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Good Boy

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Bennett looked incredulously at the collar that was pushed in his hands by his friend and boyfriend, Razor. Said person had suddenly taken the object out of nowhere, a neutral look in his face, no warning whatsoever. Bennett glanced from under his eyelashes to him before raising the collar up high, allowing the leash to dangle freely.

“Hmm, let’s see, it’s a beautiful shade of black and the material is soft to the touch. It would look good with anyone, no matter their fashion. Yes, an indispensable wardrobe item, I’d say.”

He waited, but no quip came. Razor looked at him, expression unchanged. He felt the corner of his eye twitch.

“No, seriously. What is this?”

Razor cocked his head.

“A dog collar.”

“No. I mean yes. It’s a dog collar. I know that. I’m asking why you gave me this dog collar.”

“Oh.” Razor touched his own neck. “To put on me.”

Bennett had to resist asking him to repeat. Razor was very straightforward and sincere in his words; he hardly spoke anything he didn’t mean.

And that’s what worried Bennett.

“To… to put on you?” A nod. “I. Razor. You’re not a dog.”

“I’m not.”

“But you want me to put this on you?”

“I do.”

Bennett pinched the bridge of his nose. “May – may I ask why exactly you want me to put a dog collar on you?”

Razor turned his gaze down, recalling some memory. “I saw… a dog in Mondstadt wear one. He looked happy.” He smiled. “I thought I might try.”

“Listen. I just said you’re not a dog. You’re – well you might be part wolf due to being with them for so long? But wolves also don’t wear collars. Uh, but, dogs come from wolves, don’t they? Does that mean wolves would be okay wearing collars?” Bennett scratched his head. “Ugh, it’s too much. Okay, say I put it on you. Then what?”

“Then… Take me on a walk?”

“You’re asking me? You’re the one who’s proposing this!”

“I’ll do anything Bennett wants.”

Bennett felt a chill run down his spine. He wasn’t sure whether he had hallucinated Razor’s suggestive tone of voice, this whole conversation could be a hallucination for all he cared. “E-excuse me?”

Razor leaned forward. “I’ll do anything Bennett wants.”

“I-! Argh, fine! Let’s just not do this inside the city, alright? We’ll go to the woods or something.”

The pair was relaxing on the grass besides the road that led to Mondstadt, seeking shelter from the heat of the afternoon sun. They had finished their commissions by morning and, after lunch, decided to rest somewhere in the shade. It was then that Razor had taken out the collar (“where did he hid it anyway?”) and handed it to his boyfriend, who was now fastening the object to his neck. When he was done, Bennett took the leash, glaring at the piece as if it had offended his family.

“Done. Is it too tight?”

Razor grabbed the part of the leash closer to the collar and yanked, much to Bennett’s alarm. “It’s good.” ‘Good’, he said…!

Bennett sighed, getting up and waving at Razor to do the same. They walked close together while the silver-haired man thought where they should go, what would make Razor happy. When he looked at him, he found that the other seemed content enough as it was. The black collar contrasted with his pale skin, making it stand out; although it was partially hidden by his high neck poncho, the leash left no doubts as to what it was. Bennett wondered if he had chosen that color intentionally. And, if he did…

Bennett gulped, tightening his grip around the leash. He concluded they were not to take the roads, lest they found someone and were interrogated about what they were doing. Frankly, he was more concerned that Razor would just answer with his usual honesty.

Walking around making small talk, they arrived on the cliffs near the beach by Stormbearer Mountains. The combination of the distance walked and the sun that beat down on them without regards made them tired and thirsty. Bennett sat on a rock, fanning himself, when he noticed Razor standing in front of him. He raised his green eyes in confusion.

“Uh… Not going to sit?”

Razor shifted his weight from one foot to another, hands clasped behind his back. He blinked slowly, and a light bulb went off in Bennett’s head. He mustered every ounce of courage he had to say a single word.


Razor finally moved to sit by his side, giving him a tiny smile. Bennett felt like he was being made fun of, somehow. Thinking two could play this game, he pulled the leash, careful to not exert too much force. Razor stopped, looking at him inquisitively.

