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A Pirate's Life for Me

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Elizabeth Swan tossed and turned under her covers, so caught up in her nightmare that she didn't hear the door open

In her mind, it was not morning in Port Royal, but midnight in London many years before; the night her mother had died. Elizabeth's maid told her that her ill mother had taken a turn for the worst and wished to speak with her. She ran to her parents' bedchamber, not wanting to believe what she had been told. In her young mind, her mother could not be dying; it was only two weeks till her tenth birthday. However, when Elizabeth slowed her steps at the doorway, she heard her mother coughing and she just knew this could be the last time she saw her. With a deep breath she walked into the room.

Abigail Swan was leaning back in the bed, recovering from the coughing fit that had racked her weary body just moments before. Elizabeth felt faint seeing her energetic mother in looking so frail. She saw her father, head bowed, at her mother's side. Then gathering her courage, she calmly walked further into the room. Despite her composed demeanor, the she was shaking with fear on the inside.

Her mother saw her and gestured her forward. When Elizabeth got to her mother's side she saw just how pale she was. "Elizabeth, come here and sit with me," said Abigail, patting the space on the bed beside her. Elizabeth obeyed and her mother continued, "I love you very, very much, always remember that. I am so sorry I will miss your party, it would have been truly grand."

"No you won't mommy, you'll be there when I blow out the candles and open my presents!" Elizabeth said desperately, not sure who she was trying to convince. "I'm sure that you will be fine, mommy; don't worry. I'll take good care of you."

"No Elizabeth, darling, you must take care of your father, and remember to believe in yourself and that I will always love you." She whispered, and then closed her eyes. Her father began to cry silently, and Elizabeth realized that her mother had left her.

Then, suddenly, the face in the dream changed. It was no longer her mother, lying dead, but Captain Jack Sparrow. Elizabeth was no longer a ten year old girl, but an eighteen year old young woman. When she saw Jack just lying there, it struck a chord in her for some inexplicable reason. As quickly as his face had appeared, it disappeared once more as the reality she was in came rushing back to her as she awoke.