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Jaemin liked to think that he was a good bestfriend because he’s always there to stop Donghyuck from doing something stupid. The latter tended to do something impulsive and got on people’s nerves but when Mark wasn’t around to stop him, that left him to take care of his mess. But who was he kidding? Donghyuck never listened to him, or anyone for that matter. Jaemin wished Mark was here but unfortunately, the latter was going on a business trip in Hong Kong and would be back soon.  

“This isn’t a good idea,” Jaemin reminded Donghyuck for the nth time as they entered the club. It was Friday night and the club was packed as usual and the atmosphere was brilliant with the dance floor being pounded by people dancing to the latest sounds. Donghyuck walked to the bar and ordered two drinks, seemingly at ease as he settled himself on the bar stools.  

Jaemin could feel a strong urge to rip his hair off, frustrated with his best friend’s antics. Things would always go downhill when Donghyuck was acting like a brat. Mark had personally asked him to keep an eye on his fiancé when the latter wasn’t around and going to the club wasn’t a good idea. It meant asking for troubles and Jaemin didn’t have time for that. He’d had enough of Donghyuck’s shenanigans.  

“We need to go home,” Jaemin refused to take a seat, still trying to get Donghyuck out of the club. “I’m going to call your fiancé.”  

Donghyuck threw him a hard glare.  

“I will kill you if you dare to do that,” he snarled, scowling. He looked like an angry cat; a dangerous one. “Aren’t you supposed to be my best friend?”  

“I’m trying to be your best friend right now, you little shit!” Jaemin retorted. “You know your fiancé doesn’t like it when you go to the club without him. You’re just asking for trouble.”

“Stop acting like my babysitter!” Donghyuck snapped. “I asked you to come with me because I needed company. I’m bored and I wanted to go out. Mark is not here so he wouldn’t know. Now stop talking and drink with me.”  

Jaemin let out a frustrated groan. Donghyuck was one of the most stubborn people he’s ever known and even after years of knowing him, he still couldn’t talk him out of getting in trouble. Sometimes he wondered how Mark could put up with someone as hot-tempered and hard-headed as Donghyuck.  

“You’re a spoiled brat and you know that,” Jaemin said as he finally took a seat next  to his friend. “I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if Mark knew about this. He’s going to kill me.”  

“Then you better shut your mouth and keep this secret between us.”  

Jaemin pressed his lips together because he couldn’t guarantee that. Mark always had his ways and more often than not, Jaemin ended up spilling everything to him. He sighed in defeat as he couldn’t throw another remark and proceeded to take a seat next to Donghyuck. There was nothing he could do when Donghyuck had set his mind on something. But for some reason, the alcohol didn’t help to ease him and he was getting anxious as if something bad would happen. It didn’t take long for Donghyuck to get tipsy because he was a light drinker. Jaemin desperately tried to stop Donghyuck from throwing himself to the dance floor because drunk Donghyuck was a real flirt and he didn’t want to see his best friend grinding against whoever caught his attention for the sake of his own sanity.  

“Get off of me, asshole!” Donghyuck slurred, trying to get free from Jaemin’s grip. “I want to dance!”  

Jaemin gritted his teeth and tried his best to hold Donghyuck because surprisingly, his best friend had so much strength despite his drunk state. The latter was only weak when he was with Mark.  

“No, you’re not going to dance. You’re drunk!”  

“I’m not!” 

Jaemin groaned, his face getting red now. “Jesus Christ.”  

Donghyuck kicked Jaemin in the shin, earning a loud yelp from the latter. He quickly shrugged Jaemin’s hold, getting away from him. Once he was free, he pushed through the crowd and threw himself to the dance floor. His mind was hazy as he danced, moving along the loud beats. But it still didn’t help him to stop thinking about Mark. He hated how, no matter what he did, the latter was the only person he could think about. His fiancé was away for more than two weeks now and he was pissed when the latter called him a few hours ago telling him that his flight was delayed. Mark was supposed to come back tomorrow but he had to attend another stupid meeting and Donghyuck had to wait until Sunday to see him. He hung up the phone right after that and now he regretted his decision. He should’ve stayed on the line a little bit longer so he could listen to his voice more. He missed him but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. He would never admit it because that was just how he was. Mark had tried to trick him into saying it but he was tight-lipped. He tried not to get the words out but he was reaching his limit. He missed Mark and he wanted to see him. Sunday was still two days away but it felt like forever.         

