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Conflicting Minds (Discontinued)

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"Come back here, you little brat!"


Tommy quickly ducked down as objects came aiming for his head, stumbling a little as he continue running, a pouch held tightly in his arms, weaving through the bustling crowds easily.


Daring to spare a glance behind him, Tommy grinned when he saw that the distance between him and the shop owner was getting bigger, flipping the owner off before turning into a corner, and continued running.


He ran for quite a while, even when he could no longer hear the roaring voice of the voice owner shouting and cursing at him, Tommy continued running.


He took another turn, seeing that it was an alleyway, and stopped, walking a bit deeper into the alleyway before stopping, hands on his knees as he took deep breaths, trying to steady his breathing.


When his breathing calmed, the blonde sighed as he straightened himself back up, looking at the brim filled pouch and his lips broke into a smile.


He did it.


He actually did it.


He had successfully stole a good amount of money that could help him survive for a few couple of weeks before he had to go stealing again.


His grin deflated slightly when he remembered why he was doing this in the first place.




His best friend. His partner in crime. His other half, who was currently in the shitty shack that they had rent out using the money they had left, sleeping soundly.


Tubbo had been turned into a vampire by someone the blonde thought he could trust when Tommy was out hunting essential needs for the both of them, coming back to see that Tubbo was no where to be found in their apartment room.


Growing up, Tommy lost his family to a blood sucker who was on a rampage, he was only ten at the time of the incident and looking back, it was still a miracle to Tommy on how he managed to survive that.


After that incident though, he had grown to hate the vampires, viewing each of them negatively and not wanting anything to do with them, hoping that they would all just disappear one day and never exist again.


But Tommy knows that it will never happen.


None of his relatives wanted him, so the blonde had to live on the streets and learned how to survive on his own, being weary of both vampires and humans alike.


Tommy may view vampires in a negative light. But he knew that humans aren't the best either, some humans were even worst then vampires, and that was saying something.


And then he met Tubbo.


The other blonde was also living on the streets alone, Tommy had wanted to steal something from him to survive but the boy had fought back, yelling and screaming at Tommy to just leave him alone. It was then he realized that Tubbo was just like him, and Tommy felt bad.


He offered to work together with Tubbo, the boy had hesitated, obviously not really trusting Tommy, but had accepted the offer anyways.


And their journey began.


They worked well together and had each others back, despite not being close to each other, they bounce off each other well. And having only each other to rely on, they grew close, and started a brotherly relationship.


They were sitting in their rented apartment one day, the moon shining bright in the dark sky, it reminds Tommy of a rose. Beautiful, but dangerous.


Tommy enjoys the night, the way the stars littered the night sky with glowing dots, the cool night breeze and of course, the moon itself. Tommy wants to go out and sit on the ground, staring at the moon until it lowers and the sun comes out, but everyone knows that doing that would be the equivalent of having a death wish.


And so Tommy stares and appreciates the moon through his windows.


Tubbo had told Tommy about himself, how his family was also slaughtered by the blood suckers, and he had survived because his mother protected him until the very end. Tubbo had no other relatives other than his family, and he didn't want to be in foster care, so he ran away, and ended up in the streets.


"One day, Tubbo. We wouldn't have to live like this anymore" Tommy had told the blonde one night, tightly gripping the boy hands in his, blue eyes looking at each other. "This is my promise to you"


And it was a promise that Tommy intended to keep.


Until Tubbo met JSchlatt, that ram hybrid son of a bitch.


Tommy doesn't know how Tubbo met the man, he had just came home one day telling Tommy about it. And at first, he just shrugged it off, happy that Tubbo had found someone to spend time with.


Tommy was more adventurous then Tubbo, so he would often take trips out and bring stuffs back for the both of them. He understood that Tubbo could be lonely, so the former didn't question it.


He saw Schlatt a few times, and the man was honestly a very charming man, Tommy thinks Schlatt looks and sound unhinged when the latter laughs, but he was a good man.


Until he revealed himself to be a vampire and turned Tubbo, and all good impressions Tommy had about Schlatt had tumbled out the window, never to be picked up ever again.


He doesn't know vampires well, and he doesn't want to, but Tommy know vampires enough to know that stealing something from a vampire isn't really the smartest thing to do, be it objects, or other vampires as they are known to be highly possessive of things that they had considered to be theirs, and Tommy knows that he signed a death wish when he stole Tubbo away from Schlatt.


He knows that Schlatt will absolutely rip him to shreds if they ever crossed paths, which Tommy really, really hope they won't.


And so, Tommy came up with a plan to collect enough money for the both of them to be able to fly somewhere far away from here, hence why he was stealing large sums of money.


Because as long as they live in the same place where Schlatt is, no where is really considered safe, not until they leave this country. As much as he hates to admit it, Schlatt is one of the strongest vampire out there, he was even nicknamed as The Mad Goat, which suits the man, if Tommy was being honest.


Tommy has been successful in all his robbery so far anyways, and with the money he had stolen, they could leave in a couple of days, maybe even tomorrow.


And Tommy is determined to make it work.


"Had your fun, gremlin?"


Tommy yelped a little and jumped, because he was very sure that he was the only one in the alleyway the last he checked, his blue eyes going to the source of the voice as he kept his pouch closer to him, posture stiff.


A figure casually leaned on the walls of the alleyway, wearing a black turtleneck and pants, black boots that can last Tommy and Tubbo years, one of the boots resting on the wall, a brown coat that ended up to the figure hind legs, a dark red beanie and round rimmed glasses to top off the look. Brown curly hair covered one of their chocolate eyes as it looked at Tommy intently.


Tommy relaxed slightly, though he was still slightly on guard, a small but genuine smile on the blonde lips.




Wilbur simply tilted his head slightly in response, before returning the small smile.




Tommy had met Wilbur through one of his robbery, the blonde had stolen a good amount of cash from a store owner and was hiding out in the alleyway, too soaked in into his adrenaline to realized that someone else was there with him.


Tommy wouldn't admit but he almost pissed his fucking pants when he first saw Wilbur, the man casually leaning on the wall like he always did every time Tommy has saw him, a leg propped up onto the wall and his hands in the pockets of his brown coat, staring at Tommy with that look of his.


Wilbur had made no attempt to approach him, but even so, Tommy was still frightened out of his mind, simply cowering in front of the brunette, making himself as small as possible.


He thought Wilbur was going to kill him that day with how intently the brunette was staring at him, chocolate eyes staring right into his soul. Tommy knew that Wilbur was no vampire, because vampires have blood red eyes, and Wilbur eyes are chocolate, but the man acted like one.


Tommy had told Wilbur that during one of their interaction, hoping to piss the older off but Wilbur had laughed so hard at it that it became some sort of inside joke for the both of them to enjoy.


Wilbur seem to appear and disappear out of sight, and when the blonde asked about it Wilbur simply shrugged, and so the topic ended at there.


"You know stealing is not good right, Tommy?" Wilbur raised a brow, his tone one that a parent would use at a child.


Tommy scoffed at that, looking to the side as he placed the pouch into his pocket, folding his arms as he rested on a leg. "You know not everyone lives a good life like you. Besides," Tommy grinned "this isn't your first time seeing me do these kind of things"


Wilbur stared at Tommy for what seems like hours, not moving from his spot as he stared down at the younger, and Tommy felt uncomfortable under the other intense gaze, a hand gripping his other bicep as Tommy shrunk a little.


Wilbur had never looked at him this intensely before, Tommy wonders what the other was thinking right now.


"You're always welcome to come and live with us"


Tommy snapped out of his thoughts, looking at the brunette wide eyed as he processed what the other just said, his mind a mess. Tommy stared at Wilbur, waiting for the other to burst out laughing and make fun of Tommy, saying that it was just a joke and all, but it never came and Wilbur is still looking at him with that strange glint in his eyes.


Tommy is started to feel intimidated under that unnerving gaze.


".... What?" Tommy said slowly, not believing his ears. This all feels like a dream that Tommy is somehow not waking up from.


Wilbur simply shrugged, eyes closed as he did so before opening them again to look at Tommy, his gaze seem to soften but it did little to ease the blonde nerves. "Our mansion is big, you coming along does no changes to it. Plus, it gets a little lonely sometimes"


Wilbur locked eyes with the blonde, his face somehow conveying a strangely fond expression "I'm sure you'll fit right in perfectly"


Tommy could only look at Wilbur with a confused but worried expression, not really liking where this conversation is going. Tommy has the urge to stop it before it goes any further.


If you'd asked Tommy, he could consider himself somewhat close to Wilbur. They never really talked for hours or share each other deepest secrets, but in a way, Tommy does view Wilbur as some sort of older brother, the brunette does radiate older brother energy.


There were also times where Wilbur protected Tommy from the people he stole from, the brunette moving at lightning speed and they all fell to the floor within a couple of seconds, and Tommy reminded himself to never judge Wilbur ability to fight ever again.


He remembers jokingly telling Wilbur how they were like brothers, the other simply smiled and replied with "don't say that. I will cry" Which had cause Tommy to laugh.


He was pretty sure Wilbur views him like a little brother. Sometimes, the brunette would ruffle the blonde locks or pat it, and other times, Wilbur would even run his fingers through Tommy hair and even bring the blonde into a hug, which Tommy would always melt into.


He always failed to notice the overly fond and possessive look in those chocolate eyes every time Wilbur does one of those actions.


"Well, I really appreciate the offer, Wilbur" Tommy started awkwardly, a hand going to rub the back of his neck as he looked at the older "but I'll have to decline it"


Right after he said it, Tommy could feel the atmosphere change in the alleyway, and he suddenly felt cold, palms gripping his elbows as Tommy warily looked at Wilbur, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip.


"Why?" Wilbur asked, his tone was strangely defensive, a spark in those usual calm eyes "you're lonely, aren't you? And I'm sure you're sick of living off the streets, stealing money from people and always on the run" Wilbur voice soften "Wouldn't you like to stop living like that? To actually be able to live without having to worry about being attacked? We can protect you from any dangers in the world, Toms"


Tommy almost melted at the nickname Wilbur used on him, but he held his ground, his fingers digging into his elbows, creating red little crescents as Tommy stared at the ground, no longer being able to look at the other.


"That would be nice, Wilbur" The blonde agreed, which pulled a satisfied noise from the brunette "but I made a promise to someone that once I get enough money, we can move to a new town and live the life we always wanted." He shifted a foot awkwardly "and I am days away from achieving that goal"


It was quiet once again, and Tommy does not like any second of it. He could always make a run for it, but something tells him that it wouldn't be a good idea in the long run.


"You're leaving?"


Tommy resist the urge to flinch at the tone Wilbur was using. It sounded dark and dangerous, cold to the touch. But Tommy had already spew it out and it was too late to back out now. So, he nodded, eyes still trained on the ground. "Me and the other person are leaving in days, preferably tomorrow"


Once again, it was quiet, gulping when he heard footsteps approaching him, a pair of black boots filled his vision before a pair of hands appeared, going to gently cup Tommy cheeks as the blonde leaned into the gentle touch, the pair of hands gently tilting his head up to lock eyes with brown ones.


"Since you'll be leaving so soon," Thumbs gently started caressing his cheeks, and Tommy had to stop his knees from buckling "I won't stop you and you're free to do whatever you want, Toms" A small but fond smile grace the older lips, and Tommy found himself doing the same.


"But, please, do come and visit us tomorrow. And do also bring that friend of yours along, do you think you can do that for me, Toms?"


Tommy blinked slowly, before nodding. Wilbur voice was just so alluring, so nice to listen to that it fills Tommy's head with cotton, the words that the brunette had spoken now drilled inside the blondes brain.


Tommy found himself wanting to hear Wilbur voice more. The older voice had always been nice to listen to, but this tone that he was using was simply the cherry on top. Tommy could simply sit and listen to Wilbur with that voice and do nothing for weeks and Tommy doubt he would never get bored of the voice.


Wilbur looked down at Tommy, the younger was in a daze, looking like he just woke up from a nap and the older thinks that it looks absolutely adorable, leaning into Wilbur touch like an affectionate little puppy.


"Good boy, Toms. I know you would never disappoint" Wilbur cooed out, and Tommy, who was still out of it, simply giggled out which absolutely melted the brunette heart.


Wilbur leaned down, placing a gentle kiss to Tommy forehead, before pulling the blonde into a hug, arms wrapping around the boy as Wilbur buried his head into the fluffy blonde nest, placing another kiss.


Tommy in turn buried his face into Wilbur chest, wrapping his lanky arms around the older as he breathed in Wilbur scent, the other smelling like honey with a tint of vanilla.


The two stayed like that for a long time, Wilbur refusing to let go and Tommy being in too much of a daze to realized what was actually happening.


