfortable silence as they were watching the clouds pass by.

„Do you ever want to be as free as the clouds up there? Just flying up there, not caring about anything?” Sirius sometimes had strange thoughts. Harry didn’t know if he was like this before Azkaban or if it was the aftermath of the cruel twelve years, but he had to agree with this one.

„Yes, but I usually think about the stars” he stared up at the sky.

„Do you like stargazing?”

„Yeah, ever since Ron taught me the very first night at Hogwarts. Do you know which star’s name I learned first?” he laid back on his elbows and looked over his godfather, who had his eyes closed.


„It was Sirius, the brightest star in the sky” Sirius opened his eyes and looked at him.

„What a coincidence” he smiled softly.

„Maybe it was fate, a sign that we would meet one day” he wondered out loud.

„You spend too much time with Moony, it starts to have an effect on you” he chuckled.

„What, I can’t say beautiful poetic things?” he asked in fake annoyance.

„Nop, we already have Moony for that, two would be too much. And if you joined his intellectual conversations who would talk to me? I can’t speak poetry you know”

„Don’t worry, I can multitask!”

„I don’t doubt that Prongslet” he laughed and ruffled his hair „Do you want to play some more fetch?”

„Yes” he threw the ball and the fluffy black dog quickly sprinted after it.




After dinner, Sirius entered the living room with a dusty old box in his hand.

„Do you remember this, Moony?” he held up the box what seemed like a board game.

„Ohh Merlin, where did you find this?” Remus looked at it in disbelief.

„It was amongst your old Hogwarts stuff in the attic, I found it the other day when we were cleaning”

„I thought it was lost”

„What’s that?” asked Harry curiously.

„It’s the Marauders Monopoly!” said Sirius enthusiastically and sat down on the ground by the coffee table „It’s like a normal Monopoly but so much cooler, wanna play?”

„Of course, but why did you remake a whole board game?” he sat down at the other side of the table.

„Prongs and I thought it was quite boring to play with muggle places so we recreated the whole board into Hogwarts and charmed it with magic. And of course, it was more fun to do drinking games thi-„

„Sirius! You won’t teach Harry any kind of drinking game!” Remus said in a stern tone.

„Alright, alright” he held up his hands „Look at the figures Harry, that’s the best part of the game!”

He took a look at the figures and… „You transfigured the figures into the teachers!?”

„It was Moony’s idea actually, ohh look at old Sluggy, I haven’t seen the man in ages!” Sirius laughed.

After finally settling the rules, and promising not to cheat, they began playing. Harry realised his godfather was right, this was so much more fun than regular Monopoly. The pictures and the figures were moving and the tasks were much more interesting and involved magic.

„Oh no, I forgot to put on music!” Sirius jumped up and rushed to the record player „Today Harry, we’ll introduce you to the finest of 80s music!” he held up a record with the title Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know.

Sirius sat down to the table again, and music filled up the room. It was different to the records they listened to yesterday, it was more electric and happier. Harry immediately began moving his head to the rhythm.

„I’m so happy you like our music, Prongslet” said his godfather. Harry felt like it meant more to Sirius than simply liking music, but he didn’t say anything, just smiled back at him.

They continued playing with the game and Sirius quietly hummed along to the record.

„I'll save you all my kisses

Save you all my kisses”

When the chorus of the second song started, Sirius was singing along loudly and leaned over to Remus, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

„Ewww!” laughed Harry.

„Ohh don’t worry Prongslet, it’s your turn!”

„Run Harry, as far as you can” Remus laughed and watched in amusement as Sirius crawled over to his godson and planted a big kiss on his forehead.

„You’re not getting rid of me that easily” he pulled Harry into a one-armed hug.

In the end, Remus and Harry teamed up against Sirius, who pouted at losing.

„It’s not fair you know, teaming up against an innocent man like me!”

„I have no idea what you’re talking about Padfoot, right Harry?” Remus pulled on an innocent face and put his arm around Sirius’ shoulder.

„Absolutely no idea” he grinned back.

Chapter Text

A few days passed since Harry arrived in Wales. The three of them spent as much time together as possible, going on walks, playing in the garden or just listening to music. Harry really grew to like muggle music and he made sure he would show it to Ron somehow when they were back to school.

Sometimes things become overwhelming, but Sirius and Remus were understanding and gave him space. Both of them knew about his home life, it was expected he wouldn't be able to adjust to such a change that quickly-even if that change was positive. In this case, he retreated to his room and read all the books Remus had recommended to him. All of them were really enjoyable, Remus had an incredible (and wide) taste.

This morning, Harry was woken up by loud voices coming from the kitchen. He slowly crept down the stairs, putting on his glasses. Downstairs what he found left him completely speechless.

„Ron! Hermione!” the other two crashed Harry into a big group hug.

„Happy birthday Harry!” they shouted happily.

„Happy birthday!” said both Sirius and Remus, who were standing in the doorway together.

„You invited them!?”

„Of course!” said Sirius „What’s a birthday without a good party?”

„I- Thank you” Harry wasn’t proud of himself at that moment, but tears were burning his eyes, threatening to fall. He never had a happy birthday, let alone a birthday party. The Dursleys always forgot about his birthday while they threw a huge party for Dudley every year. He was jealous, yes, but he never blamed him. When he started Hogwarts things became better because he could keep in touch with Ron and Hermione via owl, but they could never meet each other during the summer.

„Will you show us your new room?” asked Ron excitedly.

„Yeah, but-?” he looked at Sirius and Remus. He didn’t want them to feel them left out.

„Go along Prongslet, we will have plenty of time to celebrate later”


Upstairs Ron looked around the room in awe, observing every single poster on the wall.

„So this was Professor Lupin’s room?” he sat down on the bed.

„Just call him Remus, he would prefer that way but yeah it’s mostly his stuff”

„And who are those men on the posters?”

„Ron, don’t act like you’re in a museum, this is just a regular house!” sighed Hermione in annoyance.

„It’s okay Ron. Those men on the poster are Queen, and that man” he pointed to another poster „is David Bowie if I remember correctly”

„Did they show you muggle music?” asked Hermione.

„Yeah and I’m highly disappointed you never showed us any!

„I thought you weren’t interested” she shrugged her shoulders.

„That’s right, but you could have tried anyway!”

„Before you start arguing, tell us about your summer instead. What is it like to be free from the Dursleys?” asked Ron.

„Amazing” he smiled widely.

„Wow, you’re truly happy!” Hermione smiled at him.

They talked a bit about how they spent their summer. Charlie Weasley came back home from Romania and Ron told a bunch of stories about his adventures with dragons. Hermione and his parents went on a holiday to Italy and showed them some pictures she brought with her. They were beautiful, he wished one day he would be able to see these places in real life. Harry told them how he got Sirius’ letter about a week ago and Remus picked him at the Dursleys and how he had one of the best weeks of his life.

He told them about the Marauders Monopoly and Ron asked him if they could play. It took Hermione a lot of time to explain the rules to him but once he understood it, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

„Bloody hell, this is brilliant! And you’re saying it was really Profes- Remus' idea to transfigure the figures into the teachers?”

„Yes” laughed Harry.

„Who could have thought” he joined laughing but it didn’t last long as he stepped on Hermione’s property „ Ohh no, I’m gonna lose! And I'm standing on the Dungeons, this couldn't be any worse!”

„Just play better Ron! But for now, pay me 10 galleons!” Hermione turned to Harry „It must be amazing to live with Remus, all the things he could teach you”

„Errm, he doesn’t teach me anything but err, yeah he probably would if I asked him”

„But he won’t” snorted Ron „Aaa, what was that for?” he yelped when Hermione hit him in the arm.

„Just felt like doing it, what do you think, honestly Ron” Harry laughed at the two. The three of them were constantly arguing and bickering about something (especially Ron and Hermione) but at the same time, they would have walked through fire for each other.

Hermione won the board game as expected. After packing everything away, they went to sit in the garden. To be more precise, the two boys played quidditch and Hermione sat on the grass, being the referee. Fortunately this time Harry didn’t get caught up in any tree and he successfully caught the Snitch as well.

„Sometimes I forget how good player you are” Ron laid down exhausted.

„You’re a good player too, in fact, you’re a much better keeper than me”

„Thanks mate”

The three of them continued talking about quidditch till a black dog appeared right in front of them and transformed into Sirius and knocked Ron off in the process.

„Bloody hell, I’ll never get used to that!” Ron yelped and Sirius just laughed at the poor lad before helping him up.

„Sorry" he apologised "Moony says it’s time for lunch”

„Sorry we didn’t help” said Harry guiltily. They always made food together since he arrived.

„It’s alright Prongslet, you’re the birthday boy, you should enjoy it with your friends instead of helping in the kitchen. Now c’mon before it gets cold”


The lunch was spent very pleasantly. Hermione and Remus chatted about school while Ron and Harry listened to Sirius’ stories. Currently, he was talking about how they made the Marauders Map.

„Fred and George would worship you if they knew you made the map” Ron laughed.

„Harry said they used them for pranks, is that true?”

„Yeah, they are constantly trying to prank people. Last day they tried to turn Snape’s hair pink but they were caught” he put a huge spoonful of mashed potato on his plate.

„Pff amateurs, they need some advice, right Moony?” he kicked Remus under the table.

„We shouldn’t encourage students to pull pranks on their professors, Pads. However, as a teacher, I can say that the Colovaria charm lasts very long and can be used from a long distance. I’m only saying this for educational purposes, of course” Ron just stared at him with wide eyes.

„What, would you really think Moony is innocent?” Sirius laughed „He was our mastermind believe it or not”

„No need to exaggerate Padfoot” said Remus with a humble smile, however, there was playfulness in his gaze „Also, we shouldn’t ruin my professor reputation” he kicked back Sirius under the table.


After lunch, Sirius asked Harry to go outside the garden and wait for them. He had no idea what was going on but obligated anyway.

„Cover your eyes Harry!” he heard his godfather saying.

„Happy birthday to you!” they started singing and Harry removed his hands from his eyes and looked around „Happy birthday to you” Sirius was carrying a cake with 16 candles on it „Happy birthday to you, Harry” Hermione, Ron and Remus were each holding a present in their hands „Happy birthday to you!”

„Make a wish!” said Sirius after he put down the cake on the table.

He took a big breath and blew the candles. I wish this could last forever...

„Open our presents now!” said Ron excitedly and handed over his to Harry. Inside he found a book about his favourite Quidditch team and Honeydukes chocolate that would be enough for all five of them.

„Thank you Ron!” he smiled and gave him a one-armed hug.

Hermione gave him a muggle record called Reckless by Bryan Adams.

"How could you possibly know this?" he was staring at the album in his hands.

"Research, having good connections..." she glanced over to Sirius "I hope you like it"

„Thank you Hermione” he hugged her tightly.

Lastly, he turned to Remus and Sirius. Both of them were holding something in their hands.

„Open this first” Remus gave him the package. Inside of it, he found the most beautiful pair of forest green converse shoes he's ever seen.

„H-how did you know?” Harry asked in disbelief. He wanted to own a pair of shoes like this for ages but never had the money for it.

„I saw you looking at them in the shop window when we were in the town, I hope they are okay” Remus smiled and Harry wrapped his arms around him „Thank you, thank you, I love them!”

Then he turned to Sirius who give him his other present. He seemed anxious for some reason.

In the box, he found simple papers. He took them out and started reading. When he reached the end he had to sit down on a chair, his legs not supporting him anymore.

„D-do you really mean this?” he looked back and forth between Sirius and Remus

„Of course Harry” Sirius crouched down to him and placed his hands on his knees.

„But h-how, what about the blood magic and-?” a tear escaped his eyes.

„Moony has some good acquaintances at the ministry and they could arrange that I can be your legal guardian despite my name not being cleared. It took some time convincing Dumbledore but”-

„Thank you!” Harry got up and hugged his godfather, now legal guardian, as tight as he could. He was fully crying now but he didn’t care „That means I don’t have to go back-?” he mumbled through his tears.