Donghyuck was starting to get lost in the music and busted his best moves. He started to enjoy his time until he bumped into someone behind him. He let out a gasp as hands went to his waist to steady him. He took a whiff of the scent in the air and his nostrils instantly flared up as he recognized the familiar fragrance. He almost let out a whimper but he quickly pressed his lips together. The hands at his waist were now resting on the curve of his hips, tightening and pulling him against his broad chest.  

“Enjoying yourself, pup?”  

Donghyuck’s breath stuttered, his heart beating erratically against his ribs as Mark pressed his lips against his ears; his sensitive spot. It was a light touch but his blood was rushing instantly and for a moment he couldn’t find the strength to answer him.  

Mark squeezed his hips as a warning and a shiver ran through Donghyuck, followed by a heated ache in his lower belly. 

“Answer me, pup.”  

This time, Donghyuck couldn’t help a small whimper that escaped through his lips. Mark’s voice was smooth, with a rasp that made his stomach flutter. His senses were overloaded by Mark’s scent and the heat of his body and the feel of his hand on his hips.  

“What are you doing here?” Donghyuck asked through his gritted teeth. Mark wasn’t supposed to be here but he was secretly happy because finally, finally his fiancé was here. But he willed himself not to submit and surrender.  

Not yet.   

“You said you’re coming back this Sunday. You lied to me.”   

Mark tsked and Donghyuck knew that he made the wrong move but he didn’t want to give in so easily. He bit his lower lips and tried so hard not to tremble as Mark slipped one of his big, warm hands inside his t-shirt, stroking his bare skin gently. Donghyuck’s skin was all hot and prickly and he felt as if he was burning right now. Mark’s lips trailed down to his neck, his warm breath caressing him and making him shudder in delight.  

“If you’re going to act like a little brat, then I’m going to treat you like one.” Mark said with a low voice, firm and absolute.  

Donghyuck’s breath left him in a rush and that’s when he finally lost it.  

“Papa~” he whimpered as he could feel Mark’s body lined up perfectly against him. He leaned back, grinding against him slowly. “Papa, please.”  

“Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?” Mark taunted and his touch ignited flames that coursed through him, nesting into the center of his arousal, making his toes curled as he pushed back, wanting to have as much contact as possible, barely able to comprehend what was happening and where they were.  

“Look at you,” Mark cooed and Donghyuck could feel his smirk without having to turn around. “Grinding against me. You’re really desperate for it. Aren’t you, little baby?” 

“Shut the fuck up and do something, asshole!”  

Mark growled, his voice rumbled deep in his chest and Donghyuck’s body instantly shuddered as his mind screamed submit, submit, submit . He knew that he had reached his limit. This was where he admitted defeat and submitted himself to the one who could make him feel like this.  

“Let me show you what happens to little brats who don’t follow the rules.”  



As soon as Mark and Donghyuck were inside the car, Mark hit a button and the privacy glass behind the driver began to slide up. The next moment, Donghyuck was tugged across his lap. 

“Pup,” Mark whispered, his arms banded around Donghyuck in that possessive, commanding way that never failed to make Donghyuck’s heart flutter. He reached a hand up and stroked his cheek with a feather-light touch. “I missed you so much.”  

Donghyuck’s breath caught in his throat. He would never get tired of how Mark looked at him as if he were the most beautiful creature in the world. No one had ever made him feel more wanted or desired before. Only Mark had such an effect on him and even after years, it hadn’t changed at all.  

“Aren’t you going to tell me how much you missed me, pup?” Mark teased, one of his hands sliding down Donghyuck’s back and settled on his ass, squeezing them gently.  

Donghyuck bit his lower lips as he could feel blush crept up his face and neck.  

“No,” he tried to sound mad but the slight pout on his lips gave his feeling away. “You lied to me. I’m so pissed right now.”  