“Not there.”

Bennett gestured to the space in front of him amidst his legs. “Sit here.”

It took Razor a minute or two, but he did as he was told; kneeling in front of him, he sat on the ground, an unreadable expression in his face. Bennett, on the other hand, could hear his mind working on full speed. Great, he sat down, now what?!

He remembered something that people always did to their pets when they wanted them to know they had done well and deserved some recognition. Nervous, he raised his hand and put it on top of Razor’s head, petting his gray hair. A deep breath. “G… Good boy.”

To say Razor beamed at this would be an understatement. Bennett sighed in relief. He was really unsure whether or not he should do it, if it was going to be appreciated or not. It wasn’t like they agreed on anything. They were both acting spontaneously and that could be quite dangerous. But so far, so good; Bennett decided he’d continue to do his part. If he dared be honest, he was enjoying it… More than just a bit.

The silver-haired man retrieved a bottle of water from his bag, drinking from it before offering it to Razor. Except since the other was supposed to be playing a dog, technically he shouldn’t drink straight from the bottle. Bennett thought of downing the water in his hand and giving it for him to lick, but the liquid would probably drip from his hand and it was little too cruel (perhaps another time). He took Razor’s chin, pressing the water bottle on his slim lips. Contrary to Bennett’s best intentions, he simply extended his tongue out when he turned the bottle. Water trickled down Razor’s neck as he gulped what he could of it.

“Ah, look, you’re making a mess.”  Bennett wiped the side of the other’s mouth, running his thumb over his lips. He wanted to kiss him, he wanted to kiss him so bad. His face must have betrayed his jumbled emotions, because Razor held his hand where it touched his cheeks and nuzzled into it, looking up to him, the softness in his red eyes moving something deep in him. Bennett pulled Razor closer with open-mouthed kisses, feeling his fingers digging into his thighs when he tried to steady himself.

The jingle of the metal attached to the collar reminded Bennett of their particular situation, a few ideas crossing his mind. He licked and nibbled Razor’s upper lip before tugging at the leash and pushing him back to his kneeling position. His clouded, distracted look was everything Bennett need to keep going. He unbuckled his belt, opening the zipper of his shorts and freeing himself from the constraint that was starting to hurt. He noticed when Razor made a slight movement forward and quickly blurted out, “Stay.”

Razor stopped dead in his tracks, wide eyed. Bennett panicked, scolding himself for being so reckless. However, when his boyfriend obeyed his “order”, a bubbly feeling spread in his chest. He leaned back on the rock, one hand propping himself up, the other stroking his cock in an unhurried manner. Razor’s eyes flicked between it and his face, lips pressed in a thin line. Bennett could swear the beads of sweat rolling of his forehead had nothing to do with the sun. He had an uncontrollable urge to grin; it was hard to read the Wolf Boy’s expression most of the time and have him display desire so openly like this – it was truly a sight to see.

It made him want to stir him up even more.

Bennett slid off his short, letting it drop unceremoniously on the floor. His shoes and shocks were easily kicked off together, and he took the opportunity to wrap his legs around Razor’s waist, going under his belted coat to reach his skin. Rubbing his legs up and down his back, Bennett also caressed the other’s cheek, their eyes locked together as the world around them faded. The adventurer played with the leash in one of his hands, the line that connected him to his boyfriend, that ensured him that he was there, that he hadn’t left him yet. Razor felt every minor tug through the collar around his neck; Bennett’s calls were as uncertain and nervous as he was. When he pulled, he did it carefully and immediately relaxed his hold, almost fearful of his actions. Razor knew Bennett was used to things going against his will, so he learned to have a carefree attitude, saying “it is how it is”. If the collar was yanked away from him, Razor wondered if he’d smile like he always did, if he’d say it was to be expected.

That’s why Razor wanted him to understand that it was okay to be a bit forceful when he liked or wanted something. To express his wishes and needs and not let go. Razor would gladly give him everything.

He was shaken from his thoughts by the delicate, chaste kiss on his nose. Bennett smiled at him, leaning on the rock again. “Come here.”

