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Scenes That Never Were But Could Be

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Tim and Lucy are helping Angela on a case when she unexpectedly goes into labor. Her due date isn't for two more weeks so she thought still had time. But apparently the contractions she had been feeling since this morning weren't the Braxton Hicks she'd been having all week. Not wanting to worry Wesley who had been driving her to the hospital each time she went into false labor for the past few nights, she continued to do her job. Which is how she, Tim, and Lucy ended up currently outside the city limits following a lead.

Lucy tried to keep Angela calm and doing her Lamaze breathing as she tried to get comfortable in the back of Tim's shop. "Jackson is escorting Wesley to the hospital, but I don’t think the ambulance is going to get here in time. She’s having this baby right now."

Tim remained in the front seat trying not to worry about who would end up cleaning his shop if Angela did have her baby back there. He turned around to look at Lucy. "Okay, well, this is what we train for. So help her."

"Me?! I helped deliver the last baby," Lucy said incredulously.

Tim turned back around. Only willing to glance in the rear view mirror. "Exactly. So you know what you’re doing."

After making sure Angela was still doing her breathing, Lucy got out of the car and gestured Tim to follow her. They stopped only a few feet from the shop. Lucy whisper yelled at Tim. "You’re not getting out of this. It’s your turn."

Tim had no compulsion to remain as quiet as Lucy. Speaking plainly, "I can’t."

"Why not?"

Speaking a little louder so Angela could indeed hear him. "Because I want to be able to look Angela in the eye after this, and I won’t be able to if I’m anywhere near… parts she wouldn’t want me to be near."

Angela called from the backseat. "Yeah, I don’t want Tim anywhere near my parts either."

"See?!" Tim smugly told Lucy.

Suddenly another big contraction hit causing Angela to scream. Tim and Lucy raced back to the car.

When the pain of the contraction subsided, Angela barked, "I changed my mind. I don’t care who helps. Just one of you help me right now."

Tim still shook his head in refusal. He wasn't that scared of Angela. Okay, that's a lie. He was, but he wasn't scared enough to change his mind about avoiding his friend's parts. Lucy rolled her eyes. Realizing a lost cause when she saw one. "Fine. But I feel sorry for any woman who has to have your baby, Tim. She obviously is going to be all on her own in the delivery room."

Tim moved around to the other side of the shop so that he could support Angela as she sat up. "That’s not true," he said as he got into position. Quietly under his breath, he muttered, "And you’d be able to handle it easily."

Lucy looked up knowing she heard Tim say something but not hearing him clearly. "What?"

Tim shook his head quickly. Like he did whenever he didn't want her to know he was lying. "I didn’t say anything. Must have been Angela dealing with another contraction."

Annoyed and beyond done with her friends being distracted from helping her in this important event in her life, Angela yelled, "He said you’d be able to handle giving birth to his baby easily. Now will the two you stop flirting long enough to help me?!"

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When Angela returns from maternity leave, she proudly shows off all the many baby pictures she has taken over the past weeks to everyone. Passing her phone to Lucy, she says, "And here is one of the baby with his Uncle Timmy."

A giant smile easily appears on Lucy's face as she holds the phone up teasingly at Tim who is sitting next to her in the breakroom. "Awww, look how cute he is with his ‘Uncle Timmy’ holding him."

Tim tries to maintain his gruff nature, but he admits that Angela and Wesley have made one adorable baby, and he is proud of his "nephew." Still, he can't let that be too well known. "Only Angela’s kid will be allowed to call me that."

Lucy pulls back and eyes him in surprise. "After everything we’ve been through this year, and you won’t let my future kids call you ‘Uncle’?" She doesn't know when she'll be having these kids, but it's the principle of the matter.

Jackson, has taken notice of the exchange, but doesn't put much thought into his next comment. "I think he would prefer they call him ‘Dad.’"

Angela retrieves her phone to quickly snap some photo of the surprised and bashful looks on Tim's and Lucy's faces. Laughing the entire time.

Jackson finally registers what has happened. "Did I say that out loud?"

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Tim and Angela are in the middle of wedding planning, and Tim has been doing an amazing job as Angela's 'Man of Honor' "I really appreciate your help keeping my family in check during all this wedding planning."

Tim appreciates Angela's compliment, and he knows she means it. "Don’t worry about it. Despite my own experience, I think you and Wesley are going to have a wonderful marriage. He’s a good guy. And I take my duty as Man of Honor seriously. That means ensuring your marriage starts off right with the wedding of your dreams. You deserve it."

Angela smiles, "Yeah, I do." After everything that's happened in her life, all her hard work, and dealing with both her & Wesley's family during this pregnancy and for the wedding, she really does. She also knows she wouldn't have gotten through any of it without Tim. "And if you ever consider getting married again, you better make me your Best Woman. So to speak."

Tim laughs. He hasn't given much thought about getting married again. He's not sure he could find the right woman. Or more accurately, he's not sure he could allow himself to admit who that woman might be. But he'd be happy to give the honor of Best Woman to Angela. Still, he can't help but tease. "I don’t know. Lucy will probably make you fight her for the honor."