„No, never” Sirius tightened his hold on him „We are a family now”


It took Harry a while to calm down and stop saying thank you every minute but once he did they ate the cake which was very delicious. The others chatted lightly but he was sitting there quietly, still in shock. It all felt like a fever dream.

In the afternoon, the weather was so unbearably hot they had to go inside. Hermione, Ron and Harry went to his room, bringing the record player with them.

In the room Hermione pulled him into a big hug „I’m really happy for you Harry” she whispered into his ears. Not trusting his vocal cords, he just smiled back at her once she released him.

„This is super awesome Harry! I mean living with Sirius and Remus, how cool is that?” said Ron

„Yeah, it’s super awesome” he probably wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off his face for days. They decided to listen to Reckless so Hermione started the record player.

That summer seemed to last forever

And if I had the choice

Yeah, I'd always wanna be there

Those were the best days of my life

"I really like this track" he smiled to himself and checked the back of the cover for the title. Summer Of '69. Well, I'm living my own summer of '95.

"This Adam Bryans dude-"

"Bryan Adams" Hermione shook her head in disappointment.

"-is a musical genius" Ron finished his statement.

"I agree" Harry nodded.

„I'm glad we'll be able to listen to more of this... Because you can visit us anytime!!” Ron said excitedly.

„Yes!” he grinned at him „Oh Merlin, I’m so fucking happy!”

„Language!” said Hermione but she was smiling too.

„Sorry, I’m still speechless and it doesn’t feel real but it is real and I’m just… Sorry, I’m babbling but like wow” he flopped on the bed next to Ron.

„It’s okay Harry” laughed Ron at him "But for real, muggle music actually isn’t that bad. I wish I could show my dad, he would be mindblown!” he popped some Bertie Botts in his mouth.

„I’m really grateful for you, you know?” he said after a minute of silence. He rarely expressed his affection to other people, but it felt like a moment to do.

„We are grateful for you too, Harry” said Hermione softly.

„Yeah, we are” added Ron

He couldn’t be happier.


At six, both Hermione and Ron had to go home so they headed down to the fireplace.

„Padfoot, stay still otherwise I’m going to ruin it!” in the living room the sight of a frustrated Remus Lupin painting a rather hyperactive Sirius Black’s nails welcomed them.

„Hi guys, did you have fun?” Sirius tried to wave but Remus yanked his hand back.

„Sirius, stay still!”

„Sorry, sorry Moony” he apologised and turned back to them.

„Yes, thank you for the invitation” said Hermione politely.

„We had a really good time. And you were right Sirius, muggle music is brilliant” Sirius’ eyes lit up like a Lumos spell.


„Really. That David Bu- Baw-

„Bowie” Harry offered.

„Yeah that, he was rather brilliant”

„I’m glad to hear that!” he stood up after Remus cast a quick drying spell on his now black nails „I hope we can see you again soon, it’s always good to have Harry’s friends over” he smiled at his godson.

Once his friends left, he was staring into the empty fireplace. He hasn’t talked to Sirius and Remus since the presents and he honestly didn’t have any idea what to say.

„Harry?” he turned over to face them.

„Come here” Sirius patted the space between the two of them on the sofa. He hesitated but went over and sat down.

„Are you alright?” asked his godfather.

„Brilliant” a smile broke out on his face „I’m just speechless, that’s all. But are you sure you want this?”

„Why wouldn’t we? You’re the most important person in our life Prongslet, of course we would like you to live with us!

He turned to Remus, who hasn’t said anything so far. He was his guardian as well, even if it wasn’t „official”, he needed his approval too.

„We would love to have you here, Harry. Of course, I’m just your old professor, my opinion shouldn’t matter that much but-

„That’s not true, you’re so much more than that!” he blurted it out.

„Thank you” Remus smiled softly, vulnerability crossing his face.

„No, I thank you” he said and went in for a hug.

„Hey don’t leave me out from the family hug!” said Sirius and joined their hug. Their family hug.

After 15 years Harry was finally home.

Chapter Text

2 weeks passed since Harry's birthday and he managed to meet Ron and Hermione twice. He showed them the neighbourhood and visited the town centre. Ron was amazed at how the muggles lived their life. His favourite place was the market, it was almost impossible to drag him out of there.

Currently, it was 2 am and Harry finished reading one of his books. It was an exciting one so he knew he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep any time soon. Instead, he decided to go down to the kitchen for some late-night snack.

To his surprise, Remus was sitting by the table, holding a cup of tea in his hands.

„Sorry, did I wake you up?” he looked quite terrible, dark circles under his eyes, his skin looking as white as sheet. It was the full moon tomorrow. Or tonight as it was 2 am at the moment.

„No, don’t worry. I just finished reading one of the books you gave me actually” he sat down on the chair across him. „Are you all right?” it was the stupid question, he was obviously not.

„I’ve been better, I’ve been worse” he smiled bitterly „Did you like the book?”

„It was brilliant. I would have never thought I would enjoy Russian literature, but here we are”

„They have some incredible writers and the way they see the world around them is unique, nothing you can see from an English or an American author” he sipped his drink „Do you want some tea?”

„Yes please, oh no, no, don’t get up, I can pour it myself!” he jumped up from his seat before Remus could. Every single one of his movement screamed he was in pain, he didn't have to unnecessarily fuss over him. 

„By the way yes, you’re right about them, I mean the Russian writers. I would like to read more, do you have other books from Dosztojekvszij?”

„Probably in the attic somewhere”

„How many things are there in that attic?” Harry chuckled lightly. Since he’s been here the attic was mentioned at least once a day and how they found long-forgotten objects there regularly.

„You don’t want to know” he smiled „ Pads and I are planning to clean it after the full moon, for real this time”

„I can help” he immediately offered.

„That’s not necessary, it’s just mostly old books covered in dust, nothing interesting. You can invite Hermione and Ron over if you want so you would have some company”

„Alright” he would have helped them but spending time with his friends sounded more exciting than cleaning a dusty old room. Harry got up and washed his empty cup.

„I think I’m off to sleep now. Are you coming too?”

„No, I can never sleep the night before” he looked down at his mug. Harry knew Remus didn’t like when people pitied him, but he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. No one should go through this every month. They both said goodnight and Harry retreated to his room. Sleep avoided him that night. Instead, he sat on his windowsill, looking up at the almost full moon and let himself fill up with silent worry.




If Remus looked terrible last night, it was nothing compared to how he looked like late morning when Harry entered the living room.

„Morning Harry!” he greeted him, wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa, Padfoot laying by his legs „Did you sleep well?” Remus stroked the dog’s thick fur.

„Yes” he lied. They didn’t need to know he spent most of the night awake.

„Morning Prongslet!” Sirius transformed into his human self „Do you want breakfast? We have some bacon left” Harry nodded and followed him out to the kitchen.

„Is he going to be alright?” he has never spent time with a werewolf around the full moon, except for that one time in the Shrieking Shack. He knew the theory (which was bigoted and prejudiced) but it was different in real life. 

„Yeah, he’s always alright, as much as he can be” he smiled nervously „It’s easier now that he has Padfoot” he handed him his breakfast and sat down on the chair beside him.

„It’s just, I feel so helpless, you know, he’s feeling terrible and we can’t do anything” he mumbled and poked the bacon on his plate.

„I know Prongslet. That’s why we became animagi but even with that, I feel useless sometimes” he stared down on his lap. It was strange to see his always confident godfather in such a concern „But we can always give him love, and that’s what he needs the most right now. People who care about him”

„I think we have no problem with that” Harry smiled at him.

Once they went back to the living room, Remus was already deeply asleep. Sirius went over to adjust his blanket and ran a hand through his messy curls.

„C’mon” he stood up „Let’s go outside”




They sat down on the porch. The wind was lightly blowing, feeling cool on their skin.

„Is it hard to become an animagus? I mean I know the process but…”

„No, don’t you dare to think about it Prongslet, Moony will kill me for planting ideas in your head!” Hary laughed at his godfather’s distress.

„No Merlin, no, I wasn’t planning to, I don’t think I would be able to keep a leaf in my mouth for a whole month to begin with”

„That was one of the most difficult parts, I admit” he smiled at the memories „Till we figured out how we can use the sticking charm on the leaf Peter- err, yeah, he err swallowed his quite a few times…” he was blankly staring ahead of him for a few moments. Some scars would never disappear from our life. Peter Pettigrew’s betrayal was one of those things. No matter how many years passed, it would always hurt.

„The hardest part was the meditation. Especially if you do it with James Potter” he turned back to Harry, his smile returning.


„First of all, he couldn’t shut up about a certain Lily Evans” Harry laughed. He would never get bored of hearing his father’s failed attempts „Secondly, he bragged about how he’s going to be a dangerous tiger or a majestic lion. What a grass eater he turned out to be” Sirius chuckled.

„There’s nothing wrong with grass eaters!”

„I know Prongslet” he ruffled his hair „It’s especially useful around Christmas” the mischief was glowing in his godfather's eyes.

„Please don’t tell me you-„ he shook his head in amusement.

„Ohh we did” he was fully grinning now „Let’s just say in December ’76 Hogwarts might have adopted a certain red-nosed stag.


„Of course, we needed him to match the Christmas spirit. He got lights on his antlers and everything”

„How did you get caught?”

„Why on earth would you think we got caught?” Harry shot him a knowing look.

„We brought him into Transfiguration to annoy Minnie. However, the woman was delighted because she could finally show how the anti animagus spell worked on a simple animal. We’ve never seen Prongs run faster in his life” 

„Do you think she knew?”

„Oh, nothing gets past Minnie’s eyes. The same goes for Pomfrey, these two always knew what was happening even if they didn’t let you know”

„I don’t know about Madam Pomfrey, but Professor McGonagall is extremely observant, especially when she’s a cat, the amount of times she scared Ron” he laughed at the memory.

„I always wanted to have a deep conversation with Minnie in our animal form, it would be rather intellectual” Sirius stared at the sky dreamily, who’s actually considering his idea seriously.

„What do you say we surprise our Moony with a delicious lunch?” he asked and they went inside to prepare the food.




Sirius was slowly getting better and better at cooking. If he tried enough he would be able to cook a meal by himself. They decided to make chicken with fried vegetables and chocolate cookies for Remus, who was still fast asleep on the sofa.

„Do you think we should wake him up?” Harry asked Sirius who was already crouching down on the ground next to Remus. 

„Yeah, he needs to eat something” he slowly started caressing Remus’ face „Moony, Moony, wake up” he said in a soft voice. Harry felt like he was interrupting a personal interaction between the two. 

Remus woke up with a grunt and buried his face in the pillow.

„It’s alright Moony, we cooked some lunch, come when you’re ready” he kissed the top of Remus’ head and stood up „Let’s set the tables, Harry”

Remus joined them 10 minutes later with the blanket still wrapped around him.

„Hmm, this is quite delicious. Seems like you aren’t that hopeless after all, Pads”

„I was never hopeless!” he claimed.

„You kinda were” agreed Harry.

„You’re teaming up against me again I see” he huffed in fake annoyance.

„Sorry Padfoot” said Remus a bit guiltily while normally he would snap back with something sarcastic. Harry remember Sirius had said something about heightened emotions and sensitivity around the full moon.

„It’s alright Moony, I’m only joking. I love seeing both of you having a good time, even if it’s making fun of me” he smiled at him gently.

„When do I have to leave for the Weasleys?” Harry asked after a few minutes of silence. Sirius and Remus didn’t allow him to stay at the house during the moon, no matter how many times he asked. As a solution, they decided to send him to the Burrow for the night.

„We said 2 to Molly if that’s alright with you” said his godfather. The Weasley family was one of the few people, who knew and believed in Sirius’ innocence.

„Of course” it was currently 12:30, he had plenty of time to get ready.

After lunch, Remus went to his bedroom to rest more and Harry began packing. By 13:50 he was standing in the living room, ready to go. If he was honest to himself, he would have rather stayed here than be with the Weasleys. He knew he couldn’t stay here for safety reasons but it still made him uneasy that he would be so far away worrying about them.

