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Hello and welcome to my first work on here♡

Since I really enjoy reading BL Oneshots, I've decided to start my own work.
I would love to take requests from You guys.

Any couple/prompt is fine and I'll definitely update regularly. Just leave a comment♥

Here are a list of the BL Dramas I'm writing Oneshots of:
(I decided to add 'Tell the world I love You' since I already love it even though it's not released yet.)

01. Why R U?
02. Addicted
03. Love By Chance
04. Tell The World I Love You
05. TharnType
06. Until We Meet Again
07. Advance Bravely
08. HIStory2: Crossing The Line
09. HIStory3: Trapped
10. HIStory3: Make Our Days Count
11. Reminders
12. 2Wish
13. 2Moons
14. Theory Of Love
15. Because Of You
16. 2Gether
18. Dark Blue Kiss
19. En Of Love
20. Make It Right
21. Mr. Heart
22. I Am Your King
23. A Tale Of Thousand Stars
24. To My Star
25. Lovely Writer
26. Color Rush
27. Oxygen
28. My Engineer
29. The Stranded
30. Dark Blue And Moonlight
31. Killer And Healer
32. What The Duck

If there's any BL Drama/Movie that You want an Oneshot of that's not included in my list, just leave a comment!

-The first Oneshot will follow soon-
Don't forget to leave requests~♥

Chapter Text

Shao Fei was standing in front of the big building for nearly ten Minutes now, almost like he couldn't accept the truth.
He could still see Tang Yi's silhouette disappearing in the dark. The police officer knew that he would miss his taller boyfriend a lot, even though he refused to admit it.
He just wanted to ease the pain for both of them.
Taking a deep breath, Shao Fei turned towards his dark car and opened the door. Actually, Tang Yi would now take a seat next to him.
'These thoughts are driving me crazy' Shao Fei mumbled to himself as he entered his car.

Although Shao Fei would love to drive home now, he promised his colleague and good friend Zhao Zi, that he would show up at work.
The police officer knew that his co-workers would ask about Tang Yi. How he would cope with the new situation.
Shao Fei wouldn't have an answer to these questions, since he has no idea how to live his daily routine without his boyfriend.

With the thoughts spinning in his head, he parked his car outside the police station. 'You can do it, Shao Fei.. Tang Yi won't be in there for too long and Your friends just want to distract You' he tried to calm himself as he slowly entered his workplace. Even though the dark-haired officer probably looked more tired and exhausted today, he tried to put a smile on his face. A fake smile, of course.
As much as Shao Fei cherished his co-workers, he wasn't in the mood for long conversations or laughs today. If someone would ask, he would even skip their evening visits at the bar nearby.

'A-Fei, You really came! I thought you wouldn't listen to me and just drive home or-' Zhao Zi suddenly stopped talking and the bright smile, that usually covered his face, was gone.
Zhao Zi was actually a very happy person and always did his best to cheer up his friends if they had a bad day. And Shao Fei obviously had one of these days.

'Don't lose Your smile, Zhao Zi. It's just a bad day, not a bad life.' The older officer tried to get that lovely smile back but got a worried look instead.
'I shouldn't have told you to come here. I just thought we could bring you to other thoughts.' Shao Fei couldn't help but hug the smaller officer for a few seconds.
He was really lucky to have such good friends by his side. He knew, that his bad mood was probably not the best way to handle the situation but the police officer just wasn't able to control it.

Zhao Zi's puzzled look on his face after Shao Fei released the hug was priceless. As heartbroken as the taller police officer was, this put a light smile on his face.
'A-Fei, You smiled!' His younger co-worker shouted through the whole room and aroused interest from the other workers.
While some of them didn't even know what happened, Shao Fei got a few encouraging smiles from the other part.

'Do You want to come to my house? We can have dinner together so you are not alone today.' Zhao Zi looked hopefully at the taller one.
Sure, Zhao Zi wants to accompany his friend since he knew, that he would actually spend the evening with Tang Yi, but the younger one also hated, being alone in his house after work.
So inviting Shao Fei is a win-win situation.

Of course, Shao Fei couldn't say no to his squishy colleague. 'A-Fei?' The silence on the way to Zhao Zi's home suddenly broke.
The older one looked interested to his co-driver for a second before focusing on the streets again.
'Do you think, you can wait that long for Tang Yi?' A completely unexpected question.

Shao Fei promised Tang Yi to wait for him. He was ready to wait for the man he loved. He was ready to deal with every problem that came with waiting for Tang Yi.
Even though the two men weren't in a relationship for that long, both of them knew, that they needed each other.
'Zhao Zi, I love Tang Yi. Of course, I can wait for him. I know, it won't be easy and I'll probably have a lot of bad days without him, but I know that one day he'll be with me again.
And from that day on, I won't let him go again. I won't let him do dumb things again.' Shao Fei stopped speaking before tears found the way in his eyes.
Zhao Zi looked amazed. He never knew, how much his co-worker and Tang Yi loved each other. He never knew that Tang Yi could actually feel such a thing as love.
Of course, he never really met him but the files about him were enough to understand, that he wasn't an easy person.

As soon as Shao Fei parked the car outside of his friends' house, both of them got out of the car.
'A-Fei, I'm sorry for asking that question.' Zhao Zi admitted. Shao Fei managed to put a soft look on his face.
'You don't need to be sorry, okay? I know that Tang Yi and I are an unusual couple and that we face a lot of prejudices, but that's fine. As long as Tang Yi
is by my side, I don't fear anything.' 'That's why you literally took two bullets for him.' Now Shao Fei smiled for real and patted the head of the younger one.

'Do you two plan on coming in or do you want to spend the night outside?' a familiar voice was suddenly heard. The two officers turned the head to the garden gate.
It was Jake who waited there. Since the day Jack drove off with Zhao Zi on his motorcycle, Shao Fei really questioned the relationship between them.

'What are you doing here?' was the first question the older officer was able to ask. 'Oh? Zhao Zi didn't tell you? I'm living here now because your friend begged me to stay.'
Jack smiled at Zhao Zi who was truly embarrassed. The younger one forgot, that he lived with Jack now. He forgot, that he won't be alone after work now.
'Oh really? I think you need to tell me a lot then.' Shao Fei laughed for the first time today and was soon followed by Jack. Zhao Zi only pouted as the three of them entered his house.

'I think I'm ready to face the time without you, Tang Yi. I'll be strong for you.'

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'Let me ask you something. What's so good about him?' Forth was helpless as he asked Kit this question. It was the last one he could think of to help his friend getting closer to his crush.
'Nothing...I just like him.' Forth couldn't do anything with this bland answer and let out a desperate sigh. Why is Kit so complicated?
The younger one knew, that it's actually his fault that Ming, his crush, keeps on rejecting him but he just wanted to be close to him.

'Do you know, how hard this situation is for me? He always turns me down.' Kit pouted after a few minutes of silence and gave Forth a sad look.
'Do you know that you are not easy too?' The older one snapped back. He didn't mean it in a bad way, he just wished that Kit would understand that he's causing all the trouble.
Forth knew that if Kit would be a bit more caring or sweet, Ming would definitely agree to go on a date with him.
Since Kit just continued pouting, the older one now thought of ideas, which was truly a challenge.

'What cream? An ice cream date sounds cute, right?' Forth believed, he finally had the answer to Kit's problem, and a light smile decorated his face.
'He said that he will get fat and refused me.' Forth's smile was gone in seconds. As much as he knew that Kit was a bit intrusive sometimes, he couldn't understand Ming on this one.
Forth would agree to every ice cream date invitation he received. Of course only if they came from Beam.
'Maybe you can talk to Wayo? He's-' Kit crushed Forth's idea literally immediately. 'I know, he's Ming's best friend. But I want Ming, not Wayo. There's no time for that.' And again, a pout from the younger one.
Forth's brain was empty. He laid his head down on the table they were sitting at and collected confused looks from Kit.
When Kit asked Forth to help him, he agreed. Of course, he was his friend and besides that, he found the idea of Ming and Kit as a couple cute.
Even though he never said that out loud.

After a few minutes of complete silence, Forth looked at Kit again. This time with a serious look on his face. Kit never saw his friend like that.
'Kit, I'm being completely honest now. You should just show your sweet side to him and not your possessive side. You even sneaked out to peep on Ming. What do you expect from him? I would also turn you down.
I truly believe that you've got a sweet side inside of you. And that is the key to getting closer to Ming.' Kit gulped. Deep inside of him, he knew that Forth was right with everything he said but he would never admit that in front of the other one. 'I'm sorry, this was a bit direct but-' 'No, it's fine. I think I will just look for Ming.' Kit really wanted to end this conversation now, since the advice from his friend kinda opened his eyes.
He knew, that he can be romantic and cute but he never thought that it would work. 'Kit?' The addressed person looked at Forth who now stood up from his chair. He definitely sat too long and stretched himself a little bit. 'Don't completely ruin your chances with Ming. I know that he actually has a thing for you too.' Kit's sad look turned into a light smile. He had no idea how to deal with this sentence now, but he knew that his crush described him as handsome once. And that was more than enough for him. At least, for the beginning.
'Don't worry. I will handle that.' Instead of being satisfied with that answer, Forth looked worried as Kit rushed to look for Ming. He hoped that everything would go well.

Kit was nearly out of his breath and looked everywhere for Ming but he was nowhere to be found. The student almost gave up when he saw the boy leaning against a tree, a little further away from their school.
He was obviously texting someone on his phone. Kit's heart skipped a beat and he suddenly wondered why he was so nervous. He actually always managed to keep his cool around the other one.
Kit quickly thought about Forth's words and took a deep breath as he walked towards Ming.
This time he definitely wanted to do everything right.

'Ai'Ming?' he asked calmly and the person in front looked up from his phone, a soft look sneaked on his face. 'P'Kit-Kat?' Kit smiled at this nickname. It always gave him hope, that his crush probably liked him more than he admitted. 'Before you're asking. No, I won't go eating ice cream with you.' The older one sighed, mentally taking a note to tell Forth that his ice cream dates are overrated.
'No, don't worry. I know, that you don't like that sweet stuff. I thought of lunch instead?' Ming truly looked surprised. Why has Kit suddenly changed his behavior? Normally, Kit would just follow Ming at every step without any reason. Ming liked this new side.
'How come, you're asking me out to lunch?' Kit tried to smile away from his anxiety that slowly builds up in his body. He was only a few words away from actually going out on a date with his crush. Even if it was just lunch, he would consider it a date. 'I...maybe just want to make up for the thoughtless things I did.' Of course, Kit refused to mention that he wouldn't act like this without Forth.
'It would be cruel to not give you a chance then, huh?' Kit wasn't sure if he heard it right or if he was just dreaming. Ming didn't reject him. He truly felt the adrenaline flowing through his body.
'What are you waiting for, P'Kit-Kat? I'm hungry.' The younger one gave Kit a sweet smile which he answered immediately.

'Can we consider this a date?' Kit asked shyly, trying not to look into the eyes of the person in front of him. He never knew that he could actually get this shy.
'I guess we could. Only if you keep up that attitude.' Kit wasn't able to answer something so he only nodded as he walked next to Ming.
Still shocked by the fact that he was having a real date with his crush, he silently thanked Forth.

Chapter Text

'Why won't he answer his damn phone?' Arthit cursed to himself as he tried to call his boyfriend again. After the tenth time, Arthit stopped counting how many times he already tried to reach Kongpob.
Since his boyfriend went to study in China and left him here in Thailand, he's worried about him. Actually, Arthit is more than just worried.

He had every right to be worried since Kongpob overworked himself a lot. Arthit told him many times that it will affect his health but Kongpob never listened to him.
'You better pick up your phone right now or I'm taking the next flight to China.' Arthit was nearly out of his mind, going insane.
The phone unceasingly ringed and Arthit was about to throw his phone onto the next wall as Kongpob finally picked up the call.
'I'm sorry, I was asleep and my phone was on mute.' The boy in Thailand let out a relieved sigh. Sure, he was slightly disappointed because he told his boyfriend to always unmute his phone but he couldn't be angry at him. Not in the situation they are facing right now. Arthit knew that it was hard enough for both of them and a fight wouldn't help them at all.
'I was worried.' The man on the other side of the phone let out a big cough and Arthit was sitting straight up in his bed now.
'I'm really sorry. I will put my phone on unmute, okay?'
Arthit couldn't overhear the scratchy voice of his boyfriend. 'Are you okay?' he probably sounded a little bit too worried but it just displayed his emotions.
'Don't worry, it's just a little cold. Nothing too serious.' Arthit immediately wanted to throw accusations at his sick boyfriend. He always told Kongpob to take care of his health and to always dress warmly.
Apparently, Kongpob never did that. The thoughts of him got interrupted by another painful cough. He hated that his boyfriend was in this condition.
'Don't tell me you went to school like that?' Arthit silently hoped for a no as an answer. 'You know how important this is for me I-' 'So that means you went to school in your condition?' Arthit felt a little bit of anger coming up inside of him. Sure, he knew how much Kongpob wanted to finish his school with a Master's Degree but that's no reason to let his health fade like that.

Kongpob was quiet for a while. He knew how disappointed Arthit must be. He quietly replied with a yes. 'What did I told you before you went to China? Tell me!' Arthit never meant to raise his voice at his boyfriend but he couldn't think of any other way to express his anger right now. He surely will regret that later. Kongpob quickly cleaned his nose before he dedicated himself to his phone again. 'You told me to take care of my health.' Kongpob summed up the discussion they had before he left. As much as Arthit was kind of possessive, Kongpob always cherished the way his boyfriend cared about him.
'And you didn't do that.' Arthit let out a sad sigh. He wasn't even angry at the fact that Kongpob was sick. He was angry at the fact that he couldn't take care of his boyfriend.
'I...I'm sorry.' Kongpob's voice began to shake, almost like he could begin to cry at any minute. 'Hey, it's okay no need to cry. I just hate that you're so far away. I need to take care of you.' Arthit enclosed his phone more, almost like it could bring him nearer to Kongpob.

'It's not that bad.' Kongpob stated and coughed again. Of course, Arthit didn't believe that. 'Let me take care of you.' Kongpob was puzzled for a second. How should his boyfriend take care of him at this moment? He was in China and his boyfriend in Thailand. Before Kongpob could question anything, the man in Thailand got ahead. 'Where are you right now?'
A light sniff was heard at the other end of the phone. 'I am trying to do some school stuff. I'm in my room.' Kongpob knew that Arthit probably disliked the fact that he cared about school in his condition but he wanted to be honest. 'Just stop that and lie down on your bed now, okay?' Arthit's voice became soft and caring. The boy in China stopped his school work with a heavy heart and headed to his bed as fast as he could. Arthit could clearly hear the blanket moving on the other end and slightly smiled. 'Are you comfortable?' Arthit asked concerned. 'It would be better with you but it's okay.' For the first time today, Kongpob developed a small smile. He clearly missed his boyfriend a lot. 'Do you have enough tissues there?' 'Yes, I do.' Kongpob felt cozy with his caring boyfriend on the phone. It's almost like they weren't separated at all.
'And what are you going to do tomorrow?' Kongpob needed a few seconds to understand what his boyfriend wanted to hear. 'I will stay in bed and cancel school until I feel better.' Arthit smiled satisfied.

'You should sleep now.' Arthit stated after a while. Kongpob pouted. He must admit that he truly was tired but he wanted to stay on the phone with his boyfriend longer.
'I want to talk to you.' A cough got followed by a long yawn and Arthit laughed softly. 'I've got an idea. I will stay on the phone until you're asleep, okay?' Even though both wanted to lay next to each other right now, Kongpob agreed. 'Take care of yourself too, okay?' Now it was Kongpob who got worried about his boyfriend in Thailand. 'Of course. Otherwise, you need to take care of me next time.' Both men couldn't help but smile softly after this sentence. 'Sleep well, okay? And don't forget to take care of yourself. I love you.' Arthit said gently as Kongpob on the other side placed his phone next to him.
'I will and take care too, yeah? I love you too and I miss you.' Kongpob said, a weak cough following. 'I miss you too.' Arthit stated, almost inaudible.
Kongpob felt safe, knowing that his boyfriend was on the phone.
Even though they were miles apart, at this moment it felt like they were next to each other.

Chapter Text

Tine's whole body was shaking. He felt like he would lose his mind at any second.
The only thing he could replay in his mind was the scene that happened a few seconds ago.

Actually, Tine and Man were on their way to grab some food before visiting Tine's brother, Type. As Tine was taking his car for the trip, Man insisted on riding his motorcycle.
At first, Tine didn't even want to argue about that but a few minutes before they headed out, it began to rain. Almost, as it would never end.
'I'll be fine. I already drove my motorcycle multiple times when it rained.' Man was serious about that. He didn't even listen to Tine's complaints, that it would be safer if Man would just drive with him.
At some point, Tine gave up. He didn't want to start a fight with the boyfriend of his brother. Trouble with Man means trouble with Type and the other way round.

The rain poured endlessly and Tine felt bad for Man who was riding his motorcycle in front of him as he was in his warm car. 'I bet he's cold right now.' Tine thought, already worried about Man.
Always keeping Man in his view, Tine realized how slippery the road was. With all kind of thoughts spinning in his head he barely realized the next thing that happened.
Suddenly, just as he looked one second away from the person driving his motorcycle in front of him, Tine saw that Man lost control over his vehicle.

And that's where he was right now. His hands cramped around the steering wheel of his car, his breathing out of control. Deep inside of him, he knew, that he should rush out and help Man but his body felt like it was paralyzed. As soon as he witnessed that Man lost control over his motorcycle, Tine managed to park his car at the edge of the wet road. The rain still poured and the sound of it made Tine go crazy.
'Man.' he panted. All of a sudden anxiety took control over his body. His hands were already hurting as Tine let go of the steering wheel but he didn't care at all.
All he cared about right now was his brothers' boyfriend.

As fast as he could in his condition, Tine rushed out of his car and didn't even bother about closing the door. It was hard to even see clear because of the rain but he managed to recognize a large group of people standing a little further away. Tine knew that this must be Man. And all the people around him made him angry. There was clearly no sign of an ambulance.
Tine sprinted towards them and quickly pushed a few people aside so that he was able to see Man. Of course, he was wet all over. Tine knew that he will be sick by tomorrow.
'Man!' he shouted and kneeled down in front of his friend who was weakly sitting on the ground. He was holding his right arm. Besides that, Man didn't look as he had any major injuries. But Tine couldn't look inside of his body. 'Why is nobody calling an ambulance?' Tine shouted angrily and looked at a few people who were now on their phones to call someone for help.
'Tine, it's okay...My arm-' Man's voice was weak, just as his body looked like. Tine couldn't believe that Man said that he was fine.
'No, it's not okay. The ambulance will be here soon.' Tine tried to comfort his brothers' boyfriend as much as he could. Luckily the rain eased up a bit. Probably the only good thing that happened today.

'Can you call Type? Tell him that I'm fine.' Man said as a painful look paved the way on his face. 'You're not okay!' Tine shouted. He didn't do it on purpose, he was just way too upset right now.
'You just had an accident, do you realize that?' Man stayed silent, probably because he didn't know what to say.
Fortunately, Tine heard the sirens of the ambulance now. When they arrived, Tine had to move out of the way.
Of course, he didn't want to block the paramedics as they were working.

With shaking hands he grabbed his phone out of his pocket. It was hard to even unlock it because it was wet all over. Luckily, the rain stopped completely and somehow Tine managed to call his brother.
While he didn't even know what he should say to him, Type already picked up the call. 'What's wrong? You told me that you will be here by 3, now it's almost 5.' Type clearly was concerned.
With a quick look to the side, he saw that the paramedics now prepared Man for the ambulance. 'Man, he..' Tine was unable to speak as he saw that one of the paramedics made his way to him.
'What happened to him?' Type on the other end of the phone nearly shouted. He began to breathe quickly as he heard, that something must have happened to his boyfriend.
Tine still stood still, now in front of the person who looked for him. 'I saw you being there with him. We will now transport him to the nearest hospital. It's nothing major but you can drive there too if you want.' Tine only nodded, he wasn't even able to process the whole sentence. He almost forgot that Type was on the phone with him.

'Can you please talk to me now? I'm going insane!' Type shouted, bringing Tine back to reality. 'We were on the way and...the rain' Tine began and saw the ambulance driving off. He should probably hurry so that he would be at the hospital quickly. Type sobbed. It broke Tine's heart. 'He drove his motorcycle but...the road was so wet and suddenly he lost control.' Type sobbed even more now. Almost unable to say something. 'Where is he now?' he said rushed like he was ready to go there at any time. 'They brought him to the hospital. It was so worse.' Tine made his way to his car. The door still stood open and the inside of it was slightly wet. 'I can't handle this.' Type whispered out of breath as Tine sat down. 'I'll drive to the hospital now. Please don't think too much, okay?' Tine put his brother on the loudspeaker as he made his way to the hospital. 'How can I not think about that when my boyfriend just had a motorcycle accident?' Type let out a heartbreaking cry. 'I'm with you.' Tine tried to calm him down a bit while he tried to focus on the road. Even though he was near a breakdown himself, he tried to stay strong now for his brother. 'Please hurry, I swear I can't live without him.' Type on the other end of the phone cried without any control. The weirdest images crossed his mind. He wasn't able to lose Man.
'He will make it. You know he's strong for you.' Tine was almost there. Type was silent for a moment. Tine was right, his boyfriend was strong. 'Please tell me how he is doing, okay?' he then cried out. He knew that this whole situation would end in a panic attack.

Finally, Tine arrived at the hospital. The whole time he tried to calm Type down a bit but it seemed to not help at all. 'I'll come, okay? I just need to pack some things for him' Type said before Tine got out of his car. Before he could say anything, his brother hung up.

30 minutes later Tine was finally able to go into Man's room. Sadly, there was no trace of Type since he had a long way to the hospital. 'I hope he'll be here fast.' Tine mumbled as he nervously opened the door to the room. Man was on the bed, his arm in plaster. It really didn't look like anything serious has happened to him. 'You scared me, do you know that?' was the first thing that Tine said as he closed the heavy door behind him. His brother's boyfriend now looked at him, a slight smile on his face. 'As I said, I'm fine. I just broke my arm nothing more.' Man surely didn't take it serious enough but Tine was glad that he still was able to smile. More relieved, he took a seat next to the bed. Just as he wanted to continue talking to Man, the door was hastily opened. A stressed Type with red eyes entered the room.
As he saw Man, he sobbed loudly. 'Please tell me you're okay. He said something bad happened to you. I can't live without you.' Type cried out and Tine stood up to hug his brother.
'Nothing bad happened to me. I just broke my arm. No need to cry, okay?' Man tried to comfort his boyfriend from his bed since he couldn't get up. Preferably, Man would love to get up now and comfort his crying boyfriend.

'Just your arm?' Type asked out of breath. 'But..' Man couldn't help but laugh at the puzzled look on his boyfriend's face. 'Well...maybe I exaggerated the situation a bit but I was scared.' Tine said awkwardly smiling at his brother who just gave him a mean look. Tine decided to let the boyfriends alone now. He knew that he will get in trouble with his brother soon.

Chapter Text

Team felt awful. His whole body definitely told him that he needed sleep but it wasn't possible. The swimming club member couldn't sleep. Again.
He silently stared at the ceiling above him. It was driving him crazy. He let out a sad sigh before struggling with his blanket. Team switched his sleep positions literally every minute just to face another sleepless night.
He knew, that nothing would help. He knew these nights too well. Of course, nobody except his boyfriend Win knew about his condition.
In front of his friends, he's always the cheerful boy. He only showed his struggles and insecurities in front of Win. The dark-haired boy didn't know why, he just felt extremely safe around his boyfriend.
'Maybe I should go over to him.' Team thought to himself since he often went over to Win's room if he couldn't sleep. His taller boyfriend always comforted him until he would fall asleep.
Team softly smiled at that imagination before he grabbed his phone from his bedside table. As soon as he unlocked it he saw that it was already 2 am. Team sighed. Only four hours until he had to get up.
Picking up his thought from a few minutes ago, he wasn't sure if he should actually go over to Win. Since it was so late and he was probably sleeping, Team felt bad to wake him up.
Team knew that he would look sleepy at school later and Win will see that something was wrong this night anyway. Then he would probably get in an argument with him.
'Why is this so complicated?' He mumbled confusedly.

Finally he decided to go over to his boyfriend. He regretted it nearly one second later after he got up from his bed and immediately got a headache. His hand found the way to his aching head as he tried to stand up straight. 'In a few minutes you'll be with Win, it's fine.' Team tried to encourage himself. He grabbed his blanket and squished it in front of his chest since it was a little bit cold.
Just a moment later he was standing in front of the door to Win's room. It was quiet inside. Team guessed right, his boyfriend was already asleep.
Suddenly he felt bad again for waking him up. Before the sleepless boy could rethink his decision, he shyly knocked at the door. Still, he couldn't hear anything from the room.
Team tried it again, this time a bit louder. And it worked.
Win, who was deep asleep, heard the loud knock on his door. He knew that it must be Team and as tired as he was, he hurried to the door to open it.
He was sure that his boyfriend had a sleepless night again. He hated it if Team had those struggles so he tried to comfort him as good as he could.

The door was opened and Team looked at his boyfriend. He looked really tired but still amazing. His blonde hair accentuated his face because he wore it open, not in a small bun as usual. His white T-Shirt was obviously a few sizes too big so it gave Team a good view of his distinct collarbones. Team loved it. Only he could see Win like that and Team didn't know why, but it made him feel satisfied.
'I can't sleep..' Team said shyly and pressed his blanket closer to his chest. Win smiled softly. He loved it when Team was like this. He thought it was cute.
Without any hesitation he let his boyfriend enter his cozy room. Team loved Win's room. It was way more homely than his own. Or maybe it was just because it was his boyfriends' room.

'Why didn't you told me earlier? I'm sure that you were awake for hours.' Team pouted and took a seat on the soft bed. His arms now let go of the blanket covering his chest. He felt comfortable.
'I knew that you were asleep and-' Win already interrupted the dark-haired boy. 'We had this conversation many times, when will you understand it? I don't care if I'm asleep. If you've got problems you need to tell me. I swear you should just move into my room.' Win was serious. He offered Team to move into his room almost every day but his boyfriend refused every time. Team never wanted to be a burden for Win. Although he knew that he was just overthinking because Win would never think like that. 'I'm sorry.' Team whispered as Win took a seat next to him.
'It's okay but never do that again, yeah?' Win softly put an arm around Team who just nodded.

'Let's sleep. It's late already.' the blonde-haired boy said after a while where they both just enjoyed each other's presence. Team just nodded before he snuggled himself in Win's blanket.
The owner of the room smiled softly at the sight. In moments like this, he really realized how much he actually loves Team. 'Hurry up.' Team said and Win joined him under the blanket.
As soon as he laid down, his boyfriend put his head on his chest. 'Try to sleep, okay? I'll be awake until you sleep.' he whispered and gave Team a light kiss on his hair.
Team only nodded and slid closer to his boyfriend. Win slowly stroked through Team's dark hair and tried to comfort him.
'And if something's wrong wake me up, yeah?' The blonde boy couldn't help but be worried since Team was very insecure about things like that. Another nod from him and a smile from Win.
'Sleep well, I love you.' Win whispered while looking down at his cute boyfriend. 'I love you too.' Team was almost inaudible but Win understood every word and continued to stroke through Team's soft hair.

Ever since Team was safe in his boyfriend's arms, he managed to slowly fall asleep.
Maybe he should really move into Win's room.

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Pete knew it was a mistake that he didn't report Trump to the police. He really should have listened to Ae but he was too scared. It was too late for that now anyway. Trump was back. How was he even able to love a person like him? Trump only broke his heart into million pieces.
The tall IC student tried to forget those thoughts as he drove to school. As soon as he reached the parking lot, he noticed that his boyfriend wasn't waiting for him as usual.
Without starting to worry about that, Pete parked his car. He stayed inside since his class wouldn't start too soon. Quickly, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and directly noticed two new messages.
One was from Ae. He wasn't able to wait for Pete today since Techno has arranged a football session this morning. Pete smiled. He knew that Ae would never let him down without any important reason.
Since that was solved, Pete devoted himself to the other message. It came from a number that Pete only knew too well. His heart immediately began to beat fast, he almost didn't want to read it.
It took the IC student a few seconds to process the text that he had just read. Only one thought crossed his mind. Trump was really serious this time.
Since his ex-boyfriend took his phone and his watch from him, Pete hoped that Trump would let him live in peace now. Since he promised to never come back after that incident.
Trump lied. Again. The content of the message echoed in Pete's mind. The belongings that Trump stole from him weren't worth enough, that's why he needed more money from the student.

After a few minutes he finally decided to go to class. Of course, he would act as nothing happened. Pete didn't want Ae to worry about him again.
With a tense body, Pete entered the building and smiled at a few familiar faces on the way to the classroom. Of course, he needed to force himself to smile.
'What's wrong? You seem strained today.' Pete didn't even notice Tin who was walking beside him. 'Oh, Tin. It's nothing.' 'You know that I don't believe you but if you say so then that's fine.'
Pete knew that his IC friend always managed to figure out Pete's lies. While this was actually a good feature, Pete disliked it right now.

The lesson was uneventful and Pete tried to get out of class as fast as possible. He wanted to avoid another argument with Tin. Pete decided to go to the engineering building since Ae's class must have to be over too. On the way, he had to go through the parking lot and his heart raced when he saw who was waiting by his car. He knew this scenery too well. It was Trump.
Before Pete could think of turning back, the troublemaker already spotted him. 'Long time no see, huh?' Pete was already disgusted. 'Leave me alone P'Trump. You already took enough things from me.' Pete tried to be brave as he was standing in front of the person he hated so much. Trump only laughed at that sentence. 'Do you really think your cheap watch was enough for me?' He shouted right into the face of the tall person in front of him. Pete swallowed hard. 'Give me more money, Pete!' The events from a few months ago happened again. Pete was scared. He had to admit that Trump looked creepier than the last time he saw him. 'I won't.' The student stated. 'Oh, this shit again? Are you sure, Pete?' Trump came nearer and Pete took a few steps back as he nodded.
'You know what? Then I'll find other ways to get your money!' Before Pete could say anything, Trump quickly disappeared.

Pete felt like Trump caged him and he had no way to escape. He carefully leaned onto his car and let out a desperate breath. Suddenly he remembered, that Ae was probably waiting for him. He panicked.
He didn't want his boyfriend to find out that Trump was back. After he was able to control his breathing again, the IC student continued his way to the other building.
As soon as he entered the canteen, he spotted the table where Ae was sitting with his friends. While they were talking to each other, Ae looked stressed out and his look was focused on his phone.
Pete took a deep breath and went up to them. 'Ai'Pete! Why did you take so long? Didn't you read the message I sent you?' As soon as Ae saw his boyfriend, he got up from his seat and attacked the taller one with questions. Ae was worried. 'I did read your message, Ai'Ae. I just talked to Ai'Tin a bit too long after class.' Pete hated lying to his boyfriend but he had to. The smaller person of the two looked skeptical.
'Are you sure? You're looking stressed out.' Ae knew that something was going on, he knew Pete too well.
'Yes, Ai'Ae. Let's eat something.' Pete immediately took a seat next to Type, leaving his boyfriend behind with a puzzled look.
A few seconds after Pete began to eat, Ae sat down on the chair in front of the IC student. 'Ai'Ae, are you angry at P'No too? He was so harsh today!' Can whined as soon as he saw the annoyed look on Ae's face.
Yeah, Techno was really strict this morning but his facial expression had another reason. 'Ai'Can take it easy. It's not my fault that you guys are skipping the practice too often.' Techno fired back at Can who only pouted after that. Pete didn't know what it was about but smiled anyway.

After nearly everyone finished eating, Pete needed to head out to his next class. 'You can't hide that something's wrong with you.' Ae said with a sad tone before Pete could leave. 'Don't worry about me, Ai'Ae.
I said I'm fine.' And before the engineering student could answer, Pete was gone.
'Give him time.' It was Type who now took a seat next to Ae, who was clearly disappointed. 'Time for what? I know something is going on and he should talk to me right away.' Type knew how Ae felt.
He also experienced the same thing with his boyfriend, Tharn. 'If Pete won't talk to you right now, he will when it gets too much for him.' 'He shouldn't wait until then.' Ae nearly shouted and caught the attention of his other friends at the table. 'Thank you but I need to go now.' Without knowing where to go Ae left the table earning confused looks.

Actually, Pete really planned on going to his next class but got interrupted by another message from Trump. He really wanted to ignore that message but something told him that it would be better if he opened it.
He immediately regretted reading it. Trump's new target was his boyfriend and Pete needed to stop that. He would never let Trump hurt his boyfriend.

Ae on the other hand was disappointed. He always cared about Pete as much as he could. Did he do something wrong? Did he pressure his boyfriend too much? The dark-haired boy asked himself all these questions.
With a sad sigh, he opened the door to his room which he shared with Pond. 'Ai shorty, don't slam the door so aggressive. You interrupted my dream.' Pond complained as he was now sitting straight in his bed after Ae entered the room. 'Shut up Asshole Pond. I don't care about your dream.' Ae wasn't in the mood for Pond who was basically untrustworthy. So the engineering student wasn't even able to talk to his roommate about his problems. 'Ai Ae! What happened?' Ae only gave him a mean look and threw his bag on the floor. Pond, who usually was used to Ae's mean attitude towards him, realized that something was wrong with him today. 'Did something happen with Pete?' he tried again. 'You don't know anything about Ai Pete so stop it.' Ae knew that talking to Pond was pointless.

Pete's class finished for today and he was ready to go home. On the way to the parking lot, he took his phone out of his pocket. Many unanswered calls from Ae plus countless messages. Pete felt bad. He knew that his boyfriend was worried about him. He decided to call Ae as soon as he got home. When he finally reached his car and was already sitting in the driver's seat, something blocked him from closing the door.
A look-up told him that it was Trump. He immediately got scared. Did he do something to Ae? Is that the reason why his boyfriend called and messaged him so many times?
'Where are you going Ai'Pete?' The other boy asked. 'Home.' Pete answered shortly, trying to close the door again but Trump still hasn't let it go. 'Tell me where your boyfriend is! Since you won't give me any money, I will take away what's most important to you'.
Pete's body felt paralyzed after Trump said that. 'Don't you dare to hurt Ae.' Trump laughed angrily. 'Oh, Pete. Of course, I will. Do you think I'm scared?' Pete knew that Trump was serious. And that made him scared. Before he changed his mind, Pete got out of his car and stood in front of Trump. 'Gaining confidence? I thought you couldn't do anything without your boyfriend.'
Pete didn't know why he suddenly got so confident but he took advantage of it. 'I'm sick of you, P'Trump. You can take all my money but you can never hurt Ae. I hate how you constrict me! You already took my whole money, my phone, and my watch. What more do you want?' Pete literally shouted at Trump. He let out all the hate he had for him.

Suddenly, Trump grabbed him by his collar and spat on the floor next to him. 'You better tell me where your boyfriend is or you will regret yelling at me.' Now it was Trump who shouted at Pete, who was clearly intimidated. Before Trump could do anything, he got torn away from Pete. He realized that it was Ae.
'What are you doing here? Didn't you ruin his life enough already?' Ae screamed at Trump before he hit him in his face. 'You've become braver, shorty.' Trump wiped away the blood from his mouth and looked at
Ae again. 'You better disappear now or I'll ruin you.' Ae said quietly. It sounded dangerous. 'This isn't the end Pete! And you shorty. You better watch your back.' Trump shouted before he left. Of course not without looking back t both of them.

'Are you fine, Ai'Pete?' Ae dedicated himself to his taller boyfriend now, who had a shocked look on his face. Ae softly grabbed his cheeks before looking into his eyes. 'I'm fine.' Pete managed to say, returning his look. 'You need to explain a lot to me, right?' Pete knew that Ae was right but he didn't know where to start. 'He threatened to hurt you, Ai'Ae. I couldn't let him do that.' Tears found their way into his eyes.
'He can hurt me as much as he wants to. He just isn't allowed to hurt you, okay?' Although he didn't say it, Ae was angry at Pete but that didn't change the fact, that he was also worried.
'Do you know what we will do now?' Pete looked confused. 'We will report him to the police, okay?' As the taller one nodded anxiously, Ae reached for his hand and gave him a soft smile.

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Tian woke up to the rays of the sun shining through the window. As soon as he opened his eyes, he noticed that he was alone. The first thought of Tian was of course, where Phupha was.
Actually, the other one always told him where he was going. But today it was different. And that worried him a little. Even if he wouldn't admit it.
Tian knew that Phupha could take care of himself. Actually, Phupha never asked Tian for help. No matter how badly injured he was. He always insisted on doing everything by himself.
Of course, Phupha was in the village much longer than he was himself, but it still stressed him out.
After Tian tried to replace the thoughts as best as he could, he sat up in his bed.

He immediately felt the severe pain in his head. He really should ask Nam for some medicine since the headache had been going on for days. Tian hoped it would be gone today but it only got worse.
It would be Phupha who would take care of him now, but he still wasn't back. Tian wondered, how the other one was able to take care of himself so well.
Tian knew how much he had to go through. He even saw the many scars on Phupha's upper body. Nevertheless, he never complained about pain, at least not in front of Tian.

With his head still aching, Tian reached for the cold water bottle next to his bed. Phupha must have put it there. Tian smiled softly. It was cute how touching the soldier cared for him.
Even if it was just a small gesture, it meant a lot to the younger one. He would for sure thank Phupha later.
After putting the bottle back in its place, he laid down again.
Just as Tian was about to close his eyes, the door was thrown open and a rushed-looking Phupha entered the room. Tian couldn't think of resting anymore.
Although his headache was still unbearable, he quickly hurried to Phupha who leaned against the door. He was visibly exhausted.

Tian felt like his head was completely empty because he didn't know what to do first. He knew that it wouldn't be very smart to attack Phupha with questions now.
He tried to support the older one as best as he could and helped him sit down on the bed. Tian only noticed now that the other one was holding his arm the whole time. 'Don't worry too much, okay?'
It was the injured man who broke the silence. Tian was sure that Phupha noticed the confused look on his face. 'Let me see how bad it is.' Before the older one could say anything against that, Tian removed his hand from his injured arm. It looked worse than he thought. An obviously deep cut decorated Phupha's upper arm. Although Tian saw a lot of scars on the older one's body, he was shocked at how easily he handled it.
'Let me help you.' The younger one said as he slowly helped the other one out of his jacket. The cut also ruined it, of course. 'Does it hurt a lot?' Tian only noticed how stupid the question was after a painful look
crept on Phupha's face. 'I'm sorry. Of course, it hurts a lot.' The younger one said hastily and although Phupha was in pain, he managed to smile softly.

Tian was afraid of doing something wrong, so he just disinfected the wound at first. He didn't even want to imagine how much it must hurt but Phupha acted strong the whole time.
'Do you know that you don't have to act strong in front of me?' Tian asked after he finished the procedure. 'I know. But that's just how I am.' Phupha answered, making Tian develop a weak smile.
Even though he cherished the older one how he was, he wished that Phupha would show his weaknesses around Tian.
After Tian got the right materials, he bandaged the wound slowly and carefully. He didn't want to cause Phupha any more pain. 'Does it still hurt?' Tian asked after he finished everything.
'It's okay. This is nothing compared to my other scars. It will heal.' Phupha answered as stubborn as he was. 'But I liked that you took care of me.'
Tian smiled. He did it for the first time, so he was glad that the other one approved it.

Finally, the younger one could ask what he wanted to ask the whole time. 'How did it happen?' Phupha sighed. He knew that Tian didn't like it when he puts himself in danger.
'Nothing serious. I just got between a fight.' 'Promise me, that you will take care better of yourself next time.' Tian was serious.
'I promise.' The answer put a smile on his face.
'You need to rest now, okay?' Although Phupha wasn't in the mood for resting, he agreed to avoid an argument with the younger one.
Tian helped him to lay in bed comfortable and looked down on him. 'You're crazy.' he said smiling whit a smile on his face Phupha could only laugh.

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Tang Yi knew that he wasn't in an ordinary relationship. But, to be honest, he didn't care at all. As a policeman, his boyfriend was often exposed to danger and that was what worried Tang Yi.
Of course, Shao Fei could take good care of himself, but the ex-mob boss also knew that the cop wouldn't stop at anything, no matter how dangerous it was.
This took the dark-haired man back to the day as he shot the love of his love in the chest. Although he always avoided talking about this with Shao Fei, it still bothered him. A lot.
He would probably never be able to forgive himself for that.

Since he didn't want to think about it any longer, he sat down on the couch with a groan. This morning Shao Fei went to work earlier than usual. 'There's a new investigation so I will have a lot of work to do.'
That was the only thing that his boyfriend said to him before he was gone. Tang Yi didn't know if this was a cause for concern. After all, Shao Fei was a grown man and knew best what he was doing.
'He's driving me crazy.' The tall man sighed. In moments like this, he actually realized how much he loved Shao Fei. A soft smile found its way on his face. A rarely seen picture.
Before he worried too much again, he turned on the TV. Actually, he didn't like watching TV but Tang Yi didn't know how to distract himself otherwise.

After he switched through the channels for a few minutes, he stopped at the news channel. At first, he didn't even listen to what was said but when they talked about a police station that was attacked, Tang Yi froze.
'There are a lot of police stations in this area.' He tried to calm himself down a bit, even though he still had no clue what it was about.
Tang Yi only became aware of the news when the police station where Shao Fei worked was mentioned. His breathing quickened and he tensed up in his uncomfortable position.
'This can't be true.' Tang Yi mumbled to himself before the man focused his whole attention on the TV in front of him.

A few minutes later, Tang Yi turned off the TV and panicked. It was true. The police station was attacked and there were several injured people. Shao Fei was definitely one of them.
As soon as Tang Yi managed to catch his breath again, he stormed out of his house. At this moment he didn't care that he wasn't wearing one of his designer suits as usual or that his hair wasn't done.
The only thing that mattered to him was the health of his boyfriend. Faster than ever before, he started his car. Since his thoughts were going crazy, he didn't even care that he ignored almost every traffic sign.
Tang Yi could be lucky that he didn't cause an accident.

He had arrived at the police station faster than usual. Tang Yi immediately became a little more nervous when he saw the numerous ambulances in front of the big building. Should he ask one of the paramedics where Shao Fei was? He dismissed the thought. They probably didn't even know who he was. Without hesitation, Tang Yi got out of his car and made his way through the many people. Among them also reporters.
As he finally got through the door of the building he noticed that nearly everything was destroyed. Tables were thrown over, papers were scattered all over the floor, and windows were torn open.
Who would even do that? The ex-mob boss soon noticed a few people staring at another person under them. Someone had to lie on the floor.

'Who is he? Is he injured?' Tang Yi made his way to the people who just stared at him. Maybe they knew who he was. Since they didn't answer him, he simply pushed them aside.
He immediately got tears in his eyes when he saw who was lying there. It was Shao Fei. He had a few scars on his face and looked weak. 'Tang Yi..' Shao Fei took a short breath before he continued speaking.
'What are you doing here?' Now tears ran down Tang Yi's cheeks. He swore to himself that he would never see his boyfriend like that again. And yet he did it now.
The taller one of them leaned down to Shao Fei and gently stroke his cheek. 'Why are you crying? I'm completely okay. I took two bullets for you. Do you think something like that will knock me out?'
And there he was again. The Shao Fei he loved. But that didn't change the fact that he was injured. 'Let me take you to a paramedic, okay?' Tang Yi couldn't stop crying.

'I will go down and get a paramedic.' A random voice appeared suddenly. Tang Yi didn't care who it was. He only cared about a doctor that will check up on Shao Fei.
'Please never do something like that to me again.' Shao Fei managed to smile softly. 'I was afraid that something worse had happened to you.' Tang Yi was serious. He usually wasn't an emotional person but when it came to Shao Fei, he dropped all of his facades. 'Tang Yi. I'm fine, okay? Please show me a smile again.' Although he would love to fulfill the wish of the police officer, Tang Yi couldn't smile at this moment.
Not until Shao Fei was home with him. 'I promise I will take care of you from now on. I'm so sorry.' Tang Yi sobbed before he leaned down and softly kissed the forehead of his boyfriend. The most precious person in his life. Shao Fei simply enjoyed this short moment by closing his eyes. 'I will never let that happen to you again, I promise.' Tang Yi whispered before the paramedics finally arrived.

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Tutor had to wait in the queue for an extremely long time even though he only needed one water. It had been very hot since this morning and of course, he had to forget his drink at home today.
It's not as if it would hurt Tutor to buy something, he just hated waiting. Especially for something he really wanted. When there were only two more students left in front of him, Tutor turned briefly to his boyfriend Fighter. The other engineering student was still sitting at the table and was doing something on his phone. Tutor was really lucky to have a boyfriend like him. And yet nobody knew they were in a relationship.
Neither of the two boys knew whether the other wanted to make it public. Tutor wanted to make it public. He was annoyed by the looks of other people who thought Fighter was still single.
But he kept it a secret because his boyfriend didn't seem to have a problem with it.

When Tutor finally had his water, he made his way back to Fighter. He really hated hot days. He took a mental note to never forget something at home again. When the student got near the table he noticed that it was empty. Fighter was no longer sitting there. Without appearing noticeable, he began to look for his tall boyfriend. He couldn't be too far away.
As Tutor walked around the corner of the canteen, he suddenly stopped. He had found Fighter. With another boy who was obviously flirting with him. Careful that his boyfriend didn't see him, the engineering student continued to watch what happened. Although he seemed like nothing was wrong he really wanted to attack the other student. Especially when he began to touch Fighter's arms. Luckily, he slapped it away.
'You really can't leave this boy alone for one second.' Tutor mumbled uncomfortably as he noticed that Fighter made his way back to the table they were sitting at earlier.

