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The Fates Want Change

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Jason's POV

Piper, Leo and I have been trying to figure out more about Percy Jackson since we got here, but all anybody will tell us is that the only people who can really tell us about him are Annabeth, some fa-, I mean, Satyr, named Grover, and Percy Jackson himself. Well, Percy isn't here, Annabeth is too busy with the Argo II to talk, and we've never met Grover. The three of us are starting to think that the guy is just a little over-exaggerated, especially me, I mean, everybody is always comparing me to him and it seems like I just don't quite meet his standards. We were on our way to tell Annabeth that we didn't think Percy sounded all that great. Bad plan, I know, but we were kind of hoping that she'd be mad enough to tell us about him, but hopefully not mad enough to kill us. That girl is SCARY. Anyway, one minute we were searching camp for Annabeth, the next we're standing in a very large room full of giant yelling people and very confused looking demigods, and unless I'm mistaken, there were two Clarisse's and two Annabeth's…

Percy's POV

I was going to meet Frank and Hazel so we could leave and get this quest over with. The way I see it, the sooner we leave, the sooner I can work on getting my memory back and finding Annabeth. Because it's pretty obvious that she's not here. As confusing as it is, I'm pretty sure that I've done something like this before, and I would kind of like to know why I feel like it. Plus, Hazel and Frank looked so worried that it would be nice to know what I've done so I can know how to tell them that it will be ok. I was brought out of my thoughts by sudden yelling. I looked up to find myself in a large room (why does this look so familiar?) full of familiar looking people (again, why?) and everybody looked confused. Although, two of the people looked like Annabeth…

Hestia's POV

Considering the year-round campers are here and everything, I was hoping that this council meeting wouldn't turn into an argument over who Mother loves best. Guess that was too much to hope for when it comes to my brothers. I was about to go break them up when a very confused looking group of demigods and even a couple of mortals appeared. Zeus will not be- yup, he's seen them.

Here we go.

"WHO DARES INTERRUPT THIS MEETING?!" All the newcomers turned to stare at him for a moment before one of them, a blonde haired girl with grey eyes, in fact, an older looking version of one of the campers already here, Annabeth I think her name was, stepped forward and inquired "you mean you do not recognize us sir?"

That's when she noticed the younger campers, and her grey eyes widened in shock and realization. "Ok, this is a new one. I think we went back in time." As if to prove her point, a letter appeared in her hand and, Zeus being Zeus, rudely demanded that she read it.

Dear confused demigods and annoying gods and goddesses,

We have sent you these demigods from the future so you may know what all your arguing and ignorance causes. Also, some of the demigods wanted to know more about the strongest hero to live, so this kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. We are hoping to teach you a lesson with this, so no killing any of the demigods, no fighting amongst yourselves, and be nice to the mortals. Demigods, you are to give your full titles, Percy we will return your memories to you momentarily. ("YES!" Wait, why do some of them look so relieved to see him, weren't they just with him?) Don't freak out over some of the demigods lineage either, the future is messed up (cue nods from all of the future demigods). We have decided to give you books to read, they are about the future and they follow young Percy Jackson's life as a demigod so far. (groans from the demigod from earlier. "Does it count if I don't remember it?") Don't worry about your duties, time is now frozen outside the palace. Read and enjoy. And remember, no killing the demigods no matter what happens in the books, yes all of it really happened, just no killing anyone.

The Fates

The girl looked up and said "well, I guess we should introduce ourselves? How about the future demigods first?" At this she looked up at Zeus questioningly, at which he nodded his consent.

"So, um, I guess I'll start? Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, sailor of the Sea of Monsters, walker of the Labyrinth, bearer of the sky, Savior of Olympus and official Architect of Olympus. At least I was before I was kicked out of it…" This last part was muttered so that it was barely heard. Athena looked startled that Olympus might need an official architect. Annabeth's younger self just stared at her.

"Piper McClean, daughter of Aphrodite, charmspeaker."

"Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, Supreme Commander of the Argo II, once its built anyway, and fire user."

"Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares, drakon slayer." At this, Ares and younger Clarisse looked shocked and smug, although Clarisse looked a little apprehensive at that thought of fighting the drakon.

"Chris Rodriguez, son of Hermes" Chris looked up at this, startled, he must have been unclaimed. Hermes just looked shocked. He stood up suddenly and yelled "oh my, Chris I am so sorry, I hope you can forgive me for that," at that he snapped his fingers and effectively claimed Chris .

