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The Devouring Deep

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Ah. This is… not what Childe expected when he accepted the order from the Qixing Tianquan. It was a barter, an agreement. She hadn’t even bothered to hide the distaste in her voice. Looking down on him like he was the scum of the earth. Honestly, he can’t blame her. But he is very wealthy, profitable scum.

Childe will take it if it’s the reason he’s permitted back into Liyue territory. She could have asked the world of him and he would have done it. The Mora is nothing to him, used for repairs to the city’s port. The rest of the request has him cleaning up his own mess.

The Overlord of the Vortex. The plot he wrought.

The Qixing and the Adepti had all but destroyed it. The Jade Chamber left it silenced.

Almost, that is.

Zhongli had warned him that many things have washed ashore in the Guyun Stone Forest, the waters disturbed by the storm the vortex brought. Treasure hunters have taken to the expanse of beaches, but there are also things new and strange.

It is a surprise to say the least. Perhaps, his own just desserts. When it is not the tumultuous sea that laps at Childe’s ankles while he checks along the shore. But it’s something else that curls around his leg. Something warm like the sea currents that wash down from Inazuma.

Something solid.

It hooks him and drags him through the sand like a prize catch. Just past where the waves break on the island. Childe’s eyes burn. Salty sea water fills his mouth. There’s a moment where he thinks he might drown. Left sputtering around the water, as he’s pulled in the undertow, deeper, and deeper by this creature until his consciousness fizzles.

When Childe comes to, he can’t move. His lungs ache, and he coughs up briny seawater. He’s grateful though, for each breath of air he takes. Drowning, how lame? Hardly a warrior’s death, and for what? Pest control. For the Tianquan. Ha.

Some luck of his.

Childe tests the limits, every budge he makes meets an unfamiliar resistance.

This place… it’s so cold. Out of the Liyue sun. He can still hear the water, as it drips over stone. The lap of waves ricochet off it. Deposits of cor lapis and noctilucus jade shimmer in the thin stream of light that filters from above.

Childe jerks. Something slinks around him, curling over his thigh like a snake. It squeezes. The pressure tightens into his flesh. Childe looks down, and realizes-


It’s a tendril of water, coiled into a tight shape. The appearance is somewhat familiar. Similar to that of the Vortex god, but smaller. Maybe, more like a mimic. Or one of the remnants left behind in the harbor’s water when the Jade Chamber came crashing down. Much like a hydra split apart into separate entities.

Osial. Zhongli had called it once. Tersely, like there’d been some history there.

Childe is not well versed. He had not cared to be at the time. He needed the power of the old gods, and there was one conveniently pinned beneath the waves.

Now, though. Maybe, he should have paid more attention to what Zhongli had said.

More of the appendages latch onto him. They circle his wrists, his legs, and around his torso. Keeping him trapped like prey in a spider’s web. They run over him like the rush of water. Each one emits a peculiar, pulsating heat. It seeps to his very core with a power he knows is of a god. He’s only felt something comparable from Zhongli.

Childe struggles and writhes in its grip. It’s hold only tightens, pulled tauter to keep him a prize strung up on display. Childe bites out a few curses between his clenched teeth when he finally accepts that he is actually stuck.

Water drips down his body.  His hair plasters to his face, his lips left salty and dry. A tendril curls over his neck. It kisses up his throat, leaving a trail of tingling, sticky residue. His jaw sets tight with a gulp, far too aware of the dangerous pressure of the tendril against his bared throat.

Childe’s fists clench in an attempt to draw water towards him. For what good it would do. Considering Osial is of his same element.

Childe’s hands go slack. At least, until he hears the rip of fabric. His eyes go wide. There’s a gasp bit out of him, strangled and strained, when a thick tentacle slides down the front of his pants. It’s too big, and with each intrusion the fabric stretches and the seams bust.

It curls between his legs, and Childe thinks he’s finally lost his damn mind.


It drags out a groan. His eyes squeeze shut. He can only hear the drip of water, and feel this thing pulsate so heavily between his thighs. A second slinks up his shirt, wriggling its way through the gap where his stomach is exposed.

Childe’s breath catches. Heat flares up his chest and straight down to his cock. It fills out against the pressure that rubs against it.

Oh, this is how it’s going to be, isn’t it?

The air is cool. The tendrils stroke over his bared skin and leave him wet. Their heat only lasts so long. The elemental energy left behind in the secreted residue taints his skin in a strange feeling. It’s warm. It burns. It makes Childe crave more. More. Like the blood rushing, battle haze he’s more used to.