Without hesitation Tutor leaned against the wall. His boyfriend couldn't unsee him now. 'Oh, Tor. I thought you were waiting for me at our place.' Fighter said surprised as he stood in front of his boyfriend now.
'Why? Wasn't I allowed to see what just happened?' Tutor snapped back. Jealousy seized him. He couldn't help it. 'What? No. It wasn't even my intention. He just wanted to talk to me.'
Tutor laughed briefly. 'That didn't look like just talking, P'Fight.' Even Fighter knew that it wasn't just talking but it was nothing that he wanted. The addressed person sighed. He really wanted to avoid a discussion about something like that. Especially at school. 'Tor, trust me. I don't want anything from him. I only love you.' Fighter tried it sweetly only to get a mad look from his boyfriend.
'I never want to see something like that again, P'Fight.' His boyfriend only nodded.

As they both had to attend different classes now, their way parted after the break. Fighter was tense for the whole hour. He hated these conflicts with his boyfriend. None of this would happen if all students knew about their relationship. But Fighter wasn't sure if Tutor would agree to that, so he just kept quiet. Even if he would like to show the whole world that Tutor was his, he didn't want any further arguments with him.
After the lesson ended, Fighter felt annoyed & stressed out. He couldn't concentrate the whole time even if he tried to turn off the thoughts. It just wouldn't work.
In the hallway, Fighter came across Saifah who, as almost always, had a smile on his lips. This boy always seemed to be in a good mood. How did he do it?
'Something's wrong with you. I can see that.' The taller one of them began the conversation.
Fighter, who had to look up a bit to look into Saifah's eyes, could see a concerned look.

He sighed. Would it do anything to lie to the other engineering student? Maybe. 'Nothing serious. Just a bit stressed out because of school these days.' Fighter couldn't lie very well.
'And you really think I will believe that?' Saifah laughed softly and they both began to walk towards the exit of the school. 'You should.' It was useless. Saifah had already seen through his friend.
Because the doors were made out of glass, Fighter could see that Tutor was waiting for him outside. He got nervous. 'Stop that shit. It's just your boyfriend.' Fighter tried to calm himself down since he couldn't figure out the reason for his condition. 'Is it because of Tutor?' The taller one asked as they both stopped walking. 'No, it..-' 'It is about him.' Saifah stated confident.

'Listen to me. I don't know why you're like this or what happened between you two. But promise me to listen to your heart, okay? I know it can be stressful sometimes but it's the right thing. And if you need any help or advice, I'm here.' Fighter was speechless for a moment. Sure, the two were good friends but he would never have thought to hear something like that from Saifah.
'I will remember that.' Fighter said quietly and he meant it. His tall friend was right. He should listen to his heart. And it told him not to hide his relationship anymore.
As they finally were out of school, Tutor noticed them. Of course, he didn't miss the sad expression on his boyfriend's face.

'I have to hurry, I have an appointment with someone.' And with that, Saifah was gone before he even greeted Tutor. 'Why did you take so long? I have seen you standing in there.' Fighter's boyfriend has obviously not yet forgotten the incident from earlier. 'I just talked to him about random stuff. Nothing important.' Fighter hated lying to him but he couldn't think of anything else right now.

The next day Fighter felt way more energetic and happy. Was it because of Saifah's words? Probably yes. With a smile on his face, he made his way to school, where Tutor wasn't waiting for him as usual.
The engineering student noticed how his good mood was getting less. Was Tutor still angry because of yesterday? Fighter sighed.
After a few seconds, he went to the canteen to get some food. And there was indeed his boyfriend. He was sitting at a table with Saifah and Zon. The seat right next to him was empty. That will be Fighter's spot soon. Without even getting something to eat, he just sat down next to Tutor. They abruptly stopped speaking, all eyes on the student who just joined them.

'Is something wrong?' He asked after a while. 'Nothing, P'Fight. We were just talking about the homework.' His boyfriend slightly smiled at him. Fighter couldn't say if anything was fine or whether he was just imagining too much. 'Actually, I wanted to talk with you about something.' Fighter began his plan. As Saifah knowingly gave him a confident look, the others just had a confused look on their faces.
'I'll keep it short. I thought for a long time whether it would be the right decision to say that now. But I listened to my heart.' The otherwise so self-confident student took a deep breath.
'I love Tutor. And yes, we are in a relationship. Actually for a very long time. And I think it was finally time to just say that.' Fighter felt like a heavy stone fell from his heart.

Saifah just smiled while Zon literally freaked out over the fact. 'Guys, I'm so happy for you but I think we should leave you alone now.' Saifah said smiling as he grabbed Zon's arm and took him with him.
'I'm so proud of you, P'Fight. I was insecure for so long. I thought you didn't want to make it pubic but..-' Tutor stopped only to hold back his tears. After that, he turned to his boyfriend.
'I love you so much and I never want to hide you anymore.' Fighter smiled, tears in his eyes. 'I love you too, Tor. I'm so proud to call you mine.' He said and softly kissed his boyfriend on his forehead.
'I really think I should reward you for being so brave.' Tutor smiled after a while and took the hand of his boyfriend.
'Oh yeah? And what are you thinking about?' Fighter asked curious, unable to read the look on the other's face. 'You will find out soon.' Tutor smiled knowingly.

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Dew sat bored at an empty table in the school canteen. Like every day during the lunch break, it was extremely crowded here. The students almost acted as if they hadn't eaten for days. Nothing new for Dew. He hated it as always. To avoid the long queues, he always brought food from home with him. It's not as if he didn't like hot food during lunch, he just hated waiting.
But eating wasn't the only reason Dew was waiting here. He only did that for his boyfriend, Blue.
The small football player literally insisted on eating here. And Dew couldn't resist any wish from the cute boy.

After fifteen minutes that felt like an eternity, Dew finally saw his boyfriend walking towards him. But he wasn't alone. Champ walked next to him. The person he hated the most.
And that wasn't even an exaggeration. Of course, he never said that to Champ, because he didn't want to risk being kicked out of the football team.
The reason why he hated his teammate so much? Whenever the small boy had any problem, the other one was there to help. Blue fell? Champ left everything to help him up.
Blue injured himself? Champ was right there to take care of his wounds. He didn't even give Dew a chance to do it himself.
The whole thing goes so far, that a lot of students are shipping Champ and Blue. And Dew hated it more than anything. Blue was his boyfriend.

Before he had to vomit from these thoughts, he interrupted them. 'Are you okay? You seem distracted.' He tried to block out Champ as best as he could and didn't even answer his question.
Luckily, his small boyfriend took the seat in front of Dew, so he didn't even have to look at the other person's face.
'Are you okay?' Now Blue repeated the question from before. 'I'm always okay when you're with me.' Dew smiled softly before he grabbed the hand of the person he loved the most.
Because Blue got shy quickly, he blushed at this action and just looked down at their hands. 'Don't forget the football practice after the break. I'll wait at the field.' And with that, Champ was gone.
Dew didn't miss the jealous look on his face. He accidentally squeezed Blue's hand a little tighter. 'I see that something is wrong with you.' Blue was right. But it bothered Dew that he didn't know the reason by himself since it was obvious. 'You know how I feel about that guy.' Blue sighed. He wanted to avoid a conversation like this. Champ was nothing more than a good friend to the small boy.

After lunch they made their way to the football field. Of course, Dew held Blue's hand the whole time. He liked moments like this. In which the football player could just carefree show that Blue belongs to him.
But this moment had to come to an end. 'Get dressed quickly. We have a lot to do today.' Champ's voice again. Dew tried to control himself. He hated his bossy attitude.
'Remember not to get too close to him, okay? Just stay with me.' Dew took advantage of the fact that they were alone in the locker room. 'He's my friend.' As innocent as Blue was he saw no problem in it.
Dew couldn't even blame him. 'I know that he sees more in you than a friend. So just listen to me.' Blue sighed. Sure, he noticed that Champ was acting weird sometimes, but for him, there was only Dew.
'You're mine.' Dew whispered and looked Blue deep in his eyes as he lightly stroked his cheeks. 'You know that right?' A nod from the smaller one and a smile from Dew.
Without paying attention to the time, Dew leaned down to kiss his boyfriend gently. Before they could do anything, it got louder outside.

The football practice so far went without problems and they were only ten minutes left. Before Dew could look forward to being undisturbed with his boyfriend, he saw something that he didn't like at all. He literally hated it. Blue sat down on the grass. He looked exhausted. Next to him sat Champ who stroked his arm the whole time. Dew felt like he was about to explode.
Without even thinking about what he was doing, the football player stormed towards the two of them. 'Could you please bring some water for him?' Dew thought he had misheard what Champ just said.
He laughed. 'Why don't you do that? Touching my boyfriend won't make him feel any better.' Dew almost screamed. He had enough with this boy.
Without clear thoughts, he grabbed his enemy by his arm and pushed him away from Blue. Then he took his boyfriend's hand and pulled him with him. Dew completely ignored that Blue was apparently not doing so well and Champ only looked confused. Not realizing what he did wrong.

'Didn't I say that you should stay away from him? Now, this asshole already touched you' Dew was out of his mind. He pushed his smaller boyfriend against one of the lockers. 'He just...wanted to help me.' Blue had an intimidating look on his face which Dew didn't care about at this moment. 'I will help you if anything is wrong with you. You are mine.' Dew came threateningly close and turned his boyfriend around so that he was facing the lockers now. 'What are you doing?' Blue seemed a bit scared. 'I will never let you forget that you are mine. Only mine.' Dew growled and took off Blue's jersey before he took off his own. Then he immediately left some marks on the neck of the smaller boy. Dew was sure that this won't be the last ones today.
After that Blue would never forget that he belonged to Dew.

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Team hasn't been as happy as he is today for a long time. He knew that it was only because of his boyfriend, Win. The dark-haired boy never thought that Win would have such a big influence on him.
But it was positive. Because of the other swimming team member, he learned to love himself. Team still loved Win a lot more.
'Why are you smiling? Not that I don't like it, I'm just curious.' The sweet voice of Team's boyfriend tore him from his thoughts. 'Just thought about how lucky I am to have you.'
The smaller boy, who had his head on the shoulder of the blonde boy looked at him now after he heard a quiet laugh. 'What's so funny?' Team pouted a little bit sleepy and rubbed his eye.
'Nothing, love. It's just cute.' Team's heart skipped a beat after Win called him like that. He loved it. Sure, it was just a small gesture but it displayed how much Win loved his clumsy boyfriend.
After Team had looked briefly on his phone, he noticed that the lunch break was over soon. Actually, he would have spent this time in the canteen with his two friends but since the dark-haired boy wanted to spend some time with his boyfriend, they both were sitting on a bench in front of the school.

Of course even the most beautiful moments had to pass and now the two boys were on their way to the swimming hall. Team would love to go straight back to their place but then he would risk trouble with Dean.
And he didn't want that. 'It's just an hour. After that, we will go to my room, okay?' The slightly annoyed boy looked puzzled. How could Win know what he was thinking? Team sighed.
'Yeah, fine.' They both knew very well that he actually didn't agree with that but the two had no other choice.

When they finally arrived at their destination, Team immediately noticed a new face. He didn't know why but a bad feeling spread through him. 'Let's get changed.' Win grabbed the hand of his cute boyfriend tighter and walked with him to the changing rooms. 'Did you noticed the new boy?' Team asked as he put his backpack on the bench in the middle of the cold room.
'No. I only have eyes for you.' Win meant it. He never looked at other guys unless it was necessary. Team was simply the most beautiful person for him.
'I thought no more students are allowed in our crew.' Team was right. Dean said that he won't accept any more new ones, they were already enough. 'I don't know what he planned. Normally he tells me everything relating to our crew.' Win walked closer to his boyfriend and hugged him from behind. 'Don't think about other boys, okay?' Team only nodded and enjoyed this cute moment until the blonde student placed some soft kisses on his neck. 'Win, stop it. We don't have time for that.' Although Team really enjoyed it, the others probably waited for them. 'Then I'll save that for later.' Win smiled as he let go of his boyfriend who only pouted.

Team was right with his assumption. The boy he wasn't allowed to think about was now a member of the swimming club. Because he was a good friend of Dean, he made an exception. Unfair.
Of course, he didn't miss the fact that the new student looked over at Win the whole time. Team noticed how jealous he was. Win didn't seem to notice or he ignored it. Probably both.
After some formalities had been clarified, they began to train. Just Win, Dean, and the new boy, from who he didn't even get the name of, was standing next to the swimming pool.
Team felt how tensed he got but he knew that he could trust his boyfriend. Although it was really hard at this moment.

After the practice had finally finished, Team managed to shortly forget his problems. But as soon he got out of the water, they were back again. Win and the other guy stood a bit apart from the others.
It looked like they were talking but Win seemed uncomfortable. Especially when the other one tried to grab his arm, the blonde boy began to speak a bit louder.
It was enough for Team. As angry as never before, he stormed towards the two of them. 'What are you trying to do with my boyfriend, huh?' Team nearly shouted at his enemy.
'Oh, what? You are his boyfriend? Why should he date a boy like you?' After that an evil laugh followed. 'I'm not trying to fight with you or anything, I'm just warning you to let him alone.' And with that sentence Team took Win's hand and pulled him behind him.

'Why do you even allow that?' Team was out of his mind. Sure, Win looked like he didn't enjoy the presence of the other guy but he could just avoid him. 'I don't know. Suddenly I felt so caged and-' Win didn't know what to say next. He clearly felt unwell. 'Do you know that I hate something like that?' Actually, it was always Win who protected Team but now it was the other way round. And the boy with the tattoos liked it.
'I know you are upset right now but I like it when you're this jealous, love.' And again the nickname. Team felt soft. As Win got closer and closer, the smaller boy felt the locker behind him.
Just when he thought that his boyfriend wanted to do something, he was pulled into a tight hug. 'Can you please be like this more often?' Team sighed.
'Actually, I don't want to see you in such a situation again.' Win nodded and placed a soft kiss on Team's dark hair. 'I just like it. A lot.' Win mumbled. 'And I like it when you're cute.'

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Ae desperately dropped his head on the table he was sitting at. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't remember all the English vocabulary or the grammar. Actually, the engineering student wasn't bad at school, only in this subject he couldn't get any further. And to be honest, he didn't feel like learning anymore.
'Can we please stop? I don't understand this anyway.' Ae lifted his heavy head again and looked at Chompoo, who was sitting in front of him. It was her who tried to explain everything to him as well as possible almost every day. But it was useless.
'Oh, sure that's no problem. We can go on tomorrow you look exhausted.' Chompoo knew that Ae wasn't the best in English but she tried to be optimistic. And besides that, she liked to be near him.
'No, you got me wrong. I mean I want to stop that completely. I won't pass the exam anyway and I don't wanna waste your time.' Ae was serious. The exam was already in two days. And until then nothing could change his situation.
Before the girl in front of him could answer something, Ae packed up his things and left the library.

When Ae already felt a headache coming, he decided to go to the canteen to get something to eat. If the engineering student had known beforehand that Pond was there, he would have not gone there in the first place.
But now it was too late. His annoying roommate already spotted him. 'Ai'Shorty, sit down here. I still have some food left for you.' Ae clenched his hands in fists as almost every student looked at him and Pond, who just waved at him. This boy was just incredibly embarrassing.
'Why am I friends with him at all?' With this thought, Ae then made his way to the table at which Pond was sitting. To his surprise, his roommate was alone there.
As soon as he sat down in front of him, Pond immediately started talking like a waterfall. Not in favor of Ae's headache.
'Can you just stop talking for a second?' And indeed, after that, there was no more sound to be heard and the annoyed boy took the food from his friend.
'Ai'Ae, you better tell me what's wrong now. Was the night with Pete not good enough?' Pond smiled dirty. Ae hated it. More than anything else.

'Asshole' The smaller one mumbled without going into it. Pond wasn't even right. Last night was the best Ae had in a long time. He smiled at that thought.
'I'm no longer studying for the exam. I'm not getting any further.' Pond looked puzzled. 'It's in two days! You will fail shorty. If I were you, I would ask Pete.' Ae already had these conversations with nearly all of his friends. And everyone has given up trying to convince him except Pond, of course. 'I've told you many times. Pete has enough to do with his own exams.' Nevertheless this time Ae really thought about it.
His boyfriend told him that he is almost done studying and that he has time for him. 'Then I can't help you anymore. I have to go to class now. See you later, Ai'Ae.' And with that Pond was gone.

Before changing his mind again, the dark-haired boy called Pete. He answered the call almost directly. 'Ai'Ae! Is everything okay?' The engineering student couldn't hold back a soft smile. He loved how caring his IC boyfriend was. 'Yes, don't worry Ai'Pete. I just wanted to ask if you're free this afternoon.' Ae noticed how nervous he got. For literally no reason. 'Yes, I am. Do you want to do something particular?'
Ae really had to pull himself together. He just hated asking his tall boyfriend for a favor. 'Yeah...Actually, I wanted to study with you.'
Pete on the other side of the phone was surprised. 'I would love to do that but can I ask why? I thought you studied with Chompoo.' The IC student didn't want to admit it, but he was happy that his boyfriend didn't want to study with her anymore. Yeah, Pete was jealous. 'I don't get along with her. I want my boyfriend to learn with me.' Both boys smiled. 'Can I come to your room after class?' 'Yeah, of course. Pond won't be there anyway.' That was finally resolved.

Just before Pete came over, Ae got nervous. He began to pick up the countless garbage pieces from the floor and tidied the room a bit. And of course, his boyfriend arrived on time.
As the two sat at the table, Ae just stared at the books in front of them. 'Should we start now, Ai'Ae?' Did he even wanted to? The engineering student just couldn't concentrate when his cute boyfriend was sitting next to him. 'Sure, let's start.' As soon as Pete started talking, Ae felt love rushing through his whole body. He had never heard his boyfriend speak English before. He didn't know why but the student loved it.
'Ai'Ae! Are you even listening to me?' Ae took a deep breath before he focused on the books again. 'Sorry, I just got distracted.' It was the truth. But Pete didn't know that it was because of him.

The younger one kept up relatively well for the next half hour, only because he was trying his best not to listen to Pete. But of course, he had to ask a question at some point.
'I think you could answer that question now with your knowledge.' That was the only thing that Ae heard. 'Ai'Pete?' Before answering the question from his boyfriend, which he didn't even notice, he wanted to ask one himself. Pete looked interested to his smaller boyfriend. 'Why am I not able to concentrate when I'm studying with you?' The tall IC student smiled.
'But you couldn't concentrate with her either.' Ae could, but he just didn't want to. 'To be honest I never wanted to. It was boring to be with her but with you...I don't know. I just love it.'
Before Pete could answer something, Ae grabbed his cheeks and softly stroked over them. 'Why do you love it, Ai'Ae?'
'Probably just because I love you, Ai'Pete but also because you speaking English is so damn attractive.' Ae was completely honest now.

Pete blushed after that. 'Stop that, you're too cute.' The younger student was just so in love with his tall boyfriend. After a while, he let go of the squishy cheeks from Pete and just looked into his eyes. The eyes that he loved so much. 'Can we take a break?' Even though the two hadn't studied for that long, he didn't want to anymore. Right now he didn't care about anything. The exam, the tasks.
He was only interested in his boyfriend. 'But Ai'Ae...' Pete began but interrupted himself quickly. 'Yes, it doesn't make any sense if you don't want to anymore.' Ae smiled. That was exactly what he wanted to hear.
Right after that he got up and sat down on his bed. Pete understood that, of course, and sat next to him.
Ae couldn't help but kiss the other boy. 'Do we continue studying today?' Pete said out of breath as he laid down and Ae got on top of him. 'Probably not.'

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Today was one of these days where Kongpob should have stayed at home. He felt weak and could only see his boyfriend during the lunch break. So why not just stay in bed?
But it was too late now anyway. Kongpob was already sitting in his classroom. Although the student tried to follow the lesson, he just couldn't. His head hurt and he could barely hold it up to look at the board in front of him. Right now he would love to cuddle with Arthit in his bed and just sleep. 'I can do that later', Kongpob thought.

When the hour was finally over, he packed his things as quickly as possible to get some fresh air. Maybe that would make him feel better. He knew very well that only Arthit could do that anyway.
But his boyfriend wasn't there at the moment. Kongpob sighed. It had gotten to the point where he felt completely dependent on Arthit. Not that he didn't like it, it was just exhausting at times.
When Kongpob reached the canteen, completely lost in his thoughts about his boyfriend, he couldn't recognize a single familiar face. Where were his friends?
More importantly, where was Arthit? It happened before that the other student had to skip the lunch break, so Kongpob just assumed that this was the case today.
Could the day get any worse?

Since Kongpob wasn't hungry at all, he sat down on a bench a little away from the school. He always loved coming here to flee from the loud students. The best thing about it was that the place was directly under a large tree and therefore it was always shady and cool. Exactly what Kongpob needed right now. He felt how his headache was slowly decreasing and his thoughts were directly attached to his boyfriend again.
Why didn't Arthit let Kongpob know if he didn't have any time today? Did Kongpob do something wrong? All of these questions circled in his head.
'I'm sure he just forgot to tell me.' He mumbled to calm himself down a bit.

When Kongpob saw that there were only fifteen minutes left of the break, he got up and made his way to the school building again. Mentally the student prepared himself for another hour of agony so that Kongpob didn't even notice that suddenly three students were standing in front of him. He could tell that they were his seniors. They were all taller than Kongpob and suddenly he got scared. Although he didn't even know why. 'I feel so sorry for him.' The first one of them began to speak. Kongpob understood absolutely nothing. 'What do you want? And why would you feel sorry for me?' The smaller student took all his courage to say these words. He felt insecure. 'Oh? I thought your boyfriend left you. Why isn't he with you?' Another boy spat out and looked at Kongpob in indescribable disgust. 'None of your business.' After saying that, Kongpob turned around quickly to walk away but one of the seniors pulled the scared student back by his backpack.

'We are not finished. We have to take advantage of the fact that you're here without your boyfriend.' Kongpob swallowed. What did they want to do with him? Kongpob got more and more scared and took a few steps back only to hit a wall behind him. 'Why...are you doing this? I don't even know you.' The student stuttered. He needed Arthit. Right now.
'Well, but we know you. And I swear I dislike you.' One of them was already cracking his bones. So that's what they planned to do. Kongpob had to get out of here. Very quickly.
'Look how scared he is. This baby really can't do anything without his strong boyfriend.' And immediately after this sentence, the one boy facing him put his hand around Kongpob's throat.

He began to panic and his breath quickened. He wasn't able to say a word. 'Do you even know how much I hate you?' Again, the boy in front of Kongpob. Why did he even think like that? Kongpob had never harmed him. The boy let out his frustration by pushing Kongpob closer against the wall behind him. The smaller boy tried to free himself with all his might, but it was useless.
Suddenly he heard a loud voice. 'Let my boyfriend down or I'm knocking you out.' It was Arthit. Kongpob felt the shivers down his spine. He was safe. Arthit quickly ran up to them and pulled the boy away from Kongpob. He directly sat down on the floor and took deep breaths. He was weak. Even weaker than this morning.

'What were you trying to do with my boy, huh?' Arthit was nearly out of his mind as he grabbed the troublemaker by his collar. 'You know why I can't stand him.' Arthit briefly looked to his boyfriend who was sitting behind them. He just wanted to comfort him right now. 'I swear, I don't care what you're saying. If you touch my boyfriend one more time, I won't be so gentle. I even forbid you to look at him.' And with that, Arthit threw him to the ground. 'And you.' His attention was now on the other two boys. 'The same applies to you. Are we clear?' Arthit shouted. They only nodded and quickly ran away.

When that was done, Arthit devoted himself to his boyfriend. He looked fragile. The first thing Arthit did when he leaned down to Kongpob was hugging him. 'I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have left you alone. I just talked to my friends and forgot about the time.' He was being honest. Kongpob softly laid his arms around his boyfriend. 'It's okay, don't worry.'
'No, it's not. I'm so sorry, I love you.' Arthit felt a tear running down his cheek as he looked at his boyfriend. He always kept wondering how he deserved someone so perfect like Kongpob.
'You will come to my room now, okay? I will take care of you.' Kongpob felt too exhausted to say something against that so he just nodded.

When they finally arrived at Arthit's room, he slowly let his boyfriend down on his bed. Of course, he had carried him all the way here. Arthit slowly laid down next to Kongpob and faced him.
'Are you okay? Do you need anything?' He was worried about the other student. 'I don't need anything, I'm fine.' Although it wasn't quite the truth, he accepted this answer.
Arthit slowly grabbed the cheeks of the love of his life and stroked them. 'I love you. Don't forget that, okay? And I will always protect you.' Arthit's voice had a soft tone and again, a few tears ran from his eyes.
'I hate seeing you cry. It wasn't your intention. I love you too.' Kongpob felt much better now that his boyfriend was next to him. After that Arthit placed a soft kiss on his boyfriend's lips.
'You'll stay here with me today.' He just determined that but Kongpob loved it and nodded.

As Kongpob suddenly felt sleepy, he laid his head on Arthit's chest, who layed his arms around him. 'Do you want to sleep, love?' No answer. 'I want to ask you something.' Kongpob had to get rid of that. 'Do you know why this boy from earlier had the intention to beat me?' Arthit swallowed and softly patted the head of his boyfriend. 'I don't think that's important right now. You need sleep.' And with that, he just ended the conversation. 'Sleep well. I will be awake the entire time. And I'll be right beside you. I love you.' Arthit softly kissed his boyfriend's hair. 'I love you too.' Kongpob was almost inaudible but it made his boyfriend smile. At least this was all Kongpob wanted since this morning. Cuddling in bed with the boy he loved.

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The first thing Tine did this morning was smiling. He hadn't even opened his eyes properly but he knew exactly on whose chest he was lying. And this thought alone sends shivers down his spine.
Finally, Tine could call Sarawat his boyfriend. He had waited so long for that moment. And when it finally came, the student couldn't even believe it. But it was true.
Tine was torn from his thoughts when he noticed that the boy under him was slowly moving. 'Why are you awake so early? We don't have school today you can sleep longer.' Sarawat was awake now too.

Tine couldn't deny that his boyfriend's voice sounded extremely attractive in the morning. But of course, he didn't say it out loud. 'I know but I'm not tired anymore.' The student snuggled closer to Sarawat's chest and let out a satisfied sigh. The football player softly smiled and kissed his boyfriend's head. 'Any plans for today?' It was Tine who took up the word after they both stayed silent for a while.
Sarawat thought for a moment. He didn't want to stay in here all day, the student needed fresh air and a change from their everyday life. Which at the moment only consisted of school.
'Maybe we could get something to eat with your brother and Man and then just see what happens.' Sarawat knew that the two of them were free today too and since they hardly see each other in school anyway, he thought his idea was good. But Tine thought differently. He was disappointed with the other boy's answer.

The reason why Tine thought so? Today he wanted to do something alone with his new boyfriend. But Sarawat didn't seem to think like that. 'Hey, what's wrong? You don't say anything to my plan.'
The football player seemed to notice that something was bothering the other one. 'You can go alone. I don't want to.' And with that Tine got out of the bed. Just to leave a confused Sarawat behind.
He sighed. What was so bad about going out with Type and Man? Sarawat just didn't understand the problem. Only when the bathroom door was slammed shut the boy was shocked for a moment.
He had never seen Tine like this before.

Without thinking about that anymore, Sarawat finally got dressed and waited that he could go into the bathroom. Luckily it didn't take long and the door was opened. Tine came out fully dressed.
Didn't the handsome boy say he didn't want to come? 'I thought you-' Tine interrupted him. 'I haven't changed my mind. I'll stay here and you can go wherever you want.' He looked sad.
'What's your problem?' Sarawat's voice was louder than he wanted it to be. 'My problem? I can't believe that you're asking. Maybe I just want to spend my day off with my boyfriend. Alone.' Tine noticed how tears were burning in his eyes now so he quickly turned around. Sarawat on the other hand became soft. He would have never thought that this was the point.

'Well then, do you want to grab something to eat with your boyfriend?' Sarawat whispered into Tine's ear as he softly hugged him from behind. Actually, Tine didn't want to fall for that, but he became soft when he felt the strong arms of his boyfriend around his hips. So he just nodded. The football player placed a sweet kiss on the other boy's neck before letting go of him.
'I'm getting ready then, okay?' Sarawat walked to the bathroom. Another nod from Tine.

When they two finally finished everything, they made their way into the city. Sarawat supposedly knew a good place to have breakfast. Tine felt ignored the whole time. Don't you actually hold hands as a couple?
And if you don't do that, don't you at least walk next to each other? That the football player walked in front of Tine and seemed extremely nervous the whole time didn't make it any better.
To be honest, Tine just wanted to go to bed again. And cry. Was he exaggerating? Probably not.

After a few minutes they finally arrived and waited for their food. Tine didn't miss the fact that Sarawat's hands were trembling the whole time and that he avoided eye contact with him.
'Can you tell me what's wrong? Don't you want to be here with me?' He felt betrayed. 'I'm just hungry that's all and of course I love to be here with you.' Although Tine found the answer sweet, it didn't satisfy him.
Just as the student wanted to answer something, breakfast came and they began to eat. Tine hated the tense situation between them. He was sure that he only wanted to go back to his room afterward and not anywhere else.

'Where do you want to go next? We still have more than enough time.' Sarawat placed his hand on the cheek of his boyfriend as he asked. Tine was just confused. Why did the football player acted like a stranger for a second and then like his loving boyfriend again? 'I want to go back. I'm not in the mood for fun.' Sarawat let go of him and looked puzzled as the other boy made his way back to where they came from.
'Wait for me.' Sarawat walked faster than usual to catch up with the annoyed boy, which eventually worked. 'You need to tell me what bothers you, okay?' No answer.

'Why are you in such a terrible mood today? We could have done so much more.' That was the first thing Sarawat said as he closed the door to the room behind the two of them. 'Please just leave me alone for a second.' Tine had tears in his eyes what his boyfriend noticed. 'No, I won't. I'm worried don't you get that.' He looked into the eyes of the boy he loved and hated the tears he saw in them.
'I don't feel like your boyfriend. I really want to hold your hand, kiss you or just spend some time with you like a couple. But when I'm with you I only feel like I'm a friend to you.' Tine started to cry. He felt lighter after telling the truth and still, the student was scared. The next thing he noticed was that Sarawat pulled him into a tight, warm hug.

After some time, Sarawat let go of his boyfriend and sat down on the bed where he pulled Tine onto his lap. 'Let me tell you something, okay?' Before he continued to speak he kissed the soft cheek of the other boy who wiped away the tears from his beautiful face. 'Do you know how much I love you? I'm so glad to finally call you my boyfriend. I really am. But at the same time I'm nervous and a bit scared. Today I really felt like I was out on a date with you and I loved it. But I was also very nervous because I've never gone through something like that. Trust me, okay? Even if we've been together for only one week, I already never want to let you go. I just need a bit of time to fully accept the situation. I guess you can say I was overwhelmed. I promise I will give you everything that you want, yeah? Just be patient with me.'
Sarawat then kissed his boyfriend and noticed, that the other one began to cry again. 'I'm so sorry. I didn't know that-' Tine sobbed. 'I know. You don't need to apologize. I need to do that.'

The two just sat there for a while hugging each other. Sarawat slowly pushed his boyfriend away from him and looked him into his eyes. 'No more tears, precious' he whispered.
Tine softly smiled at that name. He felt loved. 'What do you think about cuddling in bed?' 'I would love that' Tine whispered and hugged his boyfriend again one more time.

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'Wanna go out on a date with me?' Phukong pressed his phone closer to his ear. Did he just hear that right? His crush wanted to go on a date with him? 'Are you still there? If you don't want to then-'
'Yes.' Phukong interrupted Mil after a brief moment of uncertainty. Mil laughed softly and Phukong's heart began to race. 'I'll pick you up at 3.' And then he hung up. As if Mil knew exactly that the other boy had time anyway. And even if he didn't have time, he would have canceled everything for Mil. No matter how important it was.

The boy who was still holding his phone in his hands couldn't believe it at first. 'I'll go on a date with him' he mumbled to himself before he started panicking. 'Wait, he'll be here in an hour.'
And with that, he rushed to his closet to pick out the best clothes he had. Which turned out to be harder than Phukong thought. When the boy finally found something that looked good, he walked into the bathroom to get himself ready. Phukong would have never thought that he could get so excited. Well, after all, Mil was his crush. Wasn't that normal?

'He will be here in ten minutes. Do I look good?' Phukong looked at himself in the mirror. He sighed as he noticed, that he was completely exaggerating. Mil surely didn't make such a fuss about his appearance.
But Mil would always look good. No matter what he's wearing. Deep in thoughts, the dreamy boy didn't even notice at first that someone was knocking at the heavy door.
Only when it got a bit louder, he quickly got to the door only to stop right in front of it. Mil was there. And Phukong wasn't ready at all. He wished he some time to completely freak out and overthink everything.
But it was too late for that now. Phukong took another deep breath and opened the door.

'You're looking good.' Mil smiled at the boy who was still in his room. Blushing because of that compliment. 'Thank you. You too.' He really looked attractive. Even if he only wore jeans and a simple T-Shirt with a jacket like right now. It was enough to make Phukong's heart beat faster. Mil held out his hand to the other boy which he took after a few seconds.
'You didn't even tell me where we're going' Phukong noticed after they were outside in the fresh air. Still holding hands. Almost like a real couple. Mil smiled softly.
'I know. It's a surprise. But I can tell you one thing. We are not going out to eat.' After that Mil winked at him briefly only to confuse Phukong. Wasn't a date actually going out to eat?
Or did he just had no idea about dating? Probably the second thought.

'We're almost there.' Mil's voice sounded soft and he took Phukong's hand tighter. Almost as if he was excited. But the other boy couldn't see anything that looked like a spot for a date. Mil had obviously made an effort with the selection. One more reason to be in love with him. Phukong could already feel the butterflies in his stomach.
He was completely lost in his thoughts when Mil suddenly stopped walking. Phukong was amazed at the view in front of him. 'Do you like it? I thought it's a nice spot for a date.'

This definitely exceeded all expectations that Phukong had. Mil has chosen a quiet but beautiful place. It was a bit out of the town. You could almost say it was like a park. The large lake in the middle of the lawn sparkled in the sunlight and there were a few benches around it. And that there weren't any people to be seen was even better.
'I take your silence as a positive reaction' Mil said after a while in which the other boy just simply enjoyed the beauty of the place before them.
'I love it. It's so idyllic' Phukong spoke out his thoughts out loud and made Mil smile.

A few seconds later the two were already sitting next to each other on one of the benches and admired the blue lake in front of them. Phukong hadn't expected Mil to put an arm around him and he was shocked for a second. 'You know I always wanted to come here with you. I just thought it would be weird to ask you out on a date. So I kept my feelings hidden the whole time.' Mil wanted to be completely honest with the other boy this time. He didn't want to be someone he wasn't anymore. 'Do you feel weird now too?' Phukong asked a bit worried. He didn't want to be directly influenced by this statement so he stayed calm.
Almost as if he didn't hear it. 'No. Actually, I love being beside you.' Mil stroked Phukong's shoulder carefully. As if he was afraid a wrong gesture could destroy everything.

After a few minutes in which both boys were silent, Phukong leaned his head against his crush. 'Can I be honest with you?' It was Mil who broke the silence. His heart started beating fast.
A nod from the other showed him that he could go on. 'I completely fell for you. I should have told you much earlier, but I don't know what was wrong with myself. It's not easy for me right now but I want to be honest with you.' Mil felt a lot lighter after revealing his feelings. Phukong raised his head now and just looked at him. When their eyes met their hands found each other almost automatically.
'I don't even know what to say right now. I feel overwhelmed but-' Phukong interrupted himself only to look at their hands with a light smile. 'I feel the same.'
It was Mil who reached for the other boy's cheeks only to lovingly stroke over them. 'I want you to know something. I'm not like this to other guys. I hope you can trust me with that.' Mil had a worried expression on his face that loosened when he saw the boy in front of him who was smiling.

'Don't worry. I trust you. I really do.' Mil was unsure how far he could go but he decided to place a kiss on Phukong's forehead anyways. Phukong was his. And this thought made him proud.
Phukong hadn't felt that happy in a long time so he tried to enjoy these moments as much as he could. Until he suddenly started to shiver. It was getting colder and of course, the boy had to forget his jacket in his room. 'What's wrong?' 'Nothing. It's just kinda cold right now.' Before he could say anything else, he saw how Mil took off his jacket and held it out to the other one. 'No, are you crazy. You will get sick. Put it back on.' 'Your health is more important than mine so take it.' Of course, Phukong still didn't take it and Mil didn't want to wait until he did so. Probably never.

So he quickly put the jacket around Phukong's shoulders himself and smiled. 'But-' 'No but. Wear it. You know that I care about you a lot' Phukong pouted. He had no chance against his crush. Or now boyfriend?
The two confessed their feelings to each other. Wouldn't that make them a couple? Or... 'Be my boyfriend.' And with that, he got his answer. Before Phukong got too emotional about that he snuggled into Mil's jacket. 'I would love to' he shyly answered after a while which caused the other boy to hug him tightly.

'So, we are a couple now?' Phukong just wanted to be sure again because it felt so unreal. 'We are. And I'm really proud to call you my boyfriend.' Phukong's heart felt like it was about to melt.
Right now he had everything he wanted. A beautiful view in front of him and finally the boy he loved beside him. 'What if someone thinks that it's weird. Because you felt like that too.'
The boy snuggled closer to Mil who softly kissed his head. 'Even if I lose everything else, I'm ready for it. I don't care about other people anymore.' Mil was confident. He wanted to show the whole world that Phukong was the love of his life. The other one couldn't hold back his smile as he briefly closed his eyes. Just to simply capture this beautiful moment.

Chapter Text

Type relaxed and breathed in the cool evening air. He and Tharn had finally found time for a date again, which made them both happy. Lately, their life had been dominated by school and studying. And when Type had time, Tharn either had a band rehearsal or he had to play in P'Jeeds bar. So the two of them just enjoyed being together right now. Type really liked to take a walk when the sun was going down. The football player didn't need a fancy restaurant or anything like that as a date. He just needed Tharn. Nothing else.
'Can we please stop at the bar for a moment?' It was Tharn who broke the idyllic silence between them. They both stopped walking and just looked at each other for a few seconds. Type of course didn't miss the gaze of his boyfriend which was, as always, full of love for the other one. 'Why? Don't tell me you have a gig there tonight that you haven't told me about.' Tharn smiled and held the hand of his lover tighter.
'Type, of course not. You know I tell you everything. I just want something to drink.' Type sighed. It's not like he minded going to the bar. P'Jeed was always very nice to them and he liked it there.
But the boys were almost home and actually, Type wanted to spend the rest of the day there with Tharn alone.

Because Type just couldn't say no to his boyfriend, the two were now on their way there. It wasn't far away and the football player could already see the lights. He was sure that it had to be full there at this time.
A few minutes later it turned out that Type was right with his assumption. They could hear the loud music and some people were in front of the building with some drinks. Which was nothing bad since the weather was still cozy. 'I'll wait here, okay?' Tharn turned to his boyfriend who stood a little apart from the other guests outside. Type really meant it. But Tharn didn't like that at all.
'Do you really think I will leave you here alone? It's getting dark. You're coming in with me.' Type didn't even had the chance to say something against that because his lover already took his hand and pulled him behind him. The smaller boy really loved how protective Tharn was. Of course, he didn't say anything since he didn't want to please Tharn.

'Oh, Tharn and Type. I didn't expect you guys. There is so much going on today. You can be really happy that you don't have to play today.' P'Jeed started talking right away when the two boys were standing at the counter. Of course, the last part was directed to Tharn. 'We only stop for a drink, don't stress yourself' the older boy said what made her smile. 'Would you look for a table for us, love? I'll be with you in a moment, okay?' Now it was Type who he addressed. Type only nodded and Tharn gave him a quick kiss before he left.
It was harder than expected to find any free space. Type also didn't want to stand between many people because he hated that. But since the bar wasn't exactly small, Type found a free table that wasn't quite in the middle of the crowd.

After a few minutes, in which Type was just bored on his phone, the door of the bar opened again and a group of people entered the full room. To be precise, five people looked like they were at Type's age. Even if they didn't interest him at all, he watched them anyway. And suddenly the football player remembered their faces. They were fellow students of Type at his old school. He sighed. He was sure that they hated him as much as they used to. Type just hoped they wouldn't see him. But by then it was already too late.
The girl who was walking in front of the group pointed at Type and the others nodded knowingly. Did she think he hadn't seen that or was that exactly what she wanted to achieve?
Before Type could even think about that any longer, they already came up to him. He immediately noticed how nervous he was getting. Why did Tharn take so long?

'Look at who we have here. The homophobic Type. Long time no see.' It was the girl again who spoke to him first while the others stood across from Type now. At first, the boy just pretended that he didn't see them and did something on his phone but that didn't help at all. 'It would be better to look at us when we talk to you.' Another boy took up the word and Type swallowed nervously. But he didn't show anything.
'What do you want? We parted ways long ago.' Type now said something for the first time and made his voice sound as confident as possible. He got a laugh in response.
'Well, how can we miss such a situation? Do you think we forget what you did?' Of course, Type hadn't forgotten that. At that time he had a lot of stress with the students because he had a different way of thinking.
Which Type now regretted. 'Listen. I have changed. No reason to start an argument here.' Type was intimidated. But under no circumstances he wanted to make a scene. Not in P'Jeeds bar.

'How can someone like you ever change? You know exactly what you did to us, Type. You'll always be a homophobic asshole.' One of the boys now started to speak a little louder and got closer to Type.
'I'm not. I'm really not. I-' He got interrupted. 'Just shut up. How can you even dare to be here? Why does P'Jeed even allow people like you here? You don't belong here.' Type felt uncomfortable. The loud music in the background boomed in his ears and he had the feeling his head was about to explode.
Just as Type wanted to answer something he felt that someone put his arm around him. At first, he got shocked but calmed down when he saw that it was Tharn. Instantly, Type felt more secure. With Tharn by his side. 'Look, another one of them.' The girl in the front laughed and the others joined in. Tharn was more than confused. 'Can I ask what's going on here?' He tried to be nice but he noticed that something was wrong and that Type didn't like it that these people were there. 'Don't you know that your friend is homophobic? And obviously, you are one of them too if you hang out with him. Disgusting that there are so many of them.' Tharn still looked puzzled after that but slowly realized what was going on. 'You know, actually, I'm gay. So no need to be rude.' Type who was still tense thanked his boyfriend in his mind that he just saved him.

Of course, the two of them didn't miss the shocked faces of Type's former classmates. They hadn't expected such an answer. 'Wait. How can you even be friends with someone who hates what you are?' One of the girls who hadn't said anything yet took up the word and looked at Tharn skeptically. 'I guess, Type hasn't told you yet.' Tharn took a break before he continued just to enjoy the confused faces in front of him. Meanwhile, he stroked Type's shoulder gently. Just to show his lover that he was there. 'Type is my boyfriend.' The two couldn't help but laugh when they saw the students.
'That's impossible. You just want to defend him!' The boy from earlier raised his voice again since the rest of the group was unable to speak. Type felt as if all of his weight had been lifted from him.
'Actually, I'm serious. I love him and he loves me. So simple.' The older boy shrugged his shoulders while smiling. He noticed that Type had to gather all of his forces not to break out in laughter.
'Prove it!' 'I don't think that you would want that, guys.' Tharn tried to warn them because he didn't know if he could hold himself back.

'What do you think about that, love?' Tharn smiled when he asked his boyfriend. He was sure that Type would say yes but he wanted to ask anyway. Of course, he didn't miss how shy Type was getting.
But then he slowly nodded, while he still had the looks of the students on him. Which he completely ignored as Tharn softly began to kiss his neck. Type had to pull himself together in order not to make any noises. Not here in front of the others. He noticed how Tharn looked him in the eyes before he kissed him longingly. Type didn't refuse that, of course. Soon Type forgot that people were watching them and he put his arms around Tharn's hips, who also didn't want to stop. 'I guess we have to believe you.' One of the students now interrupted the two. Tharn just smiled while Type felt embarrassed. As always.
'I'm glad that you've changed' the girl who started all this said shyly. Almost like she regretted doing it. 'I'm sorry for what I did. I truly am.' Type meant it. He changed completely.
Only because of Tharn.

As they chatted with the others a bit, Tharn grabbed the hand of his boyfriend and leaned down to his ear. 'Don't think that was the end' he whispered and Type smiled knowingly.

Chapter Text

Only ten minutes left. Then the lesson was finally over. On the one hand, Team wanted nothing more than to get away from here. Out of the stuffy classroom into the fresh, cool air.
Team already felt like he could barely breathe but that was definitely not just because of the situation he was in right now. On the other hand, the swimming club member didn't really want to get out of here. And the reason was his boyfriend, Win. Actually, he always couldn't wait to see the blonde boy but today was different. And Team had planned everything since this morning.
He will end his relationship with Win. Today, right after school. The reason for this sudden decision? Team knew very well that it will be a mistake to let the blonde boy go. He loved Win more than anything else. And yet, he has to do it because Team is simply not good enough for him. Win deserved someone strong, takes care of him or protects him. But it was always Team who needed the help of the other boy.

Luckily, these thoughts were interrupted by the fact that the teacher finished the lesson and the first students started packing up their things. Team needed a bit until he was ready and immediately noticed the worried look from his friend, Pharm. 'You don't look good today. Did something happen? Are you sick?' The smaller boy directly attacked Team with questions as they made their way out of the room.
'I'm fine. I just couldn't sleep well again last night. Nothing else.' He had to lie to his friend. Under no circumstances did he want to tell him what he was up to. Pharm would be incredibly disappointed in him.
'Oh, that's bad. How do you want to complete your swim training in this condition?' Pharm believed him. 'I think I will just skip it today.' 'I will tell P'Dean then, okay? You should rest. Should I take you to your room?'
Team softly smiled at Pharm. 'No need to. Don't worry too much.' His small friend just accepted that and they parted ways.

