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Slashers at the Playground Would Include

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Stuck on the seesaw

Chucky, Michael Myers

  • Chucky barely weighs anything, he didn't actually want to play on the seesaw
  • He was just sitting there then Michael decided to be a little shit and sat on the other side
  • Now Chucky is stuck in mid air swearing and Michael thinks he's a genius


Eating dirt and playing with insects they found in the garden

Bubba Sawyer, Lester Sinclair, Asa Emory

  • mmhmmm yummy 
  • Lester's poking at them bugs
  • Asa Emory is trying to save as many bugs from being eaten as possible


Smoking/Drinking under the slide

Tiffany Valentine, Billy Loomis, Bo Sinclair

  • Bo's just there for the alcohol
  • Billy can't tell if he's high or if he's actually smoking with a doll
  • They're watching everyone and just losing their shit


Has fallen off the monkey bars/flying fox so many times

Stu Macher, Leslie Vernon

  • Leslie is using the monkey bars as his own slasher training
  • Stu is hanging upside down - and yes, he did fall
  • "Billy! Billy! Look at me I'm upside- oof" 


Sliding down the Slide

Freddy Krueger, Chromeskull, Brahms Heelshire

  • WEEEEEEEEEEE - Brahms Heelshire
  • Freddy is mostly just trying to block the slide
  • Update: Freddy just got booted in the ass by Chromeskull



Chop Top, Nubbins 

  • They're having competitions to see who can swing the highest.
  • Nubbins tried to jump off the swing and ended up faceplanting the floor
  • Brahms got mad because he wants a turn but the twins were hogging the swings, now he's going feral on the slide


Spinning Wheel

Billy Lenz, Pennywise, Jason Voorhees

  • Jason was a bit scared so he's pushing the wheel for Billy and Penny - really fast
  • Pennywise and Billy are just screaming
  • Billy got dizzy and threw up from spinning too fast


Making daisy chains :)))

Carrie White, Thomas Hewitt, Vincent Sinclair

  • Absolutely wholesome bunch
  • They're making flower crowns for everyone
  • Thomas crushed a few daisies by accident but his chain is still cute