Angela doesn't even give it a moment's pause before she replies, "I think Lucy will be more than happy with her part as the bride." She walks away laughing as Tim stands there gobsmacked.

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Several months have passed since Lucy's final shift as Tim's rookie. Despite the awkwardness of Lucy's "confession", this relationship ... or whatever they want to call it... is going strong. Except neither have been thinking about it in terms of "just friends" for months now. It's more. Definitely so much more. Tim has been too scared to say anything since Lucy's last confession thinking she doesn't feel the same. And Lucy won't say anything because she fears Tim won't believe her now.

Once again, they are in the garage where they've had so many great talks lately. Each about to go home alone as they head to their respective cars after saying goodnight.

Except something stops Tim this night. Yes, he has been repressing his feelings for years since before he met Lucy. But she's the one who has made him be more open to his emotions. It's only fair that he tell her the truth now. She deserves that. He deserves it too. Whatever she has to say.

Tim turns back around and calls out to Lucy, "I have feelings for you. Romantic feelings."

Lucy sighs in relief. "I have romantic feelings for you too. I mean it."

They smile and begin to reach for each other when suddenly Smitty walks out from behind Tim's truck. "Wait... you two weren't already together?"

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Angela scrutinizes Tim after they've just completed their final night of wedding planning. Tim has been great about everything, and seems to really be enjoying himself. Despite what he might say otherwise. "You really think you’ll never marry again?"

Tim shrugs. He hasn't given it much thought since his divorce, but he can't say he hasn't given it any thought. Especially since helping Angela plan for her wedding has brought up memories of his own. Some good. Some not so good. "I guess I can’t say never. If I find the right woman."

Seeing an in to help Tim come to terms with something she has long suspected, Angela asks "And what qualities would this woman have?"

Tim thinks about his major concerns. What he would need from someone in his life. "First, she would have to understand this job and how important it is."

Not missing a beat, Angela replies, "So she'd have to be another cop." Obviously, she doesn't agree that cops should only date cops anymore than she agrees that they shouldn't date other cops. But for her purposes, this works in her favor. Or more importantly, in Tim's.

Tim continues with his list as the thoughts pop into his head. "We’d have to get along well, obviously. Really know each other. Complete trust and loyalty." That has become essential since Isabel. He thought he could trust her, but he was wrong. He doesn't want to make the same mistake again.

Angela boils it down to the dirty and necessary truth. "Someone willing to be around you for countless hours and put up with your shit. Got it."

Choosing to ignore her remark and not take the bait, he adds, "Someone clever with a sense of humor would be good."

Angela thinks about how to best interpret Tim's wants. "So someone who has great instincts and insight. Plus can go toe to toe with you when it comes to your pranks."

This time Tim does take the bait. He scoffs, "They are tests. Not pranks. Though I guess if we were dating, it would be like harmless pranks." He concedes.

Angela smirks. "See. Anything else?"

"It wouldn’t hurt if she is attractive," Tim adds like he didn't want to be the typical guy and admit it was one of his first thoughts. "And she needs to like dogs. Kojo specifically." He concludes. He is not giving up his dog if the woman in question doesn't like dogs. Kojo has become important to his life.

Angela pretends to really think about what Tim has said, even though she had already anticipated his answers. "So you’re looking for an attractive cop with great instincts that you can have fun with and makes you smile. Must like your dog as much as you do. And most importantly be willing to call you out on your bullshit and still love you because she’ll never want to leave you."

Tim thinks about the list back over in his head. "Yeah… but how many women out there are like that?"

Angela stares at Tim, waiting for him to figure it out on his own.

The list keeps running through Tim's head as only one names seems to pop up each time he checks off a box. "I mean the only woman I’ve ever met who fits that description is Lu..." Lucy is the only woman he has met who fits the description completely of someone he'd want to marry. He can't help but let out a "Damn," as that realization hits.

Angela smiles knowing what he wasn't completely willing to say just yet but knew in his heart. "I knew you’d get there eventually."

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Jackson and Lucy have decided that a much needed Disney movie night is the best way to wind down after a particularly exhaustive day. Jackson is queuing up the next film which Lucy chose. "So Mulan is your favorite Disney animated movie?"

Lucy nods, "Yes, and I’m not just saying that for the obvious reasons."

"Because she’s a woman who kicks ass?" Jackson says immediately.

Lucy admits, "Oh well, then I am saying it for the obvious reasons."

Jackson drops some knowledge quickly, hoping Lucy takes the bait. "Plus, she also fell in love with her superior officer."

"Exactly!" Lucy agrees quickly before realizing the truth of her Jackson's statement. "Wait… what?"

For the first time in her life, as she watches her favorite Disney film, Lucy can't help but compare the similarities between Mulan & Li Shang's relationship to that of hers & Tim's.

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After dealing with her emotions all day, Lucy finally confronts Tim at the end of shift before they each head into the locker rooms. "Why are you treating your new rookie differently?"

Tim scoffs. "I don’t know what you’re talking about." He attempts to move passed her.

Lucy stops him. "Yes, you do. You’re not barking orders. You haven’t set up elaborate Tim Tests. You don’t even make him fetch your lunch order."