Team tried to get to his room as fast as possible so that Win wouldn't see him. The blonde boy must be on the way to the swimming hall which was on the same way. After a few minutes, the dark-haired boy arrived, completely out of breath. Luckily, without meeting anyone related to the swim club. After he had simply thrown his backpack carelessly in a corner, he laid down on his bed. The boy couldn't describe how much he missed his boyfriend right now. He wanted to just lie in Win's arms and forget all of his problems. Because Win is not next to him, Team wasn't able to even smile. He hated himself right now. More than ever. He felt like a flower who lost its light without Win. But Team didn't want to be a burden for the other one anymore.

A loud knock on the door eventually startled him after a while. Did Team fell asleep in between? He couldn't remember anymore. The boy was sure that he looked even worse now than before. And no matter who was at the door, Team didn't want to show himself like that. 'Open the door. Now. How dare you not let me know when you feel bad?' Team's heart began to beat faster. Almost, as if it was about to explode in his chest. It was Win. And he seemed to be pissed off. Team slowly got up from his bed. His head felt heavier than ever and he had no other option than to let Win in. He felt helpless.
After Win in front of the door just didn't stop with the noise, the shy boy slowly opened it. With shivering hands and a banging heart.

Although Team had expected that Win would freak out right away, he felt himself being pulled into a loving hug. Team questioned his decision for a brief moment. Was it right? It just had to be.
'Why do I have to hear something like this from Dean and not from my own boyfriend?' Win spoke softly and lovingly as he slowly pushed Team away, just to take his trembling hands.
The smaller boy felt so weird all of a sudden. When should he say it? He wanted it to be over quickly.
Without saying anything, he released himself from Win's grip and looked at the love of his life with tears in his eyes. The eyes that the blonde boy loved so much.
'What's wrong, precious? I'm worried about you and-' Team interrupted him. 'Let's end this.' He would have never thought that he would say these words out loud and yet, he did. The words that he always considered impossible. He said them and it was the hardest thing the dark-haired boy ever did. Even if it looked easy.

Tears streamed over Team's face and his knees began to feel weak. He needed someone to lean on. Right now. 'Don't say something like that.' Win didn't even think about the fact that Team was serious.
It was only when the younger one slapped his hand away that he got a bit nervous. 'I'm serious. I can't do that anymore.' And then Team broke down in tears. His whole body was shaking and he felt like someone was taking his breath away. The only thing the student still had the strength to do was to sit on the cold floor. Win immediately sat down in front of him. With a smile on his face.
Why was he laughing? Didn't he take the whole thing seriously? 'Let me ask you something.' The blonde boy paused and laid his hand on Team's arm before he continued speaking.
'Why are you the one crying when you're breaking up with me? Do you know why I'm not doing that? Because I know that something's not right.' Win was just too good. He knew Team better than he knew himself.

'I don't deserve you, okay? You're too good for me. You deserve someone who can keep up with you. What I can't. I hate myself for being like this. I-' Team interrupted himself with a painful sob. 'I don't even want to cry. I just really dislike myself to the point where it would be better that nobody sees you with me.' His words broke Win's heart. He knew very well that the other boy would never break up with him. That's why he still tried to keep smiling. Just to show his lover that it was okay to let it all out. 'Can I tell you something?' Win's voice was soft, almost inaudible. As if he didn't want to frighten the other.
Since Team was still crying, the blonde boy came a bit closer and took him in his arms. In such a situation Win knew, that his boyfriend needed someone to support him. What Win obviously loved to do.
'First of all. I don't allow you to break up with me. Never. You're mine, do you get that?' The older boy gently stroke Team's shoulder. 'Nobody else deserves me except you. I love taking care of you. I love to comfort you when you can't sleep and I love to keep you company when you're alone. You're everything that I need. And besides that. You're beautiful, the most beautiful human I've ever laid my eyes on. I know that you're insecure about your appearance. And maybe that's also a reason why you're like this right now. But I love everything about you, precious. Promise me to never forget that, okay?' After Win said that, Team looked at him with big eyes. Almost, as if he had never seen him before. The blonde guy carefully wiped the tears from his face and put a few strands of hair back in their place.

'Do you promise me to never forget what I just said.' Win held out his pinkie finger to him, smiling. Team was unsure at first, but after a few seconds, he gave his boyfriend a pinkie promise.
'And Team? Don't ever try to break up with me, okay?' Team had finally calmed down and just nodded. He didn't even know why he did that. Team could have just talked to his boyfriend about his problems. He knew that the other boy would never judge him. Was he really about to let go of Win? No. Never.

After the two boys just enjoyed being close to each other for a while, Win eventually picked up his boyfriend and laid him down on the bed, while he stayed on top of him. Win looked deeply into the wonderful eyes underneath him. He felt like he could see himself in Team. And he loved it. More than anything else.
'Can I show you how much I love and adore you, precious?' Team looked puzzled at first but nodded shortly after Win softly smiled at him. That's all that he needed right now. The love of Win.

Chapter Text

Chonlatee always thought that sunsets are something special. As if all worries would go down with the sun to let a completely new chapter arise. He sighed desperately and leaned on the railing of the balcony.
The boy wished that someone could take away all his worries. As if they never existed. But that was probably impossible. He would always feel guilty although he didn't do anything, just listened to his heart. Wasn't that the right thing? It just had to be. But why did Chonlatee noticed, that something was wrong with him? His cold hands clenched a little.
The sun was no longer visible but his worries were still there. How was that again with the new chapter?

'How long do you want to stay there? It's getting dark and cold.' Na had to stand in the door frame. Yeah, Na and not Tonhon. Chonlatee heard the boy behind him sigh because he didn't answer him.
What should he say? Chon didn't know how long he wanted to stay here on the balcony. Maybe until all of his thoughts were gone. 'Are you thinking again?' Na sounded concerned. He knew what was wrong with his boyfriend. But there was nothing he could do about it. 'What else should I do?' The answer was cold, almost as cold as the evening air that was slowly spreading around Chonlatee.
Suddenly he noticed steps behind him and not a second later, Na was standing beside him. His gaze fixed on the view in front of them.
'It is really beautiful.' Na took a deep breath. The boys could still hear a few birds chirping here and there but besides that, it was quiet.

'You should speak to him. I can't stand to see you like this anymore. It almost feels like you've closed your heart to me.' It wasn't easy for Na to say that, but at some point, he also had to talk about his problems.
Shortly after he said that Chonlatee looked at him. His gaze was not as soft as usual. It was cold. And that worried Na even more. He just couldn't get close to his boyfriend anymore.
'I've got a foolish heart. I thought it was right to listen to it and suddenly it shows me, that it was the wrong decision.' Chonlatee loosened his tight grip from the railing and ran his hand briefly through his face. It was cold. 'Do you mean that you regret being in a relationship with me?' Na was afraid of the answer. Did he even want to hear it? He had to.

'No. I just regret wasting my time. P'Ton just never stayed true to his feelings. Do you think I'll go along with that forever? I'm not a toy.' Na couldn't interpret the feelings of his boyfriend. On the one hand, he sounded angry and on the other hand, Chonlatee sounded hurt. He probably was both. 'It's not your fault. You did the right thing.' Na carefully reached for Chon's hand. It was cold. Like his own.
'I guess I'm just still a kid in front of love.' And with that, he freed himself from the grip of the other hand and went inside. And even though it was warm in the small room, he still felt cold.
'You are brave, okay? You dared to reject the boy for whom you would have done everything.' His boyfriend followed Chonlatee and stopped in front of him. Chon just laughed contemptuously.
'And now I would do anything for you. And I really love you. But it still won't let me alone. It's almost like P'Ton is haunting me.' Na didn't even know that Chonlatee could say something like that. Normally he was always the one who said the sweet words. He smiled slightly. Unfortunately, he was the only one.

Just as Na was about to grab his boyfriend's hand to give him some comfort, there was a knock on the door. Who wanted something from them this late? Na didn't feel good about it. And the look from Chonlatee told him, that the other one thought the same. But before Na could say anything, Chon already walked to the door. And left a cold atmosphere behind.
Right after Chon opened the door, he regretted it right away. It was Tonhon. His heart stopped for a moment as he looked at the other boy. The boy he used to love. The boy he used to imagine a future with.
And now Ton was nothing more than a stranger that he never knew. 'Are you alone?' His voice was quiet, almost inaudible. Chonlatee understood it but didn't want to answer. 'He's not.'
It was Na who now appeared behind his boyfriend who still held onto the doorknob tightly. His body was tense. He could see the disappointment in Ton's eyes right away. Did he care? Not really.

'What do you want?' It was Chon who finally found the courage to say something. 'I just want to talk about it. I'm sorry. I-' Ton interrupted himself and wanted to go into the warm room but Chon blocked his way. His gaze was cold. 'I don't need your apology. You should have changed your attitude earlier when you had the chance. Now it's too late.' Chonlatee didn't know where he suddenly took the courage to say something like that but he took advantage of it. It was probably because of Na who had an arm around his waist. He loved his support. 'My heart feels heavy when I think about what happened. Please.'
Ton sounded desperate. But that didn't matter at all. Chon finally wanted to let go of all this. 'Sometimes you have to let go of things that you love. I did it too. And found someone who healed my wounded heart. I hope you'll find someone like that too. I'm sorry.' Chon felt like his heart was speaking for him. His heart that Na had put back together. He was ready to let go.

'I will never find someone like that.' Ton was close to shedding tears. But Chon stayed cold. 'It doesn't work, P'Ton. We don't fit together. It's better like that.' And with that, the boy in the room let out a relieved sigh.
He felt lighter. When he looked briefly to his side, he noticed that Na was smiling. He did the right thing. 'So that's the end?' Ton was still hoping for a positive answer, even if it seemed impossible.
'It never was anything. It was an accident. It wasn't your fault. And it wasn't mine. Let's go apart for the better.' Chon managed to put a soft smile on his face. He wanted to encourage Ton. Even if the boy in front of him was near to a stranger, Chon would never forget what he once felt for him. 'I hope you two will be happy.' And with that, Ton was gone.

Chon slammed the door behind him and let himself slide down at it. 'I'm so proud of you.' It was Na who broke the silence. Unlike expected, no tears flowed but a slight smile decorated Chon's face.
'I'm also proud of myself. I can finally be happy with you.' After that the two boys just hugged each other, enjoying the presence of the other. It felt better. Not so cold anymore.
After a few minutes, Na placed a soft kiss on his boyfriend's forehead. Just to show him that he loved him.
Chonlatee was right. The sun has set and his problems were gone. And tomorrow a new chapter will open up. For him, Na and Ton.

Chapter Text

'Are you sure that you won't participate in the training today?' Team's actually soft voice sounded disappointed right now. His sad gaze was focused on his boyfriend who was sitting on his bed with his laptop on his legs. Win didn't even look at Team when he answered his question. 'Yes, I already texted Dean. He allowed me to skip the training. But only for today.' He didn't even give Team a smile or a gaze to show him, that he was listening to him. As he always did.
The only thing Win looked at was the small screen in front of him. Now and then Team could hear that he was typing something on the keyboard. This was the only thing that broke the uncomfortable silence.
'Don't you want to go? Otherwise, you will be late.' Team was still standing at the door. He should go but he just couldn't. The boy didn't want to leave when Win was in this mood.
'Can I come back to your room when I'm done?' The dark-haired boy almost didn't dare to ask that. He wasn't afraid of the answer and yet, his hands began to tremble. 'Whatever you want.'

Since Win was in the final phase of his exams, he had hardly any time for his boyfriend. Win was either found in the library or his room in front of his laptop or books. Team could understand that.
He knew how important good grades were to Win and Team was honestly proud that the blonde guy was so determined. But Team felt neglected. Otherwise, his boyfriend always found time for him, no matter how busy he was. 'You will always be my priority' the blonde guy used to say. What happened to it now? Team had never seen Win so dismissive.

Without saying anything, Team unlocked the door. His backpack felt like it was pulling him down. Although it wasn't heavy. Full of hope, the younger one turned around in the door frame and stopped for a moment. And even if he expected it, it hurt him that Win seemed like he didn't even notice him. No 'I love you', 'Take care' or kiss. Not even a single look. Instead, Win preferred to focus on his laptop. So that his heart wouldn't break any further, Team left the usually so cozy room and closed the heavy door behind him.
Tears stung in his eyes and the boy wondered, what he had done wrong. Or was he just exaggerating? Wasn't it normal to focus on exams? Yes, it was. But Win was acting weird.
Team took a deep breath. Right now, Team would love to just lie in bed with the blonde guy. Only to feel his love. He missed that.

The way to the swimming hall seemed endless to Team. He noticed how his strength left him more and more. But still, the dark-haired boy wanted to stay strong. He didn't want to show any weakness. Not today.
He could also get along without Win. 'Did you even sleep last night?' Dean immediately had a worried expression on his face when he made his way to the younger one. The swimming club president noticed that something was wrong. 'Yes, but not that long. I'm just a little tired, nothing more.' Team tried to lie which didn't work at all with Dean. The broken and exhausted look on the smaller boy's face spoke for itself anyway.
'I hate to say that but you look really bad.' Team knew that the other one didn't mean it in a hurting way, and yet he panicked. Was it that obvious? He swallowed. The only thing on Team's mind was Win.
He had to think of his beautiful smile and his looks, which were always full of love. 'I'm sorry...I will just get changed quickly.' Team's voice sounded trembling and he noticed that he didn't even have the strength to hold his backpack. He had to sit down. Fast. 'I'll come with you, okay?' The younger one couldn't answer. His breathing quickened and he felt his chest tightening. Not now. Not without Win.

Luckily, Team made it to the changing room without any interruptions. Of course, Dean was by his side. Weakly, Team sat down on the cold bench in the middle of the small room. He felt like it was crushing him even more. 'You should take a rest. You will definitely not participate today.' Dean carefully sat down next to the other boy. Almost, as if he didn't want to scare him.
Team wasn't doing well at all. He could feel himself getting more and more nervous. His right hand found its way to his trembling chest only to feel his fast heartbeat. His other hand clawed into the cold metal of the bench. He needed comfort. From Win.
'Hey, what's wrong?' The voice of the older boy sounded worried and a little panicked. That only made Team more nervous and he felt how his breath quickened. He wasn't able to say something.

'Everything will be fine, okay? I'll take care of you. Nothing will happen.' Dean quickly took the trembling boy in his arms and lifted him off the bench. Which wasn't easy because Team wasn't able to hold onto Dean. 'I'm here, okay?' Dean spoke softly. Even if he didn't know how to calm the younger boy down, he hoped his words would bring something. He had no experience with panic attacks. And this was definitely one. Dean sat him slowly down to the floor so that he could lean against the lockers behind him. But it was useless. Team was still breathing too fast and tears came out of his eyes.
'It will be fine. I'll call Win, okay? I'm sure you need him now.' Even if Team couldn't answer, he noticed how he relaxed briefly for a second when he heard the name of his boyfriend.
But that was over quickly when he panicked again. Dean seemed to notice and pulled the weak boy into his strong arms while he held his phone in the other.

Win, who had just finished the task on his laptop, sighed in annoyance when he saw that Dean was calling him. He already told him that he wouldn't come today. 'Dean didn't you understand it or-'
He got interrupted by the boy on the other end. 'Win. it's important. Team isn't doing well at the moment and I don't know how to calm him down.' Win's hand tightened around his phone. It was all his fault. He had left his boyfriend alone. 'Win, are you there? Your boyfriend needs you. You better stop everything you're doing right now and come over.' Dean almost screamed. Without saying anything, he hung up with trembling hands. He had to go to Team. Quick.

'Win will be here in a few minutes. Just try to relax.' Dean just hoped that his friend would come. In the meantime, the older student held Team tightly in his arms and wiped a tear away from his face now and then. Team's eyes were blank. Without any expression except fear. Dean hardly recognized the usually so cheery boy. Team was still trembling all over and tried to control his shaky breath, which he couldn't do. So he leaned slightly against Dean. He needed comfort. From Win. 'W-Win..' The younger one sobbed loudly and heartbreakingly as he said his boyfriend's name. He needed him right now.
Dean slightly stroked over his shoulder. 'Come quickly, Win' he mumbled to himself.

'Have you seen Dean?' Win already asked the third swimming club member. He was getting desperate because he just couldn't find Dean anywhere. And of course, nobody knew where he was or...-
'He's in the changing rooms. I saw him with someone else there but-' 'Thank you.' Win wasn't in the mood for long discussions because he knew exactly who 'someone else' was. Team.
The blonde boy was almost out of breath when he got to the room and he could already hear the sobs from outside. And what he saw inside broke his heart.
The love of his life was shaking, crying, and holding onto Dean tightly who was trying to calm the other one down.
'Team. Hey. I'm here.' Win lost no time and knelt to his boyfriend.

Immediately he put his hands on Team's wet cheeks and forced him to look at him. 'I'm here, love. Everything will be fine.' Team seemed to slowly realize who was there in front of him. Dean gently let the weak boy out of his arms and Win immediately took over his place. 'Try to breathe, okay? You're doing great.' Win gave his boyfriend a featherlight forehead kiss and carefully wiped a few strands of hair from his face. Then he loosened the tight grip from Team at his chest and softly took his hand. 'I'm here now. Relax. I promise I'll never let you go again. I'm so sorry.' Win knew that it was the wrong time to talk about that, but he had to get rid of it. This wouldn't have happened if he took care of Team. When the older boy noticed that his boyfriend slowly calmed down, he pulled him as close as possible to his chest.
'Do you know how great you're doing this? I'm so proud of you.'

For a few minutes it was quiet. Only the heavy breathing of Team interrupted the silence. When he felt safe, he slowly pulled away from Win's chest and looked deep into his eyes. 'I'm so sorry, love. I don't know what was wrong with me. I shouldn't have neglected you but I was just so nervous about the exams and-' The blonde boy stopped as Team took his hands. 'Please never do that again.' Team spoke for the first time since Win was here and his voice sounded incredibly rough. 'I promise you. I love you, Team.' Win carefully leaned down to his boyfriend and pulled him into a kiss that was full of love. That was exactly what the dark-haired boy had missed.

After the kiss, the two boys just looked into each other's eyes. 'You know what?' Win broke the silence after he just enjoyed seeing the beautiful eyes of his lover. Team said nothing but Win knew, that he had the attention of the younger one. 'You will always be my priority.' A soft kiss on Team's nose followed and he just couldn't hold back his smile. He knew that he could always rely on Win.

Chapter Text

Mil and Phukong had been lying in their bed for a few hours now. Without doing anything besides enjoying each other's presence. Phukong rested his head on his boyfriend's warm chest and just listened to his calm heartbeat. His favorite sound. In between, Mil stroked over Phukong's back because he knew how much the other one loved these soft touches. Both boys wished they had more time for each other but school didn't allow that at the moment. So they were happy to at least spend the weekend in each other's arms. 'You know what?' Mil broke the comfortable silence between them and looked down at his boyfriend with a gaze full of love. When there was at first no answer from Phukong, Mil thought he had fallen asleep but a questioning hum showed him, that his assumption was wrong.

'You know that I love you, right?' Mil knew that he asked a rhetorical question and therefore he didn't expect an answer from the other boy. 'And because of that, I've got a surprise for you.' Phukong got up from his boyfriend's chest and looked at him with wide eyes. Mil loved to see him like that. Messy hair and totally sleepy. Only he could see Phukong like that. He smiled proudly.
'Really? What is it?' Mil knew that the other one was extremely curious when it came to something like that. He already ruined all the other gifts he had for him because of that. But not today.
'This time I won't tell you anything. It's something special for my special person.' Phukong pouted. He was a very impatient person. 'When will I get it?' Mil laughed softly and stroked over his boyfriend's cheeks.
'Later. When we are at a certain place.' Phukong hated it when Mil spoke so mysteriously. 'Do we have to go out for this?' He sighed. The boy actually wanted to stay here with his boyfriend the whole evening.
'Yes, love. But it's not far away. And besides that, the sun will go down soon. It will be even more beautiful.' Mil couldn't wait anymore.

After Mil had finally managed to get Phukong out of bed, the two were now out in the fresh air. Mil looked dreamily into the beautiful sky who was painted red and pink. And even if he didn't show it, he was excited. 'Where is this place? Do I know it?' Phukong ripped the other one out of his thoughts. Before he answered his boyfriend, he took Phukong's hand and looked at it. Almost as if Mil wanted to make sure that he was doing the right thing. 'Yes, you know it.' And with that they walked next to each other, holding hands. Of course, Mil directed his boyfriend the whole time.
Actually, it was perfect that way. The colorful evening sky, the cool wind that played around them, and the occasional chirping of birds. And both boys had the love of their lives next to them.
What could beat that? Mil knew it.

As the two got closer to the place, Mil became more and more nervous. Phukong seemed to notice that when his boyfriend's hand tightened around his own for a moment. 'Is everything alright?' His voice sounded slightly concerned and he tried to look at the boy next to him. 'Sure. I'm fine.' Inwardly, Mil hated himself for being so suspicious and tried to calm down by taking a deep breath. That had to help.
'Oh my god. I know where we are. We haven't been here in so long.' Phukong excitedly released himself from the grip and sat directly down on the grass in front of the big lake. Mil could only smile at his boyfriend. He was too cute. It is true, they haven't been here in a long time. Although both of them loved this place because it was full of beautiful memories. The two boys had their first date here and Mil also asked Phukong here, if he wanted to be his boyfriend. 'Come here. Hurry up. It's so beautiful.' After hearing that, he made his way to his precious lover.

The two of them just sat there for a while. Now and then Phukong raved about a swan that could be seen a little further away on the lake. It was perfect. Almost. Mil had still planned something.
'Was that the surprise? If yes, then I love it.' Mil smiled softly and gave his boyfriend a soft kiss. He was happy that Phukong was already satisfied with this. 'Actually, this is just one half of it.'
'Really? What's the other half?' Phukong couldn't hold himself back anymore. Mil just swallowed nervously and slipped one hand into the pocket of his jacket.
'I just want you to know that I love you. You're my everything and I would do everything for you. I'm just so proud to call you mine. And yeah, I do have another surprise for you but I think just being here at this place with you is perfect enough. But I still want to give it to you since you deserve it. And I hope with that present I can show you, that I'm serious about our relationship.' When Mil said that he could already see the tears in his boyfriend's eyes.

Shortly after that, he gathered up all his courage and took the small box out of his pocket. It didn't look particularly valuable and yet, it was important for Mil. As soon as Phukong saw it, tears streamed down his face. Mil opened the box and swallowed. 'These are promise rings. I had them made especially for us. By wearing it, I want to promise you that I will stay by your side and love you forever.'
Mil carefully took one of the rings out of the box with trembling hands and took Phukong's hand. When the ring was on his finger, he just looked at it. Smiling.
It was kept in silver with a few golden elements. 'I don't know what to say, I'm just so overwhelmed right now. I love you so much' Phukong's voice was unbelievably shaky as he looked into his boyfriends' teary eyes. 'Can I put the other one on?' Mil nodded proudly and Phukong slowly adjusted the ring on his boyfriend's finger. After that, the two just looked at each other. Both had tears in their eyes but smiled.

'It feels like we just married' Phukong laughed after a while and looked at their hands. The rings were clearly made for them. 'That will follow soon, love.' Mil smiled softly and leaned down to his boyfriend for another kiss full of love.

Chapter Text

Kongpob looked at himself in the mirror for one last time. He could clearly see how stressed he looked. The dark circles under Kongpob's eyes showed the traces of last night. He had spent it sleepless.
The student sighed at the reflection. It didn't show the boy he knew. Lately, he has distanced himself more and more from Arthit and also from himself.
It's not as if he doesn't love his boyfriend anymore. It just got harder and harder to hide his secret. At first, it was relatively easy because Arthit never stayed overnight anyway and accepted that Kongpob didn't want much body contact. But since the two had been together for a little longer now, Arthit questioned the reasons for Kongpob's strange behavior. He even blamed himself. Kongpob sighed.
He never wanted it to come to that. And today the next big problem came up to him. Kongpob had to take part in the hazing activities again.
Until now he managed to bypass them, but it doesn't work anymore. Therefore, he had already dressed for that. So that he wouldn't need to do it there.

When he was halfway satisfied with his appearance, Kongpob made his way to the sports ground. Since the student couldn't walk that fast, he always started a bit earlier from his room. So that Kongpob was there on time. As the boy got closer to the place, he got more and more nervous. He noticed how his hands began to tremble. Not a good sign. Kongpob didn't want to specifically think about it, but he knew very well that Arthit would be there too. And he'd be lying if he said that didn't drive him crazy too. From a distance, Kongpob could already see a few students who were waiting.
The only thing Kongpob wanted to do now, was to go back to his room. Where nobody could see him. Far away from all those people.

'I didn't think you would come. How are you?' It was M who now appeared next to Kongpob, putting one arm around his shoulder. 'I'll be honest. I don't think I can do it.' Why did Kongpob speak so openly? Because M was the only one who knew about his prosthetic leg. Who knew about all the troubles he has with it. M sighed. 'It will be alright. Just don't overwork yourself or ignore any signs your body gives you.'
Kongpob was truly thankful that he had M. Of course, he would have preferred to hear these words from Arthit but he was simply not ready for him to know.
'I won't do that. Thank you.' The other student gave him an encouraging smile before he carefully pointed at Arthit, who was standing a little further away with a group of students.
'He talked to me yesterday.' Kogpob got even more nervous when he heard that and looked at M fearfully. 'Don't worry. I didn't tell him anything. But I think it's about time for you to tell him. He's extremely worried about you.' Kongpob sighed. He knew that already. 'He wouldn't love me anymore if he knew about it.' And with that, he had expressed his thoughts of the last few weeks, which only made M take a deep breath.
'We both know that's not true. I think he would love you even more.' Kongpob smiled briefly. Could that be? No. Never.

The pain already started after the first few exercises. Kongpob knew that he shouldn't strain his leg so much but under no circumstances did the boy want anyone to notice a thing. Especially not Arthit.
Since his boyfriend had spotted him earlier with M, his eyes hung on him. Kongpob couldn't really interpret the looks because he didn't reply to them. And when he accidentally looked at him, he only saw concern.
Which was justified. The pain was slowly becoming unbearable and Kongpob could already feel it in his hips. Which was never a good sign. But since he didn't want to attract attention, he continued.
Until the pain got too much and radiated into his legs. Without thinking about the consequences, he leaned onto M who was standing next to him.
Kongpob's vision was slowly becoming unclear. 'Hey, what's wrong? Is it something with your leg?' He started to give Kongpob some comfort but began to panic slightly when he saw the weak nod from the other boy. 'I don't care about the teacher now. I will get you into the changing room. You need to rest.' And with that M took Kongpob carefully in his arms and lifted him up.
The two just didn't know that Arthit was seeing it all.

'Just try to relax, okay? I know it's not easy but please try it.' M couldn't deny that he was anxious when he put Kongpob down on the floor in one of the changing rooms. The other one could only hold on to his hip to ease the pain a bit. It wasn't as bad as before but still uncomfortable. 'I'll go get a teacher, okay? I'm sure that-' M stopped when he was about to walk out the door. He nearly crashed into Arthit who was now standing in the door frame. 'I'll take care of him.' And with that, he made his way to Kongpob and sat down next to him. Only to leave a confused but smiling M behind.
Kongpob's heart began to beat faster. He was afraid and actually wanted to leave quickly. 'No need to. I'm good.' Before he could even try to get up, his boyfriend grabbed his arm.
'What's wrong with you? I'm your boyfriend and you're avoiding me. Every day. Don't you love me anymore?' For the first time in days, the two were close again and Arthit took advantage of that to talk about his problems. Kongpob thought differently. But before he could do anything a painful loud left his mouth.

'Is it your leg?' Arthit slowly stroked over Kongpob's hip which made the other boy even more nervous. 'You don't have to do that I'm-' 'No you're not. I can see that you are in pain.' Kongpob swallowed as Arthit's hand continued to slide downwards. To his leg. What he absolutely wanted to prevent. 'Please. Don't do that' Kongpob said, tears burning in his eyes. 'What is wrong with you. I don't even recognize you anymore.'
Arthit's voice sounded sad, almost disappointed. 'You'll hate me if I tell you the truth.' Kongpob sobbed, almost inaudible. 'What are you talking about? I would never hate you. You're my boyfriend. I love you. Why don't you get that?' Arthit didn't really want it but his voice got a bit louder. 'P-Please..' Kongpob couldn't help but slide a little further away from his boyfriend.
What turned out to be a mistake.

Just as he was about to slide his pant leg down again, Arthit grabbed his hand and looked him deep in his eyes. 'Is that what you hide from me? Is that why you never wanted me to touch you?'
Tears streamed down Kongpob's face and he quickly tore himself from Arthit's grip. It was all getting too much from him. Inside, he was already preparing for insults but he held his breath briefly when he felt Arthit's lips on his leg. Kongpob didn't even know what to do. 'I can't believe you didn't tell me. Did you really think I would break up because of that?' Arthit now put his hands on his boyfriend's cheeks and pulled him closer. 'I-I was so afraid and-' He interrupted himself with a loud sob. 'Do you actually know how beautiful you are? And even if you have a prosthetic leg. Who cares? It makes you even more perfect.'
A few tears now also flowed down Arthit's face. 'Really?' 'Yes. Really. And do you know what? It just gives me one reason more to love you for the rest of my life.' Arthit slowly leaned down to kiss his boyfriend.

'Does it still hurt? Why do you even do something like that when you know that you have a prosthetic leg?' Arthit asked after a while. 'It hurts a little bit. And... I don't know. I was scared that somebody would find out and-' 'Please never be afraid to be or show yourself anymore. And if anybody has a problem with that they can fight me, okay?' Kongpob managed to develop a soft smile while he rested his head on his boyfriend's shoulder. 'You're so beautiful..' Arthit whispered while he stroked over Kongpob's leg. He had to admit that he had to get used to it, but he didn't mind. Kongpob was perfect for him.
'Should we go back? You need to rest.' Kongpob blushed. 'But..we still have to talk about us. I know what I did was wrong and-' The other one interrupted him. 'Stop that, precious. We can talk about that later.'
After that, he softly kissed his boyfriend's forehead while his hand was still resting on his leg. 'My perfect boyfriend.'

Chapter Text

'Do we have to go? I honestly don't feel like it.' King had been whining ever since Ram said, that he wanted to go to a club with Bohn and Duen. And of course, King had to come along. Which he didn't want at all. It wasn't like King didn't want to hang out with his boyfriend, he just really hated clubs. 'Come on. We haven't done anything with them for a while now.' Ram sat down on the bed next to his boyfriend who just pouted. Actually, he couldn't refuse him a wish but the boy already promised Bohn and Duen that they would come. So Ram had to persuade him.
'It will be fun, love. Just think about-' He got interrupted immediately. 'No, thanks. I don't want to think about all the boys and girls who could flirt with you.' Ram softly smiled at his boyfriend.
So the reason was jealousy. Before Ram said anything, he slowly put his hand on his boyfriend's cheek, drawing the other's attention to himself. He loved the way King looked at him.
Full of love. But right now he also discovered something else. Disappointment. An almost inaudible sigh left Ram's lips.
'Even if someone decides to speak to me. I would never care about it. Do you know why?' Ram made a small break in which he just stroked King's soft cheek, lovingly smiling at him.
'Because I love you more than anything else. And I just need you in my life.'

Ram could briefly see the sparkle in his boyfriend's eyes. King loved to hear those words. Shortly after that, it was just quiet. Ram's hand found its way to the other boy's hip. King felt like he melted into the touch.
It was soft, just like he preferred it. As Ram noticed that his boyfriend began to relax, he leaned down to King and kissed him longingly. The boy who lay on the bed put his arms around Ram's neck and pulled him closer. Even if that was not possible. When he rested his hands next to his boyfriend's head, Ram slowly released the kiss and looked into King's eyes. He couldn't help but breathe heavy.
'We should stop...' Even if Ram didn't want it, they had to be ready in half an hour. 'But...-' King shyly stroked the other's hair on the back of his head. 'I will show you how much I love you when we're home again, okay?' King had no other choice. He had to agree, even if he wanted it right now. 'Fine..' Ram smiled softly and gave him one last kiss.

After the two boys got ready quickly, they were now on their way to the club. Sure, King eventually agreed, but he had no intention to go there. It was just because of Ram. He would love to tell the other how much he hated it when so many glances were upon him. And yet King said nothing because he didn't want to ruin the night for his boyfriend. 'What's wrong? You're quiet.' Ram broke the silence between them and tightened the grip around his boyfriend's hand. He wished he could hold onto it forever. 'It's nothing. You should enjoy your time there.' Ram could clearly hear how disappointed the other one was. He sighed.
'Nothing will happen. I only have eyes for you, precious.' King swallowed. He didn't want that. He could literally feel that something was wrong.
'Look. They are already there.' Ram pointed smiling at Bohn and Duen who were already waiting at the entrance. But King wasn't happy about that.

The greeting between them passed faster than expected. King had to hear from his two friends that he didn't look as if he wanted to be here, and it was the truth. So it didn't bother him.
Immediately after they entered the club, King wanted to go back home. The stuffy air almost tightened his chest, the music was way too loud and there were too many drunk people present. But that didn't seem to bother Ram and the other two boys. They directly found a corner where a table was still free. King still held his hand tight but walked slightly behind him.
'Here's a nice spot.' And with that, the four boys sat down on the sofa. Ram directly put an arm around his shy boyfriend and stroked his shoulder while he talked to Bohn and Duen about some irrelevant things.
Even though King liked this affection, he felt awkward.

'Let's get some drinks, okay? You can wait here. I know that you don't like to be in the middle of crowds.' Ram stood up but King grabbed his arm. 'What's wrong?' The boy who was still sitting noticed the worried look in his boyfriend's eyes. 'Can you hurry up?' It was almost a pleading. 'We'll be back so soon, you won't even notice that we were gone.' Bohn smiled at King and he slowly let go of Ram's arm.
And then the boys already disappeared into the crowd. King noticed how he got nervous and pulled his sweater sleeves over his hands. A weird habit.
'They will be back fast...' he mumbled to himself to calm down a bit. But it didn't work. Just as King wanted to look, if he can spot one of the boys, he saw two other one's that were coming directly in his direction.
He didn't want that at all.

'No need to be shy, cutie.' The first boy was already sitting next to King. He tensed and wanted to Ram. 'Oh, look. He's so nervous.' The other one cooed and laughed. 'Why is such a handsome boy like you alone here?' He really had to pull together all his courage to look him into the eyes. 'I'm not. I have a boyfriend.' King slipped a little further away from him but only then noticed, that the other one was sitting on the other side. He sat between them. And just wanted to get away. 'Well, he's not here now. Let me invite you to a drink, cutie.' The boy on his right already took King's hand but he slapped it away.
'I said I don't want to. My boyfriend will be right back.' King didn't want to admit it, but he was scared. The two didn't look drunk but he didn't know what they were capable of.
'Too bad. Someone like you shouldn't be left alone..' And with that, the hand of the one boy stroked over his leg. Enough for King.
'I said no.' He raised his voice a bit and tried to get up but they held him back. 'Don't disappear, cutie' one of them almost whispered into his ear. King felt incredibly bad. The loud music in the background also made his head ache.

Just as King was about to free himself from the grips of the two boys, he heard quick steps coming closer. That had to be Ram, Bohn, and Duen. 'What are you trying to do with my boyfriend, huh?'
Ram couldn't believe what he saw there and therefore didn't hold his voice back. 'You need to chill. This cutie here just wanted to get a drink with us.' Ram was out of his mind. He absolutely knew that this wasn't right. 'You two better disappear right now.' It was Duen who now took the word. He didn't want a fight, but the boy wasn't afraid of them either. The two just sighed and stood up, still holding King's arm who was clearly uncomfortable. 'Let go of him.' Ram came nearer and took one boy by his collar. He looked scared. 'Okay, okay fine.' He said fast and nodded to his friend.
'Get lost. Now. And don't you dare to touch my boy once again. Then I won't be as gentle as today.' Ram was more than angry. And it was all his fault that he left King alone. Bohn and Duen lined up behind Ram and the two boys who were so confident a second ago, were now intimidated. 'I swear, if you're just looking at him once again, we'll make you regret that.' Ram released him from his grip and they slowly made their way into the crowd.

The first thing Ram did was hugging his clearly frightened boyfriend. 'I'm so sorry, love. I shouldn't have left you alone.' King softly put his arms around the other boy and buried his face in his shoulder.
'I think you guys should go home. I don't think he's in the mood for being here anymore.' Duen softly stroked over King's back to give him some extra support. 'Yeah, you're right.' Ram released his boyfriend and looked at him. 'Are you fine? Did they do anything to you?' King managed a soft smile. 'No, I'm fine. I just really want to go home. With you.' Ram gave him a loving forehead kiss and then looked at Bohn and Duen. 'Just go. We will meet another time. Hurry up.' Bohn laughed and looked at the two boys.
'Do you know what we will do at home, precious?' Ram asked as he held his lovers' hands who just looked at him. 'I will show you how much I love you. Like I promised.'

Chapter Text

Tang Yi woke up to the bright rays of the sun falling through the curtains in his room. They were still closed but since they were white, the sun could easily light up the big room. He blinked carefully at first to get his eyes used to the light and then stretched for a few seconds. Tang Yi noticed immediately, that he must have turned away from Shao Fei that night, which he didn't like at all.
A little sigh left his lips before he turned around. Only to look at an empty space beside him. Shao Fei was definitely already downstairs to make breakfast for them.
Normally, the other man would be at work at this time, but since Shao Fei was pregnant, Tang Yi forbade him to go to work. They had an endless discussion about it, but in the end, Shao Fei agreed to stay at home.
Tang Yi smiled at the thought of his boyfriend who was carrying his child. And even if Shao Fei's pregnancy came completely unexpected, he already loved his son. And he would do anything to protect them.

After a few minutes, his thoughts drifted back to the fact that he hadn't even seen his boyfriend today. So Tang Yi got up quickly and got ready. This time it went faster than usual because he really wanted to see Shao Fei and his child. So now he was standing in front of the mirror and looked at himself while he adjusted his suit a little. Actually, Tang Yi wouldn't dress like this, but since he had to discuss something with Jack today, he went back to the formal clothes. Even if his friend wouldn't mind that anyway. When Tang Yi finally put on some perfume and was satisfied with his appearance, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen.
Tang Yi immediately noticed, how unusually quiet it was in the house. On other days, he could hear Shao Fei directly because he wasn't particularly skilled at making food. That's why the taller man was in charge of that. Still, he thought it was cute when his boyfriend tried it. But not a single sound could be heard today. 'Maybe he's just taking a break' the man thought to himself.

When he finally entered the room where he usually makes food, he stopped in the middle of it. It was empty. No trace of his boyfriend. Tang Yi felt the worry rise in him. He knew that something was wrong.
Without thinking, the tall man took his phone out of his tight suit pocket and dialed Shao Fei's number when he saw an unread message from him. Tang Yi's hands began to tremble.
'If you're reading this, I'm at work. I know, I should stay at home but there's an important case today. I promise you to take care of me and our son. I love you.'
The dark-haired man read the message a few times before he really understood it. Shao Fei was at work. The grip around his phone tightened and his expression darkened. Anyone who would see him right now would probably be afraid of the ex-mob boss. 'He's so stubborn' Tang Yi mumbled to himself and already looked for his car keys.

After a few seconds, he was already sitting in his dark car. On the way to the police station. Tang Yi didn't care what Shao Fei's colleagues would think about that. He would take his boyfriend and his son home with him. Tang Yi didn't want to think about what could happen to them. He knew that the police officer often had to deal with dangerous people. And it wasn't uncommon, that he was threatened with a gun.
Tang Yi nearly lost control over his car when he thought about that. He didn't want to lose his boyfriend or his child. And he didn't care what he had to do to keep them both safe. Safe at home with him.

Tang Yi has never been to his boyfriend's place of work as quickly as today. With a racing heart, he got out of the car and stormed into the big building. The dark-haired man didn't even care that he hadn't parked properly. The corridor to the office felt endless and his breathing quickened with every step he took.
'What are you doing here?' Tang Yi almost screamed out of desperation when he opened the heavy glass door to the room. Of course, he immediately drew everyone's attention to him. But he couldn't care less about that right now. 'Tang Yi. I should ask you that question. I texted you.' The gazes of the two met for the first time today. Shao Fei was at his usual place and seemed to be doing something at his computer. But shortly afterward he got up and walked to his boyfriend. Shao Fei felt a bit uncomfortable when he noticed that everyone was looking at them.
Tang Yi's expression relaxed a little when his boyfriend grabbed his arm only to push him out of the door. To talk to him without anybody else.

'Yeah. You texted me. But do you know how worried I am about you and him?' Right after Tang Yi said that his warm hand found its way to Shao Fei's belly. He could already see and feel the baby bump. A light smile appeared on his lips and he stroked over it carefully. For a brief moment, all of his worries and problems were forgotten. The smaller man couldn't hold back a proud gaze.
He melted every time, Tang Yi showed their son his love. 'Do you know that you're driving me crazy? You're carrying our son and yet you're still putting yourself in danger. I would love to be mad at you right now, but I can't.' The ex-mob boss let go of Shao Fei for a second, only to grab his hands. 'I didn't do something dangerous and-' 'Please stay at home with me. I need you and our son there. I can't live with the thought that something could happen to you.' Tang Yi almost begged his boyfriend and shortly afterward, a single tear ran down his cheek. He was completely serious.

'Fine. I won't go to work anymore, okay?' Shao Fei smiled slightly at his boyfriend and put his hands on his cheeks, wiping his tears away. 'Don't get me wrong. I don't want to lock you up at home. I just love you and our son too much.' Tang Yi had calmed down a bit and gave the smaller one a short forehead kiss. 'I and our baby love you too, Tang Yi. Should we go home now?' Of course, he got a nod from his boyfriend.

When they were at home, Shao Fei laid down on the bed. He had to admit that he felt weak. 'I never want to wake up alone again, got it?' Tang Yi now also entered the large room and put a cup of warm tea on the bedside table. 'Never again.' Shao Fei smiled at his boyfriend. He loved how caring he was. Even if he didn't look like it, he was the cutest man Shao Fei knew. There was no other person like him. 'How are you and our son?' The taller man sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the other one who had one hand on his belly. He looked dreamy. Tang Yi loved this sight.
'I'm honestly a bit tired and I'm sure that he's fine.' Both smiled at each other briefly before Tang Yi leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his baby bump while he whispered a soft 'I love you.'
'You know what, Tang Yi? I love it when you do that.' The addressed person took the warm hand of the other one. 'I'm only doing this because I love you and our boy.' Right after that, he melted into a kiss with Shao Fei. Which was full of love.

'Try to sleep, okay? I'm right here.' Tang Yi noticed that the other man yawned more and more often. So he laid down next to him and pulled him into his arms. 'Really?' Shao Fei already looked tired.
'Really. I'll be right here to protect you both. Forever.' One last forehead kiss before Shao Fei closed his eyes. Tang Yi couldn't help but smile. He finally had his two boys in his arms again.
He gently placed one hand on his boyfriend's belly. Just to protect his son too. The appointment with Jack was long forgotten. All he could think of was his small family.

Chapter Text

'I'm so nervous. Why does he want to talk to me?' Tine sat on his bed in the middle of Ohm and Fong. Sarawat had told him this morning that he had something to discuss with Tine, when his class ended.
And since then, Tine was tense. His boyfriend didn't tell him what he wanted to talk about, no matter how often he asked him. 'I bet it's something completely unimportant. You know that he likes to exaggerate.' Ohm tried to calm his best friend down a bit and put one hand on his shoulder. Tine sighed. 'I know. But trust me, this morning he had a look on his face that I've never seen before. So extremely serious and hurt. What if he wants to break up with me?' Ohm and Fong couldn't help but laugh a little, which earned them a bad look from their friend.
'I know that he would never let you go. So stop messing yourself up with it' Fong said and Ohm nodded affirmatively. 'You have no choice but to wait and see. Sarawat's class already ends in ten minutes and-'
Ohm got interrupted before he could finish his sentence. 'Ten minutes? Why didn't you let me know earlier?' Tine's voice got louder and his heart started beating faster as he got up from the bed. Leaving his best friends speechless for a few seconds. 'Your behavior will only make it worse' Ohm said as Tine held his phone with trembling hands. 'Oh my god, guys..' Sarawat's boyfriend looked at the two boys with his mouth open. 'Talk! What happened?' They were now standing right next to him. Although they had no idea what was going on.
'He texted me that he will be here in a few minutes' Tine said whining, while Ohm and Fong just pushed him to the side. 'You scared me' Fong said while one hand was resting on his chest.
'I don't want to be rude but can you two leave now?' Before they could even say anything, the owner of the room had already pushed them out of the door.

Of course, he heard them cursing outside but he didn't care about that. The only thing that was in his mind right now was Sarawat. Tine just didn't know what he was up to. 'It won't be something serious. Sarawat is just weird' Tine mumbled as he tried to get his breathing under control. But before the brown-haired boy managed to do that, the door was opened. Hadn't he closed it properly earlier?
'You look stressed out. Did something happen with your friends?' Sarawat walked calmly into the cozy room and was now standing in front of Tine, who was just looking at his boyfriend in disbelief.
Was he just pretending or did he not know that it was only because of him? 'It's because you kept me waiting all day. Do you know how anxious I am?' Tine could already feel the tears in his eyes as he said that.
Even if he felt like a little child for a moment, it was worth it. But he didn't expect Sarawat to smile after that. 'Why are you smiling. I'm serious.' The other one said nothing, just put his arms around his whining boyfriend and pulled him into a warm, tight hug. What was wrong with Sarawat?
Tine forgot all his worries for a moment and breathed in the scent of his boyfriend. He loved it.