Mark’s face softened and he cooed as he pushed his bangs away from his face, smiling gently.  

“I’m sorry, pup. I wanted to surprise you,” he said. “But Jaemin texted me and told me that you were here.”  

Donghyuck’s eyes widened, his nostrils flaring up. “He ratted me out? That asshole!”  

Mark’s hold around Donghyuck tightened, his lips pressing into a thin line. There was a warning in his eyes and that instantly silenced Donghyuck. His eyes downcasted as his unconscious mind surrendered to the warning.   

“I told you not to come to the club without me. I just so happened to come on time. You know it wouldn’t end well if I ever saw you grinding against a stranger again.”  

This time, Donghyuck couldn’t help but whimper as he wrapped his arms around Mark’s neck. 

“I’m sorry,” he said in a small, gentle voice. He let his submissive side took over when he was with Mark because he felt safe enough to do that.  

Mark smiled and held his jaw with his finger, tilting his face so they could see each other in the eye. To Mark’s eyes, the dim light from the car was more than enough to illuminate Donghyuck’s lovely, delicate features. For a moment, he took his time to stare at his lover, marveling that anyone could be that beautiful.  

Mine, mine, mine, his mind thought eagerly. It was as if Donghyuck could hear his mind because his face turned crimson, making him look prettier.  

“Promise me not to do it again, pup . ”  

The words came out as order and Donghyuck nodded obediently.  


“Yes what?”  

“Yes, papa.”  

Not being able to hold back any longer, Donghyuck did what he’d wanted to do since they were still inside the club. He shoved his hands in Mark’s hair and kissed him fiercely. Mark kissed him back, groaning deep in his throat as Donghyuck keep tugging and pulling his hair harshly. Donghyuck loved the way Mark kissed him. It was as if he had to, as if he’d go crazy if he didn’t. He sucked on his tongue, having learned how much he liked it, having learned how much he liked it because he liked to make him feel good. 

Mark’s hands slipped inside Donghyuck’s t-shirt again, sliding over his back and Donghyuck moaned, feeling the prod of his erection against his hip. He rolled his hips, wanting to tease him but his plan quickly backfired because it was him who let out a moan, loud and deep in his throat.  

Fuck . It’s been too long.  

“Pup,” Mark said through his gritted teeth, gripping Donghyuck’s waist too tight it would leave bruises. “If you don’t behave, you know I can fuck you right here, right now.”  

Donghyuck’s breath left him in a rush and he whimpered at the promise, squeezing Mark’s biceps as he rolled his hips again, harder this time. He stared at Mark with half-lidded eyes, his red plump lips slightly parted, and his face flushed with desire.  

“Yes please,” he begged, moaning when he could feel Mark’s cock twitched against his abdomen. “Please, please.”  

Mark let out an animalistic growl deep in this throat as he leaned forward. His mouth slanted over Donghyuck’s, his tongue dipping into his mouth, stroking with determination. His kiss was greedy, devouring, yet the way Mark held Donghyuck was gentle as ever as if he was afraid that his lover would break if he pressed him a little bit harder.  

Donghyuck groaned into Mark’s mouth, an erotic sound of pleasure that vibrated through him. He sought a deeper contact, needing more of the warmth of his lean, hard body. Mark understood his silent need as he slid his hand beneath Donghyuck’s shirt, breaking their kiss for a second to pull it over his head. Donghyuck let out a needy whine as he pulled Mark and pressed his lips against him again. Mark cradled his bare spine in his warm palm and enjoyed the way his lover arched into his caress almost immediately as an unconscious response to his dominant gesture. His fingertips flexed, gentling him even when the kiss grew wild.  

The kiss was overwhelming and Donghyuck could feel his clothed erection was already coated in precum. He gasped and broke the kiss when Mark’s finger brushed against his left nipple. It was too swollen and too sensitive at the moment.  

“Off.” Donghyuck demanded, needing to feel Mark skin to skin. Mark didn’t waste time stripping off their clothes because it had been two weeks since the last time he touched his fiancé and he was just as eager and needy as him.  Once they were bare, Donghyuck wrapped his legs around Mark’s waist, letting out a deep, content sigh as he could feel him without any barrier.  


