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Kablooie Duck meets Plucky Duck, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny

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Dear Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, and Buster Bunny,

It's Kablooie Duck again. That slightly younger duck who kept trying to date you and took you to Disneyland. You know just in case you've forgotten me... You know, I hope you have forgotten me. I know I'm not going to send this letter so you'll never see any of this. Which is probably for the better. I wasn't a good boyfriend or even a good person. I don't deserve you three and it's better that you didn't remember anything about me. Especially now.


I'm going to college. I'm only 17 so you'll be 18 which means it's not illegal for us to have sex in California but it's sketchy. So I'll wait until I'm 18. The school says that I can skip the last year of high school to go to college due to my skills in villainy. Nobody cares that I wanted to be a firefighter. Despite the fact that I'll be hurting people, everyone seems to prefer I become evil because I'm smart at murder or something. Mom says I can go to school with you, that'd be great but she says I'm too dangerous for our world.

So I'll be moving in with my dad and joining the Acme Looniversity college, they have a surprisingly good supervillain program. I can go to college with you. I even heard you've gotten a reboot on your show. That's all so exciting. I should be happy but somehow I'm not. Maybe it's because I might never see my family again. Maybe I should have been a firefighter like I wanted all those years ago. Maybe I'm scared you'll hate me or you didn't ever love me and couldn't ever love me because I'm horrible. I can't tell. It could all be in my head.

You three were always my atomic bomb. That thing that changed the path of my history in ways I could have never imagined before and could be the end of my entire world. The first explosion that happened rocked my understanding of everything forever and the second crippled my life forever. Nothing has been the same since, I could never move on afterwards. The impact of your existence alone is beyond any understanding humanity can grasp. Right now we have opinions of how to move forward with this.

I could go with history and test you, enter a cold war that could end all life as we know it. Knowing the whole time that if one bomb drops it's mutually assured destruction. I can sit and allow these weapons to rust, knowing with every day that passes the problem will get worse as the methods I use to ignore you are aging and are bound to fail. I could send you to space under the risk you'll come crashing into me to destroy life as I know it, cutting off all ties to you. I could willingly destroy everything. Finally I could disassemble the dangers of you and me, use your nuclear power to better mankind and my flame to fuel a new tomorrow.

Of Course, this is a new frontier and I don't know what you'll do. I don't know how you work and what you can do. I don't know if you'll destroy me in horrific ways. You could kill in some invisible way that breaks me down on an atomic level. You could cure the cancer that's been rotting every bit of me from the inside. It's all unknown. I have become death destroyer of worlds and we are all sons of bitches now. War and love are no longer fair and they have been changed forever, yet war never changes. The bottle has been opened and what comes out cannot be put back in.

The horrors of the atomic bomb remain. My inactive and childish behavior don't keep me safe against it...

Prehaps I should stop worrying and love the bomb.

Babs, Buster, Plucky. I was wrong to purposely flirt with you to make you uncomfortable and attempt to kidnap you. To try to force you to date me. To lie about Happy Land World. If I had thought about anyone but myself for even a second, I'd have acted like a decent human fucking being. I was wrong to behave the way I did to you especially you Plucky. I miss you. I missed you all these years. While you forgot me, I've fallen apart without you three. I'm sorry about everything and you don't have to forgive me. You shouldn't have to forgive me for any of it.

Whatever happens, we'll meet again. Don't know where, don't when but I know we'll met again some sunny day. You'll be smiling through just like you always until the blue skies wash the dark clouds far away.

Until soft rains come, always and forever radioactively yours Kablooie Duck.


Kablooie Duck looked at the finished letter. It'd been the first time he managed to finish a letter to them. Still he deleted it like always did. Everything had changed in these years bit nothing changed at all. He was a different person making the same mistakes. The same person making different mistakes too. Kablooie smiled as he hoped for a different future, he put on his black, fake leather, jacket and black, fake leather, fingerless, biker, gloves, and his orange, flame shaped, sunglasses. He adjusted his orange tank top.

His outfit hadn't changed. Amongst his siblings, he was the shortest. Despite not changing, he looked like an adult. As often 17 years olds do. However he wasn't an adult all the same. Kablooie Duck rushed down the stairs for the car waiting to take him to Acme Acres. It didn't matter when the reboot would happen, he'd appear at the beginning of it to replace Elymra Duff. He hopped inside the car and closed the door. Daffy Duck would be taking care of him until he could move out and pay for college by himself. Until then, Scrooge McDuck agreed to pay for college if only to get the Arsonist out of his house.

The car drove away. It headed for a place beyond this universe into another.


Kablooie Duck's adventures will be continuing. Just not in this canon until Tiny Toons Looniversity comes out. I will still be making fan fiction about him being in love with Babs Bunny, Buster Bunny, and Plucky Duck. If Tiny Toons Looniversity sucks, I will probably make making fan fiction to criticize it using Kablooie Duck. But goodbye for now.

The End.