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good news shouldn’t stay hidden

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Two lines on a stick and the inheritor of the One For All is reduced to a weak-kneed, shaky mess.

Nearing the fourth year of his marriage to Dynamite and his seventh year as pro Hero Deku, Midoriya supposes this was long-expected. He holds the stick up, examining it closely. It's still there, two dark lines glaring back at him. He turns his head towards the coffee table, at the two other similar sticks bearing the same damning two lines.

Midoriya likes children. It's evident enough with Kota, Eri, Mahoro, and Katsuma.

His husband, on the other hand...well, he does like children,

- in his own unique way, that is.

Letting out a sigh, Midoriya gathers the three pregnancy tests and dumps it in the trash bin. He has to visit the hospital soon and in the meantime, he’ll hold off announcing it to Kacchan until the doctor’s confirmed the news.




“Something smells sweet.” 

Midoriya glances at the door and sees Bakugou leaning on the door frame. He smiles at him and waves the bright red apple skewered on a wooden stick.

”Welcome home, Kacchan. I’m making some candied apples.”

Bakugou uncrosses his arms and walks toward his mate. He slides a hand over Midoriya’s nape before leaning in to scent the omega. 

“Is that brat coming over?”

Midoriya snorts, “Eri’s no longer a little girl. You know she hates it when you call her that.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes. He nips at the smaller man’s earlobe, making the other man shiver and playfully nudge him.

“A brat will always be a brat. When will she arrive?”

“Tomorrow. She’ll stop by before dinner.” Midoriya twists the cap off of the small container and pours a small dose of red food coloring on the saucepan. He stirs the mixture and more sweetness bleeds into the air. 

“Make extra.” Bakugou sniffs. There’s a different sweetness in the air. A familiar scent reminiscent to his husband’s own heat scent. He ruffles Midoriya’s hair affectionately before stepping back. He retreats from the kitchen, taking note to schedule a three-day leave two weeks from now. 

He’s almost out of the room but pauses for a moment near the door.

“That brat will probably whine about wanting more. Give her lots of the damn sweets ‘till her teeth rot.”

Midoriya grins and gestures at the bushel of apples at the counter. “Already on it, Kacchan.”




The faint sounds of twinkling laughter reach Bakugou’s ears as soon as he arrives home. He recognizes that lilting voice chatting with Midoriya. He grins as he approaches the pair.

“Yoh, noisy brat.” Bakugou greets. He purposely ruffles the hair of the white-haired girl knowing that the gesture would annoy her.

“Stop messing with my hair!” Eri whines and slaps Bakugou’s hand off. She pats her hair and tucks the strand behind her ear. 

Bakugou smirks and plops down beside Midoriya. “How’s your studies? Flunking?”

The girl huffs, “As if! I’m getting straight A’s.”

Midoriya chuckled at the adorable pout decorating Eri’s face. “Kota’s been helping her with English.”

“That kid? Seriously?”

“Hey! Kota’s really smart!” Eri defended her friend. “Probably even smarter than you.” 

Bakugou smirks, “Why are you upset? Are you dating that twerp?” 

Red fills Eri’s cheeks. “N-no! He’s just a friend.”

“This shitty nerd was ‘just a friend’ too. Look where that got us.” Bakugou didn’t relent, opting to tease Eri further.

“Stop teasing Eri and eat your dinner.” Midoriya chides with an amused smile on his face. He knows the alpha cares strongly for Eri despite his penchant for getting a rise out of the girl. 

Kacchan, it seems, has a tendency to relentlessly tease people he loves.



Before Eri leaves the apartment, Midoriya whispers to her that it was Kacchan’s idea to make some extra candied applies so she can bring some to her dorm. He revealed that bit of information hoping that it’ll make up for his alpha’s attitude earlier.

“I always knew that jerk’s a softie. Kota thought the same.” Eri mutters back. She sighs, before stomping inside and hugging Bakugou.

“Thanks for these, I guess.” Eri thanks the taller man. 

“Don’t eat them all, you’ll rot your teeth. Give some to the other brat.” Bakugou messes her hair once again making Eri grumble, irked. She walks away from the alpha and embraces Midoriya once more before finally returning home.