Bennett imagined Razor would pounce him when he abruptly got up from the ground and latched onto his neck, kissing and biting but most of all, sniffing. The man had a very keen sense of smell and would sniff absolutely anything to decide whether he liked it or not. He was especially particular about his boyfriend’s scent and had once tried to rub his own into him, only to realize that wasn’t exactly how it worked between humans. The first time they had sex, Razor spent a good portion of time with his face buried in Bennett’s crotch, much to the adventurer’s chagrin.

Bennett giggled, Razor’s short breath tickling his skin as he descended on his body, rushing his hands through his sides. The giggles turned into a sharp intake once he reached his cock, the hot air that left his mouth heightening the area’s sensitivity. Razor took his time running his nose everywhere and inhaling deeply for his own satisfaction, pressing light kisses and nibbles on the other’s lower stomach and thighs. Bennett sighed and hummed, until the stimulation was not enough for him anymore. He lightly pulled the leash, hoping it would get his message across. When it didn’t, he tugged with more force. He thought he felt Razor smile against his skin, but it became lost in the direct sensation of his mouth covering the head of his member.

Razor sucked, making pressure with his tongue and licking the precum that already oozed from the opening. He used one hand to stroke the shaft’s length and another to hold his hip in place. Bennett moaned, back arching against the rock he was now laying down on. In this position there was no way to touch Razor with his hands. Figuring he could use his legs, he pressed the arch of his feet in the other’s thighs, clumsily making his way up. He shuddered when he found the strained cock, the fabric slightly wet, and fondled it with his toes. It wasn’t the best, but Razor’s stifled moan vibrated around his own member, gripping harder at it, and he very much wanted him to take him entirely in his mouth.

Putting his hand on top of the other’s head, Bennett pushed him down once, just enough to make him understand. Razor raised his eyes, staring at him. He did as he was told: moved his mouth down the tiniest bit. Seeing as he had stopped, Bennett again pushed him. Razor repeated and stopped. Bennett felt his nerves fraying at the seams. On impulse, he grabbed his hair, forcing him down before realizing what he had done, the first signs of guilt threatening to overthrow his mind. Before he could withdraw his hand, Razor halted him, keeping it in place. Given his situation, the man couldn’t smile, instead closing his eyes and burying his head to the hilt of Bennett’s cock, swallowing around him.

The poor adventurer hesitated between feeling guilty and delighting in the sudden control that was offered to him, no questions asked. His grip tightened and relaxed whenever he was invaded by conflicting thoughts. Trying not to think, he focused on the sensation of Razor’s lips, the swirls of his tongue. Soon he lost himself in it, resuming his previous attempts of stroke the other’s cock with his feet, smiling when his actions reverberated in the form of low growls. Razor did that sometimes and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t turn him on.

A finger close to his hole made him jerk the leash, stretching it taut. Razor released his member with a dull pop, looking at him through heavy eyelids, dark red eyes like the color of fine wine. He seemed intoxicated and Bennett must have been as well, for he swallowed hard and blinked, smile sporting a hint of malice.

“Nuh-uh” He wagged his finger, dragging it across Razor’s lips. “W-what’s the magic word?”

An intrusive thought smacked his confidence away as he noted the man had been non-verbal for the entire duration of their play, or whatever it is that they were doing. What if Razor barked at him? No wait, he wasn’t that much into it to do that, right? Breaking in a cold sweat, he rushed to try and fix the mess he created.

“I-I mean with human language. Just, like, don’t answer like a dog here? No, I mean, you d-don’t even have to answer if you don’t want to. Whatever you want.” Mondstadt’s unluckiest, most awkward adventurer strikes again!

Razor got up and Bennett was sure he had screwed everything up for real this time. He was surprised when he was gently made to lay down again, being caged by the other’s arms as he gazed at him, eyes burning with obvious lust.


Bennett wasn’t losing it, he might as well have lost it a long time ago.

“P… P-please what?”

Razor went silent, considering his words.