"Percy Jackson, er, I still don't remem-" a moment later he went cross-eyed and continued with "nevermind that. Ugh, do I really have to say all of this Wisegirl?" "Yes, Seaweed Brain, you really have to say it all" Annabeth stated after going to hug him, a moment later she judo-flipped him "and if you ever leave me like that again so help me I will-" Everyone stared in amazement as he cut her off with a kiss. Athena stood up to blast him, but was interrupted by Percy saying "duly noted Wisegirl, but ah, you're making a scene in front of our parents." She looked up, blushed, then let him up and told him to continue with his introduction.

"Anyway, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, slayer of Medusa, the furies, the Minotaur a few times, a bunch of other monsters, I'd like to point out now that technically speaking Mount St. Helens was not my fault, I blame the Telkhines *here a few of the futures started laughing while others looked confused*, sailor of the Sea of Monsters, traveler of the Labyrinth, traveler of the Underworld too a few times, uh, bane of Hyperion, defeater of Kronos, *cue gasps of shock and outrage from the council* and Savior of Olympus. Er, did I leave anything out Wisegirl? Oh yeah, bearer of the sky as well."

When he was done, everybody just stared at him in shock, until one of the mortals broke the silence yelling "Perseus Jackson, you never told me all of that!" Percy just flinched and looked around just in time to be hit by her flying tackle hug. "And if you ever go disappearing like that again I will ground you for the rest of your life young man!" He just chuckled and hugged her "I missed you too mom, but this time it wasn't my fault." She just chuckled and said almost fondly, "it never really is, is it?" Watching them made me smile, this was how family should act, not like my brothers and their constant fighting. Speaking of my brothers… "Can we continue with the introductions please?!" Zeus, as impatient as always, demanded.

"Nico di Angelo, Son of Hades, *gasps of astonishment from some of the demigods and outrage from some of the council* traveler of the Labyrinth, Ghost King, heir to the Underworld, and…" here he flinched and looked towards the astonished demigods from earlier "ambassador of Pluto to the twelfth legion and city of New Rome." At this, all the council stared, and I understood their confusion, here was a Greek demigod, claiming to be Pluto's ambassador to the Romans. On top of that, judging from the Romans, for I could see that they were Romans, reactions, he didn't tell them that he was Greek. That's when Percy jumped in "oh, yeah what was up with not telling me when you saw me yesterday?! You knew and you said nothing?!"

"I'm sorry Percy, but I swore on the River Styx not to tell either camp about the other, and I couldn't interfere in Hera's plans, I wanted nothing more than to tell you." At this Annabeth jumped in, clearly ticked off at the thought that Nico had known where her boyfriend was, for it was clear those two were dating, and had not told her where and that he was alright. "And you didn't at least tell us that he was alright because…?" At this one of the Roman girls jumped in to defend him, stating that Percy hadn't stumbled into camp until yesterday. They would have continued to argue, but my dear patient brother, note the sarcasm, cleared his throat and they decided to continue with the introductions.


"and Connor-"

"Stoll, sons of Hermes and pranksters extraordinaire" Two boys that definitely looked like sons of Hermes stated proudly, they also looked like twins, although if memory served, they were a year apart and Travis was the taller one. Hermes looked unsurprisingly proud at their pranking title.

"Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter"

"Will Solace, son of Apollo and top healer at camp"

"Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, Lieutenant of Artemis and savior of Olympus" Both Artemis and Zoe looked shocked that this girl was the lieutenant, but before they could ask what happened to Zoe in the future, Poseidon stood up and looked ready to question his brothers about their children.

I encouraged the demigods to continue before they could, giving Poseidon a look that clearly told him to sit down.

"Frank Zhang, son of Mars, Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, Twelfth Legion Fulminata Rome."

"Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto, Fifth Cohort, Twelfth Legion Fulminata Rome." Hades looked like he was going to explode at this. Otherwise he just stared at her in shock.

"Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, Praetor Twelfth Legion Fulminata Rome, defeater of Krios and toppler of the Titan Throne." Hera stood and was about to say something, when "touch him Hera and you will regret it very much" Thalia warned.

"Reyna Ramirez-Arellano, daughter of Bellona, Praetor Twelfth Legion Fulminata Rome."

"Dakota, son of Bacchus, Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, Twelfth Legion Fulminata Rome"

"I would just like to point out that, no, that is not wine he is drinking, but rather very sugared Kool-Aid…" Reyna hastily pointed out.