Midoriya watches her go and disappear on the street corner. He closes the door with a satisfied smile on his face. Eri’s grown bigger once again and she’s taken control of her powers now. Midoriya’s glad and proud she’s come so far and that her Quirk isn’t hurting her anymore.

“Tell her to text you once she’s at UA.”Bakugou says as Midoriya slumps down beside him. He grabs the remote and turns on the television. 

“Already did.” Midoriya replied. He scoots closer to the alpha, planting kisses all over his neck and collarbones. He nuzzles his face over his husband’s scent glands, breathing in and letting out a rumbling noise inside his throat: an omega’s purr.

Bakugou hauls him up, positioning him over his lap. He wraps his strong arms around his mate, hands travelling down to Midoriya’s generous backside and giving it a squeeze.

“Mmm, Kacchan.” Midoriya moved his hips to rub against Bakugou’s dick. He shivers as the man gropes his ass, fingers pressing down between his cheeks. The alpha traces the rim of Izuku’s hole over his shorts.

Shiver runs down Izuku’s spine as he met Katsuki’s lips in an open-mouth, heated kiss. His own hands roam and find its way on Katsuki’s chest. Kacchan’s  luscious tits, although Kacchan will probably thump his head if he calls it that.

Izuku thumbs the hardened nubs, delighting in the moan that leaves his alpha’s lips. Kacchan is sensitive here, he loves making the alpha cum while sucking on his nipples.

Warm hands slip inside his shorts, touching and grabbing his butt. He can feel himself starting to slick, his dick half-mast. Katsuki’s almost fully hard too so he grinds down to coax it to full on boner.

The alpha growls before thrusting his hips up, “Izuku,” 

Midoriya grins before kissing his husband once more. He was about to take Katsuki’s dick out of his clothes but the television distracts him.

“Wha - Why’d you stop?!” Katsuki demands, glaring at his mate.

“They’re broadcasting a documentary on Endeavour!” Midoriya argues as he tries to wriggle out of Katsuki’s lap.

“What the fuck! We’re fucking!” Katsuki snarls, hugging his husband closer. 

Izuku whines, “Kacchan! I haven’t seen this one!” 

Bakugou lets out a frustrated noise, “Just fucking ask the IcyHot bastard!”

“I can’t just ask Shouto to— ahn! Damn it, Katsuki!” The omega jolts as Katsuki dips his finger between his cheeks and starts playing with his hole. Izuku hears the lewd squelch of his slick as his alpha toys with his ass.

Izuku’s cock is fully hard now, and so is Bakugou’s. The scent of horny alpha and omega floods the room making them both hazy and aroused. On the tv, Endeavour speaks about his family and the incident on Touya.

Midoriya turns his head towards it but Bakugou growls and nips at his omega’s scent glands.

Oh nngh fuck, Kacchan — Fine! Fine, you win, fuck me on this couch.”

Bakugou grins savagely before pushing Midoriya down. Endeavour be damned.


Waking up in the morning in the living room with dried cum on his inner thigh is the worst (best). Izuku grumbled as his husband fondles his thighs and ass. 

Fucking Kacchan and his thighs-ass fetish.

Shower sex is the worst (best).


Saying hello to the tempura he ate for lunch as he flushes the toilet isn’t the best way to start his afternoon patrol. Todoroki looked at him with concern when his face paled and he rushed to the toilet. He was supposed to roam the streets with Todoroki this afternoon but his stomach acted up.

”Are you alright?” Izuku hears Todoroki’s voice from behind the door.

“I’m fine!” He shouts back. Turning on the faucet, he scoops water in his hands and gargles it to remove the acidic taste in his mouth. He mourns the loss of the delicious lunch that Kacchan prepared for him.

(It slips his mind, that this was a symptom of his pregnancy and the start of the terrifying morning but-not-quite-exclusive-to-morning-only sickness.)




“What took you so long?” Bakugou greets as his mate entered their home. On Midoriya’s arms are bulky plastic bags, which made Bakugou frown. Why would Deku go shopping near store closing hours? 

“Sorry, I stopped by at the store and bought these.” Midoriya shows the contents of the plastic bags: blankets of various colors and textures, clothes, bathroom and bedspread materials. The couple both head towards the living room. Midoriya drops the bags on the coffee table, ruffling through his haul. 