„Are you alright, Prongslet?” Harry considered lying he was fine, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

„I’m worried, that’s all” he stared down at his shoes.

„Hey, look at me” said his godfather, gripping his shoulders „It’s going to be alright. Remus is a fighter, the strongest person I’ve ever met, he will be okay”

„I know that but I'm still worrying..."

„And that's completely fine, but please, try to have a good time with the Weasley. Everything will be fine, I promise” Sirius pulled him into a hug.

„Okay” he still wasn’t convinced but he didn't see the point of continuing the conversation.

„Are you all ready to go, then?”

„I think so” Sirius squeezed his shoulders one last time before letting go.

„Have fun, Prongslet! And don’t do anything illegal. Or anything I wouldn’t do”

„That’s the same thing!” he chuckled.

„You might have a point. Now go, Molly is probably waiting for you”

Harry stepped into the fireplace after saying the final goodbye.

„The Burrow” he threw the floo powder and with a green flash of lights, he was gone.




It's been a while since Harry last used floo, so when he arrived he had to close his eyes for a few seconds to keep his balance.

"Harry darling, you are here!" Mrs Weasley wrapped him in a big hug "Ron, Harry's here!" she shouted.

"Hi, Harry" Ron appeared in the corner "C'mon Harry, let's pack out your stuff" he dragged him out of the living room and they went upstairs.

"Sorry about mum, she's always a bit clingy..." Ron apologised.

"No, it's fine, don't worry" he reassured him "So what are we going to do tonight? In your letter you said you were planning something very special" over the past few days they exchanged lots of letters where Ron wrote about some kind of  mysterious  and  exciting  activity they were planning to do.

"Go to the garden and see it yourself" outside, Arthur Weasley was setting up a BBQ.

"That's it? That's your "super secret" plan you weren't allowed to tell?"

"Yeah, dad wanted it to be a surprise, he was very excited about it" said Ron.

"Nice to meet you, Harry, how are you?" Arthur greeted him.

"I'm fine, thank you. So are we going to have a barbecue?" Harry curiously eyed him. His hands were already black from the coal.

"Yes, have you ever done it? It's quite fascinating how you can heat coal to cook food, don't you think?"

"Yes, it's quite fascinating" he chuckled "Ohh, hi Ginny!" she appeared next to them.  Did she always look this nice?

" Hi Harry, long time no see!" she smiled at him and Harry felt something strange in his stomach "What it's like living with Sirius and Remus? I asked Ron but he was incapable of providing me with proper information" she elbowed him.

"It's really nice, the best summer I had so far"

"I'm glad to hear that! Have you ever set up a barbecue before? I think dad needs a little bit of help" now it wasn't only Arthur's hands covered in coal, but his whole face.

"Yeah, I think I can help" he laughed.




By the evening, the BBQ was functioning perfectly. Mrs Weasly was grilling the finest of meat and vegetables with Arthur's help. It wasn't that Remus and Sirius were bad at cooking, but Molly's food was always on another level.

"This is very delicious" Harry complimented.

"Ohh darling, there's no need to exaggerate" and with that, she turned back to grill another pair of sausages. 

"Why does she never believe it?" he turned to the others. 

"She's trying to be humble" started Fred.

"But deep inside she isn't humble at all" grinned George.

"I heard that boys!" yelled Molly and they just laughed.

"What are we going to do later? We have the whole night!" said Ginny excitedly. Harry wished he could share her excitement but he was currently staring up at the moon which just appeared on the horizon.

"Hey Harry, are you listening?" Ron poked him and Harry shook his head in confusion.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" 

"It's alright" Ron smiled at him "We were saying that maybe you can introduce us to some muggle games?"

"Ohh, we can do that. Have you ever played truth or dare?" they all shook their heads except for Ginny . These purebloods...  "We can do that, it's very easy, you'll see" 

They continued eating and once Molly and Arthur finished with the grilling, they joined them too. They asked about his summer, his plans for the next school year, they were curious as ever. Around 11 pm, they announced they were off to sleep, leaving them alone in the garden.

It was finally time to show them how truth or dare worked.

"Ginny, can you help me explaining the rules?"

"Yeah, of course. So basically if you choose truth, you have to honestly answer the question. If you choose dare, you have to do what the other person tells you"

"Well, this seems easy. Can we start?" asked Ron.

"Ron, truth or dare?" Harry started the dare.

"Dare, of course, I'm a Gryffindor, after all"

"There's no need to brag, little brother" Fred and George ruffled his hair.

"Hmmm let's start with something easy" Harry started thinking "Eat a handful of grass"

"Grass? What am I, a horse?"

"You chose dare, not me" Harry held up his hands in defence. Ron decided to get over his task as quickly as possible, so he grabbed some grass and ate it.

"Bloody hell, that's disgusting" the others just laughed at his misery. 

"Now you ask someone to choose truth or dare" said Harry.

"George, truth or dare?"

They played the game until nearly 2 am. There were some interesting tasks, such as Ron trying to lit a fire without magic which was simply hilarious, Ginny having her hair charmed to platinum blonde for the rest of the night or the twins revealing their most secret pranks. Harry was having such a good time he was able to forget about the full moon that brightly shined up in the dark sky.




Meanwhile Harry was having fun with the Weasleys, things weren't all bright back in Wales. When he left, Sirius immediately went to their bedroom to check on Remus.

„Moony, are you awake?” he asked quietly as he entered the room.

„Yeah” came the weak reply. It’s been 24 years since he knew Remus but it still hurt seeing him in pain. 

He went over to the bed and laid down, facing Remus, who had the blanket pulled up to his chin.

„Come here” he said and Remus snuggled closer to him.

„What’s on your mind Moony?” he wrapped his arms around Remus and planted soft kisses on the top of his head.

„I hate Harry seeing me like that, all weak and…” he mumbled into Sirius’ chest.

„Moony, stop, you’re the strongest person I know and that’s what Harry thinks too” he ran his hand up and down Remus’ back comfortingly „He just worries because he cares about you. You’re incredible Moony and Harry adores you, he would never think of you any differently”

Remus lifted up his head and looked into Sirius’ eyes.

„I really love you Pads, you know” he leaned in for a soft kiss.

„Ohh I know” he kissed Remus again.

„Prat” he hit him in the arm playfully and laid back on his chest.

„Do you think Harry knows?” asked Sirius after a few moments of silence.

„Knows what?”


„Ohh well, honestly I don’t think so, he has James’ genes after all”

„Yes, but also Lily’s” Sirius added.

„That’s true. But no, I don’t think he knows. But I think we should tell him, as I suggested when he got here”

„But what if he isn’t okay with it” he said anxiously.

„Pads, look at me” scared grey eyes met calm amber ones „Harry loves you so much Sirius, there’s nothing in this world that would change that. And if he doesn’t have a problem with me being a werewolf then I don’t think he would have a problem with us being in a relationship either. I know he grew up surrounded by terrible people but he isn't like them. He's one of the most open-minded person I've ever met, I'm sure he would be okay with it”

„I love you, Remus” he gently caressed Remus’ cheek.

„I know” he grinned and went in for a kiss.




Remus fell asleep again after their conversation, so Sirius slipped out of the room quietly. They still had about 5 hours until moonrise, but he was a worrying mess. To calm his nerves he went out to the garden and lit a cigarette. Remus hated his " filthy habit"  but what Remus didn’t know didn’t hurt him.

Sirius stared up at the bright sun, which would be replaced by the moon in a few hours.

When he was a child he loved the moon. He always followed the lunar cycle and marked it in his calendar. In first year, when Lily told him muggles went to the moon once, he was mindblown. He never told anyone but for a few months, he wanted to be an astronaut and go into space one day. Such childish dreams... He did lots of research on space, celestial bodies and that's how he realised Remus was a werewolf.

While in first year he wanted to visit the moon, in second year he wanted to blow it up. He heard about werewolves before Remus of course but that was mostly prejudiced bullshit from his family. For some time he believed it but he quickly realised none of it was true.

When he figured out Remus was a werewolf he did lots of reading before telling him. He wanted to be prepared. Unfortunately, the books weren't helpful either, the wizarding society didn't bother to write realistic books about  beasts  like them. 

After a few months of knowing, he told James and Peter and they decided to bring up the issue together. At first, Remus was in denial but once he realised they cared about him despite his lycanthropy, he simply broke down. They'd never seen him cry before.

In third year they started their animagi process which wasn't easy by any means. Looking back, it was an incredibly reckless and dangerous thing to do, but at the time they would have done anything to make Remus' transformation easier, which were getting worse and worse each moon. His hospital visits were longer and his injuries more serious. If it wasn't for Madam Pomfrey, probably Remus wouldn't be here with them today. Sirius would be forever grateful for her.

Fifth year was both good and bad. They successfully completed their animagi transformation and accompanied Remus to the Shrieking Shack for the first time. After that, they promised him he would never have to spend a full moon alone anymore.

But nothing good could last forever. He had to spend the Christmas holidays with his family which left him with a very bad mental state, which was never an excuse for what he had done. In January, he sent Snape through the Whomping Willow and if it wasn't for James, he would be dead. Sirius hated thinking about this time, the constant fighting and tension. He thought it would be the end of the Marauders.

Fortunately, after a few painful months, they finally made up. Things were fine for a few years but the war slowly started affecting their lives. When they graduated, they immediately joined the Order of The Phoenix. Dumbledore sent Remus on werewolf missions which were completely useless for the order. Dumbledore didn't trust Remus because of his lycanthropy, it was clear. But if the leader of the order didn't trust one of the members, how the others were expected to trust that person?

All those promises they made over the years turned out to be false. Remus had to spend 157 full moons alone. 157. Sirius had a magical tattoo that showed the current moon phase. Following the lunar cycle was one of the very few things that kept him sane in Azkaban. Every full moon he looked up at the sky through his little cell window and wondered how things could have been different. Better.

After 12 years they finally reunited and that was Sirius' happiest moment since 1981. He didn't care if the whole wizarding world thought he was a lunatic murderer, Harry and Remus believed in his innocence and that's what mattered the most. 

Ever since they spent every full moon together in the shed in Remus' garden. It wasn't the best place but probably the safest. 

Here were they now, waiting for the moon to rise. Sirius took one last drag from his cigarette before dropping it in the ashtray and returned to Remus.




In the morning Sirius woke up with aching joints and muscles and he immediately knew it was a bad night. He sat up and looked over to Remus, who was lying on the floor unconscious, covered in gashes and deep wounds. This moon was worse than usual, so much worse.

„Shit, Moony” he crawled over to him and started casting healing spells all over his body. When he healed his worst wounds he scooped him up in his arms, still unconscious, and carried him inside.

In the bedroom, once he finished applying ointments on the gashes he started preparing the potions. He was skilled at healing, in fact, he wanted to be a Healer once the war was over, but well…

„Pads?” came the croaked voice.

„Shhh Remus, it’s alright” he whispered „Drink this please” he handed him a vial.

„You stay?” it broke his heart to see the most important person in his life in such a vulnerable state.

„Yeah, go to sleep Moony, I’ll be right back” he quickly cleaned up and then joined Remus in the bed and let exhaustion overtake him. 




Sirius woke up early in the afternoon and his first instinct was to check the time. It was nearly two, Harry wouldn’t return until later.

Taking advantage of Remus being asleep, he went to the kitchen and began cooking lunch. He tried to make pancakes as it was the only food at the moment he remembered Harry showing him. Half an hour later he was standing in the kitchen with freshly made food. They looked fine so he could only hope it tasted good as well.

Back in their bedroom, Remus was slowly stirring awake. He set the tray of food on the bedside table and sat down by Remus’ side.

„Sirius?” he reached out to him and Sirius grabbed his hand, squeezing it lightly.

„Yes, it’s me, how are you?” he slowly drew circles on his hand with his thumb. 