Wilbur broke the hug soon, gently pulling Tommy away from his chest and untangling himself from the lanky arms of Tommy. As much as Wilbur doesn't want to do that, as much as he wants to keep holding onto the blonde forever, he knows that he has to let Tommy go, for now.


Because he knows, Wilbur knows, that there will be a chance when he gets to hold his little baby brother forever and never let go.


"Remember what I said, Tommy" Tommy nodded, leaning into the hands that had returned to gently holding his face.


"Good boy. I'll see you and your little friend tomorrow, alright?" Once again, Tommy nodded, though his eyes seem quite out of it and Wilbur leaned down to press one final kiss to Tommy forehead, before stepping back, hands going back into his pockets.


"I'll see you soon, Tommy"


And Wilbur was gone.


Tommy stood in the alleyway for a while, not moving and simply standing still like some sort of mannequin, before suddenly jolting, looking around frantically, eyes wide and unfocused.


When he got a good grip of where he was, Tommy calmed down a little, blinking non stop, a hand settled on his chest as he tried to recalled what had happened.


He remembers stealing money from a store owner and running in here to hide and rest for a while, and then Wilbur appeared out of thin air, the both of them conversing a little, Wilbur coming up to him and it was a blur after that.


He does remember something really vividly though, Wilbur asking him to go to his mansion and bring Tubbo along. And honestly, who is he to deny such a request?


They would never see each other again anyways, so it wouldn't hurt to see Wilbur in his house one last time. Tommy was also curious about the other house. He knows it would be way better than what Tommy is used too, but he wants to know how much better.


And hey, if he was lucky enough, he could even steal a few things along the way. Tommy sees no harm in visiting Wilbur tomorrow before leaving the town for good.


He turned on his heels, a grin on his lips as he ran back to his apartment he shared with Tubbo, ready to break to his best friend about the good news, which only caused him to speed up just thinking about it.


They were leaving this place. Away from Schlatt, away from the danger that threatened to harm them. They both could start a new life. Of course, they need to figure out about Tubbo situation, it would be hard, considering there was no cure to turn a vampire back to human, but Tommy can live with the odds, he can study a little deeper about vampires to understand how their body works, so he doesn't underfeed and overfeed his friend.


As the blonde happily ran back to his apartment, he failed to notice a pair of chocolate eyes following his every move, a wide grin on their lips, showing off their abnormally long and sharp canines.


It was time to set their plan into action.

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"Where are we going again?" Tubbo mumbled out sleepily as he curled into the comforters, his red eyes unfocused as he tiredly looked at Tommy, who was sitting by his bed, grinning.


"We're going to see a good friend of mine, Tubbo. He would probably take us touring around his mansion, and after that, we can take the next ticket out of this country" Tommy beamed with joy, practically buzzing with raw energy, unlike the other blonde, who was still wrapped in his comforters.


Today is the day.


Today is the day that they leave this cursed place and start a new life.


"Five more minutes, please" The vampire groaned, turning his back to Tommy as he pulled the comforters over his head, shifting to get into a more comfortable position.


"Tubbo, we can't delay this any further. I promise my friend that we will meet today!" Tommy chirped with an unnatural happiness, bouncing on the bed a little as Tubbo entire body began bobbing, much to the changeling disdain.


"And we will, Tommy. Just let me sleep for a little while longer" He pulled and secure the comforters over his head more, folding his body and making himself into a ball.


Tommy scoffed, staring at the sleepy lump that was his best friend before a mischievous grin made its way onto his lips.


If Tubbo won't wake up, then Tommy will annoy and complain until the blonde wakes up.


Biting his bottom lip to contain his laughter, Tommy stood up, turning his head to look at Tubbo, a toothy smirk made its way onto his lips, and Tommy jumped and pushing himself back, landing on the bed and causing everything on the bed to bounce violently, Tubbo included.


"Tommy!" The changeling roared, violently pulling the comforters off his face to sit up, glaring angrily at his best friend who only smiled innocently at him, and Tubbo narrowed his eyes more.


"I will keep doing that and more if you continue sleeping, and I will not stop"


Tubbo knows Tommy is serious.


"Honestly, fuck you" Tubbo spat, but there was no real bite in his words.


Tommy only grinned wider.




"Jesus fuck- Tommy! St- that's enough, are you insane?!"


Tommy doesn't listen to Tubbo, a tongue poking out as he try to protect his vampire friend by making sure no part of his skin was exposed, Tubbo was covered in fabric from head to toe, the poor boy couldn't even put his hand on his side with how much clothing Tommy was forcing onto him.


Tommy realized a little after Tubbo went to get ready that the changeling couldn't get exposed to sunlight, afraid that his friend will just turn to dust and simply perish, much to his friend protesting.


"Tommy, stop. Seriously, I'll be fine- hey! Stop giving me more clothes!" Tubbo dodged the other, taking off one the many clothing Tommy had forced onto him with much difficulty, his movements limited.


"But Tubbo, you'll burn under the sun!" Tubbo scoffed and rolled his eyes at Tommy reasoning, silently cheering as he managed to get another layer of clothing off of him, immediately trying to get the others off.


"I won't." The blonde said confidently, having a personal fight with the clothing as he grunted, tongue poking out in determination.


"But I heard-"


"Bullshit. What you probably had heard about vampires are bullshit- fuck, why is this so tight"


Tommy had cease his actions of wanting to stuff Tubbo into more clothing, but he doesn't look convince, though he couldn't hide the amusement in his eyes as the other struggled with taking out the clothes that clung onto him.


"You're really sure about that?"


Tubbo grunted, pausing his actions to take a little breather, before continuing, making noises that makes him sound constipated.


"Yes, I am sure" The changeling grunted out as he tried pulling the clothing off of him, gritting his teeth together "how did you even manage to put so much clothing on me that easily- I'm not a fully developed vampire yet, and while I'm not as strong as a regular vampire- fucking fabric pieces of shit-I assure you that I will not turn into dust and die upon contact with sunlight- fuck my life"


Tommy folded his lips in, trying not to laugh and regain his posture as he closed his eyes tightly, counting numbers in his head before opening them again.


"So sunlight doesn't have any effect on vampires?"


Tubbo let out a loud grunt as he managed to pull another clothing off of him, letting out a huge exhale before grabbing the next one, already looking like he hasn't slept in days, looking at Tommy as he decided to take a short break and answer his friend question instead. "It does have effect on vampires but it's not as bad as people paint them to be. It just irritates our eyes and make our vision a little worst, that's why you see most vampire wearing hats or something when they go out in the sun"


Tommy mouth shaped into an 'o' as he nodded in understanding, and Tubbo was back to trying to pull another clothing off of him, teeth gritting together and Tommy let out a snort, causing the changeling to stop his actions and glare at the other.


"Now, if we want to leave this place early. You better take these shirts off of me or we're going to be staying here for another night"




The duo finally headed out, Tommy was able to buy a wide brimmed Filipino straw hat for Tubbo, the hat covering the upper part of the blonde face.


"I look ridiculous, Tommy" The changeling had complained but had never made the attempt to take it off, the duo holding hands so Tubbo wouldn't slam into anything or anyone.


"You always look ridiculous, Tubbo. This is nothing new"


"I hope you slip and fall"


Tommy let out a little laugh, before wincing a little, his free palm going to gently place on his temple, rubbing circles onto it.


Tommy had asked Tubbo to drink some blood off of him seeing just how tired the other was after the whole shirt thing, the blonde couldn't stand without his feet wobbling a little.


Tubbo had heavily decline it at first, not wanting to drink off his best friend but Tommy had heavily persisted he did, rolling up his sleeve and baring his wrist for the other to feed on him, expression unreadable.


Tubbo winced, hesitating, but seeing as Tommy wouldn't change his mind, the changeling finally gave in and bared his teeth, before sinking them into the other wrist, feeding off of him.


Tommy winced and held back painful grunts, but he did not sway, allowing Tubbo to drink as much as he needs, only pulling back when Tubbo did. Silence engulfed them, and Tommy took the queue to go wash and bandage his arms, feeling a little lightheaded.


Perhaps Tubbo might have taken a little too much.


Tommy shook the dizziness off. Tubbo can't know that he was dizzy, the latter will only blame himself for it and Tommy does not want that to ever happen.


Washing his face, Tommy looked at himself in the mirror for a bit before exiting the bathroom, going back to the living room, Tubbo sitting the exact place Tommy last saw him.


"You alright there, Tubs?"


Tubbo snapped out of his thoughts, blinking as he looked at Tommy, before nodding. "Yeah, I- this is all a little weird"


Tommy raised a brow "how so?"


The changeling scrunched his nose, clearly trying to find a right way to word his sentence correctly. Tommy blinked, his vision slightly blurry and the blonde silently made his way to sit on the couch, hopefully Tubbo doesn't notice the sudden change.


Luckily, he didn't.


"It's like. The blood he fed me was different then when I drank from yours" Tubbo started, Tommy looked at him as a silent indication to continue. "Yours taste more... Weird? While the one he gave me tastes more better"


"Are you saying my blood taste bad, Tubbo?"


Tubbo quickly shook his head, hands waving quickly in a panicked manner. "No no no no no, that's not what I meant. Your blood doesn't taste bad, it's just" A beat passed "it tasted kind of stale? While his taste more fresh? Am I making sense? Probably not. You know what, let's just go"


Tommy snickered, slowly standing up to not give himself a headache, went unnoticed by Tubbo as the latter was busy with strapping the bag onto his back.


"Glad you have your energy is back though, Tubbo. Even though you said my blood taste bad"


"That's not what I meant- you know what, forget about it. Hope I didn't take too much though"


Tommy simply waved him off, strapping his own bag and out they go, leaving the shitty hotel for good.


"You okay there, big man?" Tubbo asked, peeking from the huge straw hat to look at Tommy, concern laced in his eyes and tone.


Tommy simply smiled, giving the other blonde a thumbs up. "I am Tubbo, don't worry about it"


Tubbo did not look convinced at all, but decided not to pry into it as they had came to their destination, where the two would meet up with Wilbur and the latter would bring them to his mansion, have a tour around said mansion and out the fuck they go from this place for eternity.


As usual, Wilbur was already there waiting for them, arms crossed as he leaned against the wall, not caring that it would make his expensive coat dirty, a leg propped up to the wall, head tilting up to rest on the wall.


Tommy held Tubbo hand tightly as they both approach the older, stopping when they were a few feet away from him. Wilbur didn't move from his position, simply sparing a glance their way from the corner of his eyes.


"Your friend?"


Tubbo posture stiffened slightly and Tommy squeezed his hand to hopefully calm the other down, before nodding, his curls bouncing along with him.


It was silent for a few beats before Wilbur moved, leaning away from the wall and turned to face the two, hands now in his coat pocket. Wilbur wore the same outfit that Tommy saw him yesterday in, the only difference was that Wilbur round rimmed glasses now had shades to them, making him look more fashionable and kind of shady, if Tommy was being honest.


The brunette turned his attention towards Tubbo, extending a hand out for the other to shake. "Nice to meet you, I'm Wilbur"


Tubbo looked at the extended hand before grabbing it and shaking it, the blonde shocked by the firmness Wilbur had when their hands shook, letting go after a few seconds.


"I'm Tubbo. It's nice to meet you too"


Something in Wilbur posture changed, the brunette looking more stiff then ever but it was gone just as fast as it came, and it made Tommy wonder if it even happened at all.


Wilbur brought his hands together, startling the younger two at the loud sound as his hands rubbed together and paused, making him look like he was praying.


"Well, now that we got our introductions out of the way. Let me take you two to the mansion, yeah? Don't want to delay your departure any further"


Wilbur spun on his heels, back facing them as his hands made their way into his coat pockets, turning to look at them at the corner of his eyes. Tommy swore he saw something in Wilbur eyes, but quickly brushed it off.


"Follow me, kiddos"




Wilbur had led them through so many places, with twist and turns that Tommy felt like he was in a maze and was about to pass out any time soon.


Literally and figuratively.


The bags they had to carry and the long distance walk was not helping the dull headache that was beginning to creep up on Tommy, who was trying to ignore it.


He knows that he should have rest or take a breather, but he didn't want to make Wilbur suspicious or upset Tubbo, who would most likely blame himself even when it wasn't his fault.


Now, come to think of it. Tommy realized that it might not be a good idea to bring Tubbo along because, well, vampire. And Tubbo was still basically a fetus in the vampire world as far as Tommy knowledge goes, his body was still undergoing the process and getting use to the changes.


Tommy had never asked Wilbur about what he feels about vampires, it just never crossed his mind whenever the two converse. If something bad happens and Tubbo identity is revealed, Tommy would just have to pray that Wilbur would understand and just leave them to their merry way.