"Gwendolyn ( a/n does it ever say her last name? ), Roman Senator and former Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, Twelfth Legion Fulminata Rome"

"Alright, but who are these others with you? Those four are not demigods" Zeus stated, quite obviously too, might I add. The woman who scolded Percy earlier curtsied, my family will be so shocked, a mortal with manners, and said "Sally Blofis, Percy's mother. Lord Zeus, if I hear that you ever threatened my son again, you will regret it, never doubt a mother."

Ok, maybe not so much with the manners? But it is clear how much she loves her boy, this is how a family should be, hopefully my brothers do learn something from this…

"I'm, uh, Paul Blofis, Sally's husband and Percy's stepfather, er, p-p-pleasure to er, meet you" Oh dear, the man looks shell shocked to see us. Well he is mortal, and its obvious he knows who his step-son really is but…

"Grover Underwood, Satyr and Lord of the Wild." That caught my nephews attention, maybe Pan really did pass on… oh dear.

"Rachel Elizabeth Dare, mortal and Oracle of Delphi at your service."

"I got a new oracle?! Oh yeah man!" Apollo then proceeded to start dancing around the room, catching the surprised Oracle and twirling her in what I'm assuming to be celebration. The council just watched in amusement while the demigods on the floor scrambled to get out of the way, although Hades looked surprisingly guilty when the Oracle was brought up, the looks he received from Percy and Nico didn't go unnoticed by me either. When Apollo finally calmed down and let go of the poor Oracle (courtesy of Artemis dragging him by the ear back to his throne), Zeus turned his attention to the demigods from our time, and it was then that Ladies Amphitrite and Persephone were noticed, as well as Triton. Huh, wonder what he is doing here, although judging by the glare he is sending Percy, it is possibly so he can learn to get along with his half-brother. Zeus quickly introduced them for those demigods who didn't know and (rather rudely too) requested that the remaining visitors introduce themselves again.

Chiron's POV

When I requested to being my year-round campers to Olympus for a field trip visit, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. And the boy Percy, when I met him at Yancy earlier in the year, I never expected him to accomplish all that. Sure, I expected great things from him, same as all my students, but, fighting and defeating Father? As well as all the other things he listed in his very long title? And the rest of my students, I couldn't be prouder hearing of their accomplishments, although I have a feeling that they did not share everything, although I do worry at some of the faces I don't see and am glad that the daughter of Zeus is no longer a tree, it sounds as though much has happened in the next… must have only been four to five years. And I must say, after all the fighting over the centuries it is good to see my students getting along with Romans. Although, what could have possibly caused them to come together like this I don't think I want to find out. Why must my Lord Zeus be so impatient all the time…? Wait, I hope he didn't hear that. Oh well, not much he can do to me anyway.

"Chiron, trainer of Greek heroes, and I must say Praetor, it is good to see Greeks and Romans getting along after all the fighting over the centuries."

"Thank you sir, I just wish our coming together was under more… pleasant circumstances." Hmmm, a fighter who can stand politically, Lupa trained her well.

" Grover Underwood , satyr and protector" That satyr lacks any kind of confidence.

"Luke Castellan, Son of Hermes" I nodded at him, although I couldn't help but notice some of the future demigods glares, or the fact that some of them had a hand on their weapons. Wonder what happened.

" Annabeth Chase , daughter of Athena"

" Travis -"

"and Connor -"

" Stoll, sons of Hermes" Yes, and quite the irritating team too, I still have not forgiven them for that prom dress incident…

" Clarisse La Rue , daughter of Ares"

"Charles Beckendorf, son of Hephaestus" Why are all the future demigods looking so sad all of a sudden? And why does young Percy have a guilty look in his eye, did something… oh. Oh no, not another one, I love my job, but sometimes…

" Chris Rodriguez , uncl- er, I mean, son of Hermes"

"Is that everyone? Right then, where are these books we were supposed to get? I want to get this- oomph." His sentence was cut off by a box falling on top of his head. My current students tried to remain respectful and not laugh, although that may be out of fear, as did the Romans, but it was clear that the future Greeks held no such restrictions. Some of them were rolling on the ground laughing, as were Apollo and Hermes. When they finally stopped, Reyna stared at them and demanded "how can you be so disrespectful? I wouldn't be surprised if Lord Zeus were to strike you down for laughing at him!"

"Ah but Reyna, you see, all us Greeks have seen worse, and done worse then insult Uncle Z. Besides, he wouldn't dare touch us with our parents watching." Percy explained. All the gods and Romans just sat there and stared. Afterall, what could be worse then insulting the King of the gods by laughing right at his face? When Zeus finally gained his composure, he tossed the book to Athena, "you're reading first."

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief. Chapter one, I accidentally vaporize my pre-algebra teacher " she began.