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Sinfully Delectable

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Emma Swan's elbow rested on the smooth, glass counter, chin in her palm. She sighed deeply and blew out a breath on the exhale. It was a slow day. The weekdays usually were and she often regrets opening a confectionery in such a small town but then on the weekend, things pick up and she's glad she did. Besides, where was she to go? This town was her home since she and her best friend ended up here at sixteen. They stole a car, ran from their foster home and traveled as far as they could until they ran out of gas in Storybrooke, Maine. Although stranded, they quickly grew to love the quaint little town and its residents. No one knew them here and it made it easier for them to build a life. That was many years ago and she still found comfort here.  Storybrooke gave her a second chance.

She only wished that it wasn't so dull most of the time. She had more action when she was waitressing at the diner a few blocks down. Maybe she'll stop there for grilled cheese and fries at lunchtime and gossip a bit with her friend Ruby. Emma was never one for gossip but she would listen if she was bored enough and she had reached that stage of boredom.  She looked at the glass clock on the yellow and lavender striped walls. It was a little after noon. She'll take lunch soon. 

"No one, yet?" Her business partner and best friend Lily Page asked as she returned from the back of the shop carrying a tray of white fudge shaped like flowers. She added them to one of the display cases with the caramels and toffee. 

"Nope." Emma sighed and tapped her fingers on the counter. "I'm not eager to take anyone's money or anything but-"

Lily scoffed. "Damn it, I am. That's how we make money."

Emma chuckled at that. "Yeah, well, it doesn't seem like that will happen any time soon."

"Yeah." Lily sighed. She then patted her on the shoulder. "Just keep manning the station. We'll get someone." 

Emma frowned. "Yep."

Lily retreated to the back of the shop. That's usually where she stayed since Emma had the people skills. Lily and Emma were both amazing confectioners but Emma had a certain charm with the customers that Lily lacked. So, it only made sense that Emma worked the register and provided customer service. She didn't mind it though because despite her past, she enjoyed interacting with people. Not too much though because Emma Swan was a bit on the introverted side but she did enjoy small interactions with other humans.

She lingered at the counter a moment longer before deciding that she was going to head out for food. "Hey, Lil," she called back. "I'm going to Granny's, want something?" 

"Yeah. Grab me a burger and a coke." 

Emma straightened up and walked the counter then slipped around it. That was when she saw a sleek, black, Mercedes-Benz roll past the large shop windows. Her eyes widened and she watched it until it vanished from sight. The corners of her mouth turned downward into a frown. Not many people in this town drove vehicles like that, in fact, she couldn't think of anyone who did. They must be from out of town. This only piqued her curiosity because no one ever visits there.

"You want fries?" Emma asked, heading to the windows to check if she could still see it but then she saw the same car back up.

"Onion rings," Lily called from the back but Emma didn't hear her.

She watched with a confused furrow of her brows as the car parked in front of the floral shop next door. There was a moment before she saw the door open and a figure of a woman get out. Emma started to call Lily to come check this out but then she saw the woman pass the flower shop and head her way. Not wanting to get caught snooping should the woman pass them, she retreated to the counter. 

She had managed to slip behind it before the bell above the entrance of the establishment chimed. She looked up and stared at the petite brunette woman entering the shop. Emma took her in, from her short-sleeved, silk, cream-colored blouse that was tucked into a matching pencil skirt with a thin belt of the same color. Her dark hair was short and coiffed, perfectly framing her face. Emma's eyes traveled down to her nude heels.

A smirk on the woman's red-painted lips told Emma that she had been caught staring. This caused her to straighten up and clear her throat. "Hi, welcome to SwanLily Confections!"

The woman's smirk remained as she pulled her wide, dark, sunglasses off her face, revealing beautiful dark eyes that went perfectly with her gorgeous dark hair and olive skin. "Thank you." Her voice was a rich purr as she spoke and Emma felt it through her body. "I was driving by and I saw this place," she glanced around. "I thought it was so cute."

Emma smiled at that. Cute is exactly what she was going for. That's why they stuck with light colors. "Thank you. We're new. We've only been here about six months."

The woman nodded. "Oh? Well, congratulations on six months." She took a step inside and then another and Emma's eyes were drawn to her legs. "I know how hard it could be to run a business. You seem to have a very nice establishment here, Ms...?"

Emma's gaze snapped back up to the woman's face where she found the woman watching her with an amused expression and a raised brow. "Swan! My name is Emma Swan." Emma said quickly. God, she was making an ass of herself.  