Wilbur would probably hate him after that, even downright despise him and cut all ties with him
But hey, like Tommy had said plenty times before, it would be the last time he will ever see Wilbur, so it probably doesn't really matter if the brunette knows about Tubbo being a vampire.


Maybe it's alright to let Tubbo out this once. The mansion would probably look super fucking cool and he would love to experience it with Tubbo. Plus, he already brought the other along and he can't just tell Wilbur that the changeling can't come, not after they have traveled so far.


There was no going back from this one.


"We're here" Wilbur voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and the duo found themselves standing in front of one of the biggest fucking mansion they had ever lay their eyes on.


Wilbur did a mock bow, lips twitching upwards at the expression on the duo face, amusement dancing in his eyes behind those shaded glasses.


"Welcome to the mansion, kiddos"


Tommy is and will absolutely start stealing shit.



If Tommy thought the exterior of the mansion was something to gape about, the interior is going to leave him needing a new jaw when Wilbur was done with his tour.


Tommy knows it's going to take a few hours for Wilbur to finish the whole tour of his mansion with how fucking humongous it was, and he knows by the time the brunette was done, it would be around in the evening, which means Tubbo and Tommy can catch the train and ride off into the night like some cheesy happy ending.


It's a win win situation in Tommy book anyways.


Wilbur started explaining rooms after rooms, never needing to catch a breath as the brunette seem to ramble on and on and on, Tommy only staring at him in awe.


This guy is fucking insane.


"How do you remember all these rooms? The mansion is huge!" Tubbo had asked, spreading his arms wide when he said 'huge'


Wilbur simply shrugged, a smile on his lips as he continued to ramble on and on about the mansion.


Tommy tuned the brunette out for a moment, looking around himself. As much as he appreciates Wilbur efforts to explain to them, the guy never fucking stops to breathe and he was going too fast, sounding like he was rapping to them more than he was explaining.


Now, Tommy was no architecture, he didn't know shit about building designs, but it doesn't take an architecture to know that the design in this mansion was old as fuck, maybe around in the 1600s or something.


Tommy thinks it looks dope as hell.


"How many floors does this mansion have?" He heard Tubbo ask Wilbur, now trailing along with the brunette since Tommy had slowed down to take the surroundings by himself.


"Three floors"


Tommy blinked as he quicken his pace, easily catching up to the two as he continued looking around, saying nothing.


Wilbur suddenly stopped, which cause the duo to halt their walking too, looking at the brunette with confused gaze. The older simply grinned, snapping his fingers.


"Oh yeah! Before I continue the tour though, there is something that I need you two to see" He started walking, motioning for the two to follow with a hand. The duo looked at each other, shrugged, and followed the brunette.


Once again, Wilbur led them through a maze, though it wasn't as bad as when they got here, but Tommy winced a little as his headache came back, a bit more painful than before, but the blonde stubbornly ignore it, pushing it away.


Wilbur led them through hallways after hallways, doors opening up to reveal another set of doors and more hallways, a look on his face that Tommy wasn't sure if he liked it or not.


Wilbur wouldn't answer any of their questions on what was it that he wants them to see or where were they going, simply ignoring them or hitting them with a "you'll see"


Tommy was starting to feel like something wrong is going to happen and it appears that Tubbo felt the same way, because the blonde came to tightly grabbed onto his hand, Tommy gripping back just as tightly.


They finally stopped in front of the double set of huge golden doors, both doors were decorated with detailed designs that would take well over months to complete it, the three of them standing outside the door awkwardly, causing Tommy to start looking around to take his mind off this heavy and tense atmosphere that were building around them.


Tommy is suddenly painfully aware on how every window is covered by heavy maroon curtains, the light source all coming from the lights inside the mansion.


Wilbur finally moved, a hand grabbing one of the beautifully carved golden door and swung it open, ushering the two inside before slamming the door shut, and Tommy swore he heard the click of the door locking.


What is Wilbur planning?


The room was big, just like the other rooms that they had seen before being carried into this room, but there was just something in the atmosphere in the room that made both Tommy and Tubbo feeling weirdly little, giving each other worried looks.


There was a huge dark velvet green couch that was facing away from the two of them,
shaping like the alphabet 'C', and Tommy now noticed, that someone was sitting on the couch, back turned to them.


There was a table in the middle of the huge room, five tea cups was on the table along with a tea kettle that matched the aesthetic of the cups, though Tommy noticed that one of the tea cups was larger than the other, but decided not to dwell on it, eyes darting around more.


From the back, Tommy could see a white and green striped bucket hat, along with blonde hair that grew a a little over their jawline, a hand casually thrown to the back of the seat, and Tommy could see the dark green velvet suit the person was wearing, with black button up shirt, rings decorating the man fingers.


Even with the relaxed position the man was displaying, Tommy felt the power radiating off of this man alone, and was basically the reason why he and Tubbo felt so tiny in this room.


Tommy knew that whoever he was, the man was dangerous.


Yet, in the corner of his mind, Tommy swore he saw that bucket hat and blonde hair before, he just couldn't place a finger where.


Wilbur ushered them to stand in front of the blonde haired man, and hesitantly, the both of them did, walking across one of the couch side to stand in front of the man.


Tommy could see just how relaxed that man truly was. One of his feet propped up, the ankle resting on his other thigh, the propped up leg shaking without a care in the world.


Tommy had to remind himself that it doesn't make him any less dangerous.


The blonde eyes trailed up to see the face of the man, and his breath hitched, eyes widen as he felt like he was going to faint right this instant, stumbling a little if not for Tubbo hold on him.


Exhaling a shaky breath, Tommy slowly looked up at the man again, doing a double take and he felt like throwing up when the face of the man didn't change. Wide, scared blue eyes bring into kind, wise red ones.


The vampire tilted his head a little, something similar to how a crow will, and smiled a fatherly smile, eyes disappearing into happy crescents, the shaking on his leg had stopped.


Even with the kind smile, Tommy does not feel any less comforted. In fact, the urge to faint or throw up right then and there was getting more tempting.


"Ello, mate"


There was no way, no fucking way, that Tommy can handle this right now.

Chapter Text

Tommy remembers when he had first met Phil. The memory replaying in this head like it had just happened a few hours ago.


He was on one of his runs, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike to grab whatever he could and bolt like his life depended on it. It had been years ago, Tommy was twelve and Tubbo had been thirteen, it was back when it had only been a few months since they decided to work together, and way back when Tubbo knew Schlatt, same goes for Wilbur and Tommy.


Tommy was blending in with the crowds, though there was really no need for him to do that since he was a child and no one pays attention to a child, but he somehow felt the need to, feeling more safer when he does and to throw store people off guard so he could have time to run, even if it was only for a few seconds.


While waiting for an opportunity to strike though, he noticed a man who was staring at him, eyes boring into his own in a kind manner, and when the man realizes that Tommy was looking at him, he simply offered his usual kind smile, eyes disappearing as he did so.


Tommy stared at the man, startled at the almost fatherly smile the man had on his face. Now come to think of it, the aura around the man just screams fatherly, that you can go to him and spill all your deepest and darkest secrets and he wouldn't have a single judgement behind those kind, kind eyes.


"Move out the way, kid!" A voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and Tommy was painfully aware on how he was standing in the middle of the walkway, blocking the path for other people. Ducking his head and raising his shoulders in an attempt to make himself smaller, Tommy felt heat raising to his cheeks and the tip of his ears, quickly moving out of the way, before looking back at the man with the fatherly vibe.


He was still looking at Tommy, his kind eyes now glinting with a hint of amusement and it made the younger flushed even more than he already had, slowly making his way to the older, keeping his guard up as he warily eyed the other.


"Hey, mate" Phil had spoke softly, and even his voice had sounded so warm and welcoming, so fatherly that it felt like Tommy was wrapped in the warmest comforter ever.


Tommy blinked, his stiff shoulders slouching into a more relaxed position, tilting his head innocently at Phil, who simply chuckled softly, and Tommy found himself smiling a little.


The man laughs were contagious. Tommy had always loved when the older blonde laugh and Phil is naturally a very giggly person, laughing at nearly everything.


He wore like every other person in the supermarket, his blonde hair had been longer that time, going pass his shoulders and he had it up in a low ponytail, the only thing that stood out was the green and white striped bucket hat that he wore, and a stubble going along his jaw line and chin.


Even with the simple rags and clothing he wore, he somehow smelt expensive, and was someone who had people cowering in fear by just standing there and doing absolutely nothing. It felt like Phil could inhale to breathe and people would start shitting their pants in fear.


Tommy thought that was ridiculous at that time, because how could someone as fatherly and kind as Phil radiate such an imitating energy?


"Hello" Tommy said after a while of staring at Phil and realising that he was simply staring at the man, looking away in hopes of hiding his flushed cheeks.


Phil must have noticed this because the older let out one of the laughs that Tommy would soon grow to love hearing, making the younger blonde flushed even more when the older blonde pat his head a few times lovingly.


Tommy felt like crawling into a hole and simply disappearing that time.


"Hey, it's alright. No need to be so embarrassed" The soft voice of Phil filled Tommy ears once again, and the younger blonde slowly turn to look up at the older face, holding eye contact with him.


Phil eyes had been blue back then.


Tommy remembers just how much kindness those blue eyes hold. It had been a pale blue, reminding Tommy of ice. It felt like Phil could have froze and plunge the entire world into an unforgiving tundra, leaving any living being who wasn't fit enough to survive the temperature to simply freeze and die in the cold.


But, instead of doing that, instead of dooming the world to coldness for eternity, Phil had melted the ice in his eyes, and it felt like home every time anyone gazes into those kind eyes. Instead of battling the cold, it felt like the cold was their friend, where children could shriek with laughter and run around without a care in the world, making snow angels or building a snowman that doesn't even look close to a snowman, and just having the time of their lives.


Tommy felt like home looking at the older eyes, even if he had only met the man just a few minutes ago.


"What's your name?"


"Tommy" He replied without missing a beat, much to his own surprise. Tommy is usually an extremely weary person, not trusting someone until he knows them for quite some time and know that they wouldn't backstab him.


But he didn't hesitate when it came to Phil, blurting his name out that would have taken other people weeks just to pull that out of him.


He must have expressed his shock on his face, because the man started softly laughing again, and Tommy found himself leaning into the warm laugh, shoulders slouching once again.


"Nice to meet you, Tommy" He said kindly, eyes filled with adoration and fondness for the blonde boy in front of him. "My name's Phil"


And so the two began talking, Tommy had so much fun conversing with the older that he had forgotten why he was here in the first place, only realising it when he saw store owners packing up their stores and heading home.


Tommy had been devastated then, biting his lip as he anxiously watched the store owners leave one by one. There's no way he could tell Phil what was going on, the older blonde would most likely give him a lecture or something. He had such big father energy after all.


That's why it was a massive surprise when he heard the sound of coins jingling, snapping his head to the side to see Phil holding out a sack of coins for the younger, his smile never leaving his face.


Tommy simply stared at Phil, wide eyes and mouth agape, which only caused the older to let out a hearty laugh, head thrown back as a hand came to rest on his stomach.


He calmed down after a while, wiping the tears that formed on his eyes, a grin on his face as he looked down at the perplexed Tommy.


"For you, Tommy. Use it wisely"


Tommy didn't know what came over him, he launched himself onto Phil, the latter was taken by surprised before fondness took over his expression, wrapping his arms around the younger, Tommy leaning into the hug because Phil gives one of the best hugs known to mankind.


Tommy didn't ever want to let go. All he wanted was to stay in Phil arms for the rest of his life.


Sadly, life is cruel to Tommy as he very hesitantly let go, shyly and hesitantly taking the sack of money and pocketing it, giving a genuine grin to the older blonde.


".... Thank you" Tommy mumbled out, and Phil grin widen, ruffling the blonde mess on the younger head before his hands fell to their side.


They had to bid their goodbyes, because Tommy had to return to Tubbo, who was waiting for him and he was sure Phil had his own things to do too.


They went on their separate ways, waving each other goodbye.


"I'll see you around, mate"


And Phil kept true to his words.


After their first meeting, Tommy would see Phil every time he goes on his run. The younger would immediately run to hug the older, chat with him for a bit before going stealing, chat with Phil again until the two had to go, and the cycle would repeat.


Phil would always have that fatherly smile on his face no matter how insufferable or annoying Tommy was being, which was almost always. The man never scolded or done anything bad to the younger, simply dealing with the blonde in the most kindest and patient way possible, and occasionally, Phil would cause chaos with the other.


Tommy's mood brighten every time he caught a glimpse of the older.


And then the man suddenly disappeared three days after Tommy succeed in taking Tubbo away from Schlatt, and Tommy never saw him again for months.