“Please… Let me finger y-“

“Alright never mind! Forget I asked anything!” Bennett had shut his mouth with his free hand, afraid he’d combust at any minute now. He should have expected it when Razor licked his palm, running his tongue through the space of his fingers. The silver-haired man pressed his thumb in one of the other’s incredibly sharp canine tooth, a product of his life experiences. It impressed him that this person, this strong and powerful man had such a peaceful nature. He was quiet, earnest and loyal, but he could and would maim anyone that dared threaten his friends and family. A free soul. He did what he wanted, when he wanted. The collar had been his idea, too. But right now, he gave himself to the pleasure of another, expecting and wanting to be used. Bennett didn’t understand it. The sheer passion that overflowed from him was too much.

Bennett still wasn’t used to it.

He brought his head close and kissed his lips, vaguely tasting himself in it. “There’s, uhm, a bit of slime condensate in my bag. It’s probably safe… I hope.”

Razor reached for the bag, getting a small blue vial. The condensate had a thick consistency and he made sure to coat his fingers well with it. Laying down next to Bennett he put his arm under the other’s shoulder, kissing him deeply while tracing small circles in his entrance. The adventurer had brought his legs up to grant him better access, and now that Razor was right by his side, he could actually touch his neglected cock. Bennett slid his hand inside his pants and stroked his member at the same time Razor inserted his finger inside him. They moaned into each other’s mouths.

Bennett rolled his head back, allowing his boyfriend to bite his neck and collarbone, eventually opening his shirt to reveal his painfully erect nipples. Razor pecked at one of them, closed his teeth around them, sucked and licked.  He carefully listened to any sound the other made that might indicate pain, but it never happened, even as he introduced a second finger in its entirety in him. In fact, the only thing that reassured Bennett’s presence was his hand on his shaft, that moved occasionally as if he remembered that it existed.

The third finger caused a hiss that Razor quickly cared for by licking one nipple and distracting him from the uncomfortable stretching. A bit of searching here and there and Bennett screamed, his chest heaving, breathing noisily through his mouth. Having found the specific spot, Razor made sure to hit it every time his fingers slipped in and out, eliciting more delicious moans and screams as Bennett was pushed to the edge. He wanted to at least make him come once before he was penetrated, although it wasn’t easy making someone orgasm from their ass alone. Today, things were feeling a bit different, so he wanted to try. When the other’s breaths started coming in short, hands clawing urgently at his coat, Razor kissed him, a sloppy kiss barely reciprocated as Bennett reached his climax and he trembled, waves of pleasure washing across his body. Even then, the fingers inside him pushed against his sensitive place, making him squirm from the overstimulation. He closed his legs and sighed in relief when they left him.

His cum pooled in his belly, a sticky mess that mixed with his sweat. He was out of it enough to not bother when Razor brought his head down to lick and breath in the scent he was addicted to. A rough tongue lapped every nook and cranny of his body, hot air brushing the fine hairs of his skin. It was only when he felt this body, this presence that kept him in the present moment, begin to steer away from his was that his hand with the leash, now considerably looser, yanked the man back to him.

Again, his thoughts whirled around, all stating different states of remorse. He couldn’t catch a single moment of break that his mind turned against him. Razor appeared in his field of vision, waiting for what he had to say. But Bennett could only fight the burning sensation in his eyes.

“I-I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“? You didn’t hurt me.”

“Uhm, but, I guess you had somewhere to go right? And I stopped you, so… Just, ah, sorry.”

“I’m not… going anywhere.”

Razor was directly on top of him, locks of gray hair falling off his shoulder, shielding both from the outside world. “Tell me.”

“Tell me what is it… that Bennett wants.”

In the quiet afternoon, the sound of shattering as anxious thoughts crumbled down and all that was left was the rustling of grass and leaves. Warm tears cooled off by the gentle breeze, unable to do more than a transparent streak on one’s face. Bennett sniffled, hating the feeling of a stuffy nose.

“Don’t go.”


“Stay here.”



Razor waited.

“L… Love me.”

A smile so full of affection that it hurt.

“I love you.”

