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perception of spirits

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Daniel really would like to be more help to special Agent Moretti, in her latest case.

He’d love to.  Trouble is, he’s finding that his logical pathways, that ought to be leading him to help find the killer of today’s corpse du jour, the fresh exciting new dead body, are a little obstructed.

By dead people.

And today, he isn’t even talking about Natalie.  Although she’s here, of course.  When isn’t she -- when he wants or needs her, when he doesn’t, good times and bad.

Today, she’s a minor hindrance in his path.  (And sometimes helpful — jump-scaring him into dropping the latte he shouldn’t be drinking, reminding him to add an extra layer this morning, since he finds the freezing temperatures of a Chicago winter not conducive to his best work.)

But the main obstruction, that’s the dead guy in the starring role, today’s murder vic.

He’s very chatty.