The blonde was devastated that time, not being able to see the man that made him feel like home, not being able to see the man that Tommy saw as a father. He pretended it didn't effect him, pretended like it never happened, pretended like he didn't care.


There was no denying the way Tommy would always hope, would always wish that he would be able to see the older every single time he goes for his runs, face and mood visibly dropping when he didn't catch sight of the green and white striped bucket hat with the luxurious blonde locks that just carries huge fatherly vibe everywhere he goes.


But now, looking at Phil, all Tommy felt was fear, horror, disgust and betrayal.


Because the man before him is not Phil. It couldn't be Phil. Phil never wore anything else than his loose green rags that were loosing their colour every time Tommy sees them. Phil never wore any expensive jewelry on his fingers.


And most of all, Phil didn't have red eyes and fangs.


Or was Tommy too blind to see them behind the fatherly facade Phil had put up every time the younger sees him?


Tommy took a shaky step back, eyes never leaving Phil as he blinked wildly, his grip on Tubbo tightening as he took a few more steps back.


"Tommy?" Tubbo concern voice went unheard as Tommy throat bobbed, shaky pupils staring at the man he once saw as his father.


This.... This couldn't be happening.


"You doing alright there, mate?" Phil asked, voice still as kind and caring as Tommy remembered, and it only made the whole situation worst for him. "You look paler than usual"


Unlike Tommy, who was one tap away from having a heart attack and absolutely shitting all over his pants, Phil was calm, still in that relaxed position, looking at Tommy with that stupid kind expression that would have calmed his nerves, but it now only makes him want to panic more.


Tommy eyes frantically darted the room once again, anything to get his eyes off of Phil and to calm himself, he was now aware that Wilbur was no longer in the room with them, the brunette must have slipped out when Tommy was in shock.


As if on cue, the brunette returned, swinging the door open to reveal himself as he walked into the room, and there was someone else trailing behind him.


He heard a gasp as the grip on his hand tighten, causing Tommy to wince and looked at Tubbo. Even with the huge straw hat covering his face, Tommy knows that Tubbo expression is one of pure and raw horror, he furrowed his brows before looking to where Tubbo was, and he mirrored his friend expression.


Standing beside Wilbur, hands clasped behind his back as red eyes immediately fell on him, making Tommy feel strangely immobile.


It was none other than Schlatt, Tubbo sire.


Tommy gripped Tubbo hand tighter, now realising how underpowered they are. Tommy was now painfully aware of how weak he is compare to the vampires in the room, he was nothing, and he still needed rest after Tubbo drank the blood out of him.


Trapped in a room with the most powerful vampires, there was no way they were getting out of this one.


"Your child, Schlatt" Wilbur broke the tense silence, gesturing lazily to the changeling. "Feel free to take him and leave"


The crazy ram simply glanced at Wilbur and at Tommy, eyes visibly soften when it landed on Tubbo, a small smile appearing on his lips, a hand stretching out.


"Come on, kiddo. Let's go"


Tommy immediately tighten his grip,, furrowing his brow as he took a step forward to use his body to shield Tubbo, growling and snarling at the vampire.


Schlatt lazily raised a brow, looking at the blonde with little interest, as if Tommy wasn't a threat at all.


Which, to be honest, he wasn't.


"Don't be like that, Tommy" He heard Wilbur cooed, face one of mocking disappointment, chocolate eyes glinting with something sinister. "It would be better for all of us is you cooperate, yeah?"


"Fuck you, bitch"


The brunette clicked his tongue, straightening his posture as his expression was now unreadable, Tommy tensed under the emotionless gaze.


Nothing good ever happens when Wilbur made that face.


It all happened in a blink of an eye. One moment Tommy was standing in front of Tubbo like a body shield. And the next, he was being lifted up by a pair of calloused and strong pair of hands, Tubbo letting out a yelp in surprise as he tighten his hold on Tommy.


Confused, Tommy cranked his neck up, only to see bored blood red eyes staring back down at him.


Tommy breath hitched as he felt like his heart stopped for a moment. It was Technoblade. The Technoblade.


The man basically doesn't need an introduction. Everyone know who Technoblade was, every rumor about him was that he was brutal, violent, and show no mercy to his enemies. He rips all of them to shreds like tearing through paper, and he does so with a bloodthirsty grin.


He was nicknamed as 'The Blood God' by both humans and vampires alike, probably the only thing that the two species could come around and agree on, is that the pink haired vampire is someone no one wants to mess with, unless said someone has a death wish.


Tommy could only stare at Techno in horror, going absolutely still in the Blood God hold like the other had found his off switch, the blonde not even daring to twitch a finger.


"Tommy" Wilbur voice rung in his ears but he was still frozen in place, hearing the brunette but not daring to move to look at said brunette. "Be good and just relax, alright?"


Against his will, Tommy relaxed and slumped onto Technoblade, the latter easily adjusting his grip on the blonde. Tommy's head was now resting on Techno chest, the latter carrying him bridal style as his blue eyes trailed to Tubbo, who looked at him in shock.


"Let him go!" Tubbo hissed out, face one of rage but his eyes showed fear and uncertainty, not wanting to get too close to Technoblade but wanting to pull Tommy out the former tight hold on his friend.


"Tubbo" The Changeling snapped his head to look at Wilbur, who was staring at the blonde with an emotionless face, before it broke into a wide and dangerous grin, glee glinting in his eyes.


Tubbo could only stared at the other in fear.


"Let Tommy go and go back to your sire."


Tommy wanted to stream and struggle as he felt Tubbo fingers slowly slipping away from his, one digit at a time, agonizingly slow and Tommy tried fighting the hold on him, to try moving or tensing his body but found out that he couldn't, eyes uselessly following Tubbo as his friend walked back the man who had ruined his life.


Schlatt spread his arms wide open, a fond grin on his lips as he gather his Changeling into his arms, holding him tightly as the businessman whisper reassurance into Tubbo hair, before burying his face into the blonde locks.


"I got you now, kiddo. Everything will be okay now" The ram hybrid hummed, voice unusually soft and gentle for a man like him.


Everything will not be okay.


Tommy head lazily lulled to the side, watching with a forced relaxed expression on his face as Schlatt broke the hug and took Tubbo hand into his, looking at Wilbur as he nodded in gratitude, the brunette doing the same, and the duo was out the door.


Techno lifted him up a little higher and folded his arms, causing Tommy head to turned and rest itself back onto Techno chest, the blonde not resisting because he couldn't even if he tried.


Tommy wanted to just curl into a ball and cry. All their hard work and hard earned money. Their plans to leave this place and start a new life together, where they wouldn't have to be constantly on the run, all washed down the drain and never to be seen again.


Tubbo is back with his sire, who would probably be more protective over him after this, and Tommy is stuck with three of the most powerful vampires who could kill him with a snap of their fingers.


There's no way he could get out of this one.


He heard the door close and quiet footsteps approaching his way, humming a little tune to themselves as their footsteps got louder and louder, stopping when they were behind Tommy, and it didn't take a genius to know that it was Wilbur.


That bastard who got Tommy and Tubbo in this situation in the first place.


Tommy felt betrayed, though he would never admit it out loud. The memories and friendly banter he had with the brunette now felt like a painful reminder on why he should have been more alert and aware.


Wilbur had lured him into a false sense of security with affection and words.


Tommy was foolish enough to fall for it, and now he was paying the consequences.


"I know what you're thinking, Toms" Familiar fingers ran through his hair with so much gentleness and affection that it startled Tommy. "I know you're thinking that big brother Wilbur had betrayed you, led you to big bad vampires that can and will kill you without even moving a muscle"


The hand running through his hair stopped, resting there for a few seconds before it went down to his chin, a finger gently turning his head to the side, forcing to face Wilbur, who had a wide grin on his face, and Tommy now noticed that his canines were way too sharp and long to be human.


"And you'll also think that big brother Wilbur had stopped you from moving out with your friend and start a new life, to have a place to call home" Wilbur let go of the blonde, which cause Tommy to uselessly hang off Techno hold, the latter grumbled under his breath before readjusting the blonde head, now resting back on Techno chest while still facing Wilbur.


"But soon you'll see, Toms.." The brunette tilted his head up, a hand resting on his cheek, middle finger pulling the skin down as he used his other finger to move a little too close to his eyes, before taking something out, doing the same to his other eye.


Tommy realized with horror that it was contact lenses.


Wilbur blinked repeatedly before tilted his head back down, looking back at Tommy with his blood red eyes, grinning widely as he carelessly flicked the brown contact lenses away.


"That you're already home"


Tommy wants to rip his hair out and punch himself for not realising this sooner. Of course Wilbur was a vampire, of course he had to be a blood sucker, because everyone that Tommy considered close just had to be a fucking blood sucker.


It explains a lot of things at the same time. How Wilbur seem to appear and disappears out of thin air, and how he laughed so hard when Tommy told him that he acted like a vampire.


Because he is one.


Tommy cursed himself for not noticing sooner.


He barely registered when Techno started moving, walking towards Phil as the Blood God sat him on the older blonde lap with surprising gentleness, an arm immediately wrapped around him in a familiar and warm hold, and Tommy found himself laying his head onto Phil chest.


"You caused quite the trouble for us, little one" Phil hummed, his chest rumbling as he spoke and Tommy felt like he could just sleep if the rumbling continues on. "Stealing someone changeling is never a good idea" The tone he used was how a parent would to their child, Tommy found himself wanting to curl into a ball at the tone.


"Release him from your spell, Wil"


"Awe, but look how cute and docile he looks, Phil" Wilbur whined out, voice going up an octave in that condescending baby tone of his.


When Tommy has gathered up his energy and not feel like he might pass out every time he does as much as blink, he will tackle Wilbur and pummel the ever loving shit out of that smug motherfucker.


Phil softly chuckled, chest rumbling as he did so. "He'll still stay the same even without the spell" The older informed and Tommy wants to curse because Phil is just always right, isn't he?


The brunette sighed dramatically, before grabbing either side of Tommy face to face him, grin widen as he squished Tommy cheeks, causing his lips to pucker up like a fish.


"Don't bully him, mate" Phil said but there was amusement in his tone, only causing Wilbur to snicker as he leaned in to kiss Tommy forehead with a loud and exaggerated 'mwah'


"I'm going to miss you in this state, gremlin" Wilbur sighed out, as if he was genuinely sad, and began mumbling something under his breath, squishing his cheeks more before letting go once he was done.


Tommy wanted to lash out and pummel Wilbur until he was unrecognisable once he realized he could move again, he really wanted to rip that smug smile off the brunettes face. But instead, Tommy found himself making himself smaller and curling into Phil, feeling small and miserable.


"How long?" He spoke after a few seconds of silent. It meant to come out as loud and demanding, but his adrenaline had died out and he was awfully tired, his voice but a mere whisper, sounding like a toddler who was curious about something.


The chest rumbled again, a hand coming to lovingly card their fingers through his blonde locks, untangling any knots he had. "You're going to have to be more specific than that, mate"


Tommy inhaled and exhaled silently, before trying again. "How long have you been like this?" His voice still small and submissive, months of running away and surviving had caught up to him. Tommy doesn't know when was the last time he actually had a good night sleep.


"For as long as I can remember"


Tommy closed his eyes, exhaling a shaky breath. Phil had been a vampire this whole time of knowing Tommy, those blue eyes that the blonde had come to love was just a facade, and the same goes with the pair of chocolate eyes.


He opened his eyes again, finding it quite hard to do so, eyelids suddenly weighing a ton, curling further into Phil embrace, hiding his face into the older neck, deciding he can be embarrassed when he was more awake.


"I know you have a lot of questions to ask, and I will answer them as much and best as I can." Phil softly rumbled, and Tommy felt a kiss on top of his head. "But you're tired now, and you should sleep. You can ask when you're awake again, my child"


The soft rumbles and fingers running through his hair continued, and Tommy felt his eyes getting heavier and heavier, finally giving in to his exhaustion as his eyes slipped close completely, plunging himself into the darkness.


Tommy was just so tired.

Chapter Text

When Tommy came into conscious again, he found himself still in the arms of Phil, the latter humming quietly, causing his chest to rumble as the older gently ran his fingers through Tommy hair, only succeeded in pulling Tommy back to sleep.


"You're sleeping well, mate. Just a little while longer and we can begin" The soft voice of Phil rung through his ears, and Tommy eyes felt heavy again, lids threatening to close shut once again before suddenly snapping open, the words processing in his head and his sleepiness was gone in a snap.




Begin what?


He snapped his head to the older blonde, who was looking down at him with a fond smile, red eyes glinting with something that made Tommy shivered. He wanted to get away from Phil, to run, punch, kick, scream, anything to escape the grasp of person that he thought was family.


