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"What do you think?" John asked as Rodney walked through the space.

"While I'll grant you it has a lot of potential, it's just that. Potential. I'm not sure this even counts as a fixer-upper," Rodney replied. He kicked a loose board on the floor. "It should be torn down so someone can start over again properly."

"Come on, let me show you the best part." John held out a hand to Rodney, who took it. John led him further into the space. They went up a flight of stairs to the next floor.

"That's mostly a couple of standard bedrooms," John waved a hand toward a set of closed doors. "Or a study. But there's another bathroom that way."

"We would need at least a couple of bedrooms. And we should each have an office," Rodney frowned. "That requires a lot of space."

"I know, I know," John nodded. "And... this is the master bedroom."

Rodney followed John into the room and then stopped. "Whoa." The room faced out the back of the house and looked on to the forest in back of the property. There was a door that led out on a private balcony.

"It gets better." John grinned.

"Okay, show me!" Rodney bounced on his toes.

"Before that, look at the closets," John pointed. "They're huge!"

Rodney walked into the first closet and turned around. The second closet was just as large and had a wall of drawers. The master bedroom suite took up the entire back of the house.

"Those are nice," Rodney admitted. He touched the peeling paint. "But it needs a lot of work!"

"Come on," John urged. "You have to see this!"

The door led to the bathroom and it was oversize, airy and light. A claw-footed tub sat against one wall and a shower was set into a corner. The bow windows looked out over the forest.

"Put a Jacuzzi tub in place of the claw-foot and it would be ideal," Rodney nodded.

"So. What do you think?" John asked.

Rodney went over and pulled John in for a kiss. "Don't think I didn't see the barn out the back where you could probably have a couple of horses."

John grinned, knowing Rodney wouldn't miss that.

"John. It needs a ton of work," Rodney said gently. "I know it's not the money. But how much time will we be able to spend here? Really?"

John sighed. "I know. I know. It's just... it's perfect in a lot of ways. It's not to far from the SGC, so we can stay here whenever we're on Earth."

"I thought you wanted to retire in Pegasus," Rodney prodded. "On Atlantis."

"I do. Just... until then, we're both going to be coming back and forth for quite a while yet. It's too perfect to pass up, is all."

"Well, I'm not sure this is anyone's definition of perfect," Rodney teased. "Oh, all right. Do what you want and we'll figure it out as we go along!"

John brought Rodney in for a fierce kiss.

"Come on, General, we have some meetings to get to!" Rodney grinned.