Retreating to old habits, Tim straightens himself up to tower over her. "Are you seriously questioning how I do my job? That’s not your concern anymore."

Lucy doesn't back down. "It is when I think the new guy is getting an unfair advantage!"

Tim relents. "Fine. If you must know, it’s because I can’t treat the rookies the same anymore after you."

Lucy's attitude immediately changes from one of anger to one of sweetness. "Awww, You mean I’ve changed you into a nicer and better training officer?"

Tim immediately rejects the notion. "No! I mean it’s not fun anymore. I had this idea for the perfect test, and my first thought was 'I can’t wait to see Lucy’s reaction.' Only to realize I wouldn’t get to. And then it just wasn’t worth it. You’ve ruined me!" He finishes in annoyance. It's really not fair. He used to love Rookie Day. Now, it has no meaning to him anymore.

Lucy doesn't lose her smile. She shifts a little on her feet. "If you think about it, that’s actually kind of sweet and …."

Tim's new rookie walks up to them so she doesn't have a chance to finish her thought.

The new rookie speaks quickly. "Sorry, to interrupt Officer Bradford. I just wanted to say thank you for a nice first day. And to inform you that I’ve asked Sergeant Grey for a new TO."

"What?!" Tim is genuinely surprised.

The new rookie continues, "Nothing against you, sir. I’m sure your teaching methods work great on others. I just learn better when I’m being pushed more. You know by someone with tougher teaching methods. So I think it would be best to be trained by someone else. Thanks again, sir." He walks away before Tim can say anything.

Tim turns to look back at Lucy. His scowl of annoyance increases.

For her part, Lucy is a little sorry that she may have helped cost Tim his new rookie. But only a little. Still she sheepishly apologizes. But she can't fully contain her laughter and smiles as they both enter their respective locker rooms.

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After the two brides have been arrested, and Lucy and Jackson leave to take them back to the precinct, things get back to normal as possible in the bridal shop. Before Angela changes out of the wedding dress she intends to buy, she asks Tim to take photos so she can see what she looks like from all sides while wearing it. After Tim dutifully takes the photos in the lighting she wants, she reviews them. Once finished, she decides to watch the footage of the brides fighting again for a laugh. She quickly skims the rest of Tim's photos and notices something peculiar. "Why do you have so many photos and videos of Lucy on your phone?"

Tim takes his phone back quickly and puts it back in his pants pocket. "I don’t," he denies forcefully.

"You have like twenty of me including the few you just took, fifty of your dog, and at least a hundred of Lucy." Angela informs him.

"Those are for training purposes." Tim insists.

Angela knows better. "In all your years of training, you've taken maybe five photos of your rookies for documentation purposes, and you haven't kept any of them longer than necessary to fill out a report."

Tim relents, "Okay, but to be fair, some of those are of Lucy with my dog."

Angela smiles knowing she has an ace up her sleeve. "I’m aware. I’m particularly interested in that photo of the three of you on the beach that looks like it was made to fit on a couple’s Christmas card."

Tim looks down to avoid Angela's gaze and says something under his breath.

Not letting him get away that easily. "What was that?" she asks.

Tim rolls his eyes and looks at Angela squarely, he admits "Lucy already had prints made. You’ll get yours in the mail."

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It's been about a month since Lucy has no longer been a rookie, and tonight is the first shift she's had with Tim since then. "You know, even though we’re on the night shift, it’s nice being paired up again."

Never giving too much away, Tim reluctantly agrees, "Yeah, it’s okay."

Lucy knows better. "Whatever, I know you missed me." He already admitted as much in her final evaluation. "I just hope all our calls will be simple as a noise complaint."

Tim stops in the middle of their walk up the driveway. "And now you’ve jinxed us."

Lucy turns to him. "What? No, I didn’t… " She thinks about what she just said, "I … oh God, I did. I totally jinxed us."

Tim rolls his eyes and continues walking towards the door. "Let’s just get through this call and worry about that later." He knocks on the door which is immediately opened by a woman who is obviously drunk.

She screams and drunkenly yells back into the house where about a dozen other women are all inside also drinking heavily. "Woohoo! Ladies, the stripper is here!"

Tim tries to stop her explaining, "Wait…ma’am… I’m not…" However, before he can finish his sentence, he is pulled into the house by the woman and pushed towards the others. They begin pawing at him while Tim tries his best to get away without causing any undue harm.

Lucy attempts to take charge of the scene. "Okay, ladies, you need to let him go" She moves to try to get in between the women and Tim.

The woman who opened the door pulls her to the side. "I only ordered a male stripper, but I’m flexible. You start stripping too."

At this point, Lucy is done with this farce. "Enough! We are not strippers! We are the actual police. And you are being cited for disturbing the peace." She informs the woman.

At this the woman sobers a little. She looks from Tim back to Lucy. "Really? With that handsome face and the sexy body he is obviously hiding beneath that uniform? He’s really just a cop?"

Glad to have gotten through to her, Lucy relaxes a little to admit. "I know, it surprises me too." She then turns to the other ladies using her best cop voice. "But I need all of you to back away before I arrest you for assaulting an officer." She stares them down, daring each one to make a move.