"It's nice to meet you, Emma Swan." The woman said in her smooth voice. Her voice was doing things to her.

"It's nice to meet you too? Um..."

"Regina. Regina Mills." The woman said. "And it smells incredible in here."

Her name was as hot as she was. "Okay, well, Regina, please take a look around and I'm here to answer any questions you have."

Regina dipped her head and started to explore the shop. The way the woman moved with such confidence and sophistication fascinated Emma. She doesn't encounter many women like her. She was so graceful and poised as she examined candies, plushies, and other little things they had lining the white shelves. 

Regina did not seem interested in the self-serve candies located in the center of the shop. Her attention was drawn to the scented teddy bears instead. She brought one to her face and inhaled the scent. It was the brown one so it was chocolate scented. She smiled as she pulled it away from her face. She then picked up the other which was pink so it smelled like strawberries. 

"These are adorable." The woman said looking over her shoulder. Emma barely had enough time to pretend she hadn't been staring but had been fixing the sunflowers in the lavender crystal vase on the counter. 

"Huh?" Emma said, turning to her. "Oh yeah, those are a hit."

"I could imagine." Regina chuckled. "I think I will get these for my niece and me. She'll have one and I'll have one.  It will make the distance easier."

"Oh?" Emma frowned. "You aren't from around here, right?"

"Nope. I used to live here but then I went away for college and never came back." Regina answered. "I live in New York now but I'm taking a short vacation here with my sister and niece."

"That's really cool. The big city. Who is your sister, if you don't mind?" Emma asked curiously. 

"Zelena," Regina answered.

That name did ring a bell. "Oh, I know your sister!" Emma said. "She brings her kid in here once a month."

Regina looked interested in that. "Does she?" She smirked. "Tell me Emma, has she been here this month?" 

Emma nodded, "Last week actually."

There was a mischievous gleam in the woman's brown eyes. "Good to know." She muttered then went back to browsing.

Emma wondered what that was about but she had not gotten to dwell on it for long because the door behind her opened and Lily poked her head out. "Thought I heard someone."

Emma shushed her friend and pushed her back into the kitchen. When Regina turned to look at her, she simply smiled. "So?"

Regina hummed and bit her lip. "Why are you all the way over there? You can come over. I don't bite. Well, I mostly don't bite."

Emma froze. "Oh, I don't…"

"Come here, Emma." Regina's tone left no room for discussion.

Compelled to obey, Emma grabbed one of the small shopping baskets and slipped from behind the counter then headed over to where Regina was. She stopped a few feet behind her and shoved her free hand into the skin-tight jeans back pockets. 

Regina turned around and looked at her, traces of a smirk on her lips. "Come here."

Emma stepped closer. 

"Thank you." The woman said handing Emma the plushies. "Do you mind?"

"Um not at all…" Emma extended the basket and Regina placed her items into it.

"Thank you."

Emma hummed and nodded. It was nice to be out from behind that counter and Regina smelled really nice. The confectionery always smelled of sweets and candies but Emma was so used to it that the familiar scent was pushed back and Regina's vintage Chanel perfume came to the forefront. She was trying to get a good whiff of her without seeming like a creep. It was hard but she managed. Regina smelled like what she imagined classic Hollywood smelled like which matched her look.

Regina was just as beautiful up close and was twice as intimidating. Emma was absolutely smitten and couldn't look away. She watched the woman as she looked around. She picked up a little stuffed animal that had jelly beans in his tummy.

She held it up to Emma and chuckled. "This. Everything in here is so cute."

Emma smiled.

"Even the owner is cute," Regina added. "She's gorgeous actually."

Regina fixed her with a steady gaze, one that was sure and unwavering. Emma felt those dark eyes were staring into her soul, sucking her in and hypnotizing her. "Oh, I-I…" she stammered.

Regina raised a brow as a small smile played on her lips. "Yes?"

"I don't know what to say." Emma cast her gaze downward.

"That's quite alright," Regina said moving over and browsing the shelves again. "I was just giving you a compliment."

"Thank you."

Regina chuckled. "You're welcome, dear. Just relax."

Emma nodded and tried to do that. Regina picked up a bag of chocolates and Emma said, "We make fresh chocolate and fudge. Do you like fudge?"

"I love fudge," Regina answered. "I also like caramel."

Emma took note of that. "We have various types of fudge and caramel. My co-owner is amazing with chocolate."

"Okay. I will take a look but I am also looking for something to put on my desk at work. You know, something to put in a bowl or jar." Regina told her.