„Terrible. What happened?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

„Moony desperately tried to get out but when he realised he couldn’t he tried to tear himself apart. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t, I’m sorry Remus” he whispered the end.

„Are you hurt?” of course Remus would be more concerned about his health than his own.

„Sore muscles, just the usual. Don’t worry, you didn’t hurt me”

„It was Harry” said Remus, staring down at their joined hands.

„I don’t understand?” he asked in confusion.

„His smell is all over in the garden. The wolf must have smelled him, that’s why he wanted to get out”

„Ohhh…” Sirius never thought this might be an issue „We’ll figure something out for the next month, I promise” he squeezed his hand reassuringly „But for now, eat, you must be starving. I made hopefully not so terrible pancakes” Remus sat up and he placed the tray in his lap.

„Thank you Padfoot, it’s delicious” he said after taking a bite from the pancake „Do you want some too?” he nodded and sat down against the headboard, right next to Remus. They ate in silence and when they finished, Remus put the tray away and curled up on his chest. Sirius wrapped his arms around him protectively and buried his face in Remus' hair. A few moments later, both of them were deep asleep. 




It was quite hard to say goodbye to Mrs Weasley as she didn’t want to release Harry from her hug, but once she did he couldn’t be more relieved. He had a good time last night and he loved the Weasleys, but it was good to be back with his family.

When he stepped through the fireplace, an empty living room welcomed him. He stood there for a few seconds, listening for noises, but the house was dead silent. He could only hope they were resting somewhere and not in Saint Mungo’s, or worse… Shaking the ideas out of his head, he set his backpack by the wall and walked up the stairs, desperately wanting to check on Remus.

In the room he found Remus enveloped in Sirius’ arm, both of them sleeping.  Strange,  thought Harry. It wasn’t the first time he found the two men in  intimate  situations, but they were lifelong friends, it must be a normal thing to do.

He smiled to himself that everyone was safe and quietly left the room, leaving them to rest. 

Chapter Text

It took Remus almost a week to recover from the full moon. When he was well enough Harry invited Ron and Hermione over, just like they had discussed.

Currently, they were sitting on his bed, discussing the next school year while Sirius and Remus were cleaning the attic.

„Who do you think our new Defence teacher will be?” asked Harry.

„My dad said someone from the ministry. If the theories are true, we are screwed for the whole year” answered Ron.

„What are the theories?” he was worried, a ministry person couldn’t be any good.

„That Umbridge will be the new teacher”

„You mean Dolores Umbridge, the one responsible for the werewolf regulations?” asked Hermione in disbelief.


„There’s no way they would allow a woman like her to teach. Is Dumbledore out of his mind?” she exclaimed.

„It’s the ministry’s decision, not his. They don't trust him to hire a proper professor after what happened with Remus and Moody”

„It wasn’t their fault nor Dumbledore’s!” he spat angrily, he wouldn’t let anyone say rude things about Remus. It wasn’t his fault he was infected with lycanthropy.

„I know mate, but the ministry says otherwise” Ron tried to calm him down.

„Fuck the ministry” he scoffed and crossed his arms on his chest.

„Harry, language! But yes, fuck the ministry!”

„Did you just cuss?” laughed Ron in disbelief.

„Yes Ronald, what are you going to do about it?” she asked with a challenge in her eyes.

„Can’t wait to be of age so I can hex you” he muttered under his breath.

„What did you just say?” Hermione stood up.

„Guys, calm down” Harry tried to make peace but deep inside he was enjoying their banter.

„Only if he apologises!” she glared at Ron.

„Sorry that you look so hexable today” he spat back.

„Ronald Weasley!” Hermione shrieked.

„Hey guys, no fighting in the house!” Sirius stood in the doorway with a big box in his hands.

„Sorry Sirius” said Hermione.

„Yeah, sorry” said Ron awkwardly „And sorry Hermione I wanted to hex you”

„Apology accepted” she smiled.

„Now that we are all reconciled, Harry, this is yours” he gave the box to Harry

„What’s this?” it was quite heavy.

„It’s some of your father’s old belongings, we found in the attic and thought you want to look through it”

„Yes, thank you!” he said happily. He never had access to his father’s old belongings, let alone a huge box of his old stuff.

„You’re welcome Prongslet, see you later guys!” Sirius said and left the room.

„Do you want to look through it with me?” he moved his gaze back and forth between his two friends.

„Are you sure? we don’t want to interfere as it might be a bit personal for you"

„Yeah, I’m sure. Let’s see what’s inside!” he said excitedly. On the top of the pile of things, a Hogwarts robe was lying with a Head Boy badge pinned on it.

„Wow, I didn’t know your dad was Head Boy!” said Hermione in awe.

„Yes, he was” he said proudly „That’s what brought him together with mum! But according to Sirius, he still didn’t stop pranking despite the title” he chuckled.

Next, he took out a photo album and opened it. 

„Look, your dad looks exactly like you!” Ron pointed to a photo where his father was standing with a broom in his left hand, a huge trophy in the other.

„It says it was taken after the final match in the 1976 Quidditch cup. Gryffindor won”

„Next year we are going to win the quidditch cup too, you see” Ron grinned.

The next photo was the four Marauders dressed as the Hogwarts staff for Halloween. Sirius as Professor McGonagall, Remus as Dumbledore, James as Filch and Peter as Professor Sprout.

Remus was sprawled over the sofa, legs propped up on the arm while the other three of them were sitting on the top of the furniture. 

„Blimey, I would have never thought I would see Remus posing in purple stocking” Ron and Harry laughed so hard they almost fell off the bed.

„Professor Dumbledore wears stocking too!” scoffed Hermione.

„Yeah, but that’s Remus!"

„Immature, the both of you” she took out another photo „Look Harry, it’s your mum!”

She was in the library studying with Remus, their table covered in books. Apparently, they were oblivious to their surroundings. It was titled as  The Gryffindor Nerds . Harry thought it was quite a lovely photo. It was nice seeing them in such a natural state, for a second he felt like he was in the library with them.

When they finished looking through the photos, a book caught his attention.

„What kind of book is that?” asked Hermione curiously.

„It looks like a diary actually” he examined the book in his hands.  A diary? His father’s own diary? This day couldn’t get any better!

However, when he opened the diary, it wasn’t his dad’s handwriting welcoming them, but Sirius’.

„Uhmm, Harry, why is it your godfather’s handwriting?” Ron furrowed his brows in confusion.

„There’s one way to figure out” and with that, they began reading.


January 7th, 1974

Prongs gave me this diary as a Christmas present because according to him I „whine” too much and it would be a good idea to write down my feelings. Bugger, I feel like a bloody girl but if this makes Prongs happy… Today was our first school day after the holidays, which was brilliant! Sadly James and Peter had to go home, but Remus stayed because of the full moon. It was lovely to spend Christmas with him. We stayed in pyjama all day. (if you only knew dear Walburga your heir is lazing in bed all day with a half blood werewolf listening to muggle records) Unfortunately, the moon fell right on the 24th, so in the morning I brought Moony’s present to the hospital wing and stayed with him all day and played exploding snaps. Even Pomfrey let me stay, bless her soul. I wish we could tell Remus we are trying to be animagi for him, but it’s better to be a secret because he would just try to stop us and saying things like „illegal” and „incredibly dangerous” „are you out of your mind, you’re going to end up in Azkaban!” Anyway, once Moony was well enough we snook out to Hogsmeade to buy enough butterbeer and firewhisky for New Year’s Eve. We stayed up in the dorm all night, huddled up in the middle of the room. I might have gotten Remus a bit drunk on firewhisky and he was mad at me in the morning but it was absolutely worth it, I haven’t seen him this relaxed and happy in a long time. It was all lovely, life is lovely, everything’s lovely, I have nothing to whine about, no matter what Prongs says.

Sirius  (shit, I don’t even need to sign this)


„So it’s apparently Sirius’ diary?” asked Ron.

„Seems like it” Harry turned the page, curious of what more his godfather had written.

„Harry, don’t you think it’s disrespectful to read it without Sirius’ knowledge?” asked Hermione.

„Nah, don’t worry Hermione, he wouldn’t mind”


November 16th, 1974

Life is bloody terrible I just want the ground to swallow me, bloody McKinnon. No, bloody James for convincing me to take her on a Hogsmeade date. First, she didn’t allow me to Zonko’s. To Zonko’s!!! She said it’s too „immature” for a boy like me to go in there. And if this wasn’t terrible enough she took me to FUCKING MADAM PUDDIFOOTS! I swear to Merlin there’s not a single thing in that bloody shop that isn’t fucking pink. Just thinking about it makes me wanna vomit. And that’s not the worse. Before we went to the castle she kissed me. On the lips. And bloody hell that was disgusting, all sloppy and too much tongue and her touching me and messing up my hair, no, I don’t even want to think about it, I’m never kissing a girl again. Fucking hell I want to murder Prongs for this. I should have stayed with Moony and go to Hogsmeade together, at least my afternoon would have been fun. We would have gone to Zonko’s, Honeydukes and the Three Broomsticks. And of course to the bookshop, because we all know Remus is the nerd amongst us. But we don’t mind it, his knowledge comes really handy during pranks. Why girls can’t be like him? Wanting to do pranks, spending time with my mates, giving me space when I need it. Is it really too much to ask?

Ohh James just came back from his date at this very moment, it’s the end of you Potter!


Harry didn’t know if Sirius had any girlfriend before Azkaban. In fact, he never talked about dating at all. He had talked about Marlene McKinnon, one of the members of The Order of The Phoenix, but not as an ex-lover, but more like a best friend.

„Blimey, we are not going to Madam Puddifoots, it must be more terrible than I dared to imagine” Ron exclaimed and Harry nodded in agreement. Hermione was reading the page again, furrowing her brows slightly.


September 19, 1975

We did it! We finally completed our animagi transformation at the beginning of the month! I can’t believe it, I mean I know we are brilliant, but still! Peter’s a rat, James’ a stag and I’m a big black dog! We were waiting for the right moment to show it to Remus and that day came today. When we transformed I thought his eyes were going to fall out. After overcoming his shock he immediately demanded answers and once we told him, he burst into tears. I haven’t seen him cry since second year when we confronted him about his lycanthropy. I would never tell this anyone, especially not Moony because he doesn’t need people „pitying him” as he likes to put it (it’s not pity, really), but my heart breaks every single month when he has to face the painful transformations all alone and we can’t do anything about it. But now he’s not alone, Moony is finally going to have mates! Again, I would never admit it to anyone (especially James) but I’m quite nervous about the full moon tomorrow. In theory, everything should be alright, but there’s no evidence that the wolf wouldn’t recognise an animagus. But we are Gryffindors and would do anything to make Remus’ transformations easier and if that means we are risking our lives, then let it be.


September 20, 1975

Good news, we all survived the moon! As I’m writing this, Remus is currently asleep on my chest while James and Peter are in class. They wanted to convince him to join them, but I wouldn’t leave Moony’s side. Madame Pomfrey is shooting me annoyed glances but really, she has no reason to be annoyed, I’m so quiet nobody would notice I’m here. Moony loved Padfoot (that’s the nickname we gave me), we chased each other and wrestled on the floor, I feel like they are going to get along even better in the future. Ohh Remus is waking up, he’s just yawned and aww he’s just like Moony yesterday when he got tired after playing, adorable.


„It’s admirable how they became animagi for him. Reckless but admirable” said Hermione as she kept staring at the pages, her brows still furrowed.  What’s wrong with her?

„Sirius told me about it a few weeks ago, he said it was extremely difficult"

„I can imagine that, the potion is incredibly hard to make and the ingredients are rare to find”

„But we are talking about them, do you think such thing as impossible existed in their mind?” Harry laughed.

„You’re probably right” agreed Ron.