'Can you please tell me what's going on?' Tine slowly lost his patience and pushed Sarawat away from him, who had a worried looked on his face. It only made Tine more insecure. And he hated it.
'Sit down, okay?' Sarawat almost whispered before he sat down on Tine's bed and grabbed his arm. The other boy then took a seat next to his boyfriend. He just couldn't describe how he was feeling right now. His breathing was heavy and the only thing he wanted was that Sarawat would tell him, that everything was okay.
'I just want to ask you something. And I want an honest answer.' Sarawat sounded serious and Tine could only nod, while he looked into the eyes of his boyfriend. Although he had no idea, what to think about that.

After a long break, Sarawat took his lover's hand and stroked it lightly. He wanted to give the other boy some comfort. Then he took a deep breath. He wanted it to be over quickly.
'Why didn't you tell me about your previous relationship?' Tine's heart stopped for a second. He opened his mouth briefly only to close it again. He didn't know what to say. How did Sarawat know about it?
It should have remained a secret. When tears formed in Tine's eyes again, his boyfriend pulled him on his lap. He buried his face immediately in his chest and began to tremble.
'Calm down, love. I don't want anything bad. I just want to understand and help you.' The football player spoke as quietly as possible and put his arms around the other boy who was sobbing by now.
'I..-I was so afraid. Please don't leave me.' Tine clawed his hands on Sarawat's back. As if he wanted to prevent him from getting up at any moment. He didn't want to let him go.
'I won't. I promise. Why were you afraid? It's not a bad thing that you've been in a relationship with another boy before.'

Tine tried to calm down after that. He wanted to have a normal conversation with his boyfriend about it since he had the right to know what happened. Even if Tine actually wanted to forget it.
He let go of the other one's chest and left a wet T-Shirt behind. But he knew that Sarawat didn't bother about that anyway. 'It was horrible. He-' Tine interrupted himself with a loud, painful sob.
The football player immediately put his hands on his cheeks and stroked over them. Every now and then he also caught a tear. He hated to see the love of his life cry.
'It's okay...You don't need to talk about it. I'm sorry. I just wanted to know why you never mentioned it and-' 'No. You deserve to know it. I never talked about it because it was an abusive relationship. He was never interested in me or my feelings. He just did what he wanted, whether I wanted to or not. I was so blind. Because he was my first love. He hurt me so much.' That left Sarawat speechless.
He would have never thought that something like this was behind Tine's behavior. With tears in his eyes, he pulled his fragile boyfriend into a tight, loving hug.

'I love you so much..' he whispered after a while, trying to hold his tears back. 'You know that I would never hurt you, right?' Even if Sarawat already knew the answer, he just wanted to have confirmation right now.
'I know.' He managed to develop a small smile. But it didn't last long. 'How long were you two together?' He still stroked Tine's back soothingly and felt a tear run down his cheek himself, but he didn't care.
He was fully dedicated to his boyfriend. 'Almost one year. I wanted to break up earlier. But he never let me.' Suddenly, Tine broke away from the hug and took his boyfriend's face in his hands.
'Please never leave me. I can't live without you.' It was a pleading. And he was serious. Without the other boy, he wouldn't know what to do.
'Listen to me. I will never leave you. Never in my life. You're the most important thing for me. And I'm honest. I would love to do to him what he did to you. Nobody hurts my boy.' Tine smiled before his cheeks got wet again. 'I actually never wanted to be in a relationship with a boy again but then you stepped into my life.' Sarawat leaned his forehead against his boyfriend's. Then they melted into a loving kiss.
Both boys tried to bring in their feelings for each other. And it worked.
'I'm so glad that you gave me a chance. But if it hadn't been for Green, then we probably wouldn't be here.' Sarawat stated after they separated. Both boys laughed after that. It felt careless.

'Please don't mention him.' Tine pushed Sarawat away and smiled at him. 'I love you. And I will always protect you. You can let go of your past, okay? I will help you.'
'Thank you. But I already let it go. Only because of you.' Sarawat picked his boyfriend up and laid him down on his bed before he laid down next to him.
'I love you. And remember one thing. You can tell me everything. I would never judge you.' The football player layed one arm around the other boy and looked at the ceiling. Almost dreamy.
'I promise. And I love you too.' Tine finally relaxed in his boyfriend's arms and smiled at him. He was thankful for him. And for everything he did to him.
Of course, he didn't forget that he still had to ask the other one how he knew about Tine's past. But that could wait.

Chapter Text

'Why do you look so thoughtful?' Wayo sat down in front of his best friend, Ming. Of course not without placing his pink milk on the table. 'P'Pha bought it for me.' And while Wayo couldn't help but smile, Ming first looked at the drink skeptically and then at his small friend. 'He does that for everyone.' The engineering student only poked around in his food and didn't even notice that Wayo's happy expression disappeared. Because of him. 'What happened? I can see that something is wrong.' The smaller boy looked at the other hopefully. Ming just sighed and returned his gaze. 'I've been trying to talk to you for days. But you're always with your boyfriend. You don't even have time for me anymore, your best friend.' He finally took the chance to express his feelings. The student knew, that Wayo was quite sensitive so he always had to be careful what he said to him. But at some point, Ming had to listen to his feelings too. 'And what is so important?' The other boy took a sip of his pink drink without turning his eyes away from the one in front of him.
But Ming just didn't feel like he was taken seriously. 'I'm sorry to say that, but I don't think P'Pha treats you good enough, Yo'

Before Wayo could react to that in any way, someone stood next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Ming could feel the anger rise inside of him. 'You can eat with us. I've reserved a seat for you.'
The engineering student didn't miss the look on Phana's face. And it was aimed directly towards him. When his best friend got up from his seat without saying anything, Ming noticed how his heart contracted painfully for a second. He could only look after the two of them. And the only thing that showed the hurt boy that Wayo was here a few minutes ago, was the pink milk that he had forgotten.
'He just didn't deserve you, Yo' Ming mumbled to himself, trying to ease the pain a bit. But it didn't work. He had to try it differently.
Of course, the student had no appetite after that incident and got up. Luckily, he had no more classes today. He wouldn't be able to concentrate anyway.

Even though Ming tried to get into his room as fast as possible, it was clear that he had to meet someone on the way. And it had to be Kit. 'Yo looked sad today. Should I blame you for that?' Kit stopped Ming, blocking his way. His arms crossed in front of his chest and an indefinable look on his face. Ming couldn't believe it. 'Do you really think so? Apparently, his boyfriend isn't good enough if he can't comfort him' the younger one snapped back and tried to get past the other one. But failed. 'Do I smell some jealousy?' Kit put on a provocative smile. Ming wasn't prepared for this at all and took a few steps back. He hoped Kit wouldn't see the insecurity that was ruling him. Was he really jealous? No. Never. 'Are you crazy? Get out of my way.' Without thinking about it, he pushed Kit aside, straightened his bag, and walked faster than before. He needed to be alone now.

Just as Ming slammed the door to his room, his phone rang. He stroked through his messy hair for a moment, but only then noticed how stressed out he was. Since the loud noise was getting on his nerves, he took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the bright screen. It was Wayo. What did the small boy want from him? Comfort, because Phana makes him wait again? When Ming accepted the call he didn't even have the chance to say anything because Wayo started talking right away. 'We need to talk. I'm coming over, okay? P'Pha drives me.' And with that, the conversation was over. Ming needed some time to process what he just heard. What else did he want to talk to him about? Breathing heavily, he removed his phone from his ear and threw it on his bed.
The gaze from Phana came back to his memory. What was his problem? It was obvious that Wayo was too good for him.

Ming put his bag to the side and sighed loudly. Why did the engineering student suddenly felt the urge to take Wayo into his arms and never let him go again? He shook his head. That was something that best friends normally do. He was nothing more to him. Ming had Kit, but why did he suddenly felt so weird when he thought about his best friend? Luckily, he was torn from his confusing thoughts.
Unfortunately by a loud knock on the door and that showed him, that Wayo was there. Ming wasn't prepared for that yet. 'Open the door. I know that you're in there.' The muffled voice of his best friend echoed in Ming's ear. He took another deep breath to get his beating heart under control before he let Wayo in. He had his glasses on and looked overall adorable. Ming swallowed.

'Now tell me. What was that earlier?' The two boys were now sitting on the bed. Of course, the engineering student kept enough distance between them. Had Wayo even listened to him today? Apparently not.
'I..- Yo, I really don't want to fight with you but-' Ming sighed and was immediately interrupted. 'We are best friends. You can tell me everything. And even if I get angry. That's normal.' Wayo didn't seem to notice that Ming was completely insecure. He gave him an encouraging smile and a quick pat on his shoulder. What was wrong with Ming? He just had to get rid of it now.
'I've already told you, but I'll be happy to tell you again. P'Pha isn't the right one for you.' As earlier, a sad expression settled on Yo's face. It hurt Ming a lot to see him like that. And it was only Phana's fault.
'But..- He's so good to me. Why are you like this?' The smaller one adjusted his black glasses and waited for an answer from his best friend. But he hesitated. Why was he like that?
Because Ming wanted to be the one that treats Wayo better? No. Or..? 'Can you give me an answer?' He got impatient. After all, it was about his boyfriend.

'Would a good boyfriend keep you waiting for hours? Postpone your important meetings or not protect you? I don't think so. And yet, he does all of it. I know you love him but-' Ming's heart stopped for a second.
Why did it hurt him so much to say that Wayo loves someone else? He noticed how nervous he got and tried to hold the blanket under him. It didn't work. 'But...that was just one time where I had to wait and he treats me really good.' Wayo's voice fell. He tried to make eye contact with Ming but he didn't reply. 'Why is he pulling you away from me like that? We are..-' Ming made a short break. 'Best friends' he whispered this part. As if he didn't want it to be true himself. As if he wanted more than that.
'And you will always be my best friend. I'm just really disappointed that you think like that.' And with that Wayo got up from the bed. 'Please stay.' It was a pleading. Finally, they looked each other in the eye.
While Ming could see tears, Wayo could see a longingly look.

'Please. You need to think about all this.' Ming also got up and stood in front of his best friend now. 'Why should I? I love P'Pha. And you are my best friend. You should support me.' Wayo let out an almost inaudible sob.
Without saying anything, Ming took him into a tight hug. 'I can do it better than him.' Ming only whispered, but Wayo understood every word. He quickly pulled away from his friend's arms and looked at him in disbelief. 'I can treat you better, Yo. Better than him' the engineering student let his tears run free. 'You're my best friend. And you will always be' Wayo said, quietly. He knew exactly what Ming meant.
But he didn't want it to be true. Ming's heart nearly shattered at his words. It became clear to him now. He saw more than just a friend in Wayo.

'P'Pha is waiting for me, I-' 'No, please don't go.' Ming grabbed his arm as he was about to walk out the door. 'I'm sorry. I have to. See you tomorrow.' And with that he walked out, leaving his trace behind in Ming's heart. The engineering student looked after him until he couldn't be seen anymore. After that, he closed the door again and looked at his empty bed. 'You're my best friend. And you will always be' he mumbled before he sobbed loudly.

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'And remember to let me know when you're there, okay?' Tang Yi had a soft smile on his lips while Shao Fei only looked slightly annoyed. It was the same thing every morning. Although he thought it was cute that his boyfriend was so worried abot him, he knew it by heart by know. 'Yes. And I will drive carefully.' Shao Fei completed the next sentence of Tang Yi's lecture by himself. The ex-mobb boss stroked over the arms of his lover briefly and looked deep into his eyes. Full of love. It might not look like that from the outside, but Shao Fei didn't know anyone who was more loving than Tang Yi. And he was more than proud that he had him by his side. 'Take care. And don't forget that I love you.' Shao Fei smiled at his boyfriend. 'I will. And I love you too.' And with that he walked out of the door in the direction of his car.

Tang Yi stood in the door frame for a couple minutes until his boyfriend was no longer seen. Even if he hated being alone, he entered the big house with a sigh. He hadn't planned anything for today and so he ahd no choice but to wait for Shao Fei. If Tang Yi would have at least a meeting with Jack, then the time would go by faster. Be he didn't have time today. Since his loving smile had long disappeared from his face, Tang Yi went bored into the kitchen to make himself a coffee. Somehow he had to waste time. And even when he sat down on the sofa in the living room, he couldn't help but sigh.
Without Shao Fei everything seemed much bigger to him. And he hated it. How had Tang Yi lived without him before? How had he coped with days like this?
Before Tang Yi could find an answer to his thoughts, the notification tone from his phone bothered him. A quick look on his much too expensive watch told him, that the message had to be from Shao Fei.
And it was. 'I arrived safely. Don't do stupid things, okay? I love you.' And finally, Tang Yi's smile was back.

Shao Fei on the other hand felt sick all morning. Of course, he said nothing to Tang Yi. He didn't want to worry his boyfriend and he would have had to stay at home then. And he didn't want that. The police officer wanted to spend more time with Tang Yi, but he couldn't neglect his work. 'A-Fei! You look so pale today. Is everything alright?' Zhao Zi now stood in front of his desk and looked at him worried. He couldn't blame him. 'Yes, I'm fine. I just didn't eat anything this morning.' Shao Fei just had to lie. He didn't mention that he feel so sick that he can't eat anything. 'I have something with me. Do you want to eat now?'
Zhao Zi already started to look through his bag but the older officer grabbed his arm with all the strength he had. 'It's fine. I'll eat later.' And with that he went back to work, leaving a confused Zhao Zi behind.

Even if Shao Fei tried to concentrate as best as he could, it just wouldn't work. He noticed how he kept getting dizzy. And just as he was about to reach for a document, his hands began to tremble. The officer couldn't go on like this. And Zhao Zi seemed to notice that too because the smaller one was already standing in front of Shao Fei again. He could only look at him with half-open eyes. He just didn't have the strength anymore. 'A-Fei, you need to go to the hospital. You look really sick. Why didn't you stay home today?' Zhao Zi tried very hard to lift the older one from his chair and to support him.
'Captain! A-Fei needs an ambulance! Can you call one?' Shao Fei's eyes closed more and more often and he only noticed the sharp pain in his abdomen. He wanted to be with Tang Yi.

'Tang Yi! I know it's weird that I call you, but it's really important. Shao Fei wasn't doing well today and we called an ambulance. They're taking him to the hospital right now. The best thing you could do is to stay calm for now. I'll bring him to your house then.' Tang Yi wasn't able to process what he just heard. For a moment he forgot that he had the boss of Shao Fei on the phone who attacked him before.
He forgot that he was supposed to answer. He forgot everything. 'Tang Yi? Are you there? He will be fine. He's just sick.' The dark voice echoed through the phone right into Tang Yi's ears.
'Bring him here quickly.' Tang Yi hung up. He threw his phone on his bed and felt his heart ache. What kind of boyfriend was he? Why hadn't he noticed that Shao Fei wasn't feeling well? Why didn't the other one say anything? The thoughts circled in his head and he stroked through his hair. The ex-mob boss was stressed. He didn't care that they looked messy afterwards.

Tang Yi just couldn't calm down. He could only think of Shao Fei, but he had no other option than to wait. 'Why is he so stubborn?' Tang yi aggressively mumbled to himself while he kept walking through the entire room. And that for minutes. His gaze always directed to the large window. He had the entrace in his view. The dark haired man was getting more nervous with every second that passed. It even went so far, that he got tears in his eyes. His messy thoughts went back to the day he saw Shao Fei in the hospital. After shooting him. No. That made his situation even worse.

Just as Tang Yi was about to collapse completely, he heard a car outside. It was Shao Fei's car. But he didn't drive, because his boss got out of the driver's seat. And a little later, Shao Fei got out of the passenger door. He looked weak. Without hesitation, Tang Yi stormed down to the front door. And when he opened it, his boyfriend was already standing in front of him. He was supported by the other man.
'Take care of him. He just doesn't want to tell me what the doctors said.' After his boss made sure that Tang Yi was holding Shao Fei, he disappeared again.
Tang Yi wanted to throw accussations at the other one, but Shao Fei looked so broken.

'Please tell me what's going on. Do you know how worried I was? I was worried sick.' Tang Yi put Shao Fei down on his bed and knelt in front of him. He didn't want his voice to get louder towards the end, but he couldn't help it. Shao Fei just looked at him. His eyes were unusually empty. Where was the man who was always so cheerful? 'Please. I'm begging you.' Tang Yi tried it once more. This time with tears in his eyes.
'You would hate me.' Shao Fei's voice was just a whisper and yet, it sparked unbelievable feelings in Tang Yi.
'What are you talking about? I would never hate you. You gave my life a new meaning. How could I hate you? I love you more than myself.' Tang Yi just couldn't believe what he just heard and took Shao Fei's hands.
He was desperate.

After a few minutes of silence, Shao fei released his hands from his boyfriend's and tried to pull something out of his pocket. When he finally had it in his hands, he noticed how crumbled it was.
But that didn't bother him. Swallowing, he handed over the small piece of paper to Tang Yi. His hands were trambling. Tang Yi looked at the other man briefly before accepting it.
He tried to unfold it as best as he could and when he realized what he was looking at, his heart stopped for a second. His gaze remained fixed on the black and white image for a few seconds before he looked at Shao Fei. Tears ran down his cheeks. 'Please. Don't hate me. We can-' Shao Fei got interrrupted by Tang Yi who carefully lifted up the sweater that the police officer was wearing.
He looked at his belly, sobbing.

'I can't believe that. Tell me this is not a joke.' 'It's not. This is your child.' Shao Fei cried now too. He couldn't help but look proud when he saw Tang Yi looking at his belly. With a loving smile.
Shorty afterwards, he leaned his forehead gently against it and just breathed heavily. 'Tang Yi. You're making me nervous.' Shao Fei put his hands on his boyfriend's head and tried to develop a smile.
'I'm going to be a dad. And the love of my life is carrying my child. It feels like a dream.' Tang Yi whispered before he kissed Shao Fei's belly with his unborn child inside. 'I know that you're not here with us yet, but I already love you. And I'll always take care of you and protect you with my own life.' Again he placed a few soft kisses on Shao Fei's soft skin. If he looked closely, he could really see a small baby bump.
'So...Do you want to keep the child?' The police officer wiped a few tears out of his face and smiled when his gaze met the one of his boyfriend. 'Of course I want to. This is the best present you could give me. I'm so proud of you. I love you and our child so much.' Tang Yi now sat down next to his boyfriend and placed a featherlight kiss on his forehead.

'You two are the most precious things in my life.' Tang Yi whispered before he melted into a loving kiss with Shao Fei. 'I'm so happy. I thought...You didn't want it or-' 'You better shut up now. I'm so proud of our small family and I can't wait until he or she is born.' He carefully put his strong arms around Shao Fei and pulled him into a loving, warm hug.
They both couldn't wait to hold their child in their arms.

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Ram was looking for his school books when his phone rang. First, he grabbed into his pockets but quickly realized that it wasn't there. Then King's look fell on his bed where all kinds of school stuff were spread out. He was just way too messy. Stressed, he started digging through the things and held it in his hands a little later. When he saw that Ram was calling him his heart jumped briefly.
What did he want from him? They would meet for their study session anyway. Hopefully, he didn't want to cancel it.
'Do you hear me? Are you on the phone at all?' Ram sounded confused when King just answered the call without saying anything. He was nervous. 'Yes. Yes, I'm here. What happened?'
King tried his best to keep his voice from sounding too exciting. Although he couldn't quite hide it. After all, his crush was on the other end. 'It's nothing bad. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be a little late today. I have to help Duen with something.' And even if King didn't want to admit it, it bothered him. He really wanted to spend more time with his crush. King swallowed. 'No problem. I'll just wait for you then.'
It was incredibly difficult for him to say that. 'You're a sweetheart. See you later.' And with that Ram ended the short call.

And suddenly King was no longer interested in the fact that Ram would come later. All he could think of was that he called him sweetheart. 'He didn't mean it that way' he mumbled to himself, ignoring his beating heart. King decided to go to their place anyway. He could eat there or start studying. Finally, he had found the right things and stuffed them into his bag before leaving his room. Why did he even hurry?
King took a few deep breaths and headed to the canteen. He hoped it wouldn't be so full there.

When King finally arrived, he smiled. Hardly anyone was to be seen. That was probably due to the time. The boy looked for a table that was a bit away from the center. He didn't want to sit all alone in the middle of the big room. And he also wanted to avoid someone sitting next to him. Luckily, a suitable place quickly caught his eye. Because no one was around, King put his heavy bag on the chair and then went to get something to eat. Even if he wasn't really hungry, he had to do something.

'Maybe I should already look in today's chapter' he whispered to himself while he grabbed a few books out of his bag and placed them on the table. Actually, King even liked it here. When the canteen wasn't crowded he could concentrate really well. But with Ram by his side, it would be better. He sighed briefly while looking for the right page. It was getting really difficult for him to hide his feelings towards the other boy.
He was acting strangely more and more often, got shy or red quickly. He didn't even know himself anymore. But it was impossible that Ram would love someone like King. For that, he was simply not in his league.
And even if King often imagined what it would be like to be in a relationship with the other boy. It all remained only just a dream. What else?
A quick glance on his phone told him that only ten minutes have passed. So Ram took really longer than expected. The study session would start now but King was alone.

'He said he would come later. It's fine' he thought, trying to calm himself down a bit. Why was he suddenly so worried. Ram was only with Duen. Finally, King had found the right chapter because until now, he had only browsed through the pages, lost in his messy thoughts.
'Oh look. Our nerd is studying again.' King looked up from his book and saw two guys walking towards him. He had sat down here especially to avoid something like that. What did they want from him?
'Do I know you?' King tried to be as calm and polite as possible. Even if he was completely nervous inside. But that would just make the whole situation worse.
'You don't need to know us. It's enough if we know who you are.' And with that one of the boys sat down in front of him, the other one was still standing next to King. He swallowed.

'Don't you think it's childish what you do?' The one in front of King closed his book, took it, and threw it from the table. King was about to pick it up without saying anything but the other boy grabbed his arm. Slowly he got scared. 'What's your problem?' He tried to free himself from the tight grip but failed. Then he only heard a mocking laugh. 'I've had an eye on you for a while now and you just don't fit in here. Do you think the people here like a plant freak?' King had to admit that it hurt him more than he wanted to. 'Please. I'm just waiting here for my friend. I don't want to fight with you.' He tried it again but it didn't work.
'Oh, do you mean the boy you always chase after? Don't give yourself any hope. I don't think he wants someone who is a nerd like you and collects dumb plants.' King had to stop the tears in his eyes.
Although he knew that the two didn't know anything about Ram, the words still hit him. Were they right? 'He's such a crybaby' one of them laughed. He just couldn't avoid it.

'What are you doing with him?' Just as the first tear ran down King's cheek, he heard Ram's voice. He came just in time. 'Don't worry. We're just helping him with his school stuff.' Ram immediately slapped away the arm of the boy who was holding King. 'Do you call that helping? How dare you to touch my boyfriend?' Ram's voice got louder and louder and the only thing he got was confused looks. But King felt like his heart stopped. Did Ram call him his boyfriend? It was only to chase them away. 'He isn't your boyfriend. How could you love a boy who collects such a weird thing as plants?' The guy who was sitting in front of King slowly got up, walking towards Ram. 'You better shut your mouth now. I don't do that but I think it's cute.' King wiped the tears away from his cheeks and shortly hid his face in his hands. Ram wasn't allowed to see how red he turned. 'I'm warning you both. For the first and last time. If I hear something like that about my boy again, then I won't be as nice as right now. You're also not allowed to look at him or touch him. Never. Got it?' Ram walked threateningly towards the two boys. He noticed that they were intimidated. When they still didn't answer after a few seconds, Ram got louder again. 'I asked if you understood that.'
And after a short nod, they were gone. He hated people like this.

'I think that's yours, right?' Ram sat down next to King and put his book on the table again. 'Did they hurt you? Are you okay?' He carefully stroked over King's arm and noticed, that he didn't return his gaze at all.
Without hesitation, Ram touched the cheeks of the other boy and turned his face to him. His eyes were red and he had a soft smile on his lips. 'I'm confused.' King whispered while looking his crush into the eyes.
'Why? What's wrong?' 'You called me your boyfriend. That's wrong.' King noticed how sad he got again and released himself from Ram's grip. Then he opened his book again but Ram took his hand.
'We should start-' 'Dating.' King's heart was beating incredibly fast and he looked at the other boy without blinking. 'Only if you want, of course.' 'I- I would love to. I don't even know what to say right now.'
King's eyes filled with tears again when Ram suddenly turned away only to get something out of his bag.
'You know...Actually, I wasn't with Duen. I wanted to buy you a present. I hope it's special for you. Since we are dating now.'

Ram put a little plant down in front of King. It was already in a cute pot and the leaves were indescribably green. King had never seen such a beautiful plant. 'With this, I just wanted to show you that I like you just the way you are.' And suddenly all Ram could hear was the other boy sobbing. 'It's so...beautiful. I can't express how happy I am right now.' Ram slowly wiped away the tears on King's face and placed a kiss on his forehead. 'You're mine now, okay?' The shy nod made him smile before he pulled King into his arms.
And it was clear that King had taken special care of this plant ever since. It blossomed like their love for each other.

Chapter Text

Today was one of the days where Shao Fei felt empty and alone. Until now he got along well with the fact, that Tang Yi wasn't there. That was mostly because of Zhao Zi. The younger one often took him out to dinner or simply to his home. Spending time with him helped Shao Fei to forget the thoughts a little. But today he couldn't hold them back.
And that already started in the morning when he woke up alone in the big bed. No strong arms in which the police officer could find support and no Tang Yi who gave him a soft smile every morning. Shao Fei sighed. He missed his boyfriend. When he finally managed to get up, his gaze fell directly on the mirror in front of the bed. Tang Yi would actually get ready there now. And Shao Fei would tell him, that he was using too much perfume. But his boyfriend was still in prison. And that for another one month. And even if it didn't sound that long, for Shao Fei it was.

The next thought came while he was sitting in the kitchen. Alone, with an almost cold coffe in his hands. The police officer missed Tang Yi's cooking skills. He missed how the ex-mob boss was always so happy when Shao Fei liked his food. But it was only one month left. When Shao Fei finally got ready, he left the way too big house. He had to go to work, even if he didnt feel like it. He missed Tang Yi's forehead kiss.
He missed Tang Yi standing in the door frame until Shao Fei's car could no longer be seen.

And that got him to where he was right now. Sitting at his computer totally exhausted. Shao Fei's thoughts drifted away way too often and he had a hard time trying to concentrate. There was a new important case. And Shao Fei actually had to take care of the documents but he kept messing them up. 'A-Fei! What's wrong with you today?' It was Zhao Zi who was now standing behind the other police officer. He could clearly tell from Zhao Zi's voice that he was worried. 'I don't know. I just can't concentrate. I'm sorry.' Shao Fei put some papers aside and then watched his smaller co-worker who sat down next to him. Too bad that the older one didn't know what Zhao Zi knew. 'You don't have to apologize, I know the reason. By the way, I'm supposed to tell you from Captain that you can go earlier today. He doesn't want you to work in this state.'
On the one hand, Shao Fei was happy about that, on the other hand, he needed distraction. And he wouldn't get it at home alone. 'Can I come with you then, Zhao Zi? I really don't want to be alone today.'
He immediately noticed the strange expression on the other one's face. 'Actually...Jack will be with me today and-' 'Yeah, I got it. No problem, I'll go home then. I don't want to disturb you.'
It hurt Zhao Zi to lie to Shao Fei like that but he wasn't allowed to reveal anything. Even if this wasn't the best excuse. Because Jack has been there several times when Shao Fei was visiting him.

Less than thirty minutes later, Shao Fei was back in his car. Tears stung in his eyes. 'Why are you doing this to me, Tang Yi?' he mumbled to himself. He knew that it was probably better to save it for later. Shao Fei didn't want to cry now. But quickly, the police officer had Zhao Zi in his head again. He knew that his co-worker wasn't telling the truth. Didn't he feel like seeing him anymore? Before he could overthink that, he started his car. Ready to cry in his empty home.

Everything was the same as always. The driveway was empty as he arrived. He missed Tang Yi's car there. He missed the fact, that his boyfriend always parked way to messy that Shao Fei had no space for his car anymore. 'Crazy that you always miss the things you hated the most.' Shao Fei only whispered but it made himself smile. The first smile today. He could be proud of himself.
The officer quickly took his bag from the passenger seat and got out. He already had the keys in his hand, and so the front door was unlocked faster than he thought it would be.
And there it was again. The overwhelming silence. But something was different. Did he smell Tang Yi's perfume? No, he just imagined that. 'I'm going insane.'

With the aim of just going back to bed, he went upstairs to the bedroom. Again, it felt like something was different. Didn't he lock the door when he left? No, he must have forgotten. With tears in his eyes, Shao Fei opened the heavy door and before he could step inside, he stopped. His heart ached for a moment and he thought he was dreaming.
Tang Yi stood in the middle of the big room with a bouqet of roses in his hand. And a soft smile on his lips. 'I thought you missed me. Come here already.' Tang Yi took a few steps towards his boyfriend, who just stood there and cried.

When Shao Fei finally realized what was going on he quickly went to Tang Yi and threw himself into his arms. The ex-mob boss struggled to hold onto him but still managed to do it. 'Why...-Why are you here? I thought..-' Shai Fei interrupted himself with a loud sob. 'I know. I got released earlier. And I told your co-worker to let you go home earlier. Everything was planned.' Tang Yi laughed when his boyfriend gave him a puzzled look. That's the reason Zhao Zi was so weird today. After a long hug, Tang Yi finally handed his boyfriend the red flowers. He loved them.
'They are so beautiful..' Shao Fei mumbled while he looked at them, still trying to hold more tears back. 'Just like you.' And there it was again, the gaze full of love that Shao Fei loved.

'I missed you so much.' Shao Fei put the flowers on the bed and hugged Tang Yi again. 'I missed you too.' After saying that, Tang Yi carefully took the other one's face in his hands and brushed away some lost tears. 'No more crying, okay? I'm here again to protect you.' Shao Fei nodded and just looked into his boyfriend's eyes. He missed them so much. Now, the taller man gave Shao Fei a light forehead kiss.
'I love you so much. I don't even know how I managed to live without you.' Shao Fei smiled and rested his head against his lovers chest. 'I love you too, precious. Don't think about that now, okay? Just think about us. That we can spend every day together again. That I can show you my love again.' Tang Yi kissed Shao Fei's hair and gently stroked his trembling back.

'Tang Yi?' It was Shao Fei who broke the silence, after they both just enjoyed each others presence again. With a questioning look, teh other man showed that he was listening. 'Can you please do all the things I hate again?' The ex-mobb boss laughed quitly before looking into his boyfriend's eyes. 'I'm serious. I missed them.' Shao Fei pouted. 'I will do everything for the love of my life.'

Chapter Text

King sighed. One thing was definitely clear. He would never leave for another week without his boyfriend, Ram. No matter where. King had spent the last seven days at his grandma's house. And even though the student had enjoyed being with her again, he missed Ram. Of course, King tried to convince his boyfriend to come with him but he insisted that the other one should spend time with his family alone again. And since King didn't want to start an argument, he just accpeted that. So the student was happy to be home again. Home, where the love of his life was waiting for him. King couldn't wait.

As fast as King could with his suitcase in one hand, he walked up the last stairs to the front door. With slightly trembling hands he took the apartment key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Why was he so excited? It's not like he's never seen Ram before. Carefully, King pushed the door open. Maybe he was lucky and could surprise his boyfriend. Infact, the living room was empty. And it was quiet. Normally, Ram always had the TV on when he was alone. But not this time. King simply put his suitcase next to the small sofa and took off his jacket. He couldn't hear a single sound in the whole apartment. With a concerned look on his face, he looked through the few rooms. Even the bathroom door was open. Ram wasn't there.

Without thinking about it, he was breathless for a moment and tears gathered in his eyes. Ram was gone. King knew that his boyfriend would eventually realize, that he regretted all of this. But Ram was so happy in this relationship. King could still remember how sad the other one was when he left. Was it all just a lie? That can't be true. King was breathing hard and put one hand on his chest. He could literally feel his heart break. With all the strength the student still had, he sat down on the sofa. Immediately, King began to cry incessantly and his sobs echoed through the whole appartment. So that's it now. He was alone again.
King buried his wet face in his hands and saw, that some tears dripped down onto the carpet and disappeared. Like Ram.

Just as another heartbreaking sob left King's lips, he heard that someone unlocked the door. Was that Ram? Did he want to grab his things? No, he must have already taken them with him. King wiped a few tears from his face and looked straight to the entrance. A stressed looking Ram entered the warm room. At first, his gaze was direct down to the floor but when he lifted it, he smiled broadly. 'You are already back? I didn't expect you until tonight. I got us food and..-' Ram happily held up the two bags that he had in his hand. Filled with King's favorite food. But then, his smile disappeared and the bags found their way to the floor. 'Why are you crying, love? Did something happen?' Ram walked quickly up to his boyfriend who looked confused. But before he reached the sofa, King unexpectedly got up and threw himself into his boyfriend's arms. Ram put his strong arms around the fragile looking boy who pressed his face against his chest. What was the matter with him?

'I..- I thought you left me and..-' Ram pushed King briefly away from his body and looked at him. 'Why should I leave you? What makes you think that?' Ram slowly stroked through his boyfriend's hair and smiled at him encouragingly. Even if he wanted to be sad himself, he needed to be strong for King. 'I came home and you weren't there.' King sobbed and slowly realized that it made no sense what he was thinking. Ram couldn't help but laugh a little. His boyfriend was just way too cute. 'Yes, I wasn't there because I wanted to surprise you by cooking for you.' Ram carefully brushed some remaining tears from the face of the boy in front of him, which was already slightly red. He didn't want to see the person he loved like that. He wanted to see King's beautiful smile. 'But...your stuff and-' 'No. Stop that, love. My stuff is still here. And it will never be anywhere else.' He gave his boyfriend a soft forehead kiss and put his hands slightly on his shoulders.

After King had calmed down a bit and actually believed that Ram would stay by his side, they sat on the sofa. Ram had his arm around King and tried to find the right words. His mouth opened a few times but kept closing again. 'I know I've never told you, but i hope you know that I love you more than anything else.' Ram didn't know why it was so difficult for him to say that. After all, they were already a couple.
'I know. I love you too. I don't know what was wrong with me today. I just thought you regretted the decision and left.' King snuggled closer to his boyfriend, who smiled. 'I would never leave you. You're the right one for me. And I noticed that right away when I saw you for the first time.' Ram slowly stroked over the other boy's arm. 'I hope, I can make you feel loved. Because you deserve it. You deserve even more than that.' He slowly pushed King away from him which only earned him a confused look until he kissed him gently. The two boys melted right into it. Especially King needed this love right now.

Ram released his hands from his arms and placed them on King's hips. The boy felt the slight goosebumps that spread over his whole body. They had never gone further than kissing. Finally, the two broke the intense kiss and just looked into each others eyes. The eyes that both of them loved so much. King put his arms around Ram's neck and let himself be pushed back slowly. Now he was on top of him.
And it was unfamiliar. But he enjoyed it. Ram seemed nervous but he didn't let it show by carefully placing his lips on King's cheek. 'You make me feel loved. Every second.' King only whispered but it made the other boy smile. That was his main goal. That King feels loved. Ram kissed further and further down and stopped at his neck. King knew that he would leave a hickey. And he liked it.

But before King felt anything, he noticed how Ram slowly laid down on him. 'You're heavy' King whined and put his arms around his boyfriends back, who only laughed. 'I like it like this.' He closed his eyes and just simply enjoyed the scent and closeness of his boyfriend. 'You know what?' Ram slightly lifted his head and looked at King. 'You're the love of my life. And I'll never let you go. Never in my life. You're my treasure.' Ram gave the other one one last kiss before he got back into his position. 'You're so romantic' the boy under him raved. Ram knew how much he loved those words. And it was an honor to be able to tell him that. 'Promise me that you'll never leave me.' King placed a loving kiss on his lovers hair. 'I promise. I'll stay by your side forever.'

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'I have a surprise for you today.' Third couldn't help but look at Khai with a confused expression on his face. Sure, he knew what day it was today but the other boy had never planned anything because of it. 'Why are you looking like that? I wanted to make you happy.' It was clear that Khai took it negatively. 'I don't even know what it's about.' The smaller boy tried to defend himself and slid over to the edge of the bed. His boyfriend was standing in front of it and had been talking in riddles for minutes. And slowly Third became inpatient. Khai grinned briefly at the other boy and took a short breath. He was definitely not the romantic type. 'I have reserved a table in your favorite restaurant. This evening.' Third was speechless for a moment and couldn't bring out any emotion on his face. The couple had only been there once but the smaller boy loved the luxurious restaurant immediately. But it was quite expensive and always booked up quickly. 'How is that possible?' Third got up and hugged his boyfriend tightly. 'Actually, I already did that a few months ago. And it was really difficult to keep it a secret.' Khai laughed quietly and put his arms around his shorter boyfriend. 'I knew how sad you were when I didn't take our monthly anniversaries so seriously. And since we are together one year today, I wanted to prove the opposite to you.' He gave Third a gentle kiss on his hair. 'That's so cute. I'm so excited to go out with you.' Third pulled out of the hug and wiped a few tears from his pale face. Khai didn't even notice that he had started crying. 'When do we have to be there?' 'In exactly one hour.' Khai quickly checked his watch again. 'But you said evening' Third said, slightly panicked. 'Well, 7 is in the evening.' The taller boy smiled awkwardly. 'But don't worry. You won't need too much time to get ready. You're already beautiful.' Third smiled with red cheeks and gave his boyfriend a shy kiss.

When the couple actually finished earlier than expected, they made their way to the restaurant. It wasn't far away so they walked. They held hands and especially Third loved the warm wind that surrounded them.
He wanted to go for walks like that more often but Khai was always the one who didn't feel like it. That's why the boy was enjoying it even more right now. 'You know, actually, it's really nice to walk outside like that. I love the silence.' Third developed a proud smile and looked at Khai who was looking dreamily at the sky. The sun was still shining over the mountains and the sky was colored pink. It looked like something out of a book. 'But you by my side make the whole thing perfect.' Khai returned the lovingly gaze of his boyfriend who just pressed his hand tighter. The noble restaurant could already be seen from afar. 'It looks like there are a lot of people there. They are already waiting outside.' The smaller boy tried to take a closer look at the scenery but failed. He probably had to wait until they were closer. 'No problem. we still have time.' Khai tried to smile but took a deep breath as they got closer. He could see who was standing in front of the door. And it looked like trouble. He didn't want to ruin their anniversary. And although it would have been better to turn around now, they went on. Khai didn't show anything, but he was getting more and more nervous. Maybe they could manage to get inside unnoticed. Hopefully.

That the plan didn't work out as Khai wanted it to be showed up when the two boys in front of the door. And to their surprise, they were the only ones outside. Just as they were about to enter the restaurant, the guy on the right suddenly turned around. And looked straight into Khai's eyes. He returned the gaze courageously, but immediately regretted it. In the eyes, he didn't recognize what he had seen a year ago. Just pure hate and disgust. Third just looked at his boyfriend, confused. Why did he suddenly stop to look at this guy? Did they know each other? 'Long time no see, old friend.' Khai swallowed and suddenly let go of Third's hand, who understood nothing at all. The guy was now walking up to Khai at a very slow pace and then crossed his arms in front of his chest. That his boyfriend looked intimidated made Third even more anxious at the moment. 'What's wrong? Can we just..-' The taller boy interrupted him by pushing him behind himself. Pretty rough. Was it better not to say anything now?

'Listen. I don't want to start a fight with you. I just want to spend the evening quietly with my boyfriend.' Khai broke the eye contact and tried to sound as confident as possible. But he didn't really succeed. The guy just laughed mockingly. 'So you're still gay? I thought you would get over it and go back to being normal.' Now Third understood what it was about. The boy was apparently an old friend of Khai. And he was obviously homophobic. Third couldn't hide the disgusted look on his face. 'I'm already normal. So leave me alone.' Khai looked briefly at his boyfriend behind him and was about to enter the building but he was grabbed by his arm. Startled, he looked the guy in his dark eyes again. 'Do you think you can escape me so easily or what?' Khai would be lying if he said he wasn't scared right now. His heart began to beat faster. The only thing he wanted right now was to go home. But the whole thing didn't scare Third. 'Leave my boyfriend alone. How dare you to touch him like this?' He was already standing in front of Khai and released his arm from the tight grip. That would certainly leave a red spot.

'Do you think I'm scared of you? Afraid of such a wrong person like you? You don't belong here any more than your friend. Nobody wants gay people here. Especially not me.' And with that, he pushed Third aside and grabbed Khai by his collar. And the otherwise so self-confident Khai couldn't defend himself. 'I said you should leave him alone.' Third tore his boyfriend away from him but didn't expect what came next. A heavy punch hit his face which was actually intended for Khai. 'That wasn't really for you but at least I hit a gay person.' Third coughed weakly and was already sitting on the cold floor. He noticed that his nose was starting to bleed. But he had little time to worry about that because the guy went up to Khai again. When the small boy got up with his last strength, he saw that inside the restaurant some people were already looking outside and some were apparently calling the police. But nobody came out to stop the fight. They were probably scared.

Before the guy could do anything to Khai, Third interrupted him and glared at him. He ignored the fact that blood was running down his face. He had to protect his boyfriend. 'Get out of my way, little boy. I need to throw some punches. Maybe I'll get my old, normal friend back.' He wanted to push Third away again, but he stayed strong. Suddenly police sirens could be heard from afar. So Third was right with his assumption. 'Do you hear that? They will come and get you.' He could see the fear in the eyes in front of him. He wasn't what he pretended to be. 'Khai, this is not over. You better hide your gay ass for the next time.' And after that, he spat contemptuously on the floor and ran away. Typical.

As fast as Third could, he turned to Khai. He just stood there. Tears ran down his cheeks and he was trembling. Third briefly wiped the blood from his face with his sweater sleeve and was about to start talking when finally someone came out of the restaurant. 'We have already called the police. We didn't notice it earlier. Are you okay? You look hurt.' The woman gave both of them concerned looks and was ready to call an ambulance. 'We are okay. Can you please tell the police everything you saw? And give them my number so they can call me for more information. I have to go home now and take care of my boyfriend.' Third wrote his number on a piece of paper before turning back to Khai. 'I'm so sorry. So sorry.' He burst into tears again and carefully cupped Third's face. His cheek was still red and blood was on his face. 'No need to. You know that you can always count on me. I don't mind the pain if it's for you, okay?' Third leaned his forehead against the one of his boyfriends and now the sirens came closer. 'We should go home. I've settled everything.' Third stepped away from Khai and took his cold hand. But the boy just looked at him sadly. 'But..our anniversary...-' The smaller boy smiled at his boyfriend. 'Then I'll take care of you on our anniversary.' Khai also managed to develop a soft smile and stroked over Third's hand. He couldn't wish for a better boyfriend. And nothing was more normal than having the boy he loved by his side.

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Phukong sat on his brother's otherwise so soft mattress. But it was feeling incredibly uncomfortable right now. Maybe that was just because he wasn't doing well. And why was that? Because the boy he had feelings for was close to someone else. Actually, Phukong was known to be self-confident but right now he didn't recognize himself. The boy buried his pale, emotionless face in his hands and let himself fall back. Why did this always happen to him? Phukong sighed and had to fight back his tears with great effort. As it was getting too warm, his hands found their way text his body. He just stayed like this for a while. His breathing was irregular and in his head, the scene he had seen earlier played itself over and over again. And it broke his heart. Mil, as he stroked through Tine's dark hair with a loving look on his face. Phukong had never seen this look before, although he wished he would. 'Please, don't make me cry, P'Mil' he mumbled, hoping to give himself some courage. But of course, it didn't help. The boy was only torn from his thoughts when the glass door was pushed open and Sarawat entered the cold room. Phukong had completely forgotten that his brother would also come.

Phukong quickly sat up again and tried to look like nothing was wrong. But Sarawat was already sitting next to him and he had a worried look on his face. A rare sight. At least for his brother. 'What happened?' He asked the question quietly but it made Phukong nervous. He couldn't tell Sarawat that he was in love. 'Tell me. I can see that something bothers you.' Phukong only played with his own hands. He wasn't used to his brother being so caring. 'What if you love someone? But you realize that this person has feelings for another person. What do you do then?' He didn't look at Sarawat while speaking, who was just a little embarrassed. How should Phukong know that he was going through almost the same thing? Sarawat cleared his throat just before he spoke. After all, he wanted to give his brother good advice. 'You should definitely talk to that person at first. It's important to know for sure what the other one is feeling. And then I can tell you something that I once heard from someone.' Sarawat's heart began to beat faster. 'A good person will find a way to a good person eventually.' His thoughts drifted straight to Tine, but he had to concentrate. The football player was pretty sure that his brother was asking for himself. But Phukong just looked confused. 'How should you talk about that with this person?' He looked Sarawat in the eye for the first time and got a gentle smile from him. 'I would say you just have to be yourself. You should openly say that you're hurt. You shouldn't be afraid.' Phukong now had a slight smile on his lips. He felt his self-confidence returning and the sadness was long forgotten. At least for this moment. Without thinking about it, he hugged Sarawat. The older boy seemed visibly overwhelmed but replied the warm gesture. Phukong would speak with Mil tomorrow. He just had to.

But tomorrow came faster than expected. And now Phukong was standing on the edge of the football field where Mil and his friends were always playing. And instead of joining the team as always, he just waited for the game to be over. Phukong couldn't leave now, he had to end this. Otherwise, he would feel even worse. He noticed how Mil looked over at him from time to time. But Phukong recognized nothing new besides the cold look on his face. He hadn't looked like that with Tine yesterday. 'You have to focus. Think of Sarawat's words.' Phukong was talking to himself so he didn't notice how Mil was standing in front of him. 'Who are you talking to? That's so weird.' And again he had that smile on his lips. But somehow it didn't affect Phukong this time. Because he knew that smile wasn't real. 'I wanted to ask you if we can talk.' The other boy looked at him again briefly before he went to the bench and sat down. Phukong only looked at the whole scene at first. Was that a yes? 'I thought you wanna talk. Hurry up. I have to go to the architecture club.' He took a water bottle for himself and finally, Phukong took a seat next to him. How should he start now? 'I just wanted to ask you what all of this means to you.' Phukong spoke slowly and only got an indefinable look from the other boy. 'What do you mean? I don't have time for games.' Mil looked at Phukong. So it was harder than expected.