"So these little gemstone shaped chocolates?" Emma asked as she picked up a bag.

Regina nodded. "Absolutely," she said, accepting the bag.

She then started to move to the other side of the shop, Emma followed, of course, staying close. She had no idea why she was compelled to follow this woman around like a lost puppy but she couldn't help herself. Regina was drawing her to her and she couldn't stop it. 

She also wanted to ask what Regina did for a living but she felt that was too personal. Regina had no issues with shyness though. As Emma followed her around the store, the woman just handed her things and Emma placed them into the basket. She didn't hesitate, she didn't ask, she just did it. Emma felt that most people would have found it as pushy or bossy but Emma was attracted to bossy women so this worked for her. When they were finished, Emma offered to ring her up and Regina nodded in agreement.

"Look at you carrying my items to the counter. I wonder if all of your customers get this treatment." Regina said following her to the front. Emma laughed a little as she slipped behind the counter. 

"Absolutely not."

"So am I special, Emma Swan?"

"You are, Miss Mills."

Regina sighed and then smiled. "As much as I enjoy that coming from those adorable pink lips of yours, I must say that's a bit formal. Just call me Regina for now… until we get to know each other better."

Emma was curious. "And then what do I call you?"

"We'll see when we get there."

Emma smiled a little. She was curious to find out but this also meant that Regina would come back which was an exciting thought. "Okay."

Regina's gaze fell to the display case beneath the counter. She moved back a bit so she could see the various types of macaroons occupying the shelves. They varied in flavors, colors, and sizes. "You make everything behind these cases?"

"Yep. All of the cases are one hundred percent us." 

"Well, everything looks so delicious," Regina said. "What's your favorite?"

Emma's mouth fell open. No one ever asked her that. "Oh, I enjoy the chocolate truffles. The macaroons are fun to make. Our fudge has a secret ingredient."  Emma rambled on, giving Regina a very passionate answer to her question. She showed her her favorite confections and gave her little backstories for each. "The marzipan-"

"And as for the fruit tarts. Do you make apple?" Regina asked. "Do you make apple turnovers?"

"Uh yeah," Emma answered, she was glad that Regina interrupted her rambling. She was nervous. "Tarts and turnovers."

"Sounds good."

"Would you like some?" 


Emma nodded her head. "Well, they are best warm so allow me to get you some fresh ones from the back…"

Regina nodded. "Alright."

Emma dipped her head then backed up until she hit the doorframe. Regina covered her mouth and chuckled. Emma blushed deeply then slid over a bit and pushed the door open and slid into the kitchen. Lily was standing by the door, listening. 

"Who is that?" The other woman asked as soon as she saw a very flustered Emma. 

"Regina Mills," Emma explained in a whisper. "She's so hot."

"Is she related to Zelena?"

"Yeah," Emma answered.

"From what I can hear, she's flirting with you."

Emma looked at her friend. "Think so?"

"Well, duh," Lily laughed. "She's all over you. Stop being an idiot."

Emma started shifting from foot to foot anxiously. She doesn't date and women often make her nervous. "I think she's just very confident and sophisticated. That sort of energy could come off as flirty."

"Yeah, no, she wants to bang you. When she asks you out, you better say yes."

Emma sighed. "Fuck. Okay."

"Now, what did you come in here for?" 

"Shit. Apple tarts and turnovers." Emma said.

"We have some out there."

"Yeah, but I wanted--"

"Fresh ones. Got it." 

Lily walked over to the counter and put some of them on a cool tray then handed them to Emma. "Go."

She then shoved Emma out the door and back to the front of the shop. Emma emerged from the door and found Regina browsing the items behind the glass again.

"Okay, so I have them," Emma said as she moved over to the pastry boxes and put a couple inside. "Is two of each enough?"

"Sounds good," Regina said without looking up. "I also want macaroons."

Emma nodded her head then set the box down. "Okay, which would you like?"

"Chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, and butter pecan," Regina said, reading the signs. "3 of each."

"No vanilla?" Vanilla was their most popular right next to chocolate.

Regina wrinkled her nose. "No, I'm not a fan of vanilla things… it's let's say boring."

Emma nodded her head. "Got it."

"Do you like vanilla, Emma?"

"I can't say that I do."

"It leaves you a bit dissatisfied doesn't it?"

Emma looked up at Regina. "As a matter of fact it does."

"That's because vanilla is not for you, Emma. You need something bolder and more exciting in your life."