February 17, 1976

I fucked up so so so badly, Remus is never going to forgive me, heck I deserve all his hate. I should have never told Snape, I should have never opened my mouth. I deserve all Remus’ anger, all James’ punches, all Peter’s death glares, bloody hell, I ended the Marauders. Shit shit shit. Currently, I’m sitting out in the astronomy tower, because that’s what I deserve for what I became. I became exactly what my mother wanted me to be, I never deserved James, Peter and Remus, fuck, I don’t even deserve to be at Hogwarts, Remus could have been executed because of me, executed! How the fuck I could have been this stupid?


„Is this about when Sirius told Snape how to get through the Whomping Willow?”

„Yes, I think so” mumbled Harry. It must have been a very hard time for the both of them.

„I still don’t understand how Remus could forgive him” said Ron.

„I have an idea” Hermione finally looked up from the book as she knew the answer to the question.

„What?” asked Harry in confusion.

„Just keep reading Harry” 


August 19th, 1976

I’m finally free, god bless you Potters. I ran away from Grimmauld place on the 2nd of August and oh Merlin, I should have done it way much sooner, I never thought a family could be this loving. I only wish Reggie could have gone with me… But anyway, let’s move to the good news: Remus and I are friends again! Actually, we started talking again around the end of school and we stayed in touch during the whole summer via owls, and slowly put back the broken pieces. I understand if he’ll never trust me completely again, but this is already more than I could have ever asked for. When I arrived at the Potters I visited Moony in Wales as soon as possible, where we finally talked about things in person. There might have been a few tears, but we are good now! As I said we are back to friends but it’s not the same as it used to be, it’s more… soft I guess. We are also more affectionate with each other, we hug more and cuddle, not that I mind. Moony is all sweet, smiling more than ever, more softly and affectionately when it's just the two of us. It’s probably my favourite look on him. Wait no, my favourite is when he laughs, his whole face lights up and it's just beautiful. He’s beautiful. James is constantly teasing us for being married, but he’s just probably jealous of our friendship. During last dinner Peter kicked him under the table for it, I’m so grateful for Wormy. Life is amazing right now, I couldn’t be happier!


„Hermione?” now Harry was furrowing his brows too while staring at her.  Were they… is he… is it possible that?

„Just keep reading!” 

„What’s happening?” asked Ron cluelessly.


September 2nd, 1976

Okay, so I came to a realisation that I might have a crush. On a boy. On my best friend. Bloody hell I’m so fucked! Walburga would be so proud of his son, he isn’t only befriending a werewolf but also has romantic feelings for him! I don’t know if I should be freaking out right now... The horrible date with Marlene in fourth year, the lack of interest in girls, the constant butterflies whenever I’m around Remus, it all makes sense now… I know that being gay isn’t accepted amongst muggles and I highly doubt it’s accepted in the wizarding world, but I feel at peace now. The only people who matter are James, Peter and Remus and they seemed to accept Dorcas' and Marlene’s relationship last year, so they would accept me too. Right? Okay, my peace is gone now, what if they think I’m some kind of freak and they would stop talking to me? We just became friends again, I can’t ruin it, especially with Remus. Anyway, the cherry on top is that Evans knows it. Why does she have to be so observant? Fucking hell Evans! Wait, Evans, yes that’s it, I should talk to her! 


October 11th, 1976

I talked to Lily (we are on first-name basis now to James’ annoyance) and she’s not that terrible. Well, actually she’s brilliant, we should have started hanging out much sooner. (we are quite inseparable now to James’ annoyance again) She helped me to understand my feelings and all I’m saying this woman would be an amazing therapist or what kind of mind doctors muggles have. I feel much better than a month ago. The same couldn’t be said for Remus, he’s constantly in a bad mood and we don’t know why. Moony also feels the mood change, he had to spend four days in the hospital wing after the previous full moon. If I observe enough I would say he’s sad and lonely, but I don’t totally understand why. I wish I could help him somehow.


November 13th, 1976

Merlin, I don’t even know where to begin! Yesterday was the last Gryffindor quidditch match in this term and we won of course so we organised a last minute common room party to celebrate, which was brilliant actually. However, Moony was absent the whole night so I decided to search for him. I found him in the astronomy tower in a quite terrible state, trembling from the cold, eyes red and puffy from crying. It took a while, but he finally opened up about how his lycanthropy been bothering him again since we came back to school. And then he started talking about his future and how he’s going to be all alone because we will leave him to get on with our lives. He was rambling, full of bullshit but instead of interrupting I just hugged him and let him speak. I don’t remember him opening up this much before. Once he finished I told him none of what he said was true and us, the Marauders will be always there for him and he’ll never be alone because who wouldn’t want an amazing person like him, right? Then he was rambling again how he’s a monster, a beast and I’m wrong, nobody would want him. Then I might have let my mouth slip and told him how I feel and he was just staring at me, wide eyes, mouth open and then he started arguing how is it not possible, he’s not good for me, I deserve better etc… So I might have let my impulses make a decision instead of me again so I kissed him and bloody hell, it was amazing! It was gentle, his lips were really soft and tasted like chocolate, it’s the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my whole life! After he was staring at me in disbelief and asked if I really meant it and I said of course, why wouldn’t I? I was kinda scared I ruined our friendship again with revealing my feelings but I didn’t even have time to dwell on it because Moony kissed me! Which was even more amazing than the first one! We spent the whole night in the astronomy tower, holding each other as we were looking at the constellations in the sky. And then he said I am really the brightest star in his life and I might have melted right on the spot. When we became tired we walked back to the Gryffindor tower hand in hand! Once we reached our dorm we kissed again which was even better than the ones we shared previously during the night! Inside, James and Peter were knocked out so we even shared a goodbye embrace and have I said how amazing he smells? Currently, it’s 3 am and I’m unable to sleep because I happen to have the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world! It might be too early to say, but I’m pretty much sure I’m in love with him. Probably have been since like third year. The intensity of my emotions is scaring me a bit, but it’s worth it, everything’s worth it for Moony.


The three of them were staring down at the pages, processing what they had just read. All the physical closeness, the playful bantering, it made so much more sense now. Merlin, how he could have been this blind?

„So…” Ron said slowly as he looked up from the book „they were together?”

„Are, Ronald, they are together. Merlin, how could you not notice it?” Hermione glared at them. 

„You knew?” both boys said in unison.

„Even a blind person can see that they are in love! The way they talk and act with each other, it’s so obvious!”

„Blimey, what are you going to do, Harry?” he just shook his head still processing what he had learned. His godfather and his professor weren’t just simply friends, but lovers! Does that make Remus his godfather too?

„He’s going to talk to them, right Harry?” Hermione stared at him.

„Err, right…” he had no idea how to approach the subject, he couldn’t exactly come up to them and ask hey, are you happen to be in a relationship for nearly 20 years? That would be awkward, he had to figure out something.

„Uhmm are you okay with this actually? Them being together?” Hermione eyed him anxiously.

„Of course, I’m not a homophobe!” he tried to keep his voice as quiet as possible, but he really wanted to yell at the moment.

„No need to get angry, I’m just checking. They both have been through a lot, they need your acceptance and support more than anything” 

„Yeah, she has a point. I think the sooner you speak to them, the better” Ron agreed with her.

Harry was grateful his friends took this well, he didn’t know what he would have done if they weren’t supportive. The Dursleys were against anything that wasn’t considered as „normal” but he quickly realised "not normal" didn't necessarily mean bad. The same couldn’t be said for Dudley, but he never blamed him. Kids were supposed to look up to their parents and expected to follow their examples, but those examples weren't always good, but you couldn't tell the children that their number one role models are wrong.

Slowly it was time for Hermione and Ron to go home so they went downstairs. The kitchen was a mess and what it seemed like Sirius and Remus were in the middle of a food battle. Sirius grabbed a handful of flour and then caught Remus from behind and tossed it in his face.

„Bloody hell Pads this is disgusting!” Sirius just laughed mischievously. 

„Ohh just wait!” Remus grabbed two eggs from the table and before Sirius could react he smashed them on his head.

„REMUS, MY HAIR!” shrieked his godfather and ran to the sink while Remus laughed so hard he had to lean on the counter.  Children, the both of them. 

„Serves you right, ohh, hi guys!” he finally noticed them. Sirius lifted his head from the sink to greet them, but the water poured into his eyes „Fucking hell, it’s all your fault Remmmphhh” now the water was pouring into his mouth.

„I hope you had a good time, I would like to chat more but I have to help this tosser before he drowns himself in the sink, see you soon” Remus tried to hold back his laugh as walked over to Sirius.

„They are ridiculous” Ron made the conclusion as they walked over to the fireplace.

„Just a little bit” Harry laughed. It was never a boring day in this household and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

„Good luck!” Hermione whispered in his ear when she hugged him goodbye and a few seconds later both of them were gone, leaving Harry alone to face his problems.




It was late at night but Harry couldn’t sleep no matter how tired he was, his brain desperately tried to find a solution to his problem. In the end, he decided to go and make himself hot chocolate, as Remus recommended him once on a sleepless night.

He didn’t expect Sirius and Remus to be up this late, but they were currently cuddled on the sofa together, deep in conversation, soft music playing in the background. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and held his breath, not daring to make a sound.

„Don’t you think we should buy a microwawey?” asked his godfather. He thought they were talking about more meaningful things than kitchen devices, but it was comforting to see just the two of them talking about the most normal things in the world without their cruel past haunting them.

„That’s a microwave oven and why would you want to buy one?” chuckled Remus quietly. Sirius pulled away a bit and looked excitedly into his eyes. 

„I heard the food spins inside of it!” Harry needed every bit of his self-control to not start laughing.

„Do you know you’re adorable when you’re excited?” Remus kissed the tip of his nose.

„Only when excited?” teased Sirius.

„Hmm, maybe some other times too” Remus kissed his cheek. Harry knew he shouldn’t be spying on a private moment like this, but he didn’t dare to move.

„You are adorable all the time” he brought Remus’ hand to his lips and pressed a soft kiss on it.

Remus blushed and looked into Sirius’ eyes with such an intensity Harry had never witnessed before. 

„I love you” he whispered.

„I love you too Remus” Sirius whispered back and gently kissed him on the lips. Harry decided it was the perfect opportunity to leave so he walked up the stairs as quietly as possible. 

Before going to sleep he made his final decision: he would talk to them tomorrow, no matter how awkward it would be. 

Chapter Text

„Good morning Prongslet!” Sirius greeted him in the kitchen when he went down for breakfast. Harry was tired, it took him a while to fall asleep yesterday. He thought a lot about possible solutions to the problem but he gave up as more and more embarrassing scenarios came up in his head. It would be bad enough to experience it in real life, there was no need to mess up his imagination too.

„Morning” he mumbled sleepily. He was staring at his food, not having the appetite to eat it, he was too anxious for the conversation awaiting him.

„Are you alright Harry? You have been staring at those waffles for at least five minutes” said Remus, who was sitting next to Sirius. His partner.

„I actually wanted to talk to you about something” That’s it, there’s no way back.

„You can talk to us about anything” said Sirius with concern in his eyes.

„Ermm…” That’s an excellent start Harry.

„I just… Yesterday we have found erm something in that box and…” this is going so well, c’mon Harry, you aren’t a Gryffindor for nothing „and I just like to know that… bugger, are you two together?” he blurted it out.

Sirius paled a bit and Remus eyed him anxiously before turning back to Harry „Yes, we are”

„Cool” he smiled.

„Wait, cool?” Sirius’ eyes shot up „Cool as in you’re fine with it?”

„Yeah, why wouldn’t I? You clearly make each other happy, and that’s more than enough for me” he smiled reassuringly.

„Wow, I, thank you Prongslet” Sirius was close to tearing up now.

„I told you it would be fine Pads” Remus rubbed his arm comfortingly.

„I have a question though. Why didn’t you tell me?”

„I wanted to tell you when you got here, but Sirius needed more time, so we decided to wait until the end of the summer” he explained.

„It’s fine” This was understandable, Sirius has been through a lot, it was normal if he needed more time.

"Are you sure you're fine with it? I would understand if-" Sirius was rambling.

"Of course I'm fine with it" he smiled at him "You're my godfather and nothing would change how much I love you" Sirius stood up and walked over to him and wrapped him in a big hug.