The women reluctantly let Tim go, and he walks over to a Lucy trying to not make it obvious that he is using her as cover from the women.

As they leave the house after issuing the bachelorette party a warning and telling them to keep the noise down, Tim and Lucy walk back to the shop. "You had to jinx us," Tim says as he straightens up his uniform. Checking to make sure there are no rips or tears.

Of course, he wouldn't forget what she said earlier and is blaming her for what happened in there. Despite the fact that women are constantly hitting on him all the time while they are on the job. "I know."

Tim turns to look at her smugly just before they climb back into the shop. "You also think I have a handsome face and a sexy body."

Lucy rolls her eyes and mutters in annoyance, "Oh God, when is this shift going to be over?"

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Angela and Lucy are in the breakroom where Angela has been filling Lucy in all the helpful ways Tim has been taking his duty as her "Man of Honor" seriously. He'd probably hate it if he knew Angela was talking about him being so sweet and soft about everything. Especially talking about this with Lucy. Which just makes Angela want to tell her more.

By the end of Angela's latest recap about Tim staring down Patrice when she dared to argue about Angela's choice of flowers, Lucy is completely smitten. "Now I can't decide if I want Tim or Jackson to be my 'Man of Honor' in the future. You know, if I ever have a relationship long enough for someone to propose."

Jackson has been listening to the entire conversation, and while he is impressed by Tim's commitment to ensure Lopez gets her dream wedding; he is still offended that he could be replaced as Lucy's choice for the coveted title of 'Man of Honor.' So he doesn't feel too bad in saying, "I think that will be decided when Tim proposes to you."

He smiles into his coffee cup while Angela laughs at Lucy's wide-eyed expression.

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Tim met with Angela in the hallways of the department just as he was about to begin his shift. Yesterday had been a horrible day even if it did finally spell the end for Doug Stanton's police career. "Have you gone by the hospital to see Jackson?" He knew she was upset when she heard the news. He had to stop her from tracking Stanton down and pursuing her own form of justice for what he'd done to her former rookie.

Angela nodded. "Yeah, yesterday after shift. But the painkillers he was on had him asleep ten minutes into my visit." Jackson had tried to fight the sleep as much as he could, but in the end she told him even though he was no longer her rookie, she still expected him to follow her orders and that meant he better rest. "I’m going back to see him later today."

Tim suddenly stopped in the middle of the precinct. Angela kept walking until she realized he wasn't following her and turned back to look at him. Tim's usually stoic expression gave way to surprise, a mix of disappointment, and some kind of slight realization. "So you didn’t spend the whole night at the hospital watching him sleep?"

Angela laughed at the idea. "No. Why would I do that? I’m not in love with him."

The full realization of what he nearly admitted hit Tim, and almost immediately disappeared as he schooled his features once again. "Right. No reason. Forget I said anything." With that he quickly walked passed her into the men's locker room, avoiding Angela's knowing gaze.

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The phone rang pulling Angela from her sleep. She glanced at the alarm clock before picking up her phone. There were only a few people who would think about calling her this early in the morning. Even fewer she'd be willing to pick up the phone for.

"Angela?" Tim's voice came through loud and clear.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she stifled a yawn before she answered. "It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, Tim. Who’s hurt?" She hoped everyone was fine. But Tim didn't call without good reason. Please let Lucy and their kids be okay.

"Actually, I need Wesley’s legal expertise," he admitted without further explanation. Not that she really needed any. If Tim was in trouble, it could only be because he was defending his family. She couldn't and wouldn't blame him. She'd do the same for hers.

"For you or Lucy?" she asked knowing Lucy could easily be as defensive as Tim when it came to their kids and Tim, himself.

"Both." Tim admitted, almost reluctantly.

Something pretty big must have gone down if both of them had landed in the hot seat. "We'll be right there," she said before hanging up. First she'd wake up Wesley, take her kids to their grandmother's, and then she was going to have a nice long talk with the Bradfords. Probably help create a plan for revenge on whoever dared to mess with their family. Because their family was her family. And no one messed with her family.

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Lucifer Morningstar was bored out of his Dad-forsaken mind. A case he and Chloe were working on required the assistance of the Mid-Wilshire police department. All the officers here could very well be fine people. Or at least decent enough as mortals go. Definitely none would be as brilliant as his lovely detective. But he didn't know any of them. Chloe had warned him to be careful about using his mojo. This precinct wasn't used to his seemingly strange ways. No matter how helpful his Dad-given powers could be. Still, a little fun couldn't hurt. He looked around the building for a suitable guinea pig. Spotting a rather tall, good-looking officer speaking with a fellow officer who was a young, pretty Asian woman. He seemed to be doing his best not to smile too much at whatever she was saying to him. Lucifer decided this would be an excellent place to start.

He walked up to the two officers and quickly introduced himself. "Lucifer Morningstar. Yes, that Lucifer. Now, what do you truly desire?" He began without preamble, staring into the man's gorgeous blue eyes. Looking deep into his soul.