It half tears his pants from his body. Childe’s shirt ripped open along with it. His skin is flushed, bared, vulnerable. The trip here already left him bruised, fresh cuts from the rock ooze with thin lines of blood. Not to mention, the puffy, red spots sucked into his flesh from the tentacles.

The ones that run up his chest latch over his nipples. They suck like a whirlpool, water lapping over the peaks. It makes him twitch. Childe’s back arches, pushing himself welcome into its grasp. His moan echoes back to him off the stone wall.

Heh? The sound of it. Of him. Gods.

His dick jerks.

It’s barely constrained. The tentacles that seek his heat have made a mess of his clothes. If you could even call them that anymore. They nudge up against his taint. A few encircle the base of his swollen cock and spiral up his shaft.

His body heaves, cock dripping in creamy precum. Childe pants. His brows shoot up with an abject fascination watching the tentacles pump his cock. It’s terrible, isn’t it? How much this is getting him off? Childe’s head lolls to the side. His body strung out in the hands of this entity. He can’t tell if its alarming or fucking hot.

He’s toyed with like this for some time. Childe’s nerves burn. Every time he thinks he’s going to cum, there’s the thinnest of tendrils that stuffs itself down his slit. Filling him until he’s left panting and grasping at nothing as his orgasm is staved off forcefully.

Celestia, it’s awful. His dick throbs.

Sweat pours off his body. Childe shivers, definitely feverish. It’s the suspicious liquid that’s been secreted over his skin and on his tongue when his mouth has been filled.

It makes him forget. How he got here. What he was doing. Gods, he just wants to cum.

His cock is a purpling red, held on the brink for far too long. Childe twitches, whines, and moans, as he wrenches relentlessly in its grasp.


His mind may be hazy with arousal, but he’s had enough Fatui training to know when he is not alone.

The energy, it’s familiar. One he would always recognize. What a sight he is. He should be embarrassed, but really, it’s a wash of relief. This is a rather… embarrassing predicament he’s managed to get himself into. Legs spread, clothes torn. The entity he set free, in the midst of ravaging him. For what end, he still does not know.

Xiansheng.” Fuck, is that his voice? It sounds so fucked raw. “It seems that luck is on my, ah, side today.” Childe tugs at his restraints. They only tighten around his limbs, digging deeper into soft flesh. Childe’s teeth grit. “Hah, you see- I’m kind of… stuck.”

Zhongli is just in his periphery. He recognized his voice before. Even in just a hitch of his breath. Not to mention, the Archon- well, ex-Archon- has a sort of presence to him.

Zhongli’s eyes are steel, his mouth a tight line. It’s an emotion Childe cannot quite read. “You- you are going to help me, right?”

He’s starting to have a sinking feeling that this is not going to go the way he thought.

“The Tianquan gave you this task as part of your contract for re-entry into Liyue. It is your punishment alone, Childe. I am… unable to interfere.”


Oh, no.

The tentacles move. They throb over his cock. Childe retches a cry, as his body winds for an orgasm but is unable to. Zhongli visiblely stiffens. His hands tear into the sleeves of his coat.

At least, he’s not unaffected by this. Childe can take that modicum of a win.

Childe hangs in the balance. Each thrust, each pulse, each pass of the tentacles over his arousal sends his mind spinning. One pushes past his lips. It settles heavy on his tongue as it spills down his throat, that liquid that makes him feel like he’s on fire. Childe’s eyes roll back. His hips cant. A groan is stamped down from the tentacle stuffing his mouth.  

Zhongli is still there. Childe can see him. Gods. He’s going to watch. It curls a nauseating heat in the pit of his stomach, thick as tar.

It’s fine. He pants when the hydra pulls away, and he can finally suck down a greedy breath. Spit drools down his chin. This is fine.

He’s a mess. Slick, wet, and flushed with arousal. Childe’s teeth dig. His fangs bear when a thick tendril slides between his cheeks. It grazes over his hole.

“Why did you come here, Zhongli. Were you looking for me?”

His voice is too blown out with arousal. Not at all intimidating or Harbinger worthy. It cracks in his vulnerability. Childe tries so hard to keep it together. It’s nearly an impossible task with the slow breach of his hole. The tentacle squelches his insides. His hole takes it easily.

“Expecting me to be in this position? I never realized you were like that. Faking being so proper.”

It bottoms out, and Childe shuts up.

