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But He Loves Me in the Shadows

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"Hey," Mike says, grabbing Peem's wrist with a quick glance around the rest of the party to make sure no one is paying attention to them, "Come with me."

He pulls Peem out to the balcony, nudging him towards the space against the wall right next to the open sliding doors so that they're leaning up against it side by side. He slips his hand down to tangle his fingers with Peem's before thunking his head backwards.

"Mike?" Peem asks, before craning his head to figure out how visible they are from inside. Satisfied with the fact that they're mostly out of sight, he turns back to Mike, who has closed his eyes. "What's wrong?"

Mike shakes his head. "It's nothing," he says, and opens his eyes to look over at Peem, "Just needed a moment."

Peem tries not to feel too warmed by the words, but it's hard not to—Mike needed a moment and he chose to Peem to have the moment beside. Peem nods and knocks his shoulder against Mike's, leaving them pressed together.

They look out over the campus grounds for a few silent breaths, and then Mike, shifts, letting go of Peem's wrist to tug him closer by the waist so that he's between Peem and the wall. He looks at Peem for a long moment, eyes searching Peem's. Barely any of the light from inside reaches where they are, and it leaves Mike's face shadowed. 

"Wha—" Peem starts to ask, but Mike is fitting a hand to his jaw and pulling him into a kiss before he can finish. Their noses bump together and then they adjust. 

Mike is—as far as Peem has been able to tell in his limited experience—a good kisser. He pulls Peem close, turning them around so their positions are switched and presses Peem into the wall, hand still on his waist.

Peem shivers at the feeling of his back against the wall. Mike leaves warmth wherever he touches Peem, fingers careful against his jaw before sliding down to press over his collarbones. Peem lets out a small noise at that, breaking away to take a deep breath and Mike shushes him, tugging him back into another kiss before Peem can fill his lungs again.

Peem lets his hands curl around Mike's back, careful to not dig his nails in the same way Mike is letting his dig into Peem's side—they'll leave marks that Mike will mouth over later, biting at Peem's hips and the soft skin above them. 

They're careful not to be too rough in kissing each other, the last thing they need is to go back to the party with obviously swollen mouths, and soon they're slowing, trading soft, almost tender, presses.

When Mike finally pulls away, Peem drops his head on Mike's shoulder, reaching down to tangle their fingers once again. Mike rests his chin atop Peem's hair. 

They stay like that for a long few moments, shrouded in the night air, until someone inside bumps against the door and they spring apart.