The little sinful glint in the dark-haired woman's eyes told Emma that there was a double meaning to her words and what that was, Emma thought she knew. "I suppose." 

Regina bit her lip. "Well, I know you do. You need something with a little spice."

Oh yeah, she's talking about sex. Emma blushed as she continued putting the macaroons in a box. "Uh… want to try a macaroon?"

She didn't give Regina much of a chance to reply before handing her one. "Oh." Regina chuckled as she accepted the offered treat. "Thank you."

Emma nodded then shut the now full box and then set it aside.

"I promise it tastes as good as it smells."

Taking it as Emma prompting her to take a bite, Regina did exactly that. She bit into the shell of it and it made such a satisfying crunch. How Emma loved that sound but she was distracted by Regina's mouth as she chewed.

Regina groaned before eating the rest of it. "That is delicious. Way too delicious."

"Awesome! Cool that you like it." Emma said happily. 

Regina nodded her head. "You have a goldmine here, Emma. I am very impressed."

Emma grinned at that, pleased that she had managed to impress her new crush. "Thank you very much."

"Mm-hm," Regina hummed, staring into Emma's eyes. 

Emma was sucked in but before she could allow herself to be consumed by Regina's intense gaze, she chickened out and broke eye contact, looking down at the glass. "If you want to try anything else, let me know." 

"Oh." Regina breathed out. "I can think of something I would really like to taste."

Emma's mouth went dry because Regina's eyes said it all. She knew what she meant and what she wanted. Swallowing thickly, she tried to save face. "The cake pops?"

Regina's eyebrows rose in amusement. "Sure, yes." She looked at the display case. "Maybe the swan-shaped one?"

"The swan pop is a creation all my own. It's golden cake with rum in the batter and double dipped in white chocolate. People really enjoy it."

"Well, it sounds heavenly."

Emma nodded her head and moved over to the case. She slid the door open and reached inside, grabbing the white stick. She shut the door and leaned over the case to hand it to Regina who thanked her gracefully. 

"It is gorgeous."

Emma blushed then. Her swan-shaped cake pop was something she made purely from her heart so Regina liking the appearance meant a lot. She watched the woman take a bite. Regina moaned as she chewed and Emma had to avert her gaze for a moment, watching her mouth while she made such sounds were becoming too much. 

"This is exquisite," Regina said as she finished chewing. "Marvellous job."

"Thank you." Emma blushed even deeper and Regina watched her with something like wonder in her eyes.  "Glad you like it."

"Yes, I do but I fear I may get a sugar rush from all these sweets." 

Emma laughed. "Yeah sorry. I just get excited."

Regina smirked. "Oh, you're excited?"

Emma blushed again. "About sweets."

Regina laughed. "Of course. I Bet you're an expert on all things sweet… since you're so sweet."

Emma's heart skipped a beat at that and her stomach began to flutter. She was bad at this and she had no idea how to even flirt back with this woman. "Can I get you something else? Fudge?"

Regina laughed. "No, no. It's alright. Just give me four cakesicles and four cake pops. You can replace one of each with a swan pop though. I find that I really enjoy the taste of swan."

Emma's eyes grew wide and she coughed. "Uh…"

Regina smirked. "So?"

Emma hastily grabbed another box and ran over to the case. She could feel Regina's eyes on her as she hurriedly wrapped the pops in paper and put them in the box. She tried to give her one of each flavor. She threw in strawberry and blueberry for Robin, Regina's niece, since that's what the kid liked. She also used this time to regroup because she was a flustered mess and Regina probably thought she wasn't interested and was a complete jerk. That wasn't the case at all since she did not date much she struggled with showing women that she was interested.

"Okay, here you go."

"And chocolate-covered strawberries as well. Eight."

Emma nodded and went to do that. 

"I have a nice champagne that will go well with them," Regina said as Emma packed another box. "I will probably share them with my sister. Maybe not."

Emma chuckled a little at that. "Zelena likes them."

"I bet she does."

Emma grinned as she finished up. She brought the box back over and set them down. "All done."

"You are such a good girl, Emma." Regina purred seductively and Emma felt it throughout her body. "You're eager to please and you follow instructions exceptionally well."

Emma swallowed. "Thank you."

"You are quite welcome, dear."

Emma just smiled as she stared at the beautiful woman before her. There wasn't much else she could do. 

"Wouldn't you like to ring me up, Emma?" Regina asked playfully.

Emma flinched and nodded. "Yeah, I'm sorry."