Though Tim could not look away from the strange intruder, he tried his best not to say what was currently on his mind. "I… want …"

Lucifer didn't often meet people who could fight his mojo, but that only gave him more of a thrill when he did. "You’re a complicated one. That’s good. Means the desire is even better. Come on now." He upped his game by increasing the intensity of his gaze.

Finally, something snapped within Tim, and he conceded. "I want to take Lucy on a date."

That surprised Lucifer only for a moment. After all, he was a handsome devil, literally. Women and men often fell at his feet. But his brother Amenadiel was the only one who referred to him as 'Luci.' He'd have to let the poor man down. Shame. The attractive man was definitely his type. Even if he did come off as a bit repressed. "Well, I’m flattered; and I would have said yes at one time, but I’m a one cop devil now." He looked over to the young woman who had been speaking to the officer before he introduced himself. She was blushing profusely as she tried to hide her own surprise. Glancing back at the man, he now saw that this Officer Bradford, according to his name plate, was refusing to meet her eyes. "Oh, you meant your partner here. I can definitely understand that. Trust me, you don’t want to hide those feelings for too long. Go on now. Put those handcuffs to good use." He smiled lasciviously at the two before walking away to let them sort out the details of their impending date.

Having done his good deed for the day, Lucifer sought out Chloe. He deserved a reward. Maybe he could convince her to test if the storage closets in this precinct were as sound proof as their own.

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Jackson, Nyla, and Angela were sitting around the breakroom having a very important discussion only fitting of police officers of their caliber.

"I'm telling it's Mulan and Li Shang. She even told me her favorite Disney movie is Mulan," Jackson stated emphatically.

Nyla had given up the appearance of being uninterested in this conversation even though she still calmly sipped her coffee. "And I say it's definitely Beauty and the Beast. She's smart and he's a total... well... beast."

Angela interjected, "In defense of my friend, he's not a beast. And I think she would disagree with the psychological implications of that movie."

"Well, then which Disney characters do you think they are most like?" Nyla asked almost as a challenge.

"That's easy. They are definitely Nick and Judy from Zootopia." Angela answered with a smirk.

Nyla laughed. "I think Tim would object more to being compared to a criminal than being called a beast."

"I'm not saying he's a criminal, but he definitely has Nick's personality, especially when it comes to his views of the world. And Lucy is totally Judy. No question," Angela's tone brokered no argument. And on that last bit, Jackson and Nyla had to agree. Lucy was a hundred percent Judy.

Still the argument continued back and forth as the subjects of said argument walked into the breakroom. "What are you discussing?" Lucy asked the group as she poured herself and Tim a couple of coffees.

Jackson, Angela, and Nyla looked at each other; silently telling each other to explain. Finally, Nyla said in a tone that dared anyone to question her,"We're talking about our favorite Disney movies."

A giant smile appeared on Lucy's face. "That's fun! Jackson knows my favorite is Mulan." Jackson nodded and looked to Angela and Nyla as if he had been proven right.

"What's your favorite Disney movie?" Lucy asked Tim.

Tim shrugged. "I've never seen one."

Lucy gaped at him in surprise. "How can you have never seen a Disney movie? We literally live near Disneyland!"

"I didn't exactly grow up in a Disney household. Besides I've survived this long without seeing one. I think I'll be just fine," Tim answered.

Lucy shook her head. She had a mission now. "You have to see at least one. Even if I have to make you."

"I won't like it," Tim said, but there was a light in his eyes. He knew how this conversation would ultimately end, and he didn't have a problem with it. Even if that meant watching movies he was sure he was way passed the age limit for.

"How can you know you won't like it if you've never seen one?" Lucy pushed. She was going to win.

Tim barely held in a slight smile. This was too much fun. "I've never had my foot cut off either, and I know I won't like that."

"First of all, that is a terrible comparison." Lucy knew Tim would not turn down her next offer. "And secondly, let's make a bet. If I win, then on our next day off you and I will have a Disney movie marathon after we walk Kojo."

Tim pretended to give a moment to consider. "And if I win, then it's a Die Hard movie marathon."

"Deal." Lucy answered excitedly.

This time Tim could not hold back his smile. He loved watching Lucy be thrilled when she thought she won. "What are the terms?"

"First person to correctly guess a future call?" she asked. It seemed wrong to make bets on criminal activity. But she had been in this job long enough to know that a little levity helped cops deal with the gravity of the work. As contradictory as that sounded to anyone else.

Tim nodded accepting the terms. "Okay. I say it will be a carjacking." There had been a string of carjackings in the area lately. He was sure to win.

"And I call a drunk and disorderly." It was Friday and people were just getting off work. Lucy knew someone was bound to start the party early after a grueling work week.

"Fine. Let's get back out there. I have a bet to win." Tim said with smugness.

Lucy didn't let him get the last word. "You mean I have a bet to win." And with that they took their coffees to go with barely a goodbye to their friends. Each too caught up in the idea of winning their bet. Lucy was already calculating which Disney movies would make the best introduction for Tim.

The three coworkers left behind were almost stunned by the scene. It took a a moment before Jackson asked, "Did they just hustle each other into a date no matter who wins?"