But Tommy couldn't. He was still weak and tired, he doubt he could even stand properly at this point, needing someone to help steady him and he'll be damned if he let the three of them lay a single finger on him.


But here he is now, currently curled up like a toddler in the arms of one of them. Tommy hates that Phil touch was so warm and welcoming, hate that it reminds Tommy of a loving and warm home every single time he was in the arm of the older blonde. Hates the fact that the wish to be in Phil arm and not let go was still strong in his mind.


"Wh... What?" Tommy cursed himself for sounding small and scared, voice barely above a whisper, throat hoarse.


Phil simply tilted his head a little, an eyebrow raised as the permanent smile on his lips seem to widen in the slightest.


"Your turning, mate. If I turned you without you resting, you'll feel even more terrible than before. I know you lost quite a lot of blood feeding Schlatt's changeling, yeah?" Phil said it so casually, like debating with Tommy where they should head out to eat later, the latter looking at the vampire with wide, terrified eyes.


"No... No!" Tommy panic rose as he began thrashing in the vampire's hold, blindly kicking and punching in random directions, hoping that it would land a hit on Phil enough that the older will let go and Tommy would have a chance to escape.


It doesn't happen though.


Phil's hold on him was strong no matter how many times Tommy blind punches landed on the man, not even looking angry in the slightest, as if the vampire was dealing with a five year old that was throwing a temper tantrum at not getting the sweets they wanted from their parents.


Phil only seem to shush him gently the entire time, tightening his hold on Tommy as his hand made its way back the blonde nest that gathers on his head, fingers gently running through his hair.


No matter how hard or how much Tommy struggle, it doesn't seem to affect Phil in the slightest, the older blonde doesn't even look frustrated or annoyed in the slightest, as if Tommy had never done anything to begin with.


Realising that struggling was futile, Tommy very hesitantly began to cease his struggles, chest heaving from his attempted escape as his eyes started dating around the room, hoping to distract himself even if it was just for half a second.


Tommy does not want to accept reality.


His eyes landed on Techno and Wilbur, the two sitting opposite of each other, at the curve of the huge couch, both of them looking at him intently, blood red eyes boring into his very soul.


Even if his mind was slightly hazy from the tiredness seeping up to him after the struggle he had against Phil, to no avail, he could see how both their posture are tense, and the way they positioned themselves to sit are just weird in general.


He realized a little later that it was so they can be prepared if Tommy ever tried to escape.


He's starting to realize that whatever plans they have for him, he isn't getting out scot free until they are done with him.


A hand came to Tommy view, said hand placed itself onto his forehead to gently pushed him back to a familiar, warm and comforting chest, and Tommy hates the fact that he turns his head to bury his face into the expensive suit, craving the affection from someone that has ruined his life.


In a way, Tommy feels like a hypocrite.


He felt his face heat up and his eyes stinging, vision slowly became blurry and Tommy didn't care to wipe it away, letting it fall on its own to stain Phil suit, his entire body shaking to try and hide the fact that he was breaking down in a room with three powerful vampires.




Why does it have to be him, out of all people?


Why do they want him?


What's so special about him that they wanted him for?


As much as the blonde loves to brag about how he was the best human to ever grace this Earth and everyone should feel blessed that they were even talking to someone as awesome and amazing as he is, Tommy knows, for a fact, that the self praise he gave himself is all just for show.


Tommy knows that he is just some random teenager who survives by stealing money from people that had worked hard to get it to get him closer to his goal to live a life with Tubbo without any dangers.


He knows it's selfish, to be doing this to other people who were probably having as much of a shit life as he does, and maybe they could have it much worse than Tommy, and the bag of money that they had worked so hard for to get, countless of hours spend slaving away at their job, just to get it stolen by some scrawny teenager off the street, leaving them with nothing else once again.


He knows it's bad, to be doing these kinds of things, stealing money and pickpocketing as many people as he can, all so he can go and live a happy life with his best friend, pretending to be ignorant to the things he had done.


He was just as bad as the people that he claimed was worst than vampires. He was no different from them.


But, life wasn't meant to be fair in the first place, was it? It wasn't all sunshine, rainbows and flowers, it's not all smiles and laughter. And if there was one thing that Tommy had learned growing up in the streets, is that kindness gets you nowhere in this world.


People are quick to take advantage of things they think they can benefit from easily, whether it be objects or humans, and toss them aside when it's no longer deemed useful. People are also willing to go down the darkest path to be at the top, even down right playing dirty to get it.


It's not the right thing to do. Technically, it's a fucked up thing to do. But people need to survive, and if kindness is not the answer, then there's no choice but to turn to a darker route, even if it meant hurting someone else to do it.


It's every men for himself.


And Tommy learned it the hard way.


He remembers when he started living on the streets, trying to get money by being a beggar, hopefully people will pity him enough to give him some dollars or coins. He was proven wrong when people would just walk past him without even sparing a glance, some even scoffing and pull disgusted face at him.


And one time, he got some money. It wasn't a lot, but it was better than nothing and he was about to collect the money and retract back into his little cardboard box he found and made for himself when some older boys came, taunted and mocked him before beating him up and taking his money, leaving him to curl pathetically on the ground as he shook violently, tears and snot running down his face.


An old lady saw how awful he looked and decided to patch him up, which he would be eternally grateful for the old lady, giving him food and shelter.


But Tommy knew he couldn't stay.


He knew the old lady relatives weren't happy with how she brought back a kid off the streets, often arguing with her to put Tommy back where she found him, but the old lady would always refuse, arguing and quarrelling with her relatives everyday.


Tommy couldn't stand it. He didn't want to be the reason why this family fall apart.


And so, when he felt better, he thanked the old lady and walked out of the house, a determined look on his face.


Tommy knew better now.


And so he began stealing and pickpocketing ever since. He was obviously sloppy at first, but he quickly got the hang of it and started getting better and better, his stealing gotten more successful and the loot he stole gotten bigger.


Fast forward a few years where he met Tubbo, and the two worked together to help out one another, being each other support system, their friendship and bond growing stronger and stronger.


Until today.


Tubbo is now turned and in the hands of one of the strongest vampire there is known to mankind , who also happened to be his sire. And Tommy is now in the hands of three of the most powerful vampires known to the world, not knowing what they want with him.


Well, Tommy do know, but it's better to pretend to be blissfully unaware to whatever is going on.


Face still buried in the pristine suit with his tear stains on it, Tommy hand slowly moved to grab the suit to weakly bundle it in his hand, tighten it slightly, which only cause Phil to let out a soft laugh that sound like both a curse and a blessing to Tommy.


" ... Why" He softly choked out the words after a while or silent crying, gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes in a miserable attempt to stop the tears from flowing down his face. "Why are you guys doing this?" His voice cracked but Tommy couldn't find it in himself to be embarrassed, too busy drowning in his own misery.


The hand continue to gently card it's way through Tommy's hair, chest rumbling slightly as Phil softly hum. "Have been wanting to do this since we first met, mate. I was hoping to wait until you were older, since there's no rush at all" A pause. "But then you decided to run away with Schlatt's child, so I decided to speed things up"


He knew it was useless to argue, to fight back. He knew damn well that he will not win against any of them. Tommy couldn't even escape Phil grasp no matter how much effort he had put in, he definitely wouldn't be able to beat three of them.


With the hand still on his head and an arm wrapped around him in a possessive but protective hold, Tommy knew that his movements were extremely limited. Still though, the blonde tried shaking his head as best he could, a little whine escaping his lips.


"I don't want to be turned" He spoke the words softly, and it would be hard to hear unless if the person squinted their ears hard enough. But Phil is no human, same goes for everyone in the room except for Tommy, and they all heard what the blonde said loud and clear.


The hand on his head seem to stiffen in the slightest, but it was gone as fast it came and Tommy wondered if it even happened at all. Phil running his bejeweled fingers through Tommy hair gently as he hummed softly.


"Not really much you can do to prevent it" The older voice was still speaking in that usual calm and collected voice of his, but there was a dangerous edge to his tone, silently warning Tommy to drop the rebel act or he will soon come to heavily regret it.


Tommy stiffened before quietly sighing to himself as he slumped into the older hold, feeling bejeweled fingers running repeatedly through his hair in a gentle and loving manner, hating that he relaxed further under the touch, poisoning his thoughts that maybe what they had planned for him wouldn't be so bad after all.


The thought came as quickly as it went, the blonde pushing that insane and ridiculous thought out of his head. There was no way, no way, that what these vampires have planned for him is good. No fucking way.


But the way Phil is holding him so gently and lovingly, carding his fingers through his hair expertly, as if he had done this many times before, humming a soft tune to himself makes Tommy so confused.


They have yet to hurt him, yet to lay a finger on him that hurts and feel like he is dying. But the finger that had laid on him is gentle, loving, promising Tommy that he would be safe in their arms and the boy wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore.


A small traitorous part of him practically preens at the thought.


But luckily, the rest of his brain shoves the thought away, knowing that he was like a fawn walking straight into a trap made by wolves, just waiting for the right time to strike and pounce on him, catching him off guard.


Tommy knows that he can't trust the gentle fingers that are running through his hands now, or the person that owns the hand. Or anyone in the room.


But Tommy is forced to trust them.


He feels himself dozing off at the repeated gesture and just the way Phil is just really comfortable to sleep on, like some kind of huge pillow, and Tommy blinked owlishly when a pair of arms came to hook under his armpit, lifting him up and away from the older blonde hold, cracking his neck to see the Blood God.


Brows furrowed with confusion, Tommy doesn't resist when Techno sat and placed the blonde on his lap, hooking an arm around Tommy as he was forced to lay his back on the other chest, his grip more restraining than loving.


Tommy mind started whirling with panic when Techno other hand came to grab both his wrist at once, pushing them to his chest, and the blonde realized too late that the Blood God was trapping him, restraining him from going anywhere.


Eyes widen, Tommy started struggling, kicking and blabbering nonsense, his mind and body now fully awake as the whole room felt suffocating even with how big and spacious it was. Techno responded by tightening his grip on him a little, not too tight to hurt but tight enough to further limit his movements.


"Let me go, you fucking bastard!" Tommy spat out, panic rising to his chest rather quickly as Techno only grunted lowly in response, having an iron grip on him.


He was so lost into trying to escape and mindlessly hurling insults and threats that the Blood God sees as mere childs play to notice two set of footsteps approaching his way, suddenly going still and pausing everything he had been doing when a pair of calloused hands gently placed itself on either side of his cheeks, warmth radiating off of it even though it was cold to the touch.


"Everything will be alright, mate" The ancient being hummed out softly, and Tommy almost leaned into the calm voice for a second, almost believing his words.


Scared blue eyes dart to held contact with calm red ones, pulling a satisfied hum from Phil as the being smiled softly, as if calming down a toddler.


Phil leaned down to be eye level with Tommy, placing a gentle kiss to the blonde nose and another one on his forehead before looking back down to held eye contact with him, the former eyes glinting with something that Tommy couldn't quite decipher.


"Just relax, my son. Everything seems confusing and complicated now, but I'm sure it'll make sense soon" His thumb began to caress his cheek, Tommy cursed at himself for leaning into it, desperate for any warm and gentle touches, even if comes from a being who Tommy swore to hate with every cell he has in his body.


Phil had called Tommy his son, and the latter knows that the vampires have claimed him as theirs. And everyone knows that vampires are possessive creatures, what they claimed as theirs, they will protect it fiercely and will absolutely tear whoever even dares to lay a finger on it to pieces, literally.


Tommy knows he doesn't stand a chance. It was quite literally in front of him that he doesn't stand a chance. Techno has him in an iron like grip and doesn't plan on letting him go anytime soon while the other two are in front of him. Even if some miracle happened and Tommy could escape Techno grasp, both Phil or Wilbur could catch him even before he takes the first running step out the door.


Struggling and back talking is just delaying the inevitable at this point.


And so, Tommy resorts to begging.


"Please don't, Phil. Please don't" He miserably whimpered out, trying to make himself smaller with his extremely limited movements, giving the ancient being his big and watery doe eyes.


It's a punch to his dignity, to be showing so much vulnerability to such a powerful creature, but desperate situations like this calls for desperate measures.


Phil expression visibly soften while Wilbur cooed, the older blonde gently wiping and flicking the tears falling from Tommy cheeks with his thumb, leaning forward to press a kiss to his forehead, this kiss lasted longer than the others before Phil pulled away, and Tommy realizes that they won't be changing their minds any time soon.


