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Stargate Tarot - Major Arcana

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Tarot card featuring Sheppard in black uniform tossing a coin, against the multicoloured patterns of Atlantis's stained glass.


Meanings: A leap into the unknown, risk-taking, exploration, gaining through loss, new beginnings, potential.

Reversed: problems from recklessness and impulsiveness, foolhardiness.


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McKay as The Magician, standing on the stargate, cradling a red-gold ZPM and holding up a turquoise crystal. Around him, spiraling deep blue and orange-red patterns of space and planets.


Meanings: Knowledge, creativity, the mind, intellect, secrets and mysteries.

Reversed: trickery and illusion, fantasy, lack of will, inability to face reality.


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Samantha Carter in SG1 uniform holding a glowing gold crystal high with her left hand, cradling a P-90 in her right arm. Above her head is the lower half of the SGC Stargate like the horns of the moon, and around her are pale gold constellation maps and stars. Background is space, glowing with orange, gold, purple and green.


Meanings: Arcane knowledge, mysteries, secrets, female power, dualism.

Reversed: Instability, imbalance, lack of wisdom and foresight.


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Teyla as the Empress, sitting cross-legged in ferns in the forest, the Stargate around her and below it, heaped harvest fruits and vegetables. Her bantos are leaning at one side and she's pregnant, cradling her stomach, and wearing a flower crown


Meanings: Fertility, nature, sexuality, beauty, growth, nurturing, patience, maternal power.

Reversed: domestic upheaval, maternal wrath, problems with fertility, alienation.


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Jack O'Neill in dress blues at his desk signing Homeworld Security Department papers, with a glowing Earth globe suspended above his upraised left palm. Behind, the SGC stargate, starry space and the Daedalus.


Meanings: Authority, power, control, leadership, guidance, protection, trust, respect.

Reversed: power abused, domination, restriction, egocentrism, weakness.


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Caldwell in his captain's chair on Daedalus in his flightsuit, the SGC stargate and a green scanner pattern behind, Hermiod and Novak below him.


Meanings: An interface with authority, conservatism, the establishment, respectability, duty, morality.

Reversed: deception, misinformation, distortion, propaganda, rigidity.


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John at left, reaching back to haul Rodney behind him with a hand in Rodney's t-shirt. Behind them, starry space, and the Atlantis stargate, encircling Earth, with Jennifer Keller standing on the Earth side of the stargate, glaring at Rodney.


Meanings: Strong alliances, love, desire, reciprocity, maturation, moral decisions, choices.

Reversed: a moral lapse, indecision, bad choices.


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Aidan Ford with one black eye and a rifle on his shoulder, in local Pegasus garb, standing in a forest. Behing him is the Stargate and DHD, and a Wraith dart flying away through the gate.

Meanings: Will, drive, ambition, break-through, conquest, determination.

Reversed: struggle for control, self-interest, obsession, ruthlessness, riding rough-shod over others.

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Tarot card featuring Richard Woolsey, bald and with glasses, against the multicoloured patterns of Atlantis's stained glass, with the Atlantis Gate above and the city of Atlantis seen through it.


Meanings: Justice, retribution, balancing, decision, analysis, severity, intellect.

Reversed: injustice, bias, prejudice, double-dealing, unfairness, coldness.


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Meanings: Introspection, silence, solitude, inner search, isolation, distance, journey.

Reversed: obstinate self-isolation, turning away from help and advice.


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Tarot card featuring the Atlantis and SGC Stargates interlocked with the Atlantis one active, and clinging onto the gates are a Wraith, an Iratus bug, a goa'uld and several replicators. The background is space with stars and galaxies.

Meanings: A turning point, good or bad fortune, chance, change, the sudden and unexpected.

Reversed: Bad luck. Fate which has to be endured until one's fortunes turn again.

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Teal'c in SGC uniform holding a fluffed up Schrödinger, Sam's ginger cat, with a slight smile. Behind him is a Milky Way stargate set in an alien landscape with a starlit dusk sky and two reddish moons.


Meanings: Self-control, patience, mastery, inner strength, fortitude, discipline, resourcefulness.

Reversed: arrogance, excessive force, defeat, surrender, loss of confidence.


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Carson Beckett upside down suspended in stasis chamber centrally, surrounded by images of John Sheppard with blue scales, blonde scientist with a retort (Perna of Hoff), Carson in midst of the explosion, and Michael (part-Wraith).


Meanings: Waiting, endurance, suspension, renunciation, making amends, sacrifice, gaining understanding, acceptance.

Reversed: unresolved issues, resistance, inner struggle, giving up, passivity, stagnation.


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Todd the Wraith as Death, kneeling over Sheppard who's been life-sucked and is an old, wrinkled man. Around and behind them is open red earth with clumps of grass and a dark river, and in the distance a glowing stargate amid forest, against a dawn or sunset sky.


Meanings: Ending and regeneration, necessary loss and change, death and rebirth, transitions.

Reversed: loss as a blow from fate, resistance to change, devastation, destructive grief.


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Lorne sitting at his desk with stained glass behind him and on the wall his painting of Atlantis and one of the Stargate. He's pouring two mugs of coffee from a carafe, and his desk has files, a pen and a life signs detector on it.


Meanings: balance, moderation, security, equilibrium, synthesis, conflict resolution, healing from the arts.

Reversed: imbalance, clumsiness and ineptitude, conflict, passivity.


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Acastus Kolya - a harsh-looking older man, mostly in a green-russet Genii uniform and cap. Three vignettes - centrally, he's clutching Elizabeth Weir in front of the Atlantis stargate, above, he's on a radio with tortured and bleeding McKay at left, furious Sheppard at right yelling into a radio. Below, a smirking Kolya oversees Todd the Wraith draining Sheppard of lifeforce.

Meanings: The unbridled id causing consciously driven aggression, abuse, greed, addiction, lust. Cruelty, bigotry, self-indulgence, delight in making others hurt and afraid, the Shadow.

Reversed: unconscious cruelty, abusive behaviour driven by repressed rage, lust, narcissism and need for power. Being trapped in the dark side of one's id due to denial and lack of self-knowledge.

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Atlantis's Central Tower, and below it Elizabeth Weir in a dark red top, outlined in red fire, arching as she's struck by the Replicator energy beam. Bright explosion lines radiate out from the strike, and below are portraits of John and Rodney looking angry and unhappy.


Meanings: Chaos, crisis, a blow from fate. Disruption, forced change, natural disaster.

Reversed: self-induced downfall and ruin. Unnecessary suffering. 

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Purplish-blue space filled with colored stars and planets with the city of Atlantis above, a star-shape in space in an oval shield. Below, Radek Zelenka sitting on top of the stargate holding his laptop and a large spanner.

Meanings: Hope, peace, harmony, promise, selflessness, renewal, rejuvenation, a new life.

Reversed: rigidity and lack of change, insecurity, lack of trust, hidden dangers.