Locked in an embrace, Razor shifted himself, aligning his cock with Bennett’s hole and slowly pushing it in. They sighed in unison when he was fully seated in, both glad that the condensate substance had withstand this whole time. He set for a slow pace, shivers rising whenever he slid back in, the heat from the other’s interior almost a scorching sensation.

Having come once, Bennett was much quieter, instead lazily caressing himself. Razor was fully clothed, except for his coat that was removed at some point. His tooth necklace clacked as his body swinged back and forth, face scrunched up in pleasure. Bennett used his free hand to touch and fondle him, relishing in the way his muscles tensed up. Razor wasn’t far from coming.

His pace growing faster, Bennett pulled him to a halt with a harsh tug in the leash. He breathed heavily, but stopped and looked, worried something had happened. Instead, he was met with a playful stare, green eyes sparkling. “No.” Furrowed brows, confusion. Bennett kissed his cheek.

“Not until I say so.”

The sun would soon begin to set, the cold wind from the sea announcing the moon’s reign was about to start. Sweat trickled down Razor’s back as he stopped right before his orgasm for the second time, exhaling shakily. They had changed positions, Bennett now laying on his belly, which allowed the other to go a bit deeper in him. He was half erect by now, Razor ministering of his body coupled with his moans in his ear good enough reasons for his excitement. Still, it was this moment that thrilled him the most, when his boyfriend was so close to his edge and he paused, trying to calm down, just so he could fulfill his cruel wish. In this break, Razor kissed and bit his back, pinched his nipples, hurried his hands through the whole extension of his skin, tightening his hold at his waist and legs. It was a silent plea, it betrayed how much he wanted to devour his beloved, but wouldn’t until told to do so. He wouldn’t, and that’s what Bennett loved the most.

Bennett loved feeling adored by this man. He loved feeling how much he affected him. It filled him with indescribable joy. Sometimes, when he was feeling really down, he was assaulted by thoughts of Razor leaving him for someone better. At times like this he’d hide somewhere in the lands of Mondstadt of get more commissions to do at take his mind off of it. “If he’s with me, it’s because he wants to!” He’d tell that to himself, but the nagging feeling never really left him. Sometimes he’d tell Razor and they’d talk it out until he was calmer; sometimes he didn’t, and it festered, making home in the already crowded space of his mind.

“Perhaps it will never really go away”, he said once. “It’s okay”, was the reply, “I will remind you.”


He was pulled from his thoughts, wiping his tears away. He smiled fondly. Might as well focus on the present. He put his arm on Razor’s shoulder, kissing him. It was a terrible position to be in, so he returned to the original one. Razor hugged his chest, kissing his cheeks and placing small bites in his ear. Resuming his pace, he moved one hand down to Bennett’s cock, stroking it quickly and making him gasp. He glued his belly to his back, trying to get as close as possible.


The silver-haired man shuddered. His name, a hushed whisper.

“Bennett, please”

He shaked his head, jerking the leash in his hand. He heard Razor whine and his hand, once covering the whole extension of his shaft, changed the focus to rub only the head. Bennett cried out, the feeling of being full, Razor hitting the exact spot he knew he liked, it was too much, too much for him. He came a second time, the other digging his finger into his hip, a growl forming on the back of his throat. Bennett trembled; he contracted around Razor; thus, he could feel him being so deep inside him, his cock throbbing. His face flushed. They had done this many times, yet for some reason, today was getting to him in a weird way. The tension left his body and for a moment he thought he was going to spill out of the rocks and join the sea waters, if it wasn’t for the tight hug that supported him, kept him intact.

Razor kissed the top of his head, nuzzling his neck. Bennett glanced at him, his eyes watery, a pained expression. The adventurer decided he had suffered enough. Turning his body around, they shared a slow kiss, one that started with their tongues twirling around each other and ended in light pecks on up-turned lips. “Okay,” Bennett removed some strands of wet, messy hair from the other’s face. “Come.”

He held on to Razor’s back as he pounded into him to his heart’s content. He moaned desperately, alternating kisses and pressing their foreheads together, chanting his boyfriend’s name in a quiet prayer. Bennett was honestly overwhelmed, but he endured it like the other did for him.