"I know you're scared right now. And it's okay, my son, it's okay to be scared" A thumb gently flicked off the tear that fell from his eye. "You don't need to worry though, we will be with you every step of the way" Phil smile widen. "That is our promise to you. To never neglect you and be there with you. To always cherish and love you unconditionally. To always protect you from any harm that dare come in your way. And it's a promise that we don't intent to ever break"


Tommy hiccuped, chest heaving as he looked at Phil with his glassy and watery blue eyes. It's not the touching promise that had brought Tommy more tears. It's the fact that he is about to lose his humanity and become the one thing he swore to never become, to never surrender to.


The three vampires wouldn't understand, why would they? The three are ancient beings, they've lived way longer than any existing human that are walking the Earth right now, and maybe even some vampires too. They have seen countless of deaths, caused multiple deaths themselves, and have been walking the Earth to watch humanity peaked.


They are long overdue on humanity. They have accepted who they are and moved on. Sure, they might have fought it at first, not wanting to be blood suckers and resisting heavily. But eternity is a long time, that's a long enough time to change anyone minds.


Tommy is terrified that he will go through the same thing. And it's even worse for him because he will have not one, not two, but three of the world most and feared vampires constantly looming and watching over him, making sure he accepts who he is and move on.


But Tommy doesn't want to move on. He doesn't even want this to begin with, he wants to stay as a human and die as a human, living his limited life to his fullest with his best friend, Tubbo.




What will Tubbo do if Tommy pass though? His friend is now a blood sucker. And since the process is irreversible, the other blonde will now live forever, having to watch the people he care grow old and die, which would be Tommy.


If Tommy does turn into a vampire, does that mean he would he able to spend his entire life with Tubbo? Watch countless of sunsets together and cause countless of chaos. Everything they do together will be countless now because time has stopped for them. They'll age, but their body won't.


Come to think of it, its not that bad, is it?


But Tommy soon realized that this isn't what Tubbo would have wanted. The blonde doesn't want Tommy to be a vampire so they could spend time together. The Changeling would have hatefully glare at Phil, baring his teeth and not caring that Phil is one of the most oldest and respected vampire out there.


Tubbo wouldn't want Tommy to just give up like that.


"Phil" Tommy brokenly choked the words out, feeling more miserable than he already was. "Please, please don't do this. Please."


The being simply shushed him gently, pressing one last kiss to his forehead before Tommy head was tilted back to rest on Techno shoulder, his breath hitching as he felt more tears starting to form, forcing to stare at the ceiling, neck exposed to the vampires.


"You'll be fine, mate" Phil sounds way too close for comfort, his breath hitting the side of Tommy neck, causing him to shiver. "It'll be over before you know it"


He couldn't even register the words as fangs sunk into his neck, pulling a painful whine out of the blonde.


Tommy practically shuts down after that, staring at the ceiling blankly as his mind was nothing but static. He doesn't register the way Techno grip on him had loosen to the point where he could escape, doesn't register their way Wilbur was sitting beside him, cooing praises and encouragement into his ears. Doesn't register the foreign substance entering his body. He doesn't register anything.


He only came back to reality when he felt the fangs slowly left him, careful not to drop out any blood from him and Tommy felt a wave of tiredness crashed over him, finding himself tiredly curling into Techno's hold, the Blood God tightening his grip around him, the hold was more comforting than restricting this time.


"Go to sleep, mate. You did so well. We're so proud of you" Phil voice was nothing but quiet muffles, barely registering the hand coming back to gently run their way through his hair.


Tommy hands slowly went to grab the finger wrapped around him securely, not resisting when he Tommy wrapped his fingers around Techno huge ones, gripping it the entire time the blonde was asleep, face looking peaceful even with the tear streaks and signs of stress.


"Not fair." Wilbur tsked quietly, eyeing the way two of Techno fingers are being childishly gripped by Tommy while the latter slept, like how an infant would to their parent.


"I am simply the better sibling" Technoblade coolly states, a small smile tugging at his lips.


Wilbur scoffs, folding his arms to him chest as he flops onto the couch. "You only get to hold him because you're the strongest here"


"Correction, Phil is the strongest between the three of us"


"Shut the fuck up, smartass. You know what I meant"


"Boys." Phil spoke, silencing the two instantly, an amused smile on his lips. "Be quiet now, don't want to wake up your baby brother"


Wilbur huff a breath through his nose, head back turned to Techno, the latter only raising a brow in amusement.


"Let's get Tommy to bed" The older blonde said, eyeing his two children expectantly.


The two didn't argue, Techno carefully adjusting and carrying the blonde, somehow still managing to let Tommy grab ahold of his digits, much to Wilbur disdain as the three head to the bedroom.


Opening the door, Techno went ahead to gently lay Tommy down into the pillow nest that they had already prepared earlier for the blonde, Wilbur pulling the duvets over him and the Blood God sitting beside the pillow nest, lower half under the duvets, a hand still with Tommy, grinning smugly at Wilbur, who narrowed his eyes in return.


"You'll get your chance, Wilbur. Stop being so salty" Phil sighed out, clearly done with their shit, which only caused the brunette to huff a breath through his nose but listening to his Sire, backing out of the silent argument with him and Techno.


The two vampires left the room, Wilbur giving his brother one last stink eye before leaving, the Blood God only rolled his eyes at the immature action, though a small smile made it's way to his lips.


With his only remaining free hand, Techno reached out to the nightstand to grab his glasses, putting it on and grabbing one of his many Greek mythology book, opening it with practiced ease, continuing where he left off, all the while his other hand stayed with the young blonde.

Chapter Text

Waking up was the most unpleasant thing Tommy had the absolute unfortunate of experiencing.


To sum it all up, he felt like complete and utter shit, everywhere felt sore, and he's finding that prying his eyes open was harder than he thought, and it exhaust him already, even though he had literally just woken up.


The one thing that was helping this feel less shitty is the bed he was currently on, extremely soft and Tommy was slightly swallowed by it, along with the pile of pillows that surround him, looking like a makeshift nest.


Tommy doesn't want to leave this bed, ever.


Sadly, life has other plans for him. Because as soon as the blonde plan on closing his eyes and continue sleeping in this overly soft and comfortable bed, along with equally soft and comfortable pillow, a voice rung through the room, almost giving him a heart attack.


"You're awake" The voice said, Tommy turned to the source of the voice to reveal that it was Phil, his sire now, wise and fond red eyes looking at him, a small but soft smile on his face.


Tommy looked at Phil. He still felt betrayed by the older, and all the relationship he has been building with the man are slowly crumbling down. Tommy can no longer look at Phil without thinking of how the man had lied to him the entire time with kind smiles and a fatherly aura.


Just the thought of it was enough to break him down again.


But there was this little part of him, a traitorous side of him who nags at him to always be close to his sire as much as possible, to behave and be good for Phil as best as he can.


Tommy quickly shove that thought off though. It was their fault that he was like this. It was their fault that he couldn't achieve the goal he had promised Tubbo. It was their fault that any of this had happened in the first place.


Tommy had the very right to be angry.


But that traitorous part of him nags. Nags at him that Phil did what he thought was best for Tommy. Nags at him that he will soon see why Phil decided to do the things he did. After all, he was basically like a father to him, right?


Tommy gritted his teeth, looking away from the man. Part of him wants to curse at Phil, to scream about the betrayal and lies he had put Tommy under, blindfolding him from the truth all this time. He wants to punch the ancient being in his stupid fatherly face, and hope that it would be less fatherly like.


The other part of him though, wants nothing more than to curl in the arms of his sire. To have Phil hold him protectively in his hold and have him run his bejeweled fingers through the blonde locks skillfully, whispering praises and sweet nothings to him.


It was infuriating, to have these two thoughts clash together, trying to win one another. And frankly, it was giving Tommy quite the headache.


Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the older blonde tilt his head, similar to a bird as he studied his Changeling, eyes sharp. "How are you feeling?"


"If I'm honest? Fucking shitty" Tommy grumbled out, pulling a soft chuckle from Phil, and the blonde finds himself grasping onto the sound, cursing himself silently for still feeling this way.


Curse Phil and his fatherly aura.


"You're meant to feel that way, mate." Phil hummed out softly, a hand resting gently on Tommy head, gently patting his fluff, the younger resisting the urge to lean into the touch. "Every Changeling experience this. It's normal"


The older had changed his clothing into a more comfortable attire. The expensive three piece suit Phil was wearing was gone, replaced with a comfortable looking green robe, one that he would usually wear when Tommy met him, along with his green and white bucket hat that he never seem to take off.


He soon realized that he was holding onto something, looking down to see his fingers loosely wrapped around Phil's own. Tommy ears burned, quickly unwrapping his fingers and avoided looking at the other face, pulling a chuckle from the other.


They fell into silence after that, the hand running through his hair gently never ceased, and it only succeeded in luring Tommy back to sleep, the latter eyes slowly closing as he tried to fight it, though it was a loosing battle.


His eyes closed, barely registering the hand that was running through his hair had ceased, going under his armpits to lift him up and put him down gently onto a familiar and warm chest, an arm wrapping around him protectively while the other laid on the headrest of the bed casually.


Tommy let out a soft and drowsy hum, curling into the embrace, making himself smaller in the process. A soft laugh rung through the air, a kiss placed on top of his head before a weight landed on it, warm and cold at the same time.


Soft rumbling filled the room, pulling Tommy to sleep further as he childishly grabbed two of Phil fingers, the other letting him, and allowed the older rumbling to lull him back into a peaceful slumber.




When Tommy woke up again, he still feel like shit, but it was not as shitty as the first time he woke up. The blonde blinked the sleep away from his eyes, slowly coming to realize that he was curled up in someone arms, realizing that his fingers had once again wrapped two of their digits, immediately letting it go, ignoring the heat rising to his cheeks.


A soft, melodic chuckle rung through the room, lanky fingers gently scratching at his scalp, and Tommy decided to focus on the feeling.


"Slept well, Toms?" It took him a while to processed that the voice was Wilbur, letting out a sleepy hum as he unconsciously curled further into the brunette, the fond smile on the older face went unnoticed.


With his head on Wilbur, he tried to recalled what happened before he passed out again, his mind still pretty foggy from the sleep clouding his mind. He remembers that Phil was here, not Wilbur, and he remembers falling asleep in the arms of his sire.


A part of him wanted to call out for Phil, like how a baby bird would to their mother.


"... Phil" He mumbled the name out before he could stop himself, the hand scratching his scalp stopping a while before continuing, a grin on Wilbur face as the older hummed contently.


"Phil has some business to attend to and had to leave you, unfortunately. That's why I'm here." Wilbur said softly, not paying heed to Tommy being embarrassed that he just called for the other blonde, which Tommy was silently grateful about.


"How about Technoblade?"


"He's around the house." A few beat passes as a wide grin went unnoticed by Tommy. "Aww, do lil Toms Toms miss his big brother Techie?" And there it was, the stupid condescending baby tone that the brunette will use on him.


Tommy glared at Wilbur, who's grin only widen at the glare, clearly not taking the blonde seriously. "Shut the fuck up, Wilbur. I do not miss him. And he is not my brother." He attempted to spat back at the brunette like how he always do, full of fire and energy, but he only sound tired, even after sleeping for so long.


The brunette raised a brow, the grin never leaving his face. "He is now, plus me. And Phil is our dad" Something flashed in Wilbur scarlet eyes, Tommy did not like that one bit. "And you're our baby brother, Toms. Phil youngest"


Tommy winced, looking away, he was starting to be more awake and alert now, and he realizes that he was still in Wilbur embrace, the latter still not letting him go, and Tommy wants out.


The grip around him was starting to feel more suffocating than comforting.


Wilbur must have noticed the look on his face, because the grip on him tighten a little, a silent warning to not try and escape because the brunette is a fucking piece of shit like that.


"Why the long face, Toms?" Wilbur pouted, looking at Tommy with fake sadness, those red eyes we're practically drowning in glee. "You have a family now, aren't you glad?"


Tommy does want a family, but not like this.


Technically, this is the worst way to have a family. These vampires are out of their damn minds if they think they could just turn Tommy and expect him to be fine with it.


Did their centuries of living and walking on Earth not teach them that kidnapping and turning a child against their own will is not really a good thing to do?


Then again, they're vampires. Respect and being borderline decent are clearly not in their book. Tommy doesn't understand why he decided to put that much faith in them in the first place, hoping they would understand what they were doing is wrong is clearly off the charts because it's clear that what they think is doing is right.


Tommy pursed his lips, before trying to escape from Wilbur, the older only pulling him closer in response, humming softly as if Tommy was just some hyperactive toddler.


He hates the way they treat him like he's some five year old. Sure, he may be the youngest out of all of them by a long shot. But that doesn't mean that they could just use his age as an excuse to treat him like some helpless pile of limbs.


He's sixteen. Not three. He doesn't need their constant cooing and affection. If they want to baby someone so bad, they should have just went on their way to find an actual baby to take, not Tommy.