"Yep." Angela said proudly.

"Okay, you were right. They are definitely Nick and Judy." Nyla conceded.

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Lucy could not let this go. Why would Tim be nicer to the new rookie than he was to her in the beginning at least? He bought her coffee when he never bought Lucy coffee. And she gets to drive on their first day. Tim was still driving up to their last day. Angela knew Tim almost better than anyone. She would have some insight. "I just don’t get why Tim is treating this rookie better. Why is he like this now? Something’s not right. He’s never been like this with another rookie, right Angela? So what’s changed?" Lucy practically begged Angela for an answer. She knew she sounded jealous and perhaps a little desperate, but she didn't care. She would get to the bottom of this.

Angela almost pitied the younger woman. She couldn't exactly blame her for being confused. Lucy never had the chance to know the Tim Bradford Angela once knew before Isabel broke his heart. "Actually, this reminds me of how Tim used to be as a TO before the problems with Isabel started. So you’re right. Something or rather someone has changed him."

Angela gave Lucy a rather pointed look before leaving the younger officer to re-evaluate her own thoughts.

Chapter Text

While Nolan was in the hospital with his son, Lucy was on a mission with Harper, and Jackson was currently riding with Tim. At the moment, Jackson was currently complaining about the latest developments in his living arrangements. Normally, Tim would have ignored anyone complaining about their private life except for Lucy. Though he would never tell Lucy that he secretly didn't mind. But Jackson's complaints actually revolved around Lucy, so Tim was paying more attention than he usually would.

"Don’t get me wrong. I like Tamara, but you’d think Lucy would give me a heads up before she invited her to live with us. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. I mean, you had to adopt her dog. Are you going to adopt a kid for her too?" Jackson asked him.

Without thinking about it, Tim stated, "I’d give Lucy any kid she wants."

Seconds later Tim's words penetrated his mind, and awkward silence followed in the shop. Jackson was pleased by Tim's admission but he didn't want to spook him into immediately denying it.

Finally, Tim responded in his no nonsense TO voice, "Tell Lucy I said that, and I’ll make sure Grey demotes you back to a rookie."

Jackson nodded because he believed Tim would do exactly that. But it didn't matter. At the rate Tim was going with these slip ups, Lucy would discover the truth of his feelings for herself. In the meantime, Jackson could wait. Maybe he could get Tamara's help in moving things further along. Perhaps her living with them wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.

Chapter Text

Sergeant Grey looked up to see Officers Bradford and Chen standing in front of his desk. One of them had just placed a few papers in front of him. "What's this?"

"Paperwork informing you of the change in our relationship status to married," Lucy tried to answer in a serious tone, but her bright smile couldn't be hidden.

He furrowed his brow. Last Friday, they had filed the paperwork to inform him they were dating before leaving for their weekend plans. "You were only in Vegas for forty-eight hours."

Tim shrugged, "We only needed the first hour to get married."

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Now that Lucy was certain Undercover work was what she wanted for her career path, Harper agreed to train her. "In order to prove you have what it takes to go undercover, you need to be able to lie convincingly. Make someone believe a lie that they have every reason not to believe."

"Oh, I've already done that," Lucy said as if it was no big task.

Harper looked doubtful. "You have?"

"Yeah, I convinced Tim I had feelings for him, and he believed me." She still felt kind of bad about that. But she and Tim had moved passed it, and if it helped proved herself to Harper, then it was worth it.

Except Harper was looking at her as if Lucy was wasting her time. "I said a lie." Her tone stated she wasn't in the mood for nonsense, and that patented eyebrow raise told Lucy she needed to think about some things as Harper walked away.

Chapter Text

Lucy awoke to Tamara cooking breakfast. As she went to pour herself a cup of coffee, Tamara handed her a bright pink envelope. Then she quickly turned back to the food as if she was embarrassed. Upon opening the envelope, Lucy was genuinely surprised. "Awww, you got me a Mother's Day card?"

Tamara tried to shrug off the gesture. "Yeah. I figured until Officer Zaddy makes you a mother, I could count as your kid."

Lucy's heart melted as it also ached for the teen. She turned Tamara around to face her. "You definitely count. You'll always count." Then she pulled the young girl into a hug. As she was holding her, Tamara's words finally caught up to Lucy. She pulled back quickly, "Wait, what did you mean by 'until Tim makes me a mother'?"

Tamara wisely chose to avoid the question by getting back to cooking breakfast.

Chapter Text

Not for the first nor probably the last time, Tim regretted agreeing to be Angela's Man of Honor. He, Angela, and Wesley were currently going over the RSVP list of guests. Tim seriously considered getting ordained online and tricking Angela & Wesley into saying "I do" and signing the marriage license just to get the whole thing over with.

"You haven't RSVP'd, Tim," Angela concluded as she looked over the guest list.

"I'm the Man of Honor. I kind of thought it was implied." Really, did Angela think he would do all of this work and then not bother to show up?

"But you haven't said whether or not you're bringing a guest," she insisted.