Mark reached out to snatch a small bag across them and took out a bottle of lube. He poured just enough on his fingers, his movement slow, purposely teasing Donghyuck who watched him impatiently. He gripped his thighs, his hand sliding upward between his legs, teasing his entrance. Donghyuck let out a gasp when one of Mark’s thumbs slid inside him, sparking a fierce lust.  

“I barely touch you,” Mark whispered against his lips, the gleam in his eyes told Donghyuck that he knew what he was doing to him. “But you’re so ready for me.” 

“I am always ready for you.” Donghyuck firmly said, rocking his hips down when Mark slid another finger, scissoring him open. He clenched around him and he couldn’t help his loud moans whenever Mark hit his soft spot inside.  

He did it over and over until Donghyuck’s entire body trembled, overwhelmed with the sensation.  

“Please,” Donghyuck sobbed, his back arching as Mark thrust three fingers deep inside him. His skin was coated in sweat, his vision started to get blurry as his core tightened viciously in preparation for orgasm.  

“Papa, I’m ready.” 

Donghyuck pushed his fingers into his hair, feeling the dampness at the roots. Mark was always so careful with him, taking the time to make sure that he was soft and wet enough before filling him up with his long, thick cock. But right now, he was too needy to wait any longer. 

“Come for me first, pup.” 

Donghyuck shook his head, a few drops of tears escaped his eyes. He’d been waiting for Mark and he wanted to feel him inside him now.  

“No, I will come with you inside me,” Donghyuck gripped Mark’s hair tight, earning a loud groan from his fiancé. “Please, I’d come harder if you were inside me.” 

“Fuck, okay.” 

Mark gripped Donghyuck’s small waist as he positioned him and his heavy cock slid inside with no resistance. Donghyuck let out a whimper as he could feel the stretch, feeling so full and overwhelmed, and sated. Mark didn’t wait for him to catch his breath as his hips began to lunge, his hard cock pumping upward into him. Donghyuck let out a hoarse cry of his name, his entire body convulsing in fierce tremors.  

“God, you’re so tight.” 

“Ah, ah, ah,” Donghyuck’s jaw dropped, slamming his hips down to meet Mark’s merciless thrusts. “Fuck me harder, papa. Please, please.”  

Mark sealed his mouth over Donghyuck’s. He nipped his lower lips, then thrust his tongue into his mouth, holding him where he wanted him with his hand at the back of his neck as he snapped his hips up in a powerful thrust. The dominance of the act was undeniable. Hunger surged through Donghyuck and he whimpered, his chest aching with want.  

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me like that. Oh, god.”  

“Jesus. Fuck,” Mark groaned, his body shuddering. “Goddamn it.”  

Donghyuck pushed back down in eagerness, his plump cheeks hit Mark’s thighs with each movement. He lifted again, slowly, making them both feel every nuance of the delirious friction. The heated connection was too exquisite to contain.  

Mark’s breath was powering out of his lungs as he pumped his hips, up and down, faster and harder. He fucked him with everything he had, clenching his jaw as Donghyuck tightened around his cock. Then, without warning, he was coming hard, spurring inside Donghyuck so fiercely it proceed to push Donghyuck to the edge. Donghyuck cried out as orgasm shattered him, lights exploding at the back of his eyes as he held Mark as close as possible to him, needing an anchor as he fell apart in his arms.  

It took some moments for them to gain their strength after their intense orgasm. Mark pressed his lips against Donghyuck’s collarbone, his hand caressing his back gently.  

“You good, pup?”  

Donghyuck hummed, burying his face in Mark’s shoulder. He let out a deep content sigh, his whole body sagged.  

“Sleepy,” Donghyuck mumbled.  

Mark chuckled, running his free hand in Donghyuck’s silky hair. “Sleep, pup. I’ll wake you up when we’re home.”  

Donghyuck let out incomprehensible words and it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep. Mark gently pulled his cock out of Donghyuck and quickly cleaned them. When he was done, he put a jacket around Donghyuck’s naked body and held him tight in his arms.  

He kissed his temple lovingly. “Love you, pup. Sleep well.”