It hasn't even been two days since his stay here and Tommy is already sick of being here. He wants to go to his faraway place with Tubbo, where he and his best friend could be free and not here, living in a mansion that feels like a huge cage, constantly being watched by three of the most powerful vampires in existence.


The gentle scratching on his scalp had stopped, Tommy biting the inside of his cheek to resist the urge to show his disappointment. He does not need affection, especially not from any of the vampires in the house, ignoring the way a small part of him seem to disagree.


Silence hung between the two as Wilbur stared at the boy in his arms, Tommy took one look at the brunette and decided he wasn't going to state back, knowing that it would only become awkward on his end.


"Are you hungry?" Wilbur asked after a while of intense staring and silence, startling Tommy a little bit as he turned to look at the older, blinking. Come to think of it, he hadn't eaten since he came here, as he had planned to eat when they got to their destination.


If only he knew how wrong everything will go.


Hesitantly, Tommy nodded, a hand unconscious going to his stomach on instinct, his lips pursing into a straight line as he stared at his tummy.


Wilbur grin widen, though it went unnoticed, as he looked down at the Changeling, a hum forming on his throat as the brunette ran his nimble fingers through the blonde fluff.


"Phil and Techno will soon arrive with food. Just stay patient, Toms"


Tommy stayed silent, not knowing what to say or how to reply, and Wilbur didn't seem to mind, so the topic had dropped and that as the both of them went back into silence, with Wilbur soft humming, a hand repeatedly running through Tommy hair while the blonde tries his best not to lean into the touch, refusing to give the older the satisfaction, having a silent battle with himself.


He was so into his internal battle that he didn't realized the door to the bedroom opening, or two sets of footsteps approaching his way, one of them leaning near the door, foot propped up at the wall behind him while the other sat on the bed, bejeweled hand going to gently place itself on Tommy cheek, startling the blonde.


Curious eyes looked to his side, seeing the fatherly smile that somehow felt bittersweet to him now, the small part of him preening at the sight of his sire.


Phil expression was fond, finding the look on the younger face quite endearing, managing to get a soft chuckle from the ancient being.


"Hey, mate." Phil voice was soft, as if he didn't want to disturb anyone around him, Tommy didn't even notice himself leaning into the voice. "I bet you're hungry after all that running" Tommy nodded repeatedly, his mind hazy. "So Techno and I have bought you food"


Head tilting, Tommy blinked and looked at the other with his curious doe eyes, resembling a baby bird, causing the ancient being smile to widen, opening his arms as he looked at Tommy expectantly, a silent invitation.


Tommy did not hesitate. Getting out of Wilbur grip, not realising that the brunette had let him go, and into the arms of his sire, instantly curling into his hold and making himself as small as he could.


A kiss was placed on his scalp, the blonde went to fist and crumble a part of Phil robes as a reply, leaning into his sire more, his cheek practically squished into Phil chest.


He watched as the older blonde shared a look with Techno as they both give each other a curt nod, the Blood God making their way towards them, a cup in his hand.


The cup was handed to Phil, and Tommy squint his eyes, barely remembering that it was the same cup he saw back at the room where Wilbur had took them in, the one cup which was larger than the rest.


Phil adjusted Tommy a little so that he was in a more upward position, the rim of the cup was placed in between his lips, his eyes looking down. Thick, dark red liquid greeted him, and Tommy tried to identify the juice in his foggy brain, but failed as his mind was empty, the fog blocking up his thought process. It smells good too, so maybe he would know what it is when he drinks it.


Parting his lips a little, the cup was slightly tilted upwards, allowing the dark red liquid to flow into his mouth. The second it flowed into his mouth, his eyes widen as the fog in his brain was gone.


Tommy quickly snapped his head to the side, roughly pulling away from the cup and attempting to spit the vile liquid out of his mouth, not caring if he stains the floor or bed with red. A hand came into view and quickly covered his mouth before he could spit it out, squeezing his cheeks roughly and tilting his head up, the thick liquid easily sliding down his throat, and Tommy could see that he owner of the hand belonged to Wilbur.


It tasted delicious, much to Tommy horror.


Wilbur released his hand from Tommy's mouth, and the rim of the cup was once again sliding in between his lips, knocking on his front teeth. Tommy pulled away and sealed his mouth shut, a silent denial.


"Don't make this harder than it has to be, Toms" He heard Wilbur behind him, and Tommy glared at him from the corner of his eyes, channeling as much anger and hatred as he could towards the brunette.


He was about to snap at the other, or just cuss Wilbur in general when a bejeweled hand came to rest on his forehead, gently guiding Tommy to a rumbling chest.


"Be good, mate. Finish your meal, hm?" The soft voice of Phil filled his head once again, fogging his brain up as his posture slumped, the anger that was on his face now reduced to something similar to a confused child, once again curling into his sire.


Tommy didn't know why, but he felt bad.


The rim was placed in between his lips once again, and Tommy parted his lips as Phil tilted the cup upwards, his meal flowing into his mouth and down his throat easily, throat bobbing up and down as Tommy ate his meal.


The room was silent except for Tommy's gulping and Phil low humming, the hand holding the cup kept moving upward, making sure not even a single drop was spared, and Tommy drank it all.


The now empty cup was passed back to Technoblade, who took it and leaned against the wall, brow raised in amusement as Tommy soaked in the affection and praise Phil was giving his changeling like some touch starved puppy.


"You did so well, mate. We're so proud of you" He hummed out softly, leaning down to press a kiss to Tommy temple as the younger blonde was practically purring internally, the traitorous part of his brain vibrating with excitement with the attention he was receiving from his sire.


Tommy went to gently crumple a part of Phil clothes again, burying his face into the other chest. Phil voice had always been nice to listen to, always calm and soothing to the ear, Tommy could just sit and listen to the older talk about his adventures any day.


But there's just something about Phil voice now, he sounds way more kinder and softer, and Tommy would never ever get tired of the voice, not that he would before. But there's just something about the older voice that pulls Tommy in.


"You did so well, my son. So, so well" Phil softly hummed to him, tightening his hold on Tommy as he moved, now laying on the bed with a handful of Tommy in his arms, Wilbur laying beside the ancient being.


Techno stared at the three, setting the cup down before making his way to the other side, making sure that his kin was warm and comfortable under the blankets before sliding under it himself, setting his crown on the night stand.


As the three vampires surround their youngest on the bed, who had chosen Phil as his pillow for the day. He felt surprisingly safe, warmth bursting within him as he curled into his sire more, Phil continued his low humming as he began to gently scratch Tommy scalp, the younger making a rumbling sound, though he didn't realized it, as his eyes began to close.


And in was in these kind of moment that Tommy felt like everything would be fine.

Chapter Text

Of all the reckless and impulsive things he had done throughout his years of living, this one has to be the most reckless and impulsive, stupid even.


But desperate time calls for desperate measures and Tubbo would be damned if he wasn't going to try this at least once.


Literally a day after being with Schlatt, his sire had came to him while he was tending his garden, his plants and weeds were almost wilting due to neglect. There were signs that someone had tried bringing the plants back to life, but they clearly weren't doing very well at it. So here Tubbo was, trying to fix his little garden, a safe haven from this awful place.


Schlatt mansion was nowhere near as big as Phil's one, who could honestly count as a castle at this point, but it wasn't something to look down on. His mansion was well, a mansion, and like every mansion to ever have been built, it was fucking huge.


Tubbo often got lost without anyone to guide him through the many long hallways, he could only imagine how Tommy would do in that castle like mansion.


"Hey, kiddo" His sire has greeted, reaching a hand out to ruffle his blonde locks when the man got near enough, a cigarette chopstick between his fingers on the other and Tubbo resists the urge to wrinkle his nose in disgust. "How are you?"


"Uh, I'm fine, Schlatt. Just tending and fixing my garden"


Schlatt hadn't really done anything after they got back. Well, not anything bad really. Tubbo was honestly expecting the older to start scolding and lecturing him and locking him in a room or something.


The man simply stopped in the middle of his mansion and turned to Tubbo, who was staring up at his sire with fearful but determined eyes, trying not to get scared. Schlatt sighed after a while, a defeated look on his face as he placed a sturdy hand onto Tubbo shoulder.


"Please don't do that ever again, kiddo." The vampire mumbled out, voice softer than Tubbo had ever heard on the man, surprise lacing his features as he stood abnormally still. Wilbur's hold on him had disappear long ago, but it definitely felt like he was trapped in the spell once again.


"Promise me, Tubbo" He ran a ringed thumb gently across Tubbo cheek, as if the younger was made of glass, a look in those red eyes that Tubbo can't quite decipher.


He nodded, like he had a say in the matter and watched as Schlatt smiled, bringing his changeling into a hug before going on about their day.


Fast forward to a few hours earlier, where the blonde was tending to a garden that his sire got him after the older realized how Tubbo liked mother nature and bees, especially when it comes to bees.


"That's great, Tubbo. Glad to see you bringing the garden to life again."


Tubbo merely offered a small smile, going back to tending his plants in hopes he could distract himself from whatever news Schlatt is about to spill to him.


The silence stretched for a while, Tubbo trying to ignore the looming figure of his sire beside him, focusing intently on his crops.


"Your friend is now Phil's changeling"


Out of all the news Tubbo expected to hear from the vampire, this was not one of them. The blonde froze, mentally repeating the words in his head for a couple of times before turning to look at Schlatt.


".... What?" He whispered out, voice so vulnerable that Schlatt visibly soften at it, the sentence continuously running through his head over and over again.


Schlatt regarded his changeling for a while, looking at Tubbo with an unreadable expression before a small smile formed on the being face. "Your friend, Tommy? He's now the son of Phil"


Tubbo stared at his sire, eyes darting around every part of the older face to see if the other was lying and this was all just some sick prank. Though, knowing Schlatt, the man doesn't joke about these kinds of things, but Tubbo so desperately wished he did.


The Changeling blinked rapidly, plants long forgotten beside him as he narrowly dropped his gardening tools, only seem to process what Schlatt was saying.


Tommy has been turned? His best friend, the one who swore to remain as human for as long as he can, who could stare the most fearsome beings in the eye and not have even an ounce of fear has been turned to the one thing he swore to never become.


Then again, the last he saw Tommy, the blonde was being carried like a baby in the Blood God's hold, under the influence of Wilbur as he was forced to reunite with his sire.


Tubbo wasn't stupid. Vampires are pretty predictable creatures, and almost all vampires would want a human for two reasons. Either as a walking blood bank, or to turn said human into a vampire.


None of the three had looked like they wanted to drain Tommy of his blood, so the latter was the most possible reason. Tubbo refused to indulge in that thought though, believing that Tommy would stay human until the very end.


Guess he was wrong about it.


And he knows, Tubbo knows damn well that this wasn't Tommy choice to make, no, it was the three vampires who made that choice for him. If there's anyone that knows Tommy better than anyone, it will be Tubbo, and Tubbo knows Tommy would rather confess how much Tubbo means to him than be a vampire.


So in conclusion, Tommy is suffering.


And Tubbo would be damn if he doesn't save his friend from their possessive hold. Tubbo doesn't care, doesn't give two sack of shits if Phil, Technoblade and Wilbur are three of the most powerful vampires to ever grace this Earth, he will stare death in the eyes, and he will fucking pummel Death down to the core of the Earth.


"How....How did you know this?" He asked his sire, inclining his head a little. He needs to play his cards right, observe, plan, and execute it.


"Wilbur won't shut up about it. It's the first thing he told me when we met, I've never see that man look so fucking happy before. It's like someone or something had possessed him, though I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case"


Tubbo said nothing, looking up at Schlatt with red eyes, blinking a few times. The older raised a brow, smile growing. "Don't worry, kiddo. You'll get to see him in a couple of days. He needs more rest because he gave too much blood to you," Tubbo winced at that. "But he's fine"


The Changeling slowly nodded, a small wince still plastered on his face at the thought that he drank too much from Tommy, silently noting to apologize to the blonde if he sees him.


When he sees him.


"Anyways!" Schlatt straightened himself as he clapped his hands together, a grin on his lips as he reached a hand out to ruffle his Changeling hair. "It's time to eat your meal and take a nap, it's been a long day"


Tubbo nodded, not really in the mood to argue and he does feel a little tired, letting the older lead them to his nest as Schlatt brought him a blood bag with a straw on it, handing it to Tubbo who wordlessly grabbed it and began drinking, ignoring the taste and focusing on his thoughts instead.


He's going to take a well needed rest and begin planning. As much as Tubbo shit talks Phil and his coven, Tubbo knows that they are abnormally smart beings, able to read emotions clearly and nothing get pass them.


There's a reason why they're the most feared and respected.