“For your nest?” Bakugou assumes. Midoriya nods and smiles as he pulls out a fleece blanket colored in black and orange.

“I found your limited edition blanket! It’s the last stock they have. You’re really popular, Kacchan.” Midoriya coos as he rubs his face over its softness. Bakugou snorts at the sight of his omega cuddling his official merch. Adorable nerd.

“If you wanted one, you should have said so.”

“But I want to support your official merch.”

“Idiot,” Bakugou murmurs, softly. He presses a soft kiss on the shorter man’s forehead. “We’re married. If you buy my shit, you’re just handing your money over to your husband.”

Chuckling in reply, Midoriya hugs the blanket closer to himself. “I’ll be your sugar daddy, number one hero.

Bakugou snorts at him. He goes through the rest of the items that Midoriya’s purchased. There’s all sorts of hero merch. An All Might pillow case, an Uravity shirt, a half-red-half-white-towel, a mug with ‘Unbreakable!’ label, a pair of socks with a ‘Recipro’ on the left and ‘Burst’ on the right. There’s so much more items with their friends’ design.

“You really went all out.” The alpha comments. Though it isn’t quite surprising considering Izuku’s weakness for hero stuff and his love for their friends who are frankly their pack too.

Occupied with scenting all his new stuff, Midoriya doesn’t notice the thoughtful, intense look in his alpha’s eyes.




“Are you seriously eating that shit?” 

Midoriya blinks up at Bakugou, the slice of tasted bread with a generous layer of mayonnaise and strawberry jam is still in his hand. It’s recent discovery of his, who knew that sour creaminess of mayo goes well with the sweet-sour taste of strawberry.

He bites into his creation, “You should try it.”

“No way in hell.” Bakugou scoffs as he scoops the runny egg with his bread and takes it into his mouth. 

His omega pouts. He offers his horrifying breakfast once more, insisting that his mate should at least take a tiny bite before coming to conclusion.

“Come on, just a small bite.” Midoriya pleads, wiggling the offending slice of bread near the alpha’s mouth.

Bakugou sighs and gives in. As soon as it hits his tastebuds, he decides it ain’t that bad but it ain’t that good either. The sourness of mayonnaise floods his mouth,

— on a second thought, it’s disgusting as fuck.

Bakugou gags before scrambling to pick up his orange juice. He downs the entire glass, grimacing.

“Really?” Bakugou hisses after recovering.

Midoriya cheekily shoves the entire (terrifyingly disgusting!) bread inside his own mouth.

(There’s a knowing glaze in Bakugou’s eyes as he watches his husband create another monster mayo-strawberry bread.)




Almost three weeks after discovering he’s pregnant, Midoriya finds himself in the vestige world. The other inheritors of One for All staring at him, judging him. For what, Izuku isn’t sure.

“Midoriya, aren’t you forgetting something?” The owner of Blackwhip, Daigoro, says, shaking his head in disappointment.

“Have I done something wrong?” Midoriya replies. He can’t recall anything he has possibly done to deserve this.

Shimura Nana is chuckling at him, “In Midoriya’s defense, I also experienced the similar circumstances.”

“But it didn’t take you weeks to own up to your mate.” En retorts. “This one’s delaying it until the inevitable.”

“Delaying what?” Midoriya questions, confused at the subject. What has he forgotten that Shimura also experienced?

Shimura grabs his arms, amusement evident in her expression. “You’re carrying a child and you haven’t told your alpha.”

Oh, that. 

“Wait, you can sense that?!” Midoriya blurts out.

“We’re inside you, not in a gross way.” Daigoro says with a shrug.

“These guys did the same to me when I found out I was pregnant.” Shimura gestures towards the other men. She then pins Izuku with a meaningful gaze. “Although I have a feeling that in your case, you’re deliberately postponing telling your mate.”

Was he? Did he not want Kacchan to know? Obviously if he does tell it to his mate, there’s always the fear that the alpha will become too overprotective. That he’ll coddle Izuku and prevent him from Hero work — although Kacchan can’t really control him.

“I trust Kacchan. And Kacchan trusts me.” Izuku declares, still there’s hesitation lingering in his heart.

Daigoro raises a brow, “So tell him already, brat.” 

