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Facing the Giants- Alternative Ending

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(The stands are packed as the end of the state championship football game is approaching. People grow restless as the score is close and both coaches are talking to their boys in a timeout. We zoom in on the huddle of the Shiloh Eagles and COACH TAYLOR)

COACH TAYLOR: Our starting kicker is hurting real bad. I want David to go in and kick for us. I know you weren't expecting this David but sometimes, unexpected things happen.

(Pan to DAVID, across from COACH TAYLOR in the huddle)

DAVID: Alright Coach, I'm ready. What do you need me to do?

(COACH GRANT looks sure of his decision)

COACH GRANT: I need you to kick a 51 yard field goal.

DAVID: Coach, I haven't even played football for a full year yet, I really don't think that I kick can kick that far

COACH GRANT: Do it for me, and for him(points to the sky)

(The camera pans across the field; COACH GRANT is pointing toward the field goal, or rather, just under it, where DAVID'S DAD is sitting in his wheelchair)

DAVID: Alright Coach, I'll do it.

(The players hurry back onto the field and set up DAVID to kick)

COACH TAYLOR'S HIGHSCHOOL COACH: Good Lord, what is Grant doing? That boy must be one heck of a kicker to line him up that far away

(DAVID sets himself up to kick to the goal 51 yards away when slowly DAVID'S DAD rolls closer to the fence, stands up on both of his broken legs and lifts both of his hands straight up in the air.)

(DAVID smiles when he sees DAVID'S DAD standing. He points to his father to let him know that he sees him )
(DAVID runs up to kick the ball, but the kick is a little short and instead of sailing through the field goal post it seems to lose altitude and torpedo down under the post were DAVID’S DAD is standing with his arms up)


(The football smacks DAVID’S DAD in the head and he falls down at at a perfect 90 degree angle)


BROCK: Don't worry I know CPR! Even though it has never been previously mentioned until this point

(Coach Bobby Duke spits out his sucker with the altitude that Davids kick could only dream to have)

COACH TAYLOR'S HIGHSCHOOL COACH: How does the boy not know that your not supposed to use CPR for broken legs

BROCK: (whispering) Finally those classes at the Y came in handy!

(BROCK makes his way to DAVID'S DAD and administers CPR. DAVIDS DAD seems to be protesting violently)

(Suddenly a pop is heard as one of DAVID'S DAD ribs breaks. DAVIDS DAD passes out from the pain of rebreaking 2 legs and breaking a rib)

(BROCK stands up, satisfied with himself)

BROCK: There! I'm pretty sure his airways are cleared now, apart from the broken ribs!

COACH TAYLOR: Broken ribs!?!?

COACH BOBBY DUKE: Oh the humanity!!!

COACH TAYLOR: Is there a doctor in the stands? Someone, anyone, help this old, old, probably dead, man!

NURSE: Im a receptionist at a doctors office! I've seen enough dead bodies to know that that is, in fact, a dead body

COACH TAYLOR'S HIGHSCHOOL COACH: Don't you think that we should get a little more verification er-

BROCK: Wow! I don't see any other way that we could possibly confirm that this man is dead

DAVID: this is terrible I don't even have the money to pay for a funeral

COACH TAYLOR: David your like a son to me, a son that can't kick to save his own fathers life, and for that reason I'm going to give you some of the money I had saved to paint sweet flames on my new truck

NURSE: Now I may mess up the occasional pregnancy test but even I can see that the result to this horrible situation is positive

BROCK: You know, I can't help but feel like I had some part to play in this man's death

COACH TAYLOR'S HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL COACH: Guys there's something in his pocket

(COACH TAYLOR'S HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL COACH reads the letter aloud in a loud voice)




Dear David,
I wanted to wait till after the state game to tell you this. Win or lose, I think it's important that you know the truth. I was so adamant about you playing football because of some miscommunication and confusion on my part. When you and I were talking about football outside, I thought we were talking about fÙtball, as in British soccer. I wanted to advance your career and move to England because there are too many mosquitoes in Georgia and I wanted to see if the queen was in need of a new husband because she is so, so hot.
Love you, dad