His orgasm hit him like pure energy coursing through his whole being. Razor hid his face in the crook of Bennett’s neck while his body spasmed, panting hard, sweaty hands grabbing whatever they could. The silver-haired man petted his hair, playing with gray locks that glued to his back. It was Bennett’s turn to hold him in a tight embrace. Their bodies stuck together, feeling each other’s chest rising and falling with each breath as they calmed down. Light tremors shaked them as the chilling wind from the sea grew stronger.

Bringing them to a sitting position, Razor slipped out, drawing a sigh from Bennett who tensed up. He could feel the other’s come leaking out of his hole and embarrassment was beginning to settle in his heart. Razor gathered his discarded clothes and handed it so he could put them on. Looking out from where they were, the sea could be seen. A thought crossed Bennett’s mind.

“How about we go sea bathing?”


At night, the sea was warm, soothing bodies and souls as the moon appeared in the cloudless sky and lightened up the world. Razor’s gray hair looked impossibly bright, as if he soaked up the moonlight and transformed it in his own. He was submerged up to his waist, black collar still secured on his neck. They had taken off the leash, the risk of it getting trapped in something being too high.

Bennett kneeled on the ocean floor, only his head above the water. He was behind Razor, sitting in his shadow, watching his back. He had successfully cleaned himself which meant he was free to think everything he couldn’t during their, ahem, lovemaking. He felt an strong urge to get and flee, either further inside the mountains or the sea, he didn’t care, somewhere he didn’t need to face other people for a while. All the absurd, disconcerting, mortifying things he had said and done replayed non-stop in his head, but especially Razor’s pained, hungry, delirious red eyes and his weak whines and pleas-

Stop, stop reminiscing this right now!!!!

He submerged his head, his scream forming bubbles around his short hair. Light taps on his nape made him rise again, finding extended hands in his line of sight. Sighing, he accepted them and was made to stand. Razor looked at him, smiling, eyes ever so soft. He was pulled into a hug, the other patting his back. He felt quite drained.

“Good boy.”

Bennett pushed himself away, surprise written all on his face, eyes meeting with Razor’s playful ones. Feeling a mix of amusement and annoyance, he ruffled his hair, seizing the opportunity to pinch his cheeks.


Sneaking his hands around his waist, Razor kissed the adventurer until they were both breathless, puffs of heated breathes mingling with the cold air. Bennett fingered the space between the collar and the neck, carefully searching for any red marks of his authorship. There were places where the edge had scratched the skin, but nothing too serious. The collar was loose enough that could raise it up a little and kiss the small cuts, enjoying the humming sounds he provoked.



“Ah… Thank you. For being with me.”

“Thank you, Bennett. For being with me.”

“Are you imitating me now?”

Razor laughed.


“Yeah? Haven’t you said my name enough times today?”

“I love you.”

Even if he wanted to, Bennett couldn’t stop the tears from blurring his vision for the third time that day. But this time, when they flowed down his face, no thoughts shielded his vision from the truth. He sniffed.

“I love you too.”

“I love you.”

“Yes, you’ve told me that.”

“I love you.”

“I’ll kiss you if you don’t stop.”

Razor opened his mouth and quickly closed it, suppressing a giggle. Bennett was pleased to see him being so carefree. He leaned his head in his shoulder, admiring the horizon, where the sea blended with the sky and they became indistinguishable from each other. An illusion, but one that made him feel infinite. He closed his eyes.


“What is it?”

“Are those slimes… At the beach…”

Bennett opened his heavy eyes in confusion. Slimes… beach…?

“Whoa, hey!!”

A few Hydro and Cryo slimes assembled around their clothes, drenching them in water and freezing. Bennett ran back to where they were, as fast as he could considering he was inside a body of water, Razor’s clear laughter ringing in his ear. He watched as the silver-haired adventurer, completely naked, trying to retrieve the wet clothes from the Slimes, barely missing being frozen himself. But that was probably lucky for him. At least they needn’t worry about washing their clothes.

Razor ran back towards the beach, and whoever passed there that day, would be greeted with the rare sight of a pair of naked men, running after some Slimes with clothes in their spikes.