His jaw clamps down. He looks to the mess made of himself, stretched so wide, so completely around this thing. A gasp is punched from him when it first starts to move. The shape of the tentacle lets it wriggle its way inside to an unnaturally deep level, unlike anything he’s ever felt.


“It’s so deep.” Childe says with a muted awe.

Zhongli mutters in the background, still so stilted and reserved. Who is he kidding, anyways? Zhongli is a degenerate just like him. Happy enough to watch his lover get pounded by another former-god. Especially when Childe is only here because of him.

For the chance to see Zhongli again. Betrayal or no, it won’t keep Childe away. Once he’s set his mind to something, he always gets it, and from the moment he set foot in Liyue, he wanted Zhongli.

Childe’s lashes flutter. His eyes roll back with each thrust, dragged rough through his sensitive walls. His throat bobs with a strangled choke.

How long can Zhongli hold out?

Childe senses it. The fracture. Pure arousal radiates off the other man in waves, just his mere gaze hits him with an intensity that Childe thinks is going to make him bust right there.

If only he fucking could.

“Please, Zhongli. Xiansheng. Rex Lapis. I need-“

He needs to cum. The tentacles wrapped around the base of his cock and stuff down his hole are terrible. Awful. His nemesis. If he had the ability to rip himself free of it, he would. But he’s stuck, strung up like a fuck toy. Some show for Zhongli. Played with to his brink, bordering on his breaking point.

Childe cackles. It feels so good, yet hurts so bad.

Zhongli is the first to break.

He closes the distance between them. The creature appears to mostly ignore Zhongli. Childe shudders when a hand spreads the width of his back. Zhongli’s breath ghosts down the back of his neck. His touch is so cool. A balm to the fire that rises from his skin.

“It’s curious, isn’t it?”

Zhongli comments idly. He palms over Childe’s far too full ball sack before his fingers intertwine with the hydro tendrils that have nested over his arousal. Zhongli pulls them free to let Childe cum.

He does with a cry. An actual cry that has tears wetting his cheeks and cum shooting across his chest when he’s finally able to hit a full orgasm. The relief is palpable. It drips down and spills tacky between Zhongli’s gloved fingers.

“There you go, Ajax.”

Zhongli kisses the back of his neck. Childe babbles nonsense, the spill of Zhongli’s name, all the things he wants him to do. The creature still rubs him, thrusting into his prostate now trembling in his post-orgasm haze.

His erection never goes down. Still hard as a rock and throbbing. Zhongli kindly strokes over him. Making an intrigued, “Hm.” At the state of his body.

“Please, please-!”

Childe humps into his hand. It’s only been a minute, but Childe swears he could fucking cum right here. His mouth drops in his haze. Another tentacle sinks into the heat of his plush mouth. Begging for him to wrap his lips around it, to suck down the intrusion as it makes him stupid. So, stupidly, horny.

Zhongli seems to understand. He strokes Childes’ cheeks where it’s puffed out from the appendage shoved half down his throat. He nearly chokes on it. His oxygen low, and delightfully so ,by the fluttering sensation that clouds his mind.

Zhongli swipes over his cockhead, thumbing where the slit spills thick globs of precum.

“It’s got you awfully riled up, doesn’t it?”

Childe struggles on a moan with the width that punishes his mouth. It pours its sickly-sweet secretions down his throat. The excess spills around the corners of his mouth. He’s full in a way that is so alien to him. The tentacle is thicker, more malleable than any dick he’s had up his ass. It moves different as well. The elemental energy vibrates, and the hydro resonates with him.

Childe’s tongue pushes along the tentacle in his mouth, rubbing and sucking at the underside of it. It buries itself past the back of his throat, and bulges at the base. Zhongli touches the protrusion visible from the outside with a novel curiosity that only makes Childe want more.

He heaves a not-quite orgasm. His eyes glass over wetly.

Zhongli palms his ass. He toys at his rim where it is penetrated relentlessly, watching his hole swallow down the tentacle he is given. Until he slips his fingers alongside it, past Childe’s rim, to double fill him.

It rips out a moan from him. Zhongli’s fingers squish down the liquid tentacle inside of him. It conforms to the new intrusion, allowing itself to be pushed around Childe’s every crevasse. The pressure on his walls is maddening. It’s a new type of full with both in there. Each thrust of Zhongli’s digits, squelches the tentacle inside him.

Childe’s body is wrecked. All his muscles feel as if pulled too tight. He almost thinks he’s gone from lack of oxygen. Until Zhongli pinches his jaw, and pulls out the tendril that stuffs his mouth.

“Let me hear you.”