"I'll be solo. I'm sure I'll be too busy helping fix whatever inevitable crisis pops up to spend any amount of time pretending to be interested in some random date." He hadn't considered dating anyone since he broke up with Rachel. Too busy finishing Lucy's training, then helping with the wedding, and not to mention the drug war L.A. was on the brink of.

Angela and Wesley looked at each other, silently communicating in that way couples often do. He missed that. He hadn't had that in months. Not since Lucy became a P2. Not that he thought of him and Lucy as a couple. Or in a relationship as she insisted. Just that as sort of partners, they'd been able to build up that kind of similar communication is all.

Whatever it was Angela and Wesley were thinking must have been dealt with because Angela finally spoke. "Or is that you want to remain free because someone else also happened to RSVP without a plus one? Someone who you miss spending twelve hour shifts with in your shop."

Tim wouldn't pretend that he didn't notice Lucy would also be attending the wedding without a date. But he wasn't going to let Angela know that. Or that he was secretly thrilled that things didn't work out with the boring paramedic. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Now Angela was done beating around the bush. She was pregnant, finishing her wedding plans, and in the midst of a rival drug gang war. She didn't have time to deal with Tim's reluctance to admit his feelings too. "You're in love with Lucy."

Tim scoffed and laughed at the idea a little too much. "That's ridiculous. Wesley, help me out here. Tell her she's wrong."

Wesley looked between the two friends before settling on his fiancée. She raised an eyebrow, daring him to say differently. He was a smart man. He went to law school. He dealt with some of the scariest criminals every day. He knew better than to disagree with his future wife and the mother of his child. But honestly, even if none of that was true, he would still agree with Angela. "Sorry. Not even I can defend that," he told Tim.

Chapter Text

Tim and Lucy had been dating for six months when they attended the wedding of another officer at their precinct. Lucy thought it was a joke that most cops didn't bother to attend the weddings of first marriages when Angela & Wesley got married. But seeing how few of her fellow officers actually made an appearance for this wedding, she had to admit it was more the rule and not the exception. She doubted Tim would have even shown up if he wasn't her plus one. As they drank their glasses of champagne, Lucy looked around the ballroom. "I never knew cops were so cynical about marriage."

Tim shrugged. "I wasn't until my first one ended in divorce."

He was more comfortable talking about his failed marriage now, so Lucy let that go without comment. "Just seems so jaded to expect a marriage to fail before it even begins."

Tim reached for her glass to place it on the table, then he took her hand as his led her to the dance floor. As they started to dance, he held her close. "Don't worry about it. Your first and only marriage will last."

Lucy smiled in an almost teasing way. "How can you be so sure?"

"Because I will not be getting divorced for a second time." Tim said with absolute certainty.

He didn't officially propose until a few months later, but Lucy considered that to be Tim's first proposal. She rather liked the idea of having two proposals. Especially since she was only going to have one marriage.

Chapter Text

Wesley was pacing back in forth. After they'd cleared the wedding venue, Tim was the only one who managed to convince Wesley to go home and wait for word on Angela there. But that was only because he practically forced Wesley into the car and drove him home. Tim wanted to be out there helping with the search as much as Wesley did, well maybe not as much as Wesley. He seriously doubted anyone was as eager to find Angela as much as Wesley, and he knew all their friends were extremely eager. But Angela would want to know someone was taking care of Wesley during this time, and if this is what he could do to help his friend when everything else was uncertain, then he would. After all, Angela had been there for him when he needed it most.

"I know it sounds impossible, but you need to remain calm. Angela will never forgive me when she comes back to find you've had a heart attack." Perhaps now wasn't the time for humor, but it was true. Angela would be coming home, and she would kick Tim's ass if he let her fiancé have a heart attack while she was gone. No matter how far along she was in her pregnancy, Angela was still a force to be reckoned with. Actually, she was scarier. Her abductors should be the ones who were worried.

Wesley stopped pacing and gave Tim one of the deadliest looks he'd ever seen from the man. Tim didn't even know Wesley was capable of that expression. "How can you tell me to remain calm? The woman I love is in danger."

Tim took a deep breath. "I know. I've been there."

A look of understanding passed between the two men. Wesley had been there on that day. He'd seen exactly how Tim had handled Lucy's abduction.

"And what did you do?" It was almost a sincere question, but came off more as a challenge from Wesley.

Tim relented as he knew what Wesley was asking. "I did everything I could to find her."

Wesley nodded. His decision made. "I've got some phone calls to make."

Tim knew Wesley was making good on his promise to go medieval . As a police officer, he should discourage Wesley from taking the law into his own hands. But as a man who understood the desperation that comes when someone you love is in danger, he simply said, "I'll be in the other room where I can't hear you make those calls."

Chapter Text

Jackson, Nolan, and Lucy were excited and energized from the day. They had just graduated from the Police Academy, and were eagerly discussing their futures as they would all be starting at the Mid-Wilshire Police Department in a week.

"My dad told me it's very important to have a good relationship with your training officer." Nolan and Lucy might tease Jackson about his overachieving in the academy, but they listened when he talked about his dad's recommendations as it came from hard won experience.