'I want to know, why you go away.' Mil laughed briefly. He didn't take any of this seriously. 'Where else should I go? Hang on to you 24/7?' He shooked his head and Phukong swallowed. He couldn't lose his courage right now. 'I saw it all last night. What do you want from Tine?' Mil's face features derailed shortly before he cleared his throat. He hadn't expected that. 'That's not your business. Why should I tell you? It's my life.'
Mil was already about to get up but Phukong held on to his arm. 'Because of you, I cry, okay? The scars are deep. I know you don't understand that but you should have been honest with me.' Phukong felt the tears burn in his eyes. He couldn't cry in front of Mil. The boy would certainly not comfort him. 'What did you say? I didn't do anything to you. Did I ever give you hope? You ran after me the whole time, begging me to be your tutor.' Mil tore himself free from the grip and turned his back to Phukong, who now got up too. 'You know, in the beginning, I really thought that something could happen between us. But you obviously don't see it that way. You always looked elsewhere instead of at me.' Phukong's voice was louder than usual and Mil swallowed.

After it had been quiet for a while and Mil had regained his thoughts, he turned around and looked into hurt eyes. It hurt himself. 'I'm stupid. I can't control my feelings and emotions. I hate admitting things. And since you've been here my life has changed.' He took a break and wanted to reach out to Phukong to comfort him, but the other boy took a step backward. 'Don't try to comfort me now. I know that you don't have feelings for me. Or maybe you have some but you don't want to realize it.' Phukong looked him in the eyes the whole time and now it was Mil, who had tears in his eyes. 'Please, give me one more chance. I will prove it.' He went even further towards the other boy. 'Maybe I'll give you a chance to prove it someday. And until then you should remember one thing.' Phukong took a deep breath. 'A good person will find a way to a good person eventually.' And with that, he wiped a tear from his cheek that had escaped from his eye and turned around to make his way to school. 'I promise, I'll be a better person.' Mil didn't dare to move. All he could do was watching Phukong as he slowly disappeared. Leaving him behind with wet cheeks and weak knees.

How should Phukong know that Mil drowned his feelings for him by chasing Tine?

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Tine felt as if his whole body might lose its strength at any moment. His head was empty, his eyes filled with tears, his heart hurt and his knees felt weak. All because of Sarawat. Tine believed him when he said that he didn't care about Pam. That he had no feelings for her. And yet Tine was standing here now, eyes fixed on his boyfriend who was holding his first love in his arms. 'You will always choose someone who is like your first love.' Tine thought of Fong's words. He was right, you just never get over your first love. At least Sarawat couldn't do that. Completely lost in his messy thoughts, Tine didn't even notice that the football player was looking at him. Pam had put her arms around him even more tightly and it didn't look like the boy wanted to stop that. Tine returned the eye contact briefly. And while he could only see an indefinable look, Sarawat saw tears, disappointment, and hate. Tine couldn't take it any longer. He couldn't let his heart break even more. Without hesitation, the cheerleader gathered his last strength and stormed past the two of them.

With a blurry vision, Tine ran down the stairs way too fast. He tried to support himself by holding on to the railing but that didn't help at all. The boy was too weak now. When Tine was finally far away from them, so that no one could hear him, he hit the cold wall. The boy skillfully ignored that his hands were hurting after that. This pain was nothing compared to what Sarawat did to him.
'Why?' Tine's voice was unusually rough, but he couldn't care less. He burst into tears and his heartbreaking sobs filled the empty room. Why did this always happen to him?

Sarawat on the other hand just sighed when he saw that Tine ran away. He had tried to tell his boyfriend through his gaze that he didn't want all of this. But that went clearly wrong. The football player hated himself right now. Pam still made no intentions to let go of him and it was slowly getting on his nerves. Without showing the anger on his face, Sarawat slowly grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away from him. The tall boy could clearly see the traces of dried tears on her cheeks. 'I'm sorry, Pam.' She just looked at Sarawat in disbelief. She still hadn't understood it. 'I know that you have feelings for me too. Don't deny it.' Sarawat had to collect himself briefly and prevent her from another hug. 'I can't love you. I really can't. And even if I could, I wouldn't want it because my heart already belongs to Tine.' When Sarawat felt that she could control herself again, he let go of her. Pam brushed a few strands of hair out of her face and then looked into Sarawat's eyes. She tried desperately to recognize the feelings and emotions from before but failed. 'You're really serious, right?' Pam's voice was quiet, almost as if she couldn't believe what she was saying. 'Yes, I am. I love Tine since I saw him for the first time.' Sarawat had to smile briefly. His thoughts drifted to his boyfriend again. How happy and careless he was at the Scrubb concert. The football player had to see that smile again. Pam looked down and nodded slightly. 'What do you love so much about Tine?' Sarawat didn't even know where to start. 'I love that he joined the music club only to get closer to me. He learned to play the guitar especially for that, although he had no idea about it before. I love that he taught me that it's okay to love only one thing as long as you do it with your whole heart. In the beginning, I judged him for liking only one band but when I saw how much he enjoyed the music, I questioned my way of thinking. I love how he appreciates the little things. Tine knows that I can't give him much and still, he is happy about everything I do. Even if I just made him a bracelet out of a broken plectrum. I love that he loves me.'

Sarawat felt some tears burning in his eyes. He couldn't stop talking about Tine but he did because Pam looked sadder and sadder. 'Tine is so lucky to have you.' She forced a smile and looked at the boy in front of her. She knew that it didn't work anymore. Sarawat belonged to Tine and she couldn't and wouldn't change anything about that. 'At some point, you will also find someone who gives you love, Pam. Take your time with it and-' He was interrupted. 'Go after Tine and take care of him. I accepted it and right now he needs you. I'm sorry, Sarawat.' Pam blinked her tears away and got a proud smile from the football player.

Sarawat lost no time and ran straight in the direction in which Tine ran earlier. He just hoped that he would still find his boyfriend here somewhere, he was worried enough already. Why had he even allowed that?
'Tine?' Sarawat's voice got louder and louder until he heard a quiet sob. This had to be Tine and he seemed to be nearby. Inwardly it broke the football player's heart to hear him like that but he had to be strong for Tine. Finally Sarawat saw his boyfriend and he stopped for a moment. Tine sat on the cold floor with his legs drawn to his chest. He was shaking all over and his tears just didn't seem to stop. 'Tine.' Almost out of breath Sarawat bridged the last part that kept him away from the other boy and sat down directly in front of him. 'Tine. Please stop crying.' The boy spoke as gently as possible and wanted to put a hand on Tine's shoulder but it was hit away. What did he expect? Of course, he was the reason why the cheerleader was sitting here now. 'Please, Tine. Let me explain.' Sarawat tried it again. And this time Tine lifted his head and looked him straight into the eyes. The eyes of the usually so cheery boy were extremely red and wet. Just like his cheeks. 'Go away. I know that you only pity me now. Go to your first love.' Tine sobbed again and Sarawat only sighed. He could understand why the other boy thought like this. 'Will you give me a chance to explain it to you? If you don't believe me then I'll go, okay?'

For a few seconds it was quiet but Tine finally nodded. The football player took a short breath before he started to speak. 'I know that it looked wrong but I clearly told Pam that I love you and that I only want you. Yes, she was my first crush but I never looked at her like I look at you. I have never opened up to her as much as I did to you and I didn't feel with her what I feel with you. Tine, I love you since the first second I saw you. I've waited so long to see you again after that concert. I was so happy when I finally found you and I would have never thought, that I can call you mine now. Pam has never meant as much to me as you mean to me. I love you with all my heart, little buffalo. And I want to spend my whole life with you.' Sarawat already had tears in his eyes and noticed, that Tine looked at him with fascination. He couldn't lose Tine. Not now and never. 'Sarawat?' His voice was still scratchy from crying but he spoke louder than before. 'What's wrong, love?' Sarawat was afraid that the other boy wanted him to go now. He couldn't do that. He needed Tine. 'Can you..-Can you hug me?' Tine got shy but the football player only smiled. Carefully he came a bit closer to the other boy and put his arms around him. As loving as he could.
'Please never leave me.' Tine buried his face in his boyfriend's shirt who just hugged him even tighter. 'I would never leave you.'

Chapter Text

'Should I go to you?' Mil's gaze still rested on Phukong, who was sitting on the bleachers. Alone. He had his phone in his hand but it was quiet for a moment. Mil would be lying if he said that he didn't care about the other boy. 'You better not. If you walk towards me, I might not let you go to P'Tine again.' Mil swallowed. How could Phukong be so confident right now? He had never admitted it, but he liked this character trait in the younger one. Without really thinking about it, Mil removed his phone from his ear and Phukong did the same. Should he go and leave the other student? Who knows how long he wanted to sit there.
Mil took his eyes off Phukong and turned around, ready to go. The boy took a few steps but stopped. He knew that at some point he would feel guilty. Did he want that? No.

Phukong on the other hand just stared at his phone. Why did he just say that? Of course, he wanted Mil to come to him. But he also knew that the other one wouldn't behave as he did with Tine. Phukong sighed. It was hopeless, he had to accept his one-sided love. 'Do you still feel like going on a date? Phukong was torn from his thoughts and looked at Mil, who was now sitting next to him. The younger boy couldn't help but look confused, even though he knew that Mil was probably only here because of pity. And he didn't want that. 'You can go. I'm not P'Tine and therefore not the right person for a date with you.' Phukong held back a few tears that were already burning in his eyes, cleared his throat briefly, and stood up. Only now did he feel the cold air. It felt soothing around his warm, tense body. Suddenly the younger boy felt a light grip around his wrist. He didn't have to look down to know that it was Mil who held on to his arm. Why did he do that? Otherwise, the dark-haired boy didn't care about what he did or where he went. 'Stay here with me a little longer. We have to clarify a few things.' Mil's voice sounded unusually gentle and concerned. Did he always talk to Tine like that? Phukong had to pull himself together not to cry at any moment. Mil's behavior just triggered his emotions. 'Let me go. I don't want to be your replacement for P'Tine.' With his last strength he tries to free himself from the grip, but it didn't work. And finally, he was sitting next to Mil again.

'Listen. Let's just stop talking about someone else and focus on ourselves. That's really important to me right now.' Mil developed a small smile which disappeared when he saw, that a single tear ran down Phukong's cheek. And although the older one didn't let it show, he knew that he was the reason that the other student was crying. And it probably wasn't the first time either. 'I know that you've got feelings for my brother's boyfriend. So why are you here with me?' Before Mil could even try, Phukong wiped the tear away himself and was obviously waiting for an answer. 'I have accepted that I've got no chance. Tine has a boyfriend and I am no longer interested in destroying their relationship. I would much rather be open to new things. New feelings.' Phukong looked at him with a puzzled look, which made Mil smile. 'Why do you suddenly think so different?' The older boy knew that this question would come and he also knew that it was a bit strange. But he wanted to be honest with Phukong. 'I just noticed that you are the one with whom I can be who I am. Do you remember the picture you saw on the faculty tour? The one that I drew?' Mil carefully took the hand of the other boy who allowed it. A short, barely visible nod showed him, that Phukong knew what he was talking about. 'The picture shows the place where I prefer to spend my time. You know that I'm there every day after school. And I thought, that you simply belong into the picture because my day there wouldn't be complete without you.' Mil could see that Phukong's cheeks were red slightly, which he found cute. The younger one squeezed his hand tighter and slid closer to him. Phukong just wanted to take full advantage of this beautiful moment.

'How do I know you ain't lying?' Phukong spoke softly while he looked into the dark evening sky, where some stars were already showing. How long have they been sitting here? 'Would I have drawn you on my picture then? Would I be sitting here with you then? I have no reasons to lie.' Without thinking, the younger boy put his head on Mil's shoulder. And even if the older one was just wearing a shirt, he could feel the warmth he gave off. And Phukong knew right away that he never wanted to miss that again. 'You know what? The last time you waited for me on the football field, my friends said that we would make a cute couple.' Mil broke the pleasant silence and made the other one laugh. It was like music in his ears, so that he had to smile too. 'Really?' Phukong raised his head and looked at him. And when their eyes met, Mil could see all the feelings the other one had for him. Is this how real love feels like? 'Yes. And they are not entirely wrong.' Phukong pushed the other's arm away, which made them both laugh. The two hadn't felt so happy and free for a long time.

'Will you come to the café tomorrow? I'll make you as much honey toast as you want.' Mil brushed a few strands of hair out of Phukong's cold face and then put his hand on his cheek. 'Only when you eat with me.' The older boy shook his head briefly with a smile before looking into the other's eyes again. 'I would love to. We just call it our second date then, okay?' Phukong's heart started beating faster and he instantly felt weak. Not only because of his crush's hand that was now slowly stroking over his cheek, but that Mil was serious about all this.
After the two boys just looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds, Mil held out his hand to the younger one and got up. 'It's getting cold and late. Do you want to stay at my place tonight?' Although there was still no real strength in Phukong's legs, he got up and grabbed Mil's hand. 'Of course. I would be really happy.' 'Then let's go.' Just as the older boy was about to go, the other held him back. He only got a questioning look. 'What about P'Tine?' Phukong was afraid that Mil would change his mind again but he wanted to be sure. 'Who is Tine?'

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Actually, Pi just wanted to eat quietly during lunch break, but it had to turn out differently, as it had for several days now. Since his outward appearance had changed so much, many guys were after him. If they didn't disrespect his privacy and didn't touch him, it wouldn't even bother Pi that much. But that is exactly what they did. Again and again. 'Hey, handsome. Is there still a free place for me?' And again a boy sat down right next to him. Pi could forget about his meal. He might look like that, but unfortunately, he hasn't been able to say goodbye to his shy personality. Otherwise, it would probably be a lot easier for him.
'Actually, I wanted to be alone.' Pi's hand tightened around the fork that was stuck in his food and he took a short breath. The student wanted to get up but then the other guy would probably follow him. And he certainly didn't want that. 'Oh c'mon. How can such a sweet boy like you want to be alone?' And there it was again. The uncomfortable feeling. Immediately afterward, Pi felt a cold hand on his arm. 'Your skin is so soft.' Uncomfortable goosebumps spread over his whole body and he tried to slide away a bit, but it didn't work at all.

Just as Pi was about to gather all his courage, the hand suddenly disappeared. 'You really can't take care of yourself.' Now it was Mork who sat down next to him. A short laugh followed after his statement. Where was the other guy? Was Pi so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even notice that? 'Leave me alone. You don't always have to play the hero.' Pi just poked around in his cold food and looked angry at Mork. He felt like a child when the other boy always came and saved him. Would he be able to do it alone? Probably not. 'You know that I take care of you. You could also say thank you. You never do that.' Pi sighed annoyed, took his plate, and got up. 'Do I force you to do this? You just keep popping up everywhere. Have you ever asked me, if I want that? So don't ask me to thank you.' Pi quickly took his heavy bag before he walked away and left a sad Mork behind. He knew that Pi didn't like it that he helped him. But he couldn't just watch other guys touch him. And that's just because of his looks. He sighed and could still make out Pi in the crowd from a distance. And even if the other boy didn't want it, Mork would still protect him. That's what you do when you love someone, right?

Pi couldn't concentrate for the next hour. The only thing that cheered him up was, that he could go home afterward. And even though it was late, he didn't care about the fact, that he had to walk home. Pi liked to go for a walk in the evening. But before the thought of it could form a smile on his lips, his thoughts drifted back to Mork. He did him wrong every time. Pi could be glad that he had someone who helped him out of the situation. Because there were already somewhere he was just scared. And while the student was grateful for Mork, he didn't like his actions either. Pi often felt constricted because Mork always had an eye on him. He only changed his appearance because of him. But now it felt like Mork didn't want anything from him besides taking care of him. Shouldn't Pi appreciate that? Yes, but he wanted more than that.

A few minutes later the class was over and Pi was slightly frightened by the students who left the room way too loud. How long was he lost in thoughts? Sighing, he packed up his things and made his way out of the school building. Of course, he didn't miss the many glances but he tried to ignore them. It was late and he just wanted to go home. There he could at least be himself. Finally, outside, he breathed in the cool air in a relaxing way. For a moment Pi even forgot all his worries and problems. But then he spotted a certain guy who was standing a little further away, looking at him. Pi knew him. He had already approached him many times in a very disrespectful way. Luckily, Mork was always there but unfortunately, he wasn't there at the moment. 'Don't worry. He won't do anything.' Pi tried to calm himself down a bit because he had to admit, that fear overcame him. But it didn't help anything at all. The boy was still looking at him. Almost as if he was just waiting for Pi to start walking. Which he did a few seconds later.

Pi was almost home and was lucky that the guy was nowhere to be seen. Of course, the student didn't dare to turn around, but he didn't hear any steps. Only the sweet chirping of a bird could be heard here and there in the fresh evening air. If Pi wouldn't be so tense, he would even enjoy the moment right now. But he could forget that even more now. He heard steps behind him that became louder and louder. That had to be the guy. His heartbeat quickened and he noticed the sweat building upon his face. Why did this have to happen now? There was no one to be seen who could help Pi. Just as he gripped his bag even tighter, he was grabbed by his arm from behind. 'Why are you running away from me?' The guy pulled Pi closer to him and only now he could see his face. It was really him. 'W-What do you want from me?' Pi swallowed hard and tried to get his breathing under control. Under no circumstances could he give up now. The grip tightened and an ugly smile graced the other's face.

'Please. Let me go.' Pi tried again and shook his arm hoping the guy would let go of him. But of course, he didn't. That was slowly going too far. 'How can I let someone like you go. Luckily, you're alone today.' And with that, the other boy pulled him close and was dangerously close to his lips. Pi already had tears in his eyes and tried with all his might to free himself. He just wanted to go home. 'Hey! What are you doing with him?' The loud voice broke through the tense atmosphere. Faster than Pi could even realize what was happening, the guy was torn from him and a hard punch hit his face so that he fell on the cold floor. It was Mork. 'If you touch him again you will get even more than that. Take it as a warning.' Pi was still too shocked to do anything so Mork took his trembling hand and pulled him a little further away. The guy apparently understood what Mork said. He didn't follow them.

'Are you okay? Did he hurt you? How long-' Mork was interrupted by a tight hug from Pi. Actually, he had expected that the other one would start a fight again, that's why he was a little distant right now. But he returned the loving hug. And hoped that Pi didn't hear his fast-beating heart. Just as he was about to end it because Pi still hadn't answered his question, he heard a sob. 'Don't cry. I'm here now. I told you that I'll always protect you and I mean it. You're my priority.' Mork slowly stroked the other's back a little and tried to calm him down. 'I'm so sorry. I did you so wrong the whole time. I'm so thankful that you exist in my world. I'm so thankful for everything you're doing for me. I'm sorry. You don't deserve that' Pi broke away from Mork himself and wiped a few tears away out of his pale, cold face. 'It's okay. Yeah, I was hurt by your words but I knew that you need me. That's why I always come back. I'm doing this because I truly care for you.' Pi looked at the other boy in astonishment. Why did he never see this feeling of Mork? 'Let's make a deal.' Mork smiled slightly and took Pi's hands which brought butterflies into his stomach. 'From now on I'm the only one who is allowed to touch you, okay?' Pi replied the sweet smile shyly and looked dreamily at his hands which were held by Mork. His crush. Pi even forgot that it was just an one-sided deal. 'It has always been like this.' And with that, the two shared a gaze full of love. Why had Pi been so blind? He always saw the signs. But ignored them.

Chapter Text

You pick me up when I feel down
No matter how deep in the night

Type was laying on his slightly uncomfortable bed for two hours now. Or was it even longer? His eyes were hurting and he was tired, but sleep didn't plan to overcome his weak, exhausted body. Inwardly, he was more than stressed out because he wanted to attend a new seminar tomorrow. A desperate sigh left his dry lips. No matter how often the boy switched his sleeping positions. Right after he closed his eyes they opened again a few seconds later. Without even thinking about it, he rolled over to the bedside table and reached for his phone. Type unlocked it and directly needed to close his eyes. It was way too bright. Why did he even leave it like that? He made a mental note to never forget that again. After the brightness was adjusted, Type looked at the digital numbers on the screen. 12:27 am. Normally he would sleep at this time. Should he try it again? No, that wouldn't do anything besides bothering him even more. Type blinked a few times while he tried to think about an idea. Should he call Man? The other one was surely already sleeping. But then he remembered what his boyfriend said to him. 'Call me at any time. No matter if it's late at night or early in the morning. I will answer it and keep you company.' Type wasn't a person who liked to get help from others, but tonight he had to change that. He needed someone right now or else he would go insane. With trembling hands, he dialed Man's number and hoped that he would pick up. And the other one did. 'P'Type? Did something happen? Are you okay?' Type could tell from his voice that he hadn't slept. And that he was worried. 'Man? I can't sleep and I feel really bad.' His voice was raspy and under normal circumstances, he would be embarrassed right now. But he just cleared his throat to play it off. 'I'll be there in a few minutes.' And with that, Man ended the short call. Type removed his phone from his ear with a puzzled look. What did he mean by that?

I got your back when we go out
You know I'm always on your side

'I told you I'll come.' A wide smiling Man was standing in front of Type's apartment door. The older one rolled his eyes. He should have known that Man was extraordinary. He waited a few seconds but his boyfriend made no signs of joining him in his warm, cozy room in which the cold night air spread slowly. 'What are you waiting for? Come in.' Type wanted to grab Man's arm that was clothed in a leather jacket. But suddenly the younger one just grabbed a helmet and looked at Type. 'Do you think I'll ride your motorcycle with you now?' Type was slightly annoyed. He thought that Man would join him in bed to be his pillow. But the student had other plans. 'Yes, of course. That's what I'm here for.' Man looked at Type, smiling and loving. How could he say no to that? Without hesitation he grabbed the white helmet that was decorated with black letters and shared his boyfriend's smile. He knew that Man always had his back.

You make this world a little wild
And we shout through crowded streets

'Are you ready?' Man looked behind him and met Type's gaze. He never saw something like this in his eyes. Was it excitement? Adrenaline? Or was he just way too tired? Probably a mixture of everything. 'I'm ready whenever you are.' His older boyfriend put his arms around Man from behind. Instantly, the younger one felt the goosebumps spreading all over his body. He loved this feeling. Man always wanted to go out on a night trip with Type but the older one wasn't the right one for things like that. So the student was even happier that he could finally experience this moment with his boyfriend. 'Man?' Just as the younger one wanted to start the journey, Type gave him a questioning look. With a short 'huh' Man showed him, that he had his attention. 'Drive safe.' 'Yes sir!' And with that, he started the motorcycle. The streets were unexpectedly crowded and the streetlights flooded a cozy atmosphere through the dark world. The cold wind enveloped their bodies and Man drove faster. The adrenaline rushed through his body and he let out a relieving scream. Normally, Type would be embarrassed but right now, he tightened his arms around Man and laughed softly. 

Turn up the noise and make it loud
And let the world fall at our feet

Man never felt so careless like right now. The fresh air hitting his face, Type's warmth around his body, and the exciting feeling of speeding through the streets. 'Man?' Type had to talk really loud so that his boyfriend could hear him. Without looking away from the traffic, he listened to his boyfriend. 'Can you drive faster? I love the feeling. Like the whole world belongs to us.' Man heard every word with a puzzled look on his face. Was this really his boyfriend sitting behind him? Since when did he request things like that? But Man couldn't care less right now. He needed this action. 'Everything for my lovely boyfriend.' The younger one smiled and waited until the road became emptier. Then he speeded up. And for a second he could feel Type's excitement flowing through his whole body.

We love it on the other side 
Where the dreams are real do what we like

'Are you in the mood for something to eat?' The street became more crowded again and since Man wanted to keep them both safe, he drove slower. It seemed like they both forgot the time and everything around them. Like they were lost into their own world where they could live their dreams. Together. 'Sure. I'm kinda hungry.' Type's voice wasn't raspy anymore and he leaned onto Man a bit tighter, so that the other one could hear him properly. With a nod, the younger one showed him, that he understood what he said. Type sighed relieved. Who knew that he needed something like this during a sleepless night? 

Let them point and laugh at who we are
It was you and me here dancing from the start

A few seconds later, Man already spotted a small takeaway. It didn't look like many people were there which was perfect. Both of them didn't want to wait long. Type closed his eyes for a second, only to fully enjoy this beautiful moment with Man by his side. A small smile decorated his lips. He wasn't even tired anymore. Man directed his motorcycle to the right side and parked it there. 'Are you okay, P'Type?' The younger one took off his cold helmet and looked at his boyfriend behind him. The expression on his face was indefinable. He looked extremely relaxed and carefree. Man smiled. That's what he wanted to see. 'I'm more than okay.' He shared a smile with Man and also took off his helmet. But as soon as they got up from the old motorcycle, they spotted two men. Type's co-worker. The same ones who made fun of Man at the gathering. The younger one seemed uncomfortable but Type didn't care. Why were they even out on the streets that late? He knew how sad Man was the last time when they showed their rude attitude towards him. As they both entered the shop, they pointed at them, whispering to each other. But the older one could only smile and grabbed Man's hand who had a confused look on his face. Type knew that they weren't as happy as they were.

We don't need money to feel good
'Cause you're the ride or die the rest of my life

Type could feel that Man was uncomfortable with this situation, but he had his back. Since the younger one criticized that Type didn't protect him the last time, he wanted to do it better. And so they were already standing in the building which was flooded with the smell of fast food. Even if it was nighttime, Type didn't care about what he should eat right now. He just wanted to be with Man. 'Stop caring about them, okay?' Type's voice was only a whisper and Man gave him an insecure look. The older one wasn't used to Man being like that. But he knew what he was thinking right now. That he wasn't enough for him. And Man already had a new problem. 'I only have enough money for two drinks.' The football player got nervous and dug deep into his pockets. But there was no money left. Only the bit that he had in his cold hand. Type also had nothing with him. Not even his phone. But he smiled at his boyfriend. 'I'm fine with that. As long as I'm with you.' Man' hand tightened around the money and he forced a smile. Why did he even deserve someone as kind as Type?

Don't need a party to feel high
We're like the modern version of Bonnie & Clyde

With their drinks in their hands, they left the shop again. Both of them didn't want to spend the time in the stuffy room. They wanted to breathe in the fresh night air which surrounded them. The streets were still full of people and it didn't even feel like it was already past midnight. 'Man?' The addressed person let the straw out of his mouth and looked at his boyfriend. 'Thank you.' Man laughed. 'For what? For this drink?' Type sighed. He knew that Man didn't like it if Type thanked him for something. 'For being here with me.' The older one took a sip of the sweet drink and felt Man's hands on his hips. 'I'll always be with you.' And with that, they shortly forgot all of their problems and just looked dreamily into the sky. A few starts decided to show themselves which made the atmosphere even more beautiful. 'Let's make a deal.' Man already finished his drink and threw the empty cup into the bin next to them. Type looked puzzled. Man really surprised him with something new every day. The older one only nodded. Not knowing what will await him. 'Let's see who will reach my motorcycle first. If I win, I will sleep at your place tonight. And if you win, I'll go home.' Man knew that Type always refused to let him sleep at his place. But today, Type wanted it. So he agreed. And as soon as Man gave the signal he ran to his vehicle. 'Man. That's unfair. You're too fast.' Type could barely hold onto the speed of the other one, but he didn't even try it. He could only hear the laughter from his boyfriend who already reached the motorcycle. Type was there only a few seconds later. 'Hop on. I will sleep in your bed tonight.' They both caught their breath before Man unexpectedly put his hand on Type's cheek and stroked over it. They totally ignored the other people. They were in their own world, where only the two of them existed. After a few seconds, they both had their helmets on and were ready to go home. And for a brief second, both of them felt like Bonnie & Clyde.

You see the truth you're in my heart
And you catch me every time

Type didn't want to go home. He loved every second of this new adventure. The seminar later? Long forgotten. The only thing that was on his mind was the moment right now. Man could be very exhausting at times but he always helped Type when he had a problem. Like tonight. Type's arms tightened around Man's hips and he hoped that the other one could feel his love through it. His head rested on his boyfriend's back. The leather jacket was cold but Type didn't care at all. He needed to be close to Man. 'Should I drive faster?' The older one shouted through the wind and Type laughed. 'But don't do anything dangerous.' Type couldn't help but worry a bit. He knew how careless Man could be. And a second later, the motorcycle drove fast again and Type smiled. That surely wasn't the last time he would do that. But unfortunately, they were faster home than they both expected. And Man hesitated to go inside Type's apartment. 'What's wrong?' The older one took a few steps closer to his boyfriend  Did they changed their personalities today? 'I know that you don't like that and-' He got interrupted. 'Come in. It's cold.' And only right now they both noticed how freezing cold it was. Man looked puzzled. He was sure that Type was just too shy to invite him much earlier. 

And if you're low and fall apart
I'll bring some peace back in your mind

Man smiled as soon as he entered Type's apartment. His eyes were full of excitement. The hall was colored brightly and cute pictures decorated the walls. There were also a few family pictures amongst other ones. Man stared at them especially long. 'Man, stop that.' Type grabbed his arm and turned him around, only to see the worried look on his face. 'What happened, P'Type? Did I do something wrong?' The younger one knew that it must be his fault. He did something that Type didn't even like. 'No. You gave me something that I didn't know I needed in my life. I just don't think I can attend the seminar later. Although it's very important to me.' Type looked down and sighed but his chin got lifted by his boyfriend who only smiled at him. 'Either you will attend it with me or you will stay at home. Also with me. I know that these things are important to you but never overwork yourself. If you don't feel like going, then stay at home. Your health is more important. You finally need some peace in your mind.' Both laughed after the last part of Man's speech. Type knew that his boyfriend was right. But deep inside he asked himself, why Man was so kindhearted. He loved it.

We love it on the other side
Where the dreams are real do what we like

A few minutes later both of them were sitting on Type's bed, which was much more comfortable than before. It was probably because Man was with him now. They both had no intention of going to sleep, the adrenaline still flowing through their veins. 'Did you like the trip?' Man looked at Type, smiling. Like he knew that he liked it. 'I did. I felt so careless. Almost like a dream.' Man laughed and Type gave him a warning look. 'Well...We could do that more often. It's a change from your daily, boring life.' The older one grabbed his phone and answered some messages. Probably from Boss who wondered, where he went. 'Man. You know that I need to focus on my work and-' A finger closed his lips and the only thing Type could see was a smiling Man. Could he ever stop with this expression? 'It's time to let other things into your life too.' Type didn't say anything but he knew that Man was right.

Let them point and laugh at who we are
It was you and me here dancing from the start

'Do you think your weird co-workers will address it later?' Type knew what Man was talking about. Type still wondered, what people like them were doing outside that late. 'Even if they do. I don't care. Let them laugh at us, talk about us. I know that you can give me something that they can't.' The younger one's mouth folds open. He wasn't used to Type saying those things. 'And what? I would love to remind you about the fight that your colleagues started at the party.' Man pouted. He knew that he was exaggerating. 'Man. It wasn't even a fight. And I said I want to live a normal, quiet life. You can give me that. And love. And what can they give me? Their endless money which I don't want.' Type smiled at the happy expression on his boyfriend's face. He loved the fact that he was already satisfied with little things like that. 'I'll treasure this forever. Can I record it on my phone so that I can listen to it every day?' At first, Type thought it was a joke but when Man typed on his phone, he knew that he was serious. 'Man. Of course not.' And again. A pout.

We don't need money to feel good
'Cause you're the ride or die the rest of my life

'Man? What time is it?' Type was resting in Man's arm at the moment who proudly held his boyfriend. With the other hand, he reached out for his phone. 'Almost 4 am.' The eyes of the older one widened. The seminar was in less than four hours. He wouldn't make it. He sighed and had to let go of that thought. Just like Man told him. 'I think...I will skip this seminar and inform myself when the next one will be.' It was hard for him to speak that out loud. Man immediately hugged him way too tight and kissed him on his cheek. 'But you need to go to school and it's-' 'I already told Boss that I won't come today. Don't worry, I will stay with you the whole day.' Type should have known that. And even though he wanted to say something against that, he kept quiet. He wanted to spend his whole life with the younger one, who stroked gently through his hair. 

Don't need a party to feel high
We're like the modern version of Bonnie & Clyde

'You know what? Today I felt like we're Bonnie & Clyde when we raced through the streets. But of course, I'm Clyde. I'm way too cool to be Bonnie.' Man laughed and closed his eyes. Ready to sleep after an exciting night. 'You're weird.' Type whispered and snuggled up closer to his boyfriend. He kept quiet about that he had the same thought. And with that, both of them slowly fell asleep. Secretly, Type hoped for more sleepless nights.

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Techno never thought that he would experience a moment like this. He was always afraid of the thought but now it was his bitter reality. Techno lost his last match as the football team captain. Everyone else was long gone, leaving him alone in the cold night. The boy sat on the slightly wet floor and looked into a shining puddle that decorated the earth in front of him. All he could see was a broken boy with red, teary eyes full of unfinished dreams. The vision in the water was blurry but Techno's mind imagined all the beautiful moments he had as the captain into it. All the times he had to scold Can because the smaller boy skipped the practice too often for food. All the looks he shared with Type, who always knew what Techno was thinking. All the times he cheered up Ae when the boy was missing Pete too much. And of course, all the times Kengkla waited patiently in front of the field until Techno finished the practice. He sobbed, picked up a small stone covered in dirt, and threw it into the puddle with his last strength. After that, he felt his heart ache. Will these moments be over now? Forever? A hot tear rolled over his cheek and left a wet trace behind. Techno's dreams and hopes shattered right in front of him. He should have led his team to victory one last time but he failed. Wasn't he too good enough? Techno began to freeze but he didn't care. He didn't care that he was sitting there with only his short football clothes. He didn't care that his blue and white clothes were dirty. And he didn't care that he was alone right now. Techno's sad gaze rested on the view in front of him. The empty street, the dark trees, and the streetlights which flooded his dark world with a bit of light.

Just as Techno was about to look down again, he saw someone coming. The steps of that person were light, almost inaudible. He tightened his hurting, wet eyes but he couldn't tell who it was and swallowed. Until the person came nearer. Kengkla. What was he doing here that late? A heartbreaking sob left Techno's dry lips and the younger boy stopped a bit further away from him. The football player could see that Kengkla only wore his school uniform but he held a jacket in his hands. Techno gathered all his strength and stood up. His knees were weak and he felt like he could collapse at any moment. His shorts were wrinkled and a lot of dark spots covered the white fabric. He wouldn't need it anymore anyway. What should Techno do now? Kengkla acted like he was too scared to take one step closer to the older boy. So they just looked at each other. Kengkla with a worried expression on his face. And Techno looked like he just had the worst fight of his life. Completely broken. Without thinking about this decision, he crossed the last bit that separated him from Kengkla. Just as Techno arrived at him, he threw himself into the arms of the younger one who caught him. 'I lost.' Techno's voice was raspy because he hadn't spoken in a long time. The last time he said a word was when he said goodbye to Champ. And that was hours ago. Now he couldn't hold himself back. Techno sobbed and cried uncontrollably. And although Kengkla was a bit overwhelmed with this situation, he stroked over the older one's trembling, cold back. He hoped that he could offer the other boy some support and comfort through that. 'You did your best, P'No.' Kengkla's voice had a sweet undertone. He liked this moment because he had Techno in his arms. Of course, he would like it even more if the other one wouldn't cry. 'I lost, Ai'Kla. I lost everything.' Techno's hands found their way onto Kengkla's warm back and clawed into the soft fabric of his shirt. The younger one sighed. He knew that football was a very big part of Techno's life, so he couldn't blame him for thinking like that. 'You may have lost this match but you will never lose the memories you made, P'No.' Suddenly Techno backed off from the tight, loving hug and wiped the tears out of his face. 'Why should I keep memories that make me cry?' Techno's eyes looked for an answer in Kengkla's face.

'I know that you love all the memories that you made here. And even if they make you cry. That's just because they are beautiful, P'No.' Techno sobbed again but his tears had mostly dried. He would lie if he said that he hated Kengkla's company right now. He enjoyed it. Why couldn't the younger one be like that from the beginning? That would have avoided some trouble. Techno developed a small, honest smile. Only meant for Kengkla, who was right with what he said. Techo knew that his time as the captain was over but who said that he can't treasure those moments? And the thought that maybe Ae will become the new captain of the team brought back the tears in his eyes. He was so proud of his team. 'Take this jacket, P'No.' Kengkla tore him out of his thoughts and held out his hand with the clothing. Techno was too shy to grab it because the other boy also just wore a T-Shirt and short jeans. 'You will get sick. Wear it yourself.' Kengkla smiled. Was Techno worried about him? 'It's fine.' And with that, he took the jacket and laid it around Techno's shoulders. Comfortable shivers ran through the older one's spine and goosebumps spread all over his body. 'Thank you, Ai'Kla.' The older one cleared his throat and hoped that his cheeks weren't colored in red right now. 'No need to thank me. I will drive you home, okay?' Techno snuggled himself closer into the fluffy fabric and looked at Kengkla with a puzzled expression on his face. The younger one laughed quietly. 'It's okay. I will walk home, Ai'Kla.' 'I will only take a yes as an answer,' Kengkla picked up Techno's bag from the place where he sat earlier and looked at him.

'Thank you.' The older one needed to support himself by holding on to Kangkla's arm who didn't mind that at all. He even helped his crush into his black, luxurious car. The younger one turned on the heating and smile as he saw that Techno relaxed. Kengkla started his car and focused on the dark road in front of him. Which was harder than normal with Techno next to him. 'Do you think they will forget me?' The older one's voice was traced with a sad tone. 'They won't, P'No. How can they forget such a great captain and friend as you?' The older one had a smile on his lips while he looked at the dark scenery that rushed away next to him. He had to admit that it looked dangerous. How could he even sit there when the world was so scary? Techno probably would have slept there when Kengkla wouldn't have appeared. He needed to thank him later. Completely lost in his thoughts, the older boy didn't even notice that the black car stopped. A look out of the window told him, that they arrived at his home. Technic was probably already worried. 'We're here. Take care, P'No.' Kengkla shared a heartwarming smile with Techno and waited. Waited that the older one would leave the car. 'Don't you want to come in? I know that it's a long way until you're home and it's so late already.' Techno never thought that he would say these words at some point. Kengkla had a surprised expression on his face. Techno couldn't blame him. He avoided the younger one for months and only talked to him when it was necessary. But he couldn't deny that Kengkla helped him today. 'Oh. That's okay. I can-' 'No, please come in.' And with that Techno opened the door and got out of the car.

He still felt weak but his condition was better than earlier. Kengkla couldn't hide his excitement when he stood next to Techno in front of the gate. Techno opened it and couldn't hide a smile. His thoughts drifted to the morning where he found the bag with Bentos here. Maybe Kengkla wasn't as bad as he thought. 'Are you sure that I can stay, P'No?' They were standing at the door, which was already open but Kengkla hesitated to go into the house. Probably because Techno always disliked it when he was there. 'Yes, sure.' The younger one smiled before he entered the cozy, familiar building. He never came here together with Techno and he already knew, that he wanted to experience it more often. 'Ai'Nic, I'm home!' Techno actually wanted to shout but his voice was still too weak. A few seconds later they could already hear a door unlocking and Technic made his way down the stairs. 'You're so late, P'No. I was worried about you and called but you didn't pick up.' Techno's younger brother had a sad expression on his face which disappeared when he saw Kengkla. 'Why did you bring him here?' Techno knew that this question had to follow. 'He helped me and it's late. Let him sleep here.' And with that Technic nodded and headed back to his room to make some space for the guest.

Techno decided to go to the living room and sat down on the comfortable sofa, which was much better than the cold, wet floor. He was looking forward to a hot shower and fresh clothes but right now, he needed to rest his exhausted body for a while. Kengkla appeared a few minutes later with a glass of water, which he offered to Techno. With a slight smile, he took it and looked at the younger one who took a seat next to him. The fresh, sparkling water brought a bit of life back into Techno's body. 'P'No, I'm sorry that-' 'Don't say anything. I want to thank you for comforting me. I really needed it. And you reminded me of some important things.' The empty glass found its place on the table and Techno took the hand of the other boy, who never thought that this would happen. 'You reminded me of the fact that it's okay to cry while remembering beautiful memories. I'm sorry for being to harsh on you.' A small smile decorated Techno's face. 'No. I deserved that. But I want to be a better person for you, P'No.' Kengkla tightened his grip around the hand of his crush. Almost like he was afraid that the other one could let go and disappear forever. 'Give me some time, Ai'Kla.' And with that Techno made his way into the bathroom and left a happy Kengkla behind. The younger one finally got the chance to show Techno how he really was. Before the older one left the room, he turned around one last time. 'I know that I'm a complicated person, but thanks for believing in me.' Kengkla looked at Techno like he was the most precious thing in this world and smiled proudly. 'You're a wonderful person, P'No.' And for the first time today, Techno managed to laugh quietly.

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'What should we have for lunch today?' Bright gave each one of his friends a questioning look and sighed when one of them answered. It was the same procedure every day. The third-year students were standing lost between the tables full of people who were either eating, studying, or just talking to each other. And that way too loud. 'I can't come with you today. I've got something to do.' Arthit hide his hands in the small pockets of his red engineering shirt and received some confused glances. Since he was in a relationship with Kongpob he often skipped the activities with his best friends which were indispensable for him before. And of course, nobody knew about his boyfriend. 'But why? You don't even tell us where you're going. You just disappear.' Bright's voice sounded disappointed and Knot only nodded in agreement. Arthit hated to treat his friends like that but he also knew that he didn't want to cancel his meeting with Kongpob. 'I bet it's because of this 0062 junior. You two hang out together a lot.' Prem laughed quietly after saying this while Bright laid his arm around his shoulder. Arthit's face was decorated with an annoyed expression. 'I would be quiet, Prem. Don't act like I don't know about your thing with this Wad boy.' The smile on the addressed student's face faded away. Arthit has hit his weak spot nobody knew about so he just cleared his throat instead of answering him. 'Fine, fine. Do whatever you want but I'm hungry, boys.' Bright hit on Prem's chest with his palm and thought about a way to find out about his friend's secret lover. And with that, Arthit made his way out of the stuffy canteen. He always preferred eating outside in the city, especially in his favorite noodle shop. The third-year student disliked the school food, with exception of the pink milk. From a distance, the student could still listen to the noise from the place that he just left. And Arthit could swear that he just heard Bright's loud laugh. He smiled almost invisible. Arthit needed to keep up his attitude when he's in school. Nobody was allowed to know that he wasn't actually like what he pretended to be. The aggressive, cruel head hazer. That wasn't the real Arthit. Only a few people knew his true self. His best friend and Kongpob.

The third-year student dug in his pocket for his phone and grabbed it. As soon as he unlocked it, he saw a new message from his younger boyfriend. 'When will you be here? I want to buy some food for you.' Arthit shook his head briefly. Kongpob couldn't even rest for a second. While he walked a bit faster, he answered him. 'In a few minutes. You don't need to, I'm fine.' His phone found its way to its original place while the owner of it looked forward to seeing his boyfriend. Sometimes Arthit didn't even recognize himself anymore. Kongpob influenced him in a way he never knew was possible. And although the older one told him that he won't need any food, he was sure that Kongpob was already on his way to buy something. Finally, Arthit got torn out of his thoughts when he saw the building where his boyfriend was living. He didn't even notice the big smile that rested on his face when he opened the door and walked to Kongpob's room. Was the other one even there now? Or was he outside? Arthit needed to try his luck and knocked on the wooden door. It was time that Kongpob gave him a spare key. That would for sure make a great topic to talk about. Just as Arthit sighed, the door was opened and a smiling Kongpob stood there. 'I'm sorry, P'Arthit. I just dressed properly.' And he really did. A white shirt under a dark blue jacket clothed his upper body while black jeans matched the outfit. Arthit couldn't compare to his boyfriend with his engineering shirt and simple jeans. He always asked himself why Kongpob put so much effort into his appearance. It was just his boyfriend whom he will meet. But it was cute. 'I told you thousand of times that you don't need to do that.' Arthit stepped into the cozy, neat room. He admired his boyfriend for being able to keep his room so clean. His room was way too messy and full of stuff that he liked. And disliked. He wasn't a person who needed to keep everything tidy. I'm just like that.' Kongpob put some shirts away from his big bed what Arthit answered with a smile.

His boyfriend surely had a hard time choosing his outfit. 'Can I use your laptop, Kongpob? I need to finish an assignment until tomorrow.' Arthit took a seat on the black chair in front of the table and started the device. He knew that he was allowed to use it even without asking. 'Sure. I will go out and buy something to eat.' The older one turned around and answered with a confused look. 'I thought you have already finished that as always.' Kongpob laughed briefly. 'I won't take too long.' and with that, he was out of the room and closed the door behind him. Now Arthit was alone. He grabbed his bag which he placed on the floor and took out a few sheets and his notebook. The third-year student hated this schoolwork since it was a lot. Actually, he would have done them with his friends but they never stayed focused. And it was mostly Bright who interrupted their concentration with his random thoughts. Nevertheless, Arthit was thankful for his friends.They always had his back when he needed them. When the desktop finally appeared after a few minutes, Arthit wanted to open up a new document but his eyes were fixed on a new file on the black screen. It looked like they were pictures in it. Arthit was curious, but it wasn't his business. The blank page he just opened waited for words to be written on it but the student couldn't think of anything else than the folder. Why was he so attracted to it? The white digital paper got closed and the cursor landed on the yellow icon.Arthit swallowed. He was about to intrude on his boyfriend's privacy. And Kongpob could be back every second. Arthit shook his head briefly and closed his eyes for a second. And suddenly the folder was open and a bunch of pictures showed themselves.