"Stop apologizing. You're fine."

"Yes ma'am."

"Mm…" Regina hummed. "I like that."

Emma's gaze fell to the cash register, unable to look into the woman's enchanting eyes. She rang up the items and told Regina her total. As Regina went into her clutch, Emma began packing the reusable lavender bag with the yellow handles and SwanLily written across the front in white cursive.  Regina took out a credit card and paid.

As Emma was handing over her receipt, Regina said her name softly. Emma looked up and met her eyes.

"Emma, I was driving by and this shop caught my eye. It was very cute and quaint but what made me stop was seeing you behind the counter. I thought you were stunning so I had to come in and say hello." Regina confessed. "I wanted to speak to you, so I did. It appears you are interested in women, yes?"

Emma nodded her head. "Yes. I'm… gay."

"I am also attracted to women so aren't we lucky?" she smirked. "I want to take you out, Emma."

Emma's stomach flipped and her palms started sweating. "Oh?"

"Yes to dinner," Regina said, not missing a beat.


"Is that a yes?" 


"Emma, just say yes. I know I'm not reading you wrong. You want to."

Emma swallowed and tried to calm her racing heart. She wanted to but she had a secret. One that kept her from dating. She did not want to waste Regina's time but at the same time, she was so into her. "Yes."

"Good girl." Regina purred. "Is Thursday good for you?"

Emma nodded. That gave her enough time to get her emotions in check and to get a hold of some of her nervousness. "Thursday sounds great." 

"Wonderful." Regina seemed genuinely excited which in turn excited Emma. She couldn't wait for their date. "Give me something to write my phone number down on."

Emma followed the woman's order by grabbing the notepad and pen from under the counter then sliding it to her. She immediately accepted it and wrote her name and phone number down. 

"Okay, that's my number. Facetime me," Regina added the last part with a naughty smile. "I want to see your face tonight." 

Regina slid the paper back to her. "Thanks," Emma said. 

"Don't keep me waiting." This wasn't a request but a demand and it gave Emma such a rush.

"Yes, ma'am."

Regina chuckled. "I find good manners so sexy."

That sent a chill up Emma's spine. Fuck, this woman is so attractive. "Thank you."

They stood there a moment sharing a smile. Regina then glanced down at her rose gold watch. "Well, I should be going."

Emma frowned. She did not want her to go. "Okay."

"See you soon," Regina said with a wink.


Regina turned on her heel and began strutting away. There was an extra sway in her hips that made Emma's lower stomach clench. When she reached the door, she looked back at Emma and then she exited the shop. Emma's eyes followed her until she disappeared from sight. She then released a shaky breath. 

She heard the door behind her open and then Lily joined her at the counter. Her friend sighed as she stared out of the window. 

"So, did you get her number?" 

"Yeah." Emma nodded. "And I'm going on a date with her."

Lily turned to her then bumped her with her shoulder. "That's awesome, Emma! Why aren't you happy?"

"She's so beautiful, charismatic, and playful. She's also really sexy."

"Okay? What a bitch?"

Emma shot her friend a look. "I just don't need her to be so perfect. It will only make it worse in the end."

"In what end?"

"When she finds out…" Emma sighed. "When she finds out and leaves."

"Emma… first of all. There is no guarantee that Regina will leave if she finds out about your secret, okay?" Lily said gently. "Look, just go out with her and talk to her. Feel her out. If she's a bitch, fuck her and if she's not… fuck her."

Getting her friend's meaning, Emma laughed a little. Emma accepted herself and her situation a very long time ago but she knows that not everyone will. She has learned that the hard way. "Easy for you to say, you didn't see how hot she was."

Lily snorted. "Fair enough but I don't want you to psych yourself out before you even go out with her."

Emma nodded. Lily was absolutely right. "Okay."

"Man, it sucks I missed her." Lily sighed. 

"Imagine the hottest woman you've ever seen and multiply it by a hundred."

Lily snorted. "Well, fuck."


"Alright well, I'm sure you will introduce me to her soon enough." Lily sighed. Emma said nothing and simply shrugged. 

"Welp. Anyway, we have a business to run, stop fantasizing about Regina, and get back to work."

Well, how the hell was she supposed to do that? 

"And when you get home you can take a cold shower… horny."

Emma laughed at that. "Shut up."

"You said you wanted something interesting to happen today." Lily reminded her. 

That she did and it came in the form of an alluring brunette with hauntingly beautiful dark eyes. A woman she couldn't wait to see again.