"Then we should do whatever we can to make friends with them," Nolan said.

Lucy agreed enthusiastically, "Yeah, sounds like a great idea to me."


On their first day on the job, the three new rookies gathered together at a bar to talk about their first day on the job and about their experiences with their training officers.

"I totally impressed Officer Lopez today. She thinks I'm awesome," Jackson said with a great deal of pride.

Nolan was a little more reserved after what he witnessed on that first day, but still complimentary. "Bishop is pretty great. I think we'll get alone well."

Lucy was the only one who looked completely miserable. "I know Officer Bradford hates me. This next year is going to be horrible."


After many ups and downs during their probationary year, Lucy and Jackson joined Nolan for a celebratory been when he officially became a P2. They reminiscent about the pact they made to become friends with their training officers.

Jackson reflected over the year, "You know it was a little rocky in the beginning, but Lopez and I are definitely friends." He owed his career as a police officer to her after all she did to keep him in the program.

Nolan had a more measured approach. "Things didn't work out so well with Bishop, but I'm pretty sure Harper likes me now." It was hard to tell, but she rolled her eyes less at him now and accepted his eagerness about different ways to approach police work more willingly.

Lucy took the most time to think about how her relationship with her training officer had changed from that first day. "I think Tim is in love with me." And as she thought about her own feelings, she admitted, "And I might be in love with him too."

Well, that certainly threw Jackson and Nolan for a loop.

Chapter Text

Lucy and Tim confronted Smitty in the breakroom. "You've written fanfiction about us?!" Lucy yelled at Smitty. In her anger and annoyance, she didn't realize how many of their colleagues were in attendance until the argument had already started.

In his defense, Smitty didn't bother to deny it beyond a passive "It's not about you."

Tim scoffed. "The main characters are two police officers named Tom and Lacy."

Knowing when to give up, Smitty stated, "Okay, it's a little about you. Relax, it's not like anyone where has read it."

Nolan decided now was the perfect time to contradict that statement. "I've read it. I think it's well written. Smitty has quite the nuance for subtle characterization."

Harper choosing to get on in the fun added, "I read one story. I'd be more concerned with Smitty's fixation on Tim's..." at this she didn't bother to withhold a smile, "excuse me, Tom's arms than anything he has written about," she paused, "Lacy."

Now Lucy was really annoyed. "Has anyone else here written about us?" she asked the rest of her colleagues.

Jackson slowly raised his hand. Whether it was Out of embarrassment or because he felt like he was betraying a friend, Lucy didn't know. But she eyed him with as withering a look as she could muster all the same. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the deadly look Tim was giving Jackson which probably scared him more.

Jackson now raised both hands in surrender. "Unlike Smitty, I stay away from the mature stuff because that's too weird since we're friends, but I do write stories about when you two will finally admit your feelings."

Sensing a need to defend her friend and former rookie, plus a strong desire to tease Tim, Angela added to the conversation. "Jackson's is really good. But I prefer the fics where Tim realizes his feelings before Lucy."

At this Jackson lost all his fear. Eager to start a fandom debate, "You think so? Because I think even though Tim might realize it first; he's too closed off to say anything. Like that time..."

He was cut off by Sergeant Grey stepping forward. "Enough! I don't want to hear anything more about fanfiction! From this moment on there will be no more reading or writing about any of my officers. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir!" they all conceded to Grey's command.

Grey walked out right after, and they all soon followed. Only Tim and Lucy were left behind. Tim checked to make sure everyone was far enough down the hall so that he couldn't be heard. "I noticed you didn't admit to writing anything about us," he said as he drew closer to where Lucy was standing.

Lucy gasped in surprise that he would mention it. She leaned forward to whisper yell at him. "That was before we got together! And I still can't believe you found it." She looked at the floor in embarrassment.

Tim grabbed her hand in a gentle squeeze before he slowly lifted her chin so she would look him in the eye. "Be glad I did. Because now you don't have to write it anymore. We can just act it out." He finished with a wink.

Lucy blushed thinking of all the many times she and Tim have acted out her fanfiction. Unlike Jackson, she didn't have any issues with writing smut about them. But she and Tim both swore they'd never read anything written by Smitty again. It was just too weird for both their tastes.

Chapter Text

Angela's second wedding went off without any problems of the first, thank God. Tim and Lucy had finally gotten that dance they both wanted. In fact, Lucy had been able to convince Tim to dance with her a few more times. They were currently on the dance floor for the fourth time as Lucy turned to look over at Angela and Wesley dancing near them. They were so happy and in love, and she was glad they finally got the wedding they deserved.

Lucy remembered something Angela had told her a couple of days before. She turned back to Tim. "You told Angela she could save your life three times and still not be even for all the work you did to help her with all her wedding planning."

Tim thought back to that conversation that seemed so long ago now. "Yeah?" He wasn't sure where Lucy was going with this.

"I saved your life once. How much wedding planning does that get me?" she asked teasingly.

Not one to ever back down from a challenge, Tim said with absolute sincerity, "The proposal."

As Lucy looked at him in surprise, he maneuvered her into a fancy spin. He always enjoyed keeping her on her toes.