Childe gasps for air, coughing and sputtering like he’s near drowned. Every nerve blazes with arousal. It’s not enough though. Zhongli’s fingers are more directed, but he wants more.


“I-“ He stutters, licking his soaked and dripping lips clean. “I thought you weren’t getting involved.”

“I am more selfish than you imagine. And-“ Zhongli stills for a moment and Childe whines greedily, grinding back on his hand. “This may be my fault.”

He obliges with the curl of his fingers, and Childe’s vision flashes.


“I’ve left my mark on you. Back when I had my gnosis. It must be attracted to the energy. I can mask my own, but this, this is an… oversight on my part.”


Childe fucking laughs from his dry, fucked out throat. His head is thrown back.


“I do apologize. But was this not your choice? Osial is a being of the water. You could have easily broken these binds, had you desired to do so.”

Childe’s face cracks. His smile falls.

 Zhongli is too perceptive.

“But that would be so boring, xiansheng.” He breathes with a heave of his chest- kissed raw and ruined by the touch of this creature. Blood seeps from his wounds mixing with the tendrils water. One slides over his balls, as they tense eagerly for his next orgasm. “Where’s your sense of fun?”

“I was unaware that you found being strung up on display like this… enjoyable.”

“If it’s for you. The world is so dull without surprises.”

“I’d be remiss not to satiate your desires.” His hand cups his chin into soft leather gloves. It’s so commanding it makes his knees weak. “Activate your delusion, Ajax.”

There’s so much water. Childe is soaked in it. The creature is a being of water. It will surely kick back. Is that what Zhongli anticipates? What he wants? His kindness is such a cruelty.

Childe takes the order easily.

His eyes gloss over. Electricity flicks up the water, over the tendrils to Childe’s own skin. His back arches with a cry. The pain licks across his synapses just as strong as the pleasure. It makes him feel wild. The same pleasure he gets from a good fight, the exhilaration, the shock. At his own power, nonetheless. He gasps. His cock jumps with a fresh spurt of cum.

Zhongli’s fingers are gone. Childe almost thinks to complain until he hears the rifling of clothes behind him, and instead, he bristles with anticipation. He feels it first. The heat of his cockhead, so fat and damp as it presses to his already breached rim.

It slides in. The first stretch is uncomfortable, like he’s being split in two. Not an experience Childe ever thought he’d have. He can’t even make a smarmy remark about it. The fullness makes him dizzy and draws him to total silence as his body strains to accommodate the size.

“Easy, now.” He strokes his lower back. Zhongli nuzzles into his nape. “You can take it, can’t you?”


Childe bites his lip bloody.


He has never been one to know his limits.

His breath is punctured from his lungs when Zhongli makes his first thrust. God. Celestia. Anyone. Childe feels like he’s going to break. Only the calming touch of Zhongli’s hands and his words of encouragement keep him grounded.

He wanted this. He wanted to be wrecked like this. He can take it.

Zhongli.  Xiansheng. Agh.” Zhongli sinks all the way to the hilt. He so full, it’s like he’s speared straight through the belly. The tendril inside him slinks around Zhongli’s cock. It makes his cock feel monstrous. “Fuck me. Please, please. Don’t just,”

Zhongli caresses his cheek. His fingers part past his tongue, driving inside his mouth with each thrust of his cock. Childe bounces off of him, strung up in the vortex webs and between Zhongli’s dick. More of the tendrils crawl over him. Slithering over his heat soaked skin, and dipping into the pools of cum that stick to his body.

It’s overwhelming. His cock is so raw, his ass filled to the brim.

Childe gags on his moans. Zhongli grunts softly behind him each time his cock is devoured by Childe’s eager ass.

“Ajax.” He mutters. His tongue laps at a spot on his shoulder, teeth sinking in when he bottoms out. “You feel divine. You’ll uphold your contract well.”

Tears spill down his face, the remnants of his own electricity still spark across him.

It’s the final thrust that sends him, clenching over both the appendages that pierce him. Childe cums, and his cock bounces with each thrust from behind. His mess spills down the shaft and drips between his thighs. The heat finally starts to wane, just as Zhongli busts and plugs him full of his own seed.

Childe can’t think for a full ten minutes after. In that time, the remnant of the vortex drops him. Apparently, satisfied. Childe’s punishment has run its course.

Zhongli crouches next to him, and pets the nape of his neck. It’s sticky from sweat, and Childe looks to him. His eyes bleary and wet. It feels like his first breath after breaching the water’s surface.

“You’ve done well.”