Although they were still small, Arthit could spot Kongpob on a lot of them. Mostly next to a boy he has never seen before? A friend of him? Arthit felt the jealousy rise inside of him. And before he could change his decision, he clicked on the first photo. His eyes tightened and his heart stopped for a brief second. The picture showed the younger boy next to another one that Arthit didn't know. And they looked like a couple. The next thing the third-year student saw were luxurious cars. Who was this guy? Arthit couldn't think clearly anymore. All he felt was anger and frustration. But he still skipped to the next photograph with trembling hands.And again it was full of stuff that Arthit could never afford. He wouldn't even dare to dream about all those things. A beautiful mansion with a big swimming pool in front of it. Arthit noticed the cold sweat that builds upon his forehead. Suddenly he felt like his whole world crashed right in front of him. The student would never be able to give such expensive things to Kongpob. He didn't even know that the other one was in a relationship before. With a man. Arthit's face formed into a disgusted look. That means he wasn't the first one who touched the other one. Why had Kongpob never talked about it? Why would he even downgrade to a boy like him? And why did Arthit feel like he wasn't enough anymore?All these questions restricted his mind. But of course, he couldn't answer a single one of them.

Just as the third-year student was about to skip to the next picture, he heard that the door got unlocked. Panic overtook his tense body and he closed the whole folder. 'I'm back, P'Arthit. I bought your favorite food.' Arthit felt like he had a lump in his throat and cleared it hastily. He wasn't particularly good at hiding his emotions or feelings. 'Oh. I thought you worked on your assignment?' The younger one now stood behind him. Eyes fixed on the black screen. Arthit had forgotten to start his work. 'I had no ideas. I will do it with Bright or Prem.' Should he talk about what he just saw? 'I can help you too, maybe. But let's eat first.' The plastic bags in Kongpob's hand found their way onto the table and he began to unpack them. Arthit had no appetite but he still managed to take a seat in front of his boyfriend.'Oh, P'Arthit. I also got you your favorite drink.' Kongpob placed the pink milk next to the older one's food and gave him a sweet smile which Arthit couldn't return. Of course, he doesn't want to force himself to any emotions. 'What's wrong? I can feel that something is bothering you, P'Arthit.' Kongpob's hand reached out to the one of his boyfriends, but he pulled it away. 'I'm not hungry.' Arthit pushed the food away and crossed his arms in front of his chest. The younger one let go of his spoon and looked at the other student. He looked annoyed and slightly hurt. 'Please tell me what's wrong.' Kongpob's voice became pleading, almost like he couldn't think of any other option. 'Do you love me?' Arthit's eyes tightened and he looked into Kongpob's eyes without any feelings. 'Of course, I do. I love you, P'Arthit.' 'Why do you keep secrets from me then?' The older one's arms now rested on the table. 'What are you talking about? I don't-' 'I saw the damn folder on your laptop. Why are you playing games with me, Kongpob?' Arthit's voice got louder. Almost as loud as it was the first time Kongpob decided to stand up against the older one. And he hated it. Kongpob swallowed to keep calm. He had forgotten to delete the last pictures. Inwardly, he hated himself. He should have known that this would cause trouble.

'I wanted to delete it but I've overseen it.' 'Do you realize that I will be never able to afford all those things? I will never be able to let you live a luxurious life. Why did you even choose me?' Kongpob could spot some tears in his boyfriend's eyes. A rare sight. But it showed him that Arthit really struggled with himself right now. 'Can you do me a favor, P'Arthit?' The addressed person just wiped over his eyes and then rested his gaze on Kongpob who had a slight smile on his lips. 'Give me your hands.' And even though Arthit was angry right now, he couldn't say no to his boyfriend. And so he just nodded anxiously while Kongpob grabbed his warm hands. Arthit immediately calmed down a bit. That's how much the younger one was able to control him.'Do you remember the time when I gave you my gear badge? You know that it means that I gave you my heart, P'Arthit. I was afraid to tell you about my past because I knew that you wouldn't like it. I know that my ex-boyfriend offered me a great life full of money. But he never showed much love to me.' Kongpob interrupted himself to look at Arthit whose eyes rested on their hands. The younger one sighed. 'You are totally different. I know that I will never live a life like this with you. But I don't need that, P'Arthit. You give me love which is worth much more than material things. Please forget about my past and let's look forward to our future together. And never doubt yourself again, P'Arthit.' Kongpob ended his speech with a smile while Arthit's cheeks were wet from the hot tears that just left his eyes. Kongpob had never seen him cry.

The younger one rushed to him and laid his arms around his boyfriend. 'It's okay, P'Arthit. I'm here with you.' Arthit sobbed, took a deep breath, and stood up from the uncomfortable chair. Now he was standing right in front of his boyfriend who still had his arms around his hips. 'Kongpob?' The younger one gave Arthit all of his attention by pulling him closer and placing a featherlight kiss on his forehead. 'You know that you have my heart with you too, right? Please take care of it.' Arthit didn't care about his image right now. All that he wanted was to be close to his boyfriend. Kongpob cupped his slightly red face gently. 'Your heart is the most precious thing I own.' Why did Arthit even question the other's love for him?

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Gord looked into the mirror for one last time before he grabbed his backpack and hurried out of the door to his bicycle. He was slightly annoyed by the reflection that the mirror showed him. When the boy was at home, he let down his happy facade that decorated his limp face when he was at school. Especially around his best friend Morn, he tried to be as cheerful as he could. After all, that was the Gord the other boy knew. Morn would never know that he hide something from him. From his best friend. Even though they swore to never have any secrets. And yet, Gord needed to keep it to himself. It got harder the last weeks since the urge to show his love to the other one got bigger. But Gord remained silent about the feelings that were hidden deep inside his fast-beating heart. Gord threw these thoughts away for at least a few hours and got on his old, used bicycle. To be honest, he did not need to use this vehicle. He had a personal driver who offered him a lift to school every morning. But Gord refused it every day. Because he knew that Morn liked to hop on the bike with him. It was time. Gord cleared his throat and managed to put a weak smile on his face. That should do it for this morning. He could say that he's still tired but that would worry Morn. That's what best friends do, right?

Gord enjoyed the calm ride through the still almost silent streets of the city. The sky was already colored in a comforting shade of light blue and a few clouds decorated the paint-like sky. Here and there the student could hear some birds chirping. It sounded like a sweet melody. It was a beautiful morning and Gord could forget his problems for a while. Moments like this were his favorites. Especially when Morn was with him. He swallowed at the thought of his best friend. Should he really pick him up today? Morn usually walks to school with his older brother, Mork. Gord just did that once in a while. But before he could decide that, he already saw the small barbershop of his best friend's dad. It was like his body directed the bike there on its own. But Gord would never complain about that. He loved every second that he was able to spend with Morn. he stopped right in front of the building and saw, that Morn's dad just opened the door of the shop. He came right in time. Gord leaned his bicycle against the wall of the old building and hurried to the entrance. 'Good morning. Is Morn still here?' Gord greeted the older man and put on the kindest smile he had. 'Oh, Gord. Come in. Morn should be ready in a few minutes.' And with that, he stepped into the shop that he knew better than his own home. He spends most of his days here. Every day after school mostly until midnight and on weekends he slept over. And he even felt more loved here than at his own home. Gord took a seat and looked through the room that was stuffed with a variety of different things. 'Gord, my best friend. How come you're here?' Morn walked into the room, behind him Mork who had a welcoming smile on his sleepy face. 'I wanted to pick you up for school and wish you a happy birthday.' Gord didn't even know why he got shy so suddenly. His heart began to race and his cheeks blushed as he heard Morn's cute laugh. His favorite sound.

'I really missed that and thank you.' His best friend gave him a tight hug which he replied a bit too late since he was overwhelmed. What was wrong with him? They hugged so often and he never felt so nervous as today. 'Are you okay with that, bro?' Morn let go of the hug and turned around to his brother who adjusted the collar of his shirt in the mirror. 'Sure, go ahead. I will walk. Take care.' And before someone could answer something, Morn grabbed Gord's arm and pulled him outside. He breathed in the fresh air as he had never been out. 'Thank you, Gord.' The boy answered with a warm smile while both of them got on the bike. Morn laid his arms around Gord's small hips and rested his head on his warm back. Nothing new but today goosebumps süreaded all over Gord's body and a herd of butterflies entered his empty stomach. Overall it was a precious moment that he wanted to last forever.

The two boys arrived at the crowded school faster than Gord liked it. He would have loved to have Morn's arms around him a little longer. Maybe forever. 'Will you come home with me after school? We can't afford a big birthday party but my dad said he will buy some delicious food.' Morn got off the bike at the same time as Gord and looked at him with a bright smile that could light up the whole world. Sometimes Gord felt bad being around him. Morn knew that the other one came from a wealthy family and had a lot of money. But Gord never showed that. He went to a normal public school, wore the school uniform, and never cared about expensive things. Maybe that was just because of Morn. He liked his simple lifestyle.'Sure. I would have come anyway. You know that, Morn.' The two boys made their way into the school building and Gord held onto his backpack a little bit too tight. Was it because Morn walked nearer beside him than he usually does? Was it because he had the urge to hold his best friend's hand? Or was it because of the birthday present he had for Morn? The gift was still beautifully wrapped up in his bag. He couldn't wait to give it to the other boy since he made it by himself and put all the love he had for Morn into it. He even chose his favorite color for the wrapping paper. 'Gord, are you listening to me?' Morn hit the other one's arm and got his attention again. 'Sorry, I was lost in thoughts. What did you say?' 'I said that I hope that I can have a big birthday party one day. Or maybe a nice present. My dad just buys me food and for my big bro a present is a hug.' Morn laughed but his best friend could clearly hear the sadness in his voice. 'I will throw a big party for you someday.' Morn's eyes sparkled for a brief second which flooded Gord's body with happiness. 'Really?' 'Of course.' And with that, they arrived at their full classroom. The two were one of the last students but they didn't mind that.

Gord had a hard time concentrating during the lesson. His thoughts always drifted to his best friend who sat right next to him and had his eyes fixed on the sheet that laid on his desk. Gord should do the tasks too but instead, he looked over to Morn who just filled out one of the empty spaces on the paper. He always admired him for his beautiful handwriting. How elegantly the pen flowed over the sheet. Gord had a dreamy expression on his face which got completed by a light, loving smile. It was only meant for Morn, nobody else. 'What are you looking at? Do you need help?' Morn suddenly turned around to his best friend who swallowed because his throat got dry. It was the second time today that Gord got caught daydreaming about Morn. 'Oh, that's fine. I can do it by myself.' The other boy just nodded and drew his attention to his own tasks again. Gord was getting too obvious. It was just a matter of time until he accidentally spoke out his secret.

As soon as the teacher ended the lesson, Gord packed up his things faster than usual. He needed some fresh air to clear his mind, although he already knew that it wouldn't do anything. Not until he could finally call Morn his boyfriend and... 'Gord? You are so off today. What's wrong?' The third time. Morn stood in front of him, backpack on his shoulders and ready to go. 'I'm still a bit tired, sorry.' Gord's voice was raspy which reminded him of the fact that he hadn't drink or eat today. 'You can sleep a bit at my place, okay? You really need to come. It will be boring without you.' Morn pouted and took Gord's arm. 'How can I skip the birthday party of my best friend?' It was a rhetorical question so he didn't need an answer to it. 'You mean soulmate?' Morn shared a heartwarming smile with his best friend who only made a quiet sound in agreement. 'I actually mean-' 'Let's go I'm hungry.' 'boyfriend..' Gord mumbled to himself.

'It looks like a beautiful day for my birthday. I think the world likes me, Gord.' The two boys were sitting at one of the many tables outside their school. They always liked to come here to eat. The canteen was way too loud and stuffy. But today they both just had a drink in front of them. They wanted to eat at the barbershop. 'Of course, Morn. Just look at how cute you are.' And although Morn just took this as a joke, Gord was completely serious about it. His sweet smile, squishy cheeks, and cute personality made him a lovable person. 'What's up, guys.' A new voice appeared next to them. It was Mork. 'Hi, bro. Why aren't you with your boyfriend?' Morn tilted his head a bit which matched the questioning look on his face. 'Since it's your birthday I organized that you two can go home now. Take this as my present for you, Morn.' Mork smiled awkwardly and the younger one couldn't hide his excitement. 'Tee is already at the shop. You can come with me.' 'Really? How did you do that?' Morn already got up from his seat and grabbed his sweet drink from the table and Gord did the same. 'That's a secret.' Mork stroked through the brown hair of his brother and ruined it. 'You know that I hate secrets.' Gord's heart felt like it was attacked by thousands of thorns. If Morn only knew.

'I can already smell the food that dad bought. I'm sure it's delicious.' Morn automatically walked faster after he said that and Mork answered with a laugh. But Gord only pushed his bike next to him and enjoyed how happy his friend was. Since the two brothers only lived around the corner from the school, they were there in a few minutes and Gord left his bicycle at the same spot as this morning. 'Hello, dad and bro's boyfriend. Where's the food?' 'Don't be so rude, Morn.' Mork pushed his brother to the side who looked through the shop to find any signs of food while the older one went to his boyfriend. 'It's here. I will prepare it. Go change your clothes.' Morn's dad picked up a few boxes from the table and waited for them to go up into their rooms. 'Gord, come with me. I don't want to go alone.' Morn could see that Tee shared a light smile with him as he grabbed Gord's hand and pulled him with him.

'Oh, Morn. I have something for you.' Gord took a seat on the soft bed where the two shared a lot of unforgettable moments. Their movie nights, their study sessions, and the hours where they just talked about random stuff that crossed their minds. Gord cherished all of them. He could still remember that day when they watched SOTUS and how shy Morn got after it. 'Really? Gord, you don't need to buy me anything. If I have you I'm totally fine.' Morn just put on a new shirt and sat down next to his friend. 'I know but...I wanted to make this birthday special for you.' He opened his bag and grabbed the little box with trembling hands. 'It's nothing special or expensive but I hope that it can make you happy, Morn.' The other boy had a big smile on his face and held the present in his hands like his life depends on it. Gord knew that Morn would be happy with everything that was inside of the box. 'Can I open it? I'm so excited. You wrapped it so beautifully.' Gord's heart skipped a beat and he took that as a compliment. 'Go ahead.' They shared one last look before Morn carefully opened it. The other boy could see how his face lightened up when he saw, what was inside of it. 'Wow, Gord.' Morn was speechless as he grabbed two small, precious bracelets. 'Are there two of them because you will wear the same one like me?' Morn's gaze was fixed on the things that he held in his hand. 'Yes. I made them by myself.' He received a surprised look. 'Really? Gord, they are so beautiful. Do they have any meaning? Are they like these rings my bro and his boyfriend are wearing?' Morn couldn't hold back his questions and just threw them at the other one.

He still stroked over the black leather that looked like it was very exhausting making it. 'Actually yes, but-' 'No but. I want to hear the meaning.' Morn interrupted Gord who had nervousness written all over his face. Could he say the truth now? He gathered all his confidence and took a deep breath. 'I...Morn, this bracelet represents our deep friendship and maybe something more.' Gord could feel some hot tears burning in his eyes and he blinked them away. 'What more, Gord?' Morn didn't get it. 'Morn, you're making me shy. Yes, it's something like your brother and his boyfriend are wearing. I tried to hide my feelings but they are just growing every day and every time I see you. I don't want to destroy our friendship since you're the only one I have but I hope that you can accept the way I feel about you.' Gord's hand formed a fist and he felt that a tear left his eye. He didn't want to cry in front of Morn. But before he could do something he felt a soft rub on his face and the tear was gone. He looked straight into Morn's face. 'I'm so happy, Gord. I was actually too shy to admit it. I like you too. Not just like my best friend but more.' Gord swallowed and it felt like a dream. 'Really? I-' 'Yes, I do. Really.' Now he shared a smile with the other boy before Morn took his hand and adjusted the bracelet around his wrist. Gord did the same with Morn's bracelet and so they just looked at it. Their hands next to each other both of them too shy to make the first step. But then Morn gathered up all his courage and grabbed Gord's hand, who couldn't even process what was happening right now. 'Is this the start of something new?' Gord gave his boyfriend a puzzled look. 'I think so. But we will forever be the one and only Gord Morn team. Now just as boyfriends.' And while Morn said that, Gord could feel the butterflies again. He was ready for a new beginning.

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'Have you heard about the freshmen gathering that will take place today?' M threw a confused look at Oak who was busy picking his favorite ingredients out of the food that stood in front of him. 'What are you talking about, dumbass? We've already earned our gears. Why should there be another gathering? You should talk less and listen more.' M poked his fork into his omelet and was ready to throw a punch at his friend with glasses. 'I heard about it too. But I don't know what it will be about.' Kongpob just silently watched the scenery until now. 'See! I was right. Who's the dumbass?' Kongpob's high school friend gifted Oak another angry gaze but that didn't seem to bother him. 'We haven't done anything wrong, did we?' The smallest boy out of them took a sip from his cold drink while the other ones desperately searched for an answer. 'I can't think of something.' M said and Kongpob nodded in agreement. 'Maybe it will be like a farewell. Or they just want to talk with us.' The boy with the ID 0062 pushed his empty plate gently away from him. 'Let's just skip it then. I don't want to see those third year students again. Especially this head hazer.' Oak wanted to hear that his friends admitted that he was right but they just looked at him like they didn't understand what he said. Mainly Kongpob had a disappointed look on his face. 'We should go there. The seniors aren't that bad. I actually like them. P'Bright is really nice to me.' M shared a smile at the table which only Kongpob replied.

'I think so too and I will go there. P'Arthit is a really kind person.' 'He gave you a brainwash. You know what he did to you. Why do you even hang out with him that often? Is there something you need to share with us?' Oak's drink found its way into his hand again and his both friends shook their heads briefly. 'I can go out with him as much as I like. There's nothing I need to tell you.' Kongpob knew that this was a lie but right now was not the right time to admit that he was in a relationship with the head hazer. He wasn't in the mood for his friend's comments about it. 'Should we go together then?' M asked while all of them finished eating and were ready to go. 'Sure. Let's meet in front of the hall.' Oak opened his mouth, probably to complain about their decision, but closed it again. 'It's at five right?' M picked up his plate from the table and looked at Kongpob. 'Yes. We still have a little bit of time, but I will go to my room first.' Both of his friends nodded to show that they understood what he said and made their way through the many tables. Kongpob noticed that there were barely any third-year students to be seen. He secretly hoped to spot Arthit somewhere but that seemed impossible.

The three friends parted their ways at the exit of the canteen. They wanted to spend their free time alone too, so Kongpob left the loudest area of the big school. 'Oh, P'Knot.' The third-year student stopped after Kongpob greeted him kindly and did the same. 'Do all of you know about the gathering today?' Knot had a few documents in his hand and a friendly gaze decorated his profile. Unlike the times he stood in front of the freshmen. It feels like they were two different persons. 'Yes, they do. Can I ask what it will be about?' Knot seemed to think for a second. 'We just want to share a few things with you, so don't be scared.' A light smile formed on his face. 'Thank you, P'Knot.' They both shared a brief nod before Arthit's friend disappeared into the crowd of students. Kongpob continued the way to his room and Arthit was nowhere to be found. Maybe he was with his other friends or in his room. To get ready for his last gathering. Kongpob would find out soon

When Kongpob reached his personal space, he sighed as soon as he closed the door behind him. A short gaze on his phone told him that there wasn't a message or a call from Arthit. The older one usually always made sure where his boyfriend was. Kongpob tried not to overthink this and threw the small device on his bed, which was blocked by a few shirts. Kongpob hated it when his room was messy. The boy loosened his tie a bit and his eyes automatically rested on the balcony across from his own. And there was Arthit. He had a few towels in his hand which he hung over the cloth line. Overall the head hazer looked like he just got out of bed which made Kongpob smile. His hair was messy and the shirt he wore was a few sizes too big for him. Sadly, the older student finished his task faster than Kongpob liked and went back into his room. The freshman was glad that he was able to see Arthit today. Even if it was just from afar. And suddenly, Kongpob's phone rang. 'Hello, P'Arthit.' 'You will come today, right?' Kongpob could hear that the older one opened his wardrobe. Probably to take out his red engineerings shirt that looked so good on him. 'Yes, I will be there. P'Knot said that you just want to share some information.' Kongpob looked over to his boyfriend's window again but he couldn't see him. 'Yes, it will be the last gathering after all.' 'Why weren't you at school today, P'Arthit?' His boyfriend sighed. 'I had no classes today. Don't worry, I don't skip school.' Kongpob smiled briefly and pressed his phone unknowingly nearer to his ear. 'I just missed you today and I know that you did too.' The younger one could feel that Arthit got shy. He probably blushed right now. 'Missing my ass. Get ready for the meeting.' And with that, the older one ended the call. Kongpob knew that he didn't mean it like that. Arthit missed him. His phone found its way into the pocket of his black jeans. The gathering was in less than forty minutes, so he hurried to get ready since m and Oak would wait at the hall.

Kongpob was there on time. Nothing special, since he was always punctual or too early. 'Oh, Kong. Are you nervous?' His two best friends greeted him and together they stepped into the big hall. 'No, not a bit.' There were a lot of other students who already sat down on the floor. Kongpob's thoughts drifted to the first days here at school. How he stood up against Arthit, how they had to experience their physical limits and how the screams of the third year's echoed through the whole room. Sure, the memories were not beautiful but Kongpob treasured them. The three took their seats on the floor with Kongpob in the middle. 'I'm sure they have something to criticize. They can't do anything else.' Oak adjusted his black glasses and earned an annoyed look from M. 'Stop with that shit.' He tried to whisper since the room wasn't that loud although many people were there. That was the impact of the hazers. Kongpob couldn't wait to see Arthit for the last time in his position. He would never admit it in front of his friends, but he liked how Arthit stood in front of them. So confident and proud with a cold look on his face. M's eyes were fixed on his watch for a second. 'It's already six minutes after five. They are late today.' And just as Kongpob wanted to answer something, the third-year students entered the big hall. The formation of them could assume, that the freshman had to sit and stand hundred times in a few minutes again. But today they had friendly looks on their faces, even Arthit.

Some students began to whisper to each other and soon the room was flooded with a loud noise. 'I thought we told you to be quiet when your seniors are standing in front of you.' Prem was the first one who took the word. But he wasn't screaming. His voice had a soft tone and he even shared a light smile. In a matter of seconds, everyone's mouth was closed. They rather stared at the third years with confused looks. Arthit, who had his place in the middle like every time, cleared his throat. 'I know that there actually would be no other gathering after you gained your gear badges. But we thought that the last one is a good possibility to just give you a bit more of advice. There won't be any hazing activities, don't worry.' The next one who decided to speak was Bright. 'First of all, we want to congratulate you again for everything you accomplished. We couldn't wish for better juniors this year. We know that it wasn't easy with us but we wanted to prepare you for the rough part you chose.' A few whispered thank you's could be heard and Arthit took a step forward. Kongpod had to suppress a smile that was about to show itself on his face. 'You should know that road ahead of you will be hard. Sometimes there will be stones in your way but you should never stop reaching for your dreams. We did our best to show you how to behave, we showed you unity and the importance of friendship.' Arthit stopped for a few seconds and his eyes wandered through the many faces in front of him.

And it rested especially long on Kongpob. He then grabbed his gear badge out of the small pocket of his red shirt. Like on the first day, he held it up so that everyone could see it. 'Never forget that this gear is the heart of us engineering students. This one's from my boyfriend Kongpob but that's-' Arthit stopped himself and slowly realized what he just said. He made his relationship with Kongpob public in front of all freshman students and his best friends. Arthit's cheeks were colored in a deep shade of red and the people began to talk again. Here and there he could also hear some screams. The gear badge landed in its original place again and Arthit looked at the floor. Kongpob on the other hand didn't know if he should smile or cry. He was also just a blushing mess. 'Is that true? He's your boyfriend?' M grabbed Kongpob's arm while Oak had his face covered with his hands. But the boy in the middle remained silent. 'Anyway. I think you got our message. We should end this gathering.' Bright decided to speak again after it was quiet for a while and laid his arm around Arthit who lifted his head again only to look at his boyfriend. 'Besides that. You should have told us earlier. You two make a cute couple.' Bright smiled at Kongpob and the other third-year students agreed. 'That wasn't even planned. I'm so dumb. Forgive me, Kongpob.' Arthit's voice was unbelievably raspy as he tried to smile through the pain. But Kongpob gathered all of his confidence and stood up, only to make his way through the students to his boyfriend.

He decided that it was better to speak through actions and so he hugged the older one tight. He could feel the warmth of Arthit's body. 'I love you, P'Arthit.' The head hazer sighed and laughed after it. 'I love you too, Kongpob.' The screams got louder and Arthit's friends decided to join the hug while they were fanboying over the couple. And so the gathering ended in a big group hug.

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Wad stopped counting how many times he already threw the orange ball into the basket. Was it one time? Or maybe one hundred times? The student didn't know, and he didn't care. But he scored again. Nothing that could cheer a perfect player like him up. Wad stroked back his messy, way too long hair and walked up to the ball that still jumped up and down. He should consider a haircut again. Wad picked up the only thing that made him happy at the moment. His fingers traced over the black lines that decorated the ball. Wad was the only one here. It was already dark, and he was sure that soon somebody would complain about the noise he makes. In between his thoughts he could feel the light wind that swirled gently around his upper body which was only clothed in a thin shirt. Completely absent in his own world, Wad's eyes wandered to the fine, white bracelet that crested his thin wrist. His fingers stopped their activity, and he fought against the lump that build up in his dry throat. The inconspicuous threat managed to make him feel wanted every time he checked if it was still where it belongs and his eyes rested on it.

Who could have known that this thread is from the boy he used to hate more than anything else? Who could have known that this boy changed the way Wad saw the world? And who could have known that this boy just ignored him after the short but beautiful moment they shared at the beach? Wad smiled unconsciously while his mind decided to play the minutes over and over again like a broken recorder. How gentle Prem adjusted the thread around his wrist like he was made out of porcelain that could shatter into a thousand pieces if he touched him too firmly. How shy the third-year student got when he apologized for his actions. Wad could nearly see himself in the boy that sat in front of him. How proud Prem looked at the picture that he made of the freshman with his camera. Wad knew that he was the only one who got photographed at this evening but for some reason, it didn't even bother him.

And no matter how many times he cried himself to sleep after that, Prem seemed to live in a world where Wad didn't exist anymore. And so, the first year student slowly isolated himself from everything around him. His friends, school, the gatherings and even his passion. The only times he went out of his room was to buy food and to play basketball at night, so that nobody could bother him. Wad was better off alone at the moment. When he arrived at the bitter reality again, a look-up to the dark sky showed him that it was covered in beautiful stars. Wad was sure that they twinkled in his teary eyes. Tonight he would let the tears fall down if they decided to come out. He was tired of wiping them away all the time.

His hands were still attached to the ball and tightened a bit when he felt a few wet drops that hit his face. Wad knew that it would be better to go inside now, but his body wanted to stay here. And so he stood in the rain that got heavier every second. His hair was already wet, and he could feel the cold water leaving traces on his arms. Maybe it could wash away all of his worries and problems. Wad stroked through his hair with one hand. He would surely be sick in the next days which wouldn't be practical since he had nobody that could take care of him. Just as Wad wanted to take a few steps forward to reach his room as slow as possible, the rain stopped pouring over him. The boy knew that somebody stood behind him. He knew that somebody held an umbrella over his head to shield him from the rain. Was it Kongpob? The student was known for being kind and caring. But why should he be outside that late? Wad swallowed to keep calm and pressed his ball nearer to him. Was it to have a source of comfort? Probably.

'You shouldn't risk your health like that.' Wad would recognize this soft, comforting voice at any time. Prem. Countless questions circled around in Wad's head. Why was Prem here? Why did Prem protect him? And did the older one even had an umbrella by himself? 'I don't need your help.' Wad was never a boy who spoke much since he identified himself as an introvert. He knew that the phrase that just left his mouth was a lie. He needed and wanted the help of the third-year student. But he hadn't forgotten that it was Prem's fault that he was in his current state. 'Please. You will get sick.' Prem didn't know why he got so shy suddenly. He felt like he was a freshman again. Back then he was the exact same, but he just developed this side of him in front of Wad. And then the younger boy turned around.

Prem had to swallow hard. Wad looked extremely attractive with his wet hair that was slightly messed up, with his wet shirt that stuck tightly around his body only to reveal his muscles and the basketball in his hands like he was ready for a match. 'You should protect yourself.' And with that Wad grabbed the hand with the umbrella and pushed it back. It had no use anymore. Prem himself was completely soaked. 'Why are you out here so late?' Wad looked into the eyes of the taller boy for the first time. All the emotions and feelings he had for Prem build up in his body and left a comforting warmth behind. 'Because of you.' Wad received a confused look from the third-year student.

For a while it was quiet between them. Only the raindrops that crashed onto the earth could be heard. 'Why?' Prem blinked a few times to clear his vision while Wad felt like his hands were already one with the ball. 'You just left me like trash after we were at the beach.' Finally, he had the chance to speak out his problem that bothered him for so long. The freshman was afraid of the reaction, but he had nothing to lose. He knew that Prem would never feel the same way as him. 'It's not like that, trust me. Can we meet tomorrow to talk about it? Please.' Prem's hand tightened around the umbrella in his wet hand and Wad took a step backward. Was he ready to talk about it? Was he ready to accept that he had no chance? 'Where?' The older one seemed to think for a brief second. 'Can I...- Can I come to your room? I understand if you-' 'Be there at two.' Wad turned around and was ready to got, but he stopped himself from taking a step. 'Don't forget me again.' And with that he left Prem behind who thanked the rain for hiding his tears.

Wad felt unbelievably heavy because of his wet clothes and his thoughts that had no intention to stop. But after a few minutes he finally reached his room and closed the heavy door behind him. The freshman was glad that nobody saw him on the way. He definitely wasn't in the mood for any conversations. Wad should change his clothes first, but instead he sat down on the floor, which was wet now too. Why did he even agree to seeing Prem? Wad was sure that he would hear tons of lies tomorrow. But Prem didn't look like he would do that. He was the same boy that Wad learned to love at the beach. Not the aggressive, screaming hazer. Wad knew that this wasn't the real Prem. His body got shaken by a hard sob. Prem was the first boy he had feelings for, and it directly turned into a mess. Wad's hands stroked over his face to block the tears that wanted to leave his sleepy eyes. He didn't want to cry. He needed to stay strong. With a deep breath he forced confidence into his body and got up. With a bunch of new clothes he went into the bathroom. And after a hot shower that relaxed him a bit, he laid in his bed. It was way too big for one person. Wad turned around to stop his brain from thinking about Prem. While the boy replayed the beach scene before his eyes again, he finally found some sleep.

The next morning came faster than Wad expected. The first thing that crossed his empty mind after he opened his eyes was Prem. And in the matter of a second his brain felt like it was about to explode. With a sigh, Wad grabbed his phone from the bedside table and unlocked it. Ten missed calls from Kongpob and several new messages from him and M. It wasn't like he hated the attention of his friends, he just didn't want to tell them about his problem. And so he ignored them again. Besides that Wad noticed that it was already twelve. He never slept that long, but that was probably the effect of last night. Prem would hopefully be here in two hours. He didn't want to admit it, but he was scared that the third-year student wouldn't come.

With a heavy head Wad got out of his bed and got dressed. Wad didn't do it on purpose but when he looked into the mirror he noticed that he chose his best clothes. A brand-new shirt that he never wore before, deep blue jeans and his favorite sneaker. A total difference from his everyday school outfit. Wad swallowed. He was never fully confident about his appearance, but he slowly learned to accept himself. 1:57 pm. His heart beat increased while he placed his phone on the table. Wad threw a last look at himself before the boy walked up and down in his room. He was nervous which was displayed by his trembling hands.

A loud knock tore him out of his own world, and he felt that sweat that build up on his forehead. Wad styled his hair one last time before he stepped to the door and opened it. Prem looked breathtaking. He wore a light, white shirt which exposed his defined collarbones, light blue jeans and a golden necklace finished off his look. The both boys just looked into each other's eyes and got lost in them. Wad cleared his throat. 'I thought you wouldn't come.' Prem stepped into the unfamiliar but cozy room. The older boy could tell who Wad was just because of his room. Posters of different basketball players decorated the white walls, a lot of pens and bottles of paint stood on the shelves, and it was slightly messy. He liked it even more than his own. And besides that, Wad looked handsome today in the casual clothes that he chose. Prem needed to focus on why he was here. 'You can take a seat.' Wad offered him a short smile that disappeared after a few seconds and both students sat down on the comfortable bed.

Prem never felt so nervous before in his life. Not even when he had his first day as a hazer. 'You wanted to talk?' Wad grabbed a cushion from behind him and pushed it to his chest. Prem wanted to be the one who could give him some comfort, who could hug him when he needed it. 'I think we should talk about us.' Prem took an almost inaudible breath and waited for Wad's answer. He had put on his usual look which seemed like he had no interest in the other student. 'Better explain why you ignored me. Why you treated me like you don't know me.' The older one could spot the curiosity in Wad's eyes. But there was another emotion. Sadness. 'I wasn't sure how you felt about that day. We had a lot of fights and I know that I made mistakes. But it was never my intention to treat you like that. I kept the distance because I didn't want to bother you.' Prem's heart felt a lot lighter after speaking it out loud. But there was still something that remained unspoken.

Wad scanned him. Almost like he was reading the older one's body language and expression. 'You gave me something that nobody did before, and then you just disappeared. That's not how it works.' 'What do you mean?' Prem's face reflected his feelings right now. He was confused. 'I never had a person who treated me so kind and cute. You're actually the first one which I allowed to enter my room. I don't trust many people.' Wad swallowed while he thought about why he exposed so much about himself. 'Let me be the one who you can trust the most. I'm sorry about my childish behavior. I was just a bit confused about my own feelings and-' 'Feelings?' Prem felt caught. Why did he say that? His face turned slightly red, and he avoided the eye contact that Wad tried to create between them. It was useless. Prem had to be honest now.

'Well... I do have feelings...' He interrupted himself and stroked his hands over his jeans. 'I have feelings for you. Romantically, not just as friends or something.' Both boys felt like their hearts were about to burst. Prem gathered all his courage and grabbed the hand of Wad who was slightly frightened before he allowed it. Prem directly had the urge to never let go of his hand again. It felt much different from his own, so soft. Wad looked down onto the new scenery and felt his cheeks burning. His crush just admitted that he likes him too. 'I feel the same. That's why I was so angry that you ignored me.' Wad's voice was much more quiet than habitual. But he also had a vulnerable side. And he was ready to show it to Prem. The older boy had a smile on his face, which was a rather rare sight.

'I'm so sorry.' Prem slid closer to the other boy and laid his hand on his cheek which radiated a warm feeling. 'You're serious, right?' Wad needed to ask this question since he never had any experience with stuff like that. Prem laughed quietly. 'Of course. Why would I lie to you? I'm just glad that you feel the same.' The older one gently stroked over Wad's cheek. He had a shy expression on his face, but Prem could also spot a smile. 'Do you answer dumb questions?' Prem's hand stopped its activity. 'Go ahead.' The third year student had to admit that he got a bit nervous. 'We both admitted our love. Does that make us boyfriends now?' Prem's heart picked up a fast pace again as he slowly removed his palm from the younger one.

He cleared his dry throat. 'Eh...' Prem began to stutter and Wad wasn't able to recognize him. Where was the hazer with the loud voice who wasn't ashamed to shout at him? But he was proud that Prem showed this side of him to the younger one. 'Would you... Would you like to be my boyfriend?' Wad had to hide his excitement and just took Prem's hand again to squeeze it lightly. A big smile decorated his face, which was very unusual for him. He was a person who hide his emotions inside him rather than showing them. 'Yes.' A simple word left his mouth which conjured up butterflies in their stomachs. Prem didn't care anymore. He pulled the other boy into a tight hug and tried to put all of his feelings for Wad into it.

After a while where they just enjoyed each other's presence, Prem decided to speak again. The boys were now sitting a bit apart from each other again and missed the other's warmth already. 'Do you want to go out with me tomorrow? I have no classes and-' 'I would love to.' Both students shared an expression full of love. 'I know a good noodle shop and after that we could go to the lake that is around the corner.' Wad was overwhelmed by Prem's effort and asked himself for how long he had already planned that. 'I can't wait.' Wad never felt so excited. Not even at the basketball match here at school where he got titled as the best player. And that means a lot.

'Can I ask you something?' Wad broke the comfortable silence again. 'Sure.' 'Can you promise me that you won't play with my heart?' Prem had to smile. The younger one was just way too adorable. 'I would never do that. I promise you that I will protect it. And you need to protect mine.' And with that Prem pulled his gear badge out of his pocket and gave it to the person who owned his heart since the first time they met.

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Type's warm hand tightened around the phone that rested at his ear. His relaxed gaze was fixed on the scenery that played in front of the football player. Countless students rushing to their next class while chatting with each other. And Type? Type had no need to hurry since football practice was the next appointment on his tight schedule. The sun shined down on him and left comfortable goosebumps behind. Type loved to practice during this weather. 'Yes, I will try my best, don't worry.' Tharn, his boyfriend was on the other end of the phone and told Type for the thousand time that he shouldn't forget to study for his upcoming exams. 'I have to go now. Practice is calling. I don't want to make Ai'No mad.' Type's lips formed into a small smile when he heard his boyfriend laughing. Since Tharn was studying at another school they barely saw each other but both of them made time for daily phone calls. 'Will you call me when you're finished?' 'Of course. Take care.' Type ended the call, put his phone in the pocket of his jeans and turned around in the direction of the football field.

He still had some time left until Techno would scold him for being late. That happened only one time and the student never wanted to experience it again. Angry Techno was really an unconscionable act. But Type had to admit that he always finds it amusing when the captain was angry at Can. He shook his head briefly and made his way to the football field. Maybe he would meet Champ somewhere since the two were always the first ones who arrived.

Type reached his destination on time. Here and there he could spot some boys out of his team which he greeted shortly but kind. He loved the connection that the players had to one another. The football team was like his second family, especially his close friends that were part of it. Surprisingly, Type couldn't spot Champ. Completely zoned out, he opened the heavy door of the changing room and could hear that someone was already there. 'I looked everywhere for you. Where did you hide?' Champ was already sitting on the bench clothed in his white blue uniform and greeted him with a welcoming smile. 'I actually did the same. I just talked to Ai'Tharn. Is Ai'No here?' Type opened his locker where he stored his own clothes and pulled them out.

He projected an annoyed look on the two pieces when he saw how wrinkled they were. Almost like the boy wasn't the one who carelessly threw them in there the last time. 'I didn't see him. It's strange because he always waits for us.' Champ was typing something on his phone which he gave all of his attention. It had to be something important. 'That's unusual for him.' Type was about to get changed when the other boy stood up. 'I'll leave first and see if Ai'No upstairs, okay?' When Type nodded in agreement, Champ left the small, cold room abd left him alone with his thoughts. Why wasn't Techno there? He would never forget their practice or anything related to their team. This was a very weird behavior from him. But maybe the other boy was right, and he was just waiting for them.

Type somehow managed to get dressed, and he stored his white shirt and black jeans in his old, gray locker. Well, it wasn't exactly his, but he claimed it for himself. 'He's not here.' Champ had a worried expression on his profile that reflected onto Type when he entered the field. It was empty. 'I will try to call him. No need to overthink this.' Techno always hated it when someone brought their phone with them put Type managed to sneak it in every time, which was now an advantage. But right after he dialed Techno's number, the mailbox answered the call instead of the captain.

Champ's gaze rested on Type who seemed to be helpless. Either he turned his phone off, it broke or the battery was empty. 'Mailbox.' One word managed to spread panic between the two boys. 'Was he at school today? Maybe he's just sick.' Champ tried desperately to find a reason, but it wouldn't work. 'He always lets me know when he caught a cold or something. And I don't know. I didn't have any classes with him.' The two boy shared worried looks. 'I will go to his house and see if everything is okay. Can you tell the other boys about it? I will call you if something's wrong.' 'Wait. Do you really think that's a good idea? Maybe he will-' Type interrupted Champ, although he could understand his complaints. He also had the feeling that his actions were a bit exaggerated, but Type just wanted to make sure that everything was alright with their captain. 'I'm sorry, but that isn't normal. I've made my decision.' Champ gave up. He knew that once Type wanted to do something, he did it. Regardless of other opinions. 'Fine. I'll let them know.'

Type's steps were anxious, and it felt like the whole world would crash under him. Just the short way out of the hall felt infinite. The boy left his clothes there and decided to go in his football uniform since the weather was still beautiful. The sun rays shimmered through the green colored leaves on the trees and left behind some comforting shadows on the ground. On days like this Type loved to just sit in front of the school, talking to his friends about nonsense and just feeling secure. Luckily, Type knew exactly where Techno lived since he had to carry him home a lot of times after he drank too much. It wasn't far away from school which made it a lot easier. Type was almost there when his body began to tighten, his heart began to pick up a pace he never knew was possible and his football shirt felt like it laced itself around his upper body. He was afraid of what would happen. Was Techno there? Was he okay? And if not, how could Type help him? All these questions constricted his brain and he had no answers to them.

He took a deep, secure breath and could already spot Techno's house from afar. The big, white gate made it easy to remember. Type knew that the captain of the football team always parked his motorcycle in the garage, so he couldn't tell if Techno was home or not. And then Type finally faced the gate. It felt like it would crumble down on him at any second. His hand wrapped itself around the cold metal that flaked off a bit. The football player slowly pushed it open which was followed by a high-pitched creak. Type grimaced for a second while he closed it after he got in.

The front yard looked as tidy as always. Here and there the fresh, green lawn was covered by a few brown leaves, but that made the scenery idyllic. It even made Type forget why he was here for a second. But then his gaze fell on the front door that seemed so far away. The boy gathered his last strength and now stood in front of it, breathing heavily. Just because he was scared. Type knocked. He knew that the bell had been broken for a long time do he didn't even try it. 'Oh, P'Type. What leads you here?' It was Technic who opened the door. He seemed to be in a good mood which was a sign that nothing happened.

Or was he just pretending? 'Is Ai'No here? He wasn't at the football practice today, so I decided to check if he's okay.' Type's voice reflected how he was feeling right now. It was shaky, unstable and it seemed to give up at any second. Techno's little brother had an indefinable look on his face, which made Type swallow. 'P'No is in his room. He said he didn't feel so good today. I thought he messaged you.' A heavy stone fell from Type's heart. And all the stress and anxiety bled out of his body. 'He didn't, that's why I'm here. Can I see him?' Of course Type needed to take advantage of the situation and visit Techno. 'Sure, come in. P'No can be happy to have a friend like you.' Technic stepped aside to let Type in.

They shared a last smile before Type went up the stairs. He had to admit that he began to feel weak but nevertheless he reached Techno's room. The door stood open a gap wide and no sound could be heard from inside. Maybe Techno was asleep. And even though the football player could just storm into the room, he decided to knock on the door with trembling hands. 'I told you that you can just come in, Ai'Nic. When will you learn that?' Type was glad to hear the sleepy voice of his friend. 'Well, I'm not your brother but can I come in too?' Type stood in the door frame and smiled at Techno who was sitting in his bed, doing absolutely nothing. His hair was messy which displayed that he just woke up. 'What are you doing here? Sure, make yourself a home.' Techno's eyes widened for a second, but he patted onto his bed, showing Type that he could join him. And he did.

'I'm here because Champ and I were worried about you.' Type felt like Techno got nervous after he said that. He laughed awkwardly, stroked over his blanket and avoided eye contact. 'I'm fine. I just had a headache this morning and I forgot to tell you.' Type's eyes tightened. And Techno knew that the other boy could tell that something was wrong. 'Listen. I skipped all my last classes after practice and came here right away because I am really worried. And now I want to know what's wrong.' Type's voice sounded gentle and comforting so that Techno's smile got replaced by tears in his eyes.

'I can't do this anymore.' The football team captain tightened the grip around the blanket while Type tried to keep calm. It wouldn't do anything when he began to freak out now. Techno needed a shoulder to lean on right now. 'Can you tell me what is bothering you?' He tried to sound as soft as possible while he placed his hand on Techno's leg that was enveloped in the fluffy fabric. A quiet sob left his mouth and he took a short breath to control his emotions. 'Please promise me that you will keep this a secret.' 'You are like my brother, Ai'No. Whatever you will tell me, it will be safe.' Techno knew that he could trust his friend, he just needed the security right now. 'It's about Ai'Kla.'

Type swallowed hard when he heard the name of the boy. He knew that Kengkla is obsessed with Techno but from what he could see, he seemed to have a kind personality. He offers Techno rides home, buys him food and writes him letters. Type always wondered why Techno hadn't fallen for him already. 'Do you remember that night when you brought me home because I was drunk?' Type couldn't hold in his short laugh that brought a bit of atmosphere into the room. 'Sorry, Ai'No. I just did that too often. Which night exactly?' Techno smiled weak and tears already blurred his vision. 'Where you left me in the hall because I thought that it's my bed.' Both actually enjoyed the thought of it because it's a memory that made all of their friends laugh. But not this time. 'And what's the matter with Ai'Kla?' Type couldn't connect these two stories, he required more information from Techno.

The boy took a deep, shaky breath and a single tear found its way out of his eye, but Type caught it on time. 'I already told you that I went into my room, but that's not the end.' When they talked about that day, Techno always ended the story with the fact, that he found his way into his bed and slept peacefully. Type's expression was confused. 'Ai'Kla was in my bed, but I thought he was my brother...' Techno stopped his sentence to sob. The other boy slid closer to his friend and grabbed his hands. 'Don't be afraid to tell me, okay? You know that I would never judge you.' 'I ended up next to him and he...' The football captain needed to stop again. It must be something horrific and Type didn't dare to think of it.

