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Wardroom Etiquette for Wigglers, or: Shellfish

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Once dead, Feferi could of course remember any bygone feast. Aradia still brought her scraps of real food gone missing from the survivors’ kitchens.

Feferi wafted one juicy-looking shrimp before her nose; it smelled delicious. She peeled it smoothly and held it out for the still-corporeal Aradia, who bit down and pulled the meat from the tail. “I miss eating,” Feferi said wistfully.

Aradia smacked her lips. “I’ve never had shrimp before.”

Feferi peeled her another. “I should’ve shared with you.”

"Yes," Aradia said.

"I’m sorry," Feferi said.

"I was always hungry," Aradia said. "But someday I may forgive you."