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Sleep Well

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The Knight- Ghost- Vessel Knight- Whatever you wanted to call it, it was tired and understandably so. It had just nearly defeated The Radiance! And now it was in the dream realm with a limping and rather annoyed Radiance glaring at it. 


If it could doubt, it would doubt that it would be sleeping anytime soon, but hey, no harm in trying right?


It sat down, stared straight ahead, and waited for itself to fall asleep, as it had done dozens of times before.


“If you’re trying to sleep, it probably won't work.


As far as I can tell for most bugs, it's hard to sleep while already sleeping.


But hey, you’re not most bugs so you could give it a shot I suppose.”


Time passes, it has not fallen asleep and The Radiance is getting more and more disgruntled by the second. And after maybe five minutes of The Raindance scoffing to herself, The Radiance briskly stood and picked it up.


“If you’re gonna try to sleep you might as well get comfortable.”


Shortly after she said that The Radiance shifted the small vessel into the position that one would use to carry a small child, one arm behind it’s back and a second looped under its legs.