Instead, he stroked gently over Techno's hand and a comfortable shiver ran over his spine. 'He assaulted me and told me that I started it and...-' Now it was Type who interrupted his friend. 'He assaulted you?' Techno felt how weak his body got just by hearing this question. 'Y-Yes, he did.' 'You should have told me about it, Ai'No. We could have informed the police. How can you even sleep when you know that this boy is out there living in peace? Nobody hurts my friends and definitely not in this way.' Type never felt so much anger inside his body. He had a desperate look on his face that was meant for Techno.

This boy must have gone through so much pain. Alone. Type hated himself. He should have talked to his friend much earlier. But instead of drowning in his tears, Techno tried to smile. 'I appreciate your words, but you know how I am. I just told him that we should forget it. It's my fault.' 'It's not. It's his fault and you know that. I don't even know how you can stay so strong.' Type had the urge to visit Kengkla only to let his whole anger out. 'But there's a problem.' 'Another one?' Before Techno could answer, Type pulled him into a warm hug. He wanted to share some love with Techno, but he also wanted to hide the tears that decorated his eyes. Techno shouldn't see him cry, he wanted to be strong for his friend. What should he do with another person that shared his tears?

'I'm so sorry, Ai'No. You're such a wonderful person. You don't deserve that. Nobody deserves that. You're just way too good.' Type stroked gently over Techno's back and felt how the hands of the other boy clawed into his shirt. 'You don't need to be sorry. I'm just a stupid person.' And with that, Type ended the hug and looked into Techno's eyes. 'What's wrong with you? You are absolutely not. Why do you think like that?' Techno's gaze wandered to his bedside table where a few letters found its place. Type knew that they were from Kengkla. He wanted to destroy them piece by piece only to throw them into the bin. 'I've got feelings for him.'

And for a second, Type felt like all of his strength lost his body. He was proud that his innocent Techno finally liked someone, but why this boy? 'Hold up. Why? I mean, how can you develop feelings for a person who has done such a horrible thing to you?' 'I don't know. I just know that he changed. He apologized and started to send me those letters. And my heart just feels that he's serious about it. You always told me to listen to my heart.' Type managed to form a small smile on his lips.

He was glad that Techno remembered his words but on the other hand he wasn't so sure about his decision. 'I'll be honest, Ai'No. You just broke my heart by telling me what happened to you. And I know that I can do nothing about your feelings, I don't even want to change them. I just want you to promise me, that you'll be careful. That you will tell me everything, and I mean absolutely everything, about him. I really don't know what to say besides that Ai'Kla should never face me.' Techno's laugh flooded his room. 'I will promise you. I'm so thankful to have a friend like you.' 'I hope you saw that it's important to talk about your problems.' Type wiped the last tear out of the other one's face. 'I know. I'm sorry, you know I can be dumb.' Soon after that, they melted into a hug again. And as much as Type wanted to approve his friend's feelings, he needed time to accept it. And he swore himself to always keep an eye on Kengkla.

Chapter Text

Our encounter was like a painting
We were together like being drawn as watercolor


While he usually found support in his comfortable bed, Ae now felt as though the mattress was made out of stone. Fragile as a flower, the boy glanced at the guitar he placed on his lap. In the end, it was the most consoling thing Ae could think of. Nobody was there to wipe his tears away, to tell him that everything will be alright, to tell him that time will heal his wounded heart. The sharp strings caught his fingertips and he stroked them gently. There was a strident sound in the room, and Ae's ears began to hurt. But that was nothing in comparison with the pain in his chest as it began to tighten. Due to Pete alone. The boy that the student wished to spend his whole life with. The boy who broke up with him this morning. The boy who would step out of Ae’s life forever tonight. As he tightened his grasp on the musical instrument, hot, burning tears began to flow down his cheeks. Since he had already cried for hours, Ae didn't even notice them. As his hand slowly moved towards his face, it wiped over his wet cheek. The dry spot was again covered by new tears. Ae's brain was in a state of bursting with images of Pete. In his mind, he recalled their first meeting on a sunny spring day. It was like a scene straight out of a romantic drama when stressed out Ae bumped into Pete. He looked at how adorable the other was and wondered why he hadn’t seen him sooner. And how shy Pete became when he helped him. In Ae's heart, all those moments will always hold a special place. A painting could be compared to their relationship. An absolutely beautiful painting. Lines were placed at just the right angle, and colors blended seamlessly with each other. It now looked as if the artist who painted it had thrown dark pigment all over it.


Lines that were sketched and the colors that filled us are fading at some point


His final act of strength was to place his guitar next to his bed. It was always an instrument that made him forget his problems for a while. But why doesn't it work now? Clearly, he had never faced any serious problems in his life. His shaking, weak body let out a heartbreaking sob as he placed his palm on his chest. He wouldn't wonder if his heart had already stopped beating. However, it did. Weakly compared to other days. The soft fabric beneath him seemed to dissolve his body and his throat became dry. Is he able to carry on without Pete? The handmade bracelet that adorned his wrist caught his attention. When Pete knew he would have to leave someday, why did he even give it to him? It seemed that the brown leather was constricting his blood flow. The tightness was so much worse than usual. ‘Is this what you want to do to me, Pete?’ A single tear fell onto the charm as Ae's voice sounded weak and raspy. As a result, the letters on the puzzle piece became blurry. Like their relationship, which was fading in front of Ae's eyes. He was powerless to stop it.


Like a season-ending, You left everything behind in the memories
You said you were going with a smile


‘Pete, you can’t do this to me.' Ae did whatever he could to prevent himself from becoming estranged from his boyfriend. ‘We need to do this now, Ae since I don't know when I'll return.’ Pete's voice was especially strong. He sounded as if ending their relationship in this way didn't even bother him. ‘I'll wait for you. No matter how long it takes.’ Ae’s voice pleaded for help. Clearly, Pete was serious about his words. The look in his eyes said it all. The two boys stood face-to-face. Pete tried to smile despite Ae's tears, which seemed to never end. The way Pete acted, it was almost like he wanted both of them to be happy. Looking forward to another chapter in their lives. But without Pete, love means nothing to Ae. ‘Please smile for me, Ai’Ae.’ He reached out for the other boy's hand, but he was unable to grab it. ‘How are you in such a  good mood? Did you even care about this relationship?’ Ae had a hard time understanding the whole situation. The experience seemed like a nightmare. ‘I want to let you go with a smile, Ae. Don't let me stop you from being happy.’ ‘My happiness is in you, Pete. Why don't you understand that?' An uncontrollable sob uttered from Ae's lips as he looked into the eyes of the other boy. 


You said even if I’m alone tomorrow, don’t act sad
Because that’s what you’re going to do


‘The truth is, Pete, I'm not sure if you even love me.’ Ae tried to control his breathing by pinching the bridge of his nose, as the conversation was having no effect. In contrast, Pete smiled softly at the other boy as he stepped closer. To feel Ae's hand for the last time, he gently grabbed it and stroked over it. As his gaze rested on the scenery, the smaller boy only had a confused expression on his face. ‘There is nothing more important to me than you, Ae. You are the most precious person in my life. But I think it's better to end this here. The last thing I want is to be a burden to you. I won't stop you from living your life.’ As Pete wanted to let go of Ae's hand, he held him back. The need for this touch was too strong for him. ‘I promise to wait for you.’ A burst of emotions filled his eyes at this point. Ae begged him to stay with him. 'Ae, perhaps I'll return someday. And then I don't want to see you sad. I know we will both be alone tomorrow, but promise me that you won't cry. Because I will already do that.’ Pete's eyes were hiding some tears, and Ae saw them. ‘You shouldn’t cry.’ Ae's voice was barely audible and he let go of Pete's hand.


Tonight, in the dark night, above the sky the clouds cover the stars
And pour down rain that can’t be blocked
It says the last goodbye for you


This leads them to where they are now. In the rain that pelted the dry earth, they stood in front of each other. Ae was tearing up, his clothes were soaked, and his hands trembled. Pete on the other hand had an umbrella. He still smiled despite tears adorning his eyes. To make it easier for them. As Ae watched the clouds cover the dark sky, it was as if they themselves were crying. ‘Can we truly say that this is the end?’ Pete looked at Ae as the boy stroked back his wet hair. Perhaps to fully enjoy his presence one last time. 'It’s not the end for us, Ae. It’s just the end of our relationship.’ It wouldn’t take Pete long to get into his car and disappear far away. That thought scared Ae. ‘Take good care of yourself, okay? I need you back here safe.’ Pete replied with a warm gaze that Ae couldn't return. ‘I promise you that I’ll take care, Ai’Ae. And please don’t be sad. Let's both let go with a smile, alright?’ Before he turned around, Pete smiled at Ae one last time. ‘Pete!’ Ae did his best to scream loudly to stop the other boy. Their gazes met once more. Ae wanted it to end already. ‘Don't forget how much I love you.’ He then attempted to smile before he burst into tears. In order to fulfill Pete's wish.


I can’t forget the sight of your back under your clear umbrella
Because it can’t be covered


Pete walked away. Each step was heavy and accompanied by streams of water dripping from his shoes. From his clear umbrella, raindrops streamed down and dropped to the ground. Hopeless. Right now, Ae is feeling exactly that way. Lost, alone and hopeless. Only the back of the love of his life was visible to him. In the end, he let him go. That was something that Ae never thought he would be able to do. He yet had to return alone to his room. When he turned around, tears continued to cover his cold cheeks. It is unlikely that they will ever stop. Not until Pete reunites with him. A painful sob came from his lips as he shivered under the moonlight. Besides his wet jeans and the shirt that constricted his upper body, every step he took was extremely painful. But he was able to let Pete go with a smile. A few seconds later, he glanced at the bracelet he still had on. In a matter of seconds, his body became weak and he knelt down. As his wrist was pressed against his chest, his crying grew louder and louder. Pete seemed to be right beside Ae at this moment. 


Chapter Text

'Is it really necessary to go there? This would be a good day for us to spend together.' Shao Fei looked at Tang Yi who was sitting in front of him at the table and formed a pout on his lips. The mob boss poked his fork into a piece of strawberry and smiled at the sight. 'Once in a while, I need to go there.' It was then that Tang Yi enjoyed the bittersweet taste of the food that he was eating. 'I can take you with me.' The ironic laugh of Shao Fei answered the statement. 'To put a police officer into a group of criminals seems like a great idea.' Rolling his eyes, Tang Yi shook his head. 'They don't even know that you're a cop. There's no need to shout it out loud.' After placing his empty plate away from him, Shao Fei waited for his boyfriend to finish. Today, Tang Yi wanted to visit his clan's headquarters. Even though Shao Fei was against it, he had no choice but to stay home or leave with him. Also, he wasn't planning on being alone for the whole day. 'Fine. Only one time, though.' The other man stood up from his chair and placed both plates in the sink. 'It's far away, isn't it?' From behind, Shao Fei hugged his boyfriend who smiled lovingly as he melted into the touch. 'Not really. You don't have to worry about that.' Putting his hands on Shao Fei's arms, Tang Yi stroked them gently. 'I love you, Tang Yi.' The police officer whispered the words as his face was near his ear. Despite being clothed in an expensive designer suit, the tall mob boss has comfortable goosebumps covering his body. 'I love you too.' Shao Fei's face exhibited a surprised expression. The other man rarely spoke like that. That's why every time he received it, he cherished it.

The officer still had his hands on his hips as Tang Yi turned around to look at him. 'Let's go now, alright? Once that's done, we can spend a nice evening together.' After he walked to the door, the mob boss smiled at his boyfriend. It was impossible for Shao Fei to be excited about the trip. In the presence of so many people that he had never seen before, he was sure to feel uncomfortable. However, he knew Tang Yi had to go there. 'I'll take care of you.' Seeing how tense his boyfriend was, the tall man tried to help him relax. The sigh of Shao Fei filled the room. 'There's nothing to worry about. I can handle it.'

Leaving the house, they walked to Tang Yi's luxurious car. Shao Fei usually loved to drive it himself but today he let his boyfriend do that. It was obvious that he was way too nervous. The truth is, he wasn't terriefied of anyone. But they are Tang Yi's workers, so he couldn't imagine how they would be. 'What's the matter? We'll be together the entire time.' In the car, the mob boss touched Shao Fei's leg softly. 'Yes, I know that.' While his gaze remained fixed on the scenery in front of him, he ignored the question.

As the wind swirled around the trees, the green leaves played gently with each other. The calmness was something Shao Fei desired. He wanted to be like that too. A leaf who flew with the wind without any specific destination. However, he was sitting next to his boyfriend right now. His body was heavier than ever before, and a lump formed inside his throat. The officer was unable to recognize himself. His whole body trembled as the engine of the car started. 'Let me know if something is wrong, okay?' Shao Fei gave a hesitant nod to his boyfriend, who smiled.

The landscape rushed by next to him and the police officer's attention became drawn to it. People looked as if they were in a hurry to get to their jobs, the many plants that decorated the earth and the birds who sang their sweet melody. Shao Fei had to spend this wonderful day among criminals. 'Can you see the building? We are here.' The comfortable silence was broken when Tang Yi turned to the big house, which looked like a factory. Shao Fei swallowed. 'That looks so illegal.' As he searched for a parking lot that was big enough, the tall mob boss laughed barely audible. Tang Yi was able to get the car into the right spot faster than he had planned, and soon both of them were outside. As the man in the suit held out his hand to his boyfriend, he waited for him to grab it. It took Shao Fei a few seconds to decide to do so. It was clear to Tang Yi that the officer hated his activities and he would hate this even more.

It wasn't far for them to reach the building, so they arrived without wasting any time. 'Are you ready? Just walk with me.' Tang Yi placed one last, soft kiss on his boyfriend's forehead. It gave Shao Fei a bit of security. And love. Before Tang Yi opened the heavy glass door, they both smiled lovingly at each other. Within a matter of seconds, he was the cold, emotionless mob boss Shao Fei was too familiar with. Tang Yi appeared to be divided into two distinct personalities. He could cope with that as long as he never stopped being adorable around the police officer.

When they entered the big house it was unusually quiet, and Shao Fei hoped no one was there. However, this wish wasn't fulfilled. The steps of Tang Yi got faster and he walked a bit toward of his boyfriend. He said he would be right beside him, didn't he? 'Oh, boss. What are you doing here? It wasn't expected that you would be here today.' They faced a man that was unknown to Shao Fei. The papers, which he held in his hands, seemed to be important. 'I was just curious to see what you guys are doing here.' In one of the numerous offices, Tang Yi glanced over. Just to check if everyone has finished what they were supposed to do. The man's gaze now rested on Shao Fei, who tried to avoid uncomfortable eye contact with him. 'He's new, isn't he? I don't think he belongs here.' He laughed briefly and glanced over at his boss. 'It's none of your business.' Tang Yi's voice got dominated by a cold tone as he grabbed Shao Fei's arm and pulled him with him. Leaving the confused man behind.

'This place really annoys me, Tang Yi.' After the police officer said that, they picked up the normal pace again. 'They don't know what they are talking about.' In front of the next office, the mob boss shared a forced smile with him. The number of people in this room was obvious to Shao Fei. The tightening of his chest was the result of it. He longed to curl up in Tang Yi's strong, warm arms at home. But he could only wish for that now.

It was Tang Yi who enrered the room first. Shao Fei did the same but kept a slight distance between them. In a second, all people greeted the mob boss. It was clear to the officer that they held him in high regard. It was as if he stood in Tang Yi's shadow that covered him. But he liked it that way. 'Did you follow any of my instructions?' Shao Fei didn't recognized his boyfriend while he was commanding the workers around. Tang Yi became enslaved by his icy attitude. 'We already finished half of it and-' 'I told you that it's important.' And with that everyone was quiet and stopped what they were doing. Shao Fei was also a bit startled by the loud sound that shook the room.

'Why don't you tell your new worker to do it? He looks like he couldn't even finish one document here.' One man decided to speak up and typed something on his keyboard while the other ones just laughed. Shao Fei took a few steps backward while his heart began to beat faster. He knew that the people here had this attitude. He knew that it was a mistake to come here. An uncomfortable feeling spread inside his stomach. 'Why did you even bring him here, boss? He's doing nothing that helps us.' 'Just take him away. He's not the right one for us.' The men started to speak all together and the mixed voices left a sharp pain in Shao Fei's ears.

His hands trembled while his eyes rushed through the many faces, trying to recognize even one of them. 'Quiet!' Tang Yi screamed and he had everybody's attention. He was used to this. And even though the police officer saw his boyfriend being this loud a few times, it was almost like a new experience every time. Not something he wanted to live through every day. He preferred the sweet Tang Yi. 'Who gave you the right to talk about him in that way? This man right here is my boyfriend. And if I hear something about him again, I will kick you out of this company. And I'm serious this time. Nobody talks shit about the man I love. You can do nothing than talk. And now go back go work. I want to see the report until tomorrow morning.' Not one person dared to say something. Tang Yi had an angry expression on his face that Shao Fei never saw before.
He had to admit that he liked it how protective Tang Yi was over him.

And as soon as Shao Fei cleared his mind again, he got dragged out of the room by his boyfriend. Outside of it he got pulled into a warm, tight hug through which he could feel all the love Tang Yi had for him. Shao Fei laid his arms around his boyfriend who hugged him even tighter. That's exactly what he needed right now. 'I'm so sorry. Please forget what they said. You're my everything and I love you. I will never force you to come with me again.' Shao Fei had a smile on his lips while he enjoyed hearing those words. After a few seconds they stood in front of each other again while Tang Yi held the hands of his boyfriend.

'It's okay, Tang Yi. I just don't belong here.' 'I know. You belong into my heart.' The cheeks of the police officer turned red, and he rolled with his eyes. The mob boss can be so romantic sometimes, and he loved it. Because he's the only one who is allowed to hear that. 'How about we go home now, and you can lay on my chest while I hold you tight?' Both man smiled at each other. Shao Fei nodded slightly before he melted into a soft kiss with Tang Yi. And at this moment he didn't even care where they are. With Tang Yi by his side he had no fear.

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The moment Arthit opened his heavy eyes this morning, he wanted to close them again. The blanket that kept him warm at night felt like it would crush his chest. In spite of his desire to stay in his room, the head hazer was not permitted to do so. During the break between classes, Arthit promised his friends that he would study with them together. Even knowing that he would be unable to concentrate, the third-year student still decided to go. Kongpob alone is responsible for his current state. The younger one became distant towards Arthit. The older boy was concerned because Kongpob seemed too shy to flirt with him like usual every time they saw each other. Had Arthit acted in a way that was wrong? What if Kongpob realized he didn't love him after all and it was just a phase or a simple crush? The room glowed a sad atmosphere as Arthit sighed in desperation. Kongpob knew Arthit was nothing more than a burden, which is why he ignored him. The head hazer missed the younger one. His cute smile that was only meant for him, his random phone calls to ask if Arthit was okay, those nights where they just admired each other through their balconies, and his flirty remarks that made Arthit blush. Is this really over now? As the third-year student stood up, the fluffy fabric that engulfed him was removed. Arthit was first struck by the feeling of weakness. His knees felt like they would give out at any moment, his head spun in all directions, and his stomach growled. It was clear to the head hazer that he did not have anything to eat in his room, so he had no choice but to go to the canteen.
Arthit had to pull himself together to accomplish that. As he glanced across the way, he turned his attention to the balcony across his own. Darkness filled the room as it was empty. It is likely that Kongpob was attending his morning classes. The expression of Arthit only grew sadder. It would have been nice to see his boyfriend. With hope in his heart, the student grabbed his phone and unlocked it. A single missed call from Bright, who must have wanted to copy his homework. The gadget was thrown back on the bed after Arthit swiped the notification away. His boyfriend failed to send him a good morning message as usual. Before Arthit could worry about that yet again, he took out his usual jeans and wine red shirt from his small wardrobe. In the bathroom, he got dressed and got ready for what he knew would be another awful day.


In the absence of Kongpob, he didn't even have the motivation to attend his important classes. Nothing made sense for him without the younger one since he stepped into his life. His thoughts were interrupted when he looked into the mirror and saw a reflection of himself. Kongpob seemed to be the obsession of Arthit. The moment he was satisfied with the way he looked, he walked to the school's canteen. It was probably extremely crowded since every student had started their first break just now. That was the one thing Arthit hated the most. His inner self scolded him, but he also blamed Kongpob for the delay. Even from afar, the head hazer could spot his friends who seemed fully energized as usual. Arthit wondered how they remained so cheerful every day. They might have just been concealing their problems just like him. ‘Oh, look. Arthit arrived early.’ He was first noticed by Bright when he reached the other boys. The only response he received was laughter. The fact that Arthit showed up at this time when no classes were held in the morning was very unusual. ‘Is something wrong with you? What brings you here so early?’ Bright's first question caused Arthit to smile a bit. ‘It's been a long time since I had anything to eat, so I'm hungry. Knot rolled his eyes, while the rest of the group sighed in frustration. Arthit knew they didn't really meant it that way. ‘There was no way he was coming for us.’ Prem's gaze rested on the boys, and it was obvious that he hadn't spoken to Arthit whose sad face was starting to fade. ‘You don't need to worry about that.’ Arthit placed his arm around Prem's shoulders, which he had typically avoided because he was small compared to the other one. ‘Isn’t that your boyfriend over there?, Having not said anything until now, Knot pointed behind Arthit at someone.


A rush of adrenaline swept through the head hazer’s body as he turned around. Only to see his boyfriend with another boy. They looked disgustingly familiar as he rested his hand on Kongpob's arm. The first person to notice that Arthit was trembling was Prem, who stroked his friend's shoulder gently. ‘There is no other relationship between them than that of friends.' Knot immediately regretted that he attracted Arthit's attention to his boyfriend. When the head hazer saw that Kongpob was hugging the other boy, he released himself from Prem's arm. All of the sudden, he began to understand. The way Kongpob treated him, he never sent him a message or called. Another boy already existed. ‘My room now seems like a much better place to be. I don't feel hungry anymore.’ As Arthit's eyes shifted to his friends, it was clear that he was deeply disappointed. ‘You shouldn’t be alone now. Let us distract you for a while.’ Despite Prem's attempts, Arthit had made his decision. ‘Nothing to worry about. A little time for myself is all I need.' In spite of the worried looks the head hazer got from the boys, he had no desire to take care of them right now. Trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to roll down his cheeks was difficult enough. ‘Let us know if something isn't right, okay?' Knot, who felt responsible for this mess, spoke softly and Arthit nodded in acknowledgment. The image had become a permanent fixture in his head, causing it to nearly burst.


Kongpob and another boy. A boy that wasn’t him. It was his legs that led Arthit to his room once again without saying goodbye to his friends. His body was on the verge of collapsing at any moment. While an uncomfortable knot tied itself in his stomach, he had to greet other students here and there. He was lucky that nobody noticed his condition. Arthit slammed the door behind him as soon as he walked into his room and let out a weak scream. When his heart crumbled into a thousand pieces, he clenched his fists. ‘What did I do wrong?’ A loud smash accompanied the fist's impact on the cold, white wall. The pain Arthit felt was undeniable. He gazed at the body part that he had just used to vent his anger as his vision grew blurry from tears. His knuckles were covered in blood and the wall showed signs of it as well. It didn't matter to Arthit. His chest was racked with pain that couldn’t be compared to anything. The man had difficulty being clear-headed as he made his way to the balcony. Despite all that had transpired, Arthit still had the ability to visualize the shadows of Kongpob on the other side. Surely, he knew that the younger one would throw away his heart once he realized it was filled with mistakes. He sat on the slightly wet floor and began to cry as tears dripped from his burning eyes. How long was it since he last blinked? As he stared at the sky that was covered by a few white clouds, he let out a painful sob that filled the air with sadness. The self-doubt that Arthit felt was overwhelming. What made the boy better than him? Is Kongpob getting more love and attention from him? Arthit reached into his jeans pocket for his phone before he had even a chance to answer these questions with unsatisfying answers. The hazer swallowed hard as he looked at the picture which he had set as his home screen. A photo of him and Kongpob at P’Tum’s wedding. Prem claims that this is the best picture he has taken so far. By typing a message to Kongpob, Arthit avoided becoming too distracted by memories.


-‘I’m sorry. You are too precious to be burdened by my presence and I am not enough for you. The way you have been looking at me for a long time has changed. Initially, I thought you had a personal issue to deal with, so I never said anything. My intention wasn't to cause you even more stress. Despite this, I finally saw the reason for your change today. Congratulations on finding a new boyfriend. I hope that he will make you happy. As you talked to him, I noticed how you smiled. It may be surprising, but I was really impressed by how well you seemed to know him and how comfortable you were with his touch. It should have been obvious to me that you deserved a heart free of wounds and scars. That's why I knew I couldn't be the one for you. Kongpob, you have made me see a new side of myself. I’ll keep it safe deep inside my heart now that you’ve left. You were the only one who was supposed to receive it. My only problem is erasing our time together, but since you can do it so effortlessly, it won't be troublesome. My dream is to be able to smile like nothing ever happened one day. When I call out your name, it won't hurt so much as it does now. You should be allowed to go, so I decided that it would be better. You’re free again, Kongpob. You're no longer bound to a broken person like me. I apologize once again for my mistakes. There were things I could have done better as a boyfriend. It's my hope that the scars I left behind will be filled by your new boy. There is no way I can forget you. I appreciate the wonderful time you gave me.-


A trembling hand, a racing heart, and wet cheeks accompanied Arthit's reading of the message. It's now or never. This was his last thought as he sent the text before regretting it again. His world was filled with heartbreaking sobs. The thing Arthit did was beyond his expectations. He let Kongpob go. However, he had no idea that the younger one stood on his balcony. The only thing that remained was to watch Arthit get lost in his tears. Just as he was about to call the older boy, he saw the message and the phone fell to the ground. Arthit's life was like nothing more than that of an empty shell. Another boy had won Kongpob from him. Suddenly, just as the head hazer was about to throw his phone away, two strong arms pulled him into a tight hug. Arthit immediately recognized Kongpob as the person who was with him. It was his scent, the way he comforted him, as well as his tight, white t-shirt that always covered his upper body. Didn't Arthit close the door properly earlier? Kongpob arrived so quickly, how was that possible? There was no movement on the part of the older boy. His biggest fear was that Kongpob was going to let him go. It was Kongpob's warmth that brought everything to life at this precise moment. In fact, Arthit did not even question how the younger one entered his room. ‘You’re so dumb, P’Arthit.’  Kongpob was the first to speak between them. Arthit's skin was covered in goosebumps from the sweet tone of his voice. Another sob poured out of him while he couldn't understand what the younger one wanted to say. Kongpob slowly loosened his arms and for the first time today, their eyes met. They seemed destined for each other. It was as if their gazes merged into one another perfectly. ‘What is the reason for your tears? What is the purpose of this message?’ As Kongpob's voice grew louder, Arthit's body trembled in response. The head hazer wiped away a few tears from his face before an angry expression settled on it.


‘It was you who cheated on me. I did the right thing, Kongpob.’ A wide smile faded from the addressed person's face. ‘What do you mean? The last thing I would do is cheat on you.’ Kongpob reached out to touch Arthit's cheek, but he shook his head in turn. A feeling of anger welled up inside of him. ‘I saw you with that boy. Stop denying the truth.’ Arthit was enraged even more after seeing Kongpob's smile. The younger one thought it was cute that his boyfriend was jealous. Jealous of a friend. ‘He’s just a friend, P’Arthit. As a result of helping him, he thanked me. Although I was uncomfortable with that skinship, I didn't want to be rude.’ Kongpob immediately recognized the boy who Arthit was talking about. ‘Would you mind telling me why you treated me that way? Is there something I did wrong? I could tell how you had changed towards me.’ While his tears slowly dried, Arthit addressed the other issue that was bothering him. He believed Kongpob about the boy. Having known the younger one, he knew that it was impossible for him to lie. ‘I know, P’Arthit. There was a feeling that you didn’t like my flirty attitude. Even though I can be too much sometimes, it's all because I love you.’ Arthit suddenly saw everything clearly. The change in Kongpob was the result of his influence. It was common for him to react in an inappropriate way when his boyfriend made him blush. However, the head hazer only understood the importance of what Kongpob was doing when he stopped it. Arthit was the one who fell into his boyfriend's arms now. ‘I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.’ Arthit whispered softly against the white fabric, wrapping his face in it. ‘Of course, P’Arthit. I love you.’ And again. It was a deep red color on Arthit's cheeks. ‘I love you too, Kongpob. Please never stop being yourself again, okay?’ ‘I promise.’ Arthit’s shoulders finally relaxed as all the weight that he'd been carrying for so long fell off of them.

Chapter Text

It was his favorite series that was just about to air on the TV in front of him. Type tried to concentrate on it. His eyes followed a story that his brain didn't plan to process. It was stuck on another thought that had been lingering in his mind for a few days now. It was Lhong, the best friend of his boyfriend, who wanted to meet him. Tharn's classmate had informed Type that something urgent had come up, so Type couldn’t refuse. A new episode had just started as the series' outro flooded the big room, but the nervous boy couldn't care less. Considering Lhong was only available when Tharn got home from band practice, he needed to leave when he got home from that. What made Type even agree to go? Was it so he could understand the boy better? Did he want to know what's so important? Despite Type's best efforts, he was unable to answer these questions. His mouth was slightly open as he sighed. Due to the dry air in the living room, his nose was stuffed. After gathering all his strength, Type got up from the sofa. His whole body was tingling with the desire to stretch. Feeling stiff and tense was all he could think about. Lhong is to blame for this. Upon reaching the balcony door, the football player opened it. His fragile body was wrapped in a white, neat shirt and black jeans as the cold evening air whipped around it. Everything was ready for the meeting, but his inner self wasn't. His arms were crossed in front of his chest as his gaze scanned the scenery.

However, he wasn't able to enjoy it for long. Upon hearing the door open, he was brought back to reality and sucked in a deep breath. There was no doubt that this was Tharn. “Type, I’m home. I missed you so much.” As soon as Tharn's voice soared into the room, its sense of dejection disappeared, and his smile brightened the mood. The most beautiful smile Type had ever seen belonged to him. Moreover, it gives the football player an even greater sense of satisfaction that it was only meant for him. Type became even more nervous and began to sweat excessively on his forehead as the stress mounted. After entering the living room, his boyfriend realized that there was something wrong. It was not clear whether Type was happy to see that he was home after they hadn't seen each other for the whole day. “Is everything okay with you? Why don't you come to see me?" Tharn's voice expresses his sadness right now, while the smile that used to be on his face was gone. Then Type turned around and attempted to avoid eye contact with his boyfriend instead of answering his questions. “I need to leave. You don't have to wait for me. I left food for you in the kitchen." Though Type tried to be as careless as possible, he still worried about what would happen to the other one. All the food he made was for Tharn. Type lost all appetite while thinking about the meeting with Lhong. Tharn must have something to do with it. Right now, the man Type thought of grabbed his arm and for the first time today, their gazes met. It was unbearable for Type to look at the pain in Tharn’s eyes. His sensitivity increased after he suffered so many breakups. The smallest thing Type said or did could bring him to tears when they fought. Or when they actually didn’t fight, like right now. “Would you please let me know where you're going?” Tharn never even addressed Type's cold behavior. What was more important than spending the evening with him? That's all he wanted to know. It didn’t take Type long to pull his arm free. It was impossible for Tharn to ignore the fact that his boyfriend was dressed classily as if he was about to leave for a date. “My friend is waiting for me. It’s urgent.” Following his final glance at Tharn, he briskly left the room.

His burning tears ceased to flow as Tharn stood there alone in the dark room. That has never been the behavior of Type. His interest in meeting others was nonexistent. Champ and Techno were the only two that were even close to him. The blurred vision of Tharn and his trembling hands caused him to become dizzy. Did Type realize that he had no feelings for him? Was he dating another girl? Was it the girl Type had gone out with before? A picture on the desk caught Tharn's attention as he looked at it with spinning thoughts. It was taken at the end of Type’s important football match. His joy at the victory caused him to ignore everything else and run to the field's edge to hug Tharn. At this moment, he was delighted that Techno took this precious photograph. Tharn felt the warmth of his boyfriend's body wrapping around him. Just as in the picture. He could hardly hold onto it as a salty tear rolled down his cheek. What made love so complicated for him?

Type regretted, however, the way he had treated his boyfriend. Tharn wasn't allowed to know about Type having a meeting with his best friend, even though he deserved it. It seemed that Lhong was hiding many secrets he must reveal to the footballer. The heavy steps that he took led him to the café that he was very familiar with. Despite the dark, empty streets and the fact that it was already late, the street lanterns did their best to light it up. Type only had thoughts of his boyfriend to accompany him. He missed him a lot. During this time, the man wished to lie in Tharn's arms, listening to his heartbeat while he drew indefinable things on his back. The only thing Type needed to do was listen to Lhong's words and rush home. To his boyfriend, who was obviously hurt by his actions. As Type entered the cozy café he held his phone in his hands. Light-filled the small room, making it seem like a paradise in an otherwise dark world. It was even better with the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee mixed with a variety of cakes. It was Type's responsibility to take Tharn here someday. There was no doubt in his mind that his boyfriend liked cute dates. An instant before the smile could appear on his face, his eyes caught sight of Lhong. When Type was walking up to his desk in the corner he took a sip of his drink. The football player arrived earlier than he desired and took the seat in front of the other boy.

It seemed that something was wrong. It was unusual for Lhong to be without the large smile that adorned his face. His typical earring was missing from his ear and his hair was styled down. “Sorry for taking so long to get here.” A rather uncomfortable silence was broken by Type. A soft laugh escaped Lhong. “No problem. I ordered a cup of hot cocoa for you already. My first thought was that you must be extremely cold when you arrive.” Only now did Type's gaze rest on the drink. “Thank you.” There was nothing more he could say. “Well, I should talk about why I suddenly wanted to catch up with you.” When Lhong put the white porcelain on the table, he made a noise that was too loud for Type. As he began to tremble and his legs went weak, he realized that he was scared. “It’s my duty to warn you about Tharn.” Upon hearing his boyfriend's name, Type's brain went into overdrive. “Your duty? The best thing you can do for your best friend is to support his relationship.” Lhong gazed at the cup with his fingers swirling around it as if it was the most precious thing he had ever seen. ”Of course, I do. He is someone I would like you to know a little bit more about. You should be careful. Since no one knows him better than I do, you can trust my judgment." For a brief moment, Type's attention was caught by the clanking door. Tharn must come to his rescue. Unfortunately, only a few random people entered the room. “I have a better understanding of Tharn than you do.” Lhong's white teeth glistened between his lips. “Listen. You are wrong to think that Tharn is perfect. His usual role is to pretend to be an innocent boyfriend that gets dumped. I would like to share something with you. In reality, he treated his previous boyfriends like thrash. It was clear that he had cheated on them.” The big lump in Type's throat was a challenge he tried to overcome. “What you're saying doesn't make any sense to me. I don’t believe you.” In addition to his voice being weaker than before, he felt insecure. Lhong was Tharn’s best friend. Years of friendship have bonded them. What would make Lhong tell lies about someone who is so highly placed in his life? Occasionally, Tharn acted strangely and he led Type to believe that he was cheating on him.

However, after witnessing how lovingly Tharn cared for him, all his illusions vanished. Here was Type, sitting in front of Lhong, telling him his Tharn is cheating on him. “I just want to protect you, Type. Your heart has probably been broken several times by him.” In this case, the boy with the cup in his hands was right. His behavior was many times inappropriate, especially when he kissed San in front of him and met him behind his back. It shook something in Type up when all these facts came out. Lhong looked at the mess he had created, while the other man had a hard time controlling his heavy breathing. “He changed." A fake smile emanated from Tharn's best friend. “There will never be any change in Tharn. In the past few days, I saw him together with another boy. I’m sure it was-” Lhong got interrupted. A few glances occurred across the small room as Type stood up from his chair, but the football player didn't care what others thought. “It's over for me.” It was then that the glass door was smashed loudly. A satisfied Lhong was left behind as Type departed. He has clearly succeeded in his plan. “It won't be long until Tharn is mine." The only sound from his mouth was a whisper, and his gaze was resting on the empty seat across from him.

On his way home, Type questioned whether it was even worth it to go there. Angry, jealous, and disappointed, his whole body ached. Could Lhong be right? As Type saw the signs as well, it makes sense. In addition to increasing his pace, he grabbed his phone from his pocket. Unlocking it, he decided to call Techno to stay over. His plans were changed by what he witnessed next. Numerous worried texts and calls from Tharn. Despite his attempts to deny it, Type enjoyed it very much. Is it possible for his cute boyfriend to meet other men behind his back? However, he was once again occupied by the images of him and San. Each positive thought about Tharn was immediately replaced by a negative one. It was time for the football player to go home and break up with him. Regardless of how carelessly he came to this conclusion, his only goal was to be free once again. No more stress, no more jealousy, no more tears. Nevertheless, Type was equally unsure when he opened the door to their room with trembling hands. Stepping into familiar surroundings, he attempted to remain as silent as possible. The room was dark inside, which indicated that Tharn had already fallen asleep. In spite of the fact that Type was out there alone, he was able to sleep? A feeling of emotion swept over Type once more. After dislodging himself from his jacket, he threw it onto the ground and went to the bedroom. In this case, he was right. While he was sleeping, his boyfriend was curled up in a blanket looking like he was having the sweetest dream of his life. Without Type by his side. It was instinctual for him to turn on the light and cross his arms. As Tharn saw the room lighten up, his heavy eyes widened in confusion. When did he actually fall asleep? Even though the man had slowly come to his senses, streams of dried tears lay on his cheeks. What happened to Type? Had he slept for a long time? After a moment of deliberation, he sat up and stared directly into his boyfriend's eyes. The smile on his lips was too big for words, and the delight he felt in seeing Type again could never be described.

All evening he attempted to contact him, but he finally became weak from sobbing and fell asleep. “Please don't do that again.” Despite his weak knees, Tharn got up. However, when he reached out to hug his boyfriend to feel the warmth he was missing so much, he noticed that Type had a face that looked like he was about to fight. "Even though you act worried, you can sleep in that bed like I don’t belong next to you.” “My tears sent me to bed, Type. I missed you a lot.” He tried again to put his arms around the football player, but was unsuccessful. Type took a few steps backwards. “Put an end to your lies and excuses. The fact is that I know that you're being unfaithful to me." Tharn's heart appeared to stop for a moment before hammering back against his chest. His eyes burned and tears were on their way to cover his cheeks before he had even said a word. “The possibility of me cheating on you is never an option. Type, you're the one and only thing I have.” Despite his desperation, he only received his boyfriend's angrier expression, the worst he's ever witnessed. “It would never occur to you to do something like that, would it? Someone told me they saw you with another man. Why is that?” The tightening in Tharn's throat made it difficult for him to swallow. In a flash, Tharn moved his trembling hand towards his cheek, but the football player didn't respond. “Why are you doing this? Whenever you go out, you don't even tell me where you're going.” "Is that how it is now? I met your best friend and you know what? Since he stated that you were cheating and I noticed that you had changed, it makes sense.” Tharn had a lot of questions running through his head. Is there any reason why Type agreed to meet Lhong? What caused his best friend to lie to him? Suddenly, his eyes widened, as he recalled something Lhong had told him a few months ago. “If it isn't me, I will not accept anyone as your partner. You’re mine.” An entirely new meaning was given to the situation. “No. There's something wrong with that. Lhong is a liar. The only thing he wants is to separate us from each other.” Despite Tharn's tears already streaming down his face, Type was only able to laugh at what he said. “You’re the liar. How can he treat you that way when he's your best friend?" The volume of Type's voice increased, causing Tharn discomfort.

When the football player was like that, he hated it. “Please listen to me, Type. I beg you. Just once." His shaky voice caused him to fall to his knees and he glanced up at his boyfriend, who looked back at him as well. He then sat down next to Tharn and his face features seemed to relax a bit. Like a kind of allowance for him to speak. “I was blind. Until now, I had no idea Lhong was jealous. Despite his many references to his feelings, I never paid much attention to them because he is my best friend. Now that I think about it, everything he said makes sense to me. Lhong tries to end our relationship, Type. I'm the victim of lies from him. Please believe me. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you." His sobs grew louder after that. Type comforted him by wrapping his arms around his whole, fragile body. He had buried his wet face into his boyfriend's shirt, expecting that it would be the last time that he could do so. “Please don’t leave me, Type." As he tried to pull Type closer, his hands clawed into the fabric covering his upper body. “I love you too, asshole.” The football player could be heard weeping quietly in the background. Though he tried to maintain his cold attitude, he couldn't. That was a hard thing for him to witness. Tharn was almost drowning in his own tears as his hoodie seemed too large and his shoulders appeared to be weighed down by everything he was carrying. Type gave his boyfriend a gentle kiss on his hair. How could he believe Lhong? How could he have been able to break up with Tharn? “I’m sorry. I should trust my boyfriend. I’m just so possessive of you, I can’t help it. You’re mine, Tharn. Do you get that?” The man whose body was still tense nodded lightheartedly and just enjoyed the warmth of his boyfriend. “I will promise you something.” It was Type who broke the comfortable silence between them while Tharn backed off from the tight hug. He looked tired from crying the whole night. His eyes were red, his cheeks showed the signs of dried tears and his hair was all messed up. “I will never break up with you.” "I don't want to hear those words again.” The football player then gave his boyfriend a sweet kiss on his forehead.

“Why did you even behaved so weird in the last days?” Both of them sat down on their sofa already and were cuddled up in a blanket while Type rested his head on Tharn’s strong chest. ”I’m planning a surprise for you. I never thought that it would turn out like that.” Actually, he wanted to keep it a secret a little bit longer but he had no intention to start a fight again. “A surprise? Would you tell me what it’s about?” Type raised his head and began eye contact with the other man. “Not until it’s finished. You need to be patient.” And with a cute pout, Type snuggled into Tharn’s arms, his favorite place on earth.

Chapter Text

A blank stare adorned Khlui's face as he stared at the phone in his hand. Type's last message still lingered on the bright screen. “You're about to read some wild news. Seo really made it. He’s in a boy group of something and they will hold a small concert here. This is great, isn't it? His accomplishments deserve your praise.” The letters were no longer in neat columns but only a black jumble that Khlui couldn't decipher. Type was right. He should be proud of what Seo achieved. The journey from dancing silly dance moves in their room, staring at Wanna One posters on their wall to singing in a language Khlui would never understand is what allowed Seo to become part of an actual group that showcases his talent to the world. Yet why was Khlui's heart filled with such an unseen pain that he couldn't explain? As he answered the other boy, he clenched his hands around his phone. “That's great that he's living the life he wants. If I had some money I'd love to see him live, but I don't have any so let's just forget about it." His small device was thrown on the bed after the message was sent.

A new boy in Khlui's room has not been welcomed since Seo left for his home country. As a result, his half was empty. No more posters on the wall and no loud music. Khlui misses these things now despite the fact that he always hated them. Getting them back would mean the world to him. To get Seo back. After his last heartbreak, the thick walls that he had built up around himself and his feelings began to crumble in front of his eyes. He placed carefully stacked bricks on top of each other, but every one of them collapsed like a card house. Khlui wept painfully. While he had a chance to express his feelings, he should have done so. His cheek was stained with a hot tear and there was no way he could remove the trace behind it. Khlui's eyes drew attention to the area near the other boy's bed. It was then that Seo appeared. He shared a proud smile with him as he danced to one of his Korean songs. Khlui always told him to be quiet after that, so he was now for the first time smiling back at him. It wasn't long before the boy realized he was alone. Having to live in a world shattered by his own actions. Though Khlui loved Seo, he had caged his feelings toward him, but Type reversed all that. At that moment, his heart surged with sharp pain, and his phone vibrated as well. It was almost certainly a response from Type. His body regained some life as he took a deep breath and grabbed his small device. “I was able to get three tickets to the concert! Tharn and I will come with you, right? Tomorrow is the big day, so make sure you dress up nicely. There is no doubt that Seo will recognize you. You don't need to worry about it too much, we are going to have a lot of fun! Your ride will be waiting for you at two.” That's how his phone ended up on the floor.

His whole strength suddenly dissolved as Khlui's hands began to tremble. Although his eyes reflected Seo, his face showed an expression Khlui had never seen before. Disappointment, sadness, and an inability to put words to what was going on. As Khlui sat down, he blinked a few times until his vision was clear again. “I’m so sorry…” Even though he thought of Seo once more, his words sounded like a whisper only audible to him. In addition to that, Seo told him that a coincidence like their meeting is unlikely to present itself again. This sentence had always puzzled Khlui, but now he knew what it meant. As a quick flash of memories flitted before his eyes, all of their beautiful moments came flooding back. Almost like a love story that’s a bit too early to be told. The tightness in Khlui's chest was accompanied by a strange feeling that rushed through him. His first meeting with Seo was filled with the same emotion. In those days, everything was perfect. Well, it seemed like it was perfect. Both boys clearly had trouble reconciling their feelings for each other. While Seo teased them every now and then, Khlui rejected them without hesitation. As it's too late for Khlui, he's reflecting on how he remained to Seo instead. A best friend? Just a roommate? Or a boy that never answered his call for love? As he wiped away his tears, he felt his head begin to hurt. He’s strong and he can face Seo again. As Khlui's emotions finally began to come into focus, a weak but powerful smile formed on his lips. Although his mind was stronger than his body, he reached into the pocket of his jeans to pull out a small scrap of paper. “I may be in another country, but you should never forget that everything will find its place and return someday."  It came to him naturally that he should press this paper against his chest. This was Khlui's response when he tried to place Seo's words in his heart. Where he belonged.