Escaping the castle with Tommy is going to be an extremely difficult thing to do, and with Tommy being a new born Changeling, the blonde has to rely on Phil blood for a couple of weeks before being able to feast on human blood, which he knows Tommy would never do.


Tubbo is on his last week and Schlatt is going to teach him how to hunt for humans soon, though, like Tommy, he would never even think about hurting a human. But hey, it would teach him the basics of fighting and defending so it counts as a win.


The loud slurp indicated that his meal had finished, Schlatt taking the empty bag from him as the being smiled down at his Changeling. "Sleep well, Tubbo. I'll arrange a meeting with Phil about you hanging out with Tommy, and we'll see what he says"


Tubbo nodded, blinking owlishly as he snuggled into his nest, letting out a soft content sigh as the bed swallowed him whole, along with the many pillows that were surrounding him.


He heard the door close gently, waiting for a moment before opening his eyes, staring at a certain spot of the room as he began planning in his head, trying to fight off the drowsiness.


He succeed in coming up with a plan in his sleepy haze, telling himself he would refine and better the plan when he was more awake, grabbing a pillow and hugging it, burying his face into it.


He was going to save his best friend, and he will damn well for trying. Tommy has done so much for him, it's only fair if he repay the favour.




Tommy woke up feeling like shit again. He does not feel as shitty as before, but he still feels shitty, his mind fogging with sleep.


Blinking owlishly, the blonde sat up as he let out a yawn, stretching with a tired groan, relaxing his muscles as the silent accompany him.


He realized a little later that he was alone, truly alone. No Phil, no Technoblade, no Wilbur right beside him at all times to watch his every move, coddling and cooing at him every single second.


Well, Techno don't really do those, it was mostly Phil and Wilbur.


He looked around the room, his mind not yet processing the fact that he was alone, no ancient vampire to come and watch every breath he took, or to make any excuse so they could make decisions for him.


He was alone, actually, for once, ever since he stepped foot into this cursed ancient castle. He was finally, and truly, alone.


Tommy breathe out, shaky as he ran a hand through his blonde curls, his lips curled into a small, shaky smile.


It feels like he just took a breath of extremely fresh air.


He needs to cherish this moment for as long as he could, who knows where he would get this kind of opportunity again?


He desperately pushed aside the side of him that wants to call out to them, to have them wrap their arms around him in a loving and protective hold, cooing warming promises into his ear as they tighten their hold on him.


No. He doesn't need them. Doesn't need them to give him affection. Doesn't need them to whisper sweet nothing into his ears. Doesn't need them to protect him. Doesn't need them for anything.


Anything that they have to offer to him, Tommy already knows how to do it, and he was damn good at doing them.


The only person he needs is Tubbo. And no one else. It was him and Tubbo against the world, after all.


Sliding off the overly comfortable bed and makeshift bed they have made and prepared for him, his naked feet hit the cool wall, sending him shivering a little, the oversized sleepwear on him making him look smaller.


With cautious steps, Tommy silently make his way to the front door, teeth sinking onto his bottom lip as he slowly pried the door open, brows furrowed in worry.


When he could see none of the three vampires, the blonde let out a sigh of relief, closing the door silently behind him as he started creeping around the mansion, trying to remember the way out.


His eyes roamed everywhere the entire time, not staying in a single place for long. As much as Tommy shits on this mansion, even he can't deny the fact that it was beautiful. Ancient relics and designs are pretty hard to find in the modern world these days, and this mansion seems to be filled with them, so it was no surprise that Tommy would awe at it.


He would soon come to realize how much of a mistake that was.


He failed to notice a pair of footsteps making towards him, silent and swift. Tommy almost screamed when a voice rung and cut through the usual silent that hang around he castle.


"Feeling better, Toms?" Wilbur hummed, a smile on his face as he regarded the younger. Tommy pursed his lips, internally cursing himself for being distracted and getting himself caught.


Well, there goes his one in a lifetime chance to actually be alone.


"Wilbur" The blonde greeted, not kindly as he narrowed his eyes at the older, who simply quirked a brow in amusement.


"Tommy" The brunette greeted back, a small smirk on his lips, as if he could see right through the younger.


The two of them stared at each other, Tommy noted the pleased expression on Wilbur face when he saw Tommy, causing the latter to furrow his brow.


"Feeling better?" Wilbur repeated his question after a while, causing Tommy to frown more, but he decided to entertain the older.


"I was. Until you came along" It was meant to come off as offensive and rude, but it only succeeded it making Wilbur stupid grin widen.


"Aww, Toms. I know you miss your favourite big brother Wilby. It's okay, I'm here now" The brunette cooed and it was honestly sickening in Tommy's opinion, taking a step back when Wilbur took a step forward, red eyes glinting with an emotion Tommy wasn't familiar with, shoulders tensing up.


"I do not miss you, you're sprouting bullshit"


Wilbur merely hummed, his expression knowing something Tommy doesn't.


The truth though, is that Tommy do.


As much as he hates to admit it, and as much as he denies it. Part of him craves for Wilbur, craves for the other two vampires too. He wants Wilbur to bring his guitar and sing him songs that the brunette had come up by himself, wants to listen to Technoblade unending knowledge of Greek mythology, his monotone voice always seem to calm Tommy, wants Phil to tell him about the many adventures and experience the ancient being had been through, lightly running his hand through Tommy curls or lightly scratching at his scalp.


But most of all, he craves for their touch, loving, warm and protective, a silent promise that they wouldn't let a tiny scratch land on his skin, a promise that they would be there for him when he needs them and even when he doesn't, a silent promise that they wouldn't betray him and leave him in the dust, a silent promise that he could trust them with his life.


And it's these kind of changes within Tommy that petrifies him. Because he knows he isn't suppose to succumb to them, he isn't suppose to throw himself at them like this, isn't suppose to submit so easily. He was supposed to fight back, to rebel, to kick and scream until he can't anymore, to be the biggest nuisance they have ever seen in their many decades of living.


But the way they treat him, as if he was the most precious thing they have ever have the absolute fortunate of meeting, it awakens something within the blonde that he doesn't know how to feel about it. He was supposed to hate their cooings, their coddlings, the way they baby Tommy at everything. But, he mind was starting to change, like the tides in the ocean, and it scares him.


He doesn't want to feel this way, but the feeling is growing stronger day by day, and he knows that the other three knows what he is going through, to patiently wait as Tommy slowly breaks apart piece by piece, little by little. And when he does, they'll welcome him with too open arms.


They have live long enough that time doesn't really mean anything to them anymore, things like this are simply like a little game to them, a waiting game. They would wait, and wait, and continue to wait until Tommy break down completely, it doesn't matter how long it takes for him to break, they will simply wait.


Unlike them, Tommy hasn't live for a long time, only sixteen years, he still cherishes time and values them. Time isn't just a toy to him, it's a reminder, that one day, everything would change and nothing will remain the same, no matter how much he wants them to, and he cherishes every second of happy moments he gets.


Eternity is a long, long time, and it would change anyone that has to live forever, whether it be the kindest of hearts or the strongest of wills. No one stays the same forever.


Tommy is afraid that he would be next.


He got what he asked for, but at what cost? A loving family at the price of his humanity and morals? It's simply isn't worth it. He would rather still be a human, a mortal. Because life is limited as a mortal, and that's what makes memories so much more important.


"Don't be hard now, Toms. Go back to bed, you still need to rest"


"No. Fuck you, bitch"


Wilbur tsked at his retort, like how a disapproving parent would to their misbehaving child, even folding his arms to his chest to fit the part.


"Don't make me call Phil now, Tommy"


The traitorous side of his brain practically purred at the mention of his sire, begging him to behave to make Phil happy, making Tommy scowl.


Tsk. What an annoyance.


"What can that old man do? He belongs with the sedimentary rocks"


Wilbur exhaled through his nose, eyes glinting as a grin appeared on his lips, revealing his sharp canines. "Well," He started. "Lets say newly developed chenglings are more inclined, to listen to their sires"


"The fuck is that suppose to mean?"


Wilbur's grin became dangerous, making Tommy tensed up more, taking a step back as he was more than ready to bolt the fuck out and away from the brunette.


"Oh" Wilbur grin grew wider, fangs showing. "Wouldn't you like to know"


It all happened too fast for Tommy to register. One minute the two of them are having some next level eye staring contest, and the next, he is bolting away from the brunette, who was right on his heels.


He had come to realize a little after running that he doesn't know this castle as well as Wilbur, and that he may have done a terrible mistake.


Wilbur must have sensed his realization, as the other let out an exhale through his nose, smug. "Don't make this harder than it has to be, Toms. Be good and go back to bed". The being doesn't even sound tired, his casual tone stayed casual, as if they weren't running at all.


Well. Tommy is going to have to play the guessing game.


He turned into a corner, almost tripping but managing to regain his balance, running and debating whether or not to open the doors to hide and deciding against it last minute.


Wilbur mocking voice cooed from behind him, way too close for Tommy's liking. The blonde tuned the voice out, deciding to shift his focus all on trying to escape and not on Wilbur.


And that, would be his second mistake.


Running through hallways mindlessly, not having a fixed destination in mind while trying to avoid being trapped in the arms of one of the most powerful vampire in existence isn't really the best combination and he soon found that out when fingers brushed his own.


Wilbur was gaining on him, and fast.


He knew why the brunette had gotten ground. Tommy is still considered a baby in vampire terms, he was still at a state where he needed rest, a lot of them, and he's basically doing the opposite right now. He's still weak, still developing, and even though he did go way faster than before, Wilbur was faster, and stronger than him in any way shape of form.


And he was proven right when a hand grabbed onto his wrist tightly, pulling Tommy flushed into a chest, the boy chest heaving as he tried catching his breath, looking like he just finished a marathon.


The chest rumbled as a hand slowly ran itself through his hair and Tommy noted that Wilbur was fine, not even a trace of tiredness in his posture and actions, not even looking like he ran the entire floor just to catch Tommy.


Tommy whined pathetically, struggling to get out of the grip which only tightened in response, a hum rang through the air. Though it sounded casual, Tommy knew that it was a warning. Very hesitantly, he cease his struggles, stiffing in the being arms instead.


Tommy head was forced to lay on the other chest, face mushed into said chest, catching a whiff of the honey scent tinted with vanilla. With the adrenaline slowly ebbing away, Tommy soon found tiredness crawling up to him slowly, Wilbur scent really wasn't helping him.


"That's enough running from you for a while, gremlin" Wilbur said, bending his knees to lift him up bridal style, his red eyes shifting to look at Tommy as the blonde struggle to keep his eyes open, fighting sleep. "You're not even suppose to be out of bed, idiot" The brunette voice filled with fondness as he began walking to God knows where, Tommy was too busy trying not to fall asleep.


It was proven difficult to do so, Tommy realized after a while. With the repeated soft bouncing every time Wilbur took a step, the humming that made the older chest rumbled and his scent in general, Tommy found himself slowly but surely succumbing to his weariness.


But Tommy is extremely stubborn, continuously trying to blink the sleep away, knowing he was fighting a loosing battle. He could hear Wilbur let exhaled out a soft laugh, probably finding the blonde struggles endearing.


"Just sleep, Toms. You'll be fine"


Again, Tommy is stubborn, and refuses to listen, especially to Wilbur, forcing his eyes open just enough to see that they have reached a set of doors, the brunette kicking on it repeatedly without much thought.


If it were anyone, Tommy would be surprised at the lack of care the brunette was currently showing to the poor door. But again, this was Wilbur that he was talking about, the older had always been an unpredictable one.


He only stopped kicking the door when it swung open, and Tommy barely had time to register who was at the other side of the door when Wilbur started moving into the room, Tommy barely noticing the figure giving way.


"Here's your delivery, sir. A handful of gremlin" He could hear Wilbur said, though it sound a little muffled, and a chuckle followed soon after, melodic and soft.


"What happened, mate?"


Tommy almost whined out loud at the voice, his own chest rumbling, not noticing the silence that followed.


"He tried running away, which he really shouldn't have done in the first place but I caught him, and now refuses to sleep when he needs too because he is a gremlin" The voice spoke after a while, a hum heard after that.


Tommy felt movements again, blinking slowly as he was passed into another pair of arms, one arm immediately wrapped around him as the other reached up to lightly scratch at his scalp as Tommy chest rumbled a little louder, leaning into the touch and curled himself into the arms, making himself smaller.


A kiss was pressed onto his hairline as Tommy blinked, trying to see who it was only to be stopped, a hand gently guiding his head back to a shoulder, before setting on his head.


"Go to sleep, mate" The voice softly cooed out, the hand on his head began lightly scratching on his scalp again, soft rumblings could be heard.


Tommy obeyed this time, eyes slipping close as he fell into a dreamless sleep.

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