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Scenes That Never Were But Could Be

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Tim and Lucy are helping Angela on a case when she unexpectedly goes into labor. Her due date isn't for two more weeks so she thought still had time. But apparently the contractions she had been feeling since this morning weren't the Braxton Hicks she'd been having all week. Not wanting to worry Wesley who had been driving her to the hospital each time she went into false labor for the past few nights, she continued to do her job. Which is how she, Tim, and Lucy ended up currently outside the city limits following a lead.

Lucy tried to keep Angela calm and doing her Lamaze breathing as she tried to get comfortable in the back of Tim's shop. "Jackson is escorting Wesley to the hospital, but I don’t think the ambulance is going to get here in time. She’s having this baby right now."

Tim remained in the front seat trying not to worry about who would end up cleaning his shop if Angela did have her baby back there. He turned around to look at Lucy. "Okay, well, this is what we train for. So help her."

"Me?! I helped deliver the last baby," Lucy said incredulously.

Tim turned back around. Only willing to glance in the rear view mirror. "Exactly. So you know what you’re doing."

After making sure Angela was still doing her breathing, Lucy got out of the car and gestured Tim to follow her. They stopped only a few feet from the shop. Lucy whisper yelled at Tim. "You’re not getting out of this. It’s your turn."

Tim had no compulsion to remain as quiet as Lucy. Speaking plainly, "I can’t."

"Why not?"

Speaking a little louder so Angela could indeed hear him. "Because I want to be able to look Angela in the eye after this, and I won’t be able to if I’m anywhere near… parts she wouldn’t want me to be near."

Angela called from the backseat. "Yeah, I don’t want Tim anywhere near my parts either."

"See?!" Tim smugly told Lucy.

Suddenly another big contraction hit causing Angela to scream. Tim and Lucy raced back to the car.

When the pain of the contraction subsided, Angela barked, "I changed my mind. I don’t care who helps. Just one of you help me right now."

Tim still shook his head in refusal. He wasn't that scared of Angela. Okay, that's a lie. He was, but he wasn't scared enough to change his mind about avoiding his friend's parts. Lucy rolled her eyes. Realizing a lost cause when she saw one. "Fine. But I feel sorry for any woman who has to have your baby, Tim. She obviously is going to be all on her own in the delivery room."

Tim moved around to the other side of the shop so that he could support Angela as she sat up. "That’s not true," he said as he got into position. Quietly under his breath, he muttered, "And you’d be able to handle it easily."

Lucy looked up knowing she heard Tim say something but not hearing him clearly. "What?"

Tim shook his head quickly. Like he did whenever he didn't want her to know he was lying. "I didn’t say anything. Must have been Angela dealing with another contraction."

Annoyed and beyond done with her friends being distracted from helping her in this important event in her life, Angela yelled, "He said you’d be able to handle giving birth to his baby easily. Now will the two you stop flirting long enough to help me?!"