"Thank you, Harry, we love you so so so much" Sirius whispered in his ears.

"I love you too" he said it back and looked over Sirius' shoulder to see Remus lovingly watching their interaction.

„How did you exactly find it out?” asked his godfather after he released Harry and went back to his seat.

„I read it in your diary”

„You had a diary!?” Remus stared at him in disbelief, setting down his cup of tea on the table before it slipped out of his hands.

„No, I don’t know what’s Harry talking about” he tried to deny it.

„Ohh you totally did!” Remus laughed „What did it say?” he put his head on his fists, looking at him in interest, ready for the story. People would say Remus was a reserved person but he loved a good gossip just like everyone else.

„Things like how beautiful and lovely you are, how he wished he went on a date with you instead of Marlene McKinnon-„

„Wait, that was in like third year!” he was staring at Sirius with wide eyes.

„Fourth” came the muffled reply from Sirius who had his head buried in his hands.

„I thought you didn’t realise it until sixth year!"

„Prongs wasn’t the only oblivious one in the group as you can see" he motioned to himself "I still don't understand how it took him six months to figure out though, we were so obvious” he lifted his head from the table.

„Six months?” Harry laughed. He wasn’t an observant person either but he would have probably picked up at their relationship sooner or later.

„Oh yes, there was even a bet going on when he was going to notice it”

„We literally made out right in front of his eyes and he said we were just mates who needed some comfort just because we were drunk” Sirius laughed at the memory.

„And then he went up to Frank Longbottom claiming to be a poor lad in need of love and kissed him. Merlin, do you remember how mad Alice was?”

„How could I forget, I thought she was going to kill James with her eyes” Sirius chuckled.

„Was he, you know? Not that it would change anything of course"

„Attracted to men?” he nodded „Not that I know about” Sirius shook his head „He only had eyes for the one and only Lily Evans”

„Who won the bet eventually?” asked Harry.

„Marlene. Lily was furious she lost, especially since they were already dating at the time” answered Remus.

„And how did dad work it out?” he needed to know the end of the story.

„We were hanging out by the Black Lake, just the two of us. We weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary, just hugging each other, talking. And then Prongs sneaked upon us but something must have snapped in his mind because he started yelling „Are you two together?” and we were sitting there completely frozen, listening to him lecturing us why we hadn’t told him” Sirius told the story.

„Of course after he calmed down his maternal instincts kicked in and he was really protective” added Remus.

„And then he threatened us with the, if you hurt him I will hurt you speech”

„I don’t understand something” he was a bit confused, not fully understanding the concept „If two boys are physically close to each other that doesn’t necessarily mean they are dating, right? For example, Dean and Seamus are really close to each other, but they are nothing more than-„

At that moment, Remus snorted tea through his nose.

„Sorry, yeah, right, just friends, I’ll be right back” and with that, he stood up and walked out of the room. He left the kitchen so quickly Harry couldn’t see he was laughing so hard he had to lean on the wall for support.

„That was strange” he looked around in confusion.

„Moony is just clumsy, you know, snorting tea through his nose and stuff like that. So tell me about Dean and Seamus"


After they finished breakfast Harry quickly went back to his room to write a letter to Ron and Hermione to inform them about his success.

Dear Hermione and Ron,

this morning I talked to Sirius and Remus about their relationship and we were right, they are together. We talked about it a bit, nothing in detail though. Everything went fine and it wasn't as embarrassing as I imagined. Thank you for the pep talk yesterday, I don't know where I would be without you guys!

I can't wait to see you in Diagon Alley next week!

Write back soon!


He rolled up the parchment and gave it to Hedwig who willingly flew out of the window, delivering the letter to his friends. Now that he was done with the conversation with Sirius and Remus, he didn't need to worry about anything for the rest of the summer.


In the afternoon Sirius announced it was time for their first „family trip”, so they got on their bicycles and started their journey. Sirius was sitting in Remus’ bike’s basket as Padfoot, enjoying the cool wind blowing in his face.

„Where are we going?” asked Harry when Remus turned to a small path, leading into the forest.

„You’ll see!” he grinned. When they reached their destination Harry became speechless at the breathtaking sight.

It was a small waterfall, surrounded by big green trees. The ray of sunshine that was shining through the trees created a tiny rainbow on the surface, it was beautiful.

„This was my favourite place as a kid, I always used to come here to read and think” shared Remus his nostalgic memories.

„It’s gorgeous” he looked around in amazement. The forest was quiet, only the burble of water and the singing of birds was heard.

They set the plaid on the ground and emptied the straw basket. Sirius insisted they should have a picnic so they brought a bunch of food with them, much more than necessary.

Harry laid down on the blanket, propped up on his elbows and holding his face out to the sun. He completely understood why Remus loved going here.

„Why didn’t we come here sooner?

„Honestly I don’t know, it was completely out of my mind, but we can come back again” offered Remus. The two of them went on bike trips regularly, but only to the town centre to buy food. This trip was more relaxing and finally Sirius was with them too.

Only one full week was left from the holiday and for the first time, Harry would miss home. He loved Hogwarts but after he learned what it was like to have a real family, he would definitely be homesick.

„I wish I could stay here forever” he never had much peace before, not at school where he constantly had to face unexpected and not so pleasant situations and definitely not at the Dursleys, where he was in constant fear.

„I wish too Prongslet, but you have to go back to Hogwarts” said Sirius, whose long hair was slightly blowing in the wind „But you can come home at Christmas, and in summer, and the next, and after graduation. You’re always welcomed here”

„Thank you, it means a lot” he said and reached for a sandwich. They eat in silence for a few minutes, then they heard a soft thud, which sounded loud in the peace of the forest.

Remus fell asleep with his head in Sirius’ lap, dropping the book he was reading. Sirius was softly stroking his hair and looking at him lovingly.

„How did you know you were in love?” Sirius lifted up his gaze, looking into his eyes.

„Love is pure, painful, sweet, and dreadful, you feel every kind of emotions all at once. And first, it's scary how a person becomes so important to you. How you start to depend on them. They became your safe place, the whole purpose of your life, you just want to spend every minute with them, sharing the tiniest bit of details of your life over a cup of tea. You want to be constantly with that person and without them, you feel lost. You would do anything to make them feel happy. It's scary how much you would do for the person you love"

„But how did you knew you were in love?

„I don’t think there was a specific moment I fell in love but I clearly remember the time when the feelings hit me. It was in sixth year, a few months after we got together. The four of us and the girls were having a big snowball fight outside, just like every year. We were in the middle of the fight when I caught a glimpse of him, laughing, eyes glowing from happiness and I thought I want to spend the rest of my life with him. When I realised what I was thinking I had to run away and hide in our dorm to sort out my feelings. It was really intense and the way it all hit me at once was terrifying. I’ve never loved anyone as much as him before” he smiled, sweetly looking down at Remus.

„He makes you happy”

„The happiest” he smiled up at Harry widely.

„You make him happy too” he returned his smile.


When Remus woke up from his nap they decided to play with a frisbee. More precisely, Harry and Remus were playing while Padfoot tried to catch the toy. They teased Padfoot, throwing the frisbee so high he couldn’t reach it.

Everything was fun until Padfoot slipped on the grass and fell into the lake.

„Sirius!” they ran over and pulled him out of the water. Sirius immediately changed back, coughing up water.

„Are you alright?” asked Harry in concern.

„No, look at my hair!” he was gripping his hair.

„Sirius, you almost drowned and all you’re concerned about is your hair!?” Harry was close to yelling.

„There’s no point of arguing Harry. He has different priorities than most people” said Remus while rubbing Sirius’ back.

„Stand up Padfoot, let’s go and sit in the sun”

„I smell like a wet dog” Sirius sprawled out on the ground.

„Yeah, you do” Harry laid beside him.

„You know what does that mean Padfoot?” Remus stood over them, arms crossed.


„Oh yes” grinned Remus with mischief.


Apparently, the „death” of Sirius as he described it was having a bath as a dog. Harry didn’t understand what was so traumatic about this but Sirius was a tad dramatic. He said he wanted to live the rest of his life in the forest as a dog and join a wolf pack rather than going home. Of course, he didn't have much of a choice but to go home with them.

When they got back, Remus immediately went to the bathroom to run the water. It was Harry's task to look after Sirius and don't let him escape.

"What's exactly so bad about having a bath as a dog? You seemed to have no problem with water" he asked curiously. He genuinely didn't understand why it was such a big deal.

"The water isn't the problem, it's who's in charge of the things. Out in the lake, it's me who's in control, in the bathroom, it's someone else. Also, the bathtub is extremely slippery, you can't stand properly on that damned thing" Sirius sighed in annoyance.

"You know we wouldn't hurt you, right?"

"I know but it's a dog reflex I guess, you can't explain it to my doggy brain"

"I see, we'll try to be as quick and careful as possible" he promised. From the bathroom, Remus shouted the bath was ready.

"Thank you, Prongslet" Sirius ruffled his hair and the two made their way to the bathroom where Remus was already waiting for them.

Sirius anxiously eyed the bathtub, tearing his eyes away with a big swallow. Remus put a hand on his waist and kissed the top of his head encouragingly.

"The sooner the better, yeah?" he smiled at him.

"Yeah" Sirius nodded hesitantly and changed into Padfoot and let Remus help him into the tub. Padfoot started whining quietly, clearly not enjoying it.

"Have you ever bathed a dog, Harry?" he shook his head no "Well, basically all you have to do is keep him calm. Just talk to him"

While Remus washed Padfoot with shampoo Harry talked about the most random topics ever like about the Quidditch Tournament or Fred and George's prank because he knew his godfather would appreciate hearing about those. 10 minutes later, they all were sitting in the living room, completely dried up.

"I told you it wouldn't be that terrible"

"The stories about the Weasleys made it bearable. I still think they are amateurs, they have so much to learn" he shook his head in disappointment.

"I don't think anybody can reach your level, like ever" Harry didn't even hear half of the pranks his father and his friends pulled during their years at Hogwarts but it was more than enough to put together the big picture of their activities.

"Too right, Prongslet!" he smiled proudly.

"And most importantly, we shouldn't encourage students to do such things" Remus sent his godfather a stern look.

"But you did it too" Harry reminded him.

"Believe me Harry I've done so many things I've regretted later in life" he stood up and walked to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea.

"He doesn't really regret it" Sirius stage whispered to Harry who had to hold back his laugh.

"I've heard that!"


Later that evening, Sirius entered his room with a box in his hands.

"What's that?" he asked curiously.

"A present. Sort of"

"What's the occasion?" he didn't understand what was going on.

"There's no occasion" he sat down on the bed next to him and handed over the box "Open it"

Inside he found a pair of mirrors.

"Err, Sirius it's really nice but why are you giving me a pair of mirrors?" he looked at him in confusion.

"It's not an ordinary mirror"

"I don't think I'm following?" Sirius took one of the mirrors and put the other one in Harry's hand.

"Say my name into it" Harry was sure his godfather was full-on rambling but he obligated anyway.

As soon as Sirius' name left his mouth, his godfather's grinning face was looking back at him in the mirror.

"What the-" he nearly dropped the object in his surprise "What's this?"

"It's a two-way mirror!" he said excitedly "If you say my name into it I'll appear in your mirror, you in mine and we'll be able to talk any time, no matter how big the distance is!" he explained "I thought we can use it when you leave for Hogwarts"

"Cool, I love it! Thank you!" he eyed the object in amazement "So it basically works like a mobile phone, right?"

"Yeah, I guess..." he said unsurely.

"You don't know what a mobile is!" Harry gaped at him.

"Well, it must be like a normal phone, just mobile?"

"That's exactly the point of a mobile phone. It's like a phone but you can carry it with you. And this mirror is just like that, however mobiles aren't that advanced, you can only use them for calls, you can't see the other person's face"

"These muggles are really advanced even without magic, huh? So unbelievable" it was easy to impress Sirius with muggle invention so he decided to continue.