“Don’t mind Daigoro. Ever since All for One’s defeated, that guy’s been lonely. He missed talking to you.” En jokes, laughing as Daigoro raises his middle finger in retaliation. “But seriously Midoriya, I think it would do you good to come clean.”

Izuku feels the pull of the real world. He’s fading from the world of vestige. 

Shimura embraces him, “Tell him, Izuku.”

They vanish before his eyes and sleep takes over his conscience.



The other day it was Spicy Curry, last night was Stir-fried Garlic Shrimp, and today, Kacchan’s cooking Sautéed Pork with Onions.

Three consecutive days of his wonderful husband preparing wonderful food.

If only the strong aroma of said food isn’t making Izuku’s knees weak and an extreme urge to regurgitate whatever’s left in his stomach.

“It’s almost done. Set the table, Deku.” Bakugou says as he stirs the meat and onions.

Midoriya heads to the cupboard and brings out the dining utensils. He places them on the table before walking towards the refrigerator.

“Whaddya wanna drink?” He asks as he surveys the contents of the fridge. “We got cranberry, milk, and lemonade.”


Grabbing the pitcher filled with cold water, Midoriya closes the door of the fridge and returns to the dining table. He presses his lips together as the scent of onions assaulted his nose. 

His alpha transfers the cooked dish on a plate and walks toward the table. Bakugou places the dish on the table and Midoriya escapes from it by excusing himself to grab them some bowls for rice.

He takes his time scooping the rice from the rice cooker, drowning himself in the fragrance of freshly cooked rice. Why can’t onions smell a little less stronger?

“Having trouble?” Bakugou calls out, likely wondering why he’s taking so long for a mere two bowls of rice.

“I’m good!” Midoriya replies. Sighing internally, he resigns to his fate and heads back to the table and the godforsaken onion-reeking dish.

As Kacchan starts munching on their lunch, Midoriya finds himself struggling to keep it down. He tries to hide it but from the looks the blond is giving him, it’s obvious that he’s not enjoying it.

“Don’t you like it?” Bakugou questions, with a raised brow.

Midoriya shakes his head, “I-I like it, Kacchan.”

“Go ahead and eat then,” Bakugou replies before shoving strips of onions in his mouth. Midoriya feels his stomach roil. He picks up the bit of pork and shoves it in his mouth, praying that he doesn’t vomit on the table.

Shudder runs down his spine as the juice of the meat fills his mouth. 

“Have some more,” Bakugou repeats. He pushes the plate closer to Midoriya.

There’s a smirk in those lips as he seemingly taunts him, “Go ahead, Izuku. Eat some more.”

And it sinks in,

Oh, this bastard.

This fucking smirking, sexy bastard—!

Midoriya puts his chopsticks down with a force. “You—! Kacchan! You knew!”

Bakugou leans back on his seat and haughtily sniffs, “Know what exactly, Deku?”

“That I’m,”

“That you’re...?” Bakugou smugly prods.

“Pregnant!” Midoriya finishes, a slight scowl in his lips as he takes in the growing smirk on Kacchan’s face.

“Heh, finally. You said it, damn nerd.”

“So the last three days you purposefully made those dishes to what, make me suffer?”

“It was fun seeing your face go green,” Bakugou shrugs. “Besides, those dishes are supposedly good for our kid.”

Our kid. Our kid.

Two words and Midoriya feels like he’s melting. Oh gosh, they’re really gonna be a family.

“You’re a jerk.” Midoriya softly retorts, his throat suddenly constricting.

Bakugou stands and steps towards him. He kneels in front of his omega, holds Izuku’s hand and kisses it.

“You’re the best damn thing in my life.” Bakugou murmurs as he takes the hand of his mate on presses Izuku’s palm on his cheeks.

Midorya strokes Bakugou’s face, wiping the stray tear that fell from the alpha’s red eyes.

“Love you too, Kacchan.”






They schedule an appointment with a renowned omega gynaecologist the following day.

When they stepped out of the hospital, they’re surrounded by bright, flashes and excited shouts from paparazzis.

The shot of Pro-Hero Dynamight proudly showing off a sonogram, with the biggest (and frankly, menacing) grin on his face while at his side was Pro-Hero Deku softly, lovingly stared at his husband, went viral on Twitter minutes after its release.