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A night on the town

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Bess would be lying if she said her heart didn’t skip a beat when the french woman next to her grabbed her hands and helped her along the ice. The lights in the rink where bright but showed off Odette/George’s beautiful face. Bess couldn’t help but stare at the ghost who was inhabiting her friends body.

Some people might think this was weird... even Bess thought it was weird, to experience these feelings for someone with your friends body but not even see your friend in their eyes at all. Bess swallowed roughly as Odette stopped. Her eyes shifting to the side of the rink to see Ace rushing out of the doors in a hurry, his phone up to his ear. Bess suddenly felt uneasy as she thought about what could be happening. She was quickly snapped out of her thoughts by a soft voice.

“Would you like some more?” Odette said in her french accent that sounds vaguely like George. Bess just turned her head and watched as the ghost pulled out her small metal flask and brought it up to her lips. She stared as some of the amber liquid dripped down Odette’s chin.

She unconsciously brought her hand up and used her thumb to wipe the liquid off. Odette removed the flask from her lips and stared at Bess. Bess shivered under her gaze but didn’t remove her hand from where it cupped the black haired girls chin.


Time seemed to disappear and the next thing Bess remembered was being pushed against an alleyway wall.

“I’ve never done this before.” Whispered Odette as she held onto the taller girls waist.

“It’s okay, let me show you.” Bess said feeling a sudden burst of confidence. She pushed forward and captured Odette’s lips, kissing her deeply. She was startled when the smaller girl let out a soft keening sound and then began to kiss her harder, pushing her against the brick. Bess’s whole body felt like it was on fire.

Odette’s lips were insistent against hers. They were rough but soft in a way that made Bess melt. Bess could feel Odette’s tongue tracing along her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth allowing Odette’s tongue inside. They kissed feverishly for awhile before finally pulling away for air.

“Pretty okay for your first time.” Bess stated, out of breath.

“Oh mon petit amour, I can do so much better.” Odette responded in a cocky tone. Her french accent sent a pinge start to Bess’s heart. Before the taller girl could respond Odette’s lips found hers once more.


Time disappeared once more and the next thing Bess remembered was being on the bench in the police station. The french girls head resting on her should, her face peaceful as she slept. Bess’s heart fluttered as she observed the french girl.

She knew she would be in trouble when George woke up but Bess was okay with that, right now all she needed was some rest with the person she was falling in love with. Bess yawned and rested her head on top of Odette’s, her eyes slowly closed and she fell asleep listening to Odette’s soft breathing.