"Do you know what a computer is?"

"Is it like a new swearword amongst you young folks? Or some kind of dark spell? Or-" Harry couldn't help but laugh at him.

"What's so funny?" he asked confusedly.

"Nothing, it's just how sometimes purebloods can be so clueless over muggle things. It's alright, don't worry. A computer is a machine on which you can do lots of things, send messages, watch videos, play games, use the internet, err..." he stopped at Sirius' confused look. He had no idea how to explain what the internet was.

"Well, the internet is, err" he struggled.

"You know what, I don't need to know all of this" he reminded him of Ron when he and Hermione talked about muggle things. Ron was absolutely clueless, just like Sirius.

"If you ever want to know I can ask Hermione to explain it" offered Harry.

"To be honest I don't think I would understand a single word, she would be too scientific. But I'm sure Moony would appreciate it"

"Ohh, does he know you gave me this probably not so legal mirror?"

"It was James and me who made it in sixth year, of course it's legal, what are you talking about?" he laughed "And yes, Remus knows it, he was the one to recommend to give it to you in the first place"

"Well, in this case we have to thank him!" he hopped off the bed and went downstairs with Sirius following him right behind.

"Hey Remus?" he looked up from the book he was currently reading "I just wanted to say thank you for the mirror"

"Ohh it's nothing really" he waved with his hand. Before he had time to respond, Sirius interrupted him.

"Moony, Moony, do you know what a kompjuter is?" Sirius practically jumped on top of Remus who was sitting on the sofa.

"It's computer and yes, I know what it is, why?" he put away his book before any damage could be done.

"Why didn't you tell me about it?" Sirius pouted.

"Because your fascination with the microwave oven is more than enough, we don't need another muggle object to the list" Harry laughed at the memories from last night and how excited his godfather seemed at the mention of the kitchen device.

"But Moony, the food spins inside of it!"

Chapter Text

It was the last day of August and Harry couldn't help but feel bittersweet. He was excited to be back with his friends and learn more about magic, but at the same time, he didn’t want to leave his safe place.

They decided to go to Diagon Alley as early as possible to avoid the crowd. They didn't want to spend the whole time getting followed by annoying journalists like Rita Skeeter. It would be impossible to shake off the unwanted attention. He was the chosen one, Remus was all over the newspapers a year ago because of his lycanthropy, they couldn't risk Sirius getting recognised. The chances were low because only a few people knew he was an animagus but they had to be careful.

A few days ago, Remus and he went into the town centre to buy Padfoot a leash and collar so he would be able to join them on the trip. It wasn’t the same as going as a human, but this way at least he could come with them. Unfortunately, Ron and Hermione weren't able to join them as they were planning, so it was just the three of them.

When they arrived at Diagon Alley they were careful to cover Sirius till they found a place for him to change. An alleyway was perfect for this purpose so when he transformed, Remus applied the collar and the leash on him.

„Don’t growl at me, it’s for your safety. And anyway, you look cute with the Gryffindor red collar so you have nothing to be mad about” he bopped Padfoot’s nose and stood up „So Harry, where should we start our journey?”

„I think we should start with the books”

„Flourish and Botts it is then ” he smiled at him and they started walking through the streets. There weren’t many people here this early, but in a few hours, they could barely move from the crowd.

„I feel like sixteen again” Remus had a nostalgic look on his face „I loved shopping for the new school year, it feels good to be back”

„Which was your favourite shop?”

„I don’t think that’s hard to figure out” he shot Harry a look who started laughing „I could spend hours in the bookshop if my father wasn’t in hurry. But I also really loved going to the Fortescue's, their chocolate ice cream is the best. We can go there later if you want to”

„Of course!” who wouldn’t want to go to Fortescue's, they had the best ice cream in the whole United Kingdom.

When they reached the shop Remus had to make Padfoot promise he wouldn’t chew any of the books. Once they were done with the one-sided communication, they went inside. Harry and Remus decided to split the list in two, so they would finish earlier. It took Harry no more than 10 minutes to collect the books and he went to the checkout just as they discussed. Another 10 minutes passed but Remus was nowhere to be seen so he decided to look for him. It wasn’t hard to find him, he was sitting on the floor, reading a book with Padfoot looking over his shoulder.

„Remus?” he said quietly.

„Harry? Shi- I mean bugger, sorry, I didn’t mean to make you wait, but this book-„

„It’s okay, don’t worry, I wasn’t waiting long anyway. I assume the book was good?” he smiled at him reassuringly.

„Yeah, it was” he smiled back „Here are your books, by the way. C’mon Padfoot, get up” he picked up the pile of books and they went to the checkout.

„Good morning, that will be 10 galleons 50 sickles. What a cute visitor we have today.” she cooed at Padfoot „And how well behaved. What’s its name?”

„He’s called Snuffles and he’s only this well behaved when he wants to make a good impression on new people, otherwise he's quite a troublemaker” Padfoot growled at him and Remus shot him a mischievous look before turning back to the cashier „We must be going, have a nice day!”

„You too!”

Right outside the shop, they ran into a familiar face.

„Nice to meet you, Minerva, how are you?”

„Hello Remus, Mr Potter, I’m fine myself. I see you got yourselves a house pet” she eyed Padfoot with a suspicious glance.

„Yes, he’s called Snuffles, and he’s really friendly with strangers as you can see” Harry chuckled as Padfoot nudged McGonagall’s leg. He knew exactly what he was doing, he was too smart for his own good, even in his dog form.

„I can see that, I hope he’s not too much of a mischief maker” she started petting his head.

„No, no he’s really well behaved” Remus was trying really hard to keep his face straight.

„It’s good to see he’s in good hands, you’re good at taking care of him” everyone knew what she was talking about „How was your summer with your old Professor, Mr Potter?”

„Brilliant, absolutely brilliant” he grinned at Remus who smiled back at him.

„It’s good to see you happy Remus, you deserve it” she squeezed his arm „I’m afraid I should get going, have a lovely shopping. See you in a few days, Mr Potter”

When McGonagall left, Padfoot started barking and jumping around them happily.

„I know Padfoot, you are excited but you have to wait till home to tell us what a brilliant woman she is, alright?” Remus laughed and stroked the black fur.

„Do you want to go into Gambol and Japes?” he asked and Harry was looking at him with wide eyes.

„Really? You allow me to go to Gambol and Japes ?”

„Of course, Merlin knows you would purchase all the items anyway, why not do it already” ha laughed „Don’t look at me like that Harry, I was just as bad as Padfoot and Prongs, I just happened to be better at hiding it” at that Padfoot barked at him „What, you know it’s true. It's not my fault you and James weren’t careful enough and always ended up in detention!” the dog just barked back at him. The passer-bys probably thought Remus was crazy for having a full conversation with a dog.

Inside the shop, Harry looked around in awe. He’s been here once before, but this time was entirely different. He watched Remus and Padfoot in amusement, as the dog was dragging him around the shop, trying to check out every single item. Harry ended up buying dungbombs only, not practically for pranking, but because they could be useful in any situation.

Diagon Alley started getting more and more crowded so they decided to quickly get their ice cream.

„What would you like to get Harry?” Remus pulled out his wallet, ready to order.

„Strawberry and peanut-butter, please"

„What about you Padfoot?” he looked down at the dog. Padfoot raised his paw and placed it in the glass counter, over the raspberry flavoured ice cream „And a raspberry too, please”

„Sir, don’t you think it’s unhealthy for your dog to eat ice cream?”

„Don’t worry, he will be fine” he paid and sat down by the table

„People must think we are crazy” Remus was feeding Padfoot with a scone of ice cream.

„You, the chosen one is hanging out with a werewolf. Talking to a dog is just the cherry on top” Padfoot placed his paws on Remus’ legs, trying to comfort him „Don’t worry Pads, I’m used to it. Eat your ice cream before it melts” he ruffled his fur and held out the scone again.


When they arrived home, Sirius immediately transformed back and hopped on the sofa.

„Dear Merlin, there’s so much to talk about!” he dramatically moved his hands in the air.

„Start with McGonagall, we all know that was your favourite part” Remus moved Sirius' legs and sat down beside him.

„That woman is brilliant, did you see how she stroked my fur?”

„It was hard to miss” laughed Harry.

„I swear I’m going to marry this woman one day” he sighed and placed a hand on his chest.

„Should I be jealous?” Remus raised his eyebrows in amusement.

„Of course not Moony, you can be the bridesmaid!” he sat up and planted a sloppy kiss on Remus' cheek. 

„Wow Sirius, I didn’t know you were such a romantic” Harry teased his godfather.

„He’s right, it’s not very punk rock of you Padfoot!” Remus joined.

„When you are my age you will understand!”

„You’re only four months older than me!” yelped Remus.


During lunch, Sirius found the cinema program list in a newspaper and he decided they must go and watch the movie called Labyrinth. 

By 6, they were waiting to get inside the auditorium.

"Why is the line so long?" whined Harry.

"It's was a blockbuster when it was released, probably lots of people want to see it again" Remus eyed the posters with interest.

"This looks weird. Why is his hair like that?"

"Because my dear Prongslet, we are talking about David Bowie who notoriously looks good in everything"

"It's still weird. What's the plot anyway?"

"A girl has to rescue his brother from a labyrinth, guarded by Goblins" Sirius said simply.

"If you think you made it less strange then you're wrong"

"Quit pouting Prongslet, I know you will enjoy this" he put a hand on his back and they started walking as the line moved.


Harry hated to admit but Sirius was right, the movie was good. He didn't have high expectations but it turned out to be surprisingly interesting. The wig was still weird though.

"So?" his godfather eyed him in amusement.

"Ughh, please don't" he covered his face with his hands.

"Don't what exactly? Make you admit you liked it?" Sirius teased which he replied to with a groan.

"Yes, it was good, alright? But the hair is still creepy "

"That's my godson!" he wrapped him into a big hug before taking a few steps ahead of them and started dancing.

"Dance magic, dance, dance magic, dance" he began singing loudly, spinning around "Put that baby's spell on me!"

"Sirius, the whole street is watching us" he didn't seem to care, instead he grabbed Remus' hand a whirled him around.

"Jump magic, jump, jump magic, jump, put that magic spell on me, slap that baby, make him free!" he grabbed Harry's hand too, holding their arms up in the sky as he dramatically finished his show.

"That was just a bit unnecessary" Remus tried to catch his breath, he clearly wasn't used to physical activity.

"Ohh Moony, just admit you loved every single second of it!" he threw an arm over Remus and pulled him close. They decided not to go home right away but to walk around the town centre for a bit.

When they reached the river bank they sat down on a bench.

"The sky is so clear tonight" Harry stared up the sky in amazement Every single star in the universe was visible, shining brightly. 

"Look, there's Moony!" Sirius pointed at the Lupus constellation. 

"And of course there's you, the brightest star and all that" Remus rolled his eyes playfully and laid his head on Sirius' shoulder.

"You need a constellation too, Prongslet" his godfather stated.

"What? You can't name a constellation after me!"

"No, but I can assign you one" Sirius' eyes were glowing silverly under the starlight. 

"And which one would that be?" his godfather was staring up at the sky for a few moments before he spoke.

"Pyxis, the constellation of compass. Compasses represent motivation and inspiration. It gives a sense of hope and inspires you to follow your heart and your rightful path" he turned to him "I think that would suit you quite well"

"Yeah, it would" he whispered "Thank you. And not just for this, for everything you've done for me all summer. Nobody has ever done this much for me before"

"You're the most welcome, Harry" Remus smiled at him.

"We wouldn't have it any other way, Prongslet" Sirius pulled him into a one-armed hug. 

"Me neither"


At night, when Harry was sure Sirius and Remus fell asleep, he sneaked out to the garden and laid down on the grass. He replayed the events of the past 1,5 months, from the moment he had gotten the letter in July to his last day here, in Wales.