In contrast, Seo had been staring in the mirror for quite some time now. While his dark hair was already in an excellent position, he still managed to pick up a few strains that he placed correctly. There was nervousness in Seo's heart. As a result of leaving Thailand behind and beginning a new life in South Korea, he never returned here. However, he still had another reason why his shaky hands tinkered at the collar of his perfectly fitting shirt now. Tharn and Type said they'd be here today. The fact that Seo was Seo made him think of Khlui immediately. Does he plan to be here as well? As soon as the music starts, will their eyes meet? Despite all the hardships he had to go through, he always had a place in his heart for his old roommate. The moment that Seo released the air that was trapped inside of his mouth, the memories of the day he left the country and his love came flooding back to him. When he was leaving for the airport, Seo stared at his sad reflection in the train window. Seo attempted to capture Khlui's weak wave until it became invisible. Additionally, he had a heavy suitcase in which he only kept the items that were most important to him. Khlui's absence made Seo's eyes look uneasy when he entered his new life without him. In the moments when he was doubting his dream, Seo reminded himself of the other boy. Khlui looked up from one of his car magazines rather annoyed when the Korean danced to one of the newest K-Pop songs. However, after the room became silent again, he heard his encouraging words which made his heart race. “You know you're crazy, don't you? No matter how loud and annoying you are, please never let your true self go, okay? There's only one of you. The cheery boy who loves nothing more than his passion. Don't be afraid. And now please leave me alone." The last part resulted in a smile on Seo's face. Khlui never intended to hurt him and he has Seo's heart despite being far away.

At the moment, it felt like he was dreaming while his eyes were open, turning his back on reality. “Are you ready? About ten minutes from now, we'll be on.” Someone entered the room and slammed the door, startling Seo. It was Johnny, a member of his group. “Yeah, almost. I just-” "Your appearance is excellent. Those long stares are unnecessary.” With his quiet laugh, the brown-haired boy brightened up the atmosphere of the room. As soon as he realized Seo hadn't responded, Johnny put his hand on the shoulder of the other boy. “What’s wrong? The thought should be banished until we get on stage. I want you to avoid making mistakes up there. Is it about your boy?” Heartbeats skittered from Seo's chest. It wouldn't be hard for him to call Khlui his boy. He turned around to look at the slightly taller one. “There is no guarantee he will show up. Two of my closest friends are coming, so if he doesn't join them, I'm sure he has no interest in me.” Johnny looked at his friend and member with a sad expression. “Think in a different way. A lot of people are too busy to do things like this. I get the impression he's a faithful boy from the way you described him.” A sigh escaped Seo's lips. Once Johnny caught him crying, he quickly told him about Khlui. From then on, he could always turn to him for advice or help if the need arose. “He really is. There's just this sense that we are living in the same world but in completely different seasons. The mornings are so frightening for me because I can't see him when I wake up. He's always in my mind." A tight hug was thrown around Seo before he could think of what to do next. This was the first time in months that he felt truly loved and wanted again. “I’m sure he has trouble getting you out of his head as well. And I’m confident that the crack between the two of you can be repaired. It's time for us to go on that stage and show them what we've been working so hard for, all right?” Seo’s self-confidence returned to him and he backed up from the warm embrace. There was still the possibility of rewinding everything. "Let's hurry, the others are already waiting.” Khlui might also be in the crowd, Seo speculated as he left the room.

“Type? Honestly, I don't think I'm ready to handle that.” Seeing the other boy's angry expression, Khlui's throat tightened. “What do you mean? Aren't you looking forward to seeing him again? It will start in a few seconds.” Khlui swallowed. At this point, he didn't have the courage to confront Seo. To calm his mind, he took a barely visible breath. “Let me wait here, okay? The two of you should go and have fun." In a few steps, Khlui had backed off until he turned around and began walking. Leaving behind the cheering fans, his friends, who wanted to spend a chill evening with him, and his loved one, Seo. Khlui found himself next to a small building that was clearly part of the concert area after ensuring that Tharn and Type were part of the huge crowd. Who was inside? Seo’s group? Khlui waited next to the door, certain it must be someone from the staff in there. Shame overtook him. His feelings of strength were so overwhelming yesterday, able to overcome all of his fears. He could hear the wonderful voice of Seo's voice coming out of the speakers at that point, almost tearing up. He had made significant improvements. Moreover, the sound of the song was catchy as well. Khlui, however, was unable to attend. It was impossible for him to pretend he was a fan of Seo, to pretend he viewed him as an idol he would never reach. Perhaps that's exactly what he is right now. A boy who is out of his league, who has caught the attention of many by now. Seeing the floor beneath him Khlui started imagining a pattern. No matter how hard he tried, Seo's voice distracted him from everything he was doing. Did he have any good dance moves as well? What are the looks of his members? It was all these questions that he could have answered if he had more confidence. As a result, they went unanswered. After Khlui waited to hear Seo's voice again, the music disappeared and screaming fans started to overtake. Their part was done. Khlui's legs were trembling and he glanced at the first people who were leaving. However, he was unable to catch Tharn or Type. They might have stayed a little longer to watch the next performance. “Fine. I’ll wait longer. What made me agree to come here in the first place?” He had no access to something to drink and had a dry throat, so his voice sounded a bit raspy.

After that, suddenly, the door behind Klhui opened. “Sorry, I just need to wait for my friends…” He turned around with the thought of apologizing to one of the staff members. However, his gaze was drawn to Seo. The boy he loved. It didn't appear that he had changed much. As opposed to his split style, now his hair was completely dark. Workout clearly made him look more mature, and his outfit showed that as well. Khlui could see that Seo was trying to gather all of his emotions together. There was nothing they could do but stare at one another. Staring into those eyes they both miss so much. As Seo cleared his throat, his hands caressed the black belt attached to his perfectly fitting jeans. “It was my expectation that you wouldn't be here today.” The swallowing was impossible to resist for Khlui. He missed hearing this voice. It was this voice that used to drive him crazy. The voice he has learned to love. “Anyway, I have to leave now and-” In an attempt to escape this unhappy situation, Seo tries desperately to find a way out. “No. Please don't leave." When Khlui watched Seo face him again, his voice was shaky and tears appeared in his eyes. The reason for wanting Seo to stay was unclear to him. Did he know there wouldn't be another chance to see him again? “There was always the faith of you waiting for me.” It was easy for Seo to try to smile from the corner of his mouth, but he wasn't strong enough.

Khlui stepped closer to the other boy. Seo used to be the confident one, but now he has to take on that role. “Can you imagine how difficult it was to swallow my tears all the time? When you disappeared, you told me not to worry, that's why I tried it. Now you want to leave? Again? You don't seem to care about me.” The moment that Seo processed the information he just heard, his hands formed fists. The tightness of his clothes suddenly made him feel like his chest was about to explode. “You don’t mean anything to me? I ached from the pain of not being able to hold you close. I was pushed away by you. Even though it was too much for me to handle alone, I always waited for you. It has been a while since we spoke, but so many words are still lingering in my mouth. However, if that's what you think, that's fine. After these months, I thought you had changed your mind." Khlui's broken eyes were gazed upon one more time by Seo after he said it. Following that, he breathed deeply and turned around. Seo's members were already seated in their van, so he had to leave. It was very obvious Khlui had the same attitude as he had before and that he would just waste his time. However, Seo felt something gripping his wrist before he could walk away. “Please don’t leave me alone again. The mistakes I made are clear to me. My rejection of my own heart was so stupid. Since our first meeting, it had been just you. Only when you were gone did I realize how much I depended on you. I am so proud of all you have accomplished, but please don’t make me suffer like this." A trembling started to spread across Khlui's hand. He deserved Seo's departure if he decided to leave him. Khlui’s cheeks had already started to wet a few minutes after the boy was silent, so he let go. He let go of the love of his life who was now untouchable.

A hug, however, was given to him immediately after. In an effort to hear the pace of Seo's heart, Khlui pressed his face against his chest. How was he able to live without that for so long? “I love you, dumbass.” Khlui, who was in a sobbing mess, received a tender kiss on his hair from Seo. “I love you too. Let's not leave each other again, okay?" Khlui clung to the other and enjoyed the embrace. “May I have the honor of being your boyfriend? We should leave those things in the past." Khlui’s heart pounded against Seo's. “Yes. Having you as my boyfriend would be wonderful.” Seo cracked a cute smile to lighten things up. “What do you think about meeting my members? They need to meet my handsome boy, don't they?” The smaller one backed off from Seo’s arms and wiped a few tears out of his face. “I look uglier than ever.” The lips of Seo landed on Khlui's forehead and rested there for a few seconds. In this way, Khlui became his own. “Please don't say that again. You’re my beautiful boy.” Hearing that, Khlui's face grew a smile. It's remarkable how much Seo has matured. But he was still the same.

Chapter Text

The pink sticky note that had been glued to the table for more than ten minutes now caught Team's eyes nervously. Electric currents circulated through the black pen, caused by the movement of his right hand. The boy's dark hair hung around his pale face, partially covering his eyes that were smaller than usual. A tiny bit of his tongue eventually found its way out of his mouth and displayed his persistence in trying to find something that he could write on the small paper. Other days, his pen seemed to dribble words out like water, but today no letter wanted to add decoration to the pink color. Inhaling a shallow, shaking breath, Team timidly looked around the library. A few familiar faces appeared occasionally. He remained silent, however, as they were yet too unfamiliar to greet. Team's thoughts drifted to the boy who always accompanied them. Win. The cold vice-captain of the school’s swim team. Other than Dean, no one has the courage to approach him or speak to him. The blonde boy quickly became Team's favorite. Although he had always had a fondness for mysterious boys, Win was different. Team loved the way how he tied his blonde hair into a small bun, how his black tattoos made him look even more dangerous, and how beautiful his rarely seen smile was. He would never be caught in the act of wishing that he was the only one to enjoy this smile. As a result, it became his habit to leave a note behind when he had the opportunity. Occasionally, he stuffed them in Win's locker, in his backpack, or he asked Pharm to pass them on to Dean. In his opinion, Win was more likely to appreciate things from his friend than crumbled sticky notes hidden in his possessions. Usually, the dark-haired boy came up with cute, encouraging, and funny comments, but at this moment it seemed as if he had said everything. When the boy ignored every message he sent, how was he capable of saying anything? What should he tell a boy who probably doesn't even know he exists? Sadness gripped his body, making him tremble. As he threw every piece of paper into the nearest trash can, Win probably laughed about him. Team's heart ached when he thought about it. Although his tie hung loosely around the collar of his white shirt, it suddenly felt as though it was wrapped around his neck. A carefree style impressed him more than the strict school style that his friends followed.

With Team clutching the pen weakly, the hand dropped and wrote out the only thought that was passing through his mind at the time. “On this day one year ago, I started writing these messages for you, and today will be my last. - Team.” After picking it up, he examined it carefully. The lack of concentration at the time resulted in his handwriting being poor. In addition to the words, he wrote his name for the first time. A hot tear stung that stung in his dark eyes rolled down his cheek and landed on the paper. Then, as if by fate, his name became blurred. Then he grabbed his bag instead of writing another letter and stood up from his seat. He had no doubt that he was weak when he pushed the chair back on the table. Only because of Win, because of the one-sided love that ruined him. “Are you done with your studies already?” A little too quickly, Team turned around in the direction of Pharm's voice. “Y-Yes. To be honest, I wanted to go now.” After fumbling with the pink note, Team tried to conceal it behind his back and blinked a few times before rushing out of the library, but Pharm stopped him. “Is it too difficult for you to admit writing another love letter?” Despite Team's love for the smaller boy, his big smile provoked him. In the end, he realized that making up lies was pointless. Pharm was very aware of his feelings for Win and was there for advice and to dry Team's tears as soon as he became overwhelmed again. “No. Today I finished writing the last one.” Team noticed that Pharm needed some time to process that, and his face fell into a shocked expression as soon as he registered what he just heard. “No way. But you enjoyed doing it. Where did it all go wrong?” Team fumbled with the note, leading to some ugly edges. “This is a waste of time. It's as if I don't exist to him.” Pharm’s warm hand gently stroked over his best friend's arm as he reached out to him. A small piece of comfort was what he wanted to give him. “Would you like me to give this to Dean? Perhaps then Win will realize it was a foolish mistake to ignore you. There is no doubt in my mind that he knows who you are. I heard about it from Dean.” The smaller boy spoke in a soft voice. “The things he said don't interest me. I will find a place by myself for it, but thank you for your help.” Team broke free from Pharm's grip and made his way to the door, leaving him behind with a worried look on his face.


“Are you sure that you don’t want to come with me?” Dean sported a questioning gaze toward his blonde best friend. “I don’t know, man. I feel exhausted.” After completing the daily swim workout, Win and Dean headed to the locker rooms. In addition, Win only wanted to go to his room, whereas Dean contended that they should eat something together. A free meal would never be rejected by the vice-captain on any other day, but today, he just wanted to relax. “Honestly, you're a bore.” Upon entering the dark room, Dean's face was scowling with frustration. And then Win saw him. He saw Team running out of the small room. He recognized his backpack and heard his familiar footsteps. When Win thought about the new, cute letter lying in his locker, he felt a comforting warmth run through his body, and his heart pounded faster. “Where does your excitement come from? Your heartbeat is audible to me, man.” The dark haired boy shoved Win aside on purpose, but he was unconcerned. As he opened his old locker, he noticed that he was smiling. And he was right. His white shirt was adorned with a pink sticky note. After initially hesitation, Win's hand slowly grasped it like it was the most precious thing he'd ever held. Upon turning it around, the blonde boy's cheeks blushed in a light shade. Suddenly, his good mood faded and his gaze rests on the slightly crumbled piece of paper held in his trembling hand. “There's no way I'm going with you today.” When Win's voice was lower than usual, Dean looked at him, a little confused. “Is everything alright?” The swim team captain only noticed Win's quick change. He didn't even bother to adjust his shirt properly. The slightly damp strains of his blonde hair tumbled into his face, his hands clung to the backpack that seemed way too heavy at the moment, and he clutched the small paper tightly. “Gotta go now. Let's talk tomorrow.” Immediately after that, Win stormed out of the locker room.

In the end, he reached his small, cluttered room after a lot of heavy steps. Win's stuffed head vibrated with the loud noise of the door slamming behind him. The only thing he kept repeating in his brain were the somber words that were written on the sticky note. This were usually beloved gifts by the blonde boy, but at the moment he wanted to break them to pieces. However, Win placed the paper carefully in the drawer next to many other papers instead. He glanced over the messages as his busy eyes darted from one to another. "I hope you enjoyed your training. I am so proud of you!”, “You looked so stressed out today, make sure you sleep well.” and “Thank you for being the reason for my smile today.” were just a few of them. Due to the hot tears that accompanied Win's usually so cold, emotionless eyes, his vision became blurry. “Why do you do this to me?” He whispered things to himself to quieten his raspy voice and closed the drawer full of memories. This was like the end of a chapter for him. Win may seem totally crazy, but it was because Team took such good care of him that it resembled an obsession. The small gestures of attention meant the world to him. He loved the thought that somebody really liked him. Win had Dean, but he would never be able to compare him to Team. He was best friends with the swim club president, but Team was so much more to him. It's almost like he had found his soulmate without even realizing it. Moreover, he would be lying if he insisted he had nothing romantic in mind for the younger one. While his thoughts were elsewhere, he fished out his vibrating phone from his black jeans pocket. Dean's message appeared on the bright screen. “I just saw Team. The look on his face indicated that something had happened to him. While I am not sure if this has anything to do with you, I wanted to let you know.” Win shook his head trembling and placed the small device on the table without replying. What was his reason for not answering Team? Why did he never approach him? What was the point of always acting as if he had a cold heart when Team was the only one capable of melting it? Suddenly, he felt nothing but tears streaming down his cheeks.


The following day, Team felt awful. In his memory, he was unable to distinguish whether or not he actually slept. He didn't seem to have closed his eyes. "You look horribly ill, I'm really worried." He stared at Pharm in surprise and was ripped out of his foolish thoughts by his soothing voice. "I had trouble sleeping last night" "I guess it's because of Win?" Was this what it felt like to be busted out of nowhere? Probably. And did he know how to react? How to let any words escape his dry and damaged lips? What to do with his hands? With his lips? Bite down on them? Keep them relaxed? Absolutely not. Why would he? “You don’t need to tell me if-” “Yes.” “Oh?” Oh? What was that supposed to mean? Oh, I didn’t expect you to admit it? Oh, but Win actually doesn’t feel the same way? Oh, that’s really weird, I and Win? No, certainly not the last one. Not Pharm. Please, don’t allow him to destroy you in such a way. It’s good to see you admit it to me.” When he saw Team's face, Pharm failed to create an encouraging smile on his lips. His eyes looked like he cried the whole night, his cheeks weren’t as squishy as usual and his dark hair looked like he made no efforts to style it. "That's what he's been doing all year long." Team grasped the strap of the heavy backpack tighter. He relied on it as his sole source of strength. It was obvious to Pharm that he couldn't change Team's mind right now, so he refused to even think about trying. “Promise me you will take care of yourself.” Team's ears echoed with his voice as it tried to focus on the words he had just heard. Despite his weak lips, he wore a sad smile. “Always.” Those were the last words from the boys before they parted ways.

“Can you please stop that, man?” Win asked, glaring at Dean who was walking behind him now. Due to the absence of a note in his locker, the blonde boy found it difficult to control his emotions. As he struggled to contain his tears, his hand formed into a fist. Why wasn't he honest about his feelings sooner? Why wasn't he brave enough to gaze into Team’s beautiful eyes? Was it because he wanted to maintain his icy attitude? Probably. "Would you mind talking to him?" As their tense silence continued, Dean's voice broke it. Walking past the two friends, students could be heard chatting among themselves. This is the tenth time you have asked me that today. Could you please tell me what to say to him? That he broke my damn heart with his words? That he is the reason for my happiness? As weird as it may sound, I find it difficult to breathe knowing that he is no longer interested in me. I'm to blame. I should have told him earlier. Dean I swear, I always want to be with him. The feeling in my heart that something is missing has suddenly hit me and I can’t continue like that.” The blonde boy's heavy steps stopped the moment he started talking, and Dean had a smile on his face. Although the brown-haired captain of the swim club showed signs of sadness and pity, his face was bright with hope. “Tell him exactly what you just said. Pour out your heart to him. If you let him hear whatever thoughts are in your head, he'll be delighted. And you know what, he’s standing right over there.” Win felt as if his heart exploded when Dean pointed at Team who was placing something in his locker. His look of sadness was evident even from afar. “Where’s my cold vice-captain? Go get your boy. It is probably the last chance you have.” A few moments later, Dean had patted his shoulder encouragingly and had disappeared. Indeed, Win would love to chase his best friend and fall into his arms, only to cry. The moment he saw Team close his locker, however, his legs seemed to do what they wanted. He walked towards Team.

“Do you have a second?” Win’s usually so smooth voice with the sarcastic undertone turned into a shy mess right now. As he met Team's gaze, he found himself fighting against the lump that formed in his throat. The first time they were actually standing in front of each other was a huge learning experience. It was difficult for Team to find the right words to say. Right when he had decided not to think about him anymore, he approached and asked for his time. “Y-Yes. I guess I have.” He had already spoken before his mind had even processed what he wanted to say. As Win's hands trembled, bits of his messy blonde hair fell in his face. "I literally gathered all of my courage for this, so please be patient with me. I’m sorry. I apologize for taking your messages for granted. I’m sorry for ignoring you and giving you nothing back in return. It probably doesn't occur to you, but your notes always brightened my day, so I collected every single one.” Win cleared his throat and looked into the sparkling eyes of Team. "Even so, reading yesterday's one left me feeling like I was missing something in my heart. My feelings for you are really strong and I don't want you to think I'm strange at all. The thought of never receiving another note from you left me feeling so lonely. Nonetheless, I wanted to let you know that you are very important to me and I hope that you will be able to forgive a foolish boy like me for acting so cool and cold.” It was a relief to Win. Despite his reluctance, he spoke what he felt. “Can I hug you?Team's raspy voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he looked into the other's tear-filled eyes. He opened his strong arms and smiled without saying a word. “Would it be weird to ask if you'd like to date me?” As if he did not want to scare Team, Win whispered softly into his ear. The younger boy's fragile body was shaking slightly so he wanted to offer some comfort to him. “No. This is everything I have ever wanted.” Win's lips curled into a sweet laugh and he cradled the other boy even closer. His heart was racing, and he knew Team could feel it. "So this is a yes then, correct?" His head nodded faster than ever as he inhaled the heavenly scent of Win. Despite the brown-haired boy's quiet words, Win felt the love between them as they tightly hugged. It was something he never wanted to miss in his life.

Chapter Text

2.08 am. Tutor's sleepy eyes were fixed on his phone, whose display radiated an unhealthy amount of brightness. The small digital clock in the right corner caught his attention as his weak, red eyes cried out for sleep. At the precise moment when the last digit changed to 9, Tutor could hear the clock tick loudly. It's been another minute wasted. Immediately thereafter, his attention was caught by the colorful home screen he had been using for over a year. It was something he just couldn't change. His dry lips were smirking as he gazed at it. The brightly smiling Fighter who adorned the device must be to blame for the fact that he didn't know how he could have developed it. His other hand meticulously traced the happy gesture of his boyfriend. Through a nearby open window, a cool breeze swirled gently around Tutor's face as he unknowingly leaned into it. For a moment, he felt as if Fighter held him close, just as a guardian would. Tutor's mind replayed the scene that unfolded earlier today in his head as soon as he gazed at the picture of his boyfriend.

"I am confident that I will be able to help you get good grades on your exam if we study regularly together." Tutor forced an encouraging smile onto his lips and offered it to the boy seated next to him. The boy was holding on to him like they were in a relationship even though he didn’t even know his name. "Is that true? Adding a few more lessons wouldn't bother me at all.” Then he winked briefly at Tutor who in turn kept a little distance from him on purpose. The increased heart rate of Tutor was due to some unidentified reason, but clearing his throat overdid it. He wanted to disappear. “Now let's talk about this topic. I have some plans for this afternoon.” As Tutor focused on the textbook laying on the table in a state of disuse, the other boy couldn't keep his attention off of him. "Would you mind showing me exactly how you write that? I'm not sure about that.” Tutor hated himself internally for doing that. Having to lend his assistance to other students for the sake of cash made him hate himself. After closing his eyes for a moment, he breathed out briefly to clear his thoughts. In the end, this boy paid for his lessons. "I can help you out with that. It's not hard at all.” At this point, Tutor’s legs began to tremble and his hand was resting around that of his fellow student who was holding the pen. In an effort to see the letters more clearly, he edged closer and noticed how the other boy was smiling dreamily. Tutor knew something was at the heart of this. "That's not necessary, is it?" There was a new, dark voice between them, and Fighter quickly grabbed Tutor's hand and pulled him up from the wooden bench. "I think you should study alone from now on, okay? I'll remind you kindly if you don't follow that advice.” In a rather hostile manner, Fighter let go of his boyfriend and reached for the pockets of his blue engineering shirt. Tutor was only observing the scenery but found himself intrigued by Fighter's behavior. He had a stone-cold stare in his eyes, and it looked as if he was ready to fight for him. “Tutor, keep your man in check.” Evidently, the boy had no intention of provoking anger, so he just packed up his school stuff and left.

But not without leaving behind a sweet smile for Tutor. Fighter then turned around to look at his bewildered boyfriend. Tutor hadn't noticed this look before on his well-defined face. At that moment, he felt a sense of jealousy that he couldn't quite put his finger on yet. “What did that mean?” Fighter showed no signs of changing his expression and his gaze lingered uncomfortably on Tutor's entire body, scanning every inch of it. Almost as though the other student had stolen something from him. “All I did was help him.” A sarcastic laugh escaped Fighter's lips after that, and an answer was instantly apparent. His arms were crossed right in front of his chest, which seemed a lot tighter than usual. “You just helped him, huh? Isn't that look on his face telling you something? You didn't do anything about his intentions, yet he surely had them.” Tutor let out a stressful breath which led to his boyfriend taking a few steps back. "But I know that I have no malicious intentions, so I just did my best to help him. It doesn't matter to me what he thinks, P'Fight.” In an attempt to force some comfort into his body, his tense fingers clung to the pockets of his jeans. It is a known fact that he was never intimidated by Fighter. He knew how to get him out of a concept or justify his own position. However, he felt caged today even though he was certain he had done nothing wrong. “But I am concerned about it. Moreover, it hurts me to see you touch him in such a way.” Fighter raised his voice in a way that Tutor had never heard before. It was clear that he would not repeat the experience. A flash of sharp lightning appeared to pass across his body as if he could melt right at the spot due to how weak he had become. “I hope you’ll understand what my problem is. Until then, you'd better leave me alone.” Then Fighter glanced at his boyfriend one more time, before he turned around and walked into a group of students that seemed to swallow him whole. Tutor’s mouth wasn’t able to produce a single word. It had been sealed, and Fighter was the only one who could unlock it. But he left.

Tutor breathed heavily when he realized his memory had reached its end. During this time, his phone screen went dark, which showed how long he had been thinking. Again. The truth was, he was in dire need of Fighter at the moment. Tutor needed his arms, which protected him, and his chest, which gave him rest for his heavy head. In addition, he wanted to hear Fighter's heartbeat. The sound he loves most in the world. He needed his boyfriend to assure him that everything would be okay, that he just reacted in the heat of the moment. As Tutor swallowed, he returned to his phone and turned it on again. Neither a message nor a call. Was there anything he expected? His trembling hands opened the chat window with his boyfriend. Their last text message was a few days ago. However, Tutor had the urge to contact him right now. He found that the white cushion that he had been using to rest his head appeared to melt under his weight. “Sorry for my mistake.” It sent itself practically all by itself in the first instance. Fighter wanted an apology from Tutor, who didn't know what else to say. “Is it possible for you to come over? I’m having trouble sleeping and-" He deleted it once again. It sounds as though he apologized solely for the purpose of Fighter coming to him. However, he never told him that it was actually true. The thought of other words caused a small wrinkle to appear on his forehead.
“It’s my fault, I am aware of that. It's just that you made a scene today when we could have discussed that properly. Would it be possible to just forget that and move on? That is not the kind of thing we should fight over.” He could feel his heart pounding as soon as he clicked the send button. Still, he hadn't articulated what he really wanted. “Can you come over, P’Fight? I can’t sleep.” Within minutes, several messages appeared on the screen from himself. “Please come over, P’Fight.”, “I’m literally begging you right now how can you ignore me? I know that you’re awake.” and “Please come over now.” were just a few of them. In the midst of typing the next message, Fighter entered the chat. In a flash, Tutor tossed his phone next to his bed, climbed into his warm blanket, and cuddled himself up in it. What made him act like that? The paleness of his face suddenly turned bright red, and his white shirt suddenly seemed to burn. It was hard for him to recognize himself.

He waited like hours while his phone remained silent, telling him that Fighter ignored him. It should have been obvious to Tutor. He should have known that his thoughts belonged deep within his own mind. He showed no sign of fatigue anymore and his heart ached. His brain kept returning to the same questions. What was the reason for Fighter's behavior? Why was he avoiding him because of such a small incident and-. His restless thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. Fortunately, he can now stop overthinking. At this time, who should be at the door? Tutor felt his body being overtaken by anxiety as he jumped out of his comfortable bed into the cold air. As his small steps took him towards the front door, he didn’t grab a jacket or anything else to keep him warm. Is it really necessary for him to open it? Tutor arranged a few strands of brown hair in the right place and adjusted his shirt. Taking hold of the doorknob was extremely difficult for him, but when he finally managed to open it carefully, his mouth dropped open.

There was Fighter. His hands found their place in the pockets of his somewhat damaged jeans, which Tutor loved. Rather than the dark blue shirt, he was wearing at school, his boyfriend now wore one of his regular shirts that were unbuttoned at the top, so Tutor had a clear view of his collar bones. “I missed you.” The three words were enough to send a flurry of butterflies fluttering through Tutor's stomach. “I missed you too, P’Fight.” As soon as Fighter entered the neat room, he embraced his boyfriend. “You’re really ain’t too proud to beg, huh?” Fighter’s warm breath lingered around Tutor's ear and he pressed his face closer against his chest, which was trembling amid his fast heartbeat. “Not for something that I call my own.” It was at this moment that Tutor was certain that Fighter's laughter had lit up the entire world. His world, at least.

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“Welcome back to Gross but cheap so we gotta eat!” Phuak screamed the typical introduction into his phone that was serving as a camera for now. It was obvious from his light pink blush that he was looking forward to hosting his show again. Meanwhile, his friends were only able to smile involuntarily, since the food was already emitting a really bad smell. Ohm waved at those watching, at least. Today we are at a very small noodle shop near our school. Although the food is extremely cheap, that's not the part that matters to me, since I have heard that it's also pretty gross. And that’s why we are here.” As Phuak whispered the last part, he moved closer to the phone, allowing everyone to hear him. There was once an incident that took place in which he yelled not-so-nice words through the entire restaurant they were filming in. Moments later, they were only able to watch it from outside. Apparently, the host learned from his mistakes. He sat in the middle of Ohm and Tine. Fong clearly had the intention of hiding next to Sarawat’s boyfriend. “Do we really have to taste that? Ohm looked down at the bowl filled with strange, dark noodles and fumbled with the silver spoon. “Of course, dumbass. I'm eager to hear what you have to say.” First and foremost, Phuak overcame his fear rather quickly and delved right into the food. After seeing how easy it was, Ohm and Fong followed with hesitation. Several seconds later, they already gritted their teeth at the taste but remained silent. It was only Tine who sat still while holding the bowl in his hands and staring blankly at the phone. “Phuak, that’s absolutely disgusting.” The social media god himself placed the meanwhile cold food next to him, only to grab behind the bench for a bottle of water. “I really hate you because of this, man.” The others' faces were left with some disgusting expressions when Fong couldn't control his urge to choke. “I have to admit, this isn’t too bad. My dear viewers, please know that my friends here have absolutely no sense of taste. This shop is definitely okay. "We have already had so many terrible ones, and-” Phuak stopped his review and switched looks between the camera and Tine. In a way, it was like he was checking that he was still around, not just his body. After Phuak had forced the food into his hands, as usual, he had not moved an inch. It was pointless to protest against him, everyone learned that. Tine's eyelids closed only occasionally, and his fingers were clenched around the bowl. “Is everything alright, Tine? Did the food really make you turn out like that?” After Ohm drank half of the water, he tried to make eye contact with Tine, who of course didn’t reply to that.

“Hey, Tine. What’s wrong?" The cheery atmosphere of the series had already disappeared, and Fong touched Tine's cold shoulder carefully, which was covered by a thin black shirt. His whole body was covered with goosebumps, which resulted in a slight shiver. “I appreciate your invitation, Phuak. It’s a pleasure being a regular guest on your lovely program. However, I need to excuse myself. I'm not feeling well.” In the blink of an eye, Fong found his untouched food in his hand, and he liberated himself from the comfortable grip encasing his tense body. “Tine, let me take you to your room.” As Ohm was about to approach the cheerleader, he put out his hand, indicating that there is no need to offer him anything. “I will go alone, don’t worry.” In an attempt to gather his courage, he stood up and forced a smile on his trembling lips before turning to look each of his friends in the eye. Confusion was the most prevalent emotion he observed. Despite being grateful to have such a group of friends, Tine didn't want to be a burden to them at this time. Even more so when Phuak is so excited about his show. He desired to be on his own at this moment. His body was almost compulsively removing himself from social contact. Before anyone had time to say anything, Tine took one step after another and walked away. Leaving his worried friends behind. “Who will contact Saarwat?” Fong's gaze fixed itself on Tine's fragile body until it faded behind some big, towering structures that seemed to swallow him up. When Phuak noticed that Tine wasn't feeling well, he already stopped the recording. “Why? Clearly, he couldn’t benefit from some company right now.” As Ohm struggled with a lost thread on his jeans, his gaze fell on Fong, waiting for his answer to arrive. „Before anything else, he's certainly got something going on in his head. When it comes to a situation like this, only Sarawat can get through to him.” Phuak nodded at Fong's reasonable response, and Ohm followed suit. Obviously, he was right. “Call him. You have still got his number, right? When Fong was almost out of hope looking through his phone, his face lit up and the device reached his ear. “Hello Sarawat, could you-” It seemed like he was cut off. “Oh, right. I’m Fong, a friend of Tine. We were out with him when he suddenly wanted to leave. Although we can tell he's upset about something, he wouldn't talk to us when we asked him. We had no other choice but to contact you. Could you take care of Tine? We are extremely worried. You’ll find him in his room.” Sarawat's response elicited a small, honest smile from Fong. “Tine can be glad to have you. Thanks a lot, we owe you something.” Having just finished the brief call, he exhaled. "He will go to Tine immediately. I think we saw Sarawat the wrong way. He seems to love our boy a lot."


Upon entering his room, Tine slammed the heavy door behind him, feeling like he had shaken the entire building. However, that doesn't matter to him right now. The only thing he wanted was to stop pretending, to stop covering his worn-out lips with that fake smile. The earth beneath him felt like it was going to collapse under his weight at any second, the weight he carried on his exhausted shoulders that pleaded to be let go. In response to that, he wiped his eyes. Rather than shed tears now, he would prefer to cry himself to sleep later. His lungs flared up sharply, and he broke down in a painful sob. Tine promised himself to pull through, to avoid his problems but he failed. The cheerleader actually looked forward to meeting his best friends today. The young man literally begged Phuak for a new episode of the show. Tine guessed that their cheerful mood would somehow influence him, take over him. However, it didn't. It made it worse to listen to their joyous chatter and careless laughter surrounding him. As a result, the only option was to leave. And here he was. He made his way to his messy bed, which was filled with all kinds of clothes because he was desperate to find something to wear this morning. He felt like every part of his body would sink into the soft fabric when finally seated on it. His hands rested on his knees as he breathed in a controlled rhythm, trying to stay as comfortable as possible. Feeling the tears ready to fall on his cheeks did nothing to ease his pain. Then his blurry vision landed on a shirt that somehow lay on the floor, next to his wardrobe. Tine wished he hadn't seen it, he wished he was sitting between Phuak and Fong. It would have been easier if his bed just swallowed him up. Sarawat's football jersey adorned the ground like it was abandoned, having no use. Tine's fingers began to tremble as he bit into his lip, causing it to sting. Should he grab it? Should he find some comfort in it? Is it okay if he gets rid of it again by tossing it between his other clothes? Tine was unable to perform any of those tasks at the moment. Despite his refusal to acknowledge it, Sarawat had been the reason for the pain in his heart. In reality, his boyfriend did nothing wrong. It was Tine who made mistakes repeatedly. Now he couldn't hold it back any longer. Tears rolled down his cheeks in anticipation of that chance. Once again, Tine lost.

A loud knock prevented him from getting lost in his thoughts again. “Tine? Are you in there?” Sarawat. An undertone of worry, almost fear, filled his voice. Unlike anything Tine had ever heard before. Sarawat knew something was wrong, but how? “Tine, please. Open the door now.” As he began to breathe more rapidly, all of his earlier attempts proved futile. The cheerleader knew that acting like he wasn't there would only make things worse. Sarawat's concern for him must be genuine. He shouldn't be left behind closed doors. While Tine was aware of that, his heavy body made it difficult for him to move. “Please answer me. This isn’t funny.” With all the strength he had left, Tine pushed himself up, barely able to stand. When did he last feel so helpless? So alone? Even louder, Sarawat continued to knock on his boyfriend's door, leaving him dizzy. He wasn’t doing his boyfriend any favors with the loud noise. As his hands sought solace on the white walls of his room, Tine finally reached his destination. He saw Sarawat's silhouette immediately through it, and his heart started racing at a speed he had never experienced before. “What took you so long? I was-” Sarawat began talking immediately as soon as the irritating piece of wood was removed from between him and Tine. When he looked into his boyfriend's red, wet eyes that screamed for help, he stopped himself. “Were you crying?” The football player's voice was soft now, as he closed the door behind him. With no excessive noise, of course. Tine wasn’t meant to be scared away by him. “As you can see, yes I was.” He inched his way backward, not facing Sarawat. Because of his fear of breaking down again. “Why? You know that I hate to see you cry.” Sarawat's warm hand reached out to Tine, but he backed away from the soft-touch meant to reassure him. To show him that he isn’t going through this alone. That Sarawat would never leave his side, no matter what. His face showed an unsettling expression while Tine's gaze focused on the ground. “Don’t do this to me, Sarawat.” It was just a whisper, but the football player heard it clearly. Did he do something wrong? Was he to blame for Tine's tears? “Is it my fault? Please talk to me or I will go insane.” The patience that Sarawat possessed was slowly but surely ebbing away. “No, it’s not.” While he felt a tinge of relief, he wasn't satisfied. Immediately and without Tine's permission, he stormed to his boyfriend and pulled him into a warm, loving hug. As Sarawat embraced Tine, he could feel how relaxed he had become due to the strengthening of it. He didn't even utter the slightest protest. As Tine laid his arms around Sarawat, he clawed at the light brown fabric of his jacket with his hands. He felt like he had something to hold onto today for the first time. Something that would lead him through the hard times of his life. “Can you just hold me like this for a while?” Sarawat’s soft smile permeated the air as he caressed his boyfriend's back gently. “I can do that as long as you like, but I also want to know the reason behind all this.”

Several minutes later, both boys sat in the same spot where Tine had lost all hope earlier. As the cheerleader sat on Sarawat's lap, they both stared into one another's eyes. They could lose themselves in those eyes every time. Sarawat rested his hands on Tine's waist to provide him with support. “You love me, don’t you?” His boyfriend’s forehead settled gently on his shoulder as he wore a confused expression. “Of course I love you. Why do you even question that?" Though he tried to be a comfort to Tine, Sarawat's voice was tinged with disappointment. Despite knowing that I shouldn't have done that, I feel terrible. Regardless of my perspective, I never feel like I belong next to you. You are the most loving, encouraging, and supportive person I know. What do I give you? Sleepless nights, headaches, and trouble.” After a brief pause, he met the glance of his boyfriend. In his eyes he saw a reflection of himself, a picture he certainly wasn't interested in right now. “I think you are capable of so much more. As a result of my actions, I treated you in a way you shouldn’t have been treated. I am slowly taking over by that which lingers in my mind. I really love you, Wat.” Following his speech, Tine's face was wet with tears once again. He wasn’t even able to wipe the old ones away. After some time, Sarawat slowly relaxed by letting go of Tine's hips and putting his hands on his cheeks. Sadly, he caught several lost tears, tears that weren't intended for a place like this. Sarawat knew that it was related to him. Seeing how Tine stayed away from him and spent more time with friends, the football player recognized how Tine avoided him. And of course, Sarawat never said a single word. Even though sometimes he would like to do that, he had no intention of claiming Tine for himself only. It was also known to him that he slept in Fong's room more than once in the last few weeks. Sarawat always thought it had to do with the fact that they were out very late, but now he saw the whole thing in a new light. Tine must have struggled with his own self-worth, thinking he was not good enough. A slight opening of Sarawat's mouth was followed by a closing immediately. His lips eventually found their way onto Tine's forehead and remained there for a while. It was evident how Tine loved these kisses, they brought him comfort. Right now, Sarawat hoped that his boyfriend would feel the same way, as well as so much more. “You’re really unbelievable, Tine.” He then picked up Tine, laying him down on the bed.

Sarawat held Tine close to his chest with his strong arms. While listening to his boyfriend's soothing heartbeat, the cheerleader was able to relax a bit. “I know that our relationship is something new for you, Tine. I never complained about it, I wanted to give you all the time you need. Please don’t downgrade yourself, I couldn’t take my eyes off you since the first time I saw you. Do you think I can do that now? I don’t know why you suddenly have these thoughts, but I’m really glad that you told me your worries. Let me help you, Tine.” Following Sarawat's statement, Tine raised his head, looking at him with a questioning expression. “I want to help you with your struggles, that you finally accept yourself. Because I do that, Tine. Sure, you can be complicated at times but that’s just who you are. And I love you for who you are. Don’t you dare to change yourself or I will never play a Scrubb song for you again.” Sarawat joined the small smile that appeared on Tine's lips. “Please don’t ever leave me, Wat.” Tine's hair became a mess as Sarawat stroked through it gently. Again, he found his fingertips twirling around his cheeks, which caused him to blush. “I would never leave you. Forget that, okay? You should only think about two things. The first one is, that I love you and everything about you. Your random anger outbursts, your weird habits and even the names you call me. And the second thing is that you should never question yourself. Just be yourself around me, yeah?” Tine leaned in closer while Sarawat was holding on tighter to him. “You will need to remind me of that.” The room was immediately lifted by a light laughter between the boys. Tine’s look was focused on his boyfriend, asking himself why he even deserved him. “I’ll remind you as much as you like.” Taking advantage of the opportunity, Tine kissed Sarawat on the cheek. Now it was his turn to blush. “I could get used to that.” Tine’s head found its favorite place again, Sarawat’s chest. With his favorite melody playing, he slowly drifted into sleep.

Chapter Text

Despite everything that had transpired, she sat there unmoved, as if nothing had happened. As if Luo Yin never lied to his father about declining her calls, as if he never destroyed his SIM card so she couldn't contact him again. As if they had never broken up in the past. When the bright sunlight filled the room, her fair skin sparkled like it was painted gold like she was made from porcelain that could shatter if you touched it too hard. The brown eyes that complemented her girly look searched for an answer in Luo Yin’s confused, almost angry glance. The pressure of his fingers around the desk edge made him feel like he wanted to tear a piece out right away, while his jaw tightened so he wouldn't say anything in the heat of the moment. "You changed a lot." Her high-pitched voice left a strange sensation in Luo Yin's ears, traveling straight to his brain, making him feel as if it would burst. It was obvious that he had changed. A few years ago, he typically had messy hair, but now it had grown out shorter and he had learned how to control his emotions, leaving his face in a constant state of disinterest almost every day. But the most important thing was his relationship with Gu Hai. Luo Yin's life was shattered by the boy who unexpectedly appeared, leaving him with feelings he hadn't felt before. Not even when he was in a relationship with her. How should he sum up all this in a few words? The purpose of Luo Yin not talking a lot was to show her clearly that she no longer belonged here. Next to his side making her look like his girlfriend. "What are you even doing here?" Looking up at the landscape behind her, his eyes rested on the light blue sky as a few soft clouds floated about in the air without care and worry. Her small lips curved into a big smile, making it appear as if it was too big for her face. Yet, despite its presence, Luo Yin chose not to notice it.
A thin bracelet of silver metallic twitched uncomfortably on her right wrist when she turned her hand toward her red designer bag resting on her lap. "You know I wanted to see you again." After Luo Yin's expression became even more irritated, her mouth opened but immediately closed. There was almost a sense that she was trying to remind him of their old love, which was gone. Long forgotten. At least for the boy. His lungs took an abrupt breath, attempting to force some life into his body.

The moment he noticed that the seat behind him was empty, Luo Yin’s eyes widened. His blue-white jacket, however, still hung abandoned at the spot where it belonged. In spite of his refusal to admit it, Luo Yin experienced a wave of concern that stopped just at his heart. It thumped for entrance, knowing that it would almost certainly overtake him nonetheless. "Look. I've explained this to you many times, but I will repeat myself again." As Luo Yin spoke, his voice became quieter. It wasn't his intention to arouse more interest from the other students in the class. "We are done. The break-up happened years ago, please accept it finally. It's embarrassing that you came here today." Luo Yin was about to get up from his chair when her hand stopped him. She held on to his arm, staring into his emotionless eyes. "Can't we go back?" The moment Luo Yin freed himself from the hold, she was startled. “This will never happen, I'm sorry. There is someone I have feelings for already." And with that, he grabbed Gu Hai’s jacket that somehow felt so much softer than his own and left the room. Currently, everything else wasn't important to him except finding Gu Hai.

Luo Yin finally found Gu Hai after searching for him for more than ten minutes. The student searched the entire school before deciding on the sports field as his final option. At the edge of the field, Luo Yin watched Gu Hai sitting on one of the big, empty benches, doing nothing but watching the scenery in front of him. On a typical day, the field was full of students, full of activities, full of chatter, and full of different voices that mixed together. And right now? Right now it felt like the loneliest place on earth. Is that how his world would feel without Gu Hai?
"Take this, it's cold." Luo Yin’s voice created a new feeling between them and he laid the jacket around the other boy’s shoulders. A surprised expression on his face indicated that he hadn't expected the other one to be here. The warmth of his presence comes from sitting closer than usual, closer than he is used to. "Why aren't you with your girlfriend?" As his fingers played nervously with the silver zipper, Gu Hai snuggled closer to the soft fabric. “She’s not my girlfriend. Can you stop with that? Why did you disappear in the first place?" This time, Luo Yin's voice was angrier than ever. Even though Gu Hai had already witnessed him in that state several times before, it felt different right now. It was almost as if he was genuinely offended when Gu Hai called her his girlfriend. As a shiver ran through his body, he swallowed the heavy lump that had taken over his throat. “I couldn't stand seeing her stare at you like that. Yeah, I am jealous. You’re mine.” Luo Yin glanced over at the other boy, spotting the familiar grin that adorned his face way too often. “Who said that I’m yours?”

Gu Hai slowly put an arm around his classmate, who surprisingly allowed it. It didn't take them long to lose themselves in their own thoughts for a moment. Eyes glued to the empty field. "You just have to accept that you're mine, okay?" His voice was lower than usual, almost leaving behind a sad trace in the cold wind that enveloped their still-connected bodies. His hand was slowly caressing Luo Yin's shoulder, literally feeling goosebumps beneath his jacket. “Are you going to keep our memories? Or will you just forget them?” Almost unexpectedly, their eyes met. It was like they both got lost in them at the same time. An overwhelming sense of security swept them, causing Luo Yin to break the eye contact. At this moment, he felt strangely comfortable with the feelings he had for Gu Hai, almost accepting them. “What are you talking about? Even though I might not look like it, I want to cherish every memory of our time together.” Gu Hai's heart raced, almost bursting from within his chest. In order to get closer to the other boy, he placed his head on his shoulder. “I mean when you go with her.” Following that, he felt a pain in his arm, which displayed Luo Yin's anger. “I won’t go with her. Never. Now shut up about that.” Their dark eyes met once more. “So you will stay with me? Forever?” Luo Yin's small but honest smile was triggered by Gu Hai snuggling onto his shoulder. “We are bound by love, right?”