There was the adoption, for which he would never be grateful enough. Finally having a family felt amazing and a bit surreal even though it's been official for a month now. It would be good to go back to Hogwarts knowing he had support back at home which he would probably need more than anything as the news of Voldemort and the Death Eaters weren't exactly bright. But he didn't want to think of that, at least not for the moment.

The seemingly small moments were his favourite. Drinking the first morning tea in comfortable silence, shopping groceries in the market, or just listening to music together while they all huddled up on the sofa. It was so normal and simple, it was everything he wished for in his whole life. In the wizarding world, he was the great Harry Potter, the chosen one, who defeated Voldemort. He couldn't even go outside without someone spotting him and writing a ridiculous article in the Prophet. It was good to finally take a break from all of this and live his life as normal people did. He was just an ordinary boy too but the rest of the world didn't see him that way.

In Wales it was different, nobody knew who he was or what he had done. He was so grateful to Remus and Sirius for bringing him here and showing him that living a normal life wasn't entirely impossible. 

The only reason why he wanted to go back to Hogwarts tomorrow was Ron and Hermione. He wasn't ready for whatever task Dumbledore figured out for him this year to defeat Voldemort. He didn't have a problem with the headmaster but sometimes he overstepped a line. He seemed to forget Harry wasn't some kind of superhero from muggle comics who could destroy Voldemort and all his followers with a flick of his wand if he wanted to. 

However, he was excited to go back and learn more about magic. He might have not been as smart and diligent as Hermione but he loved learning about new things and use them in real life. He wished the exams were the only things he would have to worry about...

Not letting his thoughts upsetting him, he thought about how it would be good to reunite with Ron and Hermione on the platform tomorrow. And even if he would have to deal with difficult things, his friends and family would be always there to support him.


"Harry, wake up!" Harry woke up to his godfather shaking his shoulders urgently.

"W-what?" he asked confusedly and reached for his glasses on the bedside table.

"We overslept and running kinda late. Have you packed your things yesterday?"

"Yeah, it's all in my trunk" he pointed at the trunk that stood in the corner.

"Good, get ready quickly and come have breakfast, we have to leave soon" Sirius said hurriedly and walked out of the room, leaving Harry all by himself.

It was so typical of them, running late on the first day already. He quickly changed clothes and bustled down to the kitchen where a plate of toast was waiting for him.

"How long before we have to leave?" he asked Remus who was levitating the clean plates back to the cabinet.

"Fifteen minutes at the very most"

"Fifteen minutes? How did we manage this?" 

"We are not used to getting up this early I assume" said Sirius as he grabbed a piece of toast and stuffed it in his mouth.

Harry ate his breakfast in record time and 10 minutes later they were walking towards the forest where Remus first apparated them when he brought him here. As they walked, he threw a last glance towards the house and fondly recalled his memories of the summer. He was snapped out of his thoughts when Sirius started swearing loudly, unable to untangle the dog leash.

"Are you sure this is safe? What if someone recognises you?" he asked in concern.

"Nobody's going to stop me from sending off my godson. If that means fighting off nasty Death Eaters then I'm going to fight them, I don't care" 

"I'm just worried about your safety, that's all" Harry eyed his godfather anxiously.

"Don't worry, Prongslet, I'll be fine. Nobody will notice me as a dog. Even better, I'm going to scare away more than half of the people because I look like the Grim and nobody wants death brought on them, do they?"

"I still don't understand how people can be afraid of you, you're just a fluffy back dog who loves scratches and likes chewing on shoes" Remus was right, Padfoot was far from dangerous.

"Just see when I bite Malfoy's leg" he flipped his hair dramatically.

"Maybe I'll even allow that one" Remus laughed.  Merlin, I will miss this. 


The platform was extremely crowded as everyone was saying their final goodbye. Padfoot was obediently walking beside them while they were trying to find a quiet spot far away from people's prying eyes. 

"Well, this is it I guess" Remus smiled sadly.

"Yeah, it is. Thank you so much for everything. I know I've been saying this since I've arrived in July but I really mean it. I'm so grateful to be a part of this family" his voice cracked by the end. Padfoot nuzzled his head to his leg and Remus was just as close to tearing up like him.

"Look at us, nearly crying in the middle of a train station" they laughed and blinked away the threatening tears "We will miss you so much Harry, it was a delight to have you for the summer" Remus enveloped him into a big hug which he gladly returned "Don't forget to write, alright? God knows what Padfoot will do if you don't give him a weekly report"

"I'll write as often as I can. And we can use the mirror too, so don't worry Sirius, you'll be hearing from me quite frequently" he crouched down and scratched Padfoot, who was holding an envelope in his mouth.

"What's this?" he looked up to Remus.

"It's his goodbye letter since he couldn't come here in his human form"

"You wrote me a goodbye letter?" Padfoot nodded confirmingly. 

"Thank you" he wrapped his arms around the dog "Thank you for giving me a proper family. I'll miss the both of you" he whispered into his ears. In return, Padfoot just licked his face which was probably how dogs expressed if they cared about someone.

In the background the train whistled, indicating it would leave in any minute now.

"I have to go but I'll be back in no time. It'll be Christmas before you could even notice I'm gone and when I'm back, we can eat loads of gingerbread, how does that sound?" Padfoot barked happily and Harry just laughed.

"Goodbye, Remus, please take care" they shared one last hug.

"You too, Harry. See you soon!" they waved (Padfoot clumsily with his paw) as he hurried over to the train. As soon as he stepped on the vehicle it began moving, travelling towards the grassy hills of Scotland.


On the train, he made his way towards their usual compartment. It was quite hard as the corridors were crowded, he bumped into a lot of people as he tried to move towards their compartment.

"Harry, come inside quick!" Ron and Hermione practically grabbed him inside the moment he opened the door. 

"Merlin, have been always this many people?" he exhaustedly flopped down on his seat. Finally, he was able to catch his breath, he's been in hurry since the minute he woke up.

"We thought you were going to miss the train, what happened?" asked Hermione.

"We overslept a bit"

"A bit? If you came a second later we would have to go with the flying car again" Ron reminded him of the incident in second year.

"No offence but I'm never getting in that car again" he answered honestly.

"I wasn't planning on either, don't worry. It was enough for a lifetime" Ron snorted.

"Harry, what's that in your hand?" Hermione pointed at the letter.

"Oh, it's a goodbye letter from Sirius. He could only come as a dog so our last conversation was a bit one-sided"

"You should read it" recommended Hermione. He just nodded in agreement and opened the envelope. 


My dear Harry,

by the time you're reading this, you're on your way to Hogwarts, hopefully with Ron and Hermione. Tell them I said hi!

I'm so happy you spent the summer with us Prongslet, so happy. In July, when you agreed to spend the rest of the holiday with us I was literally jumping in joy. Ask Moony, it's true These past 6 weeks were one of the happiest days of my life. You're such a bright, kind and accepting person, anyone would be honoured to call you family. Lily and James would be so proud of you. Don't let people say the opposite! Pyxis, remember? Always follow your heart and rightful path! 

I know this upcoming year isn't going to be exactly easy for you, O.W.L. exams and the situation with Voldemort. I hope you know we are always here to support you, Harry. Always. If you ever need anything we are just a mirror away. You don't have to do it alone. Not anymore. You have Moony, Hermione, Ron and me. 

Before I start rambling and writing things that don't make sense I would just like to say that we love you so much and you are the best godson I've ever wished for. Okay, I know you're my only godson but you are still the best! You aren't even gone yet but I already miss you. I'll be going with you to the platform (I know both of you disagree) but I'll be a dog so it's not the same. Still better than nothing!

I hope you will have a good time at Hogwarts, preferably full of mischief. I know you will be busy but don't forget about us, the old men either! We have the mirror and Hedwig too, we need no kompjuter or whatever you said muggles use for communication.

Please take care, see you in 4 months!




"What does it say?" asked Ron curiously. 

"It's about summer and the upcoming year. Oh, and he says hi"

"Tell them we said hi too!"

"Actually, you will be able to tell him yourself in the mirror, remember?" he reminded them of what he had said in a letter a few days ago which he wrote right after Sirius gave him the mirror.

"I can't wait to see you using it, it sounds like the most impressive thing! But to be honest, everything those four did turned out to be impressive" said Ron.

"You're probably right about that" Harry laughed.

He looked out the window, seeing the green landscape fading away as they were travelling towards Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione chatted in the background but he didn't follow the conversation. He allowed himself to think about Voldemort and the challenges he would have to face this year and found himself surprised at the fact he had no fear at all. For the first time, he felt everything would be alright.


Back in Wales Sirius fell into a melancholic mood. It bothered him he couldn't say a proper goodbye to Harry on the platform as other families did. He knew he was indeed lucky he wasn't sitting in prison and he was Harry's legal guardian but it still hurt. In his sadness, he flopped down on the sofa and put a cushion over his head. The house was too silent. 

"You alright, Padfoot?" Remus sat down beside him and put a hand on his back comfortingly.

"No" came the muffled reply.

"It's going to be all fine. I would be lying if I said I'm not worried myself, but you know what Harry's like, he's a strong boy-"

"No boy should face Voldemort alone only because of a prophecy that might not be even true!" he sat up angrily.

"I know, but as I was going to say he's not alone anymore. He has us and the Weasleys. And Hermione, sometimes I think she's smarter than the rest of us together"

"That's true but I'm still allowed to dislike the situation!" he puffed. 

"I don't like it either but voicing this wouldn't help him any way" Remus said in a calm tone.

"I hate this so much" he threw his head back "And the house is too silent" he added a few seconds later

"What do you say we do something fun?" Remus suggested.

"I love you Remus but I don't think it's the perfect time for-"

"Merlin Pads, I wasn't proposing sex!" he rubbed his forehead as he laughed "I wanted to ask if you would like to make some brownies. I know you like those"

"Ohh, yes, I really like them" the first real smile formed on Sirius' lips since they arrived home. 

"Then get up your lazy ass, those brownies aren't going to bake themselves" he pulled Sirius up from the couch and led him to the kitchen.


Sirius was grateful Remus never let him sulk for a long time. He was even more grateful that he never tried to find a solution to his problem as many people did. Instead, he let him speak about everything that has been bothering him. Remus had a strange calmness that would make everyone tell him their entire life story. And he wouldn't judge, he never did. He would just listen to every single word that left Sirius' mouth.

While baking he ranted about everything, Harry's situation, Dumbledore's approach, the ministry, the Death Eaters. By the time he finished, they were already eating the freshly made brownies.

"We have to trust each other, that's the only way to survive this" said Remus after thinking "I have positive feelings about this. It feels the same as the first war in a way, but yet so different" he walked over to the record player and put on  A Kind Of Magic  by Queen. 

"Well, you were the expert in divination, I guess I have to believe you" Sirius walked over and wrapped his arms around him from behind.

"I wouldn't call making up my dreams expert" he chuckled and turned over in Sirius' arms to face him "But I have a good feeling about this, Padfoot"

In the background,  One Year Of Love  started playing.

"Will you dance with me Moony?" he held out his hand.

"I haven't danced in ages so I don't take responsibility for stepping on your feet" he took Sirius' hand and the two began dancing in the middle of the living room.

It couldn't be called dancing, just swaying to the rhythm of the music as they held each other close. Remus pulled Sirius closer by his waist and Sirius laid his head on his chest. Remus pressed a kiss on the top of his head and they slowly continued dancing like they had all the time in the world. 


Just one year of love

Is better than a lifetime alone

One sentimental moment in your arms

Is like a shooting star right through my heart


Sirius lifted his head up and looked deeply into Remus' eyes. Everything around them stopped existing, it was just the two of them in this never-ending moment.


My heart cries out to your heart

I'm lonely but you can save me

My hand reaches out for your hand

I'm cold but you light the fire in me


"I love you, Moony"

"I love you too, Padfoot" Remus leaned down and kissed him gently. The song ended and the next one started playing but they didn't care. All that mattered was them and the importance of love. 

"It'll be alright Padfoot, I promise" Remus whispered in his ears.

And for the first time, Sirius truly felt like everything would be alright.